Social Sciences and Humanities Manuscript Collections

Papers of individual practitioners; records of social science organizations; and social science research data. See also listings of collections related to Folklore and Language.

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Alpha Pi Zeta Records, 1915-1965 (C0142)
0.4 linear feet
Minutes, constitution and by-laws, correspondence, financial reports, organizational information, membership lists, programs, and essay.

Alvord, Clarence W. (1868-1928) and Idress Head (1873-1962), Collection, 1759-1962, (C0970)
21.2 linear feet and 1 oversize volume
Correspondence, writings, and collected materials of Clarence Walworth Alvord, founder of the Mississippi Valley Historical Association, editor of the Mississippi Valley Historical Review, and professor of history at the universities of Illinois and Minnesota; and his wife, Idress Head Alvord, writer and former curator of the Missouri Historical Society in St. Louis. Mrs. Alvord’s private manuscript collection includes territorial documents and Ste. Genevieve records; Liberty Tribune papers; Missouri state and county records; and Civil War and military papers.

American Family Records Association (AFRA) Records, 1978-2004, (K0455)
8 cubic feet
Organizational records of a national family genealogical society based in Kansas City. Includes meeting minutes, conference records, and financial materials.

Anderson Jackson County and Independence Scrapbook, ca. 1900-ca. 1950, (K0521)
0.39 cubic feet
The scrapbook contains newspaper clippings regarding the history and development of Jackson County and Independence, Missouri.

Anderson Jr., William James, (1884-1967) Western History Scrapbook, ca. 1900-ca. 1960, (K0522)
1 volume
Scrapbook of clippings concerning Western American history.

Anderson Kansas City Scrapbooks, ca. 1900-ca. 1960, (K0520)
0.5 cubic feet
The scrapbooks contain newspaper clippings regarding the history and development of Kansas City, Missouri.

Andrew Theodore Brown (1923-1983) Collection, 1960-1963, n.d., (K0011)
6.25 cubic feet
The collection contains dissertations, theses, and working papers prepared for Brown while he served as professor of history at the University of Kansas City and the University of Missouri-Kansas City and when he was director of the Kansas City History Project.

Athenaean Literary Society, Papers, 1933-1958 (C3346)
1 linear foot, 3 volumes
Correspondence of the University of Missouri Speech Department, Delta Sigma Rho, Athenaean Literary Society, and Missouri High School Speech Association. Also includes debate data, newspaper clippings, photographs, and three forensic activities scrapbooks.

Atherton, Lewis E., (1905-1989), Papers, 1865-1974 (C3603)
13.7 linear feet
Papers of a University of Missouri professor of history and author. Personal, professional and editorial correspondence, departmental and committee papers, syllabi, lectures, exams, research notes, manuscripts of speeches, articles and books, records of students and copies of historical documents.


Baptist-Lutheran Medical Center Auxiliary Records, 1946-2003, (K0656)
17 cubic feet
Organizational records of the Auxiliary including annual reports, bylaws, board minutes, financial records, medical reports, surveys, newspaper clippings, commemorative booklets, newsletters, flyers, event programs, brochures, photographs, slides, photo albums, calendars, and VHS tapes.

Bent, George Letters, (K0201)
0.02 cubic foot (3 folders, 1 photograph)
The collection contains correspondence and abstracts of letters written by George Bent to George E. Hyde. In addition, a photograph of Bent with his wife, Magpie is included.

Berndt, Harry Edward, Papers, (S0851)
8 cubic feet (183 folders)
The papers of Harry Edward Berndt (1926- ), a former sociology professor at St. Louis Community College, Florissant Valley, and executive director of Metro Housing Resources, a housing advocacy agency for low-income and minority individuals. The materials consist of correspondence, research articles, essays, and working and subject files, documenting his research interests in urban sociology, intercultural and interracial relations, and organizational analysis. Other items of interest include drafts and correspondence of his books New Rules in the Ghetto: Community Development and Urban Poverty (1977) and Only a Priest (2010), a biography of Monsignor John Alexander Shocklee, a civil rights and labor activist.

Bray, Robert Taylor, Collection, (CA5284)
0.2 linear feet
Papers of a UMC anthropologist/archaeologist relating to a study of the Conley House in Columbia, MO. Includes blue-line drawings, project correspondence, photographs, published articles, and 1897 University Academy grade book found during the project.

Brown, Andrew Theodore (1923-1983) Collection, 1960-1963, (K0011)
2 cubic feet
Personal incoming and outgoing correspondence of a historian and educator, including that related to Wilson's work on the Kansas City History Project, proposals for a history of the J.C. Nichols Company, and progress on his dissertation on the City Beautiful Movement. Also included are research notecards and early printed material related to the Kansas City Terminal Railway Company.

Brown, Harry Gunnison (1880-1975), Papers, 1924-1950, (C3109)
0.8 linear feet
Correspondence of economist and professor of economics at the University of Missouri. Brown supported the theories of Henry George and was an advocate of land value taxation. Also included are Brown's papers as chairman of the Department of Economics.


Carpenter, G.W., Papers, 1904-1905, (C0263)
1 folder
Examination books for courses in American and British history at the University of Missouri.

Cave Spring Association Records, 1975-1984, (K0668)
6 cubic feet
Organizational records for an urban nature center and historic overland trails site, includes minutes, correspondence, reports, financial records, and research and informational files.

Central Agency for Jewish Education (CAJE) Records, 1880-2009, (K0670)
7 cubic feet
Organizational records and other research materials relating to the activities of CAJE and the history of the Jewish Community in Kansas City, particularly in preparation of the book, Mid-America's Promise: A Profile of Kansas City Jewry.

Central Slavic Conference, Records, 1962-1984, (C3807)
2 linear feet
Records of a regional association centered in Missouri and Kansas and comprising university professors and other specialists in Soviet and East European Studies. Affiliated with the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies. The records include correspondence, conference programs, copies of papers presented, membership lists, and promotional material concerning the annual conferences sponsored by the organization.

Central Slavic Conference, Records, (CA5041)
1 volume
Addition of 1983 Kansas City Convention materials. Includes correspondence and visitors information.

Central Slavic Conference, Records, (CA5612)
0.4 linear feet
Addition of 1991-1992 records. Includes financial records, program, correspondence, publicity, and teacher workshop files for 1992 conference meeting and mailing list.

Chapman, Carl H., Papers, (CA4619)
20.3 linear feet
Papers of a prominent archaeologist and professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Chapman, Carl H., Papers, (CA4668)
2 linear feet
Addition of professional and military papers.

Chapman, Carl H., Papers, (CA4693)
1.4 linear feet
Addition to papers of archaeologist.

Chapman, Carl H., Papers, (CA4707)
0.4 linear feet
Addition. American Archaeology Division alphabetical files, D-Z, c. 1965-1968.

Chapman, Carl H., Papers, (CA4760)
0.2 cubic feet
Addition. Papers relating to summer field workers applications, field camp house rents, and student James D. Wilson.

Chapman, Carl H., Papers, (CA4792)
44 linear feet
Addition to papers of archaeologist. Includes correspondence, research and teaching materials.

Chapman, Eleanor, Papers, (CA4897)
2 cubic feet
Drawings, photographs, and photostats of Indian artifacts and archaeological sites.

Civil Research Institute Records, 1920-1966, (K0071)
15 cubic feet
Working papers for the Institute, whose purpose was to study problems in the Kansas City area with regard to politics, health, police, city budgets, charters, and state reorganization, independent of influences of local governments. The work involved preparing in-depth studies of the specific problem, its causes and possible solutions. These records contain much of the raw data collected during the research process.

Clearinghouse for Midcontinent Foundations (CMF) Records, 1973-1993, (K0680)
30 cubic feet
The Clearinghouse was established for use by foundations and other funding institutions to exchange information and research requests for money. Includes correspondence and other planning materials for CMF conferences and meetings, publications and printed materials used by attendees, and photographs.

Cohen, Jerome S. (1913-2003) Papers, ca. 1953-ca. 1996, (K0741)
20 cubic feet
Personal and professional papers of the civic and business leader, including materials related to the American Humanics Foundation; H. Roe Bartle; the Mayor's Christmas Tree Fund; and the Kansas City Zoo. Also includes Ray Morgan's notes and drafts for Cohen's biography.

Collapse of the Women's Prison at 15th and Grand Collection, 1863-1956 (K0349)
0.12 cubic feet
The collection contains research correspondence, typed transcripts of historical documents, and Photostats of original documents from the National Archives concerning the collapse of the women's prison in Kansas City, Missouri, on August 13, 1863.

Community Development Society, Records, 1969-, (C3880)
15 linear feet, 3 audio cassettes
Records of a professional association of academics and practitioners of community development in the United States and Canada, which promotes the effective practice of commu-nity development through advancement of education and research in the field. The records consist of correspondence and memoranda of officers; board meeting minutes; committee records; annual meeting materials; issues of the Journal of the Community Development Society and other publications; membership brochures, directories, newsletters, and surveys; and other assorted organizational records.

Community Development Society, Records, (CA5579)
0.2 linear feet
Addition of Board of Directors meeting minutes for 1995; an annual conference program for 1995; and nomination materials for CDS awards for 1995.

Community Development Society, Records, (CA5641)
0.6 linear feet
Addition of correspondence, reports, publications, minutes, committee files, and miscellaneous records.

Community Development Society, Records, (CA5697)
0.5 linear feet
Addition of minutes, annual meeting materials, publications, scholarship files, and miscellany.

Community Development Society, Records, (CA5708)
0.2 linear feet
Addition of awards committee files, certified community developer files, and January 1997 board minutes.

Community Development Society, Records, (CA5728)
16.75 cubic feet, 10 computer discs
Addition of material relating to the Journal of the Community Development Society and Vangaurd, financial records, board meeting minutes, committee materials, handbooks, photographs, and miscellaneous material, 1990s-2000s.

Conant, Alban Jasper (1821-1915), Letter, 1876, (C3157)
1 folder
Letter to Edward Seymour, New York, NY, from Conant, St. Louis, concerning photographs of pottery found in Missouri Indian mounds. Engravings of the photographs enclosed with letter.

Connelley, William Elsey, Letters, (K0203)
0.01 cubic foot (3 folders)
The collection contains letters written by Connelley, noted Kansas historian, to Franklin Benjamin Sanborn, discussing Connelley’s research, and specifically Connelley’s research of John Brown. In addition, the collection provides insight into Connelley’s candid opinions about prominent political and literary personalities in Kansas and Connelley’s personal life.

Cowgill, Donald O., Papers, (CA5069)
0.2 linear feet
Addition of correspondence and photographs to papers of a professor of sociology.

Cowgill, Donald O., Papers, (CA4923)
0.2 linear feet
Addition of correspondence, research, and professional writings of a former professor of sociology.

Cowgill, Donald O., Papers, (CA4791)
25 linear feet
Papers of a former professor of sociology at UMC. Includes correspondence, professional papers, and student materials.

Cowgill, Donald O., Papers, (CA5244)
1 folder
Addition. Correspondence, notes, and professional materials of a University of Missouri professor of sociology for 1967 and 1968.

Cowgill, Donald O., Papers, (CA5619)
0.4 linear feet
Addition of materials primarily concerning Rhodesia in the 1960s; Thailand; and Cowgill's professional certificates and World War II classification cards.

Cowgill, Donald O., Papers, (CA5635)
1 folder
Addition of correspondence and other material relating to Cowgill's appointment and service as chairman of his academic department, ca. 1970.

Crotty, William L., Papers, (K0293)
0.5 cubic foot (11 folders, 2 oversize folders)
Collection primarily consists of the published and unpublished articles Crotty wrote regarding the local history of Jackson County, Missouri. His interests focused mainly on Dallas, Missouri, the Watts Mill area, and the New Santa Fe Trail. In addition there are some newspaper articles not written by Crotty that give background on these topics, as well as some biographical information on Crotty, and his travels.


Davenport, Herbert J. (1861-1931), Papers, 1909-1916, (C3768)
2 folders
Undated biographical sketch, reprints of articles published in professional journals on economic theory and taxation, and typescripts of lectures on economic aspects of fashion and feminism. Davenport, a noted economist, was the first dean of the University of Missouri School of Commerce and, later, chair of the Cornell University Department of Economics.

Dorsett, Lyle Wesley (1938- ) Papers, 1962-1979, (K0039)
2 cubic feet
Manuscript copies of historian and educator Lyle Dorsett's books, working drafts as well as final drafts, and articles, both published and unpublished, relating to the Pendergast political machine and other Kansas City topics. Also research note cards and notes.


Edwards, George Herbert (1860-1941) Scrapbooks, 1916-1925, (K0483)
5 volumes, 11 folders
Scrapbooks kept by Edwards, Mayor of Kansas City, MO. Also correspondence, a wedding announcement for one of his daughters, and a memorial booklet for his mother.

Ellis, Elmer, (1901-1989), Papers, 1928-1941, (C2504)
1.8 linear feet
The papers of Elmer Ellis contain notes and correspondence concerning Henry Moore Teller, U.S. senator from Colorado, compiled by Elmer Ellis in preparation for his book, HENRY MOORE TELLER: DEFENDER OF THE WEST. Also personal papers.

Ellis, Elmer (1901-1989), Papers, 1934-1943, (C2886)
1.4 linear feet
The papers of Elmer Ellis contain papers from Ellis' time as a member of the Department of History. Materials pertain to departmental and University matters, accreditation of high schools and colleges, the publication of his books, Henry Moore Teller: Defender of the West and Mr. Dooley's America: A Life of Finley Peter Dunne, and activities of professional organizations.

English, W. Francis (1903-1981), Papers, 1838-1956 (C3358)
1.5 linear feet
As educator and administrator at the University of Missouri, English served as director of the Western Historical Manuscript Collection, dean of the College of Arts and Science, and professor of history. The papers include personal correspondence and topical materials.

Ensminger, Douglas (1910-1989), Papers, (CA5230)
9.5 linear feet
Papers of a rural sociologist and University of Missouri-Columbia professor. Includes speeches, lectures, writings, subject files, correspondence and other materials. Most materials from later career.


Faust, Martin L., Papers, 1932-1953, (C2354)
4 folders
The papers of Martin L. Faust, professor of political science at the University of Missouri, contain a book on personal materials compiled by Faust, and two student papers.


German Club Papers, 1903-1965 (C3360)
1.4 linear feet
The papers of the German Club contain correspondence and minutes written in both English and German. The papers are partially translated and include programs, menus, elections, degree requirements, clippings, visitors, songs, photographs, and five woodcuts for German Christmas cards.

Gieschen, Ona M., Papers, 1935-2005, (K0562)
15 cubic feet
Personal professional files and collected materials of former TWA hostess, supervisor and director of customer service, and historian of TWA. Also articles written by the Gieschen, histories and recollections by former employees, and correspondence between two pioneers of TWA, Hal Blackburn and Gordon "Parky" Parkinson. And research materials, photographs, and correspondence concerning Watts Mill and Dallas, MO.

Glaab, Charles Nelson (1927-2009) Papers, 1956-1991, (K0038)
2 cubic feet
Correspondence, research materials, working papers, and drafts relating to the operation and research of the Kansas City History Project and to Glaab's research into the Kansas City railway systems

Goff, William A. Papers, (K0043)
12 cubic feet
The papers of William A. Goff include incoming and outgoing correspondence files, research materials and drafts of several of his written pieces, files on consultations he provided to other historians and historical groups, and files on various organizations in which he held membership and/or office.

Gottlieb, Laura Morrison, Papers, (CA5466)
1.7 linear feet
A historical and sociological study of the people and institutions of California, MO, conducted by Gottlieb, ca. 1934. Includes survey forms, statistical summaries, a manuscript based upon the findings, and a photograph of Gottlieb, ca. 1940.

Granberg, Donald O., Papers, (CA6080)
2 linear feet
Research material initiated by MU sociology professor Donald O. Granberg. Includes research data, punch cards, and corresponding report from a 1980 survey of abortion activists in Missouri.

Gregg, Kate Leila (1883-1954) Papers, 1950s, (K0357)
40 folders
Noted historian Gregg's hand written research notes concerning Fort Osage and the three major routes (the Santa Fe Trail, the Oregon Trail, and the California Trail) to California during the 1800's. It includes personal histories, Indian affairs, the California Gold Rush, Missionaries, various wars, the Walker family and other related subjects.


Hamilton, T.M. “Ted” (1905-2001), Papers, 1922-1984, (C3073)
14 rolls of microfilm
Papers of Saline County, Missouri, farmer and expert on historic and prehistoric weaponry. Correspondence on archaeological and historical topics, as well as personal, business, and local civic affairs. Also includes photographs, notes, organizational materials, publications, and manuscripts on Hamilton’s archaeological interests.

Hamilton, T.M. "Ted" (1905-2001), Papers, (CA5615)
7.5 linear feet
Addition of correspondence, archeological and historical research material, photographs, writings, personal and family financial records, and miscellaneous.

Harris Home Association Records, 1921-1930, (K0469)
0.07 cubic feet
The records contain meeting minutes and a financial ledger for the Harris Home Association and its predecessor organization, the Kansas City Centennial Association, located in Kansas City, Missouri.

Heart of America Genealogical Society (HAGS) Records, 1955-2005, (K0720)
19 cubic feet
Organizational records including financial and business related materials, newsletters, minutes, membership directories, scrapbook, correspondence, and query files.

Heart of America Jewish Historical Society Records, 1990-2005 (K0958)
0.27 cubic feet
The records contain organizational records and audio cassette tape recordings of meetings and oral histories.

Hirsch, Irma Lou (1934- ) Papers, ca. 1967-ca. 1975, (K0729)
4 cubic feet
Hirsch was Assistant Director, Missouri Regional Medical Program, Kansas City Area Planning Office. Includes studies, surveys, various training programs, curriculum samples, committee reports, and articles that reflect the education and career mobility opportunities for students and professionals engaged in the allied health professions.

Historic Kansas City Foundation Records, 1974-1995, (K0207)
65 cubic feet
Operational records and programming and research materials for a historic preservation agency in Kansas City, MO.

Hoffman, C.W. Papers, (K0122)
0.20 cubic foot (6 folders)
The C. W. Hoffman Papers consists of six volumes of handwritten manuscripts and illustrations done by Hoffman. The volumes depict Hoffman’s interpretation of the origins of man and earth, along with his views on human evolution, religion, and ethics.

Holland, John L., Papers, (CA6195)
64.25 linear feet, 19 audio cassettes, 2 audio tapes, 9 video cassettes
Papers of a vocational psychologist who pioneered an influential theory of personality types and work environments, and developed the Vocational Preference Inventory (VPI) and Self-Directed Search (SDS).


Institute for Community Studies, Inc. Records, 1950-1971, (K0507)
23 cubic feet
Reports of studies on various issues undertaken by a community think-tank. Also correspondence, research data, and other administrative files.


Jewish Community Archives of Greater Kansas City Records, 2004-2006, (K1275)
0.3 cubic foot
Organizational records for the Jewish historical society. Includes meeting minutes, correspondence, promotional materials, and materials relating to exhibits.

Jewish Women International "Dolls for Democracy" Collection, 1951-1995, (K0745)
6 cubic feet
Handmade dolls and organizational files for the Heart of America Chapter 527 of B'Nai B'rith Women's "Dolls for Democracy" program.

Johnston, Eva (1865-1941), Papers, 1893, 1923-1926, (C0656)
2 folders
The papers of Eva Johnston contain a graduation speech and program; dedication speech by Louise Nardin at presentation of Johnson's portrait to the University; and two copybooks containing a translation of Euripides' Medea.


Kansas City Archaeological Society Papers, 1962-1988, (K0834)
0.3 cubic foot
Organizational records including minutes, membership files, reports, correspondence and other documents related to activities of the chapter.

Kansas City Museum Collection, 1912-1954, (K0336)
13 cubic feet
The collection contains materials related to the institutional history of the Kansas City Museum, photographs of the museum, various Kansas City area newspaper clippings related to the museum, and several guide books related to museums of the Chicago, Illinois, area.

Kansas City Scrapbook, (K1033)
0.20 cubic foot (3 folders)
The Kansas City Scrapbook contains photocopies from newspaper and magazine clippings as well as book excerpts featuring historical figures, neighborhoods, buildings, organizations, institutions, and topics in Kansas City’s history.

Kansas City Study of Adult Life Records, ca. 1952-1963, (K0519)
58 cubic feet
Interviews, surveys and research notes pertaining to a series of studies carried out by the Committee on Human Development, University of Chicago. Included are case files, organizational files, reports, blank forms and study samples.

Kaufman, Harold F. (1911-1990), Papers, ca. 1925-1983, (C3986)
175 linear feet, 10 card files
The Harold F. Kaufman Papers consist of correspondence, projects and studies, course materials, and manuscripts of a professor of sociology at Mississippi State University.

KC150 Sesquicentennial Committee Records, 1996-2001, (K0390)
25 cubic feet
Administrative files of the KC150 Committee to plan events for Kansas City's sesquicentennial celebration. Includes correspondence, chronological files, financial and legal materials, various databases, marketing and public relations, special events planning, committee minutes, sponsor files, videotapes, printed and published materials, and photographs.

Klausner, Carla Levine, Papers, (K0667)
0.03 cubic foot (3 folders)
This collection includes newspaper clippings and pamphlets concerning activities and accomplishments of Dr. Klausner, professor of History at University of Missouri-Kansas City.


Lien, Arnold J. (1896-1963), Papers, 1908-1963 (C3464)
0.6 linear feet
The papers of Arnold Lien contain correspondence, pamphlets, photographs, diplomas, a Master’s thesis, published and unpublished writings, newspaper clippings, and original poetry of Dr. Arnold J. Lien, professor of political science, who bequeathed his papers to the State Historical Society of Missouri.

Linguistic Society of America, Records, (CA5969)
51.8 cubic feet, 10 audio cassettes, 1 video cassette
Addition of records of an organization dedicated to research and publication in the analysis of language. Includes publications, programs from annual meetings and Linguistic Institutes, publicity clippings, and materials concerning affiliated organizations and Ebonics. Also includes correspondence of Geore M. Bolling and Bernard Bloch, who were both editors of Language and presidents of LSA.

Linguistic Society of America, Records, 1896-, (C3974)
27 linear feet, 69 audio cassettes, 3 video cassettes, 4 audio tapes, 40 rolls of microfilm
The records of the Linguistic Society of America, an organization dedicated to research and publication in the scientific analysis of language includes committee minutes, correspondence of officers and administrators, publications, grant applications, correspondence with affiliated organizations, and planning documents on Linguistic Institutes and annual meetings.

Lively, Charles E., Papers, (CA3963)
1 linear foot
Addition to papers of a rural sociologist. These papers cover the period c. 1911-1963.

Lively, Charles E., Papers, c. 1909-1966, (CA3740)
7.2 linear feet
Correspondence and publications of a rural sociologist.

Lowe, James L. (1913- ), Papers, (CA5757)
6.15 linear feet
Personal papers of a Professor of Sociology, Northwest Missouri State University, consisting of correspondence and other materials concerning Democratic politics in Missouri and Arkansas, military papers, the Red Cross and other community service organizations, and Lowe's autobiography, 1940-1990s.

Lubensky, Earl H., Papers, (CA6241)
54.8 linear feet, 1 computer disc, oversize
Personal and professional papers of a soldier, diplomat, and archaeologist who was a native of Marshall, Missouri. Includes papers of the Biesemeyer family of Osage County, Missouri, and Missouri Archaeological Society materials.


McClure II, Arthur F. (1936-1998) Papers, 1908-1997, (K0660)
18 cubic feet
McClure was a professor of history at Central Missouri State University in Warrensburg, MO. Includes research materials reflecting his interest in Missouri and Kansas history: newspaper clippings, magazine articles, books, and pamphlets on famous people who were born in these states; movies made in or about the area; Kansas City area buildings, businesses, and theatres; jazz and big bands. Also movie files of photographs of famous actors and actresses; and photographs from the Farm Security Administration.

Millstein, Cydney (1950- ) Papers, ca. 1990-2010, (K0543)
27 cubic feet
Research and business records related to Ms. Millstein's work as an architectural historian. Includes notes, clippings, surveys, maps, architectural drawings, and photographs.

Missouri Alliance for Historic Preservation, Records, (CA5973)
26 linear feet, 3 audio cassettes
Organizational records documenting efforts to preserve and restore historical buildings and sites throughout Missouri.

Missouri Archaeological Society, Records, 1934-1983, (C0780)
10.7 linear feet
The records of an organization of amateur and professional archaeologists headquartered in Columbia, Missouri. Includes extensive members' correspondence, membership lists, executive committee correspondence, annual meeting notes, activities of local chapters, financial records, newspaper clippings, and photographs. This collection documents and illustrates the members' archaeological interests and the organization's efforts to protect and preserve the archaeological resources of Missouri.

Missouri Archaeological Society, Records, (CA4759)
1 folder
Correspondence, minutes, reports and archaeological site surveys of the Big Bend Archaeological Society of Marshall, MO.

Missouri Society for Sociology and Anthropology, Papers, 1953-1964, (C2269)
0.5 linear feet
The papers of the Missouri Society for Sociology and Anthropology contain correspondence, newsletters, and programs concerning the formal organization of the Society and its annual meetings.

Missouri Society for Sociology and Anthropology, Papers, 1959-1976, (C3093)
0.3 cubic feet (12 folders)
Correspondence, membership data, newsletters, and financial reports, primarily concerning the 1963 and 1964 annual meetings of the Society, with later correspondence and meeting minutes of the Society, 1973-1976.

Missouri Society for Sociology and Anthropology, Papers, 1972-1973, (C3470)
5 folders
Correspondence, executive committee meeting notes, minutes of annual meeting, copies of constitution, proposed revision, and constitution adopted in 1973.

Missouri White House Conference Committee on Children and Youth, Records, (CA4582)
9 linear feet
Records of a group involved with the White House Conferences on Children and Youth, 1950-1970s.

Missouri White House Conference Committee on Children and Youth, Records, (CA4892)
11.25 linear feet
Reports, public hearing testimony, and office files of a child and family welfare agency.

Missouri. Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, Papers, 1967-1977, (C3641)
1 linear foot
Materials from a member of the Missouri Advisory Council on Historic Preservation. Included are correspondence, minutes, National Register nominations, statewide historic preservation plans, publications, and newsletters.


National Panel of American Women Records, 1957-1986, (K0619)
3 cubic feet
Organizational records of the national office of the Panel of American Women, an organization dedicated to thoughtful examination and discussion of social issues. Includes correspondence, financial and legal records, newsletters and printed material, minutes, and scrapbooks.

Native Sons and Daughters of Greater Kansas City Records, 1931-2011, (K0279)
21 cubic feet
Organizational records of a historical society for Kansas City area history. Includes minutes and Secretaries' files; President's files; Treasurers' files; membership records; Curators' files of correspondence with researchers; general correspondence; historical information; and other materials related to the operation of the organization.

Neth, Mary C. (1954-2005), Papers, 1927-2004, (C4040)
8 linear feet, 15 audio cassettes, 4 card files
The professional papers of Mary C. Neth, created during her research of rural women’s history of the Midwest and the history of American tap dance consists of research material, essays, newspaper clippings, photographs, conference materials, professional correspondence, and other papers. The collection also includes various documents related to the activities of the Rural Women's Studies Association, of which Neth was a founding member.

New Santa Fe Historical Society Records, 1866-2009, (K0551)
15 cubic feet
Organizational records and research materials of a historical society in south Kansas City, MO. Also includes information on neighboring regions, and Watts Mill.


Olson, Philip G. (1934- ) Papers, 1919-2006, (K1126)
10 cubic feet
Olson is a retired University of Missouri-Kansas City professor in Sociology whose research focused on urban neighborhoods. Includes research materials, gathered by Olson, about neighborhoods in Kansas City, MO.


Panel of American Women-Kansas City Branch Records, 1963-1991, (K0618)
5 cubic feet
Organizational records of the Kansas City branch, an organization dedicated to thoughtful examination and discussion of social issues. Includes treasurers' files, program Committee information, correspondence, miscellaneous articles, workshop and panel information, cassette tapes, and historical information on the branch establishment.

Parrish, William E. (1931- ), Papers, 1972-1977, (C3642)
1.6 linear feet
Papers from the chairman of the Missouri American Revolution Bicentennial Commission. Included are correspondence, business papers, programs, and miscellaneous items.

Paxton, Matthew White, “Veblen on the Missouri Campus,” n.d., (C0689)
1 folder
The collection contains a biographical sketch of Thorstein Veblen, but little concerning his time at the University of Missouri. Prepared for MISSOURI ALUMNUS but not used.

Pihlblad, C. Terence (1897-1978), Papers, 1941-1978, (C3814)
2 linear feet
The papers of Pihlblad, a sociology professor at the University of Missouri from 1930 to 1967, primarily concern Pihlblad's research in gerontology. The papers include correspondence, papers, and articles by Pihlblad and other sociologists, and material on aging studies conducted in Missouri during the 1960s.

Porter, Clyde H. (1889-1958) Collection, 1958, (K0526)
9 folders
Research notes and papers of Porter and his wife Mae Reed Porter, regarding families engaged in the fur trade in the Kansas City area, and the American West. Included are files on the Chouteau Family of Kansas City, the Charbonneau Family, Moses "Black" Harris, and the Thomas Vasquez Family.

Porter, Sylvia F. (1913-1991), Papers, 1939-1991 (C3977)
16 linear feet
3 video cassettes
6 audio cassettes
The papers of Sylvia Porter, a personal finance columnist who wrote for the New York Post and New York Daily News, consist of her columns, books, speeches, and other writings. Correspondence and publicity clippings concerning the Sylvia Porter Organization and her involvement in President Ford’s efforts to curb inflation in the 1970s are also included.


Ramsay, Robert L. (1880-1953), Papers, 1918-1953, (C3230)
2.5 linear feet
The Robert Ramsay Papers includes correspondence, 1918-1953; notes, rough drafts, revisions, and proof sheets for the Place Name series, with emphasis upon the Missouri Place Names; newspaper clippings about Ramsay and newspaper clippings of the Place Name articles. Small volumes of notes and a variety of prints pertaining to his academic classes are included as well as sample themes and bibliographies submitted by his students.

Robert M. Snyder, Jr. (1876-1937) Collection, 1701-1981, (K0025)
5.0 cubic feet
The collection contains papers related to Robert M. Snyder, Jr. and his interests. Snyder’s personal papers include photographs, correspondence, newspaper clippings, articles written by Snyder, and scrapbooks related to Snyder’s work with Kansas Natural Gas Company and his preservation work in the Ozarks. The other materials in the collection consists of items Snyder collected over the course of his life. The materials generally relate to important people of history, early American history, and pioneer families.

Robinson, Richard D., Collection, (CA5805)
14.2 cubic feet
Materials of a professor in the College of Education, University of Missouri-Columbia, whose primary research areas were the history of literacy, teacher education, and reading theory. Includes historical school primers (1830s-1970s), professional correspondence, publications, and miscellaneous papers (1970s-2000s).

Robinson II, Marvin S. (1957- ) Papers, 1970s-1990s, (K1070)
30 cubic feet
Robinson is a community activist with interests in local government, politics, social, health and cultural issues, and the establishment of the Quindaro Ruins in Kansas City, KS as an historical site. Includes personal journals and writings, correspondence, newsletters, news articles, and reference files maintained by Robinson. Concerning his efforts to save Quindaro, and other activism in the African-American community

Rural Sociological Society of America Papers, 1910-1973 (C3305)
9.6 linear feet, 2 volumes, 2 audio tapes, 27 rolls of microfilm
The papers of the Rural Sociological Society of America contain presidential and committee correspondence and includes accounts of how some of the first rural sociologists became interested in the profession. Microfilm is available for Rural Sociology, the official quarterly.

Rural Sociological Society of America, Records, (CA3948)
5 cubic feet
Addition of committee materials, president's files, publications, and miscellaneous records of the Society, 1960s-1980s.

Rural Sociological Society of America, Records, (CA3999)
1 linear foot
Addition of Publications Committee correspondence; council minutes; annual meeting programs, 1975; Sociological Abstracts; Rural Sociology on microfilm; and Newsline.

Rural Sociological Society of America, Records, (CA4097)
2 linear feet
Addition of Olaf Larson materials, including committee materials and correspondence, 1950s. Also Newsline, and directories, 1950s-1970s.

Rural Sociological Society of America, Records, (CA4099)
1 linear foot
Addition of papers of president Olaf Larson, 1958.

Rural Sociological Society of America, Records, (CA4358)
1.7 linear feet
Addition of correspondence, committee material, and miscellaneous material, 1970s-1980s.

Rural Sociological Society of America, Records, (CA4463)
2.5 linear feet
Addition. Correspondence, committee and council meeting minutes, and printed material from Society.

Rural Sociological Society of America, Records, (CA4585)
2 linear feet
Addition to records includes material from Daryl Hobbs, Willis J. Goudy, 1983 program materials, and copies of publications.

Rural Sociological Society of America, Records, (CA4618)
2 linear feet
Addition. Development Committee materials, presidential papers of C. Milton Coughenour, and Rural Sociologist manuscripts for volume 4.

Rural Sociological Society of America, Records, (CA4655)
2 folders
Addition of membership directories and annual meeting materials, 1983-1984, as well as issues of volume 4 of Rural Sociologist.

Rural Sociological Society of America, Records, (CA4734)
6 linear feet
Addition of records includes material from Glenn Fuguitt, Willis J. Goudy, Peggy Ross, and C. Milton Coughenour, as well as program materials, photographs, and publications.

Rural Sociological Society of America, Records, (CA4787)
7.9 linear feet, 2 video cassettes
Publications, directories, programs, pamphlets, conference files, video cassettes, photographs, and minutes of the society.

Rural Sociological Society of America, Records, (CA4971)
0.8 linear feet, 1 roll of microfilm
Addition to the correspondence, records, and publications of the Society.

Rural Sociological Society of America, Records, (CA5071)
1 linear foot, 1 roll of microfilm, 1 audio disc
Addition to records of the Society. Includes correspondence, photographs, meeting materials, publications, and records of the International Rural Sociological Assn.

Rural Sociological Society of America, Records, (CA5233)
0.5 linear feet
Addition of annual meeting materials, administrative records, publications and other materials.

Rural Sociological Society of America, Records, (CA5646)
16 cubic feet
Addition of research project files; committee files; presidential papers; secretarial papers; annual meeting records; publications; endowment committee materials; audio and visual materials; histories; and miscellaneous, 1980s-2000s.

Ryan, William James (1940- ) Papers, 1914-1996 (K0457)
10 cubic feet
The paper contain research material, draft manuscripts, and oral history interviews and transcripts related to Ryan's book and other writings on the history of radio and television broadcasting in the Kansas City region.


Sandy, Harold David "Hal" (1924- ) and Wilda Barmore (1927- ) Collection, 1974-1995, (K0718)
3 cubic feet
Research notes, photographs, draft manuscripts for various local history writings by the Sandys. Includes Articles, promotional materials, working drafts, photographs, slides and talks concerning their book, "Here Lies Kansas City," articles, correspondence, taskforce report, notes, and resolutions relating to various historic preservation projects.

Serda, Daniel, Papers (K0687)
21 cubic feet
The papers contain research materials gathered by Daniel Serda, a local historian, city planner, and faculty member in the Department of Urban Planning at the University of Kansas. The papers include Kansas City bibliographic research on the Kansas City Stock Yards and the 1951 Flood.

Smith, William Benjamin (1850-1934), Papers, n.d. (C0167)
0.3 linear feet
Biographical sketch and manuscripts written by Smith, professor of mathematics, physics, and philosophy at Central Methodist College, the University of Missouri, and Tulane University.

Snyder Jr., Robert M. (1876-1937) Collection, 1849-1932, (K0025)
24 volumes, 1 folder
Personal papers of R.M. Snyder, Jr. and his family relating to his collecting, research, and writing on Americana, the Ozarks, and Ha Ha Tonka, a home built in the Ozarks by his father. Also included are holograph manuscripts collected by Snyder.

Soward, James L. (1932-2005) Papers, (K0610)
9 cubic feet
The papers of James L. Soward includes notes, photographs, oral interviews, and other related research materials for the book, Hospital Hill: An Illustrated Account of Public Healthcare Institutions in Kansas City, Missouri, published by the Truman Medical Center Charitable Foundation in 1995.

Stephenson, William, Papers, (CA4878)
81.2 linear feet, 5 audio cassettes, 10 audio tapes
Correspondence, reports, studies, research files, and publications of a professor in the University of Missouri-Columbia, School of Journalism who developed the Q-methodology of measuring public opinion in advertising and communications.

Stephenson, William, Papers, (CA5088)
13 cubic feet, 32 audio cassettes, 51 audio tapes, 12 video cassettes, 8 films, 1 roll of microfilm
Addition of published and unpublished manuscripts, reprints, biographical materials, correspondence, audiovisual material, and miscellaneous material.


Taeuber, Irene B. (1906-1974), Papers, 1912-1981 (C2158)
63 linear feet
2 audio cassettes
Irene B. Taeuber, a research demographer, was best known for her work on the population of Asia, especially Japan and China. Collection includes correspondence with leading demographers, sociologists, and Asian specialists; publications and manuscripts; research notes and data; bibliographic card files; and photographs and slides of her travels.

Tamony, Peter (1902-1985), Collection, 1890-1985, (C3939)
877.6 linear feet
Correspondence, articles, research files, personal papers, audio tapes, and word files of a noted etymologist and neologist of San Francisco. The collection primarily relates to the study of American colloquial language and neologisms but also includes rare jazz journals and materials on sports.


University of Missouri, Department of Classical Languages and Archaeology, Records, 1930-1935, (C0182)
0.2 linear feet
Papers from the files of the department when Walter Miller was chairman.

University of Missouri, Department of History, Records, 1909-1937, (C0054)
2 linear feet
Correspondence of Jonas Viles about scheduling courses, exams, deficiencies, recommendations, applications, illness of Professor Mike H. Cockran, work on dissertations, and transfer vouchers for office supplies. Also personal correspondence.

University of Missouri, Max Meyer Incident, Papers, 1929-1930, (C0636)
4 folders
Professor Meyer was dismissed from the University shortly after the dismissal of Professor De Graff because of a sex questionnaire.

US-China Peoples Friendship Association-Midwest Region Records, 1978-2012, (K0608)
10 cubic feet
Organizational records including correspondence, newsletters, minutes, membership applications and lists, newspaper clippings, and books and magazines concerning the US and China. Also includes educational motion picture film and video about China and the Far East.


Wadsworth, Homer Clark (1913-1994) Papers, 1949-1982, (K0724)
8 cubic feet
Personal and professional correspondence of Wadsworth, civic leader, director of the Kansas City Association of Trusts and Foundations, and president of the Kansas City school board with foundations, trusts, special projects, and universities with which was associated. Also his speeches.

Webster, Thomas A. (1907-1988) Papers, 1921-1988, (K1219)
9 cubic feet, 5 volumes
Webster was executive director of the Urban League of Kansas City, community activist, and chairman of the Social Science Department of Avila College. Includes files related to his research and writing: notes, clippings, preliminary and final drafts of articles, correspondence, and printed material. Also his personal and professional correspondence and scrapbooks and files of his wife, Fern Beck Webster (1911-2002), an early childhood educator and advocate.

Westport Historical Society Records, ca. 1950-2004, (K1235)
7 cubic feet
Organizational records of the Society including minutes, photographs, event records, audio, video and cassette tapes, and maps.

Westport Scrapbook, 1889-1961, (K0244)
0.06 cubic feet
The collection contains photocopies of a scrapbook of newspaper clippings, booklets, research papers, and other items compiled by Adrian Christopher, a local historian, concerning the history of Westport, Missouri.

Wilson, William Henry (1935- ) Papers, 1909-1963, (K0046)
2 folders
Personal incoming and outgoing correspondence of a historian and educator, including that related to Wilson's work on the Kansas City History Project, proposals for a history of the J.C. Nichols Company, and progress on his dissertation on the City Beautiful Movement. Also included are research notecards and early printed material related to the Kansas City Terminal Railway Company.

Wrench, Jesse E. (1882-1958), Papers, 1871-1976, (C2509)
2 linear feet
The papers of Jesse E. Wrench, a University of Missouri history professor, include teaching materials, correspondence, and records of organizations with which Wrench was involved at the university and in Columbia, Missouri. The papers also include some family papers and photographs and two unpublished manuscripts from the Cornell Expedition to Asia Minor in 1907-1908.

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