Basic Genealogy: Hidden Treasures – Tips and Rewards for Researching in Manuscript Collections

1:00 pm

Join Associate Director of the Cape Girardeau Research Center Bill Eddleman for the next installment in his genealogy series, focused on using manuscript collections for family research. Manuscript collections can often be overlooked due to the difficulty in locating relevant records and the disparate nature of manuscript collecting across institutions.

Eddleman will share an overview of the types of documents you might find in manuscript collections and discuss how information contained in these archival treasures can help you find ancestors and research their lives. Emphasizing Missouri families and collections, Eddleman will detail methods for locating families in manuscript collections and explain the process for gaining access to archives. Online and free, registration required.


Basic Genealogy is a multipart virtual series from Bill Eddleman featuring advice and strategies for researching family histories. Watch past programs anytime for free and on demand.