Mining and Mineral Industries Manuscript Collections

Papers and records of miners, mining engineers, and other individuals; records of mining firms and mineral industries; records of professional and trade organizations; and miscellaneous materials dealing with mining and mineral industries, including photographs, maps, and production data.

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American Insitute of Mining Engineers, War Minerals of the Joplin-Miami District, 1917, (R0896)
1 folder
This is a booklet prepared for the Joplin-Miami portion of the annual meeting of the American Institute of Mining Engineers, held on 11-13 October 1917. It features a narrative report on the district by Otto Ruhl, with maps and data complied by G. B. Corless.

American Iron Mountain Company, Metal Hauling List, 1855-1858, (R0439)
1 folder
This is a "List of Hauling of Metal paid by Janis & Valle for a/c Am.[erican] Iron Mountain Co.," between 22 September 1855 and 30 January 1858. Included are the date, name of hauler, weight of load, and toll paid, presumably over the "plank road" from Iron Mountain to Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. The haulers' names have been indexed.

American Iron Mountain Company, Records, 1849-1855, (R0003)
2 volumes
These are shipping records of the American Iron Mountain Company at Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Included are accounts of pig iron received from Iron Mountain and shipments to buyers, 1849-1853; and a tally book of ore delivered to the company over the plank road, 1852-1855.

American Mining Congress (10th: 1907: Joplin, Mo.), Publicity Committee, Booklet, 1907, (R0981)
1 folder
This is The World's Greatest Zinc and Lead District, as seen through the Camera. It was published for the Tenth American Mining Congress, which met at Joplin in Jasper County, Missouri, on 11-16 November 1907. Included are a transportation map of the mining district and many photographic views of mines, mills, towns and cities in the area.

American Zinc, Lead & Smelting Company, Records, 1901-1965, (R0010)
154 boxes
The American, Lead and Smelting Company (commonly known as "American Zinc") was a large nonferrous metals firm which mined, processed, smelted, and marketed basic zinc and lead products. It had major mining and milling operations in Missouri, Wisconsin, and Tennessee, smelters in Kansas and Illinois, and interests in ore processing machinery. Founded in 1899, the company became a leader in the zinc industry. By 1965 it controlled the largest zinc ore reserves in the United States, and ranked second in zinc ore production and third in smelting capacity. By that time controlling interest in the firm had passed to Consolidated Gold Fields, Ltd., a mining investment company. James D. Norris's AZn: A History of the American Zinc Company (Madison: State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1968), based in large part upon this collection, is an excellent general history of the firm.

Anna-Beaver Mining Company, Photograph, ca. 1920s, (R1306)
1 item
This is a 7 ½" x 23 ½ ", black & white panoramic photograph of "Ground Crew, Anna-Beaver Field Shaft No. 8," near Cardin, Oklahoma, ca. 1920s. The view shows forty men posed as a group above ground. Most wear carbide lamps on their caps. The photograph was made by commercial photographer Heeney of Joplin, Missouri.


Barron, W. Harry, Letter, 1946, (R0630)
1 folder, photocopies
This is a typescript copy of a letter by Dr. W. Harry Barron to Ruth Berry, 27 October 1946, concerning the history of Mine La Motte in Madison County, Missouri. A physician who practiced medicine in Madison County for most of his life, Barron was also the unofficial historian of Mine La Motte.

Bledsoe, Fields Trammel (1818-1880) Letter, 1851, (K0229)
0.01 cubic feet
The collection contains a letter from Fields Trammel Bledsoe to his brother-in-law William C. Rhodes of Harrisonville, Missouri.

Blount Family, Papers, 1861-1947, (C0047)
4 linear feet, 15 oversize volumes
Business papers recording farming, mining, and mercantile activities in southeast Missouri, particularly Potosi and Washington County. The collection contains family correspondence, legal and financial records, as well as medical notebooks from Barnes Hospital in St. Louis.

Blow & Kennett Mining Company, Record Book, 1858-1861, (R0369)
1 volume
These are records of lead shipped by Blow & Kennett from Granby in Newton County, Missouri, to points on the Osage and Missouri rivers, and to stations on the Pacific Railroad and the South West Branch of the Pacific Railroad. The records include the names of teamsters and totals of lead received by forwarding agents and on hand at Granby.

Boothe Coal Company Records, 1938-1953, (K0098)
0.3 cubic feet
The records of the Boothe Coal Company contain material related to employment and coal production at the company. In addition, there are maps of the Boothe Coal Mine and miscellaneous receipts.

Buehler, H.A., The Wythe Lead Mines, 1917, (C2092)
1 folder
The papers contain a manuscript submitted to the Missouri Historical Review. History of Wythe Lead Mines in Ivanhoe, Wythe County, Virginia, 1750-1812. Biographical sketches of the men who owned or operated the mines: John Chiswell, Moses and Stephen Austin, Thomas Jackson, James Newell, Daniel Sheffey, and David Pierce.

Bumble Bee Mine, Joplin, Missouri, Photographs, ca. 1902-1917, (R0389)
1 folder
These are photographs of the mill at the Bumble Bee Mine near Joplin in Jasper County, Missouri. Included are views of the landowner, miners, buildings, tailings pile, and wagon loads of zinc ore being loaded on railroad cars. The views have been copied on 35mm slides.

Bumble Bee Mine (Jasper County, Mo.) Photographs (R1440)
0.1 cubic foot (1 folder)
Bumble Bee Mine (Jasper County, Mo.) Photographs contain photographs of the Bumble Bee Mine at the turn of the 20th century.


Cahoon, Benjamin B., Papers, 1868-1923, (R0142)
1 folder, photocopies
This is miscellaneous correspondence of an attorney and land agent in Fredericktown, Madison County, Missouri. The papers concern the land business, litigation in progress, and state politics. There are several letters from Missouri governors and officials, and Cahoon's biographical sketch of Judge William Carter. There is also an original photograph of Cahoon, 1878.

Cantwell, Harry J., Collection, 1898-1900, (R0677)
40 folders
These are the papers of an attorney and developer of mineral properties in southeastern Missouri and Oklahoma. Most of the collection concerns title work and exploration of tracts near Irondale and Palmer in Washington County, Missouri.

Center Valley Lead & Zinc Company, Record Book, 1892-1900, (R0371)
1 volume
These are records of mining leases to lots of the Baker and Hendrickson tracts in Jasper County, Missouri, controlled by the Center Valley Lead & Zinc Company of Webb City. The entries note the rules for mining the properties, the names of miners who leased them, and forfeitures of leases.

Chapman, Charlie, Letter, 1913, (R1125)
1 folder
This is a letter and cover dated 15 November 1913 from Charlie Chapman at Seneca in Newton County, Missouri, to Charles Lively at Clinton, Illinois. The cover includes promotional material for Seneca ("The World's Tripoli Mining Center") and a return address of Chapman Studio.

Clear Boggy Oil and Gas Company Record, 1892-1930, (K0311)
21 folders
Minutes, contacts/leases, correspondence, and maps for an oil and coal company which operated in Coal County, OK. Kansas City realtor Newton Booth Childs (1849-1925) was an officer of the company.

Connor, Thomas ( -1907), Papers, 1893-1909, (C0244)
1 folder, 1 volume
Connor's will and other papers connected with his estate. Lead and zinc ore register, 1893-1909, from Joplin, Missouri.

Consolidated Copper Creek Mining Company, Papers, 1906-1909, (R1030)
1 folder
This is material concerning the Consolidated Copper Creek Mining Company, which owned mines in Arizona and Colorado but had corporate offices in Kansas City, Missouri. included are promotional materials and receipts for shares of stock from the company's "financial agent," Isaac W. Dumm.

Consolidated Jack Mines Company, Stock Certificate, 1905, (R1100)
1 folder
This is a certificate for 150 shares of stock in the Consolidated Jack Mines Company, a Washington, D.C., corporation with operations at Duenweg in Jasper County, Missouri. The certificate was dated 18 March 1905 and issued to A. M. Van Dyke. Frank Mattes, president, and E. A. Mattes, treasurer, signed the certificate.

Cresswell Family, Papers, 1823-1979, (R0007)
987 items
George Cresswell (1796-1871) emigrated to the United States from his native England in 1821. After living briefly in Pennsylvania he brought his family to Washington County in the new state of Missouri. There he acquired large holdings of land and became involved in farming, lead mining and smelting, flour milling, and the mercantile trade. His home and business activities eventually were established at Aptus, on Mineral Fork Creek about ten miles north of Potosi, the county seat. Today the Cresswell house and ruins of the lead furnace still stand and are owned by a descendent of George Cresswell.


Desloge Mining, Papers, 1840-1956, (R1370)
0.1 cubic feet (3 folders)
The Desloge Mining papers consist of documents pertaining to the Desloge Consolidated Lead Company. The mining operation was located in Desloge, which is in St. Francis County, Missouri. Business documents and letters about the company, a family tree of the wealthy Desloge family, and newspaper clippings about the company are included in the collection.

Doe Run Lead Company, Cancelled Checks, 1898-1901, (R1228)
2 boxes
These are cancelled checks, numbered from #17137 to #38686, and dated from 2 July 1898 to 17 January 1901, written against the account of the Doe Run Lead Company of Doe Run, Missouri, at the Farmers' and Miners' Bank of Bonne Terre in St. Francois County, Missouri. The checks were signed by F. P. Graves, Secretary.

Downing and Whinrey Families, Papers, 1837-1929, (R0049)
11 folders, photocopies
This collection consists of receipts and correspondence of the Downing and Whinrey families of southwestern Missouri. Both families had members who went to California to mine gold in the 1850s, some of whom remained to settle in the West. Most of the collection consists of letters written to relatives in Missouri.

Draper-McClurg Family, Papers, 1838-2009, (C3069)
3.9 linear feet; folders 1-134 also available on 5 rolls of microfilm
The Draper-McClurg family papers are comprised of correspondence, photographs, Civil War diaries and records, and other personal papers of the families of Philander Draper and Joseph W. McClurg. The papers document the families' involvement in politics, farming and orchards, lead mining and smelting, the Civil War, and frontier life in Missouri, the Dakota Territory, and several western states.

Dressel, Waldemar M. Papers, (R1490)
0.5 cubic feet (19 folders)
he papers of Waldemar M. Dressel contain publications, photographs, and maps from his years working for the U.S. Geological Survey based in Rolla, Missouri.

Dugal, Edward, Mining Lease, 1873, (R1173)
1 folder
This is a mining lease dated 4 October 1873 between Edward Dugal and his wife Melissa Dugal, and B. William Kennedy, Augustus Lotz, and Adolphus Lotz on a tract of land in northeastern Reynolds County, Missouri.


Eagle-Picher Industries, Fibers and Minerals Division, Labor Contract, 1967, (R0833)
1 folder
This contract is an Agreement between Eagle-Picher Industries, Inc., Fibers & Minerals Division, Joplin, Missouri, and Local Union No. 279, United Cement, Lime and Gypsum Workers. The agreement was executed on 3 May 1967, effective from 1 May 1967.

Elgin, Robert L., "History of the Nova Scotia Iron Company," n.d., (R0660)
1 folder
This is a history of the Nova Scotia Iron Company, 1880-1893, which operated mines and a hot blast furnace in Dent County, Missouri. The furnace operated only intermittently from 1881 to 1884.

Elgin, Robert L., Research Collection, 1960-1993, (R1261)
65 folders
These are the research files of a civil engineer, surveyor, and historian from St. James in Phelps County, Missouri. The collection includes reports, scale sketches, and photographs concerning the restoration of various historic sites in Missouri, charcoal iron furnace sites in Missouri, and prehistoric petroglyph and pictograph sites in the Missouri Ozarks.

Eversole, Mary E. Bugg, Papers, 1822-1952, (R1268)
67 folders
This collection consists of correspondence, legal papers, journals, ledger books, and ephemera of Mary E. Bugg Eversole and the Bugg, Cole, and Eversole families of Potosi, Washington County, Missouri. The bulk of the collection consists of Mary E. Bugg's personal correspondence, 1883-1941, financial records 1912-1952, and miscellaneous ephemera, 1863-1938.


Farmers Bank, Mt. Vernon, Missouri, Papers, 1844-1931, (C0044)
5 linear feet, 28 volumes
Records of a bank organized in 1890 and liquidated in 1930. Also records of local businesses and schools.

Farmington Prospecting and Mining Company, Stock Certificate, 1892, (R1120)
1 folder
This is certificate number 34, dated 20 April 1892, for 30 shares in The Farmington Prospecting and Mining Company at Farmington in St. Francois County, Missouri. The shares were sold to Andrew Wayne Logan and the certificate was signed by Robert Tetley, president, and Kossuth W. Weber, secretary.

Federal Lead Company, Mining Dept., Flat River, Missouri, Letterbooks, 1907-1913, (R0520)
17 volumes
These are letterbooks of outgoing correspondence maintained by Harry Adelbert Guess, general manager of the Federal Lead Company's mine and mill at Flat River in St. Francois County, Missouri. Topics include production, exploration, shipping, labor relations, and environmental pollution.

Federal Lead Company, Mining Dept., Flat River, Missouri, Monthly Business Reports, 1918-1921, (R0540)
25 folders
These are sets of monthly statistical reports prepared by officers of the Federal Lead Company's mines and mill at Flat River in St. Francois County, Missouri. Included are balance sheets, production data, power consumption figures, and other information concerning the company's operations.

Federal Mining and Smelting Company, Booklet, 1945, (R1158)
1 folder
This booklet contains the annual report for the year ending 31 December 1944 for the Federal Mining and Smelting Company, which had mines in Idaho, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri. There are production statistics and profit-and-loss statements for each property.

Felix Janis & Company, Business Records, 1854-1857, (R0435)
2 folders
Felix Janis and Henry Janis operated a general store, styled as "Felix Janis & Co.," at Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, 1852-1855. Included here are a list of "metal" hauled for the Madison Iron & Mining Company, 1854-1855, and an inventory of notes and accounts due the firm at the time of Felix Janis's death and the dissolution of the firm in 1855, with payments noted through 1857.

Fort Scott Foundry & Machine Works Co., Pamphlet, ca. 1890, (R0350)
1 folder, photocopies
This is an illustrated pamphlet advertising the automatic ore treatment machinery produced by the Fort Scott Foundry and Machine Works. It bears testimonials from mine owners and operators throughout the United States, including the Granby Smelting & Mining Company of Granby, the Desloge Lead Company of St. Francois County, and the Hazard Dressing Mill of Mine La Motte, Missouri.

Frewen, Moreton (1853-1922), Papers, 1823-1922, (C0879)
41 rolls of microfilm
Papers concerning Frewen's personal life, money-making ventures, and interest in bimetallism and silver. Frewen was a member of Parliament for Northeast Cork and long interested in Irish problems.

Frontier Iron Illustrations (R1421)
0.1 cubic foot (1 folder)
The collection includes the illustrations, maps and photographs which appeared in the book Frontier Iron written by James D. Norris and published in 1964.


Granby, Missouri Oral History Collection, (R1459)
0.02 cubic foot (1 folder, 1 DVD)
The Granby Missouri Oral History Collection consist of a DVD containing interviews of locals that lived in Granby, Missouri in October 1984. The video contains the interviews of John Hurn, Richard Eustler, and Bill Farris. John Tuggle conducted the interviews. Also included is a letter written by R.J. Savage containing background information on how the interviews were conducted.

Grawe, Oliver Randolph (1901-1965), Papers, 1930-1962, (C3578)
6 folders
The papers contain miscellaneous papers of a professor and author of University of Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy at Rolla. Included are manuscripts about minerals and ores of Missouri, and a copy of Noel Hubbard's history of Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy and duplication of engineering education in Missouri in 1938.

Gross, Henry Emmett, Papers, 1921-1981, (R0837)
18 folders
These are the professional papers of Henry Emmett Gross, an engineer, inventor, and map-maker from Webster Groves, Missouri. Most of the collection concerns his patents for deep ocean oil drilling and marine salvage.


H. Wilder & Company, Account Book for Sand, 1856, (R0336)
1 folder
These are individual accounts of drivers hauling barrels of sand for H. Wilder & Company at Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, May-November 1856. The firm may have been operated by Henry Wilder in association with his brothers, August, Mathew, and Peter. Payments to the drivers were made through the firm of Janis & Valle in Ste. Genevieve.

Hall, Gertrude Scott, "History of Mine La Motte," 1939, (R0025)
29 pages, typescript
This is a photocopy of a history of Mine La Motte in Madison County, Missouri, compiled by Gertrude Scott Hall. Mrs. Hall is the daughter of William A. Scott, who was a director of the Mine La Motte Company (1869) and mine manager (1869-1879).

Hazard, Rowland, Memorial Service, 1898, (R0141)
1 folder, photocopies
This is a "Service in Remembrance of Rowland Hazard," a pamphlet containing texts of memorial addresses. Hazard, a financier and industrialist of South Kingston, Rhode Island, was owner of the Mine La Motte mining tract in Madison County, Missouri, 1870-1897.

Hazard dressing mill, Mine La Motte, Missouri, Description, 1896, (R0028)
23 pages, typescript
This typescript describes the mill and milling process for lead ores at Mine La Motte. Rowland G. Hazard, a South Kingston, Rhode Island, industrialist and financier who bought the Mine La Motte Company in 1870, established the mill in 1867. The company had been in financial difficulties before its sale, and Hazard brought needed capital to the enterprise.

Hill, Commodore Perry, Collection, 1885-1982, (R0125)
101 folders, 3 volumes, 91 photographs
These are newspaper clippings, maps, miscellaneous items, and photographs pertaining to lead mining and related railroad development in the Old Lead Belt, principally of St. Francois and Madison counties in southeastern Missouri. The material is arranged in topical and biographical series.

Hood, Harry C., Collection, n.d., (R0035)
3 folders
These are photocopies of unpublished manuscripts by Harry C. Hood, Sr., on lead and zinc mining in southwestern Missouri and the Southwest Missouri Railroad. There are also clippings of local histories written by Hood for the Webb City Sentinel.


Iron County Historical Society, Collection, ca. 1973-1992, (R0497)
10 folders, photocopies
This is a group of miscellaneous papers from the collections of the Iron County Historical Society. Included are "Iron County Yesterdays," essays on the Plank Road and the Whitworth Store, and a summary history of the Pilot Knob Iron Company. Also included are a number of items concerning Baptist churches in Ironton and Belleview, the Missouri Baptist Assembly at Arcadia Heights, and the history of the Baptist Home at Ironton.


J. M. White & Company, Receipt, 1835, (R0378)
1 folder, photocopy
This is a receipt for 3,094 pounds of lead received by J. M. White & Company, commission and forwarding agents at the "Cliffs of Selma" on the Mississippi River in Jefferson County, Missouri. The lead was credited to the account of John Parkinson.

Janis & Cox, Record Book, 1853-1873, (R0437)
1 volume
This book has two distinct sections. One, probably kept by Felix Janis & Company of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, is a record of sand hauled to Little Rock landing on the Mississippi River, 1853-1854. The other contains three inventories (1868, 1870, 1873) of the general store run by Janis & Cox at Ste. Genevieve.

Jasper County Mining Collection, (R1410)
0.02 cubic foot (2 folders, 7 maps)
The Jasper County Mining Collection contains reports, land lease agreements, maps, and surveys of mining property in Carthage, Jasper County, Missouri.

John L. Douglass and Company, Letter, 1905, (R1252)
1 folder
This is a printed letter, dated 10 October 1905, from John L. Douglass & Company of New York, N.Y., to "the Stockholders of the Missouri Lead and Coal Company and the Stockholders of the Standard Lead & Smelting Company." The letter presented a plan whereby the stockholders could exchange their shares for those of a successor company.

Joplin Consolidated Mining Company, Books, 1887-1928, (C0649)
2 volumes
Minute book containing articles of incorporation and meeting minutes, and account book with accounts of sales and labor.

Joplin Globe, Magazine Editions, 1928-1929, (R0621)
2 volumes
These are annual "magazines" of the Joplin Globe newspaper featuring stories on mining and related industries in the Tri-State Mining District of Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Included are production summaries for leading mining companies and articles on mineral industries in the Tri-State and the United States. The magazines are illustrated and carry advertisements by lead and zinc mining and milling companies.

Joplin Separating Company, Record Book, 1902-1909, (R0370)
1 volume
These are records of the processing of lead and zinc ores from mines in and around Jasper County, Missouri. The volume also includes records of sales of processed ores to refining companies, and the sales and purchases of sand. The names and locations of various mines and operators are noted, as are the prices for various grades of ore.


Katy C. Mining Company, Joplin, Missouri, Books, 1900-1906, (C0650)
2 folders
Account book and minute book of the Katy C. Mining Company.

Keathley, Clarence, Photograph Collection, (P0177)
0.125 linear feet
Photos of mining from Ken magazine (1939), the Berryman CCC Camp No. 3733, agriculture, the Palmer Project, and the University of Missouri (ca. 1932-1934).

King, Thomas C., mining report, ca. 1951, (R0179)
1 folder, photocopies
This collection contains drill hole logs, assay reports, and a general mining history of a tract near Dadeville in Dade County, Missouri. The report was prepared by Thomas C. King in connection with a lease of the property by Hugh M. Russell.

Koehler Family, Papers, 1886-1980, (R0230)
10 folders
This is correspondence, biographical material, and miscellaneous papers of Emma Koehler Jorn and Charles G. Jorn of Naylor, Ripley County, Missouri. The correspondence, mostly in German, was received from relatives and friends in southern Illinois coal mining towns, 1890-1920, and from relatives in Bad Tennstedt, formerly East Germany, 1890-1960.

Koelker, Karl L., Collection, 1896-1948, (R0011)
52 folders, oversize
These are negative photocopies of the "mining pages" from the Sunday issues of the Joplin Daily Globe (later the Joplin Globe), 6 September 1896--15 February 1948. They contain news and production figures for the lead and zinc mining region in southwestern Missouri.


Lawrence County, Missouri, Mercantile Account Books, 1852-1872, (R0315)
23 volumes
These are ledgers, journals, and daybooks from mercantile establishments located in or near Mount Vernon in Lawrence County, Missouri. Included are records attributed to stores operated by "B. & O. Stone," "Whaley & George," Samuel Stone, "Haley & McCanse," "Gay, Allen & Co.," Nancy Stone, and "Kellogg & Whaley."

Lead Mining Companies, Washington County, Missouri, Records, 1809-1954, C(3893)
20 linear feet on 29 rolls of microfilm
This collection contains business records of lead mining companies and company stores in Washington County, Missouri, from 1809 to 1954. The companies include R. Smith and Company; Stone Manning and Company; Manning, Smith and Company; the Missouri and Pennsylvania Lead Company; the Palmer Lead Company; and the Renault Lead Company.

Limerick, J. F., Letter, 1890, (C3276)
1 folder
The papers contain a letter to G.C. Broadhead, of Columbia, Missouri, from Alma, Kansas, Feb. 15, 1890, concerning coal mining in Kansas.

Little Rock Landing, Daybook, 1854-1856, (R0438)
1 volume
This daybook was kept at Little Rock landing on the Mississippi River just north of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, from 5 January 1854 to 22 March 1856. Listings include the person or firm and amount charged, commodities brought ashore or shipped, and the name of the steamboat. The proprietor might have been Francis Claude Rozier. Large quantities of iron and lead were shipped from the landing.

Lofinck, William (1843-1923) Papers, 1896-1901, (K0405)
9 folders
Correspondence to Gustave Andriano in St. Joseph, MO, from his brother-in-law, Lofinck, a merchant in Marysville, KS, who was involved with gold mining in New Mexico. The letters are articulately written and provide interesting insight into mining in the waning years of the Gold Rush. Some letters written in German.

Lynton, Edward Dale, Papers, 1916-1955, (R0549)
3 boxes
These are reports, maps, and other papers written and collected by Edward Dale Lynton (1890-1977), a mining engineer and geologist. They deal mostly with petroleum exploration in the United States, although there are also data concerning mineral exploration and exploitation in North Africa, South America, and Europe. Lynton was an early proponent of magnetometry in the search for mineral deposits, and these papers include results of tests in California, Texas, Wyoming, and Venezuela.


Mansfield Mining and Development Company, Stock Certificate, 1918, (R1122)
1 folder
This is certificate number 31, dated 7 March 1918, for twenty shares of stock in the Mansfield Mining and Development Company of Joplin in Jasper County, Missouri. The firm owned mining leases and contracts near Mansfield in Wright County, Missouri. The shares were sold to L. F. Livingston and the certificate was signed by N. Rosenberg, president, and C. O. Storm, secretary.

Mark Twain National Forest, Historical Photographs, ca. 1900-1985, (R0485)
These are photographs copied from holdings of the Mark Twain National Forest in Rolla, Missouri. Topics include National Forest facilities and projects; forest and wood industries; water mills; lakes, rivers, and springs; mines; dams; and the Civilian Conservation Corps and Youth Conservation Corps.

Mark Twain National Forest, Local History Collection, 1930s-1980s, (R0471)
109 files
This collection was selected from unofficial files on miscellaneous historical topics, including local histories, the CCC, the YCC, the "Irish Wilderness," and the Eleven Point River. There are transcriptions of interviews with "old-timers" and Forest Service retirees.

McAuliffe, Eugene, Papers (R0409)
0.25 cubic foot (4 folders, 217 photographs)
The Eugene McAuliffe Papers contain the personal correspondence, and photograph album of mining and railway engineer Eugene McAuliffe. The album contains views of the construction of the Panama Canal and a tour of the canal by a group from the American Institute of Mining Engineers in 1910.

McCamish, W. H., Letter, 1900, (R1102)
1 folder
This is a letter dated 25 October 1900 from W. H. McCamish, a lawyer in Kansas City, Kansas, to Charles H. Namendorf in St. Louis, Missouri. The letter concerns mineral properties in Oregon County, Missouri.

McClintock, R. S., Letter, 1916, (R1109)
1 folder
This is a letter dated 28 November 1916 from R. S. McClintock at Joplin in Jasper County, Missouri, to Edward A. Hill at Aurora in Lawrence County, Missouri. The letter deals with mining property near Webb City in Jasper County.

Meyers, Dr. Roy E., Photograph Collection, (P0709)
9 photographs
Photos of mining, carriages, and street scenes in Joplin, MO. Image of street scene in Carthage, MO, ca. 1900.

Mine La Motte, Missouri, Abstract of Title, ca. 1922, (R0027)
27 pages, typescript
This is a photocopy of a typescript compilation of the abstract of title to the property at Mine La Motte in Madison County, Missouri. Mine La Motte was the site of an early, and long-producing, lead mining operation. The abstract was formerly part of the collection of Dr. W. Harry Barron of Fredericktown, Missouri, and is now owned by the Madison County Historical Society. The abstract was excerpted from the official records of Madison County, but its accuracy has not been checked. The compiler and date of compilation are unknown, although the last transaction listed occurred in 1922.

Mine La Motte, Missouri, "Observations on the La Motte Mines and Domain," 1839, (R0034)
32 pages
This is a photocopy of a pamphlet published by the proprietors of Mine La Motte, "... for the purpose of calling the attention of Capitalists to it." Also included are excerpts from a speech given to the citizens of Fredericktown, Missouri, by Thomas Green Clemson, geologist and mineralogist.

Mine La Motte Company, Booklet, 1916, (R0930)
1 folder
This is a report To the Stockholders: Mine La Motte Company from president A. J. Meier. Dated 31 March 1916, the report presents in favorable terms the conditions and prospects of the company's mining and other operations in Madison and Saint Francois counties in Missouri.

Mine La Motte, Records, 1840-1929, (R1347)
0.25 cubic feet (4 folders)
The Mine La Motte records document mining history in Mine La Motte, a town in Missouri’s Old Lead Belt. The papers include maps, letters, and stock certificates.

Mine La Motte Estate, Madison County, Missouri, Records, 1875-1897, (C1260)
1 volume
Miners' register including two sets of mining rules and regulations and the signatures of miners employed.

Missouri, Historic Mining Photographs, ca. 1880s-1910s, (R0620)
This is a collection of photographs concerning mining industries in Missouri, with an emphasis on the Old Lead Belt of southeastern Missouri, and the Tri-State mining district centered on Joplin in Jasper County, Missouri. The subjects include surface installations of various mines, mining equipment, mills, and general views of the mining areas.

Missouri Lumber and Mining Company, Photographs, 1906-1916, (C3875)
2 folders
Photographs of various Missouri Lumber and Mining Company operations in and around the Ozark town of Grandin, MO. Taken and collected by Harry M. Griffith, a company physician.

Missouri United Mines Company, Stock Certificate, 1907, (R1160)
1 folder
This is certificate No. 45 for 750 shares of preferred stock in the Missouri United Mines Company, a Maine corporation. The shares were sold to Olivia Ramer on 18 May 1907. The certificate was signed by F. B. Wilcox, president, and F. W. Korbusch, treasurer.

Morgan County, Missouri, Map, n.d., (R0768)
1 folder
This is a "Map of Morgan County in the Central Mineral and Coal Fields of Missouri." The undated map shows the locations of principal towns and villages, roads, churches, schools, mines, and deposits of barite, coal, kaolin, lead, and zinc.

Morgan County, Missouri, Miscellaneous Papers, 1964-1982, (R0423)
5 folders, photocopies
These are papers on various topics of Morgan County's history, including histories of the towns of Fortuna, Barnett, and Laurie, a memoir of mule-buying, and an investigation of major mining sites.


Nevada Gas, Oil and Asphalt Company, Papers, 1903, (R0845)
1 folder
These are papers concerning the establishment of the Nevada Gas, Oil and Asphalt Company, a mineral exploitation and development firm in Barton and Vernon counties in southwestern Missouri.


Oglesby Coal Company Papers, 1865-1931 (C0150)
0.5 linear feet
Deeds, abstracts, and correspondence referring to the sinking of a vertical mine shaft for the Oglesby coal mine, Oglesby, La Salle County, IL. Includes a will of Preserved Smith, Dayton, Ohio, January 5, 1887.

Old Dominion Mining Company, Pamphlet, ca. 1910, (R1121)
1 folder
This is a promotional pamphlet for the Old Dominion Mining Company at Joplin in Jasper County, Missouri. Included are data about the firm's officers, physical plants, and photographs of its mines, mills, and equipment. C. M. Sheldon was president and treasurer and E. P. Rhodes was secretary and auditor of the company.

Osage Mining and Smelting Company, Bond Certificate, 1840, (R1241)
1 folder, photocopy
This is a bond certificate dated 29 May 1840 for $250, issued by the Osage Mining and Smelting Company, a Missouri corporation with offices in Baltimore, Maryland. The certificate is signed by Edward Hinkley, President pro tem, and F. H. Davidge, Secretary.

Osceola Lead and Zinc Mining Company, Stock Certificate, 1905, (R1028)
1 folder
This is certificate No. 520 for 32 shares of stock in the Osceola Lead and Zinc Mining Company at Webb City in Jasper County, Missouri. The certificate was issued on 5 April 1905 to Dr. W. H. Hawley, and was signed by President T. F. Coyne and Secretary S. R. Snook.

Ozark Crude Oil Company, Stock Certificate, 1902, (R0919)
1 folder
This is a stock certificate for 250 shares in the Ozark Crude Oil Company of Joplin in Jasper County, Missouri. It was issued on 13 May 1902 to Charles P. Johnson.


Palmer Lead Company and Renault Lead Company Records, (R1407)
0.01 cubic foot (1 folder)
The Palmer Lead Company and Renault Lead Company Records consist of a punch card for the company store as well as a receipt.

Phillips, L. N., Letter, 1871, (R0863)
1 folder
This is a holograph letter dated 31 March 1871 from L. N. Phillips in Dubuque, Iowa, to D. Lansing in New York, New York. In the letter Phillips tries to interest Lansing in the St. James and Little Rock Rail Road Company and lead mining opportunities in Missouri and Iowa. Included is a hand-drawn map of existing and proposed rail lines.

Phillips, Perry C. (1862-1923) Papers, 1882-1909, (K0085)
0.23 cubic foot
The papers of Perry C. Phillips contain photographs, a diary, and an autograph book in addition to materials related to Phillips professional life as an attorney and president of Inola Oil and Gas Company.

Picher, Oklahoma, Collection, ca. 1975-1995, (R0754)
3 folders, photocopies
These are pamphlets and scrapbooks of newspaper items concerning the development and decline of the lead and zinc mining industry at Picher, Ottawa County, Oklahoma. There is also information on other mining communities in the Tri-State Mining District of Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

Picher Lead Company, Records, 1875-1918, (R0210)
2 folders, 6 volumes
This collection consists of correspondence and record books of the Picher Lead Company at Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri. Included are correspondence with shipping agents and commission merchants, ledgers of expense and sales, and smelter records. The records span the period from the founding of the company in 1875 to its merger with the Eagle White Lead Company in 1916.

Pilot Knob Pellet Company, Papers, n.d., (R0835)
1 folder
These papers provide information about the Pilot Knob Pellet Company's iron-ore mining and processing facilities at Pilot Knob in Iron County, Missouri. The operation opened there in May 1968, reviving an iron industry that had been dormant since 1919.

Plattin Valley Mining Company, Stock Certificate, 1907, (R1043)
1 folder
This is a certificate for 300 shares of stock in the Plattin Valley Mining Company of St. Louis, Missouri. The certificate was issued to Charles Brockhoff on 23 May 1907 and was signed by Dr. Henry F. Bartens, President, and Alexander J. Bartens, Secretary.

Prairie State Mining Company, Stock Certificate, 1904, (R1116)
1 folder
This is certificate number 134, dated 27 August 1904, for 1500 shares of stock in the Prairie State Mining Company at Joplin in Jasper County, Missouri. The shares were sold to R. F. Evans and signed by F. Y. Hamilton, president, and J. B. Morsman, secretary.

Pralin Mines Company, Stock Certificate, 1907, (R1113)
1 folder
This is certificate #1623, dated 31 August 1907, for 300 shares of stock in the Pralin Mines Company of Kansas City in Jackson County, Missouri. The shares were sold to John Spiring Walker and the certificate was signed by Harvey Stiver, President, and H. T. Wheaton, Secretary.

Puritan Mining Company, Stock Certificate, 1911, (R1115)
1 folder
This is certificate number 542, dated 19 April 1911, for five shares of stock in the Puritan Mining Company at Joplin in Jasper County, Missouri. The company was organized in 1909 and failed in 1913. The shares were sold to Olivia Ramed.


Renault Lead Company., Record book, 1900-1917., (R1300)
1 volume
This is a record book showing "Lead Ore Received by the Renault Lead Company," from mines at Palmer in Washington County, Missouri. Entries record the date, mine origin, miner, hauler, and price paid per thousand pounds of mineral from 3 April 1900 through 4 March 1917.

Reuben Smith & Company, Ledger, 1836-1865, (R0645)
1 volume
This is a ledger of Reuben Smith & Company, a mercantile firm at Selma in Jefferson County, Missouri. The volume contains a listing of lands patented and rules for mining in Harmony Township in Washington County, Missouri, 1836-1845, and invoices for goods purchased by Reuben Smith & Co., primarily at Selma in Jefferson County, Missouri, 1837-1846.

Richwoods Mining Company, Stock Certificate, 1911, (R1042)
1 folder
This is a certificate for four shares of stock in the Richwoods Mining Company, whose chief office was at Richwoods in Washington County, Missouri. The certificate was issued to Harley Ballard on 30 August 1911.

Ritter Family, Papers, 1850-1956, (R0100)
50 folders, 9 volumes
This collection consists of correspondence, legal records, business papers, and miscellaneous material of the Ritter and Howard families of Jasper County, Missouri. Included are mining leases and drill records, 1883-1911, and records of the Stone School District, 1903-1940.

Roberts, C.C., Railroad Collection, 1866-1922, (C4212)
1.5 cubic feet (65 folders)
Stock transfers; receipts; meeting minutes; vouchers; invoices; certificates; business proposals; court cases; agreements; construction specifications; articles of incorporation; accounts; reports; balance sheets, etc. of numerous railroad companies. Also material from the Missouri and Arkansas Lumber and Mining Company and a builder/general contractor.

Rogers, Nelson F., Papers (R1318)
1.75 cubic feet (79 folders, 9 volumes, 231 photographs)
The Nelson F. Rogers Papers contain the professional papers of Nelson F. Rogers, a forester with the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service Research Center. He conducted research at the Sinkin Experimental Forest and Central States Forest Experiment Station, studying reforestation of strip-mined areas and experiments involving the cultivation of shortleaf pine. The collection also includes personal papers and Rogers family genealogical material.

Royalty Land & Mining Company, drill records, 1917, (R0372)
1 folder, photocopies
These are records of test drilling of a tract at Webb City, Jasper County, Missouri, owned by the Royalty Land & Mining Company. Assays of the drill cores for lead and zinc content were performed by the Waring and Williams Laboratories of Webb City and are appended to the drill records.

Rozier, Henry Louis, Account Books, 1883-1902, (R0463)
2 volumes
These are a "Ledger" and "Journal" of H. L. Rozier, a "private banker" in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Accounts indicate loans, payments, and other financial transactions.


Saint Francois County, Missouri, "Plat of the Principal Lead Mines ...", n.d., (R1185)
1 map, oversize
This is a hand-drawn map entitled "Plat of the Principal Lead Mines in Jefferson & St. François Counties, State of Missouri." Included are Township 38 North, Range 5 East, and the eastern third of Township 38 North, Range 4 East. The creator of the map is unknown.

Sainte Genevieve, Missouri, Lead Account Book, 1842-1852, (R0450)
1 volume
This is an account book for the receipt and disposition of lead (and some copper) shipments at Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, perhaps associated with Ziegler & Company. Records include the date, name of hauler, number of "pigs," and weight. Contrary accounts give the disposition of metal, including destinations, names of steamboats, and credits to third parties.

Sainte Genevieve Missouri, Mineral Account Book, 1828-1867, (R0340)
1 folder
This volume contains accounts for lead, copper, and "copper stone" shipped at Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, 1828-1848, mostly by the firm of Menard & Valle, and a letter of 1867 from H. Janis of Ste. Genevieve to John Hall of Madison County, Missouri, concerning land on the St. Francis River.

Schoenherr, Adolph, Papers, 1906-1919, (R0615)
3 folders
These are business and personal papers of Adolph Schoenherr, a businessman and mine operator in Jasper County, Missouri. The papers concern lead and zinc mines around Webb City and Carterville, and the operations of the Schoenherr-Walton and Reliance mining companies. There are also papers concerning a proposed adoption of a child by Adolph and Beulah Schoenherr.

Schoenherr-Walton Mining Company, Record Book, 1907-1911, (R0486)
1 volume
This is a record of zinc and lead extracted from a mine near Webb City, Jasper County, Missouri, operated by the Schoenherr-Walton Mining Company. The volume includes production summaries for day and night shifts at the mine, 1907-1911, records of carloads of lead and zinc ore sold to smelting firms, 1907-1911, and records of coal and freight shipped to the mine, 1907-1908.

School House Mining Company, Stock Certificate, 1914, (R1114)
1 folder
This is a certificate dated 26 October 1914 for 4,000 shares of capital stock in the School House Mining Company at Joplin in Jasper County, Missouri. The firm operated a mining lease and had a plant at Carterville. The certificate was registered to A. P. Callahan and was signed by A. F. Dexter, President, and J. F. Dexter, Secretary.

Schroeder, Adolf E. and Rebecca, Collection, (CA5410)
0.1 linear feet, 1 audio tape, 22 audio cassettes
Addition of oral interviews, musical recordings, interview transcriptions, and interview notes relating to Old Mines and the French in Missouri.

Scotia Furnace, Crawford County, Missouri, Photograph, 1911, (R0872)
1 folder
This is a glass plate negative and copy print of Scotia Furnace in Crawford County, Missouri. The Scotia Iron Company of St. Louis built the furnace in 1870 and operated it until 1880.

Shannon County Copper Mining Company, Stock Certificates, 1920, (R1169)
1 folder
These are two stock certificates in the Shannon County Copper Mining Company, issued to Mrs. Ocie Hensley and B. W. Hensley on 1 June 1920 at Eminence in Shannon County, Missouri. J. E. Bennett was president and A. J. Clark was secretary of the firm.

Shaw, Frank, "Memorandum," 1901, (R0363)
1 folder, photocopies
This is a journal of a mine superintendent who worked in the lead and zinc mines of Jasper County, Missouri, 1 January through 30 December 1901. The entries include comments on various mines, mining equipment, mechanical problems, and financial matters.

Shawnee Copper Company, Papers, 1924-1931, (R1027)
1 folder
This collection consists of six stock certificates (1924-1928) and a letter to stockholders (1931) for the Shawnee Copper Company at Eminence in Shannon County, Missouri. Officers of the firm included A. Wilbur, Ralph E. Carr, and W. A. Despain.

Shelton, Lula F., Postcard Collection, (P0534)
10 postcards
Postcards of the Missouri and Kansas mining industry. Additional postcards of the Truman home in Lamar, and the Missouri State Capitol.

Shelton, T. J., Southwestern Miner, 1892, (R0873)
1 folder
These are four issues from June, August, and October 1892 of the Southwestern Miner, a newsletter "devoted exclusively to the Lead and Zinc mines of Missouri and Kansas." Published every week at Carterville, Missouri, by "Campbell & Shelton" and managed by T. J. Shelton, the journal included production statistics and mining news items from southwestern Missouri and southeastern Kansas, and particularly from Jasper County, Missouri.

Sherman, Mrs. Milo, Photograph Collection, (P0655)
7 photographs
Photos of Pilot Knob in the 19th century, including images of the mining industry and town, and rock formations in the vicinity.

Short Creek Zinc and Lead Company, Stock Certificate, 1916, (R1069)
1 folder
This is certificate number 125 for ten shares of capital stock in the Short Creek Zinc and Lead Company at Joplin in Jasper County, Missouri. The certificate was registered to Fieldsteel & Company on 27 October 1916, and signed by President F. A. Hornaday and Secretary C. Scott.

Sligo Furnace Company, Plat, 1908, (R1270)
1 item, oversize
This a blueprint plat (28 inches x 56 inches) of the Sligo Furnace Company plant at Sligo in Dent County, Missouri, showing the furnace, charcoal kilns, chemical plant, and tracks of the Sligo and Eastern Railroad, 1 February 1908. The plat also shows residences, shops, and other structures in the village along with associated streets and water mains.

Sligo Furnace Company, Records, 1898-1934, (R1269)
1 volume, 24 folders
These are the time book and miscellaneous business papers of the Sligo Furnace Company in Dent County, Missouri. The time book includes the names, occupations, and wages of workers from April 1898 through March 1900. The miscellaneous papers include an inventory of the property in 1904, and papers concerning operation of the Sligo Mercantile Company stores at Sligo and East End, and the operation and abandonment of the Sligo and Eastern Railroad Company.

St. Joe Minerals Corporation, Collection, 1864-1974, (R0048)
48 volumes
These are business records from mining concerns in Missouri's "Old Lead Belt." The collection includes records from the St. Joseph Lead Company, the Doe Run Lead Company, the Bonne Terre Farming and Cattle Company, and the Mine La Motte Corporation.

St. Joseph Lead Company, Annual Report, 1866, (R0046)
1 item
This is a photocopy of "The Second Annual Report of the Trustees of the St. Joseph Lead Company, St. Francois County, Missouri, For the Year Ending May 10, 1866; Together With the Special Report of J. W. Foster, Esq., Geologist" (New York: 1866.).

St. Joseph Lead Company, Business Summaries, 1917-1919, (R0541)
1 folder
These are monthly business summaries for "St. Joseph Lead Company & Subsidiaries," from January 1917 through September 1919. Included are production statistics, cost allocations, and statements of "Average Profit per Ton Ore Mined."

St. Joseph Lead Company, "Lead Mining in Southeast Missouri," ca. 1940, (R0393)
1 video cassette
This is a film about the lead industry in St. Francois County, Missouri. Co-produced by the U.S. Bureau of Mines, the film features segments on the geological and historical record, underground mining methods, the milling process, and development of the mining communities. The film has been reproduced on 1/2" videotape (VHS).

St. Joseph Lead Company, Photographs, (P0893)
5 photographs
Photos of Aptus Furnace and reenactment of early lead mining methods.

St. Joseph Lead Company, Southeast Missouri Mining & milling Division, Records, 1950-1968, (R0542)
30 folders
These are records from the files of Division Manager Elmer A. Jones. Included are development and production reports, summaries of operations, and administrative materials for a major lead-producing firm in Missouri. There is also material concerning the Bonne Terre Hospital Association and the National Research Council's Committee on Rapid Excavation.

Standard Oil Company of Indiana-Kansas City, Kansas, Office Records, 1915-1923, (K0367)
1.35 cubic feet
The collection contains four bound general ledgers dated January 1, 1915-February 28, 1923. These volumes cover the monetary transactions conducted by the Standard Oil Company branch located in Kansas City, Kansas. The monetary transactions covered within these four volumes include accounts payable, customer refunds, payroll, and suspense accounts. An index accompanies the general ledger volume one.

State Historical Society of Missouri-Kansas City Postcard Collection, (K1345)
0.14 cubic foot (14 folders)
The State Historical Society of Missouri-Kansas City Postcard Collection is an artificial collection combining miscellaneous postcard acquisitions related to Missouri places, individuals, organizations, and events. The State Historical Society of Missouri-Kansas City Postcard Collection continues to have material added to it. New acquisitions are added at the end of the collection.

State of Missouri Collection, (P0018)
486 photographs
Over 400 original photos created for the 1904 publication on Missouri at the time of the World's Fair by Walter Williams; shows all aspects and counties in Missouri.

Stubbins, John Russell, Autobiography, 1973, (R0436)
1 folder
This is "A Brief Resume of the Venezuelan Career of John R. Stubbins," an autobiographical sketch by a native of Paris, Missouri, and civil engineer who spent fifty-eight years in Venezuela. He was involved in oil exploration, mining, construction, and public works projects, and headed OTESCO, an engineering firm, 1930-1970.

Sullivan, John Laurance (1890-1976), Collection, 1906-1972, (C3771)
1 linear foot and 5 oversize volumes
Unpublished histories, newspaper and magazine articles, photographs, sketches, newspaper clippings and scrapbooks compiled by John Laurance Sullivan of Flat River, Missouri. The histories cover local events in Flat River and St. François County over the last 150 years and contain extensive information on mining in the region.

Sutton, John L. (1830-1909), Papers, 1881-1909, (C0172)
7 folders
Deeds, receipts, shares of stock, and a few letters in connection with the Justice Gold Mining Company and Queen Mineral Ranch Company of Colorado. Also papers on real estate in St. Louis owned by Sutton.


Talbott & Clark, Correspondence, 1889-1890, (R0881)
1 folder
These are six letters from Talbott & Clark, a business partnership at Proctor in Morgan County, Missouri, to A. J. Stillwell & Company in Hannibal, Missouri. They concern the purchase and shipment of butchered meat.

Tapp, Charles C. (1885-1981) Papers, 1887-1975, (K0017)
1 cubic foot
Correspondence, news clippings, land deeds, diaries, notes, and memorabilia of Tapp, a photographer, mine operator, etc. in Clay County, MO., his wife Lizzie, and his family. Also included is material about Mosby, MO, the Booth Coal Mine Company, and the Clay County School Districts #8 and #37.

Thompson, Elizabeth Remay Dabbs, Papers (R0671)
0.25 cubic foot (5 folders)
The Elizabeth Remay Dabbs Thompson Papers contain the personal and family papers collected by Elizabeth Remay Dabbs Thompson from 1850 to 1932. This collection includes photocopies of family correspondence, legal documents, military papers, and business papers for the Dabbs and Thompson families of Greene County, Missouri.

Thompson, Henry C., Papers, 1884-1970, (R0047)
29 folders
These are papers of a trustee of the State Historical Society of Missouri, genealogist, and a historian of mining in St. Francois County and the operations of the St. Joseph Lead Company. The collection includes research notes and correspondence, and a group of lead company records, 1884-1902.

Timmons, Dolores F., Photograph Collection, (P0236)
2 folders
1 photograph of Camp Dix, NJ Army Base; 12 photos of Dixon Mining Co., circa 1900; 2 photos of Mr. and Mrs. O.H. Henderson; 3 photocopies of Henderson family Bible.

Towl, J. W., Papers, 1917-1944, (R0475)
5 folders, photocopies
This collection includes correspondence and business records of J. W. Towl, a businessman at Potosi in Washington County, Missouri. Included are letters and shipping receipts regarding the barite industry, mineral lands, and the Southeast Missouri Lead Company, 1918-1939, an inventory of goods at the Towl store in Potosi, 1928, and receipts for subscriptions to the Missouri War Chest, Inc., 1944.

Tri-State Exploration Company, Stock Certificate, 1927, (R1041)
1 folder
This is a certificate for one share of stock in the Tri-State Exploration Company, which had offices at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri, and mineral leases on land in Lawrence County, Missouri. The certificate was issued to L. M. Miller on 4 November 1927.

Tri-State Health and Housing Committee, "The Menace of the Slime Pile," n.d., (R1181)
1 folder, photocopies
This is an undated pamphlet that addresses the problem of dust from the slime piles in the Tri-State Mining District of Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. It is subtitled, "Disposal of Mill Tailings in the Tri-State Zinc and Lead District."

Truitt, Cyrus R., Scrapbooks, 1893-1963, (C1432)
6 volumes
Scrapbooks of photographs of Novinger and Adair County, MO, 1893-1963, with explanations and captions by Truitt. Pictorial history of coal mining in western Adair County.


United States Bureau of Mines, Rolla Research Center Records (R1321)
17 cubic feet (372 folders, 4 maps, 3,238 photographs, 68 negatives, 936 slides, 3 volumes) 
The United States Bureau of Mines, Rolla Research Center Records contain the records of the Bureau of Mines office and research facility established in Rolla, Missouri, in 1915. The records include correspondence, operational reports, project reports, photographs, newspaper articles, program materials, and maps.

United-Mexican Mines Company, Stock Certificate, 1913, (R0635)
1 folder
This is a certificate for 1000 shares of stock in the United-Mexican Mines Company, which was incorporated in Arizona but had corporate offices at Kansas City in Jackson County, Missouri. The shares were purchased by Fred Crosby, who was also the Secretary of the firm.


Valle Mining Company, Records, 1839-1884, (R1278)
45 volumes
These are account books, ledgers, cash books, and other business records of the Valle Mining Company at Valles Mines, Missouri. Most of the collection concerns mining on the Valle tract in Jefferson and Saint Francois counties and related general merchandizing at the company's store. There are various records showing the receipt and shipment of ores, names of individual miners, charges and credits to individual and company accounts, and shipments of mineral to the Carondelet Zinc Works at Carondelet, Missouri, and consignment houses in Saint Louis and New York.

Van Sickle, Ferris H., "History of Mine La Motte," 1949, (R0026)
41 pages, typescript
This is a photocopy of a term paper prepared for a class at Southeast Missouri State University at Cape Girardeau, Missouri.


Wallower, Frank Carmany, Papers, (R0057)
0.5 cubic foot (22 folders, 256 photographs)
The Frank Carmany Wallower Papers primarily contains material connected with the unfinished autobiography of Frank C. Wallower, “A Review of Sixty Years.” There are three different versions of his autobiography that include different information. In conjunction with the autobiography are newspaper articles and photographs that document Wallower’s career in the mining industry and with the Southwest Missouri Railroad Company.

Washington County, Missouri, Motion Picture, ca. 1936-1940, (R0392)
1 video cassette
This is a film by Harry F. Blount of Potosi, concerning the barite industry in Washington County, Missouri. Included are views of manual and mechanized mining methods, the refining process, and the standard of living of the miners and their families. The film has been duplicated on 1/2" videotape (VHS).

Washington Zinc and Lead Company, Prospectus, 1918, (R0050)
1 item
This is the prospectus of a Washington County firm chartered in 1917 to develop the zinc and lead mines at Irondale, Missouri. The company had general offices at Desloge.

Welch, Austin H., Papers, 1908-1927, (R0824)
1 folder
These are business papers of Austin H. Welch of St. Louis, Missouri, regarding investments in Missouri and Arkansas lands through the Dorsey Corporation of Moline, Illinois. Among the papers are reports on a coal property near Bourbon in Crawford County, Missouri, and agricultural land near Texarkana in Miller County, Arkansas.

Wibaux, Pierre A. V., (1858-1913), Papers, 1881-1927, (C2656)
1 linear foot
The papers contain negative Photostats of letters from Wibaux, who emigrated from France to Montana in 1881, to his brother Joseph. The Papers include business letters and a contract regarding his cattle ranch and gold mine, newspaper articles, photographs and Joseph's notes. English translation follows each item.

Williams, E. L., Mining Lease, 1912, (R0741)
1 folder
This is a mining lease between E. L. Williams, the lessee, and Harriet E. Etheridge, the lessor, for property in Carthage, Jasper County, Missouri. The ten-year lease stipulated a 10% royalty on the value of lead and zinc mined from the site.

Williams, Jack, Photograph Collection, (P0711)
11 photographs
Photos of Bradford Zinc Company, Oronogo Circle, and zinc and lead mining in Jasper County, ca. 1900.

Williams, Matthew Z., Williams family papers, ca. 1861-1990, (R1308)
10 folders, 121 images
These are photographs, business papers, genealogical materials, and other items from the Williams, Sturgeon, Watson and allied families of Phelps County, Missouri. Included are papers concerning pyrite mining in Phelps County and a rare view of the village of Beulah around 1906. High quality scans of the images are available.

Wittich, L. L., "Zinc and Lead Handbook," 1916, (R0275)
1 folder
This a pamphlet concerning the zinc and lead industries and mineral production in the Joplin District of Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Included are production figures for mines and mining companies in the Joplin District, and statistics on the international production, pricing, and consumption of zinc and lead.

Wood, James A., 1938- , Motion picture, 1963, (R1309)
1 film, transferred to DVD
This is 3:33 minute film of the barite mining operation at Dog Patch Mine in Washington County, Missouri. It shows the mechanized period of barite mining and was shot on one of the best days of production at the mine in 1963.


Young, Theodore Mansfield, Papers, 1935-1938, (R1373)
.25 cubic feet (4 folders)
The Theodore Mansfield Young Papers contain information regarding Young’s mining company, Paramount Mining-Milling-Smelting and Refining Corporation. The company operated in the West. It owned many subsidiaries that operated mines. The collection contains many pieces of correspondence with Young, the business history of Paramount Mining, maps of claims and mines, and records of the company’s claims.


Zeta Land and Mining Company, Stock Certificate, 1902, (R1016)
1 folder
This is a certificate for 150 shares of stock in the Zeta Land and Mining Company of Independence in Jackson County, Missouri. The certificate was issued to John P. Jackson, who was the president of the firm. The company owned mineral land and mines in Newton County, Missouri.

Ziegler, John, Letter, 1847, (R1055)
1 folder
This is a letter dated 21 October 1847 from John Ziegler (for S. Ziegler) at Ste. Genevieve in Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri, to James Harrison at Iron Mountain in St. Francois County, Missouri. It concerns shipments of iron ore and "pigs" from Iron Mountain to steamboats on the Mississippi River at Ste. Genevieve.

Ziegler & Company, Account Book, 1843-1853, (R0185)
1 volume
This is an account book of a freight transfer and storage firm in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Lewis Ziegler was probably the proprietor. The account book includes two separate records: "Lead Book for the use of Ziegler & Co.," 1843-1849; and "Iron Received from Iron Mountain," 1850-1853.

Zinc milling and Manufacturing Company, Stock Certificate, 1911, (R0869)
1 folder
This is a certificate number 224 for 500 shares of capital stock in the Zinc Milling and Manufacturing Company of Joplin in Jasper County Missouri. The certificate was registered to Paul F. Vose.

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