KSHB-Kansas City Spotlights Architect Nelle Peters

KSHB-Kansas City–The appearance of Kansas City, Missouri, can be credited in part to the design of buildings by Nelle Peters. "She was really a Kansas City architect, so she really shaped the way that city looked," Elizabeth Engel, with the State Historical Society of Missouri, said. According to the State Historical Society of Missouri, Peters was born in Niagra, North Dakota, on December 11, 1884. According to Engel, Peters' experienced difficulty starting her career in...

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A biography of Nelle Peters is also available on the website Historic Missourians. Historic Missourians features biographies for notable Missourians and meets education standards set by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. A project of the State Historical Society of Missouri, Historic Missourians is a great resource for students and educators.