Korean War Manuscript Collections

For general military information see the manuscript collections under the Military heading. The Military heading is subdivided into the following headings: Afghan War, American Civil War, Iraq War, Korean War, Persian Gulf War, Spanish-American War, Vietnam War, World War I, and World War II.

Anti-war and anti-military material is found under Peace and Pacifism.

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Alvord, Clarence W. (1868-1928) and Idress Head (1873-1962), Collection, 1759-1962, (C0970)
21.2 linear feet and 1 oversize volume
Correspondence, writings, and collected materials of Clarence Walworth Alvord, founder of the Mississippi Valley Historical Association, editor of the Mississippi Valley Historical Review, and professor of history at the universities of Illinois and Minnesota; and his wife, Idress Head Alvord, writer and former curator of the Missouri Historical Society in St. Louis. Mrs. Alvord’s private manuscript collection includes territorial documents and Ste. Genevieve records; Liberty Tribune papers; Missouri state and county records; and Civil War and military papers.

Anglin, Melvin E. (SP0052)
1 cubic foot (33 folders, 140 photographs, 410 slides) 
The Melvin E. Anglin Papers consist of letters, awards, photographs, and other memorabilia collected by Melvin E. Anglin during his career in the army and into retirement.


Bakewell, Claude I., (1912-1987), Papers, 1946-1952, (C2346)
1.6 cubic feet
The papers contain correspondence and congressional material of a Republican representative from Missouri's 11th congressional district to the 80th and 82nd Congresses.

Barnes, Charles Merlin (1873-1966), Papers, 1892-1965, (C2802)
8 linear feet
The Charles M. Barnes Papers consist of the diaries, correspondence, photographs, financial records, and miscellaneous material of a Marston, Missouri, businessman and University of Missouri graduate. The Barnes family owned and operated a series of successful business enterprises in southeastern Missouri during the early twentieth century.

Bolling, George Melville (1871-1963), Papers, 1925-1970 (C1330)
1.4 linear feet
The papers of George Melville Bolling, professor emeritus of Greek and Sanskrit languages at Ohio State University, include correspondence with colleagues and family, manuscript drafts, and miscellaneous material.

Brewer, Basil (1884-1975), Papers, 1911-1965, (C3132)
10 linear feet, 77 volumes
Correspondence, editorials, newsclippings, pamphlets, photographs, and scrapbooks dealing with Brewer's activities as publisher of the New Bedford Standard-Times in Massachusetts, his philanthropic work, and his political interests.


Carnahan, A.S.J. (1897-1968), Papers, 1944-1960, (C2539)
55.8 linear feet
Papers of a Democratic congressman from Missouri's 8th District. Correspondence dealing with agriculture, army, civil defense, district problems, election campaigns, foreign affairs, legislation, and the United Nations.

Curtis, Thomas B. (1911-1993). Papers, 1950-1969, (C3300)
The Thomas B. Curtis Papers contain constituent correspondence and congressional committee material during Curtis’ terms as a Republican U.S. representative from Missouri. The bulk of committee material pertains to Ways and Means and Joint Economic Committees. The papers are filed chronologically by topic within each year. Originals discarded.


Dale, E.L. (1890-1969), Interview, 1965, (C3396)
3 folders, 1 audio tape
Tape and transcripts of an interview with the editor of the Carthage Evening Press. Topics include Dale's background, role of news, editor, government role in news media, civil rights, and contemporary issues in U.S. and Missouri.

Davis, James Adam (1905-1988), Papers, 1937-1975, (C3666)
23.5 linear feet
Papers of a state labor leader. State CIO Industrial Union Council, State Labor Council, Political Action Committee, Missouri Valley Authority, Governor's Advisory Council on Unemployment Compensation, United Labor Committee of Missouri, State Environmental Improvement Authority and Executive Review Committee materials. Personal records.

Dearmont, Russell L. (1891-1967), Papers, 1929-1965, (C2665)
72 linear feet
Personal, business, and family correspondence of a St. Louis lawyer and Democratic politician who was counsel and later president of the Missouri Pacific Railroad and was active in civic affairs.

Dickmann, Bernard F. (1888-1971), Papers, 1895-1980, (C3403)
Democratic mayor of St. Louis, 1933-1941, Dickman later served as St. Louis postmaster, 1943-1958, and city welfare director, 1959-1961. Papers include correspondence, diary, newspaper articles, books, reports, photographs, and miscellaneous items related to years as public servant. Scrapbooks containing newspaper coverage of mayoral terms are on microfilm.

Donnelly, Phil M. (1891-1961), Papers, 1944-1957, (C2151)
91.6 linear feet, 10 volumes
Papers relating to Donnelly's two terms as Democratic governor of Missouri.


Ex-POW Bulletin, Collection, (CA5970)
Publication written by and for former prisoners of war. Includes stories on legislation, reunions, and reminiscences of veterans from World War II and other conflicts.


Fitzpatrick, Daniel R. (1891-1969), Papers, 1913-1966, (C3832)
1 linear foot, 16 reels of 16mm film, 16 DVDs
The Fitzpatrick Papers contain the personal and business correspondence of D.R. Fitzpatrick, editorial cartoonist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The collection also contains magazines and newspaper articles concerning "Fitz's" cartoons of local, regional, and national politics, including government propaganda for both World Wars. Sixteen one-half hour television documentaries on political affairs, entitled Forty-five Years with Fitzpatrick are included in the collection.


Hennings, Thomas C., Jr. (1903-1960), Papers, 1901-1960 (C3000)
190.5 linear feet, 6 audio tapes, 5 films, 5 rolls of microfilm, 25 records, 1 oversize volume
Personal and political papers of a Democratic congressman, 1934-1940; St. Louis circuit attorney, 1940-1941; naval officer, 1941-1944; lawyer, 1944-1950; and U.S. senator, 1950-1960. Collection focuses on senatorial years, the bulk consisting of constituent correspondence, and is arranged topically.

Herndon, Booton, Papers, 1950-1965, (C3355)
4.1 linear feet
Papers of a freelance writer. Collaboration with Vic Obeck in writing volume on isometric exercises; compilation and publication of The Humor Of J.F.K., a collection of Kennedy quotations; and Military Air Transport Service material used in writing Over The Hump with William H. Tunner.

Hiller Family Papers, 1785-1993, (C3856)
7.2 linear feet, 2 volumes
Papers of a family of farmers, lawyers, bankers, doctors, and business people of Kahoka, Clark County, Missouri. The collection includes correspondence, photographs, genealogical records, estate records, diaries, personal account books, deeds, military records, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, manuscripts, and miscellaneous material.

Holt, Ivan Lee (1886-1967), Papers, 1835-1966, (C2553)
8 linear feet, 6 audio cassettes, 4 audio tapes, 8 records
The papers of Ivan Lee Holt, Methodist bishop and a leader of the ecumenical movement, contain correspondence, speeches and sermons, church records, newspaper clippings, publications, photographs, and audio recordings of addresses by Holt. Also included are the papers of Eugene Russell Hendrix, a Methodist bishop from Missouri.


Johnson, O.R. (1887-1966), Papers, 1910-1959 (C3483)
25.4 linear feet
Professional and administrative correspondence related to the departments of Farm Management and Agricultural Economics, University of Missouri, and civic and personal correspondence. See also collection 10, Agricultural Economics Department Papers, 1906-1966.

Jones, Paul C. (1901-1981), Papers, 1943-1969, (C3604)
60.6 linear feet
Constituent and legislative correspondence from Jones's terms as a Democratic congressman from Missouri's 10th district, 1948-1969. Jones's major committee assignments included the Agriculture and the House Administration Committees.


Kem, James Preston, (1890-1965), Papers, 1946-1952, (C2700)
157 linear feet on 550 rolls of microfilm, 2 audio discs
The Kem Papers document the term of a Republican United States Senator from Missouri. The bulk of the material is constituent correspondence.


Leake, Harold H. (1891-1978) and Dorothy V. (1893-1990), Papers, 1841-1990, (C4011)
40.25 linear feet, 4 card files, 9 audio discs, 8 video cassettes
The papers of Harold H. Leake, music teacher, radio broadcaster, and Episcopal priest, and Dorothy V. Leake, educator and biologist, consist of correspondence, radio scripts, manuscripts, diaries, subject files, and other materials relating to the personal and professional lives of the Leakes and their family.


McAnally, Teddy Stone, Papers, 1953-1955, (C4182)
0.7 cubic feet
The papers of Teddy Stone McAnally contain the correspondence of a sergeant from Independence, Missouri, who served during the Korean War. The collection is largely comprised of letters home to his parents and son. Also included are coded letters between McAnally and Ruth Streaber of Eldon, Missouri, miscellaneous military correspondence, and several photographs of McAnally and his fellow soldiers.

Missouri Lives, Oral History Project, Records, 2014-, (C4249)
0.1 cubic feet, 13 CDs, 1 DVD
The collection consists of interviews with a wide array of Missourians who have had an interesting personal history and life. The collection consists of digitally recorded interviews, transcripts, and ephemera.

Missouri Veterans History Project, Oral History Records, 2010- (C4052)
4.7 cubic feet
The records of the Missouri Veterans History Project contain the local copy of veteran oral history interviews recorded for the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress. The records include audio, video, interview logs, and some transcripts. The former Western Historical Manuscript Collection, a joint collection with the State Historical Society of Missouri, was a founding partner of the Veterans History Project in 2001.

Mott, Frank Luther (1886-1964) and Vera I. (1885- 1964), Papers, 1775-1965, (C2344)
44.75 linear feet
Papers of a journalism educator, dean of University of Missouri School of Journalism, and author of Pulitzer Prize-winning History Of American Magazines; and his wife.


Porter, Sylvia F. (1913-1991), Papers, 1939-1991 (C3977)
16 linear feet
3 video cassettes
6 audio cassettes
The papers of Sylvia Porter, a personal finance columnist who wrote for the New York Post and New York Daily News, consist of her columns, books, speeches, and other writings. Correspondence and publicity clippings concerning the Sylvia Porter Organization and her involvement in President Ford’s efforts to curb inflation in the 1970s are also included.

Puchta, Randolph E. (1928-2006), Interview, 1998, (C2521)
1 folder and 3 audio cassettes
An interview with Puchta, a resident of Hermann, Missouri. In the interview Puchta discusses his early life, German ancestry, wine making, local customs and leisure activities, and transportation. Of note are his descriptions of photographs from the Edward Kemper Collection at the Western Historical Manuscript Collection-Columbia (Accession No. 4633).
The Puchta Interview is one of the many oral interviews done by the State Historical Society of Missouri in an ongoing effort to preserve the state of Missouri's history.


Roussell, George R., Photographs (CG0023)
0.02 cubic feet(3 folders)
Photograph album of George Rousell during his time serving in World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War. Also includes oversize photographs of members of Company C, Mobile Construction Battalion 10 in the United States Navy.

Rusk, Howard A. (1901-1989), Papers, 1937-1991, (C3981)
24 linear feet, 13 audio tapes, 23 audio cassettes, 1 video tape, 7 video cassettes
The papers of Dr. Howard A. Rusk, considered to be the father of rehabilitation medicine, contain Rusk’s correspondence and writings, publicity clippings, photographs, speeches, awards, and other materials concerning his groundbreaking work with the injured and disabled.


Smith, Forrest (1886-1962), Papers, 1940-1953, (C2220)
72.6 linear feet
11 volumes
Papers of a Democratic governor of Missouri, 1949-1953. Includes correspondence, reference material, speeches, and miscellaneous material.

Smith, Harold, Papers, 1952-1954, (C4260)
0.5 cubic feet (15 folders)
The Harold Smith papers consist of the letters Harold Smith sent to his family while serving in the Korean War. The collection includes his letters, documents he found interesting, and special messages he included on some of the envelopes.

Stark, Lloyd Crow (1886-1972), Papers, 1941-1972, (C0293)
1.9 linear feet
Personal and business papers of a prominent Louisiana, Missouri, nurseryman and former Democratic governor of Missouri, 1937-1941. These materials include personal correspondence, nursery and agricultural business papers, family correspondence, and miscellaneous photographs.

Symington, W. Stuart (1901-1988), Papers, 1918-1995, (C3874)
316.25 linear feet, 86 ephemera items, 41 audio discs, 11 audio cassettes, 64 audio tapes, 32 reels of 16mm film, 2 reels of 35mm film, 3 video tapes, 2 video cassettes, 2 CDs, 5 DVDs
The papers of William Stuart Symington, U.S. Senator from Missouri (1953-1976), include constituent correspondence, family and personal correspondence, limited genealogical and family materials, appointment books and calendars, audio and video recordings, campaign materials, editorial cartoons, select invitations and itineraries, limited pre-senatorial materials, photographs, photographic negatives and slides, press files, scrapbooks, selected Congressional testimonies, speeches, staff memoranda, voting records, and miscellaneous ephemera.


University of Missouri, College of Arts and Science, Records, 1908-1965, (C3406)
67.8 linear feet
4 volumes
Correspondence, reports and forms from the dean's office discussing faculty, administration, policies, courses, committees, conferences and specific problems. Correspondence and reports pertaining to Missouri Bible College, Missouri College Union, and junior college accreditation.

University of Missouri, Department of History, Records, 1916-1965 (C3307)
8 linear feet
The records of the University of Missouri Department of History contain administrative, interdepartmental, and personal correspondence; minutes of meetings; administrative records; graduate files; applications for positions; federal relief programs, military training programs; university committees; Alpha Pi Zeta; Social Studies Council; and records of the semi-centennial dinner.

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