Thank you Our Missouri listeners

Missouri River Navigation Association. [J.C. Nichols Company Scrapbooks, K0054-v11p226-01]

Last fall, Our Missouri podcast debuted with Bob Priddy talking about the art of the Missouri State Capitol Building. Now, eight months, 18 episodes and almost 3,500 downloads later, Season 1 of the podcast closes with Amahia Mallea, telling us about the complex environmental history of the Missouri River. Along the way, listeners have explored all corners of the state from Kansas City and the Missouri River Valley to the Governor's Mansion, the Ozarks, and the Land of Big Red Apples. Season 1 also featured key topics, including Genealogy, National History Day and Missouri's Bicentennial.
Season 2 premieres in September, but you can join us for a special summer podcast series featuring the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing. We launch our Moon Landing Anniversary podcast at the end of June. In an effort to document the history of the moon landing and to grow the Historical Society's oral history collection, we will be gathering stories from listeners who remember the Apollo 11 Moon Landing and can share their memories of this historic time in our country. These "Memories of the Moon Landing" conversations will be preserved in the Missouri Innovation & Exploration Oral History Project, with some of the stories being featured on the podcast. If you are interested in contributing your story, please contact SHSMO by email at
Thank you for listening and let us know if you have an interesting idea or story to share as we travel through time and space in Our Missouri.

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