Peace and Pacifism Manuscript Collections

Papers of individuals and organizations, including religious groups, involved in promoting peaceful conflict resolution, disarmament, religious pacifism, passive resistance, and non-proliferation. Includes personal papers and records of conscientious objectors, alternative service, and anti-draft and anti-war movements.

*Collections marked with DIGITIZED MATERIALS have additional digitized items available.

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Allen, Donna (1920-1999), Papers, 1920-1992, (C3795)
18.6 linear feet, 18 audio cassettes, 1 audio disc
The papers of the director of the Women's Institute for Freedom of the Press and editor of Media Report to Women include professional correspondence and printed materials on sex and race discrimination cases, media stereotypes, public broadcasting, women's news, national and international women's conferences, and women in management. The papers also document Allen’s involvement in labor, civil rights, and anti-war activism.


Beckwith, George C., Letter, 1843, (C1453)
1 folder
Beckwith, corresponding secretary of American Peace Society, sent Governor Reynolds a form letter about an 1842 London Peace Convention urging the abolishment of war and encouraging the principle of arbitration. Letter was sent to all state governors.

Birkhead, Leon Milton (1885-1954) Papers, 1893-1980, (K0280)
5 cubic feet
Papers of Birkhead, popular, progressive figure in religious and civic affairs documenting his professional and public career. Birkhead was pastor of All Souls Unitarian Church in Kansas City from 1917 until 1939 when he resigned to begin the Friends of Democracy, an “anti-propaganda” organization.

Bliss, Louise Marie (1887-1972), Papers, 1894-1971, (S0008)
33 Diaries, 7 Folders
Diaries, correspondence and manuscripts of a St. Louis author and pacifist. Marie Bliss was a member of the Fellowship of Reconciliation and worked for the Civil Liberties Committee. Includes two letters, 1894, to Howard Bliss.

Business Executives Move For Vietnam Peace, St. Louis Area Committee, Records, 1966-1974, (S0441)
139 Folders
The St. Louis B.E.M. Records (1967-1974) document the group's efforts to end United States involvement in the Vietnam War. The collection primarily contains correspondence to arrange various speakers to come to St. Louis, including Daniel Ellsberg, author of The Pentagon Papers, members of the American Friends Service Committee, the International Voluntary Service Program in Vietnam and St. Louis Doctors for Peace. The records contain local membership lists, meeting minutes, correspondence with local and national congressmen, religious and civic organizations, newsclippings, newsletters, petitions, speeches and photographs of speakers.


Citizens For Global Solutions Of Greater St. Louis, (SA1143)
2 folders
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Clergy And Laity Concerned (CALC), St. Louis Branch, Records, 1966-1990, (S0691)
28 Folders, 21 Negatives
The records of the St. Louis chapter of CALC include correspondence, meeting notes, newspaper clippings, newsletters, brochures, flyers, and negatives. Together they chronicle the interests of the St. Louis chapter of CALC from 1966-1990.


Dunn, Joe, Collection, 1942-1955, (C1200)
0.4 linear feet
Records of the Friends Committee on National Legislation and the National Council Against Conscription. The collection contains pamphlets, memos, newsletters, and resolutions and statements against conscription.


Ellinger, Rory Vincent (1941-2014), Collection, 1951-1973, (C3555)
3.4 linear feet
Papers of a student activist at the University of Missouri-Columbia, 1966-1972, who served as president of the Columbia branch of Students for a Democratic Society and was active in the New Democratic Coalition and numerous other organizations. SDS papers and SDS New Left Notes are included.


Greater Kansas City Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy Records, 1958, (K1030)
1 folder
Organizational records including minutes, agendas, notes concerning the formation of the committee, correspondence, letters to the editors of newspapers, press releases, and other related materials.

Greenlaw, Lena G. (1908-1992), Papers, 1950-1977, (C3600)
0.8 linear feet
Papers of a journalism librarian at the University of Missouri-Columbia and active worker in the peace movement. Magazines, tracts, financial and activity records of world, national and local organizations are included.


Haim, Mark, Collection, (CA5796), (CA5796)
10 linear feet
Papers of a Missouri environmental and political activist include correspondence, financial and membership records, promotional material, newspaper clippings, background and research material, and other records of Missourians For Safe Energy. Citizens for a Radioactive Waste Policy, Missouri Energy Action and other similar state organizations, 1976-1989. Also included is an oral history interview with Mark Haim conducted by the State Historical Society of Missouri in 2010.

Herde, Mary Jo, Photograph Collection, (P0223)
137 photographs
Original photos of the "Early Freak Movement in Columbia" and Vietnam War protests.


Institute For Peace And Justice, Records, 1970-1979, (S0344)
63 Folders
The Institute for Peace and Justice records (1970-1979), document the operation of the Institute from its inception and contain material on the development of peace education courses, workshops and seminars, including some reference material. The records also include literature and correspondence with affiliated peace groups and a small subjects file.


Kansas City Interfaith Peace Alliance Records, 1981-2004, (K0552)
11 cubic feet
Correspondence, publications, membership information, financial records, event information, photographs, audio recordings, and educational materials for an organization devoted to interfaith cooperation and peace.

Kansas City Youth Political Collective Records, 1981-1991 (K0304)
0.25 cubic foot
Printed material, correspondence, clippings, writings, publications and ephemera concerning the Collective, a left-leaning political activist organization begun at Penn Valley Community College in the late 1980s.


Labor For Peace (1972-1973), Records, 1972-1973, (S0426)
5 Folders
Correspondence, memos, reports, policy statement, newsclippings, and press releases of a 1972 conference of national labor leaders and organizations held in St. Louis that drafted an anti-Vietnam War statement.

Lane, Rose Wilder, Letter, 1939, (C2972)
1 folder
A letter from Lane to a Mrs. Wilson discussing efforts to keep the United States out of World War II and to repeal the embargo of goods to England and the other belligerent countries. Lane also mentions the "effect" of Dorothy Thompson, a New York Herald Tribune columnist, who Lane describes as a "most able British propagandist, intent on taking America into this war."

League Of Women Voters Of St. Louis, Addenda, 1916-1977 , (S0530)
143 boxes, 1,744 folders, 289 photographs, 4 film strips
9 audio tapes, 3 16mm films, 6 phonograph records
The collection contains a wide variety of materials including publications, correspondence, newsclippings, artifacts, photographs, films, tapes and records. In processing the records the original categorization used by the League was maintained. One of the most interesting aspects of the collection revolves around the Leagues habit of collecting information on both sides of a issue even if the material was unflattering to the organization or its position. In addition to records relating to the St. Louis area, the collection also contains a series on the Missouri League of Women Voters and the National League of Women Voters. These series contain communications between the St. Louis League and the state and national offices. It should be noted that information on a given subject may be found in several different series, thus an extensive index has been included.

Lentz, Theodore F. (1888-1976), Papers, 1926-1983, (S0435)
565 Folders, 2 Tapes, 32 Microfilm Rolls
The Theodore F. Lentz papers document his professional career as a psychologist and a peace researcher. The bulk of the papers are from 1940- 1976. There are very few personal papers such as family correspondence, diaries, or photographs.


Mid-Missouri Alternatives to Violence Project, Columbia, Missouri, Records, (CA6234)
4 linear feet
Records of the Columbia, Missouri, branch of the anti-violence organization. Includes workshop materials, grant files, newsletters, financial records, and administrative files.

Missouri Peace Studies Institute, Records, 1965-1979, (C3694)
6.8 linear feet
Papers of a Columbia-based organization established in September 1968 to discover ways to implement peace, to promote and encourage peace research and education, and to work with other peace organizations. Functioning as a research facility, the institute gathered data on such topics as amnesty, the post-Vietnam era, the arms race, war toys, and war tax resistance. As an institution cooperating with other pacifist groups, it worked with organizations such as the War Resisters, the American Friends Service Committee, and the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors. The Missouri Peace Studies Institute disbanded in December 1978.

Mitchell, Frances Pearle (c. 1864- ), Papers, 1858-1919, (C1703)
0.3 linear feet
The papers of a Rocheport, Missouri woman consist of appointments, certificates, correspondence, invitations, programs, and dance cards. Mitchell, a graduate of Stephens College, was involved in many civic and women’s organizations, including the Missouri Women Farmers’ Club.


Peace Action Committee of Missouri Collection, (S0172)
0.1 cubic foot (1 folder)
The collection contains newsletters, pamphlets, letters, bulletins, and circulars pertaining to the Peace Action Committee of Missouri's efforts to lobby the United States government against participating in foreign wars. The group supported political candidates in Missouri and urged Congress to pass the Ludlow War Referendum Amendment in the late 1930s.

People's Party National Convention Collection, 1972-1975, (S0063)
6 Folders, 4 Tapes
This party of the radical left held two national conventions (1972, 1975) in St. Louis, Missouri. Delegates adopted platforms calling for world peace, non-nuclear proliferation, tax reform, women's and gay liberation, legalization of marijuana, and local control of industry. Presidential candidates included Dr. Benjamin A. Spock (1972) and Margaret Wright (1975). Collection contains position papers, platforms, literature, and oral histories.

Physicians For Social Responsibility, Records, 1977-1993, (S0660)
211 Folders, 9 Cassettes
The collection has four series: 1. Records, 1977-1993; 2. Publications, 1982-1990; 3. Cassettes, 1983-1987 (T660.1-T660.9); Buttons, 1984. A comprehensive history of the national PSR by Mary Neal appears in folders 121-124.


Religious Society Of Friends, St. Louis, Monthly Meeting Records, 1939-1977, (S0057)
1 Roll Microfilm
Records of the establishment and growth of the St. Louis Society of Friends (Quakers). Minutes, correspondence, treasurer's reports. State of the Society reports, membership records, and newsclippings.


St. Louis Inter-Faith Committee on Latin America Records (SA4373)
17 boxes
This addenda to the St. Louis Inter-Faith Committee on Latin America contains meeting minutes, correspondence, newsletters, reports, and bylaws relating to the committee’s efforts to educate the St. Louis community about the social and political problems of Latin America, as well as organize projects to further human rights and social justice in the hemisphere.

St. Louis Interfaith Committee On Latin America, Records, 1977-1997, (S0701)
336 folders, 14 audiotapes, 14 videotapes, 276 photographs
The St. Louis Interfaith Committee on Latin America Records collection includes financial information, correspondence, meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, newsletters, brochures, flyers, books, campaign information, audiotapes, videotapes, and photographs. Together they chronicle the establishment and activities of the St. Louis Interfaith Committee on Latin America from 1982-1997. The records document its mission to promote public awareness about Latin America. The records also reveal the larger picture of the power of a grass-roots organization.

St. Louis New Call to Peacemaking Records, (S0148)
0.1 cubic foot (1 folder)
The records contain meeting minutes, agendas, correspondence, and membership lists of the St. Louis new Call to Peacemaking, a pacifist religious group affiliated with the New Call to Peacemaking coalition that was committed to opposing the United States' militarism through tax resistance and providing draft registration counseling service to youth.

St. Louis Peace Information Center Records (S0136)
3.2 cubic feet (173 folders)
The records of the St. Louis Peace Information Center contain correspondence, meeting minutes, and peace literature written and published by St. Louis and national peace groups, pertaining to the Center’s mission to facilitate communication and cooperation among St. Louis-area anti-war groups, as well as to inform the public about peace, activism, conscription, and the Vietnam War. The Center also provided draft counseling to conscientious objectors opposed to the war in Vietnam. Subjects of interest include anti-Vietnam protests in the St. Louis area, war tax resistance, and laws and regulations regarding draft counseling. The bulk of the materials date from the Center’s founding in 1967 to its closing in 1974.

St. Louis Pledge Of Resistance, Newsletters, 1987-, (S0245)
1 Folder
The local chapter of the national Pledge of Resistance, a direct action group organized to protest American involvement in Nicaragua, was founded in Fall 1984. It began publishing a newsletter in January 1987. Collection contains copies of he newsletter.

St. Louis Regional Fellowship Of Reconciliation (1940 - ), Records, 1935-1967, (S0082)
23 Folders
Records of the St. Louis Chapter of a national organization dedicated to the philosophy and program of religious pacifism. Correspondence, minutes, newsletters and reports on World War II and Korean conflict conscientious objectors, Civilian Public Service Camps, relocation of Japanese evacuees, refugees, conscription of women, integration, and disarmament.

St. Louis Vietnam Committee, American Friends Service Committee Records (S0164)
0.2 cubic foot (7 folders)
The American Friends Service Committee was a Society of Friends (Quaker) peace organization. In 1966, the St. Louis chapter set up a local project, the St. Louis Vietnam Committee, to oppose the Vietnam War, especially through public education with guest speakers, political ads, films, and seminars. The collection contains correspondence, meeting minutes, anti-war literature, and information about public speakers.

Schuder, John C. (1922-2012), Papers, (CA6342)
3 cubic feet
Addition of papers of John C. Schuder, an officer of the Columbia, Missouri, Chapter of the Fellowship of Reconciliation and member of the Anti-War Moratorium Committee. The papers consist of correspondence, speeches, newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous material.

Schuder, John C. (1922-2012), Papers, 1964-1975, (C3915)
0.8 linear feet
Papers of John C. Schuder, an officer of the Columbia, Missouri, Chapter of the Fellowship of Reconciliation and member of the Anti-War Moratorium Committee. The Schuder Papers consist of correspondence, speeches, newspaper clippings, photographs, and miscellaneous material.

Socialist Party of Missouri Collection (S0090)
4.6 cubic feet (103 folders, 10 rolls of microfilm, 1 audio disc, 1 oversize photograph)
The Socialist Party of Missouri Collection contains correspondence and official proceedings of the Socialist Party, records of activities and interactions with other organizations, and literature related to socialism. The collection documents internal party history, local and national politics, and the labor movement. The collection also includes a sound recording of an interview with presidential candidate Norman Thomas.


Taussig, Florence (1878-1954), Papers, 1891-1954 (1878-1954), (S0590)
91 Folders
The papers of Florence Taussig contain materials on: Dr. Frederick J. Taussig, advocate of birth control; the Women's Peace Party, both the National Organization and the St. Louis chapter; correspondence with Jane Addams of Hull House; pamphlets, propaganda, and art work from WWI; Women's Sufferage material from St. Louis; and the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, including information on the founding of the St. Louis chapter.


United Nations Association Of The USA, St. Louis Section (1954- ), Addenda, 1946-1978, (S0596)
34 Folders, 7 Volumes
St. Louis affiliate of a national organization dedicated to increasing understanding of the United Nations' effectiveness in dealing with world problems. Addenda includes earliest organizing papers, under the name American Association for the United Nations, Missouri Branch, and newsclippings on UNICEF fund drives. Also contains materials from the group's Keeping the Peace conference (1965) and Model Law of the Sea conference (1978). Newsclipping scrapbooks, 1946-1974, comprise the last series.

United Nations Association Of The USA, St. Louis Section (1954- ), Records, 1955-1986, (S0446)
155 Folders, 2 Tapes
The collection is divided into six series: 1) Administrative 1954-1978 (folders 1-34); 2) Activities, 1955-1979 (folders 35-80); 3) Photographs and Slides, 1960s-1979 (#s 9373-9412, folders 81-86) 4) Administrative Addenda, 1974-1986 (folders 87-109); 5) Activities Addenda, 1975-1985 (folders 110-154); 6) Photographs and Tapes Addenda, 1975-1984 (#s 10530-10536, folder 155).


Warren, Susan (1919-1989) Papers, 1943-1989, (K0508)
5 cubic feet
Personal correspondence, research materials, lecture notes, photographs, audiotapes, travel materials, ephemera and journals containing Warren’s observations of China during her work as an editor and writer and her travels to China.

Weitzel, Carla (1953-2000), Papers, 1970-1999, (C2154)
1.8 linear feet, 6 audio cassettes
The papers of Carla Weitzel, a sociology graduate student at the University of Missouri-Columbia, consist of newspaper clippings, magazine articles, correspondence, posters, pamphlets, photographs, and miscellaneous materials. The materials document civil rights issues, particularly the anti-apartheid and divestment movement that occurred on the University of Missouri-Columbia campus during the mid-1980s.

Western Historical Manuscript, St. Louis, Vertical File, 1968-2004, (S0694)
508 Folders
The collection documents a variety of subjects relating to St. Louis' history. It contains single files with a small amount of general information on a variety of topics. Arranged alphabetically.

Women's Hearing's On The War In Vietnam, St. Louis, Missouri (June 17, 1972), Collection, 1972-1973, (S0109)
3 Folders, 5 Photographs
On June 17, 1972, women from many women's organizations met at Christ Church Cathedral for a public hearing on U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia. Following a day of testimony, participants at the meeting demanded an immediate end to the Vietnam War. Collection includes a complete transcript, correspondence with politicians, photographs, and press coverage.

Women's International League For Peace And Freedom, St. Louis Chapter (1915- ), Records, 1962-1975, (S0214)
14 Folders
The collection includes correspondence, position papers, reports and monthly bulletins from the especially active decade of the nineteen sixties when WILPF strongly opposed United States intervention in Vietnam. WILPF operated a peace center which provided a focus for St. Louis anti-war activities and counseling for draft resisters.

Women's International League For Peace And Freedom (WILPF), St. Louis Branch, Records Addenda, 1953-1997, (S0690)
168 Folders, 60 Photographs
The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Records Addenda includes meeting reports, correspondence, monthly bulletins and treasure's reports of the St. Louis branch of WILPF. Also, included are publications of the United States and international branches of WILPF. Correspondence, meeting minutes, charter and by-laws, and financial information detail the workings of the World Community Center of St. Louis. Finally, information concerning China, Hiroshima-Nagasaki, SALT II Conference, and Rethinking National Security Conference highlight the projects of WILPF St. Louis branch. Together they chronicle the interests of the WILPF St. Louis branch from 1953-1997.

World Federalist Association, St. Louis Chapter, Addenda, 1974-76, (S1058)
1 box
The meeting minutes of the organization from 1974-1976 a global citizens movement.

World Federalists Association Of Greater St. Louis Missouri (1947- ), Addenda, 1948-1983, (S0503)
59 Folders
The World Federalists Association of Greater St. Louis Addenda document the activities of the organization from 1948-83 and contain some material relating to the national, regional, and state organizations. The collection contains newsletters, correspondence, membership rosters, reports, by-laws, minutes, brochures, questionnaires, and public relations information.

World Federalist Association Of Greater St. Louis Missouri (1947- ), Addenda, 1983-2004, (S0746)
6 Folders
This addenda contains the association's newletters, meeting minutes, bylaws, agendas, and event information.

World Federalist Association Of Greater St. Louis Missouri (1947-), Records, 1947-1975, (S0041)
30 Folders
The World Federalist Association of Greater St. Louis Records document the activities of the organization from 1949-1975 and contain some materials relating to the national, regional, and state organizations. The collection contains newsletters, correspondence policy statements, membership rosters, speeches, reports, bylaws, minutes, financial records, brochures, questionnaires, and bibliographies of peace literature and films.

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