Columbia Manuscript Collections

Number Title
C0001 James, Lucy Wortham, Collection, 1801-1895
C0002 Barker, John T. (1877-1958), Papers, 1912-1958
C0003 Katy Trail State Park, Collection, 1986-1994
C0004 Stark, Lloyd Crow (1886-1972), Papers, 1931-1941
C0005 Stone, Kimbrough (1875-1958), Papers, 1897-1958
C0006 Hadley, Herbert Spencer (1872-1927), Papers, 1830-1943
C0007 Hyde, Arthur Mastick (1877-1947), Papers, 1913-1954
C0008 Park, Guy Brasfield (1872-1946), Papers, 1932-1937
C0009 Barrett, Jesse William (1884-1953), Papers, 1905-1953
C0010 University of Missouri, Department of Agricultural Economics, Records, 1906-1966
C0011 Missouri. Council of Defense, Records, 1940-1945
C0012 Denham, Robert N. (1885-1954), Papers, 1919-1954
C0013 Cole, William C. (1897-1965), Papers, 1942-1947
C0014 Davis, Chester Charles (1887-1975), Papers, 1917-1953
C0015 Schlundt, Herman (1869-1937), Papers, 1913-1941
C0016 Missouri. Constitutional Convention Papers, 1941-1945
C0017 Blake, Robert E. (1855-1962), Constitutional Convention Papers, 1943-1945
C0018 Ford, Marshall E. (1870-1964), Constitutional Convention Papers, 1943-1944
C0019 Hughes, A. Evan (1893-1951), Constitutional Convention Papers, 1943-1944
C0020 Lindsay, Alva F. (1891-1957), Constitutional Convention Papers, 1943-1944
C0021 Marr, Philip Marvel (1896-1986), Constitutional Convention Papers, 1943-1944
C0022 McCluer, Franc L. (1896-1979), Constitutional Convention Papers, 1943-1944
C0023 McReynolds, Allen (1877-1960), Constitutional Convention Papers, 1941-1944
C0024 Morton, Stratford Lee, Constitutional Convention Papers, 1941-1945
C0025 Phillips, Vivian E. (1889-1967), Constitutional Convention Papers, 1937-1949
C0026 Smith, Israel A. (1876-1958), Constitutional Convention Papers, 1943-1944
C0027 Shepley, Ethan A.H. (1896-1975), Constitutional Convention Papers, 1943-1944
C0028 Smith, Louise Grant, Constitutional Convention Papers, 1941-1943
C0029 Stevens, E. McDonald (1893-1944), Constitutional Convention Papers, 1943-1944
C0030 Stayton, Edward M. (1874-1954), Constitutional Convention Papers, 1943-1944
C0031 Taubert, A.G., (1896-1994), Constitutional Convention Papers, 1943-1945
C0032 Rainey, Homer Price (1896-1985), Papers, 1919-1952
C0033 Brady, Thomas A. (1902-1964), Papers, 1910-1959
C0034 Parrish, John C. (1854-1944), Papers, 1877-1954
C0035 Whitlow, William Brewer (1893-1942), Papers, 1894-1943
C0036 Warshaw, Jacob (1878-1944), Papers, 1910-1944
C0037 Ozark Land and Lumber Company, Records, 1887-1933
C0038 Christian College, Columbia, Missouri, Records, 1836-1986
C0039 Hay, Charles Martin (1879-1945), Papers, 1919-1933
C0040 Mumford, Frederick B. (1868-1946), Papers, 1893-1947
C0041 Crow, Carl (1883-1945), Papers, 1913-1945
C0042 Hirth, William (1875-1940), Papers, 1925-1934
C0043 Macke Store, Records, 1835-1972
C0044 Farmers Bank, Mt. Vernon, Missouri, Papers, 1844-1931
C0045 Hickman-Bryan Papers, 1796-1920
C0046 Dillman, Samuel Rodgers, Papers, 1890-1995
C0047 Blount Family, Papers, 1861-1947
C0048 Harrison, Jack S. (1866-1941), Papers, 1874-1943
C0049 Gentry, North Todd (1866-1944), Papers, 1837-1947
C0050 Greene, Flora Hartley (1865-1948), Papers, 1905-1931
C0051 St. Louis Louisiana Purchase Exposition, Educational Exhibit Papers, 1904
C0052 Connaway, John Waldo (1859-1947), Papers, 1878-1944
C0053 Cameron Trust Company, Cameron, Missouri, Collection, 1837-1939
C0054 University of Missouri, Department of History, Records, 1909-1937
C0055 Brinkerhoff and Smith Land Agency and Loan Company Papers, 1867-1878
C0056 Missouri, Greene County. Consolidated School District Number 2, Records, 1907-1935
C0056.A Strafford, Missouri Bank Books, 1910-1938
C0057 U.S. Army, Specialized Training Program, Foreign Area and Language Study, University of Missouri, Papers, 1943-1944
C0058 U.S. Army, Air Force College Training Program, University of Missouri, Papers, 1943-1944
C0059 Caverno, Xenophon (1865-1941), Papers, 1917-1941
C0060 Stephens, Blanche Howard (1872-1931), Papers, 1917-1919
C0061 Elliff, Joseph Doliver (1863-1959), Papers, 1904-1936
C0062 Rockbridge General Store and Mill, Rockbridge, Missouri, Records, 1880-1946
C0063 Rockbridge Bank, Rockbridge, Missouri, Records, 1869-1936
C0064 U.S. Post Office, Rockbridge, Missouri, Records, 1902-1935
C0065 Gano, John Allen, Family, Papers, 1794-1948
C0066 Missouri. Confederate Home, Higginsville, Records, 1897-1944
C0067 Chariton County Exchange Bank Papers, 1819-1922
C0068 World War II, Letters, 1940-1946
C0069 Rothville Bank, Rothville, Missouri, Papers, 1889-1955
C0070 Arnold, Wat (1879-1961), Papers, 1947-1948
C0071 Atchison, David Rice (1807-1886), Papers, 1837-1953
C0072 Bauer, Royal D.M. (1889-1983), Papers, 1895-1919
C0073 Belwood-Ezell Family, Papers, 1850-1935
C0074 Berry-Thomson-Walker Family, Papers, 1830-1893
C0075 Blake, Maxwell (1877-1959), Papers, 1910-1944
C0076 Brady, Durward Belmont, Papers, 1909-1932
C0077 Brady, Robert Kirk, Letters, 1917-1919
C0078 Breitenbaugh, Samuel, Family, Papers, 1851-1919
C0079 Bronaugh-Bushnell Family, Papers, 1852-1930
C0080 Brown, Dwight H. (1887-1944), Letters, 1937-1940
C0081 Cahoon, Benjamin Benson (1846-1923), Papers, 1842-1889
C0082 Carr, John C., Papers, 1914-1920
C0083 Clark, Charles W., Papers, 1854-1911
C0084 Colman-Hayter Family, Papers, 1839-1900
C0085 Missouri, Columbia. Charter Commission Papers, 1948-1949
C0086 Corby Family, Papers, 1804-1905
C0087 Crittenden, Thomas Theodore (1832-1909), Papers, 1880-1950
C0088 Dalton, Richard (1845-1925), Papers, 1859-1922
C0089 Davidson, James Franklin, Papers, 1868-1917
C0090 Davis, Amanda, Papers, 1895-1917
C0091 Davis, John, and William O. Colburn, Papers, 1838-1890
C0092 Decker, Perl D. (1875-1934), Papers, 1897-1939
C0093 Dee, James P., Papers, 1949-1950
C0094 Denny, James H., Papers, 1891-1931
C0095 Dobbs, Ella Victoria (1866-1952), Papers, 1882-1961
C0096 Dodge-Melick, Papers, 1838-1922
C0097 Dunklin, Daniel (1790-1844), Papers, 1815-1877
C0098 University of Missouri, English Club, Papers, 1903
C0099 Espy Family, Papers, 1800-1900
C0100 Ficklin, Joseph (1833-1887), Papers, 1851-1908
C0101 Folk, Joseph Wingate (1869-1923), Papers, 1902-1952
C0102 Freshour Family, Papers, 1843-1911
C0103 University of Missouri, Department of Veterinary Physiology and Pharmacology, Records, 1965-1966
C0104 Garriott, George W., Papers, 1838-1850
C0105 Cleveland-Gillaspy Papers, 1849-1939
C0106 Givens, Spencer H., Collection, 1816-1911
C0107 Glenn Family, Papers, 1845-1930
C0108 Gooch Family, Papers, 1853-1905
C0109 Greene, Charles Wilson (1866-1947), Papers, 1898-1938
C0110 Hagerman-Hayden Papers, 1852-1893
C0111 Hardin, Charles Henry (1820-1892), Papers, 1842-1892
C0112 Harrison, Charles Lewis (1857-1912), Papers, 1847-1921
C0113 Hatch, William H. (1833-1896), Papers, 1870-1887
C0114 Henson, Lafayette (1858-1919), Papers, 1876-1938
C0115 Hicklin, Young and John Ryland, Papers, 1876-1929
C0116 Hill, Albert Ross (1869-1943), Papers, 1914-1930
C0117 Holeman, Nancy Nash (1806- ), Papers, 1865-1877
C0118 Hornbeak, William C. (1835-1902), Papers, 1860-1873
C0119 Houck, Ida, Letters, 1869-1927
C0120 Howard, Guy, "Walkin' Preacher of the Ozark Mountains," 1940
C0121 Hubble Family, Papers, 1833-1937
C0122 Hyde, Ira B. (1838-1926), Papers, 1867-1939
C0123 Jenner, Julia Jane, "Alexander of Gallatin," n.d.
C0124 Killian, Joseph C. (1825-1895) and Charles A. (1852-1936), Papers, 1821-1935
C0125 King, George, Papers, 1778-1924
C0126 King, June K., Papers, 1890-1898
C0127 Knife and Fork Club, Kansas City, Missouri, Papers, 1899-1926
C0128 Lamm, Henry, Papers, 1904-1916
C0129 Larwill Family, Papers, 1794-1947
C0130 Lonsdale, Meron G. Mayhew, Papers, 1847-1927
C0131 Love, James A., (1820-1914), Papers, 1836-1913
C0132 Lynch, James Lewis, Memoirs, 1923
C0133 Middlebush, Frederick A. (1890-1971), Papers, 1920-1958
C0134 Miller, Hester Burgess, Papers, 1936-1938
C0135 Missouri Farm Bureau Federation Reports, 1915-1922
C0136 Missouri. Auditor, Receipts, 1822-1840
C0137 University of Missouri, Athletic Committee, Records, 1934-1947
C0138 Modern Woodmen of America, Camp No. 6277, Rockbridge, Missouri, Records, 1899-1946
C0139 Monsees, Louis M., (1858-1947), Papers, 1900-1947
C0140 Moore, David and William M., Papers, 1876-1930
C0141 Grand Army of the Republic, Department of Missouri, O.P. Morton Post No. 14, Records, 1882-1943
C0142 Alpha Pi Zeta Records, 1915-1965
C0143 Mount Vernon Bank, Mount Vernon, Missouri, Papers, 1882-1929
C0144 Munday-Henderson Papers, 1827-1891, 1946
C0145 McCraw-Turner Family, Papers, 1837-1919
C0146 McKinney, Hayes, Papers, 1789-1897
C0147 U.S. National Youth Administration, University of Missouri, Papers, 1934-1937
C0148 Nelson, Earl F. (1884-1945), Papers, 1862-1945
C0149 Norbeck, Peter (1870-1936), Papers, 1921-1936
C0150 Oglesby Coal Company Papers, 1865-1931
C0151 Drescher-Weatherly Memoirs, 1933-1954
C0152 Rea, Peter Goodman (1819-1899), Papers, 1838-1899
C0153 Read, Daniel (1805-1878), Papers, 1866-1876
C0154 U.S. Wage Stabilization Board, 9th Region, Minutes, 1951-1953
C0155 Reppy-Frissell-Drake Family, Papers, 1860-1930
C0156 Richards, Allen D. (1833-1895), Papers, 1875-1893
C0157 Roach, Cornelius (1863-1934), Speeches, 1915-1930
C0158 Graves, David William (1837-1918), Autobiography, 1916
C0159 Sappington Family, Papers, 1819-1895
C0160 Schermerhorn, John Freeman (1787-1859), Papers, 1809-1909
C0161 University of Missouri Scientific Association, Records, 1895-1916
C0162 Scott, John R. (1843-1936), Papers, 1873-1922
C0163 Shackelford, Thomas (1822-1908), Papers, 1820-1908
C0164 Shepard, Edward Martin (1854-1934), Papers, 1844-1939
C0165 Sinclair, Upton (1878-1968), MY LIFETIME IN LETTERS, Proofs, 1960
C0166 Smith, Thomas Adams (1858-1919), Papers, 1852-1919
C0167 Smith, William Benjamin (1850-1934), Papers, n.d.
C0168 Society of the Sigma Xi, Missouri Chapter, Papers, 1920-1945
C0169 Stephens Family, Papers, 1850s-1875, 2008
C0170 Stotts City Bank, Stotts City, Missouri, Records, 1891-1929
C0171 Missouri, Sullivan County, Papers, 1844-1943
C0172 Sutton, John L. (1830-1909), Papers, 1881-1909
C0173 Swain, Warren, Papers, 1820-1842
C0174 Tate Family, Papers, 1786-1871
C0175 Tindel, Curtis J. (1906-1987), Papers, 1942-1943
C0176 Todd, Helen (1912-1990), Manuscripts, 1934-1942
C0177 Tong, Marvin E., Papers, 1878-1947
C0178 Tucker, D.M. and J.H., Papers, 1833-1902
C0179 U.S. Department of Agriculture, Questionnaires, 1923-1935
C0180 University of Missouri, Deans, Directors, and Administrative Officers' Annual Reports, 1930-1946
C0181 University of Missouri, Papers, 1840-1929
C0182 University of Missouri, Department of Classical Languages and Archaeology, Records, 1930-1935
C0183 Ustick, Thomas Watt, Papers, 1849-1866
C0184 Nejdl, Adolph, Photograph Collection, 1940-1960s
C0185 University of Missouri, William Volker Prize Essays, 1913-1921
C0186 Watson-Westlake Papers, 1813-1947
C0187 Wilkinson, James L., Papers, 1877-1913
C0188 Williams, Clyde (1873-1954), Papers, 1904-1941
C0189 Williams-Shaw Papers, 1796-1904
C0190 Winston Family, Papers, 1805-1886
C0191 Woods-Holman Family, Papers, 1805-1906
C0192 Yancey, Charles S. ( -1857), Letters, 1839-1865
C0193 American Veteran's Committee, Missouri 246 Chapter, Columbia, Records, 1946-1949
C0194 Donnell, Forrest C. (1884-1980), Gubernatorial Papers, 1941-1945
C0195 Caulk, Millie, Papers, 1948-1974
C0196 Alley-Brewer Family, Letters, 1857-1866
C0197 Allen-Derbius Papers, 1877-1888
C0198 Archer, George L., Papers, 1918-1919
C0199 Anderson, Joseph, Family, Letters, 1873-1908
C0200 Aid, Joseph, Papers, 1863-1921
C0201 Epps, H.N., Family, Letters, 1817-1880
C0202 Gaffee Family, Papers, 1857-1923
C0203 Kirby, James M., Civil War Material, 1862-1896
C0204 Marshall Family, Papers, 1852-1909
C0205 Steel Family, Papers, 1840-1892
C0206 Asbury, Samuel L., Diary 1862-1864
C0207 Bean, William E., (1833-1883), Papers, 1864-1881
C0208 Kaiser, Esther, Collection, 1896, 1945
C0209 Bryan, Columbus and Bennet, Letters, 1862-1863
C0210 Bennitt, Rudolf, Letters, 1942-1946
C0211 Burge, Oscar F., Papers, 1853-1900
C0212 Brown, Nellie Fisher, Papers, 1831-1874
C0213 Botts-Lewis Family, Letters, 1837-1877
C0214 Backus, Elijah (1759-1811), Diary, 1777
C0215 Beck-Cole-Mason Letters, 1854-1877
C0216 Missouri State Labor Council, AFL-CIO, Records, 1891-1975
C0217 Baker, Henry, Papers, 1889-1949
C0218 Branson, William W., Diary, 1861-1862
C0219 Bullard, James (1848-1925), Diary, 1876-1878
C0220 Brenneman Family, Letters, 1849-1888
C0221 Bacon & Hyde Company Price List, 1845
C0222 Bailey, Alfred K. (1835-1926), Autobiography, n.d.
C0223 Ballow, G.W., Letter, 1862
C0224 Brannock, Lizzie E., Letter, 1864
C0225 Baldwin, Royal, Account Book, 1858-1877
C0226 Burt, Richard W. (1823-1911), Papers, 1817-1911
C0227 Baltzell, George J., Papers, 1870-1874
C0228 Burt, Franklin (1809-1873), Papers, 1843-1905
C0229 Morris, Joe Alex, Sr. (1904-1990), Papers, 1926-1979
C0230 Brown, Henry J., Family, Papers, 1838-1892
C0231 Brown, James, Papers, 1856-1866
C0232 Bell, John W., Record Book, 1820-1870
C0233 Archives Societaire, 1832-1882
C0234 Calvert, Lydia B., Letters, 1814-1829
C0235 Carpenter, Sam, Letters, 1834-1842
C0236 Carpenter, John C., Letters, 1868-1870
C0237 Carpenter Family, Papers, 1796-1851
C0238 Carson, William (1815-1863), Papers, 1815-1907
C0239 Crawford, Henry Clay (1838- ) and William H., Letters, 1857-1865
C0240 Carney, B.B. ( -1937), Papers, 1933-1937
C0241 Curd, Isaac (1783-1850), Papers, 1827-1862
C0242 Crutcher, Spencer, Letters, 1847-1917
C0243 Caldwell-Steele Family, Letters, 1823-1841
C0244 Connor, Thomas ( -1907), Papers, 1893-1909
C0245 Coghill, James L., Letters, 1861-1862
C0246 Criss, C.V., Papers, 1894-1920
C0247 Connaway, Benjamin (1790-1843), Papers, 1817-1838
C0248 Connaway, Dennis Harper (1819-1889), Papers, 1858-1888
C0249 Cook, Fannie, "Mothers," 1946
C0250 Connaway, John, Papers, 1785-1817
C0251 Clark, Carrie Rogers (1868-1946), Papers, 1897-1935
C0252 Cleghorn, Daniel B., Family, Papers, 1848-1892
C0253 Carey, Alex, Collection, 1864-1933
C0254 Cockrell, Ethlyn, Collection, 1846-1859
C0255 Creighton, J.H., Letters, 1884-1888
C0256 Clapp, Moses E. (1851-1929), Letters, 1907-1918
C0257 Connelly, John, Papers, 1810-1888
C0258 Coles, Edward, Papers, 1818-1866
C0259 Chitwood, Seth, Papers, 1798-1846
C0260 Chase, George W., Letters, 1841-1843
C0261 Caldwell Family, Papers, 1834-1893
C0262 Woman's Christian Temperance Union, Columbia, Missouri, Minute Book, 1884-1888
C0263 Carpenter, G.W., Papers, 1904-1905
C0264 Brownlee, John, Letters, 1828-1848
C0265 Brown, B.D., Account Book, 1882-1885
C0266 Brandt, Henry F. (1799-1871), Account Book, 1859-1860
C0267 Missouri, Howard County, Chariton Township. Civil and Criminal Docket, 1906-1916
C0268 Feldmann, John, Account Book, 1863-1871
C0269 Hayden, Peyton R. (1796-1855), Law Notebook, 1835-1842
C0270 Hall, John H., Account Book, 1800-1837
C0271 Johnson, Charles Montgomery ( -1910), Record Books, 1855-1905
C0272 Midland Ophthalmological Society Minute Book, 1896-1899
C0273 Sullivan, Amos H. (1841-1934), Papers, 1850-1939
C0274 Citizens Bank of New Franklin, Minute Book, 1920-1927
C0275 Eugene State Bank, Eugene, Missouri, Papers, 1927-1939
C0276 Fayette Bank, Fayette, Missouri, Minute Book, 1870-1938
C0277 J.S. Hughes and Company, Richmond, Missouri, Banking House Books, 1854-1930
C0278 Bank of Moberly, Moberly, Missouri, Records, 1914-1935
C0279 Bank of Miller, Miller, Missouri, Records, 1914-1928
C0280 Miners Bank, Joplin, Missouri, Records, 1877-1915
C0281 Trigg, William H. (1808-1895), Collection, 1776, 1835-1899
C0282 Church Women United in Missouri, Papers, 1948-1976
C0283 Account Book, 1807-1821
C0284 Aufrichtig, Alois, Papers, 1888-1912
C0285 Benton, Mrs. L.H., Account Book, 1913-1932
C0286 Shibley, Henry (1815-1902), Diary, 1880-1881
C0287 Account Books, 1857-1883
C0288 Gibson Store Account Books, 1871-1874
C0289 Hauenstein, William Henry, Daybook, 1881-1882
C0290 Alfred M. and David S. Koontz Store, Boonville, Missouri, Records, 1876-1924
C0291 Kleinschmidt, C.G., Account Books, 1882-1889
C0292 R.E. Lee Mercantile Company, Records, 1881-1941
C0293 Stark, Lloyd Crow (1886-1972), Papers, 1941-1972
C0294 Moore and Mahnkey, Invoice Book, 1914-1918
C0295 Morgan, J.W., Ledger, 1875-1877
C0296 Nelson, George N., Record Books, 1914-1920
C0297 Pearson Family, Papers, 1822-1941
C0298 Slave Bill of Sale, 1824
C0299 Davis-Vandiver Family, Letters, 1864-1872
C0300 Daniel, Reuben A., Papers, 1885-1922
C0301 Daniel, Henry Clay (1842-1925), Papers, 1853-1932
C0302 Daniels, Agnes Powell (1827-1894), Letters, 1876-1899
C0303 Duree Family, Papers, 1847-1888
C0304 Duncan, Henry Timberlake, Papers, 1838-1844
C0305 Doble-Lucas Family, Letters, 1856-1865
C0306 Dunlap, John N. (1822-1905), Journal, 1847
C0307 Duncan-Hardin-Jenkins Family, Papers, 1821-1860
C0308 Davis Family, Papers, 1836-1956
C0309 Defoe Family, Papers, 1840-1867
C0310 Dulany, George W., Papers, 1900-1949
C0311 Stephens, Margaret Nelson (1862-1929), Papers, 1823-1927
C0312 English, William T., Papers, 1860-1889
C0313 University of Missouri-Columbia, College of Education, Centennial Proclamation, 1968
C0314 Eldredge, Phineas (1755-1826), Papers, 1791-1826
C0315 Eisenhower, Dwight David (1890-1969), Papers, 1952
C0316 Ferguson, Russell, Letters, 1855-1856
C0317 Fristoe Family, Papers, 1812-1867
C0318 Fellows, John N., Reports, 1890-1893
C0319 Franklin, John Eddy, Papers, 1946-1954
C0320 Campbell-Hill Family, Papers, 1819-1863
C0321 Groom, William B., Papers, 1843-1872
C0322 Gally and Johnston Company, Papers, 1858-1900
C0323 Gooding, Robert, Letters, 1861-1864
C0324 Wyatt, John, Letters, 1844-1846
C0325 Gigous Family, Papers, 1875-1877
C0326 Riley, Lewis ( -1863), Papers, 1857-1875
C0327 Hearn, Clarinda and J.G., Papers, 1869-1872
C0328 Harmon, A.D. and Zebulon, Papers, 1835-1841
C0329 Harrison, Thomas (1817-1912), Papers, 1860-1894
C0330 Horton, R.F., Papers, 1903-1910
C0331 Hughes, Rachel Wall, Papers, 1823-1893
C0332 Hawkins Family, Papers, 1835-1879
C0333 Hollenbeck, Arch Talcott (1868-1954), Papers, 1919-1949
C0334 Holman, John H. ( -1883), Papers, 1861-1876
C0335 Hinrichs, Charles F. (1828-1902), Papers, 1862-1902
C0336 Harvey, Thomas, Jr., Papers, 1852-1865
C0337 Haley Family, Papers, 1864-1867
C0338 Harvey Family, Papers, 1834-1873
C0339 G.P. Sanders, New Bloomfield, MO, Records, 1900-1937
C0340 Smith and Maugh's Drugstore, Fayette, Missouri, Ledger, 1851-1854
C0341 Tatum, G.H. and J.R., Glasgow, Missouri, Account Books, 1858-1880
C0342 Yates, T.S., Account Books, 1831-1836, 1843-1896
C0343 Missouri, Callaway County. Assessor's Records, 1830
C0344 Rocheport Roller Mills, Rocheport, Missouri, Records, 1882-1937
C0345 Stone Hill Wine Company, Hermann, Missouri, Records, 1896-1919
C0346 A.E. Jones and Company, Green City, Missouri, Records, 1895-1903
C0347 Hoehn, Gottlieb A. (1865-1951), Papers, 1895-1945
C0348 Jones, Carlton (1817-1899), Papers, 1820-1850
C0349 Kaylor, Wesley ( -1863), Papers, 1857-1963
C0350 Kennan, W.H., Papers, 1901-1907
C0351 King, Elijah, Papers, 1873-1888
C0352 Kiefner, John, Collection, 1819-1912
C0353 Lavinder, O.A., Letters, 1919
C0354 Lea, Ashley, Letters, 1839-1884
C0355 Lenoir, Thomas (1730-1861), Letters, 1839-1843
C0356 Lenoir, Walter Raleigh (1786-1843), Letter, 1834
C0357 Lail, Elijah, Papers, 1854-1857
C0358 Longan, Rufus E. ( -1936), Papers, 1879-1936
C0359 Land, John Braxton (1860-1949), Papers, 1918-1939
C0360 Lathrop, John Hiram (1799-1866), Papers, 1842-1849, 1865
C0361 Lamme, Harvey, Papers, 1840-1888
C0362 Lincoln, Phillip, Papers, 1859-1878
C0363 Logan Family, Papers, 1836-1866
C0364 Lincoln, James E., Papers, 1878-1919
C0365 Milner, Duncan C. ( -1928) and James R. ( -1916), Letters, 1863-1865
C0366 Murphy, Augustus, Papers, 1813-1859
C0367 Miller, Edwin L., Papers, 1852-1897
C0368 Major, Samuel Collier (1840-1894), Papers, 1861-1884
C0369 Morris Family, Papers, 1880-1946
C0370 Mussell, Betty J., Collection, 1811-1851
C0371 Merrill, Julius Caesar (c. 1843- ), Diary, 1864
C0372 University of Missouri, Papers, 1903
C0373 McCune, Samuel C., Papers, 1870
C0374 McDonald and Cole, St. Charles, Missouri, Papers, 1849-1850
C0375 McRoberts, A.J., Papers, 1859-1876
C0376 McDonald, Archibald J., Papers, 1878-1894
C0377 McRoberts Family, Papers, 1851-1892
C0378 Napton, M., Letters, n.d.
C0379 Oliver, Robert Burett (1850-1934), Papers, 1882-1884
C0380 Perkins, Archie, Letters, 1863-1864
C0381 Price-Sebree-Jackson Letters, 1779-1910
C0382 Patterson, Roscoe Conklin (1876-1954), Papers, 1930-1944
C0383 Parmer, Thomas, Papers, 1805-1837
C0384 Penney, James Cash (1875-1971), Papers, 1859-1944
C0385 Pettit, Charles, Papers, 1737, 1859, 1864
C0386 Pendleton, George, Papers, 1860-1875
C0387 Philpott, Charles H., ed., "Letters of a Missourian Who Died in the Gold Rush," n.d.
C0388 Post, Justus, Letters, 1816
C0389 Missouri, Princeton. High School Papers, 1899-1915
C0390 Wilson, H. Clyde (1926-2010), Papers, 1962-1972
C0391 Richey Family, Letters, 1866-1890
C0392 Ross Family, Papers, 1844-1888
C0393 Rankin Family, Papers, 1834-1868
C0394 Rutter, Edmond (1811-1891), Papers, 1853-1855
C0395 Read, Opie (1852-1939), Papers, n.d.
C0396 Rice, Montana, Papers, 1836-1867
C0397 Rice, Edwin Stanton, Papers, 1851-1947
C0398 Slack, William Yarnel (1816-1862), Papers, 1847-1880
C0399 Smith-Cotton Family, Papers, 1834-1929
C0400 Sutherland, Samuel H., Papers, 1858-1861
C0401 Seifert, Elizabeth (1897-1983), Papers, 1944
C0402 Shannon, James (1799-1859), Papers, 1832-1857
C0403 Sammons, Edward C., Papers, 1918-1919
C0404 Shackelford, John C., Family, Papers, 1847-1911
C0405 Lockmiller, David A. (1906-2005), Papers, 1880-1964
C0406 Sosey, Mrs. Frank, Collection, 1822-1865
C0407 Symmes, F.M., Sermons, 1857-1888
C0408 Swallow, George Clinton, Papers, 1839-1909
C0409 Smith, Samuel Francis (1808-1895), "America," 1892
C0410 Theilman Family, Papers, 1881-1928
C0411 Thomas, Harry, Letters, 1884
C0412 U.S. Presidents, Portraits, n.d.
C0413 Overland Diary, 1857
C0414 Vanmeter Family, Papers, 1836-1948
C0415 Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790), Letter, 1789
C0416 Wymore, William, Papers, 1864
C0417 Schweitzer, Paul (1840-1911), Papers, 1893-1902
C0418 Worner, Lloyd E., Jr., Papers, 1943
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C3810 Now That's a Good Tune: Masters of Traditional Missouri Fiddling, 1989
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C3851 American Audio Prose Library, 1981-1993
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C3867 Pleasant Grove Cemetery Association Records, 1943-1983
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C3871 Campaign Posters, 1875-1920
C3872 National Broadcasting Company, "America United," Radio Program, 1945
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C3888 Leonard D. and Marie H. Rehkop Collection of Algert T. Peterson Photographs
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C3928 Bootheel Project, Records, 1993-1997
C3929 Politics in Missouri Oral History Project, Records, 1996-
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C3950 Briggs, Frank P. (1894-1992), Papers, 1900-1992
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C3963 State Historical Society of Missouri, Audio Cassette Collection, 1976-2000
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C3966 Missouri Environment Oral History Project, Records, 1997-
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C3974 Linguistic Society of America, Records, 1896-
C3975 Missouri Ex-POWs Oral History Project, Records, 2000-
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C3982 The Missouri Collection
C3983 Young Men's Christian Association, Columbia, Missouri, Record Books, 1902-1939
C3984 Athens Hotel, Columbia, Missouri, Record Books, 1903-1918
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C4004 Dunlap Family, Papers, 1780-2002
C4005 Kemper Military School, Boonville, Missouri, Records, c. 1910-2001
C4006 National Women and Media Collection, 20th Anniversary, Records, 2007
C4007 Ford Family, Papers, 1838-2006
C4008 Phillips Family, Papers, 1853-1942
C4009 McKay, Ann Bryan Mariano (1932-2009), Papers, c. 1892-2009
C4010 Hanson, Wilson O. (1913-1974), Papers, 1945-1946
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C4013 Pritchett Family, Papers, 1753-1984
C4014 Weathers Family, Papers, 1868-1991
C4015 Carnahan, Jean (1933- ), Papers, 2001-2002
C4016 American Business Women's Association, Show-Me State Chapter, Records, 1965-1996
C4017 Rustemeyer Family, Papers, 1884-1953
C4018 Cansler, Loman D. (1924-1992) and Laura M. (1931-2007), Collection, 1820-2005
C4019 Schwabe, Max (1905-1983), Papers, 1927-1971
C4020 Missouri Veterans Oral History Project, 2006-
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C4022 Volkmer, Harold L. (1931-2011), Papers, 1960-1996
C4023 How, Russell A. (1906-1996) and Bernadine M. (1910-2001), Collection, 1927-1989
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C4026 Gentry Family, Papers, 1828-1977
C4027 Unger, Arthur (1924-2004), Papers, 1943-2004
C4028 Slusher Family, Papers, 1874-1974
C4029 Callison, Charles H. (1913-1993), Papers, 1927-1995
C4030 Young, Ardath Cary (1923- ), Papers, 1910s-1976
C4031 New Directions for Women, Records, 1971-2000
C4032 A.B. Hirsch Drug Store, Boonville, Missouri, Records, 1904-1963, n.d.
C4033 Allen Walker Read Papers
C4034 Spengler Family, Papers, 1850-1870
C4035 University of Missouri-Columbia, Missouri Folk Arts Program, Records, 1982- 2012
C4036 Torrey Family, Papers, 1863-1913
C4037 Stigliani Family, Papers, c. 1900-2003
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C4040 Neth, Mary Carol (1954-2005), Papers, 1927-2004
C4041 Thornton, Alvin J. (1919-2003), Papers, 1940-2001
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C4043 Onson, Helen (1915-2002), Papers, 1938-1993
C4044 Weltmer Institute of Suggestive Therapeutics, Nevada, Missouri, Records, c. 1900-1932
C4045 Chesmore Seed Company, St. Joseph, Missouri, Records 1895-1998
C4046 Anderson, E.G. (1891-1973), Papers, 1905-1975
C4047 Washburne Family, Papers, 1825-1900
C4048 Zumwalt Family, Papers, 1862-1992
C4049 Hughes Family, Papers, 1824-1896
C4050 Penney-Missouri Journalism Awards, Records, 1960-1993
C4051 One-room Schoolhouse Oral History Project, Records, 2008-
C4052 Missouri Veterans History Project, Oral History Records, 2010-
C4053 University of Missouri-Columbia, Missouri Cultural Heritage Center, Records, 1978-1992
C4054 Christisen, Donald M. (1920-2005), Papers, 1870-2003
C4055 Bower Family, Papers, c. 1865-1974
C4056 O.K. Armstrong Papers
C4057 Boone County, Missouri, Black Archives, Collection
C4058 Geiger, Louis G. (1913-2002), Papers, 1803-2002
C4059 Lewis Family, Papers, 1838-1888
C4060 Bankert, Zetta E. (1905-1979), Collection, 1945-1976
C4061 Matthews, Jack (1905-1993), Papers, 1942-1985
C4062 Shelton, Charles G. (1887-1971), Papers, 1918-1969
C4063 Collins, A. Loyd, Scrapbook, 1939-1940
C4064 Woods-Spilman Family, Papers, 1845-1980
C4065 Reed Family, Papers, 1894-1996
C4066 Directory of Women's Media, Records, 1975-1990
C4067 Conran, J.V. (1899-1970), Papers, 1940-1982
C4068 USS Schley Oral History Project, Records, 1997-1998
C4069 Ellis, Elmer (1901-1989), Papers, 1830-1995
C4070 Mills, Kay (1941-2011), Papers, c. 1890-2011
C4071 Beta Phi Mu, Librarian Oral History Project, 1980-1985
C4072 James T. Scott Memorial, Collection, 2010-2011
C4073 Richards, Carol R. (1944- ), Papers, 1967-1985
C4074 Anderson, Marie (1916-1996), Papers, c. 1925-1991
C4075 Muehl, Siegmar, Collection, 1778-1992
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C4077 Biggs, Gloria N. (1911-2001), Papers, 1947-1989
C4078 Paxson, Marjorie B. (1923-2017), Papers, 1844-2008
C4079 Sheets, Charles K., Jr. (1906-1971), Papers, 1847-1930
C4080 Radio Homemakers, Oral History Project, Records, 1992
C4081 Kwitny, Jonathan (1941-1998), Papers, 1957-1993
C4082 Bulkeley, Christy C. (1942-2009), Papers, 1884-2009
C4083 Davis, Irvine Woodrow (1916-1997) and Nona Myrom Bell (1914-1999), Papers, 1929-2010
C4084 Drell, Adrienne (1943- ), Papers, c. 1930-2006
C4085 Carnahan, Mel, Papers, 1980-1984
C4086 Giffen, Jerena East, Papers, 1893-2008
C4087 Lewine, Frances L. (1921-2008), Memoir, n.d.
C4088 Tokyo Symposium on Women, Papers, 1988
C4089 Missouri Veteran Stories, Collection, 2007-2010
C4090 International Women's Media Project, Records, 1986
C4091 Kassell, Paula (1917-2012), Papers, 1931-2007
C4092 Journalists Write On, Exhibit, 1997
C4093 Media Watch, Records, 1987-1993
C4094 Women in Communications, Inc., Student Chapter, Records, 1957-1987
C4095 Joplin Tornado Oral History Project, Records, 2011-
C4096 Women, Men and Media Conference, Records, 1980-2000
C4097 American Women in Radio and Television, Inc., Stop Sexual Harassment Campaign, Records, 1992
C4098 Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, Papers, 1972-1988
C4099 Gender and Mass Media, Newsletters, 1981-1993
C4100 Harlan, Andrew Jackson, Scrapbook, 1857-1906
C4101 Acock, Robert E. (c. 1799-1861), Papers, 1838-1866
C4102 Roland, Laura Effie (1867-1957), Diary, 1883-1889
C4103 Jackson, Sarah Belle, (1928-1999), Papers, 1942-1999
C4104 Dryden, John G. (1835-1890), Diaries, 1856-1883
C4105 Heinkel, Fred V. (1897-1990), Papers, 1914-1988
C4106 Mitchell, Thomas C., Jr. (1901-1967), Papers, 1915-1966
C4107 Sasse, David Blake, Collection, 1940-1993
C4108 Aley, Henderson (1893-1970), Papers, 1906-1968
C4109 Robinson, Harry B., Collection, 1890-1984
C4110 World War II Bond Drive, Collection, 1942-1945
C4111 Stewart, George Earle and Louise, Letters, 1932-1950
C4112 Seibert, Donald A., (1920-2010), Collection, 1834-1851
C4113 Benton, Thomas Hart (1889-1975), Collection, 1962-2013
C4114 Hughes, Lena, Papers, 1951-1989
C4115 Big Creek Mill, Records, 1867-1902
C4116 Missouri Desegregation and Civil Rights Oral History Project, Records, 2013-
C4117 Lynch Family, Papers, 1765-1929
C4118 Nickell Family, Papers, 1920s-1940s
C4119 Aber, Elaine, (1916-2001) Papers, 1964-1984
C4120 Flory, Josephine, Papers, 1845, 1931-1939
C4121 Missouri, Montgomery County Rural School, Records, 1870s-1947
C4122 Keith, Carol Dobkins, Papers, 1859-1936
C4123 Louisiana Purchase Exposition, Collection, 1890-1904
C4124 Davidson, William Lusk, Papers, 1854-2005
C4125 University of Missouri-Columbia, Black Studies Program, Records, 1860-1992
C4126 James, David A. (1937- ) Papers, 1790-2008
C4127 Rutherford, Lela Jean Howat (1888-1981), Papers, 1905-1977
C4128 Stephens, Ruth D., Collection, 1824-1979
C4129 Yeagle Family, Papers, 1732-1984
C4130 Henderson, Orval L., Jr. (1930- ), Papers, 1904-2015
C4131 Kenny, Thomas H. (1918- ) Papers, 1816-1997
C4132 Heinkel, Dorothy Hart Riley (1903-1990), Papers, 1915-1973
C4133 Beckett, Dorothy Ellen (1932-2010), Papers, 1952-1969
C4134 Storch, Rachel, Papers, 2004-2010
C4135 Evans, Emily E. (1910-2004), Papers, 1943-2000
C4136 Anderson, Helen L. (1936- ), Papers, 1971-1980
C4137 Bruner-Dixon Family, Papers, c. 1860s-2004
C4138 Richardson, John, Diary, 1862-1863
C4139 Froman, Jane, Centennial Collection, 2007-2010
C4140 Kearns, Bill, (1923-2010), Collection, 1886-2009
C4141 Townsend, Henry D., (1846-1881), Papers, 1862-1865
C4142 Flanery-Gillum-Lawson Family, Papers, 1862-2005
C4143 Moore, Allen, Autograph Collection, n.d.
C4144 Benton, Coleman D., and Nannie V., Papers, 1871-1873, 1894-1920
C4145 Poletti, James J., Sheet Music Collection, 1902-1934
C4146 McCord, William D., Diary, 1861-1863
C4147 Hentic, Jean Marie, Papers, 1883, 1887
C4148 Miles, Johnny, Letter, 1945
C4149 Campbell, R., Letter, 1832
C4150 Wisconsin, Eighth Infantry Regiment, "Old Abe" Mascot, 1865
C4151 Newton Family Papers, 1829, 1834, 1835
C4152 Hereford, Lizzie M. Powell (1840-1877), Papers, 1817-1880
C4153 Hyde, Mary Ruth (1922- ), Papers, 1972-1993
C4154 Stock Certificates, 19th and 20th Century, Collection
C4155 Hyde, Mary Ruth (1922- ), Papers, 1972-1993
C4156 Brown, Charles R., Photographs, c. 1960s.
C4157 Quarry Heights Owners’ Association, Columbia, Missouri, Records, 1951-1987
C4158 Harvey Family, Ledger, c. 1850s, 1940s
C4159 Symington, Stuart, Jr., Interview, 1994
C4160 Bryan Family Papers, 1840-1911
C4161 World War I, American Expeditionary Forces, Legend and Insignias, 1917, 1918
C4162 Eubank Family Papers, 1846-1946
C4163 Van Zandt, Gilbert, (1851-1944), Papers, 1865-1956
C4164 Wilson, Thomas Earl (1889-1964), Papers, 1928-1965
C4165 Mallea, Amahia, Papers, 2003
C4166 University of Missouri, College of Agriculture, Social Studies Club, Records, 1914-1992
C4167 Lingenfelder, Julius, Papers, 1876-1934
C4168 Boan, Fern, (1896-1988), Collection, 1915-1956
C4169 Hurst, S.W. and Company, Tipton, Missouri, Papers, 1872-1905
C4170 Missouri, St. Joseph, Urban Renewal Project, 1952-1982
C4171 Strawn-Neate Dry Goods Company, Columbia, Missouri, Records, 1901-1931
C4172 McMurtrey, Lowell, and Margaret M., Papers, 1942-1971
C4173 Wiedenhoeft, Elsie Arline Stults, (1903-1993), Papers, 1700-1983
C4174 Kemper Military School, Boonville, Missouri, Collection, 1935-1947
C4175 Graham, Elam O. (1872-1955) and Anna Louise Reck, Letters, 1906-1907, 1915
C4176 Patton, John F., Collection, 1847-1937
C4177 Rickman Family, Papers, 1778-1978
C4178 Smith, Robert C., Papers, 1967-2002
C4179 Smith, Robert C., Papers, 1950-2002
C4180 National Cosmetology Association of Missouri, Records, 1944-1990s
C4181 Hoenig, Veryl, Papers, c. 1700s-1990
C4182 McAnally, Teddy Stone, Papers, 1953-1955
C4183 Church Women United in Missouri, Columbia Unit, Records, 1945-2001
C4184 University of Missouri, Legion of Black Collegians, Records, 1974-1993
C4185 Missouri Society of American Foresters, Records, c.1900-1991
C4186 Rippey, J.R., (1843-1909), Papers, 1898
C4187 Smithers and Wagoner Funeral Records, St. Louis, Missouri, 1863-1899, 1934
C4188 Tofle, Ruth Brent, Papers 1930-2008
C4189 Eads, James Buchanan (1820-1887), and Martha Nash Dillon Eads (1821-1852), Papers, 1844-1852
C4190 Missouri City and County Government Documents, Collection, 1941-1994
C4191 Bowles, Edward L. (1897-1990), Papers, 1883-1991
C4192 Baynes, Richard F., Papers, 1938-1940
C4193 Missouri Commission on Human Rights, Papers, 1958-1968
C4194 Dickerhoof, Emma, Diaries, 1915-1949
C4195 Harris, Frank G., (1871-1944), Papers, 1915-1945
C4196 Knipmeyer, Gilbert (1892-1981), Papers, 1861-1968
C4197 Cook, David Gillaspy, (1821-1896), Papers, 1874-1908
C4198 Estes, Joseph (1820-1893), Papers, 1816-1907
C4199 Zwick Family, Papers, 1860-1965
C4200 Mosley Family, Papers, 1912-1941
C4201 Taggart Family, Papers, 1825-1913
C4202 Garth, William W., Papers, 1954-1955
C4203 Redeker, Fredric D., Collection 1894-1953
C4204 Stillwell Family, Papers, 1732-1976
C4205 Boone-Tate Family, Papers, 1941-1976
C4206 Rock Bridge Memorial State Park, Columbia, Missouri, Records, 1963-1970
C4207 Solid Waste Task Force, Columbia, Missouri, Records, 1990-1993
C4208 Wood Family, Papers, 1702-1978
C4209 Missouri Heartwood, Records, 1965-2000
C4210 Cooper, Albert G., Collection, 1967-1985
C4211 Jenkins, William, Collection, 1860-1922
C4212 Roberts, C.C., Railroad Collection, 1866-1922
C4213 New Providence Presbyterian Church, Guthrie, Missouri, Records, 1823-1964
C4214 Young, Frank, Papers, 1854-1956
C4215 Bross, Theodore, Ledgers, 1899-1956
C4216 Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad, Brookfield, Missouri, Records, 1884-1940
C4217 PedNet Coalition, Columbia, Missouri, Records, 2001-2003
C4218 Missouri Sesquicentennial Celebration, Platte County, Collection, c.1890-1970
C4219 United States Daughters of 1812, Missouri Chapter, Records, 1784-2008
C4220 Fessenden, Edwin Allan, Scrapbook, 1905-1913
C4221 Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield, Papers, 1926-1949
C4222 Bundridge, Thomas P., Papers, 1854-1909
C4223 Camp Fire Girls, Shuta Group, Columbia, Missouri, Scrapbooks, 1940-1946
C4224 Standard Extra, Columbia, Missouri, 1861
C4225 Mu Phi Epsilon, Phi Delta Chapter, Records, 1926-1986
C4226 Plassmeyer Family, Papers, 1919-1952
C4227 Nolen, Rose M. (1935-2015), Papers, 1873-2004
C4228 Irwin, John W., Papers, 1861-1906
C4229 Johnson, Charles P. (1836-1920), Papers, 1871-1920
C4230 Rotary Club, Columbia, Missouri, Records, 1922-1996
C4231 Nebel and Son, High Hill, Missouri, Records, 1867-1899
C4232 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Clippings, 1967
C4233 Willett Family, Papers, 1883-1982
C4234 Redmon, William, Collection, 1872-1906
C4235 Welsh, F.F., Daybooks, 1897-1955
C4236 Friendship Christian Church, Records, 1837-1974
C4237 Camp Kimtu, Camp Fire Girls of America, Papers, 1932-1939
C4238 Adamson Family, Papers, 1848-1942
C4239 Estes, Amanda, Scrapbooks, 1958-1971
C4240 Farris, Frank H. (1867-1926), Speeches, c.1920s
C4241 Harper, H.W., Chemists’ and Druggists’ Diary, 1876
C4242 Missouri Governor’s Mansion Tour, 1970
C4243 Redmon and Hurst Farms, Papers, 1898-1913
C4244 Toll-German-Kemper Family, Papers, c.1850-1973
C4245 Grand Army of the Republic, Stephen Estle Post 178, 1885-1912
C4246 Donnelly, Robert T., Papers, 1924-1999
C4247 Gottschalk, Philip, Collection 1863-1991
C4248 Saunders Family, Papers, 1877-1973
C4249 Missouri Lives, Oral History Project, Records, 2014-
C4250 M. M. M. Club, Fayette, Missouri, Records, 1893-1989
C4251 Kavanaugh, William H., Papers, 1861-1939
C4252 Petty, James Harvey (1830-1888), Records, 1871-1939
C4253 Theater, Mexico, Missouri, Scrapbooks, 1902-1924
C4254 King’s Daughters and Sons, Missouri Branch, Records, 1890-1979
C4255 Missouri Infantry, 21st Regiment, Volunteers, 1861-1969
C4256 Bay, J. Christian Collection, Scrapbook, 1942
C4257 American Legion, Herbert Williams Post 202, Records, 1919-2009
C4258 Tindall, Virginia (1907-1998), Papers, 1931-1990
C4259 American Revolution Bicentennial Commission of Missouri, Papers, 1973-1977
C4260 Smith, Harold, Papers, 1952-1954
C4261 Estevez, Victor, Collection, 1982-1996
C4262 Missouri, Slater, City Records, 1878-1891
C4263 McKinney, T. Thistle, Travel Logs, 1928-1929
C4264 White, Edgar, Collection, 1921-1935
C4265 O’Dell, Charles A. (1933- ), Collection, 1825-1997
C4266 Schewe, Elenore, Collection, 1920-2002
C4267 Loire-Kuzmich, Family, Papers, 1916-2006
C4268 Bradshaw, William (1896-1964) and Doris Crump (1896-1994), Papers, 1917-1979
C4269 Trimble Family, Papers, 1876-1948
C4270 Lomax, Victor W. Papers, 1910-1938
C4271 McGee Family, Papers, 1838-2000
C4272 St. Joseph Typographical Union No. 40, St. Joseph, Missouri, Records, 1905-1991
C4273 Cooperation of Christian Churches, Boone County, Missouri, Records, 1908-1966
C4274 Civil War Documents, 1861-1865
C4275 Matthews, Sherman, Papers, 1923-1930
C4276 American Revolution Bicentennial, Missouri Committee for Agriculture, Papers, 1974-1976
C4277 Cowan, Donna, Scrapbooks, 1957
C4278 People’s Association for Better Municipal Government, Columbia, Missouri, Records, 1951-1957
C4279 Walker, Paris M., Funeral Home, Records, 1898-1934
C4280 "As I Recall" Oral History Project, Records, 2006
C4281 Missouri College and University Print Materials, 1836-1986
C4282 Gibson, Charles, Scrapbooks, 1852-1899
C4283 Wilbur, Russel (1877-1940), Papers, 1856-1919
C4284 Shoemaker-Matthews Family, Scrapbook, 1876
C4285 Burk, Tennie S. (1886-1978), Papers, 1837-1972
C4286 Hays Winterbower & Co., Ledger, 1883-1884
C4287 St. Clair County, Missouri, School District Records, 1899-1952
C4288 Trinity Episcopal Church, Kansas City, Missouri, Cornerstone, Records, 1883-1887
C4289 Pearman, Floyd Papers
C4290 Copher and Stidham Family Records
C4291 Dingeldein, Otto, Papers
C4292 Mo. Council on the Arts, Records
C4293 Challis-Dysart Family Papers
C4294 Peak, Bettie Papers
C4295 Missouri Senate, Equal Rights Amendment Testimonies
C4296 Interfaith Council, Columbia, Missouri, Papers
C4297 Stevens, Anna Frike Foster, Papers
C4298 Schweitzer, Paul, Certificate for US Citizenship
C4299 Boone County Retired Teachers Association Records
C4300 Stever Family, Papers
C4301 Hyatt, Harry M., Papers
C4302 United Klans of America, Records, 1967-1973
C4303 Phillips, Sidney Papers
C4304 Jellum, Lee Papers
C4305 United Daughters of the Confederacy, Records
C4306 Krohn, Peter, Papers 1847-1869
C4307 Missouri Association of Republicans Records
C4308 Tindall, Cordell, W. Papers
C4309 Citizens Bank of Bucklin, Missouri, Records, 1915-1937
C4310 Mt. Zion Methodist Church, Boone County, Missouri, Records, 1901-1972
C4311 Lexington Business Records, Lexington, Missouri, 1831-1869
C4312 Robertson, George A.S. (1894-1939), Papers, 1919-1987
C4313 King General Store, Oak Grove, Missouri, Account Book, 1888-1893
C4314 Dalton, Walter William (1908-1982), Papers, 1939-1979
C4315 Rieger, Wray M. (1902-1975), Papers, 1942-1972
C4316 Civil War Envelopes, C.1860s
C4317 Missouri, Ste. Genevieve District Land Record Book A., 1804-1809
C4318 Women's Auxiliary to the Boone County Medical Society, Records, 1977-1982
C4319 Lyon, Duane Evans (1885-1959), Scrapbooks, 1913-1958
C4320 University of Missouri-Columbia, Friends of the University of Missouri Library, Papers
C4321 Northwest Missouri State Park Committee, Developmental Proposal, 1925
C4322 Union Primitive Baptist Church, Boone County, Missouri, Records, 1887-1984
C4323 Klinge, Henry (1844-1915), Papers, 1859-1915
C4324 Missouri Congress of Parents and Teachers, Papers, 1970-1985
C4325 Cuivre-Siloam Regular Baptist Association, Records, 1822-1922
C4326 United Methodist Church, Canton, Missouri, Records, 1853-1939, 1985
C4327 United Methodist Women of the Missouri United Methodist Church, Columbia, Records, 1915-1999
C4328 Bradley, Charles E. (1845-1927), Diary, 1869-1876, 1913
C4329 Dunlap Family, Papers, 1897-1965
C4330 Johnson, C.S., Genealogical Collection, 1924-1963
C4331 Harrington Family, Scrapbook, 1898-1907
C4332 Pulliam, B.G., Daybook, 1836-1838, 1843-1860
C4333 United Methodist Church, Lake of the Ozarks Parish, Records, 1971-1983
C4334 Wilcoxson, Hiram, Ledgers, 1836-1860
C4335 Goshen Primitive Baptist Church, Wilton, Missouri, Minute Book, 1832-1888
C4336 Essman Family, Papers, 1896-1928, 1987
C4337 U.S. States of the United States, Records, Missouri, 1762-1870
C4338 Morgan, T. Clifford, Collection, 1853-1983
C4339 Kaiser-Pilgrim Family Papers
C4340 Millersburg Elementary School, Millersburg, Missouri, PTO Records, 1957-1983
C4341 Roberts, John M. (1833-1914), Diaries, 1878-1881
C4342 Henderson, Russell Papers
C4343 Wilbert S. Myers Papers
C4344 William H. Smith Papers
C4345 McGaugh Family Genealogical Materials Collection
C4346 Kingsbury Family Papers
C4347 Hackett Family Papers
C4348 Elizabeth McReynolds Rozier Papers
C4349 Pierre A. Boyer Collection
C4350 Harlan Loy Shrader Papers
C4351 Ernestine Ernst Seiter Papers
C4353 Bettyann Dubansky Papers
C4354 Missouri German Heritage Corridor Oral History Project
C4355 International Women of Columbia Records
C4356 John E. Lamy Collection
C4357 The Westerners, John G. Heihardt Corral, Columbia
C4358 Sallie Hailey Papers
C4359 Missouri Covered Bridges Photo Album
C4360 John F. Beck Papers
C4361 Alex Liosnoff Papers
C4362 Hugh R. Gardner Papers
C4363 Robert Hoester Papers
C4364 Severance Book Review Club Records
C4365 Jane Guthman Kahn Papers
C4366 Deborah Howell Papers
C4367 Ralph Harris Papers
C4368 Doermann/Niebruegge Family Papers
C4369 Funk and Blue Family Genealogical Collection
C4370 Beta Phi Mu, Psi Chapter, Records
C4371 Edwin Lawler Papers
C4372 Darwin Hindman Papers
C4373 Carol A. Wood Papers
C4374 Briggs Family Papers
C4375 Dan Rothwell Papers
C4376 Russell J. Rosier Papers
C4377 Missouri Sports & Recreation Oral History Project
C4379 Richard J. Chamier Papers
C4380 Carl B. Rexroad Papers
C4381 Alice Potter Genealogical Collection
C4382 Lyle Reed Collection
C4383 John J. Riordan Papers
C4384 Alice Bock Heckmann Glass Plate Collection
C4385 George Family Papers
C4386 First Presbyterian Church, (Columbia, Mo.), Presbyterian Women, Records
C4387 Central College for Women (Lexington, Mo.) Records
C4388 Edward Kemper Collection
C4390 Missouri Place Name Survey Papers
C4391 Eric Engberg Papers
C4392 John T. Nichols Papers
C4394 Tolliver Craig Papers

Photograph Collections with Finding Aids

P0001 Schmidt, Maximilian E. (1865-1932), Photographs, ca. 1895-1930
P0002 Kroeger, Otto (1884-1957) and Joe (1920-1994), Photograph Collection
P0003 Lee, Richard L. (1925-2011), County Courthouse Photographs, ca. 1955
P0004 Brown, Robert C., Photograph Collection
P0005 Steinberg, Simon C. "Si" (1906-2002), Photograph Collection, 1938, 1950
P0006 Columbia Tribune, Photographs, ca. 1940-1952
P0007 Maguire, Louis T., Jr. (1903-1976), Scrapbooks, ca. 1906-1938
P0008 Younk, Mary Ann, Photograph Collection, 1927
P0009 Martin Eichenlaub Postcard Collection
P0010 B. James George Sr. Photograph Collection
P0014 Charles van Ravenswaay Photograph Collection
P0016 Massie, Gerald R. (1911-1989), Photographs
P0021 E. B. Trail Photograph Collection
P0030 Missouri Ruralist Photographs
P0052 Historic Inventory of Columbia, Missouri, 1978-1979, Photographs
P0072 Frazee, Douglas R. (1925-2014), Photographs, ca. 1880-1985
P0075 Bunch, Carroll H. (1886-1969), Scrapbook, ca. 1918-1919
P0099 King, Roy T. (1904-1990), Photograph Collection, 1885-1957
P0138 Harlan, Dorothy Cochran (1924-2015), Photograph Collection, ca. 1898-1902
P0148 Tranquille, Dante O. (1905-1981), Photographs, 1949
P0162 University of Missouri School of Journalism, Scrapbook, ca. 1909-1913
P0163 Trigg, Louise B., Photograph Collection
P0165 Cooper, John D. (1860-1948), Glass Plate Negative Collection, ca. 1900-1920
P0279 Edd Ingram Photographs
P0335 Agriculture Stabilization and Conservation Service Aerial Photographs
P0437 Colby, James M. (1883-1960), Photographic Postcards, ca. 1910
P0866 Schlief-Boudreau Family Photograph Collection
P1041 Powers, Earl (1913-1976), Photographs

Accessions with Finding Aids

CA1092 Shoemaker, Floyd Calvin, Collection
CA2307 Bingham Sketches, Incorporated, Records
CA2509 State Historical Society of Missouri, Records
CA2541 Stevens, Walter Barlow (1848-1939), Scrapbooks
CA2573 Missouri United Methodist Church, Columbia, Missouri, Records
CA2579 Grand Temple Pythian Sisters of the Grand Jurisdiction of Missouri, Records
CA2607 Moore, Lafayette, Papers
CA2616 Missouri East Conference, United Methodist Women, Records
CA2619 Botts, Virginia, Collection
CA2628 Missouri Music Teachers' Association, Records
CA2631 Missouri East Conference, United Methodist Church, Records
CA2632 University Y, YMCA, and YWCA, Records
CA2633 Hamilton, Henry W., Papers
CA2657 U.S. Weather Service, Columbia, Missouri, Records
CA2677 State Historical Society of Missouri, Records
CA2691 State Historical Society of Missouri, Records
CA2692 Missouri Writers' Guild, Records
CA2724 Missouri East Conference, United Methodist Women, Records
CA2725 White, Robert M., II, Papers
CA2749 Altrusa Club, Columbia, Missouri, Records
CA2753 Central School, District Number 55, Saline County, Missouri, Records
CA2756 State Historical Society of Missouri, Records
CA2776 Todd, William Miles, Collection
CA2795 Todd, Thomas M. (1917-1987), Papers
CA2809 Missouri East Conference, United Methodist Church, Records
CA2812 Crighton, John C., Collection
CA2814 Joseph Byrne Fur and Wool Company, Records, 1902-1918
CA2859 State Historical Society of Missouri, Records
CA2861 Rozier, George A., Papers
CA2912 Altrusa Club, Columbia, Missouri, Records
CA2917 Gardner, James A., Papers, c. 1910, 1930s-1980s
CA2945 Cline, Jessie Alice, Papers
CA2963 Henderson-Marr Family, Papers
CA2976 State Historical Society of Missouri, Records
CA2982 State Historical Society of Missouri, Records
CA3025 Crockett, Lelah E., Collection
CA3031 United Daughters of the Confederacy, Missouri Division, Records
CA3048 Missouri East Conference, United Methodist Church, Records
CA3051 Grandview Baptist Church, Boone County, Missouri, Records
CA3053 Friends of Rocheport, Missouri, Records
CA3056 Sons of the American Revolution, Missouri Society, Records
CA3071 Missouri East Conference, United Methodist Church, Records
CA3076 Missouri United Methodist Church, Columbia, Missouri, Records
CA3082 McCollum, Opal Branstetter (1909-1999), Papers
CA3102 U.S. Daughters of 1812, Missouri State Society, Records
CA3103 Hamilton, Henry W., Papers
CA3109 Daughters of the American Revolution, Columbian Chapter, Columbia, Missouri, Records
CA3123 U.S. Daughters of 1812, Missouri State Society, Records
CA3125 Melton, Emory, (1923- ), Papers, 1972-1996
CA3147 Missouri Music Teachers' Association, Records
CA3164 Missouri United Methodist Church, Records
CA3740 Lively, Charles E., Papers, c. 1909-1966
CA3913 University of Missouri, Committee on Accredited Schools and Colleges, Records
CA3948 Rural Sociological Society of America, Records
CA3960 Biddle, William W., (1900- ), Papers
CA3963 Lively, Charles E., Papers
CA4076 Zuber, Marcus S. (1912-1998), Papers
CA4078 Schooley, C. Herschel, Papers
CA4086 Missouri Association for Social Welfare, Records
CA4109 Missouri Regional Medical Program, Records
CA4111 Stark Brothers Nurseries and Orchards Company, Records
CA4125 Stadler, Lewis John (1896-1954), Papers
CA4270 Missouri Regional Medical Program, Records
CA4279 Missouri Regional Medical Program, Records
CA4297 Missouri Regional Medical Program, Records
CA4298 Shoemaker, Ralph J. (1906-1980), Papers
CA4302 Missouri Regional Medical Program, Records
CA4318 Burlison, Bill D., Papers
CA4319 Missouri Extension Homemakers Association, Council and Club Records
CA4340 Meisner, Joseph C., Papers, c. 1960s-1970s
CA4341 Cutlip, R.B., Papers
CA4344 Cochran Construction Company, Boonville, Missouri, Records
CA4345 FarmHouse Fraternity International, Papers
CA4347 Missouri School of Religion, Records
CA4358 Rural Sociological Society of America, Records
CA4359 Missouri Regional Medical Program, Records
CA4360 Doane, D. Howard (1883-1984), Papers
CA4369 Stark Brothers Nurseries and Orchards Company, Records
CA4377 Stark Brothers Nurseries and Orchards Company, Records
CA4384 Missouri School of Religion, Records
CA4393 Seiler, Robert E., Papers
CA4405 Missouri Association for Social Welfare, Records
CA4407 Smith, Seymour, Papers
CA4410 Seiler, Robert E., Papers
CA4419 Soroptimist International of Springfield, Missouri, Records
CA4421 Missouri Democratic State Committee, Records
CA4442 Meinershagen, Reba, Genealogical Research Materials
CA4451 Missouri Nurses Association, Records
CA4461 Missouri Regional Medical Program, Records
CA4463 Rural Sociological Society of America, Records
CA4466 Brooks Family, Papers
CA4470 Seiler, Robert E., Papers
CA4492 Epsilon Sigma Alpha, International, Missouri State Council, Records
CA4510 Young, Raymond A. (1912-1993), Papers
CA4511 Seiler, Robert E., Papers
CA4535 Missouri Democratic State Committee, Records
CA4542 Missouri Democratic State Committee, Records
CA4547 Missouri Regional Medical Program, Records
CA4558 Missouri Council of Churches, Records
CA4567 Missouri Council of Churches, Records
CA4581 Rufi, John, Papers
CA4582 Missouri White House Conference Committee on Children and Youth, Records
CA4585 Rural Sociological Society of America, Records
CA4593 Doane, D. Howard (1883-1984), Papers
CA4598 Missouri League for Nursing, Inc., Records
CA4607 University of Missouri, Department of Agricultural Chemistry, Records
CA4618 Rural Sociological Society of America, Records
CA4619 Chapman, Carl H., Papers
CA4621 Missouri Democratic State Committee, Records
CA4639 Missouri Origins Project, Collection
CA4648 Missouri Academy of Science, Records
CA4650 Missouri Extension Homemakers Association, Oral History Project
CA4664 Marbut, Curtis Fletcher (1863-1935), Papers
CA4666 Missouri Association of School Librarians, Records
CA4668 Chapman, Carl H., Papers
CA4682 Missouri Extension Homemakers Association, Oral History Project
CA4693 Chapman, Carl H., Papers
CA4701 Smith, Seymour, Papers
CA4702 Schmidt, Liz, Collection
CA4705 Schmidt, Liz, Collection
CA4720 Thomas F. Eagleton Papers
CA4729 Missouri Extension Homemakers Association, Oral History Project
CA4730 Missouri Extension Homemakers Association, Projects
CA4734 Rural Sociological Society of America, Records
CA4737 Missouri Association of School Librarians, Records
CA4749 Wilson, H. Clyde (1926-2010), Papers
CA4755 Elaine Lawless Folklore Collection
CA4756 John W. Roberts Folklore Collection
CA4778 Marbut, Curtis Fletcher (1863-1935), Papers
CA4785 Anchor Milling Company, Papers
CA4787 Rural Sociological Society of America, Records
CA4790 Schroeder, Adolf E., Papers
CA4791 Cowgill, Donald O., Papers
CA4792 Chapman, Carl H., Papers
CA4795 Schroeder, Adolf E., Papers
CA4797 Missouri Association of School Librarians, Records
CA4798 Schroeder, Adolf E., Papers
CA4799 University of Missouri, Department of Physics, Records
CA4801 Missouri Academy of Science, Records
CA4802 Inmon, James B., Collection
CA4803 Moll, Justus R., Collection
CA4814 Miller, Susan H., Papers
CA4816 Kemper, Edward, Collection
CA4829 Miller, Susan H., Papers
CA4832 NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund, Papers
CA4847 NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund, Papers
CA4858 Elaine Lawless Folklore Collection
CA4860 Missouri League for Nursing, Inc., Records
CA4861 Missouri Democratic State Committee, Records
CA4871 Hessin, Cynthia, Papers
CA4872 Patterson, Joye, Papers
CA4878 Stephenson, William, Papers
CA4879 Missouri Association of School Librarians, Records
CA4890 Finke, Elmer L. and Emma Mae, Farm Records
CA4891 Brady, Thomas A. (1902-1964), Papers
CA4892 Missouri White House Conference Committee on Children and Youth, Records
CA4897 Chapman, Eleanor, Papers
CA4901 Women in Communications, Inc., Records
CA4903 UPSTREAM, Records
CA4906 Journalism and Women Symposium, Records
CA4908 Newsom, Douglas Ann Johnson, Papers
CA4909 Keeley, Mary Paxton (1886-1986), Papers
CA4912 Francke, Carrie, Papers
CA4918 Schroeder, Adolf E., Papers
CA4919 Public Opinion Survey Unit, Records
CA4922 Missouri Association of School Librarians, Records
CA4923 Cowgill, Donald O., Papers
CA4925 Schroeder, Adolf E. and Rebecca, Collection
CA4926 Schroeder, Adolf E., Papers
CA4943 Kaufman-Logsdon Family, Papers
CA4948 Allee, William S., Papers
CA4949 Miller County Exchange Bank, Olean, Missouri, Records
CA4971 Rural Sociological Society of America, Records
CA4973 Pi Lambda Theta, Central Missouri Alumnae Chapter, Records
CA4980 Arthur Hugh Denney Papers
CA4989 Missouri Press Photographers Association, Photographs
CA4995 Strickland, Arvarh E. (1930-2013), Papers
CA4999 Agnew, John, Collection
CA5007 Harrigan, Jane, Papers
CA5009 University of Missouri, Fisheries and Wildlife, Photographs
CA5015 FarmHouse Fraternity International, Papers
CA5021 Cotton, Martha, Papers
CA5022 Elaine Lawless Folklore Collection
CA5032 Greer, Jerry D., Papers
CA5050 Trent, Fred, Collection
CA5056 Bedell, Ralph C., Papers
CA5058 Rottmann, Betty Cook, Papers
CA5068 Missouri Association for Social Welfare, Records
CA5069 Cowgill, Donald O., Papers
CA5071 Rural Sociological Society of America, Records
CA5072 Missouri League for Nursing, Inc., Records
CA5073 Daughters of the American Revolution, Mexico Chapter, Records
CA5075 Lowrance, Edward W., Papers
CA5077 Missouri Association of School Librarians, Records
CA5083 Trent, Fred, Collection
CA5084 Bedell, Ralph C., Papers
CA5088 Stephenson, William, Papers
CA5092 Missouri League for Nursing, Inc., Records
CA5097 Green, Nancy L., Papers
CA5103 Missouri Art Education Association, Records
CA5113 Teague, Howe, Collection
CA5115 Dent, Lester B. (1904-1959), Collection
CA5125 Craig, Tolliver, Papers
CA5133 Froman, Jane (1907-1980), Papers
CA5134 Ohman, Marian, Papers
CA5135 Swigert, Al, Collection
CA5136 Dewey Short Papers
CA5140 Erickson, Bill, Collection
CA5145 Scott, Foresman and Company, Collection
CA5146 Greer, Jerry D., Papers
CA5147 First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, Missouri, Presbyterian Women, Records
CA5153 Eagleton, Thomas F., Papers
CA5157 Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, State of Missouri, Papers
CA5160 Lanos, Chyrel, Papers
CA5161 Marshall, Howard Wight, Collection
CA5162 Missouri Art Education Association, Records
CA5175 Lankford, John E., Papers
CA5183 Schroeder, Adolf E. and Rebecca, Collection
CA5187 Curtis, Winterton Conway (1875-1966), Papers
CA5188 Greer, Jerry D., Papers
CA5190 Smith, Seymour, Papers
CA5197 Dent, Lester B. (1904-1959), Collection
CA5199 Missouri Women's Network, Records
CA5201 Greer, Jerry D., Papers
CA5202 Missouri Extension Homemakers Association, Sharing Rich Lives, Records
CA5204 Missouri Association for Social Welfare, Records
CA5206 Runyon, Laura Louise, Papers
CA5209 Knight, Robert P., Papers
CA5212 Missourians for Quality Education, Records
CA5213 Missouri Association of School Librarians, Records
CA5217 Dictionary Society of North America, Biennial Meeting, Records, 1991
CA5219 Elaine Lawless Folklore Collection
CA5221 Missouri Extension Homemakers Association, Sharing Rich Lives, Records
CA5223 Rural Sociological Society of America, Records
CA5227 Schroeder, Adolf E. and Rebecca, Collection
CA5229 Epsilon Sigma Phi, Alpha Tau Chapter, Records
CA5230 Ensminger, Douglas (1910-1989), Papers
CA5233 Jesse, Richard Henry (1853-1921), Papers
CA5235 Konnyu, Leslie (1914-1992), Papers
CA5241 Foreign Language Association of Missouri, Records
CA5245 Missouri Association of School Librarians, Records
CA5247 University of Missouri, Department of Physics, Records
CA5248 American Dialect Society, Proverb Collection
CA5253 Tackett, Natalie, Papers
CA5257 University of Missouri, Department of Physics, Records
CA5263 National Association for the Advancement of Colored People re: Craton Liddell, et al., v. the Board of Education of the City of St. Louis, Missouri, et al., Records
CA5266 Whitfield, Jerome, Papers
CA5269 Konnyu, Leslie, Papers
CA5275 St. Louis Typographical Union No. 8, Records
CA5278 Greer, Jerry D., Papers
CA5281 University of Missouri, College of Agriculture, Resident Wives Club, Records
CA5284 Bray, Robert Taylor, Collection
CA5298 Journalism and Women Symposium, Records
CA5299 Missouri Art Education Association, Records
CA5301 University of Missouri, Black Theatre Workshop, Records
CA5302 Missouri Women's Network, Records
CA5303 Missouri Women's Network, Records
CA5308 Foreign Language Association of Missouri, Records
CA5311 University of Missouri, Department of Physics, Records
CA5313 Brooks Family, Papers
CA5320 Missouri Extension Homemakers Association, Sharing Rich Lives, Records
CA5324 West Freedom Telephone Company, Concordia, Missouri, Records
CA5337 Missouri Conference on History, Records
CA5345 Knight, Robert P., Papers
CA5347 New Directions for News, Records
CA5349 Schroeder, Adolf E., Papers
CA5353 Missouri Business Education Association, Records
CA5359 Freedom House, Archives
CA5361 New Directions for News, Records
CA5363 Elaine Lawless Folklore Collection
CA5365 New Directions for News, Records
CA5371 Wickens, Lewis, Collection
CA5377 Missouri National Organization for Women, Records
CA5383 Greer, Jerry D., Papers
CA5384 Missouri Business Education Association, Records
CA5388 Rainbow Diamond Optimist Club, Columbia, Missouri, Records
CA5392 Freedom House, Archives
CA5394 Missouri Extension Homemakers Association, Council and Club Records
CA5398 Prairie Grouse Technical Council, Records
CA5402 Columbia Weavers Guild, Records
CA5403 Brown University, College Undergraduate Slang Study, Records
CA5409 P.E.O. Sisterhood, Missouri State Chapter, Records, 1929-1993
CA5410 Schroeder, Adolf E. and Rebecca, Collection
CA5411 Sigma Delta Epsilon, Delta Chapter, Records
CA5413 Dent, Lester B. (1904-1959), Collection
CA5416 Wood, Gordon R., Papers
CA5418 Dent, Lester B. (1904-1959), Collection
CA5426 Greer, Jerry D., Papers
CA5428 Sears, Ernest R. (1910-1991), Papers
CA5429 Tackett, Natalie, Papers
CA5432 Smith, Seymour, Papers
CA5437 Cotton, Martha, Papers
CA5439 Greer, Jerry D., Papers
CA5440 Missouri Alliance for Choice, Records
CA5441 Missouri Women's Network, Records
CA5445 Dobbs, Ella Victoria (1866-1952), Papers
CA5446 Williams, Paul N., Papers
CA5447 Freedom House, Archives
CA5448 Missouri Association for Social Welfare, Records
CA5449 Greer, Jerry D., Papers
CA5450 New Directions for News, Records
CA5453 Missouri Women's Network, Records
CA5455 John C. Danforth Papers
CA5457 Parry, Duke Needham (1893-1932), Papers
CA5461 Conley-Miller Family, Papers
CA5462 Karsch, Robert F., Papers
CA5464 New Directions for News, Records
CA5466 Gottlieb, Laura Morrison, Papers
CA5472 Schroeder, Adolf E., Papers
CA5477 Eastman, Roger D., Collection
CA5480 Cotton, Martha, Papers
CA5483 Bennitt, Rudolf (1898-1950), Papers
CA5487 Missouri Nurses Association, Records
CA5490 Schroeder, Adolf E. and Rebecca, Collection
CA5493 Smith, Seymour, Papers
CA5494 Wampler, Homer, Jr., Collection
CA5500 Missouri Association for Social Welfare, Records
CA5508 Columbia League of Women Voters, Records
CA5509 Schroeder, Adolf, E., Papers
CA5512 The Missouri Review, Columbia, Missouri, Records
CA5515 Epsilon Sigma Phi, Alpha Tau Chapter, Records
CA5520 Lorenzo and Thomasina Talley Greene Papers
CA5522 Greer, Jerry D., Papers
CA5524 Marshall, Howard Wight, Collection
CA5527 Greer, Jerry D., Papers
CA5528 Missouri Association of School Librarians, Records
CA5532 O'Dell, Charles, Collection
CA5536 Schroeder, Adolf E., Papers
CA5540 Association of Records Managers and Administrators Columbia/Jefferson City Central Missouri Chapter, Records
CA5542 New Directions for News, Records
CA5544 Missouri Women's Network, Records
CA5546 Pawley, Thomas D. III, Papers
CA5552 Missouri Association for Social Welfare, Records
CA5556 New Directions for News, Papers
CA5559 The Missouri Review, Columbia, Missouri, Records
CA5560 Clark, Dave P., Architectural Records
CA5563 Greer, Jerry D., Papers
CA5565 Clark, Dave P., Architectural Records
CA5567 Columbia League of Women Voters, Records
CA5569 Dent, Lester B. (1904-1959), Collection
CA5579 Community Development Society, Records
CA5582 Prairie Grouse Technical Council, Records
CA5584 Freedom of Choice Council of Greater St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri, Records
CA5589 Association of Records Managers and Administrators Columbia/Jefferson City Central Missouri Chapter, Records
CA5594 Marshall, Howard Wight, Collection
CA5595 English, W. Francis, Papers
CA5597 Smith, Seymour, Papers
CA5599 Kaufman, Susan J., Papers
CA5604 P.E.O. Sisterhood, Missouri State Chapter, Records
CA5605 Missouri Association of School Librarians, Records
CA5608 Greer, Jerry D., Papers
CA5610 Schroeder, Adolf E. and Rebecca, Collection
CA5615 Hamilton, T.M. "Ted" (1905-2001), Papers
CA5618 Marzolf, Marion T., Papers
CA5619 Cowgill, Donald O., Papers
CA5620 University of Missouri, Department of Physics, Records
CA5631 Kaufman, Susan J., Papers
CA5632 Missouri Women's Network, Records
CA5633 Missouri Alliance for Choice, Records
CA5646 Rural Sociological Society of America, Records
CA5644 Missouri Association for Social Welfare, Records
CA5647 Columbia League of Women Voters, Records
CA5648 Schroeder, Adolf E. and Rebecca, Collection
CA5651 The Missouri Review, Columbia, Missouri, Records
CA5654 Becker, William Henry, Papers
CA5657 Missouri Academy of Science, Records
CA5661 Communications Consortium Media Center, Records
CA5665 Wappel, Fred, Papers
CA5670 The Missouri Review, Columbia, Missouri, Records
CA5673 Missouri Academy of Science, Records
CA5677 Jane Froman Collection
CA5683 Poehlman, Rose Kentner, Papers
CA5689 American Association of University Women, Missouri Division, Records
CA5691 Atwater, James D., Papers
CA5694 University of Missouri, College of Agriculture, Resident Wives Club, Records
CA5697 Community Development Society, Records
CA5698 Missouri Symphony Society, Records
CA5703 University of Missouri, College of Agriculture, Resident Wives Club, Records
CA5705 Howie, Margaret, Papers
CA5707 O'Dell, Charles, Collection
CA5708 Community Development Society, Records
CA5712 Short, Dewey (1898-1979), Papers
CA5714 Missouri Academy of Science, Records
CA5719 Missouri Alliance for Choice, Records
CA5720 Missouri Association for Social Welfare, Records
CA5721 Marshall, Howard Wight, Collection
CA5724 Nagel, Werner O. (1905-1974), Papers
CA5726 Hyde, E. Clarendon, Papers
CA5728 Community Development Society, Records, 1997
CA5729 Brooks Family, Papers
CA5730 P.E.O. Sisterhood, Missouri State Chapter, Records
CA5732 Hospice of Jefferson City and Mid-Missouri, Records, 1983-1995
CA5733 Kleiman, Carol, Papers
CA5736 Eagleton, Thomas F. (1929-2007), Papers
CA5737 Brooks Family, Papers
CA5738 Tad Bartimus Papers
CA5740 Gardner, Mary A. (1921- ), Papers
CA5742 League of Women Voters of Columbia-Boone County, Missouri, Records
CA5745 Missouri East Conference, United Methodist Church Records
CA5749 Robert Gail and Margie McDaniel Woods Collection
CA5750 Fortnightly Club, Columbia, Missouri, Records
CA5756 Campbell-Harrison Home Economics Cooperative House, Univ. of Missouri-Columbia, Papers, 1936-1986
CA5757 Lowe, James L. (1913- ), Papers
CA5759 Morrissey, David H. (1951-1996), Papers
CA5780 Missouri Veterinary Medical Foundation, Oral History Project, Records
CA5781 Zwicky, Arnold M., Papers
CA5785 State Historical Society of Missouri Records
CA5788 Columbians Against Throwaways, Columbia, Missouri, Records, 1977-1988
CA5791 Missouri Prairie Foundation, Records
CA5792 Lyon, M. Fred, Collection
CA5796 Haim, Mark, Collection
CA5798 Allen, Lafe F., Papers
CA5803 Chorlton, Tom (1946-2014), Papers
CA5805 Robinson, Richard D., Collection
CA5808 Missouri Writers' Guild, Records
CA5812 Binger, Thomas M., Collection
CA5813 Missouri, Department of Social Services, Division of Family Services, Community Services Block Grant Unit, Records
CA5814 Rotary International, District 6070, Missouri, Records
CA5818 Gladish, Cora S., Papers
CA5821 French Heritage Oral History Project, Records, 1989-1999
CA5823 Missouri Museums Association, Records
CA5828 Midwest Disc Sports, Collection
CA5834 Alice Bock Collection
CA5837 Barnes, Francis M., III (1918-1999), Papers
CA5838 Missouri Federation of Business & Professional Women's Organizations, Records
CA5847 Pfeffer, Walter L., II, Collection
CA5849 Coughlin, Timothy R. (1953-1998), Papers
CA5854 Norm Stewart Collection
CA5856 Parks Family, Collection
CA5857 Dauma, Verlee, Collection
CA5858 Rottmann, Larry, Collection
CA5861 Hutchison, Gregory L. (1910-2013) and Mary Folse (1911-2007), Collection
CA5862 Missouri Public Health Association, Records
CA5865 Coombs, Kenneth E., Papers
CA5879 Rosier, Russell J., Papers
CA5880 University of Missouri, Cooperative Extension Service, Records
CA5886 Fretwell, Shela S., Genealogical Collection
CA5887 Emerson, Norvell William "Bill" (1938-1996), Papers
CA5893 Benecke Family, Papers
CA5894 Wescott, Roger W. (1925-2000), Papers
CA5896 Monhollon, Rusty, Collection
CA5914 Reeves, Earl J. (1933- ), Papers
CA5915 Missouri Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers, Records
CA5916 Abt, Ludwig, Collection
CA5925 Shrader, Dorothy Heckmann, Papers
CA5927 Gibbons, Sheila, Papers
CA5929 Cave, Michael, Papers
CA5939 Missouri Patriotic Associations, Collection
CA5944 Short, Dewey (1898-1979), Papers
CA5950 Bond, Christopher S. "Kit" (1939- ), Papers
CA5951 Leuthold, Carolyn and David, Papers
CA5957 Special Libraries Association, Mid-Missouri Chapter, Columbia, Missouri, Records
CA5958 National History Day in Missouri, Records
CA5963 George W. Parker Papers
CA5969 Linguistic Society of America, Records
CA5973 Missouri Alliance for Historic Preservation, Records
CA5974 Veterans History Project, Cass County, Missouri, Collection
CA5984 KOPN Radio, Records
CA5986 Missouri United Methodist Review, Records
CA5992 Bussabarger, Robert F. (1922-2013), Papers
CA5993 George, Nicholas (1923-2002), Papers
CA5998 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Missouri River Survey, Collection
CA6002 Beasley, Maurine, Papers
CA6007 Katy Trail State Park, Collection
CA6025 Missouri, Rocheport, Records
CA6028 Missouri State Genealogical Association, Records
CA6029 Johannsen, Chris J., Papers
CA6032 Baldwin, Mark and Mary K., Papers
CA6033 Dial, Marshall, Oral History Collection
CA6035 Columbia Kiwanis Club, Records
CA6039 Olson, James, Papers
CA6049 Hagood, J. Hurley and Roberta Roland, Papers
CA6051 Tandarich, John P., Collection
CA6052 Missouri University Political Action Committee, Records
CA6053 Goodrich, James W. (1939-2007), Collection
CA6054 Community Action Partnership, Records
CA6066 Missouri Library Association, Records
CA6067 Faurot, Don (1902-1995), Papers
CA6070 Missouri Christian Leadership Forum, Columbia, Missouri, Records
CA6071 Stephenson, Maimie (1904-2001), Papers
CA6074 Watson, Richard A., (1923-2001), Papers
CA6080 Granberg, Donald O., Papers
CA6081 Megee, Bessie Mae James Spurling (1904-1995), Papers
CA6083 Coggswell, Gladys, Papers
CA6084 Missouri Council for Exceptional Children, Records
CA6086 Priddy, Bob, Collection
CA6088 Blind Boone Heritage Foundation, Collection
CA6099 Concordia Project Records
CA6103 Taft, William Howard (1915-2011), Papers
CA6104 Parker, Sara A., Papers
CA6105 American Dialect Society, Records
CA6107 Central Missouri Pastoral Care Association, Records
CA6109 Missouri River Folk History Project, Records
CA6117 Missouri Libraries Film Cooperative, Records
CA6121 Watts Family, Papers
CA6122 Morgan, Speer (1946- ), Papers
CA6123 Missouri State Teachers Association, Records
CA6124 Meinershagen Family, Papers
CA6128 Litton, Jerry L. (1937-1976), Papers
CA6133 4-H Clubs of Missouri, Collection
CA6135 Ballard, John E. (1931-2005), Papers
CA6138 Heaney, Sister Ruth (1914-2006), Papers
CA6140 Minnick Family, Papers
CA6143 Kremer, Gary R., Papers
CA6145 Blakely, Mary Kay, Papers
CA6150 Mitzel and Associates Architects, Incorporated, Columbia, Missouri, Records
CA6152 Riordan, John J., Papers
CA6155 William Chrisman High School, Independence, Missouri, Class of 1951, Papers
CA6159 University of Missouri, School of Journalism, Honor Medalists, Interviews, 2007-2009
CA6160 Albers, Jo-Ann Huff, Papers
CA6162 Wade, Betsy, Papers
CA6167 Marshall Writers Guild (Marshall, Mo.) Records
CA6168 Alderson Family, Genealogical Collection
CA6169 MOMbo, Inc., Records
CA6176 Symington, W. Stuart (1901-1988), Papers
CA6178 Harshbarger Family Papers
CA6180 William Woods University, Records
CA6182 Overholser, Geneva (1948- ), Papers
CA6184 Callaway County Nuclear Power Plant, Records
CA6186 Burgoyne Family, Papers
CA6189 Missouri Press Association, Records
CA6191 Green-Bond Family, Papers
CA6195 Holland, John L., Papers
CA6196 Holste, Glenda, Papers
CA6198 Lichtenstein, Grace, Papers
CA6200 Banaszynski, Jacqui, Papers
CA6201 Columbia Chorale (Columbia, Mo.) Records
CA6203 Davidson-Mills Family, Papers
CA6204 Kittlaus, Louis, Jr., Collection
CA6205 National Federation of Press Women Records
CA6206 Professional Secretaries International, Missouri Division, University Chapter, Columbia, Missouri, Records
CA6208 Van Buskirk, Kathleen, Papers
CA6209 Columbia Track Club, Records
CA6210 Ike Skelton Papers
CA6212 Oates, Thomas R., Papers
CA6213 Lance, Donald M. (1931-2002), Papers
CA6216 Weathers Family, Papers
CA6217 Williams, Phil and Vivian, Collection
CA6218 Missouri State Museum, Interpretation Program, Oral History Recordings, 1980-2009
CA6219 Mary E. Rawlings Cornine Papers
CA6221 Sussman, Leonard R., Papers
CA6226 Missouri Academic Advising Association, Records
CA6229 Sons of the American Revolution, M. Graham Clark Chapter, Columbia, Missouri, Records
CA6232 Literacy Action Corps of Columbia, Missouri, Records
CA6234 Mid-Missouri Alternatives to Violence Project, Columbia, Missouri, Records
CA6241 Lubensky, Earl H., Papers
CA6243 Scenic Missouri, Inc., Records
CA6244 McCrory, Knox, Collection
CA6245 France-McDonald Family, Papers
CA6248 American Business Women's Association, Ozark Paradise Chapter, Laurie, Missouri, Records
CA6250 Bargen, Walter L., Papers
CA6254 Missouri Grand Lodge of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Records
CA6255 Whitley, James R., Papers
CA6259 Columbia Art League (Columbia, Mo.) Records
CA6261 Fitzpatrick, Mary Catherine Underhill, Papers
CA6262 St. Andrew's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Columbia, Missouri, Records
CA6267 Goebel, K. Bruce, Papers
CA6268 Missouri Legacy Radio Program, Records
CA6270 Brandt, Raymond P. (1896-1974), Papers
CA6275 Cragin, William Joseph (1928-2008), Papers
CA6276 Henderson, F. F. "Hank," Jr., Papers
CA6280 Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha of Missouri Chapter, Records
CA6283 Favazza, Armando R., Papers
CA6284 Columbia Civic Orchestra (Columbia, Mo.) Records
CA6285 U.S. Committee on Public Information, Missouri Division of Four-Minute Men, Collection
CA6286 Copus, Phyllis Miller, Collection
CA6291 Engelhardt, Thomas A., Papers
CA6292 Becking, Sarah Elizabeth Messer (1972-2008), Papers
CA6293 Church of the Brethren, Missouri-Arkansas District, Records
CA6294 Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri, Collection
CA6295 Bay, J. Christian (1871-1962), Papers, 1922-1959
CA6296 Tedrow, John C. F., Papers, 1941-2010
CA6298 Missouri Women in Natural Resources, Records
CA6299 Gneiser, Robert H. (1931-2007), Papers
CA6300 Witt, Arthur, Jr. (1920-2009), Papers
CA6301 Boling, Bruce D. (1936-2014), Papers, 1920s-2014
CA6303 Rothwell, Daniel (1930-2011), Papers
CA6305 Calvary Lutheran Church of Columbia, Missouri, Records, 1977-1988
CA6308 Machette-Scott Family, Papers
CA6309 Briggs Family, Papers
CA6315 Central Missouri Association of Educational Secretaries, Records
CA6318 Boonslick Kiwanis Club, Columbia, Missouri, Records, 1920-2010
CA6320 Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, Records
CA6328 Jones, Burnam R. (1895-1966), Papers
CA6331 Women's Institute for Freedom of the Press, Records
CA6336 Winfield, Betty, Papers
CA6338 United States Bicentennial, Collection
CA6340 Reed, Lyle, Collection
CA6342 Schuder, John C. (1922-2012), Papers
CA6344 Zilgitt, Lydia, Papers
CA6347 Carter-Hickman Family, Papers
CA6351 Boonville Women's Club, Oral History Project, Collection, 2007-2008
CA6353 Daughters of the American Colonists, Records
CA6354 Literacy Investment for Tomorrow-Missouri, Records
CA6359 Housing Authority of the City of Columbia, Missouri, Records
CA6360 Kirby-Ridgway-Lightholder Family, Papers
CA6365 Missouri Pacific Railroad, Records, 1905-1945
CA6366 Hackman, Larry, Papers
CA6368 Quigg, H.D. "Doc" (1911-1998), Papers
CA6369 Show Me Rotary Leadership Institute, Records
CA6372 Dukert, Betty Cole, Papers
CA6378 Duff, William, Collection, c. 1968-1970
CA6379 Dalton, Warren R., Jr., Papers
CA6383 Allan Family, Papers, 1890s-1940s
CA6385 Schroeder, Walter A., Papers, 1972-2008
CA6386 Wade, J.D. (1894-1966), Papers
CA6390 Herman, Roberta, Sheet Music Collection, 1890s-1920s
CA6393 Jackson, V. Corinne (1909-2001), Papers
CA6397 Missouri Conservation Pioneers Records
CA6398 Martin, R.J., Papers
CA6399 Weyermann, Debra (1954-2013), Papers
CA6400 Morrison Family, Papers, 1840s-1940s
CA6401 Percy W. Markham Papers
CA6402 Missouri State Council of the International Reading Association, Records
CA6412 Farrelly Family, Papers
CA6419 Overseas Weekly Collection
CA6421 Harris, Morran D., Papers
CA6422 Couch, May Bartee, Collection
CA6423 Stoerker, Lewis (1921-1992), Papers, 1965-2007
CA6425 Henderson, Orval L., Jr. (1930- ), Papers
CA6427 Larson, Sid (1923-2009), Papers
CA6429 Becker, William C.E., Structural Drawings
CA6430 American Legion Post 202, Columbia, Missouri, Records
CA6432 Sharon Kinney Hanson Papers
CA6434 Bland Commercial Bank, Bland, Missouri, Records
CA6435 Sappington Family, Genealogical Collection
CA6437 Williams, Clyde (1873-1954), Papers
CA6438 Lamine School and Community Club Records
CA6448 Taylor, John N. (1850-1932), Family, Papers
CA6450 Lozier Family, Papers
CA6451 Longan, Rufus Estes (1873-1936), Papers
CA6452 Hulshof, Kenny, Papers
CA6454 Ellen Foley Papers
CA6456 Johnson-West Family, Papers
CA6457 Carl W. and Pansy Knight Collection
CA6458 Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, Delta State, Beta Chapter, Columbia, Missouri, Records
CA6460 Missouri Community Action Network, Records
CA6462 McDonald Charcoal Company, Records
CA6463 Western Historical Manuscript Collection Records
CA6465 Mahieu, Brian, Papers
CA6470 Overby, Ozzie (1931-2014), Papers
CA6471 Carter-McDade Family, Papers
CA6475 Weltmer Institute of Suggestive Therapeutics, Nevada, Missouri, Records
CA6476 Reynolds, Donald W. (1906-1993), Papers
CA6479 Mid-America Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Records
CA6483 Bell Family, Papers
CA6485 Ellis, Dorothy (1920-2016), Papers
CA6486 Turner-Yates Family, Papers
CA6488 Advanced Documentary Class, Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri, Films
CA6491 Missouri Broadcasters Association, Radio Archives, Collection
CA6493 Wolf, Jacob H., Jr. (1930-2016), Papers
CA6495 Garver, William L. (1867- ), Papers
CA6496 Victor J. Schroeder Papers
CA6497 Al Beck Papers
CA6498 Missouri Century Farm Program, Records, 1975-2017
CA6499 Denise Declue Papers
CA6500 William E. Parrish Papers
CA6504 Gary W. Beahan Collection
CA6505 Carol M. Raynor Papers
CA6506 Rebecca Wright Crighton Collection
CA6509 George A. Maston Papers
CA6510 Plassmeyer Family Papers
CA6512 Missouri Fiber Artists Records
CA6514 Gentry Family Papers
CA6515 George O. White Collection
CA6516 Missourinet Records
CA6518 Alberta J. Meyer Papers
CA6519 N. Robert Underhill Collection
CA6528 Missouri School of Religion Records
CA6530 Claire McCaskill Papers
CA6538 Jerry Pitts M-K-T Railroad Collection
CA6543 Ron F. Richard Papers
CA6549 Al Foster Papers
CA6550 Columbia (Mo.) Audubon Society Records
CA6551 Bob Wright Collection
CA6552 Ken Applegate Papers
CA6553 First Baptist Church (Columbia, Mo.) Records
CA6555 Mason Family Papers
CA6557 Val Farmer Papers
CA6558 Landwehr Family Papers
CA6559 Darst-Smith-Tindall Family Papers