Transportation Manuscript Collections

Material concerning roads, railroads, waterways, airways, and other modes of travel; papers of individuals in the transportation industry; records of freighting and other types of transportation companies; professional and trade organization records; public transportation; and tourism. Researchers may also want to consider the Railroad/Railways holdings of the State Historical Society of Missouri.

*Collections marked with DIGITIZED MATERIALS have additional digitized items available.

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Atlantic and Pacific Railroad Company, Record Book, 1876-1877, (R1288)
1 volume, oversize
This Atlantic and Pacific Railroad volume is a register of warranty and quitclaim deeds by the for lands sold by the company in Barry, Franklin, Gasconade, Greene, Lawrence, McDonald, Newton, Phelps, Pulaski, Stone, and Webster counties in Missouri.


Benecke, Louis, Photographs, 1873, (CA5315)
1 folder
Fourteen photographs taken by Benecke of Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway bridges, depots, roundhouses in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Includes views of Parsons and Ft. Scott, Kansas and Denison, TX.

Binger, Thomas M., Collection, (CA5812)
26.4 cubic feet (1 audio disc)
Collection of U.S. railroad timetables, publications, promotional material, photographs and miscellaneous material, and newsletters of Missouri railroad enthusiast organizations, Mid-Missouri Railfans and the St. Louis chapter of the National Railway Historical Society. Also includes some personal and family material.

Boone County and Jefferson City Railroad Company Petition, 1866, (C1472)
1 folder
The collection consists of a petition for condemning land which James E. Johnson refused to convey to the railroad. Petition to G.H. Burckhartt, Judge of the Boone County Circuit Court, and summons to James E. Johnson to appear at the Columbia Courthouse.

Boonville Steam Ferry Company Distance Table, n.d., (C2882)
1 folder, oversize
Table of distances between towns visited by the Boonville steam ferry BIRDIE BRENT.

Bunion Derby Collection, (R1417)
0.1 cubic foot (1 folder, 3 reels)
The Bunion Derby Collection consists of three Path’e film reels titled “Cross Country” the Route 66 Bunion Derby Footrace, an unlabeled reel documenting the 35th Division Reunion, and “Moving Cars” Route 66 West of Springfield, Missouri.

Bush Family, Papers, 1819-1923, (C3887)
0.2 linear feet on 1 roll of microfilm
Journals, farm records, and correspondence of a Boone County, Kentucky, family who settled in southeastern Arkansas. The papers detail 1819-1820 steamboat trips up the Missouri River to Council Bluffs and 1850s farm operations.


Cairo and Fulton Railroad Company, Papers, 1857-1866, (C1785)
1 folder
The papers contain letters about the exchange of railroad land certificates for land; includes $650 in certificates, a blank bond bearing coupons, and samples for redesign of land certificates.

Cairo and Fulton Railroad Company, Seals, 1853, (C3247)
1 folder
The papers contain examples of two kinds of seals to be used on wax or paper, and handwritten description of one seal.

Cantwell Aircraft Company, Bucklin, Missouri, Records, 1921-1924, (C3797)
4 folders
Records of an aircraft parts distribution firm. Includes correspondence, invoices, price lists, and other materials concerning the purchase and sale of aircraft parts. Also includes publicity material and contracts pertaining to the company's involvement in staging aerobatic demonstrations. Arranged chronologically.

Carey, Scott (1884-1963), Papers, 1917-1961, (C2336)
18 folders
The papers of Scott Carey contain correspondence, reports of arrests, affidavits, and photographs pertinent to Carey's work as a private detective and Frisco Lines agent in Scott and Pemiscot Counties. A private detective for more than fifty years, Carey was also a special officer for the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad in the Missouri Bootheel region.

Cassidy, Terence W., Collection, (K0302)
95 cubic feet
Collected materials of Cassidy, librarian and historian, concerning the history of street railway systems, interurbans, and buses in the Midwest, particularly the Kansas City area. Includes Cassidy's personal and research files: printed materials, publications, articles, and photographs. Also administrative records of the Kansas City Street Railway Company, the Kansas City Public Service Company, and the Kansas City Area Transit Authority.

Catherwood, William L., Papers, 1859-1873, (C3799)
14 folders
Papers pertaining to the 8th Regiment, Enrolled Missouri Militia, which Catherwood commanded during the Civil War. The papers also include incorporation papers, deeds, and correspondence of the Lander Hill Tunnel and Silver Mining Company of New York and Nevada, and a detailed report and drawing for a New York City rapid transit system, 1873.

Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad, Freight Station, Brookfield, Missouri, Records, (CA0500)
6 volumes
Records of trains on hand, 1891, of trains passing through, their contents, destinations, etc., 1883-1885.

Chillicothe and Des Moines City Railroad Company Papers, 1868-1903, (C2564)
1 volume and 1 folder
The papers of the Chillicothe and Des Moines City Railroad Company contain miscellaneous records, including stock certificates and transfers.

Christisen, Donald M. (1920-2005), Papers, 1870-2003, (C4054)
18.1 linear feet, 2 audio tapes, 27 audio cassettes
Donald M. Christisen was a field biologist for the Missouri Department of Conservation who specialized in the study of native prairies, prairie chicken and squirrel populations, along with the study of mast (forage nuts). Christisen was also a railroad enthusiast. The papers include correspondence, reports, daily field diaries, clippings, newsletters, publications, maps, railroad timetables, railroad employee work logs, railroad brochures, audio tapes, and photographs and slides.

Clendening, Edwin McKaig (1852-1930) Papers, 1887-1929, (K0262)
8 cubic feet
Correspondence, speeches, programs and brochures, meeting minutes, clippings, and photographs, of Edwin Clendening, businessman and Secretary of the Commercial Club, forerunner of the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce. Correspondence deals with a wide range of topics, both personal and relating to the work of the Chamber.

Cooper, J.V., The Old Springfield Road, 1962, (C2130)
1 folder
The collection contains a description of the history and importance of the Old Springfield Road in southwest Missouri.

Corbin, Ovid H. Papers, (K0129)
0.12 cubic foot (4 folders)
The Ovid H. Corbin Papers consist of correspondence regarding a patent and account book for Stone and Umbarger Company, which operated in Liberty, Missouri, as a wagon maker and wheelwright business. Also included is a list of prices for goods sold and various receipts.

Cowling, Robert A. (1924-1993) Architectural Records, ca. 1947- 1993, (K1153)
27 cubic feet
Architectural drawings of buildings designed by Cowling and his associates, locally in Kansas City and nationally. He specialized in industrial facilities, particularly transportation related industries: Beechcraft, BMW, Mack Truck, and U-Haul.


Davis, Jefferson, Letter, 1853, (C1892)
1 folder
The papers contain a letter to Luther M. Kennett, St. Louis, Missouri, from Washington, D.C., War Department, November 8, 1853. Letter to president of the St. Louis and Iron Mountain Railroad, regarding the right of way through the government grounds at Jefferson Barracks.

Davis, Lewis C., Permit, 1918, (C2254)
1 folder
Military motorcycle permit.

Dearmont, Russell L. (1891-1967), Papers, 1929-1965, (C2665)
72 linear feet
Personal, business, and family correspondence of a St. Louis lawyer and Democratic politician who was counsel and later president of the Missouri Pacific Railroad and was active in civic affairs.

DeHaven, Wing and Company Wagoners' Receipt Book, 1857-1858, (C1098)
1 volume
A book kept by wagoners to indicate receipt of goods they freighted to various towns away from the river. DeHaven, Wing and Company, a Boonville, MO, firm, shipped goods to numerous towns in Missouri.

DeWard, Charles, Journal, 1839, (C1644)
1 volume
The collection contains field notes of an engineer and surveyor of the State Road from St. Louis to St. Charles.

Dwyer, Huntington and Company, Letter Book, 1887, (C0645)
1 folder
The letter book contains orders for supplies, dynamite, tools, clothing, and food. Reports on progress and financial problems of a construction company doing work for the Chicago, Minneapolis, and St. Paul Railroads.


Eldredge, Phineas (1755-1826), Papers, 1791-1826, (C0314)
2 folders
The papers of Phineas Eldredge, a ship captain from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, consist of a letterbook and a c. 1795 bulletin entitled, "An Act for Incorporating the Society, Formed for the Relief of Poor, Aged, and Infirmed Masters of Ships, Their Widows and Children."

Elmore, Patricia Shively (1935-2015), Papers, 1878-2015, (CG0013)
1 cubic feet (14 folders), 8 film reels, 2 oversized volumes
The papers of Patricia Shively Elmore contain diaries, correspondence, genealogy, scrapbooks, and photographs related to the donor's family. This collection also contains diplomas, commencement programs, military documents, photographs, souvenir postcards, films, and funeral memorabilia of the donor's second husband, William "Bill" Elmore.

Elsey Carriage Company Photographs, (SP0049)
0.5 cubic feet (13 folders, 59 photographs)
The Elsey Carriage Company Photographs collection contains images of vehicles built by the company from 1905, when the company opened, to 1927 when the name of the company changed. Missouri and Arkansas businesses commissioned Elsey to build vehicles of various designs that were decorated to their specifications. A 1983 newspaper article gives the history of the company.

EVENING STAR Records, 1867, (C0903)
1 folder
The records contain a log book of trips on the Missouri River, giving financial account, conditions, and distances of trips; an advertisement of trips to the Idaho gold fields. Consists of negative photostats and typed copies.


Farmers Bank, Mt. Vernon, Missouri, Papers, 1844-1931, (C0044)
5 linear feet, 28 volumes
Records of a bank organized in 1890 and liquidated in 1930. Also records of local businesses and schools.

Ferry License, Form, c. 1870, (C3370)
1 folder
The papers contain a blank form for applying for a Missouri ferry license in the 1870s.

Frazee, Douglas R. (1925-2014), Photographs, ca. 1880-1985, (P0072)
0.25 linear feet
Photographs of the Missouri River and life on the towboat Brownville, 1963-1985 by Frazee, an engineer on the vessel. Photos of Marshall, MO, 1948-1950, and Marthasville, MO, area in the early 1900s. Aerial photographs of Saline County, Marshall, Brookfield, and Pettis County, 1946-1949. Aerial photographs of farms and buildings along Highways 20, 24, 41 in Saline and Lafayette Counties, ca. 1947. Also include a variety of images of Missouri scenes and Missourians.

Frisco Railroad Survey, n.d., (C0765)
1 folder
Chronological survey of construction and acquisitions by the Frisco Lines, 1849-1940.


George B. Cole, Commission and Forwarding Merchant, Selma, Missouri, Record Book, 1854-1856, (C2976)
1 volume
The records contain shipping records showing date, sender, recipient, type of freight, and name of steamboat on which freight was shipped. Freight includes lead, hides, grains and fruit, and personal possessions.

George, G. Houston, Photographs, (P0073)
1 folder
10 photos related to car trip in 1917 from Flint Michigan to Odessa MO. Photo album of trip to pick up automobiles in Flint Michigan and drive them back to Missouri.

Giffen, Lawrence E., Collection, (CA5844)
INVENTORY. Research material on Missouri steamboats and river transportation.

Glasgow Insurance Company, Glasgow, Missouri, Books, 1855-1870, (C2313)
2 volumes
The collection contains records of a Glasgow, Missouri, business. Weston Birch was secretary and Thomas Shackelford was president of the company. Volume 1, Steamboat cargo book, 1855-1856 also includes Tatum and Hutchinson general store records, 1868-1870. Volume 2, Record book, lists cargo, insurance destination and names of steamers. The books were later used by Weston F. Birch & Son banking house 1868-1869.

Graham, Elmer, Ferry License, 1897, (C2939)
1 folder
The collection contains a license giving Graham authority to operate a ferry at Rulo, NE, on the Missouri River for one year.

Gray, Edmund (1834-1912), Papers, 1831-1955, (C3611)
1.8 linear feet
Mississippi River pilots’ charts, ships; logs, steamboat directions, and personal papers of Edmund Gray, a resident of Gray’s Point, Scott County, Missouri, and Cape Girardeau and steamboat pilot on the Mississippi for many years.

Gregg, Kate Leila (1883-1954) Papers, 1950s, (K0357)
40 folders
Noted historian Gregg's hand written research notes concerning Fort Osage and the three major routes (the Santa Fe Trail, the Oregon Trail, and the California Trail) to California during the 1800's. It includes personal histories, Indian affairs, the California Gold Rush, Missionaries, various wars, the Walker family and other related subjects.

Gulf, Mobile and Ohio Railroad Company, Papers, 1929-1970, (C3659)
1.3 linear feet
Records taken from the abandoned station of the Gulf, Mobile and Ohio Railroad at Cairo, Illinois in 1975. The records include correspondence, waybills, reports of traffic, blueprints tariff information, timetable and pamphlets of work rules and rates.

Gunn, O.B., ""Panama and Nicaragua,"" 1893, (C2853)
1 folder
Article addressed to Nathan Appleton of Boston, MA, concerning the Panama and Nicaragua canals. OVERSIZE.


Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad, Land Promotion Circular, 1860, (C0904)
1 folder
The collection contains one advertisement of New England Colony located in Daviess and Caldwell Counties, Missouri. Descriptions of crops, minerals, soils, climate, lumber, and price of land.

Hannibal Ferry Company, Papers, 1858-1902, (C0576)
3 folders
Bills of sale, deeds, and reports concerning the company; ferry operator's license; and minute book containing records of the directors' and stockholders' meetings.

Hannibal Railway and Electric Company, Hannibal, Missouri, Records, 1917-1939, (C0577)
1 folder, 3 volumes on 1 roll of microfilm
Minutes of directors and stockholders meetings, 1971-1927, for an electric street railway system. Adjudged bankrupt in 1927, it operated under the Referee in Bankruptcy. The company was sold by order of the Federal Court in 1930 and ceased operation. Includes a record of loans, a scrapbook, and information on final court actions in 1931.

Heckman, William L., Photograph Collection, (P0552)
7 photographs
Photos of steamboats from noted river pilot William L. Heckman.

Heckman, William L., Jr., "Missouri River Stories," 1954, (C1117)
1 volume
Stories concerning the Missouri River written by William L. "Steamboat Bill" Heckman.

Heckman, William L., Jr., (1869-1957) Scrapbooks, 1912-1946, (C1404)
5 volumes
Scrapbooks compiled by a steamboat pilot from Hermann, MO. Included in the volumes are clippings about steamboats, pilots, life on the river, family members, and local history; poems; a few letters and greeting cards; and photographs of family members, friends, and steamboats.

Hendrickson, William P., Journal, 1840, (C1643)
1 volume
The collection contains field notes about the St. Louis and Bacon Ferry State Road and the St. Louis and Fenton State Road, surveyed and marked out by Commissioners Hugh Miller, Hartley Sappington, and William McCutchen, March-April 1840. William P. Hendrickson was a civil engineer and surveyor.

Hinton and Walker Records, (K0212)
0.01 cubic feet
The collection contains bills of lading, a detailed list of goods shipped as a form of receipt, for shipments of various goods by steamboat. The name of the boat, its master, the name of the receiver of the shipment, a description of the goods, and the cost of freight are indicated on the form.

Hoad, William C., “Some Episodes in the Early History of the Santa Fe Railroad, 1951”, (C2419)
1 folder
Paper read by W. C. Hoad at the Dunworkin Club concerning the early organization and construction of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad. Discusses difficulties, race to Colorado state line, federal land grant, campaign to colonize land, and Kansas.

Hoffman, Sam., Letter, 1849, (C0539)
1 folder
To Edward Hoffman, St. Louis, MO, from Black Rock, NY, Feb. 26, 1849. Letter to his son discussing construction of the Erie Canal near Buffalo, NY, and topics of general interest.

Holland, Louis Edward (1878-1960) Papers, ca. 1916-1960, (K0019)
210 cubic feet
Papers documenting the public career of Louis E. Holland, long-time friend of President Harry S. Truman. Holland, a Kansas City businessman, was actively involved in national transportation issues-particularly the automobile and airplane, advertising and publishing.


Jackson, Claiborne Fox, (1806-1862), Letter, 1861, (C1789)
1 folder
Discusses railroad finances, especially in relation to the state, in letter to president of Pacific Railroad.

Johnston, Louisa Poteet (1890-1979) Papers, ca. 1850s-ca. 2000s (K0650)
9 cubic feet
Correspondence, photographs, printed materials, news articles, research files and writings, ephemera and artifacts relating to: the Alexander Majors Home; the Russell, Majors, and Waddell Freighting company; the Pony Express; and the Johnston, Simpson and Majors families. Johnston was the great-granddaughter of Alexander Majors.

Jones, William, Papers, 1870-1909, (C3572)
1 folder
The papers contain correspondence, deeds, checks, and miscellaneous items, most of which pertain to Jones and his promotion of the Chester and Iron Mountain Railway in southeast Missouri, ca. 1874.


Kansas City Southern Railway Company, Records, (CA5004)
1 volume
Minute book of the company, 1899-1900. Includes incorporation papers.

Kansas City, Nevada, and Fort Smith Railroad Company Papers, 1890, (C3205)
1 folder
List of subscribers to the proposed railroad.


Laas, Frederick H., 1935-2001 Collection, 1940s-2001, (R1323)
197 folders (4 cubic feet)
The collection of railroadiana consists primarily of printed memorabilia such as timetables, station maps, ticket stubs, and other memorabilia. Most pertains to passenger operations in the United States and Canada, especially those by Amtrak, but there are also brochures and printed materials from passenger railroads in Europe and Asia. The bulk of the material dates from the 1960s to the 1990s.

LaBarge, Stephen A. (1809-1877), Missouri River Notebook, n.d., (C1142)
1 volume
Notes of a steamboat pilot on the Missouri River, primarily map of the river and mileage record.

Lewis and Clark Trail Committee of Missouri, Records, 1964-1977, (C3922)
2.6 linear feet
The Lewis and Clark Trail Committee of Missouri, Records, 1964-1977, contain corre-spondence, meeting minutes, maps, newspaper clippings, and newsletters related to marking the route of the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1804-1806. A portion of the materials relate to the Lewis and Clark Trail Commission established by Congress in October 1964.

Long, J.H., Photographs, (P0554)
24 photographs
Photos by Long of boats, particular emphasis on steamboats. Images of the St. Louis waterfront, Tower Rock in Perry County, and levee (mattress) construction near Birds Point.

Louisiana and Middletown Plank Road Company Records, 1851-1873, (C1152)
1 volume
Road company established to construct an improved road from Louisiana, Pike County, MO, to Middletown, Montgomery County, MO. Early efforts to build and maintain the road are described in detail. Most meetings were held in the road company's office in Louisiana. Also two photographs.

Lyon, M. Fred, Collection, 1870-1991, (C3853)
34 linear feet; 43 volumes on 16 rolls of microfilm
A collection of Missouri-Kansas-Texas (M-K-T or KATY) Railroad operating papers, equipment records, promotional materials, photographs and slides, publications, and newspaper clippings concerning the company. The collection also contains similar but less extensive materials of other American and foreign railroads, American railroad industry publications, and railroad enthusiast periodicals.

Lyon, M. Fred, Collection, (CA5792)
7 cubic feet
Addition of Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad operating papers, photographs, and memorabilia; and photographs, promotional material, railroad publications, and miscellaneous material related to American railroads. See also: Lyon, M. Fred, Collection, C3853.


Mann, Clair V. (1884-1974), Collection, 1821-1973, (C3556)
12.4 linear feet, 5 volumes
Papers pertaining to the Meramec Iron Works, James family, Frisco Railroad, School of Mines and Metallurgy at Rolla, engineering education, testing of students, and other subjects of interest to Mann as an historian and engineer.

McMullin, Leonard (1890-1948), Papers, 1927, 1947-1968, (C2095)
1 folder
Photocopies of newspaper clippings about and photographs of McMullin, first licensed pilot in Missouri. McMullin was born and lived in Sikeston his entire life. He owned a plane and was often a stunt pilot. Also included are articles on early aviation in Missouri.

Meyer, Walter E. (1882-1957), Papers, 1889-1958, (C2638)
54.4 linear feet
The papers of Walter E. Meyer contain materials collected and used by Meyer in several suits on behalf of the minority stockholders of St. Louis Southwestern Railroad (Cotton Belt).

MISSOURI (Snag Boat), Pictures, 1923, (C0925)
1 folder
Picture of deep water commissioners leaving Kansas City on the MISSOURI on the way to St. Louis, 22 May 1923. Two photographs of an unidentified man.

Missouri Bureau of Public Roads Photographs, (P0196)
0.125 linear feet
Original photos of projects in Missouri for Bureau of Public Roads.

Missouri Central Railroad Company, Articles of Association, 1868, (C1719)
1 folder
Articles of association of a railroad to run from Laclede to an intersection with the Brunswick and Chillicothe Railroad in Chariton County. Amount of capital, stock, list of directors, and stockholders.

Missouri Central Railroad Company, Resolutions, 1869, (C1718)
1 folder
Resolutions to dissolve the Missouri Central Railroad Company, adopted by the stockholders. Company organized to build a railroad from Boonville to Arrow Rock. Cooper and Saline Counties and Arrow Rock failed to cooperate.

Missouri Covered Bridges Photograph Album, (C4359)
One oversize album (20 photographs)
An album of 20 11x14 black and white photographs of Missouri bridges. The album is labeled “Covered Bridges.” The first 13 images are of covered bridges and the last seven are of a variety of other bridges in Missouri. Most images are captioned with information about the location of the bridge and sometimes dates of operation.

0.1 cubic foot (5 folders)
The Missouri Postcard Collection contains postcards featuring images from around the state of Missouri.

Missouri Railroad and Township Map, 1874, (C0783)
1 folder
Map of Missouri showing railroad lines throughout the state.

Missouri Railroad Records, 1837-, (C2358)
39.3 linear feet
The Missouri Railroad Records consist of reports, bulletins, pamphlets, proceedings, and other materials of railroads and related organizations in Missouri or its contiguous states.

Missouri Railway Construction Company, Records, (CA5006)
3 volumes
Ledger, minute book, and letters and statements of the company, 1896-1901.

Missouri Railway Map, 1888, (C2444)
1 folder
Commissioners' official railway map of Missouri completed to 1 January 1888.

Missouri River Navigation Association Records, (K0354)
0.34 cubic foot (19 folders, 204 photographs, 1 oversize photograph, 24 negatives)
The Missouri River Navigation Association Records contains photographs and negatives depicting different aspects of engineering and activities along the Missouri River.

Missouri, Adair County, Railroad Bond Election Notice, 1870, (C2877)
1 folder
Notice of election held March 29, 1870, in Adair County on bond issue to subscribe $100,000 to the capital stock of the Quincy, MO, and Pacific Railroad Company.

Missouri, Joplin. Special Road District, Minute Book, 1914-1917, (C0646)
1 folder
The record book contains minutes of meetings, including bills and expenditures.

Missouri, Randolph County Court Order, 1830, (C2028)
1 folder
The records contain an order appointing David Floyd, John Bunch, and John Clarkson to mark out an alteration to the road from Frays Mill to the Grand Prairie.

Missouri, St. Charles County, Portage des Sioux Township, Public Road Work List, 1817, (C1693)
1 folder
List of persons under overseer Asa Griffith subject to work on the public roads.

Missouri, St. Charles County. Road Commissioners' Report, 1828, (C1690)
1 folder
Report to the St. Charles County court by road commissioners Benjamin Emmons and Osborn Knott, appointed to view and mark out a road from St. Charles to the Maumelles, 11 March 1828.

Missouri, St. Charles County. Road Commissioners' Report, 1829, (C1689)
1 folder
Oath of office and report to the St. Charles County court from road commissioners Osborn Knott, William Eckert, and Benjamin Emmons, appointed to view and mark out a public highway from St. Charles to Elm Point.

Missouri, Wayne County, Collection, (CA3132)
Audio recording of Wayne County, MO residents concerning the settlement, education, business, transportation, religion, Civil War, and other aspects of the history of the county.

Missouri. Board of Public Works, Railroad Report, 1859, (C2850)
1 folder
Report to Governor Robert M. Stewart on six railroads in Missouri: Pacific Railroad, southwest branch of the Pacific Railroad, Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad, Cairo and Fulton Railroad, St. Louis and Iron Mountain Railroad, and North Missouri Railroad. OVERSIZE.

MORNING STAR, Records, [1856-1859], (C2392)
1 folder
The records contain a bill of fare and timetable for St. Louis to St. Joseph, MO, and return of the Missouri River Thursday packet, MORNING STAR. T.H. Brierly, master, and J.B. Weaver, clerk. The MORNING STAR was built in 1856 and destroyed by fire June 21, 1859.


Napton, W. B., Letter, 1857, (C1879)
1 folder
The papers contain one letter to C.F. Jackson on October 3, 1857. The letter discusses at length the necessity of salaries to attract good Missouri Supreme Court judges; combating the growing discussion of emancipation of the slaves; Missouri politics; and the completion of the Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad.

North Missouri Railroad Subscription Books, 1853-1854, (C1193)
2 volumes
Boone County, MO, books listing subscribers to stock in the North Missouri Railroad. V. 1, 1853-1854; V. 2 1854. Includes appointment by the Boone County court of James S. Rollins as agent for the county to make subscription of $100,000 in the railroad, 8 March 1854."


Ohio Riverboat Diary, 1870, (K0089)
1 volume
Small annual diary describing daily observations by an unnamed employee of a riverboat on the Ohio River. Includes descriptions of the weather, the health of his family and his evaluation of various entertainments he attended including the theater, camp meetings, and church festivals.

Old Trails Bridge Company Papers, 1921-1924, (C0593)
4 folders
Correspondence and other papers pertaining to construction of the bridge at Boonville. List of officers, subscribers, toll charges, and agreement adopted by board, July 25, 1921. T.A. Johnston was president, W.B. Nowell and John Cosgrove were vice-presidents, H.C. Neef, Secretary, and R.G. Hadelich, Treasurer.

OSAGE FACTOR Accounts, 1813, (C1558)
1 folder
Accounts of the U.S. Barge OSAGE FACTOR, ascending the Missouri, October 5, 1813, and at Arrow Rock, MO, November 4, 1813. Indian affairs and trade.

Overton, Richard Cleghorn (1907-1988), Address, 1944, (C0735)
1 folder
"Railroad Records and Local History," a talk given on 6 November 1944 in Harrisburg, PA, before the American Association for State and Local History. The effect of railroads on the history of Harrisburg, giving sources for railroad history.


Pacific Railroad, Southwestern Branch, Lands Book, n.d., (C1177)
1 volume
Description and maps of 220,000 acres of iron, lead, copper, and farming lands on the southeast branch of the Pacific Railroad in Missouri. Township maps show the route of the railroad."

Papineau, Quintin, Photographs, (CG0034)
0.01 cubic foot (1 folder)
Thirty-five photographs of agricultural machinery harvesting cotton, rice, and potatoes. Also included in this collection are photographs of natural springs, steamboats, ferry, and buildings in southeast Missouri, Oregon County and Marion County, Missouri.

Parker, James W. (1822-1907) Records, 1851-1872, (K0148)
5 volumes
Financial, medical journals (listing patient name, ailment, treatment and charge for the service), and other records of Parker, a physician in Westport, MO prior to the Civil War. The records also include information on the overland trade in which Parker invested, both in Westport and in Nebraska City, NE.

PedNet Coalition, Columbia, Missouri, Records, 2001-2003, (C4217)
0.2 cubic feet
Correspondence, newsletters, and meeting minutes of an organization advocating an integrated network of bike and pedestrian routes through the city of Columbia, Missouri.

Public Roads Administration Photographs, (P0787)
36 photographs
Photos of highways and highway construction, ca. 1929-1946, including images of US 40, US 64, MO 6, MO 329-E, US 65, and US 66.


The Radial Express, 1964-1965, (S1103)
1 volume
The Radial Express and Suburban Crosstown Bus Rider, A Mass Transportation Documentation Project, Department of Housing and Urban Development, INT-MTD Final Report.

Rethwisch, Dorothy, Photograph Collection, (P0380)
2 photographs
Two 8x10 black and white photographs of Missouri Highway Department, Division of Employees, 1927 and 1928.

Rhoades, Marcus Morton, Diary, 1865, (C3215)
1 folder
Diary kept by Rhoades while he was adjutant of the 9th Regiment, Missouri Infantry. Concerns a boat trip from New Orleans to Ste. Genevieve, MO, after being paroled from the army.

Rollins, James S. (1812-1888), Papers, 1546-1968, (C1026)
3.3 linear feet; 10 rolls of microfilm
The papers of James S. Rollins, a Boone County, Missouri, lawyer, politician, businessman, and curator of University of Missouri include correspondence with family, business and political associates, and George Caleb Bingham and other friends. The papers covers state, national, and Whig party politics from 1830 through the 1880s, the Civil War in Missouri, internal improvements and the North Missouri Railroad, and education at University of Missouri.

Ruff, Charles F., Papers, 1855-1862, (C2650)
1 folder, 2 letter books
The papers contain two notebooks of letters: "An Account of My Private Pecuniary Affairs," 1855-1859, and a book of letters to and from Charles F. Ruff, 1859-1862. Collection contains two maps: a sectional of Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad and lands granted to Pacific, Missouri, by the Pacific Railroad.


Seacat, Lester G., “Memorandum on Provisions Relating to Railroads in the Constitution of Missouri of 1875,” n.d., (C0518)
1 folder
A brief statement of the circumstances leading up to the adoption of the provisions relating to railroads in the constitution of 1875 by the assistant counsel, Missouri Public Service Commission. Written in the early 1940s for the Constitutional Convention.

Shrader, Dorothy Heckmann, Papers, (CA5925)
6 linear feet
Papers of Hermann, MO, writer and descendant of steamboat captain, Bill Heckmann. Includes newspaper clippings of happenings along Missouri's waterways dating from the late 1800s to mid-1900s. Also includes genealogical information on Hermann, maps of Missouri's rivers, and a few photographs of steamboats and river scenes.

Snow, Thad Papers, (CG0027)
1.31 cubic feet (90 folders, 1 oversize box, 2 microfilm reels)
The Thad Snow Papers include writings, correspondence, scrapbooks, memorabilia and photographs. Snow was a prolific writer during his life. He is best remembered for his column, “Letters from the People” for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch beginning in the 1930s. The topics covered in this collection include politics, foreign affairs, farming, Snow’s family, economics and human nature.

South-Western Stage Company Papers, 1867, (C2238)
1 folder
Copies of form letters and contracts used by the South-Western Stage Company. Includes rules and regulations for road agents, station agents, drivers, shopmen, and barnmen.

St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad, Letter Book, 1879-1883, (C1229)
1 volume
Letters concerning the Mississippi River and Bonne Terre Railroad. R.L. Van Sant, assistant engineer. Largely illegible.

St. Louis Mississippi Bridge Company, Articles of Association, 1867, (C1721)
1 folder
The collection contains Photostats of the articles of association of a company that was organized to construct a bridge over the Mississippi River from St. Louis, MO, to St. Clair or Madison County, IL. Capital, stock, and directors.

Stark, George, Photographs, (P0546)
3 photographs
Photos by Stark of steamboat William McClellan ca. 1903, cotton bales in a Pemiscot Co warehouse, and Washington Ave in St. Louis, ca 1890s.

State Historical Society of Missouri-Kansas City Postcard Collection, (K1345)
0.14 cubic foot (14 folders)
The State Historical Society of Missouri-Kansas City Postcard Collection is an artificial collection combining miscellaneous postcard acquisitions related to Missouri places, individuals, organizations, and events. The State Historical Society of Missouri-Kansas City Postcard Collection continues to have material added to it. New acquisitions are added at the end of the collection.

State Historical Society of Missouri, Historical Road Markers Scrapbook, 1930s, (C1434)
1 volume
The scrapbook contains clippings and photographs of State Historical Society historical markers along U.S. Highway 36 in northern Missouri.

State Historical Society of Missouri, Typescript Collection, (C0995)
774 items on 14 rolls of microfilm
The State Historical Society of Missouri Typescript Collection consists of typescripts of articles and manuscripts donated over the years to the Historical Society.

State of Missouri Collection, (P0018)
486 photographs
Over 400 original photos created for the 1904 publication on Missouri at the time of the World's Fair by Walter Williams; shows all aspects and counties in Missouri.

Steamboat Cargo Record, 1859-1963, (C0644)
1 folder
A record of the boat, master, destination and cargo of vessels leaving the port of Cambridge on the Missouri River. Most of the cargo was tobacco, hemp, potatoes, hides, and wheat. The book was used as a scrapbook by John B. Land and was recovered by removing most of the clippings. See also the Land, John Braxton (1860-1949), Papers, 1918-1939, (C0359).

Steamer Planter Freight Book, (CA6554)
1 oversize volume
Ledger listing freight carried by the steamboat Planter, 1860-1861. Charles V. Wells was the steamboat’s master. Also includes land lease agreements, 1880-1893.

Stotts City Bank, Stotts City, Missouri, Records, 1891-1929 (C0170)
14 folders
14 volumes on 2 rolls of microfilm
Papers from a southwest Missouri bank which was liquidated in 1929. Collection also contains material on the Lawrence County Land and Mining Company and the Stotts City Special Road District.

Swain, Warren, Papers, 1820-1842 (C0173)
6 folders
Diary mentions weather, plantation, sugar, corn, Negroes; high Mississippi River, 1821; Andrew Jackson's arrival in New Orleans on April 24, 1821; the 33-day sail from New Orleans to Boston; sickness of 1825. Two letters by Freegrace Raynolds discussing religious feelings; questions about Clarksville, Missouri; comments on slavery, 1837; and loss of bank money, 1842.


Tedrow, Joseph Herbert (1885-1951) Transportation Collection, ca. 1850-ca. 1980, (K0754)
9 cubic feet
Collected data on transportation, particularly railroads operating in the Mid-west. Includes photographs, time-tables, notes, and other items.

The River and Railway Transportation Company, Articles of Association, 1877, (C0905)
1 folder
Copy of the notarization, recorders' statement for Cooper County, charter granted by the State of Missouri, and minutes of the board of directors' meeting, 3 March 1877.

Thorp, James T., (1888-1956), Scrapbooks, 1840-1955, (C1429)
1.5 linear feet
Materials collected and organized by Thorp as histories of the Missouri River, steamboats, and Miami, Missouri. Includes photographs, newspaper clippings, bills, receipts, excerpts from the Miami Weekly News, and miscellaneous items.

Torrey Family, Papers, 1863-1913, (C4036)
0.3 linear feet
The papers of H.R. Torrey and his second wife, Martha Hard Torrey, include bills and receipts, correspondence, postcards, photographs, and cemetery records. The collection also contains material from other family members, including Martha Torrey’s brother, William H. Hard.

Trail, E.B. (1884-1965), Collection, 1858-1965, (C2071)
4.2 linear feet, 62 volumes
Correspondence, bills of lading, notes, photographs, clippings, periodicals, scrapbooks, account books, freight books, cabin registers, and portage books of E.B. Trail, Berger, Missouri, dentist and collector of the history and memorabilia of steamboating on the Missouri River and its tributaries.

Trail, E.B., Collection, (CA5936)
Piece of mountain steamboat Josephine.

Tranquille, Dante O. (1905-1981), Photographs, 1949, (P0148)
104 photographs
This collection consists of 104 images taken by Dante O. Tranquille, a photojournalist who worked at the Utica [New York] Observer-Dispatch in the mid-twentieth century. He visited Missouri in May 1949, likely to attend the Missouri Photo Workshop, and photographed areas in St. Louis, McBaine, and Columbia.

Transportation Studies, 1969-1970, (S1104)
4 spiral bound reports
Transportation studies by the East-West Gateway Coordinating Council for the University of Missouri At St. Louis; Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville; Harris Teachers College; and St. Charles, Missouri Public and Parochial schools.

Trefts, Charles, Photographs, (P0034)
3126 photographs
This collection contains images from 1900 to 1963 depicting St. Louis City and County people, public buildings, riverfront scenes, bridges, churches, catastrophes, houses and parks. Trefts photographed many historic events such as the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition; the 1934 World Series; and aviation in St. Louis including the Wright brothers at Kinloch Field in 1908 and Charles Lindbergh's return from Paris in 1927. A number of images focus on Crawford and Iron Counties and the Lake of the Ozarks region in the early 1930s.

TWA Oral History Project, 1993-2013, (K0482)
0.25 cubic foot
Oral history interviews with employees and others relating to the history of Trans World Airlines (TWA).


U.S. Army, Corps of Engineers, Missouri River Photographs, 1928-1931, (C0647)
15 folders
Photographs of highways and railroad bridges across the Missouri River, with maps and basic engineering facts. Also pictures of boats and construction for river control.

U. S. Interstate Commerce Commission, Papers, 1910, (C3134)
2 folders
The papers contain correspondence, memorandums of allowances, and examiner's reports of the St. Louis Iron Mountain and Southern Railway and the Missouri Pacific Railway. Names connecting subsidiary lines, lists of Industrial Railroads connecting with the Missouri Pacific Railway and information from examiners reports concerning relations with carriers.


Van Brunt, Hope Casey (1865-1952) Papers, ca. 1830s-1998, (K0252)
2 cubic feet
Correspondence, clippings, manuscripts, printed materials, as well as photographs and memorabilia dealing primarily with the National Old Trails movement in the early 20th century and Van Brunt's activities in marking the Santa Fe Trail for the Kansas City Chapter of the Daughter of the American Revolution (DAR) Also Van Brunt's personal correspondence with her children, family, and friends, and other family memorabilia.

Van Ravenswaay, Charles (1911-1990), Collection, 1820-1971, (C2668)
1.2 linear feet
Material relating to the Trigg family of Boonville, MO; the papers of Harvey Bunce, Cooper County civic leader and vice-president of the Tebo and Neosho Railroad; and Charles Van Ravenswaay's correspondence and research notes on various families, institutions, historic sites and events in Cooper and Howard Counties, and miscellaneous material related primarily to Boonville, MO.

Violette, Eugene Morrow (1873-1940), Collection, 1806-1921, (C1033)
0.4 linear feet
The papers of Eugene Morrow Violette contain papers collected by a professor of history in Missouri and Louisiana concerning land claims in the Louisiana Territory, 1806-1808; transcript of the inquest of the 5th Circuit Court of Missouri into charges against Joseph Smith, Jr., and other Mormons in Missouri, 1838; papers concerning the Missouri and Mississippi Railroad; and miscellaneous note cards.


Wabash Railway, Maps, (CA4907)
1 folder
Maps of Wabash Railway right of way and track between Centralia and Columbia, MO, 1919.

Western Missouri Good Roads Association, Joplin, Missouri, Minute Book, 1912-1915, (C0648)
1 folder
Bylaws, financial statement, and minutes of meeting of the association, which was organized in July 1912.

Whitton, Rex M. (1898-1981), Papers, 1920, 1951-1967, 1981, (C3917)
3.25 linear feet
Papers of Rex M. Whitton, of Jackson County, Missouri, Chief Engineer of the Missouri State Highway Department and Federal Highway Administrator under presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson. The papers consist of speeches, correspondence, newspaper and magazine articles, photographs, and miscellaneous material relating to his position and activities as Federal Highway Administrator.

Wilson, Francis M. (1867-1932), Papers, 1853-1946, (C1039)
27.4 linear feet, 14 volumes
Papers of a U.S. district attorney, receiver for the Kansas City Railways Company, and Democratic nominee for governor of Missouri in 1928 and 1932, who died a month before the election of 1932. Also papers concerning his father, R.P.C. Wilson, I.


Young, John, Record Book, 1865, (C1294)
1 volume
Wagon master's record book containing printed rules, regulations, and instructions. Accounts for 1865 drive or merchandise train, including accounts of drivers, loading of wagons, list of expenses, and statement of profit.

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