Historical Society of Missouri to unveil new headquarters

Jefferson City News Tribune—The State Historical Society of Missouri will unveil its new headquarters Aug. 10 after operating in a small space in the University of Missouri's Ellis Library for more than 100 years.

"We needed a new, updated building so we can showcase the treasures of Missouri's history and showcase the art that we have here and have the environmental controls to preserve the history that we have here," Senior Associate Executive Director Gerald Hirsh said.

The new location is at 605 Elm St. in Columbia, officially called the Center for Missouri Studies. While acting as a museum and research facility, it will also host classes for students who are part of the Missouri Studies program at MU.

Another positive aspect of the new building is that it will be more accessible for the public. MU's campus closes roads during school hours, making it difficult to travel by car to buildings such as Ellis Library.

All the wood in the new building is Missouri white oak, and the limestone on the exterior of the building is from Ste. Genevieve...

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