Science, Technology, and Medicine Manuscript Collections

Papers of scientists and records of scientific research; records of scientific and technological applications, including industrial archeology; and records of professional organizations. Also includes the papers and records of physicians, dentists, pharmacists and other medical practitioners; institutional records; records of professional and advocacy organizations; and general material concerning health and medical care. See also a listing of collections related to Geography and Maps.

*Collections marked with DIGITIZED MATERIALS have additional digitized items available.

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36th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron Records, 1974-1993, (K0818)
0.3 cubic foot
The Squadron was based at Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base in Missouri providing specialized medical attendants and equipment for in-flight care of patients. Includes annual reports and unit histories, photographs, training manuals, and magazines and publications for Air Force personnel.


A.B. Hirsch Drug Store, Boonville, Missouri, Records, 1904-1963, n.d., (C4032)
3.4 linear feet
The collection contains a sampling of prescription records from the A.B. Hirsch Drug Store located in Boonville, Missouri. Also included are papers pertaining to Vico Salve, which was developed and sold by Asbury B. Hirsch.

Academy of Science of St. Louis, Records, 1856-1958, (S0001)
62 Folders, 3 Rolls Microfilm
Minutes of the Academy's Board of Directors and Trustees, proceedings of its council, copies of the journal, Transactions. Subjects include: American Indians, western exploratory trips, surveying, scientific studies and societies.

Adams, O.G.W., Patent Medicine Circular, 1895, (C2574)
1 folder
Printed advertisement for a mail-order medicine. Adams bills himself as a ""chronic disease specialist.""

Aeronautical History Society Of St. Louis (1970- ), Newsletters, 1972-1974, (S0244)
1 Folder
A non-profit organization founded to encourage the study of aeronautical history, expand aeronautical history, expand aeronautical information, and bring together airplane enthusiasts.

African-American Healing Arts and Lore Collection (S0749)
0.25 cubic foot (5 folders, 2 cassettes)
The records of the African-American Healing Arts and Lore Collection documents methods of natural healing passed down from generation to generation through interviews and public discussions. Additionally, the collection contains correspondence, grant proposals, meeting minutes, and budget narratives. Included in this collection are two cassette tapes with audio recordings. The first recording is a group discussion and performance about the relationship between song and healing arts; the second recording is of a group interview discussing various natural remedies for common ailments.

Agribusiness Club of St. Louis, Records, 1937, 1954-1970, (S0002)
12 Folders, 6 Packages
Founded in May 1937 as the Farmers' Club of St. Louis with a constitution that declared the purpose of the club to be "the Advancement of agriculture in all its ramifications, in the best interests of the Nation." In 1960 the name was changed to the Agribusiness Club of St. Louis.

Ainsworth, James, Ledger, 1834-1837, (C2481)
1 volume
The collection contains a ledger, possibly that of a physician, showing name, date, debit and credit.

Albert Schweitzer Centennial in St. Louis, (S0313)
234 pages
Transcriptions Of Proceedings Celebrating The 100th Anniversary Of Albert Schweitzer's Birth.

Allee, William S., Papers, (CA4948)
1.25 linear feet
Medical accounts, c. 1885-1916, of a Miller County, Missouri, physician. Includes a composite photograph of 1915 Missouri State Senate.

Alliance for the Construction of Telescopes, Records, 1983-1989, (C1399)
0.4 linear feet
The records of the Alliance for the Construction of Telescopes (ACT) consist of corre-spondence, proposals, technical design and site studies, meeting announcements, newsletters, brochures, notes, and magazine articles.

American Chemical Society-Kansas City Section Records, 1899-1987, (K0641)
15 cubic feet
Organizational records and publications of the Kansas City chapter of the American Chemical Society. Includes by-laws, minutes, correspondence, financial records, annual reports, awards files, brochures, photographs, articles, and publication, the Kansas City Chemist.

American Chemical Society (St. Louis Chapter) (1903- ), Addenda, 1924-82, (S0501)
130 Folders
The addenda to the American Chemical Society St. Louis section consists mostly of subject files. Within these subject files are correspondence, memos, lists, and anything pertaining to topics which concerned the membership and their activities. The annual reports series is fairly complete for later years with a few notable exceptions. The correspondence series is vague, but it is well complemented with the initial collection, which is number 4. The financial records contained within this collection is mostly bank books, bank statements, and cancelled checks. Expense reports and a few treasurer's reports are also included. This addenda has much helpful information, but the original collection should be viewed in order to form a clearer picture of this group and its activities.

American Chemical Society, St. Louis Section, Records, 1903-1984, (S0004)
172 Folders, 2 Artifacts
Series 1: Minutes, Bylaws and Membership 1903-1975, Series 2: Correspondence by subject 1908-1968, Correspondence by year 1969-1975 (arranged by subject within each year), Series 3: St. Louis Section Publications and History of ACS, Series 4: Addenda

American Chemical Society, St. Louis Section, (SA0847)
17 Boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

American Federation Of Technical Engineers AFL-CIO, Records, 1941-1972, (S0385)
125 Folders
The collection contains correspondence, minutes, contracts and strike project files, publications, financial ledgers and reports, and convention reports of Local 23, the Midwest Council of AFTE, and of the International Federation of Technical Engineers, Architects, and Draftsmen's Unions. In 1950 the International changed its name to the American Federation of Technical Engineers and it retained that name into the 1970's.

Anatomical Record, Papers, 1908-1913, (C0913)
1 folder
Anatomical Record, published under auspices and support of Wistar Institute. Minutes of meetings with decisions on policies to be followed by Record editor; letter to Horace Jayne advising him of vote of thanks extended by editorial board for establishing Record and regretting his withdrawal; minutes of meeting held by editors; various journals published by Institute.

Andersen, Dr. Hans Peter, Papers, 1909-1920, (R0832)
8 folders
These are papers of Dr. Hans Peter Andersen, a physician associated with Washington University Medical School in St. Louis. Most of the collection consists of correspondence (in Danish) from Andersen's family in Denmark. There is also a folder of letters from friends in the U. S. Army Medical Corps in France during World War One.

Anderson, E.G. (1891-1973), Papers, 1905-1975, (C4046)
5.7 linear feet, 30 lantern slides
The papers of E.G. Anderson, a plant geneticist who spent most of his career researching corn genetics, including studying the effects of high energy radiation on corn, mainly contain professional material. The collection largely consists of correspondence, research material, and publications.

Anderson, Isadore, Papers, (CA6194)
1 linear foot
Addition of notebooks and diagrams of a medical student at the University of Missouri, 1900s. Includes medical articles and publications by various authors and Anderson's prescription notes and card file when he was a physician in Kansas City, Missouri. See also C961.

Anderson, Isadore, Papers, 1910-1911, (C0961)
1 folder
Notebook of Isadore Anderson of Kansas City, MO, recording treatment given his various patients.

Astronomical Society of Kansas City Records, 1983-1991, (K0853)
3 folders
Includes an incomplete set of the newsletter, "Cosmic Messenger" and revised bylaws, membership registration and questionnaire, brochures, an observation calendar, and meeting invitations.


Bain, Katherine (1897- ), Papers, 1920-1976, (C3706)
0.8 linear feet
Papers of a prominent Missouri pediatrician, 1927-1940; administrator, U.S. Children's Bureau, 1940-1972; member of U.S. delegation to the executive board, United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) , 1957-1973. Material on maternal and child health care in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, 1956-1970; and information on U.S. contribution to UNICEF.

Baker, J.H.P. ( -1913), Civil War Diary, 1864-1865, (C1449)
1 volume
The diary of J.H.P. Baker, dated October 16, 1864-June 17, 1865, discusses the war in Missouri, Price's retreat, the Southern cause, Lee, Johnston, Beauregard, Price, Shelby, Sherman, guerrillas, Lee's surrender, Lincoln's assassination, and Johnson's inauguration. Baker, a doctor with General Shelby, was in charge of a Texas Confederate hospital.

Banta, Parke M. (1891-1970), Papers, 1918-1970, (C3844)
1.2 linear feet, (75 folders), 2 card boxes, 6 oversize items
Papers of a Republican U.S. Representative from Missouri, 1947-1949, and general counsel for the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, 1953-1961. The papers consist of correspondence, subject files, and miscellaneous material.

Bard Drug Store Prescription Book, 1867, (C0580)
1 folder
The records of the W. E. Bard Drug Store contain prescriptions filled over the course of one year at a Sedalia, Missouri, drugstore.

Barr, Thomas Akers, Papers, 1861-1919, (R0270)
63 items
This collection consists of correspondence and papers of a native of Illinois and physician who began practice in Lebanon, Laclede County, Missouri, about 1869. Included are letters from Illinois soldiers serving in Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina, 1861-1865, from physicians in Illinois and Missouri, and from Harry Woodson Barr at Camp Bowie, Texas, 1918-1919.

Baskett, James Newton (1859-1925), Letters, 1900-1901, (C1451)
1 folder
To J. Christian Bay, Ashland College, Grant, MI, from Mexico, MO. Baskett, an ornithologist, novelist, and popular scientific writer, thanks Bay for compliments on his writings. Discussion of their work, Baskett's writings and teaching. Interview with William Dean Howells. Comments on H.H. Boyeson and Bjorneson.

Bay, J. Christian (1871-1962), Papers, 1922-1959, (CA6295)
0.8 cubic feet
Correspondence, photographs, and books written or owned by Jens Christian Bay, a Danish-American writer and librarian. Many were sent as gifts.

Beauvais Manor, Records, 1834-1999, (S0611)
387 Photographs
After a public hearing held on June 8, 1880, the Women's Christian Association of St. Louis received a gift of ten acres from Mr. George Partridge for the purpose of building a home for the elderly. That gift was later converted into a $2000 donation, and was followed by another $10,000 donation from the Western Sanitary Commission, given with the condition that the home serve 'aged men and their wives.' The Association bought a property, the Beauvais Mansion, on May 6, 1882. Three years later it expanded with an addition to building containing twenty bedrooms. Filled to capacity by 1892, it constructed another addition and shortly thereafter began a third addition with the help of the largest gift ever made to the Association.

Bell, John B., Record Book, 1860-1875, (R0119)
1 volume
This is a record book kept by John B. Bell, a physician at Potosi in Washington County, Missouri. Bell was a medical examiner of Enrolled Missouri Militia and U.S. Colored Troops during the Civil War, and of pension applicants after the war. The entries include the results of examinations and descriptions of disabilities. The pension examinations are indexed.

Bennett, Dr. James H., ( -1850), Book, 1820-1825, (C2149)
1 volume
Book contains notes from medical lectures at Transylvania College, Lexington, KY, November 1822-January 1823; constitution, minutes, and membership list of the Richmond [Kentucky] Philosophical Society. October 1820-January 1821; and medical accounts, records of house calls and prescriptions in Columbia and Boone County area, July 1823-December 1825.

Benton County Medical Society, Missouri, Record Book, 1915-1954, (R0278)
1 folder, photocopies
This volume includes a roster of members, financial records, and minutes of meetings of the Benton County Medical Society, organized in 1897. Included are several applications for membership.

Blackwell, John A. (1834- ), Papers, 1852-1940, (C3732)
2.3 cubic feet
Contains the correspondence, diaries, writings, Civil War papers, and medical practice records of a doctor from Bedford, IN, who later lived in Foristell and Wellsville, MO. Also included are family letters, Woman's Christian Temperance Union records, and a history of the Clover family.

Blount Family, Papers, 1861-1947, (C0047)
4 linear feet, 15 oversize volumes
Business papers recording farming, mining, and mercantile activities in southeast Missouri, particularly Potosi and Washington County. The collection contains family correspondence, legal and financial records, as well as medical notebooks from Barnes Hospital in St. Louis.

Blumhardt, The Reverend, Notebook, 1844, (C1455)
1 folder
Account, in German, of the illness of Gottliebin Ditus, dictated to the Reverend W.F. Bek by Blumhardt, a noted faith-cure advocate.

Boone County Medical Society, Records, 1902-1953, (C2475)
3 volumes
The records contain Vol. 1 Minutes of meetings, June 28, 1902- December 21, 1921; lists of members, 1902-1922. Vol. 2 Minutes of meetings, February 1, 1922-December 2, 1947; lists of members, 1934-1940, 1946. Vol. 3 Minutes of meetings, January 6, 1948-December 15, 1953; lists of members, 1948-1949, 1953.

Boone County Medical Society, Records, (CA5972)
0.8 cubic feet
The Society's publication, "Prescriptions," 1999-2017.

Bordy, Alice Rostov, Papers, (K0869)
0.13 cubic foot (4 folders)
The Alice Rostov Bordy Papers contain administrative papers from 1979 to 1980 for Menorah Medical Center. This collection also includes a 2001-2002 Beth Shalom remembrance booklet, a Beth Shalom Men’s Club luncheon discussion booklet, and a clipping from the 1956 edition of the Kehilath Israel News.

Bowen Institute of Pharmacy, Extension Course Lessons, n.d., (C3842)
7 folders, 1 oversize item
The records contain extension course lessons in botany, chemistry, medicine, and pharmacology through the Bowen Institute of Pharmacy in Brunswick, Missouri. Dr. Cyrus W. Bowen began the pharmacy school in 1910. The course lessons of the Bowen Institute were donated as part of the Benecke Family Papers. It was decided to make the lessons a separate collection.

Bowers, J. J., Papers, 1850s, (C3937)
1 volume
Papers of J. J. Bowers, a medical doctor who practiced in the 1850s. The papers consist of one small notebook in which Bowers recorded travel accounts and patient records.

Brady, Thomas A. (1902-1964), Papers, 1910-1959, (C0033)
10 linear feet
Papers of University of Missouri vice-president re-establishment of a four-year medical school, Missouri School of Mines, and other University and educational matters.

Brandt, Henry F. (1799-1871), Account Book, 1859-1860 (C0266)
1 folder
Account book apparently of Henry F. Brandt, physician in Warren County, MO. Lists sales of medications with patients' names; also sold medicine for animals. Brandt was born in Germany and was one of the pioneer settlers of Warren County. Many of his patients were also apparently German immigrants.

Branson, Edwin Bayer (1877-1950), Papers, 1892-1954, (C2404)
1.1 linear feet
The papers of Edwin Bayer Branson contain correspondence, memorabilia, field books, and miscellaneous papers of a University of Missouri geologist (1910-1947), including information on the development of the Department of Geology during the 37 years he served as chairman.

Broadhead, Garland Carr (1827-1912), Papers, 1853-1908, (C1000)
0.6 linear feet, 3 volumes
The Broadhead Papers consist of correspondence and miscellaneous notes of an engineer, geologist, and professor at the University of Missouri. Scrapbooks contain newspaper clippings relating to the history of Missouri and Texas, and obituaries of prominent Missourians.

Bronaugh, James Henderson, Books, 1868-1914, (C1377)
17 volumes
The papers of James Henderson Bronaugh contain journals and day books of a Calhoun, Missouri, doctor. No volume for 1872.

Brown Drug Store, Hannibal, Missouri, Prescription Book, 1858-1860, (C0579)
1 volume
Prescriptions, as received from doctors, filled by J.B. Brown and Company, Hannibal, MO.

Brown, B.D., Account Book, 1882-1885, (C0265)
1 folder
Account of sales of medicine, drugs, whiskey, tobacco, candy, and sundries of a physician and surgeon from Shamrock, Callaway County, Missouri.

Brown, Bernard Harley (1927-2011) Papers, 1978-2003, (K0629)
0.5 cubic foot
Papers of civic leader and former President of Menorah Health Center Foundation. Includes publications, photographs, newspaper clippings and a scrapbook concerning Brown's activities with the Medical Center.

Brown, H. Clifford, Chemistry Laboratory Notebook, 1920, (C0652)
1 folder
A notebook kept by a student in chemistry, describing experiments and giving equations.

Brown, Harry Gunnison (1880-1975), Papers, 1924-1950, (C3109)
0.8 linear feet
Correspondence of economist and professor of economics at the University of Missouri. Brown supported the theories of Henry George and was an advocate of land value taxation. Also included are Brown's papers as chairman of the Department of Economics.

Brown, Harry E., Papers, (CA4083)
5.4 linear feet
Papers of a University of Missouri professor of entomology.

Brown, Harry Gunnison, Papers, (CA4268)
0.8 linear feet
Papers of a University of Missouri professor of entomology

Brown, Harry Gunnison, Papers, (CA4605)
1 folder
Addition. Letter to Brown from Dick Netzer, 11 February 1969.

Brown, Harry Gunnison, Papers, (CA4353)
0.4 linear feet
Miscellaneous correspondence.

Brown, Harry Gunnison, Papers, (CA4285)
2 folders
Correspondence pertaining to printing of Brown's essays by Robert Schalkenbach Foundation.

Brown, Harry Gunnison, Papers, (CA4876)
0.2 linear feet
Correspondence, reports, clippings, and newsletters about property tax reform.

Burnham, W. H., Class Notes, 1861, (C0641)
2 folders
Notes of lectures on anatomy and physiology by Professor Norwood and on international and constitutional law, taken at the University of Missouri by W.H. Burnham of Clarksville, Pike County, MO.

Burrill, Alfred C., Papers, (CA5839)
Manuscript of doctoral thesis on ants of the northern U.S., includes correspondence, etymological and botanical field notes, specimens, and other research material. Burrill was curator of the Missouri Resources Museum during the 1930s.

Bush, Sarah Lewis (1920- ) Family Papers, 1888-1972, (K0237)
1 cubic foot
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, and other documents regarding members of Bush's family: Dr. Charles Wesley Burrill, Surgeon General of the Grand Army of the Republic and doctor in Kansas City, Evelyn Burrill Lewis, and William A. Lewis, educators in Kansas City


Cady, Lee D. (1896-1987), Papers, 1937-1941, (C2892)
0.8 linear feet
The papers of Lee D. Cady contain Cady's correspondence with doctors, legislators, and businessmen in Missouri, and state health officers of other states; copies of premarital examination and prenatal blood test bills; and various promotional publications and magazine and newspaper clippings regarding premarital examination and prenatal blood test bills.

Callaway County Nuclear Power Plant, Records, (CA6184)
14.2 cubic feet
Records concerning the application, licensing, approval, safety, and operation of the nuclear power plant located in Callaway County, Missouri. Includes indices and information on how to use government documents.

Cape Girardeau County Society for Crippled Children and Adults, Inc. Records (R1413)
1 cubic foot (15 folders, 1 volume)
These are the records for the Cape Girardeau County Society for Crippled Children and Adults, Inc. a location of the National Easter Seal Society originally known as the National Society for Crippled Children.

Chandler, Charles Quarles (1826-1875), Letter, 1847, (C0660)
1 folder
To Charles Quarles, Mechanicsville, VA, from Philadelphia, PA, Jan. 9, 1847. Discusses recent and forthcoming medical books.

Chatman, Eugene Payne (1902-1984) Records, 1932-1948, (K0318)
0.07 cubic feet
The records contain a delivery room record book documenting deliveries performed by Dr. Eugene Payne Chatman.

Childbirth and Parent Education, Inc. of Kansas City Records, 1968-1980, (K0911)
1 cubic foot
Organizational records include correspondence, newsletters, other printed/published materials, convention files, and questionnaires.

Cockrell, Ethlyn (1876-1963), Papers, 1907-1960 (C3419)
.2 linear feet
The papers of Ethlyn Cockrell contain the papers of a Missouri schoolteacher, World War I Army nurse, and Red Cross public health nurse. They include material on the American Red Cross and photographs.

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Kansas City Records (K0188)
0.25 cubic foot (4 folders, 1 book, 1 photograph)
The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Kansas City Records contain a bound volume of minutes from the Board of Trustees meetings, a diploma, and a photograph. There are some miscellaneous financial papers also included in the collection. The records cover the period 1894-1905.

Committee For Environmental Information, Records, 1956-1977, (S0069)
438 Folders, 8 Tapes, 4 Scrapbook (On Microfilm)
The Committee for Environmental Information records of 1956-1977, document the work of the Baby Tooth Survey; the Speakers' Bureau; public testimony of members; funding activities; the development and execution of various CEI projects; publications; conferences; conventions; and board, subcommittees and annual membership meetings. The records also document new services; public service announcements; press releases and the publication of its 1973 high school teaching units.

Connaway, John Waldo (1859-1947), Papers, 1878-1944, (C0052)
2.2 linear feet
The papers of John W. Connaway contain personal and professional correspondence, research notes and writings, and brief personal material regarding his family. Connaway was Professor of Veterinary Science and Comparative Medicine at the University of Missouri Agri-cultural Experiment Station from 1888 to 1947 where he made significant findings in controlling Texas fever, hog cholera, brucellosis or Bang's disease, and other farm animal diseases.

Coppaken, Arnold Lester (1924-2006) and Helen Glass (1930- ) Collection, 1943-1975, (K0884)
0.04 cubic foot (3 folders, one oversize item)
The Arnold Lester and Helen Glass Coppaken Collection contains graduation programs, a certificate of Mr. Coppaken’s, newspaper clippings, and photographs of Mrs. Coppaken and friends.

Cullison, James S. Photograph Collection, (R1462)
0.25 cubic foot (5 folders, 109 photographs)
The James S. Cullison Photograph Collection is comprised of images of geological formations produced by James S. Cullison. The photographs were used in geological papers produced by James S. Cullison during his work as a professor of geology at the Missouri School of Mines now (Missouri University of Science and Technology) in the 1930s and 1940s.

Curtis, Winterton Conway (1875-1966), Papers, 1892-1962, (C2528)
2.5 linear feet
The papers of Winterton Conway Curtis contain correspondence, reprints, autobiographical notes, photographs and miscellaneous material of a University of Missouri professor of zoology and dean of the College of Arts and Science. Also included is professional correspondence, 1904-1911, of George Lefevre, professor of zoology at the University of Missouri.

Curtis, Winterton Conway, Papers, (CA5187)
0.6 linear feet
Addition of correspondence, writings, publications, and photographs to the papers of a professor of zoology at the University of Missouri. Includes some papers of zoology professor George Lefevre.

Cutts, J. M., Letter, 1846, (C2120)
1 folder
The papers contain a letter to John C. Payne, Esq., Haskinsville, Green County, Kentucky, from Washington, July 12, 1846. Cutt's house guest, Anna Payne, was seriously ill and he informed her father that all possible medical treatment and care were being provided, but her condition was not improving.


Davison, Alexander Caldwell, Account Book, 1870-1887, (C1097)
1 volume
Record of personal expenses and business transactions of a Jefferson City, MO, doctor, 1870-1879. Also letters to his brother Willie, 1881-1887.

Dooley, Thomas A. (1927-1961), Papers, 1932-1988, (S0464)
222 Folders, 5 Volumes, 88 Tapes, 10 Videotapes, 531 Photographs
The Thomas A. Dooley papers document his family history and education, his work in Vietnam and Laos, and his role as a shaper of American public opinion about Southeast Asia. The collection also documents Dooley's cancer operation, his death, posthumous honors and efforts to have him canonized.

Dooley, Dr. Tom, Commemorative Stamp Collection, 1966-2014, (S1170)
1 box
Dr. Tom Dooley belonged to an affluent St Louis family. He joined the Navy after finishing his medical degree. Seeing the horrors in Vietnam, especially in Laos, Dooley became inspired to dedicate his life to helping the Vietnamese with medical aid. He established hospitals and visited those who could not seek medical attention. Dooley founded MEDICO, which would provide medical care to those in developing countries. Dooley continued in work even after being diagnosed with cancer, only returning to the United States for surgery. Dr. Thomas Dooley died in New York City in 1961.

Dooley Heritage, Inc., Papers, (SA0871)
5 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Downing, Thomas Jefferson (1851-1930), Papers, 1918-1925, (C0662)
1 folder
Two medical papers written by a doctor from New London, MO: One, "A Possible Factor of Degeneracy," was published in the New York Medical Journal, July 20, 1918; the other, "A Pope as Physician," was printed in the Medical Journal and Record, December 16, 1925.

Drey, Kay, Addenda (SA4316)
35 boxes
The addenda to the Kay Drey Papers contains material pertaining to Kay Drey’s activism. Topics include, but are not limited to, Transportation of Hazardous Waste, Mallinkrodt Workers, Hematite, Union Electric Callaway Nuclear Power Plant Construction, and Risk Assessment.

Dye, Russell Vincent (1907-1979) Family Papers, 1850-1980, (K0225)
2 cubic feet
Correspondence, photographs, business records and other material of the Dye family of Liberty, MO including Alexander V. Dye, U.S. diplomat in Europe and Mexico during and following World War I; his wife Ida Miller; daughter, Margaret Louise (Luisita); but mostly son Russell, a would-be inventor, entrepreneur.

Dyer, Walter W., Letters, 1918, (R0041)
14 items
These are photocopies of fourteen letters from Walter W. Dyer during his military service in World War I. Dyer was an Army teamster stationed at Camp McArthur and Waco, Texas.


Eaton, Thomas Jefferson, Papers, (K0033)
0.20 cubic foot (4 folders)
The Thomas Jefferson Eaton Papers contains correspondence, a biography of Joseph Ellerbe Chambliss, and a program of closing exercises for the graduating class of the Union School located in Circleville, Ohio. The papers also include a bound notebook, which Eaton used as his formulary. The pages of the formulary are numbered and a handwritten index can be found in the back of the notebook.

Ehwa, Virginia Lee McClelland (1919-????) Papers, ca. 1919-1980, (K0333)
0.3 cubic foot
Correspondence from William Clyde McClelland, a dentist and was a maker of dental prosthetics to his wife, Flossie, and daughter Virginia during his business travels. Also family photographs, clippings, publications, and ephemera.

Ellis Family, Papers, 1787-1948, (R0251)
10 folders, photocopies, 1 roll of mircofilm
This collection includes correspondence, business records, and legal papers, and genealogical information pertaining to two early families of Cape Girardeau County, Missouri. The Ellis family came from Georgia about 1805; the Ranneys from Indiana about 1825. Other names represented in the collection are Beckham, Cobb, Giboney, Ogle, Waters, and Wathen (Warthen-Worthan).

Engineers' Club Of St. Louis (1868- ), Membership Lists Addendum, 1916-2000, (S0662)
816 Folders
The Addendum contains membership folders of inactive members dating from 1916 through 2000. The accession also contained some duplicate journals, but they were removed. The original collection (S0621) contains journals of the club, some membership files, photographs, a microfilm of books written about the Eads Bridge, and a book on engineering data for St. Louis.

Engineer's Club, Records, (SA0877)
4 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Engineer's Club Of St. Louis (1868- ), Records, 1882-1997, (S0621)
476 Folders, 40 Boxes Of Membership Records, 42 Photographs, 2 Books, 2 Rolls Microfilm
The collection contains the journals of the club as well as some administrative files. Some photographs including construction pictures of Eads Bridge and membership files going back to the charter members. Two rolls of microfilm contain books written about Eads Bridge and Two books, one on the construction of Eads Bridge and the other on engineering data for St. Louis.

Evans, Albert Lee Account Book, 1913-1914, (R0018)
1 folder
This is a photocopy of an individual account book for medical services. Albert Lee Evans, a Bonne Terre, Missouri, physician who began practice in Saint Francois County in 1900, kept the record.

Evans, Maria L., Papers, (CA5831)
Noteservice notes and student synopses of lectures of first and second year courses at the University of Missouri School of Medicine. Courses include anatomy, microbiology, pathology, pharmacology, and others, 1986-1988.

Evans, W.A., Letter, 1929, (C2761)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter to [J.C.] Bay, from Chicago, IL, Jan. 1, 1929, concerning John Wesley Monette (1803-1851), a New Orleans physician.


Fantel, Hans (1922-2006), Papers, c. 1925-2006, (C4003)
3.2 linear feet, 5 video cassettes, 1 DVD, 565 MB of digital files
The papers of Fantel, a freelance writer, contain the articles he wrote for the New York Times and many other publications about high fidelity, home electronics, and music. Correspondence, photographs, and audio-visual materials make up the remainder of the collection.

Favazza, Armando R., Papers, (CA6283)
6 cubic feet, 4 DVD
Papers of a psychiatrist and author best known for his work in cultural psychiatry, nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI), and religion. Dr. Favazza is a Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at the University of Missouri-Columbia, where he began teaching in 1973.

Feldmann, John, Account Book, 1863-1871 (C0268)
1 folder
Accounts of a physician of Hermann, Missouri, partly in German. Lists medical services such as extractions, lancing of abscesses, vaccinations, etc. Bills were paid in such commodities as cigars, wine, sugar, and potatoes.

Ficklin, Joseph (1833-1887), Papers, 1851-1908, (C0100)
0.4 linear feet
Correspondence pertaining to mathematical science, publication of mathematical books, astronomy, and personal affairs. Also an algebra copybook.

Fountain of Health, Harris Springs, Missouri, Advertisement, 1886, (C2880)
1 folder
Advertisement of a health spa.

Fuhrmann, Richard, Lantern Slide Collection, (P0048)
702 lantern slides
Lantern slides of turn-of-the-twentieth century St. Louis by local physician Richard Fuhrmann. Includes the area later razed for the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. Medical lecture slides included.


Gage, John Bailey, Papers, 1887-1970, (K0254)
0.60 cubic foot (22 folders)
The John Bailey Gage Papers consists of correspondence primarily relating to the Midwest Research Institute (MRI). Many of these letters have attachments, most of which are the agendas and the meeting minutes of the institution’s Executive Committee of the Board of Governors. Also included are copies of by-laws and reports on income and expenses. Additional materials include speeches made by Gage, photographs, certificates, programs, and a title of abstract for the Gage Addition to Kansas City.

Gaines, James A., Papers, 1842-1876 (C0425)
3 folders, typed copies; 1 roll of microfilm
Letters to Lou Bell and Jennie Bell Gaines from relatives and Confederate prisoner at Johnson's Island, Ohio, describing St. Louis, freed Negroes, and cholera epidemic; U.S Army Argus-Extra with Price-Fremont letters on exchange of prisoners and protection of civilians; biography of Mortimer Gaines. Microfilm has over 300 receipts of Dr. Gaines, 1850s and 1860s.

General Hospital Letter, (K1365)
0.02 cubic foot (2 folders)
General Hospital Letter contains a two-page letter written by Dr. Thomas F. Miller concerning personal affairs and personnel conditions at the hospital in August 1917. Also included are two unidentified photographs, dated August 1959.

Gersten/Rhine correspondence, 1961-1962, (SA0890)
1 Folder
Photocopies of correspondence between Martha Gersten of St. Louis and Earl Rhine. Rhine worked the Tom Dooley at his clinic in Laos. Includes some photocopied photographs.

Gingrich, Newell S., "Some Facts & Recollections of the History..Department of Physics..MU Columbia," 1981, (C0677) 4 folders
Typescript, largely written by Gingrich in 1974, which contains information on and reminiscences of the faculty, a history of departmental moves and addition of equipment, a history of the O.M. Stewart Fund, and a history of the Committee on Science Laboratories and Instruments.

Goebel, David, Astronomy Notebooks, 1840-1844, (C1110)
1 volume
Astronomical observations, records of barometric pressure and thermometer readings. Written in German.

Gondos, Bela (1903-2003) Papers, 1990, (K0807)
1 folder
"A Hungarian Shtetl. The Story and Its Lessons," writing by Dr. Gondos concerning his pre-Holocaust experiences.

Greater Kansas City Chapter of Hadassah Records, 1916-2010, (K0593)
20 cubic feet
Organizational records of a Jewish women's organization dedicated to strengthening the relationship between the United States and Israel.

Greater Kansas City Heart Association 1951 Heart Fund Scrapbook, (K1247)
0.1 cubic foot (1 folder)
The Greater Kansas City Heart Association 1951 Heart Fund Scrapbook is a single volume created by W.F. Shoemaker, campaign director of the 1951 Heart Fund and staff member of the Kansas City public relations firm Cumerford, Inc. The scrapbook includes clippings, printed material, and fundraising correspondence.

Green, A.P. (1875-1956), Papers, 1926-1958 (C2960)
29 linear feet
Business and personal papers of a Mexico, Missouri, fire brick manufacturer. Correspondence with family members; business associates in U.S., Europe, and South America; as trustee of Westminster College and member of Board of Visitors of University of Missouri; and with miscellaneous business and charitable organizations.

Guthrie, Charles Claude, Sr. (1880-1963), Scientific Papers, 1898-1970, (C3108)
23 linear feet, 87 volumes
Correspondence, research notes, manuscripts, family history, reprints, books, and microscope slides of a physician, professor of physiology, inventor, and pioneer researcher in the field of vascular surgery with Alexis Carrel.


Hadden, Stuart T. (1911-1987), Papers, 1931-1967, (C3845)
45 folders
Papers of Stuart Tracey Hadden, a chemical engineer whose research included the statistical mechanics of liquid hydrocarbons. The papers consist of correspondence, memos, copies of reports and professional papers, some printed material, and scientific notes, graphs, lists and tables.

Hamilton, Mrs. Henry W., Collection, 1885-1897, (C2810)
2 folders
Pamphlets, brochures, and letters advertising organs, sewing machines, pills, electric belts, and various items of medical quackery. Items are primarily from the Pulvermacher Galvanic Company, the German Electric Agency, World's Dispensary Medical Association, and the Omaha Medical and Surgical Institute. Also included are probate and business documents , genealogical material, farm records material, Mississippi River hydrography survey, medicinal treatments, day book and scrapbook.

Hammond, Harry E., "Historical Sketch of the Department of Physics, Univ. of Mo., 1839-1954", (C0633)
5 folders
History of the physics department and its work, 1839-1954. Includes photographs of physics lab equipment and one image of the chancellor’s home on the University of Missouri campus.

Harper, H.W., Chemists' and Druggists' Diary, 1876, (C4241)
0.1 cubic feet (1 folder)
A Chemists' and Druggists' Diary, 1876, which includes notations on weather, social life, and business in Boonville, Missouri.

Harpham, Edwin L., Notes, n.d., (C2769)
1 folder
The papers contain notes for dinner speech on ballistics prepared for a Technological Club banquet. Also includes a typed copy.

Henson, Lafayette (1858-1919), Papers, 1876-1938 (C0114)
0.3 linear feet
Correspondence and other papers of a physician of Galena, Missouri, who graduated from the Missouri Medical College, St. Louis, in 1882. Class notes taken while a student at Missouri Medical College. Account book containing bills for medical attendance.

Hirsch, Irma Lou (1934- ) Papers, ca. 1967-ca. 1975, (K0729)
4 cubic feet
Hirsch was Assistant Director, Missouri Regional Medical Program, Kansas City Area Planning Office. Includes studies, surveys, various training programs, curriculum samples, committee reports, and articles that reflect the education and career mobility opportunities for students and professionals engaged in the allied health professions.

Home Health Care Alliance, Inc. Records, 1994-1999, (K0966)
7 cubic feet
The Alliance recruited, trained, and placed in-home care providers with cooperating agencies. Organizational records includes financial records, contracts, educational programing, minutes, and case files.

Hospice of Jefferson City and Mid-Missouri, Records, 1983-1995, (CA5732)
8 linear feet
Administrative and financial records of the organization, 1983-1995.

Hospital No. 1, Fulton, Missouri, History, 1914, (C2713)
1 folder
The papers contain an informal history of the state mental hospital, 1847-1912.

Hubbard, Spencer M., Papers, 1849-1902, (R0676)
4 folders
These are miscellaneous papers of Spencer M. Hubbard, physician and county clerk of Texas County, Missouri. Included are personal papers as well as items of county business. There is also the medical account book of Spencer's father, Dr. John H. Hubbard, 1849-1852, and minutes of the Texas County Medical Association, 1888.

Hughes/Simmons Drug Store Records, ca. 1872-1960, (K0133)
87 volumes, 238 folders
Business records of a drug store in Liberty, MO: daybooks; journals; want books; an inventory book; a poison register; and invoices for goods purchased by store, which display late nineteenth and early twentieth century illustrated letterheads with representations of the buildings and goods of the firms.


Rupe, J. N. & Sons, Account Book, 1887-1903, (C2474)
1 volume
The papers contain the account book of a general store owner and physician in Edgerton, Missouri; both types of accounts are entered in the book.

Jackson County Medical Society Collection, 1859-1838, (K0088)
2 cubic feet
Notes on different medical societies, professional journals, medical colleges, and health facilities in the Kansas City Metropolitan area. Biographical sketches on physicians, surgeons, and some dentists in the area make up the bulk of the collection. Also included are miscellaneous papers and photographs.

Jacobs, David S. (1931- ) Collection, 1980-2001, (K0923)
2 volumes
Two medical volumes edited by Dr. Jacobs.

Jefferson Davis Griffith Chapter-Association of Military Surgeons of the United States Records, (K0112)
0.03 cubic feet (3 folders)
The collection pertains to the Association of Military Surgeons of the United States (AMSUS), Jefferson Davis Griffith Chapter. The records primarily consist of correspondence to and from Major E.H. Trowbridge, president of the Jefferson Davis Griffith Chapter. The correspondence focuses on the attempt by members to gain support in hosting the 1937 national meeting in Kansas City, Missouri, and in the formation of the local Kansas City chapter. In addition, there are regional and national membership rosters for the association.

John H. Walters Hospice of Central Missouri, Records, 1975-1990 , (C3926)
2.5 linear feet
The records of the John H. Walters Hospice of Central Missouri consist of correspondence, financial and administrative records, committee reports, minutes, meeting agendas, memos, personnel records, organization and dissolution records, and miscellaneous material.

Johnson, Charles Montgomery ( -1910), Record Books, 1855-1905, (C0271)
24 volumes on 4 rolls of microfilm
Collection of twelve daybooks, 1855-1900, and twelve ledger books, 1865-1905, which give a daily record of visits made and fees charged by Dr. Charles M. Johnson and other doctors who practiced with him in St. Charles, Missouri.

Johnstone, Paul Nugent (1900-1973) Papers, 1956-1967, (K0138)
0.3 cubic foot
Scrapbook kept by Johnstone, a noted physician in Kansas City, MO, of news clippings, correspondence and other material, and the professional reaction to his article, "Studies in the Etiology and Treatment of Acute Renal Failure."


Kansas City Academy of Medicine Records (K0187)
0.1 cubic foot (4 folders, 1 oversize photograph)
The Kansas City Academy of Medicine Records contain a history and minutes of the Kansas City Academy of Medicine. The records also include a calendar, an event program, and a photograph. The collection covers the period 1890-1924.

Kansas City College of Veterinary Medicine Records, 1905, (K1029)
3 folders
Includes diplomas and class composite photographs.

Kansas City Medical Library Club Records (K0186)
0.16 cubic foot (12 folders)
The Kansas City Medical Library Club Records consist of subscription cards for the Kansas City Medical Library Club and miscellaneous correspondence and notes, dated 1911 to 1920.

Kenkichi Furuichi Papers, 1921-1924, (K0358)
0.3 cubic foot
Correspondence in both Japanese and English; some financial material; class notes; one photograph; and some ephemeral material. Furuichi graduated from the Kansas City-Western Dental College and was a dentist in Kansas City KS.

Kern, Maximilian Gottlieb (1825-1916), Lecture Notes, 1842-1843, (C3129)
2 folders
Botany lecture notes, in German, taken by Kern at the University of Tubingen in the classes of Hugo Mohl and Dr. Maerklin. Kern was later on the botany faculty of the University of Missouri.

Kimball, Charles Newton (1911-1994) Papers, 1911-1991, (K0055)
44 cubic feet
Personal and professional papers of a scientist, civic leader, and president of the Midwest Research Institute encompassing a range of economic and community development activities regionally and nationally.

Kinyoun, John H. (1825-1903), Account Books, 1859-1898, (C3863)
7 volumes, 1 folder
Ledgers, cash book and miscellaneous receipts, bills and advertisements of John Hendricks Kinyoun, a doctor in Centerview, Johnson County, Missouri.

Kirksville College of Osteopathy and Surgery, "Notes on the Journal of Osteopathy, 1894-1964." [1964], (C2177)
1 folder
History and purpose of the JOURNAL OF OSTEOPATHY.

Knox, Andrew Christy (1874-1954) Papers, 1900-1951, (K0510)
1 cubic foot
Diaries, notebooks, some correspondence, and financial records of Knox, a physician in Kansas City, MO.


Ladd, George E., (R1493)
0.5 cubic foot (5 volumes)
The George E. Ladd Papers include photograph albums containing images and engineering reports of landslides and property destruction caused by soil erosion including images of failed railroad lines and train wrecks in Missouri, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, California, Tennessee, New York, Ohio, and southern Italy.

Lafayette County Medical Association Book, 1879-1903, (C0860)
1 folder
Minutes, register of doctors, accounts, copy of medical fee bill, and photograph. The association was located in Higginsville, MO.

Lake Spring Mercantile, Records, 1866-1941, (R0171)
7 volumes
These are account ledgers and daybooks of a general store at Lake Spring in the northwestern corner of Dent County, Missouri. The business was operated, first, by John Hyer and John R. Flora, and, then, by Alexander C. Donnan.

Lankford, John, Papers, (CA4622)
0.4 linear feet
Correspondence, financial records, and viewing records on Cilly-Davis Observatory. Addition.

Lankford, John E., Papers, (CA5175)
8.7 cubic feet
Addition to papers of a history professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Includes correspondence, publications, research and teaching materials, biographical information, photographs, poetry, and miscellaneous.

Leake, Harold H. (1891-1978) and Dorothy V. (1893-1990), Papers, 1841-1990, (C4011)
40.25 linear feet, 4 card files, 9 audio discs, 8 video cassettes
The papers of Harold H. Leake, music teacher, radio broadcaster, and Episcopal priest, and Dorothy V. Leake, educator and biologist, consist of correspondence, radio scripts, manuscripts, diaries, subject files, and other materials relating to the personal and professional lives of the Leakes and their family.

Lenoir-Nifong Family, Papers, 1813-1955, (C3656)
1.6 linear feet
The papers of a Boone County, Missouri, family with roots in North Carolina, include correspondence, genealogical information, and daybooks of a physician, Frank G. Nifong, who married Lavinia Bradford Lenoir.

Lewis, Eugene R. (1853-1901) Papers, 1853-1901, (K0326)
11 folders
Scrapbook of newspaper clippings about the medical field, railroads, politics, and items Kansas City physician Lewis personally found interesting. Topics include the University of Kansas City Medical department (not to be confused with UMKC), various medical associations, historical sketches of people, papers written by Dr. Lewis, and the Women's Medical College of Kansas City, MO.

Lewis, Meriwether (1774-1809), Astronomy Notebook [1805] (C1074)
1 volume
Set of formulae prepared by Robert Patterson of Philadelphia for Lewis to use in determining geographical locations by astronomical observation. Also includes a “sketch given us by Yallept, the principal chief of the Wollah-wollah nation,” and a drawing, probably by Lewis. Microfilm copy available for loan. A use copy of the notebook is also available on CD and online.

Lingenfelder, Julius, Papers, 1876-1934, (C4167)
0.5 cubic feet
The papers of Dr. Julius Lingenfelder contain a typescript copy of his book, The Physician as Leader of the New Era, family correspondence, a scrapbook containing correspondence and news clippings, 1915-1920, and school certificates, including his medical diploma.

Luckey, Thomas D., (1919-1973), Papers, 1946-1966, (C3119)
3.5 linear feet
The papers contain correspondence and miscellaneous reprints of a biochemist of the University of Missouri Medical School, whose fields of research included nutrition and metabolism of germ-free vertebrates, folic acid and related compounds in chick nutrition, and nutrition of zoo animals.

Luckey, Thomas D. (1919-1973), Papers, (CA4613)
13 linear feet
Research data, reference files, class lecture materials, and some correspondence of a professor of biochemistry interested in germ free research and nutrition.


Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter Records, (CA4222)
6 linear feet
Correspondence, submitted articles, and journal copies, 1920s-1980s.

Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter Records, (CA4299)
0.1 cubic feet
Addition of photocopied correspondence from 1932-1933; mailing list material, 1980; maize linkage map; and journals, 1984-1985.

Mallinckrodt, Edward, Jr. (1878-1967), Papers, 1798-1981, (S0452)
1321 Folders, 17 Volumes
The Edward Mallinckrodt, Jr. papers document the Mallinckrodt family history; Edward Mallinckrodt, Jr.'s personal efforts in science, medicine, conservation, and education; his activities as Chairman of the Board of Mallinckrodt Chemical Works, and the corporate operations in manufacturing and product development.

Marbut, Curtis Fletcher (1863-1935), Papers, (CA4778)
2.15 linear feet
Addition of correspondence, family papers, lectures, and miscellaneous papers of a geology professor at the University of Missouri, 1895-1910.

Marbut, Curtis Fletcher (1863-1935), Papers, 1852-1963, (C3720)
4.4 linear feet
The personal and professional papers of C. F. Marbut, a geology professor at the University of Missouri, 1895-1910, and soil scientist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1910-1935, includes correspondence, estate and financial records, photographs, publications, manuscripts, and maps. The personal correspondence received by Louise Marbut Moomaw and a short series of Civil War letters are also included in the papers. See also collection 3721, the Curtis Fletcher Marbut Papers, 1901-1943, 1981-1983.

Marbut, Curtis Fletcher (1863-1935), Papers, 1901-1943, 1981-1983, (C3721)
0.5 linear feet
The personal and professional papers of C. F. Marbut, a geology professor at University of Missouri, 1895-1910, and soil scientist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1910-1935, include correspondence, estate and financial records, photographs, notes, architectural drawings and specifications, and ephemeral materials. See also collection 3720, the Curtis Fletcher Marbut Papers, 1852-1963.

Maries County, Missouri, Medical Registers, 1871-1909, (R0319)
2 folders, photocopies
These are registers, 1871-1900 and 1893-1909, of physicians, surgeons, pharmacists and dentists in Maries County, Missouri. The registers list the dates and locations of medical training, or certificates granted by state boards in lieu of examinations.

Martin Letters, 1892-1893, (C2021)
1 folder
Health of Lizzie and Emma.

Martin, Woodford (1843-1929) Papers, 1905-1926, (K0179)
1 volume
Patient register kept by Martin, a physician, in Savannah, and first official physician for Andrew County, MO. Lists the patient's names and the services he rendered. Indexed.

McAuliffe, Eugene, Papers (R0409)
0.25 cubic foot (4 folders, 217 photographs)
The Eugene McAuliffe Papers contain the personal correspondence, and photograph album of mining and railway engineer Eugene McAuliffe. The album contains views of the construction of the Panama Canal and a tour of the canal by a group from the American Institute of Mining Engineers in 1910.

McComb, James, Papers, 1852-1926, (R0238)
8 folders
These are papers of Dr. James McComb, an early physician of Laclede County, Missouri. The papers include medical notebooks and treatment records, Civil War papers, McComb's autobiography, and family correspondence following his death.

McDonnell Space Program In St. Louis (1957-2008), (S0759)
37 Folders (1 Box), 125 Photographs, 35 Graphic Images, 2 Audio Compact Discs, 16 Mini DV Tapes, 3 DVDs
The McDonnell Space Program in St. Louis documents the role of St. Louisians in the Mercury and, more specifically, Gemini space program. The collection consists of a wide assortment of materials, including: newspaper clippings; correspondence; Project Gemini schematics and diagrams; Gemini/Mercury brochures; graphic scans; photographic scans; employee awards; McDonnell Airscoop Newsletters (on microfilm, see sl758); MiniDV video tapes, compact audio discs; DVD video discs; and press kits. Most materials in the collection date to 1960-1966. The youngest materials are found in the Mike de Garcia folder and date to 2007. The collection is broken down by donor, with photographs, CDs/DVDs, and MiniDV tapes at the end of the collection.

McNabney, Elaine Hydeman (1943-2005) Papers, 1973-1991, (K0702)
1 cubic feet
Materials gathered by McNabney, a former nurse, concerning the old General Hospital of Kansas City. She was very involved with the "Save the General Hospital" campaign.

Medicine In The Jungle Web Exhibit, Collection, 1959-1999, (S0651)
8 Folders, 2 Oral History Interviews, Artifacts
This collection is a compilation of material gathered by Sonya McDonald during her research and creation of a web exhibit, Medicine in the Jungle: Dr. Thomas Dooley and Earl Rhine in Laos, using the Earl Rhine Papers and the Thomas A. Dooley Papers. Information in the collection ranges from 1959 to 2002.

Meiners, Edwin P. (1893-1960), Collection, 1825-1960, (C3722)
7.1 linear feet
The papers of a St. Louis physician and entomologist include personal correspondence with amateur and professional entomologists concerning entomology and the exchange of specimens for Meiners's insect collection and collections of correspondence of nineteenth and twentieth century entomologists, naturalists, and natural history organizations.

Menorah Medical Center Auxiliary Directory, (K1391)
0.05 cubic foot (1 folder)
The Menorah Medical Center Auxiliary Directory contains a 1994-1996 membership directory book for the Menorah Medical Center Auxiliary.

Meteorite Postcard, 1909, (R1365)
1 folder
The Meteorite Postcard Collection consists of a postcard written by Dr. Samuel B. Rowe to Dr. C.A. Peterson. The postcard concerns fragments of a meteorite in Rowe’s possession.

Menorah Legacy Foundation Collection, (K1075)
0.1 cubic foot  (5 folders)
This collection contains materials related to the history of Menorah Medical Center. Newspaper clippings, reports, and photocopies of documents detail the development of the hospital along with the Arthur Mag Distinguished Leadership Award, named after one of the hospital’s earliest directors.

Menorah Medical Center Records, 1919-2004, (K1077)
43 cubic feet
Records relating to the Menorah Medical Center Auxiliary, to land transactions of the Medical Center, and to the history and public relation of Menorah Hospital, established by the Jewish community in in 1930.

Middlebush, Frederick A. (1890-1971), Papers, 1932-1962 (C3302)
35.3 linear feet
The papers of Frederick A. Middlebush contain records pertaining to his position as president of the University of Missouri, such as correspondence, press releases, memos, reports, articles, and pamphlets, as well as personal papers. In addition, there are papers regarding his activities as a member of the Commission on the Financing of Higher Education, Navy Civilian Advisory Board, and Committee on the Present Danger, the Presbyterian Church, the National Science Board, and the National Science Foundation.

Midland Ophthalmological Society Minute Book, 1896-1899 (C0272)
1 folder
Constitution, bylaws regulating membership, officers, and funds of Society; meeting in Kansas City for Midwestern states and territories; minutes kept by secretaries H.D. Jeramitz, J.F. Wood, J.W. Sherer, and F.T. Reyling, giving actions of Society and accounts of medical problems discussed; paper on recurrent keratitis; letter from Dr. J.W. Banister, 1898.

Millington, Seth, Account, 1815-1817, (C1796)
1 folder
The collection contains a bill of Doctor Millington against the estate of John Scott for the amount of $72.25 due for visits and medicines.

Missouri Academy of Science, Records, (CA4648)
10.8 linear feet
Records and publications of an organization founded to increase and diffuse scientific knowledge.

Missouri Academy of Science, Records, (CA4801)
1 linear foot
Correspondence and materials relating to the Academy collected by Newell S. Gingrich. Includes publications.

Missouri Academy of Science, Records, (CA5052)
7 linear feet
Addition of organizational and administrative records. Correspondence, abstracts, publications, committee materials, annual meeting materials and other records.

Missouri Academy of Science, Records, (CA5514)
0.2 linear feet
Addition of minutes of the Executive Council meetings with attachments and issues of BULLETIN, 1994-1995.

Missouri Academy of Science, Records, (CA5588)
0.1 linear feet
Addition of Council meeting minutes, memorandum, and annual meeting program, 1994-1995.

Missouri Academy of Science, Records, (CA5657)
7 linear feet
Addition of annual meeting and financial records, ca. 1976-1993.

Missouri Academy of Science, Records, (CA5673)
12 linear feet
Addition of correspondence, annual meeting files, membership records, photographs, and other materials of the Society, ca. 1982-1992.

Missouri Archaeological Society, Records, 1934-1983, (C0780)
10.7 linear feet
The records of an organization of amateur and professional archaeologists headquartered in Columbia, Missouri. Includes extensive members' correspondence, membership lists, executive committee correspondence, annual meeting notes, activities of local chapters, financial records, newspaper clippings, and photographs. This collection documents and illustrates the members' archaeological interests and the organization's efforts to protect and preserve the archaeological resources of Missouri.

Missouri Archaeological Society, Records, (CA4759)
1 folder
Correspondence, minutes, reports and archaeological site surveys of the Big Bend Archaeological Society of Marshall, MO.

Missouri League for Nursing, Inc., Records, (CA4598)
4 linear feet
Records of a professional organization concerned with nursing and nursing education.

Missouri League for Nursing, Inc., Records, (CA4860)
5.4 linear feet
Records of a professional organization concerned with nursing and nursing education.

Missouri League for Nursing, Inc., Records, (CA5072)
6 linear feet
Addition of state board reviews, workshop materials, programs, and convention materials for 1983-1987.

Missouri League for Nursing, Inc., Records, (CA5092)
3.5 linear feet
Addition of convention records, program evaluations, and state review board materials, c. 1987-1989.

Missouri Lumber & Mining Co., Papers, 1888-1918, (R0140)
7 volumes, 2 folders
These are papers of Dr. Alexander Johnston, Chief Surgeon of the Missouri Lumber and Mining Company at Grandin, Carter County, Missouri. The collection consists primarily of records of the Employees Hospital Association of the lumber company, with miscellaneous material from the Congregational Church at Grandin.

Missouri Nurses Association, Records, (CA4451)
33 linear feet
Correspondence, insurance records, convention materials, officers' reports, and committee material of a professional organization.

Missouri Nurses Association, Records, (CA5487)
62 linear feet
Addition of correspondence, reports, legislative files, membership records, publications and other materials.

Missouri Public Health Association, Records, (CA5862)
10.2 linear feet
Minutes of Board of Directors meetings, newsletters, conference material, and miscellaneous organizational records.

Missouri Regional Medical Program, Records, (CA4109)
83 linear feet
Material on medical care, economics, and state Medicare. The Missouri Regional Medical Program was founded in 1966 and reorganized and renamed the Missouri Kidney Program in 1976.

Missouri Regional Medical Program, Records, (CA4270)
9 linear feet
Correspondence alphabetically arranged. Bulk 1973-1977.

Missouri Regional Medical Program, Records, (CA4279)
4 linear feet
Addition of project files.

Missouri Regional Medical Program, Records, (CA4297)
2 linear feet
Committee meetings, agendas, and minutes, 1970-1975.

Missouri Regional Medical Program, Records, (CA4302)
8 films, 2 audio tapes
Addition of eight 16 mm movies and two audio tapes.

Missouri Regional Medical Program Records, (CA4359)
4 linear feet
Addition of publications and some project files.

Missouri Regional Medical Program, Records, (CA4461)
2 linear feet
Addition. Material on subcontracts, arranged alphabetically.

Missouri Regional Medical Program, Records, (CA4547)
3 linear feet
Addition of annual reports, material on the Kidney Foundation, and miscellaneous material, 1970s.

Missouri Regional Medical Program, Papers, (CA4758)
3 folders
Addition. Missouri Regional Medical Program copyright and emblem materials.

Missouri Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights Records (S0805)
0.5 cubic foot (14 folders)
The Missouri Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights (MO/RCAR) was a nonprofit corporation that connected people to abortion, family planning, and counseling service providers and educated the public about reproductive rights. The collection primarily contains pro-choice flyers, brochures, and fact sheets MO/RCAR collected and distributed to the public. Also included in this collection is correspondence from and relating to the Missouri Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights, the national Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights, and other pro-choice organizations.

Missouri Ruralist Photographs, (P0030)
6.67 cubic feet (480 folders)
Photos from the agriculture magazine "Missouri Ruralist."

Missouri Veterinary Medical Foundation, Oral History Project, Records, (CA5780)
2.5 linear feet, 62 audio cassettes, 100 audio tapes
Records of a project to document the history of veterinary medicine in Missouri, consisting of audio recordings of interviews with retired Missouri vets, 1975-1976, interview records, and related material.

Missouri. Cavalry, 1st Regiment, Volunteers, Company K, Papers, 1861-1887, (C1022)
0.2 cu. feet
Invoices of ordnance, receipts, lists of quartermaster's property, requisitions and miscellaneous papers issued to and by Captain Homer Quick.

Missouri. Infantry, 45th Regiment, Volunteers, Company I, Sick Report, 1864-1865, (C3860)
1 volume
Sick report kept by Sgt. Richard B. Corson, listing soldiers in General Hospitals in Jefferson City and Nashville, TN, or confined to quarters.

Morris, Wilson C. (1877-1947), Papers, (CA5205)
0.2 linear feet
Papers of a physics professor at State Normal School at Warrensburg, MO. Includes a typed manuscript of "Physics in the Secondary Schools" and State Normal School Bulletin of 1915-1916.

Morrow, W.I.I. (1802-1876), Papers, 1839, 1852, (C2051)
1 folder
Positive photostat copy of a day by day account of the journey of Morrow, attending physician to a party of emigrating Cherokee Indians, c. 20 February-24 March 1839. Two typescript copies of a diary also included. Copy of 1852 letter from Morrow regarding use of liquor among Seneca Indians near Enterprise, MO.

Moulder Family, Papers, 1873-1987, (CG0012)
0.2 cubic feet (7 folders)
The papers of the Moulder family contain photographs, letters, postcards, and family papers. The materials were primarily produced while residing in Morley and Crowder, Missouri.

Mumpower, Daniel L. (1882-1969) and Edith B. (1889-1977), Papers, 1913-1971, (C3900)
0.8 linear feet
Correspondence, photographs, and miscellaneous papers of Methodist missionaries to the Belgian Congo. The Mumpower family along with two other couples were the first white missionaries to the Otetela village of Wembo-Nyama in the central region of the Belgian Congo, now Zaire.


Nash, Helen, (SA0945)
2 Cassettes
Helen Nash, MD, interviewed by Marion Hunt, 4/2/09.

NASA Skylab Collection 1965-1979, (S0831)
459 Photographs, 24 Folders
The collection contains 459 color and black & white photographs. Also included are technical and informational books/publications. The photographs are primarily focused on Skylab's Airlock Module and Multiple Docking Adapter (MDA). The folders are divided into two series: 1) Photographs and 2) Books, Pamphlets, and Publications.

Nathaniel Chapman Medical Lectures, (K0111)
0.3 cubic foot (3 folders, 3 volumes)
The collection consists of three volumes of lecture notes of medical classes taken by students of Nathaniel Chapman at the Medical Institute of Philadelphia. Topics include human anatomy, the circulatory system, and many different fevers that were prevalent during the time period. The volumes were owned by several different students, and added to over time and used as textbooks.

National Congress of Parents and Teachers, Rolla Circle, Rolla, Missouri, Minute Book, 1927-1930, (R0492)
1 volume
This is a minute book of the Rolla chapter of the National Congress of Parents and Teachers. Within the volume the chapter refers to itself as the "Rolla Parent-Teacher Association" and similar variants. Included are minutes of meetings from 1 April 1927 through 13 May 1930.

Neurological Hospital Association of Kansas City Records, 1935-1973, (K0800)
8 cubic feet
Organizational records of the Neurological Hospital, formally known as the Robinson Sanitarium or Clinic. Included in this collection are materials concerning correspondence, meeting minutes, financial records, public relations, the Robinson Memorial Fund, personnel papers, legal documents, and other various administrative records, chiefly from the 1960s.

Newton County Health Unit, Neosho, Missouri, Annual Report, 1944, (R0801)
1 booklet
This is "Your Health Department," the third annual report for the Newton County Health Unit of Neosho, Missouri. It includes summaries of public health efforts and community health services in Newton County.

Nodaway County Medical Society Papers, 1928-1933, (C1610)
1 folder
The papers of the Nodaway County Medical Society contain announcements of Nodaway County Medical Society meetings and lectures and staff meetings of St. Francis Hospital, Maryville, MO, 1928-1933. Dr. Charles D. Humberd was secretary of the Society.

Nursing Heritage Foundation Collection, 1890s-1994, (K0247)
107 cubic feet
Newsletters, journals, printed materials, organizational records, and other items concerning various national, state, and local nursing associations. Also regarding nursing education, continuing education, historical associations, and affiliated interest groups, as well as personal papers of Laura Linebach, historian for the Foundation.


Palmer, Ernest Jesse (1875-1962), Papers, 1891-9162 (C3405)
7 linear feet
The papers of Ernest Jesse Palmer contain correspondence between Palmer and his associates in fields of botany, geology and archaeology. Most of collection deals with identification of plant species, especially the hawthorn (Crataegus). Also included is correspondence with his family in Webb City, Missouri, and W.D. Rush, a life-long friend.

Palmer, Vincent And Lucie, Papers, 1927-1987, (S0817)
11 Boxes
The collection contains personal and business correspondence, receipts, newspapers clippings, 16mm films and personal notes regarding lectures and films. The films have been cleaned and spliced onto 400 foot reels

Paquin, Paul (1860- ), Papers, 1889-1892 (C1024)
16 folders
Contains correspondence and papers of Paul Paquin, Missouri State Veterinarian and founder of the pathology and hygiene laboratories in the Missouri State University before the main building burned in 1892. Includes letters to and from his assistants as well as stock-raisers and personal acquaintances.

Parker, James W. (1822-1907) Records, 1851-1872, (K0148)
5 volumes
Financial, medical journals (listing patient name, ailment, treatment and charge for the service), and other records of Parker, a physician in Westport, MO prior to the Civil War. The records also include information on the overland trade in which Parker invested, both in Westport and in Nebraska City, NE.

Parrish, John C. (1854-1944), Papers, 1877-1954, (C0034)
5.4 linear feet
Correspondence, business papers, and account books of John C. Parrish of Vandalia, Missouri. He was a member of the board of curators of the University of Missouri, 1905-1917; held interests in the lead and zinc mining industry in Missouri and Oklahoma; and was active in the Republican Party in Missouri.

Patton, John F., Collection, 1847-1937, (C4176)
0.8 cubic feet (15 folders)
Account books of Dr. William S. Campbell of Albany, Missouri; medical student's notebook, University of Louisville, 1855-1856; two volumes of Physician's Record of Prescriptions, concerning prescribing intoxicating liquors, 1924-1925; Physician's Daily Visiting List and Record, 1927; Jenkins P. Robertson's personal account book, 1847; D.A.R. correspondence, diplomas, and miscellany, 1930-1932.

Perkins, Marlin (1905-1986), Papers, 1873-1991, (S0516)
2 Audio Cassettes, 11 Dictatapes, 32 Films
The Marlin Perkins Papers document the career, activities, and passions of Dr. R. Marlin Perkins. The collections consists of a wide assortment of materials, including: family keepsakes; newspaper clippings; correspondence; zoo documents ranging from business to animal feeding cards; Mutual of Omaha documents ranging from business contracts to equipment lists; maps; archaeological records; publications; zoological findings; documents regarding foreign issues; documents regarding conservation and ecology; scrapbooks; photographs; dictatape; cassette tapes; and reel to reel films. The oldest materials in the collection are found in the Family Papers series and date to the year 1873. The youngest materials are found in both the Newspaper Clippings and Publications and date to the year 1991.

Perkins, Marlin, Addenda, (SA0957)
1 box
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Pernot, Eugene, Daybook, 1848-1853, (R0215)
1 volume
This is a daybook of a physician at Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. The daily entries list the patients treated and medicines prescribed from July 1848 through December 1853. An index is available.

Pettit, Charles, Papers, 1737, 1859, 1864, (C0385)
1 folder
Indenture between Theobold, Earl of Carlingford, and Charles Brett, 1737; letter to French poet Alphonse de Lamartine and his reply, 1859; and patent materials.

Petty, James Harvey (1830-1888), Day Book, 1863-1872, (C3421)
1 folder, 1 volume
The papers contain a record of medical services rendered and fees charged by Dr. J.H. Petty. Alphabetical index of names listed in day book precedes the volume.

Phantom Flyer, Newsletters, 1975-1985, (S0795)
5 Folders
Issues of Phantom Flyer published by the McDonnell Scales Modelers Club. Arranged in reverse chronological order.

Phelps County, Missouri, Hospital Bond Campaign Leaflet, 1946, (R0337)
1 folder
This is a leaflet promoting a bond issue for construction of a public hospital in Phelps County, Missouri. The proposition was accepted by voters in the general election of 5 November 1946. The Phelps County Memorial Hospital opened at Rolla in 1951. It is now (1988) known as the Phelps County Regional Medical Center.

Phelps County Memorial Hospital, Rolla, Missouri, Scrapbook, 1949-1950, (R1293)
1 volume
The collection consists of a scrapbook of newspaper clippings and black and white photographs documenting construction of the Phelps County Memorial Hospital in Rolla, Missouri, 1949-1950. Newspaper accounts include coverage of the ground breaking ceremony on 1 July 1949 and completion of the building's exterior in October 1950. The bulk of the scrapbook consists of over a hundred "Kodak" views (nearly all 3 ¾ by 5 ¾ inch prints) showing sequential progression of showing site preparation and completion of the hospital's exterior. Clair V. Mann made the photographs for architect Friton; Mann's typed index and a description of the photographs are tipped in at the beginning of the scrapbook.

Phelps County Regional Medical Center Auxiliary, Records, 1950-2001, (R1262)
32 volumes
These are minutes of meetings, printed newsletters, and scrapbooks of the Phelps County Regional Medical Center Auxiliary at Rolla, Missouri. Organized in 1950 as a women's auxiliary to the Phelps County Memorial Hospital, the Auxiliary grew to coordinate a number of programs including volunteer services, fundraising, programs for youths, and nursing scholarships.

Physicians For Social Responsibility, Records, 1977-1993, (S0660)
211 Folders, 9 Cassettes
The collection has four series: 1. Records, 1977-1993; 2. Publications, 1982-1990; 3. Cassettes, 1983-1987 (T660.1-T660.9); Buttons, 1984. A comprehensive history of the national PSR by Mary Neal appears in folders 121-124.

Planned Parenthood Association Of St. Louis (1932- ), Records, 1930-1975, (S0195)
5 Microfilm Rolls
The Planned Parenthood Association of St. Louis records of 1930-1975 document the group's founding in 1932 as the Maternal Health Association of Missouri, its transformation to Planned Parenthood Association of Missouri in 1943, and growth in the post-war period. The collection is divided into nine series: 1. Administration; 2. National Federations; 3. Birth Control; 4. World Population; 5. Education; 6. Birth Control Review; 7. Population Bulletin; 8. Photographs and Tape Recordings; 9. Scrapbook; and 10. Stationery and Newsclippings.

Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri, Collection, (CA6294)
7 cubic feet, oversize
INVENTORY. The collection includes newspaper clippings mostly from Missouri newspapers regarding all aspects of the abortion issue in America, including politics, protests, sexual health, women’s health, legislation, Supreme Court cases, population control, and birth control. Also included is a small amount of printed material and informational posters on the AIDS crisis.

Preisler, Paul William (1902-1971) Papers, 1902-1971, (S0235)
222 Folders, 93 Photos
Paul Preisler’s papers document his careers as a teacher, bio-chemist, photographer, union organizer, lawyer and political activist. His earliest public campaigns included opposition to the Food and Drug Act and to change the two-thirds majority requirement to pass school taxes. As the first president of the St. Louis chapter of the American Federation of Teachers (Local 420), he successfully lobbied for the rights of teachers to unionize. He ran in several St. Louis school board elections. During the Depression Preisler became the chairman of the Central Committee of St. Louis’ Socialist Party. Later, he was instrumental in ousting three AFT local from the national union for their Communist affiliations. In the 1960s he was involved in several notable Congressional redistricting lawsuits.

Price, Janet Gale, Papers, (K0806)
0.11 cubic foot (6 folders)
This collection includes materials related to Janet Gale Price and her family. The collection also includes materials related to Mucolipidosis Type IV, a genetic disease prevalent among Jewish families.

Price, William, Account Books, 1837-1855, (C2480)
3 volumes
The collection contains business records of Dr. William Price.

Prince, S. Fred, Papers, (SP0005)
0.5 cubic feet, (12 folders)
The S. Fred Prince Papers document the work of a naturalist and illustrator who spent many years studying the geology and ecology of the Southwest Missouri Ozarks. They also include the research conducted by Suzanne Wilson (SP0004), a freelance writer who published an article in the Missouri Conservationist magazine about Prince’s life and work. The collection consists of copies of Prince’s unpublished original manuscripts along with interviews and correspondence that Wilson conducted with those who knew Prince or had possession of his work.

Pritchett College, Glasgow, Missouri, Board of Trustees’ Proceedings, 1868-1926, (C1209)
2 volumes
Articles of association; certificate of incorporation; charter granted by secretary of state of Missouri; by-laws; and reports of the president and treasurer and the director of Morrison Observatory, as incorporated in the minutes of the meetings of the board of trustees of the Pritchett School Institute (later Pritchett College) in Glasgow, MO.

Pritchett College, Glasgow, Missouri, Journal, 1877-1918, (C1208)
1 volume
Records of Pritchett College and Morrison Observatory. Salary, endowment, tuition, and real estate records are included.

Pritchett Family, Papers, 1753-1984, (C4013)
0.6 linear feet
The Pritchett Family Papers consist of correspondence, published volumes, genealogical information, legal documents, and various miscellaneous materials of Carr Waller Pritchett, Henry Smith Pritchett, and Ida Pritchett.

Pritchett School Institute, Glasgow, Missouri, Records, 1868-1906, (C0603)
3 folders
The records of the Pritchett School Institute contain yearly reports, correspondence concerning scholarships and hiring of teachers, expense accounts, and material relative to the Morrison Observatory.

Project Cavern Report Records (R1437)
0.2 cubic foot (2 folders)
The Project Cavern Report Records contains the evaluation and survey of voids within a fifty-mile radius of Rolla, Missouri, for use as a jet propulsion laboratory or industrial and civilian defense use.


Queen of the World Hospital Collection, 1951-1965, (K1132)
1 cubic foot
Hospital was begun by Catholic Archbishop Edwin V. O'Hara in Kansas City, MO. includes scrapbooks concerning the hospital containing minutes of meetings and the historian's yearly reports.


Rathenau, Walther (1867-1922), Letter, 1919, (C3761)
1 folder
Letter from Rathenau, head of Allgemeine Elektricitats-Gesellschaft (General Electric Company) of Berlin, to James Taft Hatfield setting up an appointment with him in Rathenau's office at AEG on 27 June 1919.

Ravenel, Mazÿck Porcher (1861-1946), Papers, 1884-1958, (C0578)
1.7 linear feet, 1 card file
Papers of a bacteriologist and teacher, including correspondence, notes, and other material. Information on disease research, health organizations, other scientists, World War I army life, the University of Wisconsin in 1914, and effects of World War II on Columbia, Missouri.

Rediscover Mental Health Services Records, ca. 1969-1995, (K0511)
41 cubic feet
Administrative records, board minutes, legislation on federal and state levels, community contact and involvement, funding and programs offered and administered by Rediscover and its predecessors.

Reese, Sherwood, Papers, 1878-1891, (R0380)
1 folder, photocopies
These are miscellaneous papers and family history of Dr. Sherwood Reese, a physician at Mountain View, Howell County, Missouri.

Reproductive Health Services, Inc. (1973- ), Scrapbooks, 1969-1984 , (S0197)
10 Volumes On Microfilm
Includes newsclippings about the 1976 court decision regarding parental and spousal consent, family planning, opposition to abortion and RHS, Dr. Zevallos' kidnapping in 1982, and the death of Diane Boyd in 1981.

Reveley, Thomas C., Class Materials, 1841-1842, (C0620)
1 folder
Syllabus and notes prepared for the studies on Materia Medica and Pharmacy, delivered in the University of Pennsylvania. Contains source, description, and use of various medicines.

Rhine, Earl Papers (S0627)
1.2 cubic feet (21 folders, 454 photographs, 2 oral history interviews)
The Earl Rhine Papers document Rhine’s medical humanitarian work with Dr. Thomas Dooley in Laos from 1958 to 1960, and his link with Dooley organizations and Laotian friends following his return to the United States.

Riordan, John J., Papers, (C4383)
2.4 cubic feet (55 folders, 81 photographs)
The John J. Riordan Papers document the World War I military career of a veterinary officer, his long and distinguished career as a professional veterinarian in Tarkio, Missouri, and his efforts to record his wartime experiences through the writing of his memoir, Horses, Mules and Remounts: The World War I Memoir of a Veterinary Officer. The book, published in California, was marketed by John F. Riordan, the author’s son. The collection covers the period 1917 to 1990 and includes personal correspondence, photographs, business papers, and multiple drafts of Riordan’s memoir as it evolved into its final form. The collection is notable for Riordan’s unique perspective on the war from the point of view of a veterinary officer. Of interest is a photograph featuring General John J. Pershing and several other high ranking generals as they review 40,000 troops in 1919. The papers have been organized chronologically.

Rogers-Banks Family, Papers, 1820-1878, (C2339)
3 folders
Papers of the Banks and Rogers families of Marion County, Missouri. Record book of Dr. Lynn Stanton Banks, physician and surgeon. Collection includes business and legal papers, Baptist church minutes, and physician records, 1854-1864.

Rose, Mark H. (1942- ) Papers, 1975-1991, (K1063)
6 cubic feet
Professional papers of Rose, Ph.D. in History, with specialties in cities, technology, business, and public policy. Includes correspondence; subject files concerned with conferences, meetings and symposia; the writing, publishing and presentation of articles and papers; and special projects; and grant applications he was asked to evaluate.

Rosen, Ralph (1904-1982), Papers, 1924-1982, (S0143)
132 Folders, 2 Oral Histories
The Ralph Rosen papers document the fluoridation controversy in St. Louis and Missouri from the late 1940's through the early 1980's, and in particular the actions of Rosen to convince others of its merits. The collection also contains pro and anti-fluoridation literature from around the country. Although some scientific and medical evidence is available in the collection, most of the material examines fluoridation as a public policy issue. The collection also provides some information on dental history and the St. Louis dental profession.

Rotoscope Collection (R1499)
11 cubic feet (23 folders, 50 reels 35mm film)
The Rotoscope Collection contains the personal papers of Rowe Carney, Jr., photographs, patents, schematics and design materials, promotional material, and 35mm reels of film related to the Rotoscope. Invented by Rowe Carney, Jr. of Rolla, Missouri, and Tom Smith of Urbana, Missouri, the Rotoscope is a single camera, single projection system capable of taking and projecting a scope of 180 degrees on one reel of film. The collection also includes film scripts written by Rowe 'Doc' Carney and correspondence related to the production of two of his films.

Ruschin, Siegfried "Fred" (1925-2008) Papers, ca. 1920s-2008, (K1193)
4 cubic feet
Personal records of Ruschin and his family, particularly relating to applications for restitution for losses in German under the Nazis; writings and other materials relating to Ruschin career as a librarian at Linda Hall Library; his volunteer work; and other interests, research, writing that he did.

Rusk, Howard A. (1901-1989), Papers, 1937-1991, (C3981)
24 linear feet, 13 audio tapes, 23 audio cassettes, 1 video tape, 7 video cassettes
The papers of Dr. Howard A. Rusk, considered to be the father of rehabilitation medicine, contain Rusk's correspondence and writings, publicity clippings, photographs, speeches, awards, and other materials concerning his groundbreaking work with the injured and disabled.

Russell, Francis T. (1821-1891), Botanical Specimens, 1850-1891, (C2334)
1 volume
The collection contains a volume of botanical specimens. Russell, a Columbia, MO, attorney and curator of the University of Missouri, collected most of the specimens on a trip to California and return via the Isthmus in 1850.

Russell, Thomas T., Letter, 1845, (C1639)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter to John Huey, Huntsville, AL, from Boonville, MO, Oct. 20, 1845. Russell, a young doctor from St. Louis, wrote Huey about moving to Alabama and establishing a medical practice. The letter discusses Russell's education and medical practice in St. Louis.


Saint Mary's Hospital of Kansas City Photographic Documentation , 2004 (K1202)
0.12 cubic feet
The collection contains black and white and color photographs and negatives of the hospital buildings and grounds prior to their demolition in 2004.

Saper, Marshall Bryan (1939-1991) Collection, 1984-1991, (K1065)
16 cubic feet
Saper was a clinical psychologist in private practice an author, lecturer and radio talk show host on KCMO. Includes audio recording of his popular call-in radio program.

Sappington Family, Papers, 1819-1895 (C0159)
0.8 linear feet
Papers of Dr. John Sappington of Arrow Rock, Missouri, and his family. Business letters about Sappington's pills and book for the treatment of malaria. Letters and papers from family and friends; supplies; notes. Legal case of Coffee & Blacke vs. Sappington & Sons. Miscellaneous personal record and account book.

Sappington Family, Papers, 1831-1939, (C2889)
0.5 cubic feet
The papers contain documents pertaining to Dr. John Sappington and his family. These papers deal with the financial accounts of Dr. Sappington, financial business for W.B. Sappington, and a variety of receipts and business papers. Another portion of this collection contains correspondence and essays written by W.B. Sappington. There is also a small collection of newspaper clippings.

Sappington, John, Papers, 1803-1887, (C1027)
1.8 linear feet
The papers consist of correspondence and miscellaneous papers, largely concentrating on Sappington's anti-fever medicine business. Also correspondence and papers of William B. Sappington, Erasmus D. Sappington, and Claiborne Fox Jackson.

Schenck, Dr. Peter Voorhees, (1838-1885), Papers, 1859-1964, (C2214)
0.1 cubic feet (3 folders)
Biographical sketches of Schenck and John S. McCune. Letter to Anna McCune proposing marriage. Schenck's resignation as superintendent of the Female Hospital, St. Louis. Scrapbook of McCune-Schenck clippings.

Schlundt, Herman (1869-1937), Papers, 1913-1941, (C0015)
12.5 linear feet
Files from the University of Missouri chemistry department. Includes some of Schlundt’s personal correspondence and papers as well as departmental and personal correspondence of Mary Violette Dover, D.H. Dolley, Henry D. Bent, and Allen E. Stern. Papers contain research notes for Schlundt’s work on radioactivity and Dover’s work on lubricants.

Sears, Ernest R. (1910-1991), Papers, 1928-1991, (C3892)
19.6 linear feet
The professional papers of Ernest R. Sears, world-renowned wheat cytogeneticist associated with the University of Missouri from 1936 until his death in 1991. The papers consist of correspondence, reprints of his publications, reports, manuscripts, research notes, speeches, photographs, newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous items.

Sears, Ernest R. (1910-1991), Papers, (CA5428)
0.4 cubic feet
Addition of correspondence, photographs, and biographical materials. Primarily relates to his 40th anniversary at the University of Missouri and retirement.

Sears, Lotti M. (1916-1995), Papers, 1936-1991, (C4021)
2.5 linear feet
The papers contain correspondence, papers, photos, research, and miscellaneous material of a University of Missouri geneticist involved with cytogenetics, a branch of genetics which is concerned with the study of chromosomes and cell division.

See, Thomas Jefferson Jackson (1866-1962), Notebooks, 1892-1896, (C0990)
3 folders
Lecture notes for courses in celestial mechanics taught by See at the University of Chicago.

Seevers, Fred Lee, Papers, (K0714)
0.19 cubic foot (4 folders, 5 oversize photographs, 3 oversize items)
The Fred Lee Seevers Papers includes photographs, diplomas, directories, programs, membership cards, and constitution and by-laws relating to the Kansas City College of Veterinary Medicine and veterinary associations in the area.

Shepard, Edward Martin (1854-1934), Papers, 1844-1939 (C0164)
0.6 linear feet
Notes, correspondence, clippings, and pamphlets of Shepard, a geologist and professor at Drury College, Springfield, Missouri.

Shultz, Marian Tranin (1920- ) Papers, 1910s-2008, (K1060)
1.5 cubic foot
Daughter of entrepreneur, philanthropist, and Menorah Medical Center (MMC) founder Earl Tranin, Shultz has also been a volunteer at MMC. Includes correspondence, letters, postcards, magazines, newsletters, newspaper clippings, photographs, certificates, plaques, yearbooks, and a Menorah Medical Center history.

Smith, Nancy K., Postcard Collection, (P0029)
268 postcards
Postcards, all views of hospitals and clinics and some sanitariums across Missouri.

Snelson, William R., Papers, 1825-1830, (C3750)
1 folder
The papers of William R. Snelson contain a photocopy of an account of medical services rendered to William Ellis, his family, and servants.

Society of the Sigma Xi, Missouri Chapter, Papers, 1920-1945 (C0168)
2.4 linear feet
Bylaws, reports of committee on revisions, and correspondence concerning bylaws. General correspondence of Missouri Chapter. Material on lectures and meetings, mailing lists of full and associate members, correspondence and voting sheets for membership, national officers' correspondence, and correspondence about Society publication, Growth.

Society the of Sigma Xi, Missouri Chapter, Papers, 1940-1959, (C2531)
1.7 linear feet
The papers of the Missouri Chapter of the Society of the Sigma Xi contain membership materials; announcements and materials from national headquarters; correspondence and official material pertaining to local chapter business; and correspondence and announcements concerning lectures sponsored by the Society.

Southeast Missouri Medical Society, Collection, 1877-1967, (CG0003)
0.5 cubic feet (7 folders)
The Southeast Missouri Medical Society Collection consists of miscellaneous records from physicians and hospitals in the southeast region of Missouri.

Soward, James L. (1932-2005) Papers, (K0610)
9 cubic feet
The papers of James L. Soward includes notes, photographs, oral interviews, and other related research materials for the book, Hospital Hill: An Illustrated Account of Public Healthcare Institutions in Kansas City, Missouri, published by the Truman Medical Center Charitable Foundation in 1995.

St. Charles Countians Against Hazardous Waste/Weldon Springs (SCCAHW), Records, 1946-1996, (S0677)
148 Folders
The SCCAHW/Weldon Springs collection includes financial information, correspondence, meeting minutes/agenda, environmental reports, newspaper clippings and photocopies, newsletters, brochures and pamphlets, and photographs, Together they chronicle the establishment and activities of SCCAHW from 1982-1996. The records document SCCAHW's mission to promote public awareness and lobby for the cleanup of Weldon Springs hazardous waste. The records also reveal the larger picture of the power of a grass-roots organization.

St. Francis Hospital, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, boolet, 1939, (R1092)
1 folder
This is an illustrated booklet concerning "the new addition" to St. Francis Hospital at Cape Girardeau in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri. Included are photographic views of new rooms and medical equipment, along with a brief history of the hospital.

St. Louis Metropolitan Medical Society (1836- ), Records, 1810-1990, (S0415)
474 Folders, 98 Photographs
The collection contains administrative records of the library, newsclippings on national medical societies, abstracts of medical journal articles written by St. Louis doctors, Missouri medical journals, reports and publications as well as photographs and artifacts. The collection does not contain any of the administrative records of the Society. The collection is divided into five series which are described below.

St. Louis Naturalists Club (1898- ), Records, 1896-1990, (S0539)
244 Folders, 278 Photographs, 7 Rolls Of Microfilm
The collection contains a variety of materials collected over the years by many club members. Correspondence, newsclippings and meeting sign-in sheets are joined by the writings of many of the members. also included are many photographs taken at club meetings and outings.

St. Louis Zoo Films, 1950-1977, (S0843)
639 16mm Films On 87 Reels, 11 Boxes
The St. Louis Zoo Films collection consists of 87 color and black and white 16mm reels from the St. Louis Zoo. Many films are silent, while many others were recorded with magnetic or optical sound. Note that several films are shot on sound film stock (as indicated), but did not actually record sound. Although inclusive dates are difficult to determine, the films tend to be from the 1950s through the 1970s, with the bulk being from the 1970s. A few films are from the 1930s and 1940s. Content of the films includes day to day zoo activities, such as care and feeding of animals and tours of the facilities, construction projects, zoo animal shows, footage of animals in their habitats, and commercials from the late 1960s and early 1970s. There also are some commercially-produced films that feature the St. Louis Zoo and its animals. All films have been converted to digital .avi files for viewing.

St. Louis Zoological Park, Addenda, 1919-1950, (S0744)
6 Folders
A city ordinance officially established the St. Louis Zoo on 77 acres in Forest Park on December 13, 1913. However, its origins can be traced to the founding of Forest Park in 1874. Scattered, improvised housing for the display of a few animals was built there during the next 20 years. In 1904, the Louisiana Purchase Exposition included as a major exhibit a huge, wire-mesh aviary built by the Smithsonian Institution. Left standing after the fair, the aviary proved to be the catalyst in sparking civic interest in a permanent zoo.

St. Louis Zoological Park (1913- ) Animal Transaction Ledgers, 1914-1988, (S0626)
11 volumes, 1 roll microfilm
Information in the collection ranges from 1914 to 1988. The collection contains ledgers that include documentation on animal arrivals, sales, exchanges, loans, donations, gifts made, and future transactions, including the animal, person and/or institution involved, and price. In addition, one ledger (vol. III) records membership information including member name and amount of dues paid, and general expenses including payments and receipts. Another ledger (vol. VI) includes a detailed characteristic description of selected animals. Another ledger (vol. IX) records the animal and reason for death.

St. Louis Zoological Park (1913- ), Records, 1910-1963, (S0194)
62 Folders, 25 Volumes Microfilm
The records document the evolution of Zoo philosophy from providing entertainment to educating the public and preserving animal species.

Stadler, Lewis John (1896-1954), Papers, 1927-1955, (C2429)
7.4 linear feet
Correspondence, notes and manuscripts, and miscellaneous papers of a corn geneticist in the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Department of Field Crops at the University of Missouri, who did pioneering research on the effects of X-rays upon mutation in plants.

Stadler, Lewis John (1896-1954), Papers, (CA4125)
9 cubic feet
Addition of papers of a University of Missouri agricultural geneticist. See also C2429.

Stadler, Lewis John (1896-1954), Papers, (CA4769)
0.4 linear feet
Addition of field notes, personal memoranda, and grade book, c. 1921-1939.

Stadler, Lewis John (1896-1954), Papers, (CA4969)
0.85 cubic feet
Addition of correspondence of agricultural geneticist. Also lecture and seminar notes and research material.

Starkloff, Max C. (1859- ), Scrapbook, 1921-1931, (S0671)
1 Volume
Born in Quincy, Illinois; studied at a military school in Pennsylvania; 1892 received his doctor's degree from the St. Louis Medical College in 1892; became Health and Hospital Commissioner of St. Louis in 1895; early champion of preventive medicine, bacteriology, pasteurization and vaccinations.

Stark, Nathan Julius (1920-2002) Papers, 1948-1992, (K0459)
7 cubic feet
Scrapbooks of correspondence, photographs, and other documents compiled by Stark, an executive with Hallmark Cards and Crown Center Redevelopment Corp., concerning his activities including leader of a civic group that helped Kansas City General Hospital become a nonprofit corporation, a founder of the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine, and board chairman of Truman Medical Center.

State Historical Society of Missouri, Typescript Collection, (C0995)
774 items on 14 rolls of microfilm
The State Historical Society of Missouri Typescript Collection consists of typescripts of articles and manuscripts donated over the years to the Historical Society.

Stern, Norton, Photograph Collection, (P0065)
11 photographs
3 b/w photos and 2 b/w photo postcards from the College of Osteopathy depicting students and a surgery. 3 b/w photos depicting public buildings in Kirksville, MO; the College of Osteopathy (ca. 1915), the Ward Infirmary Hospital (ca. 1915), and the County Courthouse. Also includes images of Marie Stern and Dr. Andrew Taylor Still.

Stewart, Edward L., Papers, (K0113)
0.05 cubic foot (1 folder)
The collection contains a selection of published and unpublished poems written by Edward L. Stewart, a physician from Kansas City, Missouri.

Sullivan, Amos H. (1841-1934), Papers, 1850-1939, (C0273)
8 folders
Papers of a Miami, MO, doctor containing clippings about weather, an eclipse, comet in 1910; Miami history and personalities, patients' case histories and accounts; diary about his family, and complete weather register with maximum and minimum temperature recordings.

Sullivan, Amos H. (1841-1934), (C2145)
4 volumes
Weather records, personal diaries, accounts, and medical hints of a Miami, MO, physician.

Swallow Fossil Collection Catalogues, 1877, (C0658)
2 folders
Catalogues of fossils in the cabinet of M.A. Swallow, January 6, 1877. Vol. 1 Specimens 1-2784 and minerals presented by Professor Cleveland in 1848. Vol. 2 Specimens 1401-2655 and 3000-3427.

Symmes, John Cleves, Papers, 1819-1887, (C3200)
1 folder
Typewritten manuscript by Edward E. Wall about John Cleves Symmes; positive photostatic copy of "Supplement to the Western Spy" 6 November 1819; and three issues of THE SOUTHERN BIVOUAC, February-April, 1887, containing articles on Symmes.


Tannor, Dr. J.G., Letter, 1844, (C2005)
1 folder
To Julia G. Tannor, Dinwiddie County, VA, from St. Charles County, MO, Sept. 9, 1844. Writes his sister about plans to practice medicine in St. Charles County.

Taylor, George W., Medical Examinations, 1901-1920, (R0158)
2 volumes
These are records of medical examinations of Union Civil War veterans in Ozark, Taney, Howell, and Douglas counties, Missouri, and Baxter and Boone counties, Arkansas, performed for the U.S. Bureau of Pensions. Each "Surgeon's certificate" includes a medical history of the claimant, descriptions of wounds and disabilities, and recommendations for pension payments.

The Eastern Missouri Collection, (S1135)
1 cubic foot (44 folders, 1 reel of 16mm film, 1 reel of microfilm, 8 oversize items)
The Eastern Missouri Collection is an artificial collection combining miscellaneous small acquisitions related to Missouri places, individuals, organizations, and events. The Eastern Missouri Collections continues to have material added to it. New additions are added at the end of the collection. Researchers should browse the index and container lists to locate pertinent material.

The Missouri Collection (C3982)
17.9 cubic feet, 9 audio cassettes, 3 audio discs, 9 CDs, 1 computer disc, 1 film, 6 film strips, 3 DVDs, 2 video cassettes (791 folders, 21 oversize ite
The Missouri Collection is an artificial collection combining miscellaneous small acquisitions related to Missouri places, individuals, organizations, and events.

Thomas, David E. (1878-1935) and Horace E. (1910-2001), Papers, 1904-1985, n.d., (C4002)
2 linear feet
The papers of David E. Thomas, Congregational minister and professor of religion, and his son, Horace E. Thomas, a Columbia, Missouri, surgeon who spent World War II in military hospitals in the South Pacific consist of correspondence, manuscripts, class notes, research notes, photographs, printed articles and pamphlets, scrapbooks, and miscellaneous materials related to their careers, including research for Horace’s medical school thesis, Chronic Radiation Poisoning in Rats. See also two oral history interviews with Dr. H.E. Thomas in C3963 SHS Audio Cassette Collection, a.c. 19-20.

Thomas, Dudley, Record Book, 1836-1848, (CA2779)
1 volume
Record book of Thomas, a doctor in Carroll County, MO; includes patient accounts, Minutes of Commission of Carroll County School District, No. 3, of which Thomas was a member, and comments on the national election of 1840.

Thompson, Ian M., Papers, (CA4112)
3 linear feet, oversize
Papers of a professor of surgery and chief urologist at the University of Missouri.

Thompson, Ian M., Papers, (CA4134)
5 linear feet
Addition of papers.

Thompson, Ian M., Papers, (CA4193)
2.4 linear feet
Correspondence of a urologist a the University of Missouri.

Thompson, Ian M., Papers, (CA4566)
0.4 linear feet
Addition. Articles written by Thompson, a urologist, and memorial pamphlets.

Todd, T. B., (1877-1964), Medical Account Books, 1910-1958, (C2221)
12 volumes
The records contain medical account books and records of a general medical practitioner in Nevada, Missouri. Descriptions of service, medication, fee, and amounts paid. Notes on drugs, metric charts, obstetrics records and records of births and vaccinations.

Trenholme, Louise Irby, "History of Nursing in Missouri," [1925], (C1274)
1 volume
Written ca. 1925, the manuscript covers the history of nursing and nursing education. First published by Missouri State Nurses' Association in 1926.

Thurston, Hester I. (1919-2001) Papers, 1955-1989, (K1250)
2 cubic feet
Subject files concerning seminars and workshops that Thurston, Director of Continuing Nursing Education at the University of Kansas Medical Center, either attended or taught. Includes correspondence, course outlines, lectures, and other supplemental educational materials. Also correspondence concerning nursing school accreditation committees.

Thruston, John B., Record Books, 1859-1879, (R0430)
3 volumes
These are business records of Dr. John B. Thruston, a physician at Versailles in Morgan County, Missouri. The records include account ledgers, 1859-1879, and a daybook, 1861-1863. The entries note the names of the patients, the types of medical services rendered, Thruston's fees, and settlements of accounts.

Tolman, William Long, Papers, 1852-1919, (R0246)
5 folders, photocopies
These are papers of the Evans and Tolman families of Farmington, Missouri, mostly of Dr. William L. Tolman and his wife, Margaret Frances "Fanny" Evans (1840-1921). Included are letters from relatives in California and Colorado, a file of letters from Civil War veterans seeking invalid pensions, and a collection of stories concerning the early settlers of St. Francois County.

Tri-State Health and Housing Committee, "The Menace of the Slime Pile," n.d., (R1181)
1 folder, photocopies
This is an undated pamphlet that addresses the problem of dust from the slime piles in the Tri-State Mining District of Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. It is subtitled, "Disposal of Mill Tailings in the Tri-State Zinc and Lead District."

Twining, E.H., Report, c. 1873, (C0624)
1 folder
Report by Professor Twining concerning his botanical research in the vicinity of the University of Missouri.


U.S. Office of Defense Health and Welfare Services, Kansas City, Missouri, Reports, 1941-1945, (C0917)
0.3 linear feet
Mimeographed reports prepared in cooperation with other agencies on various areas in Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas. Reports include descriptions of communities including population, facilities, and services available.

U.S. Weather Service, Columbia, Missouri, Records, (CA2657)
15 linear feet
Annual weather summaries, 1890-1904 and 1952-1981.

United States. Army. Medical Corps. O'Reilly General Hospital, Booklet, 1942, (R1054)
1 folder
This is a "Menu and Roster" for "Christmas 1942" for the U.S. Army's O'Reilly General Hospital at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. Included are the menu for Christmas dinner and an every-name roster of personnel.

United States Bureau of Mines, Rolla Research Center Records (R1321)
17 cubic feet (372 folders, 4 maps, 3,238 photographs, 68 negatives, 936 slides, 3 volumes) 
The United States Bureau of Mines, Rolla Research Center Records contain the records of the Bureau of Mines office and research facility established in Rolla, Missouri, in 1915. The records include correspondence, operational reports, project reports, photographs, newspaper articles, program materials, and maps.

University Medical College of Kansas City Records (K0185)
0.12 cubic foot (11 folders, four oversize photographs)
The University Medical College of Kansas City Records contain directories, annual announcements, attendance records, programs, publications, and photographs.

University of Missouri Scientific Association, Records, 1895-1916 (C0161)
10 folders
Constitutions of the organization, correspondence, lists of speakers and their subjects, and forms for the speakers to fill out in connection with their speech. Constitution, minutes, and roll of the organization from 2 February 1895 until 19 January 1916.

University of Missouri, Department of Agricultural Chemistry, Records, (CA4607)
4 linear feet
Correspondence, photographs and blueprints. Not a complete run of correspondence.

University of Missouri, Department of Agricultural Chemistry, Records, (CA4661)
1 folder
Addition. P.F. Trowbridge correspondence, experiment data, and miscellany.

University of Missouri, Department of Anatomy, Records, 1908-1950, (C2515)
2.0 linear feet
The records of the University of Missouri Department of Anatomy contain departmental papers and correspondence with other departments, colleges, and university officials.

University of Missouri, Department of Chemistry, Records, 1912-1937, (C0939)
4 volumes
The records contain an official department record, 1912-1926; minutes of Missouri chapter of the American Chemical Society; notes on equipment of Schweitzer Hall; and minutes of Missouri Beta Chapter of Pi Delta Nu, women's chemistry organization.

University of Missouri, Department of Physics, Records, (CA5620)
2.4 linear feet, 2 rolls of film strips
Addition includes papers and correspondence of Newell S. Gingrich; a variety of published materials relating to atomic bombs, civil defense, and radioactive fallout; conference materials; newsletters published by the Central Missouri Amateur Astronomers and the Astronomical Society of Kansas City; photographs; faculty meeting minutes; a history of astronomy at the University of Missouri-Columbia; and miscellaneous material.

University of Missouri, Department of Physics, Records, (CA4753)
2 folders
Papers of physicist Newell Gingrich pertaining to efforts to place a Foucault pendulum on the University of Missouri-Columbia campus.

University of Missouri, Department of Physics, Records, (CA5247)
14.5 linear feet
Addition of departmental records, teaching and research materials, faculty and alumni records, and papers pertaining particularly to Albert Eisenstein and Eugene Hensley.

University of Missouri, Department of Physics, Records, (CA5311)
0.4 linear feet
INVENTORY. Addition of papers mostly relating to Newell Gingrich and the O.M. Stewart Fund and Lecture. Also materials about the Physics Building dedicated in 1967.

University of Missouri, Department of Physics, Records, (CA5311)
0.4 linear feet
Addition of papers mostly relating to Newell Gingrich and the O.M. Stewart Fund and Lecture. Also materials about the Physics Building dedicated in 1967.

University of Missouri, Department of Physics, Records, (CA4770)
1 folder
Addition. Correspondence and departmental brochures.

University of Missouri, Department of Physics, Records, (CA4637)
0.4 linear feet
Laboratory manuals and minutes of departmental meetings, 1913-1935.

University of Missouri, Department of Physics, Records, (CA4799)
54.4 linear feet, 1 volume
Correspondence, departmental and student records, course materials, and National Science Foundation summer institute materials.

University of Missouri, Department of Physics, Records, (CA5342)
0.1 linear feet
Addition. Materials about Paul Edmond Basye, including biographical sketches, correspondence, and a brief biography written by Newell Gingrich.

University of Missouri, Department of Veterinary Physiology and Pharmacology, Records, 1962-1965, (C2265)
0.8 linear feet
The records of the University of Missouri Department of Veterinary Physiology and Pharmacology primarily contain correspondence of Homer E. Dale, chairman of the department.

University of Missouri, Department of Veterinary Physiology and Pharmacology, Records, 1965-1966, (C0103)
0.6 linear feet
Correspondence of members of the department concerning applicants for graduate study and jobs, research, theses and articles for publication, departmental business and procedures, the expanding school, and the American Society of Veterinary Physiologists and Pharmacologists.

University of Missouri, Department of Zoology, Records, 1897-1963 (C3402)
1.8 linear feet
The records contain departmental correspondence, 1958-1963 and the papers of W.C. Curtis, department member from 1901-1962.

University of Missouri, Laws Observatory, Records, 1877-1954 (C3401)
6 linear feet
Correspondence, class materials, reports and observing records of the observatory.

University of Missouri, Medical Society, Records, 1892-1897, (C1183)
3 volumes
The records contain the constitution, including charter members, minutes, 1892-1895, and minutes, 1896-1897.

University of Missouri, School of Medicine, Clinical Research Unit, Records, 1956, (C3122)
4 folders
Records relating to Dean Roscoe L. Pullen's role in the passage of U.S. Public Law 835, which provided for federal aid for research in crippling and killing diseases, and his initial steps to procure a grant under this act for a clinical research unit.

University of Missouri, School of Medicine, Records, c. 1902-1959, (C3651)
10.5 linear feet
Correspondence, minutes, annual reports, and other materials of the School of Medicine. The records are arranged chronologically by dean and contain information on personnel, the Student Health Service, Crippled Children's Service, the controversy over the location of clinical training, and the physical plant.

University of Missouri-Columbia, Department of Physics, Records, (CA4608)
1 folder
Photographs of members of the Department of Physics.


Varnon, C.T., Letter, 1904 (C0435)
1 folder
To A.W. McAlester, Columbia, Missouri, from Mexico, Missouri, March 2, 1904. Requesting advice on the advisability of reopening a school that was exposed to scarlet fever without first disinfecting the building.


Wadsworth, Homer Clark (1913-1994) Papers, 1949-1982, (K0724)
8 cubic feet
Personal and professional correspondence of Wadsworth, civic leader, director of the Kansas City Association of Trusts and Foundations, and president of the Kansas City school board with foundations, trusts, special projects, and universities with which was associated. Also his speeches.

Walsh, Martin Papers, 1904-2005, (S0834)
25 Folders
The Walsh Papers Collection consists of brochures, books, pictures, booklets, newspaper clippings, wmphlets, and other materials relating to the history of St. Louis, earthquakes, and other topics such as the Space Program, WWI, and WWII.

Washington County Health Council, Papers, 1932-1969, (R0381)
18 folders, 2 volumes
These are financial records, minutes of meetings, and miscellaneous papers of the Washington County Health Council, a volunteer organization which began in 1937 as the Advisory Council of Public Health and Child Welfare. The collection includes papers of the Washington County Nursing Service, 1939-1942, and the annual reports of the Washington County Health Department, 1949-1958.

Washington University School of Medicine, Class of 1943, Photograph, (P0581)
1 photograph
Class photograph from the Washington University School of Medicine, December 1943.

Watkins Woolen Mill Oral History Project, (K0826)
0.16 cubic foot (7 folders, 2 cassette tapes)
The Watkins Woolen Mill Oral History Project collection contains correspondence, pamphlets, newspaper articles, and research concerning Watkins Woolen Mill and the Watkins Mill Association, as well as oral history interviews conducted with Lee Oberholtz, secretary and founding member of the Watkins Mill Association.

Weather Journal, 1830-1890, (C2489)
1 volume
A journal giving a day by day account of the weather, the monthly changes of the moon, and any eclipses or extraordinary meteorological events.

Weltmer Institute of Suggestive Therapeutics, Nevada, Missouri, Records, (CA6475)
6.75 cubic feet
The records of the Weltmer Institute of Suggestive Therapeutics consist of the institute’s courses, books, Weltmer’s Magazine, correspondence, photographs, Weltmer family genealogy, and miscellaneous material. The collection mainly concerns Ernest Weltmer and his father Sidney Weltmer.

Weltmer Institute of Suggestive Therapeutics, Nevada, Missouri, Records, c. 1900-1932, (C4044)
0.1 linear feet
The records of the Weltmer Institute of Suggestive Therapeutics consist of promotional materials including pamphlets, brochures, letters, advertisements, journals, and catalogs. The institute was established by Sidney A. Weltmer in 1897 and remained in operation until 1933. Suggestive Therapy, also known as the Weltmer Method of Healing, was defined as a "system of suggestive treatment aiming to bring the body and mind into harmony" without the use of drugs or surgery.

Western Historical Manuscript, St. Louis, Vertical File, 1968-2004, (S0694)
508 Folders
The collection documents a variety of subjects relating to St. Louis' history. It contains single files with a small amount of general information on a variety of topics. Arranged alphabetically.

White, Dr. Park J. (1891-1987), Papers, 1911-1981, (S0461)
64 Folders
The Park J. White Papers, 1911-1981, document Dr. White's efforts to integrate medical care in St. Louis; his tenure as director of Homer G. Phillips Hospital; and his life-long hobby of writing and publishing poems.

Whitley, James R., Papers, (CA6255)
8.7 linear feet
Papers of a wildlife scientist whose studies focused on water quality in Missouri. Whitley worked for the Missouri Department of Conservation in the water quality branch of the fisheries research section and published many articles, most notably, "Water Plants for Missouri Ponds."

Whittier, H.J., Record Book, 1921-1929, (C3416)
1 volume
The collection contains a cash book of a Kansas City doctor.

Widmann, Otto (1841-1933), Collection, 1898-1965, (C4001)
0.2 linear feet
The collection contains correspondence, notes, publications, and miscellaneous material compiled by Daniel McKinley for a biography of Otto Widmann, a noted ornithologist from St. Louis, Missouri.

Williams, Clarence, Photograph Collection, (P0063)
6 photographs
3 original photos of log cabin that was the birthplace of Andrew Taylor Still, one of which shows a nearby amphitheater. 2 photos of American School of Osteopathy, established in 1892 by Andrew Taylor Still. One photo of the Churchill-Truman visit to Westminster College.

Williams, Luke Edon (1891-1965) Scrapbook, 1920s-1930s, (K0784)
1 folder
Williams was an African-American physician in the Kansas City area for 43 years. A photographic scrapbook containing pictures of William's family and friends.

Williams, William B., Ledger, 1837-1878, (R0103)
1 volume
This is an indexed account ledger of a physician in Farmington, St. Francois County, Missouri. The entries include the names of patients, the nature of services rendered, and payments received in cash and kind. See also collection R0113.

Williams, William B., Records, 1837-1888, (R0113)
4 volumes
These are daybooks, 1837-1860, and a ledger, 1855-1888, of a physician in Farmington, St. Francois County, Missouri. (See also collection R0103).

Wilson, R.P.C., II (1876-1953), Papers, 1910-1939, (C1040)
1.9 linear feet
Correspondence and papers of a doctor who specialized in the treatment of the feebleminded and epileptic who was superintendent of the Missouri State School for the Feeble-Minded and Epileptic in Marshall, 1912-1920, 1933-1940, and 1949-1953. He was the brother of Francis M. Wilson.

Women's Cancer Control Program Auxiliary, Records, 1979, 1982-1995, (C3933)
1.5 linear feet
The records of the Women's Cancer Control Program Auxiliary consist of organizational and legal papers, publicity and informational materials, financial records, correspondence, membership lists, and scrapbooks. Information pertaining to the local chapters of the auxiliary is provided as well.

Woods, Robert Patterson (1870-1958) Papers, 1870s-1963, (K0788)
11 cubic feet
Personal and professional life of Woods, civil engineer, and former Kansas City Street Railway Commissioner. Includes correspondence, project notebooks, newspaper clippings, residential inventories, genealogical files, and photographs. Also files pertaining to the history and growth of Research Hospital.

Wright, D.P., Account Books, 1914-1949, (C0659)
2 folders
Records of medical practice.


Yates, Paul C., Medical Journal, 1880-1905, (R0648)
1 volume
This is a journal diary kept by Dr. Paul C. Yates, a physician in Newton County, Missouri. Included are narratives of individual cases (particularly maternity "calls"), notes for addresses to meetings of medical associations, and a few personal items.