Immigrant Manuscript Collections

Personal papers, organizational records, and other materials related to immigrants.

*Collections marked with DIGITIZED MATERIALS have additional digitized items available.

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Alvord, Clarence W. (1868-1928) and Idress Head (1873-1962), Collection, 1759-1962, (C0970)
21.2 linear feet and 1 oversize volume
Correspondence, writings, and collected materials of Clarence Walworth Alvord, founder of the Mississippi Valley Historical Association, editor of the Mississippi Valley Historical Review, and professor of history at the universities of Illinois and Minnesota; and his wife, Idress Head Alvord, writer and former curator of the Missouri Historical Society in St. Louis. Mrs. Alvord's private manuscript collection includes territorial documents and Ste. Genevieve records; Liberty Tribune papers; Missouri state and county records; and Civil War and military papers.

Anderson, Joseph, Family, Letters, 1873-1908 (C0199)
6 folders
Letters in Swedish to an immigrant who settled in Buffalo, Missouri, with his brother. The letters are from relatives in Sweden and from a brother in Hermitage, Missouri, Illinois, and Michigan, giving early wages, positions, settlements, prices of voyages, crops, and farm animals. Also included is a Lutheran catechism and biblical reference sheet.


Bakewell, Claude I., (1912-1987), Papers, 1946-1952, (C2346)
1.6 cubic feet
The papers contain correspondence and congressional material of a Republican representative from Missouri's 11th congressional district to the 80th and 82nd Congresses.

Bek, William G., Photograph Collection, (P0586)
40 photographs
Photos of and relating to German immigrants in Missouri, including the Frederick Steines home and family, St. Albans, MO, the Muench family, the Goebel family, Bethel Colony, Charles Wulfing, and assorted followers of Duden.

Benecke Family Papers, 1816-1989, n.d., (C3825)
90.8 linear feet, 62 volumes, 3 audio tapes, 3 records, 413 glass plate negatives
Correspondence, business and law firm records, civic, political, legislative, and personal papers of a German American family of Brunswick, Missouri.

Bennett, Marion Tinsley (1914-2000), Papers, 1941-1948, (C1043)
14 linear feet, 69 audio discs
Congressional papers and correspondence of Philip Allen Bennett (1881-1942) and his son and successor, Marion T. Bennett. M.T. Bennett served from 1943 to 1948. His committees were Census, Territories, Veterans, and Foreign and Interstate Commerce.

Brons, Niels, The Life Work of a Plain Man, 1938, (C2753)
1 folder
Autobiography, written in Danish.

Brotherhood Of Eperotes, St. Louis Chapter, Constitution, 1934, (S0416)
1 Folder
Photocopy of the Constitution of the Brotherhood of Eperotes of Macedonia, Thrace, Asia Minor, and the Islands of the Aegean, Alexander the Great Chapter, St. Louis, Missouri, 1934, in Greek.


Cole, William C. (1897-1965), Papers, 1942-1947, (C0013)
8 linear feet
Correspondence of Republican congressman from Missouri's 3rd District dealing with topics as varied as World War II, agriculture, legislation on labor and the atom bomb, education, foreign relations, immigration, flood control, labor, housing, socialized medicine, politics, and the postal service.

Crede Family Papers, 1818-1939, (C3065)
2 linear feet and 2 oversize volumes; also available on 4 rolls of microfilm
Personal correspondence, genealogical records, and business records of a German-American family living in Osage County, Missouri. The bulk of the collection concerns Her-mann Crede, who emigrated in 1853; other papers pertain to his brothers, Wilhelm (who emi-grated in 1853) and Carl (who emigrated in 1855). Much of the correspondence is in German; the business records are in English.

Crowder, Enoch H. (1859-1932), Papers, 1884-1942 (C1046)
27 linear feet
Correspondence and other papers of judge advocate general who administered Selective Service in World War I, served as ambassador to Cuba, and, after his retirement from public life, advised sugar interests.

Cunningham, Norma Steines, The Letters Of Frederick Steines (1802-1890), 1834-1840, 1999, (C2364)
1 folder
The Letters Of Frederick Steines by Norma Steines Cunningham is a translation of corre-spondence, poetry, and songs written by a Missouri immigrant who was the first German schoolmaster west of the Mississippi River. A copy of the letters in German can be found in the Frederick Steines Letters, 1834-1840, Collection # C995, XV, 445.

Curtis, Thomas B. (1911- 1993), Papers, 1950-1969 (C3300)
906 rolls of microfilm
The Thomas B. Curtis Papers contain constituent correspondence and congressional committee material during Curtis' terms as a Republican U.S. representative from Missouri. The bulk of committee material pertains to Ways and Means and Joint Economic Committees. The papers are filed chronologically by topic within each year. Originals discarded.

Czechs In St. Louis, Collection, 1929-1974, (S0034)
4 Folders
Anniversary programs, histories and unpublished manuscripts relating to Czech-American life in St. Louis, including Bohemian Hill, St. John's Nepomuk Parish and Sokol St. Louis.


Duden, Gottfried (1785-1855), Report on a Journey to the Western States of North America, (C2600)
0.4 linear feet
Elsa Nagel's English translation of Gottfried Duden's Report on a Journey to the Western States of North America for the State Historical Society of Missouri. The volume, first published in 1829, documented Duden's travel to the United States and pioneer life in Missouri. The book is considered to be one of the most influential works on German emigration.


Ellis, Mary Margaret (1911- ), "That's The Way It Was, 1914-1930", 1980, (S0417)
96 Page Transcript
Memoirs of a second generation Irish-American containing stories of her childhood in the Soulard Area of South St. Louis.

Ethnic Heritage Studies Colloquium, Proceedings, 1975 , (S0023)
109 Pages
Transcript of the proceedings of the Ethnic Heritage Studies City-wide Colloquium, held at Washington University, May 13, 1975.


Fellowship Of America's Loyal Irish(1928- ), St. Louis, Missouri, Record Book, 1928-1930, (S0025)
1 Volume
Constitution, bylaws, minutes and membership list of a St. Louis Irish organization to promote "good fellowship," to establish a sick and death fund, and to encourage athletic games among its members.

Frei Gemeinde Von St. Louis (1850-1972), Records 1850-1972, (S0037)
33 Folders, 4 Microfilm Rolls
The "Freie Gemeinde von St. Louis" translates as the Free Congregation of St. Louis by a group of German immigrants, both the North St. Louis group and the South St. Louis group were a part of a national organization in America. The organization, after selling its last assembly building in l961, continued to meet in members' homes until 1972 when the remaining 6 members disbanded the group. The books in the library of the organization were donated to Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville and to the Missouri Historical Society in St. Louis when the last assembly building was sold in 1961.

French Heritage Oral History Project, Records, 1989-1999, (CA5821)
.4 linear feet, 26 audio cassettes, 3 video cassettes
Audio and video recordings of interviews and performances, transcripts, correspondence, field notes, slides, and miscellaneous material related to French settlement and culture in Missouri and the Mississippi valley.


Gigous Family, Papers, 1875-1877, (C0325)
1 folder
Letters written to George and Mary Gigous by M.E. Wagner, sister of Mary; Amos Castle, friend of George; and Daniel Stull, cousin of George. The letters describe farming, agricultural prices, immigration, rural education, and rural life in Otter Creek, IA, and Maryville, MO. Includes typed notes on the family.

Gourgas Family, Papers, 1815-1843, (C2699)
10 folders
The papers of the Gourgas family contain letters of Adele Gourgas, daughter of a Swiss immigrant, to her brother John Mark Gourgas relating her impressions of and experiences in the Millersburg-Lexington, KY, region and Cincinnati, OH, where she moved with her husband John Dubois in 1819. Also included are letters from Jacob Gourgas to his brother John Mark and other papers of family interest. The letters are in French.

Greek American World War II, Oral History Project, 2000, (S0644)
27 Cassette Tapes
Interviews with Greek-American men of St. Louis who fought in World War II, conducted in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of Greece's entry into the war.


Hadley, Herbert Spencer (1872-1927), Papers, 1830-1943, (C0006)
15.2 linear feet, 35 volumes on 58 rolls of microfilm
The papers of a Missouri Republican lawyer, politician, educator, and author include correspondence, letterbooks, scrapbooks, manuscripts, photographs, cartoons, and miscellaneous material. Originals in storage.

Hannibal, Peter, M., Letters, 1935-1939, (C2766)
1 folder
The papers contain two letters in Danish to J. Christian Bay from Hannibal in Dannebrog, Nebraska, and typed translations. Also includes a Danish newspaper clipping.

Haren Family Farewell Pamphlet and Reminiscence, 1831, 1968, (S0077)
1 Folder
Pamphlet written by friends of Dr. Geiger for a farewell party in his family's honor before they emigrated to America in 1831; reminiscence by William Haren of his father's experiences in coming to America; and "The Latin Farmers," The German Americans by Richard O'Connor, 1968.

Harmonie Singing Society(1855- ), St. Louis, Missouri, Programs, 1935-1971, (S0033)
1 Folder
Illustrated histories of a South St. Louis German singing society, in German and English.

Hecker, Friedrich (1811-1881), Papers, 1825-1987, (S0451)
81 Folders, 2 Oversize Boxes, 7 Microfilm Rolls
Friedrich Hecker was a man who "traveled light" for much of his life, and it comes as no suprise that much one might expect to find in his papers is not there. While there is a dossier of professional credentials (b.1, f.2), the draft of a Romantic play (b.4, f.39), and some student notes (b.1, f.1), there is virtually nothing from his political life before 1848 other than one certificate of election (b.1, f.3, 14.7.1842) and a petition protesting his resignation from the Baden Assembly in 1847 (b.1, f.3, 16.4.1847). It is probable that most of his sensitive political letters were destroyed or seized when he fled in 1848. The undated draft of a German constitution (based ostensibly on that of the United States) is the only important political statement from the period before March, 1848, though it is of great significance indeed (b.1, f.4).

Heinrich, C., pub. "The Experiences....of the Stephanites who emigrated from Saxony, 1839," n.d., (C2085)
1 folder
The papers contain one publication titled, Journey of the Stephanites from Saxony to St. Louis, 1838, and settlement in Perry County, 1839. Describes difficulties of ocean voyage to New Orleans and riverboat travel to St. Louis; Economic conditions, prices, religious beliefs, organization of colony, and impressions of Martin Stephan.

Hennings, Thomas C., Jr. (1903-1960), Papers, 1901-1960 (C3000)
190.5 linear feet, 6 audio tapes, 5 films, 5 rolls of microfilm, 25 records, 1 oversize volume
Personal and political papers of a Democratic congressman, 1934-1940; St. Louis circuit attorney, 1940-1941; naval officer, 1941-1944; lawyer, 1944-1950; and U.S. senator, 1950-1960. Collection focuses on senatorial years, the bulk consisting of constituent correspondence, and is arranged topically.

Hinrichs, Charles F. (1828-1902), Papers, 1862-1902, (C0335)
2 rolls of microfilm
Papers and records of a German American who lived in Cape Girardeau and Butler Counties in Missouri. Records concern Hinrichs's Civil War service in Company L, 10th Missouri Volunteer Cavalry. Other papers document his agricultural interests, the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and his efforts to establish a German colony at Carola, Butler County, Missouri.

History Senior Seminar Papers, Collections, 1992-1993, (S0723)
12 Folders
This collection contains the academic papers of 12 students of the 1992 and 1993 History Senior Seminar 393, taught by Dr. Gerda Ray of the University of Missouri - St. Louis. Topics vary from broad historical perspectives to studies of specific St. Louis ethnic communities.

Holt, Ivan Lee (1886-1967), Papers, 1835-1966, (C2553)
8 linear feet, 6 audio cassettes, 4 audio tapes, 8 records
The papers of Ivan Lee Holt, Methodist bishop and a leader of the ecumenical movement, contain correspondence, speeches and sermons, church records, newspaper clippings, publications, photographs, and audio recordings of addresses by Holt. Also included are the papers of Eugene Russell Hendrix, a Methodist bishop from Missouri.

Holy Trinity Serbian Eastern Orthodox Church, St. Louis, Missouri, (1928- ), Serbian Almanac, 1976, (S0032)
286 Pages
Includes illustrated history of Holy Trinity Serbian Eastern Orthodox Church and the Serbian Community in St. Louis, 1900-1976, in Serbo-Croatian and English.

Howell, Elijah Preston, Diary, 1849, (C1675)
1 volume
The collection contains a diary, May 6-September 24, 1849, of a journey across the plains from Athens, Gentry County, MO, to the Sacramento Valley during the California gold rush. Topics include members of company, description of wagon trains, countryside, wild game, vegetation, provisions, Indians, cholera, travel guides, landmarks, defense, wagon train problems and Mormons.

Huiskamp Family, Papers, 1858-1990, (C3009)
1.6 linear feet
The Huiskamp Family Papers consist primarily of correspondence between Gerard L. Huiskamp, his wife Lillian Barr Huiskamp, and other family members and friends. There are also photocopies of letters written by Henrik C. Huiskamp, while on a trip to Europe in the late 1800s; genealogical information on the Werth family; and an unpublished text by Gerard L. Huiskamp about what United States citizens need to be aware of in regards to labor and communism.

Huynh, Quang Nhuong (1936-2001), Papers, 1956-2000, (C3997)
4.4 linear feet
The papers of Huynh Quang Nhuong, a Vietnamese author who lived in Columbia, Missouri, consist mainly of Huynh's writings and include drafts of plays, novels, short stories, poetry, and screenplays. The collection also includes photographs, newspaper clippings, book reviews, and correspondence with publishers, as well as fan letters from children regarding his book, The Land I Lost.


International Institute Of Metropolitan St. Louis, Papers, 1919-1960, (S0422)
399 Folders, 14 Rolls Microfilm
The Papers of the International Institute of St. Louis were deposited in the Immigration History Research Center in August 1976. They were secured through the efforts of Rudolph J. Vecoli, Professor of History at the University of Minnesota and Director of the Immigration History Research Center, and Margaret G. Richards, formerly of the International Institute of St. Louis. An agreement reached in May 1976 between the International Institute of St. Louis Board of Directors and the Immigration History Research Center stipulated that all casework records will be excluded from the depository collection until such time that a policy statement on this material has been issued by the American Council for Nationalities Service (New York), with which the St. Louis International Institute is affiliated. The microfilm copy, however, does not include all published or near-print materials issued by national organizations (e.g. the Interpreter Releases from the Common Council for American Unity). The microfilm copy is selective in its inclusion of other printed material (largely newspaper clippings and magazine articles) as well as various club and group activity records found under Series 17 in the collection's organizational framework.

Italian Immigrant Oral History Project, 1973-1984, (S0511)
19 Cassettes
Mormino conducted interviews with Italian immigrants residing in the "Hill" neighborhood in south St. Louis as part of the research for his book, Immigrants On The Hill, Italian Americans in St. Louis 1882-1982.

Italians In St. Louis Collection, 1966-1973, (S0035)
4 folders, .25 cubic feet
Contains anniversary programs and histories of the Italian Club, the Ladies Auxiliary of the Fratellanza and the Societa Unione E Fratellanza Italiana, and unpublished manuscript of “St. Louis Italo-Americans and the first World War.”


Jones, Paul C. (1901-1981), Papers, 1943-1969 (C3604)
60.6 linear feet
Constituent and legislative correspondence from Jones's years as a Democratic congressman from Missouri's 10th district, 1948-1969. Jones's major committee assignments included the Agriculture and the House Administration Committees.

Jorgensen, Jorgen, LIVSERINDRINGER, 1938, (C2754)
1 volume
The collection contains a copy of Livserindringer written in Danish, and a letter of Jorgensen to J. Christian Bay from Reserve, MT.


Kem, James Preston, (1890-1965), Papers, 1946-1952, (C2700)
157 linear feet on 550 rolls of microfilm, 2 audio discs
The Kem Papers document the term of a Republican United States Senator from Missouri. The bulk of the material is constituent correspondence.


Leazenby, Grant, "A Story of an Emigrant People," n.d., (C0747)
1 folder
Reminiscences of the author's boyhood in Cainsville, Harrison County, MO. Recounts the lives of prominent Czechoslovakian immigrants in the community, describing their history as a people, their country, and the area they finally settled in.

LOGAN, Passenger List, 1833, (C1850)
1 folder
The collection contains photostats of the passenger list of the ship LOGAN, arriving in New York 20 June 1833, John Atkins, master. The list gives names, ages, sex, profession, and nationality of the passengers. Many Germans listed Missouri as area of intended settlement.

Lozier, Ralph F., (1866-1945), Papers, 1855-1945, (C2655)
65.75 linear feet, 5 volumes
The papers contain correspondence, pamphlets, speeches, and news clippings related to Lozier's legal, agricultural, and political careers. Also included are research notes for and copies of Lozier's two historical novels and campaign papers of Lue C. Lozier.


Meyer, Karl Friedrich (1801-1870), Diary, 1833, (C1713)
1 folder
Diary of a voyage on the WESER from Tundern, Germany, to New Orleans, 11 August-16 October 1833 or 1834. Translated by Helen Evers, Lindenwood College, St. Charles, MO. Meyer recorded accounts, a list of the passengers, the crew, appearance of the coasts of Santo Domingo and Cuba.

Missouri Association for Social Welfare, Papers, 1908-1971, (C3475)
79 linear feet, 23 volumes, 6 boxes
Correspondence, minutes, committee records, membership lists, background material on legislation, newsletters, treasurers' reports, and conference materials of the Missouri Association for Social Welfare (MASW).

Missouri, Perry County, Immigration List, 1839, (C1836)
1 folder
List of Lutheran emigrants who left New York and arrived in the village of Wittenburg, Perry County, MO, in 1839. Original in the possession of the donor.

Missouri, Perry County, Immigration List, 1839, (C1837)
1 folder
List of Lutheran emigrants who came to Perry County, MO, by way of New Orleans in 1839. Original in the possession of the donor.

Missouri. Board of Immigration, Report, 1875-1876, (C1557)
1 folder
Sixth biennial report of the Board of Immigration to the 29th General Assembly. Includes list of members, official report, statistics, minutes of meetings, remarks by Fred Muench, and letter from M. O'Dowd.

Mit Feder Und Hammer! (with Feather and Hammer): The German Experience In St. Louis, Records, 1983-1989, (S0941)
299 folders, 5 boxes
The collection contains mounted photographs, duplicate photographs, 4x5 negatives, thirty-five millimeter negatives, one 3.5 micro floppy disk and historical background information about the images in the Mit Feder und Hammer exposition. This collection provides a visual record of the development of the German American community in St. Louis from circa 1830 to 1983.

Mitchell, Ewing Young, Jr. (1873-1954), Papers, 1840-1949 (C1041)
0.4 linear feet
Papers of a Springfield, Missouri, lawyer active in Democratic Party politics, who served as assistant secretary of commerce in Franklin Roosevelt's first administration. Material concerns family affairs, law practice with emphasis on county indebtedness, Ozark land speculation, and Democratic politics on the state and national levels.

Moody, Frederick W. (1838-1937) Collection, n.d., (K0347)
0.01 cubic feet
The collection contains the memoir of Frederick W. Moody. The memoir contains stories regarding his immigration to the United States from England in 1857, his travels to New Mexico, Colorado, and early life in Kansas City.

Muehl, Siegmar, Collection, 1778-1992 (C4075)
0.25 cubic feet
Collection of genealogical research materials compiled by Siegmar Muehl documenting the Strehly family of Hermann, Missouri, particularly focusing on Joseph Carl Strehly (1778-1860) and Maria Strehly Wolff (1822-1906), including family photographs, correspondence, a travel diary, wills, clippings, genealogical charts, and biographies.


Nadler, Harry, "Development And Role Of Ethnic Groups In St. Louis," 1966, (S0022)
38 Pages
Unpublished manuscript for graduate seminar in sociology, Washington University.

Naturalization Council Metropolitan Area Kansas City Collection, 1938-1986, (K0832)
8 cubic feet
The organizational records of the Council includes monthly reports, statements, minutes, educational materials, correspondence, awards, office files, scrapbooks, and photographs related to its activities to assist immigrants to the city.

Nooney, John (1871-1935), Papers, 1882-1939, (S0166)
2 Daybooks, 1 Scrapbook, 2 Folders, 16 Photographs
John Nooney, the son of Irish immigrants, was a patrolman for the St. Louis police from 1899 until he retired in 1933. He was promoted to desk sergeant for the sixth district in 1926. Papers include two daybooks documenting Nooney's activities, correspondence, a scrapbook on Nooney's death, and photographs, some of them tintype.


Olsen, Audrey J., "Germans In St. Louis, 1850-1920," Ph.D. Dissertation, 1970, (S0029)
1 roll of microfilm
Ph.D. dissertation, 1970, University of Kansas, Department of Modern History.

Organization Of Chinese-Americans, St. Louis Chapter (1972- ), Newsletters, 1975, (S0021)
1 Folder
Originally founded in 1972 as the League of Chinese Americans, OCA promotes the cultural heritage and civil rights of the Chinese in America.

Ozark Land and Lumber Company, Records, 1887-1933, (C0037)
8 linear feet, 100 oversize volumes
The business papers and record books of a Shannon County, Missouri, lumber company consists of correspondence, financial records, minutes of directors’ and stockholders’ meetings, store records, cutting and other lumber records, land records, and survey maps.


Rustemeyer Family, Papers, 1884-1953, (C4017)
0.3 linear feet, 1 computer disc
The Rustemeyer Family papers contain correspondence written to Bernard Rustemeyer by friends and family in Germany after his immigration to America in 1882. The collection also includes newspaper clippings and photographs of the Rustemeyer, Alteköster, Stöckebrand, and Giese families, and Rustemeyer’s hometown, Körbecke, Germany.


Schrader, William Henry (1844-1921), Reminiscences, n.d., (C1519)
1 folder
The reminiscences describe slavery in Missouri, including treatment of slaves, punishment, education, desire for freedom, fugitives, and character sketches of individual slaves. Also described are the Kansas-Missouri border conflicts, the Civil War in Missouri, bushwhackers, Claiborne Fox Jackson, the 1856 and 1860 presidential campaigns, German immigrants, Missouri Republicans, and Linneus and Brunswick, MO.

Schubert Family, Papers, 1834-1996, (C3005)
0.6 linear feet
The Schubert Family Papers contain diaries, drawings, prints, and account books related to the immigration and livelihood of family members. There are also genealogical notebooks for fami-lies of Atchison County, Missouri, and documents dealing with the Sociality, a collective society.

Schweighauser, Art A. (1908-1990), Collection, 1713-1945 (C3762)
0.25 cubic feet
The collection contains items from the Bezold family of Montgomery and Gasconade counties in Missouri. There are many school-related items from 1879-1917. Also included are sermons in German by Reverend Niedhammer and a family history of John Jacob Meunzenmayer, who lived in Franklin County.

St. Louis Japanese American Citizens League, Records, 1906-1988, (S0682)
60 Folders, 6 Volumes, 14 Tapes
The records of the Japanese American Citizens League document the experience of Japanese Americans relocated into internment camps as well as the history of the organization. It includes tapes and transcripts of the oral history interviews conducted as part of Herm Smith's documentation project begun in 1987. It also includes newsclippings and scrapbooks reflective of the Japanese experience in America going back to 1906. It primarily consists of material on the internment camps of World War II, including several books donated by project participants. The records of the JACL date mostly from the late 1950s and include newsletters, newsclippings and financial ledgers, with many minutes, correspondence and publications dating from the 1970s.

St. Louis Living Treasures, Ethnic Artists, Oral History Project, Records, 1983-1985, (S0456)
32 Folders, 29 Oral Histories
The collection documents the lives and folk art of the thirty-one ethnic artists who participated in the St. Louis Living Treasures, Ethnic Oral History Project from 1983-1985. Arranged alphabetically according to country of origin, the collection contains questionnaires on the family history of the artists and origin of their craft work, tapes of oral history interviews, photographs and slides of the artwork.

Stornello, Joseph A. Oral History Collection, (K0426)
0.11 cubic foot (3 folders, 4 cassette tapes)
The Joseph A. Stornello Oral Histories Collection consists of materials from four interviews of Italian-Americans in the Kansas City metropolitan area. The interviewees broadly discuss assimilation, acculturation, and education as it pertained to the Italian-American community in Kansas City. The interviews were conducted as part of a class assignment for Oral History and Practice, taught at the University of Missouri-Kanas City campus, which Stornello took during the summer of 1995.


Taeuber, Irene B. (1906-1974), Papers, 1912-1981 (C2158)
63 linear feet
2 audio cassettes
Irene B. Taeuber, a research demographer, was best known for her work on the population of Asia, especially Japan and China. Collection includes correspondence with leading demographers, sociologists, and Asian specialists; publications and manuscripts; research notes and data; bibliographic card files; and photographs and slides of her travels.

Tomas, Henry (1919- ), Papers, 1950-1985, (S0810)
5 Boxes, 32 Folders, 90 Photographs, 43 Volumes
The Henry Tomas Papers include correspondence, sheet music, collections of stamps and postcards and photographs. It also contains a series of newspaper clippings in Lithuanian.


Vorwaerts Workingmen's Singing Society (1888-1981), Records, 1895-1977, (S0237)
79 Folders
The Vorwaerts Records are arranged into four series: protocol books,financial ledgers and correspondence of the Workingmen's Singing Society(1895-1977); protocol books for the Damenchor Vorwaerts (1928-1967); Concert Programs (1928-1977); and Saenger Zeitung (1931-1966). Advertising requests,bank statements, cancelled checks and duplicates were discarded. Topics covered include concerts, song fests, other organizations, cultural and social activities, such as German American Day, Camp Solidarity outings, editorial work on the Saenger Zeitung, and fund raising. In German and English.


Waldensian United Presbyterian Church of Monett Records (R1359)
0.01 cubic foot (1 folder)
The Waldensian United Presbyterian Church of Monett Records contains photocopied newspaper articles detailing the history of the Waldensian faith and the history of the Waldensian church in Monett, Missouri.

Western Historical Manuscript, St. Louis, Vertical File, 1968-2004, (S0694)
508 Folders
The collection documents a variety of subjects relating to St. Louis' history. It contains single files with a small amount of general information on a variety of topics. Arranged alphabetically.


Yercaris, Constantine A., "A Study Of Voluntary Association Of Greek Immigrants Of Chicago From 1890 To 1948 With Special Emphasis On WWII And Post War Period," 1950, (S0030)
1 Roll Of Microfilm
Unpublished thesis, Department of Sociology, University of Chicago.


Zeisberg, F.J., Autobiographical Sketches (CA6541)
0.2 cubic feet
Photocopied memoirs of an immigrant who moved to Jefferson City, Missouri, from Germany in 1881. He became a music professor and co-founded the Jefferson City Conservatory. He later taught in Chicago and Virginia, before returning to Cole County, Missouri.