Our Missouri Podcast Episode 42: Across Our Wide Missouri with Bob Priddy

  • Episode 42: "Across Our Wide Missouri" – Bob Priddy (Bicentennial Book Club, Part 2)

    Episode Description

    In honor of the state's 200th birthday, Our Missouri will feature a series throughout 2021 entitled "Bicentennial Book Club," which highlights influential books related to Missouri and examines how scholars, historians, and authors dissect major topics in the state's history. So, join the "Book Club" to hear about award-winning publications that detail the state's diverse history, as well as the stories behind the stories featured within their pages. This episode features a conversation with Bob Priddy about the origins and history behind his book and radio series, Across Our Wide Missouri.

    About the Guest

    Bob Priddy

    If you have listened to Missourinet over the last 40+ years, you will certainly recognize Bob Priddy's voice. For his substantial career in radio journalism, Priddy was inducted into the Missouri Broadcaster's Association Hall of Fame in 2018. He is also a noted author with several books to his credit including Only the Rivers are Peaceful, The Art of the Missouri Capitol: History in Canvas, Bronze, and Stoneand Across Our Wide Missouri. From 2016-2019, Priddy served as the president of the State Historical Society of Missouri’s Board of Trustees, and he has served as a volunteer leader of the organization since 1985.