Mass Media Manuscript Collections

Collections concerning mass communications, such as the founding records of a public television station or a newspaper morgue; records of media and public relations organizations, such as press associations; and papers of journalists, announcers, station managers, and photojournalists. Also see the National Women and Media Collection.

*Collections marked with DIGITIZED MATERIALS have additional digitized items available.

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1970s Counter Culture Newspapers Collection, 1970-1973, (S1136)
1 box, 4 folders
The collection contains newspapers that published articles about the political, racial and social issues in the United States during the early 1970s.


African American Pioneers In Journalism And Broadcasting, Oral History Project, (S0624)
15 Folders, Oral History Tapes And Transcriptions
"The African American Pioneers in Journalism and Broadcasting Project" document St. Louis' African Americans journalists, media and radio broadcasters.

Albany Ledger, Gentry County, Missouri, Abstracts, 1884-1887, (K0160)
1 volume
Book of abstracts of the news stories including entries on the people and events of Gentry County. A surname index is included at the end of the volume.

Allen, Donna (1920-1999), Papers, 1920-1992, (C3795)
18.6 linear feet, 18 audio cassettes, 1 audio disc
The papers of the director of the Women's Institute for Freedom of the Press and editor of Media Report to Women include professional correspondence and printed materials on sex and race discrimination cases, media stereotypes, public broadcasting, women's news, national and international women's conferences, and women in management. The papers also document Allen’s involvement in labor, civil rights, and anti-war activism.

Allen, Lafe F., Papers, (CA5798)
10 linear feet
Papers of a journalist and member of the United States Information Agency, consisting of copies of news stories, articles and other writings, correspondence, notes, background and research material, and miscellaneous personal records related to Allen's coverage of U.S. foreign policy activities in central and south America, Europe, and Asia, 1950s-1960s.

American Radio Collection, 1931-1972, Collection, (S0256)
514 Audio Tapes
The American Radio Collection, composed of 514 reel-to-reel tapes, is a valuable piece of American social and cultural history. Tapes in the collection cover the early years of commercial broadcast radio through its golden years to the decline of network radio in the early 1960s.

Amish Scrapbooks, (SP0022)
1 cubic foot (56 folders)
The papers consist of the writings of Noah Gingerich (1916-2006) on the lives of his family and friends. The bulk of his work was created for Budget newspaper, a paper specializing in reporting the lives of Amish and Mennonite community members in Sugarcreek, Ohio, and across the nation.

Anatomical Record, Papers, 1908-1913, (C0913)
1 folder
Anatomical Record, published under auspices and support of Wistar Institute. Minutes of meetings with decisions on policies to be followed by Record editor; letter to Horace Jayne advising him of vote of thanks extended by editorial board for establishing Record and regretting his withdrawal; minutes of meeting held by editors; various journals published by Institute.

Applegate, Roberta G., Papers, 1935-1987, (C3840)
2 linear feet
The papers of Roberta Applegate consist of awards, correspondence, miscellaneous material, newspaper clippings, and speeches. Applegate was a student at Michigan State Uni-versity and reporter for the Associated Press of Michigan from 1935 through 1946, first female press secretary to the governor of Michigan from 1946 through 1949, reporter and editor for the Miami Herald from 1950 to 1964, and Associate Professor of Journalism and Mass Communica-tion at Kansas State University in Manhattan from 1964 on.

Armstrong, O.K., Papers, (C4056)
50.75 cubic feet, 2 audio discs, 1 film strip, 9 oversize items
The papers of O.K. Armstrong, a journalist, author, and politician from Springfield, Missouri, contain correspondence, manuscript drafts, subject files, speech material, research notes, and political material.

Atwater, James D., Papers, (CA5691)
20 linear feet
Papers of a journalism educator and dean of the School of Journalism at the University of Missouri. Includes correspondence, talks, subject files, teaching materials, papers related to writing projects, and other materials.


Bain, George Grantham (1865- ), Papers, 1891, (C1743)
1 folder
The papers of George Grantham Bain contain letters about newspaperman Bain from Charles Ritch Johnson and the Saint Louis GLOBE-DEMOCRAT managing editor, May 8-9, 1891. The papers also include a biographical sketch of Bain with compliments from other journalists about his work.

Banaszynski, Jacqui, Papers (CA6200)
5.75 linear feet
Papers of a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and journalism educator who worked for several Midwest and Pacific Northwest newspapers. Includes articles, research materials, interview notes, correspondence, and datebooks.

Beck, John F., Papers, (C4360)
1.7 cubic feet (55 folders, one video cassette tape)
Correspondence, research material, CBS scripts, reports, transcripts of television productions and videotaped interview of a CBS Television producer, writer and director of the 1960s.

Bell Family Papers (CA6483)
5.2 cubic feet, 5 oversize items, 4 cased images, 1 glass plate negative
The papers of a publishing family from Fulton, Missouri, who owned the Ovid Bell Press, contain correspondence, photographs, clippings, business records, family genealogy, and miscellaneous material. The collection largely pertains to Ovid K. Bell and his son, Ovid H. Bell.

Bell, Ovid, (1875-1953), Papers, 1899-1921, (C3224)
1 cubic foot
Business correspondence of Ovid Bell, editor of the FULTON GAZETTE. Covers letters F-W, arranged alphabetically. Some correspondents are Walter Williams, Joseph Mudd, Joseph W. Folk, David R. Francis, and representatives of other newspapers in Missouri.

Bell, Ovid (1875-1953), Collection, 1824-1950, (C3805)
10 folders
Papers of, and materials collected by, a Fulton, Missouri, resident relating to the history and residents of Callaway County. The collection comprises correspondence, copies of speeches and lectures given by Bell on historical topics, and documents including a typescript 1849 diary of James Tate, tax rolls for Callaway County, Callaway County Agricultural and Mechanical Society membership lists, and a regimental history and troop roster of Company B, 1st Missouri Cavalry, C.S.A.

Bless, Bertha (1889-1977), Papers, 1894-1985, (C1740)
4.3 linear feet
The papers of Bertha Bless consist of correspondence, newspaper clippings, publications, convention materials, and other miscellaneous materials related to her participation in various press organizations, including the Missouri Press Women and the National Federation of Press Women. Bless, along with her husband, B.J. Bless, Jr., published the Weston Chronicle, Weston, Missouri.

Boehringer, Marie Daerr (1913-1997), Papers, 1930-1997, (C1221)
4.0 linear feet
Diaries; correspondence; newspaper clippings; article, poem, and story manuscripts; publications; and miscellaneous papers of a Cleveland, Ohio, journalist and poet.

Boggs, William M. (1862-1937), Papers, 1844-1909, (C1672)
1 folder
The papers contain five letters to F.A. Sampson, director of the State Historical Society of Missouri, from Napa City, California, June-October 1909, about Lilburn W. Boggs. Two sketches of Bent's Fort in 1844. Pamphlets about the U.S. receiving ship Independence and the 1846 U.S. possession of California. Newspaper article, 1905, about Oliver P. Wiggins.

Bograd, Abe Oral History Collection, (K0267)
.1 cubic foot
The Abe Bograd Oral History Collection covers many aspects of Bograd’s life including recollections of his early years in Russia; his family’s immigration; his education; the political climate of the city under Pendergast; and his employment with the Kansas City Star.

Bohling Jr., Atwell Loomis, (1922-2000) Papers, 1939-1997, (K0654)
49 cubic feet
Professional materials used or produced by Bohling, an editorial writer for the Kansas City Star. Includes articles, clippings, correspondence, research materials, reporters' notebooks and diaries, travel brochures, receipts, menus, publications, and photographs. Personal papers include class notebooks from Yale and Northwestern University, theatre and opera programs, and ephemera.

Boyer, Mary Joan, Scrapbook, 1957-1959, (C1386)
1 volume
Newspaper articles on history of Jefferson County, MO, from DAILY NEWS-DEMOCRAT, Festus, MO (1957-1959), and JEFFERSON COUNTY RECORD, Hillsboro, MO (1959). Interviews with long-time residents and a poem by M.J. Boyer, "Autumn in Jefferson County."

Brandt, Raymond P. (1896-1974), Papers, 1917-1974, (C0850)
2 linear feet, 5 audio cassettes
The papers of Raymond Brandt contain correspondence, newspaper articles, interviews, notes, financial accounts, audio cassettes and photographs of a Sedalia, Missouri, man who was a Washington, D.C. correspondent for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch from 1923 to 1967. Brandt wrote on politics, economics, and the Soviet Union, which he visited five times.

Brandt, Raymond P. (1896-1974), Papers, (CA6270)
1.6 cubic feet
Addition of correspondence, photographs, and other personal and professional papers of a longtime journalist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Brewer, Basil (1884-1975), Papers, 1911-1965, (C3132)
10 linear feet, 77 volumes
Correspondence, editorials, newsclippings, pamphlets, photographs, and scrapbooks dealing with Brewer's activities as publisher of the New Bedford Standard-Times in Massachusetts, his philanthropic work, and his political interests.

Briggs Family, Papers, (CA6309)
2 cubic feet, 1 oversize volume
The collection contains the papers of the Briggs family of Macon, Missouri, and includes scrapbooks, photograph albums, and newspaper clippings. Members of the family include U.S. Senator Frank P. Briggs and journalist Ruth Briggs Bratek, a graduate of the University of Missouri.

Brockhoff, Dorothy, Papers, (S1221)
0.25 cubic foot (15 folders, 2 volumes, 4 items)
The Dorothy Brockhoff Papers consist of correspondence, speeches, magazine and newspaper articles, and photographs, pertaining to Brockhoff's career in journalism and public relations in the St. Louis area from 1948 to the 1990s. Known affectionately among her colleagues as "Scoop" for her enterprising reporting, Brockhoff wrote for a variety of publications, including the St. Louis Globe-Democrat, the Washington University Magazine, and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Brockhoff's articles for the Washington University Magazine garnered national attention, resulting in the National Women's Press Association awarding her first prize for best interview story in 1974. Other materials of interest include speeches Brockhoff ghostwrote for Monsanto Chemical Company executives, as well as photographs of Brockhoff and her relatives. The papers date from 1901 to 1996.

Broeg, Bob (1918- ), Addenda, 1946-1990, (S0243)
11 Folders, 2 Tapes
The Broeg Addenda contains manuscripts of two books, Don't Bring THAT Up! (Skeletons in the Sports Closet, coauthored with Bob Burrill (1946), and Bob Broeg's Redbirds (1981); a play script called The Babe and Mrs. Custer (1987); and two oral-history interviews conducted by UM-St. Louis professor Scott McKelvie on August 23 and September 13, 1990. All materials, including the tapes, are arranged chronologically.

Broeg, Bob (1918- ), Collection, 1974-1986, (S0493)
34 Folders
The Bob Broeg Collection contains drafts, rewrites, and corrected copies of manuscripts written by Broeg. These include a book about Stan Musial; The Batting Order: Baseball From a Different Angle; a history of the Missouri Tigers called Ol' Mizzou, a Story of Missouri Football (1974); a book about Broeg's hero, Frank Frisch, called The Pilot Light and the Gas House Gang (1980); and both the 1983 and 1986 editions of My Baseball Scrapbook. The collection also has miscellaneous other items donated by Broeg, which are noted in the folder list.

Bulkeley, Christy C. (1942-2009), Papers, 1884-2009, (C4082)
8.1 cubic feet, 1 volume, 4 video cassettes
The papers of Christy C. Bulkeley, one of the first women publishers for a Gannett newspaper, contain correspondence, news clippings, speeches, writings, subject files, photographs, and a variety of miscellaneous professional and personal material.

Burgess, Charles E., Papers, (SA0856)
26 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Burke, William Jeremiah (1902-1990), Papers, 1903-1985, (C3608)
5 linear feet
Correspondence, diary, manuscripts of novels, poems, articles, photographs, books, memorabilia and other personal and professional papers of an author and director of editorial research at LOOK magazine, 1943-1968.


Calloway, Ernest (1909-1989), Addenda, 1932-1989, (S0540)
686 Folders, 666 Photographs
The Ernest Calloway addenda contains a great deal more material than the original collection (S0011). It documents his education and his various careers as a labor organizer, politician, civil rights worker, journalist and teacher. It includes articles by and about Calloway, complete runs of newspapers he published, studies, reports and article he compiled, material from his tenure as St. Louis NAACP president and his political campaigns. It also includes college notes and texts, church programs, plaques and certificates. The Ernest Calloway addenda also contains many photographs, from his personal collection and that of newspapers he edited. The bulk of the material dates from 1932 but two church programs collected by Calloway date from 1921 and 1927 (see series 8).

Calloway, Ernest (1909-1989), Addenda, 1948-1984, (S0550)
59 Folders, 8 Tapes
Divided into three series: 1. Correspondence, 1949-1984, folders 1-26; 2. Projects Files, 1948-1984, folder 27-59; 3. Tapes, 1959 (T550.1-T550.8).

Calloway, Ernest (1909-1989), Papers, 1937-1983, (S0011)
78 Folders, 2 Tapes, 1 Bound Volume
The Ernest Calloway papers of 1937 to 1980 document Calloway's activities as president of the St. Louis NAACP, political analyst for Teamsters' Local 688, political activist in St. Louis and a lecturer on urban problems for St. Louis University.

Carlson, Avis Dungan (1896- ), Daybooks, 1923-1943, (S0419)
8 Volumes On 1 Microfilm Roll
Daybooks of Avis Carlson, author. Topics include: Depression, Dust Bowl, William Allan White, League of Women Voters, American Association of University Women, and family matters. The eight volumes cover her life from 1923-1943.

Carlson, Avis Dungan (1896-1987), Papers, 1940-1976, (S0463)
35 Folders
The Avis Dungan Carlson Papers are arranged in alphabetical order. First drafts of her books, Small World - Long Gone (1975) and In the Fullness of Time (1977), make up the bulk of the material. Small World's drafts (f. 13-19) contain autobiographical material covering the period from early childhood through Avis Dungan's wedding to Harry Carlson. Drafts for In the Fullness of Time (f. 21-31), entitled That Specter, Old Age and That Crown of Glory, discuss the process and effects of aging. The collection also includes articles on St. Genevieve, education, family and the St. Louis League of Women Voters. An appointment book, a family genealogy, and newsclippings comprise the rest of the collection.

Calvin Communication Records, ca. 1930s-ca. 1980s, (K0634)
12 cubic feet
Motion picture film, brochures, publications, and photographs from the professional 16mm film production company in Kansas City, MO.

Carr, Will D., Scrapbooks, 1886-1889, (C1388)
2 volumes
Newspaper clippings of the writings of Will Carr, including DIVORCED BY DEATH; PEN PICTURES of the members and actions of the Missouri 34th and 35th general assemblies by Will Yum.

Carroll, Edna, Papers, 1932-1969, (S0807)
5 Folders
The Edna Carroll papers include schoolwork and news clippings from her time at Webster College. They also contain issues of Transit News; and pamphlets from her other careers.

Carrollton Democrat, Carrollton, Missouri, Papers, 1936-1938, (C0591)
1 folder
Telegrams to the Democrat about King Edward the VIII's abdication; Franklin D. Roosevelt's recommendations to Congress, 1937; Martin Johnson's death; the wreck of Amelia Earhart's plane, and the death of Queen Marie of Romania.

Cass County Democrat-Missourian, 1957, (C0827)
1 folder
The collection contains articles on the old Civil War mansion of John R. William and a detailed statement of receipts and disbursements of Cass County, Missouri, 1957.

Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune, Photographs, (P0084)
0.75 linear feet
Photographs of Chillicothe, MO, and Livingston County, including area businesses, farming activity, schools, clubs, homes, and churches.

Cinema St. Louis, 1992-2011 (S1076)
15 folders, 1 oversize
This collection consists of schedules, calendars, promotional materials, posters, news clippings, and press release notebooks from Cinema St. Louis. The collection is divided into three series that are organized chronologically. Series 1 consists of film festival programs, schedules, calendars, and promotional materials. Series 2 consists of news clippings and press release notebooks. Series 3 consists of oversize posters. The collection covers the period from 1992 to 2011.

City Movie Center Records, 1981-1987, (K0239)
13 folders
Correspondence, programs, flyers, and newspaper articles related to the Center, an alternative film theater in Kansas City.

Clayton, Charles, Papers, (CA5038)
0.2 linear feet
Correspondence, research materials, an unpublished biography, and other writings by and about William Marion Reedy--a columnist and editor of REEDY'S MIRROR, a weekly publication from 1893 to 1920.

Cockrell, Allen V., Daybook, 1895-1901, (C1080)
1 volume
Contains miscellaneous notes and clippings of political and historical interest, with a few scattered accounts. Allen V. Cockrell resided in Washington, D.C., where he wrote a weekly column published in various Missouri newspapers.

Cohen, Jerome S. (1913-2003) Papers, ca. 1953-ca. 1996, (K0741)
20 cubic feet
Personal and professional papers of the civic and business leader, including materials related to the American Humanics Foundation; H. Roe Bartle; the Mayor's Christmas Tree Fund; and the Kansas City Zoo. Also includes Ray Morgan's notes and drafts for Cohen's biography.

Columbia Missourian, Photographs, (P0102)
1.25 linear feet
An extensive collection of photographs taken by the staff of the Columbia Missourian newspaper in the 1970s and 1980s, with a focus on Columbia people, places, and events.

Communications Workers Of America, (SA0864)
14 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Community Video Advisory Board (CVAB) Records, 1969-1992, (K0403)
1 cubic foot
Administrative materials of the Board which oversaw operation of American Cablevision's public access channel. Also information from Ecumedia, an interfaith, nonprofit television show on Channel 30 of American Cablevision, and the Metropolitan Inter-Church Agency (MICA), a council of churches that brought the Christian community together.

Cooley, Polly, Letter, 1851, (C0838)
1 folder
Letter to her husband, N.G. Cooley, who was in Idaho prospecting for gold. Reprinted in Carrollton Democrat, 1935.

Corey, Raymond E. Photograph Collection, (K1311)
8.45 cubic feet (292 folders, 49,489 negatives, 741 slides, 437 photographs)
This collection consists of the photographic work of Raymond Corey, a staff photographer for The Kansas City Star from 1965 to 1980. The collection primarily contains negatives, slides, and photographs produced by Corey in the course of his career with The Kansas City Star. Additionally, there is a scrapbook of newspaper clippings containing the articles in which Corey’s work appeared, and oversize photographic reproductions of his work.

Corrigan, Patricia, Collection, 1965-2008, (S0867)
5 boxes
The collection is composed chiefly of cuttings of many of the articles Corrigan wrote, with the largest number coming from the Post-Dispatch, for whom she worked from 1982 through 2005. Her articles provide an interesting insight to the social life of St. Louis, frequently focusing on the changing values and styles in American life.

Cotton, Martha, Papers, (CA5480)
8.35 linear feet, 11 video cassettes
Addition to papers of an NBC News producer and journalist. Includes correspondence, research materials, and miscellaneous. "Volcano" and "Up Close and Personal" materials.

Cotton, Martha, Papers, (CA5437)
0.4 linear feet
Addition to professional papers of an NBC journalist. Includes correspondence, story files, research notes, and miscellaneous.

Cotton, Martha, Papers, (CA5021)
0.8 linear feet
Research materials and papers of NBC News producer and journalist.

Crisis Magazine, Collection, 1969-2000, (S0678)
9 Folders
The Crisis Magazine collection documents publication years 1969 to 2000. The collection also contains copies of Black Enterprise, 1989; Black Scholar, 1991; Catalyst, 1988-1994; and Sage, 1985-1991.

Cross, John Newton (1850-1946), Scrapbook, 1934, (C1396)
1 volume
Miscellaneous newspaper clippings from Missouri newspapers.

Culbert, Prudence Lily, Scrapbook, 1821, (C1397)
1 volume
Newspaper clippings of poems, news stories, drawings, and obituaries.


Dale, E.L. (1890-1969), Interview, 1965, (C3396)
3 folders, 1 audio tape
Tape and transcripts of an interview with the editor of the Carthage Evening Press. Topics include Dale's background, role of news, editor, government role in news media, civil rights, and contemporary issues in U.S. and Missouri.

Dalton, Warren R., Jr., Papers, (CA6379)
1 cubic foot
Papers of an author, columnist, and landlord from Columbia, Missouri. Collection largely consists of material pertaining to his writings, including research, correspondence, and drafts. Also includes some family material, including correspondence and miscellaneous papers of Walter William Dalton.

Davis, Blevins Papers, (K0031)
35 cubic feet (24 scrapbooks)
The Blevins Davis Papers contains research materials, scripts, plays, photographs, printed materials, correspondence, scrapbooks, and memorabilia of Davis, an internationally prominent playwright and producer.

Davis, Donald Dwight (1896-1997) Papers, 1912-1997, (K0934)
12 cubic feet
Personal and business papers of Davis who was president of WHB radio and KMBC-TV. Also included are some papers of his wife, Harriet Treash Davis (1909-1997).

Deane Jr., Hugh Gordon (1916-2001) Papers, 1936-1998, (K0617)
3 cubic feet
Personal papers of journalist, author, and co-founder of the US-China Peoples Friendship Association. Includes correspondence, research notes, publications, conference transcripts, an FBI file on Indusco, manuscripts (published and unpublished), clippings, and a military map drawn by Zhou Enlai.

DeGood, Harold B. (1920-1995) Scrapbook, 1949-1964, (K0401)
1 volume
De Goode was one of the engineers who helped build WDAF-TV. Newspaper clippings, correspondence, and photos on all aspects of the opening and running of the television station in Kansas City, MO.

Denise DeClue Papers (CA6499)
3 cubic feet, 2 audio cassettes, 2 video cassettes
The papers of a journalist, playwright, and movie and television screenwriter who graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism include news articles, scripts, contracts, lawsuit material, and audiovisual material.

Dilliard, Irving (1904- ), Papers, 1867-1992, (S0491)
1,413 Folders, 1 Tape, 11 Photographs
The Irving Dilliard papers, 1867-1961, document Dilliard's career at the St. Louis Post Dispatch. The oldest documents in the collection are St. Louis Daily Dispatch business receipts from 1867 for steamer departure advertising notices collected by Dilliard, but the collection primarily dates from the early 1930s to Dilliard's retirement in 1960. Some booklets from Dilliard's collection dates from the 1920s, and his magazine collection continues into the 1990s. The Dilliard papers contain personal papers, including files on fraternities and professional associations that Dilliard joined; editorials and other writings; research files containing public speeches on a variety of topics which Dilliard collected, and a large subject file of newsclippings, correspondence and literature that informed his editorials. The papers also include Dilliard's correspondence file, with letters from readers, Post-Dispatch staff and many other independent writers and researchers, including Supreme Court Justices and famous political and newspaper figures. Dilliard's collection of news and opinion magazines from 1930 to 1992 comprises one series; a collection of booklets and pamphlets dating back to 1924 constitute another. The collection includes one audio reel tape of Carl Sandburg's address at Shaare Emeth Temple Men's Club in St. Louis on January 19, 1958, and a small number of photographs.

Directory of Women's Media, Records, (CA6330)
0.4 cubic feet
Addition of directories, 2002-2010, 2013.

Double Helix (1969- ), Records, 1972-1979, (S0199)
25 Folders
The Double Helix records, 1972-1979, document the activities of a non-profit, community media corporation. The records reflect Double Helix's search for radio and TV broadcasting frequencies after the demise of KDNA radio. The collection includes petitions to the FCC for share-time with radio stations KSLH and KHRU as well as later applications for television broadcasting on Channels 18, 40, and 46. Opposing petitions filed by competitors for these frequencies, including the independent petition filed by KETC-TV for the use of Channel 40 (Folders 10-14). The FCC ruling on the television channels appears within the series as well as Double Helix's application.' for a federal grant, correspondence, minutes, notes, and membership lists.

Drell, Adrienne (1943- ), Papers, c. 1930-2006, (C4084)
10.6 cubic feet, 1 audio cassette, 1 video cassette
The papers of Adrienne Drell contain articles, drafts, subject files, correspondence, and miscellaneous professional and personal papers of a journalist who worked for the Waukegan News-Sun and the Chicago Sun-Times, largely covering court cases. Included in the papers is material relating to cases she covered, including the Rev. L.R. Davis, Operation Greylord, and Baby Richard.

Dukert, Betty Cole, Papers, (CA6372)
23 cubic feet
Papers of a University of Missouri School of Journalism graduate who spent much of her career working for NBC's Meet the Press from 1956-1998. She held several positions at Meet the Press and retired from the show as executive producer.


Engberg, Eric, Papers, (C4391)
0.7 cubic feet (25 folders)
Correspondence, radio and television scripts, bulletins and field notebooks of a CBS news reporter and graduate of the University of Missouri, School of Journalism.

Engelhardt, Thomas A., Papers, (CA6291)
6 cubic feet
INVENTORY. Papers of long-time editorial cartoonist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch include correspondence, sketch books, and reprints of cartoons.

Elz, Ron, (SA1047)
1 Box
Issues of the "St. Louis Globe-Democrat," a small newspaper producing historical articles.

Epstein, Eleni (1926-1991), Papers, 1948-1987, (C3898)
0.8 linear feet, 19 audio cassettes
Papers of Eleni Sakes Epstein, fashion and beauty editor of the Washington Star from 1943 to 1981. The papers consist of correspondence, speaking engagements, photographs, miscellaneous material about the fashion industry, Fashion in Newspapers, clippings, and audio cassette interviews with American, European, and Asian fashion designers and others.

Eschen, Frank, Collection, (S0570)
27 Folders, 1 Cassette Tape, 220 Photographs
The collection contains as correspondence, scripts newsclippings, and photographs regarding the radio and television career of Frank Eschen. It also contains a copy of Tom Eschen's (son) dissertation on the history of television in St. Louis and an oral interview with Tom regarding his father.

The Eternal Light Radio Program Collection, 1934-1946, (K1078)
0.1 cubic feet
The collection contains the radio scripts for the NBC radio program The Eternal Light, produced in conjunction with the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. This collection also contains the book, “Talmudic Tales.”


Fantel, Hans (1922-2006), Papers, c. 1925-2006, (C4003)
3.2 linear feet, 5 video cassettes, 1 DVD, 565 MB of digital files
The papers of Fantel, a freelance writer, contain the articles he wrote for the New York Times and many other publications about high fidelity, home electronics, and music. Correspondence, photographs, and audio-visual materials make up the remainder of the collection.

Farmer, Val Papers, (CA6557)
5.7 cubic feet, 1 oversize item, 1 video cassette
The papers of a clinical psychologist and syndicated columnist who specialized in rural mental health include correspondence, research materials, and miscellaneous material pertaining to the Midwest farm crisis in the 1980s. The majority of the correspondence is letters from readers.

Feeback, Sammie G. (1913-1986) Film Collection, ca. 1970, (K0324)
0.5 cubic foot
Motion picture films taken by Feeback, a professional television cameraman in Kansas City, MO. The subjects of the film include, Old Westport, Volker Park, WHB, KMBZ and KCMO radio.

Filley, Chauncey Ives, Letter, 1880, (C1824)
1 folder
The papers contain a letter to D.K. Abeel, of Kansas City, Missouri, from Chauncey Ives Filley of St. Louis, Missouri, February 20, 1880. The letter discusses political maneuvering in Missouri for General Grant's presidential candidacy in 1880; organization and influence of St. Louis German vote, the WESTLICHE POST, Emil Preetorius and state politics, particularly party positions. Also typed copy.

Film Society of Greater Kansas City Records, 1991-2000, (K0765)
2 cubic feet
The records consist of minutes, printed material, clippings, newsletters, and other materials concerning the activities of the Film Society of Greater Kansas City. The records also include files on the Film Society's annual Film Festivals.

Fisher, James J., Papers, (K0840)
0.12 cubic foot (3 folders)
The James J. Fisher Papers consists of correspondence and a draft manuscript pertaining to the history of the Kansas City Star.

Fitzpatrick, Daniel (1891-1969) And Mauldin, Bill (1921- ), Papers, 1935-1962, (S0460)
15 Folders
The Daniel R. Fitzpatrick and Bill Mauldin Papers, 1935-1962 contain duplicate editorial cartoons from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The State Historical Society of Missouri holds original Fitzpatrick/Mauldin drawings in its Fitzpatrick and Society Collections. The cartoons reflect St. Louis, and national political, economic, and social issues from 1935-1962. Three series comprise the collection: 1) Fitzpatrick Cartoons, 1935-1957; 2) Mauldin Cartoons, 1958-1962; and 3) Labor Cartoons, 1936-1962.

Fitzpatrick, Daniel R., (1891-1969), Cartoons, 1934-1943, (C0820)
3 folders
Newspaper cartoons concerned with Missouri politics during this period. Published in the ST. LOUIS POST DISPATCH.

Fitzpatrick, Daniel R. (1891-1969), Papers, 1913-1966, (C3832)
1 linear foot, 16 reels of 16mm film, 16 DVDs
The Fitzpatrick Papers contain the personal and business correspondence of D.R. Fitzpatrick, editorial cartoonist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The collection also contains magazines and newspaper articles concerning “Fitz’s” cartoons of local, regional, and national politics, including government propaganda for both World Wars. Sixteen one-half hour television documentaries on political affairs, entitled Forty-five Years with Fitzpatrick are included in the collection.

Flam, Bea Firestone (1932-2008) Collection, 1959-2008, (K0662)
0.05 cubic foot (2 folders, one oversize photograph)
The Bea Firestone Flam Collection contains a group photograph, a set of negatives, and Mrs. Flam’s obituary.

Flynn, Francis Marion (1903-1974), Papers, 1920-1975, (C3812)
1 linear foot
Papers of a New York City newspaper executive and graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism. The collection has correspondence, clippings, speeches, in-house publications, pamphlets, and photographs from Flynn's tenure at the Japan Advertiser Press and the New York Daily News.

Foley, Ellen, Papers, (CA6454)
9 cubic feet
The papers of a journalist who worked for several newspapers, including the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Kansas City Star, Philadelphia Daily News, and Wisconsin State Journal, includes articles, correspondence, school papers, and miscellaneous professional material. Foley also founded the Violence Against Women Coalition (VAWC) after the death of her sister, Mary Foley, in 1988. The collection contains records of the organization.

Ford, Richard "Dick" A., Collection, 1912-2005, (S0774)
43 Folders, 37 Audiovisual Recordings, 10 Photographs
This collection contains news features pertaining to notable events in the St. Louis area, as well as memorabilia pertaining the Dick Ford's career as a news anchor. The collection is specifically arranged by format and listed alphabetically within the format series.

Fowler Sr., Richard Brosing (1902-1978) Papers, 1930-1978, (K1148)
0.5 cubic foot
Fowler was an author and editor for the Kansas City Star. Includes newspaper clippings of articles written by Fowler for the Star. Also a few letters

Freedom House, Archives, (CA5392)
8 linear feet
Addition of clippings, articles, correspondence, and collected materials relating to press freedom and freedom of information. Arranged alphabetically by name of country.

Freedom House, Archives, (CA5359)
47 linear feet
Records, publications, clippings, and other materials documenting "a new world information order," international journalism, and press freedom violations. Includes materials created and compiled by Freedom House, primarily from the 1970s to the 1990s.

Freedom House, Archives, (CA5447)
3 linear feet
Addition of materials relating to U.S. National Commission for UNESCO, United Nations Association, and the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe. Materials date from ca. 1976-1994.

Fremerman, Marvin J. (1931- ) Collection, 1980s-1990s, (K1069)
1 cubic foot
Fremerman Advertising Agency did work for Kansas City area political campaigns and business. Includes video and audiotapes for political and other advertisements.

French Newspaper Clippings, ca. 1883-1897, (C0870)
1 folder
Scrapbook of French newspaper clippings about world events. Most of the clippings refer to France, the French Chamber of Deputies, England, the British parliament, and Ireland. Articles on William E. Gladstone and Charles S. Parnell, Irish home rule bill and Napoleon's expedition into Egypt.

Freyermuth, Florence, Travel Slides And Films, (SA0885)
20 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.


Gay News-Telegraph, Records, 1981-1986, (S0445)
20 Folders, 1 Tape, 3 Microfilm Rolls
The Gay News-Telegraph records (1981-1986) are divided into two series: (1) Unpublished Articles, Newsclippings, Newsletters, and Posters, 1981-1986; and (2) the Gay News-Telegraph (1981-1986). The records include copies of the newsletter No Bad News from 1982-1985, and all issues and unused copy of the Gay News-Telegraph 1981-1986. The records also include posters from Gay Pride Week celebrations in 1981 and 1983 and an oral history interview with the Gay News-Telegraph editor, Jim Thomas (T-844).

George, Nicholas (1923-2002), Papers, (CA5993)
82.25 linear feet, approx. 900 audio tapes, approx. 800 audio cassettes, 3 video cassettes, 13 films; 15 audio discs
Office correspondence, wire copy, and news reports on audio tapes and cassettes of managing editor for ABC Radio News during the 1960s and 1970s. Tapes document most major events of this period including the Kennedy and King assassinations, Vietnam War, and space missions. The papers also contain materials from George's teaching career in the 1980s and 1990s.

Gneiser, Robert H. (1931-2007), Papers, (CA6299)
2 cubic feet
Papers of a radio and television broadcaster include correspondence, clippings audiovisual material, drafts of novels, and miscellaneous personal and professional material.

Gollan, J.S., Speech, 1930, (C0733)
1 folder
Address of editor of La Prensa, Buenos Aires, an exchange lecturer of the University of Buenos Aires, before the Columbia Kiwanis Club, March 25, 1930.

Goode, Malvin R. (1908-1995), Papers, 1911-2001, (C1706)
8 linear feet, 277 audio cassettes, 88 audio tapes, 11 video cassettes, 6 film reels
Malvin Russell Goode, Sr. was the first African-American broadcast journalist at ABC News. The collection consists of letters, speeches, photographs, audio cassettes, reel-to-reel tapes, awards, and other miscellaneous items documenting his life, career, and African-American culture.

Goodwill Family Photograph Collection, (R1479)
0.01 cubic foot (1 folder)
The Goodwill Family Photograph Collection contains an original photograph of KWTO Radio’s Goodwill Family. KWTO hosted its own live musicians to circumvent the Federal Radio Commission’s ban on playing recorded music.

Gossard, Nellie Schmack (1871-19??) Scrapbook, 1926-1938, (K0484)
1 folder
Clippings from newspapers and magazines on various topics, such as: Liberty Memorial, Nelson Atkins Museum, American Royal, city views, transportation, Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, as well as technological changes: telephone, typewriter, printing process, and newsreels.

Greer, Paul (1887-1980), Papers, 1900-1977, (S0169)
31 Folders, 2 Scrapbooks
The Greer papers contain correspondence (8 folders); subject files (7 folders); Greer's writing, including drafts of his two books, articles and book reviews (12 folders); articles about Greer (1 folder); and photographs and memorabilia (2 folders). Copies of material from the scrapbooks were integrated into these series.

Grove, Harold MacGregor (1924- ) Collection, 1960-1971, (K0312)
0.29 cubic foot
The collection contains proposals, correspondence, transcripts, and photographs from 1968, regarding the Look Up and Live special television series "We Well Speak, Who Will Answer" which, was an eight-part miniseries produced by CBS News Broadcast.

Guenther, Charles (1920- ), Papers, 1899-1991, (S0358)
183 Folders
The Charles Guenther papers, 1899-1991, document the career of the internationally important literary translator and poet. It includes much of his translation work and poetry; notes and study materials; materials he used to teach and conduct workshops; minutes and newsletters from various Missouri and St. Louis writing and poetry associations; newsclippings on writing and poetry; and some family and personal correspondence and papers. The collection does not include Guenther's correspondence with various poets. The largest part of the collection consists of Guenther's journal, magazine and book collection, stored at the Records Center in Columbia. It includes runs of many poetry and translation journals as well as English and foreign language books. The papers also include letters and family documents of an ancestor, Joseph Brokesh, and papers pertaining to the Olive Lutheran Church, for which Guenther served as an elder.


Hall, George H., Papers, 1932-1994, (S0768)
26 Folders, 473 Photographs
This collection contains career memorabilia, including scrapbooks, travel notes, press passes, notebooks, correspondence, and photographs. The scrapbooks contain photojournalism of rural Missouri reporting and Far East travels.

Harbinger Magazine, Photographs, (P0541)
0.27 linear feet
Originals from the production of Harbinger Magazine

Harman, Moses (1830-1910), Papers, 1858-1984, (C3802)
13 folders
Papers of Moses Harman, founder and publisher of Lucifer, the Light-Bearer, later the American Journal of Eugenics. He was a proponent of women's rights and the eugenics movement during the late 1800s and early 1900s. The papers include typescript copies of speech and articles by Harman, a photograph, articles about Harman, and issues of Lucifer, the Light-Bearer, 1896-1907. A microfilm copy of the collection is also available for use.

Harris, Fran (1909-1998), Papers, 1930, 1943-1976, (C1201)
1.4 linear feet
Papers of Fran Harris, journalist, broadcaster, and president of Women In Communica-tions, Inc. (WICI). The papers consist of correspondence, organizational records, conference materials, and photographs pertaining to Harris’s tenure as WICI vice president and president.

Hartley, Jo (1921- ), Papers, 1968-1986, (C3976)
2 linear feet, 5 audio cassettes
The papers of the editor of COMMENT, a publication that disseminated information on research about women, include correspondence, issues of COMMENT, grant applications and reports, and notes from conferences Hartley attended.

Haskell, Henry Cummings (1902-1981) Papers, 1883-1979, (K0096)
2 cubic feet
The papers of Henry C. Haskell, an editorial writer for the Kansas City Star, includes scripts for four of his plays and a collection of his arts essays. His father, Henry J. Haskell (1874-1952), also an editor for the Kansas City Star, writing s include a boyhood family newspaper and reviews of and correspondence relating to two books written and published by Henry J. There is also an autobiography by Henry J.

Hayes, Bernard (1935- ), Papers, 1961-1989, (S0480)
16 Folders, 2 Audio Tapes
The Bernard Hayes papers primarily document Bernie Hayes' career as a radio broadcaster from 1961-1988, although four photographs date from the 1950s. The collection includes photocopies of scrapbooks containing publicity literature and photographs reflecting Hayes' radio work in Chicago, Louisiana, New York and San Francisco from the early to mid-1960s. The papers also contain memoranda and newsclippings pertaining to Hayes' involvement in lawsuits and pickets against KWK in 1972 (f. 5,6,7) and KKSS in 1977 (f. 3, 7, 9.) One scrapbook includes copy photographs of Bernie Hayes from childhood (f. 12), in high school in 1952 (f.10), and in the Armed Forces (f. 12.) Other photographs include images of local radio personalities, civic leaders, rhythm and blues and soul musicians, and record company personnel. Some copy photographs taken from Instamatic prints appear unclear. The collection also contains an oral history with Bernie Hayes and a cassette tape of records he produced or recorded, 1966-1989.

Henry C. and Henry J. Haskell Papers, (K0096)
1.25 cubic feet
The collection contains the papers of Henry C. Haskell, and his father, Henry J. Haskell, a prominent editor for The Kansas City Star. The papers pertaining to Henry C. Haskell primarily consist of his plays and his contributions as an arts writer for The Kansas City Star. Henry J. Haskell’s papers consist of the articles he wrote as editor for The Kansas City Star and of his published writings. Additionally there is some correspondence and biographical information for both of the Haskell men.

Hickok, Estelle, Scrapbooks, 1927-1945, (C1405)
12 volumes
Clippings about Charles A. Lindbergh's career, marriage, flight to Paris, subsequent world trips, kidnapping of son, the Hauptman trial, life in England, World War II neutrality speeches, opposition to Lend-Lease Bill and involvement in various commercial and military aviation projects.

History Senior Seminar Papers, Collections, 1992-1993, (S0723)
12 Folders
This collection contains the academic papers of 12 students of the 1992 and 1993 History Senior Seminar 393, taught by Dr. Gerda Ray of the University of Missouri - St. Louis. Topics vary from broad historical perspectives to studies of specific St. Louis ethnic communities.

Hollenbeck, Arch Talcott Papers (R1414)
0.5 cubic foot (28 folders)
The Arch Talcott Hollenbeck Papers include the personal and business correspondence and papers of Archie Hollenbeck who served as the Howell County postmaster during the early 20th century. He was appointed chairman of the Missouri Prison Board in 1921 and lived in Jefferson City during his appointment before returning to West Plains, Missouri.

Holste, Glenda, Papers, (CA6196)
7 linear feet, 2 audio cassettes, 3 DVDs
Professional papers of a journalist and University of Missouri graduate who worked as a columnist, editorial writer, and editor of several daily newspapers. She is a past president of the Journalism and Women's Symposium and public affairs specialist for Education Minnesota, the state's educators union. The collection consists of subject files from her work at the St. Paul Pioneer Press, materials from her JAWS presidency, and miscellaneous personal and professional material.

Howell, Deborah, Papers, (C4366)
0.2 cubic feet (9 folders)
The papers of a journalist who worked for Newhouse News Service contain newsletters for employees of the organization.

Hunt, Mary, Papers, 1976-2001, (SA1109)
1 box
Copies of Ann Arbor Observer containing articles with a Missouri connection.

Hyland, Robert (1920-1992), Papers, 1935-1990, (S0637)
54 Folders, 281 Photographs
Robert Hyland's career in broadcasting grew from a sales job at CBS in Chicago to serving as the general manager for KMOX radio, the CBS affiliate in St. Louis. In 1973, CBS appointed him as a senior regional vice president. At KMOX and CBS, Hyland helped develop the radio call-in show "At Your Service" and the off-air "Call For Action" volunteer services, as well as other public service aspects of broadcasting.


Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc., Arizona Project, Records, 1976-1977, (C3885)
26 linear feet, 77 audio cassettes
Records of the Arizona Project, a cooperative journalistic investigation into organized crime and political corruption in Arizona, consisting of subject files, photographs, audio cassettes, and articles generated by the investigation.

Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc., Records, (CA5516)
0.3 linear feet
Research files relating to Danny Casolaro. Addition to IRE, Inc.

Israel, Benjamin, (SA0906)
2 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Irwin, Virginia (1908-1980), Collection, 1934-1963, (S0084)
1000+ Index Cards
The annotated index cards, from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Reference Library, cover articles published by or about Virginia Irwin from 1934-1963. Most of the cards document her feature articles for the "Everyday" section of the Post and range from national political conventions to the annual get-together of the hoboes of America. In 1944 she was accredited as a war correspondent to cover the European front. Her biggest newspaper coup came in April 1945 when she was one of three Americans to enter Berlin ahead of the American Military Forces and was able to send back eyewitness accounts of the siege.


Jewell, Earle B. (1896-1985) Papers, 1914-1977, (K0030)
2 cubic feet
Papers of an Episcopal minister in Kansas City, including many of his sermons, both in manuscript and printed form. Some of the sermons were delivered by Jewell weekly on the WDAF radio.

Jurney, Dorothy Misener (1909- ), Papers, 1920-1992, (C3904)
2 linear feet
Professional papers of Dorothy Misener Jurney, a reporter and editor on newspapers in Indiana, Miami, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. The papers consist of newspaper and magazine clippings, correspondence, speeches, photographs, slides, and miscellaneous material.


Kansas City Area Development Council/Prime Time Records, 1964-1992, (K0760)
45 cubic feet
Organizational records of the Council's Prime Time office including minutes, correspondence, working files, news releases, photographs, slides, and videotapes documenting efforts to promote Kansas City nationally.

Kansas City Jewish Chronicle Records, 1920-2006, (K0529)
40 cubic feet
Notes, photographs, negatives, and publications of a regional Jewish newspaper.

Kansas City Slide Manufacturing Company Records, ca. 1914-ca. 1967, (K0637)
30 cubic feet
Advertisements, catalogs, original art, artifacts, and photographic negatives used to produce glass slides.

Kansas City Star Magazine Collection, 1925-1926, (K0595)
0.3 cubic foot
A near complete set of the short-lived art and culture magazine published by the Kansas City Star newspaper.

Kansas City Star Photograph Collection, 1980-1999, (K0379)
114 cubic feet
Photograph negatives of events, people and places taken by the newspaper's photographers. In general these images were not used but were taken at the same time as those that were published.

Kaufman, Susan J., Papers, (CA5631)
0.4 linear feet
Addition to papers of a journalism educator. Primarily materials submitted for promotion to full professor. Also includes miscellaneous correspondence and records.

KDHX, Videotapes and DVDs, Addenda, (S1061)
1562 3/4 U-Matic videotapes, S-VHS and DVDs
The KDNA/KDHX Television Collection, 1988-2010, includes program materials shown on KDHX. The collections includes episodes of the following programs: Labor Vision, Why?, Two on the Aisle, What's Going on St. Louis, In Search of the Missing Link, Impact the Issues, Green Time, Youth at Your Service, Currents, Beyond Barriers, On the Other Hand, and assorted stand-alone broadcast and non-broadcast tapes.

70 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

KDNA/KDHX Radio (1971- ), Addenda, 1962-1976, (S0643)
39 Tapes
KDNA served as St. Louis alternative radio station in the 1960s and 70s (see collection S0536). Addenda includes lectures, music and other broadcasts. Divided into two series: Alphabetical, undated; and Chronological, 1962-1976.

KDNA/KDHX Radio (1971- ), Tapes, 1965-1992, (S0536)
563 Tapes
The KDNA/KDHX Radio tapes, 1965-1992, include program materials used both on KDNA and its successor station, KDHX. The collections includes the surviving tapes from the KDNA archives, syndicated radio material supplied to both KDNA and KDHX, and some KDHX taped film reviews and network feeds.

Keefe, James F. (1923-1999), Papers, 1915-1998, (C3834)
17.4 linear feet, 62 audio cassettes
This collection, compiled by Sampson, includes Democratic and Republican party campaign literature for national and Missouri elections, 1838-1958; speeches and pamphlets concerning national and state political issues; materials concerning the history of Boone, Schuyler, Pettis, and Ste. Genevieve counties and Sedalia; papers of Garland C. Broadhead and William Switzler; and speeches, notes, bibliographies, and personal papers of Sampson.

Keeley, Mary Paxton (1886-1986), Papers, 1830-1983, (C0848)
7.25 linear feet, 3 audio cassettes
Papers of the first woman graduate of the University of Missouri, School of Journalism, in 1910. She was active as a journalist, teacher, playwright, poet, fiction writer, and photographer. Material includes correspondence; diaries; manuscripts for Keeley’s articles, fiction, and poetry; clippings; audio cassettes; and photographs.

Keeley, Mary Paxton (1886-1986), Papers, (CA4909)
10 linear feet
Addition to papers including correspondence, manuscripts of books, plays, poems, and short stories, and photographs.

Kees, Beverly (1941-2004), Papers, 1941-2004, (C4025)
27.75 linear feet, 2 volumes, 1 video cassette
The papers of Beverly Kees, a journalist, editor, and journalism instructor in Minneapolis, North Dakota, Indiana, and California; the first female executive editor at a Knight-Ridder newspaper; and editor and programs director for the Freedom Forum Pacific Coast Center. The collection contains both personal and professional material, including office files, clippings, editorials, correspondence, photographs, reports, resources, and handbooks.

KETC, St. Louis, Missouri, Addenda, 1952-2000, (S0669)
157 Folders, 2 Scrapbooks
Promotional materials, newsclippings and program schedules for KETC, the fourth educational television station in the country and the first community supported station, and its programs.

KETC, St. Louis, Missouri, Addenda, 1960-1976, (S0597)
12 Folders
Program guides for KETC, the fourth educational television station in the country and the first community supported station.

KETC-TV, (SA0910)
14 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

KETC-TV, St. Louis, Missouri, Records, 1952-1976, (S0043)
169 Folders
In operation since 1954, KETC-TV was the fourth educational television station in the country and the first station to be community supported. Includes the station's founding papers; correspondence; materials and working papers from the elementary, secondary, and adult education programming; and publications.

Kinder, A. Aven (1902-1986), Papers, 1918-1967, (CG0005)
0.2 cubic feet (3 folders)
The papers of A. Aven Kinder contain 29 photographs dating from the early 1900s to 1967, yearbook pages from Central High School's "The Giradot," Southeast Missouri State University's "The Sagamore," and University of Missouri's "The Savitar," correspondence, and miscellaneous papers.

Klein, Karl Hickman (1913- 2000) Collection, 1901-1990, (K0048)
1 cubic foot
The collection contains copies of Letters, news clippings and other items relating to the life and death of noted artist and caricaturist Ralph Barton, Karl Klein's uncle.

Klotzer, Charles, Publications, 1960-2009, (SA1107)
4 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Knight, Robert P., Papers, (CA5209)
5.5 linear feet, 279 video cassettes, 7 audio tapes, 1 film
Video library, correspondence and miscellaneous papers of a University of Missouri journalism instructor. Mostly about international and minority journalism.

Knight, Robert P., Papers, (CA5345)
236 audio tapes, 311 audio cassettes, 6 video cassettes, 18 films, 2 film strips
Video and audio materials collected by a University of Missouri journalism professor. Includes interviews, lectures, and other materials relating to foreign, minority and U.S. media.

KOPN Radio Records, (CA5984)
105 cubic feet, 19 audio cassettes, 7 video cassettes, 3 oversize items
Records of the organization include audio tapes from the locally produced Children's Radio Theater, Poetry Readings, live performances, and assorted miscellaneous recordings; correspondence; newspaper clippings; newsletters; grant materials; staff meeting minutes; brochures; expired FCC licenses; and miscellaneous material. Also includes records of the Missouri Theater Radio Workshop, including administrative files, grant applications, photographs, scripts, and audio cassettes from the project.

Kwitny, Jonathan (1941-1998), Papers, 1957-1993, (C4081)
17 cubic feet, 1 audio cassette, 1 video cassette
The papers contain the research material and writings of Jonathan Kwitny, a Jewish American writer and investigative journalist.


Laube Home Movies, (SA1139)
1 box
3 reels of 8mm film with scenes form St. Louis including the zoo.

Leake, Harold H. (1891-1978) and Dorothy V. (1893-1990), Papers, 1841-1990, (C4011)
40.25 linear feet, 4 card files, 9 audio discs, 8 video cassettes
The papers of Harold H. Leake, music teacher, radio broadcaster, and Episcopal priest, and Dorothy V. Leake, educator and biologist, consist of correspondence, radio scripts, manuscripts, diaries, subject files, and other materials relating to the personal and professional lives of the Leakes and their family.

Lewis, Dorothy Roe (1904-1985), Papers, 1926-1984, (C2233)
1.2 linear feet
Papers of a feature writer for Universal News Service, women's editor for Associated Press, columnist for Chicago Tribune-New York News Syndicate, assistant professor of journalism at the University of Missouri-Columbia, editor of the Missouri Republican, and freelance writer. Material on ghostwriting assignments and freelance articles for newspapers and magazines.

Liberty Memorial and Allied Charities Campaign Collection, 1919, (K0353)
1 folder, 1 volume
Newspaper clippings from the local Kansas City area newspapers about the people who contributed to the campaign and the amounts they gave, poems related to the war and the campaign, and pictures and histories of the Kansas City men who died in the war. Many Red Cross ads are also included, as well as ads from companies that supported the campaign.

Lichtenstein, Grace, Papers, (CA6198)
1.4 linear feet, 28 audio cassettes
Papers of a journalist and writer. The collection consists of research material, interview notes, transcripts, and tapes, books and articles Lichtenstein wrote on early women Olympians, professional women tennis players, women artists in the Southwest, and an unfinished project on women entrepreneurs.

Lindsay, Richard H. (1865-1908) Scrapbook, 1894-1896, (K0127)
1 volume
Lindsay, special correspondent in the Washington office of the Kansas City Times and other Missouri papers, maintained a scrapbook of articles he wrote for the Kansas City Times and The Republic. They are all political in nature relating to congressional activity, the Missouri State Legislature, and to the 1896 Republican National Convention.

Liosnoff, Alex, Papers, (C4361)
1.0 cubic feet (48 folders)
Biographical material, newspapers, newsletters, radio broadcasting material, and plain language program in business forms material of a 1941 graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism. Liosnoff was a newspaper reporter, editor and radio editor and writer, as well as a Director of Public Affairs management for the U.S. High Commissioners and U.S. Civil Administration of the Ryuku Islands. He was also head of the Plain Language Program though the Bank of America.

Lippert, Clarissa Start (1917- ), Papers, 1936-1976, (S0470)
14 Folders, 36 Volumes, 4 Microfilm Rolls, 1 Photograph
The collection is divided into three series: 1) Scrapbooks, 1936-1976, volumes 1-36 (4 microfilm rolls); 2) Articles, Advertisements, and Correspondence, 1942-1970 (folders 1-7); 3) E. Gary Davidson Papers, 1952-1965 (folders 8-13).

Lusk, Mrs. W. H., Scrapbook, 1859, (C1411)
1 volume
The scrapbook of Mrs. W. H. Lusk contains miscellaneous newspaper clippings pasted in a "Report of the Commissioner of Patents," 1857.


Made-in-St. Louis Exposition Scrapbook, 1910, (C1410)
1 volume
The scrapbook consists of newspaper clippings covering events of a "Made-in-St. Louis" Exposition, from St. Louis newspapers, August, 1910.

Mahoney, Tom (1905-1981), Papers, 1922-1969, (C3063)
57 linear feet, 2 audio cassettes, 6 audio tapes
Papers of Tom Mahoney, a 1927 University of Missouri School of Journalism graduate and track athlete who was a reporter, editor, author and publicist in Texas, Kansas City, and New York. The papers consist of newspaper clippings, correspondence, memos, photographs and miscellaneous material relating to his school days and his career as a newspaper person.

Maloney, Joseph John (1940-1999) Papers, 1924-1992, (K0423)
13 cubic feet
Personal papers, research and background materials, writings and other documents from an investigative reporter for the Kansas City Star and an author and poet.

Mayo, Peter, Papers, 1956-1964, (C3458)
0.4 linear feet and 1 audio tape
The Peter Mayo Papers consist of correspondence between Mayo and editorial cartoonists throughout the United States requesting original cartoons for his collection. There is also an audio tape of a Mayo interview.

McClendon, Sarah Newcomb (1910-2003), Papers, 1931-1992, (C2579)
3.5 linear feet
The personal and professional papers of Sarah Newcomb McClendon, White House journalist and women’s rights advocate, contain biographical information, correspondence, newspaper columns, speeches, and other miscellaneous writings, photographs, negatives, newspaper clippings and magazine articles, awards, certificates, press badges, press cards, programs, posters, federal agency reports and publications, research, and family materials.

McCue, George (1910-2003), Addenda, 1902-2002, (S0718)
583 Folders, 10,918 Photographs
The Addenda contains the research files compiled by George McCue over the years as well as manuscripts and related documents for the books and articles he authored. The Addenda also contains 10,918 photographs taken by McCue to document the buildings, people and art he was writing about. The addenda also contains an equal number of images of other cities which because of time will not be processed at this time.

McCue, George (1910 - ), Papers 1948 - 1985, (S0495)
63 Folders, 17 Photographs, 2 Audio Cassettes
The McCue collection contains information on the preservation of the Old Post Office in downtown St. Louis and personal correspondence regarding his role as art critic and editor. Also included in the collection is an oral interview with Mr. McCue recorded on August 21, 1990.

McDonald County Secession Papers, (SP0013)
0.2 cubic feet (4 folders)
The McDonald County Secession papers contain photocopied newspaper articles dealing with the publicity surrounding the McDonald County secession hoax from Missouri in 1961.

McKay, Ann Bryan Mariano (1932-2009), Papers, c. 1892-2009, (C4009)
MICROFILM (Newspapers only)
16.25 linear feet, 26 audio cassettes, 1 16 mm film, 10 rolls of microfilm, 1 computer disc
The papers of Ann Bryan Mariano McKay, a journalist and Vietnam War correspondent, consist primarily of material relating to her work on the independent newspaper, Overseas Weekly, and include newspapers, newspaper copy, photographs, correspondence, and legal materials regarding a lawsuit over distribution of the newspaper in Vietnam. Other materials in the collection document her work with Vietnamese orphanages, as well as various aspects of both her personal and professional life, including a return trip to Vietnam in 1995 with her adopted daughter.

Media Watch, Records, 1987-1993, (C4093)
0.2 cubic feet, 2 video cassettes
Newsletters and instructional guides for improving the image of women in the media.

Meng, Warren Douglas, Scrapbooks, n.d., (C1436)
3 volumes
The scrapbooks of Warren Douglas Meng contain newspaper clippings compiled by W.D. Meng, newspaperman and editor of Missouri Blue Book, 1933-1934. Volumes one and two contain miscellaneous newspaper clippings of Civil War articles, poems, and photographs. Volume three contains newspaper clippings on the Blue Book.

Miller, Edwin L., Scrapbook, 1888-1897, (C0873)
1 folder
Newspaper clippings taken from a Holden, Johnson County, MO, newspaper, pertaining to deaths of literary, military and political notables of the time, Holden M.E. Church convention program and membership certificate, Johnson County wolf hunt, and feature and human interest stories.

Miller, James L. (1897-1989), Interview, 1965, (C3397)
3 folders, 1 audio tape
Tape and transcripts of an interview with the editor of the Washington Missourian.

Missouri Broadcasters Association Radio Archives Collection, (CA6491)
8.34 GB of digital files, 23 audio cassettes, 7 audio tapes, 17 CDs
Audio recordings of radio airchecks, station IDs, and broadcasts collected by the Missouri Broadcasters Association as part of a pilot program for the Library of Congress’ Radio Preservation Task Force. The collection contains audio digitized by Missouri radio stations, along with a small amount of original recordings and other material.

Missouri Newspapers Oral History Project, Records, 1996-, (C3965)
Interviews with Missouri newspaper people regarding the history and evolution of newspapers in Missouri. The records include audio cassettes, transcripts, logs, notes, correspondence, and related ephemera.

Missouri Press Association Papers, 1866-1915, (C1822)
15 folders
The papers contain papers about the annual meetings of the Press Association: agendas, lists of participants, and information discussed.

Missouri Press Association Meeting Photograph, 1884, (P0245)
1 photograph
Digital scans of 1884 meeting of the Missouri Press Association in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Missouri Press Association, Records, (CA6189)
23 cubic feet, 1 volume, 1 DVD
Bulletins, clippings, convention and board of directors meeting materials, directories, correspondence, photographs, and miscellaneous records of an organization founded in 1867. Includes files of executive directors Bill Bray and Doug Crews, as well as a DVD produced in 2008, Trustees for the Public: 200 Years of Missouri Newspapers.

Missouri Press Association, Records, 1882-1982, (C3714)
1.8 linear feet, 10 rolls of microfilm
The records of an organization of editors, publishers, and employees of publishing establishments contain histories, correspondence, minutes, annual meeting programs, newsletters, clippings, and photographs. The records also include information on regional associations and the Missouri Press Association confidential bulletins from 1930 to 1982. The bulletins are on microfilm.

Missouri Press Photographers Association, Photographs, (CA4989)
0.4 linear feet
Addition of photographs used in MPPA's 1988 "Pictures of the Year" contest.

Missouri Press Photographers Association, Photographs, (CA4913)
0.2 linear feet
Photographs included in MPPA's "Pictures of the Year exhibit.

Missouri Press Women, Papers, 1940-1985, (C3967)
0.8 linear feet
The papers of the Missouri Press Women consist of award and scholarship information, bylaws, correspondence, financial and membership records, and minutes.

Missouri Ruralist Photographs, (P0030)
6.67 cubic feet (480 folders)
Photos from the agriculture magazine "Missouri Ruralist."

Missouri Women's Press Club, Treasurer's Records, 1937-1964, (C2660)
1 volume
Financial records, including receipts and disbursements. Members' names given upon receipt of dues.

Missourinet Records, (CA6516)
68 audio cassettes
The records of Missourinet, a radio broadcasting network based in Jefferson City, Missouri, providing state news and sports coverage, contain sound recordings largely concerning the impeachment of Missouri Secretary of State Judith K. Moriarty.

Montague, Samuel A. (1912- ) Papers, ca. 1930-ca. 2000, (K0441)
25 cubic feet
Research, correspondence, meeting minutes, notes and other materials relating to the variety of public relations and fund raising campaigns as well as other organizations with which Montague was associated in Kansas City, MO. Also a complete set of KC Downtown magazine of which Montague was the publisher,

Morris, Ann, Video Collection, (SA0943)
1 box
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Morris, Joe Alex, Sr. (1904-1990), Papers, 1926-1979, (C0229)
2 linear feet and 1 oversize volume
The papers of Joe Alex Morris, Sr., a journalist and author from Lancaster, Missouri, in-clude story drafts and notes, correspondence, photographs, and newspaper and magazine clip-pings.

Morrissey, David H. (1951-1996), Papers, (CA5759)
6.25 linear feet
Subject files, research materials, and teaching materials related to the Freedom of Information Act, government secrecy, and electronic records of an investigative reporter and professor of journalism.

Mott, Frank Luther (1886-1964) and Vera I. (1885- 1964), Papers, 1775-1965 (C2344)
44.75 linear feet, 6 audio cassettes, 1 roll of microfilm
Papers of a journalism educator, dean of University of Missouri School of Journalism, and author of Pulitzer Prize-winning History of American Magazines; and his wife.

Mott, Frank Luther (1886-1964), Papers, 1824-1962 (C2343)
0.5 linear feet
The papers of a professor of Journalism and Director of the School of Journalism from 1927-1942; dean, School of Journalism at the University of Missouri, 1942-1951, and emeritus, 1951-1964.

Mott, Frank Luther and Vera I., Papers, (CA4368)
0.8 linear feet
Correspondence and material pertaining to Volume 5 of Mott's HISTORY OF AMERICAN MAGAZINES. Also one oversize certificate.

Mott, Frank Luther, Photograph, (P0416)
1 photograph
Photo of Frank Luther Mott autographing copies of Golden Multitudes.


National Federation of Press Women Records, (CA6205)
6.4 cubic feet, 9 audio cassettes, 1 CD, 3 computer discs, 3 rolls of microfilm, 2 video cassettes, 4 DVDs, 56.4 MB of digital files
Addition of publications, conference materials, meeting minutes, membership rosters, and other records of an organization founded in 1937 that promotes the professional development of journalists. Includes transcripts and audio recordings of oral history interviews with past presidents. See also C3973

National Federation of Press Women, Inc., Records, 1910-, (C3973)
5 linear feet, 16 audio cassettes, 3 rolls of microfilm
The records of the National Federation of Press Women, an organization consisting of affiliated state professional associations of press women, includes correspondence of officers, annual convention materials, histories of the organization and its members, publications, and affiliate information. The federation promotes the professional development of journalists.

National Sisters Communications Service, Records, 1973-1985, (C3883)
7.8 linear feet, 7 audio cassettes
The records of a national resource office for religious communicators, founded in 1975 and based in Los Angeles, consist of administrative correspondence, minutes of board meetings, reports, financial records, pamphlets, photographs, audio cassettes, and miscellaneous material of the service and its successor organization, the Center for Communications Ministry.

National Women and Media Collection, 20th Anniversary, Records, 2007, (C4006)
1 folder, 1 video cassette, 1 compact disc, 1 digital video disc
The NWMC Records contain news articles promoting the anniversary event, photographs, a sound recording of Marj Paxson discussing the founding of the Collection, and a video recording of the lecture by Tad Bartimus and subsequent panel discussion. The panel included University of Missouri School of Journalism faculty Jacqui Banaszynski, Mary Kay Blakely, and Jan Colbert, and Southern Illinois University professor Kim Voss.

Neibarger, Clyde B. (1900-1965) Papers, 1920-1963, (K0681)
4 cubic feet
Neibarger was at one time music editor Kansas City Star. Includes correspondence, clippings and typed manuscripts of Neibarger's reviews, and programs

Neighborhood News Collection, (K0635)
3 cubic feet (117 folders, 96 reels)
The Neighborhood News Collection contains open reels of audio recordings conducted by Allen Simon for the Kansas City Neighborhood News radio show.  The reels contain segments of news and updates regarding many Kansas City metropolitan neighborhoods from 1982 to 1992.

New Directions for News, Papers, 1993, (CA5456)
0.5 linear feet
INVENTORY. Addition of correspondence, meeting materials and transcriptions of minutes of Freedom Forum Roundtable meetings in 1993.

New Directions for News, Records, (CA5542)
7.5 linear feet
Addition of correspondence and topical files from ca. 1987-1992.

New Directions for News, Records, (CA5347)
1 folder, 27 video cassettes
Recordings of interviews, journalism conference sessions, promotional materials, and other events for use and demonstration of New Directions for News; a project of the UM School of Journalism.

New Directions for News, Records, (CA5361)
0.1 linear feet
Addition of correspondence and audiovisual workshop materials. Includes some commercial materials and conference recordings.

New Directions for News, Records, (CA5365)
2.5 linear feet
Addition of administrative files and correspondence, primarily materials relating to the funding of the NDN project.

New Directions for News, Records, (CA5464)
2 linear feet
Addition of correspondence, fiscal records, columns, public relations materials, exhibit documentation and miscellany.

New Directions for News, Records, (CA5450)
0.8 linear feet
Addition of board meeting minutes and records, 1988-1993, and file relating to funding prospects, 1990-1993.

New Directions for News, Records, (CA5556)
240.35 cubic feet, 154 video cassettes, 16 audio cassettes, 16 computer disks
Addition of project and research files; workshop materials, correspondence, surveys and miscellaneous.

New Directions for News, Research Project, Papers, 1972-1988, (C3901)
7.4 linear feet and 1 audio cassette
Papers consist of newspaper clippings, research data, reports, correspondence and miscellaneous material documenting a 1981-1983 research project that analyzed U.S. newspaper coverage of several women's issues and events of the previous decade and published its findings in a report in 1983. Virginia R. Allan was director, Catherine East was issues specialist, and Dorothy Misener Jurney was media specialist on the project. The project led to the establishment of an independent newspaper think tank and research organization of the same name at the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism. Material related to the MU program is in a separate collection.

New Directions for Women, Records, 1971-2000, (C4031)
MICROFILM (Newspapers only)
8 linear feet, 23 rolls of microfilm
The records of New Directions for Women contain the business records of a feminist newspaper based in New Jersey and published from 1972 to 1993. The records include correspondence, reader surveys, newspapers, indexes, and financial records, as well as material concerning publicity, fundraising, grants, advertising, circulation, and conferences hosted by the publication.

New Life Evangelistic Center Records (S1236)
20 cubic feet
The New Life Evangelistic Center (NLEC) Records contain correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, newsletters, newspaper clippings, and photographs documenting NLEC’s mission to provide Christian hospitality to the poor through social service programs and spiritual care.

Nichols, Dorothy Richardson (1923-2004) Collection, 1923-1937, (K0320)
0.3 cubic foot
Photographs and motion film Carl Frithjof Hyrum Kay (1901-1945) in his role as musician and photographer depicting big bands, KMBC radio musicians, and the Kansas City places.

Nolen, Rose M. (1935-2015), Papers, 1873-2004, (C4227)
1 cubic foot (41 folders)
The papers of Rose Nolen contain clippings, research materials, and manuscript drafts of a Sedalia, Missouri, journalist. Topics include the Katy Depot in Sedalia, the Methodist Inner City Church in Kansas City, Black Panthers and the Black Power Movement, Bothwell Regional Medical Center, and Sedalia history.


O'Donnell, John, Papers, 1945, (C0902)
1 folder
The papers contain copies of his sports column, which was written in the form of letters to servicemen and women during World War II. O'Donnell also printed letters from them.

Oates, Thomas R., Papers, (CA6212)
7.2 cubic feet
A collection of photographs, slides, and negatives of Dr. Thomas R. Oates, a nationally known documentary photographer and Saint Louis University alumnus. He did extensive research on rural Missouri and farming, as well as the inner city environment of St. Louis.

Overseas Weekly Collection (CA6419)
0.3 cubic feet (1 audio cassette)
Collection of newspapers, clippings, reminiscences by former staff members, and miscellaneous material concerning the Overseas Weekly, an independent tabloid newspaper for American enlisted men. The newspaper was started in Germany in 1950 and later had a Pacific Edition during the Vietnam War, as well as a Stateside Edition in the 1970s.


Palmer, Vincent, Addenda, 1932-1961, (S1027)
3 folders, 5 photographs
The collection contains business correspondence, receipts, maps, drawings, political campaign documents, brochures, photographs and advertisements about lectures. Photographs appear in the photograph database.

Palmer, Vincent And Lucie, Papers, 1927-1987, (S0817)
11 Boxes
The collection contains personal and business correspondence, receipts, newspapers clippings, 16mm films and personal notes regarding lectures and films. The films have been cleaned and spliced onto 400 foot reels

Parry, Duke Needham, Papers (C2227)
2 cubic feet (115 folders, 20 oversize items, 1 oversize box)
The papers of a journalist from Kansas City who worked for a variety of news organizations in Tokyo, Japan, from 1920-1925 and broke the story of the 1923 Tokyo earthquake in American newspapers. The collection includes documents, ephemera, clippings, and photographs from Parry’s time at the University of Missouri School of Journalism, from his World War I service, from his work in Japan, including images documenting the earthquake, and some materials from his work in advertising. His father’s publication of a children’s reader, “When Daddy was a Boy,” is also documented.

Parry, Duke Needham (1893-1932), Papers, (CA5457)
2 linear feet, 1 volume
Addition of photographs, articles, clippings, correspondence, student materials, scrapbook, American Expeditionary Forces materials, memorabilia, and miscellaneous personal and professional materials.

Pendergast, Jr., Thomas J. (1912-1990) Papers, 1902-1978, (K0316)
0.33 cubic feet
The papers contain correspondence, event programs, newspaper clippings, legal and financial documents, and home movies.

Penney-Missouri Journalism Awards, Records, 1960-1993, (C4050)
23.4 linear feet, 20 rolls of microfilm
The records of the Penney-Missouri Journalism Awards consist of administrative material concerning the program’s newspaper, magazine, and television competitions and workshops. The collection includes correspondence, financial records, and photographs.

Pepper, Selwyn (1914-2008 ), Addenda, 1928-1995, (S0580)
55 Folders
The earliest item in the addenda is a 1928 "My School Day Autobiography" newsclippings notebook and the latest is a 1995 letter from Irving Dilliard, long-time editorial writer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The collection primarily consists of correspondence, but it also includes speeches and other writings by Pepper.

Pepper, Selwyn (1914-2008), Papers, 1928-1986, (S0488)
43 Folders, 2 Photographs
The Selwyn Pepper Papers, 1931-1986, document Pepper's career as a local reporter and city editor. The collection includes his earliest work for the Soldan High School newspaper, The Scrippage, as well as articles written in retirement for Washington University's Law magazine. It also includes issues of Washington University's Student Life and the Jefferson Barracks Hub edited by Pepper and a public relations guide Pepper wrote for the U. S. Army Press section in 1945. The bulk of the collection, however, is comprised of newsclippings from Pepper's work at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. It includes the stories on the Centralia mine disaster and the deadly pollution at Donora, PA; Pepper's coverage of the Cardinals' World Series win in 1946; his 1947 reports on bails bonds abuse; the 1950s series on decay in city schools and organized crime; his editing of the front page Post story of the Watergate "Saturday Night Massacre" in 1973, and the 1977 Richard Dudman series on Vietnam. The last Post story written by Pepper included in this collection reports on the reunion of Douglas MacArthur's public relations staff in 1985. The collection also contains Pepper's remarks to the American Press Association's City Editor's Seminar in 1965; an outline for a public relations talk in 1985; and profiles Pepper wrote of St. Louis lawyers Abraham Margolin and Robert H. McRoberts for Washington University's Law magazine.

Peters, Charlotte, Papers, 1930-1977, (S0679)
1412 Folders, 2 Tapes, 16 Videotapes, 630 Photographs
The Charlotte Peters Papers includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, sheet music, audiotapes, videotapes, and photographs. Together they chronicle Charlotte Peters' television career from 1947-1970.

Porter, Sylvia F. (1913-1991), Papers, 1939-1991 (C3977)
16 linear feet
3 video cassettes
6 audio cassettes
The papers of Sylvia Porter, a personal finance columnist who wrote for the New York Post and New York Daily News, consist of her columns, books, speeches, and other writings. Correspondence and publicity clippings concerning the Sylvia Porter Organization and her involvement in President Ford’s efforts to curb inflation in the 1970s are also included.

Powell, John Benjamin (1886-1947), Papers, 1910-1952, (C3662)
2.9 linear feet
The papers of a journalist include correspondence, literary works, printed material, pho-tographs, and a scrapbook. Drafts for My Twenty-Five Years in China and Powell's articles (1941-1947) predominate. Information on China, Japan, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Central Asia, India, Philippine Islands, World War II, and the Washington Conference.

Priddy, Robert, "KLIK, 1954-1974, A Double Decade of Service," c. 1978 (C2186)
0.2 linear feet
A history of KLIK radio station in Jefferson City, Missouri, written by the station’s news director.

Pritchard, Gloria (1911- ), Addenda, 1952-1989, (S0633)
21 Folders, 85 Photographs
The Gloria Pritchard Addenda contains a variety of information about Pritchard and information she gathered on her areas of involvement and interest. The correspondence includes letters to her but not from her. Her personal papers are a variety of her achievements and material of her interests. The publications include newsclippings, publications, and photographs record Pritchard and her interests.

Pritchard, Gloria (1911- 2002), Papers, 1910-1983, (S0150)
23 Folders, 169 Photographs
Papers of an African American teacher and activist in St. Louis, Missouri, including correspondence, personal writings, and photographs.

Proud Magazine (1970- ), Collection, 1971-1981, (S0356)
26 Folders
The collection contains issues of Proud from 1970-1981. However, the issues do not comprise a complete set. Washington University holds copies to all back issues. Topics discussed include: black history, urban careers, religion, education, politics, housing, black community leaders, health, community organizations, music, and sports.

Publications And Mailings, (SA1071)
3 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Pulitzer, Joseph (1885-1955), Papers, 1897-1958 , (S0060)
163 Microfilm Rolls
Joseph Pulitzer was an editor and newspaper publisher. The papers primarily relate to his editorship of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and cover nearly every aspect of the operation and production of the newspaper, including its internal business management, and its editorial polics. The collection contains extensive correspondence with family, journalists and politicians.


Quigg, H.D. "Doc" (1911-1998), Papers, (CA6368)
25 cubic feet, 1 audio cassette
The papers of a journalist who spent most of his career at UPI include story files, clippings, article drafts, correspondence, photographs, and miscellaneous personal and professional material. Quigg, a native of Boonville, Missouri, graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism in 1934.

Quigley, Martin P. (1913-2000), Papers, 1930-1996, (S0589)
87 Folders
Papers of a Missouri writer and public relations consultant, including, short stories, plays, newspaper articles, books, correspondence and photographs.


Rammelkamp, Julian Sturtevant (1917-1994), Papers, 1800-1994, (S0568)
202 Folders, 6 Microfilm Rolls, 1 Package
Boxes of handwritten notes indexing every issue of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, used by Dr. Rammelkamp for researching the history of the newspaper, comprise the bulk of the collection, boxes 1-57. These boxes are stored at the Records Center in Columbia, MO. The rest of the collection consists of Rammelkamp's correspondence; magazines and newsletters collected on the history of the Post-Dispatch; research newsclippings; photographs; a package of oversized newspaper reproductions and six boxes of rare books on the history of St. Louis and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Reid, Dudley A. (1872-1957), Papers, 1898-1958, (C3855)
2 linear feet
Papers of Dudley Alver Reid, an editor and publisher of weekly newspapers in Missouri and Iowa. The papers consist of correspondence, scrapbooks, and miscellaneous material.

Reynolds, Donald W., Papers, (CA6476)
11.55 cubic feet, 2 films
The papers of Donald W. Reynolds, a journalist and founder of the Donrey Media Group, include correspondence, photographs, articles, biographical material, and audiovisual material. Reynolds was a University of Missouri alumni and the Reynolds Journalism Institute was named after him after the university received a grant from his foundation.

Rice, Herbert Francis (1901-1963), Papers, 1944-1963, (C2903)
5 folders
The papers of Herbert Francis Rice contain personal correspondence with friends and business associates, largely concerning the Civil War in Missouri; manuscripts of articles by Rice on various Missouri history subjects; newspaper clippings from the Kansas City Times; Rice's obituary; and miscellaneous handbills and programs.

Rogers, Harrison Lang (1919-2002), Interview, 1965, (C3395)
2 folders, 2 audio tapes
Tapes and transcripts of an interview with the editor of the Joplin Globe and Joplin News Herald.

Ryan, William James (1940- ) Papers, 1914-1996 (K0457)
10 cubic feet
The paper contain research material, draft manuscripts, and oral history interviews and transcripts related to Ryan's book and other writings on the history of radio and television broadcasting in the Kansas City region.


Saper, Marshall Bryan (1939-1991) Collection, 1984-1991, (K1065)
16 cubic feet
Saper was a clinical psychologist in private practice an author, lecturer and radio talk show host on KCMO. Includes audio recording of his popular call-in radio program.

Saults, Dan, ""Let Us Discuss A Man,"" 1962, (C2133)
1 folder
The collection contains a speech about John Newman Edwards (1839-1889). Edwards was a Missouri Confederate, newspaper editor, author, and friend of Joseph Shelby, Quantrill, and the James Brothers. Saults discusses Edwards' friendship with Shelby, their Civil War experiences, the fiasco in Mexico after the war, and Edwards' newspaper career and drinking problems.

Scarberry, Alma Sioux (1899-1990), Papers, 1899-1990, (C3913)
3 linear feet, 41 audio cassettes, 14 records
The papers of Alma Sioux Scarberry, a reporter, novelist, script writer, publicist, and entertainer, include correspondence, clippings, photographs, newspapers serials, books, manuscripts, sheet music, audio tapes, and records documenting her career and personal life.

Scott, James W. (1926-1995) Papers, ca. 1930-2007, (K0554)
4.5 cubic feet
Correspondence, paperwork, political cartoons, various notes and booklets written and/or collected by Scott, reporter, editor, and later vice president of the Kansas City Star Company.

Shoemaker, Floyd C. (1886-1972), "History of the Missouri Press Association," n.d., (C1255)
1 volume
History of the Press Association, 1867-1916.

Shoemaker, Floyd C. (1886-1972), "The Stars Look Down on Christmas," 1943, (C1256)
1 volume
Article published in the MISSOURI FARMER.

Shoemaker, Ralph J., (1906-1980), Papers, 1920-1964, (C3350)
2 linear feet, 2 volumes
The papers contain correspondence, transcriptions of speeches, and pamphlets about newspaper libraries; correspondence and news coverage about publication of The President's Words; reports; copies of Subject Classification for Clipping and Picture Files by Shoemaker; and World War II photographs.

Shoemaker, Ralph J. (1906-1980), Papers, (CA4298)
6 linear feet, 1 volume
Postcard collections, scrapbooks, and miscellaneous writings. Shoemaker was a newspaper librarian.

Short, Beth Campbell (1908-1988), Papers, 1927-1968, (C3994)
0.6 linear feet
The papers of Beth Campbell Short, a journalist from Oklahoma who primarily worked in Washington, D.C. covering Eleanor Roosevelt for the Associated Press, consist of correspondence, newspaper clippings, speeches, reports, and photographs.

SHSMO-KC Moving Image Collection, (K0290)
An artificial collection of motion picture film and video from various sources.

SHSMO-KC Rotogravure Collection, (K0432)
An artificial collection of Rotogravure sections from local newspaper received from various sources.

Silhavy, Robert C. Papers (R1393)
0.01 cubic feet (1 folder)
The Robert C. Silhavy Papers contain the episode script of the show “Story of Lieutenant Robert C. Silhavy” from the Kay Kyser’s Kollege of Musical Knowledge radio program. The episode aired on July 22, 1942. It featured the heroic actions of Silhavy, a member of the United States Army Corp of Engineers and discussed the actions of the engineers in the rearguard of the retreating United States Army during the Battle of Bataan in December 1941.

Skinker-Debaliviere Newletters, (SA0991)
2 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Snow, Thad Papers, (CG0027)
1.31 cubic feet (90 folders, 1 oversize box, 2 microfilm reels)
The Thad Snow Papers include writings, correspondence, scrapbooks, memorabilia and photographs. Snow was a prolific writer during his life. He is best remembered for his column, “Letters from the People” for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch beginning in the 1930s. The topics covered in this collection include politics, foreign affairs, farming, Snow’s family, economics and human nature.

Southeast Missouri Press Association Minute Book, 1893-1981, (C3646)
1 reel
Annual meeting minutes of organization of newspaper publishers. Minutes reflect concern about advertising rates, postal rate and freedom of the press legislation, and contemporary issues. Includes list of organization's presidents.

Southwick, Torey (1930- ) Collection, 1960s-1970s, (K0360)
3 cubic feet
Audiotapes, film, and videotape of the Southwick's children's shows appearing on KMBC-TV, and other shows on radio and television.

Squatter Sovereign, Atchison, Kansas, 1855-1857, (C0800)
1 roll of microfilm
The collection contains a newspaper published by J.H. Stringfellow and R.S. Kelley as a pro-slavery weekly advocating that "the squatter claims the same sovereignty in the Territory that he possessed in the States." In 1857 ownership passed to S.C. Pomeroy and O.F. Short and the policy became pro-free state.

St. Louis Donor Historical Recordings, 1927-1974, (S0825)
27 Acetate And Vinyl Record Albums, 78 RPM & 33 1/3 RPM

St. Louis Labor Tribune, 1935-Present, Collection, 1932-1976, (S0521)
582 Folders, 78,000 Negatives
The St. Louis Labor Tribune collection consists primarily of over 78,000 photograph negatives that comprised the Tribune's photograph morgue. The St. Louis Labor Tribune collection also contains correspondence, memoranda and reports documenting the history of the St. Louis Labor Tribune; personal correspondence of its founder Maury Rubin; and records of the Advertising, Publicity and Newspaper Representatives Local 20711, the journalists union that Rubin help found; and bound volumes of an entire run of the Indiana Labor Tribune, 1955-1973, that Rubin also helped found. The collection also includes many photograph prints that have subject but no chronological identification.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Records, 1878-1902, (S0773)
49 folders, 1 microfilm roll
The collection reflects a small portion of the business of the paper, but includes some very interesting material.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, St. Charles Bureau, Records, 1981-1994, (S0567)
169 Folders
Subject files of the St. Charles bureau of the Post-Dispatch. Subjects include airports, ambulances, animal control, blight, the City Council and its charter, FEMA, fireworks, halfway houses, the Katy Trail, housing, indigent care, landfills, light rail, Lindenwood College, obscenity, the Page Avenue extension, the Port Authority, Proposition B, the riverfront, the road system, solid waste and Weldon Springs. Arranged alphabetically. Stored at Records Center.

St. Louis Publications Collection, 1887-2005, (S0764)
56 Folders
Collection contains various St. Louis publications, including but not limited to: store advertisements; civic organization newsletters; religious publications; women's magazines; African-American organizations; playbills; and school publications. Topics include: trollies; World War I; World War II; local events; bridges; arts; St. Louis histories; trains; local businesses; local government; real estate development; computers; African-Americans; suburbanization; teenagers; Gateway Arch; and the arts. The dates of publication range from 1887 to 2005.

St. Louis Strike Newspapers, Collection, 1973-1981 , (S0706)
27 Newspapers
Copies of newspapers published during a labor strike against the major St. Louis dailies in 1973 and 1978.

St. Louis Union Labor Advocate, Newspapers, 1934-1937, (S0203)
62 Issues On 1 Roll Of Microfilm
Labor newspaper endorsed by Central Trades and Labor Union of St. Louis and St. Louis branch of AFL. Precursor of the St. Louis Labor Tribune. Collection does not include issues from 9/34 and 5/1/37

Standifer, Scott, Papers, (CA6085)
0.4 linear feet
Files generated by Standifer as an MU journalism student in 1990-1991. Standifer, a student reporter for KBIA Radio, compiled a weekly history spot entitled "Glancing Back." Includes scripts, research files, and materials that never made it to script.

State Historical Society of Missouri, Typescript Collection, (C0995)
774 items on 14 rolls of microfilm
The State Historical Society of Missouri Typescript Collection consists of typescripts of articles and manuscripts donated over the years to the Historical Society.

Stauber, Ruby Rose, Photographs, (SP0014)
5 cubic feet (272 folders)
The photographs of Ruby “Rose” Stauber depict life in the Woman’s Army Corps from 1959-1978. Of particular interest are the photographs of women in basic training at places like Fort Leonard Wood and Fort McClellan. Rose’s photographs also chronicle the change of command at Fort McClellan, Alabama, as her collection contains images of the various commanders who served there. Also documented are the places and people she encountered in her world travels throughout her military career.

Stelzer, Carl, Papers, (SA0994)
26 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Stephenson, Malvina (1911-1996), Papers, 1863-1996, (C4038)
8.75 linear feet, 1 audio disc, 2 video cassettes
The papers of Malvina Stephenson contain the professional papers of a journalist who spent most of her career covering politics in Washington, D.C. The collection includes story and subject files, scrapbooks of articles and columns, research for a biography on Senator Robert S. Kerr, scripts for radio news reports, and other personal and professional material.

Stephenson, William, Papers, (CA4878)
81.2 linear feet, 5 audio cassettes, 10 audio tapes
Correspondence, reports, studies, research files, and publications of a professor in the University of Missouri-Columbia, School of Journalism who developed the Q-methodology of measuring public opinion in advertising and communications.

Stephenson, William, Papers, (CA5088)
13 cubic feet, 32 audio cassettes, 51 audio tapes, 12 video cassettes, 8 films, 1 roll of microfilm
Addition of published and unpublished manuscripts, reprints, biographical materials, correspondence, audiovisual material, and miscellaneous material.

Stevens, Walter Barlow, Scrapbooks, (CA2541)
7 cubic feet, 8 volumes
Scrapbooks of a St. Louis Globe Democrat Washington correspondent containing clippings, some correspondence, photographs, drawings, and miscellany.

Sussman, Leonard R., Papers, (CA6221)
8.3 cubic feet, 107 audio cassettes, 2 audio discs, 2 CDs, 15 video cassettes
Papers of a journalist and author who served as executive director (1967-1988) of Freedom House, an independent, nongovernmental organization devoted to strengthening free institutions worldwide. Includes articles, clippings, correspondence, diaries, publications, and recordings of interviews and radio and television appearances.

Swenson, Godfrey G. (1876-1946) Film Collection, 1930-1958, (K0315)
2 cubic feet
Motion picture film documenting building built by the Swenson Construction Company, who built such buildings at the Jackson County Courthouse and the Kansas City City Hall. Also home movies made by Swenson of family activities.

Switzler, William Franklin (1819-1906), Day Book, 1895-1898, (C1270)
1 volume
Day book of newspaper and printing business in Boonville, MO. Also Switzler's personal expenditures.

Switzler, William Franklin (1819-1906), Editorials, 1841, (C1647)
1 folder
The collection contains manuscripts of "The President's Veto" and "Whigs! Stand to Your Posts!!" in the Columbia, MO, Patriot.

Switzler, William F., Scrapbooks, 1884-1896, (C1428)
12 volumes
Newspaper clippings collected by Switzler. Volumes are indexed.

Switzler, William Franklin, (1819-1906), Scrapbooks, n.d., (C1444)
6 volumes
Miscellaneous newspaper clippings attributed to William F. Switzler. Volume 3 contains a handwritten description of Sedalia, MO, around 1865 with pictures of Sedalia buildings and countryside.


Taft, William Howard (1915-2011), Papers, (CA6103)
11 cubic feet
Research notes and miscellaneous papers from a professor at the University of Missouri School of Journalism compiled for his book "Show Me Journalists: the First 200 Years." The work is one of a series of monographs published under the auspices of the Missouri Press Association. Also included are publications, research material, scrapbooks, genealogical material, and miscellaneous material, 1930s-2000s.

Taylor, Irene S. (1902-1989), Papers, 1891-1986, (C1220)
1.4 linear feet
The papers of Irene S. Taylor, a journalist from St. Joseph, Missouri, who worked for several news organizations in Paris, France, in the 1930s, consist of correspondence, photographs, and articles, and records from her service in the U.S. Army in the 1940s and 1950s.

Television Preview Magazine Collection, (K0394)
1 microfilm roll
The Television Preview Magazine Collection is comprised of bound magazines from November 1951 to August 1952 and from August 1953 to April 1954 that have been microfilmed on one reel.

The Commoner, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1908-1922, (C0794)
1 folder
The collection contains copies of newspapers edited by William Jennings Bryan.

The Communist (1868-1883), Newsletters, 1868-1877, (S0430)
1 Folder
Monthly newsletter originally published by the Reunion Community in Jasper County, Missouri, devoted to the establishment of common property and cooperative labor in business and political relations. Founder Alcander Longley established the Friendship Community in St. Louis in 1871 and continued to publish the newsletter. The State Historical Society maintains microfilm copies of these newsletters; editions from September 6, 1879 -January 1881; and April 1882 - May 1883.

The Lesbian And Gay News Telegraph, Addenda, 1987-1994, (S0499)
27 Folders, 3 Rolls Of Microfilm
This addenda continues the second series of the original collection, S0445. It consists of the copies of the Lesbian and Gay News Telegraph from 1987 to the present day.

The Palladium (1903-1911), Newspaper, 1903-1907, (S0576)
3 Microfilm Rolls
African American newspaper published in St. Louis in the early twentieth century. Duplicate of State Historical Society Missouri Newspaper Project holding. Includes editions from January 10, 1903-October 5, 1907.

The St. Louis American, (1928- ), Newspaper, 1949-1992, (S0325)
37 Microfilm Rolls
Weekly newspaper of the African American Community in St. Louis.

The True American, Schoharie, New York, 1812, (C0795)
1 folder
The collection contains one photostat copy of the September 5, 1812, edition of the True American and contains public announcements of sales, debts, and legal action, articles on the War, the Rhode Island election, ex-president Adams, and notices to British subjects residing in Schoharie County.

Thompson, L. D., Letter to Daily Democrat-News, Marshall, Missouri, 1932, (C0815)
1 folder
Letter written by state auditor to the Marshall newspaper on the question of increased state taxes.

Tranquille, Dante O. (1905-1981), Photographs, 1949, (P0148)
104 photographs
This collection consists of 104 images taken by Dante O. Tranquille, a photojournalist who worked at the Utica [New York] Observer-Dispatch in the mid-twentieth century. He visited Missouri in May 1949, likely to attend the Missouri Photo Workshop, and photographed areas in St. Louis, McBaine, and Columbia.

Trigg, George W., Scrapbook, n.d., (C1430)
2 volumes
Miscellaneous newspaper clippings, photographs, Missouri Press Association convention buttons, membership cards, press passes, and programs collected by George W. Trigg, editor of the CONSERVATOR newspaper, Richmond, MO.


UM-St. Louis Women's Studies Program, Collection Of Publications, (S0489)
240 Folders, 5 Boxes
The UM-St. Louis Women's Studies Program Collection of Publications is a broad collection of newspapers, magazines, articles, posters, convention notes, and newsletters from all across the United States ranging from 1949 to 1988. Most of the titles included in this collection, unfortunately, have only one or two issues included here. Although the dates given are fairly broad, most of the publications are from 1969 to 1971.

Unger, Arthur (1924-2004), Papers, 1943-2004, (C4027)
10.8 linear feet, 77 audio cassettes, 2 audio tapes, 4 audio discs, 5 CDs, 1 video cassette
Arthur Unger was an entertainment journalist who reviewed movies and television shows for the Christian Science Monitor and Ingenue. He edited several magazines as wide-ranging as Mechanix Illustrated and Datebook and toured with the Beatles. The collection includes recordings, transcripts, and notes from his interviews with celebrities, his writings, Beatles publications, and personal materials.

Union Pacific Railway, Handbill, n.d., (C0819)
1 folder, oversize
Advertisement for Kansas farmlands in the "Golden Belt."

University of Missouri, KOMU-TV, Records, 1953-1962 (C3387)
3.2 linear feet
The records of KOMU-TV contain correspondence regarding the organization and daily business of the University of Missouri's commercially operated television station. KOMU-TV was established in 1953 as an affiliate of American Broadcasting Company and National Broadcasting Company. Included is correspondence with the American Broadcasting Company, National Broadcasting Company, the Federal Communications Commission, H-R Representatives, Incorporated, program viewers and KOMU-TV’s attorneys, Fisher, Wayland, Duvall and Southmayd. Policy on religious programming, political broadcasts, and liquor advertising along with daily program scheduling comprise the inter-office correspondence.

University of Missouri School of Journalism, Scrapbook, ca. 1909-1913, (P0162)
725 photographs
The Journalism school scrapbooks (circa 1909-1913) contain images believed to have been taken by one of the student photographers for the University yearbook, the Savitar. In addition to showing everyday academic and student life, photos depict a tour of the state prison in Jefferson City, athletic events, fraternity hazing, the Farmers' Fair, St. Patrick's Day events and homecoming parades. Other areas covered include Christian College and Stephens College, including images of students at Lake Okoboji, Iowa.

University of Missouri, THE INDEPENDENT Record Book, 1904-1910, (C2486)
1 volume
The collection contains minutes of the meetings of the board of the university newspaper, THE INDEPENDENT.


Vaughan, Jr., Joseph Harry (1948- ) Papers, 1968-1979 (K0581)
1 cubic foot
Audio broadcast newscasts made by Vaughan dealing with major news events in the metropolitan Kansas City, and Lawrence, Kansas areas.

Video Collection, (S0832)
1 box
The Video collection contains visual material that does not belong to any individual WHMC collection. It consists of VHS tapes, DVDs and other video formats of recordings pertaining to St. Louis history. Some of the newer recordings are of oral histories conducted by WHMC staff.

Votaw, Maurice E. (1899-1981), Papers, 1909-1978, (C3672)
55 folders
The papers of a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism primarily pertain to his years as professor of journalism at St. John's University, Shanghai, China, and ad-viser to the Nationalist Chinese Ministry of Information. Included are transcripts of oral inter-views, correspondence, literary productions, minutes, printed materials, maps, lists, photographs, and books. Contained is information on Votaw's life; writers, missionaries, political and military leaders, and events in China (1922-1977); U.S. China policy; Chinese and American journalism and newspapers; Shanghai Short Story Club; and St. John's University and University of Mis-souri School of Journalism.


Wally, Jr., Joseph H. "Jack" Collection, (K0329)
30 cubic feet
Wally was a professional photographer with the Kansas City Journal, a businessman, and an inventor. Photographs of famous local and national individuals. Places and events. Motion picture film of family activates and Wally's interests in trains and aviation. Also materials relating to his interests and the production and promotion of his businesses and inventions.

Washington Press Club Foundation, Women in Journalism Oral History Project, Records, 1987-1993, (C3958)
4.4 linear feet
Records of the Washington Press Club Foundation, Women in Journalism Oral History Project. Includes transcripts of interviews with fifty-three women journalists whose careers span from the 1920s to the present.

Werner, Merle McDougald “Doug” (1913-2004), Interview, 2000, (C3034)
1 folder, 4 audio cassettes
The collection contains cassettes and a transcript of an interview with a war correspondent and foreign service officer who was one of twenty journalists to land at Normandy on D-Day, June 6, 1944.

Wertz, Harvey W. (1899-1989), Interviews, 1979, (CA6482)
3 audio cassettes
Interviews conducted with Harvey Wertz, an early graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism and a long-time newspaperman.

Western Historical Manuscript, St. Louis, Vertical File, 1968-2004, (S0694)
508 Folders
The collection documents a variety of subjects relating to St. Louis' history. It contains single files with a small amount of general information on a variety of topics. Arranged alphabetically.

Wheatley, James Parker (1906- ), Papers, 1945-1982, (S0205)
17 Volumes, 3 Folders
The James Parker Wheatley Papers, 1945-1982, document the daily activities of a pioneer in educational television programming. The collection is divided into two series, arranged chronologically: (1) Diaries, 1945-1982; and (2) Correspondence, Memoranda and News Releases, 1962-1981.

White, L. Mitchell, Papers, 1920s, (CA3156)
0.2 linear feet
Correspondence and miscellaneous papers related to the Missouri Associated Dailies and the Mexico Ledger, 1920s.

White, Robert M., II (1915-2008), Interview, 1965 (C3398)
2 folders, 1 audio tape, 2 CDs
Audio and transcripts of an interview with the editor of Missouri's Mexico Ledger.

White, Robert M., II, Papers, (CA2725)
77 cubic feet
Correspondence, speeches, China trip materials, budgets, New York Herald information, and miscellany of owner of the Mexico Ledger, Mexico, Missouri.

Whizzo, Ol' Gus and Me Collection, ca. 1940s-ca. 2003, (K1236)
2 cubic feet
Notes, video interviews, and video/film transfers used in the production of a Public Television documentary about Kansas City children's TV programing in the 1940s-1980s.

Williams, Frances Royster (1900-1998) Papers, 1913-1997, (K0249)
57 cubic feet
The collection contains original drawings and sketches of the illustration artist Frances Royster Williams. The collection focuses on Williams’ long running children’s comic Cuddles and Tuckie, with newspaper clippings, promotional materials, radio scripts, and printing plates. Additionally, there are family papers and photographs, correspondence, fan mail, and illustration work of Williams’ prior to Cuddles and Tuckie.

Williams, Glenn A., Papers, 1945-1947 (C0422)
1 folder
Papers pertaining to assignment with the Associated Press in London, England. Newspaper work in England, visit to parliament, and opinions of some of the cabinet members.

Williams, Paul N., Papers, (CA5446)
2.5 linear feet
Papers of an Ohio State University professor of journalism. Includes materials about Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc., ca. 1975-1976; and materials gathered for the writing of a book about investigative reporting.

Williams, Sara Lockwood (1891-1961), Papers, 1885-1961 (C2533)
27.25 linear feet
The papers of Sara Lockwood Williams and Walter Williams; material on their journalistic careers; and information on the founding of the University of Missouri School of Journalism and Walter Williams’ presidency of the University, 1931-1935.

Williams, Walter (1864-1935) and Sara Lockwood (1891-1961), Collection, 1920-1942 (C2540)
2.9 linear feet
News items by and about Walter and Sara L. Williams; speeches and course notes by the former; School of Journalism faculty meeting minutes, 1911-1924; correspondence about journalism scholarships and prizes; and clippings, pamphlets, and correspondence about journalism here and abroad.

Williams, Walter (1864-1935), Santa Fe Trail Scrapbook, 1911, (C1443)
1 volume
Series of newspaper articles on the Santa Fe Trail, written by Walter Williams.

Williams, Walter, Scrapbooks, 1915-1931, (C1439)
4 volumes
Newspaper clippings, photographs, correspondence, and miscellaneous material. Scrapbooks cover Pan American Congress of Journalists, 1926; Williams' visiting professorship in Mexico City, 1926; and a South American tour by the Williamses in 1931

Wilson, Jean Gaddy, Papers, 1968-2008, (C3884)
29 cubic feet, 288 audio cassettes, 5 video cassettes, 3 audio tapes
Papers of a journalism educator and author, primarily dealing with research on women and minorities in media. Contains Wilson's work on, "Taking Stock: Women in the News Media 20 Years Before the 21st Century," including taped interviews and transcripts of media professionals and extensive research data. Also includes correspondence, speeches, publications, teaching and conference materials, and papers pertaining to her early career in journalism, media, and public relations.

Wilson, Theo R. (1917 1997), Papers, 1914 1997, (C3972)
9 linear feet, 2 linear feet on 4 rolls of microfilm, 1 video cassette, 1 audio cassette, 1 audio tape
The papers of Theo Wilson, trial reporter for the New York Daily News, consist of Wilson’s newspaper articles, trial notes, awards, correspondence, photographs, and miscellaneous items spanning her 60 year career as a reporter and writer.

Winfield, Betty, Papers, (CA6336)
4 cubic feet
The papers of a journalism historian and former University of Missouri journalism professor include research material and notes on Franklin Roosevelt and music censorship.

Witman, Arthur (1902-1991), Papers, 1934-1978, (S0455)
38 Folders
The Art Witman papers do not contain photographs or negatives. WHMC maintains a separate index of Witman's photographs. This collection supplements the photograph index. It contains Witman's correspondence, book reviews, newsclippings, articles and speeches from 1934 to 1978. The collection contains Post-Dispatch Society sections, 1934-1937 (f.16 & 17), including an article written by journalist Virginia Irwin and illustrated by Witman's photographs; copies of Pictures magazine, 1938-1967 (f. 15, 29), including issues with Witman's Arch photographs, 1963-1967 (f. 29.)

Witman, Arthur (1902-1991) Papers Addenda, 1954-1987, (S0794)
17 Folders, 54 Photographs, 12 Tapes
The Arthur Witman Addenda includes documents, photographs and audio tapes spanning from 1954 to 1987. The documents include newspaper clippings, correspondence, and pamphlets from freelance work. Series 1 encompasses Witman's personal files and correspondence. Series 2 contains records relating to the publication of the St. Louis Arch and St. Louis panoramic books. The photographs in the collection include professional work and personal photos. The collection also contains several pages of 35mm contact sheets of professional photographs. Series 3 contains all of these photographs. The audio tapes include lectures and interviews with Arthur Witman and various radio programs on photography. Series 4 contains all audio tapes

Wiziarde, Frank Oliver (1916-1987) Papers, ca. 1887-1993, (K0322)
16 cubic feet
Wiziarde was Whizzo the Clown, much beloved television personality airing and at other venues in the Kansas City area and Topeka, KS. Includes news clippings, correspondence, Whizzo show ideas, magazines, photographs, circus contracts, posters, masks, banners, flyers and videotape and film.

Women in Communications, Inc., St. Louis, Chapter, Addenda, 1926-1983, (S0699)
68 folders, 33 photographs
The Women of Communications, Inc. Records contains information concerning WICI. The information includes by-laws, board meetings, annual conference information, committee information, workshop information, newsletters, news clippings, brochures, and correspondence.

Women In Communications, Inc., St. Louis Chapter (1923- ), Records, 1948-1979, (S0009)
66 Folders, 9 Scrapbooks
Theta Sigma Phi was a national fraternity for women in journalism founded in 1909. The St. Louis Chapter of Theta Sigma Phi was organized in 1923. Besides providing a professional network for women journalists, Theta Sigma Phi was also involved in civic and professional activities. Thetas conducted publicity workshops, cosponsored the junior journalist contest with Sigma Delta Chi (the men's national fraternity for journalists), and published "Grand Views" for Veteran's Hospital in St. Louis as part of the Hospitalized Veterans Writing Project. They donated books each Christmas to children's homes in the metropolitan area, and they taught writing-to -sell classes at University High School. In the 1970's the workshops and seminars focused on other media besides journalism and emphasized management and leadership training.

Women's Institute for Freedom of the Press, Records, (CA6331)
0.8 cubic feet
The records of an organization working for media democracy and media justice include newsletters, campaign and political buttons, and a dissertation on the institute's founder, Dr. Donna Allen. See also C3795, Allen, Donna (1920-1999), Papers, 1920-1992.

Wood, Joseph (1914-1996), Photograph Collection, 1931-1958, (S0819)
8 Folders, 1 Oversize Box
Joe Wood was an accomplished photojournalist with the St. Louis Globe-Democrat for twenty seven years. He has been inducted into the Missouri photojournalist hall of fame. The collection is a small sample of the photographers work and contains some wonderful sports photography. In addition to his career with a camera, Mr. Wood served in the United States Merchant Marines during WWII, bred dogs, and was an excellent violinist. He also had a stint as a boxer during his youth. In 1949 Wood got involved with J. Frank Dalton who claimed to be Jesse James. The experience was related in the pages of the Washington Missourian and a book entitled My Jesse James Story. The collection consists of 278 photographic prints on such topics as sports, dogs, U.S. Merchant Marine, Bourbon Street in New Orleans, and Music.

Woods, Harriett F. (1927- ), Addenda, 1945-1999, (S0652)
34 Scrapbooks, 384 Photographs
The Harriett F. Woods Addenda, 1945-1999, includes thirty-four scrapbooks that document her life from 1945 to 1999, including her college years, 1945-1949, at the University of Michigan where she wrote for the student newspaper the Michigan Daily; her time at KPLR-TV, 1964-1974; her State Senatorial Campaign, 1976; her terms in the Missouri State Senate from 1977-1982; her U.S. Senatorial Campaign, 1982; her Missouri Lieutenant Governor Campaign, 1983-1985; her term as Lieutenant Governor, 1985-1988; her second U.S. Senatorial Campaign, 1985-1986; her time as president of the Institute for Policy Leadership, at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, 1989-1991; her time as president of the National Women's Political Caucus, 1991-1996; her political activism after public office, 1996-1999; and notes and drafts for her book with tentative titles including An untitled memoir of a Twentieth Century Woman or The Truth About Women, Power and Politics, or The Risktaker Who Changed History: A Political Woman in the Midwest, 1997-1999.

Woods, Harriett F. (1927- ), Addenda, 1975-1983, (S0490)
68 Folders
The Harriett Woods Addenda, 1975-1983, primarily document Woods' second term as a Missouri senator. It primarily contains legislative files and newsclippings from this period.

Woods, Harriett F. (1927- ), Papers, 1964-1980, (S0051)
199 Folders
The Harriett F. Woods Papers, document her first term as Missouri Senator (1977-1980), her State Senatorial Campaign (1976), and writings from her career as a journalist and film producer. There is almost no information on her career as a member of the University City Council. The bulk of the material is correspondence relating to legislative issues between 1977 - 1980.


Young, Kenneth Franklin (1919- ) Papers, 1936-2005, (K1039)
3 cubic feet
Young was a radio and television broadcast engineer and cameraman with KCMO radio and KCTV. He also performed in plays with a variety of theater companies. Includes correspondence, negatives, photographs, broadcasting materials, newspaper clippings, memorabilia, scrapbooks, and video.

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