Rolla Manuscript Collections

Number Title
R0001 Janis & Vallé Daybook
R0002 Janis & Cox, daybook, 1873-1874
R0003 American Iron Mountain Company, records, 1849-1855
R0004 Sainte Genevieve (Mo.), Board of Trustees, records, 1827-1913
R0005 Sainte Genevieve (Mo.), Board of Trustees, ordinances, 1849-1895
R0006 Harris & Janis, ledger, 1874-1876
R0007 Cresswell family, papers, 1823-1979
R0008 Paul A. Wobus papers, 1918-1989
R0009 Fruitville Farm, pamphlet, ca. 1910
R0010 American Zinc, Lead & Smelting Company, records, 1901-1965
R0011 Karl L. Koelker collection, 1896-1948
R0012 Walter J. Saucier, "Saucier family genealogy," 1969
R0013 Phelps County (Mo.), ledger, 1869-1923
R0014 Leland J. Farley collection, 1859-1936
R0015 Shannondale Community Church-Center, scrapbook-history, 1930-1967
R0016 Jasper County (Mo.), tax assessment list, 1861
R0017 Jasper County (Mo.), tax book, 1864
R0018 Albert Lee Evans, account book, 1913-1914
R0019 William E. Brinkerhoff papers, 1903-1912
R0020 Sainte Genevieve Academy, ledgers, 1853-1861
R0021 Sainte Genevieve (Mo.), School Board, minute book, 1851-1885
R0022 August Kreilich, contract, 1886
R0023 Lax, Moses. Service record, 1866.
R0024 Zula R. Price, "Bear Creek Community," 1980
R0025 Gertrude Scott Hall, "History of Mine La Motte," 1939
R0026 Ferris H. Van Sickle, "History of Mine La Motte," 1949
R0027 Mine La Motte (Mo.), abstract of title, ca. 1922
R0028 Hazard dressing mill (Mine La Motte, Mo.), description, 1896
R0029 Betty Lou Gale, "Fredericktown, Missouri," n.d.
R0030 Koetting's store, ledgers, 1905-1915
R0031 Cyrus T. McCormick, "The Missouri Indian Trails," n.d.
R0032 Brickey's Landing (Mo.), ledger, 1837-1843
R0033 William A. Ruyle, letter, ca. 1864
R0034 Mine La Motte (Mo.), "Observations on the La Motte Mines and Domain," 1839
R0035 Harry C. Hood collection, n.d.
R0036 Phelps County (Mo.), financial statement, 1901
R0037 John Tlapek, correspondence, 1897-1935
R0038 John J. Watts collection, 1874-1912
R0039 John Wesley Matthews, letters, 1861-1863
R0040 Sainte Genevieve (Mo.), miscellaneous records, 1865-1883
R0041 Walter W. Dyer, letters, 1918
R0042 T. B. Jeffery, "Descriptive Circular of T. B. Jeffery's Railroad Velocipede or Speeder ," n.d.
R0043 Warren Cook collection, 1782-1978
R0044 Mabel Reed collection, 1847-1872
R0045 Ruth Capehart collection, 1831-1904
R0046 St. Joseph Lead Company, annual report, 1866
R0047 Henry C. Thompson papers, 1884-1970
R0048 St. Joe Minerals Corporation, collection, 1864-1974
R0049 Downing and Whinrey families, papers, 1837-1929
R0050 Washington Zinc and Lead Company, prospectus, 1918
R0051 William Recklein papers, 1898-1902
R0052 Southwest Missouri Railroad Company, records, 1891-1941
R0053 A McI. Robertson, journal, 1856-1857
R0054 Joshua Rucker, daybook, 1851
R0055 T. J. Norman, ledger, 1890-1902
R0056 Ozark Republican Club of Winona, minute book, 1896
R0057 Frank Carmany Wallower Papers
R0058 Missouri & Illinois Mineral & Land Co., papers, 1834-1900
R0059 Springfield Wagon Company, records, 1873-1972
R0060 United Confederate Veterans (Springfield, Mo.), records, 1894-1915
R0061 Attie Zelpha Mitchell Shanks, genealogical records, 1890-1960
R0062 Vernon E. Megee, "Transcript of...Manuscript Record of Rev. William W. Megee, Ozark County, 1874-1920," 1968
R0063 August Sander, last will and testament, 1907
R0064 Grand Army of the Republic (Lutesville, Mo.), record book, 1883-1889
R0065 Logan Club (Marble Hill, Mo.), account book, 1888
R0066 Palmore Chapel (Bollinger County, Mo.), records, 1894-1976
R0067 Marble Hill bands (Marble Hill, Mo.), records, 1875-1902
R0068 Moark Land & Timber Co., records, 1898-1903
R0069 Lucy Russell Knapp, letter, 1903
R0070 Mothers and Patrons Club (Flat River, Mo.), record book, 1907-1937
R0071 Springfield Ladies Saturday Club, minute book, 1921-1928
R0072 Bollinger County (Mo.), school records, 1889-1929
R0073 Sarah Ann Reed Sturgeon De Forest, scrapbook, ca. 1920-1950
R0074 John Elisha Phelps, military history, n.d.
R0075 Jonathan Fairbanks papers, 1850-1929
R0076 Saint Francis Levee District, records, 1893-1980
R0077 Galilee Association of General Baptists, proceedings, 1913-1980
R0078 Samuel A. Harrison, genealogical records, n.d.
R0079 Stewart Funeral Home (Lebanon, Mo.), records, 1931-1943
R0080 Hickory Valley Cumberland Presbyterian Church, petition, 1868
R0081 Grand Army of the Republic (Lebanon, Mo.), records, 1882-1937
R0082 George B. Phillips, letter, 1850
R0083 R. E. McArron, "The Ozarks of Missouri," ca. 1931
R0084 Philip A. Reilly Papers
R0085 Frederick Hauenstein, autobiography, 1980
R0086 Atlantic & Pacific Railroad Co., ledgers, 1870-1880
R0087 Joplin Railroad Company, ledger, 1877
R0088 K.C., Ft. Scott & Memphis Railroad Co., records, 1869-1895
R0089 Memphis, Kansas & Colorado Ry. Co., journals, 1880-1888
R0090 K.C. & Memphis Railway & Bridge Co., ledgers, 1888-1894
R0091 K.C., Clinton & Springfield Railway Co., records, 1892-1918
R0092 Bollinger-Dolle mill and store, records, 1867-1935
R0093 J. P. Finkel, farm diary, 1876-1882
R0094 Pyle's International Transcontinental Foot Race, programs, 1928-1929
R0095 Atlantic & Pacific Railroad Co., quitclaim deed, 1870
R0096 Sapulpa & Oil Field Railroad Co., ledger, 1918-1925
R0097 Sainte Genevieve County (Mo.), school records, 1875-1944
R0098 K.C., Memphis & Birmingham Railroad Co., ledger, 1917-1946
R0099 H & H Store, daybook/journal, 1853-1854
R0100 Ritter family, papers, 1850-1956
R0101 Ribeau family. Collection, 1870-1982 (bulk 1870-1946).
R0102 Maries County (Mo.), scrapbook, ca. 1920-1950
R0103 William B. Williams, ledger, 1837-1878
R0104 Whybark & Fisher store, account books, 1868-1870
R0105 Blue family papers, 1818-1973
R0106 John Denton Carter, "The Carters of Greene County, ...," 1981
R0107 Kinderpost (Mo.), collection, ca. 1910-1982
R0108 Priscilla Bradford, "Old Crow Camp Ground," 1976
R0109 Grant-Davis Lumber Co., records, 1882-1949
R0110 Anchor Milling Co., shipping records, 1897-1911
R0111 Lester Mondale papers, 1965-1977
R0112 Arthur Clinton Draper collection, 1899-1944
R0113 William B. Williams, records, 1837-1888
R0114 Presbyterian Church (Farmington, Mo.), records, 1832-1982
R0115 Isham Browder papers, 1855-1862
R0116 Woman's Christian Temperance Union (West Plains, Mo.), minutes, 1949-1978
R0117 W. S. Wright, ledger, 1881-1882
R0118 Rolla (Mo.), promotional recording, 1980
R0119 Bell, John B., 1827-1896. Record book, 1860-1875.
R0120 Frederick A. Kullman papers, 1855-1980
R0121 Morgan County Home & Infirmary, papers, 1913-1973
R0122 St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, records, 1882-1939
R0123 Rhea Church (Phelps County, Mo.), records, 1844-1900
R0124 Raff family papers, 1852-1923
R0125 Commodore Perry Hill collection, 1885-1982
R0126 Donald C. Garrigues, diaries and correspondence, 1942-1945
R0127 Union Independent Academy, records, 1856-1859
R0128 Lake Spring Cemetery Association, records, 1878-1945
R0129 Lecoma Mill Company. records, 1882
R0130 Case store, records, 1905-1913
R0131 Grand Army of the Republic (Farmington, Mo.), records, 1884-1902
R0132 Rozier store, records, 1867-1885
R0133 Carleton College (Farmington, Mo.), collection, 1859-1979
R0134 Frank R. Schoppenhorst, memoir, 1938
R0135 Edward W. Sowers papers, 1942-1980
R0136 Connor Hotel (Joplin, Mo.), collection, 1908-1978
R0137 Pilot Knob (Mo.), Civil War telegrams, 1862-1863
R0138 R. C. Arnett, memoir, 1917
R0139 Henry Beeson Flanner, collection, 1856-ca. 1936
R0140 Missouri Lumber & Mining Co., papers, 1888-1918
R0141 Rowland Hazard, memorial service, 1898
R0142 Benjamin B. Cahoon, papers, 1868-1923
R0143 Harrison family history, 1980
R0144 St. Patrick Church (Rolla, Mo.), records, 1918-1921
R0145 Camp Funston (Kan.), postcard, ca. 1918
R0146 Johnson-Stephens & Shinkle Co., scrapbook, 1938-1938
R0147 Willis A. Spiller collection, 1863-1955
R0148 Donna Beardsley, "Evalyn Johnson: Reminiscence ...," 1983
R0149 Boyd & Thompson store, ledger, 1888-1891
R0150 Alma Fletcher, "Library History of Iron County," 1957
R0151 Mitchell family papers, ca. 1917-1980
R0152 Rives & Stemmons store, ledger, 1867-1889
R0153 Franklin Baptist Association, centennial program, 1932
R0154 Magdalena Miesner, confirmation certificate, 1869
R0155 Irwin M. Wahlers, letter, 1918
R0156 Missouri Pacific Railroad Company, "Arcadia Country," ca. 1920
R0157 First United Methodist Church (Cole Camp, Mo.), records, 1896-1983
R0158 George W. Taylor, medical examinations, 1901-1920
R0159 Iron County (Mo.), school records, 1872-1932
R0160 Thomas A. Goodman, "El Jane of the Ozarks," ca. 1925
R0161 Christ Church Episcopal (Rolla, Mo.), records, 1899-1985
R0162 Millar family papers, 1840-1899
R0163 Copeland store, ledger, 1857-1860
R0164 Franklin Hoke Barnitz papers, 1860-1894
R0165 Sainte Genevieve (Mo.), miscellaneous papers, 1885-1967
R0166 Cyrus A. Mead, letter, 1861
R0167 Carthage (Mo.), Civil War battle memoir, n.d.
R0168 Joseph Brown, records of marriages, 1886-1920
R0169 Phillips family papers, 1863-1935
R0170 Bird family papers, 1831-1959
R0171 Lake Spring Mercantile, records, 1866-1941
R0172 Elzie Brand, "History of East End," n.d.
R0173 Mayme Hanrahan Ousley papers, 1889-1967
R0174 Tetley Jewelry store, ledger, 1871-1883
R0175 William A. E. French papers, 1877-1967
R0176 Bryan & Morrison (Cahokia, Mo.), daybook, 1806-1807
R0177 Civilian Conservation Corps, Camp 3737, collection, 1935-1983
R0178 Hunter (Mo.), photographs, ca. 1910
R0179 Thomas C. King, mining report, ca. 1951
R0180 B. F. Carney Papers
R0181 Rosati (Mo.), collection, 1918-1983
R0182 Pearl Harbor (Hawaii), Navy-yard commissary price list, 1941
R0183 Reuben S. Nance, notebook, 1838-1903
R0184 E. Herbert Smith, autobiography, 1954
R0185 Ziegler & Company, account book, 1843-1853
R0186 Potosi (Mo.), Board of Trustees, minute book, 1826-1851
R0187 Potosi Civic League (Potosi, Mo.), records, 1921-1961
R0188 Charley Hershey, diaries, 1883-1888
R0189 Charles E. Kiefner papers, 1925-1931
R0190 Benjamin Guy Sweet, journals, 1862-1872
R0191 Mattie Henry, grammar notebook, n.d.
R0192 James A. Stevens, journal, 1878-1884
R0193 Nathaniel Mead, letters, 1862
R0194 Washington County Bank (Potosi, Mo.), minute book, 1893-1903
R0195 Mount Zion Baptist Church, records, 1829-1853
R0196 Liberty Baptist Church, records, 1884-1952
R0197 John Perry, daybook, 1839-1840
R0198 Knights of Labor (Phillipsburg, Mo.), records, 1888-1896
R0199 Peace Lutheran Church, records, ca. 1884-1984
R0200 Charles W. Rubey Papers
R0201 Lebanon Baptist Church, records, 1890-1983
R0202 William Henry Lynch papers, 1859-1905
R0203 John P. Sheahan letters, 1943-1944
R0204 Beverly A. Davis letter, 1865
R0205 Rolla (Mo.), photographs, ca. 1885-1945
R0206 Flat River Woman's Club, records, 1913-1953
R0207 Franz Adelmann, ledger, 1873-1875
R0208 Konenszewski family papers, 1816-1862
R0209 Miami Club (West Plains, Mo.), record book, 1901-1913
R0210 Picher Lead Company, records, 1875-1918
R0211 Lewis Ziegler, daybook, 1839-1841
R0212 Sainte Genevieve (Mo.), daybook, 1819-1825
R0213 J. Pratte & Son, daybook, 1834-1835
R0214 Bennett Spalding, ledger, 1850-1861
R0215 Eugene Pernot, daybook, 1848-1853
R0216 James S. Spencer, diary, 1862-1864
R0217 Benton County (Mo.), school records, 1870-1956
R0218 Jay Linn Torrey, scrapbook, 1893-1920
R0219 Beaver Creek United Baptist Church, records, 1866-1888
R0220 Dixon Baptist Association, annual report, 1884
R0221 Bourbois Baptist Association, annual report, 1877
R0222 United Daughters of the Confederacy (Clinton, Mo.), registrar's book, 1917
R0223 Henry County Veterans' Association, program, 1890
R0224 Ladies of the G.A.R. (Clinton, Mo.), records, 1924-1932
R0225 Grand Army of the Republic (Zalma, Mo.), records, 1865-1913
R0226 Washington County (Mo.), Hochstatter School, records, 1879-1897
R0227 Rainwater family papers, 1863-1939
R0228 Washington County (Mo.), Rock Springs School, records, 1892-1935
R0229 Henry County (Mo.), justice of the peace records, 1849-1858
R0230 Koehler family papers, 1886-1980
R0231 Iberia Junior College, collection, 1914-1958
R0232 Cave Spring Baptist Association, annual session, 1929
R0233 Wright County Baptist Association, annual sessions, 1931-1948
R0234 Potosi (Mo.), photographs, ca. 1875-1935
R0235 Cane Creek Baptist Association, minutes, 1904-1992
R0236 Clarence Boyce Wright diaries, 1912-1926
R0237 Dora Pelagie Rozier, sheet music collection, 1828-1890
R0238 James McComb papers, 1852-1926
R0239 Berry family papers, 1851-1911
R0240 Doe Run (Mo.), photographs, ca. 1925
R0241 Moothart College, photograph, ca. 1910
R0242 Saint Francois County (Mo.), collection, 1876-1951
R0243 Casper Shell papers, 1832-1849
R0244 George Clinton Arthur papers, ca. 1914-1939
R0245 John B. Mains, letters, 1861-1864
R0246 William Long Tolman papers, 1852-1919
R0247 Henry Ellison Skaggs papers, 1862-1895
R0248 Saint Francois County (Mo.), booklet, 1925
R0249 James S. Rogers papers, 1862-1863
R0250 Leggett & Platt Manufacturing Co., records, 1896-1932
R0251 Ellis family papers, 1787-1948
R0252 Nelson family collection, 1879-1973
R0253 Benton County (Mo.), Cole Camp High School, records, 1870-1910
R0254 Benton County (Mo.), Mora School, records, 1870-1957
R0255 Benton County (Mo.), Cole Camp Public School, records, 1880-1939
R0256 Benton County (Mo.), Chapman School, record book, 1889-1896
R0257 Benton County (Mo.), Ionia School, records, 1941-1958
R0258 Pettis County (Mo.), Prairie Grove School, records, 1910-1961
R0259 Pettis County (Mo.), South Side School, records, 1914-1958
R0260 Pettis County (Mo.), Walnut School, records, 1906-1966
R0261 Benton County (Mo.), Rocky Ridge School, record book, 1940-1946
R0262 Benton County (Mo.), Fordney School, records, 1952-1958
R0263 Benton County (Mo.), Hink School, records, 1919-1958
R0264 Benton County (Mo.), Balke Prairie School, records, 1947-1957
R0265 Benton County (Mo.), Ross Creek School, record book, 1952-1957
R0266 Benton County (Mo.), Edmonson School, record book, 1956-1958
R0267 Benton County (Mo.). Yeager School, record book, 1945-1957
R0268 Benton County (Mo.), Lake Creek School, records, 1904-1958
R0269 Bird's Warehouse, ledger, 1830-1836
R0270 Thomas Akers Barr papers, 1861-1919
R0271 Washington County (Mo.), tax assessment book, ca. 1854-1855
R0272 United States. Army. Missouri Infantry Reg't, Phelps's, account book, 1862
R0273 United Confederate Veterans (Springfield, Mo.), records, 1903-1919
R0274 Lyman G. Bennett collection, 1857-1865
R0275 L. L. Wittich, "Zinc and Lead Handbook," 1916
R0276 Thomas B. Whitledge papers, 1874-1916
R0277 Phelps County (Mo.), financial statement, 1913
R0278 Benton County Medical Society (Mo.), record book, 1915-1954
R0279 Ozark Land & Lumber Co., photographs, ca. 1900-1920
R0280 Shannon County (Mo.), photographs, ca. 1900-1930
R0281 Joseph Ashcroft papers, 1897-1947
R0282 Cedar County (Mo.), photographs, ca. 1890-1910
R0283 Little Piney Baptist Association, minutes, 1837-1935
R0284 Lamine River Baptist Association, minutes, 1845-1882
R0285 Osage River Regular Baptist Association, minutes, 1847
R0286 Osage River United Baptist Association, minutes, 1849
R0287 Union Regular Predestinarian Baptist Association, minutes, 1855
R0288 Bethel Association of Regular Baptists
R0289 Allen Bolles Johnson papers, 1860-1861
R0290 Gideon-Anderson Lumber & Mercantile Co., papers, 1901-1938
R0291 Daughters of the American Revolution (Phelps County, Mo.), records, 1909-1984
R0292 Granby Commercial Club, minute book, 1933-1934
R0293 United States. Army. Illinois Artillery Reg't, 2nd, report, 1865
R0294 Harris D. Rodgers papers, 1949-1965
R0295 First Presbyterian Church (Ironton, Mo.), records, 1856-1986
R0296 Lebanon Study Club, records, 1965-1976
R0297 Domestic Science Club (Lebanon, Mo.), yearbooks, 1908-1943
R0298 Lebanon Nature Club, newsletters, 1934-1940
R0299 Lebanon Woman's Club, yearbooks, 1935-1964
R0300 Lebanon Shakespeare Club, records, ca. 1882-1982
R0301 Alfred B. Cree letters, 1862-1863
R0302 Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Vienna Circuit, 1887-1908
R0303 Paydown (Mo.), records, 1862-1897
R0304 Jesse N. Self, letters, 1860-1863
R0305 Oregon County Credit Bureau, form letter, 1936
R0306 Midco Mercantile Company, coupon book, ca. 1920
R0307 Shelton E. Thurman papers, ca. 1919
R0308 Munger Securities Company, advertising pamphlet, 1916
R0309 John Calvin Hughes papers, 1862-1863
R0310 Roller family papers, 1866-1871
R0311 Alfred N. Nelson letter, 1861
R0312 Edward Leo Welter diary, 1918-1919
R0313 Leonard Valentine Bolon papers, 1865-1866
R0314 Lane's Prairie (Mo.), daybook, 1860
R0315 Lawrence County (Mo.), mercantile account books, 1852-1872
R0316 Granby (Mo.) poll book, 1895-1904
R0317 Cook, Christopher Columbus, 1828‑1900. Slave bill of sale, 1860.
R0318 Butler County (Mo.), interviews, 1968
R0319 Maries County (Mo.) medical registers, 1871-1909
R0320 Henry Fulbright ledger, 1837-1861
R0321 Greene County (Mo.), militia exemption roll, ca. 1863
R0322 First Presbyterian Church (Fredericktown, Mo.), records, 1880-1985
R0323 T. J. Dalton record book, ca. 1863-1865
R0324 Missouri Dept. of Resources, "The White River Country," n.d.
R0325 Rountree family diary and reminiscences, ca. 1819-1956
R0326 Levee District No. 3 (Mississippi County, Mo.), history, ca. 1923
R0327 Kenneth E. Corbin, "William Marion Fulbright," 1976
R0328 Willow Springs (Mo.), postcards. ca. 1930s
R0329 Benjamin Franklin Pratt letters, 1861-1862
R0330 Russell family papers, 1837-1938
R0331 Farmington (Mo.), municipal records, 1856-1929
R0332 Kellogg & Whaley, account books, 1870-1879
R0333 Mount Vernon (Mo.), ledger, 1872-1879
R0334 Aurora Grocer Company, records, 1906-1962
R0335 Sainte Genevieve Tan Yard, account book, 1823-1829
R0336 H. Wilder & Company, account book for sand, 1856
R0337 Phelps County (Mo.), hospital bond campaign leaflet, 1946
R0338 Sainte Genevieve (Mo.), photographs, ca. 1880s-1920s
R0339 Ste. Genevieve Telephone Co., records, 1899-1906
R0340 Sainte Genevieve (Mo.), mineral account book, 1828-1867
R0341 William Dent ledger, 1861-1866
R0342 Bank of Lenox, records, 1911-1939
R0343 Knights of Pythias (Bear Creek, Mo.), record book, 1894-1912
R0344 Phelps (Mo.), cashbook, 1884
R0345 Gay & Skinner account books, 1879-1885
R0346 Lizzie C. Gilmore correspondence, 1861-1865
R0347 Bellevue Valley Community Association, records, 1927-1950
R0348 First Baptist Church (West Plains, Mo.), records, 1892-1956
R0349 First Christian Church (West Plains, Mo.), records, 1893-1983
R0350 Fort Scott Foundry & Machine Works Co., pamphlet, ca. 1890
R0351 Emma Lawrence Sankey Birch scrapbook, 1987
R0352 Lindsay family papers, 1858-ca. 1980
R0353 Burnett and Denney familes, papers, 1864-ca. 1985
R0354 J. B. Kirkland, World War One memoir, n.d.
R0355 McCanse Brothers, records, 1886-1933
R0356 Eleven Points River Baptist Association, minutes, 1890-1901
R0357 John Robert Hume papers, 1898-1919
R0358 Howell County Baptist Association, minutes, 1957
R0359 First United Methodist Church (West Plains, Mo.), records, 1887-1988
R0360 Moses Jasper Bradford letters, 1861-1865
R0361 Ward Loren Schrantz memoirs, ca. 1909-1946
R0362 St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company, records, 1859-1980
R0363 Frank Shaw, "Memorandum," 1901
R0364 Liberty Freewill Baptist Church (Laclede County, Mo.), minutes, 1869-1874
R0365 Anderson McFall, journal, 1898-1914
R0366 Margaret Ray Vickery papers, 1887-1974
R0367 John S. Ault journal, 1883-1887
R0368 Howell County Historical Society, church survey, ca. 1890-1984
R0369 Blow & Kennett Mining Company, record book, 1858-1861
R0370 Joplin Separating Company, record book, 1902-1909
R0371 Center Valley Lead & Zinc Company, record book, 1892-1900
R0372 Royalty Land & Mining Company, drill records, 1917
R0373 Fritz Smith log book, 1892-1900
R0374 Richard Hundley Landrum, The Immigrant's Guide, 1882
R0375 Grand Army of the Republic (Leesville, Mo.), "Black List," 1887
R0376 Paul R. Richeson, "The Perrys of Potosi," 1977
R0377 John James Sitton, Civil War memoir, n.d.
R0378 J. M. White & Company, receipt, 1835
R0379 Muriel E. Furry Akers, "Caledonia Methodist Heritage," 1984
R0380 Sherwood Reese papers, 1878-1891
R0381 Washington County Health Council, papers, 1932-1969
R0382 Mount Lebanon Baptist Church, records, 1847-ca. 1967
R0383 Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church (Pilot Knob, Mo.), church register, 1861-1982
R0384 New Madrid (Mo.), motion picture, ca. 1940s
R0385 Eugene M. Poirot papers, 1923-1989
R0386 Sainte Genevieve (Mo.), tax book, 1861
R0387 Pierre Sabourin, account book, 1830-1832
R0388 Billie Crawford diary, 1878
R0389 Bumble Bee Mine (Joplin, Mo.), photographs, ca. 1902-1917
R0390 Morris family papers, 1837-1943
R0391 Welch family correspondence, 1839-1854
R0392 Washington County (Mo.), motion picture, ca. 1936-1940
R0393 St. Joseph Lead Company, "Lead Mining in Southeast Missouri," ca. 1940
R0394 Edmond Laramore (collector), Baptist associations minutes, 1912-1980
R0395 Emmaus Baptist Church (Washington County, Mo.), records, 1861-1989
R0396 Agricultural Wheel.  No. 657 (High Gate, Mo.). Records, 1888‑1890.
R0397 Rock Springs Baptist Church (Barry County, Mo.), records, 1888-1890
R0398 Mabel Brummet correspondence, 1924-1927
R0399 United States. Post Office (Rolla, Mo.), letterbook, 1913-1915
R0400 Pleasant Grove United Baptist Church (Iron County, Mo.), records, 1856-1972
R0401 Samuel Ledgerwood, memoranda book, ca. 1851-1853
R0402 Martin Brothers mercantile records, 1925-1930
R0403 Dan Saults papers, 1937-1985
R0404 Charles E. Boulson Papers
R0405 John Holland diary, 1865
R0406 Dry Fork Regular Baptist Church (Lake Spring, Mo.), records, 1834-1903
R0407 Farmers and Merchants Bank (Humansville, Mo.), minute books, 1901-1932
R0408 Leonard Hall papers, 1946-1983
R0409 Eugene McAuliffe Papers
R0410 Richard Goodrich Woodson papers, 1862-1865
R0411 Bolivar Creamery Company, record book, 1889-1892
R0412 Christian C. Bennetsen, ledger, 1906-1916
R0413 Francis Marion Williams papers, 1862-1866
R0414 Morgan County (Mo.), St. Martins School, record book, 1897-1900
R0415 Ralph Douglas Hall, letters, 1917-1919
R0416 Big Rock Primitive Baptist Church (Versailles, Mo.), records, 1827-1968
R0417 Big Buffalo United Baptist Church (Benton County, Mo.), record book, 1869-1894
R0418 Freedom Baptist Church (Morgan County, Mo.), records, 1844-1962
R0419 Central Gravois Baptist Church (Gravois Mills, Mo.), record book, 1881-1903
R0420 Morgan County (Mo.), tax assessment book, 1844
R0421 Cassville & Exeter Railway Company, papers, 1909-1976
R0422 Lamine Baptist Association, minutes and history, 1913-1972
R0423 Morgan County (Mo.), miscellaneous papers, 1964-1982
R0424 Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway Company, promotional booklet, ca. 1910
R0425 Homer Lee Marriott, memoir, ca. 1919
R0426 East Prairie Farm Club (Morgan County, Mo.), record book, 1916-1923
R0427 American Red Cross, Morgan County Chapter, record book, 1932-1937
R0428 Linn Creek Methodist Church (Camden County, Mo.), historical booklet, 1964
R0429 Morgan County (Mo.), church histories, 1917-1979
R0430 John B. Thruston, record books, 1859-1879
R0431 Morgan County (Mo.), School District No. 47, Marvin School, record books, 1903-1931
R0432 Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Lane's Prairie Charge (Maries County, Mo.), quarterly conference records, 1889-1893
R0433 Missouri Pacific Women's Club of Poplar Bluff, Missouri, scrapbooks, ca. 1946-1990
R0434 Harris & Janis, letter books, 1874-1882
R0435 Felix Janis & Company, business records, 1854-1857
R0436 John Russell Stubbins, autobiography, 1973
R0437 Janis & Cox, record book, 1853-1873
R0438 Little Rock Landing, daybook, 1854-1856
R0439 American Iron Mountain Company, metal hauling list, 1855-1858
R0440 Jorgen Vilhelm Nielsen papers, 1905-1969
R0441 Benjamin F. Kemper, ledger, 1885-1888
R0442 D. B. Axtell & Company, ledger, 1878
R0443 Alfred Avery Lamkin, diaries, 1853-1872
R0444 Prosperity Baptist Church (Pulaski County, Mo.), record book, 1874-1892
R0445 Spring Creek Baptist Church (Phelps County, Mo.), records, 1880-1991
R0446 Freemasons, Star of the West Lodge No. 133 (Ironton, Mo.), records, 1849-1962
R0447 Tallman family, Tallman-Brown families letters, 1861-1868
R0448 Kesler family, Kesler-Lytle families papers, 1861-1869
R0449 Gideon-Anderson Lumber & Mercantile Company, papers, 1901-1985
R0450 Sainte Genevieve (Mo.), lead account book, 1842-1852
R0451 Felix Janis & Company, daybooks, 1854-1855
R0452 Janis & Valle, daybooks, 1855-1859
R0453 Scott family papers, 1874-1957
R0454 Meramec Regional Planning Commission, historic site surveys, 1980-1989
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R0671 Elizabeth Remay Dabbs Thompson Papers
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R0816 St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company, promotional booklets, 1925
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R0868 Steve Miller, Your Ozark Host, booklet, 1961
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R0870 Riverside Inn (Elk Springs, Mo.), brochure, ca. 1910
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R0901 Rolla Saturday Club Records
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R0924 Garrott Philpott, papers, 1825-1913
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R0929 Walker, James Blaine. "The Unmuffled Voice in the Ozark Tourist Region," 1950.
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R0937 George Flood, letter, 1900
R0938 League of Women Voters of Southwest Missouri, records, 1952-2004
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R0940 Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem, Azotus Shrine No. 5 (Joplin, Mo.), booklets, 1950-1982
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R0942 Historical Committee of the Verona Centennial, booklet, 1968
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R0944 United States Army Air Forces, Flying Training Detachment, 73rd, newsletter, 1943
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R0970 African American Heroines of Jericho.  Guiding Star Court No. 15 (Joplin, Mo.).Records, 1916-1959.
R0971 H. N. Ferguson, booklet, 1920
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R0975 Crown Coach Company, brochure, n.d.
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R0983 George Thom Smith, letter, 1907
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R0989 Sharon Collier, compiler, Robinson and Related Families, 2003
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R1000 Lynn Morrow Papers
R1001 Missouri Pacific Railway Company, Summer & Winter Health & Pleasure Resorts, 1888
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R1003 Carter Martin Buford, letter, 1925
R1004 Frisco-Santa Fe Land and Development Company, certificate, 1906
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R1006 Huber, Herman W, Correspondence, 1952
R1007 Finley Building and Loan Association, records, 1899-1920
R1008 Ripley County Centennial, Inc., collection, 1959
R1009 James Andrew Spilman Photograph Collection
R1010 Esther Maggi, collection, ca. 1910
R1011 Bruce Debo, collection, ca. 1930s-1950s
R1012 W. S. Coleman, collection, n.d.
R1013 Rosati (Mo.), labels, ca. 1930s-1940s
R1014 Waddell Canning Company, label, n.d.
R1015 Robert L. Elgin, photograph collection, ca. 1950s-1990s 
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R1017 C. A. Ragland, letter, 1890
R1018 Springfield Community Teachers Association, theater program, 1943
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R1026 Child Culture Club (Joplin, Mo.), booklets, 1938-1954
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R1028 Osceola Lead and Zinc Mining Company, stock certificate, 1905
R1029 Roy Nelson Canning Company, records, 1907-1993
R1030 Consolidated Copper Creek Mining Company, papers, 1906-1909
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R1033 Grant Avenue Baptist Church (Springfield, Mo.), booklet, 1929
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R1035 Association of Young Republicans of Missouri, booklets, 1926 and 1935
R1036 United States Army Air Forces, Observation Squadron, 14th, photographs, 1942
R1037 Joplin Theatre (Joplin, Mo.), program, 1929
R1038 A. Buford & Son, daybook, 1908-1909
R1039 Milton Pleasant Cayce, record book, ca. 1870
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R1042 Richwoods Mining Company, stock certificate, 1911
R1043 Plattin Valley Mining Company, stock certificate, 1907
R1044 First Congregational Church (Aurora, Mo.), bulletin, 1914
R1045 Monday Art Club (Poplar Bluff, Mo.), booklet, 1911
R1046 Prop-Riders Boat Racing Club of Springfield, Mo., program booklet, 1961
R1047 Camp Blackstone (Galena, Mo.), pamphlet, n.d.
R1048 Dexter Cemetery Association, papers, 1885
R1049 First Methodist Church (Dexter, Mo.), booklet, 1964
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R1052 Christian Church (Dexter, Mo.), booklet, 1946
R1053 Missouri State Highway Commission, Division of Information, booklet, 1962
R1054 United States. Army. Medical Corps. O'Reilly General Hospital, booklet, 1942
R1055 John Ziegler, letter, 1847
R1056 Cape Girardeau Academy, program, 1855
R1057 Jasper County Tanning Company, stock certificate, 1924
R1058 Douglas County Booster Club, booklet, n.d.
R1059 Linn Creek Community Club, pamphlet, 1926
R1060 Lebanon Chamber of Commerce (Lebanon, Mo.), booklet and pamphlet, 1928-1934
R1061 El Dorado Springs Chamber of Commerce, pamphlets, n.d.
R1062 Douglas E. McDowell, "The Ginseng Garden," 1909
R1063 Joplin Chamber of Commerce, booklet, ca. 1920s
R1064 Order of the Eastern Star, Queen City Chapter No. 226 (Springfield, Mo.), booklet, 1953
R1065 Newton County (Mo.), School District No. 86 (Thompson Grove School), souvenir booklet, 1913
R1066 Boy Scouts of America, Ozarks Empire Area Council, newsletter, 1965
R1067 Branson Metro Club, booklet, 1961
R1068 Turley Family Historical Research Association, records and papers, 1740-2005
R1069 Short Creek Zinc and Lead Company, stock certificate, 1916
R1070 Methodist Protestant Church (U.S. : 1830-1939), Missouri Conference, booklet, 1929
R1071 Kansas City, Fort Scott, and Memphis Railroad Company, booklet, ca. 1890s
R1072 Springfield Kiwanis Club (Springfield, Mo.), booklet, 1936
R1073 Home Economics Council and Chorus (Greene County, Mo.), booklet, 1948
R1074 Mountain Grove Choral Society, program, 1936
R1075 Kiwanis Club (Mountain Grove, Mo.), program, 1935
R1076 Mountain Grove High School (Mountain Grove, Mo.), programs, 1936
R1077 Brinkerhoff-Faris Trust & Savings Company, letter, 1911
R1078 Daughters of the American Revolution, Rachel Donelson Chapter (Springfield, Mo.), papers, 1929-1978
R1079 Belle Fair (Belle, Mo.), booklets, 1951-1952
R1080 Katharine Peers Forster, scrapbook, 1888-1898
R1081 Cape Girardeau Business College, booklet, 1920
R1082 Great Western Normal School and Business College (Webb City, Mo.), booklet, 1903
R1083 Swastika Club (Willow Springs, Mo.), pamphlet, 1921
R1084 United Service Organizations (U.S.), USO Club (Rolla, Mo.), booklet, 1943
R1085 Friends in Council of Springfield, Mo., booklet, 1952
R1086 Lake of the Ozarks Association, brochure and booklet, undated and 1956
R1087 Carthage Fair and Horse Show, booklet, 1948
R1088 Evans W. Buskett, letters, 1937
R1089 Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.), Company 1732 (Blooming Rose, Mo.), newsletters, 1935
R1090 Cullimore family, collection, 1973-1992
R1091 First Baptist Church (Cape Girardeau, Mo.), booklet, 1928
R1092 St. Francis Hospital (Cape Girardeau, Mo.), boolet, 1939
R1093 Arcadia College and Ursuline Academy (Arcadia, Mo.), booklet, n.d.
R1094 Deleta Condray, letter, 1933
R1095 Haden Family (Musical group), booklets, 1940-1944
R1096 United Spanish War Veterans, Dept. of Missouri, booklet, 1940
R1097 First Church of Christ, Scientist (Springfield, Mo.), booklet, 1955
R1098 Flat River Woman's Club, booklet, 1930
R1099 Keystone View Company, stereoview, ca. 1914
R1100 Consolidated Jack Mines Company, stock certificate, 1905
R1101 Stockton High School (Stockton, Mo.), commencement invitation, 1924
R1102 W. H. McCamish, letter, 1900
R1103 Phelps County (Mo.), School District No. 62, Colon School, booklet, 1911
R1104 Saint Clair County (Mo.), Consolidated School District No. 1, Roscoe School, booklet, 1922
R1105 Morgan County (Mo.), School District No. 34, Ball School, booklet, 1923
R1106 Washington County (Mo.), School District No. 33, Tiff School, booklet, 1910
R1107 Ramona Study Club (Joplin, Mo.), booklet, 1944
R1108 New-Mac Electric Cooperative, bylaws, 1944
R1109 R. S. McClintock, letter, 1916
R1110 Frisco Heights Townsite Company, receipt, 1911
R1111 Howard Gresham, letter, 1919
R1112 Robert F. Neathery, collection, 1903-2001
R1113 Pralin Mines Company, stock certificate, 1907
R1114 School House Mining Company, stock certificate, 1914
R1115 Puritan Mining Company, stock certificate, 1911
R1116 Prairie State Mining Company, stock certificate, 1904
R1117 Webb City Factory Holding Corporation, stock certificate, 1938
R1118 Armory Theatre Association, stock certificate, 1908
R1119 Knights of Columbus, Rolla Council 2627 (Rolla, Mo.), collection, 1936-2000
R1120 Farmington Prospecting and Mining Company, stock certificate, 1892
R1121 Old Dominion Mining Company, pamphlet, ca. 1910
R1122 Mansfield Mining and Development Company, stock certificate, 1918
R1123 St. Francois County Railroad Company, mortgage bond, 1914
R1124 C. G. Hare, letter, 1901
R1125 Charlie Chapman, letter, 1913
R1126 Standard Egg Farms, booklet, 1929
R1127 Ozark Reorganized School, booklet, 1955
R1128 Houts & Stallcup, journal, 1816-1817
R1129 Macy family, correspondence, 1943-1945
R1130 First Baptist Church (Purdy, Mo.), papers, 1981
R1131 Pennington-Gilbert Shoe Company, papers, 1925-1930
R1132 South Joplin Christian Church (Joplin, Mo.), Woman's Council, booklet, ca. 1925
R1133 Cape Girardeau McAdamized and Plank Road Company, papers, 1852-1858
R1134 Shannon & Shannon, booklet, ca. 1925
R1135 Southwest Missouri Teachers' Association, booklet, 1941
R1136 Myrtle Mitchener, political flyer, 1914
R1137 Albert G. Morris, papers, 1898-1903
R1138 Heart of the Ozarks Fair and Stock Show, booklet, 1962
R1139 St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad Company, Passenger Traffic Dept., rate circulars, 1905
R1140 Norwood (Mo.), centennial history, 1981
R1141 Freemasons, Neosho Lodge No. 247 (Neosho, Mo.), bylaws, 1964
R1142 Henry County Fair Association, booklet, 1963
R1143 Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.), Company 1730 (Bunker, Mo.), newsletter, 1939
R1144 Church Baseball League (Rolla, Mo.), rule book, 1909
R1145 Rolla (Mo.), photographs, 1950
R1146 Roseland Theater (Flat River, Mo.), photograph, 1940
R1147 John Miller Leach (1830-1907), diary, 1861-1863
R1148 Camp Yocum (Galena, Mo.), pamphlet, ca. 1920
R1149 Marshfield Saddle Club, booklet, 1961
R1150 Marshfield Lions Club, booklet, 1947
R1151 Texas County (Mo.), booklet, 1924
R1152 Mount Olive Grange No. 859 (Webster County, Mo.), records, 1873-1879
R1153 Libra Club (Lebanon, Mo.), scrapbooks, 1950-2003
R1154 Farmers Cooperative League, booklet, 1909
R1155 Wheaton Fruit-Growers Association, booklet, n.d.
R1156 Hidden Valley Lake (Laclede County, Mo.), brochure, n.d.
R1157 Malden Army Air Field (Malden, Mo.), collection, ca. 1943-1944
R1158 Federal Mining and Smelting Company, booklet, 1945
R1159 E. T. (Earl Truman) Sechler, booklet, 1951
R1160 Missouri United Mines Company, stock certificate, 1907
R1161 Weingarten Internment Camp (Weingarten, Mo.), papers, 1943-1945
R1162 Newton County (Mo.), military service record book, ca. 1946
R1163 Sandra Skaggs Menke, comp., Russell Family history, 2004
R1164 Marshfield Mail, anniversary edition, 1932
R1165 Western Detective Association, flyer, 1878
R1166 Harry Anton Voight, papers, 1918-1951
R1167 East Perry Community Fair (Altenburg, Mo.), booklet, 1957
R1168 Barry County (Mo.), School District No. 3, Pleasant Dale School, souvenir, 1904
R1169 Shannon County Copper Mining Company, stock certificates, 1920
R1170 Dade County Baptist Association, booklet, 1958
R1171 New Idea Club (Marshfield, Mo.), booklets, 1917-1919
R1172 George P. Ryan, letter, 1908
R1173 Edward Dugal, mining lease, 1873
R1174 William Davidson Hoff, letters, 1878-1880
R1175 Missouri Federation of Women's Clubs, Sixth District, secretary's record book, 1932-1943
R1176 O. Y. Jackson, campaign card, 1918
R1177 Tri-County Burial Association, certificates, 1935
R1178 Bolivar Board of Trade (Bolivar, Mo.), membership certificate, 1887
R1179 Politte Elvins, campaign cards, 1908, 1920
R1180 John S. Brickey, receipt, 1814
R1181 Tri-State Health and Housing Committee, "The Menace of the Slime Pile," n.d.
R1182 Freemasons, Clifton Lodge No. 463 (Thayer, Mo.), bylaws, 1945
R1183 Southeast Missouri Drummers' Association, souvenir programs, 1908, 1918
R1184 Edward Martin Shepard, lantern slides, n.d.
R1185 Saint Francois County (Mo.), "Plat of the Principal Lead Mines ...", n.d.
R1186 Camp Carry-on (Linn Creek, Mo.), brochure, 1919
R1187 Girl Scouts of the United States of America (Webb City, Mo.), banquet program, 1950
R1188 Springfield Wagon Company, papers, 1878-1888
R1189 James Blain Stone, correspondence, 1943-1945
R1190 Philia Club (Lebanon, Mo.), records, 1961-2004
R1191 Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., Presbytery of Ozark, pamphlet, 1890
R1192 Vichy (Mo.), lantern slide, ca. 1927
R1193 Woman's Benefit Association, booklet, n.d.
R1194 Saint Clair County (Mo.), School District No. 56, Motley School, booklet, 1926
R1195 David H. Jones (collector), papers, 1856-1863
R1196 Missouri Ozarks Chamber of Commerce, certificate, 1929
R1197 Stoddard County (Mo.), School District No. 103, Bernie School, booklet, 1914
R1199 St. Paul's Lutheran Church (Cuba, Mo.), booklet, 1955
R1200 Liberty Association of Free Will Baptists, booklets, 1971-1978
R1201 Webster Baptist Association of Missouri, booklets, 1963-1971
R1202 Railroads Unimproved Land Association, certificate, 1914
R1203 Newburg (Mo.), photographs, ca. 1870s-1910s
R1204 Preston T. Sharp, collection, ca. 2004
R1205 Isom P. Langley, campaign card, n.d.
R1206 Central Ozark Aberdeen-Angus Breeders Association, booklet, 1961
R1207 C. A. Manning, letter, 1902
R1208 Green Oak Farms (Maples, Mo.), booklet, 1961
R1209 Missouri Pacific Railroad Company, White River Division, brochure, 1929
R1210 Lake of the Ozarks Angus Association, booklet, 1964
R1211 Dixon Bluegrass Pickin' Time, booklet, 1975
R1212 Rolla Chamber of Commerce (Rolla, Mo.), booklet, ca. 1931
R1213 Mid-Missouri Angus Association, booklet, 1967
R1214 Spring River Baptist Association, booklet, 1937
R1215 Order of the Eastern Star, Carterville Chapter No. 11 (Carterville, Mo.), booklet, 1952
R1216 A. M. Millard, letter, 1886
R1217 Hubert E. Lay, booklet, 1961
R1218 Baldknobbers Hillbilly Jamboree, booklet, 1970
R1219 Skyway Airlines, timetable, 1977
R1220 United Baptist Church (Piedmont, Mo.), booklet, n.d.
R1221 Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church (Wayne County, Mo.), booklet, 1977
R1222 John Deane (????-1866), letters, 1853-1854
R1223 Henry County (Mo.), Richland Rural School, souvenir, 1906
R1224 Frank W. Jones, campaign card, 1920
R1225 Howell County Bank (West Plains, Mo.), minute book, 1890-1912
R1226 Munsell & Ware, letter, 1889
R1227 First Baptist Church of Edgar Springs (Phelps County, Mo.), record book, 1886-1954
R1228 Doe Run Lead Company, cancelled checks, 1898-1901
R1229 Stone County (Mo.), School District No. 1 (Oto Public School), souvenir booklet, 1906
R1230 Wanoma Hoehn (1931-2004), scrapbook, 1948-1949
R1231 Lions Club (Springfield, Mo.), booklet, 1929
R1232 High Street Baptist Church (Springfield, Mo.), yearbook, 1952
R1233 Washington County (Mo.), School District No. 63, Hickory Grove School, records, 1896-1945
R1234 Thomas Houston Wiles, record book, 1906-1945
R1235 Stone County (Mo.), Superintendent of Schools, booklets, 1941-1942
R1236 Order of the Eastern Star, Galena Chapter No. 7 (Galena, Mo.), booklet, 1951
R1237 Daughters of Rebekah, Fiftieth District (Missouri), booklet, 1910
R1238 M. J. Crews, certificate, 1885
R1239 Butler County (Mo.), Riverside School, souvenir, 1910
R1240 Herriman Chapel Camp (Cedar County, Mo.), booklet, 1987
R1241 Osage Mining and Smelting Company, bond certificate, 1840
R1242 Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Granby Lodge No. 113 (Granby, Mo.), minute book, 1867-1873
R1243 Sainte Genevieve (Mo.), bicentennial scrapbooks, 1933-1935
R1244 Carthage High School (Carthage, Mo.), operetta program, 1944
R1245 Order of the Rainbow for Girls, Clinton Assembly No. 10 (Clinton, Mo.), booklet, 1956
R1246 Springfield Normal School and Business College (Springfield, Mo.), booklet, 1902
R1247 Lions Club (Lebanon, Mo.), booklet, 1931
R1248 Woman's Christian Temperance Union of Missouri, booklet, 1937
R1249 Jesse Russell Simonson, papers, 1894-1901
R1250 Clinton High School (Clinton, Mo.), football program, 1945
R1251 Knights Templar (Masonic order), Grand Commandery (Mo.), booklet, 1913
R1252 John L. Douglass and Company, letter, 1905
R1253 Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm, Alhambra Grotto, booklet, 1933
R1254 United Daughters of the Confederacy, Missouri Division, booklet, 1954
R1255 Paul Sheldon Wise, letters, 1942-1943
R1256 Holladay-Klotz Land and Lumber Company, account book, 1906
R1257 Saint Clair County (Mo.), School District No. 58, Prairie Home School, souvenir booklet, 1912
R1258 Freemasons, Arlington Lodge No. 346 (Dixon, Mo.), booklet, 1948
R1259 Himmelberger-Harrison Lumber Company, papers, ca. 1906-1958
R1260 Jerry Wayne Ponder, papers, 1865-2004
R1261 Elgin, Robert L., 1914-2007, Research collection, 1960-1993
R1262 Phelps County Regional Medical Center Auxiliary, records, 1950-2001
R1263 Cole Camp (Mo.), Sesquicentennial booklet, 1989
R1264 Carden All International Shrine Circus, souvenir program, 1983
R1265 James Perkins, death certificate, 1864
R1266 Campbell, Love and Company, ledger, 1868-1869
R1267 League of Women Voters (Joplin, Mo.), Papers, 1919-1921
R1268 Mary E. Bugg Eversole, papers, 1822-1952
R1269 Sligo Furnace Company, records, 1898-1934
R1270 Sligo Furnace Company, plat, 1908
R1271 Southeast Missouri Drummers' Association, souvenir program, 1913
R1272 Big Piney (Mo.), photograph, 1926
R1273 St. Francois Agricultural and Mechanical Association, booklet, 1891
R1274 Tourist Club (Clinton, Mo.), booklet, 1924
R1275 Emmanuel Evangelical Church (Jackson, Mo), 1275 Souvenir booklet, 1928
R1276 Freemasons, Republic Lodge No. 570 (Republic, Mo.), register and bylaws, 1914
R1277 Lennis Leonard Broadfoot, collection, 1909-2005
R1278 Valle Mining Company, records, 1839-1884
R1279 William Devol Dobkins, photograph collection, ca. 1879-1968
R1280 Hinchey-Cochran, Katherine Jane (1908-1995), Family papers, 1790-1999
R1281 Berthold Falkenhainer, scrapbook, 1907-1928
R1282 Steelville Normal and Business Institute (Steelville, Mo.), reunion book, 1936
R1283 Eagle Hurst Ranch (Huzzah, Mo.), poster, ca. 1942
R1284 US Army Air Forces, Flying Training Detachment, 74th, Chester Field (McBride, Mo.), booklet, ca. 1944
R1285 Scott County Milling Company, Records, 1893-1918
R1286 Sitton, John James (1842-1915), Collection, 1860-1913
R1287 Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War... Auxiliary No. 7, Minute book, 1920-1929
R1288 Atlantic and Pacific Railroad Company, Record book, 1876-1877
R1289 Foree, Rudy, 1934-1997, Miscellaneous Papers, 1913-1997
R1290 Dicus, Martha Ann Veach, 1842-1930, Scrapbooks, 1896-1930
R1291 Sands, William D., Photograph collection, ca. 1900-1930s
R1292 Barry County, Missouri, School District No. 73, Gaddis School, Reunion booklet, 1988
R1293 Phelps County Memorial Hospital, Rolla, Missouri, Scrapbook, 1949-1950
R1294 Frost, Archie Patrick "Jack", Frost family photograph collection, ca. 1930-1970s
R1295 Tilford, Carolyn Parry (1947- ), Parry-Tilford family photograph collection, ca. 1900-1930s
R1296 Barnitz, George Alan (1936- ), Barnitz family photographs, ca. 1910-1980s
R1297 State Normal School, Springfield, Missouri, May Day program, 1917
R1298 Montgomery, Lee Diehl (1910-1997), Papers, ca. 1929-1999
R1300 Renault Lead Company, Record book, 1900-1917
R1301 Farris, Frank Hiram (1867-1926), Papers, ca. 1900-1927
R1302 Smith, Lillian Applegate, Applegate-Smith family papers, ca. 1873-1992
R1303 Phelps County (Mo.), Collection, 1921-2012
R1304 McPherson Family Papers
R1305 Caby and Hahn families, Papers, 1856-1960
R1306 Anna-Beaver Mining Company, Photograph, ca. 1920s
R1307 Joplin Loan & Building Association, Record book, 1883-1891
R1308 Williams, Matthew Z., Williams family papers, ca. 1861-1990
R1309 Wood, James A., 1938- , Motion picture, 1963
R1310 Phelps County School District No. 54 (Greenbush School), Records, 1927-1947
R1311 Holm, Anton, 1834 -1911, Holm family papers, 1873-1920
R1312 Buckeridge, Besse Belle, 1891-1983, Papers, 1911-1960s
R1313 Sawyer, Thomas M., Sawyer family report cards, 1934-1944
R1314 Kansas City Southern Railway Company, Collection, 1894-1968
R1315 Stockton High School (Stockton, Mo.)., Baccalaureate and Commencement program, 1942
R1316 James Foundation, Papers, 1912—1980s
R1317 Findley, Susan H., 1930-2010, Papers, 1953-2010
R1318 Nelson F. Rogers Papers
R1319 Cayce Family Papers
R1320 Ernest Evans Davidson Photograph Collection
R1321 United States Bureau of Mines, Rolla Research Center Records
R1322 Hamilton, Robert Q., 1918-2009, Papers, 1953-2008
R1323 Laas, Frederick H., 1935-2001 Collection, 1940s-2001
R1324 Mueller, James E., 1944-2002, Papers, 1988-2012
R1325 Fite, Paul, 1900-1997, Papers, 1937-1940
R1326 Dare, Charles E., 1938-2014, Papers, 1964-1993
R1327 Lay, J. Gilbert, 1906-1986, Scrapbooks, ca. 1960s-1980s
R1328 Landrum, Richard Hundley, 1834-1890, Papers, 1865-1929
R1329 Rodney Family, Papers, 1854-1874
R1330 Bess, Jacob, 1830-1908, Journal, 1864-1865
R1331 Pulaski County, Missouri Tax Books, ca. 1936-1944
R1332 Dunklin County, Missouri, Marriage Records, 1899-1908
R1333 Iron Mountain Camp, Photo Album, ca. 1899
R1334 Parmenter, William E. (1915-1987), Journal, 1944-1946
R1335 Perkins, Adam (1834-1891), Journal, 1861-1871
R1336 Flucom, Missouri, Railroad Depot Photograph, n.d.
R1337 Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, Photograph, ca. 1941
R1338 Crawford County (Mo.) School District No. 79, Carr School/Cook Station, 1873-1927
R1339 Ray, Joseph L. (1842-1933) Pension Application Papers, 1911-1928
R1340 Wetzel, Aaron Miles, Papers, 1864
R1343 Mona Darlene Jones Collection
R1345 The Cypher, Newsletters, 1975-1983
R1346 Findley Campaign, Papers, 1980
R1347 Mine La Motte, Records, 1840-1929
R1348 Kelley Family, Papers, 1837-1882
R1349 General Electric Company, Bulletins, 1915-1917
R1350 Rolla, Missouri, Home Rule Charter Commission, Papers, 1981-1982
R1351 James W. Orchard Papers
R1352 Big Piney Regular Baptist Church Record book, 1834-1891
R1353 Little Piney Association of Regular Predestinarian Baptists, record book, 1834-1876
R1354 Mount Zion Regular Baptist Church, Record Book, 1841-1850
R1355 Wayne Bledsoe Papers
R1356 Ray Family Papers
R1357 Davis, Paul Grant (1901-1990), Papers 1908-1988
R1358 Christopher J. Lewandowski Papers
R1359 Waldensian United Presbyterian Church of Monett Records
R1360 Samuel Barr, Notebook, 1858-1861
R1361 Alternative National Party, Records, 1979-1991
R1362 Office of District Provost Marshal, Columbus, KY, Records, 1862-1863
R1363 Pease Family Papers
R1364 Lester Mondale Lecture, 1970
R1365 Meteorite Postcard, 1909
R1366 Blount, Thomas F., Papers, 1889-1916
R1367 Cockrell, F.M., Letter, 1889
R1368 Burlington Northern Railway Company, Seniority Rosters, 1956-1988
R1369 Harvey Family Diary, 1860
R1370 Desloge Mining, Papers, 1840-1956
R1371 Drake-McGraw, Papers, 1829-1918
R1372 Floyd Snelson WWII Photographs, 1945-1985
R1373 Young, Theodore Mansfield, Papers, 1935-1938
R1374 Missouri-Iowa Border Dispute, Records, 1815-1862
R1375 Howard Family, Papers, 1859-1975
R1376 Third Missouri Volunteer Cavalry, Records, 1861 and 1864
R1377 Kaskaskia Commons, Papers, 1911
R1379 Haggard, Edna Housden, Papers, 1905-2000
R1380 Committee for Historic Preservation, Papers, 1983-1985
R1381 1st Regiment, Missouri Engineers Collection
R1382 Joe C. Hill Papers
R1384 George Williams Papers
R1385 Leon M. Harrison Papers
R1386 William George Roberts Papers
R1387 William C. Hornbeak Papers
R1388 Cassinda Bolin Papers
R1389 Walter Leo Pitts Papers
R1390 S. Claude Null Family Papers
R1393 Robert C. Silhavy Papers
R1396 Walling Family Papers
R1397 Ronald R. Wenger Photograph Collection
R1398 Robert H. Guffey Papers
R1399 Herschel E. Dunham Papers
R1400 Leonard R. Rush Papers
R1401 Dean W. Davis Papers
R1402 Alfred H. Fitzsimmons Papers
R1403 Holman Family Papers
R1404 Frost Family Papers
R1405 Sailer Family Papers
R1406 Associated Electric Cooperative Inc. Records
R1407 Palmer Lead Company and Renault Lead Company Records
R1409 Lamar City Guards Photograph Collection
R1410 Jasper County Mining Collection
R1411 Barnett Development Corporation Photograph Collection
R1412 Parks Air College Collection
R1413 Cape Girardeau County Society for Crippled Children and Adults, Inc. Records
R1414 Arch Talcott Hollenbeck Papers
R1416 Christian Johann Bürki Papers
R1417 Bunion Derby Collection
R1418 Melvin C. DeWitt Papers
R1419 Current River Brand Hand Picked Tomatoes Label
R1420 Laura Sikes Smith Journal
R1421 Frontier Iron Illustrations
R1422 Grand Army of the Republic Captain John Matthews Post Papers
R1423 William Hawkins Papers
R1424 LaRue P. Southworth Letter
R1425 Kansas City, Fort Scott, and Memphis Railroad Company Records
R1426 Hyer and Fyan Families Papers
R1427 Hotel Connor Brochure
R1428 William L. Vandeventer Papers
R1429 Rucker Family Papers
R1430 Ozark Rivers Oral History Collection
R1431 Conway, Missouri Cyclone Photographs
R1432 Mark Stauter Papers
R1433 Peterson-Miller Box Company Papers
R1434 Philip Graham Long Business Records
R1435 The Purian Poultry Man Booklet
R1436 Hodge Family Papers
R1437 Project Cavern Report Records
R1438 Van Buren Drug Store Inventory Book
R1439 Landrum and Reams Families Papers
R1440 Bumble Bee Mine (Jasper County, Mo.) Photographs
R1441 Marionville, Missouri Promotional Booklet
R1442 Southern and Central Missouri Collection
R1443 Where to go in the Ozarks Booklet
R1444 Jimmie Allison Papers
R1445 Beatrice Rainwater Papers
R1446 Ruth Morrison Papers
R1447 Lake Taneycomo & the White River Country, Brochure, c. 1940's
R1448 Surbrugg, Dillard, Papers, 1925-1931
R1449 Cole, Timothy M., Papers, 1872-1991
R1450 Lions Club Minstrel, Flyer, 1935
R1451 Gill, Charles (1869-1962), Papers, 1891-1973
R1453 Dees, Eliga (1895-1968) and Mae (1896-1973), Letters, 1917-1936
R1454 Holy Cross Lutheran Church Records
R1455 Mary Ann Sorrell Papers
R1456 Leib Family Photograph Collection
R1457 Missouri Railroad Collection
R1458 Helen Welshimer Papers
R1459 Granby, Missouri Oral History Collection
R1460 Peckenpaugh Family Papers
R1461 Jason C. Ottinger Papers
R1462 James S. Cullison Photograph Collection
R1463 Martin Family Papers
R1464 Henry Blackburn Papers
R1465 Loyal Order of Moose Lodge No. 839, Carthage, Missouri Records
R1466 State Bank of Poplar Bluff Records
R1467 73rd Army Air Force Flying Training Detachment Records
R1468 Mississippi County Teachers Association Records
R1470 Ste. Genevieve, Missouri Collection
R1472 Martin Family Papers
R1474 Laclede County, Missouri Collection
R1475 McDonald County, Missouri High School Collection
R1477 Ozark All-Stars Photograph Collection
R1478 Stone County, Missouri Records
R1479 Goodwill Family Photograph Collection
R1481 Jackson High School Records
R1483 H.C. Casselman Investment Company Records
R1485 Railroad Stock and Bond Certificates Collection
R1486 St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company Maps
R1488 Ruth Baxter Schowalter Papers
R1489 Northrup Family Papers
R1490 Waldemar M. Dressel Papers
R1491 St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company Collection
R1492 Franklin and Binkley Families Papers
R1493 George E. Ladd Papers
R1499 Rotoscope Collection
R1500 Hunter Campbell McClure Papers
R1501 Creager Family Papers