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Midwest Disc Sports Collection

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Dan Headrick

Dan Headrick enjoying a day at Lacy Park (San Marino, CA).

Since 1997 the Midwest Disc Sports Collection has preserved and made available primary resources documenting the history of the flying disc (Frisbee) and development of disc sports. MDSC is a part of the State Historical Society, an official agency of the state of Missouri, located in the heart of the University of Missouri campus in Columbia.

Midwest Disc Sports, Collection, (CA5828)
15.15 cubic feet, A/V material
Collection of correspondence, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, books, newsletters, posters, photographs, films, video recordings, and miscellaneous instructional and promotional material documenting the development of disc sports nationally and internationally. Disc sports covered include: disc golf, guts, double disc court, freestyle, ultimate, canine events and others. Etymology of "Frisbee" plus other disc sport history and folklore.