Moving Days: Ellis Meets Elm

The first load of manuscripts comes off the truck at its new location in the Center for Missouri Studies

We are more than half-way through our move from Ellis Library to our wonderful new headquarters at 605 Elm St. and we are excited to be opening our doors to the public soon!

What does it take to carefully move our collections of 7,300+ oral histories, 4,600+ newspaper titles, 1,200 rare books, 6 million+ photographs and images, 12,000+ Civil War manuscript pages, 5,000+ maps and 30,000+ pieces of art? 

Well, the answer is a lot of preparation before the moving trucks arrive and skillful movers and staff with good organization, patience and a sense of humor! Be sure to check out our Facebook page for a sneak peek of our new building as we begin to unpack, organize and be ready for our patrons in August.

Happy Fourth of July and safe travels this holiday!