Travel and Description Manuscript Collections

Letters, diaries, and memoirs describing people, cultures, geography, and other aspects of domestic and foreign travel.

*Collections marked with DIGITIZED MATERIALS have additional digitized items available.

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Allen, Maynard Dale, Autobiography, (K1074)
0.02 cubic foot (1 folder)
The Maynard Dale Allen Autobiography consists of a single spiral bound notebook outlining the Allen family’s genealogy as well as Allen’s life from 1893 to 1937.  Allen recalls his first interactions with automobiles and telephone service, visiting Kansas City as a teenager, moving, the Great Depression, politics, and war.

American Field Service, Columbia, Missouri Chapter, Records, 1975-2004, (C3990)
1.8 linear feet
These records contain local, regional, and national newsletters, financial records, newspaper clippings, meeting minutes, correspondence, administrative information, publicity, and photographs of the student exchange program.

Arrot, James, Letter, 1840, (C2614)
1 folder
The papers contain a letter to a colleague describing St. Louis.

Ayres, Nellie F., Collection, 1860, 1948, (C2752)
1 folder
The Nellie F. Ayres collection consists of a typescript done by Ayres of a diary of Lavinia Priest, written while on a visit to Kentucky in 1860; and a letter to "LOML" from Ayres describing a bus trip to Idaho and Yellowstone Park in June 1948.


Baldwin, Clara (1908-2001), Papers, 1947-1993, (C3953)
0.2 linear feet
Papers of Clara Baldwin, a trade reporter and published author of poetry and children’s books. The papers consist of personal correspondence, biographical materials, published trade journal articles and poetry, and photographs.

Baldwin, Evelyn, B. (1862-1933), Scrapbooks, 1898-1929, (C1381)
1 volume
The papers contain a scrapbook of newspaper clippings, letters, and telegrams relating to Baldwin's Arctic explorations with the Wellman polar expedition, 1898-1899, and the Baldwin-Ziegler polar expeditions of 1901-1902. Two copies.

Barse Jr., George Randolph, Papers, (K0419)
0.07 cubic foot (1 folder) 
The George Randolph Barse, Jr. Papers were written in 1889 to 1891 by George Randolph Barse, Jr. to his family who resided in Kansas City, Missouri. This photocopy collection also includes drawings, photos, and a summarized listing of the letters.

Bedell, Ralph C. (1904-1991), Papers, 1929-1986, (C2543)
50.25 linear feet, 36 audio tapes, 2 films, 1 filmstrip
Papers of an educator and psychologist who specialized in counseling and guidance. Bedell directed NDEA Counseling and Guidance Institutes, taught at the Universities of Nebraska and Missouri, and served as secretary-general of the South Pacific Commission. Collection includes materials from Counseling and Guidance Institutes, counseling case files, and papers of South Pacific Commission.

Bedell, Ralph C., Papers, (CA5047)
0.2 linear feet
Addition to papers of educator and psychologist. Includes materials about the South Pacific Commission of 1953 and correspondence and documents relating to the gift of the Bedell papers in 1986.

Bedell, Ralph C., Papers, (CA5084)
14.4 linear feet
Addition of papers relating to the South Pacific Commission, the National Defense Education Act, U.S. Naval Flight Preparatory Schools, the University of Missouri, and other topics. Includes photos and slides.

Berry, J. Calvin, Letter, 1842, (C1461)
1 folder
The papers contain one letter written by Berry to John H. Marmon, April 16, 1842. He writes his brother about a tour of Missouri and compared opportunities in Missouri and Illinois. The letter includes descriptions of the countryside, markets, southern market route to Europe, fertility of soil, Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, administration of land in Missouri, and business affairs in Illinois.

Bingham, Henry Vest ( -1823), Diary, 1818, (C0999)
1 volume
Diary kept by Henry Vest Bingham during his trip from Virginia to Missouri. Descriptions of St. Louis and St. Charles, MO, and the country through which he traveled. Published in MISSOURI HISTORICAL REVIEW, Vol. 40.

Bledsoe, Fields Trammel (1818-1880) Letter, 1851, (K0229)
0.01 cubic feet
The collection contains a letter from Fields Trammel Bledsoe to his brother-in-law William C. Rhodes of Harrisonville, Missouri.

Bograd, Abe Oral History Collection, (K0267)
.1 cubic foot
The Abe Bograd Oral History Collection covers many aspects of Bograd’s life including recollections of his early years in Russia; his family’s immigration; his education; the political climate of the city under Pendergast; and his employment with the Kansas City Star.

Booth-Lang Family Papers, ca. 1895-1987, (K0658)
6 cubic feet
Papers and photographs documenting the history of the Lang, Imboden, Fornefett, Booth and related families. Includes genealogical information, certificates of baptism, confirmation, naturalization papers, military records, obituaries, and correspondence. Also family activities and interests, residences, military, and travel.

Brandt, Raymond P. (1896-1974), Papers, 1917-1974, (C0850)
2 linear feet, 5 audio cassettes
The papers of Raymond Brandt contain correspondence, newspaper articles, interviews, notes, financial accounts, audio cassettes and photographs of a Sedalia, Missouri, man who was a Washington, D.C. correspondent for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch from 1923 to 1967. Brandt wrote on politics, economics, and the Soviet Union, which he visited five times.

Branson, Missouri, Lodging Postcards, (SP0010)
0.25 cubic feet (3 folders)
The Branson, Missouri, Lodging Postcards collection includes postcards and a travel brochure from several motels and lodges that existed in Branson during its emergence as a tourist destination. The collection focuses on the Anchor Travel Village.

Bright, Mary Dwight Eaman (1888-1981), Papers, 1912-1913, (C0960)
0.75 linear feet
At age 24, Mary Dwight Eaman spent a year traveling around the world with her cousin, Mary A. Eaman. Traveling westward, they made stops in Hawaii, Japan, China, Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, and New York City. The journal, correspondence, photographs, and postcards in the collection relate specifically to this trip.

Brower, Jacob V. Letters (C1761)
1 folder
A letter written in1901 by Jacob V. Brower to a Professor Kingery in Crawfordsville [Minnesota?] and a letter written in 1904 by Julius Chambers of New York to explorer Jacob V. Brower describing travel in Minnesota.

Brown, John Collection, (K0218)
0.01 cubic feet (2 folders)
The collection contains photocopies of letters written from Kansas Territory by John Brown and his son to Orson Day of White Hall, New York. The collection also includes copies of newspaper accounts of Brown's action at Harper's Ferry and a reprint of an anti-Brown article.

Browne, Kenneth L., Collection, n.d. (K0534)
0.01 cubic feet
The collection contains an undated letter given to the Native Sons of Kansas City by Kenneth L. Browne describing a spring dance and other events occurring in Kansas City.

Burford-White Photograph Collection, (P0038)
64 photographs
Snapshot and studio photos, including tintypes related to the White-Burford-Taylor-Adkins-Harness-Marolf families plus scenes from Ladue, Vista and Independence, as well as vacation scenes outside of Missouri.

Bush Family, Papers, 1819-1923, (C3887)
0.2 linear feet on 1 roll of microfilm
Journals, farm records, and correspondence of a Boone County, Kentucky, family who settled in southeastern Arkansas. The papers detail 1819-1820 steamboat trips up the Missouri River to Council Bluffs and 1850s farm operations.


Cairns, Mary Margaret (1915-2003), Papers, 1901-2004, (C3996)
1.4 linear feet
The Mary Margaret Cairns Papers document the life of a Kansas City area woman who worked at Sears Department Store and traveled across North America and Europe. The papers consist mostly of photographs and slides relating to her travels, as well as travel notes, postcards, and brochures from places she visited. The collection also contains materials concerning the family burial plots at the Huntsville Cemetery in Huntsville, Missouri and relating to her retirement party from Sears.

Chandler, Sarah Ann (1804-1865), Papers, 1832-1938, (C0840)
1 folder
The papers contain a diary of family's trip from Louisa County, Virginia, to Cooper County, Missouri. Account of a similar trip in 1938 by Charles Quarles Chandler, II. Ralph Dickinson's comments on the 1836 diary. Photographs and miscellany.

Charles H. Horstmann Papers , (K0569)
.4 cubic foot
The papers of Charles H. Horstmann contain collected information about Trans World Airlines (TWA) and Horstmann’s career with TWA. In addition to Horstmann’s biographical material, there are training manuals for new employees and management, correspondence between TWA and various employees, as well as newspaper clippings and other documents chronicling moments of TWA’s history.

Clark, William (1770-1838), and Meriwether Lewis (1774-1809), Memorandum Book, 1809 (C1076)
1 volume
Journal of a trip from St. Louis, Missouri, to Washington, D.C. It contains the list of debts due by Clark; the trip expenses from St. Louis, Missouri, and Louisville, Kentucky; a memorandum of instruction by Meriwether Lewis with a list of private debts; and memoranda of drafts and transactions with Indian agencies. Microfilm copy available for loan.

Clark, William (1770-1838), Notebook, 1798-1801 (C1075)
1 volume
Notes on Clark’s second journey to New Orleans from a starting point in Ohio, 9 March to 16 June 1798, thence from New Orleans to Kentucky, arriving 24 December 1798. Notebook also includes memorandum of distances and expenses on a journey from Kentucky to Philadelphia and back, 1801, and a map of the Mississippi River. Microfilm copy available for loan.


Davidson, Ernest Evans, Photograph Collection (R1320)
0.2 cubic foot (8 folders, 92 photographs)
The Ernest Evans Davidson Photograph Collection contains the personal and family photographs of Ernest Davidson of Clay County, Missouri. Images include family photographs, scenes of family vacations in Althea, Missouri, and on the North Fork of the White River.

Dearing, Julia Ann, Letter, 1839, (C0494)
1 folder
To James Jones, High Hill, MO, from Ste. Genevieve, MO, Sept. 19, 1839. Letter to her father describing river travel on a wedding trip on the Mississippi. Original in the possession of Mrs. J.D. Ebert.

Delk, Edward Buehler (1885-1956) Collection, 1917-1962, (K0243)
1 cubic foot
Personal and professional photographs and some personal papers belonging to Delk, a prominent Kansas City architect, and his wife, Jane Willis Delk. They relate to the Delks' travels around the world; with a strong focus on the architecture; and photos of residences and buildings designed by Delk.

Denslow, William R., (1916-1993), Collection, 1841-1929, (C0822)
0.4 linear feet
The collection contains materials collected by William R. Denslow, including his father's memoirs, articles on local history, letters (1859-1861), written by a young boy working on a whaling ship, and a typescript copy of an 1898 diary describing the Yukon gold fields.

Dent, Lester B. (1904-1959), Collection, 1924-1984, (C3071)
36.2 linear feet, 1 video cassette; also available on 64 rolls of microfilm
The Lester B. Dent Collection contains the manuscripts, publications, correspondence, personal papers, research notes, scrapbooks, and photographs of a native Missouri fiction writer, explorer, aerial photographer, and dairy farmer. Lester Dent is perhaps best remembered as the principal author of the Doc Savage adventure stories of the 1930s and 1940s. This collection is also available on microfilm, with the exception of the printed and miscellaneous materials.

Dent, Lester B. (1904-1959), Collection, (CA5413)
2 video cassettes
Additional footage of home movies transferred to videocassette. Includes family, travel scenery, treasure hunting in the Caribbean, New York, Paris, Havana, and many small towns in central Missouri.

Doniphan, Alexander, Letters, 1880, (C2917)
1 folder
Two letters to Jennie Hockaday, Plattsburg, MO, describing the landscape and population of Denver and Manitou Springs, CO.


Elmore, Patricia Shively (1935-2015), Papers, 1878-2015, (CG0013)
1 cubic feet (14 folders), 8 film reels, 2 oversized volumes
The papers of Patricia Shively Elmore contain diaries, correspondence, genealogy, scrapbooks, and photographs related to the donor's family. This collection also contains diplomas, commencement programs, military documents, photographs, souvenir postcards, films, and funeral memorabilia of the donor's second husband, William "Bill" Elmore.

European Tourist Company, Letter, 1900, (C2347)
1 folder
The papers contain one letter to L.H. Jocelyn, of Albany, New York, from New York, NY, Mar. 12, 1900. Letter confirms Jocelyn's reservation for Professor Hailes's tour to the Paris Exposition.


Field, Gabriel, Journal, 1819, (C1891)
1 folder
The papers contain a journal of a trip from Camp Missouri to Chariton kept by Gabriel Field from October 31 to November 27, 1819, for Colonel H. Atkinson. Journal includes detailed directions and observations of the area. Two maps of route.

Findley, Susan H., 1930-2010, Papers, 1953-2010, (R1317)
50 folders (3 cubic feet)
These are the personal papers of Susan H. Findley and her husband, Marshall E. Findley, a chemical engineer at the University of Missouri-Rolla and USAID teacher in South Vietnam. The papers include correspondence from South Vietnam and Malaysia, descriptions of southeast Asia, the Vietnam War and USAID program, family news, information regarding the Chemical Engineering Department and international student exchange at UM-Rolla, and papers from Susan's work with the Democratic Party in Phelps County, Missouri.

Flam, Paul (1922-2013) and Marion Doris Lichtor (1926-2006) Papers, 1910s-2006, (K1121)
12 cubic feet
Family papers and records relating to a Kansas City based tour service and various community activities of the Flams. Also family papers for the Lichtor family. Includes letters and postcards, journals, certificates, scripts, pilgrimage brochures, Beth Shalom programs/newsletters, newspaper clippings, photographs, scrapbooks, and VHS cassettes.

Fletcher, Alma Olivia (1879-1979), Papers, 1841-1968, (C3623)
0.2 linear feet
Papers of the Fletcher family of Arcadia, MO. Included are two Civil War muster rolls; Missouri will and land deed; scrapbook of Alma's European tour, 1910; and detailed daily bird watching charts, 1960-1968.

Forman, Ferris, Letter, 1836, (C0833)
1 folder
To Clark Hyatt, from St. Louis, Mar. 8, 1836. Reprint of letter describing St. Louis and Potosi.

France-McDonald Family, Papers, (CA6245)
1.8 cubic feet
The papers of a St. Joseph, Missouri, family include the correspondence of Charles B. France (1900-1928), Gladys France, Albert France, and Sara France Pratt, as well as miscellaneous France and McDonald family material. Much of the correspondence is written by Charles B. France from Paris in the 1920s.

Frazee, Douglas R. (1925-2014), Photographs, ca. 1880-1985, (P0072)
0.25 linear feet
Photographs of the Missouri River and life on the towboat Brownville, 1963-1985 by Frazee, an engineer on the vessel. Photos of Marshall, MO, 1948-1950, and Marthasville, MO, area in the early 1900s. Aerial photographs of Saline County, Marshall, Brookfield, and Pettis County, 1946-1949. Aerial photographs of farms and buildings along Highways 20, 24, 41 in Saline and Lafayette Counties, ca. 1947. Also include a variety of images of Missouri scenes and Missourians.


Gallaher Journal Photographs, (P0906)
4 photographs
Copy photos of William Gallaher and individuals mentioned in his journal, as published in the Missouri Historical Review, January 1963.

Gallaher, William Houston, (1840- ), Journal, 1865, (C3924)
1 volume
The 1865 journal of William H. Gallaher, kept during his journey from St. Charles, Missouri, up the Missouri River to Montana Territory, and while living in southwest Montana.

Gauldin, Martin A., Diary, 1845, (C0696)
1 folder
Trip to Austin, TX, from Marshall, MO, November and December 1845. Remarks on campsites, towns and settlements, fertility of soil, and variety and condition of timber seen enroute.

Geary, Daniel M. (1835-1924) Letter, 1915, (K0350)
0.01 cubic feet
The collection contains a letter describing the grading of streets in Kansas City, Missouri, in the mid-1850s.

Geiger, Louis G. (1913-2002), Papers, 1803-2002, (C4058)
17.5 linear feet
The papers of a history professor who specialized in the subjects of higher education and local history. Geiger was a Fulbright lecturer to India, Finland, and the former Soviet Union. He corresponded with family and friends, and traveled extensively after his retirement.

Geiger, Louis G., Papers, (CA6433)
2 cubic feet, 13 computer discs, 780 MB of digital files
Addition of family photographs and slides, 1840s-1990s. Locations include Missouri, Colorado, New York, New Jersey, India, Thailand, and Europe. Includes World War II Navy photographs. Also includes scans of most images along with descriptions.

George, G. Houston, Photographs, (P0073)
1 folder
10 photos related to car trip in 1917 from Flint Michigan to Odessa MO. Photo album of trip to pick up automobiles in Flint Michigan and drive them back to Missouri.

Gill, Charles (1869-1962), Papers, 1891-1973, (R1451)
2 rolls microfilm
The collection of Charles Gill contains diaries, writings, travelogues, magazine/newspaper articles, letters, expense records, photographs/post-cards, and many miscellaneous articles written or collected by Charles Gill.

Griffen, Mrs. Walter, Scrapbooks, n.d., (C1402)
4 volumes
Newspaper and magazine clippings of pictures and articles of Missouri scenes, the Ozarks, and Hannibal. Volume 4 contains souvenir postcards.


Hadley Family, Letters, 1838-1869, (C1997)
1 folder
The collection contains letters written to Moses and Susan Hadley by Elizabeth Hadley Wyman and her husband Edward, who were teachers. The letters describe a trip from Boston to Illinois in 1839.

Hawley, J.E. Letter, 1855, (C1548)
1 folder
To his wife from Columbia, MO, June 10-12, 1855.

Hill, Henry Edward (1863-1927) Diary, 1922-1923, (K0298)
1 volumes
Diary detailing Kansas City architect Hill's work in China on the campus expansion of Beijing University. Includes details of his work, military conflicts, daily life, and descriptions of Peking and other, nearby locales.

Hill, Joe C., Papers (R1382)
0.01 cubic foot (1 folder)
The Joe C. Hill Papers contain two letter written by Joe C. Hill to his family in the United States while he was in Japan with his son Caryl.  

How, Russell A. (1906-1996) and Bernadine M. (1910-2001), Collection, 1927-1989, (C4023)
5 linear feet, 4 card files
The Russell and Bernadine How collection contains photographs, maps, printed materials, and notes on grist mills in the Ozarks region of Missouri and Arkansas. The collection also includes materials related to Missouri tourism.

Hutchison, Gregory L. (1910-2013) and Mary Folse (1911-2007), Collection, (CA5861)
13.4 cubic feet, 2 volumes
Papers of two University of Missouri-Columbia alumni, United States veterans, and federal employees. Mrs. Hutchison was in the first class of WAVES officers at the start of World War II, and later a CIA staff officer for twenty-five years. Includes a scrapbook related to theater and other activities at the University of Missouri in the 1930s, correspondence, diaries, photographs, travel materials, writings, and miscellaneous items.


Jeanetta Danford (1932-2016), Papers, (K1366)
Approximately 3 cubic feet
The collection contains diaries, journals, and correspondence written to and from Jeannetta (Sawyer) Danford. The collection also includes a 1949 yearbook from Central High School, St. Joseph, Missouri, and a Bible.


Kansas City Expo '92 Records, 1987-1992, (K1036)
1 cubic foot
Organizational records for the Kansas City exhibit at the last World's Fair of the 20th century in Seville, Spain (Kansas City's sister city). Includes planning documents, correspondence, committee minutes and reports, promotional material, brochures, and newspaper and magazine clippings,

Kees, Beverly (1941-2004), Papers, 1941-2004, (C4025)
27.75 linear feet, 2 volumes, 1 video cassette
The papers of Beverly Kees, a journalist, editor, and journalism instructor in Minneapolis, North Dakota, Indiana, and California; the first female executive editor at a Knight-Ridder newspaper; and editor and programs director for the Freedom Forum Pacific Coast Center. The collection contains both personal and professional material, including office files, clippings, editorials, correspondence, photographs, reports, resources, and handbooks.

Kenny, Thomas H. (1918- ) Papers, 1816-1997, (C4131)
5 cubic feet
The papers of a real estate broker, author, artist, treasure hunter, researcher, entrepreneur, and overall Renaissance man include correspondence, legal papers, contracts, publications, photographs, postcards, newspaper articles, and artistic material.


Lake Taneycomo & the White River Country, Brochure, c. 1940’s, (R1447)
1 Folder
The brochure of Lake Taneycomo & the White River Country contains advertisements and descriptions of popular tourist attractions, businesses, and organizations in Taney County, Missouri.

Leake, Harold H. (1891-1978) and Dorothy V. (1893-1990), Papers, 1841-1990, (C4011)
40.25 linear feet, 4 card files, 9 audio discs, 8 video cassettes
The papers of Harold H. Leake, music teacher, radio broadcaster, and Episcopal priest, and Dorothy V. Leake, educator and biologist, consist of correspondence, radio scripts, manuscripts, diaries, subject files, and other materials relating to the personal and professional lives of the Leakes and their family.

Lester, Robert Ridenour (1894-1997) Papers, 1877-1997, (K1158)
5 cubic feet
Correspondence, photographs, ephemera, and some printed and published material related to Lester and the Ridenour Family. Seventeen scrapbook volumes depict travel in the U.S. and Europe, as well as Lester's involvement in France in WWI.

Lewis, Meriwether (1774-1809), Astronomy Notebook [1805] (C1074)
1 volume
Set of formulae prepared by Robert Patterson of Philadelphia for Lewis to use in determining geographical locations by astronomical observation. Also includes a “sketch given us by Yallept, the principal chief of the Wollah-wollah nation,” and a drawing, probably by Lewis. Microfilm copy available for loan. A use copy of the notebook is also available on CD and online.

Leyden, John (1775-1811), Papers, 1800, (C0893)
3 folders
Biography of the life of John Leyden, including short accounts of incidents and short letters of Leyden's describing his work; and journal of a trip through Scotland, describing the country, people, and institutions. The journal covers July to October, 1800. Original journal and typed copy is in the collection.

Linton, Edgar Allison (1883-1972) Photographs, 1910-1973, (K0490)
0.3 cubic foot
Travel photographs by Linton, photographer and teacher, taken during his various journeys around the world.

Lobenstine, William C. (1831- ), Diary, 1852-1858, (C0525)
2 folders
Photocopy of privately printed edition of diary kept while traveling to California to mine gold in 1852. Includes scattered entries for years Lobenstine was in Volcano and Camp Secco, CA, as a miner and, later, a merchant. Entries from 20 April to 1 July 1858 describe his return to the East via the Isthmus of Panama and his intent to settle in Leavenworth, KS.


Mahin, Milton Fletcher (1849-1934), Memoirs, 1933, (C0701)
4 folders
Reminiscences of the son of a Methodist minister. The family moved from Indiana to Nebraska, and to Kansas before the Civil War. Mahin recalls the antebellum period, various important events in his life, and his travels to all sections of the United States.

Mallea, Amahia, Papers, 2003, (C4165)
0.2 cubic feet
Journal of a doctoral student in history who traveled over 2,000 miles through nine states by bicycle in the summer of 2003. Her travels began in Columbia, Missouri, and ended at her family's farm in Minnesota. Includes photographs.

Marker, Mariska Pugsley (1918- ) Papers, 1813-2008, (K0500)
8 cubic feet
Family papers of descendants of John Campbell of Kansas City, in particular the Frederic and Charlotte Pugsley family and their daughter Mariska.

Martin, Maude Williams (1879-1953), Papers, 1896-1989, (C3909)
3 linear feet
The papers of Maude Williams Martin, a collector of Missouri folk songs and ballads, and a writer of short stories and poetry, include correspondence, school lecture notes and papers, poems, short stories, essays, travel material; and her husband Charles F. Martin's school lecture notes and papers. Also included is material regarding the Missouri Folk-Lore Society; an article by Susan L. Pentlin about Mrs. Martin; a published book of Martin's poems entitled, Selected Poems; other publications associated with poetry; and works by her father James Williams, her son Frank E. Martin, and her husband.

Massie, Gerald R. (1911-1989), Photographs, (P0016)
0.83 linear feet
Photographs of scenes across Missouri, many taken as part of Massie's work as Missouri's state photographer. Events highlighted include Winston Churchill's visit to Fulton, Governor Hearnes' inaugural celebrations in 1965 and 1969, and the Battle of Pilot Knob Centennial commemoration in 1964. The collection includes extensive coverage of the Missouri State Capitol building. Geographically, the collection covers much of Missouri, with particular focus on tourist destinations: St. Louis, Kansas City, Hannibal, Ste. Genevieve, and the Ozarks.

McConn, Mrs. Charles A., Scrapbooks, 1875-1950, (C1412)
2 volumes
The scrapbooks of Mrs. Charles A. McConn contain McConn family memorabilia; as well as newspaper clippings of travel articles by Charles A. McConn.

McCoy, Eleanor (Ellen) Waddle (1818-1893) Papers, 1838-1863, (K0226)
0.01 cubic feet
The collection contains letters to Ellen McCoy, wife of William McCoy (1813-1900), first mayor of Independence, Missouri. Written from Independence and from Washington, D.C., the letters detailed the author's experiences and observations.

McDaniel Family Diaries, 1836-1843, (C2628)
1 folder
Reuben E. McDaniel diary of a trip from Virginia to St. Louis, MO, 1836. Delia Richerson McDaniel diary of a trip from Caroline County, VA, to Boonville, MO, 1841. Also her diary of a trip from Boonville to Virginia in 1843.

McDearmon, James R., Letters, 1830-1831, (C0490)
1 folder
Letters to wife Martha in Buckingham County, VA, from St. Louis County, MO, describing trip west and conditions in the area.

McGee, Elijah Milton (1819-1873) Papers, 1843-1950 (K0471)
0.07 cubic feet
The papers consist of drafts of McGee's autobiographical account of a trip to California in 1843. Letters and other documents related to McGee supplement the collection

McGuire, Walter, Photographs, (P0588)
7 photographs
Photos of construction employees from construction of the Panama Canal, 1906-1908. Walter McGuire (1883-1974), a resident of Carrollton, MO, was employed in the building of the Panama Canal March 1, 1906 to May 1908 and these seven photographs pertaining to this event were found in his personal belongings.

McKinney, T. Thistle, Travel Logs, 1928-1929, (C4262)
0.2 cubic feet
The records of T. Thistle McKinney contain two travel logs, one of an automobile trip taken in 1928 through the northeastern states, Canada, and the eastern states. The other was made in 1929, through parts of northeast Missouri and into some Ozark counties. The volumes include numerous postcards and some photographs of places visited.

Meeter, William, Letter, 1827, (C2200)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter to John McClure, Greenville, Augusta C[oun]ty, VA, from William Meeter, Callaway County, MO, Dec. 20, 1827. The letter includes a description of a trip from Virginia to Missouri titled ""A Virginia Youth's Impressions of Missouri,” discussing the appearance of the country, people, water, industry, prices, and marriageable women.

Metzner, Alice Pearl, Scrapbook, (K0198)
0.22 cubic feet (15 folders)
The Alice Pearl Metzner Scrapbook contains photographs, programs, postcards, correspondence, and other memorabilia documenting Alice and her father Karl Theodore Metzner’s excursion from Kansas City to Europe. The scrapbook also contains unidentified photographs of family and friends, as well as pictures noted as taken in Colorado of trains and mining operations.

Meyer, Karl Friedrich (1801-1870), Diary, 1833, (C1713)
1 folder
Diary of a voyage on the WESER from Tundern, Germany, to New Orleans, 11 August-16 October 1833 or 1834. Translated by Helen Evers, Lindenwood College, St. Charles, MO. Meyer recorded accounts, a list of the passengers, the crew, appearance of the coasts of Santo Domingo and Cuba.

Miller, Merritt F. (1875-1965), Collection, (CA6316)
0.4 cubic feet
Addition of correspondence, postcards, photograph albums, diary of Merritt Finley Miller, and miscellaneous material, largely dated 1900s-1910s. The material mostly concerns Miller's travel in Europe from 1910-1911.

Miller, Merritt F. (1875-1965), Collection, 1906-1927, (C3921)
682 photographs and 14 negatives (.4 linear feet)
Photographs, negatives, and caption notebook of a University of Missouri professor of soils, 1904-1938, and dean of the College of Agriculture, 1938-1945, depicting scenes of the Ozarks, European landmarks and agriculture, a North American tour of the International Society of Soil Science, and various Missouri, Columbia, and University of Missouri scenes.

Mississippi River Map, 1750, (C0953)
1 folder
"A New Map of the River Mississippi from the Sea to Bayagoulas," c. 1750.

Missouri Division of Tourism, Photographs, (P0452)
0.08 linear feet
Photos of Thomas Hart Benton and Missouri Historic Sites, monuments, markers, and memorials.

Missouri Pacific Railway Company, Summer & Winter Health & Pleasure Resorts, 1888, (R1001)
1 folder, photocopies
This is an illustrated promotional booklet published by the passenger department of the Missouri Pacific Railway. It concerns resorts along the rail lines in the western and southwestern states, especially those in Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, and Texas.

Missouri Photographs, (SP0031)
0.1 cubic foot (1 folder, 6 photographs)
The collection consists of various photographs from the state of Missouri as well as several postcards for attractions around the state. Also included is an address book kept in 1954.

Missouri, Boone County, Reception Program, 1917, (C2958)
1 folder
The collection contains a "To Our Boys From the Mexican Border," program for a reception by the citizens of Boone County, MO, at Union Building, 6 March 1917.

Missouri, Hermann, Clippings, 1945, (C0836)
1 folder
Clipping reprinting section of journal of the Reverend William A. Helffrich of the early Reformed Church, describing river trip from Pennsylvania to Hermann, MO, in 1848, and the social life among pioneer settlers. From The Advertiser Courier, Hermann, MO, 27 April 1945.

Mitchell, Frances Pearle (c. 1864- ), Papers, 1858-1919, (C1703)
0.3 linear feet
The papers of a Rocheport, Missouri woman consist of appointments, certificates, correspondence, invitations, programs, and dance cards. Mitchell, a graduate of Stephens College, was involved in many civic and women’s organizations, including the Missouri Women Farmers’ Club.

Moody, Frederick W. (1838-1937) Collection, n.d., (K0347)
0.01 cubic feet
The collection contains the memoir of Frederick W. Moody. The memoir contains stories regarding his immigration to the United States from England in 1857, his travels to New Mexico, Colorado, and early life in Kansas City.

Moore, Meredith Tarlton, Papers, (K0202)
0.1 cubic foot (3 folders)
The collection consists of a transcript, trip accounts, and notes written from an interview taken of Meredith Tarlton Moore by William E. Connelley, a Kansas City historian, focusing on Moore's service in the Mexican American War and his two trips to and from California.

Morgan, Wick, Journal, 1854, (C3817)
1 folder
Journal of Wick Morgan describing his trip to California from Dade County, MO, with a wagon train. The notes detail the availability of food, the conditions of the roads, and the mileage traveled daily by the group.

Morrow, Lynn, Papers, (R1000)
21 cubic feet (964 folders, 4 oversize)
The papers of Lynn Morrow contain correspondence and research papers, with an additional significant collection of late twentieth-century promotional and advertising items. The papers reflect major areas of Morrow’s research on the southwest Missouri region; Iron, Shannon, and Washington counties; Theodore Pease Russell and his writings; and the writings of Silas C. Turnbo. The collection also includes a large selection of promotional publications and ephemera associated with late 20th century tourism in Missouri and Arkansas.

Muhl, Eduard (1800-1854), Letters, 1842-1848, (C3744)
3 folders
The papers contain letters of a Hermann, Missouri, newspaperman to his wife as he traveled to St. Louis, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York selling subscriptions to his papers. Also included is a biographical sketch of Muhl and a translation of the letters from German to English, done by the donor.

Mumpower, Daniel L. (1882-1969) and Edith B. (1889-1977), Papers, 1913-1971, (C3900)
0.8 linear feet
Correspondence, photographs, and miscellaneous papers of Methodist missionaries to the Belgian Congo. The Mumpower family along with two other couples were the first white missionaries to the Otetela village of Wembo-Nyama in the central region of the Belgian Congo, now Zaire.


Newell, Mary Dalton, Collection, (P0131)
0.25 linear feet
Items from Mary Dalton Newell's scrapbook, including photos of the Dalton and and Denman families, ca. 1923-1978, the Osage and Niangua rivers, Ha Ha Tonka, Camden County, Lake Taneycomo, Cape Girardeau, and Bennett Springs. Photos of Columbia and the University of Missouri, ca. 1918-1930, include images of May Day, the Farmer's Fair, football, and the Columns. Postcard of bridges, steamboats, and from travels out-of-state.


Ohio Riverboat Diary, 1870, (K0089)
1 volume
Small annual diary describing daily observations by an unnamed employee of a riverboat on the Ohio River. Includes descriptions of the weather, the health of his family and his evaluation of various entertainments he attended including the theater, camp meetings, and church festivals.


Philpott, Charles H., ed., "Letters of a Missourian Who Died in the Gold Rush," n.d., (C0387)
1 folder
Synopsis of letters written between 1848 and 1850 by Alexander M. Philpott, the editor's uncle. A.M. Philpott was a medical student in Jefferson City when he left for the gold fields. He died in Sacramento, 1850. Also genealogical information.

Platner, Wesley and Peggy, Photographs, (P0112)
1.33 linear feet
This collection primarily consists of photographs by Wesley Platner, a professor and physiologist at the University of Missouri, and his daughter, Peggy. Photographs span from the 1940s through the 2000s and include images of Columbia, the University of Missouri, people associated with the physiology department, and travel within Missouri and beyond, to Illinois and Disneyland. Peggy participated in the Jefferson City Camera Club and tours sponsored by the City of Columbia; many photos from the 1990s and 2000s are of their expeditions.

Poehlman, Rose Kentner, Papers, (CA5683)
3.5 linear feet
Correspondence, travel materials, and other papers. Includes papers of University of Missouri agronomist John Milton Poehlman. Mostly correspondence with family and friends.

Pogson, P.W., Down The Mississippi, (CA2958)
0.2 linear feet
Account of a trip down the Mississippi River in a small boat, from Davenport, IA to Cairo, IL in the summer of 1895.

Purdy, Thomas D., Diary, 1870 (C0457)
1 folder, typed copy
Notes of a trip from Sullivan County, Missouri, to Colorado, May 14-July 4, 1870.


Quirk, Patrick J. (1845-1921), Diary, 1865, (C3943)
1 folder
The diary of Patrick J. Quirk relates the details of a trip made in 1865 by railroad and steam-boat from Springfield, Massachusetts, to Yankton, South Dakota, on the way to the Montana Territory.


Reick, Addie Henry, Diary, 1910, (C0556)
1 folder
Diary, kept 1 May-30 June 1910, of a trip from Seattle, WA, to Ophir, AK. Mrs. Reick wrote the journal for relatives and friends in Missouri. A map showing the route is filed with the diary.

Ritchie, Letitia, Diary, 1878, (C1216)
2 volumes
The diary, written between May and August 1878, describes Ritchie’s travels from London to Chicago and back. The volumes include daily entries, ship log readings, photographs, postcards, and newspaper clippings. The ocean voyage was made aboard the Steamer Alsatia.

Rogers, Margaret, Diary, 1909-1910, (C3588)
1 folder
The collection contains a diary kept by a Denver, CO, student of music on a tour of Russia during the winter of 1909-1910. The group was guided by one doctor Babcock and his assistant, Dr. Seal, ""of Philadelphia and Leipsig."" Included are casual descriptions of people, churches, museums, social events, a funeral and a Christmas celebration attended.

Roland, Laura Effie (1867-1957), Diary, 1883-1889, (C4102)
0.2 cubic feet
The papers of Laura E. Roland contain small excerpts of her diary, not always in complete sentences, from the age of sixteen in 1883 up to and including her marriage at the age of twenty-two in 1889, all of which took place in or around Hannibal, Missouri, in Ralls County.

Rottmann, Larry, Collection (CA5858)
107.35 cubic feet, audiovisual material, oversize material
Compilation of correspondence, subject files, manuscripts, publications, newspaper clippings, teaching material, production material, organizational records, and audio and video recordings related to Vietnam, the Vietnam War and anti-war activity, veterans, and conflict literature.


Salisbury Diary, 1887 (C0458)
1 folder
An eight weeks’ diary kept by a sixteen-year-old boy named Salisbury on a train trip from the East to Topeka, KS. He spent most of the time visiting relatives in Salisbury, Kansas City, Glasgow, Keytesville, and St. Louis.

Shake Rag Cemetery, Macon County, Missouri, Records, 1985, (C0557)
1 folder
The records of the Shake Rag Cemetery contain the names and birth and death dates from tombstones located in Shake Rag, also known as Pleasant Hill, Cemetery, in Macon County, Missouri.

Sharp Family Papers, 1845-2002, (K0553)
26.5 cubic feet
Personal correspondence, financial records, scrapbooks, slides, photographs, and records of the Sharp and Wells family of Kansas City, Missouri, and Johnson County, Kansas.

Shibley, Henry (1815-1902), Diary, 1880-1881 (C0286)
1 folder
Diary of a man from Arkansas who spent two months visiting friends and family in Adair and Ralls Counties, Missouri. He had lived in Adair County for twenty years, then moved to Van Buren, Arkansas. Diary includes short family histories of various relatives, descriptions of farms, crops, and livestock, and descriptions of travel by railroad and steamboat. Original in the possession of William Bullard, Independence, Missouri.

Smith, Thomas Adams (1858-1919), Papers, 1852-1919, (C0166)
0.2 linear feet,1 oversize volume
The papers of a Saline County, Missouri, doctor and landowner include family corre-spondence, clippings, miscellaneous bills and papers, and a copy of a slave record book provid-ing the births, death, and sales of slaves belonging to the estate of Thomas Adams Smith and Crawford Early Smith.

State Historical Society of Missouri, Typescript Collection, (C0995)
774 items on 14 rolls of microfilm
The State Historical Society of Missouri Typescript Collection consists of typescripts of articles and manuscripts donated over the years to the Historical Society.

The State of Missouri: An Account with Special Reference to Immigration, by Friedrich Muench; translated by Elsa Nagel, n.d., (C2662)
0.4 cubic feet (54 folders)
The papers consist of two translated copies of the book, The State of Missouri; An Account with Special References to German Immigration, 1859, written by Friedrich Muench, an influential German writer and later Missouri politician. The translations were done by Elsa Nagel from the original German, and include one handwritten and one typed copy.

Stein, George, Travel Report, 1881, (C3287)
1 folder
The collection contains an account of the George Stein family migration to America in the fall of 1881 aboard the SS NECKER, and their settlement in Clark County, MO.

Stephens, Ruth, Collection, (CA5304)
0.4 linear feet
Collection of 19th century family letters, business papers and miscellaneous for Griffin and Stephens families in Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri and Nebraska; genealogical materials for Griffin, Stephens, Douglass, Shannon, and Ellis families.

Stoddard, L.T., Journal, 1832, (C1923)
1 folder
Journal of a voyage from New York to Liverpool, 16 April-14 May 1832, aboard the packet ship NEW YORK.

Stoddard, L.T., Travel Diary, 1830, (C1855)
1 folder
The collection contains a handwritten diary entitled "Memorandum of a Tour--Spring 1830." The diary describes a two-month trip from Boston to New York, Washington, D.C., and Virginia. The diary includes comments on city layouts, the decay of Monticello, slavery, southern hospitality and the temperance movement in the South.

Swenson, Godfrey G. (1876-1946) Film Collection, 1930-1958, (K0315)
2 cubic feet
Motion picture film documenting building built by the Swenson Construction Company, who built such buildings at the Jackson County Courthouse and the Kansas City City Hall. Also home movies made by Swenson of family activities.

Switzler, William Franklin (1819-1906), Papers, 1836-1905, (C0461)
MICROFILM (folders 7-60 only)
1 linear foot
Papers of Gottlieb A. Hoehn, a journalist and labor organization supporter from St. Louis, Missouri. The papers consist of printed minutes, anniversary booklets, and programs pertaining to labor organizations. They also include articles written by Hoehn and some miscellaneous materials.


The Missouri Collection (C3982)
17.9 cubic feet, 9 audio cassettes, 3 audio discs, 9 CDs, 1 computer disc, 1 film, 6 film strips, 3 DVDs, 2 video cassettes (791 folders, 21 oversize ite
The Missouri Collection is an artificial collection combining miscellaneous small acquisitions related to Missouri places, individuals, organizations, and events.

The Southwest Missouri Tourism Collection (SP0043)
1 cubic foot (2 folders, 2 oversize)
The collection contains 18 menus and pamphlets from tourist attractions located across Missouri. They were collected by an Ozarks family during the 1950s and 1960s.

Thornburg, Nell G. Papers, (K1103)
0.01 cubic foot (1 folder)
The Nell G. Thornburg Papers Collection contains a typed travel diary by Nell Thornburg documenting her first guided world tour in 1960 and her second guided world tour in 1962.

Todd, Thomas M. (1917-1987), Papers, 1938-1950, (C3790)
0.8 cubic feet
Papers of Thomas McCutcheon Todd, a World War II soldier from Nevada, Missouri, comprised primarily of letters written to Todd's family. Many of the letters were written while Todd was in military training and during his enlistment in the U.S. Army; they detail issues of work, family, war, and death during the 1940s.

Trefts, Charles, Photographs, (P0034)
3126 photographs
This collection contains images from 1900 to 1963 depicting St. Louis City and County people, public buildings, riverfront scenes, bridges, churches, catastrophes, houses and parks. Trefts photographed many historic events such as the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition; the 1934 World Series; and aviation in St. Louis including the Wright brothers at Kinloch Field in 1908 and Charles Lindbergh's return from Paris in 1927. A number of images focus on Crawford and Iron Counties and the Lake of the Ozarks region in the early 1930s.


University of Missouri, Lantern Slide Collection, n.d., (C3776)
1 folder and 209 lantern slides
This collection of late nineteenth century and early twentieth century glass lantern slides depicts buildings, people, and street scenes in China and Palestine; the culture and manufacture of silk in Japan and the U.S. by the Corticelli Silk Mills in Massachusetts; and the history of education and elementary schools.


Valley Hotel Register, 1883-1885, (K0171)
1 volume
Guest register for a hotel in Bolckow, Andrew County, MO. Guests registered by name, city and/or occupation.

Van Brunt, Hope Casey (1865-1952) Papers, ca. 1830s-1998, (K0252)
2 cubic feet
Correspondence, clippings, manuscripts, printed materials, as well as photographs and memorabilia dealing primarily with the National Old Trails movement in the early 20th century and Van Brunt's activities in marking the Santa Fe Trail for the Kansas City Chapter of the Daughter of the American Revolution (DAR) Also Van Brunt's personal correspondence with her children, family, and friends, and other family memorabilia.

Van Horn, Robert Thompson (1824-1916) Family Papers, 1832-1965, (K0297)
2 cubic feet
Van Horn was a newspaper owner/editor, a mayor of Kansas City, U.S. Congressmen, and civic leader. Includes correspondence, Civil War service records, business and property records, and some artifacts and ephemera. Also contains the papers of Van Horn's granddaughter Adela Cooley Van Horn, who traveled extensively, and kept correspondence, passports, narratives, and photographs, and genealogical records.

Vanmeter Family, Papers, 1836-1948 (C0414)
3 folders
Business papers, tax receipts, real estate documents, and World War I letters of a Saline County, Missouri, family. Farm record books kept by A.J. Vanmeter, 1859-1871; bank checkbook; and travel diary of a motor trip from Missouri to California and back in 1922.

Votaw, Maurice E. (1899-1981), Papers, 1909-1978, (C3672)
55 folders
The papers of a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism primarily pertain to his years as professor of journalism at St. John's University, Shanghai, China, and ad-viser to the Nationalist Chinese Ministry of Information. Included are transcripts of oral inter-views, correspondence, literary productions, minutes, printed materials, maps, lists, photographs, and books. Contained is information on Votaw's life; writers, missionaries, political and military leaders, and events in China (1922-1977); U.S. China policy; Chinese and American journalism and newspapers; Shanghai Short Story Club; and St. John's University and University of Mis-souri School of Journalism.


Walton, Robert Emmett (1905-1975) Papers, 1928-1974, (K0973)
3 cubic feet
Walton, a Catholic priest, was an army chaplain during World War II, parish priest and pastor in Kansas City, a missionary in Bolivia, and a priest on a Navajo reservation in New Mexico. Includes yearbooks, magazines, programs, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and newsletters, and photographs, slides, and negatives chronicling Walton's adventurous life.

Warren, Susan (1919-1989) Papers, 1943-1989, (K0508)
5 cubic feet
Personal correspondence, research materials, lecture notes, photographs, audiotapes, travel materials, ephemera and journals containing Warren’s observations of China during her work as an editor and writer and her travels to China.

Wells, Lemen J. (1907-1991) and Elsie Burton (1910-1996), Scrapbook, 1937, (CA6446)
0.65 cubic feet, 2 computer discs
Scrapbook of a married couple who took an around-the-world trip in 100 days in 1937. Scrapbook includes notes, letters, photographs, brochures, Japanese newspapers (in English), and miscellaneous material. Also included are scans of the scrapbook and a video tour of artifacts collected by the Wellses. Lemen Wells taught anatomy at the University of Missouri in the 1930s and Elsie Burton Wells was a graduate of the university and wroked as a secretary for the YWCA.

Where to go in the Ozarks Booklet (R1443)
0.1 cubic feet (1 folder)
Where to go in the Ozarks is a booklet written for tourists, published in the 1930s. It included information about the different towns and locations in the Ozarks.

Wherritt and Tunnel Scrapbooks, (SP0023)
13 cubic feet (13 oversized)
This collection contains thirteen scrapbooks and three passports from the trips taken by Mary Wherritt and Mildred Tunnel. They travelled to different parts of America and Europe from the 1950s to the 1970s.

White, Robert M., II (1915- ), China Journey, 1973 (C3410)
1 folder
Report of 1972 tour by American newspaper editors of People’s Republic of China, written by editor of Missouri’s Mexico Ledger. Topics covered include trips to Great Wall, Peking and Shanghai; meetings with Chou En-lai; and social, economic and political conditions of life in China.

Williams, Nellie Hall Papers, (K0141)
0.8 cubic foot (35 folders, 19 photographs)
The collection consists of personal papers of Nellie Hall Williams and genealogical materials for the Hall and Williams families. The papers related to Nellie consist of her diaries and memorabilia she collected on a trip to Southern California. In addition, there are materials related to Nellie’s time as a teacher. There are also personal papers for Nellie’s husband, Wilber, and her sister-in-law, Nona.

Williams, Walter, (1864-1935), Scrapbooks, 1901-1902, c. 1910, 1930-1931, (C3985)
0.8 linear feet
Walter Williams’ scrapbooks are four volumes of photographs from trips that he took to Europe, the Holy Land, and South America, and a scrapbook of photographs of students, faculty, and the campus of the University of Missouri in Columbia. Williams was the dean of the School of Journalism and president of the University of Missouri.


Zahn, Edward, Papers, 1899-1900, (C3936)
0.1 linear feet, photocopies
Papers of Edward Zahn, a resident of Canton, Missouri, and Arenzville, Illinois, who undertook a tour of the United States, and countries of the Pacific region, Asia, North Africa, and Europe in 1899 and 1900. The papers consist of a one volume travel journal, passport, travel schedules, a certificate of initiation from Zahn’s Masonic lodge, and miscellaneous items.

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