Labor Manuscript Collections

Union records, papers of labor leaders and organizations, and materials on labor related issues.

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ACTWU Addenda, 1893-1993, (S0839)
138 Folders
The Addenda includes membership ledgers, minutes books, newsletters, financial statements and convention proceedings and reports for the Amalgamated Clothing and textiles Workers unions and its predecessor and affiliate unions, the Missouri AFL-CIO, the Journeyman Tailor's Union Local 11 and the International Brotherhood of Longshoremen. Also contains literature included with the union's office library.

AFL-CIO Community Services, (SA0845)
8 Boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Agricultural Wheel No. 657, High Gate, Missouri, Records, 1880-1890, (R0396)
2 folders, photocopies
These are records of the local chapter of the Agricultural Wheel at High Gate in Maries County, Missouri. The records include the constitution, by-laws, membership roster and minutes of meetings, and a pamphlet containing the constitutions of the National Farmers' and Laborers' Union of America, and the Farmers' and Laborers' Union of Missouri.

Allen, Donna (1920-1999), Papers, 1920-1992, (C3795)
18.6 linear feet, 18 audio cassettes, 1 audio disc
The papers of the director of the Women's Institute for Freedom of the Press and editor of Media Report to Women include professional correspondence and printed materials on sex and race discrimination cases, media stereotypes, public broadcasting, women's news, national and international women's conferences, and women in management. The papers also document Allen’s involvement in labor, civil rights, and anti-war activism.

Allied Printing Trades Council (1893- ), Records, 1894-1980, (S0798)
31 Folders, 9 Ledgers, 2 Microfilm Rolls
The Allied Printing Trades Council developed out of the International Typographical Union in 1893, when it created a separate insignia to acknowledge the work of new locals. By the early 1900s, printing pressmen, book binders, stereotypers, electrotypers and photoengravers had formed their own international unions. In 1910 they formed the International Allied Printing Trades Association. Paper makers and Lithographers joined in 1911 and 1912. In addition to promoting the Allied label, a registered trademark in 47 states by 1914, the Association presided over inter-union disputes, including feuds between mailers and women bindery workers in St. Louis. The St. Louis Allied Printing Trades Council formed on November 20, 1893.

Amalgamated Association Of Street Railway Employees Division 131, Secretary's Book, 1899-1901, (S0664)
1 Volume
Scrapbook of the St. Louis street car strike of 1900. Includes "The Great Strike: A Short History: Data, Scenes and Incidents," newsclippings; and striker support letters and telegraphs. Also contains rank discharge from Knights of Pythias and insurance application for the Woodmen Accident Association.

Amalgamated Clothing And Textile Workers Union, 1933-1984, (S0741)
3157 Folders, 8 Books, 518 Photographs
The Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America helped transform American labor from the sweatshop conditions of the poor immigrant workers to America at the turn of the 20th century into a social work force with improved wages, working environments, a 40 hour work week and life-long protections for health care and retirement of workers. It helped create the Congress of Industrial Organizations and merged together the Textile Workers Union of America; the International Ladies' Garment Workers Union; the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Union; and the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America. The joined unions today exist under the name UNITE HERE and represent a quarter of a million workers.

Amalgamated Clothing Workers Of America, Local 495, Records, 1965- 1969, (S0165)
3 Folders
Bylaws, constitution, newsletters, circulars, memos from the St. Louis Legislative Committee, correspondence, certificate, and legislative training manual from a member of Local 495.

American Association of University Women, Ferguson-Florissant Branch Records, (S1163)
8 cubic feet (92 folders, 12 volumes, 638 photographs)
The records of the American Association of University Women (AAUW), Ferguson-Florissant Branch contain correspondence, meeting minutes, newsletters, yearbooks, and reports relating to the group’s mission to empower women in their community through public service, education, political lobbying. Topics of interest include histories of the Ferguson-Florissant Branch, the group’s participation in the Famous American Women Project, as well as their publication of Show-Me the Arts: A Guide to Missouri’s Cultural Resources. Also included in these records are the branch’s scrapbooks, containing extensive photographic documentation of their meetings and charitable endeavors, including the Annual Book Fair. The materials date from 1959 to 2015.

American Federation Of Technical Engineers AFL-CIO, Records, 1941-1972, (S0385)
125 Folders
The collection contains correspondence, minutes, contracts and strike project files, publications, financial ledgers and reports, and convention reports of Local 23, the Midwest Council of AFTE, and of the International Federation of Technical Engineers, Architects, and Draftsmen's Unions. In 1950 the International changed its name to the American Federation of Technical Engineers and it retained that name into the 1970's.


Bakers' Union, Local 4 (1885- ), Collection, 1911-1916, (S0117)
1 Folder
St. Louis German bakers sent delegates to the first national meeting of bakers in Pittsburgh in February 1886 and received a charter as No. 15. The local supported the eight hour day movement and helped organized the Central Trades and Labor Union. Rivalry with the English-speaking local was resolved in 1906 when both were united as Local No. 4. Includes 30th anniversary souvenir program (1916), silver jubilee edition of The Bakers' Journal (1911), and photograph of bakers @1911.

Bakers' Union, Local 4 (1885- ) Records, 1897-1958, (S0182)
40 Volumes On 7 Microfilm Rolls
The records of the St. Louis Bakers Union Local 4 contain membership and executive board meeting minutes in addition to financial records and membership lists in both German and English languages.

Barber, Leslie S. (1885-1966) Papers, 1950-1966, (K0118)
10 folders
Research notes and writing relating to biographical sketches of postal clerks who worked on the Kansas City and Pueblo Railway Post Office line. Also included are lists of postal clerks who served on other lines as well as reminiscences about Barber's family and friends. Genealogical notes on the Barber family and assorted newspaper clippings is included.

Bauder, Russell S., (1902-1987), Papers, 1910-1971 (C3347)
24.7 linear feet
The papers of Russell S. Bauder, University of Missouri professor, economist, and arbitrator, consists of arbitration cases and labor agreements, 1929-1971; U.S. Employment Service papers, 1935-1939; U.S. National War Labor Board, Wage Stabilization, 1942-1952; speeches and articles, 1932-1943; miscellaneous economics papers and correspondence, 1939-1949; and miscellaneous reference materials, 1910-1960.

Bemis Bag Company, Records, 1858-1976, (S0683)
30 Folders, 83 Photographs
The Bemis Bag Company are divided into three series. In series one the Bemis Bag contains articles and correspondence in alphabetical and chronologically, folders 1-13. In series two contains newsclippings and reports in alphabetical and chronologically, folders 14-20. In series three contains scrapbook. In series four contains yearbooks. In series five contains photographs arranged chronologically, folders 21-30.

Brewers, Maltsters and General Labor Departments, Local Union Number 6, St. Louis, Missouri, Minutes, 1898-1940, (C0584)
2 rolls of microfilm
Roll 1 contains volume 1, March 14, 1898-July 14, 1918, in German. Roll 2 contains volume 2, July 28, 1918-January 1, 1940, in English. Labor-management relations, beer production prohibition, participation in politics, international union policy and relations with other trade unions; World War I, American Socialist Party, Eugene V. Debs, Tom Mooney.

Brookfield, Dutton (1917-1979), Papers, 1844-1979, (C2732)
72.4 linear feet and 5 audio cassettes
The papers of Dutton Brookfield contain the business, political and personal papers and photographs of a Kansas City, MO, community leader. Brookfield was President of Unitog Company (1953-1979), a mayoral candidate (1963, 1971), and on boards of numerous corporations and educational and civic organizations. Family papers include letters from the Civil War, World War I and II, and Vietnam.

Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen, Lodge No. 634, Records, 1916-1932, (C0885)
2 folders
The recording secretary's books for Lodge 634 of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen in Brookfield, MO.

Brownson, George W. (1858-1950) Papers, 1929, (K0346)
5 folders
Correspondence and telegrams congratulating Brownson upon his retirement from Western Union Telegraph Company after 55 years. Also a brief history of the telegraph in Kansas City.

Burbank, David T., Collection, 1934-1935, (S0239)
1 Microfilm Roll, 1 Oral History (T-0217)
The St. Louis Gas House Workers Union, Local 1879 organized one of the earliest strikes against a public utility in the United States in 1935. Burbank served as one of the editors of the daily strike bulletin. He modeled it after a similar bulletin from a 1934 strike in Minneapolis. Contains volume 1, No. 1-82 of Gas House Worker (St. Louis) and Vol. 1, No. 1-45 of The Organizer (Minneapolis).

Burbank, David T. (1912-1987), Papers, 1932-1966, (S0469)
104 Folders, 1 Book
The Burbank papers primarily contain correspondence and research materials for his book, Reign of the Rabble, an account of the St. Louis general strike in 1877. The collection also includes Burbank's personal papers as well as newsletters and literature he collected from regional labor and socialist organizations.


Calloway, Ernest (1909-1989), Addenda, 1932-1989, (S0540)
686 Folders, 666 Photographs
The Ernest Calloway addenda contains a great deal more material than the original collection (S0011). It documents his education and his various careers as a labor organizer, politician, civil rights worker, journalist and teacher. It includes articles by and about Calloway, complete runs of newspapers he published, studies, reports and article he compiled, material from his tenure as St. Louis NAACP president and his political campaigns. It also includes college notes and texts, church programs, plaques and certificates. The Ernest Calloway addenda also contains many photographs, from his personal collection and that of newspapers he edited. The bulk of the material dates from 1932 but two church programs collected by Calloway date from 1921 and 1927 (see series 8).

Calloway, Ernest (1909-1989), Addenda, 1948-1984, (S0550)
59 Folders, 8 Tapes
Divided into three series: 1. Correspondence, 1949-1984, folders 1-26; 2. Projects Files, 1948-1984, folder 27-59; 3. Tapes, 1959 (T550.1-T550.8).

Calloway, Ernest (1909-1989), Papers, 1937-1983, (S0011)
78 Folders, 2 Tapes, 1 Bound Volume
The Ernest Calloway papers of 1937 to 1980 document Calloway's activities as president of the St. Louis NAACP, political analyst for Teamsters' Local 688, political activist in St. Louis and a lecturer on urban problems for St. Louis University.

Camp Solidarity, Inc. (1937- ) Records, 1937-1978 , (S0184)
4 Volumes On 2 Microfilm Rolls
The collection contains minutes of general and board meetings, financial records, membership lists, correspondence, the Camp's newsletter (Solidarity Slants), and flyers. Complementary collections which include information on Camp Solidarity and its members are: Socialist Party of Missouri (S0090); Frei Gemeinde von St. Louis (S0037); Vorwaerts Workingmen's Singing Society (S0237); Robert Saunders' autobiography (S0087); Harry Von Romer (S0171); and the photograph collection.

Carpenters' District Council of Greater St. Louis, AFL-CIO, Records, 1892-1979, (C3696)
118 volumes and 290 folders on 34 rolls of microfilm
Minutes, correspondence, financial records, labor contracts, and apprenticeship records of the St. Louis District Council, one of four in the state of Missouri, which worked to unionize carpenter shops, provided benefits for members, and mediated jurisdictional disputes between unions.

Carpenters Joint Apprenticeship Committee, St. Louis, Missouri, Records, 1964-1981, (C3634)
14 folders on 2 rolls of microfilm
Office files of the Executive Director of the Committee, and minutes of related organizations: the Joint Administrative Committee of the St. Louis Supplemental Manpower Agreement / of the St. Louis Construction Manpower Corporation; the Board of Directors of the St. Louis Construction Manpower Corporation; and the Board of Directors of Construction Job Opportunities, Inc.

Carpenters' Local No. 5 (1883- ), Financial Secretary's Books, 1885-1888; 1904-1913, (S0160)
2 Volumes On 1 Roll Of Microfilm
Three St. Louis carpenters' unions helped organize the Brotherhood of Carpenter and Joiners in 1881. Unable to improve working conditions locally, the national board revoked their charters and consolidated them into Local 5 in 1883. Local 5 successfully established the eight hour work day for its members in 1886. Nicknamed the old "Dutch Local," the union maintained its early records in German.

Carpenters' Local No. 5 (1883- ), Records, 1886-1948, (S0161)
21 Volumes On Microfilm, 11 Cassettes, T715-725

Carpenters' Local 1596 (1871- ), Records, 1871-1975, (S0163)
28 Volumes On 8 Microfilm Rolls
Twenty-two carpenters met on December 8, 1871 to form the St. Louis Cabinet Makers' Protective Union. The following year they affiliated with the International Cabinet Makers' Union of America, becoming Local 12. In 1903 the local became part of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America as Local 1596. Includes records of other unions that joined Local 1596. Early volumes are in German.

Carpenters Union Records, (SA1091)
21 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Central Labor Union, Springfield, Missouri, Minstrel Program, 1939, (R0953)
1 folder
This is a program for the "Central Labor Union's Minstrel and Revue," held at the Shrine Mosque in Springfield, Greene County, Missouri, on 3 April 1939. Produced and directed by Emmett McAtee and featuring Lasses White Minstrels, the show included 100 entertainers and featured minstrel, vaudeville, and night club scenes.

Central Trades and Labor Union of St. Louis, Minutes, 1945-1946, (C0919)
1 volume
Minutes of bimonthly meetings. Printed.

Charles H. Horstmann Papers , (K0569)
.4 cubic foot
The papers of Charles H. Horstmann contain collected information about Trans World Airlines (TWA) and Horstmann’s career with TWA. In addition to Horstmann’s biographical material, there are training manuals for new employees and management, correspondence between TWA and various employees, as well as newspaper clippings and other documents chronicling moments of TWA’s history.

Clark, Charles Edward (1921-2006) Papers, 1930s-2006, (K0673)
6 cubic feet
Research materials of a former Regional Director of U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Includes newspaper clippings, journals, magazines, brochures, flyers, newsletters, and audio cassettes.

Clark, Christopher Jackson, Papers, (K0555)
11 cubic feet (333 folders, 1 CD, 1 DVD, 142 photographs, 67 slides, 17 items)
The Christopher Jackson Clark Papers consist of correspondence, training and operation materials, publications, photographs, and artifacts pertaining to his career with Trans World Airlines, his contribution redefining retirement within the organization, and his involvement with Save-A-Connie.

Click, James Weldon (1917-1988), Addenda, 1933-1963, (S0357)
427 Folders, 1 16mm Film
The Click, James Weldon (1917-1988), Addenda, 1933-1963, covers the same period as the Click papers (S0507.) The addenda is larger, however, and contains more thorough documentation of Click's effort to rid United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America Local 1102 of Communist influence, including House Committee on Un-American Activities Reports. The addenda also contains labor agreements between many local unions and businesses; the Grievance Files Mr. Click investigated as UERMWA chief steward; company and union publications; and more material on the dispute between Click and IUERMWA president James Carey in 1963.

Click, James Weldon (1917-1988), Papers, 1937-1963, (S0507)
76 Folders
The James Weldon Click papers, 1937-1964, primarily document Click's efforts to rid UE Local 1102 of Communist influence and establish the new International Union of Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America-CIO, IUERNWA.

Coalition Of Labor Union Women, St. Louis, Addenda, 1973-2001, (S0704)
15 Folders
The St. Louis Coalition of Labor Union Women contains information on their membership list, correspondence, financial reports and pamphlets.

Coalition Of Labor Union Women, St. Louis (1974- ), Records, 1974-1983, (S0106)
25 Folders
The St. Louis Coalition of Labor Women Records, 1974-1983, document the activities of the coalition on a local and national level. The collection is divided into two series and arranged chronologically.

Communications Workers Of America, (SA0864)
14 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Construction and General Laborers Local Union No. 264 Photograph Collection, 1957-1958, (K0684)
13 folders
Photographs of construction and demolition activities, both residential and commercial, presumably by union members of Local #264. Includes Longview Farm, Municipal Auditorium, and other buildings and grain elevators in the general Kansas City area. Also a small amount of correspondence from Theodore L. Irving, President of the Local.

Corbett, Katharine T., Photographs And Memories: St. Louis Garment Workers, 1979, (S0377)
10 Pages With Notes
Paper presented at the Missouri Conference on History, Rolla, Missouri, April 1979.

Creamer, Thomas Francis (1881-1958) Papers, ca. 1910-ca. 1941, (K1220)
1 cubic foot
Creamer was a railroad fireman. Includes family photographs, correspondence, and papers relating to the Creamer family in Illinois and Missouri. Also materials related to his work with the Baltimore and Ohio/Chicago and Alton Railroad.

"Cropperville" From Refuge To Community: A Study Of Missouri Sharecroppers Who Found An Alternative To The Sharecropper System, Masters Thesis By Jean Douglas Cadle, 1993, (S0335)
Masters thesis for the University of Missouri-St. Louis on the villages set up by sharecroppers in the early 1940's


Darigo, Dolly, Papers, 1949-1994, (S0689)
69 Folders, 11 Photographs
The Dolly Darigo Papers include correspondence, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, brochures, flyers, newsletters, and photographs. Together they chronicle the interests of Dolly Darigo from 1949-1994.

Davis, James Adam (1905-1988), Papers, 1937-1975, (C3666)
23.5 linear feet
Papers of a state labor leader. State CIO Industrial Union Council, State Labor Council, Political Action Committee, Missouri Valley Authority, Governor's Advisory Council on Unemployment Compensation, United Labor Committee of Missouri, State Environmental Improvement Authority and Executive Review Committee materials. Personal records.

Davis, Walter W. (1922-2011 ) Papers, 1948-2007, (K0572)
1 cubic foot
Davis was a flight engineer with Trans World Airlines (TWA). Includes newsletters, publications, clippings, handbooks, and reports, and employee agreements, an employee grievance pamphlet, a retirement handbook, and a copy of a legal Motion for Intervention filed by Flight Engineers

Dempsey, L. Walter, Stenographer’s Notes, 1917, (C3016)
1 folder, originals and photocopies
Shorthand notes taken during the investigation of the Lead Belt Riots in St. Francois County, Missouri, in 1917.

Denham, Robert N. (1885-1954), Papers, 1919-1954, (C0012)
42 linear feet
The papers include material on Denham’s legal practice in Florida; his work as trial examiner and general counsel for NLRB, including material on Taft-Hartley legislation, speeches, and participation in President’s Conference on Administrative Procedures; and personal papers.

Divine, Michele Ann (1948-2008) Papers, 1965-1984, (K0573)
6 cubic feet
Uniforms and training materials of flight attendant with Trans World Airlines (TWA).


Eagle-Picher Industries, Fibers and Minerals Division, Labor Contract, 1967, (R0833)
1 folder
This contract is an Agreement between Eagle-Picher Industries, Inc., Fibers & Minerals Division, Joplin, Missouri, and Local Union No. 279, United Cement, Lime and Gypsum Workers. The agreement was executed on 3 May 1967, effective from 1 May 1967.

English Speaking Union, Records, 1980-, (SA1156)
3 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.


Fichtenbaum, Myra, The Funsten Nut Strike, May 1933, 1974, (S0098)
65 Page Thesis
Senior thesis, Department of History, St. Louis University involving labor problems in St. Louis area.

Fitzpatrick, Daniel (1891-1969) And Mauldin, Bill (1921- ), Papers, 1935-1962, (S0460)
15 Folders
The Daniel R. Fitzpatrick and Bill Mauldin Papers, 1935-1962 contain duplicate editorial cartoons from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The State Historical Society of Missouri holds original Fitzpatrick/Mauldin drawings in its Fitzpatrick and Society Collections. The cartoons reflect St. Louis, and national political, economic, and social issues from 1935-1962. Three series comprise the collection: 1) Fitzpatrick Cartoons, 1935-1957; 2) Mauldin Cartoons, 1958-1962; and 3) Labor Cartoons, 1936-1962.

Ford, Frank Stephen (1857-1912) Photograph Collection, 1896-1912, (K0712)
2 cubic feet
Negatives taken by Ford, a talented amateur photographer. His subjects included outdoor pastoral scenes, streams and rivers, including a number of views of the Missouri River east of the ASB Bridge. Also portraits of family and friends, interiors of his home at 29th and Flora and other houses and buildings, and of a black servant (including some of his home) who worked for Ford's family.


George L. Brown & Son Collection, 1905-1912, (K0342)
0.25 cubic feet
The collection contains six time books that were used by the George L. Brown & Son Contractors, a building firm to track employees weekly hours and calculate pay. George L. Brown & Son worked primarily in Kansas City, Missouri, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Each book represents a different building project and the books contain the names of the workers and wages.

Gieschen, Ona M., Papers, 1935-2005, (K0562)
15 cubic feet
Personal professional files and collected materials of former TWA hostess, supervisor and director of customer service, and historian of TWA. Also articles written by the Gieschen, histories and recollections by former employees, and correspondence between two pioneers of TWA, Hal Blackburn and Gordon "Parky" Parkinson. And research materials, photographs, and correspondence concerning Watts Mill and Dallas, MO.

Giesler Family, Giesler and Spurgeon Families, Papers, 1865-1912, (R0580)
1 folder, photocopies
This collection consists of correspondence and miscellaneous papers from the Giesler and Spurgeon families from the High Gate community in Maries County, Missouri. Much of the correspondence is addressed to John A. Giesler, concerning family, friends and events in Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri. The correspondents include Sarah Ellen Kinkeade, Uriah J. Loop, Nathan Peters, and James A. Riley.

Greater Kansas City, Missouri, Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO, Papers, 1946-1970, (C2514)
1.2 linear feet
The papers of the Greater Kansas City Central Labor Council of the AFL-CIO contain the minutes of the Central Labor Council, miscellaneous copies of letters, resolutions, and notices.


Henry Tobias Brewers And Maltsters Union No. 6, Collection, 1873-1990, (S0615)
314 Folders, 576 Photographs, 3 Audio Tapes, 29 Books
The collection consists of three major areas brewing history, Brewers and Maltsters Union No. 6, and the arts. The brewery history material consists of newspaper articles, books and handwritten notes. It's emphasis is on St. Louis breweries. The Union records document the union's changes over time, from its origins and affiliation with the Knights of Labor, to its absorption by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. The arts material comes from three organizations, the Light Opera Guild of St. Louis, the Dancing Masters of America, and the St. Louis Dancing Teachers' Association. The Union material, which is the bulk of the collection, is divided into sub-series.

Hoehn, Gottlieb A. (1865-1951), Papers, 1895-1945, (C0347)
8 folders
Papers of Gottlieb A. Hoehn, a journalist and labor organization supporter from St. Louis, Missouri. The papers consist of printed minutes, anniversary booklets, and programs pertaining to labor organizations. They also include articles written by Hoehn and some miscellaneous materials.

Horstmann, Charles H. (1921-2012) Papers, 1943-1998, (K0569)
0.3 cubic foot
Papers of manager of operational planning for Trans World Airlines (TWA). Includes correspondence, an operational planning management orientation manual, reports, employee and TWA history related information, and clippings.

Howie, Margaret, Papers, (CA5705)
2 linear feet
Papers relating to organization and functioning of Stephens College Federation of Teachers organization. Also includes a few papers relating to librarianship at Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri.


International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) Air Transport Local 1650 Records, 1970-1999, (K0990)
2 cubic feet
Organizational records include printed and published materials, bylaws, agreements, awards, plaques, signs, flags, and photographs.

International Association Of Machinists And Aerospace Workers, District 9, (1902- ) Records, L90l-L965, (S0238)
74 Folders, 14 Volumes, 1 Oversize, 2 Microfilm Rolls
The collection is divided into seven series: administrative, membership, grievances and strikes, detectives, politics and union solidarity, national, and artifacts. Most of the records were F.M. Parmeter's files and are prior to 1945. There is very little material on individual unions. Half of the records deal primarily with the practical union business of dues, membership and national series. The grievances, strikes, and detectives files reveal the conflict with businesses over wages and hours, the changes in union demands, the successes and failures of collective bargaining, and the concern with company spies or "stool pigeons." The politics and union solidarity material indicate the range of labor politics, from radical or communist groups to the traditional Democratic and Republican parties. Topics include: the eight hour day, union organizing, injunctions, jurisdictional disputes, scab labor, strike benefits, company detectives, employment conditions in St. Louis, strikers relief funds, union labels, and the effects of World War I and World War II on unions.

International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union, Local 323, Higginsville, Missouri, Records, 1956-1983, (C3870)
3.6 linear feet
Records of a labor union local which include correspondence, contracts, grievance reports, shop meeting notes, manuals, and production figures and other employee data.

International Ladies' Garment Workers Union (1900- ), Photograph Collection, 1930-1977 , (S0572)
242 Images
The collection contains photographs of organizing meetings, members from the St. Louis area, work places, strikes, union meetings and shows including Pins and Needles.

International Ladies Garment Workers Union, St. Louis Local, Collection, 1937-1950, (S0039)
5 Folders
Photographs, mementos, certificates, history and programs of theatrical events, St. Louis Local International Ladies Garment Workers Union.

International Order of Good Templars, Fredericktown, Missouri, Lodge No. 513, Minutes, 1874-1878, (C3011)
1 roll of microfilm
The minutes of Lodge 513 of the International Order of Good Templars documents membership information and lodge activities such as election of new officers, planning funerals for lodge members, and fund raising. The Good Templars was a society to promote worldwide prohibition of liquor and total abstinence for the individual. It was organized in Syracuse, New York, in1851. The Prohibition Party and the Woman's Christian Temperance Union grew from it.


Journeymen Barbers, Hairdressers, Cosmetologists and Proprietors' International Union of America, Local 325 (Jefferson City, Mo.) Records (CA6526)
0.2 cubic feet
Minute book of a local barber union, 1958-1980, along with a constitution and miscellaneous records. The union transferred membership to St. Louis in 1980 before merging with the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 655.

Journeymen Tailors' Union of America Local No. 64, Kansas City Records, 1892-1914, (K1276)
3 folders
Meeting minutes, issues of "The Tailor," the official journal of the union, a bill of prices, and an advertisement for the Custom Tailors Union Label.

Julian, Vance, Scrapbooks, 1943-1950, (C3486)
8 volumes
The papers contain newspaper clippings about the Missouri constitutional convention of 1943-1944 and about the first five years of transactions of the Missouri State Board of Mediation, a board which acted in public utility labor disputes.


Kaiser, Esther, Collection, 1896, 1945, (C0208)
1 folder
Three letters on the early life of Richard Parks Bland and Hartford Academy, Ohio County, Kentucky. Copy of letter by Bland from Lebanon, Missouri, about his defeat in the Democratic presidential primary, 1896.

Kalleberg, Arthur L. (1913-2009), Papers, 1961-1976, (C3597)
11 folders
The papers of Arthur L. Kalleberg contain personal and departmental records and correspondence relating to the resignation of University president C. Brice Ratchford, the organization of the University of Missouri-Columbia Chapter of the National Educational Association and the suspension of visiting associate professor of political science Patrick T. Dougherty. Kalleberg was a University of Missouri professor of political science.

Kansas City Branch, American Postal Workers Accident Benefit Association Records, 1927-1991, (K0110)
1 cubic foot
Organizational documents including correspondence, bylaws, membership rosters and convention material, but primarily newsletters for the Kansas City branch.

Kansas City Federation of Musicians Local 34-627 Records, 1889-1983, (K0431)
45 cubic feet
Administrative records of two Musicians Unions in Kansas City: Local 34 and Local 627 (African-American), before and after their merger in 1970. Includes correspondence, financial and membership records, biographical information, case files, court cases, materials on wage and employment disputes, public relations files, and newspaper clippings.

Kansas City Typographical Union (ITU) #80 Records, 1880-1994, (K0208)
44 cubic feet
Minutes for regular and executive board meetings including financial statements, contracts, the original Local 80 charter, dues-earnings ledgers, photographs, and records of the Kansas City Mailers Union #7 and the Communication Workers of America #6325, which merged with the ITU.

Knights of Labor, Phillipsburg, Missouri, Records, 1888-1896, (R0198)
1 volume, 1 folder
This collection consists of a minute book and miscellaneous papers of the local chapter of the Knights of Labor at Phillipsburg in Laclede County, Missouri. The records include minutes of meetings, membership information, miscellaneous correspondence, and circulars.

Kurz, Neal F. (1932-2002) Papers, 1967-1994, (K1102)
6 folders
Kurz customer service representative with Trans World Airlines (TWA). Includes daily shift change reports written by Kurz summarizing the activities of the day shift, which Kurz supervised, and reports of the night shift. Also documents related to airline operations.


Labor For Peace (1972-1973), Records, 1972-1973, (S0426)
5 Folders
Correspondence, memos, reports, policy statement, newsclippings, and press releases of a 1972 conference of national labor leaders and organizations held in St. Louis that drafted an anti-Vietnam War statement.

Laborvision Video, (SA0913)
7 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Ladies Garment Workers Strike Exhibit, (SA0915)
1 box
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Laundry, Dry Cleaning And Dye House Workers Union, Local 108, Records, 1945-1977, (S0429)
3 Folders
The Laundry Workers Local 108 adopted its constitution in October 1945. The local affiliated with the Laundry Workers' International Union and the American Federation of Labor. Collection includes separate labor agreements negotiated with the Amalgamated Associations of Laundry and Cleaning Companies, Rag Company Owners of St. Louis and union withdrawal cards.

Leather Goods, Plastics And Novelty Workers' Union, Records, 1941-1970 , (S0240)
6 Folders
Photographs, documents and newspaper clippings of the activities of the Leather Goods Union and its predecessor, the Fur and Leather Workers' Union. Includes scrapbook on the successful 1941 strike against Gardner Pocket Book Company of St. Louis and photographs of the 1958 strike against Hartmann Luggage.

Lehnoff, Albert (1897-1965), Papers, 1894-1965, (S0529)
1 Folder
Lehnhoff was a World War I veteran and coal miner in Campbell Hill, IL. He was possibly involved in labor organizing that resulted in gunshots being fired at his house. Lehnhoff also worked a musician at a local tavern and eventually became a restaurant owner. Includes coins issued by the coal mine for spending in the company store; photocopies of Lehnhoff's WWI military record; and newsclippings on his family and and a tornado that hit Campbell Hill in 1951.

Liebrum, Harrison J., Papers, (S0049)
0.1 cubic foot (1 folder)
The collection contains correspondence, labor agreements, union identification cards, ballots, and programs of Harrison J. Liebrum. Liebrum was an employee of Laclede Gas Company from 1925 to 1971 and a charter member of the Gas House Workers Union, Local 18799.

Lipp Family Papers, 1840-1944, (S0046)
32 Folders
Family papers, including baptismal, citizenship, marriage, financial, and masonic documents; diary; photographs; and work books of two brothers, Gustav Adolph Lipp (1871- ) and Emil W. Lipp (1873-1926) who immigrated to St. Louis in the 1880s or 1890s. In German, Czech, and English.

Lippmann, Winifred (1920- ), Papers, 1955-1984 , (S0188)
4 Folders, 1 Tape
ILGWU leader and the first woman member of the St. Louis Labor Council executive board. For 30 years, Lippmann served as a union official in the field of organizing, education, political education, and social action. She rose to the rank of manager of Missouri-Mississippi Valley District Council. Lippmann also co-founded CLUW, served on the White House Council on Aging, and was active in promoting Medicare, civil rights and women's rights.

Lippman, Winnie, Papers, (SA0922)
6 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Logsden, Robert, Papers, 1939-1992, (S1070)
2 print articles, 12 images
Labor photographs and newspaper clippings.

Louisiana Central Lumber Company, Clarks, Louisiana, Records, 1901-1956, (C3660)
MICROFILM (Volumes only)
2 linear feet and 2 oversize volumes; also available on 4 rolls of microfilm
Records of the Louisiana Central Lumber Company and associated companies. The papers include correspondence, 1901-1945, financial records, company reports, maps, photographs, and other materials related to the southern lumber industry.

Lumpe, Gus, (SA1041)
2 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.


MaGee, Jack Dean (1925-2006) Papers, 1957-1991, (K0463)
1 cubic foot
Magee was a Trans World Airlines (TWA) pilot. Includes flight manuals and union membership files,

Malone, Ora Lee, Papers, 1972-1977, (S0383)
1 Folder, 1 Oral History
Personal papers of a St. Louis black woman which reflect her employment as a union business representative and her involvement in labor and civil rights organizations.

Malone, Ora Lee (1918- ), Research Papers 1940-1990, (S0670)
4 Boxes, 15 Folders
This collection documents Ora Lee Malone's interest and involvement in labor unions and South African apartheid. It contains newsclippings, pamphlets and correspondence.

McNeal, Theodore D. (1906-1982), Scrapbook, 1941-1943, (S0321)
2 Microfilm Rolls
Theodore McNeal became Missouri' s first black senator in 1961. The scrapbooks, however, document his activities as president of the St. Louis branch of the March on Washington Movement (MOWM), 1942-1944.

Menger, Clara, Women Workers Of St. Louis, Missouri 1930, (S0348)
29 page typescript
Unpublished report based on 1930 census.

Missouri Federation Of Teachers (1957- ), Records, 1957-1985, (S0447)
26 Folders, 3 Slides, 1 Negative
The Missouri Federation of Teachers Records, 1962-1974, are divided into six series: 1) Administrative, 1978-1984; 2) Theresa Banks' Dismissal, 1970-1981; 3) Desegregation, 1982-1983; 4) Legal Correspondence, Petitions, and Memoranda, 1974-1980; 5) Newsletters, 1981-1985; 6) Photographs and Slides, 1962-1984. The collection primarily documents the Missouri Federation of Teachers' activities from 1974-1984. It contains little manuscript material from the late 1950s and 1960s. However, the photograph series document teacher strikes in St. Louis and East St. Louis from 1982 to 1984.

Missouri Historical Society Union Organizing Drive, Records, 1993-1995, (S1093)
10 folders
These records contain documents, minutes, newsletters, memoranda and correspondence about the unionization movement at the Missouri History Museum. The records reveal the divisions within MHS over the attempt to establish a union there for its employees as revealed through interoffice correspondence.

Missouri Lumber and Mining Company, Photographs, 1906-1916, (C3875)
2 folders
Photographs of various Missouri Lumber and Mining Company operations in and around the Ozark town of Grandin, MO. Taken and collected by Harry M. Griffith, a company physician.

Missouri State Council of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of ...AFL-CIO, Records, (CA4406)
0.4 linear feet
Xerox copies of materials that should be processed with the increment to be obtained in 1990.

Missouri State Council of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, AFL-CIO, Records, 1938-1970, (C3700)
169 folders on 6 rolls of microfilm
The records of the State Council office of the secretary-treasurer, formed in 1938 by local unions to oversee union activities within the state, includes weekly reports and other correspondence; photographs, printed material; and the proceedings of the annual council conventions.

Missouri State Labor Council Pamphlets, 1959-1965, (C2355)
1 folder
The collection contains pamphlets on the time-off-to-vote law; workmen's compensation law; unemployment insurance; Social Security amendments, 1965; and the Active Ballot Club.

Missouri State Labor Council, AFL-CIO, Records, 1891-1975 (C0216)
21.6 linear feet
Correspondence, convention proceedings, financial and membership records, minutes, reports, and other records of the Council and its Committee on Political Education, the Missouri State Federation of Labor, and Labor’s League for Political Education. Subject file on topics of interest to labor including the right to work movement. Materials generated through political, legislative, and civic activities of Council executive officers.

Missouri Teamster Photograph Collection, 1941-1975, (S0559)
2117 Photographs
Gus Lumpe donated the Missouri Teamster photographs in November 1983. The Missouri Teamster is a labor newspaper published in St. Louis. The photograph collection includes strikes, charity events, labor leaders and other union related subjects.

Moss, Viola, Papers, 1960-1984, (S0412)
8 Folders, 46 Photographs
The collection includes newsclippings, brochures, correspondence and photographs related to the Graphics Arts Union Auxiliary #505, the St. Louis Council of Women's Auxiliaries, the Missouri State Council of Women's Auxiliaries AFL-CIO, and the Mary Ryder Home. The photographs are of strikes. boycotts, Auxiliary Officers, and a 1974 union label parade.


Neuer Brothers Picnic Panorama Photograph, 1930, (K1118)
1 folder
Photograph of the Meat Company's annual employees and families picnic at Twin Springs.


Oberbeck, Rita (1908-1983), Papers, 1939-1979, (S0198)
26 Folders
The Oberbeck papers are arranged into four series: Writings 1939-1976; Correspondence 1939-1970; ILGWU information; and Photographs. The bulk of the writing consists of an unfinished biography of Meyer Perlstein (director of the ILGWU, Southwest region). The material provides autobiographical details about Oberbeck and information about activities in the ILGWU. Also included are Oberbeck's fiction writings with one folder of poetry. Duplicates and a short article from the TV Guide were discarded.

Oil, Chemical, And Atomic Workers International Union, 1933-, Addenda, 1925-1982, (S0504)
61 Folders
The Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers Union Addenda expands the previous collection, number 479. Included in the addenda are issues of Laclede News, copies of labor agreements, programs from annual dances, and scrapbooks. The only things which are really new and adds to the original collection is the file on the War Labor Board and the information concerning the strike of 1935. All of this information, however, is less than complete and therefore of limited assistance to the researcher.

Oil, Chemical And Atomic Workers Union, Records, 1933-1965, (S0479)
726 Folders
The Oil, Chemical, and Atomic Workers Union Papers document many of the union's activities from 1928 to 1982. The collection contains information of many of the union's day to day business and special activities. Most information, however, concerns activities in the 1950's and early 1960's. Topics include contracts, convention material, correspondence, departmental matters, financial records, grievances filed, job descriptions, information on the King-Thompson Act, copies of the Laclede News, information on various St. Louis OCAW locals, meeting minutes, membership information, negotiations, pamphlets, publications, reports, information on St. Louis County Gas Company, subject files, and photographs.


Parsons, Charles K. (1886-1978) Papers, 1904-1983, (K0117)
8 folders
Material related to Parsons' career as a railway mail clerk. It includes photographs of a train derailment in 1914, copies of postal laws, regulations, and schemes, as well as some railroad passes and correspondence related to his retirement in 1950.

Peter Tamony Memorial Lecture, Collection, 1986-2003, (C3944)
0.3 linear feet, 20 audio cassettes
The collection contains audio cassettes and transcripts of speeches, photographs, and advertisements documenting the Peter Tamony Memorial Lecture series at the University of Missouri.

Piatchek, Joseph, Papers, 1927-1976, (S0663)
10 Folders
The Piatchek papers are arranged in two series: Publications, Certificates, Correspondence and Invitations 1937-1976; and Photographs. The bulk of the publications are newspapers of the TWUA.

Political Issues of the Seventies Collection 1976-1981, (S0137)
7 Folders
Published and unpublished papers, newsletters, flyers, brouchers, political circulars, and articles about various issues, including racism, highways, taxes and foreign relations. Papers were collected from US-China People's Friendship Association; National Committee to Support the Marion Brothers; Free J.B. Johnson Committee; Socialist Workers Party; the New American Movement; the West End Militant Forum; the 1976 St. Louis school tax increase, and the Alliance Against Racism.

Preisler, Paul W. (1902-1971), Addenda, 1954-1977, (S0498)
78 Folders
The Paul Preisler Addenda documents the life and activities of Paul Preisler from 1953 to 1977. The addenda contains information of Preisler's ongoing involvements, both personally and professionally. Most information, however, concerns his political activities and involvements. Documents include newspaper clippings, maps, correspondence, financial records, information on "The Committee for the Equal Weighting of Votes", campaigns and elections, redistricting and apportionment, 2/3 majority vote rule, legal briefs, court documents, handwritten notes and legal transactions after the death of Preisler in 1971.

Preisler, Paul William (1902-1971) Papers, 1902-1971, (S0235)
222 Folders, 93 Photos
Paul Preisler’s papers document his careers as a teacher, bio-chemist, photographer, union organizer, lawyer and political activist. His earliest public campaigns included opposition to the Food and Drug Act and to change the two-thirds majority requirement to pass school taxes. As the first president of the St. Louis chapter of the American Federation of Teachers (Local 420), he successfully lobbied for the rights of teachers to unionize. He ran in several St. Louis school board elections. During the Depression Preisler became the chairman of the Central Committee of St. Louis’ Socialist Party. Later, he was instrumental in ousting three AFT local from the national union for their Communist affiliations. In the 1960s he was involved in several notable Congressional redistricting lawsuits.

Preisler, Paul W. (1902-1971), Photographs, 1932-1966, (S0548)
504 Images
The photographs themselves document socialist and communist political activity in St. Louis from the thirties to the fifties. Strikes, demonstrations and Hooverville are among the subjects covered.


Radical Newspaper/Journal Collection, 1923-1978, (S0803)
41 Folders
The collection contains newspapers and journals published by leftwing labor unions and leftist political groups, most frequently those espousing some form of socialism. Recipients resided in St. Louis, Overland, and Poplar Bluff, Missouri.

Raftery, Lawrence M. (1895-1983), Papers, 1915-1983, (S0462)
31 Folders
The Lawrence M. Raftery Papers, 1915-1983, reflect Raftery's involvement in the International Brotherhood of Painters, Decorators, and Paperhangers of America. The collection includes documentation of his apprenticeship in the St. Louis Local Union 115 to his thirteen year term as General President of IBPAT, 1952-1965.

Rawick, George P. (1929-1990), Communist/Socialist Literature, Addenda, 1926-1982 (S0631)
276 Folders
The pamphlets, brochures, small magazines and other literature in this addenda reflect communist and socialist viewpoints on a many topics. They primarily date from the 1930s to the 1950s.

Rawick, George P. (1929-1990) Papers, 1841-1988, (S0630)
250 Folders
The Rawick papers include Correspondence, Publications, The writings of Dr. Rawick and many of his contemporaries and students. The collection also contains a large part of the papers of Terrence Powderly an official with the Knights of Labor. The Powderly papers cover a period from 1864 to 1937. Also included in the collection are the transcripts of many of the slave narratives collected by the Writers Project of the W.P.A. in 1936 and 1937. Several of Dr. Rawick's lectures as well as an oral interview with him are on audio tapes in the collection as well as a small number of family photographs (most unidentified).

Reed, Ellen "Nell" Quinlan Donnelly Papers, (K0444)
4 cubic feet (165 folders, 4 oversize folders, 55 photographs)
The Ellen “Nell” Quinlan Donnelly Reed Papers contain correspondence, printed and published advertisements, and photographs related to the life of Nell Donnelly Reed, prominent Kansas City businesswoman and cofounder of the Donnelly Garment Company. The papers also cover topics including politics and travel.

Reed, James Alexander (1861-1944) Papers, 1903-1950, (K0443)
59 cubic feet, 45 phonograph recordings
Personal and professional correspondence, speeches, case files, legal documents, scrapbooks, and subject files of Kansas City Mayor and United States Senator James A. Reed.

Reed, James Ross (1924- ) Papers, 1949-1966, (K0565)
14 folders
Articles, announcements, memoranda, newsletters, agreements, reports, and newspaper clippings on Flight Engineers' International Association's (FEIA) labor disputes from a flight engineer for Trans World Airlines (TWA).

Right-To-Work Referendum, Collection, 1973, (S0431)
9 Folders
Reports, brochures, correspondence, from opponents of Right-to-Work, a proposed amendment to the Missouri Constitution to limit labor unions by making membership voluntary.

Rostov, Myra Belzer, Papers, (K1097)
0.01 cubic foot (1 folder, 1 photograph)
The collection contains one photograph of the Executive Committee of the Jewish National Workers Alliance Branch #95.

Rural Revolt In Missouri, Collection, 1979-1984, (S0427)
3 Folders
Seven papers on rural revolt in Missouri. Two delivered at Missouri Conference on History, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, April, 1979, three at the Mid-America Conference on History, Springfield, Missouri, September, 1979, and two written for the history courses at the University of Missouri-St. Louis and Washington University.

Ryder, Mary E. (1878-1961), Scrapbook, 1947-1981, (S0730)
2 Folders, 17 Photographs
This collection contains correspondence and several news clippings that chronicle the life and achievements of Mary Ryder. In addition, the collection also contains programs for a few of Mary Ryder Home functions.


Saunders, Robert S., Papers, 1893-1973, (S0087)
11 Folders
Saunders was a hobo, riverman and jack-of-all-trades who joined the Industrial Workers of the World before 1920 and later became an ardent member of the Socialist Party. He roamed all over America before World War I. Late in life, he began his autobiography and filled six notebooks with his experiences, describing his many jobs, the living conditions in hobo camps, and his efforts at recruiting members for the Socialist Party in the Midwest.

Schewe, Elenore, Collection, 1920-2002, (C4266)
1. 8 cubic feet (39 folders), 3 audio cassettes, 5 oversize items
The collection of Elenore Schewe contains material of her research into refractory companies in Missouri, including both institutional records of the companies themselves and the personal papers and records of various important figures in the refractory companies. This collection was created as part of Schewe's work assisting in the research for the book Refractories: the Hidden Industry by Corinne Azen Krause.

Service Station and Warehouse Employees of St. Louis, 1933, (S0635)
1 Folder
Pamphlet: "Our Facts Regarding Disagreement and Strike of Service Station and Warehouse Employees of St. Louis Area", Prepared by Gasoline Service Station and Warehouse Employees' Union No. 18362, 1933

Socialist Party of Missouri Collection (S0090)
4.6 cubic feet (103 folders, 10 rolls of microfilm, 1 audio disc, 1 oversize photograph)
The Socialist Party of Missouri Collection contains correspondence and official proceedings of the Socialist Party, records of activities and interactions with other organizations, and literature related to socialism. The collection documents internal party history, local and national politics, and the labor movement. The collection also includes a sound recording of an interview with presidential candidate Norman Thomas.

St. Joseph Typographical Union No. 40, St. Joseph, Missouri, Records, (CA5806)
7 linear feet
Records of a labor union of typographical workers, consisting of correspondence, financial reports, meeting minutes, contracts and agreements, convention materials, and miscellaneous, 1905-1980s.

St. Louis Interfaith Committee On Latin America, Records, 1977-1997, (S0701)
336 folders, 14 audiotapes, 14 videotapes, 276 photographs
The St. Louis Interfaith Committee on Latin America Records collection includes financial information, correspondence, meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, newsletters, brochures, flyers, books, campaign information, audiotapes, videotapes, and photographs. Together they chronicle the establishment and activities of the St. Louis Interfaith Committee on Latin America from 1982-1997. The records document its mission to promote public awareness about Latin America. The records also reveal the larger picture of the power of a grass-roots organization.

St. Louis Joint Council Of Women's Auxiliaries, Scrapbook, 1926-1976, (S0209)
1 Volume
Founded on February 27, 1926 under the leadership of Mary Ryder to assist strike efforts and to lobby for legislation to improve working conditions for laborers. It helped to establish Mary Ryder Homes for underprivileged and homeless women in 1930, and pioneered the organization of state and national auxiliary groups. Contains newsclippings, photographs and histories of individual auxiliaries.

St. Louis Labor Council, AFL-CIO, (1957- ), Minute Books, 1913-1963, (S0061)
29 Volumes On 14 Microfilm Rolls
At its annual convention in 1885, the American Federation of Labor presented a resolution calling for an eight-hour work day. The "Eight Hour" movement quickly gathered momentum and trade and union groups were formed across the country. St. Louis was active in the movement and soon had four local central labor bodies: Central Labor Union; St. Louis Trades Assembly; Arbeiter-Verband (German workers) and District Assembly No. 4 of the Order of the Knights of Labor. Reflecting the national split between the Knights of Labor and the AFL, the St. Louis central labor bodies divided over the issue of union labels and trade union membership. The Central Labor Union, the St. Louis Trades Assembly, and the Arbeiter-Verband merged to form the St. Louis Trades and Labor Assembly. In 1897 the name was changed to the Central Trades and Labor Union of St. Louis and Vicinity.

St. Louis Labor Tribune, 1935-Present, Collection, 1932-1976, (S0521)
582 Folders, 78,000 Negatives
The St. Louis Labor Tribune collection consists primarily of over 78,000 photograph negatives that comprised the Tribune's photograph morgue. The St. Louis Labor Tribune collection also contains correspondence, memoranda and reports documenting the history of the St. Louis Labor Tribune; personal correspondence of its founder Maury Rubin; and records of the Advertising, Publicity and Newspaper Representatives Local 20711, the journalists union that Rubin help found; and bound volumes of an entire run of the Indiana Labor Tribune, 1955-1973, that Rubin also helped found. The collection also includes many photograph prints that have subject but no chronological identification.

St. Louis Teachers Strike, 1973, Collection, 1973, (S0086)
7 Folders, 2 Volumes, 15 Oral Interviews
The first teachers' strike in the history of the city of St. Louis, Correspondence to and from St. Louis teachers, strike bulletins, flyers, copies of court injunctions and briefs filed by the American Federation of Teachers, Local 420, and by the St. Louis Board of Education, and newspaper clippings relating to the strike. Includes transcripts and tape recorded interviews with principal figures in the strike.

St. Louis Teachers Strike (1979) Collection, 1975-1979, (S0365)
8 Folders
Daily strike bulletins, flyers, minutes, legal documents, newsclippings, strike information and circulars.

St. Louis Typographical Union No. 8, Records, (CA5275)
5 linear feet
Addition of union publications and meeting minutes.

St. Louis Typographical Union No. 8, Records, 1856-1974, (C3661)
16.4 linear feet and 40 oversize volumes
The St. Louis Typographical Union No. 8 Records consists of minutes, financial records, correspondence and printed material of the union. The records also include The Typographical Journal and The Bulletin of the International Typographical Union and material from the St. Louis Allied Printing Trades Council.

St. Louis Union Labor Advocate, Newspapers, 1934-1937, (S0203)
62 Issues On 1 Roll Of Microfilm
Labor newspaper endorsed by Central Trades and Labor Union of St. Louis and St. Louis branch of AFL. Precursor of the St. Louis Labor Tribune. Collection does not include issues from 9/34 and 5/1/37

St. Louis Women's Labor Conference (November 17, 1973), Collection, 1973, (S0110)
1 Folder
The first St. Louis Women's Labor Conference met at Teamsters Hall to discuss organizing the unorganized, job training, equal pay and advancement, and day care. Conference members listened to prominent women unionists, participated in workshops, and passed resolutions designed to further women's positions in the work force. Includes correspondence, flyers, resolutions, statement of purpose, and handouts.

Ste. Genevieve "The Way We Worked" Oral History Records, (CG0021)
0.01 cubic feet (1 folder; 8 DVDS, 21.71 GB)
Contains 96 oral histories on eight DVD's produced by Bolduc House Museum in Sainte Genevieve, Missouri, created in conjunction with the traveling Smithsonian Institution exhibit, "The Way We Worked." The oral histories occurred between August and September 2011, and were featured during the exhibit from October 8 to November 5, 2011. This is the local copy of the records.


Teachers Club Benefit Association Records, 1916 -1997, (K1214)
6 folders
The Association provided assistance to members who, "through sickness or other physical disability, are prevented from active discharge of school duty." Includes articles of incorporation, charter, and bylaws; Last Will and Testament of May Picken, a benefactor of the Association; audits and other financial records; and correspondence.

Theatrical Mutual Association (TMA) Lodge 13 Records, (K1217)
0.31 cubic foot (1 folder, 1 volume)
The Theatrical Mutual Association (TMA) Lodge 13 Records contains a published history of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (I.A.T.S.E.) Local No. 31 by Ray Maier and a ledger containing the meeting minutes for the Theatrical Mutual Association (TMA) Lodge No. 13.

Tindall, Virginia (1907-1998), Papers, 1931-1990, (C4258)
0.4 cubic feet (9 folders), 1 oversize volume
The records of Virginia Tindall contain information about the Women's International Auxiliary to the International Typographical Union, photographs, convention materials, and other information pertaining to Tindall's activities working in labor rights.

TWA Active Retired Pilots Association (TARPA) Records, 1932-2007, (K0563)
8 cubic feet
Publications and records related to retired pilots of Trans World Airlines. Includes labor agreements, photographs of pilots, and seniority list.


U.S. Pilots Association, (SA1003)
16 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

U.S. Wage Stabilization Board, 9th Region, Minutes, 1951-1953 (C0154)
0.2 linear feet
Minutes record regulations under which the board operated; labor-industry cases brought before the board; decisions; and petitions regarding wage rates, holidays, overtime and merit plans. The Board's region consisted of Kansas, Iowa, Illinois and Missouri.

United Auto Workers (UAW) Local 249 Records, 1987-1997, (K1225)
0.25 cubic foot
Newsletters and printed materials from the UAW local in Kansas City, MO.

United Electrical, Radio, And Machine Workers, 1936-1948, Collection, 1925-1995, (S0756)
20 Folders, 1 Box Of Artifacts
The United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers Records contain one series consisting of 20 folders and one box. Please note that for preservation purposes, several folders contain copies of news clippings and scrapbooks. Consult the original documents only when necessary.

United Garment Workers of America, Local 47 Records, 1898-1915, (K0458)
1 cubic foot
Organizational and membership records (Membership List and Receipt Accounts, and Membership Register) of the labor union. Includes minutes of a few meetings, a day-book of expenses and income, receipts and notes, and a general ledger.

United Mine Workers of America, Local No. 298, Richmond, Missouri, Records, 1901-1945, (C3044)
9 reels
Membership records for the organization known locally as the Welsh Miners' Union. Contains members' names, record of dues payments, suspensions, transfers, and death claims.

United Shoe Workers, (SA1032)
54 Boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

US Pilots Association (1981- ), Addenda, 1978-2001, (S0710)
149 Folders
This addenda includes six additional series to collection S0645, US Pilots Association Records, 1978-1996

US Pilots Association (1981- ), Records, 1978-1996, (S0645)
118 Folders
The Missouri Pilots Association was founded in 1953 for the purpose of encouraging the development of aviation in the Missouri through educational, civic, recreational and patriotic activities. It voted to affiliate with the US Pilots Association in June 1981. In 1990 USPA and its Missouri chapter worked together to support legislation to improve funding for Missouri airports and related aviation facilities. USPA often takes positions on important national topics concerning aviation, including the Air Traffic controller's strike in 1981 and the air crash death of under-age pilot Jessica Dubroff in 1997.


Voigts, Busch (1910-2011) Papers, 1960s-2007, (K0566)
13 folders
Papers of former Trans World Airlines (TWA) pilot. Includes correspondence, invitations, pilot newsletters, newspaper clippings, card decks, photographs, and a TWA booklet.

Von Romer, Harry (1906- ), Autobiography, (S0171)
104 Pages, Hand Written
Personal reminiscences of St. Louis laborer and union organizer. During the depression Von Romer worked to organize the auto industry, in particular the Fisher Body Plant. The autobiography describes St. Louis daily life among the working class in the 1910s and 1920s, working conditions during the depression, and the organizing efforts, parades and other and other activities of local labor unions. Typewritten copy also available.

Von Romer, Harry (1906 - ), Collection, 1880-1981, (S0471)
150 Folders
The Von Romer collection documents union pride as expressed in the lapel and shirt sleeve pins, buttons and badges created by unions for conventions and on-the-job visibility. It also traces the history of labor in the United States. The collection documents strikes, struggles to organize workers, union anniversaries and events, and campaigns over issues from collective bargaining to the defeat of the right-to-work amendment.


Waldemer, Mark, Labor Collection, 1920-1997, (SA1193)
2 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Warehouse Employees Local Union 667, AFL, Strike Bulletins, 1935-1936 , (S0217)
25 Issues
Warehouse employees called a strike against Kroger Grocery and Baking Company on November 7, 1935. The union demanded an increase in wages, seniority rights, a closed shop, and an end to work speedup programs. In March 1936 the International Executive Board revoked Local 667's charter for failure to comply with the International's negotiated settlement. The bulletins detail the strike activity, negotiations, support from other unions and the use of scab labor. (see photograph #2638)

Western Auto Supply Company Records, ca. 1920-2000, (K1233)
36 cubic feet, 9 volumes
Historical records of the national retail store headquartered in Kansas City, MO. Includes photographs, catalogs, publications, scrapbooks of advertising, artifacts, correspondence and working files on Western Auto stores.

Western District, Missouri Federation of Teachers Records, ca. 1974-1983, (K0817)
3.5 cubic feet
Organizational records of a western Missouri teachers union. Includes correspondence, reports, newspapers clippings, photographs, and other documents related to the activities and concerns of the union.

Western Historical Manuscript, St. Louis, Vertical File, 1968-2004, (S0694)
508 Folders
The collection documents a variety of subjects relating to St. Louis' history. It contains single files with a small amount of general information on a variety of topics. Arranged alphabetically.

Wheeler, Maurice (1907-1993) And Doris (1907-1985), Papers, 1906-1989, (S0599)
469 Folders, 32 Photographs
The collection reflects the membership of these two social activists in the Reform Organization of Welfare, the American Federation of Technical Engineers, the Eighth Ward Independent Democrats, the New Democratic Coalition, the Compton Heights Neighborhood Association, the Socialist Party and the Cooperative movement. The collection includes correspondence, newsletters, publications, minutes and reports. It is divided into series for each organization.

Wileman, Hershel, Papers, 1945-1952, (S0736)
10 Folders, 2 Photographs
During the late 1940s, Hershel Wileman served as the President of United Gas, Coke and Chemical Workers of America-Local #476. He worked for the Mercury Record Corporation in St. Louis, MO. The collection includes labor agreements, CIO newpapers, union literature, correspondence, wage rates and job classifications. Correspondence includes some discussion of communism, fascism, and racism.

William James Anderson, Jr., Papers, 1884-1967, (K0058)
Approximately 8 cubic feet
Diaries, letters, business ledgers and records, manuscripts, photographs, and other materials created and collected by Anderson and his family which relate to the history of the Kansas City metropolitan area. Anderson was a local historian and descendent of Reverend Thomas Johnson and John B. Wornall.

Wilson, Elizabeth Kreps (1891-19??) Dissertation, 1944, (K0159)
1 volume
Doctoral dissertation entitled "A Cooperative Study of Occupations in the Greater Kansas City Area." Wilson was Director of High School Counseling in the Kansas City, MO, School District, and directed an occupational study in the Greater Kansas City area.

Wilson, Laurel E. (1947- ) Papers, 1860-2008, (K0594)
1 cubic foot
Research files of Wilson, Professor Emerita and former curator of the Missouri Historic Costume and Textile Collection-University of Missouri-Columbia, concerning the history of the Kansas City Garment Industry.


Yard, Alex, Workers, Radicals, And Capitalists: The St. Louis Strike Of 1877, (S0320)
66 Pages
Unpublished manuscript on the response of the Working Men's Party, St. Louis chapter, to the 1877 national railroad strike.

Young, F. Weldon, The 30'S: Donnybrook Decage In St. Louis Public School Power Plants: A Geechee Maverick's Quest In A Jim Crow City, 1982, (S0095)
1 Volume
Unpublished manuscript by a retired black engineer on his successful effort to place black engineers in the St. Louis Negro public schools.

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