U.S. Representatives Manuscript Collections

Papers of United States Representatives from Missouri. This topic is a subcategory of the Government category. Additional subcategories under the Government category include Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs, Missouri Governors, and United States Senators.

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Armstrong, O.K., Papers, (C4056)
50.75 cubic feet, 2 audio discs, 1 film strip, 9 oversize items
The papers of O.K. Armstrong, a journalist, author, and politician from Springfield, Missouri, contain correspondence, manuscript drafts, subject files, speech material, research notes, and political material.

Arnold, Wat (1879-1961), Papers, 1947-1948 (C0070)
0.3 linear feet
Remarks by Arnold printed in the Congressional Record, material for a weekly newsletter printed in local newspapers, and script for a weekly radio broadcast to the people in his district.


Bakewell, Claude I., (1912-1987), Papers, 1946-1952, (C2346)
1.6 cubic feet
The papers contain correspondence and congressional material of a Republican representative from Missouri's 11th congressional district to the 80th and 82nd Congresses.

Barclay, Thomas Swain (1892-1993), Papers, 1912, 1915-1925, 1935, (C3938)
1 linear foot
Papers of Thomas Swain Barclay, a professor of political science, member of the American Red Cross during World War I, and member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity at the University of Missouri. The papers consist of personal and professional correspondence, a wartime diary, overseas duty related papers, newsletters and programs, three dimensional items, photographs, oversized visual items, and miscellaneous material collected from his various associations.

Bell, C. Jasper (1885-1978), Scrapbook, 1935-1936, (C3226)
0.4 cubic feet
Newspaper clippings pertaining to the Townsend Plan, a pension plan for the elderly sponsored by Dr. Francis Townsend in the mid-1930s, and the U.S. House of Representatives' investigation of it which Congressman Bell instigated and chaired. Clippings are from papers throughout the country. December 17, 1935 to July 26, 1936.

Bennett, James F., 1915, (C1818)
1 folder
Information about John Hutchings, delegate from Washington County to the first Missouri Constitutional Convention, 1820.

Bennett, Marion Tinsley (1914-2000), Papers, 1941-1948, (C1043)
14 linear feet, 69 audio discs
Congressional papers and correspondence of Philip Allen Bennett (1881-1942) and his son and successor, Marion T. Bennett. M.T. Bennett served from 1943 to 1948. His committees were Census, Territories, Veterans, and Foreign and Interstate Commerce.

Brantley, Mary E., “John S. Phelps and the Public Domain,” n.d., (C1055)
3 volumes
John S. Phelps (1814-1886) served in the Missouri state legislature, 1840-1841, in Congress, 1845-1863, and as governor of Missouri, 1877-1881. Collection contains two volumes of notes and a typescript volume (74 pp.).

Brett, Bradford, Papers, 1960-1964, (C3319)
1 folder
Copies of eight letters from Clarence Cannon to Mr. And Mrs. Bradford Brett regarding political views as well as attempting to secure Bradford Brett a job with Yellowstone Park Company; letter to M.R. Holloran about political career. Letter to W.H. Thompson from J. Edgar Hoover.

Burlison, Bill D., Papers, (CA4318)
124 linear feet
Papers from Burlison's terms as a Democratic representative from Missouri's 10th District, 1969-1981.


Cannon, Clarence (1879-1964), Papers, 1896-1964, (C2342)
37.6 linear feet, 124 volumes
Public and private papers of a Democratic congressman from Missouri’s 9th District, 1923-1964. The collection is arranged alphabetically by topics and contains correspondence and other material relating to his life and congressional career.

Cardell, Henry, Account, 1851, (C1630)
1 folder
State of Missouri in account with Henry Cardell for the funeral expenses of A[lexander] Reid, representative from Lincoln County.

Carnahan, A.S.J. (1897-1968), Papers, 1944-1960, (C2539)
55.8 linear feet
Papers of a Democratic congressman from Missouri's 8th District. Correspondence dealing with agriculture, army, civil defense, district problems, election campaigns, foreign affairs, legislation, and the United Nations.

Carnahan, A.S.J. (1897-1968), Papers, (CA6089)
0.1 linear feet
Photocopies of Carnahan materials held by Wichita State University (Kansas). Primarily includes newspaper clippings and limited correspondence. PHOTOCOPY RESTRICTION. See also C2539, A.S.J. Carnahan Papers.

Carr, Will D., Scrapbooks, 1886-1889, (C1388)
2 volumes
Newspaper clippings of the writings of Will Carr, including DIVORCED BY DEATH; PEN PICTURES of the members and actions of the Missouri 34th and 35th general assemblies by Will Yum.

Caulfield, Henry S. (1873-1966), Papers, 1878-1966, (C2409)
2.1 linear feet
The papers of Henry S. Caulfield contain correspondence, diaries, photographs, reports, speeches, and miscellaneous material. Caulfield was a Republican governor of Missouri (1929-1933) and St. Louis official.

Clark, Champ (1850-1921) and Bennett Champ (1890-1954), Papers, 1853-1973, (C0666)
25 linear feet, 4 oversize volumes
Political and personal papers of a Democratic U.S. congressman from Missouri, 1893-1895 and 1897-1921, and his son, a Democratic U.S. senator from Missouri, 1933-1945. Also includes materials of other family members. Collection contains correspondence, financial and legal documents, journals, photographs, speeches and writings, and clippings and scrapbooks.

Clark, Champ (1850-1921), Letter, 1912, (C1991)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter to Richard H. Edwards, Baltimore, MD, from Washington, D.C., Jan. 22, 1912. The letter predicts phenomenal growth of the South.

Cole, William C. (1897-1965), Papers, 1942-1947, (C0013)
8 linear feet
Correspondence of Republican congressman from Missouri's 3rd District dealing with topics as varied as World War II, agriculture, legislation on labor and the atom bomb, education, foreign relations, immigration, flood control, labor, housing, socialized medicine, politics, and the postal service.

Cowherd, William S., (1860-1915), Scrapbook, 1884-1915, (C3227)
2 folders
Scrapbook of newspaper clippings, mainly pertaining to Cowherd's career as congressman, 1897-1905. Speeches or excerpts from speeches during campaigns. 1890 speech before the graduating class of the Washington University Dental School.

Curtis, Thomas B. (1911- 1993), Papers, 1950-1969 (C3300)
906 rolls of microfilm
The Thomas B. Curtis Papers contain constituent correspondence and congressional committee material during Curtis’ terms as a Republican U.S. representative from Missouri. The bulk of committee material pertains to Ways and Means and Joint Economic Committees. The papers are filed chronologically by topic within each year. Originals discarded.


Decker, Perl D. (1875-1934), Papers, 1897-1935, (C0092)
0.7 linear feet, 5 volumes
Speeches, news clippings, correspondence, and similar items of a Missouri Democratic Congressman, 1912-1919. Prohibition, Ku Klux Klan, women’s suffrage and campaigning are some of the important topics discussed. Decker also practiced law in Joplin, Missouri.

Doniphan, Alexander W. (1808-1887), Letter, n.d., (C1803)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter to J.T.F. Thompson, giving information pertinent to the claim of Samuel Tilley.


Emerson, Norvell William "Bill" (1938-1996), Papers, (CA5887)
255 linear feet
Papers of a Republican Congressman from the Missouri Bootheel. Emerson was a member of the Agriculture Committee, Public Works and Transportation Committee, and Select Committee on Hunger. The collection includes correspondence, photographs, speeches and press releases, audiovisual materials, research materials, and newspaper clippings.


Hall, Durward G. (1910-2001) Papers, 1946-1973 (C3389)
2.4 linear feet, 705 reels of microfilm
The collection includes the personal and political papers of Durward G. Hall, surgeon and U.S. Representative of the Seventh Missouri Congressional District from 1960-1972. The original papers are located at Drury College in Springfield, Missouri.

Hatch, William H. (1833-1896), Papers, 1870-1887, (C0113)
0.2 linear feet
Letters to Hatch, a congressman from Hannibal, MO, about political matters. Hatch was responsible for the establishment of the agricultural experiment station at the University of Missouri in 1887. Also a few letters to his brother George, a lawyer in Hannibal.

Hull, William R., Jr., (1906-1977), Papers, 1954-1972 (C3348)
157 rolls of microfilm
The papers of William Hull contain personal and political papers for his years as a U.S. Congressman for the Sixth Missouri District. The papers consist mostly of constituent correspondence and are arranged topically by Employment, 1954 Campaign, Staff Applications, General, Invitations, Congressional Bills, Federal Agencies, Committees, Veterans, Flood Control, Military Cases, Missouri, and Press Releases.

Hulshof, Kenny, Papers, (CA6452)
227 cubic feet
The papers of Kenny Hulshof, an attorney and U.S. Representative, contain congressional papers from his time serving Missouri's 9th district from 1997-2009. The papers include subject files, committee files, constituent mail, schedules, photographs, audiovisual material, and some campaign material.


Ichord, Richard H. (1926-1992), Papers, 1960-1980, (C1269)
349.5 linear feet
The papers of Ichord, a Democratic congressman from Missouri, consist of correspondence, committee files, legislative files, campaign files, and related material.

Ichord, Richard H. (1926- ), Papers, 1961-1980, (C3699)
113 rolls of microfilm
Carbon copies of letters mailed from Ichord's office. Arranged chronologically by congressional session, then alphabetically by name of addressee, except on subject folders where arrangement is chronological. Ichord was Democratic representative from Missouri's 8th district to the 87th through 96th congresses.


Jameson, John, Certification, 1832, (C1572)
1 folder
The collection contains a certification by Thomas Reynolds, Speaker of the House, that $105 was due Jameson for attendance as a member of the Missouri House of Representatives, November 19-December 21, 1832.

Jones, Paul C. (1901-1981), Papers, 1943-1969 (C3604)
60.6 linear feet
Constituent and legislative correspondence from Jones’s years as a Democratic congressman from Missouri’s 10th district, 1948-1969. Jones’s major committee assignments included the Agriculture and the House Administration Committees.

Jost, Henry Lee (1873-1950) Papers, ca. 1898-1958, (K0270)
4 cubic feet, 13 volumes (Microfilm)
The papers consist of personal and professional correspondence, records of legal cases, scrapbooks, certificates, and photographs related to the life of Henry Lee Jost, attorney, two term mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, and United States congressman


Karsten, Frank M. (1913-1992), Papers, 1943-1968, (C3485)
54 linear feet, 2 rolls of microfilm
Constituent correspondence and congressional committee material from Karsten's terms as Democratic congressman from Missouri's 1st District, 1947-1968.


Lanham, Charles, Photograph Collection, (P0071)
11 photographs
Copy photos of 19th century U.S. Congressmen from Missouri

Litton, Jerry L. (1937-1976), Papers, 1960-1976, (C3730)
25 linear feet, 1 audio cassette, 12 audio tapes, 82 video cassettes, 156 video tapes, 3 films
The papers of Jerry L. Litton, Missouri 6th District congressman from 1973 to 1976 and candidate in the 1976 Democratic primary for U.S. senator, include correspondence, congressio-nal office files, campaign files, and miscellaneous material pertaining to the television show, "Dialogue with Litton"; the Litton Charolais Ranch; and the Jerry Litton Memorial.

Litton, Jerry L. (1937-1976), Papers, (CA6128)
3 linear feet, A/V material
Addition includes correspondence, limited campaign memorabilia, financial records, and miscellaneous papers and office files. Also includes audio tapes, broadcast film, and videotapes primarily from his short term in the U.S. Congress.

Lozier Family, Papers, (CA6450)
1 cubic foot
Correspondence, political material, and miscellaneous material of a family from Carroll and Randolph Counties, Missouri. Largely concerns Ralph F. Lozier, a U.S. Congressman, and his son, Lue Lozier, an attorney and judge.

Lozier, Ralph F., (1866-1945), Papers, 1855-1945, (C2655)
65.75 linear feet, 5 volumes
The papers contain correspondence, pamphlets, speeches, and news clippings related to Lozier's legal, agricultural, and political careers. Also included are research notes for and copies of Lozier's two historical novels and campaign papers of Lue C. Lozier.


McCarthy, Karen (1947-2010) Papers, 1968-2005, (K0773)
140 cubic feet
Correspondence, campaign files, financial records, and other materials relating to McCarthy's tenure with the Missouri House of Representatives (1976-1994) and the United States House of Representatives (1995-2005).

Metzl, Jamie Frederic (1968- ) Collection, 2004, (K1002)
1 folder
An attorney and active in Missouri Democratic politics, Metzl ran for for the Democratic nomination for Missouri's Fifth Congressional District for the U.S. House of Representatives. Includes flyers and a banner from Metzl's congressional campaign.


Niles, Hezekiah (1777-1839), Papers, 1831-1835, (C2299)
1 folder
Letters to the editor and publisher of NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, MD, from northeastern congressmen requesting reports of the tariff convention in New York, 1831. Also a letter from Louisiana requesting Niles to mention the state's efforts towards improvements.


Randall, William Joseph (1909-2000) Papers, ca. 1962-1976, (K0791)
301 cubic feet
Records relating to Randall's career in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Reeves Jr., Albert L., (1906-1987) Papers, 1930-1957, (K0864)
8 cubic feet
Reeves was an attorney and U.S. Representative from Missouri's 5th District. Includes correspondence, clippings, speeches and articles related to his election campaign, his congressional term and his campaign for re-election. Also his service in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers during World War II.

Rollins, James S. (1812-1888), Papers, 1546-1968, (C1026)
3.3 linear feet; 10 rolls of microfilm
The papers of James S. Rollins, a Boone County, Missouri, lawyer, politician, businessman, and curator of University of Missouri include correspondence with family, business and political associates, and George Caleb Bingham and other friends. The papers covers state, national, and Whig party politics from 1830 through the 1880s, the Civil War in Missouri, internal improvements and the North Missouri Railroad, and education at University of Missouri.

Romjue, Milton A. (1874-1968), Papers, c.1890-1963, (C3932)
16.8 linear feet
The papers of Milton A. Romjue, a Democratic, U.S. Representative from the first congressional district of Missouri contain constituent, patronage, political, campaign, legislative, administrative, and personal files that document north-central and northeastern sections of the state from 1916 to 1942. The bulk of the material is correspondence, but the papers also include newspaper clippings, campaign literature, government publications, and photographs.

Ruffin, James Edward, (1893-1977), Papers, 1929-1965, (C2345)
0.4 cubic feet
The papers contain correspondence and legal papers of a Democratic congressman-at-large, 1933-1935; lawyer; and special assistant to the attorney general, 1935-1953.


Schwabe, Max (1905-1983), Papers, 1927-1971, (C4019)
0.8 linear feet and 1 scrapbook
The papers were created by Max Schwabe, who served the Second Congressional District of Missouri in the United States House of Representatives from 1943 to 1948. The collection includes political files, newspaper clippings, published materials, photographs, and a scrapbook that outlines Schwabe’s political career.

Short, Dewey, Papers, (CA5136)
9.8 cubic feet
Personal and political papers of a Republican U.S. Representative from Missouri's seventh congressional district. Includes educational and pre-political records.

Short, Dewey (1898-1979), Papers, (CA5712)
0.1 linear feet, 9 audio discs, 2 audio tapes, 1 CD, 2 films, 1 video cassette, 1 DVD
Addition to papers of a U.S. Representative from Missouri's 7th District. Primarily includes campaign materials from 1950-1956, including audiovisual material.

Short, Dewey (1898-1979), Papers, (CA5944)
97.25 linear feet, 3 audio discs, 8 rolls of microfilm
Papers of U.S. Representative from Missouri's 7th District (1929-1930; 1935-1956) and Assistant Secretary of the Army (1957-1961). Includes materials on campaigns, Table Rock Dam and Reservoir, and the U.S. Army during World War II and the Cold War.

Skelton, Ike, Papers, (CA6210)
254 cubic feet, 1 volume, audiovisual material, oversize items
Papers of Democratic congressman who represented Missouri's 4th District from 1977-2011. Appointment books, clippings, Congressional Research Service files, correspondence, financial records, photographs, press releases and speeches are included.

Stone, William Joel (1848-1918), Papers, 1859-1935, (C0930)
114 folders, 1 volume
The papers of a Missouri congressman (1885-1891), governor (1893-1897), and U.S. senator (1903-1918), includes information on Stone's early career in Nevada, Missouri, the 1908 senatorial election, his senatorial career, and his death.


U. S. National Transportation Safety Board, Report, 1976-1977, (C3480)
8 folders
The papers contain the report of the board's investigation into the airplane crash that killed Congressman Jerry L. Litton, his family, pilot Paul Rupp, Jr., and Rupp's son near Chillicothe, Missouri, on 3 August 1976. Includes reports of groups investigating various aspects of the aircraft, statements of witnesses, a wreckage distribution chart, flight tests, crashworthiness analyses, and test data.


Volkmer, Harold L. (1931- ), Papers, 1960-1996, (C4022)
16 linear feet
The professional papers of Harold L. Volkmer, member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Missouri's 9th District, include correspondence, bills and resolutions, press releases, hearings, subcommittee briefs and reports, research and studies, pamphlets, newsletters, newspaper clippings, photographs, speeches, and testimonials. Also included is material on the McClure-Volkmer Bill, also known as the Firearm Owner's Protection Act, the 1993 flood disaster, dioxin contamination, hazardous and radioactive waste material at Weldon Spring, Missouri, and farmer's claims resulting from the Cannon Dam Flood in 1982.


Wheat, Alan Dupree (1951- ) Papers, ca. 1982-1994, (K0860)
257 cubic feet
Congressional files of US Representative Alan Wheat. Includes press releases, newsletters, correspondence, Member's Individual Voting Records, office files, calendars, speeches, photographs, and videotapes.


Zimmerman, Orville, (1880-1948), Papers, 1922-1962, (C0863)
4.1 linear feet
Correspondence and other papers from Zimmerman's terms as a Democratic congressman from Missouri's 10th district, 1935-1948. Zimmerman's major committee assignments included the Agriculture, Flood Control, and Post-War Economic Policy and Planning Committees.

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