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As part of its mission to support educational outreach, the State Historical Society of Missouri continues to add new biographies to the Historic Missourians website. In addition to the four recently added biographies listed below, visitors to the website will find entries on notable Missourians like Walt DisneyLaura Ingalls WilderGeorge Washington Carver, and more.

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Curt Flood (1938–1997)

Curt Flood spent most of his baseball career with the St. Louis Cardinals, playing center field for them from 1958 to 1969. A three-time All-Star and seven-time Gold Glove winner, he played on three National League championship teams, two of which also won World Series titles. Flood is best remembered, however, for his 1970 lawsuit challenging...

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Pearl White (1889–1938)

Silent film actress Pearl White was one of the first movie stars in history. For several years she was the highest-paid actress in the film industry and appeared on the cover of Photoplay and Motion Picture Magazine. Women were often inspired by White’s films, not only because of her amazing stunts on screen, but also because her characters frequently rescued themselves from danger rather than...

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Stanley Ketchel (1886–1910)

Some boxing experts argue Stanley Ketchel was the greatest middleweight boxer of all time. In his career, he won fifty-two of his sixty-four fights, forty-nine by knocking out his opponent. Ketchel fought four future members of the...

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Emmett Kelly (1898–1979)

Emmett Kelly was a clown widely recognized for his hobo character “Weary Willie.” While most clowns were known for their funny antics, Kelly’s sad clown character became popular during the Great Depression because he connected with...

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