Spanish-American War Manuscript Collections

Collections that deal in some manner with the Spanish American War.

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Anti-war and anti-military material is found under Peace and Pacifism.

American Legion, Cuba Memorial Post No. 522, Cuba, Missouri, Service Record Book, ca. 1948, (R0955)
1 folder
This hard-bound booklet lists military veterans, mostly from the Second World War, from Cuba in Crawford County, Missouri. Included are six "Gold Star Boys." Entries include photographic portraits, dates and branches of service, ranks, domestic and overseas postings, awards, and current occupations.

Barker, Rosa, Papers, (K0035)
0.01 cubic foot (1 folder)
The Rosa Barker Papers contain letters from L. J. Rogers and a man named George addressed to Rosa Barker and family. The letters were written from the 4th District Hospital in San Isidro, Philippines, where the two men were stationed during the Philippine-American War in 1900.

James, Samuel William, Collection, (K0846)
0.03 cubic foot (1 folder)
The collection contains sixteen photocopies of photographs of Samuel William James during his time as a lieutenant in Missouri National Guard, Second Infantry Regiment, Company D in the Spanish-American War.

Lemon, Mrs. Walter V., Photograph Collection, (P0976)
4 photographs
Photos of Montgomery City High School Class of 1898, Spanish American War 5th MO Volunteer Infantry, Fourth of July picnic, and Frank Saborinne and Linn Lockwood.

Recklein, William, Papers, 1898-1902, (R0051)
1 folder
This collection consists of correspondence and miscellaneous papers of William Recklein of St. Louis, Missouri. Most of the collection consists of letters addressed to Recklein while he served with the 1st Missouri Infantry at Chickamauga Park, Georgia, in 1898, and Recklein's letters to Ida S. Rau of St. Louis, 1900-1902. Topics include friends, family, and daily life.

Thomas, William L. (1846-1918) Collection, 1898-1901, (K0124)
4 volumes
Three volumes of newspaper and magazine clippings on Cuba and the War with Spain in 1898. A fourth volume includes articles Thomas wrote and published in his School and Home, an educational paper he founded, edited and published.

Torrey, Jay Linn, Scrapbook, 1893-1920, (R0218)
1 volume
This is a scrapbook of Jay L. Torrey of Howell County, Missouri. Torrey was a rancher, politician, veteran of the Spanish-American War, and promoter of southern Missouri. The scrapbook includes material on the Missouri Immigration Society, the State Fruit Experiment Station, the "Good Roads" movement, relocation of the state capitol, Fruitville Farm and the proposed village of Torreytown, and the campaign for the U.S. Senate in 1918.

United Spanish War Veterans, Dept. of Missouri Booklet, 1940, (R1096)
1 folder
This is a souvenir program booklet for the 36th Annual Encampment of the United Spanish War Veterans, Department of Missouri, held at Neosho in Newton County, Missouri, on 16-19 June 1940.

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