Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Manuscript Collections

Collections that document the history, culture, and campaign efforts of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer communities.

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"Alternate News" Collection, 1982-1985, (K0193)
12 folders
Scattered issues of a weekly newsletter published in Kansas City, MO, directed to the gay and lesbian community.

American Civil Liberties Union, Mid-Missouri Chapter, Records, 1968-1984, (C1735)
0.4 linear feet
The records of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Mid-Missouri Chapter, con-sist of case files, correspondence, and meeting minutes.


Banaszynski, Jacqui, Papers (CA6200)
5.75 linear feet
Papers of a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and journalism educator who worked for several Midwest and Pacific Northwest newspapers. Includes articles, research materials, interview notes, correspondence, and datebooks.

Barnett, Mary Jane (1908-1997), Papers, 1913-1997, (CG0004)
2.2 cubic feet (24 folders), 1 film reel, 1 videocassette
The collection of Mary Jane Barnett contains correspondence, photographs, diaries, scrapbooks, business-related trade journal materials, a Narcotic Register, and miscellaneous papers for Mary Jane "Miss Jane" Barnett and her life and business partner, Elaine "Tommie" Davis.


Cave, Michael (1944-1991), Papers, 1944-1997, (C2157)
7.6 linear feet, 21 audio cassettes, 62 audio tapes, 27 video cassettes, 1 compact disk, and 1 record
The Michael Cave Papers consist of personal and professional correspondence, business records, audiovisual material, and the compositions of Cave, a pianist and composer.

Chorlton, Tom (1946-2014), Papers, (CA5803)
37.75 cubic feet, 29 video cassettes, 2 audio cassettes, 1 audio tape
Papers of an educator, political activist, and gay rights advocate. Includes correspondence, meeting and event material, clippings, and miscellaneous records and personal papers, 1960s-2010s. Also included is research material and drafts for Chorlton's book The First American Republic.


Dalton, John M. (1900-1972), Papers, 1921-1965 (C2417)
130.3 linear feet, 1 CD
Personal and official papers of a Democratic governor of Missouri, 1961-1965. Includes some material from his term as Missouri attorney general.


Estevez, Victor, Collection, 1982-1996, (C4261)
0.5 cubic feet (17 folders), 1 oversize scrapbook
The papers of Victor Estevez contain material from organizations Estevez was a member of, newspaper clippings related to HIV/AIDS and LGBTQ+ activism, and personal papers. It also contains the papers of Carl Megl, a friend of Estevez and the first student at the University of Missouri, Columbia, to die of AIDS related complications.


Ferguson, James, Collection, 1988, (S0880)
1 box
Vandeventor Nights: A Tale of Gay Life in the Midwest (and a party you won't want to miss), 1988 by Jerrold Rabushka, manuscript.

Ford, Michael Allen, Papers, (SA0882)
1 box
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.


Gay News-Telegraph, Records, 1981-1986, (S0445)
20 Folders, 1 Tape, 3 Microfilm Rolls
The Gay News-Telegraph records (1981-1986) are divided into two series: (1) Unpublished Articles, Newsclippings, Newsletters, and Posters, 1981-1986; and (2) the Gay News-Telegraph (1981-1986). The records include copies of the newsletter No Bad News from 1982-1985, and all issues and unused copy of the Gay News-Telegraph 1981-1986. The records also include posters from Gay Pride Week celebrations in 1981 and 1983 and an oral history interview with the Gay News-Telegraph editor, Jim Thomas (T-844).

Gibbons, Sheila, Papers, (CA5927)
6.75 cubic feet, 3 computer disks, 4 audio cassettes, 4 video cassettes, 1 DVD
Newsletters, newspaper clippings, columns, journal articles, conferences proceedings, and research papers concerning women and the media. Issues covered include marketing, women in film, news coverage of women, pornography, and women journalists.


History Senior Seminar Papers, Collections, 1992-1993, (S0723)
12 Folders
This collection contains the academic papers of 12 students of the 1992 and 1993 History Senior Seminar 393, taught by Dr. Gerda Ray of the University of Missouri - St. Louis. Topics vary from broad historical perspectives to studies of specific St. Louis ethnic communities.

Hoffhaus, Charles Earl Papers, (K0256)
5 cubic foot
The papers of Charles Earl Hoffhaus consist of chapter drafts for his book Chez les Canses, research materials, maps, brochures, guides, correspondence, photos, clippings, and other articles by him.


Integrity, Inc. Newsletters, 1984-1985, (K0194)
1 folders
Scattered issues of a newsletter of Integrity, Inc., a ministry of the Episcopal Church to the Gay and Lesbian community. Kansas City chapter formed in 1984.


Lesbian Alliance Of St. Louis, Missouri, 1972- ), Records, 1973-1980, (S0129)
4 Folders
This St. Louis based lesbian-feminist organization sponsors a newsletter, previously a magazine, both titled Moonstorm; workshops; a speakers' bureau; and a women's coffee house. Collection includes publications, programs, posters and literature.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender History Project, (SA1038)
11 boxes, oversize
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

LGBT Periodicals Library, 1986-2014, (SA1177)
5 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.


Mahieu, Brian, Papers, (CA6465)
0.2 cubic feet
Personal papers of a plein air landscape painter from Central Missouri include writings, correspondence, photographs, and miscellaneous material.

McGough, Barbara J., Collection, 1977-2001, (S0780)
6 Folders
This collection also contains one large banner and sash affixed with ERA political buttons donated by McGough, by way of the estate of Dorothy "Dottie" Tegeler (10/22/1945 to 11/23/1999). The banner was part of Missouri Now's convention boycott of unratified states. The boycott was part of the strategy called by the National Organization for Women in 1977 (and continued through the end of the extension period on June 30, 1982) to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.

McGough Barbara J., Papers (S1099)
12 cubic feet
The Barbara J. McGough Papers contains correspondence, photographs, calendars, scrapbooks, and newspaper and magazine clippings pertaining to her activism in the LGBTQ and feminist movements in St. Louis and the Midwest. Interspersed in the collection are newsletters and pamphlets produced by LGBTQ businesses and groups, including Moonstrom, as well as McGough’s handwritten notes documenting the connections and networks she made throughout her life.

McKay, Ann Bryan Mariano (1932-2009), Papers, c. 1892-2009, (C4009)
MICROFILM (Newspapers only)
16.25 linear feet, 26 audio cassettes, 1 16 mm film, 10 rolls of microfilm, 1 computer disc
The papers of Ann Bryan Mariano McKay, a journalist and Vietnam War correspondent, consist primarily of material relating to her work on the independent newspaper, Overseas Weekly, and include newspapers, newspaper copy, photographs, correspondence, and legal materials regarding a lawsuit over distribution of the newspaper in Vietnam. Other materials in the collection document her work with Vietnamese orphanages, as well as various aspects of both her personal and professional life, including a return trip to Vietnam in 1995 with her adopted daughter.

Metropolitan Community Church Of Greater St. Louis (1973- ), Addenda, 1970-1992, (S0543)
195 Folders
This collection contains much information concerning the Gay and Lesbian community in St. Louis. It also provides a wealth of information on the MCC and the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches (UFMCC). The materials reflect many of the activities of the church and some of its members since its founding. The collection also contains publications, both general and referring to religious organizations, which represents an even smaller group of the gay and lesbian community. This collection is valuable for the insights it provides, but should be used with other gay and lesbian collections in order to provide a more complete perspective of this diverse group of individuals.

Metropolitan Community Church of Greater St. Louis, (S0334)
5 Folders
MCC is a chartered church of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches, MCC, is open to all persons, regardless of age, national origin, race, socio-economic status, sexual preference, or religious persuasion. Includes flyers and The New Light, the monthly newsletter.

Metropolitan Community Church of Greater St. Louis Records (SA4370)
3 cubic feet
This accretion to the Metropolitan Community Church of Greater St. Louis Records 
(MCCGSL) contains reel-to-reel tapes of sermons and choirs delivered by former MCCGSL pastors, Metropolitan Community Churches District Conferences, and sermons delivered by Reverend Troy Perry, the founder of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Church.

Metropolitan Community Church of Greater St. Louis Records (SA4371)
11 cubic feet
This accretion to the Metropolitan Community Church of Greater St. Louis (MCCGSL) contains bylaws, correspondence, histories, meeting minutes, photographs and videos, pertaining to the church’s mission to serve and spread the word of Christ to the LGBTQ+ community in St. Louis.

Mid-Continent Life Services Corporation Records, 1975-1978, (S0050)
82 Folders
The Mid-Continent Life Services Corporation records document the founding and development of the group, its incorporation, application and approval of IRS tax exemption status, corporate organization and by-laws, correspondence, surveys, publications, and mailings from 1975 to 1978. Included with the collection is the log of MLSC's telephone hotline, including the time, nature and types of referrals for calls received from October, 1975, to October, 1978. Mailings and publications from other local, state and national groups, from 1975-1978, are contained in the records.

Midcontinent Life Services Addenda, (SA1052)
1 box
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Missouri Coalition for Correctional Justice, Records, 1973-1982, (C3911)
1 linear foot
The Missouri Coalition for Correctional Justice (MCCJ) was organized on 14 June 1975, as an expansion and replacement for the Missouri Citizens for Corrections which was active from 1973 through 1974. The coalition's purpose was to educate the public on prison conditions and promote programs of education and rehabilitation in cooperation with the Missouri State Division of Corrections. Grants from the Missouri Committee for the Humanities sponsored classes and tutoring sessions at the Missouri State Prison and the Renz Correctional Facility in Jefferson City, and the Women's State Correctional Prison in Tipton. Later grants funded panel discussions across the state. The narrative grant proposals and final reports, which detail the programming, are within the collection. MCCJ was a cooperative effort of many organizations and individuals but Dr. J. Noel Heermance, professor of English at Lincoln University, Jefferson City, was the director and driving force.

Missouri National Organization for Women, Records, 1967-1982, (C0781)
5.5 linear feet, 2 video cassettes
Records of Missouri state chapter of the National Organization for Women. Contains financial records, conference materials, meeting minutes, city chapter materials, membership lists, correspondence, newsletters, publicity materials, and project files.


New Directions for News, Research Project, Papers, 1972-1988, (C3901)
7.4 linear feet and 1 audio cassette
Papers consist of newspaper clippings, research data, reports, correspondence and miscellaneous material documenting a 1981-1983 research project that analyzed U.S. newspaper coverage of several women's issues and events of the previous decade and published its findings in a report in 1983. Virginia R. Allan was director, Catherine East was issues specialist, and Dorothy Misener Jurney was media specialist on the project. The project led to the establishment of an independent newspaper think tank and research organization of the same name at the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism. Material related to the MU program is in a separate collection.


Outlook St. Louis, Collection, 1994-1995, (S1046)
7 folders
The Outlook St. Louis videotape collection features episodes of this show that focused on political and cultural events that took place within the St. Louis area.


Personal Rights Of Missourians (PROMO), Records, (SA0960)
10 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Prisoner Advocacy and Education Project, Records, 1971-1982, (C2636)
6 linear feet, 2 audio cassettes
The Prisoner Advocacy and Education Project was a Columbia, Missouri, organization, sponsored by KOPN Radio, which advocated prison reform and prisoner rights and sought to educate the public on prison conditions. The collection includes the records of the Zebra Sunrise radio program, correspondence from inmates, inmate periodicals and literary journals, and subject files on prisons, prisoners, and the criminal justice system. See also Collection No. 3111.

Privacy Rights Education Project (PREP) (1986- ), Records, 1990-2000, (S0738)
57 Folders
The St. Louis-based Privacy Rights Education Project (PREP) formed in July 1986 as a response to the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Bowers V. Hardwick, in which the court upheld the Georgia sodomy law. PREP, a not-for-profit organization, was founded with the goal of furthering the cause of privacy rights in general, and gay and lesbian rights in particular. With more than 200 members, the organization lobbies for sexual orientation equality. The organization's legislative accomplishments include the 1992 AIDS bill, blocking passage of bills that prohibit sexual minorities from adopting children, blocking passage of mandatory HIV testing, blocking same-sex marriage legislation, and authoring legislation regarding shared living. In order to achieve its goals, PREP partners with other organizations including the Missouri Progressive Vote Coalition; Older Women's League (OWL); various pro-choice groups; and other gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender organizations.


Slam! Magazine, (SA0992)
1 box
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

St. Louis Lesbian And Gay Archives (1987- ), Collection, 1972-1992, (S0545)
349 Folders
This collection represents an invaluable addition to WHMC's holdings. This gay and lesbian community is all too often under-represented in historical collections. The collection documents the history of the gay and lesbian community in St. Louis well and provides the researcher with complete, or near complete, runs of several different publications. This collection forms the core of the gay and lesbian collections housed in WHMC and should be used in conjunction with them.

St. Louis Lesbian and Gay Archives Collection, Addenda, 1992-2008, (S0766)
58 Folders
The collection documents the history of the gay and lesbian community in St. Louis well and provides the researcher with complete, or near complete, runs of several different publications. This collection forms the core of the gay and lesbian collections housed in WHMC and should be used in conjunction with them.

St. Louis Lesbian And Gay Archives, (SA0972)
11 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

St. Louis Lesbian & Gay Pride Celebration Committee, (1979- ), Records, 1983-1992, (S0544)
18 Folders, 1 Tape, 1 Roll Microfilm
Much of the material contained within this collection is sporadic at best. Most of the guides to the Gay and Lesbian Pride Celebrations can be found in the St. Louis Gay and Lesbian Archives. The microfilm records, however, are an invaluable record of the activities of the committee in St. Louis, virtually from its inception. It is important to note, however, that the microfilm contained within this collection is restricted! Written permission from the St. Louis Gay and Lesbian Pride Celebration Committee is required before access may be granted! This collection, while not very complete, is priceless because it documents the activities of a section of the population which is often ignored.

Stephens, Helen Collection (C3552)
6.0 cubic feet (290 folders, 4 volumes, 100 oversize items)
The papers of the 1936 Olympic track champion contain her Olympic diary, correspondence, publicity clippings, posters, photographs, and other materials related to her long athletic career, both professional and recreational. Newsletters from her employers, Curlee Clothing Company, Curtiss-Wright Corporation, and the Defense Mapping Agency, along with some personal documents, are also included.

Sweet, Nan, Herstory Project, 1988, (S0865)
3 cassettes
Interviews with four politically active members of St. Louis' lesbian community, 1988.


Tamony, Peter (1902-1985), Collection, 1890-1985, (C3939)
877.6 linear feet
Correspondence, articles, research files, personal papers, audio tapes, and word files of a noted etymologist and neologist of San Francisco. The collection primarily relates to the study of American colloquial language and neologisms but also includes rare jazz journals and materials on sports.

The Lesbian And Gay News Telegraph, Addenda, 1987-1994, (S0499)
27 Folders, 3 Rolls Of Microfilm
This addenda continues the second series of the original collection, S0445. It consists of the copies of the Lesbian and Gay News Telegraph from 1987 to the present day.


UM-St. Louis Women's Studies Program, Collection Of Publications, (S0489)
240 Folders, 5 Boxes
The UM-St. Louis Women's Studies Program Collection of Publications is a broad collection of newspapers, magazines, articles, posters, convention notes, and newsletters from all across the United States ranging from 1949 to 1988. Most of the titles included in this collection, unfortunately, have only one or two issues included here. Although the dates given are fairly broad, most of the publications are from 1969 to 1971.


Wagaman, Lisa (1943-2009), Papers, 1974-1992, (S0542)
112 Folders
Much of the material contained in this collection is visual media. Lisa collected posters, flyers, t-shirts, and other visual material from Gay and Lesbian events from all over North America. Her involvement in the Pride Coordinators Association (IAL/GPC) has enabled her to collect material from Pride Celebration all over the country and she has generously shared this wealth in this collection. In addition to the visual material, also included in the collection are copies of newspapers, pride guides, and other publications which target the gay and lesbian community. All of this information is informative and entertaining, but unfortunately most of the publications are sporadic. There are a few complete runs of publications in the collection, but it is best used with the other gay and lesbian collections housed in the repository. This collection, however, contains valuable information and fills in gaps which the other gay and lesbian collections contain.

Wagaman, Lisa Addenda, (SA1009)
4 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Weitzel, Carla (1953-2000), Papers, 1970-1999, (C2154)
1.8 linear feet, 6 audio cassettes
The papers of Carla Weitzel, a sociology graduate student at the University of Missouri-Columbia, consist of newspaper clippings, magazine articles, correspondence, posters, pamphlets, photographs, and miscellaneous materials. The materials document civil rights issues, particularly the anti-apartheid and divestment movement that occurred on the University of Missouri-Columbia campus during the mid-1980s.

Western Historical Manuscript, St. Louis, Vertical File, 1968-2004, (S0694)
508 Folders
The collection documents a variety of subjects relating to St. Louis' history. It contains single files with a small amount of general information on a variety of topics. Arranged alphabetically.