Springfield Manuscript Collections

Number Title
SP0001 William Damron Papers
SP0002 Brightwell Family Papers
SP0003 Songs From an Ozarks Childhood Music Manuscript
SP0004 Suzanne Wilson Papers
SP0005 S. Fred Prince Papers
SP0006 Cummins Family Photographs
SP0007 Cowan Family Papers
SP0008 Bangert Family Papers
SP0009 Southwest Missouri Resource Conservation and Development Records
SP0010 Branson, Missouri, Lodging Postcards
SP0011 Charles Henry Howerton Oral History
SP0012 Duval Family Photographs
SP0013 McDonald County Secession Papers
SP0014 Ruby Rose Stauber Photographs
SP0015 Ruby Rose Stauber Papers
SP0016 Missouri Postcard Collection
SP0018 Mabrey Family Papers
SP0019 Tri-State Mining Superfund Site Records
SP0020 Lawrence Leroy O’Kelley Diary
SP0021 Ozarks Area Amateur Film Collection
SP0022 Amish Scrapbooks
SP0023 Wherritt and Tunnel Scrapbooks
SP0024 Harry J. Beagles Scrapbook
SP0025 At the Funeral of an Ozarks Farm Widow Manuscript
SP0026 Rose O’Neill Papers
SP0027 Claude Turner Papers
SP0028 Beaver Family Papers
SP0029 Seneca, Missouri, Scrapbooks
SP0030 Fort Leonard Wood Photograph
SP0031 Missouri Photographs
SP0032 Eisenmayer Family Papers
SP0033 Laclede High School Play
SP0034 War Time Recipes Cookbook
SP0035 Eleanor O’Day Scrapbooks
SP0037 Margaret Marston Mansfield Scrapbook
SP0039 Rose Stauber Addenda
SP0040 Choate Family Papers
SP0041 Turner Family Papers
SP0042 Brandt and Grant Family Papers
SP0043 The Southwest Missouri Tourism Collection
SP0044 Purcell Family Photographs
SP0045 Greene County Abstract
SP0048 James Washington Woodard Papers
SP0049 Elsey Wagon Company Photographs
SP0050 Carnahan Family Oral Histories
SP0052 Melvin Anglin Papers