Literature Manuscript Collections

Papers of individual writers of fiction and non-fiction, prose and poetry; records of literary organizations, publishers, and journals and magazines. Includes "popular" and "cultural" writers. See also a list of collections related to Culture, Folklore, Language, Music, and Visual and Performing Arts.

*Collections marked with DIGITIZED MATERIALS have additional digitized items available.

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Aker, Mary Bullock (1892-1985) Papers, c1930-1984, (K0115)
27 folders
Photocopies of short stories and newspaper/magazine articles written by Aker, both rough and final drafts. They cover a variety of topics from the Revolutionary War to household hints. Also an autobiographical story which Mrs. Aker wrote in her 91st year of memories of her childhood in and around Parkville, MO.

Alexander, Ione (1892-1986) Papers, 1939-1986, (K0726)
8 cubic feet
Idea notes and working drafts, published manuscripts of autobiographical stories, novels, plays, short stories, and poetry written by Alexander, an accomplished and published author. Also correspondence with friends, family, and other writers and are minutes and other documents relating to various organizations to which she belonged, such as the Quill Club.

Almstedt, Hermann B. (1872-1954), Papers, 1887-1954, (C2408)
1.5 linear feet
The papers of Hermann B. Almstedt contain correspondence with colleagues and students, articles, speeches, poems, programs, report cards and diplomas of Hermann B. Almstedt, professor of Germanic Languages at the University of Missouri.

Aly, Bower (1903-1977), Address, 1974, (C3581)
1 folder
The papers contain address on the poetry of John G. Neihardt, dedicating ground for the Neihardt building in Bancroft, Nebraska, August 4, 1974. Bower Aly, Professor of Speech at the University of Oregon, delivered the ground dedication address for the Neihardt building erected by the State of Nebraska at Bancroft.

American Audio Prose Library, 1981-1993, (C3851)
578 audio cassettes and 88 reel-to-reel tapes
Interviews of and readings by American prose writers. These recordings document the authors' renditions and interpretations of their works. The American Audio Prose Library of Columbia, Missouri; a grant-funded library; organized and produced the recordings for public radio stations and individual purchase.

Armstrong, C.J., Who Is Becky Thatcher?, (C2091)
1 folder
The papers contain an article submitted to the Missouri Historical Review. Armstrong concluded that Laura Hawkins Frazer was Mark Twain's original Becky Thatcher.

Arnold, Vaun (1901 -1958) Papers, ca. 1920-1958, (K1229)
1 cubic foot
Poetry, writings, correspondence and music of a Kansas City poet.

At the Funeral of an Ozarks Farm Widow Manuscript, (SP0025)
0.1 cubic foot (1 folder)
The collection consists of a written account of a funeral of an elderly widow in a fictional Ozarks town in 1980. The account dramatizes the interactions of the family during and after the funeral and the ensuing fighting that resulted over the widow’s will. All names and locations have been changed. This is a work of fiction that was inspired by actual events.

Athenaean Literary Society, Records, 1842-1925, (C0447)
1 linear foot, 3 volumes
Minutes and records of the organization, constitutions, membership lists, censors’ reports, a history, and scrapbook.


Baldwin, Clara (1908-2001), Papers, 1947-1993, (C3953)
0.2 linear feet
Papers of Clara Baldwin, a trade reporter and published author of poetry and children’s books. The papers consist of personal correspondence, biographical materials, published trade journal articles and poetry, and photographs.

Bargen, Walter L., Papers, (CA6250)
7 cubic feet
Manuscripts, publications, and personal papers of an author and first Poet Laureate of Missouri (2008-2010).

Bay, J. Christian, (1871-1962) "A Visit to the Home of Little Eva," n.d., (C2743)
1 folder
Account of visit to Federal Hill, Bardstown, KY, and the Kennedy mansion, Paint Lick, KY; history of Stephen Foster's ""My Old Kentucky Home;"" and Harriet Beecher Stowe's use of Kennedy family in UNCLE TOM'S CABIN. Five photographic postcards of Federal Hill and the Kennedy home.

Bay, J. Christian (1871-1962), Book Review, 1908, (C2783)
1 folder
Review of In the Furrow, volume of poems by Lewis Worthington Smith. Review is written in Danish but quotes parts of poems in English.

Bay, J. Christian (1871-1962), Papers, 1922-1959, (CA6295)
0.8 cubic feet
Correspondence, photographs, and books written or owned by Jens Christian Bay, a Danish-American writer and librarian. Many were sent as gifts.

Baz-Dresch, Nanette, "Shakespearean Plays In St. Louis In The Nineteenth Century", 1982, (S0024)
83 Page Unpublished Manuscript
Paper on Shakespeare play productions in early St. Louis.

Beck, Al Papers, (CA6497)
4.15 cubic feet, 3 computer discs, 10 DVDs, 8.87 GB of digital files
The papers of a visual artist and poet who taught art at Culver-Stockton College in Canton, Missouri, contain photographs, artwork, publications, business records, and miscellaneous material.

Beggs, Berenice B., Scrapbook, 1935, (C3557)
1 volume
The collection contains newspaper clippings and photographs, feature stories and magazine articles on Mark Twain, compiled by a teacher in the English Department at Northeast Missouri State University, Kirksville.

Bell Family Papers, 1875-1969, (C3045)
1 reel
Papers of a Boonville, MO, family containing genealogical material, correspondence, memoirs, clippings, photographs, and Marie Bell McCoy's manuscripts.

Beth Shalom Nursery Cookbook, 1999, (K1021)
0.1 cubic feet
The collection contains the Beth Shalom Nursery Cookbook, a collection of recipes contributed by members of Congregation Beth Shalom.

Betz Family Collection, 1981, (K0825)
0.01 cubic feet
This collection contains a small booklet written by Annette Betz entitled, “The Home of Carl Betz and Louise Wittig Betz and Their Children.” The booklet is a retelling of her family history, focusing on Annette’s childhood, and her memories of her father, Carl, and her mother, Louise.

Boehringer, Marie Daerr (1913-1997), Papers, 1930-1997, (C1221)
4.0 linear feet
Diaries; correspondence; newspaper clippings; article, poem, and story manuscripts; publications; and miscellaneous papers of a Cleveland, Ohio, journalist and poet.

Bohling Jr., Atwell Loomis, (1922-2000) Papers, 1939-1997, (K0654)
49 cubic feet
Professional materials used or produced by Bohling, an editorial writer for the Kansas City Star. Includes articles, clippings, correspondence, research materials, reporters' notebooks and diaries, travel brochures, receipts, menus, publications, and photographs. Personal papers include class notebooks from Yale and Northwestern University, theatre and opera programs, and ephemera.

Bolling, George Melville (1871-1963), Papers, 1925-1970 (C1330)
1.4 linear feet
The papers of George Melville Bolling, professor emeritus of Greek and Sanskrit languages at Ohio State University, include correspondence with colleagues and family, manuscript drafts, and miscellaneous material.

Bongino, Angelo Louis (1935- ) Collection, 1934-1997, (K0878)
0.5 cubic foot
Research and personal papers of Bongino relating to the Italian community in the Northeast Kansas City, particularly Holy Rosary Church. Includes Bongino’s published articles, photographs, and video.

Book Lovers Club, Program, 1978-1979, (S0354)
1 Folder
Program guide for a St. Louis literary club for black women.

Book Lovers' Club Records, (K0901)
2.25 cubic feet (63 folders, 4 oversize folders, 320 photographs, 44 negatives, 3 VHS tapes)
This collection consists of the organizational records of the Book Lover’s Club of Greater Kansas City. Records include club history, constitution and bylaws, membership information, minutes, financial information, yearbooks, correspondence, event information, reading lists, photographs of club members and events, and video tapes of events held by the club.

Brandeis University National Women’s Committee, Greater Kansas City Chapter Records (K0620)
5.95 cubic feet (110 folders, 1 oversize box, 227 photographs, 73 negatives, 1 CD, 5 artifacts)
The collection contains material related to the Greater Kansas City Chapter of the Brandeis University National Women’s Committee, an organization dedicated to providing financial support to Brandeis University’s libraries. Materials include board minutes, membership records, and financial records. Also included is information on the events that the chapter organized to raise money for Brandeis University, in particular their annual Book Sale. In addition, there are several scrapbooks and photographs documenting chapter activities.

Bradley, Lenore K. (1935-1998) Papers, 1966-1982, (K0309)
0.29 cubic foot
The papers of Lenore K. Bradley contain notes, drawings, pamphlets, maps, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and photographs collected by Bradley for use in writing a book on the life and work of Louis Curtiss, noted Kansas City architect.

Bradsher, Earl Lockridge, (1879-1974), Papers, 1945-1954 (C3345)
0.9 linear feet
The papers of Earl Lockridge Bradsher contain manuscript poetry of Bradsher as well as correspondence and miscellaneous material. All poetry is entitled “Starts, Parts, First Drafts,” and varies in style and content.

Braislin, William C., Letters, 1934-1935, (C2757)
1 folder
The collection contains originals and typed copies of two letters to J.C. Bay discussing early American fiction collections.

Brashear, Margaret M., Papers, 1868-1962 (C3393)
6.3 linear feet, 1 volume
The papers of Margaret M. Brashear contain correspondence, manuscripts, notes, clippings, student papers, and articles of Margaret M. Brashear, who was a professor of English at the University of Missouri. She taught classes on Mark Twain and Missouri literature and wrote several books and articles.

Breckenridge, William Clark (1862-1927), Papers, 1752-1927, (C1036)
4.75 linear feet, 21 volumes, 3 rolls of microfilm
The papers of the St. Louis businessman, writer, and historian contain correspondence, scrapbooks, book sale announcements, and miscellaneous materials, with an emphasis on St. Louis and Missouri history.

Broeg, Bob (1918- ), Addenda, 1946-1990, (S0243)
11 Folders, 2 Tapes
The Broeg Addenda contains manuscripts of two books, Don't Bring THAT Up! (Skeletons in the Sports Closet, coauthored with Bob Burrill (1946), and Bob Broeg's Redbirds (1981); a play script called The Babe and Mrs. Custer (1987); and two oral-history interviews conducted by UM-St. Louis professor Scott McKelvie on August 23 and September 13, 1990. All materials, including the tapes, are arranged chronologically.

Broeg, Bob (1918- ), Collection, 1974-1986, (S0493)
34 Folders
The Bob Broeg Collection contains drafts, rewrites, and corrected copies of manuscripts written by Broeg. These include a book about Stan Musial; The Batting Order: Baseball From a Different Angle; a history of the Missouri Tigers called Ol' Mizzou, a Story of Missouri Football (1974); a book about Broeg's hero, Frank Frisch, called The Pilot Light and the Gas House Gang (1980); and both the 1983 and 1986 editions of My Baseball Scrapbook. The collection also has miscellaneous other items donated by Broeg, which are noted in the folder list.

Brown, Marshall Dwight, Papers, (K1066)
7 cubic feet
Includes architectural drawings by Marshall and Brown Architects; Kansas City area related books; issues of "Kansas City Happenings", a newspaper published Marshall Brown, Jr. and Jerry Plantz.; small desk blotters 1930-1950s with KC company names; a photographs album; clippings; and certificates awarded to Brown.

Browning Society of Kansas City Records, 1927-1980, (K0003)
1 cubic foot
Correspondence, bylaws, minutes, ledgers, yearbooks, programs and other materials relating to the Brownings and poetry.

Bullene, Thomas Brockway (1828-1894) Papers, 1874-1894, (K0288)
3 folders, 3 volumes
Diaries of a prominent business and civic leader and mayor of Kansas City, MO. Contain personal notes and writings, poetry, family history, some clippings, a few photographs, and financial records.

Burroughs Audobon Society of Greater Kansas City Records, 1905-1991, (K0665)
16 cubic feet
Organizational records including by-laws, minutes, correspondence, clippings, scrapbooks, programs, pamphlets, rosters, field notes and bird censuses, photographs, and glass lantern slides. Also research materials, slides, and papers belonging to A.E. Shirling (1875-1947), noted Kansas City naturalist and author.

Burroughs, William S. (1916-1997), Newsclippings, 1936-1951, (S0575)
1 folder
Newspaper accounts of incidents in the life of Beat novelist William S. Burroughs, a St. Louis native. Includes reports on hisreciving a degree from Harvard in 1936; the 1944 murder of Washington University teacher David Kammerer, a court case for which Burroughs served as a material witness; divorce from his first wife, 1946; and the 1951 incident when Burroughs shot his second wife, Joan Vollmer.

Burton, Clarence Monroe, (1853-1932), Letter, 1913, (C2772)
1 folder
The papers contain a letter to Theodore W. Koch, from Detroit, Michigan, February 14, 1913. Letter regarding C.M. Kirkland, school teacher and author of books about life on the frontier. ""Mrs. Mary Clavers"" was a pseudonym for Caroline Matilda Stansbury (Mrs. William C.) Kirkland.

Burton, Mattie P. (1882-1982) Papers, 1958, (K0144)
1 folder
A letter, undated and unsigned, presumably by Miss Burton's mother describing her experiences as a pioneer in Indiana and Nebraska; a biographical statement on Mattie Burton, owner of the Burton Publishing Company in Kansas City; and drafts by Mattie Burton of Westport Branch of the National League of American Pen Women activities.


Canan, Howard V., Papers, 1970-1971, (C3288)
1 folder
The papers of Howard V. Canan contain research notes on James Craig.

Carroll, Lenore Bea French (1939- ) Papers, ca. 1975-2005, (K0446)
21 cubic feet
Drafts and completed manuscripts of published and unpublished articles and books written by Carroll, and correspondence, notes and extensive research related to the 19th century American Midwest and West.

Catherwood, Mary Hartwell (1847-1902), Poem, (C2760)
1 folder
The collection contains a farewell poem addressed to Roswell Field by M.C.H. Typewritten copy included.

Chamberlain, Corinne Gould, Poems, n.d., (C3178)
3 folders
Poems written by Corinne Gould Chamberlain.

Chapman, Alan Jay (1937- ) Papers, 1953-1969, (K0859)
0.1 cubic foot (3 folders)
The Alan Jay Chapman Papers contains issues of the Milgram Hi Neighbor! News, newspaper clippings featuring Milgram ads, and a guestbook for the All American Food Fair.

Children's Literature Scrapbook, ca. 1870s, (K0402)
1 volume
Clippings of children's stories, poems, and pictures which appear to have come from the American children's magazine The Youth's Companion (1827–1929), known in later years The Companion—For All the Family.

CHOUTEAU REVIEW, Records, (CA4416)
0.4 linear feet
Issues of the magazine, 1975-1981.

Clemens, Cyril, Photograph Collection, (P0330)
1 folder
Photographs of a model of a Mark Twain memorial by artist Walter Russell, Mark Twain, and a Mark Twain impersonator. Additional images of Missouri politicians and businessmen.

Clemens, Samuel Langhorne, (1835-1910), Papers, 1895-1901, (C2007)
1 folder,
Poem entitled "Contract with Mrs. T.K. Beecher, Quarry Farm" by Mark Twain, 2 July 1895. Mark Twain circular letter to W.L. Howard from New York, 2 May 1901, regretting he could not accept lecture engagement. Added personal note stating he would have made trip but was permanently tired of travel and hoped he had made his last journey.

Coggins, Alta Simpson, Manuscripts, (C2226)
45 folders
The papers contain three manuscripts by Alta S. Coggins, pen name Carolyn Coggins.

Collins, Tom (1900-1968) Papers, 1908-1985, (K0830)
0.5 cubic foot
Collins was a noted humorist and author. Includes newspaper clippings, brochures, magazines, photographs and a phonograph record relating to Collins career.

Community Children's Theatre Records, 1947-1999, (K1255)
19 cubic feet
Organizational records of Kansas City area Children's Theatre group made up of a number of local theater companies: presidents files, committee notebooks, minutes, rosters, financial records, programs, publications, newsletters, and photographs. Also plays/scripts and performance photographs. scrapbooks, various books, catalogues, and professional publications.

Congregation Ohev Sholom Collection, 1977-2007, (K0682)
0.1 cubic feet
The collection consists of booklets commemorating the 100th and 130th anniversaries of the synagogue and a DVD of a program honoring Rabbi Daniel Horwitz.

Connelley, William Elsey, Letters, (K0203)
0.01 cubic foot (3 folders)
The collection contains letters written by Connelley, noted Kansas historian, to Franklin Benjamin Sanborn, discussing Connelley’s research, and specifically Connelley’s research of John Brown. In addition, the collection provides insight into Connelley’s candid opinions about prominent political and literary personalities in Kansas and Connelley’s personal life.

Cook, Fannie, "Mothers," 1946, (C0249)
1 folder
Manuscript of a short story about two mothers, one white and one Negro, with sons in the army.

Cosley, Jerry Weddell (1935-2012) Papers, ca. 1930-2012, (K1279)
8 cubic feet
Personal papers of Jerry W. Cosley, vice president of corporate communications at Trans World Airlines, include correspondence, press releases, clippings, reports, publications and photographs related to TWA and his work in public relations there and with other airlines and communications companies.

Crittenden, H.H., Missouri, 1930, (C2096)
1 folder

Crow, Carl (1883-1945), Papers, 1913-1945, (C0041)
5 linear feet, 6 volumes
Bills, accounts, speeches, notes, correspondence and book and article manuscripts on a wide range of subjects. Crow was a resident of China for a number of years and most of his writing was about China or related subjects. The collection includes a diary of a trip over the Burma Road, the diary of a Japanese soldier, and notes and articles on the Japanese opium trade.

Croy, Homer (1883-1965), Papers, 1905-1965, (C2534)
10.25 linear feet, 7 volumes
Homer Croy, a Missouri native, was the author of numerous books, short stories, plays and articles. The collection contains research and manuscripts for published and unpublished work, business and personal correspondence, financial records, contracts, photographs, and scrapbooks. The scrapbooks were microfilmed for preservation reasons and the originals discarded.


Day, David Lewis (1822-1888) Papers, 1762-1885, (K0114)
0.3 cubic foot
Letters, diary, account books, poems and newspaper clippings belonging to Day, a Civil War veteran from Milford, MA. Much of the material deals with the Civil War or with veterans' organizations such as the Grand Army of the Republic.

Deane Jr., Hugh Gordon (1916-2001) Papers, 1936-1998, (K0617)
3 cubic feet
Personal papers of journalist, author, and co-founder of the US-China Peoples Friendship Association. Includes correspondence, research notes, publications, conference transcripts, an FBI file on Indusco, manuscripts (published and unpublished), clippings, and a military map drawn by Zhou Enlai.

Dearing, Fred Morris (1879-1963), Papers, 1897-1961, (C2926)
22.4 linear feet
Memoirs, editorial notes, news clippings, personal and general correspondence, bills, and receipts, original poetry, essays, short stories, and a collection of annotated books of a career diplomat.

Dent, Lester B. (1904-1959), Collection, 1924-1984, (C3071)
36.2 linear feet, 1 video cassette; also available on 64 rolls of microfilm
The Lester B. Dent Collection contains the manuscripts, publications, correspondence, personal papers, research notes, scrapbooks, and photographs of a native Missouri fiction writer, explorer, aerial photographer, and dairy farmer. Lester Dent is perhaps best remembered as the principal author of the Doc Savage adventure stories of the 1930s and 1940s. This collection is also available on microfilm, with the exception of the printed and miscellaneous materials.

Dent, Lester B. (1904-1959), Collection, (CA5115)
9 linear feet
Addition of manuscripts, correspondence, publications, and other materials to papers of a science fiction writer. Includes over 15,000 jokes collected by Norma Dent.

Dent, Lester B. (1904-1959), Collection, (CA5197)
0.4 linear feet
Addition of manuscripts of a science fiction and mystery writer.

Dent, Lester B. (1904-1959), Collection, (CA5418)
0.3 linear feet
Addition of correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, articles about Dent, biographical materials, Doc Savage materials, and personal notes.

Dent, Lester B. (1904-1959), Collection, (CA5569)
14.25 cubic feet
Addition of published writings of Lester Dent; fan mail; photographs; and published materials relating to the fictional character of Doc Savage. Also includes photographs taken for Dent’s aerial photography business, Airviews, c. 1950s.

Donaldson, Frank. "Mark Twain and American Drama Before World War I: A Checklist." 1968, (C2576)
1 folder
Bibliography of plays based on Mark Twain's works.

Dorman, Allen (1857- ), Papers, (CA5876)
Manuscript volume of poetry and publication promotional material of a Henry County, MO, author 1890s.

Durrie-Hall, Agreement, 1876, (C2945)
1 folder
The papers contain an agreement between Durrie and J. Hall and Company for Durrie to write a history of Missouri which Hall would publish.


Earp, James William (1888-1958) Papers, 1910-1957, (K0087)
10 cubic feet
The collection includes correspondence, scrapbooks, military mementos, articles, short stories, plays, poetry, and other material by James William Earp. A number of his short stories, in published form, are included in the collection.

Edelman, Katherine Guilfoyle (1885-1968) Papers, 1918-1973, (K0281)
8 cubic feet
Scrapbooks of newspaper and magazine clippings of poetry and articles written by author and poet Edelman and correspondence with publishers and invitations and programs for various events related to Mrs. Edelman's professional activities. Also manuscripts of writings, samples of published works in magazines, newspapers, journals, greeting cards, and books; personal correspondence, and sounding recordings.

Edwards, Nannie, “Past Days of the Ozarks,” 1945, (C0684)
1 folder
Original poem depicting home and community life during the author's childhood in the Missouri Ozarks.

Erdman, Loula Grace, Papers, n.d., (C3221)
7 folders
Manuscript of novel, THE SHORT SUMMER; and manuscript of THE YEARS OF THE LOCUST, in English and German.

Erodelphian Literary Society, Lexington, Missouri, Records, 1851-1859, (C0835)
5 folders
Records of a small, college-based literary society in existence from 1850 to 1860. Its membership included DeKalb Musgrove, Adair Wilson, and Joseph Taylor Juan Hughes. Consists of correspondence with prominent individuals, 1851-1859, and an incomplete set of meeting minutes, 1853-1856.

The Eternal Light Radio Program Collection, 1934-1946, (K1078)
0.1 cubic feet
The collection contains the radio scripts for the NBC radio program The Eternal Light, produced in conjunction with the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. This collection also contains the book, “Talmudic Tales.”


Feingold, Leo (1915-2010) and Ida Rose Luke (1919-2012) Papers, 1927-2012, (K0638)
11 cubic feet
This collection consists of photographs, newspaper clippings, programs, scrapbooks, diaries, family newsletters, account books, and books on childhood education and poetry relating to the lives, careers, and interests of the Feingolds.

Fetterman, John Titus (1843-1928) Papers, ca. 1896, (K0224)
0.06 cubic feet
The collection contains a handwritten manuscript of Tragedies and Comedies (Street Musings), or Joe and Jane's Adventures in Three Great Centers by poet, bookseller and librarian, John Titus Fetterman.

Field, Eugene (1850-1895), Verses, n.d., (C3169)
1 folder
The collection contains a typed copy of Eugene Field's first verse, autographed by Field; a New Year's Eve card to Mrs. Sampson from J. Mansell; a valentine to Frank from unknown; and miscellaneous poems and book of verses by Eugene Field.

Fisher, James J., Papers, (K0840)
0.12 cubic foot (3 folders)
The James J. Fisher Papers consists of correspondence and a draft manuscript pertaining to the history of the Kansas City Star.

Flam, Bea Firestone (1932-2008) Collection, 1959-2008, (K0662)
0.05 cubic foot (2 folders, one oversize photograph)
The Bea Firestone Flam Collection contains a group photograph, a set of negatives, and Mrs. Flam’s obituary.

Flanagan, John Theodore, Letter, 1940, (C2763)
1 folder
The papers contain one letter to J.C. Bay, Chicago, Illinois, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, dated Feb. 27, 1940. Letter in appreciation of Bay's favorable comments on an article by Flanagan and donation of rare books to University of Minnesota library. Typewritten copy included.

Fowler Sr., Richard Brosing (1902-1978) Papers, 1930-1978, (K1148)
0.5 cubic foot
Fowler was an author and editor for the Kansas City Star. Includes newspaper clippings of articles written by Fowler for the Star. Also a few letters

Frazier, W.L., Papers, 1932, (C0685)
1 folder
Symbolic poem written by a Boise, ID, doctor and sent to L.M. Defoe, Columbia, MO. Also descriptive letter and picture.

Fremont, Jessie Benton Letter, (K0215)
0.01 cubic feet
The collection contains a letter by Jessie Benton Frémont to the publishers of her book, The Story of the Guard: A Chronicle of the War, published in 1863, requesting advanced copies of the book.

Fuller, Earl, "The Story Behind the Picture 'Just Memories'," n.d., (C3298)
1 folder
Manuscript from which was prepared "In Another Day on the Old North Side," which appeared in the KANSAS CITY STAR, June 1, 1958.


Gambone, Philip Arthur, Papers, (K0422)
0.04 cubic foot (1 folder)
The Philip Arthur Gambone Papers consists of a manuscript titled Centropolis Revisited: A Personal Interpretation of Architecture in Kansas City During its First One Hundred Years, written by Philip Arthur Gambone.

Gardner, Viola (1903-1989) Papers, 1953-1982, (K1230)
1 cubic foot
Gardner was Poet Laureate of Missouri. Includes her poetry, publications, correspondence, and instruction techniques. Also photocopies of the poetry journal, "Orphic Lute" which she published.

Garland, Hamlin, Paper, 1891, (C2764)
1 folder
The papers contain a poetic description of ""the main-traveled road."" Also includes a typed copy.

Garnett, Edward B., Papers (K0940)
0.12 cubic foot (4 folders)
The Edward B. Garnett Papers contain correspondence attesting to Garnett’s credentials as a journalist as he traveled abroad, membership into the professional journalism fraternity of Sigma Delta Chi, and a letter concerning the correction for charges issued by the City National Bank and Trust Company. Additional materials include two diaries, a speech given at the third Greater Kansas City Science Fair, cancelled checks, and deposit slips.

Gentry, North Todd (1866-1944), Athenaean Society Scrapbook, 1869-1921, (C1401)
1 volume
Programs of a literary society at the University of Missouri.

Gieschen, Ona M., Papers, 1935-2005, (K0562)
15 cubic feet
Personal professional files and collected materials of former TWA hostess, supervisor and director of customer service, and historian of TWA. Also articles written by the Gieschen, histories and recollections by former employees, and correspondence between two pioneers of TWA, Hal Blackburn and Gordon "Parky" Parkinson. And research materials, photographs, and correspondence concerning Watts Mill and Dallas, MO.

Glenn, Frank Ivy (1897-1960) and Ardis Couchman (1922- ), Glenn Bookshop Records, ca. 1920-2010, (K1267)
35 cubic feet
The Bookshop was an internationally known antiquarian book store in Kansas City, MO that bought and sold collections of books and manuscripts and other rare items. Includes financial records, reference indexes, files on purchases and sales, inventory, appraisal files, customer lists, photographs, personal papers of the Glenns, and other related materials.

Goller, Howard S., Papers, (K0968)
0.01 cubic foot (1 folder)
The Howard S. Goller Papers include photocopied newspaper articles written by Howard S. Goller concerning the history of Jews in Kansas City

Gordon, Addie Aldridge (1887-1973) Papers, 1855-1943 (K0068)
0.75 cubic foot
The memoirs of Addie Aldridge Gordon concern both her own childhood in Cass County, MO and the stories handed down by her parents and other family members.

Grey, John [Ignace Hatchiorauquasha] (ca. 1795-ca. 1843) Collection, 1995, (K1014)
1 volumes
Grey, was an Iroquois Leader, explorer, and mountain man. Manuscript, John Grey: Most Spirited of Mountain Men, written by Ellen Carney.

Grinstead, Hugh Fox (1870-1950), Papers, 1889-1950, (C2742)
1.8 cubic feet
Western stories by Grindstead and letters, photographs, and news items pertaining to his family. Ribbons, programs and certificates relating to his career. Also United Daughters of the Confederacy material of Mrs. Grinstead's.

Guenther, Charles (1920- ), Papers, 1899-1991, (S0358)
183 Folders
The Charles Guenther papers, 1899-1991, document the career of the internationally important literary translator and poet. It includes much of his translation work and poetry; notes and study materials; materials he used to teach and conduct workshops; minutes and newsletters from various Missouri and St. Louis writing and poetry associations; newsclippings on writing and poetry; and some family and personal correspondence and papers. The collection does not include Guenther's correspondence with various poets. The largest part of the collection consists of Guenther's journal, magazine and book collection, stored at the Records Center in Columbia. It includes runs of many poetry and translation journals as well as English and foreign language books. The papers also include letters and family documents of an ancestor, Joseph Brokesh, and papers pertaining to the Olive Lutheran Church, for which Guenther served as an elder.


Hanson, Sharon Kinney Papers (CA6432)
5.1 cubic feet, 1 audio cassette, 2 video cassettes
The papers of a non-fiction writer and poet include her writings, correspondence with Missouri literary figures, and research material, as well as material pertaining to her work within the Missouri literary community and her efforts to establish a Missouri Poet Laureate. Also includes the papers of her husband, Richard Hanson, who worked much of his career in Missouri state government, retiring as commissioner of administration.

Hardeman, Leona, Poem, n.d., (C1549)
1 folder
The collection contains the poem, "For Miss Hardeman's Album," signed by Eugene, Jefferson City, July 11.

Hashbarger, Ruth, Papers, (C2968)
0.4 cubic feet (12 folders)
The papers of Ruth Hashbarger contain family documents and books from the Goebel, Roesche, and Haeberle families, all of whom immigrated to the United States from Germany. Ruth Hashbarger was a descendent of these families.

Haskell, Henry Cummings (1902-1981) Papers, 1883-1979, (K0096)
2 cubic feet
The papers of Henry C. Haskell, an editorial writer for the Kansas City Star, includes scripts for four of his plays and a collection of his arts essays. His father, Henry J. Haskell (1874-1952), also an editor for the Kansas City Star, writing s include a boyhood family newspaper and reviews of and correspondence relating to two books written and published by Henry J. There is also an autobiography by Henry J.

Head, Franklin Harvey, (1832-1914), Letter, n.d., (C2767)
1 folder
The papers contain a note by Head discussing unknown manuscript. Also a typed copy.

Heckel, Albert Kerr (1880-1965), Papers, 1903-1965 (C3481)
3.8 linear feet
Heckel was an educator and dean of men at the University of Missouri, 1924-1941; a national officer of Alpha Tau Omega; and dean of the Floating University in 1926-1927. Papers include personal and professional correspondence, writings, and poems by his wife, Pearl Bash Heckel.

Henry C. and Henry J. Haskell Papers, (K0096)
1.25 cubic feet
The collection contains the papers of Henry C. Haskell, and his father, Henry J. Haskell, a prominent editor for The Kansas City Star. The papers pertaining to Henry C. Haskell primarily consist of his plays and his contributions as an arts writer for The Kansas City Star. Henry J. Haskell’s papers consist of the articles he wrote as editor for The Kansas City Star and of his published writings. Additionally there is some correspondence and biographical information for both of the Haskell men.

Henze, Helen Rowe (1899-1973) Papers, ca. 1947-1966, (K0837)
0.3 cubic foot
Newspaper clippings of reviews and poems and articles written by Henze, a Kansas City poet. Also drafts and corrections of her poetry, manuscript copies of short stories written but not published and biographical material.

Herndon, Booton, (1916-1995) Papers, 1950-1965 (C3355)
4.1 linear feet
5 audio tapes, 4 volumes, 1 audio disc
The papers of Booten Herndon contain Herndon’s collaboration with Vic Obeck in writing How to Exercise Without Moving a Muscle, a volume about isometric exercises; papers relating to Herndon’s compilation and publication of The Humor of J.F.K., a collection of Kennedy quotations; and material related to Military Air Transport Service used in writing Over the Hump with William H. Tunner.

Hicks, George Edward (1919-2013) Papers, 1983-2003, (K0611)
2 cubic feet
Research and other papers created and collected by Hicks, a local historian. Includes newspaper and magazines articles, correspondence, flyers, a project manual, booklets, photographs, maps, and a grant proposal related to the Pioneer Park Committee of the Westport Historical Society, and to other projects of the Native Sons and Daughters of Greater Kansas City.

Hoffhaus, Charles Earl Papers, (K0256)
5 cubic foot
The papers of Charles Earl Hoffhaus consist of chapter drafts for his book Chez les Canses, research materials, maps, brochures, guides, correspondence, photos, clippings, and other articles by him.

Hoffman, C.W. Papers, (K0122)
0.20 cubic foot (6 folders)
The C. W. Hoffman Papers consists of six volumes of handwritten manuscripts and illustrations done by Hoffman. The volumes depict Hoffman’s interpretation of the origins of man and earth, along with his views on human evolution, religion, and ethics.

Hough, Emerson, (1857-1923), Letter, 1913, (C2768)
1 folder
The papers contain a letter discussing the benefits of fiction in enlightening people on social and economic problems; Hough's opinion of American character traits.

Howard, Wade, "Crossing the Plains," 1864, (C0686)
1 folder
Poem about a trip from Tipton, MO, into Idaho, starting April 23, 1864. Printed in 1886 by the poet's brother, W.S. Howard.

Hulston, Nancy J. (1944- ) Papers, 1990s, (K1099)
1.5 cubic feet
Huston is an archivist, historian and author. Includes her research and drafts of Pendergast!, a book she authored with Lawrence Larsen.

Hults, Jan E. (1949- ) Dissertation, 1996, (K1003)
1 folder
Hult's dissertation on the career of Senator James Alexander Reed (1861-1944) .

Hutsell, James K. (1907-1976), Papers, 1929-1974, (C3579)
7 folders
Papers relating to author Thomas Wolfe collected by James K. Hutsell. Material concerns family reaction to Wolfe’s writing, especially Look Homeward, Angel. Clippings, Hutsell’s articles about the author and his relationship with Julia Wolfe, photographs, and letters from Wolfe’s family are included.

Huynh, Quang Nhuong (1936-2001), Papers, 1956-2000, (C3997)
4.4 linear feet
The papers of Huynh Quang Nhuong, a Vietnamese author who lived in Columbia, Missouri, consist mainly of Huynh's writings and include drafts of plays, novels, short stories, poetry, and screenplays. The collection also includes photographs, newspaper clippings, book reviews, and correspondence with publishers, as well as fan letters from children regarding his book, The Land I Lost.


Inland Architect and News Record, 1883-1908, (K0987)
6 Microfilm rolls
Published between 1883 and 1908 by the Chicago-based Inland Publishing Co., the magazine featured prime examples of structures from all over the United States, work in Missouri and by Missouri architects.


Jacobs, David S. (1931- ) Collection, 1980-2001, (K0923)
2 volumes
Two medical volumes edited by Dr. Jacobs.

James Jr., Daniel Lewis, Papers, (K0018)
0.37 cubic foot (8 folders) 
The Daniel Lewis James, Jr. Papers contain newspaper clippings, a playbill, and four manuscripts written by James.

Jet-Lag Magazine Collection, 1980-2007, (S0748)
5 Folders
The collection, donated by Tony Renner, contains Jet-Lag issues from 1980 through 1992 (non-inclusive). This collection contains 55 of the 93 published issues. In addition, the collection includes a St. Louis Post-Dispatch news feature about the magazine and its founders, titled "When New Wave and Punk Were Young."

Jewell, Earle B. (1896-1985) Papers, 1914-1977, (K0030)
2 cubic feet
Papers of an Episcopal minister in Kansas City, including many of his sermons, both in manuscript and printed form. Some of the sermons were delivered by Jewell weekly on the WDAF radio.

Johnston, Eva (1865-1941), Papers, n.d., (C2159)
14 folders
The papers of Eva Johnston contain lectures on Latin and Greek dramatists and literature, Luxembourg Gardens, women's education, women's wages, and popular superstitions; as well as translation and interpretation of Terence's HECYRA.

Jolly Anglers Hunting and Fishing Club Records, 1954-1972, (K0644)
7 folders
Minute books, correspondence, writings and ephemera related to this Swedish social club.


Kalikow, Albert (1918-2004) and Betty Pucker (1927- ) Papers, 1961-2001, (K0858)
4 folders
Cookbooks, stationery, business cards, labels, a sign, a bag, an apron, and photocopies of a menu and magazine clippings for the Betty Kalikow Catering Company.

Kansas City Scrapbook, (K1033)
0.20 cubic foot (3 folders)
The Kansas City Scrapbook contains photocopies from newspaper and magazine clippings as well as book excerpts featuring historical figures, neighborhoods, buildings, organizations, institutions, and topics in Kansas City’s history.

Kansas City Ten-Year Plan Records, 1870-1938, (K0272)
2 cubic feet
Records relating to the depression era bond issue that resulted in the construction of a number of civic buildings and community improvement projects in Kansas City MO. Includes research, drafts, and photographs for the book, Where the Rocky Bluffs Meet: The Story of the Kansas City Ten-Year Plan.

Kansas City/International Association of Business Communicators (KC/IABC) Records, 1960-1992, (K0772)
9 cubic feet
Organizational records including minutes, correspondence, membership, financial records, flyers, newsletters, convention files, and audio and video tapes.

Kaplan, Sybil R. (1938- ) Papers, 1932-2004, (K1212)
3 cubic feet
Kaplan was an active member of Beth Shalom, book editor and book reviewer. Includes book reviews written by Kaplan of books published on topics related the Jewish faith and lifestyle; research on anti-Semitism in Kansas City; Jewish cookbooks, Jewish songbook, and other books on Jewish life and history; video tapes; audio records; and correspondence. Also sermons written by Rabbi William Silverman of Temple B'nai Jehudah.

Keefe, James F. (1923-1999), Papers, 1915-1998, (C3834)
17.4 linear feet, 62 audio cassettes
This collection, compiled by Sampson, includes Democratic and Republican party campaign literature for national and Missouri elections, 1838-1958; speeches and pamphlets concerning national and state political issues; materials concerning the history of Boone, Schuyler, Pettis, and Ste. Genevieve counties and Sedalia; papers of Garland C. Broadhead and William Switzler; and speeches, notes, bibliographies, and personal papers of Sampson.

Keeley, Mary Paxton (1886-1986), Papers, 1830-1983, (C0848)
7.25 linear feet, 3 audio cassettes
Papers of the first woman graduate of the University of Missouri, School of Journalism, in 1910. She was active as a journalist, teacher, playwright, poet, fiction writer, and photographer. Material includes correspondence; diaries; manuscripts for Keeley’s articles, fiction, and poetry; clippings; audio cassettes; and photographs.

Keeley, Mary Paxton (1886-1986), Papers, (CA4909)
10 linear feet
Addition to papers including correspondence, manuscripts of books, plays, poems, and short stories, and photographs.

Kendrick, M. Slade (1894- ), Papers, 1951-1973, (C0628)
9 folders
Letters written to professor of agricultural economics at Cornell University by his friend, the poet John G. Neihardt (1884-1973), and related items.

Kenny, Thomas H. (1918- ) Papers, 1816-1997, (C4131)
5 cubic feet
The papers of a real estate broker, author, artist, treasure hunter, researcher, entrepreneur, and overall Renaissance man include correspondence, legal papers, contracts, publications, photographs, postcards, newspaper articles, and artistic material.

Kimsey, Warren, Papers, 1915-1934, (C3747)
5 folders
The papers of Warren Kimsey contain correspondence, stories, press releases, and histories of a Missouri-born short story writer.

Klein, Karl Hickman (1913- 2000) Collection, 1901-1990, (K0048)
1 cubic foot
The collection contains copies of Letters, news clippings and other items relating to the life and death of noted artist and caricaturist Ralph Barton, Karl Klein's uncle.

Konnyu, Leslie, Papers, 1935-1981, (S0475)
31 Folders
The Leslie Konnyu Collection contains information on his activities in the St. Louis Poetry Center, the T.S. Eliot Society, and American Hungarian Societies. Several of Mr. Konnyu's books are included in this collection--Acacias, Against the River, Bond of Beauty, Idegenben, and Collected Poems. Also included are Gedichte Von Osterreich and J'Accuse Mon Epoque.

Kramer and Harms Architecture Firm, Records, 1949,-1980, (S0781)
31 folders, 14 microfilm rolls, 8 oversize boxes
Kramer and Harms worked on restoring several historic buildings in the St. Louis area including the Eugene Field House and the Chatillon-DeMenil House. They also worked on the historic village at Faust Park, the Thomas Sappington House and the Palm House in Tower Grove Park. The collection has two series: Series 1 - Files, 1949-1980, folders 1-31, arranged alphabetically; and Series 2 - Bids, on 35mm microfilm, arranged chronologically, rolls 1-14.


Laclede High School Play, (SP0033)
0.1 cubic foot (1 folder)
The collection consists of a script for The Thread of Destiny, a play set during the American Civil War, which was performed on April 25, 1918, by the Senior Class of Laclede High School, located in Linn County, Missouri.

Landesman, Fran (1927- ), Papers, 1959-1998, (S0608)
112 Folders; 44 Photographs; And 30 Audio Tapes, CDs, And LPs,
The Fran Landesman Papers are divided into six series. Series One: Personal Material and Correspondence, Series Two: Published Songs and Plays, Series Three: Poetry, Series Four: Published Poetry, Series Five: Photographs, Series Six: Audio Tapes, CDs, and LPs

Landesman, Jay (1919- ), Papers, 1937-1997, (S0604)
177 Folders
The collection contains correspondence, newspaper and magazine clippings, manuscripts and photographs. These things combine to give a picture of our society from the 50's to the present as well as a look at a couple who have lived a life less ordinary.

Lankford, John E., Papers, (CA5175)
8.7 cubic feet
Addition to papers of a history professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Includes correspondence, publications, research and teaching materials, biographical information, photographs, poetry, and miscellaneous.

Lester, Chris R. (1961- ) Papers, 1970-1999, (K0912)
15 cubic feet
Lester was an investigative reporter for the Kansas City Star. Includes Lester's research materials for his Star series on banker Frank Morgan, Kansas City sprawl, and other articles.

Levin, Marian Sunie Sherman, Papers, (K1211)
0.09 cubic foot (5 folders)
The Marian Sunie Sherman Levin Papers contain articles and books with advice for grandparents and senior citizens written by Sunie Levin, as well as a copy of the 1940 Congregation Keneseth Israel Beth Sholom Synagogue Schools yearbook.

Lockmiller, David A. (1906-2005), Papers, 1880-1964, (C0405)
0.2 linear feet
The papers of the biographer of General Enoch H. Crowder, administrator of the Selective Service during World War I and ambassador to Cuba, primarily consist of correspondence from the 1940s and 1950s pertaining to the biography. The papers also include correspondence written to Crowder from prominent political and military figures, publicity materials, book reviews, and miscellaneous records. See also C1046, the Enoch H. Crowder Papers.


Maloney, Joseph John (1940-1999) Papers, 1924-1992, (K0423)
13 cubic feet
Personal papers, research and background materials, writings and other documents from an investigative reporter for the Kansas City Star and an author and poet.

Marsh, Mrs. Susan Louise, Scrapbooks, 1920-1935, (C1414)
2 volumes
The scrapbooks of Mrs. Susan Louise Marsh contain letters, poems, and newspaper clippings of Susan Louise Marsh describing her cam¬paign to save Eugene Field's childhood home, appointment as first poet laureate of Missouri, and club activities.

Marshall Writers Guild (Marshall, Mo.) Records, (CA6167)
0.7 cubic feet
Founded in 1995, the records of a chapter of the Missouri Writers Guild contain essays, poetry, prose, authors' bios, and meeting minutes.

Matthis, Richard Lawrence (1953- ) Papers, 1997-2013, (K0609)
6 cubic feet
Matthis is a composer and musician in Kansas City, MO. includes personal records of correspondence, legal files, financial records, personal research, educational and social activities, poetry and musical compositions. Also electronic files containing; music, poetry, correspondence and miscellaneous personal papers.

McAfee, James Thomas (1928-1982), Papers, 1948-1985, (C3728)
12 linear feet, 5 audio cassettes
The papers of an Alabama-born poet and writer, professor of English at the University of Missouri-Columbia, 1953-1982, and associate editor of The Missouri Review, includes correspondence, photographs, diaries, manuscripts, books, newspaper clippings, poetry, sketches, audio cassettes, and student work.

McCoy, John Calvin (1811-1889) Collection, 1871-1950, (K0296)
18 folders, 2 volumes
Scrapbook of clippings of McCoy's writings for Kansas City newspapers: "Tales of an Old Timer" and "Our history—written by one who has helped to make it—the recollections of forty years in Missouri." Also typescript copies of McCoy's writings and of his daughter, Nellie McCoy Harris who wrote a similar series entitled, "Reminiscences of Pioneer Days".

McQueeny, Catherine Ann (Bill), Memoirs, (K0420)
0.01 cubic foot (1 folder)
The Catherine Ann (Bill) McQueeny Memoirs is a single memoir titled “Good Memories of Bad Times – Growing up in Jackson County during the Depression”. Written by Catherine Ann (Bill) McQueeny, this account describes the author’s childhood and the Kansas City area during the Great Depression.

Miller, Richard Lawrence (1957- ) Papers, 1959-1991, (K0327)
25 cubic feet
Research materials, manuscript drafts, correspondence, interviews and other recordings for historian and author Miller's work, including his book, Truman: The Rise to Power. Also personal files including on William Jewell College at which he was a student leader, and other projects and topics he researched and wrote upon.

Missouri History, Publications and Notes on, n.d., (C1302)
1 volume
Reading notes on publications concerning the history of Missouri. Books and articles reviewed date from the 1840s through the 1890s.

Missouri Valley Series Papers, 1962-1965, (K0241)
0.05 cubic feet
The collection contains research papers on the history of the Greater Kansas City area written by graduate students and local historians in response to a prize offered by the Native Sons and Daughters of Greater Kansas City.

Missouri Writers' Guild, Papers, 1916-1980, (C3657)
1.9 linear feet
The guild, founded in 1916 by Walter Williams, had close ties with the University of Missouri Journalism School. Its purpose was to gather together writers throughout the state. The collection includes correspondence, membership applications, meeting minutes, newsletters, newspaper clippings and financial records.

Missouri Writers' Guild, Papers, (CA2617)
0.2 linear feet
Correspondence, membership lists, state meeting programs, The Missouri Writers' Guild News, and miscellany. Addition.

Missouri Writers' Guild, Records, (CA2399)
0.2 cubic feet
Periodicals published by the Missouri Writers Guild: THE TWILIGHT HOUR, 1920-1922, vol. 1-3; THE MIDWEST BOOKMAN, 1921-1922, six miscellaneous issues.

Missouri Writers' Guild, Records, (CA2572)
0.2 linear feet
Addition. Newsletters, correspondence, membership lists, photographs, clippings, minutes, treasurer's reports, and Guild-sponsored conferences and workshops.

Missouri Writers' Guild, Records, (CA2692)
2 linear feet, 3 oversize volumes
Addition. Scrapbooks, minute books, newsletters, correspondence, photographs, by-laws, membership lists, and miscellany.

Missouri Writers' Guild, Records, (CA2755)
1 folder
Addition. Newsletters, correspondence, minutes, clippings, treasurer's reports, and miscellany.

Missouri Writers' Guild, Records, (CA2824)
1 folder
Addition. Issues of The Missouri Writers' Guild News, 1990.

Missouri Writers' Guild, Records, (CA2846)
0.2 linear feet
Addition. Correspondence, newsletters, financial records, and meeting materials.

Missouri Writers' Guild, Records, (CA2847)
1 folder
Addition. Issues of The Missouri Writers' Guild News, organization handbook, newspaper clippings, and correspondence.

Missouri Writers' Guild, Records, (CA2874)
1 folder
Addition. Issues of The Missouri Writers' Guild News, and Missouri tax exemption statement, 1991.

Missouri Writers' Guild, Records, (CA2960)
0.2 linear feet
Addition of issues of The Missouri Writers' Guild News, 1950s-1990s, correspondence, annual meeting programs, newspaper clippings, financial reports, and miscellaneous records.

Missouri Writers' Guild, Records, (CA3042)
0.2 cubic feet
Addition of summer 1994 newsletter, program of the 1994 annual conference, and publications of guild members.

Missouri Writers' Guild, Records, (CA5808)
6.1 linear feet
Addition of financial records, minutes, membership material, newsletters, and miscellaneous material, 1990s-2000s.

Missouri. Militia, 26th Regiment, Fine Assessment Book, 1824-1830, (C1174)
1 volume
Annual records of the court for the assessment of fines for the Missouri Militia, 26th Regiment. Also contains a membership list of the Magnolia Literary Society, 1874, and recipes."

Morantz, David (1893-1959) Papers, ca. 1909-1952, (K0627)
8 cubic feet
Papers of Kansas City area businessman who compiled stories from the Talmud which were syndicated in newspapers as "Talmudic Tales". Also includes his business and religious organizational activities as well as research files and writings on the Talmud, Jewish history and law, dietary laws, and anti-Semitism.

Morantz, Shirley Rae Tranin (1923- ) and Stanley Aaron (1919-2010) Papers, 1922-2010, (K0648)
4 cubic feet
Personal papers of Shirley Morantz, Administrative Secretary for the National Office of the Panel of American Women, and Stanley Morantz, board member of numerous religious and civic groups. Also programs, clippings, military papers, speeches and writings by and organizational publications and awards received Stanley Morantz.

Morgan, Speer (1946- ), Papers, (CA6122)
5 linear feet
Personal papers of the University of Missouri English professor. Dr. Morgan has published numerous fiction works and short stories and edited The Missouri Review since 1980. Includes correspondence, personal writing and manuscript files, book reviews, speeches, miscellaneous papers, publishing materials (correspondence, royalty statements etc.), and newspapers clippings.

Morgenstern, Leone Levinson (1917-1997) Memoir, 1989, (K1049)
1 volumes
"I Remember" details the life of Morgenstern and her work in radio, television and the theater, and as a writer.

Morris, Joe Alex, Sr. (1904-1990), Papers, 1926-1979, (C0229)
2 linear feet and 1 oversize volume
The papers of Joe Alex Morris, Sr., a journalist and author from Lancaster, Missouri, include story drafts and notes, correspondence, photographs, and newspaper and magazine clippings.

Mumpower, Daniel L., Jr. (1917- ), Papers, n.d., (C3899)
1.3 linear feet
Manuscripts of fiction and non-fiction works by Mumpower, a psychologist and University of Missouri alumnus who taught at the University of Southwestern Louisiana.

Mumpower, Daniel L., Jr. (1917- ), Papers, (CA6424)
0.2 cubic feet
Addition of poetry.


Nagel, Werner O., (1905-1974), Papers, 1931-1988, (C2544)
3.7 linear feet, 2 volumes
Papers of a University of Missouri pioneer wildlife student, zoologist, noted conservationist, technical writer for the Missouri Conservation Commission, and philosopher/poet. Material on conservation, pollution, land management, wild game cookery, and technical writing.

Nagel, Werner O. (1905-1974), Papers, (CA5724)
0.4 linear feet
Addition of manuscripts, awards, published stories and poems, photographs, newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous.

National Association for the Advancement of White People Collection, ca. 1980's, (K1101)
0.3 cubic foot
Newsletters, newspapers, brochures, announcements regarding candidates and related issues.

National League of American Pen Women, Kansas City-Westport Branch Records, 1931-2011, (K0437)
7 cubic feet
This collection consists of organization minutes, a secretary's book, president's records, achievement reports, miscellaneous yearbooks, histories, and nine oversize scrapbooks, as well as organizational newsletters.

Neibarger, Clyde B. (1900-1965) Papers, 1920-1963, (K0681)
4 cubic feet
Neibarger was at one time music editor Kansas City Star. Includes correspondence, clippings and typed manuscripts of Neibarger's reviews, and programs

Neihardt, John G. Papers, (C3716)
9.4 linear feet, 41 video cassettes, 52 DVDs, 57 audio cassettes, 3 CDs, 3 audio discs (558 folders also available on 18 rolls of microfilm)
Correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, newsclippings, audio and video cassettes, and miscellaneous material of a poet. Neihardt was most famous for his epic, A Cycle of the West, and Black Elk Speaks. He was poet laureate of Nebraska, literary editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch from 1926 to 1938, and instructor at the University of Missouri from 1949 to 1965.

Neihardt, John G. (1881-1973), Papers, c. 1858-1974, (C3716)
9.4 linear feet, 41 video cassettes [22 DVDs- use copies], 57 audio cassettes, 3 compact discs, three audio discs; also available on 18 rolls of microfilm
Correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, newsclippings, audio and video cassettes, and miscellaneous material of a poet. Neihardt was most famous for his epic, A Cycle of the West, and Black Elk Speaks. He was poet laureate of Nebraska, literary editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch from 1926 to 1938, and instructor at the University of Missouri from 1949 to 1965.

Neihardt, John G. (1881-1973), Ephemera, 1938-1987, (C1267)
0.3 linear feet, 1 audio cassette
The John G. Neihardt Ephemera consists of clippings, newsletters and photographs of tributes to Nebraska Poet Laureate and educator. Also included are letters from Neihardt to Thomas W. Wright, 1957-1973, of Hazelwood, Missouri, and Genevieve Paulson of Craig, Missouri, as well as an audiocassette of Neihardt reading poetry selections.

New Era Debating Club, University of Missouri, Record Book, 1896-1902, (C1184)
1 volume
Constitution, minutes of meetings, and membership lists of the club."

New Era Debating Club, University of Missouri, Record Book, 1902-1908, (C0878)
1 folder
Minutes of meetings, membership lists, and drill of the club. Also a copy of its 1897 constitution.

Novak, Norma Levin (1926-2012) Collection, 1974-1991, (K1107)
1 folder
Photocopy of research notes and typed drafts of the history of Jews in Leavenworth, KS prepared by Novak, Eve Sickel Goldstein and Kathy Goldman Held Green.


Oberbeck, Rita (1908-1983), Papers, 1939-1979, (S0198)
26 Folders
The Oberbeck papers are arranged into four series: Writings 1939-1976; Correspondence 1939-1970; ILGWU information; and Photographs. The bulk of the writing consists of an unfinished biography of Meyer Perlstein (director of the ILGWU, Southwest region). The material provides autobiographical details about Oberbeck and information about activities in the ILGWU. Also included are Oberbeck's fiction writings with one folder of poetry. Duplicates and a short article from the TV Guide were discarded.

Olson, James, Papers, (CA6039)
22 linear feet, 63 computer discs
Research files Olson collected while writing his biography of Senator Stuart Symington.

On Polecats and Vose Populi Vose Dei, n.d., (C2446)
1 folder
The collection contains two essays written by an unknown concerning human polecats and worship.

Open Places, Columbia, Missouri, Records, 1961-1987, (C3705)
3.8 linear feet and 1 audio tape
The records of a small poetry magazine, edited by Eleanor M. Bender, include correspondence, financial documents, grant information, issues 1-44, Poet Series 1-5, photographs, newspaper clippings, and a taped interview with Nan A. Talese, senior editor at Random House. See also collection 3068.

Open Places, Columbia, Missouri, Records, 1968-1987, (C3068)
149 folders on 6 rolls of microfilm
The records of a small poetry and review magazine consist of general, contributor, and publication correspondence. The materials primarily pertain to the magazine's last six years of publication, 1981-1987. See Collection 3705 for material relating to the magazine's first fifteen years.

Otey, Virginius Blackburn, Notebook, 1857-1886, (C0894)
1 folder
Copies of letters, poems, and essays of Virginius B. Otey of Lynchburg, VA.


Pageant and Masque of St. Louis, (S0294)
1 Folder
Official program of May 28-31, 1914 event containing a description of the pageant, a large dramatic production of the romantic history of St. Louis, and the Masque, a poetic and musical interpretation of the life in the community.

Page, Hazel Call (1897-1991) Papers, 1938-1981, (K0097)
0.5 cubic foot
Mrs. Page had been supervisor of the Works Projects Administration (WPA) Statewide Library Project in Missouri. Included are records of the administration of the WPA Library Project and those related to Mrs. Page's book on that subject.

Papendick, Lucille, Collection, 1912-1967, (S0015)
8 Folders
112 programs from concerts, plays, recitals and dance programs in St. Louis by visiting performers at the following theaters: St. Louis Woman's Club, Municipal Auditorium (Kiel), St. Louis Civic Music League, Principia Concert and Lecture Series, Coliseum, Odeon Theater, Garden Theater, and Very Special Programs.

Partin, Matthew K. (1952-2012) Collection, 1919-2005, (K1254)
15 cubic feet
Research notes and materials collected for a book concerning Harry S. Truman's early political life, federal prosecutions of election fraud, Tom Pendergast and his political machine, and Kansas City police.

Patton-Scott Family, Papers, 1836-1983, (C3710)
1.2 linear feet
The correspondence, financial and legal documents, genealogy, poetry, prose, and mis-cellaneous volumes of the Patton and Scott families describes agriculture, economic conditions, overland travel, daily life, family activities, and tragedies. The papers contain irsthand accounts of the Civil War's influence on civilian life in Missouri, Mississippi, and Indiana.

Peden, William (1913- 1999), Interview, 1968 (C3344)
1 folder
The William Peden interview includes his views on advantages and disadvantages of various literary forms, especially novel and short story, in terms of writing process and effectiveness; effects of television on short story market, as well as comparison of academic literary journals with sophisticated, mass-circulated magazines. He discusses the literacy potential of Missouri environment, especially Boone County, and the literary circles in St. Louis 1910-1925. The interview concludes with major literary influences upon Peden.

Price, Janet Gale, Papers, (K0806)
0.11 cubic foot (6 folders)
This collection includes materials related to Janet Gale Price and her family. The collection also includes materials related to Mucolipidosis Type IV, a genetic disease prevalent among Jewish families.

Pusey, William Allen (1865-1940), Papers, 1938, (C2779)
1 folder
Poem of six verses, De Senectute (without apologies to Cicero or Emmerson), by a Chicago dermatologist; photograph of Pusey.


Quill Club of Kansas City Records, 1920-1980, (K0509)
8 cubic feet
Organizational files of a writers club in Kansas City, MO Includes minutes, financial records, scrapbooks, manuscript writings of members and other records.


Ralston, Jack Leonard (1929-2012) Papers, 1874-1996, (K0424)
21 cubic feet
Research materials, magazine articles that Ralston wrote, books, and sheet music for the Organ that he collected and some he wrote. Much of the material is religious in nature. Also correspondence, scrapbooks, and material that discusses Ralston's personal life and career as music librarian.

Ray, Mildred Kittell (Mrs. Sam) Collection (1895-1996) Collection, ca. 1855-1882, (K0024)
0.3 cubic foot
Letters written by John Taylor, Mrs. Ray's great grandfather, and his brother, James Taylor, to their parents in Oldham, England, about their experiences in Kansas City, 1857-1863, as well as letters from Mrs. Ray's mother and grandmother. It also includes research notes and writings by Mrs. Ray concerning the Taylor and Fisher families, including notes on diaries kept by Abel Fisher concerning his trip to California and his early days in Kansas City, 1855-1858.

Read, Opie, (1852-1939), Papers, n.d., (C0395)
5 folders
Two manuscripts, a contract, and a newspaper obituary of Opie Read, humorist and novelist. One manuscript is a four act play, "Young Abraham," based on the romance of Abraham Lincoln and Ann Rutledge. The other manuscript is a short story. Both were written by Read.

Revitt, Paul Joseph (1922-1990) Papers, ca. 1940-1990, (K0849)
14 cubic feet
Personal and professional papers of Revitt, professor in the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music. Includes research and final drafts of his master's thesis and doctoral dissertation and other articles and books; daily expense books and diaries; travel scrapbooks; and printed, and published material.

Reynolds, Fannie A. (Mrs. Sidney), Scrapbook, ca. 1880-1911, (K0411)
1 volume
Clippings of poetry, stories (religious, holiday, morals, children), news stories from around the United States and Europe, stories of famous people, histories of various things (animals, potatoes, gold leaf, etc) Grover Cleveland, and homilies.

Rine, Russell Robert (1903-1978) Papers, 1974, (K0348)
0.01 cubic feet
The papers consist of a manuscript entitled, "The Snow Fox." The manuscript tells the fictionalized history of the Rine family before and during the American Revolutionary War.

Robinson Family Papers/Kansas City Social Register Records, 1880-1998, (K0774)
19 cubic feet
Papers of a prominent Kansas City, Missouri, family who were also the publishers of the Kansas City Social Register. Included in this collection are genealogical materials, correspondence, a reference notecard index, biographical data, printed and published materials, clippings, audio records, film, photographs, and ephemera.

Robinson, Hamline E. (1845-1907), Papers, 1877-1879, (C1219)
0.2 linear feet
The papers of Hamline E. Robinson, a Maryville, Missouri, book collector, consist of a diary that discusses the books Robinson acquired or read, with only occasional, brief comments concerning the weather, events and people in his life; a catalog of his occult library; and a volume that includes a “Sketch of the Life of Thomas Taylor, the Platonist” and a bibliographical account of Taylor’s works.

Root, Frank A. (1837-1926), Letter, 1925, (C2781)
1 folder
To Brentano's, Inc., Chicago, IL, from Topeka, KS, June 8, 1925. Letter concerning publishing The Overland Stage to California in 1901; biographical information; and offer of two copies of one book for sale at $40 and $35.

Rosholt, Malcolm Leviatt (1907-2005) Papers, 1930-1990 (K0389)
1 cubic foot
The papers of noted journalist Malcolm Leviatt Rosholt include research notes and writings by Rosholt on China and the Far East.

Ross, David Reid Manuscript, (K0925)
0.03 cubic foot (1 folder)
The David Reid Ross Manuscript contains a draft manuscript entitled Kansas Abolitionist Fight Confederates in Missouri, written by David Ross. The manuscript contains biographical information on Ross’ ancestor, Jared P. Barnes (1834-1916) who, was an abolitionist from New York and fought at the Battle of Westport in Kansas City, Missouri.

Rottmann, Larry, Collection (CA5858)
107.35 cubic feet, audiovisual material, oversize material
Compilation of correspondence, subject files, manuscripts, publications, newspaper clippings, teaching material, production material, organizational records, and audio and video recordings related to Vietnam, the Vietnam War and anti-war activity, veterans, and conflict literature.

Ryder, Elaine Baum (1925-2009) Papers, 1908-2006, (K0701)
1 cubic feet
National Register of Historic Places forms written by Ryder while a researcher for the Kansas City Landmarks Commission, booklets, books, newspaper clippings and magazines, and photographs.


Salasche-Kaseff, Rhea, Papers, (K1144)
0.01 cubic foot (1 folder)
The Rhea Salasche-Kaseff Papers contain a May 1952 edition of the Beth Shalom Sunday School newsletter, “The Comet.”

Sandy, Harold David "Hal" (1924- ) and Wilda Barmore (1927- ) Collection, 1974-1995, (K0718)
3 cubic feet
Research notes, photographs, draft manuscripts for various local history writings by the Sandys. Includes Articles, promotional materials, working drafts, photographs, slides and talks concerning their book, "Here Lies Kansas City," articles, correspondence, taskforce report, notes, and resolutions relating to various historic preservation projects.

Saper, Marshall Bryan (1939-1991) Collection, 1984-1991, (K1065)
16 cubic feet
Saper was a clinical psychologist in private practice an author, lecturer and radio talk show host on KCMO. Includes audio recording of his popular call-in radio program.

Savin, Marcia, "The Feast of Tsouris," 1975 , (S0156)
44 Page Typescript
Play in two acts by Marcia Savin, St. Louis playwright, also titled "The Feast of Troubles."

Scarberry, Alma Sioux (1899-1990), Papers, 1899-1990, (C3913)
3 linear feet, 41 audio cassettes, 14 records
The papers of Alma Sioux Scarberry, a reporter, novelist, script writer, publicist, and entertainer, include correspondence, clippings, photographs, newspapers serials, books, manuscripts, sheet music, audio tapes, and records documenting her career and personal life.

Scarritt-Royster-Swinney Family Papers, ca. 1818-1989, (K0632)
71 cubic feet
Family papers of three prominent families of Kansas City and Glasgow, MO. Includes a wide variety of materials including letters, postcards, speeches, newspaper articles, poetry, photographs, family items, business and personal papers, tributes to various individuals and historical papers and recollections.

Scharil, A. W., “Roderick, Last of the Goths,” 1853, (C11244)
1 volume
The collection contains a tragedy in five acts written by a St. Louis lawyer, editor and publisher. Scharil was a member of the Bar, editor and publisher of The American Banner, Union Banner, Mississippi Valley Farmer, Mississippi Sun, and other publications.

Schlozman, Morris (1909-2005) Papers, 1953-2004, (K1092)
7 folders
Schlozman was Business Manager and General Manager of Box Office, an international film trade journal. Includes materials pertaining to Congregation Beth Shalom (commemoration books, memories of Rabbi Gershon Hadas) and a articles and other materials from renowned Jewish scholar Irving Levitas.

Schofield, F.L., Papers, 1912, (C3569)
1 folder
The papers of F.L. Schofield contain a copy of of a letter from Schofield on behalf of commission to erect a Mark Twain monument and marker, to Albert Bigelow Paine, Twain's biographer, and Paine's reply. Identity of the house in which Twain was born, and appropriate inscriptions for the monument and marker are discussed.

Schroeder, Adolf E., Papers, (CA4850)
2 volumes
Addition. Two volumes of handwritten poetry in German.

Scott, James W. (1926-1995) Papers, ca. 1930-2007, (K0554)
4.5 cubic feet
Correspondence, paperwork, political cartoons, various notes and booklets written and/or collected by Scott, reporter, editor, and later vice president of the Kansas City Star Company.

Searing, Laura Redden (1839-1923), Papers, 1846-1963, (C2290)
4 linear feet
The papers of Laura Redden Searing, a poet and author whose works appeared in numer-ous newspapers and magazines, consist of correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, and Searing’s writings. Also included are correspondence, publicity clippings, and photographs of Searing’s daughter, Elsa Searing McGinn.

Seifert, Elizabeth (1897-1983), Papers, 1944 (C0401)
5 folders
Manuscript of Doctor Woodward’s Ambition (originally called "The Hospital"), published by Dodd, Mead & Company in 1945. Also notes, clippings, and two letters from the publishers.

Seifert, Elizabeth, Papers, (CA2735)
0.25 linear feet
Scrapbook contains clippings, cards, correspondence, photographs, and miscellany pertaining to the career of Missouri author Elizabeth Seifert.

Settle, William A., Jr. (1915-1988), Papers, c. 1920-1987, (C3896)
2.5 linear feet; also available on 5 rolls of microfilm
Papers of a University of Tulsa history professor related to his research of the Missouri outlaws Jesse and Frank James, consisting of correspondence, research notes, bibliographies, newspaper clippings, photographs, and ephemera.

Severance Book Review Club (Columbia, Mo.) Records, (C4364)
0.4 cubic feet (9 folders)
The records of a literary club contain constitutions, minutes, and membership lists of the club.

Sexton, Charles E., Papers, (CA3937)
Primarily fictional manuscripts written by Sexton c. 1940s-1970s.

Sexton, Charles E., Papers, (CA3956)
Primarily fictional manuscripts written by Charles Eli Sexton, c. 1940s-1970s.

Shakespeare Club, Clinton, Missouri, Minutes, 1892-1911, (C2477)
3 volumes
The collection contains minutes of the meetings of a ladies' cultural improvement club. Members are listed and the lesson for each meeting described.

Sharp, Grace Marmaduke, "The Hills of Old 'Mizzou,'" n.d., (C1252)
1 folder
Typewritten poem.

Shelton, Everett D., Poems, 1927, (C1253)
1 volume
The Missourian and other poems.

Shelton, Everett D., Poems, 1936-1939, (C3218)
1 folder
Six handwritten booklets of poetry.

Sherman, Sophie Beatrice “Bee” Kurs, Papers, (K0893)
0.07 cubic foot (7 folders, 1 photograph)
The Sophie Beatrice “Bee” Kurs Sherman Papers contain columns, scripts, and song lyrics written by Bee Sherman, a member of Kehilath Israel Synagogue, as well as a certified copy of Sherman’s birth record, a photograph, and two newspaper clippings.

Shoemaker, Floyd C. (1886-1972), "The State Historical Society of MO., A Semicentennial History," 1948, (C1257)
2 volumes
Vol. 1: Author's proof. Vol. 2: Author's manuscript.

Shoemaker-Mattews Family, Scrapbook (C4284)
1 folder
The Shoemaker-Matthews Scrapbook is a collection of poetry and writings collected by the Shoemaker and Matthews family.

Shoemaker, Ralph J., (1906-1980), Papers, 1920-1964, (C3350)
2 linear feet, 2 volumes
The papers contain correspondence, transcriptions of speeches, and pamphlets about newspaper libraries; correspondence and news coverage about publication of The President's Words; reports; copies of Subject Classification for Clipping and Picture Files by Shoemaker; and World War II photographs.

Shoemaker, Ralph J. (1906-1980), Papers, (CA4298)
6 linear feet, 1 volume
Postcard collections, scrapbooks, and miscellaneous writings. Shoemaker was a newspaper librarian.

Shoemaker, Ralph J., Papers, (CA4500)
0.2 linear feet
Addition. Miscellaneous collected material and some writings.

Shoemaker-Mathews, Scrapbook, n.d., (CA2159)
1 volume
Bound collection of poems which were probably clipped from newspapers in the 1800s and pasted into a scrapbook.

SHSMO-KC Library Collection, (K0027)
1 cubic foot
An artificial collection of books and other printed items from various sources.

Sinclair, Upton, My Lifetime in Letters, Author’s Proofs, 1960, (C0165)
0.1 linear feet
Galley Proofs of Upton Sinclair’s book, My Lifetime in Letters, published by the University of Missouri Press, 1960. There are corrections and notations in the author’s handwriting.

Smith, Samuel Francis (1808-1895), "America," 1892 (C0409)
1 folder
Autographed copy of poem. OVERSIZE. Included in folder are press release on acquisition and photostat of poem.

Smith, Stanley C. (1928-1999), Papers, 1951-1971, (C3607)
34 folders
Papers of a newspaper editor, tavern operator, teacher, and close friend of the poet John G. Neihardt. Smith managed one of Neihardt's public speaking tours and the two corresponded regularly for twenty years. The papers consist primarily of letters, but also include records related to the 1965 speaking tour, newspaper clippings, and photographs.

Smither, John Milton (1864-1954) Papers, ca. 1920-ca. 1968, (K0819)
2 cubic feet
Smither was known as the "dean of Kansas City poets" and a poetry teacher at the Nelson Gallery. Includes copies of his books, and works and those of other local authors; teaching records and material; photographs; newspapers and magazine clippings; and correspondence.

Snyder, Robert McClure, Jr. (1876-1937), Papers, 1890-1937, (C3524)
3.6 cubic feet
Correspondence, historical notes, book lists, and photographs of Snyder, joint heir of the Ozark Hahatonka estate, collector of rare books, and writer on many phases of western history, especially Kansas City, MO, and vicinity.

Sporn, Rose Evelyn Kurs (1919-2011) Collection, 1952-2011, (K1166)
17 folders
Sporn was an educator, poet, playwright, and essayist. Includes material concerning B'nai B'rith Women Heart of America Chapter 527 activities, such as the Dolls for Democracy program initiated by the Chapter with Fellowship House. Also Jewish Community Center event programs and her personal remembrances, writings, and photographs.

Stager, Walter, Letter, 1920, (C2786)
1 folder
To J.C. Bay, Chicago, IL, from Sterling, IL, Oct. 30, 1920. Letter of thanks; photograph of Stager Place, Sterling, IL, on stationery.

State Historical Society of Missouri, Typescript Collection, (C0995)
774 items on 14 rolls of microfilm
The State Historical Society of Missouri Typescript Collection consists of typescripts of articles and manuscripts donated over the years to the Historical Society.

The State of Missouri: An Account with Special Reference to Immigration, by Friedrich Muench; translated by Elsa Nagel, n.d., (C2662)
0.4 cubic feet (54 folders)
The papers consist of two translated copies of the book, The State of Missouri; An Account with Special References to German Immigration, 1859, written by Friedrich Muench, an influential German writer and later Missouri politician. The translations were done by Elsa Nagel from the original German, and include one handwritten and one typed copy.

Steele, Cora Ellis, "Mother's White Carnation," n.d., (C2170)
1 folder
The collection contains a poetic tribute to Mother.

Stevens, Walter B[arlow], (1848-1939), "A Terrible Quintette," 1923, (C2109)
1 folder
Notes and manuscript concerning Jesse and Frank James, the Youngers, Charley Pitts, and the attempts to stop their lawlessness in Missouri. T.T. Crittenden, the Pinkertons, and Carl Schurz.

Stewart, Edward L., Papers, (K0113)
0.05 cubic foot (1 folder)
The collection contains a selection of published and unpublished poems written by Edward L. Stewart, a physician from Kansas City, Missouri.

Stix, Judith, 1980-1999, (SA0995)
4 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Sumner, Patrick Walker (1966- ) and Mott-Ly (1962-2007) Punk Rock and Underground Zine Collection, 1981-1995 (K0466)
0.5 cubic feet
The collection primarily contains single issue zines assembled by Mott-Ly and Patrick Sumner. The zines showcase primitive collage and provide information regarding the local 1980s youth scene.

Sussman, Leonard R., Papers, (CA6221)
8.3 cubic feet, 107 audio cassettes, 2 audio discs, 2 CDs, 15 video cassettes
Papers of a journalist and author who served as executive director (1967-1988) of Freedom House, an independent, nongovernmental organization devoted to strengthening free institutions worldwide. Includes articles, clippings, correspondence, diaries, publications, and recordings of interviews and radio and television appearances.


Terry, Elizabeth, Papers (S1232)
3 cubic feet, 1 oversize box, 2.7 gigabytes of born digital files
The Elizabeth Terry Papers consists of book drafts, CD-ROMS, cassette tapes, correspondence, manuscripts, interview summaries, photographs, and photocopies of correspondence and newspapers articles regarding Terry’s research and writing of her book Oysters to Angus: Three Generations of the St. Louis Faust Family. The book recounts the lives of Anthony “Tony” Faust (January 3, 1836-September 28, 1906), a prominent St. Louis City restaurateur and owner of Faust’s Fulton Market; his son, Edward Faust (January 13, 1868-July 5, 1936), founder of the St. Louis Boat and Engineering Company; and his grandson, Leicester Busch Faust (December 22, 1897-August 31, 1979), a prominent St. Louis County farmer, who along with his wife, Mary Plant, donated 200 acres of their land to St. Louis County for what eventually became Faust Park, in Chesterfield, Missouri.

Terry, Howard Leslie, "Adventures in Silence," 1932, (C1271)
1 volume
A novel about a deaf man.

The Missouri Review, Columbia, Missouri, Records, 1977-1982, (C3342)
21 folders, 10 volumes
Records of a literary magazine published by the Department of English at the University of Missouri-Columbia for the purpose of printing poetry, fiction, and essays of general literary interest with a contemporary approach.

The Missouri Review, Columbia, Missouri, Records, (CA5512)
8 linear feet
Addition of correspondence, manuscripts, financial records, submission files, and Missouri Review Online records, c. 1978-1995.

The Missouri Review, Columbia, Missouri, Records, (CA5559)
2 linear feet
Addition of correspondence, manuscripts, financial records, submission records and miscellaneous materials.

The Missouri Review, Columbia, Missouri, Records, (CA5651)
2.5 linear feet
Addition of camera-ready copy for volumes 13, no. 2 through volume 19, no. 1; miscellaneous artwork; and submissions card file for 1990-1995.

The Missouri Review (Columbia, Mo.) Records (CA5670)
40.2 cubic feet, 2 DVDs, 1 roll of microfilm
Addition of office files, manuscript submissions, financial records, galley proofs, correspondence, and miscellaneous material, 1980s-2000s.

The Readers, Columbia, Missouri, Papers, 1925-1978 (C3638)
0.2 linear feet
The origins, history, minutes, and memoriams of The Readers, a Columbia, Missouri, women’s club started in 1925. The club’s emphasis is the reading and discussion of books. Profiles of women from this club give a useful comment on the concerns of educated women in the early twentieth century.

The Readers, Columbia, Missouri, Papers, (CA2467)
1 folder
Notebook containing program of books and articles reviewed by the organization from 1925-1963.

The Readers, Columbia, Missouri, Papers, (CA2837)
1 folder
Addition. Minutes of meetings, 1977-1987, membership lists and constitution.

The Readers, Columbia, Missouri, Papers, (CA3167)
0.4 linear feet
Addition of minutes of meetings, 1989-1996, and a 1928 book of poetry written by an original member, "Our Columns and Other Verses."

The Readers, Columbia, Missouri, Papers, (CA5804)
0.4 cubic feet
Addition of financial and membership records, 1926-1995; organization notebook which includes minutes, book lists, reviews, and discussions, electronic correspondence, constitution and by-laws, brochures, and publications; and member obituaries and eulogies, 2011-2012.

The University Argus, 1891, (C0739)
1 folder
Monthly publication of Athenaean and Union Literary Societies of the University of Missouri. Issue for December 1891.

Thomas, William L. (1846-1918) Collection, 1898-1901, (K0124)
4 volumes
Three volumes of newspaper and magazine clippings on Cuba and the War with Spain in 1898. A fourth volume includes articles Thomas wrote and published in his School and Home, an educational paper he founded, edited and published.

Thompson, Dorothy Brown (1896-1994) Papers, 1860s-1994, (K0695)
52 cubic feet
Personal papers, writings, and research materials of Thompson, a poet and genealogist. Includes personal and professional materials: poetry manuscripts, correspondence, diaries, scrapbooks, photographs, and ephemera. Secondly, her extensive genealogical research includes specific family lines, correspondence, and historical publications. Also materials of her husband and son.

Todd, Helen (1912-1990), Manuscripts, 1934-1942, (C0176)
0.2 linear feet
Original manuscripts for three stories, "So Free We Seem," "A Man Named Grant," and "The Roots of the Tree."

Tuesday Literary Club (1896- ), Program, 1974-1975, (S0115)
44 Pages
St. Louis reading club, founded in 1896 and affiliated with the Missouri Federation of Women's Clubs, 1897.


Unger, Arthur (1924-2004), Papers, 1943-2004, (C4027)
10.8 linear feet, 77 audio cassettes, 2 audio tapes, 4 audio discs, 5 CDs, 1 video cassette
Arthur Unger was an entertainment journalist who reviewed movies and television shows for the Christian Science Monitor and Ingenue. He edited several magazines as wide-ranging as Mechanix Illustrated and Datebook and toured with the Beatles. The collection includes recordings, transcripts, and notes from his interviews with celebrities, his writings, Beatles publications, and personal materials.

Union Cemetery Historical Society Records, 1991-2005, (K1224)
2 volumes
Bound volumes of "The Epitaph," the Society's newsletter.

Union Literary Society, University of Missouri, Papers, 1871-1872, (C0625)
1 folder
Constitution and bylaws of the Union Literary Society at the University of Missouri. Program of the society's annual exhibition, 5 April 1872.

Union Literary Society of University of Missouri, Record Books, 1842-1916, (C0448)
0.8 linear feet
Records of the constitution with amendments, roll of members and the proceedings of the meetings.

University of Missouri, Debating Club Record Book, 1902-1913, (C1181)
1 volume
The record book contains the secretary's record, including minutes of meetings and membership.

University of Missouri, English Club, Papers, 1903 (C0098)
0.25 linear feet
Papers of the club, including stories, songs, and poems written by members of the organization in 1903. Roll of members and part of a letter to Emma Simmons.

University of Missouri, Jean Ingelow Society, Record Book, 1870-1877, (C1182)
1 volume
The record book contains list of members, minutes of meetings, and constitution of a University of Missouri women's literary society.

University of Missouri, Young Ladies’ Philalaethean Society, Record Book, 1888-1895, (C1185)
1 volume
Minutes and membership lists of a literary society.


Vail, Robert William Glenroie (1890-1968), Letter, 1935, (C2784)
1 folder
From Worcester, MA, Aug. 21, 1935. Information in reply to an inquiry [by J. Christian Bay] regarding the first printing of ""America.""

Van Buskirk, Kathleen, Papers, (CA6208)
6 linear feet, 1 video cassette
Manuscripts and research materials of an author who wrote about the Ozarks. Includes records of the Taneyhills Library Club of Branson, Missouri, and genealogy files on several families.

Venable, Mrs. William Henry, Letter, n.d., (C2788)
1 folder
To J.C. Bay, Chicago, IL, from Cincinnati, OH, n.d. Letter informing Bay that there are no plans to publish a new edition of Beginning of Literary Culture in the Ohio Valley by William Henry Venable.


Warder, George Woodward, Papers, (K0131)
0.08 cubic foot (2 folders)
The George Woodward Warder Papers contain a photocopied scrapbook of prose and poetry written by Warder. Additional materials include photocopied clippings from various newspapers.

Warren, George H., Letter, [1919], (C2789)
1 folder
To J.C. Bay, Chicago, IL, from Minneapolis, MN. Letter announcing dispatch of complimentary copy of "The Pioneer Woodsman as He is Related to Lumbering in the Northwest" by George H. Warren.

Warren, Susan (1919-1989) Papers, 1943-1989, (K0508)
5 cubic feet
Personal correspondence, research materials, lecture notes, photographs, audiotapes, travel materials, ephemera and journals containing Warren’s observations of China during her work as an editor and writer and her travels to China.

Warshaw, Jacob (1878-1944), Papers, 1910-1944, (C0036)
12 linear feet, 12 volumes
Correspondence and papers of the Chairman of the Department of Spanish at the University of Missouri from 1926 to 1944. Copies of articles written by Warshaw for scholarly publications, extensive notes on Spanish and Latin American literature and life. Letters are about departmental matters, personal affairs, and Spanish scholarship.

Webb, W.L., "The Republic of Missouri," n.d., (C1286)
1 volume
History of Missouri by an Independence, MO, newspaperman.

WEBSTER REVIEW Records, (CA4433)
0.4 linear feet
Issues, correspondence and some financial records of a literary magazine.

Weeks, Raymond L. (1863-1954), Papers, 1873-1954, (C1045)
5.4 linear feet, 10 audio discs
The papers of Raymond L. Weeks contain primarily correspondence regarding his academic career in Romance languages, philology, and phonetics at the universities of Michigan, Missouri, and Illinois; and Columbia University in New York City. Much of this correspondence concerns faculty positions and topics such as academic freedom and university politics, during the 1890s through 1940s. Royalty statements for Weeks' works, postcards, poetry, photographs, newspapers clippings, and articles and scholarly writings make up the rest of the collection.

Welshimer Helen, Papers, (R1458)
0.02 cubic foot (1 folder, 1 volume)
The Helen Welshimer Papers consists of the book, Souvenirs and Other Selected Poems written by Helen Welshimer.

Wescott, Roger W. (1925-2000), Papers, (CA5894)
16.3 linear feet, 10 audio cassettes
Papers of a linguist and anthropologist include publications and unpublished writing, correspondence, research material, and miscellaneous personal and professional papers, 1930s-2000.

Westport Branch/National League of Pen Women Records, 1936-1990, (K0308)
3 cubic feet
Minutes of the monthly meeting and irregular business meetings, official and unofficial correspondence, scrapbooks, news clippings, programs, financial records, roosters, newsletters, general administrative files including work done by Pen Women, and photographs.

Wharton, Walter William (1908-1985), Papers, c. 1912-1985, (C3772)
2.5 linear feet
Papers of a Missouri poet and writer, trade magazine editor, book reviewer, and lecturer. The papers include correspondence, books, newspaper clippings, poetry, sketches, and plays.

Wharton, Walter William, Papers, (CA5177)
1 folder
Addition to papers of a Missouri poet, writer and book reviewer. Consists of a satirical newsletter, Saint Clair Sandpaper, he published for his friends.

Wharton, Walter William, Papers, (CA5474)
1 folder
Addition. Manuscript copy of untitled, incomplete novel written by Wharton. Consists of the first 109 pages.

White, Ann Peppard (1893-1982) Papers, 1870s-2009, (K0652)
10 cubic feet
Personal papers and writings of White, one-time columnist for the Kansas City Star, and her daughter Kate who did interviews with her mother and edited the stories. Included is correspondence, postcards, scrapbooks, publications, newsletters, books, photographs, oral history transcriptions, and audiocassettes.

White, Dr. Park J. (1891-1987), Papers, 1911-1981, (S0461)
64 Folders
The Park J. White Papers, 1911-1981, document Dr. White's efforts to integrate medical care in St. Louis; his tenure as director of Homer G. Phillips Hospital; and his life-long hobby of writing and publishing poems.

Wilcox, Lute M., Letter, 1922, (C2790)
1 folder
The papers contain a letter to J.C. Bay, Chicago, Illinois, from Denver, Colorado, Sept. 29, 1922. Letter discusses sketches written by Wilcox while a journalist, old books and book dealers, and historical information.

Wilder Family Photograph, (P0294)
1 photograph
Copy photo of Laura & Almanzo Wilder.

Wilder, Laura Ingalls (1867-1957), Papers, 1894-1943, (C3633)
34 folders
Papers of the author of the "Little House" series of children's stories. Manuscripts, a diary, and some correspondence are included.

Willens, Sidney L. (1926- ) Collection, 1976-2010, (K1190)
25 folders
Willens was an attorney specializing in civil liberty issues in Kansas City, MO. includes correspondence, news articles, Jackson County Office of Human Relations and Citizen Complaints Reports, and Willins' writings on the value of humor.

Williams, Frances Royster (1900-1998) Papers, 1913-1997, (K0249)
57 cubic feet
The collection contains original drawings and sketches of the illustration artist Frances Royster Williams. The collection focuses on Williams’ long running children’s comic Cuddles and Tuckie, with newspaper clippings, promotional materials, radio scripts, and printing plates. Additionally, there are family papers and photographs, correspondence, fan mail, and illustration work of Williams’ prior to Cuddles and Tuckie.

Williams, Paul Eugene (1933-2011) Papers, 1967-1995, (K0844)
2 cubic feet
Book reviews, articles, research notes, explanatory notes, interviews, clippings, and correspondence of Williams, a Kansas City poet and author. Also material from various wildlife organizations, newsletters, biographical material and an anthology of poetry by the Russian poet, Marina Cvetaeva compiled by Williams.

Wilson, Andrew J. (1824-1897), “The Twenty-four Presidents,” n.d., (C0484)
1 folder
Poem by a member of a Missouri regiment in the Civil War.

Wilson, Suzanne, Papers, (SP0004)
9 cubic feet (382 folders, 1 oversize, approximately 75 photographs)
The papers consist of the fiction, nonfiction, and personal correspondence of free-lance writer Suzanne Wilson (1937- ). The papers cover a variety of topics, but many deal with nature. The bulk of her work was created for Scouting Magazine.

Winter, Alice Bernice Greer (1919-2006) Papers, 1944-1996, (K0868)
9 cubic feet
Draft manuscripts, letters, photographs, and other materials of Winter, a Kansas City novelist and short story author.

Wood, Gordon R., Papers, (CA5416)
3 linear feet, A/V material
Papers and research materials of an English language dialectologist and teacher. Also includes family history and World War II papers.

Wright, Ruth Osborne, Papers, (SA1023)
62 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.


Youmans, Raymond Orlando (1893-1974) Papers, 1906-1953, (K1139)
10 cubic feet
Youmans was a retired psychologist, a publisher and printer, educator, and clergyman. Includes materials related to Youmans' publishing business: financial records, books published and/or distributed by him, and manuscripts considered or published. Also his instruction notes and other university related materials from the Kansas City University (Kansas City, KS).


Zwicky, Arnold M., Papers, (CA5781)
24 linear feet
Correspondence, teaching and research materials, and administrative records of a professor of linguistics, 1960s-1990s.

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