Vietnam War Manuscript Collections

For general military information see the Manuscript Collections under the Military heading. The Military heading is subdivided into the following headings: Afghan War, American Civil War, Iraq War, Korean War, Persian Gulf War, Spanish-American War, Vietnam War, World War I, and World War II.

Anti-war and anti-military material is found under Peace and Pacifism.



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Allen, Donna (1920-1999), Papers, 1920-1992, (C3795)
18.6 linear feet, 18 audio cassettes, 1 audio disc
The papers of the director of the Women's Institute for Freedom of the Press and editor of Media Report to Women include professional correspondence and printed materials on sex and race discrimination cases, media stereotypes, public broadcasting, women's news, national and international women's conferences, and women in management. The papers also document Allen’s involvement in labor, civil rights, and anti-war activism.

American Association of University Professors, University of Missouri-Columbia Chapter, Papers, 1945-1976, (C3606)
0.4 linear feet
Correspondence, including local and national committee reports, newsletters, bulletins and statements, and clippings from a variety of publications on topics such as faculty participation in government, academic freedom and tenure, and students rights.

Anglin, Melvin E. (SP0052)
1 cubic foot (33 folders, 140 photographs, 410 slides) 
The Melvin E. Anglin Papers consist of letters, awards, photographs, and other memorabilia collected by Melvin E. Anglin during his career in the army and into retirement.

Atherton, Lewis E. (1905-1989), Papers, 1919-1979, (C3848)
3 linear feet
Papers of Lewis E. Atherton, a professor of history at the University of Missouri-Columbia. The papers consist of correspondence, notes, notebooks, photograph books, publications, and miscellaneous material.


Bartimus, Tad, Papers (CA5738)
16.6 cubic feet, 73 audio cassettes, 4 video cassettes, 73 computer discs, 35 CDs, 9 DVDs, 473.05 GB of digital files
Articles, photographs, correspondence, and other writings of AP reporter, Tad Bartimus.

Botts, Thomas W. (1904-1999), Papers, 1912-1981, (C2686)
3.2 linear feet
Correspondence, training information, and track meet programs, of University of Missouri track and cross-country coach Thomas W. Botts.

Brookfield, Dutton (1917-1979), Papers, 1844-1979, (C2732)
72.4 linear feet and 5 audio cassettes
The papers of Dutton Brookfield contain the business, political and personal papers and photographs of a Kansas City, MO, community leader. Brookfield was President of Unitog Company (1953-1979), a mayoral candidate (1963, 1971), and on boards of numerous corporations and educational and civic organizations. Family papers include letters from the Civil War, World War I and II, and Vietnam.

Burgoyne Family, Papers, (CA6186)
19.75 linear feet, 1 CD, 3 video cassettes, 29 audio discs
Papers of Leon Burgoyne and his daughter, Suzanne. Leon was a Navy aviator during World War II and coached boys' basketball in Berrien, Michigan. Suzanne was a professor of Theatre Arts at Creighton University and the University of Missouri. The papers include correspondence from World War II and the Vietnam War, in which Suzanne's ex-husband served, and materials documenting Suzanne's teaching career.


Carver, Roy L. (1904-1984), Papers, 1920-1984, (C3849)
0.8 linear feet
Papers of Roy Lee Carver of Columbia, Missouri, director of the Missouri Division of Veterans' Affairs, 1953-1973; and active member of the American Legion for 39 years. The papers consist of correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, speeches, reports, programs, and miscellaneous material relating to his activities in behalf of veterans and veterans' organizations.

Curtis, Thomas B. (1911-1993). Papers, 1950-1969, (C3300)
The Thomas B. Curtis Papers contain constituent correspondence and congressional committee material during Curtis’ terms as a Republican U.S. representative from Missouri. The bulk of committee material pertains to Ways and Means and Joint Economic Committees. The papers are filed chronologically by topic within each year. Originals discarded.


Dale, E.L. (1890-1969), Interview, 1965, (C3396)
3 folders, 1 audio tape
Tape and transcripts of an interview with the editor of the Carthage Evening Press. Topics include Dale's background, role of news, editor, government role in news media, civil rights, and contemporary issues in U.S. and Missouri.

DeWitt, Melvin C. Papers (R1418)
0.5 cubic foot (18 folders)
These are the personal military papers and photographs of Melvin C. DeWitt who served in the United States Army from 1966 until his retirement in 1986. Also included are DeWitt's papers related to his employment with the Missouri Department of Corrections.


Ellinger, Rory Vincent (1941-2014), Collection, 1951-1973, (C3555)
3.4 linear feet
Papers of a student activist at the University of Missouri-Columbia, 1966-1972, who served as president of the Columbia branch of Students for a Democratic Society and was active in the New Democratic Coalition and numerous other organizations. SDS papers and SDS New Left Notes are included.

Ex-POW Bulletin, Collection, (CA5970)
Publication written by and for former prisoners of war. Includes stories on legislation, reunions, and reminiscences of veterans from World War II and other conflicts.


Fike, Stanley R. (1913-1989), Papers, c.1925, 1941-1985, (C3882)
6.8 linear feet, 2 audio cassettes
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, speeches, memoranda and office notes of Stanley R. Fike, administrative assistant to U.S. Senator Stuart Symington, from 1952 until Symington's retirement in 1976. The papers contain material relating to various Symington campaigns, as well as Fike's personal life.

Findley, Susan H., 1930-2010, Papers, 1953-2010, (R1317)
50 folders (3 cubic feet)
These are the personal papers of Susan H. Findley and her husband, Marshall E. Findley, a chemical engineer at the University of Missouri-Rolla and USAID teacher in South Vietnam. The papers include correspondence from South Vietnam and Malaysia, descriptions of southeast Asia, the Vietnam War and USAID program, family news, information regarding the Chemical Engineering Department and international student exchange at UM-Rolla, and papers from Susan's work with the Democratic Party in Phelps County, Missouri.

First Christian Church, Columbia, Missouri, Records, 1824-1997, (C3991)
16.75 linear feet, 18 audio cassettes
The church records include minutes of administrative boards and committees, ministers' and administrators' papers, papers of the Christian Student Congregation, publications, the Bear Creek Church record book, the record book of the Construction Committee, and papers of several affiliated clubs and committees. Documents especially cover the period from the 1920s to 1964. In addition, this collection contains drafts and notes by Mary K. Dains for her history of the First Christian Church published in 1996. Her research includes interview recordings with church members.


George, Nicholas (1923-2002), Papers, (CA5993)
82.25 linear feet, approx. 900 audio tapes, approx. 800 audio cassettes, 3 video cassettes, 13 films; 15 audio discs
Office correspondence, wire copy, and news reports on audio tapes and cassettes of managing editor for ABC Radio News during the 1960s and 1970s. Tapes document most major events of this period including the Kennedy and King assassinations, Vietnam War, and space missions. The papers also contain materials from George's teaching career in the 1980s and 1990s.

Goode, Malvin R. (1908-1995), Papers, 1911-2001, (C1706)
8 linear feet, 277 audio cassettes, 88 audio tapes, 11 video cassettes, 6 film reels
Malvin Russell Goode, Sr. was the first African-American broadcast journalist at ABC News. The collection consists of letters, speeches, photographs, audio cassettes, reel-to-reel tapes, awards, and other miscellaneous items documenting his life, career, and African-American culture.

Greenlaw, Lena G. (1908-1992), Papers, 1950-1977, (C3600)
0.8 linear feet
Papers of a journalism librarian at the University of Missouri-Columbia and active worker in the peace movement. Magazines, tracts, financial and activity records of world, national and local organizations are included.


Hamilton, T.M. “Ted” (1905-2001), Papers, 1922-1984, (C3073)
14 rolls of microfilm
Papers of Saline County, Missouri, farmer and expert on historic and prehistoric weaponry. Correspondence on archaeological and historical topics, as well as personal, business, and local civic affairs. Also includes photographs, notes, organizational materials, publications, and manuscripts on Hamilton’s archaeological interests.

Hearnes, Warren E. (1923-2009), Papers, 1950-1972, (C3522)
9 linear feet; and 17 volumes on microfilm
Materials determined by Hearnes to be his personal papers while Missouri's governor, 1965-1973. The bulk of the collection is correspondence regarding campaigns, legislation, and the Democratic Party.

Herde, Mary Jo, Photograph Collection, (P0223)
137 photographs
Original photos of the "Early Freak Movement in Columbia" and Vietnam War protests.


Jones, Paul C. (1901-1981), Papers, 1943-1969 (C3604)
60.6 linear feet
Constituent and legislative correspondence from Jones’s years as a Democratic congressman from Missouri’s 10th district, 1948-1969. Jones's major committee assignments included the Agriculture and the House Administration Committees.


Lance, Donald M. (1931-2002), Papers, 1938-2002, (C3992)
11.3 linear feet, 144 audio cassettes
The papers of a University of Missouri English professor, well-known for his lectures on the pronunciation of "Missouri" and other dialect research, contain extensive professional correspondence, research data, articles, presentations, teaching materials, and materials related to his work with professional organizations. Audio cassettes include interviews with Germans in Missouri and with decorated U.S. Army Special Forces veteran Byrl D. Taylor, Missouri folk musicians, and examples of English language dialects.

Leake, Harold H. (1891-1978) and Dorothy V. (1893-1990), Papers, 1841-1990, (C4011)
40.25 linear feet, 4 card files, 9 audio discs, 8 video cassettes
The papers of Harold H. Leake, music teacher, radio broadcaster, and Episcopal priest, and Dorothy V. Leake, educator and biologist, consist of correspondence, radio scripts, manuscripts, diaries, subject files, and other materials relating to the personal and professional lives of the Leakes and their family.

Litton, Jerry L. (1937-1976), Papers, 1960-1976, (C3730)
25 linear feet, 1 audio cassette, 12 audio tapes, 82 video cassettes, 156 video tapes, 3 films
The papers of Jerry L. Litton, Missouri 6th District congressman from 1973 to 1976 and candidate in the 1976 Democratic primary for U.S. senator, include correspondence, congressio-nal office files, campaign files, and miscellaneous material pertaining to the television show, “Dialogue with Litton”; the Litton Charolais Ranch; and the Jerry Litton Memorial.


McClendon, Sarah Newcomb (1910-2003), Papers, 1931-1992, (C2579)
3.5 linear feet
The personal and professional papers of Sarah Newcomb McClendon, White House journalist and women’s rights advocate, contain biographical information, correspondence, newspaper columns, speeches, and other miscellaneous writings, photographs, negatives, newspaper clippings and magazine articles, awards, certificates, press badges, press cards, programs, posters, federal agency reports and publications, research, and family materials.

McKay, Ann Bryan Mariano (1932-2009), Papers, c. 1892-2009, (C4009)
MICROFILM (Newspapers only)
16.25 linear feet, 26 audio cassettes, 1 16 mm film, 10 rolls of microfilm, 1 computer disc
The papers of Ann Bryan Mariano McKay, a journalist and Vietnam War correspondent, consist primarily of material relating to her work on the independent newspaper, Overseas Weekly, and include newspapers, newspaper copy, photographs, correspondence, and legal materials regarding a lawsuit over distribution of the newspaper in Vietnam. Other materials in the collection document her work with Vietnamese orphanages, as well as various aspects of both her personal and professional life, including a return trip to Vietnam in 1995 with her adopted daughter.

Miller, James L. (1897-1989), Interview, 1965, (C3397)
3 folders, 1 audio tape
Tape and transcripts of an interview with the editor of the Washington Missourian.

Missouri Peace Studies Institute, Records, 1965-1979, (C3694)
6.8 linear feet
Papers of a Columbia-based organization established in September 1968 to discover ways to implement peace, to promote and encourage peace research and education, and to work with other peace organizations. Functioning as a research facility, the institute gathered data on such topics as amnesty, the post-Vietnam era, the arms race, war toys, and war tax resistance. As an institution cooperating with other pacifist groups, it worked with organizations such as the War Resisters, the American Friends Service Committee, and the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors. The Missouri Peace Studies Institute disbanded in December 1978.

Missouri State Labor Council, AFL-CIO, Records, 1891-1975 (C0216)
21.6 linear feet
Correspondence, convention proceedings, financial and membership records, minutes, reports, and other records of the Council and its Committee on Political Education, the Missouri State Federation of Labor, and Labor’s League for Political Education. Subject file on topics of interest to labor including the right to work movement. Materials generated through political, legislative, and civic activities of Council executive officers.

Missouri Veterans History Project, Oral History Records, 2010- (C4052)
4.7 cubic feet
The records of the Missouri Veterans History Project contain the local copy of veteran oral history interviews recorded for the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress. The records include audio, video, interview logs, and some transcripts. The former Western Historical Manuscript Collection, a joint collection with the State Historical Society of Missouri, was a founding partner of the Veterans History Project in 2001.

Monhollon, Rusty, Collection, (CA5896)
0.2 linear feet, 8 audio cassettes
Audio recordings and transcripts of oral history interviews conducted by students for a University of Missouri course on post-1945 U.S. history, 2001.


Rollins, James H. (1940- ), Papers, 1961-1981 (C3056)
3 cubic feet
James Henry (Jimmy) Rollins was a black civil rights activist and University of Missouri law student who was convicted of dispensing marijuana in 1968, jumped bail to avoid prosecution and was subsequently caught and imprisoned in 1974 for that and other crimes. The papers consist primarily of letters from the imprisoned Rollins to one of his supporters, and of notes, newspaper clippings, case files, and other printed material related either to his case or to contemporary political and racial conditions in Columbia and at the University of Missouri.

Rottmann, Larry, Collection (CA5858)
107.35 cubic feet, audiovisual material, oversize material
Compilation of correspondence, subject files, manuscripts, publications, newspaper clippings, teaching material, production material, organizational records, and audio and video recordings related to Vietnam, the Vietnam War and anti-war activity, veterans, and conflict literature.

Roussell, George R., Photographs (CG0023)
0.02 cubic feet(3 folders)
Photograph album of George Rousell during his time serving in World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War. Also includes oversize photographs of members of Company C, Mobile Construction Battalion 10 in the United States Navy.

Rusk, Howard A. (1901-1989), Papers, 1937-1991, (C3981)
24 linear feet, 13 audio tapes, 23 audio cassettes, 1 video tape, 7 video cassettes
The papers of Dr. Howard A. Rusk, considered to be the father of rehabilitation medicine, contain Rusk’s correspondence and writings, publicity clippings, photographs, speeches, awards, and other materials concerning his groundbreaking work with the injured and disabled.


Schuder, John C. (1922-2012), Papers, 1964-1975, (C3915)
0.8 linear feet
Papers of John C. Schuder, an officer of the Columbia, Missouri, Chapter of the Fellowship of Reconciliation and member of the Anti-War Moratorium Committee. The Schuder Papers consist of correspondence, speeches, newspaper clippings, photographs, and miscellaneous material.

St. Louis Peace Information Center Records (S0136)
3.2 cubic feet (173 folders)
The records of the St. Louis Peace Information Center contain correspondence, meeting minutes, and peace literature written and published by St. Louis and national peace groups, pertaining to the Center’s mission to facilitate communication and cooperation among St. Louis-area anti-war groups, as well as to inform the public about peace, activism, conscription, and the Vietnam War. The Center also provided draft counseling to conscientious objectors opposed to the war in Vietnam. Subjects of interest include anti-Vietnam protests in the St. Louis area, war tax resistance, and laws and regulations regarding draft counseling. The bulk of the materials date from the Center’s founding in 1967 to its closing in 1974.

Stauber, Rose, Addenda (SP0039)
2 cubic feet (46 folders, 1 oversize, 1,742 slides, 29 photographs)
The Rose Stauber Addenda collection includes photographs taken by Ruby “Rose” Stauber. They include photographs of her time in Vietnam from 1966 to 1967 and life in the Women’s Army Corps from 1966 to 1973. Also documented are the places and people she encountered in her world travels during this same period.

Stauber, Ruby Rose, Papers, (SP0015)
13.5 cubic feet (452 folders, 2 oversize)
The papers of Rose Stauber contain the personal papers of Ruby Rose Stauber. They include correspondence, genealogical research, family photographs, and material related to Rose’s 31 years of service in the Women’s Army Corp.

Stauber, Ruby Rose, Photographs, (SP0014)
5 cubic feet (272 folders)
The photographs of Ruby “Rose” Stauber depict life in the Woman’s Army Corps from 1959-1978. Of particular interest are the photographs of women in basic training at places like Fort Leonard Wood and Fort McClellan. Rose’s photographs also chronicle the change of command at Fort McClellan, Alabama, as her collection contains images of the various commanders who served there. Also documented are the places and people she encountered in her world travels throughout her military career.

Stephenson, Malvina (1911-1996), Papers, 1863-1996, (C4038)
8.75 linear feet, 1 audio disc, 2 video cassettes
The papers of Malvina Stephenson contain the professional papers of a journalist who spent most of her career covering politics in Washington, D.C. The collection includes story and subject files, scrapbooks of articles and columns, research for a biography on Senator Robert S. Kerr, scripts for radio news reports, and other personal and professional material.

Symington, Stuart (1901-1988), Papers, 1953-1976, (C3562)
292 rolls of microfilm
Carbon copies of letters sent from Stuart Symington's office while he was a Democratic senator from Missouri. The files are arranged alphabetically by year.

Symington, W. Stuart (1901-1988), Papers, 1918-1995, (C3874)
316.25 linear feet, 86 ephemera items, 41 audio discs, 11 audio cassettes, 64 audio tapes, 32 reels of 16mm film, 2 reels of 35mm film, 3 video tapes, 2 video cassettes, 2 CDs, 5 DVDs
The papers of William Stuart Symington, U.S. Senator from Missouri (1953-1976), include constituent correspondence, family and personal correspondence, limited genealogical and family materials, appointment books and calendars, audio and video recordings, campaign materials, editorial cartoons, select invitations and itineraries, limited pre-senatorial materials, photographs, photographic negatives and slides, press files, scrapbooks, selected Congressional testimonies, speeches, staff memoranda, voting records, and miscellaneous ephemera.


University of Missouri-Columbia, Campus Ephemera, 1967-1978, (C3628)
0.4 linear feet
Papers produced by various anti-war, political, religious, student, and community groups for distribution on the UMC campus: newspapers, newsletters, broadsides, petitions, flyers, handbills, pamphlets, posters, circular letters, reprints, programs, announcements, and position papers.


Vietnam War Moratorium, Papers, 1969 (C3325)
1 folder
These records contain pamphlets and newspapers gathered during student strike and anti-war moratorium at University of Missouri-Columbia, October 15, 1969. Materials present various views and positions regarding U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia and student attitudes toward this involvement.

Vietnam War Photographs, 1968 (C3324)
1 folder
Collection includes photographs of Vietnamese villages, Marine artillery and water buffalo.


Wilson, H. Clyde (1926-2010), Papers, 1962-1972, (C0390)
2.9 linear feet
Campaign materials from Wilson's 1970 challenge to the 8th district's incumbent U.S. congressman Richard H. Ichord. Papers are arranged as campaign, county, and research and reference files. Material is arranged alphabetically by subject within each file, and chronologically within each subject.

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