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Records of government agencies at all levels of government (town, county, city, state, federal) and official records of government officers. Papers and records of politicians, political parties and organizations, political movements, and campaigns at the local, state, and national levels. Also see listings of papers of Missouri Governors; papers of U.S. Senators and Representatives from Missouri; and papers concerning Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs.

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Aeschliman, Mabel, Portrait, (P0262)
1 photograph
Copy photo of Mabel Aeschliman, who served from 1943-1944 in the legislature. She was the first republican to serve in the state legislature from Schuyler County since the Civil War and the first woman to serve from north of the Missouri River.

Agricultural Campaign Literature, Presidential Elections, 1928-1936, (C0884)
2 volumes
Equity for Agriculture: An Advertising Campaign for Governor Smith, 1928, prepared by Ferry and Hanly Advertising Company. Newspapers and periodicals, advertisements, pamphlets, and some statistics on the distribution. Agriculture in the 1936 Presidential Election, prepared by Critchfield and Company.

Allen, Maynard Dale, Autobiography, (K1074)
0.02 cubic foot (1 folder)
The Maynard Dale Allen Autobiography consists of a single spiral bound notebook outlining the Allen family’s genealogy as well as Allen’s life from 1893 to 1937.  Allen recalls his first interactions with automobiles and telephone service, visiting Kansas City as a teenager, moving, the Great Depression, politics, and war.

Allied Printing Trades Council (1893- ), Records, 1894-1980, (S0798)
31 Folders, 9 Ledgers, 2 Microfilm Rolls
The Allied Printing Trades Council developed out of the International Typographical Union in 1893, when it created a separate insignia to acknowledge the work of new locals. By the early 1900s, printing pressmen, book binders, stereotypers, electrotypers and photoengravers had formed their own international unions. In 1910 they formed the International Allied Printing Trades Association. Paper makers and Lithographers joined in 1911 and 1912. In addition to promoting the Allied label, a registered trademark in 47 states by 1914, the Association presided over inter-union disputes, including feuds between mailers and women bindery workers in St. Louis. The St. Louis Allied Printing Trades Council formed on November 20, 1893.

Alternative National Party, Records, 1979-1991, (R1361)
0.25 cubic feet (2 folders)
The Alternative National Party Papers collects the writings and campaign materials of the Alternative National Party, a small conservative third party based in Steelville, Missouri. The collection includes many press releases, letters to the editor, campaign materials, and correspondence with elected representatives.

Althouse, A. J., Letter, 1898, (C1782)
1 folder
The letters discusses political issues; president and the Cuban crisis; Republicans and the Filley letters; post office and political appointments.

Ambrose, George H., Papers, 1858-1924, (R0641)
6 folders
These are personal and business papers of George H. Ambrose, a county judge of Lafayette County, Missouri, and president of the Lexington & St. Louis Railroad Company. The collection includes correspondence, legal and business papers, memoranda books, and bank account books.

American Association Of University Women, ( 1901- ), Records, (1901-1959), (S0739)
35 Folders
The American Association of University Women Records is divided into three series. In series one the AAUW's records contains awards, board minutes, books, budgets and charter board of freeholders, folders 1-14; the records are organized alphabetically. Series two contains correspondence, newsletters, and nomination awards in alphabetical order, folders 12-22. Series three contains pamphlets, poetry, AAUW reports and St. Louis Public School reports, arranged alphabetically, folders 24-35.

American Council on Education, War Service Opportunities Newsletters, 1942-1943, (C3115)
1 folder
Information circulars stating needs of the government for wartime personnel, and giving qualifications required.

Americans For Democratic Action, St. Louis Chapter, (1947- ), Records, 1948-1983, (S0045)
18 Folders, 2 Audio Cassettes
The bulk of the ADA records are from 1960 to 1969, during the term of chapter presdient, Jack Pierson. There is one folder of material from 1948 to 1959 and another from 1977 to 1983. There is only one letter from 1983. The collection mainly documents the endorsements, resolutions and activities of the St. Louis ADA chapter during the 1960s. It includes correspondence on arrangements for Roosevelt Day dinner speakers, letters to newspaper and television editors and memoranda to and from the national group, mailing lists, board meeting minutes, legislative newsletters, endorsements and resolutions.

Anderson, Thomas L., Speech, 1904, (C3734)
1 folder
The collection contains a typed copy of a speech given by Anderson before the Democratic State Convention in Jefferson City on 19 July 1904, nominating Harry B. Hawes for governor of Missouri.

Anderson, Thomas Lilbourne (1808-1885), Papers, 1860-1864, (C0678)
1 folder
The papers of Thomas Lilbourne Anderson, lawyer, politician, and U.S. Congressman who practiced law in St. Charles and Palmyra, Missouri contain an autobiography and three letters written to Anderson in the 1860s, one describing the Battle of Springfield in 1863.

Anderson Jr., William James, (1884-1967) Westport Scrapbook, (K0396)
1 volume
Newspapers clippings and notes pertaining to the history of the town of Westport, MO, now part of Kansas City.

Anti-Fascist/Anti-Communist Printed Material Collection, (K0421)
0.11 cubic foot (4 folders)
This collection contains anti-communist and anti-fascist printed materials published during the second “Red Scare” period in United States history.  There is a mixture of official government reports and speeches, and privately printed articles, pamphlets, and handouts.

Antonio, James F., Portrait, (P0267)
1 photograph
One print of James F. Antonio, State auditor of Missouri from 1978–1984.

Applegate, Lisbon (1803-1875), Collection, 1819-1903, (C0996)
2 linear feet, 18 volumes
Correspondence and business papers of Lisbon and Lewis M. Applegate of Keytesville, Missouri. Letters from George W. Applegate in California, 1848-1873, describing prospects for ranching, gold mining, and wine-making ventures; politics; and impact of Civil War and abolitionists. Civil War in Missouri; politics in Missouri and Chariton County; economic conditions and opportunities in Chariton County.

Arbor Day Program, 1912, (C2382)
1 folder
Program, April 5, 1912, issued by Department of Education, Jefferson City, MO. Herbert S. Hadley was governor.

Armstrong, O.K., Papers, (C4056)
50.75 cubic feet, 2 audio discs, 1 film strip, 9 oversize items
The papers of O.K. Armstrong, a journalist, author, and politician from Springfield, Missouri, contain correspondence, manuscript drafts, subject files, speech material, research notes, and political material.

Arnold, Wat (1879-1961), Papers, 1947-1948 (C0070)
0.3 linear feet
Remarks by Arnold printed in the Congressional Record, material for a weekly newsletter printed in local newspapers, and script for a weekly radio broadcast to the people in his district.

"As I Recall" Oral History Project, Records, 2006, (C4280)
0.2 cubic feet, 11 CDs, 13 audio cassettes, 1 c.d.
The "As I Recall" Oral History Project records contain audio recordings and some transcripts from a collaborative project between KBIA-FM and the State Historical Society of Missouri. Most oral histories in this collection were conducted by Gary Kremer, Director of the State Historical Society, in 2006.

Asel, Arthur E. (1912-2000) Papers, 1971-1992, (K0885)
1 cubic foot
Asel was a Kansas City, MO Councilman for the Sixth District and chaired several committees. Includes his district news releases, news articles and letters to the Kansas City Star, and other organizational materials.

Ashcroft, Governor John, Photographs, (P0271)
3 photographs
3 8x10 black and white prints of Governor John Ashcroft.

Association of Young Republicans of Missouri, Booklets, 1926 and 1935, (R1035)
1 folder
These are program booklets for the Association of Young Republicans of Missouri's annual Lincoln Day Banquets, held on 12 February 1926 and 12 February 1935 at the Shrine Mosque in Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. Governor Sam A. Baker and Senator George H. Williams were featured speakers in 1926, while United States Representatives Hamilton E. Fish and Dewey J. Short headlined the event in 1935.

Atchison, David Rice (1807-1886), Biographical Sketch, (C2107)
1 folder
Manuscript submitted to MISSOURI HISTORICAL REVIEW. A short biography of Atchison, emphasizing his family background, education, law and political career in Kentucky, and service as a U.S. Senator from Missouri. Author unknown.

Atchison, David Rice (1807-1886), Papers, 1837-1953, (C0071)
MICROFILM (Volumes only)
0.4 linear feet, 5 volumes
Correspondence, miscellaneous papers and clippings and diaries of D.R. Atchison. Includes letters from A.E. Hannegan, C.F. Jackson, James H. Birch, Jeff Davis, Stephen W. Kearney, and J.W. Denver. Material on politics, particularly the slavery issue and Thomas Hart Benton, as well as personal and family correspondence. Diaries primarily contain daily accounts of weather and farming.

Atwood, Frank Ely (1878-1943), Papers, 1888-1943, (C3131)
21 linear feet
Correspondence, reports, case records, judicial opinions, speeches, articles, and news-clippings, covering Atwood’s professional and political careers and his work as an active layman in the Southern Baptist Church.

Ault, John S., Journal, 1883-1887, (R0367)
1 volume
This is the journal of John S. Ault, collector and city marshal of Salem in Dent County, Missouri. The entries concern the collection of fees for business licenses and fines for violations, citations for public nuisances, and arrests for disorderly behavior and public intoxication.


Backstrom, Frank Harold (1902-1990) Papers, 1923-1984, (K0140)
3 folders
Scrapbook of clippings, campaign literature, and other memorabilia related to Backstrom's career on the Kansas City City Council during the reform movement of the 1930s-1940s.

Bailey, Elizabeth, Photograph Collection, (P0379)
1 folder
Postcard of Missouri United Methodist Church (Columbia), photographs of Mary K. Dains retirement reception (8-8-1991), Ronald Reagan visit to Columbia (1987), and the Missouri State Archives (1991).

Bailey, Lawrence Dudley (1819-1891) Collection, 1855-1881, (K0125)
1 volume
Scrapbook of newspaper clippings, correspondence and some personal manuscripts of Lawrence D. Bailey, a Kansas Politian active in Kansas agricultural circles and served as president of the State Agricultural Society. The majority of the clippings relate to the monetary questions of the 1870's.

Baker, Thomas Frazier, III (1918- ), Papers, 1959-1967, (C2465)
716 folders, 8 volumes, 8.4 cubic feet
Papers of a state representative from Stoddard County, 1961-1967. Campaign correspondence and publicity, correspondence with constituents in regard to legislation and welfare assistance, political correspondence on such matters as gubernatorial succession, reapportionment, conflict of interest legislation, and ouster of House Speaker Graham.

Bakewell, Claude I., (1912-1987), Papers, 1946-1952, (C2346)
1.6 cubic feet
The papers contain correspondence and congressional material of a Republican representative from Missouri's 11th congressional district to the 80th and 82nd Congresses.

Baldwin, Abraham (1754-1807), Papers, 1805-1807, (C1842)
1 folder
The papers of Abraham Baldwin contain handwritten copies of letters from Obadiah Crawford, Jared Mansfield (1759-1830), and Samuel Hammond (1757-1842) to Abraham Baldwin, U.S. Senator from Georgia. The letters discuss the situation in the Louisiana Purchase territory. Originals are in possession of the University of Georgia. Copies were made by Dorothy B. Dorsey.

Ballard, John E. (1931-2005), Papers, (CA6135)
38.75 linear feet, 7 videocassettes
A local government specialist for 21 years for the University of Missouri Extension, Ballard earned a Master's degree in Community Development from the University of Missouri. Papers include personal research, records from his private consulting business, political newsletters, and other miscellaneous files.

Banta, Parke M. (1891-1970), Papers, 1918-1970, (C3844)
1.2 linear feet, (75 folders), 2 card boxes, 6 oversize items
Papers of a Republican U.S. Representative from Missouri, 1947-1949, and general counsel for the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, 1953-1961. The papers consist of correspondence, subject files, and miscellaneous material.

Barclay, Thomas Swain (1892-1993), Papers, 1912, 1915-1925, 1935, (C3938)
1 linear foot
Papers of Thomas Swain Barclay, a professor of political science, member of the American Red Cross during World War I, and member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity at the University of Missouri. The papers consist of personal and professional correspondence, a wartime diary, overseas duty related papers, newsletters and programs, three dimensional items, photographs, oversized visual items, and miscellaneous material collected from his various associations.

Bardsley, Clarence E., Road Surveys, 1928-1932, (R0859)
2 folders
These are survey reports, field notes, and plats regarding relocation of the Old St. Louis-Springfield Road near Arlington in Phelps County, Missouri. The surveys were performed by Clarence E. Bardsley, Special Highway Engineer and Deputy Surveyor of Phelps County.

Barker, John T., (1877-1958), Letter, 1951, (C1589)
1 item
John Barker’s letter to William E. Kemp, Democratic Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, gives Kemp advice on what he would need to do if he ran for U.S. Senator from Missouri and who else might run for the seat.

Barker, John T. (1877-1958), Papers, 1912-1958, (C0002)
23 folders and 5 volumes on 2 rolls of microfilm
Correspondence, speeches, reviews, photographs, and scrapbooks of John T. Barker, an attorney from Macon, Missouri, who was attorney general of Missouri, 1913-1917.

Barnes, Francis M., III (1918-1999), Papers, (CA5837)
7 linear feet, 1 volume
Papers of a Missouri state representative and attorney include subject files, legislative files, historical research material, newspaper clippings, photographs, campaign material, and memorabilia, and other miscellaneous personal items, 1970s-1990s.

Barrett, J.W., Papers, 1855-1950, (C1896)
1 folder
The papers of J.W. Barrett contain a receipt to J.W. Barrett for $500 from John T. Robinson, April 3, 1855; a letter from Barrett to George W. McClellan, Second Assistant Postmaster-General, regarding mail service from Palmyra to Keokuk, March 1, 1864; a proof of publication for tax suit, 1879; miscellaneous membership cards and passes; and a letter from Jesse W. Barrett to F.C. Shoemaker explaining the material.

Barrett, Jesse William (1884-1953), Papers, 1905-1953, (C0009)
21.75 linear feet, 11 volumes, 2 card files
The papers of a St. Louis lawyer and politician; attorney general of Missouri, 1921-1925; Republican candidate for governor in 1936; commander of the Missouri Department of the American Legion, 1932-1933; and president of the Missouri Bar Association, 1933-1934. The collection includes material about the American Legion, Methodist Episcopal Church, Culver-Stockton College, Barrett’s St. Louis Law practice, his term as attorney general, Missouri Bar Association, his business and family, and Republican Party campaigns and elections.

Bartle, Harold Roe (1901-1974) Papers, 1937-1974, (K0154)
20 cubic feet
Papers of a scout executive, civic leader, public speaker, church leader, educator, and mayor of Kansas City, MO.

Barton, David, (1783-1837), Letter, 1837, (C2211)
1 folder,
Barton writes that he is unable to "go to Fayette, St. Louis or Kaskaskia" since he wishes "to visit in a S.W. direction." He also writes that he is "willing to resume [Alcorn] or Hickman" at Hayden's option. Barton was one of the first U.S. senators from Missouri, serving from 1821 to 1831.

Barton, David (1783-1837), Speeches, 1830, (C2944)
1 folder
The papers contain Senate speeches, February 9, 1830, on Foot and Woodburg amendments and civil discord; March 6, 1830, on the appropriations bill in reply to White of Tennessee; March 17, 1830, about presidential power to remove federal officers in reply to members of majority.

Bass, Peter, Papers, 1825, (C1894)
1 folder
The papers of Peter Bass contain a deed of Peter Bass transferring a tract of land in Jefferson City to Azariah Kennedy. The collection includes a lace cutout, possibly part of the decorations at the governor's ball celebrating the formal opening of the state capitol.

Bates, Edward (1793-1869), Autograph, n.d., (C1452)
1 folder
Autograph of Edward Bates, Missouri Whig Party leader, state legislator, senator, attorney general, member of Missouri Constitutional Convention in 1820, U.S. congressman and senator, and attorney general in Lincoln's first cabinet.

Bates, Frederick (1777-1825), Minute Book, 1812-1814, (C1094)
1 volume
Minutes of the recorder of land titles. Frederick Bates served as recorder until his election as governor of Missouri, 1824. Copied from original book obtained from St. Louis city hall.

Bauder, Russell S., (1902-1987), Papers, 1910-1971 (C3347)
24.7 linear feet
The papers of Russell S. Bauder, University of Missouri professor, economist, and arbitrator, consists of arbitration cases and labor agreements, 1929-1971; U.S. Employment Service papers, 1935-1939; U.S. National War Labor Board, Wage Stabilization, 1942-1952; speeches and articles, 1932-1943; miscellaneous economics papers and correspondence, 1939-1949; and miscellaneous reference materials, 1910-1960.

Baynes, Richard F., Papers, 1938-1940, (C4192)
0.2 cubic feet
The papers of a New Madrid, Missouri, attorney who worked for Democratic Party candidates for the governor’s office. The papers consist of correspondence, a list of judges, and notarized affidavits regarding voting procedures, violation of rights, and corruption.

Beach, Albert Isaac (1883-1939) Papers, 1924-1931, (K0072)
8 cubic feet
Papers of Kansas City mayor Albert I. Beach who served three terms in office cover the period 1924-1931.

Bean, Jack, Photograph Collection, (P0861)
0.08 linear feet
Photos of Missouri officials.

Becker, William Henry, Papers, (CA5654)
33.2 cubic feet
Papers of a lawyer, judge, and political advisor. Includes personal and professional files: correspondence, case files, photographs, financial records, writings, and miscellaneous.

Bedell, Ralph C. (1904-1991), Papers, 1929-1986, (C2543)
50.25 linear feet, 36 audio tapes, 2 films, 1 filmstrip
Papers of an educator and psychologist who specialized in counseling and guidance. Bedell directed NDEA Counseling and Guidance Institutes, taught at the Universities of Nebraska and Missouri, and served as secretary-general of the South Pacific Commission. Collection includes materials from Counseling and Guidance Institutes, counseling case files, and papers of South Pacific Commission.

Bedell, Ralph C., Papers, (CA5047)
0.2 linear feet
Addition to papers of educator and psychologist. Includes materials about the South Pacific Commission of 1953 and correspondence and documents relating to the gift of the Bedell papers in 1986.

Bedell, Ralph C., Papers, (CA5084)
14.4 linear feet
Addition of papers relating to the South Pacific Commission, the National Defense Education Act, U.S. Naval Flight Preparatory Schools, the University of Missouri, and other topics. Includes photos and slides.

Bell, C. Jasper, (1885-1978), Papers, 1934-1948, (C2306)
102.4 linear feet
Correspondence and other papers of a Missouri Democratic congressman. Material on Townsend Plan, legislation, and political campaigns.

Bell, C. Jasper (1885-1978), Scrapbook, 1935-1936, (C3226)
0.4 cubic feet
Newspaper clippings pertaining to the Townsend Plan, a pension plan for the elderly sponsored by Dr. Francis Townsend in the mid-1930s, and the U.S. House of Representatives' investigation of it which Congressman Bell instigated and chaired. Clippings are from papers throughout the country. December 17, 1935 to July 26, 1936.

Benecke Family Papers, 1816-1989, n.d., (C3825)
90.8 linear feet, 62 volumes, 3 audio tapes, 3 records, 413 glass plate negatives
Correspondence, business and law firm records, civic, political, legislative, and personal papers of a German American family of Brunswick, Missouri.

Benedict, H.B., Proclamation, 1853, (C2829)
1 folder
Proclamation issued by H.B. Benedict, Mayor of Boonville, MO, July 16, 1853, forbidding the riotous and unlawful assemblies arising from the lectures of Billy Ross. Printed on cloth.

Bennett, James F., 1915, (C1818)
1 folder
Information about John Hutchings, delegate from Washington County to the first Missouri Constitutional Convention, 1820.

Bennett, Marion Tinsley (1914-2000), Papers, 1941-1948, (C1043)
14 linear feet, 69 audio discs
Congressional papers and correspondence of Philip Allen Bennett (1881-1942) and his son and successor, Marion T. Bennett. M.T. Bennett served from 1943 to 1948. His committees were Census, Territories, Veterans, and Foreign and Interstate Commerce.

Benson II, Arthur A. (1944- ) Papers, ca. 1975-1986, (K0250)
593 cubic feet
Legal records, documents and working papers related to the plaintive' s case in the Kansas City Desegregation case, Chinyere Jenkins v. Kansas City Missouri School District.

Benton, Thomas Hart (1782-1858), ""Some Account of Some of the Bloody Deeds of General Jackson,"" 1828, (C2865)
1 folder
Articles written by Thomas Hart Benton recounting murderous actions allegedly committed by Andrew Jackson. OVERSIZE.

Benton, Thomas Hart (1782-1858), Campaign Handbill, 1854, (C2842)
1 folder
Benton campaign literature from congressional election of 1854; published in Anzeiger Des Westens in English.

Benton, Thomas Hart, (1762-1858), Letter, n.d., (C2036)
1 folder
The papers contain one letter to Mr. Meehan asking for information.

Benton, Thomas Hart (1782-1858), Letter, (C2701)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter concerning Samuel Watson's pension application.

Benton, Thomas Hart (1782-1858), Letter, 1829, (C3576)
1 folder
The papers contain a letter to James C. Lynch of St. Louis, Missouri, from Benton, on February 21, 1829, written twelve days before the inauguration of Andrew Jackson. States that it will take time to see what policy the new administration will follow on appointments.

Benton, Thomas Hart, Letter, 1836, (C1876)
1 folder
The records contain a letter announcing a renewed fight against the Bank of the United States.

Benton, Thomas Hart, (1782-1858), Letter, 1853, (C1937)
1 folder
To Mr. Stuart, Secretary of the Interior, Jan. 15. 1853. Recommending Robert W. Keyworth for a position in the patent office.

Benton, Thomas Hart (1782-1858), Letter, 1820, (C1459)
1 folder
Benton discusses political strategy, Bank of Missouri, roads, Alabama public lands, national versus sectional interests, James Bates, and David Barton.

Bergmann, Roy W., Papers, 1932-1996, (S0696)
774 Folders, 4 Audiotapes, 45 Photographs
The Roy W. Bergmann Papers include Bergmann's writings, correspondence, newspaper clippings, law cases, audiotapes, photographs, Together they chronicle Roy Bergmann's career from 1932-1996.

Bishop, William (1817-1879), Papers, 1839-1891, (C3894)
0.4 linear feet
Papers of a commander of a Union cavalry unit in northeast Missouri during the Civil War, and State Treasurer of Missouri following the war. The papers consist of personal and military correspondence and miscellaneous documents, and State Treasurer records.

Black, Arlene, Postcard Collection, (P0132)
2 postcards
2 color postcards of the Missouri State Capitol, Jefferson City, Missouri, postmarked 1908 and 1909.

Blair, Frank P., Speech, 1866, (C3253)
1 folder
The papers contain copy of newspaper article from the Missouri Republican, St. Louis, regarding a speech made by Blair at Louisiana, Pike County, Missouri.

Blair, Henry William, (1834-1920), Papers, 1876-1894, (C2224)
33 folders
The papers contain correspondence and other papers of a U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator from New Hampshire. Arranged chronologically.

Blair, James Thomas, Jr. (1902-1962), Papers, 1957-1961, (C2271)
64 linear feet, 4 oversize volumes
The papers have been arranged into the following ten series: Correspondence and Speeches; Governors' Conference; Veterans' Papers; Special Commissions and Studies; State Offices and Departments; Judiciary; County Problems and Requests; Applications and Appointments; Legislative Material; and Bound Volumes. For more detailed series descriptions, please see the folder list.

Blake, Robert E. (1885-1962), Constitutional Convention Papers, 1943-1945, (C0017)
MICROFILM (Volumes only)
2.5 linear feet, 1 roll of microfilm
Papers of a St. Louis lawyer who was a Democratic delegate-at-large. He was elected president of the convention and took an active part in the campaign for adoption of the constitution drawn up by that body. Volumes are on microfilm. See also collection 3301.

Blake, Robert E. (1885-1962), Papers, 1943-1945, (C3301)
1.5 linear feet
Papers of a St. Louis lawyer who was a Democratic delegate-at-large to the Missouri Constitutional Convention of 1943-1944. He was elected president of the convention and played an active role in the campaign for the adoption of the constitution drawn up by that body. See also collection 17.

Bland, Richard P. (1835-1899), Memorial Addresses, 1900, (S0212)
1 Bound Volume
Memorial addresses on the life and character of Richard P. Bland, a Representative from Missouri to the US House of Representatives, delivered to the House and Senate on April 7-10, 1900. Bland died on June 15, 1899

Block, Levi, Petition, 1848, (C1702)
1 folder
Petition from St. Charles businessmen about street repair.

Bogey, Lewis V. (1812-1865), Memorial Addresses, 1878, (S0211)
1 Bound Volume
Memorial address on the life and character of Lewis V. Bogey, a US Senator from Missouri, delivered to the US Senate on January 16, 1878 after Lewis' death on September 20, 1877. The address was delivered to the US House on the same day.

Boggs, James E. (1878-1953), Justice of the Peace, Record Book, 1900-1902, (C3859)
1 volume
The James E. Boggs, Justice of the Peace, Record Book concerns crimes and misdemeanors in Boone County, Missouri, from 1900 to 1902.

Boggs, Lilburn W., Invitation, 1838, (C1756)
1 folder
Invitation issued to Judge Dunnica and Lady, February 15, 1838, to attend a reception at the governor's mansion.

Boggs, Lilburn W., (1792-1860), Letter, 1837, (C1465)
1 folder
The papers contain one letter to [William Learned Marcy], from Lilburn Boggs, City of Jefferson, Missouri, April 18, 1837. Governor Boggs of Missouri notified Governor Marcy that Henry W. Bamman, charged with forgery in New York, was committed to the Cole County jail and was available for immediate extradition.

Boggs, Lilburn W., (1792-1860), Papers, 1838-1839, (C1753)
1 folder
Acts of the General Assembly during the administration of Governor Boggs, concerning organization and boundaries of Clark, Buchanan, Grundy and Platte Counties, declaration of Ni-chi-ne-ba-to-na River as a navigable stream; and payment for services of grand jurors.

Boggs, Lilburn W. (1792-1860), Petitions, 1837-1839, (C1764)
1 folder
The papers contain petitions and correspondence requesting the release from prison of William Hildebrand, Jefferson County; the pardon of Mat, a slave belonging to Thomas Latimer, St. Louis County; the pardon of Alfred Hawkins, Carroll County; and the pardon of Frances Dillon, St. Louis County. All were granted by Governor Boggs.

Boggs, Lilburn W., Proclamation, 1839, (C2403)
1 folder
Relative to difficulties existing between the Territory of Iowa and the State of Missouri in relation to the boundary line between the two governments.

Bograd, Abe Oral History Collection, (K0267)
.1 cubic foot
The Abe Bograd Oral History Collection covers many aspects of Bograd’s life including recollections of his early years in Russia; his family’s immigration; his education; the political climate of the city under Pendergast; and his employment with the Kansas City Star.

Bond, Christopher S. "Kit" (1939- ), Papers, (CA5950)
478.75 cubic feet, A/V material
The papers of a Missouri Governor and U.S. Senator include gubernatorial and senatorial material, including political and campaign material, legislative material, press releases, correspondence, speeches, travel logs, subject files, clippings, photographs, and audiovisual material.

Bond, Christopher S. (1939- ), Speech, 1971, (C3299)
1 folder
Inaugural remarks of state auditor of Missouri, January 11, 1971.

Bond, Christopher and Linda, Photograph Collection, (P0091)
18 photographs
10 b/w photos of the Capitol (completed in 1917) while under construction; 6 views of previous Capitol (completed in 1840) and 1 photo of Missouri River bluff; photographic copy of litho of Jefferson City in mid-1850s and 1 photo of temporary Capitol building.

Boone County Muleskinners, Missouri, Records, (CA6228)
0.7 cubic feet, 1 audio cassette, 1 computer disc
Programs, meeting minutes, press releases, membership lists, correspondence, newspaper clippings, financial records, newsletters, and annual reports of the Boone County, Missouri, Democratic organization, 1983-2015.

Boyce, Mrs. Hahn, Photograph Collection, (P0524)
2 photographs
Photos of the Missouri State Capitol, 1917 and ca. 1889-1911.

Boyd, Semphronius Hamilton (1828-1894), Letter, 1865, (C1481)
1 folder
The collection consists of a letter in which Boyd, emancipationist representative from Missouri, condemned secession as "a spiritual malady" and opposed recognition or admission into the Union of the seceded states.

Bradshaw, William L. (1896-1964), Papers, 1912-1973, (C2556)
11.2 linear feet
The papers of William L. Bradshaw contain business and personal papers of Bradshaw, political scientist and dean of the University of Missouri Business School, 1946-1961. Included are papers as delegate to Missouri Constitutional Convention, 1943-1944, member of State Reorganization Commission, 1953-1955, and other state, local, and professional organizations.

Brandt, Raymond P. (1896-1974), Papers, 1917-1974, (C0850)
2 linear feet, 5 audio cassettes
The papers of Raymond Brandt contain correspondence, newspaper articles, interviews, notes, financial accounts, audio cassettes and photographs of a Sedalia, Missouri, man who was a Washington, D.C. correspondent for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch from 1923 to 1967. Brandt wrote on politics, economics, and the Soviet Union, which he visited five times.

Brantley, Mary E., “John S. Phelps and the Public Domain,” n.d., (C1055)
3 volumes
John S. Phelps (1814-1886) served in the Missouri state legislature, 1840-1841, in Congress, 1845-1863, and as governor of Missouri, 1877-1881. Collection contains two volumes of notes and a typescript volume (74 pp.).

Brennan, Frank E. (1922-1993) Papers, ca. 1967-1971, (K0516)
8 cubic feet
Personal papers of Brennan, a civic leader and former City Council member of Kansas City, MO.

Brett, Bradford, Papers, 1960-1964, (C3319)
1 folder
Copies of eight letters from Clarence Cannon to Mr. And Mrs. Bradford Brett regarding political views as well as attempting to secure Bradford Brett a job with Yellowstone Park Company; letter to M.R. Holloran about political career. Letter to W.H. Thompson from J. Edgar Hoover.

Brewer, Basil (1884-1975), Papers, 1911-1965, (C3132)
10 linear feet, 77 volumes
Correspondence, editorials, newsclippings, pamphlets, photographs, and scrapbooks dealing with Brewer's activities as publisher of the New Bedford Standard-Times in Massachusetts, his philanthropic work, and his political interests.

Briggs Family Papers, (C4374)
2.73 cubic feet (9 folders, 5 oversize volumes)
Scrapbooks, photograph albums, and newspaper clippings of members of the Briggs family, including U.S. Senator Frank P. Briggs and journalist Ruth Briggs Bratek, a graduate of the University of Missouri.

Briggs, Frank P. (1894-1992), Papers, c.1900-1992, (C3950)
6 linear feet, 3 audio cassettes, 2 films, 9 records
Papers of a Democratic Missouri state senator, United States senator, Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Fish and Wildlife, Freemason, and newspaper publisher, consisting of correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, speeches, campaign materials, and miscellaneous papers.

Bringing Government to the People: The Jerry Litton Dialogues, Documentary Film, 2010, (CA6490)
3 DVDs
Documentary film produced by the Western Historical Manuscript Collection-Columbia featuring footage from the television program, "Dialogue With Litton." Collection includes the final product as well as raw footage from interviews conducted for the project.

Brizendine, Jim, Photographs, (P0525)
10 photographs
Photos of the Missouri Supreme Court building, 1984

Broadhead, James Overton, Letter, 1896, (C2047)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter to Garland [Broadhead] from James Broadhead, St. Louis, Jan. 4, 1896. The letter refers to GLOBE DEMOCRAT'S charge of James's bolting the Democratic ticket in 1874; as well as writing a paper on the Treaty of 1803 and the territory which the Louisiana Purchase embraced.

Broadsides, 1860-1886, (C3252)
1 folder
The collection contains miscellaneous broadsides regarding sales of farms, announcements of meetings, reward for Jesse and Frank James, the Ku Klux Klan, candidates for office, and poultry.

Brookfield, Dutton (1917-1979), Papers, 1844-1979, (C2732)
72.4 linear feet and 5 audio cassettes
The papers of Dutton Brookfield contain the business, political and personal papers and photographs of a Kansas City, MO, community leader. Brookfield was President of Unitog Company (1953-1979), a mayoral candidate (1963, 1971), and on boards of numerous corporations and educational and civic organizations. Family papers include letters from the Civil War, World War I and II, and Vietnam.

Brown, B. Gratz (1826-1885), Letter, 1872, (C1480)
1 folder
The collection consists of a letter to Elliott Danforth, Middleburg, NY, from Jefferson City, MO, May 13, 1872. Brown, Republican Governor of Missouri and vice-presidential nominee on the 1872 Liberal Republican ticket, wrote that the West and Southwest favored endorsement of the regular party ticket. Brown feared a third party attempt.

Brown, Dwight H. (1887-1944), Letters, 1937-1940 (C0080)
0.3 linear feet
Correspondence, official and personal, of a Missouri secretary of state, regarding politics at all governmental levels, routine affairs of his office, events around his hometown of Poplar Bluff, Missouri, and religious activities. Collection is arranged alphabetically by correspondent. See also collection C2529.

Brown, Dwight H. (1887-1944), Papers, 1928-1944, (C2529)
9.8 linear feet
The collection contains the papers of Dwight H. Brown, Missouri secretary of state, 1932-1944. The papers are arranged alphabetically by topics.

Brown, Dwight H. (1887-1944), Papers, 1938-1940, (C3117)
1.9 linear feet
Miscellaneous campaign materials, newspaper clippings and county returns pertaining to the Missouri Democratic primary election in August 1940, and the state election of November 1940, in which Brown carried every county in the state and over 99 per cent of the voting precincts to be reelected secretary of state.

Bruner, Jacob, Bond, 1834, (C1477)
1 folder
$1200 bond of Jacob Bruner as coroner of Boone County, MO, September 9, 1834, with Adam C. Reyburne and Edward Champlin as securities. Bond acknowledged September 9, 1834, before Roger N[orth] Todd, clerk, and recorded December 20, 1834.

Brunswick, Missouri, Fire Department, Records, 1894-1939, (C3061)
1 volume on microfilm
The records of the Brunswick Fire Department contain meeting minutes, election of officers, lists of members, financial records, and lists of fires, dating from organization in November 1894, through January 1939.

Bullene, Thomas Brockway (1828-1894) Papers, 1874-1894, (K0288)
3 folders, 3 volumes
Diaries of a prominent business and civic leader and mayor of Kansas City, MO. Contain personal notes and writings, poetry, family history, some clippings, a few photographs, and financial records.

Buder, Eugene Papers, (1917- ), N.D., 1902-1992, (S0854)
27 folders
The Eugene Buder Papers includes manuscripts and newspaper clippings about the District Plan for 1959 and publications about the political organization of the city of St. Louis and St. Louis County. The Buder Papers contain manuscripts and newspaper clippings about police relations in St. Louis from 1952 to 1992. In addition, the Buder Papers includes manuscripts about the County Parks Bond Issue of 1966, documents about Buder's association with the presidential campaign of Adlai Stevenson in 1956 and political buttons from the campaign.

Burchard Family Commissions, 1825-1875, (C1488)
1 folder
The collection consists of commissions to Samuel Burchard as sheriff of Gasconade County, MO; postmaster at Delphi, MO; and justice of the Gasconade County court; as well as a commission to P.W. Burchard as notary public for Gasconade County.

Burgard, John, Papers, (SA0855)
9 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Burlison, Bill D., Papers, (CA4318)
124 linear feet
Papers from Burlison's terms as a Democratic representative from Missouri's 10th District, 1969-1981.

Burnett, Betty, editor, over the rainbow, 1977-1978, (R0820)
1 folder
This collection consists of fifteen issues of over the rainbow, a feminist newsletter edited by Betty Burnett of Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. The issues were published between June 1977 and July 1978.


Cahoon, Benjamin B., Papers, 1868-1923, (R0142)
1 folder, photocopies
This is miscellaneous correspondence of an attorney and land agent in Fredericktown, Madison County, Missouri. The papers concern the land business, litigation in progress, and state politics. There are several letters from Missouri governors and officials, and Cahoon's biographical sketch of Judge William Carter. There is also an original photograph of Cahoon, 1878.

Caldwell Township Democratic Convention Minutes, 1886, (C2261)
1 folder
The collection contains minutes concerning the election of delegates to the Callaway County convention and of candidates for township offices.

Calloway, DeVerne (1916-1993), Papers, 1956-1983, (S0012)
80 Folders, 2 Tapes
The DeVerne Calloway papers of 1956 to 1983 primarily document her work as a legislator. The only campaign literature included with the collection is from her first campaign in 1962, although congratulatory correspondence from other campaigns are included.

Calloway, Ernest (1909-1989), Addenda, 1932-1989, (S0540)
686 Folders, 666 Photographs
The Ernest Calloway addenda contains a great deal more material than the original collection (S0011). It documents his education and his various careers as a labor organizer, politician, civil rights worker, journalist and teacher. It includes articles by and about Calloway, complete runs of newspapers he published, studies, reports and article he compiled, material from his tenure as St. Louis NAACP president and his political campaigns. It also includes college notes and texts, church programs, plaques and certificates. The Ernest Calloway addenda also contains many photographs, from his personal collection and that of newspapers he edited. The bulk of the material dates from 1932 but two church programs collected by Calloway date from 1921 and 1927 (see series 8).

Calloway, Ernest (1909-1989), Addenda, 1948-1984, (S0550)
59 Folders, 8 Tapes
Divided into three series: 1. Correspondence, 1949-1984, folders 1-26; 2. Projects Files, 1948-1984, folder 27-59; 3. Tapes, 1959 (T550.1-T550.8).

Calloway, Ernest (1909-1989), Papers, 1937-1983, (S0011)
78 Folders, 2 Tapes, 1 Bound Volume
The Ernest Calloway papers of 1937 to 1980 document Calloway's activities as president of the St. Louis NAACP, political analyst for Teamsters' Local 688, political activist in St. Louis and a lecturer on urban problems for St. Louis University.

Campaign Materials, 1992, (CA6005)
1 folder, oversize
Campaign posters and bumper stickers from 1992 Presidential Election.

Campaign Posters, 1875-1920, (C3871)
1 folder
Posters, handbills, and newspaper advertisements for Democratic and Republican candidates running for various Missouri state offices. Also one poster advocating Champ Clark for President.

Campaign Posters, 1896, (C2840)
1 folder
Two campaign posters from 1896 elections: ""What Bryan Said and McKinley Did: An Object Lesson in Tin Plate Industry"" and announcement of a grand Republican rally at Portland, Saturday, October 24, 1896.

Campaign Posters, 1904-1924, (C2867)
1 folder
Miscellaneous campaign posters for Missouri state elections. Elliott W. Major, Harry B. Hawes, Sid G. Roach, Charles U. Becker, Frank E. Atwood, James A. Houchin, Sam A. Baker, Walter S. Dickey, Jno. P. Gordon, and Cornelius Roach were candidates. OVERSIZE.

Campbell, Isaac R. (1798-1882), Papers, 1821-1887, (C1001)
0.4 linear feet
Business correspondence, miscellaneous accounts, receipts and legal papers of a businessman and merchant of St. Francisville, MO. Material concerning local elections and poll books. Names of electors and how they voted in the national election in 1864.

Cannon, Clarence (1879-1964), Papers, 1893-1964, (C0892)
2.3 linear feet
Papers of Cannon, Democratic congressman from Missouri's 9th district, 1923-1964, and of Champ Clark (1850-1921), Democratic congressman from Missouri's 9th district, 1893-1895 and 1897-1921, and Speaker of the House. Papers include correspondence of Cannon and Clark, speeches by Clark, newspaper columns written by Cannon, a constituent card file kept by Cannon, and miscellaneous material.

Cannon, Clarence (1879-1964), Papers, 1896-1964, (C2342)
37.6 linear feet, 124 volumes
Public and private papers of a Democratic congressman from Missouri’s 9th District, 1923-1964. The collection is arranged alphabetically by topics and contains correspondence and other material relating to his life and congressional career.

Cape Girardeau McAdamized and Plank Road Company, Papers, 1852-1858, (R1133)
1 folder
These are receipts and certificates issued to members of the Rodney family concerning the Cape Girardeau McAdamized and Plank Road Company in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri.

Capital Removal Convention Resolutions, 1869, (C1711)
1 folder
Resolutions adopted by the Capital Removal Convention, which met in St. Louis, MO, October 20-21, 1869, for the purpose of moving the national capital to the Mississippi Valley.

Cardell, Henry, Account, 1851, (C1630)
1 folder
State of Missouri in account with Henry Cardell for the funeral expenses of A[lexander] Reid, representative from Lincoln County.

Carnahan, A.S.J. (1897-1968), Papers, 1944-1960, (C2539)
55.8 linear feet
Papers of a Democratic congressman from Missouri's 8th District. Correspondence dealing with agriculture, army, civil defense, district problems, election campaigns, foreign affairs, legislation, and the United Nations.

Carnahan, A.S.J. (1897-1968), Papers, (CA6089)
0.1 linear feet
Photocopies of Carnahan materials held by Wichita State University (Kansas). Primarily includes newspaper clippings and limited correspondence. PHOTOCOPY RESTRICTION. See also C2539, A.S.J. Carnahan Papers.

Carnahan, Jean (1933- ), Papers, 2001-2002, (C4015)
4 linear feet, 89 video cassettes
The papers of Jean Carnahan, U.S. Senator from the state of Missouri from 2001 to 2002, consist of legislative memos, journals, briefings, guest books, miscellaneous senatorial correspondence, photographs, and video cassettes.

Carnahan, Mel, Papers, 1980-1984, (C4085)
0.4 cubic feet, 4 video tapes, 2 audio tapes
The papers of Mel Carnahan contain election materials from his state treasurer's race in 1980 and governor's race in 1984.

Carr, Will D., Scrapbooks, 1886-1889, (C1388)
2 volumes
Newspaper clippings of the writings of Will Carr, including DIVORCED BY DEATH; PEN PICTURES of the members and actions of the Missouri 34th and 35th general assemblies by Will Yum.

Carroll, Edna, Papers, 1932-1969, (S0807)
5 Folders
The Edna Carroll papers include schoolwork and news clippings from her time at Webster College. They also contain issues of Transit News; and pamphlets from her other careers.

Carter, Don C., Papers, 1862-1902, (C3284)
1 folder
The papers of Don C. Carter contain a summary of the Sturgeon, MO, court of common pleas; a docket, Boone County circuit court, February term, 1893; an engineer's story of the Civil War; and a newspaper clipping concerning the Centralia Massacre.

Cass County Democrat-Missourian, 1957, (C0827)
1 folder
The collection contains articles on the old Civil War mansion of John R. William and a detailed statement of receipts and disbursements of Cass County, Missouri, 1957.

Caulfield, Henry S. (1873-1966), Inauguration Program, 1929, (C2383)
1 folder
The collection contains a program from inaugural ceremonies for Governor Henry Caulfield, January 14, 1929, Jefferson City, MO.

Caulfield, Henry S. (1873-1966), Papers, 1878-1966, (C2409)
2.1 linear feet
The papers of Henry S. Caulfield contain correspondence, diaries, photographs, reports, speeches, and miscellaneous material. Caulfield was a Republican governor of Missouri (1929-1933) and St. Louis official.

Cervantes, Alfonso J., (1920- ), The Mayor, the Magazine, and the Truth, 1970, (C3332)
1 folder
Mayor Cervantes' refutation of an article in LIFE magazine (May 29, 1970) attacking St. Louis and himself. Includes copies of telegrams, lawsuit filed, excerpts from article, profiles of those whom article attacks, and editorials by St. Louis news media.

Chamier, Richard J. Papers, (C4379)
1.8 cubic feet (74 folders)
Military, political, legislative and civic work of a former Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army in World War II, Missouri State Senator, and Associate Circuit Judge of Randolph County. Correspondence, photographs, and newspaper clippings, including campaigns for State Senator in 1948 and 1952. Also clippings on speeches and legislative bills to update Missouri criminal codes, and service with the Missouri Commission on Human Rights.

Chamizal Ceremony Papers, 1964, (C2251)
2 folders
Miscellaneous papers about the ceremony to commemorate the Chamizal Convention of 1963, which settled the border dispute between Mexico and the U.S. over the Chamizal area.

Champ Clark Home Photograph, (P0323)
1 photograph
Photo of Champ Clark's home near Bowling Green.

Chinyere Jenkins v. Kansas City Missouri School District Records, 1977-2000, (K0762)
360 cubic feet
Defendant (Kansas City School District) records for the Kansas City Desegregation Case. Also included are records concerning Liddell v. Board of Education of City of St. Louis, MO shared with the attorneys for KCSD by the SLBOE attorneys.

Chorlton, Tom (1946-2014), Papers, (CA5803)
37.75 cubic feet, 29 video cassettes, 2 audio cassettes, 1 audio tape
Papers of an educator, political activist, and gay rights advocate. Includes correspondence, meeting and event material, clippings, and miscellaneous records and personal papers, 1960s-2010s. Also included is research material and drafts for Chorlton's book The First American Republic.

Christian Civic Foundation of Missouri, Papers, 1948-1957, (C0978)
5 folders
Copies of letters and clippings concerning the Christian Civic Foundation of Missouri, formerly called the Temperance League of Missouri. They deal primarily with the liquor issue raised in the Missouri gubernatorial race in 1956.

Citizens Committee for Soil, Water, and State Parks, Records, 1983-1989, (C3916)
0.8 linear feet
The records of a committee that campaigned for the passage of a sales tax to provide funds for soil conservation and Missouri’s state parks system. The records include bank statements, campaign reports, lists of contributors and contributions, ledger sheets, publicity releases and clippings, treasurer's reports, correspondence, contracts, and miscellaneous material of the committee.

Citizens For Global Solutions Of Greater St. Louis, (SA1143)
2 folders
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

City of Kansas Auditors Land Tax Register, 1880-1881 (K0372)
0.13 cubic feet
The register contains a record of municipal tax receipts collected during calendar years 1880-1881 for fiscal years 1865-1880.

City of Kansas Public Works Account Journal, 1872-1874 (K0369)
0.06 cubic feet
The journal contains a record of expenditures for various City of Kansas municipal public works departments.

City of Rocheport (Mo.) Records, (CA6025)
35 cubic feet, 83 audio cassettes, 1 computer disc
Records of the city of Rocheport, Missouri, include meeting minutes; financial records; files on sewer, street, and waste water improvements; audio cassettes of council meetings; correspondence; materials pertaining to the 1993 Mississippi/Missouri Rivers flood; and files on city hall renovation, planning and zoning, and recreational trails program.

Civil Research Institute Records, 1920-1966, (K0071)
15 cubic feet
Working papers for the Institute, whose purpose was to study problems in the Kansas City area with regard to politics, health, police, city budgets, charters, and state reorganization, independent of influences of local governments. The work involved preparing in-depth studies of the specific problem, its causes and possible solutions. These records contain much of the raw data collected during the research process.

Civilian Conservation Corps, Camp 3737, Collection, 1935-1983, (R0177)
3 folders, photocopies
This collection contains correspondence, camp newspapers, and a scrapbook pertaining to the CCC camp near Lynchburg, Laclede County, Missouri. There are also a few items from camps in Winona and Sumner, Missouri, and newspaper clippings regarding reunions in 1983 of former CCC trainees in Missouri.

Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.), Company 1730, Bunker, Missouri, Newsletter, 1939, (R1143)
1 folder
This is a copy of Company Attention (Vol. IV, No. 24, September 1939), the newsletter of Civilian Conservation Corps Company 1730, located at Forest Service Camp F-MO-7 near Bunker in Dent County, Missouri. Laval H. Andre was the Company Commander and Fred M. Gannon was Superintendent of Forestry.

Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.), Company 1732, Blooming Rose, Missouri, Newsletters, 1935, (R1089)
1 folder
These are five copies of The Oak Tree, the weekly newsletter of the Civilian Conservation Corps's Company 1732 at Blooming Rose in Phelps County, Missouri. The issues are dated between 17 October and 12 December 1935.

Clapp, Moses E. (1851-1929), Letters, 1907-1918, (C0256)
2 folders
Replies of prominent men to Clapp about invitation received or favor requested from them. Letter from a group of Crow Indians explaining problem on reservation lands; from Theodore Roosevelt about future of Progressive Party; from Roosevelt about shipping bill which President Wilson and Secretary of State Bryan proposed to Congress.

Clark, Champ (1850-1921) and Bennett Champ (1890-1954), Papers, 1853-1973, (C0666)
25 linear feet, 4 oversize volumes
Political and personal papers of a Democratic U.S. congressman from Missouri, 1893-1895 and 1897-1921, and his son, a Democratic U.S. senator from Missouri, 1933-1945. Also includes materials of other family members. Collection contains correspondence, financial and legal documents, journals, photographs, speeches and writings, and clippings and scrapbooks.

Clark, Champ (1850-1921), Letter, 1912, (C1991)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter to Richard H. Edwards, Baltimore, MD, from Washington, D.C., Jan. 22, 1912. The letter predicts phenomenal growth of the South.

Clark, Charles Edward (1921-2006) Papers, 1930s-2006, (K0673)
6 cubic feet
Research materials of a former Regional Director of U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Includes newspaper clippings, journals, magazines, brochures, flyers, newsletters, and audio cassettes.

Clark, Mary Jane Vaughn, Letter, 1862, (C2365)
1 folder, photocopy and transcript
A letter from Clark of Unionville, Missouri, to her sister-in-law Mary Clark Joiner, Clifford, Indiana, describing Clark’s husband’s suicide after he was wounded at the Battle of Pittsburg Landing.

Clark, William (1770-1838), Memorandum Book, 1819-1825 (C1077)
1 volume
A public account book of William Clark’s, April 1819-1 March 1825, used while he was governor of Missouri Territory and U.S. Superintendent of Indian Affairs. Microfilm copy available for loan.

Clark, William (1770-1838), Memorandum Book, 1826-1831 (C1078)
1 volume
This book contains rules for Indian agents and lists of 134 drafts drawn between 5 April 1826 and 6 June 1831. Microfilm copy available for loan.

Clay, Green, Journal, 1861-1862, (C0955)
4 folders, photostats
Green Clay, a member of the U.S. foreign service, served as secretary of legations in St. Petersburg and later in London. His journal primarily contains description of various places in Russia and England. Clay also refers to "Lincoln's fratricidal war" and gives a lengthy description of Czar Alexander II.

Clay, Henry, (1777-1852), Campaign Badge, 1844, (C1668)
1 folder
The records contain a badge worn at Young Men's Whig Convention, in Rocheport, Missouri, June 3, 1844, calls Clay "The Nation's Choice." Clay was unsuccessful Whig presidential candidate in 1844.

Clay, Henry (1777-1852), Campaign Ribbon, 1844, (C0668)
1 folder
"Henry Clay, the Peoples’ Choice. Missouri State Convention, St. Louis, June 3, 1844."

Clay, H[enry], (1777-1852), Letter, 1835 to W[illia]m S. Woods, from Ashland, [Kentucky], July 16, 1835, (C1513)
1 folder
To W[illia]m S. Woods from Ashland, [KY], Jul. 16, 1835.

Clemens, Cyril, Photograph Collection, (P0330)
1 folder
Photographs of a model of a Mark Twain memorial by artist Walter Russell, Mark Twain, and a Mark Twain impersonator. Additional images of Missouri politicians and businessmen.

Clergy And Laity Concerned (CALC), St. Louis Branch, Records, 1966-1990, (S0691)
28 Folders, 21 Negatives
The records of the St. Louis chapter of CALC include correspondence, meeting notes, newspaper clippings, newsletters, brochures, flyers, and negatives. Together they chronicle the interests of the St. Louis chapter of CALC from 1966-1990.

Cleveland, Grover (1837-1908), Campaign Ribbon, 1884, (C1518)
1 folder
The collection contains a ribbon worn at a Democratic victory celebration held at Rocheport, MO, November 12, 1884. The ribbon is inscribed "Hurrah for Cleveland, We will now have an Honest Government, 'Tis Hard to Kill Live Men! Honor to New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Indiana, and the Solid South, They Did The Work!"

Cochran, John J., Charles Lindbergh Photograph, (P0318)
1 photograph
b/w photograph of Charles Lindbergh receiving the Medal of Honor after his trans-Atlantic flight; Lindbergh and President Calvin with other dignitaries in White House Garden

Cockran, William Bourke (1854-1923), Papers, 1895-1915, (C2524)
1 reel of microfilm
The papers of William Bourke Cockran primarily contain letters to Congressman William Bourke Cockran from Moreton Frewen, Irish member of Parliament, concerning politics in Ireland and the U.S., 1895-1915 and the first years of World War I. Also included are newspaper articles about Irish politics.

Cockrell, Francis Marion (1834-1915), Scrapbooks, 1872-1910, (C1389)
7 volumes
Clippings from Missouri and national newspapers on political career of F.M. Cockrell, Democratic U.S. Senator from Missouri, 1875-1905. Articles on political campaigns, Civil War recollections, Cockrell's stand on public issues, Interstate Commerce Commission, and personal interviews. Indexed.

Cole, William C. (1897-1965), Papers, 1942-1947, (C0013)
8 linear feet
Correspondence of Republican congressman from Missouri's 3rd District dealing with topics as varied as World War II, agriculture, legislation on labor and the atom bomb, education, foreign relations, immigration, flood control, labor, housing, socialized medicine, politics, and the postal service.

Coleman, Earl Thomas (1943- ) Papers, 1979-1992, (K0699)
65 cubic feet
Coleman, a Republican was a U.S. Congressman representing Missouri's 6th Congressional District. Includes his congressional files: correspondence, research materials, press releases, newsletters, Member's Individual Voting Records, weekly files, subject files, planning calendars, speeches, foreign policy binders with information on specific issues/bills, photographs, videotapes.

Coleman, Nadine Mills, "What Lon Stephens Said About Missouri", (C2182)
1 folder
The papers contain clippings and miscellany about Governor Lon Vest Stephens.

Colfax Township, Osborn, Missouri Records, 1908-1921, (K0409)
1 volume
Minutes from meetings of the Colfax Township, DeKalb County Board of Directors, as kept by the Clerk. Much of the business is related to finances and taxes.

Collins, A. Loyd, Scrapbook, n.d., (C1393)
1 volume
Campaign posters, photographs, magazine, pamphlet and newspaper clippings on the life, vice-presidential career and first five months as president of Harry S. Truman; death of Franklin D. Roosevelt; World War II; and the Potsdam Conference.

Collins, A. Loyd, Scrapbook, 1938, (C1395)
1 volume
Newspaper clippings, campaign posters and miscellaneous printed material on Missouri Democratic primary campaign and elections of 1938; Douglas-Billings Missouri Supreme Court contest, Lloyd C. Stark, Bennett Champ Clark, and R.T. Wood.

Collins, A. Loyd, Scrapbook, 1939-1940, (C4063)
1 folder
The A. Loyd Collins scrapbook contains newspaper clippings and short essays concerning Missouri history and politics.

Collins, Lewis, Claim, 1821, (C2078)
1 folder
The collection contains a statement of amount due Collins for hauling water from Columbia to Smithton for the Boone County Court.

Columbia Equal Suffrage Association and League of Women Voters Records, 1912-1923, (C2936)
1 folder
The records of the Columbia Equal Suffrage Association and League of Women Voters contain minutes of the Columbia Equal Suffrage Association, 1912-1920, and League of Women Voters, 1920-1923; a newspaper clipping, "Five Columbia Women Honored for Valor in Suffrage Campaign;" and the constitution of the League of Women Voters of Missouri, adopted October 15-17, 1919.

Columbia League of Women Voters, Columbia, Missouri, Records, 1923-1974, (C3450)
1.2 linear feet, 14 oversize volumes
Meeting minutes, scrapbooks, photographs, newspaper clippings, publications, and miscellaneous material of the Columbia, Missouri, League of Women Voters.

Columbia League of Women Voters, Columbia, Missouri, Records, (CA5572)
1 video cassette
Addition of recording of "Let the People Know" of 31 May 1995. A television program about the 75th anniversary of the League of Women Voters.

Columbia League of Women Voters, Columbia, Missouri, Records, (CA5614)
1 video cassette
Addition. Recording of a League of Women Voters public forum, 8 February 1996, on "Perspectives on the Proposed Boone County Constitution."

Columbia League of Women Voters, Columbia, Missouri, Records, (CA5680)
3 video cassettes
Addition of two public service announcements for the League by Candice Bergen and Phylicia Rashad; and a forum on the Missouri House, 24th and 25th Districts, taped 3 October 1996.

Columbia League of Women Voters, Records, (CA5508)
6 linear feet
Addition of records of the organization from ca. 1934-1992. Includes minutes, publications, correspondence, committee files and other materials. See also League of Women Voters of Columbia, Boone County, Records (CA5742).

Columbia League of Women Voters, Records, (CA5567)
1 linear foot
Addition of scrapbooks containing photographs, newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous. Also includes records of the organization from 1992-1993, 1995.

Columbia League of Women Voters, Records, (CA5647)
6 video cassettes
Addition of interviews with various candidates in 1994. Materials are from the "Impact on the Issues" series.

Columbia People-to-People Sister City Corporation, Papers, 1963-1973, (C3652)
0.2 linear feet
The papers contain correspondence, minutes, programs, financial records, newspaper clippings, and photographs of Columbia People-to-People Sister City Corporation, Columbia, Missouri, and sister city committee of Armenia, Colombia, South America. Material pertaining to membership, fund raising, exchange visits, library contributions, and sponsorship of students.

Committee FOR Annexation Records, 1963-1965, (K0086)
0.23 cubic foot
The records of the Committee FOR Annexation contain materials gathered by the committee in a campaign to secure passage of a proposal that would annex the Hickman Mills School District to the Kansas City School District in 1964.

Committee For Free Choice, Records, 1969-1982, (C3707)
3.2 linear feet, 2 oversize volumes
The Committee For Free Choice (CFFC) Records consist of policy statements, corre-spondence, program plans, political lobbying information, and newsletters. CFFC is an affiliate of the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL). Much of the collection is information from NARAL and affiliates and related organizations.

Community Backed Anti-Drug Tax (COMBAT) Records, 1999-2001, (K0913)
2.5 cubic feet
COMBAT was a Jackson County supported anti-drug program. Includes administrative records, grant materials, notes, reports, printed and published materials, and newspapers clippings.

Community Video Advisory Board (CVAB) Records, 1969-1992, (K0403)
1 cubic foot
Administrative materials of the Board which oversaw operation of American Cablevision's public access channel. Also information from Ecumedia, an interfaith, nonprofit television show on Channel 30 of American Cablevision, and the Metropolitan Inter-Church Agency (MICA), a council of churches that brought the Christian community together.

Confederate Proclamation, n.d., (C2820)
1 folder
Proclamation urging Southerners to force abolitionists and Union sympathizers out of southern towns. Issued in response to Lincoln's call for 75,000 men.

Connaway, Dennis Harper (1819-1889), Papers, 1858-1888, (C0248)
10 folders
Correspondence, Civil War papers, and miscellaneous papers. County collector book of Cedar County.

Conran, J.V. (1899-1970), Papers, 1940-1982, (C4067)
0.2 linear feet
The papers of J.V. Conran, an attorney and political leader in Southeast Missouri, contain correspondence, newspapers clippings, and photographs.

Cookingham, Laurie Perry (1896-1992) Papers, 1932-1980, (K0057)
5 cubic feet
Correspondence, scrapbooks, autobiography drafts, and other materials pertaining to Cookingham's period of service as city manager of Kansas City and other cities.

Corey, Raymond E. Photograph Collection, (K1311)
8.45 cubic feet (292 folders, 49,489 negatives, 741 slides, 437 photographs)
This collection consists of the photographic work of Raymond Corey, a staff photographer for The Kansas City Star from 1965 to 1980. The collection primarily contains negatives, slides, and photographs produced by Corey in the course of his career with The Kansas City Star. Additionally, there is a scrapbook of newspaper clippings containing the articles in which Corey’s work appeared, and oversize photographic reproductions of his work.

Coughlin, Timothy R. (1953-1998), Papers, (CA5849)
109 cubic feet
Correspondence, research material, publications, organizational records, and audio and video recordings of an individual active in the Democratic Party in Missouri, 1970s-1990s.

Cowan, Donna, Scrapbooks, 1957, (C4277)
0.2 cubic feet (4 folders)
The Donna Cowan collection includes two scrapbooks - one on conservation in Missouri, and one on Missouri Girls State, 1957. The Missouri Girls State was sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Missouri, which provided Missouri girls citizenship training in order for them to better understand and participate in the functioning of the government. 1957.

Cowherd, William S., (1860-1915), Scrapbook, 1884-1915, (C3227)
2 folders
Scrapbook of newspaper clippings, mainly pertaining to Cowherd's career as congressman, 1897-1905. Speeches or excerpts from speeches during campaigns. 1890 speech before the graduating class of the Washington University Dental School.

Cox, James Napoleon, Records, 1887-1926, (R0724)
2 volumes, 1 folder
These are the personal and official records and papers of James N. Cox, a farmer and justice of the peace of North Dillon Township in Phelps County, Missouri. The first volume primarily contains various business accounts; the second concerns various official matters such as stray livestock, poll taxes, and civil and criminal complaints. The folder contains miscellaneous papers removed from the volumes.

Crawford, Curtis C. (1921- ), Papers, 1964-1985, (S0484)
7 Folders, 11 Photographs
The Collection documents Crawford's political campaigns and federal appointments.

Creamer, Benjamin H., Papers, 1890-1969, (R0476)
10 folders
These are papers of a farmer and stock raiser in Maries County, Missouri. The collection includes family correspondence, obituaries and funeral home cards, election poll books, and records pertaining to Creamer's work with the Maries County office of the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service and the Maries County Highway Commission.

Crittenden, John Jordan (1787-1863), Letters, 1820-1860, (C0973)
1 roll of microfilm
Letters pertaining to the Whig Party, particularly in Missouri. Originals in the Library of Congress.

Crittenden, Thomas Theodore (1832-1909), Calling Card, 1882, (C1592)
1 folder
Calling card of governor of Missouri.

Crittenden, Thomas Theodore (1832-1909), Letter, n.d., (C1514)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter written to Ben Perley Poore. It includes a list of the counties which compose the 7th Congressional District of Missouri and an autobiographical sketch of Crittenden.

Crittenden, Thomas Theodore (1832-1909), Papers, 1880-1950, (C0087)
0.4 linear feet
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, and papers of Thomas T. Crittenden, governor of Missouri, 1881-1885, and U.S. consul general in Mexico City, 1893-1897. Letter book kept while he was consul general in Mexico.

Crittenden, Thomas Theodore (1832-1909), Proclamation, 1881, (C2875)
1 folder
Photostat of governor's proclamation offering rewards for the arrest of express and train robbers Frank and Jesse James.

Crow, Carl (1883-1945), Letter, 1937, (C2933)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter to Rolph Fairchild, from Pelham, NY, Nov. 13, 1937, asking advice about which political party to join.

Crowder, Enoch H. (1859-1932), Papers, 1884-1942 (C1046)
27 linear feet
Correspondence and other papers of judge advocate general who administered Selective Service in World War I, served as ambassador to Cuba, and, after his retirement from public life, advised sugar interests.

Cullimore Family, Collection, 1973-1992, (R1090)
4 folders
These are papers of the Cullimore family of journalists and outdoor writers. The collection consists of correspondence between Donald B. "Rocky" Cullimore and Dan Saults, and a compilation of Saults's articles in Branson and Springfield, Missouri, newspapers.

Cunningham, Norma Steines, The Letters Of Frederick Steines (1802-1890), 1834-1840, 1999, (C2364)
1 folder
The Letters Of Frederick Steines by Norma Steines Cunningham is a translation of correspondence, poetry, and songs written by a Missouri immigrant who was the first German schoolmaster west of the Mississippi River. A copy of the letters in German can be found in the Frederick Steines Letters, 1834-1840, Collection # C995, XV, 445.

Curd, Isaac (1783-1850), Papers, 1827-1862, (C0241)
1 folder
Letters and papers of a Fulton, Missouri, doctor, politician, and member of the General Assembly in 1838. Originals in the possession of I.T. Curd.

Curry Amendment Hearing Minutes, 1948, (C0731)
1 folder
A discussion of the Curry Amendment to the Missouri Constitution.

Curtis, Thomas B. (1911-1993), Oral Interview, 1978, (C1427)
1 folder
An interview with a former Republican Congressman who served Missouri’s Second district from 1951 to 1969 and a member of the House Ways and Means Committee.

Curtis, Thomas B. (1911- 1993), Papers, 1950-1969 (C3300)
906 rolls of microfilm
The Thomas B. Curtis Papers contain constituent correspondence and congressional committee material during Curtis’ terms as a Republican U.S. representative from Missouri. The bulk of committee material pertains to Ways and Means and Joint Economic Committees. The papers are filed chronologically by topic within each year. Originals discarded.

Curtis, Thomas B., Papers (S0870)
101 cubic feet
The Thomas B. Curtis Papers contain correspondence, notebooks, photographs, newspaper clippings, and legislative materials pertaining to Curtis’s career as a member of the United States House of Representatives for Missouri’s 12th and 2nd districts from 1951 to 1969. The collection also contains materials chronicling Curtis’s time as general counsel and vice president for Encyclopedia Britannica from 1969 to 1973.

Curtis, Thomas B. (1911-1993), Speech, 1964, (C2242)
1 folder
Copy of keynote address of Congressman Thomas B. Curtis of Missouri's 2nd District, made at the Republican State Convention. Includes press release summarizing the speech.


Dalton, John M. (1900-1972), Papers, 1921-1965 (C2417)
130.3 linear feet, 1 CD
Personal and official papers of a Democratic governor of Missouri, 1961-1965. Includes some material from his term as Missouri attorney general.

Dalton, John M. (1900-1972), Prayer Breakfast Program, 1961, (C2387)
1 folder
The collection contains a program for a breakfast honoring Governor Dalton in Jefferson City, sponsored by a local citizens' committee.

Dalton, Richard (1845-1925), Papers, 1859-1922 (C0088)
1 linear foot
Letters, receipts, speeches, newspapers, and pamphlets of a Ralls County politician. Included are business papers pertaining to the Ralls County branch of the St. Louis and Keokuk Railroad.

Dame, Earl, Collection, 1830-1867, (C2855)
1 folder
Handbill circulated by Thomas Hayden to the people of Perry County to refute charges made by D.L. Caldwell, high sheriff of Perry County; St. Louis County citizens' petition, 1867; and St. Louis dog and hog catcher appointment, 1865.

Danforth, John C. Papers (CA5455)
301.75 cubic feet, 9 oversize volumes, 1 card file, audiovisual material, 12 oversize items, born digital files
Papers and office files created and collected by John C. Danforth, Attorney General of Missouri, 1969-1976; U.S. Senator from Missouri, 1976-1995; U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, 2004-2005. Includes staff files, correspondence, reports, slides, computer discs, and audiovisual materials.

Davis, Chester Charles (1887-1975), Papers, 1917-1953, (C0014)
6 linear feet and 17 oversize volumes; also available on 20 rolls of microfilm
Correspondence, minutes, proceedings, literary productions, lists, printed material, financial and legal documents pertaining to the farm parity movement led by George Peek and Chester C. Davis. The photographs and the volumes, mainly newspaper clippings, deal almost exclusively with Davis’ career, 1933-1953.

Davis, H.K., Statement, 1864, (C1816)
1 folder
Bill for printing election notice in the LEXINGTON WEEKLY UNION, September 10 through November 5, 1864, and stating that it had been done.

Davis, Ilus Winfield (1917-1996) Papers, 1925-1995, (K0375)
200 cubic feet
Mayoral, personal, and professional papers documenting Davis' political, legal, and civic contributions. Davis is considered the most important Kansas City, MO mayor of the 20th century.

Davis, James Adam (1905-1988), Papers, 1937-1975, (C3666)
23.5 linear feet
Papers of a state labor leader. State CIO Industrial Union Council, State Labor Council, Political Action Committee, Missouri Valley Authority, Governor's Advisory Council on Unemployment Compensation, United Labor Committee of Missouri, State Environmental Improvement Authority and Executive Review Committee materials. Personal records.

Davis, Jefferson, Letter, 1853, (C1892)
1 folder
The papers contain a letter to Luther M. Kennett, St. Louis, Missouri, from Washington, D.C., War Department, November 8, 1853. Letter to president of the St. Louis and Iron Mountain Railroad, regarding the right of way through the government grounds at Jefferson Barracks.

Davis, Joseph (1804-1871), Letter, 1855, (C0671)
1 folder
To G.R. Smith, from Fayette, MO, May 31, 1855. Comments on political trends in Kansas and Missouri.

Davis, Sam, Papers, (CA4414)
1 linear feet
Drafts and typed copy of dissertation - "The British Labour Party and British Foreign Policy, 1933-1939." Some correspondence.

Davis, True (1919- ), Campaign Newspaper, 1968, (C3341)
1 folder
A paid political advertisement, ""The True Davis Story"" aimed at informing Missourians about Davis' background, experience, and political reputation during his 1968 campaign for Democratic nomination for U.S. senator from Missouri. The paper also gives Davis' views of the major campaign issues.

Davis, William Hornbuckle (1805-1882) Papers, 1839 (K0537)
0.01 cubic feet
The collection contains a land purchase certificate issued to William H. Davis.

Dawes, Sophronia Clemenson Rabon, Photograph, (P0418)
1 photograph
Photo of Sophronia Clemenson Rabon Dawes, 1st woman sheriff of Missouri ca. 1919

Dearing, Fred Morris (1879-1963), Papers, 1897-1961, (C2926)
22.4 linear feet
Memoirs, editorial notes, news clippings, personal and general correspondence, bills, and receipts, original poetry, essays, short stories, and a collection of annotated books of a career diplomat.

Dearmont, Russell L. (1891-1967), Papers, 1929-1965, (C2665)
72 linear feet
Personal, business, and family correspondence of a St. Louis lawyer and Democratic politician who was counsel and later president of the Missouri Pacific Railroad and was active in civic affairs.

Decker, Perl D. (1875-1934), Papers, 1897-1935, (C0092)
0.7 linear feet, 5 volumes
Speeches, news clippings, correspondence, and similar items of a Missouri Democratic Congressman, 1912-1919. Prohibition, Ku Klux Klan, women’s suffrage and campaigning are some of the important topics discussed. Decker also practiced law in Joplin, Missouri.

Deeg, Carl F., Photographs, (P0862)
0.6 linear feet
Photos of Missouri representatives and senators by Carl Deeg.

Democratic Central Committee, Cooper County, Missouri, Records, 1884-1890, (C3737)
2 folders
The collection contains clippings of the proceedings of the Democratic County Committee, official returns of the Democratic primary elections, Democratic party tickets, correspondence and miscellany.

Democratic National Convention, Kansas City, Missouri, Photographs, 1900, (P0673)
24 photographs
Photos of the Democratic National Convention in Kansas City, 1900.

Democratic Party Ballot, 1876, (C0812)
1 folder
Regular Democratic ticket, Columbia, MO, 7 November 1876, giving candidates for president, vice-president, electors, governor, and other state and county officials.

Democratic Party Campaign Literature, 1964, (C2243)
1 folder
One poster, "Vote 'No' for Governor" used as campaign literature during the Missouri Democratic Primary, 1964.

Deomocratic Political Picnic Summary, 1876, (C1825)
1 folder
The papers contain a summary of speeches and discussion at a Democratic Party picnic in Buckner, Missouri, September 16, 1876. Typed copy included.

Denham, Robert N. (1885-1954), Papers, 1919-1954, (C0012)
42 linear feet
The papers include material on Denham’s legal practice in Florida; his work as trial examiner and general counsel for NLRB, including material on Taft-Hartley legislation, speeches, and participation in President’s Conference on Administrative Procedures; and personal papers.

Denum, Julius, Endorsement, 1832, (C1520)
1 folder
Certification of Julius Denum as qualified to perform the duties of interpreter, translator, and clerk for the Board of Commissioners of Private Land Claims, St. Louis, MO. Signed by prominent Missourians.

Deskin, Elijah, Certificate, 1869, (C1969)
1 folder
The collection contains a certificate for payment of work on roads.

Deskin, Elijah, Receipts, 1855-1863, (C1971)
1 folder
The collection contains tax receipts.

Dickmann, Bernard F. (1888-1971), Papers, 1895-1980 (C3403)
2 cubic feet, 2 volumes, 20 reels of microfilm
The papers of Bernard Dickmann, Democratic mayor of St. Louis from 1933-1941, include correspondence, diary, newspaper articles, books, reports, photographs, and miscellaneous items related to years as public servant. Scrapbooks containing newspaper coverage of mayoral terms are on microfilm. Dickmann also served as postmaster, 1943-1958 and city welfare director, 1959-1961.

Dickmann, Bernard F. (1888-1971), Photograph Collection, 1918-1967, (S0555)
1,991 Photographs, 1 Scrapbook
The Collection contains photographs of many famous people who visited St. Louis including: Harry Truman, Wrong Way Corrigan, Forello La Guardia. The collection also contains a Scrapbook of the Missouri exhibition at the 1939 World's Fair in New York

Dockery, Alexander Monroe, (1845-1926), Letter, 1902, (C2062)
1 folder
To J.H. Frame, Kansas City, MO, from Jefferson City, MO, 1902. Thanking Frame for withdrawing from race for election commissioner

Doerner, Hans E., Books, 1904-1910, (C0890)
2 folders
Record of marriages solemnized by H.E. Doerner, justice of the peace, at Steele, Pemiscot County, MO, 1904-1910, and THE REVISED ORDINANCES OF THE TOWN OF STEELE, 1905. H.E. Doerner was chairman of the board of trustees at that time. Included are newspaper articles about Doerner.

Doniphan, Alexander W. (1808-1887), Letter, n.d., (C1803)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter to J.T.F. Thompson, giving information pertinent to the claim of Samuel Tilley.

Doniphan, Alexander W. (1808-1887), Letter, 1861, (C1935)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter to Doniphan’s nephew John, from Washington, D.C., Feb. 22, 1861. The letter discusses Lincoln, the state of the union, and the position of border states. Also included is a negative photostat of the letter.

Doniphan, Alexander W. (1808-1887), Letters, 1861-1873, (C1926)
1 folder
The collection contains letters to John Doniphan from Liberty and Richmond, MO, concerning convention of 1861, politics, business, and legal and family affairs.

Doniphan, Alexander W. (1808-1887), Letters, 1875-1878 (C3433)
1 folder
Nine letters written by Doniphan to his cousin Miss H. Emma Doniphan of Washington, D.C. He writes about his family, his health, and his education, and makes observations on politics and politicians.

Donnell, Forrest C. (1884-1980), Papers, 1941-1945, (C0194)
90 linear feet
The papers of a Republican governor of Missouri consist of correspondence, reports, news clippings, and other materials dealing with Donnell’s term as governor.

Donnell, Forrest C. (1884-1980), Inaugural Ceremonies, 1941, (C2385)
1 folder
The collection contains a program of inauguration of Governor Forrest C. Donnell, February 26, 1941.

Donnell, Forrest C. (1884-1980), Senatorial Papers, 1945-1950, (C0796)
100 linear feet
Papers of a Republican senator from Missouri, 79th through 81st Congresses. Contains correspondence and notes about such post-World War II subjects as economic adjustments, displaced persons, labor, civil rights, atomic energy, and the spread of communism.

Donnelly, Phil M. (1891-1961), Inaugural Ceremonies, 1953, (C2386)
1 folder
The collection contains a program of inauguration of Governor Phil M. Donnelly, January 12, 1953.

Donnelly, Phil M. (1891-1961), Papers, (CA4646)
1 cubic foot, 17 oversize volumes
Scrapbooks covering Donnelly's years as state senator and governor, 1935-1957.

Donnelly, Phil M. (1891-1961), Papers, 1944-1957, (C2151)
91.6 linear feet, 10 volumes
Papers relating to Donnelly's two terms as Democratic governor of Missouri.

Doolin, Bill, Reward Notice, (C3243)
1 folder
The collection contains a reward notice announcing a $5000 reward for the capture of Bill Doolin, train robber.

Dorsett, Lyle Wesley (1938- ) Papers, 1962-1979, (K0039)
2 cubic feet
Manuscript copies of historian and educator Lyle Dorsett's books, working drafts as well as final drafts, and articles, both published and unpublished, relating to the Pendergast political machine and other Kansas City topics. Also research note cards and notes.

Douglass, J.B., Article, 1853, (C2823)
1 folder
Reply by J.B. Douglass to charges by Judge Persinger during the Boone County court elections in 1853.

Drake, Charles D. (1811-1892), Autobiography, 1811-1867, (C1003)
1 linear foot on 1 roll of microfilm
Autobiography of a lawyer, U.S. senator from Missouri, radical Republican, and principal author of the Missouri State Constitution of 1865, the "Draconian Code."

Drake, Charles D. (1811-1892), Letter, 1866, (C1524)
1 folder
To J.R. Winchell, Hannibal, MO, from St. Louis, MO, Dec. 13, 1866. Drake, aspirant to the U.S. Senate, inquired about George L. Hewitt's support of Thomas Clement Fletcher for senator.

Drake, Charles D. (1811-1892), Papers, 1859-1860, (C3570)
1 folder
The papers of Charles D. Drake contain a speech of Drake in the Missouri House of Representatives on a ""Sunday"" bill which he introduced; and a letter to M.C. Goodlet from Drake regarding Aikman Welch's opposition to the bill.

Drey, Kay (1933- ), Civil Rights Subject File, 1960-2000, (S0840)
44 Folders

Dunklin, Daniel (1790-1844), Papers, 1815-1877, (C0097)
0.6 linear feet
The papers of the fifth governor of Missouri consist of correspondence, financial records, and miscellaneous items. The correspondence is especially rich in the discussion of Missouri elections and of the leading political issues in Missouri and in the United States from 1829 to 1835.

Dunn, Joe, Collection, 1942-1955, (C1200)
0.4 linear feet
Records of the Friends Committee on National Legislation and the National Council Against Conscription. The collection contains pamphlets, memos, newsletters, and resolutions and statements against conscription.

Dunnica, William H. ( -1823), Commission, 1821, (C1795)
1 folder
The collection contains Dunnica's commission as justice of the peace, Cote Sans Dessien township, Callaway County, signed by Alexander McNair.


Eads, James D., Broadside, 1862, (C3571)
1 folder
The papers contain a printed announcement of Ead's intention to be a candidate for the Missouri House of Representatives and of his position on issues of interest to voters in his district.

Eagleton, Thomas F. (1929-2007), Papers, 1944-1987, (C0674)
Papers of a Democratic Circuit Attorney for the city of St. Louis, 1956-1960; Attorney General of Missouri, 1960-1964; Lieutenant Governor of Missouri, 1964-1968; and U.S. Senator from Missouri, 1969-1986. The collection includes correspondence, photographs, speeches and press releases, audiovisual materials, microfilm, and newspaper clippings.

Eagleton, Thomas F., Papers (CA4720)
211.2 cubic feet (includes audio visual material)
Addition of materials concerning Commission on Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Salaries and Commission on Base Realignment and Closure. Papers from Eagleton's years in public service.

Eagleton, Thomas F. (1929-2007), Papers, (CA5736)
91 linear feet, 2 audio cassettes, 1 computer disc, 1 DVD, 3 rolls of microfilm, 8 video cassettes
Addition to papers of a former senator from Missouri. Includes campaign and election files; pre-senatorial papers relating to offices of attorney general and lt. governor; and post-senatorial papers relating to teaching, writing, St. Louis Rams, and other activities.

Eagleton, Thomas F., Papers, (CA5153)
0.4 linear feet
Miscellaneous plaques and commissions.

East West Gateway Coordinationg Council, 1953-1995, (S0875)
4 boxes, 100 folders
This collection contains a variety of task force reports and meeting minutes of various task force committees. The collection also contains a large quantity of completed reports on topics covering waste management, water quality, transportation and recycling

Eastman, Roger D., Collection, (CA5477)
8 linear feet
Materials relating to Eastman's work with Missouri Opinion Analysis which conducted a variety of public opinion polls and surveys. Also contains a variety of Missouri maps, several photographs, and materials relating to development on the Meramec River.

Edwards, George Herbert (1860-1941) Scrapbooks, 1916-1925, (K0483)
5 volumes, 11 folders
Scrapbooks kept by Edwards, Mayor of Kansas City, MO. Also correspondence, a wedding announcement for one of his daughters, and a memorial booklet for his mother.

Edwards, J.S., Papers, 1832-1837, (C2300)
1 folder
Letters to J.S. Edwards, U.S. Commissioner of Pensions, from U.S. congressmen concerning pension problems of their constituents.

Edwards, John Cummins, (1806-1838), Address, 1845, (C1596)
1 folder
Gubernatorial message to the Missouri General Assembly, March 21, 1845, about Missouri-Iowa Territory boundary difficulties.

Edwards, John Cummins (1806-1888), Letters, 1840-1845, (C1611)
1 folder
The collection contains Photostats of correspondence regarding the Missouri-Iowa Territory boundary difficulties; Senator Lewis F. Linn's position, and congressional actions; the definition of the northern boundary of Missouri by the Constitutional Convention and Surveyor General's Office; effects of a boundary dispute in Adair County, MO; Iowa land sales; Missouri politics and Edwards' gubernatorial policies.

Edwards, John Cummins (1806-1888), Papers, 1844-1846, (C1771)
1 folder
The papers of John Cummins Edwards contain Photostats of petitions and letters requesting pardons for prisoners, including a letter from James S. Rollins, a petition to correct an error in a previous pardon, and woman's petition for pardon of a Negro woman, Nelly.

Edwards, John Cummins, (1806-1888), Petitions, 1843-1846, (C1763)
1 folder
The records contain petitions to pardon John Neff, sentenced for the kidnapping of Martin Light, and Bridget McShane, signed by members of the Constitutional Convention of 1845.

Eighth Census of the United States for Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri, 1860 , (CA6517)
1 volume
Schedules of Free Inhabitants, Slave Inhabitants, Mortality, Agriculture, Industry, and Social Statistics, 1860.

Eisenhower, Dwight David (1890-1969), Papers, 1952, (C0315)
1 folder
Letter from twenty Republican congressmen to Eisenhower asking him to resign as Supreme Allied Commander and declare himself a candidate for the presidential nomination. Eisenhower's reply, setting forth his personal reasons for remaining in his present position.

Election Returns, 1840, (C1736)
1 folder
Missouri presidential election returns for Barry, Boone, Rives, St. Charles, St. Louis, Warren and Wayne Counties. Returns for state senator in Wayne County and circuit attorney in Rives and St. Louis Counties.

Election Tickets, 1894, (C1176)
1 folder
County election tickets filed with the office of the secretary of state of Missouri, 1894. Also newspaper clippings and correspondence."

Elder, Raymond S., Collection, (K1141)
3 cubic feet
Elder is historian for the Kansas City Fire Museum. Includes reproductions of maps of the Kansas City area. Also books and articles written by Elder about the Kansas City, MO Fire Department and the history of the 8th Street Tunnel.

Eldridge, Shalor W. Letters, (K0217)
0.01 cubic feet
The collection contains letters relating to Eldridge’s petitions for aid to rebuild his hotel, the Eldridge House, in Lawrence, Kansas, following its destruction during Quantrill’s Raid in August 1863.

Ellinger, Rory Vincent (1941-2014), Collection, 1951-1973, (C3555)
3.4 linear feet
Papers of a student activist at the University of Missouri-Columbia, 1966-1972, who served as president of the Columbia branch of Students for a Democratic Society and was active in the New Democratic Coalition and numerous other organizations. SDS papers and SDS New Left Notes are included.

Elliott, Mrs. E.E., Letter, 1920, (C1635)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter to Mrs. William Bostian and Mrs. N. Rindskopf, Independence, MO, from Kansas City, MO, Sept. 13, 1920. The letter includes notification of their election as representatives from Blue Township to the Women's Division of the Jackson County Republican Committee.

Ellis, Dorothy (1920-2016), Papers, (CA6485)

The papers of an environmentalist and commissioner of Oregon County, Missouri, include correspondence, clippings, political papers, certificates and awards, and material on her environmental work.

Elmore, Patricia Shively (1935-2015), Papers, 1878-2015, (CG0013)
1 cubic feet (14 folders), 8 film reels, 2 oversized volumes
The papers of Patricia Shively Elmore contain diaries, correspondence, genealogy, scrapbooks, and photographs related to the donor's family. This collection also contains diplomas, commencement programs, military documents, photographs, souvenir postcards, films, and funeral memorabilia of the donor's second husband, William "Bill" Elmore.

Elvins, Politte, Campaign Cards, 1908, 1920, (R1179)
1 folder
These are small campaign cards for Politte Elvins of Saint Francois County, Missouri, who was a successful candidate for United States Representative in 1908 and an unsuccessful candidate in the Republican primary election for Lieutenant Governor in 1920.

Emerson, Norvell William ""Bill"" (1938-1996), Papers, (CA5887)
255 linear feet
Papers of a Republican Congressman from the Missouri Bootheel. Emerson was a member of the Agriculture Committee, Public Works and Transportation Committee, and Select Committee on Hunger. The collection includes correspondence, photographs, speeches and press releases, audiovisual materials, research materials, and newspaper clippings.

Emmons, Benjamin, Jr., Appointment, 1846, (C1701)
1 folder
Appointment as deputy clerk of the St. Charles board of trustees.

Equal Rights Amendment, Papers, 1972-1984, (S0225)
14 Folders
Resolutions, plans, roll call votes, of the Missouri Legislature, newspaper clippings, brochures; newsletters; flyers; artifacts, and correspondence concerning the ERA.

Erwin, John, Papers, 1870, (C0934)
1 folder
Appointment to voter registration board of the 9th Senatorial District of Missouri and instructions to law officers on procedure to follow in registering white and colored voters in 1870, with emphasis on allowing colored persons to register if qualified.

Espy, James C., "Interviewed Editor McCullagh," 1933, (C2097)
1 folder
Manuscript submitted to the MISSOURI HISTORICAL REVIEW. Interview with Colonel Joseph Burbridge McCullagh, editor of the ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT, on November 12, 1895, about his rumored senatorial candidacy. Interview was published in the ST. LOUIS REPUBLIC, November 13, 1895.

Estevez, Victor, Collection, 1982-1996, (C4261)
0.5 cubic feet (17 folders), 1 oversize scrapbook
The papers of Victor Estevez contain material from organizations Estevez was a member of, newspaper clippings related to HIV/AIDS and LGBTQ+ activism, and personal papers. It also contains the papers of Carl Megl, a friend of Estevez and the first student at the University of Missouri, Columbia, to die of AIDS related complications.

Eveloff, Vivian, (SA0879)
9 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.


Fair Housing Papers, 1967-1968, (C2550)
4 folders
Newspaper clippings and miscellaneous material pertaining to Fair Housing Ordinance in Columbia, MO.

Farmer, Nancy, Portrait, (P0578)
1 photograph
Portrait of State Treasurer Nancy Farmer, 2001-2005.

Farmers Bank, Mt. Vernon, Missouri, Papers, 1844-1931, (C0044)
5 linear feet, 28 volumes
Records of a bank organized in 1890 and liquidated in 1930. Also records of local businesses and schools.

Farmington, Missouri, Municipal Records, 1856-1929, (R0331)
3 rolls of microfilm
These are municipal records of Farmington, St. Francois County, Missouri. Included are the charters of the city, ordinances, the records of the boards of aldermen and trustees, oaths of office, records of bonds and commissions, tax assessments, and a partial census of the city.

Farris, Frank H. (1867-1926), Speeches, c.1920s, (C4240)
1 audio cassette
One audio cassette tape of speeches by Frank H. Farris, Missouri State Senator, including, "The Ozarks," and "I Don't Know Where I'm Going, But I'm On My Way." Also the memorial service held for Senator Farris in the Missouri State Senate.

Farris, Frank Hiram (1867-1926), Papers, ca. 1900-1927, (R1301)
8 folders
These are papers of a long term Democratic state legislator from Crawford and Phelps counties in Missouri. The collection includes photographic portraits of Farris and his printed orations, clippings and other items from political campaigns, and newspaper death notices and memorials collected after Farris's death in 1926.

Faxon, Frank A. (1848-1912) Papers, 1900-1911, (K0074)
0.3 cubic foot
Speeches Faxon, a wholesale drug businessman and civic leader in Kansas City, MO, wrote and delivered. Also included is an unfinished autobiography of James C. Horton, a business partner of Faxon.

Federated Republican Women's Club, Columbia, Missouri, Papers, 1934-1969, (C3525)
0.2 cubic feet
Minutes, scrapbooks, and award of a Republican women's club organized in 1932.

Fifth District State Normal School Commission Photograph, (P0997)
1 photograph
Photograph of five men who were the commission that located the fifth Missouri State Normal School at Maryville

Fike, Stanley R. (1913-1989), Papers, c.1925, 1941-1985, (C3882)
6.8 linear feet, 2 audio cassettes
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, speeches, memoranda and office notes of Stanley R. Fike, administrative assistant to U.S. Senator Stuart Symington, from 1952 until Symington's retirement in 1976. The papers contain material relating to various Symington campaigns, as well as Fike's personal life.

Filley, Chauncey Ives, Letter, 1880, (C1824)
1 folder
The papers contain a letter to D.K. Abeel, of Kansas City, Missouri, from Chauncey Ives Filley of St. Louis, Missouri, February 20, 1880. The letter discusses political maneuvering in Missouri for General Grant's presidential candidacy in 1880; organization and influence of St. Louis German vote, the WESTLICHE POST, Emil Preetorius and state politics, particularly party positions. Also typed copy.

Filley, Chauncey I., Letter, 1915, (C1881)
1 folder
The papers contain one letter to Krekel Dillon Wilbanks, Mt. Vernon, Illinois, from St. Louis, Missouri, January 13, 1915. The letter is about an article in the St. Louis Republic on Filley's reminiscences of emancipation in Missouri. Article contained several errors of fact on the Missouri Convention of 1861-1863, which Wilbanks points out.

Finch, James A., Jr. (1907- ), Papers, 1951-1980, (C0769)
4.4 linear feet
Papers of assistant attorney general of Missouri, 1932; acting prosecuting attorney of Cape Girardeau County, 1941-1942; member and president of the Board of Curators of the University of Missouri, 1951-1965; and judge, 1965-1978, and chief justice, 1971-1973, of the Missouri Supreme Court. Material consists of correspondence from Finch’s term on the Board of Curators and his speeches at various judicial conferences and other functions.

Findley Campaign, Paper, (R1346)
0.25 cubic feet (7 folders)
The Findley Campaign Papers document the contested Ward 5, Rolla City Council election of April 1, 1980, between Susan H. Findley and Jim Waterman. The collection includes materials on the campaign, election, and resolution of the election results. Circuit Court Records, sample election materials, newspaper articles, and Susan Findley’s personal notes are among the items included in the collection.

Finley, E.J., Letter, 1866, (C1727)
1 folder
To [Francis] Rodman, Jefferson City, MO, from Texas County, MO, Nov. 8, 1866. Finley charged violation of the registry law in Texas County, protested the election of Confederate rebels and requested a new election, criticized specific rebels, and praised radicals.

Fitzpatrick, Daniel R., (1891-1969), Cartoons, 1934-1943, (C0820)
3 folders
Newspaper cartoons concerned with Missouri politics during this period. Published in the ST. LOUIS POST DISPATCH.

Fitzpatrick, Daniel R. (1891-1969), Papers, 1913-1966, (C3832)
1 linear foot, 16 reels of 16mm film, 16 DVDs
The Fitzpatrick Papers contain the personal and business correspondence of D.R. Fitzpatrick, editorial cartoonist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The collection also contains magazines and newspaper articles concerning “Fitz’s” cartoons of local, regional, and national politics, including government propaganda for both World Wars. Sixteen one-half hour television documentaries on political affairs, entitled Forty-five Years with Fitzpatrick are included in the collection.

Fletcher, Thomas Clement (1827-1899) Letter, 1866, (K0220)
0.01 cubic feet
The collection contains a letter, written by Missouri Governor Thomas Clement Fletcher to an unnamed colonel regarding the need to capture or kill Jim Anderson, a former member of William Clark Quantrill's bushwhackers, who was in Howard County, Missouri.

Fletcher, Thomas Clement (1827-1899), Letter, 1865, (C1533)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter to [Governor of Pennsylvania], from City of Jefferson, MO, Jan. 31, 1865. Fletcher, governor of Missouri, expressed gratitude for sympathy shown Missouri "in the hour of her trial."

Fletcher, Thomas Clement (1827-1899), Statement, 1866, (C1534)
1 folder
The collection contains a statement by the governor and other officials stating pride that Missouri remained a free state, issued on January 27, 1866.

Focus St. Louis/Coro Foundation, (SA0881)
129 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Focus St. Louis, Records, 1979-2008, (SA1133)
34 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Folk, Joseph Wingate, Letter, 1903, (C1980)
1 folder
To Louis Wiley, New York, NY, from St. Louis, MO, Nov. 19, 1903. Regretting his inability to address Society of the Genesee.

Folk, Joseph Wingate (1869-1923), Papers, 1902-1952 (C0101)
0.6 linear feet
Unfinished biography of Folk by his sister, Mrs. James Avery Webb. Clippings pertaining to Folk's career as circuit attorney in St. Louis, 1902-1904; Democratic governor of Missouri, 1904-1909; races for Senate and failure to win election, 1918; career in Washington, D.C., 1917-1923, under President Woodrow Wilson; and death in 1923. Letters of sympathy at death, Folk-Bates genealogy, speeches by Folk, and miscellaneous material.

Ford, Marshall E. (1870-1964), Constitutional Convention Papers, 1943-1944, (C0018)
0.5 linear feet
Letters and papers of a Maryville, Missouri, lawyer and Democratic delegate from the 1st Senatorial District. Papers deal largely with work of various committees on which he served, especially the Committee on the Executive Department which he chaired.

Fort Osage Records, 1808-1815, (K0147)
4 microfilm rolls
Correspondence, reports and other documents found in the National Archives pertaining to the establishment and operation of Fort Osage, near what is now Sibley, Missouri.

Fort Osage Restoration Records, 1808-1979, (K0155)
5 cubic feet
Correspondence relating to the reconstruction of Fort Osage by the Jackson County Parks and Recreation Department in consultation with the Native Sons of Greater Kansas City. Also research on the history of the Fort; reconstruction techniques and materials; and authentic artifacts, furniture, costumes, and artillery.

Foster, Emory S., Letter, 1864, (C3192)
1 folder
The collection contains an extract of a letter to Gov. Fletcher, from St. Louis, MO, Jan. 12, 1864, concerning the movement to allow African American suffrage. Also included is a penciled note on the back of the letter relating to the Dyer resolution concerning a change in the basis of representation.

Francke, Carrie, Papers, (CA4912)
22.5 linear feet, 1 video cassette
Correspondence, reports, and office files of a student leader at UMC and attorney who was active in Republican Party politics.

Franklin County Tax List, 1819, 1820, 1824, (C2597)
1 folder
Tax lists from Franklin County.

Freeman, G.W., Proclamation, 1881, (C2834)
1 folder
Proclamation by the mayor of Laclede that business be suspended on September 26, 1881, during the hours of the funeral service of President James A. Garfield.

Fremerman, Marvin J. (1931- ) Collection, 1980s-1990s, (K1069)
1 cubic foot
Fremerman Advertising Agency did work for Kansas City area political campaigns and business. Includes video and audiotapes for political and other advertisements.

French and Spanish Archives, 1763-1841, (C2965)
23 rolls of microfilm
The French and Spanish Archives is a collection of documents from the St. Louis area dating primarily from the colonial and territorial periods.


Gallatin, Albert (1761-1849), Papers, 1803-1812, (C2303)
1 folder
Two letters from secretary of the treasury concerning his refusal to execute a contract and the adjustment of a lighthouse account.

Gardner, Frederick D., Letter, 1917, (C2596)
1 folder
To Cornelius Roach, Jefferson City, MO, from Jefferson City, MO, Oct. 17, 1917. Tells Roach he will call special session of legislature, and that a lowering of taxes is one thing it will consider

Garibaldi-Clay, Letters, 1866-1867, (C2418)
6 folders
The papers contain correspondence of Giuseppe Garibaldi and Green Clay, secretary of the American legation in Florence, Italy, concerning Garibaldi's claim to protection as an American citizen following his arrest by the Italian government, his escape from Caprera, and Clay's report on a visit with him after his defeat at Mantena.

Garr, Mary Elizabeth “Mollie” Slusher (1844-1927) and Alice Marion (1866-1957), Papers, 1875-1896, 1991, (C3987)
0.2 linear feet
The Mollie and Alice Garr Papers consist mostly of letters written from 1875 to 1896 by a mother and daughter from Lafayette County, Missouri, to relatives in Virginia- primarily to William Benjamin Plunkett of Greene County. Also included are photocopies of various explanatory materials, such as obituaries, death certificates, printed articles, and genealogical lists of the Garr and Slusher families, compiled by the donor of the papers in 1991.

Garten, Meredith, Pierce City, MO, Constitutional Convention Papers, 1940s-1950s, (CA4218)
0.4 linear feet
Papers of a delegate from Pierce City, MO, to the Missouri Constitutional Convention, includes photos of other delegates.

Garver, William L. (1867- ), Papers (CA6495)
0.6 cubic feet
The papers of William Lincoln Garver, an architect and leader in the Socialist movement in Missouri, contain writings by Garver, along with some family materials, correspondence, and miscellaneous material. Garver was the Socialist candidate for Missouri governor in 1908.

Gellhorn, Edna (1878-1970), Scrapbook, 1937-1991, (S0642)
1 Scrapbook, 4 Phonograph Records
The Scrapbook includes correspondence to Edna Gellhorn from Genevieve Nelson, to Genevieve from Edna, and to Genevieve from Edna's family members; newsclippings about Edna and woman's suffrage; and booklets on the League of Women Voters.

General Election Sample Ballot, 1892, (C0523)
1 folder
Sample ballot for the Missouri general election, 1892, showing the candidates for the Democratic, Republican, Prohibition, People's and Independent parties.

Gentry, Ann, Postmaster Commission, 1839, (C2621)
1 folder
The papers contain Ann Gentry's commission as postmaster of Columbia, Boone County, Missouri.

Gentry, North Todd (1866-1944), Appointments, 1900-1928, (C3441)
1 folder
The collection contains appointments as a notary public and deputy attorney general; and to the Society of the Sons of the Revolution, to the commission to revise Missouri statutes, and to the Board of Curators of the University of Missouri.

Gentry, North Todd (1866-1944), Papers, 1837-1947 (C0049)
4.2 linear feet
Papers of a Columbia, Missouri, lawyer and amateur local historian. Anecdotes, articles, speeches, and biographical sketches about events, people, and places in Columbia, Boone County, and Missouri. Family papers, correspondence, and some legal and business material.

Gephardt, Richard A., Campaign Materials, (CA2701)
0.2 linear feet
Posters, buttons, stickers, newspaper reprints, brochures and miscellany.

Gibson, John R. (1925- ) Papers, 1970, (K0008)
3 cubic feet
Correspondence, reports, research materials, drafts, news articles and other data related to the writing, passage by public vote, and planned implementation of the 1970 Jackson County Charter, with particular emphasis upon the involvement of John R. Gibson, a principal contributor.

Gillaspie, William R., Papers, 1851-1886, (C0679)
1 folder
Letter from James C. Hamilton of Fulton, MO, to his brother William in Washington City, IA. He talks of the weather, crops, the prosperity of the country, a revival meeting and their need of a preacher. Brief biography of Ben Butler, legislator, governor, Union general, senator, and presidential candidate, who ran as a Republican, Democrat, and Greenback.

Gillaspy, James C., (1841-1925), Papers, 1843-1889, (C0918)
14 folders
Account, tax and assessor record books of a Boone County, Missouri, farmer, lawyer, deputy sheriff, tax collector, sheriff, treasurer, representative, and Columbia mayor. Also includes the account book (1855-1858) of Thomas J. Gillaspy, constable of Jefferson Township, Monroe County, Missouri.

Ginn, Rosemary Lucas (1912-2003 ), Papers, 1950-1985, (C3964)
6.8 linear feet
The papers of Rosemary Lucas Ginn, a Republican Committeewoman, President of the United States National Commission for UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization), and Ambassador to Luxembourg, include correspondence, photographs, memoranda, newspaper clippings, and publications relating to her work with the Republican National Committee, Missouri Republican Party, and UNESCO.

Goode, Malvin R. (1908-1995), Papers, 1911-2001, (C1706)
8 linear feet, 277 audio cassettes, 88 audio tapes, 11 video cassettes, 6 film reels
Malvin Russell Goode, Sr. was the first African-American broadcast journalist at ABC News. The collection consists of letters, speeches, photographs, audio cassettes, reel-to-reel tapes, awards, and other miscellaneous items documenting his life, career, and African-American culture.

Goode, Wayne (1937-), Papers, 1963-2004, (S0891)
138 folders, 13 VHS tapes
The papers of Wayne Goode document the career of a Missouri legislator from St. Louis and contain correspondence, bill files from the 85th through the 92nd General Assemblies, end of session and mid-term reports, newspapers articles on varies subjects pertaining to Goode's legislator work, expense reports, and VHS tapes. Much of the correspondence deals with Goode's work on behalf of the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

Graham, Thomas D., Speech, 1965, (C2231)
1 folder
Remarks of the Speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives at the opening session of the 73rd General Assembly, Jefferson City, January 6, 1965.

Granby, Missouri, Poll Book, 1895-1904, (R0316)
1 volume, photocopy
This is a poll book of voters of the First Ward in Granby, Newton County, Missouri. included are lists of voters, oaths of the judges of election, and certified returns of municipal and county races.

Grant, David M. (1903-1985), Papers, 1917-1986, (S0552)
18 Folders, 7 Photographs
The David M. Grant papers document David Grant's career as a civil rights leader; a lawyer; and a politician. The papers include personal material pertaining to his family history; speeches and articles from 1961-1975; and correspondence from 1936-1956.

Greater Kansas City Women's Political Caucus Records, 1974-1983, (K1243)
2.5 cubic feet
Organizational records including general and working files, newsletters, financial records, subject files (including ERA), and printed/published materials, many concerned with the Equal Rights Amendment.

Green, John James (1857-1918) Scrapbook, 1901, (K0496)
1 volume
Clippings concerning Green, the Republican nominee for Kansas City mayor opposing James A. Reed.

Green, Robert S., Papers, 1943-1944, (C3213)
2 folders
Letters to A.P. Green about his subscription to the Missouri Public Expenditure Survey, Missouri Constitution, Constitutional Convention Bulletin, and minutes of the organizational meeting of Missouri War Chest, 1943.

Greene County Democratic Central Committee, Jackson Day Banquet Programs, 1958-1969, (R0696)
3 items
These are programs for the 35th , 37th , and 46th annual Jackson Day Banquets, held in 1958, 1960, and 1969 at the Shrine Mosque in Springfield, Missouri. The sponsors were the Greene County Democratic Central Committee, the Roosevelt Women's Democratic Club, and the Young Democratic Club of Greene County.

Gualdoni, Louis C., Papers, 1924-1998, (S0603)
1 Folder
Newsclippings and correspondence of Louis Gualdoni's father, Louis J. "Jean" Gualdoni, an influential Democratic politician in St. Louis in the 1940s

Guillot, Lawrence B. (1936- ) Papers, 1978-1980, (K0798)
2 cubic feet
Materials related to the international ombudsman movement, and in particular, the International Ombudsman institute and the Jackson County, MO Ombudsman office.

Gummels, Eilert F., Papers, 1931-1937, (S0778)
1 Folder
Eilert F. Gummels was elected to the Board of Aldermen for the Eleventh Ward of Missouri on April 4, 1933. This collection includes correspondence, and certificates of election, as well as an advertising booklet for the All Day Basket Picnic of the Eleventh Ward Democratic Club, and a photograph of the Board of Aldermen taken 16 March 1934, with members identified.

Guy, Francis Arthur (1894-1961) Papers, 1938-1955, (K0184)
12 folders
Legal correspondence, client files, and personal files of Guy, an attorney and officer of the J.C. Nichols Company. In addition to legal work for the Company but also carried on his private practice from his office, as well as served on a number boards, and as a councilman for Westwood Hills, KS.


Hadley, Herbert Spencer (1872-1927), Papers, 1830-1943, (C0006)
15.2 linear feet, 35 volumes on 58 rolls of microfilm
The papers of a Missouri Republican lawyer, politician, educator, and author include correspondence, letterbooks, scrapbooks, manuscripts, photographs, cartoons, and miscellaneous material. Originals in storage.

Hailey, Sallie, Papers, 1903-1992, (C4358)
1.8 cubic feet (36 folders, 17 oversize items)
Photographs, correspondence, newspaper clippings, reports, publications, and political convention material of the former director of the Department of Business and Administration for the State of Missouri and Democratic National Committeewoman of Missouri.

Haim, Mark, Collection, (CA5796), (CA5796)
10 linear feet
Papers of a Missouri environmental and political activist include correspondence, financial and membership records, promotional material, newspaper clippings, background and research material, and other records of Missourians For Safe Energy. Citizens for a Radioactive Waste Policy, Missouri Energy Action and other similar state organizations, 1976-1989. Also included is an oral history interview with Mark Haim conducted by the State Historical Society of Missouri in 2010.

Hall, Durward G. (1910-2001) Papers, 1946-1973 (C3389)
2.4 linear feet, 705 reels of microfilm
The collection includes the personal and political papers of Durward G. Hall, surgeon and U.S. Representative of the Seventh Missouri Congressional District from 1960-1972. The original papers are located at Drury College in Springfield, Missouri.

Hall, Durward G. (1910-2001), Oral Interview, 1979, (C1426)
1 folder
An interview with a former Republican Congressman who served Missouri’s Seventh District from 1961 to 1973 and was a member of the Armed Services Committee.

Halliburton, Wesley (1812-1890), Letters, 1875, (C1974)
1 folder
The collection contains photocopies of two letters written by a member of the 1875 Missouri Constitutional Convention to his wife. The letters include comments on the work of the convention and the constitution it drafted.

Hamilton, Mrs. Henry W., Collection, 1838-1924, (C1840)
4 folders
Checks, deeds, promissory notes, and invoices, primarily of residents of Lafayette County, MO. Lafayette County election returns, 1844 and 1860.

Hammond Studio Photographs, (P0955)
2 photographs
Images by Hammond Studio of Jefferson City notables and politicians

Hammond, Charles (1779-1840), Papers, 1801-1840 (C2460)
1 reel of microfilm
The papers consist of the correspondence of Charles Hammond, lawyer, member of Ohio House of Representatives and editor of the Cincinnati Gazette.

Hamsher, Frank, Papers (S1231)
5 cubic feet
The Frank Hamsher papers contain correspondence, reports, meeting minutes, and newspapers, pertaining to Hamsher’s duties as the head of St. Louis City’s Community Development Agency (1981-1982) and counsel to Mayor Vincent Schoemehl (1982- 1990). The bulk of the materials in this collection pertain to the St. Louis City-County Board of Freeholders, a nineteen-member panel first established by the Missouri Constitution of 1875, and later revived in 1987 by St. Louis County Executive, Gene McNary. The Board of Freeholders’ mission was to draft a plan for reorganizing St. Louis County municipalities, as well as consider the reunification of St. Louis City and County. Materials of interest include correspondence between Hamsher and Schoemehl, in which Hamsher provides him with advice and analysis on selecting candidates to the Board of Freeholders and public opinion regarding the Board of Freeholder’s plans.

Hardin, Charles Henry (1820-1892), Letter, 1851, (C2079)
1 folder
The collection contains a form letter to the Boone County Court, Columbia, MO, from Hardin, Fulton, MO, July 16, 1851, requesting a list of the county's insane poor. Hardin was secretary of the board of managers of the State Lunatic Asylum.

Hardin, Charles Henry (1820-1892), Papers, 1842-1892, (C0111)
0.1 linear feet
Hardin was a lawyer, governor of Missouri, 1874-1876, and founder of Hardin College in Mexico, Missouri. Collection includes correspondence with wife and friends, essays, speeches, unofficial reports, law notebook, legal cases in Boone, Callaway, Macon, and Randolph Counties, and diary of Mary Hardin, 1854-1856 and 1859.

Hardister, Isaac, Surity Bond, 1896, (C1912)
1 folder
$500 surety bond of Isaac Hardister, street commissioner of Huntsville, MO.

Hardy, David R. (1917-1976) Papers, 1965-1976, (K0319)
1 cubic foot
Hardy served as chairman of the Mayor's Commission on Civil Disorder, appointed by Mayor Ilus Davis to study the city's disturbances of 1968. includes correspondence, reports, interviews and statements, clippings, and printed and published materials, the final report and recommendations.

Harlan, Andrew Jackson, Papers, (CA6207)
1 oversize volume
Scrapbook of Andrew Jackson Harlan (1815-1907), a U.S. Representative from Indiana who was publicly read out of the Democratic Party and later relocated to Savannah, Missouri, where he served as a judge and Republican member of the State House of Representatives, 1864-1868. Includes Civil War-era correspondence and newspaper clippings from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Harman, Moses (1830-1910), Papers, 1858-1984, (C3802)
13 folders
Papers of Moses Harman, founder and publisher of Lucifer, the Light-Bearer, later the American Journal of Eugenics. He was a proponent of women's rights and the eugenics movement during the late 1800s and early 1900s. The papers include typescript copies of speech and articles by Harman, a photograph, articles about Harman, and issues of Lucifer, the Light-Bearer, 1896-1907. A microfilm copy of the collection is also available for use.

Harris, Frank G., (1871-1944), Papers, 1915-1945, (C4195)
0.4 cubic feet
Scrapbooks, clippings, photographs, correspondence, and miscellaneous material pertaining to Frank G. Harris, former Lt. Governor of Missouri.

Harris, Morran D., Papers, (CA6421)
1.75 cubic feet
Papers of a lawyer and state representative from Osceola, Missouri, largely consist of material concerning Harris's time in the state legislature in the 1960s.

Hatch, William H. (1833-1896), Papers, 1870-1887, (C0113)
0.2 linear feet
Letters to Hatch, a congressman from Hannibal, MO, about political matters. Hatch was responsible for the establishment of the agricultural experiment station at the University of Missouri in 1887. Also a few letters to his brother George, a lawyer in Hannibal.

Hay, Charles Martin (1879-1945), Papers, 1919-1933, (C0039)
7 linear feet and 1 oversize volume
Correspondence, legal cases, speeches, clippings, and political material of a St. Louis attorney, politician, prohibitionist, and leader in the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Several cases concern prohibition enforcement or lead companies in southeastern Missouri. Hay was three times an unsuccessful candidate for the Democratic nomination for U.S. senator.

Hearnes, Betty Cooper, Speech, 1971, (C3274)
1 folder
The papers contain an address at the dedication of the new bandstand in Fayette, Missouri, at Central Methodist College.

Hearnes, Warren E. (1923-2009), Papers, 1950-1972, (C3522)
9 linear feet; and 17 volumes on microfilm
Materials determined by Hearnes to be his personal papers while Missouri's governor, 1965-1973. The bulk of the collection is correspondence regarding campaigns, legislation, and the Democratic Party.

Hearnes, Warren E. (1923-2009), Papers, 1965-1972, (C3585)
602 boxes on 127 rolls of microfilm
Papers of Democratic governor of Missouri from 1965 to 1972. The originals are at the Missouri State Archives in Jefferson City.

Heibel Brothers Papers, 1910, (C1908)
1 folder
Forms of U.S. Internal Revenue Service pertaining to gauging and taxing of distilled spirits.

Heinkel, Fred V. (1897-1990), Papers, 1914-1988, (C4105)
28.4 linear feet
The papers of Fred V. Heinkel contain materials documenting the political and business activities of a former long-time president of the Missouri Farmers Association (MFA). A small amount of personal material is also included.

Henderson, John Brooks (1826-1913), Letter, 1870, (C0516)
1 folder
To John T. Hoffman, Albany, NY, from St. Louis, MO, Sept. 17, 1870. Request for appointment as delegate to convention to be held in Cincinnati. Also a photograph of Henderson.

Hennings, Thomas C., Jr. (1903-1960), Papers, 1901-1960 (C3000)
190.5 linear feet, 6 audio tapes, 5 films, 5 rolls of microfilm, 25 records, 1 oversize volume
Personal and political papers of a Democratic congressman, 1934-1940; St. Louis circuit attorney, 1940-1941; naval officer, 1941-1944; lawyer, 1944-1950; and U.S. senator, 1950-1960. Collection focuses on senatorial years, the bulk consisting of constituent correspondence, and is arranged topically.

Henry County, Missouri, Justice of the Peace Records, 1849-1858, (R0229)
1 volume
These are records of cases heard by William B. Means, Justice of the Peace at Clinton, Henry County, Missouri. Civil and criminal cases are included from 27 March 1849 through 12 April 1858. An index is available.

Hillelson, Jeffrey Paul (1919-2003) Papers, 1947-1984, (K0321)
0.3 cubic foot, 2 volumes
Scrapbooks of newspaper clipping and other materials relating to Hillelson, Kansas City city council member, U.S. Congressman, and civic leader. Also film of a local television show that Hillelson hosted while Congressman on government issues.

Hindman, Darwin, Papers, (C4372)
1.0 cubic feet (18 folders)
Correspondence, reports, propositions, and miscellaneous material largely pertaining to the Columbia 2000 Development Task Force.

Hirth, William (1875-1940), Papers, 1925-1934, (C0042)
3.5 linear feet
The papers of William Hirth, a farm leader, organizer, and president of the Missouri Farmers Association (MFA), consist of correspondence, newspaper articles, and radio speeches. The material pertains to Missouri Farmers Association business activities, state and national politics, and The Missouri Farmer, official publication of the Missouri Farmers Association.

Hockaday, John A. (1837-1903), Papers, 1864-1896, (C3438)
2 folders
The papers of John A. Hockaday contain newspaper clippings and personal items kept by a Fulton, MO, lawyer and his wife, Edith Langstaff Hockaday. Hockaday held the offices of city and county attorney, state senator, and attorney general of Missouri.

Hogan, Ralph M., Personnel Management Papers, 1938-1943, (C3114)
3 folders
Materials on the procedures of organizing a merit system administration within a state; general instructions, lesson outlines, examination questions, and selected bibliography for an institute for training in municipal personnel administration.

Hollenbeck, Arch Talcott (1868-1954), Papers, 1919-1949, (C0333)
1 folder
Correspondence with A.M. Hyde about the Roosevelt Memorial Association, and with other members of the organization. Reminiscences of a Republican convention held at West Plains, MO, in 1908, and of Hollenbeck's position in the Hyde administration.

Holliday Correspondence, 1844, (S1167)
1 oversize folder
The collection contains three letters sent to various delegates of the Democratic Party in Missouri regarding the election of 1844 for Missouri's 1st Congressional District. The two letter writers, William Monroe and James Bowlin, were campaigning for the Democratic nomination for the seat. The letters contain details regarding the positions of the candidates on various political issues, both local and national in scope. A few of the national issues discussed include the Independent Treasury, the annexation of Texas, and the claims to the Oregon Territory.

Hoover's Campaign Ballyhoo, Broadside, [1932], (C2805)
1 folder
Political broadside attacking the Hoover administration, published by the Oklahoma Roosevelt-Garner Clubs, R.M. McCool, Democratic state chairman.

Horn, Joan Kelly, Papers (S0902)
65 cubic feet
The Joan Kelly Horn Papers contain appointment books, subject files, legislative materials, photographs, newspaper clippings, and videotapes pertaining to Horn's single term as a United States Representative for the 2nd Congressional District of Missouri. Topics of interest include Times Beach and Weldon Spring, campaign finance reform, Lambert Airport, and the St. Louis County Election Board. The materials in this collection date from 1991 to 1992. 

Hornbeak, William C. Papers (R1387)
0.01 cubic feet (1 folder)
The William C. Hornbeak papers consist of a copy of an election circular asking the voters of Greene County, Missouri to vote November 3, 1874, for W.C. Hornbeak, who was running for the office of Greene County collector.

Houghton, N.D., Papers, 1912-1923, (C1559)
1 folder
Correspondence, broadsides, brochures, cartoon, petition about the initiative and referendum amendment to the constitution of Missouri, and letters from S.L. Moser, William Preston Hill, Henry F. Sarman, Sr., Arthur M. Hyde, H.F. Julian, and Jere T. Muir. Material was used in Houghton's University of Missouri master's thesis in political science.

Huber, Herman W., Correspondence, 1952, (R1006)
1 folder
This collection contains an exchange of letters between Herman W. Huber, a candidate for state representative from Perry County, Missouri, and Walter H. Toberman, Missouri Secretary of State in Jefferson City. The letters express hopes of Democratic victories in the fall elections.

Hudson, Franklin Letter, (K0199)
0.01 cubic foot (1 folder)
The Franklin Hudson Letter is a single, undated letter written by Hudson to the editor of the Kansas City Journal encouraging the establishment of a playground and park in Kansas City.

Hughes, A. Evan (1893-1951), Constitutional Convention Papers, 1943-1944, (C0019)
0.5 linear feet
Letters and papers of a St. Louis lawyer and delegate from the 25th Senatorial District. Convention work, especially the Committee on Local Government (City of St. Louis, St. Louis County, and Jackson County) which he chaired. He also served on Committees on Military Affairs; Miscellaneous Provisions; and Information, Submission and Address to the People.

Hull, William R., Jr., (1906-1977), Papers, 1954-1972 (C3348)
157 rolls of microfilm
The papers of William Hull contain personal and political papers for his years as a U.S. Congressman for the Sixth Missouri District. The papers consist mostly of constituent correspondence and are arranged topically by Employment, 1954 Campaign, Staff Applications, General, Invitations, Congressional Bills, Federal Agencies, Committees, Veterans, Flood Control, Military Cases, Missouri, and Press Releases.

Hulston, Nancy J. (1944- ) Papers, 1990s, (K1099)
1.5 cubic feet
Huston is an archivist, historian and author. Includes her research and drafts of Pendergast!, a book she authored with Lawrence Larsen.

Hungate, William (1922-2007), Desegregation Collection, 1972-1990, (S0838)
435 folders
Several collections in the State Historical Society of Missouri Research Center-St. Louis relate to the Liddell v Board of Education case, but the Hungate-St. Louis School Desegregation Case collection (1972-1985) includes material not available elsewhere. In sum, the Hungate Collection provides an insight into how the Judge and his staff prepared for hearings and rulings related to the case, in some instances, in great detail. Of particular importance are the working papers, research sources, and early drafts prepared by Hungate and his staff in preparing court orders and rulings, and in correspondence with litigants in the case. Many of the drafts include marginal comments in Hungate's handwriting. Another important series contains letters sent to Judge Hungate, not only from St. Louisans and Missourians but from around the country. The letters also provide insight to the sensitive nature of this crucial case as it related to race relations generally.

Hungate, William (1922-2007) Audio Visual Collection, 1937-1976, (S1208)
6 boxes
William L. Hungate was the Congressman from Missouri's ninth district from 1964 to 1977. Born in Benton, Illinois, December 1922, Hungate moved with his family to Bowling Green, Missouri when he was seven. He was educated in public school and received his A.B. from the University of Missouri in 1943. The following year he married Dorothy Wilson of Cyrene, Missouri, a former kindergarten teacher. During World War II Hungate served as a rifleman in the Army's 95th Infantry Division. After receiving a Bronze Star and other decorations, he resumed his education in 1946 at Harvard Law School. Following law school Hungate moved to Troy, Missouri, were he practiced law with the firm of Hungate and Grewach from 1948-1951. In 1951 he gained the nomination for prosecuting attorney and ran unopposed from 1951-1956. From 1958-1964 he served as special assistant attorney general of Missouri. Following the death of Clarence Cannon in 1964 Hungate was elected representative from Missouri's ninth district. In the House, Hungate served on the House Judiciary Committee, the Select Committee on Small Business and the D.C. Committee (until his resignation in 1971). In 1973 and 1974 He received national attention when the Judiciary Committee investigated whether sufficient grounds existed for the impeachment of Richard Nixon. Following his retirement from Congress, Hungate served as visiting professor of political science at the University of Missouri-St. Louis until his appointment as a Federal Judge in 1979.

Hungate, William L. (1922- ), Addenda, 1973-1976, (S0414)
29 Rolls Microfilm
The collection contains carbon copies of letters sent by Hungate during his tenure as Representative from Missouri's 9th district. The files are arranged alphabetically by year.

Hungate, William L. (1922-2007) Papers, (S0813)
353 boxes
William L. Hungate was the Congressman from Missouri's ninth district from 1964 to 1977. Born in Benton, Illinois, December 1922, Hungate moved with his family to Bowling Green, Missouri when he was seven. He was educated in public school and received his A.B. from the University of Missouri in 1943. The following year he married Dorothy Wilson of Cyrene, Missouri, a former kindergarten teacher. During World War II Hungate served as a rifleman in the Army's 95th Infantry Division. After receiving a Bronze Star and other decorations, he resumed his education in 1946 at Harvard Law School. Following law school Hungate moved to Troy, Missouri, were he practiced law with the firm of Hungate and Grewach from 1948-1951. In 1951 he gained the nomination for prosecuting attorney and ran unopposed from 1951-1956. From 1958-1964 he served as special assistant attorney general of Missouri. Following the death of Clarence Cannon in 1964 Hungate was elected representative from Missouri's ninth district. In the House, Hungate served on the House Judiciary Committee, the Select Committee on Small Business and the D.C. Committee (until his resignation in 1971). In 1973 and 1974 He received national attention when the Judiciary Committee investigated whether sufficient grounds existed for the impeachment of Richard Nixon. Following his retirement from Congress, Hungate served as visiting professor of political science at the University of Missouri-St. Louis until his appointment as a Federal Judge in 1979.

Hungate, William L. (1922-2007), Watergate Collection, (S0815)
315 Folders, 17 Audio Tapes
Hungate's papers reflect the Committee's efforts to keep partisanship under control. (It must be noted that, well before the issue of impeachment arose, Hungate wrote a satirical song called "Down at the Old Watergate," the recorded version gained national attention. Several folders in the collection concern the song.) As the extent of the Watergate cover-up expanded, however, Hungate dropped the comedy. The part that he played in the televised debate of the Judiciary Committee's articles of impeachment prompted masses of mail from throughout the country, and that correspondence composes half of the collection.

Hungate, William, Papers, (SA0905)
1 box
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Hunter, Abraham, Appointment, 1823, (C1866)
1 folder
Appointment by Alexander McNair of Abraham Hunter as justice of the county court of Scott County, MO, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Richard Mathew.

Hunter, Abraham, Papers, 1804-1865, (C1849)
1 folder
The papers of Abraham Hunter contain miscellaneous appointments and commissions.

Hutson, James, Land Patent, 1835, (C1758)
1 folder
The records contain a certified copy of a patent for seminary lands, Cape Girardeau Land District, issued to James Hutson, Scott County, Missouri. Copy made in 1874.

Hyde, Arthur Mastick (1877-1947), Papers, 1913-1954, (C0007)
20.8 linear feet
Papers of a Republican governor of Missouri, 1921-1925 and U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, 1929-1933, consisting of correspondence, clippings, printed material, photographs, and personal items. Major topics include agriculture, conservation, roads, Republican politics, labor disputes, law enforcement, prohibition, and Missouri state institutions and politics.

Hyde, Arthur M., (1877-1947), Proclamation, 1922, (C1817)
1 folder
Proclamation of the governor convening the constitutional convention of 1922-1923.

Hyde, Ira B. (1838-1926), Papers, 1867-1939 (C0122)
6 linear feet
2 volumes
Letterbooks of law firm of Hyde and Orton, later Ira B. Hyde and Sons, of Princeton, Missouri, and of Ben C. Hyde. Circuit court bar docket, 1869-1939. Land plot of Ravanna, Missouri. Newspaper clippings and notes dealing with politics.

Hyde, Ira B. (1838-1926), Papers, 1856-1924, (C2406)
0.4 linear feet
The papers of Ira B. Hyde contain school, speech, law and political materials of Hyde, a Princeton, MO, lawyer who attended Oberlin College and was prosecuting attorney for Mercer County, congressman (1873-1874), and a promoter of railroads and banks.

Hyer and Fyan Families Papers (R1426)
0.1 cubic foot (1 folder)
The collection contains letters written by John Hyer and Robert W. Fyan to various friends, family and colleagues in the Hyer and Bowles family.


Ichord, Richard H. (1926-1992), Papers, 1960-1980, (C1269)
349.5 linear feet
The papers of Ichord, a Democratic congressman from Missouri, consist of correspondence, committee files, legislative files, campaign files, and related material.

Ichord, Richard H. (1926- ), Papers, 1961-1980, (C3699)
113 rolls of microfilm
Carbon copies of letters mailed from Ichord's office. Arranged chronologically by congressional session, then alphabetically by name of addressee, except on subject folders where arrangement is chronological. Ichord was Democratic representative from Missouri's 8th district to the 87th through 96th congresses.

Independence, Missouri Fire Department Records, ca. 1894-1946, (K0842)
2 folders
Photocopied ledger book recording fires that occurred: date, time, address, description of the fire, the losses, and origin of the fire.

Inmon, John, Appointment, 1877, (C3296)
1 folder
Appointment as postmaster at Sinclair, Stone County, MO. Brief history of post offices and postmasters of the area on reverse.

Iron Mountain Poll Book, St. Francis County, Missouri, 1860, (C1378)
1 folder
The records contain election results for president and vice-president of the United States and circuit attorney for the 9th Judicial Circuit in Missouri on November 6, 1860.

Isely, Charles C. (1875-1949), Papers, 1912-1951, (C2535)
26 folders
The papers contain correspondence; articles published in various newspapers and magazines; materials from campaign in the Kansas senatorial primary of 1932; manuscripts of books, articles, and poetry; and miscellaneous photographs and graphs.


Jackson, Andrew (1767-1845), Letter, 1845, (C0670)
1 folder
To [William Breckenridge], from The Hermitage, [Jan.] 28, 1845. Discusses politics and the Polk administration.

Jackson, Claiborne Fox, (1806-1862), Letter, 1861, (C1786)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter from Jackson, of Jefferson City, Missouri, April 9, 1861, to David Walker. Discusses Jackson’s position on slavery and secession.

Jackson, Hancock Lee, (1796-1876), Writ of Election, 1857, (C1570)
1 folder
The collection contains a photostat documenting a special election of Vernon County representative to be held August 3, 1857.

Jackson, O. Y., Campaign Card, 1918, (R1176)
1 folder
This is a campaign card for O. Y. Jackson, Democratic candidate for Collector of Cedar County, Missouri, in the fall election of 1918. Jackson was a resident of El Dorado Springs.

Jackson County Charter Commission Records, 1970, (K0007)
0.5 cubic foot
News releases, articles, and transcripts of proceedings concerning the establishment and deliberations of the Commission and an index of major topics of the draft proposal.

Jacobs-Macdonald, Patricia L. (1961- ) Papers, 1998-2005, (K1119)
4 cubic feet
Macdonald was president of the Missouri Credit Union Commission. Includes applications for credit unions, cases presented before the commission, minutes and correspondence.

Jameson, John, Certification, 1832, (C1572)
1 folder
The collection contains a certification by Thomas Reynolds, Speaker of the House, that $105 was due Jameson for attendance as a member of the Missouri House of Representatives, November 19-December 21, 1832.

Jasper County, Missouri, Records, 1842-1890, (R0515)
8 volumes
These are docket books, marriage records, and stray books, mostly for Marion Township, the collector's forfeiture list, and the clerk's letterpress book for Jasper County, Missouri. The collection is also available on microfilm.

Jasper County, Missouri, Tax Assessment List, 1861, (R0016)
171 pages
This volume includes property assessments for Jasper County, including records of acreage, slaves, and town lots. John Hornback certified the list.

Jasper County, Missouri, Tax Book, 1864, (R0017)
130 pages
This volume includes property valuation and taxes for Jasper County. Stephen T. Vititon certified the list.

Jefferson City Women's Political Caucus, Jefferson City, Missouri, Records, 1973-1975, (CA6426)
0.3 cubic feet
Records of the organization include newsletters, correspondence, mailing lists, publicity materials, ERA material, political buttons, and miscellaneous material.

Jefferson Club, St. Louis, Missouri, Photograph, 1901, (C0803)
1 folder
Photograph of members and guests of the Jefferson Club of St. Louis at Monticello, VA, the home of Thomas Jefferson, on 12 October 1901. Included are Missouri politicians Harry B. Hawes and William J. Stone.

Jenkins, William M., Record Book, 1874-1963, (R0685)
1 folder, photocopies
This is the record book of William M. Jenkins, a Baptist minister, road overseer, and justice of the peace at Cross Timbers in Hickory County, Missouri. Included are records of Hickory County Road District No. 2, 1885-1889; records of marriages, 1874-1899; and Jenkins family genealogical data, ca. 1900s-1963.

Jenner, Julia Jane, "Alexander of Gallatin," n.d. (C0123)
0.2 linear feet
History of Gallatin and Daviess County, MO, and biography of Joshua W. Alexander, a lawyer, politician, member of Congress (1907-1919), and secretary of commerce in Wilson's cabinet. Sketches of Webster Davis, A.M. Dockery, and Jesse and Frank James.

JFK Newsletters, 1968-1995, (S1097)
1 box
Publications concerning the JFK Assassination.

John Alexander Martin Letter, (K0228)
.03 cubic feet
The collection consists of a letter written by John Alexander Martin, Governor of Kansas, to Captain P.H. Cone[r] concerning a meeting of the Grant Monument Committee expressing his support of a monument at the main entrance to the Capital grounds honoring the soldiers, sailors, and commanders of the great armies of the country.

John Litt Johnson Speech, (K0219)
0.1 cubic feet
The collection contains a speech by ex-mayor of Kansas City, John Litt Johnson, in defense of the policies of the Republican Party and support for the election of Abraham Lincoln.

Johnson, Waldo Porter (1817-1885), Letters, 1839-1872, (C3185)
2 folders
The collection contains letters to his family and friends concerning family news; law practice; county court sessions; land speculation; service in the Mexican and Civil wars; national, state and local political campaigns; and financial difficulties during reconstruction.

Johnston, John C., Letter, 1850, (C1995)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter to [John] Doniphan, from Louisville, Mar. 20, 1850, discussing the necessity of preserving the Union and giving news of members of their class.

Johnston, Ruth M., Photograph Collection, (P0910)
6 photographs
Photos of Judge Thomas Jefferson Johnston and members of Missouri's Constitutional Convention, 1875.

Jones, David H. (collector), Papers, 1856-1863, (R1195)
1 folder, photocopies
These are miscellaneous items from Webster County, Missouri. Included are an extract from the minutes of the county court containing specifications and details for the new courthouse (1856) and a wartime letter from Marshfield to Mrs. J. A. Cottrell (1863).

Jones, Frank W., Campaign Card, 1920, (R1224)
1 folder
This is a political campaign card for Frank W. Jones of Stotts City, Missouri, who was the Democratic candidate for State Representative from Lawrence County in 1920.

Jones, Joseph Wingate, Portraits, (P0342)
2 photographs
Two mounted photographs of Governor Joseph Wingate Folk

Jones, Paul C. (1901-1981), Papers, 1943-1969 (C3604)
60.6 linear feet
Constituent and legislative correspondence from Jones’s years as a Democratic congressman from Missouri’s 10th district, 1948-1969. Jones’s major committee assignments included the Agriculture and the House Administration Committees.

Jones, William F. (1823-1901), Papers, 1819-1928, (C0831)
10 folders
Letters written primarily by William F. Jones from his home in Bloomingburg, Ohio, to cousins living in Montgomery County, Missouri. Jones describes the national political scene, election results, his family, local weather and crops, his Civil War experiences, and the Spanish-American War. The collection also includes the account book (1844-1928) of Wilson P.H. Jones. See also collection 995, #626. A brief genealogy of the Jones family follows this inventory.

Jost, Henry Lee (1873-1950) Papers, ca. 1898-1958, (K0270)
4 cubic feet, 13 volumes (Microfilm)
The papers consist of personal and professional correspondence, records of legal cases, scrapbooks, certificates, and photographs related to the life of Henry Lee Jost, attorney, two term mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, and United States congressman

Julian, Vance, Scrapbooks, 1943-1950, (C3486)
8 volumes
The papers contain newspaper clippings about the Missouri constitutional convention of 1943-1944 and about the first five years of transactions of the Missouri State Board of Mediation, a board which acted in public utility labor disputes.


Kaiser, Esther, Collection, 1896, 1945, (C0208)
1 folder
Three letters on the early life of Richard Parks Bland and Hartford Academy, Ohio County, Kentucky. Copy of letter by Bland from Lebanon, Missouri, about his defeat in the Democratic presidential primary, 1896.

Kansas City Area Development Council/Prime Time Records, 1964-1992, (K0760)
45 cubic feet
Organizational records of the Council's Prime Time office including minutes, correspondence, working files, news releases, photographs, slides, and videotapes documenting efforts to promote Kansas City nationally.

Kansas City Area Missouri Equal Rights Amendment Coalition Records, 1974-1982, (K0515)
8 cubic feet
Administrative records for the Kansas City Regional office relating to the effort to pass the Equal Rights Amendment in Missouri. Includes minutes, bylaws, correspondence, newsletters, clippings, financial documents, speeches, reports and other materials.

Kansas City Assessors Office Records, 1833-1908, (K0373)
1 cubic foot, 2 volumes
Jackson County Court [road]records 1833-1908 includes establishment of roads, vacation of roads, streets, alleys; Assessors Office records 1866-1891 include roads, alleys, streets, roadway and sidewalk tax assessments

Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Civic Department Scrapbooks, 1922-1927, (K0356)
3 volumes
Newspaper clippings discussing every aspect of Kansas City including politics, city planning, recreation, education, scandals, streets, health, law enforcement, the state constitution, taxes, and elections among many other issues of the day.

Kansas City Consensus Records, 1984-2003, (K0761)
30 cubic feet
Consensus provided a citizen voice in public policies discussions. Organizational files dealing with the method and content of the various initiatives explored and undertaken by Kansas City Consensus. Included are Executive Committee and other committee minutes, reports, and working data; information on task forces that focused on topics; background research data; and financial reports and working papers.

Kansas City Ten-Year Plan Records, 1870-1938, (K0272)
2 cubic feet
Records relating to the depression era bond issue that resulted in the construction of a number of civic buildings and community improvement projects in Kansas City MO. Includes research, drafts, and photographs for the book, Where the Rocky Bluffs Meet: The Story of the Kansas City Ten-Year Plan.

Kansas City, Missouri, Department of Public Works Bid Books, 1888-1948, (K0514)
7 cubic feet
Formal bids for public works construction in Kansas City, MO.

Kansas City, Missouri, Fire Department Records, 1883-1888 (K0371)
1 volume
The records consist of a bound volume recording expenses and bills received by the Kansas City, Missouri, Fire Department.

Karnes, Joseph Van Clief (1841-1911) Papers, 1868-1937, (K0287)
3 folders
Autobiography of Karnes, an attorney prominent and influential member in the civic and legal community of Kansas City, MO. contains information on his family history and education, people he knew, the Kansas City public school and library system, and city charter reform. Also a small scrapbook comprised of clippings and writings.

Karsten, Frank M. (1913-1992), Papers, 1943-1968, (C3485)
54 linear feet, 2 rolls of microfilm
Constituent correspondence and congressional committee material from Karsten's terms as Democratic congressman from Missouri's 1st District, 1947-1968.

Kelley, Clarence Marion (1911-1997) Papers, 1918-1997, (K0679)
19 cubic feet
Kelley was Chief of Police for Kansas City, MO, Director of the FBI, and after his retirement formed Clarence M. Kelley and Associates, Kansas City. Includes correspondence, papers, clippings, speeches, photographs of Kelley and his family from his college days until 1994. Also materials relating to Mr. Kelley's FBI career, his tenure as Chief of Police, and personal items.

Kelly, Margaret, Portraits, (P0958)
4 photographs
Portraits of Margaret Kelly, Missouri State Auditor. Kelly was the first woman to hold statewide office.

Kem, James Preston, (1890-1965), Papers, 1946-1952, (C2700)
157 linear feet on 550 rolls of microfilm, 2 audio discs
The Kem Papers document the term of a Republican United States Senator from Missouri. The bulk of the material is constituent correspondence.

Kem, James Preston (1890-1965), Voting Record, 1951-1952, (C3594)
5 folders
The collection contains printed voting record of Kem for 83rd Congress. Kem was a one-term Republican senator from Missouri.

Kenton, Joseph Steven (1921- ) Papers, 1985-1990, (K0756)
4 cubic feet
Correspondence, audiotapes, Missouri Legislature committee notes, reports, and other material relating to the Kansas City, Missouri School District desegregation case from Kenton, a Missouri State Representative.

Kiefner, Charles E., Papers, 1925-1931, (R0189)
160 folders
These are papers of a U.S. Representative from Perryville, Missouri. He represented the 13th District (Bollinger, Carter, Iron, Jefferson, Madison, Perry, Reynolds, St. Francois, Ste. Genevieve, Washington, and Wayne counties) in the 69th (1925-1927) and 71st (1929-1931) Congresses. Included are general subject files, post office files, and veterans' pension files.

Kiefner, John, Collection, 1819-1912, (C0352)
5 folders
The collection contains photostats of a miscellany of Perry County documents; legal papers concerning real estate; training and apprehension of slaves, taxes, Civil War, loyalty of public officials; politics, 1850, 1896-1912; Missouri military orders during the Civil War.

King, Walter, Speech, 1859, (C0672)
1 folder
Speech given in the Missouri House of Representatives, 10 December 1859, on "The Difference Between the Northern Democratic Views on Territorial Policy."

Krantz, Harry (1919-2000) and Miriam Levitt (1923- ) Papers, 1949-1968, (K0955)
0.02 cubic feet
The collection includes newspaper clippings, a campaign sheet for the Prairie Village Democratic Club, and a menu from the Talman Grill.

Krause, Henrietta Park Collection, (P0171)
0.38 linear feet, 1 volume
A series of photographs from the daughter of Governor Guy B. Park, this collection includes numerous photographs of Gov. Park, a 1933 Century of Progress photo album featuring views of the Missouri Commission exhibit, a series of images on the Huckleberry Finn Streamliner dedication in Hannibal, National Governor's Conventions, the Missouri State Fair, Camp Clark in Nevada, MO, Church Prison Farm near Jefferson City, Governor Forrest Smith's Inaugeration, Mark Twain Memorial Bridge dedication, notable Missourians, elected officials, and state government staff.

Kreilich, August, contract, 1886, (R0022)
1 page
This item consists of "Instructions to Light Keepers." It is a photocopy of the contract with, and instructions to, August Kreilich, keeper of the lights at the Saline Rocks on the Mississippi River in Sainte Genevieve County, Missouri. The U.S. Light House Establishment issued it on 27 March 1886.


Lambert, Edward C., Collection, (CA4269)
0.1 linear feet, 8 audio tapes
Audio and papers pertaining to various inaugurations and speeches, including Truman inauguration and Eleanor Roosevelt press conference at Stephens College, 1949.

Lamm, Henry, Papers, 1904-1916 (C0128)
0.7 linear feet
Letters of congratulation on election as justice of the Missouri Supreme Court, 1904, and Republican nomination for governor, 1916; articles; addresses; and reminiscences entitled Flatsam, Jetsam, and Ligan, stories involving a number of Missouri law cases.

Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority, Columbia, Missouri, Papers, 1860s-1962, (C3877)
0.4 linear feet
Minutes, resolutions, maps, reports, and legal documents concerning the urban redevelopment project in Columbia, Missouri, for the area known as Flat Branch and/or the Douglass School Urban Renewal Area.

Langley, Isom P., Campaign Card, n.d., (R1205)
1 folder
This is an undated campaign card for Isom P. Langley, Republican candidate for Missouri's 16th District seat in the United States House of Representatives. Langley was from Mountain Grove in Wright County, Missouri.

Lanman, Charles (1819-1895), Collection, 1826-1869, (C3725)
0.2 linear feet
Autobiographical and biographical correspondence and documents relating to Missouri congressmen, collected by Charles Lanman for publication in his Dictionary of the United States Congress. Lanman’s biographical dictionary was first printed in 1859 and periodically revised through 1869.

Larwill Family, Papers, 1794-1947 (C0129)
0.4 linear feet
Political, business, and private correspondence, account books, family history, and essays of an early Ohio family active in Ohio River commercial ventures, land transactions, and Jacksonian politics and bank reforms. Folders contain typed copies of items on microfilm plus some originals not on film.

Lathrop, Samuel (1772-1846) Letter, 1820, (K0230)
0.01 cubic feet
The collection contains a letter from Samuel Lathrop, U. S. Representative from Massachusetts, to the Honorable Josiah Stebbins in Alna, Maine, concerning the Missouri Compromise.

Laurie, Joseph N., Collection, 1837-1862, (C2663)
3 volumes
Saline County treasurer's book, 1848; Laurie's store accounts from Boonville, MO, 1837-1838; Saline County probate court records, 1858-1862.

League of Women Voters of Columbia-Boone County, Missouri, Records, (CA5742)
27 linear feet
Organizational correspondence, minutes of meetings, and financial records, and reports, studies, and background material related to local conditions in housing, criminal justice, sanitation, and government, 1960s-1980s. See also Columbia League of Women Voters, Records, C3450.

League of Women Voters, Joplin, Missouri, Papers, 1919-1921, (R1267)
1 folder
These are miscellaneous papers of the Joplin League of Women Voters. The papers include correspondence of the treasurer, Marjorie T. Wolcott, with the Missouri League of Women Voters, the National American Women Suffrage Association, the Republican National Committee, and the Democratic National Committee. The correspondence concerns contributions to the state League and expenses for local programs.

League Of Women Voters Of Missouri, Papers, 1911-1976, (S0232)
451 Folders
The collection contains correspondence, photographs, publications, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, and memorabilia dating from the League's creation in 1919-20. In addition, the papers (minutes, treasurer's reports, and publications) of the Missouri Equal Suffrage Association, for the years 1911-1919, are included.

League of Women Voters of Southwest Missouri, Records, 1952-2004, (R0938)
15 volumes, 44 folders
These are minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors, newsletters, and project and topical files of the League of Women Voters of Southwest Missouri. Organized in 1952 as the League of Women Voters of Springfield, Missouri, the organization has been especially active in voter registration, home rule and county charter government propositions, education, planning and zoning, and other civic, social, and environmental issues.

League Of Women Voters Of St. Louis, Addenda, 1916-1977 , (S0530)
143 boxes, 1,744 folders, 289 photographs, 4 film strips
9 audio tapes, 3 16mm films, 6 phonograph records
The collection contains a wide variety of materials including publications, correspondence, newsclippings, artifacts, photographs, films, tapes and records. In processing the records the original categorization used by the League was maintained. One of the most interesting aspects of the collection revolves around the Leagues habit of collecting information on both sides of a issue even if the material was unflattering to the organization or its position. In addition to records relating to the St. Louis area, the collection also contains a series on the Missouri League of Women Voters and the National League of Women Voters. These series contain communications between the St. Louis League and the state and national offices. It should be noted that information on a given subject may be found in several different series, thus an extensive index has been included.

Lee, Richard L. (1925-2011), County Courthouse Photographs, ca. 1955, (P0003)
210 photographs
The collection includes photographs of county courthouses for the state of Missouri, taken in the mid-twentieth century by Richard L. Lee.

Leland, Austin P. (1907-1975), Papers, (S0202)
270 Folders
The Austin Leland papers reflect his career as a civic leader and preservationist, but they primarily document the work of the Old Post Office Landmark Committee, originally called the Committee to Save the Old Post Office. The collection also includes material on Leland's involvement with other civic and preservation projects in St. Louis.

Leonard, Abiel (1797-1863), Papers, 1782-1932, n.d., (C1013)
16.4 linear feet
Abiel Leonard of Fayette, Missouri, was a lawyer, landowner, and prominent Whig, who began his law practice in Missouri in 1819 and served on the Missouri Supreme Court in the 1850s. His papers consist of personal and business correspondence of the Leonard family, as well as deeds, contracts, wills, depositions, bills, receipts, account books, some military documents, photo-graphs, maps, and miscellaneous material.

Leroy, Robert (1923- ), Papers, 1963-1996, (S0579)
5 Folders, 1 Cassette Tape, 4 Photographs
The LeRoy papers include correspondence describing his involvement with the Minutemen, the group's factional organization and some of its members; newsletters published by LeRoy from 1963; a copy of his 1992 memoir, From My Foxhole To Tokyo; a radio interview conducted with LeRoy when he worked as chaplain for the Minutemen in 1966; and photographs, 1943-1990.

Lesueur, A.A. (1842-1924), Scrapbook, 1889-1892, (C1408)
1 volume
Clippings about Missouri business and politics.

Leuthold, Carolyn and David, Papers, (CA5951)
10 linear feet
Addition of papers of David Leuthold, a professor of political science at the University of Missouri-Columbia and consultant, includes teaching material, reports, studies and surveys, campaign literature and other research material related primarily to public attitudes, voting patterns, and mass media impact in Missouri state politics, 1970s-1990s.

Levee District No. 3, Mississippi County, Missouri, History, ca. 1923, (R0326)
1 folder, photocopies
This is a history of the levee district based in Mississippi County, Missouri, including a summary of levee construction prior to the flood of 1913 and improvements made after that date, with recommendations for future construction. The report was submitted to Little, Vardaman & Ditting of St. Louis, purchasers of the district's construction bonds.

Lewis, Eugene R. (1853-1901) Papers, 1853-1901, (K0326)
11 folders
Scrapbook of newspaper clippings about the medical field, railroads, politics, and items Kansas City physician Lewis personally found interesting. Topics include the University of Kansas City Medical department (not to be confused with UMKC), various medical associations, historical sketches of people, papers written by Dr. Lewis, and the Women's Medical College of Kansas City, MO.

Limbaugh, Judge Stephen, Files, 8/1983-7/2008, (SA0921)
82 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Lindsay, Alva F. (1891-1957), Constitutional Convention Papers, 1943-1944, (C0020)
0.6 linear feet
Correspondence and other papers of a St. Joseph lawyer and delegate to the state constitutional convention. Papers deal primarily with convention work, especially the committee on education which he chaired and the other committees of which he was a member.

Lindsay, Richard H. (1865-1908) Scrapbook, 1894-1896, (K0127)
1 volume
Lindsay, special correspondent in the Washington office of the Kansas City Times and other Missouri papers, maintained a scrapbook of articles he wrote for the Kansas City Times and The Republic. They are all political in nature relating to congressional activity, the Missouri State Legislature, and to the 1896 Republican National Convention.

Litton, Jerry L. (1937-1976), Papers, 1960-1976, (C3730)
25 linear feet, 1 audio cassette, 12 audio tapes, 82 video cassettes, 156 video tapes, 3 films
The papers of Jerry L. Litton, Missouri 6th District congressman from 1973 to 1976 and candidate in the 1976 Democratic primary for U.S. senator, include correspondence, congressio-nal office files, campaign files, and miscellaneous material pertaining to the television show, “Dialogue with Litton”; the Litton Charolais Ranch; and the Jerry Litton Memorial.

Litton, Jerry L. (1937-1976), Papers, (CA6128)
3 linear feet, A/V material
Addition includes correspondence, limited campaign memorabilia, financial records, and miscellaneous papers and office files. Also includes audio tapes, broadcast film, and videotapes primarily from his short term in the U.S. Congress.

Livingstone, William G., "A Legend," n.d., (C3514)
1 folder
Collection of letters, articles and genealogical papers disproving the kinship of Missouri and Illinois governors both named Thomas Reynolds.

Locke, Linda M. (1953- ), Papers, 1969-1982, (C0839)
1.4 linear feet
Papers of a Missouri National Organization for Women chapter coordinator and assistant state and state coordinator, 1978-1982; Adult Abuse Remedies Coalition lobbyist, 1979-1980; delegate to 1980 Democratic National Convention; and Missouri Equal Rights Amendment Countdown Campaign project director, 1981-1982.

Logan Club, Marble Hill, Missouri, Account Book, 1888, (R0065)
1 folder, photocopies
This is the financial record of a political club in Marble Hill, Bollinger County, Missouri, which supported the Benjamin Harrison-Levi P. Morton national Republican ticket in the presidential election of 1888.

Long, Edward V. (1908-1972), Papers, 1951-1969, (C1268)
308.75 linear feet
The papers of Edward V. Long, a Democratic senator from Missouri, consist of correspondence, memos, and other material relating to Long’s career in the U.S. Senate.

Long, Edward V. (1908-1972), Papers, (CA6175)
208 negatives
Photographic negatives of a United States Senator from Missouri, 1960-1968. Most images were taken in Long's office in Washington, DC. Notables pictured with Long include John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Harry S. Truman, and Stan Musial.

Long, James A., Papers, 1819-1848, (C3241)
1 folder
The papers of James A. Long contain letters from Long to his family in Manchester, St. Louis County, MO, while in the University in Columbia, describing everyday student life, professors, preachers, the Whig party in Columbia, James S. Rollins' gubernatorial campaign, and family news.

Louisiana Territory, District of St. Charles. Tax Book, 1805, (C1225)
1 volume
List of taxable property within the District of St. Charles for assessment purposes.

Lowe Family Papers, 1922-1970, (S0123)
2 Folders
Born in St. Louis, Walter Lowe, Sr. attended Sumner High School and was a 1909 graduate. He was the second African-American to serve on the St. Louis Board of Aldermen in 1945 (19th ward). A veteran of World War I, he continued to serve his community, state and nation by serving as Past Commander of Tom Powell Post of the American Legion (all black post named after a WWI veteran from St. Louis), and as Past Vice-Commander of the Missouri Department.

Lozier Family, Papers, (CA6450)
1 cubic foot
Correspondence, political material, and miscellaneous material of a family from Carroll and Randolph Counties, Missouri. Largely concerns Ralph F. Lozier, a U.S. Congressman, and his son, Lue Lozier, an attorney and judge.

Lozier, Ralph F., (1866-1945), Papers, 1855-1945, (C2655)
65.75 linear feet, 5 volumes
The papers contain correspondence, pamphlets, speeches, and news clippings related to Lozier's legal, agricultural, and political careers. Also included are research notes for and copies of Lozier's two historical novels and campaign papers of Lue C. Lozier.


Madill Family Correspondence, 1866-1867, (S0634)
1 Folder
There are two letters in the collection. In 1866, William Madill wrote H. J. Madill about H. J. running for political office for the Republican Party. William also wrote of his bout with cholera during the epidemic. In 1867, George Madill wrote H. J. about asking H. J. to loan him some money for Billy for an undisclosed reason.

Major, Elliott W. (1864-1949), Papers, 1860s-1950, (C4039)
0.3 linear feet
The collection contains newspaper clippings, photographs, pamphlets, telegrams, and memos relating to Elliott Major’s campaign for governor of Missouri in 1912, and major events that occurred during his administration.

Mann, Edgar P. (1858-1953), Papers, 1884-1945, (C2462)
4 folders
Correspondence and memorandum concerning Democratic politics in Dade County, MO, and William Joel Stone's campaign to secure the Democratic nomination for U.S. congressman, 1884. Mann, a lawyer in Greenfield, was influential in gaining support for Stone in Dade County.

Mark Twain National Forest, Historical Photographs, ca. 1900-1985, (R0485)
These are photographs copied from holdings of the Mark Twain National Forest in Rolla, Missouri. Topics include National Forest facilities and projects; forest and wood industries; water mills; lakes, rivers, and springs; mines; dams; and the Civilian Conservation Corps and Youth Conservation Corps.

Mark Twain National Forest, Local History Collection, 1930s-1980s, (R0471)
109 files
This collection was selected from unofficial files on miscellaneous historical topics, including local histories, the CCC, the YCC, the "Irish Wilderness," and the Eleven Point River. There are transcriptions of interviews with "old-timers" and Forest Service retirees.

Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri, Salem Ranger District, Photographs, ca. , (R0921)
4 folders
These are photographic prints of Civilian Conservation Corps and U.S. Forest Service projects in what was then the Clark National Forest. Included are views from Centerville in Reynolds County, Loggers Lake in Shannon County, and Little Scotia Pond in Dent County, Missouri.

Marmaduke, John S[appington] (1833-1887), Letter, 1885, (C1619)
1 folder
The papers contain a letter to Ben Eli Guthrie, of Macon, Missouri, from City of Jefferson, Missouri, Dec. 5, 1885, assigning powers and duties of the sheriff in the public disturbance in Macon, Missouri.

Marmaduke, Meredith Miles (1791-1864), Papers, 1823-1886, (C1021)
0.6 linear feet; also available on 1 roll of microfilm
Correspondence and miscellaneous personal and business papers of a Saline County, Missouri, farmer, businessman, lieutenant governor, and governor of Missouri.

Marmaduke, Meredith Miles (1791-1864), Papers, n.d., 1844, (C1772)
1 folder
The papers of Meredith Miles Marmaduke contain photostats of petitions to the governor requesting pardons of prisoners currently in the penitentiary. One item is from the Office of Inspectors of the Penitentiary and recommends a number of pardons.

Marr, Philip Marvel (1896-1986), Constitutional Convention Papers, 1943-1944, (C0021)
0.5 linear feet
Convention correspondence and working papers of Marr, 6th senatorial district Democrat delegate. Marr served as chair of the Committee on Preamble, Boundaries, Bill of Rights, and Distribution of Powers and as a member of the Executive, Judicial, Education, and Highways committee.

Marshall, Richard A., Collection, 1897-1924, (C2925)
1 folder
William Jennings Bryan speech on bimetallism. Invitation to W.H. Hall from Gov. Arthur M. Hyde to attend the dedication of the Missouri state capitol building, October 6, 1924.

Martin, Falkland H., Letter, 1845, (C2423)
1 folder
The papers contain one letter to John F. Doherty, Esq., DeKalb County, Missouri, from Jefferson City, Missouri, June 13, 1845. Request from secretary of state that Doherty, newly appointed clerk of the DeKalb County court, forward his required bond.

Martin, Falkland H. ( -1856), Letter, 1846, (C1738)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter to the General Assembly of Missouri from the City of Jefferson, MO, Nov. 19, 1846. Martin's letter was accompanied an abstract of votes on the 1846 constitution ratification, a list of the members of the Missouri House of Representatives, and the U.S. representatives from Missouri. The constitution was rejected.

Massie, Gerald R. (1911-1989), Photographs, (P0016)
0.83 linear feet
Photographs of scenes across Missouri, many taken as part of Massie's work as Missouri's state photographer. Events highlighted include Winston Churchill's visit to Fulton, Governor Hearnes' inaugural celebrations in 1965 and 1969, and the Battle of Pilot Knob Centennial commemoration in 1964. The collection includes extensive coverage of the Missouri State Capitol building. Geographically, the collection covers much of Missouri, with particular focus on tourist destinations: St. Louis, Kansas City, Hannibal, Ste. Genevieve, and the Ozarks.

Massie, Jeremiah, Legal Papers, 1836-1838, (C3445)
1 folder
The papers include transcripts of a court case in which Massie, formerly of Sangamon County, Illinois, was convicted of larceny from a steamboat; letters of support for Massie; a clemency petition signed by the citizens of Sangamon County, including Abraham Lincoln; and the pardon, signed by Missouri Governor Lilburn W. Boggs.

Matthew Rankin Walker Papers, (K0211)
.03 cubic feet
The papers of Matthew Rankin Walker consist of correspondence between Walker and several other people between 1830 and 1860.

Maupin, Cornelius, Handbill, 1853, (C2864)
1 folder
Handbill issued by Cornelius Maupin during campaign to be elected county court clerk of Boone County, Missouri. OVERSIZE.

Maupin, Thomas C., Handbill, 1842, (C2849)
1 folder
Handbill to the voters of Boone County from Thomas C. Maupin refuting charges of immorality made against him during the election for sheriff of Boone County, MO. OVERSIZE.

Mayes, Jewell (1873-1944), Letter, 1939, (C1715)
1 folder
To Lizzie Mabry, Montgomery City, Missouri, from Jefferson City, Missouri, Oct. 3, 1939. Letter to recorder of deeds from commissioner of agriculture about the land titles of Isaac Van Bibber, "the adopted son of Daniel Boone," in Daniel Boone: Master of the Wilderness by John Bakeless.

Mayor's Advisory Commission on Human Relations Records, 1957-1975, (K1216)
1 cubic foot
Commission's purpose was to maintain inter-group harmony and bring about equal rights for the city's citizens. Includes newspaper clippings, minutes of meetings, brochures, reports, pamphlets, correspondence, and other items. Also information on the Office of Citizens Complaints.

McBeth, Kate, Speech, n.d., (C0734)
1 folder
Speech protesting women's suffrage.

McCaskill, Claire Papers (CA6530)
3.25 cubic feet, 1.67 TB of digital files, 1 CD, 3 computer discs, 18 DVDs, 10 oversize items
The papers of a U.S. Senator include senatorial office files, correspondence, photographs, press material, memorabilia, and audiovisual material.

McClellan, A[braham], and Hiram H. Baber, Letter, 1840, (C1651)
1 folder
The collection contains a form letter to Clay County Court Clerk, Liberty, MO, from the state treasurer and auditor of public accounts, Jefferson City, MO, Dec. 15, 1840, notifying the county court clerk that the General Assembly appropriated $1620 for Clay County from the road and canal fund.

McCluer, Franc L. (1896-1979), Constitutional Convention Papers, 1943-1944, (C0022)
1.5 linear feet
Correspondence and reports of 10th senatorial district delegate. McCluer was chair of the Committee on State Finance (except Taxation)--Expenditures, Public Indebtedness and Restrictions Thereon. He also served on committees for education, Congressional districting, public health and welfare, and scheduling.

McClure, C.H., "The Case for George Frederick Burckhartt as Designer of the Great Seal of Missouri," 1931, (C1838)
1 folder
Printed in the Fayette ADVERTISER, 13 October 1931.

McClurg, J[oseph] W[ashington] (1818-1900), Papers, 1869, (C1678)
1 folder
The papers of Joseph Washington McClurg contain correspondence about the return of the Great Seal of Missouri, May 1869. Letters are from Governor McClurg and former Lieutenant Governor Thomas C. Reynolds. They include comments about reconstruction in Missouri.

McClurg, J[oseph] W[ashington] (1818-1900), Telegram, 1869, (C1746)
1 folder
The collection contains a telegram to Charles Dougherty, Independence, MO, from Jefferson City, MO, Dec. 24, 1869. Dougherty was sheriff of Jackson County, and the telegram gives instructions for organizing a militia to aid in the capture or killing of Frank and Jesse James.

McCluer, Franc L., Papers, (CA6523)
1 volume, 1 oversize item
The papers contain a scrapbook largely concerning the Missouri Consitutional Convention of 1943-1944 and a certificate signed by Gov. Henry S. Caulfield naming the Missouri candidates to the Electoral College in 1932.

McCoy, Eleanor (Ellen) Waddle (1818-1893) Papers, 1838-1863, (K0226)
0.01 cubic feet
The collection contains letters to Ellen McCoy, wife of William McCoy (1813-1900), first mayor of Independence, Missouri. Written from Independence and from Washington, D.C., the letters detailed the author's experiences and observations.

McCrary, George Washington (1835-1890) Collection, 1877-1878, (K0123)
1 volume
Scrapbook of newspaper clippings on national political issues and attributed to George W. McCrary, an attorney, judge, congressman, who settled in Kansas City, MO. the scrapbook was made while he was Secretary of War under Rutherford B. Hayes. The clippings are from newspapers throughout the United States

McCune, Samuel C., Papers, 1870, (C0373)
1 folder
Letters to McCune, sheriff of Ralls County, MO, concerning land taxes. Delinquent land tax list for 1868 which were paid in 1870.

McGivern, Mary Ann, Papers, 1971-2001, (S0685)
55 Folders, 6 Audiotapes, 1 Videotape, 28 Photographs
The Mary Ann McGivern Papers includes correspondence, personal calendars, newspaper clippings, lesson plans, newsletters, Stowe Teachers College Yearbooks, McGivern's writings, videotapes, cassette tapes, and photographs. Together they chronicle Mary Ann McGivern's career from 1971-2001 as a peace activist.

McGivern, Mary Ann, (SA0929)
1 box
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

McLaughlin, Ira B. (1888-1953) Scrapbooks, 1930-1938, (K0283)
4 volumes
Scrapbooks concerns cases handled by attorney McLaughlin. They are chiefly comprised of newspaper clippings documenting the investigations and trials of such crimes as murder, bank robbery, burglary, a custody dispute, bombing, bootlegging, and labor and election violence.

McMichael, John Morgan, Ledger, 1867-1871, (C1156)
1 volume
Real estate ledger kept by Morgan McMichael, Plattsburg, MO. Includes meetings of Board of Trustees of Plattsburg, 1867-1868, when McMichael served as clerk.

McNabney, Elaine Hydeman (1943-2005) Papers, 1973-1991, (K0702)
1 cubic feet
Materials gathered by McNabney, a former nurse, concerning the old General Hospital of Kansas City. She was very involved with the "Save the General Hospital" campaign.

McNair, Alexander, (1775-1826), Letter, 1821, (C1593)
1 folder
To James Monroe, Washington City, from St. Charles, MO, July 10, 1821.

McNair, [Alexander], (1775-1826), Letter, 1821, (C1469)
1 folder
To William Rector, St. Louis, from St. Charles, July 3, 1821. Instructions to Rector to withhold from sale specific sections of land designated by the commissioners appointed to locate a permanent seat of government for Missouri.

McNair, Alexander, (1775-1826), Letters, 1821, (C1591)
1 folder
Letters to John Quincy Adams, Secretary of State, Washington City, from St. Charles, MO. Governor McNair acknowledged receipt of the Congressional resolution admitting Missouri into the Union, 31 May 1821. On September 18, 1821, McNair acknowledged receipt of the presidential proclamation which admitted Missouri as a state.

McNeal, Theodore D. (1906-1982), Scrapbook, 1941-1943, (S0321)
2 Microfilm Rolls
Theodore McNeal became Missouri' s first black senator in 1961. The scrapbooks, however, document his activities as president of the St. Louis branch of the March on Washington Movement (MOWM), 1942-1944.

McNeil, Burton L. (1924-1998), Photographs, 1950, (P0025)
18 photographs
Images of Columbia in the 1950s taken by Burton L. McNeil, photographer for Julie's Studio. Images of a 1950 visit from Harry S Truman, who was receiving an honorary degree from the University of Missouri and was the commencement speaker. Additional images of Boone County Courthouse, Stephens College, Ellis Fischel Hospital, Hickman High School, Williams Barber Shop, and Columbia street views.

McReynolds, Allen (1877-1960), Constitutional Convention Papers, 1941-1944, (C0023)
2.75 linear feet
Letters and papers of a Democratic delegate-at-large and chair of the State-Wide Committee for the Revision of the Missouri Constitution. He was chair of the Committee on Rules and Order of Business, and served on the Committees on Executive Department; Legislative Department; Printing; Reporting and Publications; Convention Library, Information and Research; and Phraseology, Arrangement and Engrossment.

McReynolds, Allen (1877-1960), Papers, 1842-1970, (C3605)
6 linear feet, 3 audio tapes, 3 audio cassettes
Papers of a Carthage, Missouri, lawyer, state senator, Democratic candidate for governor, president of the State Historical Society of Missouri, and member of the University of Missouri Board of Curators. The correspondence concerns civic, legal, political and business interests, family, and friends. The papers include correspondence of the McReynolds family dating from the 1840s through the 1940s. See also Manuscript Collection # 23, Allen McReynolds Constitutional Convention Papers, 1941-1944.

McReynolds, Allen, Papers, (CA5934)
Addition of correspondence, family papers, and campaign materials.

McReynolds, Edwin C., ""Why State History?"" 1965, (C2896)
1 folder
The collection contains a paper presented to the Seventh Missouri Conference on History, held at the University of Missouri-Columbia. The paper discusses how the history of an area influences the actions of political leaders.

McRoberts Family, Papers, 1851-1892, (C0377)
6 folders
Correspondence from Kansas City to Monticello, MO, concerning the state legislature. Account book, 1851-1874, Lewis County, MO, Board of Education record book, 1866-1870. Book of sermons and home medicines. U.S. INFANTRY & RIFLE TACTICS BOOK, 1861.

Meador, Lewis E. (1881-1975), Constitutional Convention Papers, 1943-1944, (C0895)
1.2 linear feet
Personal files of a professor of economics at Drury College who was a delegate-at-large to the convention. Meador served on the committees of education, taxation, schedule, and executive. Composed primarily of correspondence, the collection also contains drafts of articles, minutes of committees, and proposals considered by the convention.

Meador, Lewis E., Papers, 1904-1982, (R0674)
47 folders
These are papers of L. E. Meador, an economist, political scientist, and civic leader in Springfield, Missouri. Included are materials concerning Springfield's Charter Commission (1952), Missouri state government, and Wilson's Creek National Battlefield.

Melton, Emory, (1923- ), Papers, 1972-1996, (CA3125)
31 linear feet
Papers of a Republican state senator, representing the 29th Senatorial District. Includes constituent, legislative and general correspondence, and subject and legislative files, 1972-1996.

Meng, Warren Douglas, Scrapbooks, n.d., (C1436)
3 volumes
The scrapbooks of Warren Douglas Meng contain newspaper clippings compiled by W.D. Meng, newspaperman and editor of Missouri Blue Book, 1933-1934. Volumes one and two contain miscellaneous newspaper clippings of Civil War articles, poems, and photographs. Volume three contains newspaper clippings on the Blue Book.

Meramec Basin Resources Committee, Booklet, 1950, (R0777)
1 folder
This is "A Shameless Sham": The Army Engineer "Plan" for the Meramec Basin, published by the Meramec Basin Resources Committee in cooperation with the Conservation Federation of Missouri and the Ozark Protective Association. These groups opposed plans by the Army Corps of Engineers to build three multiple purpose high dams on the Meramec, Bourbeuse, and Big rivers in Missouri.

Meramec Regional Planning Commission, Historic Site Surveys, 1980-1989, (R0454)
8 boxes
These are historic site surveys, with accompanying photographs and research materials, for Crawford, Dent, Gasconade (southern portion only), Maries, Phelps, and Washington counties in Missouri. Included are houses, churches, schools, bridges, businesses, and other structures.

Meredith, James H. (1914-1988), Papers, 1952-1961, (C3886)
2.8 linear feet
Correspondence and files belonging to St. Louis attorney James H. Meredith concerning Stuart Symington's 1952-1960 campaigns for U. S. Senate and President, for which Meredith acted as Missouri state coordinator.

Meredith, James H. (1914-1988), Scrapbooks, 1961-1987, (S0472)
7 Volumes
U.S. District Judge for the Eastern District of Missouri. Between 1972-1981, Meredith oversaw the legal battle to desegregate the St. Louis Public Schools. He ruled in 1979 that the Board of Education did not hold the responsibility for racial imbalance in city schools. When the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed his ruling, Meredith became committed to voluntary desegregation. Includes seven scrapbooks containing newsclippings, memorabilia and photographs.

Metro St. Louis NOW (National Organization For Women), Addenda, 1977-1980 , (S0708)
11 Folders
Metro St. Louis NOW contains information on the group's correspondence, booklets, the Metro St. Louis Women's Federal Credit Union, and the Women's Choir

Miami Club, West Plains, Missouri, Record Book, 1901-1913, (R0209)
1 volume
This collection consists of a record book and miscellaneous papers of a men's club in West Plains, Howell County, Missouri, 1901-1909. The volume also includes records of expenses for dances held by the Pickwick Club and the Marquis Orchestra, 1911-1913, and the minutes of meetings of the "Republicans of West Plains," 1912.

Mid-America Regional Council Records, 1958-1994, (K1079)
7 cubic feet
Reports by MARC and other planners relative to planning and planning issues in the Greater Kansas City area.

Midgley, Kenneth Eardley (1903-1990) Papers, 1941-1950, (K0142)
2 volumes
Scrapbooks, newspaper clippings and memorabilia of Midgley, Kansas City attorney, president of the Good Government Association, and acting City Manager during the early years of the Mayor John B. Gage. Also typescript recollections and biography.

Miller Nichols (1911-2000) Papers, ca. 1958-1997, (K1081)
39 cubic feet
Personal and professional files of Nichols, president of the J.C. Nichols Company and active civic leader in Kansas City, MO. Also some personal correspondence of his wife Jeanette Nichols.

Miller, Edwin L., Papers, 1852-1897, (C0367)
1 folder
Papers of a tobacco plantation owner who moved from near Louisville, KY, to Callaway County, MO, about 1828. Family affairs and farming are discussed.

Miller, Helen Guthrie, Letter, 1933, (C1599)
1 folder
To [Carolyn] Meyer from Kalispell, MT, July 19, 1933.

Miller, Henry C. (1858-1944), Papers, 1896-1898, (C2072)
1 folder
The papers of Henry C. Miller contain fifteen letters to Miller, a Mercer County court clerk in Princeton, MO, about Republican Party affairs and appointments in Missouri's 3rd Congressional District. The Chauncey I. Filley faction, support in Missouri of William McKinley for president in 1896, state and local Republican conventions and meetings, and factional fights are discussed.

Miller, James L. (1897-1989), Interview, 1965, (C3397)
3 folders, 1 audio tape
Tape and transcripts of an interview with the editor of the Washington Missourian.

Miller, James Papers, 1842-1896, (C3152)
1 folder
Legal documents, political correspondence, receipts for services, and real estate transactions of James Miller, the estate of William Miller, and J. Porter English.

Miller, John, (1781-1846), Letter, 1831, (C1595)
1 folder
To F[rances] P[reston] Blair, Washington City, from City of Jefferson, [MO], Apr. 22, 1831.

Miller, John, Affidavit, 1828, (C3381)
1 folder
Affidavit signed by John Miller concerning presidential election returns, November 1828, from Chariton and Howard Counties.

Miller, Richard Lawrence (1957- ) Papers, 1959-1991, (K0327)
25 cubic feet
Research materials, manuscript drafts, correspondence, interviews and other recordings for historian and author Miller's work, including his book, Truman: The Rise to Power. Also personal files including on William Jewell College at which he was a student leader, and other projects and topics he researched and wrote upon.

Missouri Alliance For Campaign Reform, 1995-2000, (SA1164)
4 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Missouri Alliance for Choice, Records, (CA5440)
2 linear feet
Records of a state-wide, coordinating organization for various pro-choice groups. Includes administrative and collected records.

Missouri Alliance for Choice, Records, (CA5633)
5 linear feet
Addition of financial records, minutes, correspondence, publications, administrative records and other materials.

Missouri Alliance for Choice, Records, (CA5719)
3 linear feet
Addition of minutes, newsletters, committee files, project records, publications, and other materials.

Missouri Association of Republicans, Records, 1914, 1944-2013, (C4307)
0.5 cubic feet (11 folders)
The records of the Missouri Association of Republicans contain materials for Lincoln Days including programs, tickets, registration forms, correspondence, newspaper articles, photographs and campaign materials. Included are lists of officers and vice presidents, Past President banquet and Missouri Federation of Republican Women materials pertaining to the event. The correspondence of Herbert Douglas, 1943 president and historian of the Missouri Association of Republicans, regards the history of the Association of Young Republicans of Missouri.

Missouri Association for Social Welfare, Papers, 1908-1971, (C3475)
79 linear feet, 23 volumes, 6 boxes
Correspondence, minutes, committee records, membership lists, background material on legislation, newsletters, treasurers’ reports, and conference materials of the Missouri Association for Social Welfare (MASW).

Missouri Association for Social Welfare, Records, (CA4086)
18 linear feet
Addition of material on the organization’s divisions, committees, annual conferences, and miscellaneous, 1960s-1970s.

Missouri Association for Social Welfare, Records, (CA4405)
42.4 cubic feet
Addition includes board of directors' minutes, executive correspondence, and various task forces' files. Material mainly dated 1970s.

Missouri Association for Social Welfare, Records, (CA5068)
11 linear feet
Addition of records of the organization and of various board members. Includes correspondence, reports, board records, photographs, publications, annual meeting materials and records of divisions.

Missouri Association for Social Welfare, Records, (CA5204)
8 linear feet
Addition of correspondence, financial statements, publications, reports, committee files and subject files.

Missouri Association for Social Welfare, Records, (CA5448)
15 linear feet
Addition of association records, ca. 1988-1994. Includes correspondence, task force and committee files, membership and financial records, annual conference files, regional division files, and Missouri Dept. of Corrections files.

Missouri Association for Social Welfare, Records, (CA5500)
3.5 linear feet
Addition to records of the organization. Most materials pertain to the subjects of housing and homelessness. Also includes personnel records and materials relating to Amendment 7 (Hancock II).

Missouri Association for Social Welfare, Records, (CA5552)
8 linear feet
Addition of materials including correspondence, membership records, task force and chapter records, publications, and miscellaneous, c. 1983-1994.

Missouri Association for Social Welfare, Records, (CA5644)
8 linear feet
Addition of correspondence, committee and task force records, publications, and other collected materials, ca. 1990-1995.

Missouri Association for Social Welfare, Records, (CA5720)
69 cubic feet, 1 video cassette, 2 audio cassettes
Addition of correspondence, reports, annual conference material, board materials, publications, and subject files relating to aging, health, children, housing, criminal justice, membership, finances, and miscellaneous.

Missouri Association of Colored Women's Clubs, Records, 1932-1986, (C3801)
0.6 linear feet
The records of the state organization and member clubs of an association to improve the status of black women in the home and community include correspondence, financial records, conference files and programs, and information on the history of the organization and member clubs.

Missouri Campaign Spending Reform, Records, 1969-1977, (S0056)
125 Folders
Missouri Campaign Spending Reform Records (1969-1977) document Missourians for Honest Elections (MHE) involvement in election campaign finance reform from 1974-1977. It also contains Wilhelmina Roberts' own personal lobbying effort for passage of a campaign reform bill in the Missouri 77th General Assembly. When that legislature failed to act in 1974, Mrs. Roberts helped to organize the initiative petition drive and became an active participant in MHE. Mrs. Roberts has attached explanatory notes to much of the material in the collection giving her interpretation of what took place.

Missouri Capitol Building Fire Photographs, (P0994)
7 photographs
Seven photographs of 1911 fire and aftermath

Missouri Capitol. Dedication Program, 1924, (C0858)
1 folder
The program of the dedication of the Missouri Capitol on 6 October 1924 lists the activities and participants for the day, including the parade in the morning, the band concert, and the "dedication exercises proper" in the afternoon.

Missouri City and County Government Documents, Collection, 1941-1994, (C4190)
17 cubic feet
The records contain annual reports, budget and financial reports, city ordinances, city planning documents, audits, community development reports, and land use documents for various cities, counties and regions in Missouri.

Missouri Civil Register, 1820-1865, (C1784)
1 fodler
The records contain a register listing appointments of U.S. senators, 1820-1864; U.S. representatives, 1820-1864; governors, 1820-1865; secretaries of state, 1820-1864; treasurers, 1820-1864; attorneys general, 1820-1865; Boone County justices of the peace, 1825-1845; supreme court justices, 1822-1864; circuit court judges, 1824-1861; and circuit attorneys, 1844-1851.

Missouri Coalition for Correctional Justice, Records, 1973-1982, (C3911)
1 linear foot
The Missouri Coalition for Correctional Justice (MCCJ) was organized on 14 June 1975, as an expansion and replacement for the Missouri Citizens for Corrections which was active from 1973 through 1974. The coalition's purpose was to educate the public on prison conditions and promote programs of education and rehabilitation in cooperation with the Missouri State Division of Corrections. Grants from the Missouri Committee for the Humanities sponsored classes and tutoring sessions at the Missouri State Prison and the Renz Correctional Facility in Jefferson City, and the Women's State Correctional Prison in Tipton. Later grants funded panel discussions across the state. The narrative grant proposals and final reports, which detail the programming, are within the collection. MCCJ was a cooperative effort of many organizations and individuals but Dr. J. Noel Heermance, professor of English at Lincoln University, Jefferson City, was the director and driving force.

Missouri Commission on the Status of Women, Papers, 1963-1974, (C3903)
0.8 linear feet
Papers and related materials of the Missouri Commission on the Status of Women. The papers include minutes of meetings, meeting agendas, correspondence, annual reports, press releases, newspaper clippings, photographs, federal publications, and miscellaneous material.

Missouri Commission on the Status of Women, Papers, (CA6059)
0.2 linear feet
Addition of miscellaneous correspondence, annual reports [1968-1974], interim report to Gov. Dalton on the status of women in Missouri, legal status of homemakers in Missouri, newsletters, and pamphlets [Equal Rights Amendment in Missouri, Questions and Answers About Women and Missouri Laws].

Missouri Committee for the New Constitution, Papers, 1945, (C2262)
2 folders
The collection contains pamphlets, handbills, broadsides, and form letters issued by opponents and supporters of the proposed constitution, 1945. The material was issued by the Missouri Committee for the New Constitution and the Association Against the Proposed Constitution.

Missouri Constitution, 1820, (C1877)
1 folder
The records contain a photostat copy of the 1820 Constitution of the State of Missouri, pages 1 and 29 only. Original in the archives of the U.S. Senate. Constitution is in the handwriting of William G. Pettus.

Missouri Democratic State Committee, Records, (CA4421)
4.8 linear feet
Photographs, printed material, financial statements, miscellaneous correspondence, platforms, and transcripts of proceedings.

Missouri Democratic State Committee, Records, (CA4429)
0.4 linear feet
Miscellaneous correspondence, delegates to 1976 national convention, correspondence re exhibits at the State Fair.

Missouri Democratic State Committee, Records, (CA4465)
0.4 linear feet
Addition. Newsletters, financial statements, miscellaneous, bulk from 1981-1982.

Missouri Democratic State Committee, Records, (CA4482)
0.4 linear feet
Clippings, campaign brochures, and miscellaneous.

Missouri Democratic State Committee, Records, (CA4498)
1 linear feet
Addition. Miscellaneous correspondence and campaign materials from candidates.

Missouri Democratic State Committee, Records, (CA4535)
13 linear feet
Office files from State Committee, largely c. 1968-1980. Some material on either side of these dates.

Missouri Democratic State Committee, Records, (CA4542)
0.4 linear feet
Addition. Office files.

Missouri Democratic State Committee, Records, (CA4621)
10 linear feet
Addition. Correspondence, clippings, and office files of organization.

Missouri Democratic State Committee, Records, (CA4725)
3 linear feet
Primarily files relating to 1980 election, including delegate selection and county committee information.

Missouri Democratic State Committee, Records, (CA4861)
25.45 linear feet
Addition of correspondence, clippings and office files of organization, candidates, state caucus procedure, delegate selection process, and state and national conventions.

Missouri Department of Transportation, Photographs, (P0453)
0.5 linear feet
Photos of State Highway Commision members, Ronald Reagan speaking at the Missouri State Fair, the Missouri State Highway Takeover program, and Missouri bridges, businesses, and historic sites.

Missouri Department of Social Services, Children's Division, Photograph, (P0402)
1 photograph
Group photograph for National Adoption Month, ca. 1994-1998, with Governor Mel Carnahan and children.

Missouri Desegregation and Civil Rights Oral History Project, Records, 2013-, (C4116)
0.2 cubic feet, 35 CDs, 1 computer disc
The collection consists of interviews with people who attended Douglass and/or Hickman High School in Columbia, Missouri. The collection consists of digitally recorded interviews, audio logs, and photographs. The collection is ongoing and open to interviews concerning any school and/or civil rights topic in Missouri.

Missouri Federation of Republican Women, Records, 1969-1993, (C3918)
1 linear foot, 4 audio cassettes, 1 video cassette
Minutes of the executive committee, board of directors, annual conventions, and committees of the Missouri Federation of Republican Women. The collection also includes committee reports, correspondence, by laws, financial statements, memos, newsletters, programs, and audio cassettes of speeches from the 1975 Republican National Convention. See also the Federated Republican Women's Club, Columbia, Missouri, Papers, collection 3525, for records and scrapbooks dating from 1934 to 1969.

Missouri General Assembly Portraits, (P0217)
978 photographs
Portraits of members of the Missouri General Assembly, 1871-1941.

Missouri Governor's Mansion Tour, 1970, (C4242)
1 16mm film
A color film showcasing the Missouri Governor's Mansion and produced by Southwestern Bell in 1970.

Missouri Governors' Proclamations, 1892-1898, (C3446)
1 folder
The collection contains proclamations of Columbus Day by Governor David R. Francis; Thanksgiving Day and LaFayette Day by Governor Lon Vest Stephens, and calls for relief of flood-damaged Steelville, MO. These proclamations bear the seal of the State of Missouri.

Missouri Historical and Philosophical Society, Papers, 1849, (C1556)
1 folder
Resolution passed by the Society authorizing the treasurer to draw appropriations from the state auditor of public accounts. Act passed by Missouri General Assembly appropriating $150 for the Society. Treasurer George W. Hough's receipt for a $150 warrant from the auditor of public accounts.

Missouri Institute for Justice, Inc. Records, 1938-2009, (K0599)
20 cubic feet
Records of an organization created to educate citizens and lawyers about the "Missouri Nonpartisan Court Plan", an amendment to the Missouri Constitution approved in 1940. Includes minutes, correspondence, reports, publications, and financial records. Also project files for the Law Student Ordinance Revision Program and film footage for an educational series entitled, "Your Day in Court".

Missouri Land Records, 1843-1898, (C3680)
1 folder
Abstract of title to lands in Johnson County, MO, 1898; land deeds, Henry and Johnson Counties, MO, 1843-1871.

Missouri National Organization for Women, Records, 1967-1982, (C0781)
5.5 linear feet, 2 video cassettes
Records of Missouri state chapter of the National Organization for Women. Contains financial records, conference materials, meeting minutes, city chapter materials, membership lists, correspondence, newsletters, publicity materials, and project files.

Missouri Political Nominations, 1898, (C1179)
1 volume
Includes candidates of the Socialist Labor, Social Democratic, Independent People's, People's, Democratic, Republican, and Prohibition parties for the election of 1898."

Missouri Public Service Commission Photographs, (P0337)
8 photographs
8 photographs of various Public Service Commissions: Boards of 1953, 1963, 1969; employees of commission, 1915.

Missouri National Organization for Women, Records, (CA5377)
5 cubic feet
Records created and collected by Mary Mosley, Missouri NOW state coordinator and legislative director, c. 1985-2013. Includes correspondence, publicity, newsletters, project and subject files, and materials from the national organization.

Missouri, Ray County Election Certificate, 1853, (C2033)
1 folder
The records contain one certificate of election and swearing in of John A. Mason as justice of the peace.

Missouri Rural Area Development Committee, Records, 1957-1967, (C2583)
1.8 linear feet
The records of the Missouri Rural Area Development Committee are organized into four sections: organization, policy, projects, and progress reports. The Missouri Rural Area Development Committee, directed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, was designed to coordinate efforts to revitalize agricultural and natural resources in the rural areas.

Missouri State Highway Patrol Collection, (P0224)
21 photographs
Photographs of Missouri State Highway Patrol operations and employees.

Missouri State Labor Council Pamphlets, 1959-1965, (C2355)
1 folder
The collection contains pamphlets on the time-off-to-vote law; workmen's compensation law; unemployment insurance; Social Security amendments, 1965; and the Active Ballot Club.

Missouri State Labor Council, AFL-CIO, Records, 1891-1975 (C0216)
21.6 linear feet
Correspondence, convention proceedings, financial and membership records, minutes, reports, and other records of the Council and its Committee on Political Education, the Missouri State Federation of Labor, and Labor’s League for Political Education. Subject file on topics of interest to labor including the right to work movement. Materials generated through political, legislative, and civic activities of Council executive officers.

Missouri State Women's Political Caucus (1972- ), Addenda, 1975-1987, (S0676)
23 Folders
The Missouri State Women's Political Caucus Addenda documents their bylaws, board minutes, women's caucus, correspondence, membership recruitment and surveys.

Missouri State Women's Political Caucus (1972- ), Records, 1971-1980, (S0222)
3 Folders
MSWPC was formed in 1972 as the state organization of the National Women's Political Caucus. WPC encourages women to seek elective and appointive positions in all levels of government, supports all political candidates who will work for women's issues and works for the repeal of laws which discriminate against women. Includes newsletters, minutes, resolutions, and bylaws.

Missouri Statehood Papers, 1821, (C1722)
1 folder
The collection contains Photostats of a public act declaring assent of the State of Missouri to the congressional conditions for statehood, 26 June 1821. Proclamation by President James Monroe completing the admission of Missouri into the Union, 10 August 1821.

Missouri University Political Action Committee, Records, (CA6052)
1 linear foot
Assorted records include correspondence; lists of members, volunteers, legislators and political contacts; newsletters; meeting agendas, notes and special events materials; and fundraising, publicity and newspaper clippings.

Missouri White House Conference Committee on Children and Youth, Records, (CA4582)
9 linear feet
Records of a group involved with the White House Conferences on Children and Youth, 1950-1970s.

Missouri White House Conference Committee on Children and Youth, Records, (CA4892)
11.25 linear feet
Reports, public hearing testimony, and office files of a child and family welfare agency.

Missouri Women's Network, Records, (CA5302)
1.4 linear feet, 2 audio cassettes, 1 video cassette
Addition of records for the organization kept by Shirley Breeze. Includes minutes, correspondence, reports, committee materials and organizational records.

Missouri Women's Network, Records, (CA5544)
0.4 linear feet
Addition of records including board meeting materials, correspondence, flyers, brochures, photographs, and miscellaneous, c. 1991-1995.

Missouri Women's Network, Papers, (CA5396)
0.5 linear feet
Addition. Minutes, reports, agendas, correspondence, bylaws, newsletters, and miscellany from years 1983-1989.

Missouri Women's Network, Papers, (CA5395)
0.3 linear feet
Addition of minutes, agendas, correspondence, flyers, and miscellany for the years 1985-1987.

Missouri Women's Network, Records, (CA5441)
0.4 linear feet
Addition of administrative and collected records of the organization.

Missouri Women's Network, Papers, (CA5303)
4.5 linear feet
Addition of organizational records kept by Margo McNeil 1984-1989. Includes minutes, correspondence, reports, committee materials, newsletters, and other organizational records.

Missouri Women's Network, Records, (CA5199)
1.7 linear feet
Information about the organization and its activities. Primarily relates to Missouri Women's Vote Project of 1986.

Missouri Women's Network, Records, (CA5453)
6 linear feet
Addition of correspondence, administrative records, and collected materials relating to the Network and affiliated organizations.

Missouri Women's Network, Papers, (CA5366)
1 volume
Addition. One copy of WOMEN'S ACTION PLAN, 1993.

Missouri Women's Network, Records, (CA5632)
8.4 cubic feet, 1 video cassette
Addition of records, 1970s-2000s. Includes correspondence, minutes, reports, questionnaires, directories, project records, publicity materials, newsletters, position papers, financial documents, clippings, and miscellaneous.

Missouri, Arrow Rock. Town Records, 1827-1887, (C2659)
3 volumes
Records of town meetings, ordinances, financial transactions, and elections.

Missouri, Arrow Rock. Town Records, 1840-1887, (C1091)
3 volumes
Includes proceedings of the Board of Trustees, 1840-1875, poll records, accounts, assessment of real estate, and expenditures.

Missouri, Boone County, Citizens' Petition, 1846, (C1777)
1 folder
The collection contains photostats of a petition to Governor Austin A. King requesting that William Rowland and several others indicted for kidnapping slaves be discharged from further prosecution.

Missouri, Boone County, Home Rule, Collection, (CA4434)
4 linear feet
Correspondence and printed material regarding proposed Home Rule Charter for Boone County.

Missouri, Boone County, Home Rule, Interviews, (CA4401)
0.8 linear feet
Interviews conducted by students in a Political Science class with Boone County officials and others regarding the home rule issue.

Missouri, Boone County, Records, 1821-1914, (C3041)
13 volumes
Early minutes of the Boone County Court, 1821-1822, 1830-1839. Deposition and will of Ira Nash in early court case, 1844. Minutes and premium book of the Boone County Agricultural and Mechanical Society, 1852-1874, Registration books for physicians, surgeons, dentists and osteopaths, 1874-1914. Books listing marks and brands and dog registrations for Boone County.

Missouri, Boone County. Recorder of Deeds, Records, 1820-1929, (C3306)
2 linear feet
Land grants, deeds, wills, and mortgages recorded in Boone County. Arranged chronologically by decade, alphabetically by seller within each decade.

Missouri, Boone County. Sheriff's Sale Notice, 1861, (C2846)
1 folder
Notice of sale of real estate by auction as directed by the Boone County circuit court, May term, 1861. OVERSIZE.

Missouri, Boonville. Mayor's Court, Records, 1840-1848, (C2980)
1 volume on microfilm
The records of the Boonville Mayor's Court contain civil cases tried before the mayor and brought to court by the city or the council. Cases involve assault and battery, disturbing the peace, slaughter house operations, market practices, food quality, street improvements, slave offenses, and general safety. The record shows the defendant, the charge, case disposition, sentence, and court costs.

Missouri, Boonville. Scrip, 1842, (C1479)
1 folder
The collection consists blank scrip issued by the city. One sheet containing two one-dollar certificates, one two-dollar certificate, and one three-dollar certificate.

Missouri, Callaway County, Cote Sans Dessein Township. Justice of the Peace, Docket Book, 1816-1827, (C0966)
1 folder
Record of court proceedings, marriages, and stray livestock. Cases concern settlement of debts, loan repayments, estates, land ownership, and assault and battery. Volume was begun by William H. Dunnica, the first justice of the peace (1821-1823), as a mercantile accounts record.

Missouri, Callaway County. Assessor's Records, 1830, (C0343)
1 folder
Tax list for residents and nonresidents of Callaway County, James Baker, assessor. The list is divided into resident and nonresident sections. These sections are arranged alphabetically by individual and list value and location of land and includes other property such as slaves and livestock.

Missouri, Cape Girardeau County, Records, 1794-1842, (C3676)
0.2 linear feet
French colonial and territorial records of the Cape Girardeau District and Cape Girardeau County records and court records. A microfilm copy of the collection is available.

Missouri, Cape Girardeau County, Tax Lists, 1814-1829, (C3677)
1 folder
Copies of lists of persons from whom taxes were collected in Cape Girardeau County in 1814 and 1815, and accounts of the public securities and money received for 1827-1829. Nature of claim, water course, original owners, number of arpens, slaves, town lots, houses, improvements, carriages, and valuations are given on tax lists.

Missouri, Carrollton. Minute Book, 1860-1861, (C1065)
1 volume
Minutes of meetings of the mayor and board of councilmen of Carrollton, Carroll County, MO, 9 May 1860-11 May 1861.

Missouri, Cass County, Documents, 1836-1884, (C0936)
5 folders
The records contain bills of sale for property, cattle and slaves, tax receipts, court proceedings, bonds, and court testimony.

Missouri, Cedar County. Assessment Lists, 1861-1864, (C1070)
3 volumes
Lists consist of property, slaves, cash, and notes held by those assessed.

Missouri, Clark County. Papers, 1842-1846, (C3543)
1 folder
The Clark County papers contain a record of names of voters and votes cast for all candidates in the August 1842 primary election in Clark County; and a muster order to the 75th Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 14th Division of Clark County Militia, May 8, 1846.

Missouri, Clay County, Freed Negroes Register, 1836-1856, (C1079)
1 volume
List of Clay County, MO, Negroes freed during the period 8 February 1836 to 7 January 1856.

Missouri, Clay County, Public Notices, 1860-1869, (C2848)
1 folder
Miscellaneous public notices from Liberty and Clay County concerning services offered, rental or sale of property, rewards for lost or stolen items, and internal revenue collection.

Missouri, Clay County. Assessor's Notice, 1868, (C2836)
1 folder
Notice by C.J.J. Leopold, assessor, of the locations designated by the county court for filing lists of taxable property and census information.

Missouri, Columbia, Ordinance Notices, n.d., (C2818)
1 folder
Town ordinances concerning prostitution, disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, and loitering and the fines to be levied for these offenses. Printed on cloth.

Missouri, Columbia, Board of Trustees, Minutes, 1826-1835, (C2491)
1 volume
Minutes of the meetings of the board of trustees of the city of Columbia, MO.

Missouri, Columbia. Charter Commission Papers, 1948-1949 (C0085)
0.6 linear feet
Papers of a commission established by a special election on May 4, 1948.

Missouri, Columbia. Police Records, 1882-1946, (C2380)
30 volumes, 2 folders on 12 rolls of microfilm
Police Court dockets, 1882-1939, call books, 1931-1939, records of arrests, convictions, and fines, 1931-1946; and miscellaneous papers, 1929-1937. Department of Police, Columbia, Missouri.

Missouri, Columbia. Recreation Commission, Report, 1945, (C0596)
1 folder
Annual report to the mayor, city council and citizens of Columbia on activities and needs of the commission.

Missouri, Cooper County, Papers, 1837-1983 (C3051)
History of Cooper County, its churches and cemeteries, schools, domestic architecture, miscellaneous buildings, and architectural structures; material on Cooper County and Howard County individuals and families; maps; clippings; and photographs.

Missouri, Cooper County. Administration Meeting Proceedings, 1828, (C2851)
1 folder
Report of an administration meeting held in Boonville, MO, 22 February 1828. Resolutions supporting John Quincy Adams and a foreign tariff.

Missouri, Cooper County. Assessment Lists, 1858, (C1083)
4 volumes
Vol. 1, District No. 1, J.C. Kooby, assessor. Vol. 2, District No. 2, Thomas E. Rochester, assessor. Vol. 3, District No. 3, Jesse McFarland, assessor. Vol. 4, District No. 5, James L. Bell, assessor.

Missouri, Cooper County, Assessment Lists, 1859, (C1376)
4 volumes
The records contain assessment lists for districts no. 1, 4, 5, and 6.

Missouri, Cooper County. Assessment Lists, 1859, (C0489)
1 folder
Certified account of Lawrence Hall, assessor from Cooper County, and the receipt for same.

Missouri, Cooper County. Papers, 1819-1905, (C1034)
1.25 linear feet
The papers contain oaths of loyalty, 1862-1866, and miscellaneous papers, 1819-1905.

Missouri, Cooper County. Tax Book, 1835, (C1211)
1 volume
Resident tax book of Cooper County, MO. Jno. H. Hutchison, collector; Robert P. Clark, clerk, county court.

Missouri, Daviess County. Tax Book and Assessment List, 1857, (C1095)
1 volume
Certified by Joseph N. McGee, clerk of the county court of Daviess County, 10 October 1857, and filed in his office by the assessor.

Missouri, Department of Social Services, Division of Family Services, Community Services Block Grant Unit, Records, (CA5813)
224 linear feet, 8 video cassettes
Records from 1976 to 2000 of the state office responsible for the administration of federal funds provided for poverty assistance in Missouri, consisting of correspondence, contracts, reports, and financial records of participating social service agencies, and miscellaneous material.

Missouri, Gasconade County, Tax Lists, 1821-1828, (C3678)
1 folder
Copies of delinquent tax lists of Gasconade County for 1821 and 1828.

Missouri, Glenwood, Bonds, 1874, (C1709)
1 folder
Three unsigned $100 bonds issued by the board of education.

Missouri, Great Seal, Papers, 1933-1936, (C2112)
1 folder
Articles, editorials, and letters to the editor concerning the Great Seal of Missouri and the designer, George Frederick Burckhartt.

Missouri, Gubernatorial Election Papers, 1940-1941 (C1038)
0.8 linear feet
Correspondence and miscellaneous papers concerning the contested gubernatorial election of 1940. Candidates were Lawrence McDaniel and Forrest C. Donnell.

Missouri, Hannibal. Minute Book, 1839-1845, (C1115)
1 volume
Contains an act to incorporate the town of Hannibal, index of ordinances, minutes of board of trustees, and minutes of the city council.

Missouri, Harmony Mission, Plat, 1839, (C1720)
1 folder
The collection contains a Photostat of a plat of Township 38 North, Range 30 West by Milburn, the surveyor general, St. Louis, MO, 2 July 1839. Shows location of Harmony Mission.

Missouri, Hermann. Board of Trustees, Records, 1799, 1836-1877, (C2992)
2 rolls of microfilm
Records, in German, of the German Settlement Society of Philadelphia, which founded Hermann. The records include land records with maps, bylaws, lists of stockholders, incorpora-tion records, trustees' minutes for 1852-1877, collector and treasurer records, and an architectural drawing of the Town School, 1855.

Missouri, Howard County, Chariton Township. Civil and Criminal Docket, 1906-1916 (C0267)
1 folder
Record of court proceedings as kept by John H. Scott, justice of the peace of Chariton Township.

Missouri, Howard County, Freed Negroes Register, 1836-1861, (C1123)
1 volume
The collection contains a list of Negroes set free during the period 26 January 1836-1 April 1861 in Howard County, Missouri.

Missouri, Howard County, Record Book, 1868, (C0891)
1 folder
Record book of trials and court proceedings from Howard County, MO, beginning in February 1868.

Missouri-Iowa Border Dispute, Records, 1815-1862, (R1374)
.1 linear feet, 1 folder
The Missouri-Iowa Border Dispute records collect 23 miscellaneous documents relating to the disputed Missouri-Iowa border. The collection contains documents in French, English, and Spanish that pertain to the underlying causes of the conflict and the eventual resolution. The collection consists of letters, land deeds, and proclamations that deal with the background and events of the conflict.

Missouri, Jefferson County, Papers, 1818-1826, (C1897)
1 folder
The collection contains miscellaneous papers pertaining to the establishment of Jefferson County, including papers establishing Herculaneum as the county seat, 1818; division of the county into townships, 1819; and a petition for removal of county seat from Herculaneum, 1826.

Missouri, Joplin. Special Road District, Minute Book, 1914-1917, (C0646)
1 folder
The record book contains minutes of meetings, including bills and expenditures.

Missouri, Lafayette County. Board Proceedings, 1862, (C1145)
1 volume
Proceedings of the county board, which convened on the order of the Military Department to investigate the murder of loyal citizens, 14 August-22 October 1862.

Missouri, Lafayette County. Tax Book, 1860, (C1146)
1 volume
Assessment records for tax purposes, certified by Edward Stratton, clerk of the county court, 19 October 1860.

Missouri, Lewis County, Tax Books, 1850-1851, (C2500)
2 volumes
The records contain Lewis County tax records.

Missouri, Madison County. Stray Book, 1826-1856, (C1158)
1 volume
Includes description and appraised value of stray cattle and horses and names of those claiming the animals.

Missouri, Marion County. Tax Lists, 1827-1828, (C3018)
3 oversize volumes
Resident tax lists listing taxable property and valuation.

Missouri, Miami, Records, 1867-1965, (C2490)
1.1 linear feet
The public records of a town in Saline County, Missouri, include city council minutes, school board records, and assessment and tax books.

Missouri, Miller County. Assessment Lists, 1856-1877, (C1165)
3 volumes
Vol. 1, 1856, certified by E.B. Farley; Vol. 2, 1857, certified by E.B. Farley; Vol. 3, 1877, certified by G.B. Robinson."

Missouri, Monroe County, Provost Marshall, Papers, 1862-1865, (C3161)
3 folders
Correspondence and military papers of William M. Houston and William McIlrath, provost marshals of Monroe County, MO.

Missouri, Montgomery County, Bear Creek Township. Justice of the Peace, Docket Book, 1847-1852, (C3811)
1 folder
Record of court proceedings and stray livestock. Cases concern settlement of debts, loan repayments, damage suits, breach of the peace, and assault and battery. Donor-compiled index included.

Missouri, Montgomery County, Broadside, n.d., (C3258)
1 folder
The collection contains an announcement of a speech to be given by P.D. Hastain, mayor of Sedalia, about capitol removal.

Montgomery County, Missouri, Danville Township, Poll Books, 1848-1851, (C1673)
1 folder
The records contain poll books for the election of circuit attorney and special election of state senator, November 1848. Also included is a poll book for election of county surveyor, supreme and circuit court officials, and the vote on a new courthouse building, August 1851.

Missouri, Montgomery County, Court Seal, 1863, (C1601)
1 folder
Fragment of an account certified by Jacob L. Sharp, Montgomery County clerk, and S.T. Sharp, deputy clerk, Danville, MO, 7 November 1863. Certification has impression of the 1863 Montgomery County Court Seal.

Missouri, Morrison. Board of Trustees, Records, 1899-1942, (C2979)
2 volumes on 1 roll of microfilm
Two volumes consisting of board minutes, 1919-1942, and treasurer's ledger dating from incorporations in 1899 to 1919. Minutes deal with general administration of this Gasconade County village. Ledger contains income and expense accounts and lists of taxation and business licenses. Loose items include a 1918 ordinance for the extension of the corporate limits and information on village electrification, 1917.

Missouri, Mount Pleasant. Board of Trustees, Minute Book, 1871-1878, (C1187)
1 volume
Minutes of meetings of the board of trustees of the town of Mount Pleasant, Miller County, MO."

Missouri, Nodaway County. Stray Book, 1845-1850, (C1191)
1 volume
Includes description and appraised value of animals and names of persons taking up the strayed livestock.

Missouri, Ralls County, Poll Book, 1868, (C2402)
1 folder
Election held at post office in Sidney, Saline Township, 3 November 1868. Book contains names of qualified voters and rejected voters and abstract of votes.

Missouri, Ralls County. Supervisor of Registration, Ledger, 1866, (C2060)
1 folder
Volume kept by Samuel Megown, supervisor of registration, listing names of citizens who either refused to take the oath of loyalty after the Civil War or had been loyal to the Confederacy and were thus disenfranchised. Also includes names of citizens considered loyal who were permitted to vote. Birth and death dates for some Megown family members are included at the end. Some pages are missing.

Missouri, Randolph County Warranty Deeds, 1879-1910, (C2594)
1 folder
Miscellaneous warranty deeds and deeds of trust.

Missouri, Ray County. Justice of the Peace, Docket, 1836-1851, (C1215)
1 volume
Docket includes names of defendants and plaintiffs, nature of complaint, and synopsis of case. Some marriages recorded. Justices were P. Ewell, W. Berry, and W.L. Bransford.

Missouri, Rocheport. Town Board Records, 1885-1900, (C2633)
3 folders
Minutes of meetings of town board.

Missouri, Saline County, Records, 1858-1864, (C3490)
3 folders
The records contain abstract of real estate, Blackwater assessment district, 1858; notice by county court to taxpayers; militia exemptions; and agriculture records.

Missouri, Saline County. Tax Book, 1860, (C1238)
1 volume
Assessment of personal property and real estate for Saline County, MO, 1860.

Missouri, Schuyler County. Court, Order, 1870, (C3545)
1 folder
The collection contains a court order. Schuyler County Court, after a petition by inhabitants of Queen City, ordered the incorporation of the town and a police established. Includes names of petitioners, trustees, and clerk of the county court.

Missouri, Scotland County. Justice of the Peace, Docket, 1841-1848, (C1245)
1 volume
The collection contains a justice of the peace docket from Maidenkirk Township, Scotland County, Missouri. Includes names of defendants and plaintiffs and outcome of the cases. Some stray livestock records.

Missouri, Slater, City Records, 1878-1891, (C4262)
0.3 cubic feet (15 folders)
The records of the first Board of Trustees of the City of Slater, Missouri, and meetings of the Board of Aldermen, which contain the meeting minutes.

Missouri, St. Charles County, Portage des Sioux Township, Public Road Work List, 1817, (C1693)
1 folder
List of persons under overseer Asa Griffith subject to work on the public roads.

Missouri, St. Charles County, Survey Notes, 1825, (C1691)
1 folder
Field notes of T.P. Robbins' survey of the prison bounds for St. Charles County, May 1825.

Missouri, St. Charles County. Road Commissioners' Report, 1828, (C1690)
1 folder
Report to the St. Charles County court by road commissioners Benjamin Emmons and Osborn Knott, appointed to view and mark out a road from St. Charles to the Maumelles, 11 March 1828.

Missouri, St. Charles County. Road Commissioners' Report, 1829, (C1689)
1 folder
Oath of office and report to the St. Charles County court from road commissioners Osborn Knott, William Eckert, and Benjamin Emmons, appointed to view and mark out a public highway from St. Charles to Elm Point.

Missouri, St. Charles, Papers, 1801-1831, (C1566)
1 folder
Typed copies of auction and requirements of ferrying privileges across the Missouri River by Charles Dehault Delassus, 24 September 1801; records of the auction 27 September 1801; records of the auction 27 September-11 October 1801; letter from J[ean] B. Belland to Auguste Chouteau, 30 October 1801, about ferrying bill; and receipt from J[ean] B. Belland to Mr. Prieur, 7 August 1804. Original and typed copy of public roads report by Robert Spencer to St. Charles County Court, 28 November 1831.

Missouri, St. Charles. Certificate of Purchase, 1852, (C1698)
1 folder
To S.W. Rice from Robert McClarin, St. Charles marshal and ex-officio collector, 5 January 1852, for the purchase of a city lot owned by Elias Flint's Reps and sold for taxes.

Missouri, St. Charles. Election Certificates, 1822, (C1682)
1 folder
Certification of the election of Antoine Durocher, Benjamin Emmons, Nathaniel Simonds, Joseph Evans, and John Jacoby as trustees of St. Charles.

Missouri, St. Charles. Licenses, 1849, (C1696)
1 folder
List of merchant, dray and cart, circus menagerie, inn and tavern, beer house, ten pin alley, insurance company, and ferry licenses granted. Names, occupations, dates of issuance, capital, and amounts.

Missouri, St. Charles. Receipt, 1844, (C1699)
1 folder
Receipt to William G. Pettus from Benj[amin] Emmons, Jr., St. Charles treasurer, for interest on warrants issued to George Collier.

Missouri, St. Clair County. Bond, 1870, (C1641)
1 folder
The collection contains a $1000 bond issued by St. Clair County to aid construction of the Clinton and Memphis branch of the Tebo and Neosho Railroad. The bond is signed by Wm. A. Mitchell, presiding justice, and Thos. J. Monroe, clerk, St. Clair County court.

Missouri, St. Louis, Papers, 1822-1825, (C1473)
1 folder
The papers of St. Louis, Missouri, consist of positive photostats of an act passed by the General Assembly and approved by Governor McNair, 1822, to incorporate the inhabitants of the town of St. Louis and to establish election procedures, requirements and duties of the mayor and board of aldermen. A supplementary act was approved by Governor Bates, 1825, establishing qualifications for mayor and voters, city budget, assessor, and salaries.

Missouri, Ste. Genevieve. Archives, 1756-1930, (C3636)
1474 folders on 78 rolls of microfilm
French colonial, and territorial records of the District of Ste. Genevieve. Ste. Genevieve County records and court records. A third of the documents are dated 1756-1804; the remainder date from 1805 to 1930. Original documents are in the possession of the Ste. Genevieve County Court.

Missouri, Ste. Genevieve County, Tax Lists, 1821-1825, (C3675)
1 folder
Copies of lists of persons from whom taxes were collected in Ste. Genevieve County on writs, executions, and deeds recorded, and on merchant, ferry, and other licenses.

Missouri, Ste. Genevieve County. Justice of the Peace, Docket and Stray Book, 1825-1838, (C1236)
1 volume
Justice of the peace court docket, 1822-1825, and stray records, 1825-1838, for Ste. Genevieve County, MO.

Missouri, Ste. Genevieve County. Tax Book, 1823, (C1237)
1 volume
Assessment of personal property and real estate for Ste. Genevieve Township, Ste. Genevieve County, MO, 1823.

Missouri, Ste. Genevieve County. Tax Lists, 1833, (C1470)
1 folder
The collection contains a general abstract of the tax lists of Ste. Genevieve County, listing taxable property, assessments, and amount of taxes. Joseph C. Grafton, Ste. Genevieve County court clerk, certified the tax lists.

Missouri, Ste. Genevieve District Land Record Book A., 1804-1809, (C4317)
0.2 cubic feet (5 folders)
The Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, District Land Record Book contains recordings of the sale of land titles, livestock, slaves, freeing of slaves, the transfer of titles and claims, indentures, marriage contracts, and other types of estate property and goods.

Missouri, Ste. Genevieve, Marriage Records, 1836-1863, (C3673)
0.2 linear feet
Marriage certificates signed by religious officials and justices of the peace; some give parent's names. There are also certificates from German Settlement in Ste. Genevieve County. The certificates are arranged by year, then alphabetically by groom's name within each year. Mentioned are St. Anthony's Chapel, St. Joseph's Church, St. Philomena's Chapel and Methodist Episcopal Church South. An index of the names found in these records follows.

Missouri, Sullivan County, Papers, 1844-1943 (C0171)
0.2 linear feet
Miscellaneous papers from Sullivan County: deeds, mortgages, titles, court judgments, and a will. Includes copy of an account of the robbery and murder in 1864 of a Negro, Nels Dels.

Missouri, Warren County. Clerk, Record Book, 1833-1846, (C0888)
1 folder
Certificates of marriage, registration of ear marks, and records of stray animals--horses, mules, hogs, etc. The strays were taken before a justice of the peace and appraised. Clerks were Carty Wells, 1833-1837; Joseph B. Wells, 1837-1841; and Eli Carter, 1842-1846.

Missouri, Wayne County. Probate Court, Transcript, 1873, (C1933)
1 folder
The collection contains a transcript of a court record establishing the boundaries of Piedmont, MO.

Missouri, Webster County, Papers, 1836-1940, (C2381)
13 folders
Miscellaneous papers of Webster County, MO: county court papers; poll books, 1860-1861; farmers' income lists, 1865; election ballots, 1866-1868; road overseer's tax books, 1872; assessment lists, 1884-1892; marriage license applications, 1900-1924.

Missouri, Weston. City Council, Records, 1856-1875, (C3007)
1 roll of microfilm
The records of the Weston City Council contain minutes from the weekly meetings of the council. Included in the minutes are the mayor’s reports, reports from various committees, and notations of approval for appropriations and new ordinances in the city. This collection would be useful to anyone researching city government.

Missouri. Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, Papers, 1967-1977, (C3641)
1 linear foot
Materials from a member of the Missouri Advisory Council on Historic Preservation. Included are correspondence, minutes, National Register nominations, statewide historic preservation plans, publications, and newsletters.

Missouri. Auditor, Receipts, 1822-1840 (C0136)
5 folders
Certifications for the payment of salaries to members of the House of Representatives and Senate and various judicial officers.

Missouri. Auditor's Office, Letterbook, 1831-1840, (C1168)
1 volume
The collection contains the letterbook of the auditor of public accounts for Missouri, 1831-1840, from the auditors E. Barcroft, Henry Shurlds, Peter G. Glover, and Hiram H. Baber.

Missouri. Board of Immigration, Report, 1875-1876, (C1557)
1 folder
Sixth biennial report of the Board of Immigration to the 29th General Assembly. Includes list of members, official report, statistics, minutes of meetings, remarks by Fred Muench, and letter from M. O'Dowd.

Missouri. Capitol, Photographs, 1913-1927, (C3757)
43 lantern slides
The lantern slides consist of images of elevations, plans, perspective drawings, and photographs of the new Capitol in Jefferson City, built to replace the one destroyed by fire in 1911. The slides also include images of the murals, tapestries, and sculpture commissioned to decorate the building.

Missouri. Confederate Home, Higginsville, Records, 1897-1944, (C0066)
2.6 linear feet, 12 volumes; also available on 7 rolls of microfilm
The records of the Confederate Home at Higginsville, Missouri include blueprints, correspondence, contracts, financial records, minutes, photographs, and reports. They also contain 18 volumes including cash books, farm accounts, general records, journals, ledgers, and voucher registers.

Missouri. Constitution, 1865, (C1806)
3 folders
The collection contains an incomplete set of photostats of the Missouri Constitution, 1865, including an ordinance for obtaining the votes of Missouri soldiers on the Constitution and a proclamation of Governor Thomas C. Fletcher declaring the constitution adopted.

Missouri. Constitution, 1865, (C2866)
1 folder
German edition, published by Westliche Post, 1865. OVERSIZE.

Missouri. Constitutional Convention, Papers, 1941-1945, (C0016)
42 linear feet
Correspondence, speeches, radio scripts, and related materials concerning the work of the Missouri Committee for the New Constitution and the Missouri Public Expenditure Survey to promote ratification of the Constitution of 1943-1944.

Missouri. Constitutional Convention, Debates and Proceedings, 1845-1846, (C0889)
1 folder
Debates on qualifications of Missouri governor, representation, banks and corporations, election of auditor, and elective judiciary. Record of proceedings of Missouri Constitutional Convention in Jefferson City, November 1845-January 1846.

Missouri. Constitutional Convention, Debates, 1943-1944, (C1171)
24 volumes
Certified verbatim stenotype transcription of the debates for the period 5 January-29 September 1944. The debates were not recorded for the fifty-five days the convention was in session prior to 5 January. Index to the debates included. Microfilm copy in storage.

Missouri. State Convention, Resolution, 1865, (C3495)
1 folder
Printed copy of resolution sent to the U.S. Congress by the Missouri State Convention approving a constitutional amendment abolishing slavery in the states and territories.

Missouri. Council of Defense, Papers, 1917-1919, (C0575)
2 folders
The papers of the Missouri State Council of Defense contain reports on the organization and activities of the Council on relief, home defense, aliens, industry, labor, engineering, publicity, and supply and conservation of food. There are copies of correspondence and bulletins published by the Council. Topics discussed are recruits, farm labor, food, Patriotic Day, crops, loans and war funds, collecting waste junk, insurance, and posters.

Missouri Council of Defense, Papers, 1917-1919, (C2797)
13.6 linear feet
The papers of the Council of Defense contain correspondence, bulletins, circulars, and posters.

Missouri. Council of Defense, Records, 1940-1945, (C0011)
42 linear feet
Records dealing with the organization, and with participation of individual citizens in the organization. Bulletins, letters, budgets, plans, applications forms, maps, insignias, mailing lists, minutes, newspaper clippings, and other material showing how the Council operated.

Missouri. Democratic State Nominating Convention, Papers, 1892, (C1762)
3 folders
The papers contain the third and fourth ballots of vote by counties for presidential electors-at-large; printed list of delegates to convention; rules for nominating speeches, representation, voting, and admittance; minutes of proceedings; reports of committees on credentials, permanent organization, and platform and resolution.

Missouri. Department of State, Scrapbooks, 1908, (C1417)
2 volumes
The scrapbooks of the Missouri State Department contain newspaper clippings of 1908 political campaigns and the gubernatorial candidacy of Herbert Hadley.

Missouri. General Assembly (Confederate), Archives, 1861, (C2722)
2 folders
Bills, resolutions and amendments for the Confederate General Assembly, November 1861, under the governorship of Claiborne Fox Jackson. Includes a letter from C.F. Jackson, the act withdrawing Missouri from the Union, an act to provide for electing representatives to the Confederate States of America Congress, and other acts.

Missouri, General Assembly, House of Representatives (Confederate), Journal, 1861, (C2502)
1 volume
The records contain the Journal of the Rebel House, sitting at Neosho, 21 October 1861, in pursuance of the proclamation of Governor C.F. Jackson calling for secession. Also a printed copy of the Journal of the State session dealing with the same proclamation.

Missouri. General Assembly, 10th, House, Geyer Act, 1839, (C3148)
1 folder
The collection contains a facsimile of the Geyer Act, 11 April 1839.

Missouri. General Assembly, 18th, Roster, 1854-1855, (C2822)
1 folder
Officers of the state, members and officers of the Senate, and members and officers of the House of Representatives. Include residence, age, occupation, and place of birth.

Missouri. General Assembly, 23rd, House Bill 720, 1865, (C3380)
1 folder
Act amendatory to an act entitled "An Act to Incorporate the Alexandria, Canton, Lagrange, and West Quincy Railroad," approved 18 February 1865.

Missouri. General Assembly, 2nd regular session, Accounts, 1822, (C1537)
1 folder
The records contain accounts of money due Abraham S. Platte, Mathias McGirk, Samuel C. Owens, D.C. Westerfield, and William Beaver for supplies and services rendered the Missouri Senate, House of Representatives, and Supreme Court, St. Charles, Missouri, 1822.

Missouri. General Assembly, 2nd, Certifications, 1822, (C1685)
1 folder
Certification of money due Ab[ram] S. Pratt as doorkeeper to the State Senate, from Wm. H. Ashley, president, and A. Nelson, secretary, 11 January 1822. Certifications to Joseph W. Garraty as House of Representatives sergeant-at-arms and to William McFarland as a House member, from H.S. Geyer, speaker, and Th. Dougherty, clerk, 12 January 1822.

Missouri. General Assembly, 2nd, House, Expense Voucher, 1822, (C2751)
1 folder
A voucher for 24 dollars for expenses and a travelling allowance issued to Chauncey Smith from the temporary seat of government at St. Charles, Missouri.

Missouri. General Assembly, 67th, House Resolution, no. 98, (C1941)
1 folder
The records contain a House Resolution in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase.

Missouri. General Assembly, 70th, House Resolution No. 97, 1959, (C2831)
1 folder
Resolution honoring the one-hundredth anniversary of the organization of Carter County, MO, on 10 March 1859. House seal attached.

Missouri. General Assembly, Seventieth, Senate Resolution No. 63, 1959, (C2884)
1 folder, oversize
Resolution honoring the one-hundredth anniversary of the organization of Carter County, MO.

Missouri, 76th General Assembly, House Resolution no. 51, (C3280)
1 folder
The records contain a resolution commemorating the 100th anniversary of Independence, Missouri.

Missouri. General Assembly, 7th, Attendance and Travel Allowances, 1832-1833, (C3144)
1 folder
The collection contains warrants issued for payment of attendance and travel allowances.

Missouri. General Assembly, Senate, Letterhead, n.d., (C1679)
1 folder
The collection contains senate stationery with representations of the state seal and state capitol as a letterhead.

Missouri. Land Office, Ironton, Letter Book, 1867-1871, (C1278)
1 volume
Letter book of receiver of lands.

Missouri, Mississippi County, Act, 1845, (C1751)
1 folder
Act by the general assembly to provide for the organization of Mississippi County. Signed by C[laiborne] F[ox] Jackson, speaker of the house; James Young, president of the senate; and John C[ummins] Edwards, governor, 14 February 1845.

Missouri. Penitentiary, Receipts, 1865-1866, (C1680)
1 folder
Receipts from H.A. Swift, warden, to John F. Baker, Boone County sheriff, and James Coff, St. Louis County marshal, for the delivery of prisoners. Receipts list names of prisoners, offense, place of trial, and sentence.

Missouri. Register of Lands, Account Book, 1879-1888, (C1178)
1 volume
Fees received for township school land patents by Robert McCulloch, register of lands."

Missouri Senate, Equal Rights Amendment Testimony, Records, 1975-1980, (C4295)
0.2 cubic feet (3 folders)
The records of the Missouri Senate Equal Rights Amendment Testimony contain papers relating to the Missouri Senate’s hearing on the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment from 1977. Testimony was taken before the Missouri Senate Committee on Constitutional Amendments on February 2, 1977. The Missouri House of Representatives had already passed the Equal Rights Amendment at this point, and the ERA had already been ratified in 35 of the 38 states necessary for it to become law.

Missouri, State Flower, Papers, c.1917, (C1793)
1 folder
Missouri State Horticultural Society flyer and telegram regarding selection of a state flower.

Missouri, Ste. Genevieve District Land Record Book A., 1804-1809
0.2 cubic feet (5 folders)
The Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, District Land Record Book contains recordings of the sale of land titles, livestock, slaves, freeing of slaves, the transfer of titles and claims, indentures, marriage contracts, and other types of estate property and goods.

Missouri. Survey Commission, Newspaper Clippings, 1930-1931, (C2800)
1.7 linear feet
Newspaper clippings about Missouri State Survey Commission, established by Governor Henry S. Caulfield to collect facts about state's penal and eleemosynary institutions, institutions of higher education, public schools, taxation system, finances, and financial administration.

Missouri. Treasurer, Account Book, 1863-1877, (C1400)
1 volume
Miscellaneous accounts of the state treasurer's office and report of the state treasurer, 14 July 1877. Treasurers are Elijah Gates, 1877-1879, and William Bishop, 1865-1866.

Missouri. Treasurer, Voucher, 1825, (C1448)
1 folder
The collection consists of a cancelled authorization to pay H. Stuart's ten dollar salary as a government civil officer, 18 July 1825. The voucher is signed by Elias Barcroft, Missouri state auditor.

Missourinet Records, (CA6516)
68 audio cassettes
The records of Missourinet, a radio broadcasting network based in Jefferson City, Missouri, providing state news and sports coverage, contain sound recordings largely concerning the impeachment of Missouri Secretary of State Judith K. Moriarty.

Mitchell, Ewing Young, Jr. (1873-1954), Papers, 1840-1949 (C1041)
0.4 linear feet
Papers of a Springfield, Missouri, lawyer active in Democratic Party politics, who served as assistant secretary of commerce in Franklin Roosevelt’s first administration. Material concerns family affairs, law practice with emphasis on county indebtedness, Ozark land speculation, and Democratic politics on the state and national levels.

Mitchell, Ewing Young, Jr., (1873-1954), Papers, 1944, (C0816)
1 folder
Pamphlets by Mitchell entitled "Truman's First Nomination for Senator was Stolen" and "Four Horsemen of the Pendergast Machine."

Mitchell, Thomas C., Jr. (1901-1967), Papers, 1915-1966, (C4106)
0.4 cubic feet
The papers of Thomas C. Mitchell, Jr. document the life of a Jefferson City man appointed by Missouri Governor John M. Dalton to the state appellate court panel. The papers consist mostly of correspondence regarding the nomination and selection of state Supreme Court justices. The collection also contains photographs, deeds, flight logs, and other materials obtained throughout Mitchell's life.

Mitchener, Myrtle, Political Flyer, 1914, (R1136)
1 folder
This is a flyer dated 3 October 1914 by Myrtle Mitchener of Fairdealing, Missouri, who was the Republican candidate for Recorder of Ripley County. The flyer includes a photographic portrait of Mitchener and her two young children.

Moll, Justus R., Photograph Collection, (P0403)
5 photographs
Photographs of Justus R. Moll and portraits of politicians.

Montgomery, George Sneed (1870-1950) Papers, ca. 1860s-1947 (K0716)
0.75 cubic foot
Genealogy, correspondence, memos, speeches, scrapbooks, printed material, and photographs concerning Montgomery's activities as Presiding Jackson County Judge during the early years of Kansas City's Reform Era.

Morgan County, Missouri, Tax Assessment Book, 1844, (R0420)
1 volume
This is a record of assessments on real estate and personal property in Morgan County, Missouri. The volume includes a listing of taxpayers, the amount of taxable property, including slaves, and the amounts assessed. There are separate lists of assessments of property in the towns of Versailles, Florence, and Mining Post.

Morgan County Home & Infirmary, Papers, 1913-1973, (R0121)
1 folder, photocopies
These are specifications and historical accounts of the "Morgan County Home and Infirmary," or "poor farm," near Versailles, Missouri. Included are elevations and floor plans (1913) and three secondary accounts of "the Home's" history (1968, 1969, and 1973).

Morgan, Clara Washburn, (1851- ), Diary, 1885, (C3818)
2 folders, typescript
Diary kept by Morgan, the wife of five-term Missouri Congressman Charles Henry Morgan, in Washington, D.C., during 1885. The diary records such events as a suffrage meeting, Washington politics, and Grover Cleveland's inauguration and provides insight into family life and entertaining.

Morgan, George, Speech, 1973, (K0980)
1 folder
Audio tape of a speech made by Morgan a Political Parties Class at Center High School, on political boss Tom Pendergast.

Morris, Joseph, Family Letters, 1840-1908 (C0426)
1 folder, typed copies; also on 1 roll of microfilm
Letters from Joseph Morris and daughter, Sara Morris Mottram, from England to relatives in Tennessee. Political affairs in England, and general family news.

Morris, Rebecca Papers, 1972-1980, (K0313)
1 cubic foot
News clippings, correspondence, state voting records, campaign materials, and speeches about the Equal Rights Amendment collected by Morris, field coordinator for the Missouri Equal Rights Amendment Coalition and vice president of the Kansas City Chapter of the Women’s Political Caucus.

Morrow, Kate S., Constitutional Convention Scrapbook, 1922-1924, (C1415)
1 volume
The Kate S. Morrow Constitutional Convention scrapbook consists of newspaper clippings of progress of the Missouri constitutional convention of 1922-1924, compiled by a delegate from the 22nd district who served on the judiciary, bill of rights and health and welfare committees.

Morton, Stratford Lee, Constitutional Convention Papers, 1941-1945, (C0024)
5.75 linear feet
Papers concerning the Missouri Constitutional Convention of 1943-1944. Morton was chairman of the St. Louis and St. Louis County committee, and treasurer of the statewide committee to raise funds for the convention. He championed unicameralism and served as a delegate-at-large and chairman of the Library Committee.

Mosbaugh, R. C. McDonald County Courthouse Directory and Buyers Guide, (R0785)
1 booklet
This booklet includes the names and duties (and often photographs) of countywide office holders in McDonald County, Missouri, along with brief histories of the county and its towns, and advertisements for local businesses.

Mosby, John Singleton, (1833-1916), Letter, 1914, (C1604)
1 folder
To Mr. Collins, [New Haven, CT] from New York, Apr. 21, 1914. Mosby, on a lecture tour, accepted Collins' invitation to visit and dine. He wrote of Theodore Roosevelt, politics, introduction to William Howard Taft, Cameron Forbes, governor of the Philippines, Civil War friends and battles, and General John C. Pemberton.

Mudd, Henry Thomas (1818-1902), Papers, 1850-1879, (C1023)
0.25 linear feet
Correspondence and papers of Henry T. Mudd of Kirkwood and St. Louis, Missouri. Mudd was a businessman, politician, member of the Missouri General Assembly, delegate to the Missouri Constitutional Convention in 1875, and a curator of the University of Missouri.

Municipal Photograph Collection, 1930s-1960s, (K0116)
1 cubic foot
The collection contains photographic prints and negatives depicting activities of Kansas City, Missouri, municipal departments, mayors and councilmembers, city events, city buildings and parks, and other sites in the Kansas City metropolitan area.


Nagel, Charles, Jr., Photograph Collection, (P0247)
4 photographs
Three copy photos of Charles Nagel taken during his term of office as Secretary of Commerce and Labor, 1909-1913. Photo of William Taft meeting with his cabinet.

Napton, W. B., Letter, 1857, (C1879)
1 folder
The papers contain one letter to C.F. Jackson on October 3, 1857. The letter discusses at length the necessity of salaries to attract good Missouri Supreme Court judges; combating the growing discussion of emancipation of the slaves; Missouri politics; and the completion of the Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad.

National Air Mail Week Papers, 1938, (C1742)
1 folder
The papers contain six envelopes and two letters commemorating National Air Mail Week, 15-21 May 1938. First day covers from Missouri towns: Chillicothe, Columbia, Grant City, Palmyra, and Ste. Genevieve. Letters from Paris and Ste. Genevieve.

National Alliance Against Racist And Political Repression, St. Louis Branch (1973- ), Records, 1973-1986, (S0582)
85 Folders
The St. Louis branch of the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression records include organizational flyers, posters, and handbills as well as newsletters and other publications of the group, much of it from the national alliance. It also contains meeting minutes and by-laws of the St. Louis branch, its executive board, and task forces that it chartered. Arranged alphabetically.

National Association for the Advancement of White People Collection, ca. 1980's, (K1101)
0.3 cubic foot
Newsletters, newspapers, brochures, announcements regarding candidates and related issues.

National Organization for Women, Columbia Chapter, Columbia, Missouri, Records, (CA4732)
6 linear feet, 1 volume
Correspondence and reference files of the Columbia NOW chapter. Also includes materials from the Green Hills Area Chapter, Chillicothe, MO. Addition of correspondence, membership records, reference and background materials, promotional materials, and national and state organization records, 1980s-1990s.

Nelson, Earl F. (1884-1945), Papers, 1862-1945 (C0148)
0.2 linear feet
Two Civil War letters; World War II letters; miscellaneous correspondence of Nelson family; speeches by Nelson on U.S. Constitution, history of Sullivan County, and proposal of new Missouri constitution; University of Missouri Law School Foundation bulletin; notes; and other miscellaneous material.

Nelson, Earl F. (1884-1945), Papers, 1904-1967, (C2511)
3 linear feet
The papers of Earl F. Nelson contain personal, political, and business correspondence, insurance data, tax records, ledgers, and journals, including correspondence, reports, and financial statements dealing with work as a member of the board of curators. Also included are papers of Edna Nelson dealing with estate matters.

Nettleton, Gilbert, Papers, 1848, (C1607)
1 folder
The papers of Gilbert Nettleton contain materials regarding Nettleton's appointment as postmaster at Iron Mountain, MO.

Neuman, Dale A. (1936- ) Papers, 1960-1964, (K0399)
0.3 cubic foot
Political ephemera, both local and national, including campaign material, printed material, and newsletters.

New Democratic Coalition (1968- ), Records, 1968-1977, (S0068)
77 Folders, 12 Audio Tapes
The New Democratic Coalition was founded in 1968 as a reform movement in response to the Chicago Democratic Convention. Their major aims include the reform of campaign spending, tax assessment and the widening of the delegate selection process. Marvin L. Madison Madeson of St. Louis was national chairman from 1970-1972. Contains correspondence, audio tapes, minutes, press releases and photographs.

New Madrid County, Missouri, Land Claims, 1820-1846, (C3365)
1 folder
The records contain a plat, description, and letters regarding land claims in New Madrid County entered by Henry Masters, George Ruddle, and Joseph Gravier.

Newton County, Missouri, Marriage Records, 1874-1899, (R0514)
2 volumes
These are records of marriages performed by justices of the peace in Newton County, Missouri, 16 April 1874--3 April 1899. Volume 1 contains records of marriages by David A. Chapel, W. H. Coleman, A. H. Duree, Josephus Hewett, William Jackson, and Wesley H. Warren in Shoal Creek Township. Volume 2 includes marriages by A. P. DeGroff in Neosho Township.

Newton County Health Unit, Neosho, Missouri, Annual Report, 1944, (R0801)
1 booklet
This is "Your Health Department," the third annual report for the Newton County Health Unit of Neosho, Missouri. It includes summaries of public health efforts and community health services in Newton County.

Niles, Hezekiah (1777-1839), Papers, 1831-1835, (C2299)
1 folder
Letters to the editor and publisher of NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, MD, from northeastern congressmen requesting reports of the tariff convention in New York, 1831. Also a letter from Louisiana requesting Niles to mention the state's efforts towards improvements.

Norbeck, Peter (1870-1936), Papers, 1921-1936 (C0149)
0.1 linear feet
Letters to and from Peter Norbeck, senator from South Dakota from 1921 to 1936. Written mostly to fellow Republicans, the letters discuss national and state politics, with special emphasis on the farm vote and problems.

NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund, Papers, (CA4847)
8.75 linear feet
Correspondence, conference files, federal agency files, legislative files, subject files, notebooks, state files, newspaper clippings and other papers. Pertain largely to the Equal Rights Amendment and 1980 elections.

NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund, Papers, (CA4832)
11.75 linear feet
Papers pertaining to the work of the organization and the papers of Kathy Bonk.


O'Bryan, Jordan, Letter, 1854, (C3286)
1 folder
The collection contains a copy of a letter to John G. Miller from O'Bryan in Boonville, MO, Feb. 6, 1854, regarding the position of slavery in Missouri and Miller's political strength in Boonville.

O'Fallon Family, Papers, (CA2984)
0.2 linear feet
Papers consisting primarily of personal and professional correspondence of Benjamin O'Fallon, U.S. Agent for Indian Affairs in Missouri, 1816-1830s; and 19th century legal papers and financial documents of the related families of Smith, Madden, and Horine.

Oglesby, Richard James, (1824-1899), Letter, 1858, (C2774)
1 folder
Letter to a friend describing opposition to Judge Douglas; candidacy and loss in Missouri 7th district congressional race, 1858; slavery; and mutual acquaintances.

O’Hare, Kate Richards, Letters, 1919-1920, (C3118)
2 volumes, typed and xerox copies
Kate O’Hare’s letters to her family, April 20, 1919, to April 8, 1920, published in newspapers, and reproduced in book form April 14, 1920. Mrs. O’Hare, a Socialist reformer, wrote the letters from the Missouri State Penitentiary, where she served a 14 month term for opposing the draft for World War I. They acknowledge gifts and letters, and discuss the Socialist movement, diseases, prison food, heat and ventilation, and mental disturbances of inmates.

Oliver Family, Papers, 1805-1977, (C3731)
18.1 cubic feet
Papers of a prominent Cape Girardeau, MO, family including family and professional correspondence, patriotic organizations materials, legal firm records, family financial and legal records, speeches and writings, genealogical materials, information on Missouri State Normal School and First Presbyterian Church of Cape Girardeau, photographs, and miscellany.

Olson, James, Papers, (CA6039)
22 linear feet, 63 computer discs
Research files Olson collected while writing his biography of Senator Stuart Symington.

Olson, Philip G. (1934- ) Papers, 1919-2006, (K1126)
10 cubic feet
Olson is a retired University of Missouri-Kansas City professor in Sociology whose research focused on urban neighborhoods. Includes research materials, gathered by Olson, about neighborhoods in Kansas City, MO.

Organ, Minnie (1870-1931), Notebook, 1895, (C1195)
1 volume
Lectures on political philosophy.

Orr Family, Papers, 1932-1939, (C0943)
2 folders
Information on Sample Orr and his family gathered by Justus R. Moll for the writing of an article. Orr, born in Tennessee, came to Missouri in 1852 and was the Constitutional Unionist candidate for governor in 1860. After the Civil War he moved to Montana and finally to Idaho. Correspondence is primarily between Moll and Orr's daughter, Katie Orr Chapman.

Osage County, Missouri, Tax Book, 1844, (C2394)
3 folders
The records contain a tax book for 1844, John Wm. Thurmand, assessor and includes personal property and real estate assessments.

Ousley, Mayme Hanrahan, Papers, 1889-1967, (R0173)
42 folders
This collection consists of correspondence and miscellaneous papers of a civic leader and mayor of St. James in Phelps County, Missouri. She was the first woman to be elected to the mayoralty of a city in Missouri. The papers include material regarding city business, her position on the board of Missouri State Training Schools, and her activities with the Rebekah Lodge (I.O.O.F.).

Ozark Republican Club of Winona, Minute Book, 1896, (R0056)
1 volume
This volume contains the minutes of meetings of the Ozark Republican Club of Winona in Shannon County, Missouri, 1 September--27 October 1896. Included in the volume is a list of charter members.


Page, Harley H., Correspondence, 1952, (C2276)
1 folder
Correspondence between H.H. Page, Bates County farmer, and various state and federal officials. Page complains of suspected communist sympathies and activities of displaced persons employed on his farm.

Palmer, H.D., Letter, 1862, (C0512)
1 folder
To Isaac Feback from Independence, MO, Dec. 20, 1862. Letter from a Unionist telling of the distrust between North and South.

Page, Hazel Call (1897-1991) Papers, 1938-1981, (K0097)
0.5 cubic foot
Mrs. Page had been supervisor of the Works Projects Administration (WPA) Statewide Library Project in Missouri. Included are records of the administration of the WPA Library Project and those related to Mrs. Page's book on that subject.

Park, Guy B., Papers, (CA4765)
1 volume
Photographs and signatures of the members of the Missouri Constitutional Convention, 1922-1923.

Park, Guy Brasfield (1872-1946), Papers, 1932-1937, (C0008)
24.2 linear feet
Official and personal correspondence and papers of Guy B. Park, Democratic governor of Missouri from 1933 to 1937.

Park, Guy Brasfield (1872-1946), Papers, (CA4727)
4 linear feet
Correspondence and law cases, post-gubernatorial to c. 1946.

Parker, George W., Papers, (CA5963)
115 cubic feet, 3 oversize volumes, 176 audio cassettes, 9 audio discs, 47 audio tapes, 10 video cassettes, 3 CDs, 6 oversize items
Papers of a World War II bomber pilot and Republican State Representative from Boone County, Missouri, who founded the Pachyderm Club.

Parkville, Missouri, Ordinance Book, 1888-1921, (CA6472)
1 folder
Handwritten ledger of city ordinances passed by the Board of Alderman of Parkville, Missouri, also includes notices published in newspapers.

Parrish, Horace Monroe, Surveyor's Notebook, 1866-1871, (R0483)
1 volume
This is the field notebook of Horace Monroe Parrish, a surveyor in Springfield, Greene County, Missouri. Following the Civil War, Parrish was employed by the circuit court to inventory lands in the estate of Daniel D. Berry, and by the city of Springfield to resurvey lands around the town square donated by John Polk Campbell.

Parrish, John C. (1854-1944), Papers, 1877-1954, (C0034)
5.4 linear feet
Correspondence, business papers, and account books of John C. Parrish of Vandalia, Missouri. He was a member of the board of curators of the University of Missouri, 1905-1917; held interests in the lead and zinc mining industry in Missouri and Oklahoma; and was active in the Republican Party in Missouri.

Parrish, William E. (1931- ), Papers, 1972-1977, (C3642)
1.6 linear feet
Papers from the chairman of the Missouri American Revolution Bicentennial Commission. Included are correspondence, business papers, programs, and miscellaneous items.

Parry, Duke Needham (1893-1932), Papers, (CA5457)
2 linear feet, 1 volume
Addition of photographs, articles, clippings, correspondence, student materials, scrapbook, American Expeditionary Forces materials, memorabilia, and miscellaneous personal and professional materials.

Partin, Matthew K. (1952-2012) Collection, 1919-2005, (K1254)
15 cubic feet
Research notes and materials collected for a book concerning Harry S. Truman's early political life, federal prosecutions of election fraud, Tom Pendergast and his political machine, and Kansas City police.

Patterson, Roscoe Conklin (1876-1954), Papers, 1930-1944, (C0382)
10 folders
Campaign tour scrapbook, 1934; newspaper clippings scrapbook; and speeches of a U.S. senator from Missouri, 1928-1934.

Pearman, Floyd, Papers, 1936-1942, (CA2214)
2 folders
Records and correspondence of Floyd Pearman who was State Farm Debt Adjustment and Tenure Supervisor of the Farm Security Administration from 1936-1942.

Pearman, Floyd, Papers, 1942-1946, (CA2249)
0.2 cubic feet
Additional records and correspondence of a former State Farm Debt Adjustment and Tenure supervisor of the Farm Security Administration.

Peek, George N. (1873-1943), Papers, 1900-1947 (C2270)
34.6 linear feet
Personal and public papers. Emphasis is on John Deere and Company, agricultural problems and legislation in the 1920s and 1930s, and foreign trade policies of the New Deal. Also material concerning America First, Republican Party politics, and Peek’s post-World War I reconstruction activities.

Pendergast, Jr., Thomas J. (1912-1990) Papers, 1902-1978, (K0316)
0.33 cubic feet
The papers contain correspondence, event programs, newspaper clippings, legal and financial documents, and home movies.

People's Association for Better Municipal Government, Columbia, Missouri, Records, 1951-1957, (C4278)
0.2 cubic feet (8 folders)
Constitution, minutes, correspondence, membership lists, committee reports, financial records and miscellaneous papers of a group formed soon after the Charter-City Council form of city government began in Columbia.

Petefish, David W., Commission, 1871, (C1625)
1 folder
Commission as public administrator for Pettis County, MO, to complete unexpired term of James S. Porter. Signed by B. Gratz Brown.

Pettis, Spencer, Letter, 1827, (C1781)
1 folder
The papers contain a letter from Pettis to H. Clay, from Jefferson City, Missouri, May 12, 1827. Concerns obtaining copies of laws, state papers and public documents.

Pettus, William G[rymes], Papers, 1823, (C1528)
1 folder
The papers contain photostats of letters to the Missouri secretary of state from Henry S. Geyer, speaker of Missouri House of Representatives, and Benjamin Emmons, acting president pro tempore of the Missouri Senate. Both Geyer and Emmons claimed the constitutional right to act as governor of Missouri in the absence of the governor and lieutenant governor.

Pfeffer, Walter L., II, Collection, (CA5847)
17.4 cubic feet
Records of Columbia Association of Life Underwriters, University of Missouri Alumni Association, Evans Scholars Alumni Association, MU College of Arts and Science Alumni Association, MU Political Action Committee, Columbia Chamber of Commerce, Southside Optimist Club, and DeSmet Jesuit High School, and personal papers.

Phelps County, Missouri, Financial Statement, 1901, (R0036)
23 pages
This is a photocopy of a detailed statement of the financial affairs of Phelps County, prepared by B. H. Rucker, county clerk, and published by public subscription for general distribution. It includes advertisements for local businesses, fraternal societies, and churches.

Phelps County, Missouri, Financial Statement, 1913, (R0277)
1 folder
This is a pamphlet containing an itemized account of the financial affairs of Phelps County, prepared by F. A. Germann, county clerk. The statement was published as a supplement to the Rolla Herald, 9 April 1914, and includes advertisements by local businesses.

Phelps County, Missouri, Hospital Bond Campaign Leaflet, 1946, (R0337)
1 folder
This is a leaflet promoting a bond issue for construction of a public hospital in Phelps County, Missouri. The proposition was accepted by voters in the general election of 5 November 1946. The Phelps County Memorial Hospital opened at Rolla in 1951. It is now (1988) known as the Phelps County Regional Medical Center.

Phelps, John S. (1814-1886), Letter, 1876, (C1975)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter to W. Halliburton, Milan, MO, from Springfield, MO, Apr. 20, 1876. The letter comments on work of the constitutional convention and ratification of new constitution, as well as asking for Halliburton's support for Phelp's candidacy for governor and for his opinion of Phelp's prospects. Also included is a negative photostat of the envelope.

Phelps, John S. (1814-1886), Scrapbook, 1876-1937, (C3058)
1 volume
The scrapbook of John S. Phelps contains newspaper clippings and biographical information on the former governor and his family. Some correspondence and photographs of family residences are also included.

Phillips, Perry C. (1862-1923) Papers, 1882-1909, (K0085)
0.23 cubic foot
The papers of Perry C. Phillips contain photographs, a diary, and an autograph book in addition to materials related to Phillips professional life as an attorney and president of Inola Oil and Gas Company.

Phillips, Vivian E. (1889-1967), Constitutional Convention Papers, 1924-1967, (C2609)
0.8 linear feet
Letters, clippings, speeches, journals, reports, and miscellaneous papers of a delegate-at-large to the Missouri constitutional convention, 1943-1944. Pertains to the convention and the work of the Constitutional Convention Study Committee after the adoption of the 1945 Missouri constitution.

Phillips, Vivian E. (1889-1967), Constitutional Convention Papers, 1937-1949, (C0025)
3.5 linear feet
Correspondence, notes, pamphlets, and newspaper clippings collected by a delegate-at-large to the Missouri constitutional convention of 1943-1944.

Poirot, Eugene M., Papers, 1923-1989, (R0385)
231 folders
These are papers of a farmer and environmentalist of Lawrence County, Missouri. Topics include agriculture, fish-culture, soil conservation, and farm legislation. Included are family papers, correspondence, writings, speeches, photographs, and motion pictures on videocassette. In part, on microfilm.

Political Clippings, 1878, 1888, (C0837)
2 folders
Clippings concerning national politics. Party platforms and financial matters.

Political Ephemera, Campaign Posters And Bumper Stickers, 1930s-2008, (S0789)
3 Boxes
The Political Emphemera collection contains posters and bumper stickers collected by Senturia, largely from the 1970s through the present with a few from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1960s.

Political Issues of the Seventies Collection 1976-1981, (S0137)
7 Folders
Published and unpublished papers, newsletters, flyers, brouchers, political circulars, and articles about various issues, including racism, highways, taxes and foreign relations. Papers were collected from US-China People's Friendship Association; National Committee to Support the Marion Brothers; Free J.B. Johnson Committee; Socialist Workers Party; the New American Movement; the West End Militant Forum; the 1976 St. Louis school tax increase, and the Alliance Against Racism.

Political Tracts, n.d., (C3765)
1 folder
Printed tracts by an unidentified author describing corruption in the Republican Party in St. Louis in the early 1900s.

Politics in Missouri Oral History Project, Records, 1996-, (C3929)
2.2 linear feet
Interviews with Missouri legislators, politicians, aides, and other participants in Missouri politics. The records include audio cassettes, compact discs, and transcripts of the interviews.

Porteau, Rene, Collection, n.d., (C2953)
1 folder
Letter, probably from Joseph Shelby to Thomas T. Crittenden, discussing the 1896 Democratic convention in Chicago and the politicians involved. Also newspaper clippings from the ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT announcing the death of Thomas Crittenden.

Post War Planning Project, Correspondence, 1945-1946, (C2503)
22 folders
The papers contain a survey of post-war planning projects in Missouri on the city, state, and federal levels. Information gathered from chambers of commerce, state and federal agencies, and private organizations. Includes letters, pamphlets, and statistical material.

Potosi, Missouri, Board of Trustees, Minute Book, 1826-1851, (R0186)
1 volume
These are the minutes of meetings of the Board of Trustees of Potosi in Washington County, Missouri, 8 May 1826--7 March 1851. The minutes include resolutions and ordinances regarding taxes, public nuisances, streets, slave meetings, and theatrical performances.

Potter, Howard C. (1910-1959), Constitutional Convention Scrapbooks, 1944-1946, (C2411)
5 volumes
The collection contains clippings collected by a Republican delegate to the 1943 Missouri constitutional convention. They cover the convention, campaign for the approval of the proposed charter, and revision of statutes by the General Assembly to conform to the new constitution.

Pratt, Stephen R. (Dick) (1918-2008) Papers, 1957-1965, (K1206)
0.25 cubic foot
Pratt served as Prosecuting Attorney for Clay County, MO, Kansas City Councilman, and Circuit Judge of Clay County. Includes scrapbooks: his political campaign Division II Circuit Court Judge, and cases he handled; and his appointment as an Honorary Missouri Colonel.

Price, Sterling (1809-1867), Letter, 1854, (C2206)
1 folder
To Secretary of War [Jefferson Davis], Washington, D.C., from Jefferson City, MO, May 15, 1854. Letter from Governor Sterling Price to Secretary of War Jefferson Davis requesting the delivery of eighty muskets and related material from the arsenal at St. Louis to Captain Madison Miller of St. Louis.

Scrapbooks, Marvin E. Proffer, (CG0006)
0.2 cubic feet (2 volumes)
The Marvin E. Proffer Scrapbooks contain two scrapbooks that contain newspaper clippings, postcards, and other memorabilia related to Proffer.

Prudhomme, Gabriel (1789-1831) Estate Abstract, 1831-1858 (K0209)
0.04 cubic feet
The collection contains an abstract documenting transactions related to the disposition of the estate of Gabriel Prudhomme, one of Kansas City's founders.

Public Opinion Survey Unit, Records, (CA4919)
18.75 linear feet
Questionnaires, codebooks, computer data sheets, correspondence, reports, and other files of surveys conducted by the Public Opinion Survey Unit of the Department of Political Science at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Public Roads Administration Photographs, (P0787)
36 photographs
Photos of highways and highway construction, ca. 1929-1946, including images of US 40, US 64, MO 6, MO 329-E, US 65, and US 66.

Pulaski County, Missouri Tax Books, ca. 1936-1944, (R1331)
0.1 cubic feet (2 folders)
These undated books contain data pertaining to land owners in Pulaski County, They were created by William C. White (1896-1990), assessor of Pulaski County, Missouri, between the years 1936-1944.


Rackers Studio Photographs, (P0859)
0.13 linear feet
Photos by Rackers Studio of Jefferson City, MO, many of which are of Missouri representatives.

Rader, Perry S., Letters, 1928, (C2113)
1 folder
The papers contain correspondence concerning the Missouri state seal and the designer George Frederick Burckhartt's daughter Bettie C. Burckhartt, Bruce Lemmon, W.C. Knaus, and Mary Miller (Mrs. A. Lee) Smiser.

Radical Newspaper/Journal Collection, 1923-1978, (S0803)
41 Folders
The collection contains newspapers and journals published by leftwing labor unions and leftist political groups, most frequently those espousing some form of socialism. Recipients resided in St. Louis, Overland, and Poplar Bluff, Missouri.

Radical Union Party, Central and Advisory Committees of Ray County, Convention Proceedings, 1866, (C2833)
1 folder
Proceedings of the 22 February 1866 meeting. Statements concerning reconstruction; withdrawal of support from the Missouri Freeman as a party organ.

Rainey, Homer P., (1896-1985), Interview, 1968, (C2542)
8 folders
The papers contain an interview with a former president of Bucknell University, Stephens College, Franklin University, and the University of Texas. Interview concerns his theories of education, college administration, his Texas presidency, and his gubernatorial campaign.

Rainey, Homer Price (1896-1985), Papers, 1919-1952, (C0032)
23.4 linear feet, 3 oversize volumes, 77 audio cassettes, 1 record
The personal papers and correspondence of Rainey cover his career as an educator; his directorship of the American Youth Commission; the struggle for academic freedom at the Uni-versity of Texas; his campaign for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in Texas; and the administration of Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri. The scrapbooks contain news clip-pings, articles, and family genealogy.

Randolph County, Missouri, Deeds, 1888-1909, (C3742)
3 folders
The papers contain warranty, quitclaim, and trust deeds for properties in Randolph County, Missouri. Also includes a lease for land owned by J.E. Hubbard and a bond for deed.

Rector, William, Letter, 1824, (C1632)
1 folder
Rector, surveyor general for Illinois, Missouri and Territory of Arkansas, estimated expenses of the Surveyor General's Office for 1824.

Reed, James Alexander (1861-1944) Papers, 1903-1950, (K0443)
59 cubic feet, 45 phonograph recordings
Personal and professional correspondence, speeches, case files, legal documents, scrapbooks, and subject files of Kansas City Mayor and United States Senator James A. Reed.

Regan, John Keating (1911- ), Papers, 1959-1980, (S0173)
5 Folders
Regan's tenure on the District Court is documented by newspaper clippings, photographs, and some correspondence. Significant correspondence includes Stuart Symington and Father Dismas Clark. The Correspondence includes congratulatory letters, letters of recommendation for military academy appointments and letters supporting pay increases to U.S. Marshals, a new courthouse, and a discussion of case loads.

Reed, Ellen "Nell" Quinlan Donnelly Papers, (K0444)
4 cubic feet (165 folders, 4 oversize folders, 55 photographs)
The Ellen “Nell” Quinlan Donnelly Reed Papers contain correspondence, printed and published advertisements, and photographs related to the life of Nell Donnelly Reed, prominent Kansas City businesswoman and cofounder of the Donnelly Garment Company. The papers also cover topics including politics and travel.

Reed, James A. (1861-1944), Scrapbook, 1920-1922, (C1419)
7 volumes
The scrapbooks of James A. Reed contain newspaper clippings on Senator James A. Reed, Missouri Democratic U.S. Senator, 1911-1928, his part in political campaigns of 1920 and 1922; as well as opposition to the League of Nations, to prohibition, and to Woodrow Wilson. The collection includes references to political figures of the period.

Reeder, Douglas Lee (1909-1988), Papers, 1931-1941, (C2536)
23.3 linear feet
Papers of a Kansas City attorney. Records of action relating to the trucking industry, labor disputes, bill collection and bankruptcy, damage suits, divorce cases, patent cases, and estates. Some papers pertaining to local Democratic politics, Boy Scouts, and Country Club Congregational Church.

Reeves, Earl J. (1933- ), Papers, (CA5914)
5.6 linear feet
Correspondence, diaries, clippings, memorabilia, and miscellaneous material related to personal, family, and professional, civic and political activity. Also includes correspondence, and financial, training, and promotional material related to Community Bible Study International, a Christian missionary organization, 1940s-2001.

Reform Movement Oral History Collection, 1988, (K0266)
0.3 cubic foot
Oral interviews with individuals personally active in the Kansas City reform movement in opposition to the Pendergast Machine and for good Municipal government from the 1920s through the 1950s.

Reps, Louis W., Letter, 1940, (C2110)
1 folder
To Wayne Parker, Long Beach, CA, from Springfield, MO, July 10, 1940. A reply to Parker's editorial column in the LONG BEACH INDEPENDENT, "Round the Town which criticized Dewey Short and his constituency. Also five newspaper clippings about Parker's editorial.

Republican National Committee, Campaign Advertisements, 1964, (C3891)
1 audio disc
Audio recording of political statements of 1964 Republican Presidential candidate Barry Goldwater.

Republican Party Posters, 1875-1884, (C2854)
1 folder
Miscellaneous broadsides on Adair County, Missouri, political matters. OVERSIZE.

Republican State Executive Committee, St. Louis, Missouri, Flyer, 1888, (C3189)
1 folder
A flyer sent out to Republicans and Republican newspapers listing the national electoral and state Republican ticket.

Rethwisch, Dorothy, Photograph Collection, (P0380)
2 photographs
Two 8x10 black and white photographs of Missouri Highway Department, Division of Employees, 1927 and 1928.

Revolutionary War Bond, Massachusetts Bay State, 1777, (C0911)
1 folder
A Revolutionary War bond issued by the State of Massachusetts Bay to Thomas Drowne for the price of thirteen pounds six shillings.

Reynolds, Thomas, (1796-1844), Certification, 1840, (C1633)
1 folder
Certified list of the Missouri presidential and vice-presidential electors: Abraham Byrd, Edward Dobyns, James Holman, and Walter G. Meriwether.

Reynolds, Thomas (1796-1844), Papers, 1841-1842, (C1770)
1 folder
The papers of Thomas Reynolds contain Photostats of petitions for prison pardons, including one letter from David Rice Atchison requesting a shorter sentence for two men and discussion of other matters.

Reynolds, Thomas (1796-1844), Papers, 1842-1843, (C1737)
1 folder
The papers of Thomas Reynolds contain a certification of Lewis F. Linn's election as U.S. Senator from Missouri, and recommendations of persons to complete the unexpired term after Linn's death in 1843.

Reynolds, Thanksgiving Proclamation, 1843, (C3206)
1 folder
Copy of proclamation setting Thursday, 13 November 1843, as Thanksgiving Day.

Reynolds, Thomas Caute (1821-1887), Letter, 1860, (C2449)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter to C.F. Jackson, governor-elect of Missouri, from St. Louis, MO, Nov. 25, 1860, concerning Missouri's financial affairs and inability to pay the January interest. The letter discusses possible action, advises a suspension of specie and requests Jackson to consider official action.

Reynolds, Thomas Caute, (1821-1887), Papers, 1860-1864, (C1910)
1 folder
Papers in suit of U.S. vs. Library of Thomas C. Reynolds for settlement of Reynolds' debts. Included is inventory of his library.

Reynolds, Thomas Caute (1821-1887) Papers, 1862-1866 (C2459)
1 roll microfilm
Official and private correspondence, diary, and memorandum of Confederate lieutenant-governor of Missouri, concerning military and political affairs of Missouri and of the Confederacy in the southwestern, trans-Mississippi area. 998 pages. Originals in the Library of Congress.

Rice, Patricia (1949- ), Papers, 1973 - 1986, (S0722)
10 Folders
This collection contains resource materials collected by Ms. Rice while covering women in politics for the St. Louis Post Dispatch. Some of the material was used in a book titled In the Running by Ruth Mandel. The book was initially published by Ticknor and Fields in 1981.

Rich, John A. (1855-1944), Diaries, 1884-1943, (C0898)
0.3 linear feet
Diaries of John A. Rich, lawyer and judge from Slater, Saline County, Missouri.

Rich, Pam (1945-1989), Papers, 1973-1980, (C3957)
0.8 linear feet
Papers of Pam Rich, lobbyist for the Women's Political Caucus which advocated ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment by Missouri. The papers include notes on legislators, newsletters, correspondence between Rich and legislators, campaign brochures, and publicity for and against the ERA.

Richard Ron F., Papers (CA6543)
0.2 cubic feet, 15 DVDS, 15.3 GB of digital files
The papers of a Missouri state senator from Joplin contain correspondence, speeches, photographs, materials concerning inductions into the Hall of Famous Missourians, and audiovisual material.

Richards, Allen D. (1833-1895), Papers, 1875-1893 (C0156)
0.2 linear feet
Papers of justice of the peace and postmaster of Dewitt, Carroll County, Missouri.

Richardson, Hayes Ayres (1901-1971) Papers, ca. 1933-1971, (K0278)
5 cubic feet
Richardson was Director of Welfare for the City of Kansas City, MO 1940-1959 and most of the papers pertain to this period: newspaper clippings, correspondence, reports, and photographs. Also his campaign for the Kansas City Council and his interest and work in government and economics which he taught at the University of Kansas City.

Roach, Cornelius (1863-1934), Speeches, 1915-1930 (C0157)
0.3 linear feet
Contains the speeches of Cornelius Roach, secretary of the state of Missouri, 1909-1916, and editor of the Jasper County Democrat.

Roark, James A. (1879-1957), Papers, 1896-1940 (C2645)
1 folder
Letters and papers concerning Roark’s employment on the Missouri, Gasconade, and Osage Rivers, 1896-1917; federal employees. Two river guide booklets; Missouri rivers, 1901, Ohio River, n.d. Broadside on the State Democratic Convention, St. Louis, 1940. Two David Lawrence clippings on federal wage controls, 1942.

Robinson, John M., "Appeal to the Independent Voters of Boone County," n.d., (C2825)
1 folder
Political article by a candidate for County Clerk of Boone County against Judge Woodson.

Robinson, John M., Bond, 1822, (C1478)
1 folder
$5000 bond of John M. Robinson as surveyor of Boone County, MO, 18 November 1822, with Thos. Duley and John Henderson as securities.

Robinson II, Marvin S. (1957- ) Papers, 1970s-1990s, (K1070)
30 cubic feet
Robinson is a community activist with interests in local government, politics, social, health and cultural issues, and the establishment of the Quindaro Ruins in Kansas City, KS as an historical site. Includes personal journals and writings, correspondence, newsletters, news articles, and reference files maintained by Robinson. Concerning his efforts to save Quindaro, and other activism in the African-American community

Rodgers, Harris D., Papers, 1949-1965, (R0294)
6 folders, 38 photographs
These are newspaper clippings, correspondence, miscellaneous papers, and photographs pertaining to the tenure of Harris Rodgers as chairman of the Missouri State Highway Commission. A native of Scott County, Missouri, Rodgers served from 1949 to 1957.

Rodman, Francis, Letter, 1866, (C1726)
1 folder
To F[rancis] Rodman, Secretary of State, [Jefferson City, Missouri] from "A Union Soldier who served during the war," New Madrid, [Missouri]. Bitter protest about the 1866 election of "Rebels" in New Madrid, MO. Violations of the registry law governing election procedures. List of reliable Union supporters to verify charges.

Rogers, Harrison Lang (1919-2002), Interview, 1965, (C3395)
2 folders, 2 audio tapes
Tapes and transcripts of an interview with the editor of the Joplin Globe and Joplin News Herald.

Rogers, Nelson F., Papers (R1318)
1.75 cubic feet (79 folders, 9 volumes, 231 photographs)
The Nelson F. Rogers Papers contain the professional papers of Nelson F. Rogers, a forester with the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service Research Center. He conducted research at the Sinkin Experimental Forest and Central States Forest Experiment Station, studying reforestation of strip-mined areas and experiments involving the cultivation of shortleaf pine. The collection also includes personal papers and Rogers family genealogical material.

Rolla, Missouri, Home Rule Charter Commission, Papers, 1981-1982, (R1350)
0.25 cubic feet (3 folders)
The Rolla Home Rule Charter Commission, Papers, documents the issue of whether or not the city of Rolla, Missouri, should adopt a home rule charter.

Rollins, James S. (1812-1888), Papers, 1546-1968, (C1026)
3.3 linear feet; 10 rolls of microfilm
The papers of James S. Rollins, a Boone County, Missouri, lawyer, politician, businessman, and curator of University of Missouri include correspondence with family, business and political associates, and George Caleb Bingham and other friends. The papers covers state, national, and Whig party politics from 1830 through the 1880s, the Civil War in Missouri, internal improvements and the North Missouri Railroad, and education at University of Missouri.

Rollins, James Sidney (1812-1888), Letter, 1885, (C1637)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter to Grover Cleveland, from Columbia, MO, Aug. 7, 1885. Rollins endorsed General Firman A. Rozier, applicant for appointment as U.S. marshal of the eastern district of Missouri.

Rollins, James Sidney (1812-1888), Letters, 1870-1885 (C3014)
1 roll of microfilm
Letters discussing Missouri and national politics written by James S. Rollins, a Missouri politician, lawyer, and businessman, to Carl Schurz, U.S. Senator from Missouri, 1869-1875, and Secretary of the Interior, 1877-1881.

Romjue, Milton A. (1874-1968), Papers, c.1890-1963, (C3932)
16.8 linear feet
The papers of Milton A. Romjue, a Democratic, U.S. Representative from the first congressional district of Missouri contain constituent, patronage, political, campaign, legislative, administrative, and personal files that document north-central and northeastern sections of the state from 1916 to 1942. The bulk of the material is correspondence, but the papers also include newspaper clippings, campaign literature, government publications, and photographs.

Rothman-Serot, Geri, (SA0967)
4 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Rottmann, Betty Cook, Papers, (CA5058)
26.8 linear feet, 6 audio cassettes
Correspondence and documents relating primarily to AAUW, Missouri Press Women, the Equal Rights Amendment, University of Missouri Office of Public Information, and women's issues.

Rottmann, Larry, Collection (CA5858)
107.35 cubic feet, audiovisual material, oversize material
Compilation of correspondence, subject files, manuscripts, publications, newspaper clippings, teaching material, production material, organizational records, and audio and video recordings related to Vietnam, the Vietnam War and anti-war activity, veterans, and conflict literature.

Rozier, George A., Papers, (CA2861)
6.8 cubic feet
Papers of a Missouri State Senator, including correspondence, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, state publications, campaign materials, speeches, and photographs, concerning state politics and legislation in the 1930s and 1940s.

Ruffin, James Edward, (1893-1977), Papers, 1929-1965, (C2345)
0.4 cubic feet
The papers contain correspondence and legal papers of a Democratic congressman-at-large, 1933-1935; lawyer; and special assistant to the attorney general, 1935-1953.

Runge, G. Andy (1930-1991), Papers, 1970-1991, (C3923)
17 linear feet
The papers of a Mexico, Missouri, attorney who served on the Missouri Conservation Commission, was active in state and national environmental and conservation organizations, and was a curator of the University of Missouri. The papers consist of correspondence, subject files, financial and legal records, minutes of meetings, publications, and other records of the various organizations in which he was active during the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.

Russell, Jos[eph] W[illia]m, Letter, 1847, (C1640)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter to Mary L. Russell, Jackson, Cape Girardeau County, MO, from Chicago, [IL], July 4, 1847. Russell, at a convention in Chicago as a member of the Cape Girardeau delegation, wrote his wife about the convention, the crowds, American House, and Chicago, and listed the Cape Girardeau delegates.

Ruth Rust Studio Photographs, (P0860)
0.13 linear feet
Photos by Ruth Rust Studio of Jefferson City, MO, many of which are of Missouri representatives.


Saint Francis Levee District, Records, 1893-1980, (R0076)
8 volumes, 1 folder
These are ledgers, minute books, and financial records of the Saint Francis Levee District. The District was organized in 1893, and reorganized in 1913. It includes parts of Dunklin, New Madrid, and Pemiscot counties in Missouri.

Sainte Genevieve, Missouri, Miscellaneous Records, 1865-1883, (R0040)
2 folders
These are photocopies of miscellaneous city and county documents. Included are tax records, a census of school-age children, loyalty oaths, and ballots from the elections of 1876. There are also pamphlets containing a report on mining and manufactures to the Missouri legislature, 1881, and an address by Gov. Thomas T. Crittenden, printed in German, 1883.

Sainte Genevieve, Missouri, Board of Trustees, Ordinances, 1849-1895, (R0005)
2 volumes
These are municipal ordinances of the city of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. The ordinances are organized chronologically by date of enactment and are numbered consecutively. Included are ordinances dated from 30 May 1849 to 10 December 1895.

Sainte Genevieve, Missouri, Board of Trustees, Records, 1827-1913, (R0004)
4 volumes
These are minutes of meetings of the boards of trustees and aldermen of the city of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. The meetings include discussions and resolutions on various items of city business, including payments for services rendered, the hiring and firing of city officials, public works, and proposed ordinances.

Sainte Genevieve, Missouri, Tax Book, 1861, (R0386)
1 volume
This is a record of taxes on real estate and personal property in the city of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. The records include an alphabetical listing of property owners, the location and value of real estate, taxes on slaves, notes, bonds, dogs, and other personal property, and the amount of tax assessed.

Sampson, Francis Asbury (1842-1918), Papers, 1909, (C1450)
1 folder
Letters from J.W. Connaway, A.P. Barton, and Susie O. Shelby. Biographical information on David Barton (1783-1837), Missouri politician and statesman. Barton family genealogy.

Sampson, Francis Asbury (1842-1918), Collection, 1796-1958, (C3813)
12.9 linear feet
This collection, compiled by Sampson, includes Democratic and Republican party campaign literature for national and Missouri elections, 1838-1958; speeches and pamphlets concerning national and state political issues; materials concerning the history of Boone, Schuyler, Pettis, and Ste. Genevieve counties and Sedalia; papers of Garland C. Broadhead and William Switzler; and speeches, notes, bibliographies, and personal papers of Sampson.

Sampson, Francis Asbury, Papers, (CA5935)
Additions of business cards, hotel advertisements, temperance pledge card, and speech to the Women's Christian Temperance Union.

Sanborn, J., Letter, 1844, (C1776)
1 folder
The collection contains a photostat of a letter from St. Louis, Mar. 28, 1844, discussing politics of the 1844 Democratic Convention.

Sappington, John, Papers, 1803-1887, (C1027)
1.8 linear feet
The papers consist of correspondence and miscellaneous papers, largely concentrating on Sappington's anti-fever medicine business. Also correspondence and papers of William B. Sappington, Erasmus D. Sappington, and Claiborne Fox Jackson.

Sasse, David Blake, Collection, 1940-1993, (C4107)
1 folder
The collection of David Blake Sasse contains mostly correspondence between Sasse and military veterans describing their experience with Missouri National Guard units. Sasse also collected military unit histories and political campaign materials.

Schechter, Maurice, Papers, 1919-1977, (S0687)
68 Folders
The Maurice Schechter Papers include law cases from 1919-1977 and various awards given to Schecter from 1929-1976. Together they chronicle Schecter's career as a lawyer, Missouri Representative, and Missouri Senator.

Schlafly, Phyllis (1924- ), Collection, 1972-1982, (S0224)
5 Folders, 1 Microfilm Roll
The collection includes newsletters, brochures, flyers, newsclippings and anti-ERA material. Also a copy of Schlafly's book A Choice Not An Echo. Copies of the Phyllis Schlafly Report have been microfilmed.

Schmidt, Liz, Collection, (CA4702)
9 linear feet
Clippings and printed material pertaining to elections, schools, and Columbia and Boone County issues during the 1970s and 1980s gathered by Schmidt in the course of her work with the League of Women Voters and other groups.

Schmidt, Liz, Collection, (CA4705)
8 linear feet
Addition. League of Women Voters material, fair housing material, and elections.

Schoemehl, Mayor Vincent, First Term Records, 1981-1985, (S0792)
66 Boxes
Contains the records of Mayor Schoemehl's first term in office. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Schoemehl, Mayor Vincent Second Term Records, 1985-1989, (S0821)
102 Boxes

Schoemehl, Mayor Vincent, Third Term Records, 1990-1993, (S0822)
167 Boxes

Schoemehl, Vincent, Press Clippings And Audio Visual Collection, (SA0983)
46 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Schooley, C. Herschel, Papers, (CA4078)
7 cubic feet
Biographical research material collected by C. Herschel Schooley in preparation for a book on Clarence Cannon. During the Eisenhower administration, Schooley served as Director of the Office of Public Information, Department of Defense, from 1953 to 1958.

Schrader, William Henry (1844-1921), Reminiscences, n.d., (C1519)
1 folder
The reminiscences describe slavery in Missouri, including treatment of slaves, punishment, education, desire for freedom, fugitives, and character sketches of individual slaves. Also described are the Kansas-Missouri border conflicts, the Civil War in Missouri, bushwhackers, Claiborne Fox Jackson, the 1856 and 1860 presidential campaigns, German immigrants, Missouri Republicans, and Linneus and Brunswick, MO.

Schroeder, Richard E., Papers (CA6060)
0.5 cubic feet
Versions, both digital and print, of Schroeder's manuscript entitled "Missouri At Sea: Warships With Show-Me State Names." Includes correspondence, index, and illustrations. Also materials pertaining to the book "The Foundations of the CIA: Harry Truman, the Missouri Gang, and the Origins of the Cold War."

Schuder, John C. (1922-2012), Papers, 1964-1975, (C3915)
0.8 linear feet
Papers of John C. Schuder, an officer of the Columbia, Missouri, Chapter of the Fellowship of Reconciliation and member of the Anti-War Moratorium Committee. The Schuder Papers consist of correspondence, speeches, newspaper clippings, photographs, and miscellaneous material.

Schwabe, Max (1905-1983), Papers, 1927-1971, (C4019)
0.8 linear feet and 1 scrapbook
The papers were created by Max Schwabe, who served the Second Congressional District of Missouri in the United States House of Representatives from 1943 to 1948. The collection includes political files, newspaper clippings, published materials, photographs, and a scrapbook that outlines Schwabe’s political career.

Senior Leadership of Johnson County, KS Records, 1996-2007, (K1181)
2 cubic feet
Organizational records of a steering committee to coordinate a leadership program with Leadership Northeast for seniors in Johnson County. Includes minutes, committee reports, correspondence, scrapbooks, newsletters, photographs, floppy disks, and CDs.

Senturia, Ben (1943- ), Addenda, 1969-1988, (S0747)
104 Folders
Since 1966, Ben Senturia has served in a variety of capacities to advance environmental, peace, and political reform campaigns, especially in organizing the political and informational activities of nonprofit organizations. He also gave much of his personal time to environmental affairs and political reform. Through his Center for Active Citizenship, organized in 1989, Senturia taught activists how to establish and govern nonprofit organizations, how to mount ballot initiatives and organize campaigns in support of those initiatives. This collection reflects those efforts in several areas.

Senturia, Ben, (1947-Present) Addenda, 1977-2003, (S0986)
97 folders

Senturia, Ben (1943- ), Campaign Finance Reform, Records, 1975-2000, (S0752)
325 Folders, 60 Photographs
The Collection includes records from the Center for Active Citizenship and a selection of campaign finance reform material from many states.' Also included are records from two national reform organizations Senturia served with, the Working Group on Electoral Democracy (WGED) and The Center for Responsive Politics (CRP). Finally, Senturia, through the CAC, provided advice and direction for three Missouri reform groups: Missouri Alliance for Campaign Reform (MACR), Missouri Voters for Fair Elections (MVFE), and Missouri Voters for Clean Elections (MVCE).

Senturia, Ben (1947- ), Papers, 1976-1987, (S0745)
50 Folders, Artifacts, 12 Photographs, 2 Tapes
Long active in environmental, antiwar and political reform efforts, Senturia graduated from Washington University in 1966. He served as a research assistant for Barry Commoner, an early and ardent environmentalist, from 1966 through 1968. Senturia became a predoctoral fellow in the Environmental Field Program at Washington University at this time. Thereafter, he worked as an organizer and campaign consultant for a variety of public interest, non-profit organizations, chief among them were the St. Louis Coalition for the Environment (for which he served as Executive Vice President, 1970-1972, Executive Director, 1972-1977, and then as a member of the Coalition's Board of Directors) and the St. Louis based Clearinghouse for the Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign (as Education/Outreach Coordinator, 1982-1986.) Throughout this time and beyond, Senturia frequently acted as a consultant to numerous nonprofit organizations, assisting them in organizing and directing political or fund-raising campaigns as part of a private business, the Center for Active Citizenship, organized in 1989.

Shackelford, Thomas (1822-1908), Papers, 1820-1908 (C0163)
0.6 linear feet
Personal and business letters, documents and memoirs of a lawyer and politician of Glasgow, Missouri. He was a member of the Missouri Convention of 1861 and of the Constitutional Convention of 1875. Includes family letters and letters relating to his legal practice and politics, a few of them pertaining to the Constitutional Convention of 1875.

Shamberg, John Elliott (1913-2009) Papers, 1923-2001, (K0748)
9 cubic feet
Correspondence between Shamberg, his family and friends, relating his college years, early career, World War II, and after the war. Shamberg was an attorney and personal counsel to Robert B. Docking, governor of Kansas,

Shear, Sue, Papers, (SA0987)
40 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Shell, Casper, Papers, 1832-1849, (R0243)
3 folders
These are a journal and miscellaneous papers of Casper Shell (Schell), Jr., a blacksmith and justice of the peace who lived near Lutesville in what was then Cape Girardeau County, now Bollinger County, Missouri. The collection pertains to Shell's trade as a blacksmith as well as his official duties. A transcript, prepared by the donor, is available.

Shepley, Ethan A.H. (1896-1975), Constitutional Convention Papers, 1943-1944, (C0027)
2 linear feet
Letters and papers of a St. Louis lawyer and Republican delegate-at-large. Shepley was chairman of the Committee on Taxation - Levy, Assessment, and Collection, and served on the Committees on the Legislative Department, Executive Department, Judiciary Department, Military Affairs, and Miscellaneous Provisions.

Shields Monument Association, Record Book, 1880-1881, (C1254)
1 volume
Association formed to raise $10,000 for monument at grave in Mount St. Mary's Cemetery, Carrolton, MO, of General James Shields, U.S. Senator from Illinois, Minnesota, and Missouri. Also some loose papers.

Shook, R. Edgar (1894-1970) Papers , 1937-1946, (K1133)
1 cubic foot
Shook was an attorney in Kansas City, MO active in politics. Includes scrapbooks of newspaper clippings chronicling Shook's tenure as a member of the Kansas City Board of Election Commissioners and as president of the Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners.

Short, Beth Campbell (1908-1988), Papers, 1927-1968, (C3994)
0.6 linear feet
The papers of Beth Campbell Short, a journalist from Oklahoma who primarily worked in Washington, D.C. covering Eleanor Roosevelt for the Associated Press, consist of correspondence, newspaper clippings, speeches, reports, and photographs.

Short, Dewey (1898-1979), Papers, (CA5712)
0.1 linear feet, 9 audio discs, 2 audio tapes, 1 CD, 2 films, 1 video cassette, 1 DVD
Addition to papers of a U.S. Representative from Missouri's 7th District. Primarily includes campaign materials from 1950-1956, including audiovisual material.

Short, Dewey (1898-1979), Papers, (CA5722)
Addition of two portrait images of Dewey Short, also newspaper clippings, campaign material, and miscellaneous personal papers, 1910s-1950s.

Short, Dewey (1898-1979), Papers, 1912-1979, (CA5226)
Addition of two recordings by May Kennedy McCord. Recordings contain Dewey Short for Congressman spots.

Short, Dewey, Papers, (CA5136)
9.8 cubic feet
Personal and political papers of a Republican U.S. Representative from Missouri's seventh congressional district. Includes educational and pre-political records.

Short, Dewey (1898-1979), Papers, (CA5944)
97.25 linear feet, 3 audio discs, 8 rolls of microfilm
Papers of U.S. Representative from Missouri's 7th District (1929-1930; 1935-1956) and Assistant Secretary of the Army (1957-1961). Includes materials on campaigns, Table Rock Dam and Reservoir, and the U.S. Army during World War II and the Cold War.

Shrewsbury, James, Papers, (S0988)
52 cubic feet
The James F. Shrewsbury Papers consist of meeting minutes, political campaign material, newspaper clippings, reports, and political campaign materials pertaining Shrewsbury’s career on the 16th Ward Alderman (1983-2007) and the President of the St. Louis Board of Alderman (2002-2007), for the city of St. Louis. This collection also contains political campaign ephemera—bumper stickers, political buttons, and flyers—pertaining to Missouri state and national politicians. The materials in this collection date from 1962 to 2015. 

Simmons Enterprises, Records, (CA2983)
2 linear feet
Records concerning publishing activities of a reporting and public relations company in Jefferson City, MO, consisting of issues of the SIMMONS POLITICAL REPORT and UP THE FLAGPOLE-both of which focused on Missouri politics-and related correspondence, 1984-1992.

Simón Bolívar Memorial Foundation, Commemorative Program, 1948, (R0775)
1 booklet
This is a souvenir commemorative program for the dedication of a statue of Simón Bolívar at Bolivar in Polk County, Missouri, on 5 July 1948. The Presidents of the United States and Venezuela attended the ceremony.

Single Tax Papers, 1897-1953, (C0944)
2 folders
Correspondence, pictures, clippings, and pamphlets dealing with Henry George's theory of the single tax on land and how to apply it.

Singleton, Vincent A., Petition, 1870, (C1773)
1 folder
The collection contains a petition to Governor Joseph W. McClurg from several citizens on behalf of Vincent A. Singleton, convicted of horse stealing.

Skelton, Ike, Papers, (CA6210)
254 cubic feet, 1 volume, audiovisual material, oversize items
Papers of Democratic congressman who represented Missouri's 4th District from 1977-2011. Appointment books, clippings, Congressional Research Service files, correspondence, financial records, photographs, press releases and speeches are included.

Slavin, Alberta (1930- 2008), Papers, 1965-1978, (S0392)
227 Folders, 3 Audio Tapes, 10 Microfilm Rolls
Alberta Slavin's papers of 1965-1978 document her involvement with the Clayton School District, the Clayton sales tax controversy and other personal campaigns; the founding of Save Our Symphony; the work of Housewives Elect Lower Prices, the Utility Consumers Council of Missouri, and the National Consumers Congress; the 1976 Lieutenant Governor campaign and Slavin's term on the Missouri Public Service Commission.

Smith, C.E., Letter, 1882, (C1860)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter to G.O. Hardeman, Gray's Summit, MO, from Pattonville, MO, Mar. 24, 1882. The letter discusses the whereabouts of a letter written by Thomas Hart Benton to Smith's father, containing an account of Benton's duel with Charles Lucas. Smith acknowledges a large collection of Benton letters in his possession.

Smith, Forrest (1886-1962), Papers, 1940-1953 (C2220)
72.6 linear feet, 11 volumes
Papers of a Democratic governor of Missouri, 1949-1953. Includes correspondence, reference material, speeches, and miscellaneous material.

Smith, Israel A., (1876-1958), Constitutional Convention Papers, 1943-1944, (C0026)
2.5 linear feet
Correspondence, notes, pamphlets, and newspaper clippings collected by a delegate-at-large to the Missouri constitutional convention of 1943-1944.

Smith, Lee Clarence (1888-1985) Papers, 1889-1954, (K1045)
13 folders
Correspondence, photographs, clippings, and printed/published materials concerning the Highway Post Office, Katy Railroad, and mail routes.

Smith, Louise Grant, Constitutional Convention Papers, 1941-1943, (C0028)
MICROFILM (Volume only)
1 linear foot, 1 roll of microfilm
Correspondence, circulars, and bulletins maintained by Smith as the executive director of the Committee of Ten and the State-Wide Committee for the Revision of the Missouri Constitution. The collection also contains related correspondence of Chairman Allen McReynolds and Assistant Vice President Robert Kratky. The volume has been microfilmed.

Smith, Robert, (1757-1842), Letter, 1807, (C2279)
1 folder
To Thomas Blount, Nov. 24, 1807. Letter to chairman of congressional committee on aggressions from secretary of the Navy concerning corrections of errors and an omission in previous report to Blount concerning the Chesapeake-Leopard affair, June 22, 1807.

Smith, Robert C. (1923-2016), Papers, 1950-2002, (C4179)
2.3 cubic feet (106 folders, 11 oversize items)
The papers of a Columbia, Missouri, lawyer involved in politics and many civic activities. The papers include campaign material from Smith's 1958 race for Congress, subject files from his time in the Missouri House, and subject files from his time as Mayor of Columbia. The papers also document issues and bills Smith worked on while in public office.

Smithson, Rosemary L. (1931- ) Papers, 1970-1982, (K0307)
4 cubic feet
The organizational records of the Missouri Equal Rights Amendment Coalition for which Smithson was an active leader. Includes correspondence, minutes, reports, working papers, and tape recordings.

Snow, Thad Papers, (CG0027)
1.31 cubic feet (90 folders, 1 oversize box, 2 microfilm reels)
The Thad Snow Papers include writings, correspondence, scrapbooks, memorabilia and photographs. Snow was a prolific writer during his life. He is best remembered for his column, “Letters from the People” for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch beginning in the 1930s. The topics covered in this collection include politics, foreign affairs, farming, Snow’s family, economics and human nature.

Snyder, Robert O. (1917- ), Papers, 1960-1987, (S0560)
178 Folders, 15 Photographs
The collection is mainly correspondence from Robert Snyders Missouri Legislature service. Letters from constituents regarding bills that were coming up before the house or one of the committees that he served on. There is also some personal correspondence and republican party correspondence. The collection also contains some newsletters, reports, photographs and political artifacts.

Soulard, Antonio, Document, 1802, (C1925)
1 folder
The collection contains a confirmation of a grant originally made to Jean Baptiste Pratte, Jr., by Carlos Dehault Delassus. Basis for U.S. Survey No. 467.

Souper, Thomas E., Letter, 1865 (K0535)
0.01 cubic feet
The collection contains an 1865 letter from Thomas E. Souper, treasurer of the Missouri State Board of Immigration, to William Getty of the insurance firm Getty and Liebing.

Sowers, Edward W., Papers, 1942-1980, (R0135)
107 folders
This collection consists of correspondence, business papers, and miscellaneous printed material of a newspaper editor and publisher at Rolla, Phelps County, Missouri. Topics include the Sowers family, journalism and the newspaper business, the University of Missouri, and United States politics and foreign relations.

Spencer, George A. (1906-1997), Papers, 1931-1963, (C2466)
4.6 cubic feet
Correspondence, publicity, and legislative papers of a Boone County, MO, Democrat. Spencer's election campaigns and positions as city attorney, prosecuting attorney, and state representative and senator, and candidacy for Democratic nomination for attorney general. Activities of the Columbia, MO, Chamber of Commerce.

Spencer, George A., (1906-1997), Papers, 1948-1960, (C0969)
9 linear feet, 1 volume
Letters, reports, and legislative papers of a Democratic state representative from Boone County, 1949-1952, and state senator, 19th district, 1953-1960. In the 1960 Democratic primaries Spencer was an unsuccessful candidate for the attorney general nomination.

Spencer, George A. (1906-1997), Papers, 1970-1971 (C3309)
0.3 linear feet
Correspondence, reports and pamphlets relevant to Governor’s Task Force on Role of Private Higher Education in Missouri. Spencer was appointed to the Task Force by Governor Warren E. Hearnes in 1970.

Spradling, Albert M., Jr. (1920-2004), Collection, c. 1935-1986, (C3959)
2 linear feet on 3 rolls of microfilm
This collection is primarily composed of newspaper clippings, mostly from Missouri newspapers, about Democratic State Senator Albert M. Spradling, Jr. and Missouri politics. Also included are articles published in periodicals, campaign advertisements, signed petitions, photographs, and miscellaneous Federal Bureau of Investigation career documents.

Spring Valley Park Abstract, 1893, (K0216)
0.01 cubic feet
The collection consists of an 1893 abstract of title for a tract of land in Spring Valley Park in Kansas City, Missouri.

Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri, Tax Lists, 1846, (CA6481)
0.1 cubic feet
Tax lists include taxes assessed on both residents and non-residents of Ste. Genevieve County.

St. Louis City/County Board Of Freeholders (1987-1988), Records 1959-1990, (S0487)
396 Folders, 20 Photographs, 126 Audio Cassettes
The Board of Freeholders collection contains the board minutes, as well as information on the various municipalities of the county and the city. The proposals of other St.louis organizations such as confluence and the Municipal League are included with other research material which the board used in creating it's final proposal. The issue of fire and emergency service was one of top priority with the board and much information relating to this subject can be found in the records. The board retained the services of a newsclipping agency and the record therefore contain a extensive collection of newsclippings from local publications. The records contain the legal briefs relating to the class action suit which nullified the board. The Internal records of the board consist of personnel records and vouchers for purchases and rentals paid for out of the boards budget. Correspondence from and to the board and it's individual members as well as the various drafts which led up to the final proposal round out the collection.

St. Louis City/Board Of Freeholders (9/87-9/88), Records, (1958-1990), Addenda, 1988-1989 , (S0505)
12 Folders
This addenda consists entirely of newspaper clippings concerning the Board's activities and the public reaction to these from September of 1988 to June of 1989.

St. Louis City Data Collection, Addenda, nd, 1979-2011, (S0850)
34 folders
This collection contains operating plans and comprehensive planning documents for the city of St. Louis. Additionally it has city budgets and reports from the office of the comptroller. Other contents include event flyers and city newspapers, including the River Front Times and El Mundo a Spanish language newspaper.

St. Louis Civil Rights Enforcement Agency, Scrapbooks, 1953-1960, (S0607)
2 Volumes On 1 Microfilm Roll
Two scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings from March 1953 through December 1960 on crime, possibly from the St. Louis Circuit Attorney's office.

St. Louis Council On World Affairs, Incorporated (1948- ), Records, 1949-1974, (S0712)
205 Folders
The St. Louis Council on World Affairs Records, this collection documents the organization's efforts through correspondence, board meetings, events, literature, and documentation of dignitaries who have visited St. Louis, Missouri. The collection is divided into four series and arranged in alphabetically.

St. Louis County Planning Commission Photographs, (P0831)
45 photographs
Photos of proposed Tyson Valley Park.

St. Louis Division of Parks and Recreation, Photographs, (P0814)
0.2 linear feet
Photos of St. Louis from 1936-1939, with an emphasis on parks, urban forestry, and public buildings.

St. Louis Interfaith Committee On Latin America, Records, 1977-1997, (S0701)
336 folders, 14 audiotapes, 14 videotapes, 276 photographs
The St. Louis Interfaith Committee on Latin America Records collection includes financial information, correspondence, meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, newsletters, brochures, flyers, books, campaign information, audiotapes, videotapes, and photographs. Together they chronicle the establishment and activities of the St. Louis Interfaith Committee on Latin America from 1982-1997. The records document its mission to promote public awareness about Latin America. The records also reveal the larger picture of the power of a grass-roots organization.

St. Louis Inter-Faith Committee on Latin America, (1982- ) Addenda, 1979-1990, (S0622)
13 Boxes
The collection primarily includes a subject file of newsclippings on Latin America. It also includes some committee material, newsletters and correspondence. Arranged alphabetically.

St. Louis Metropolitan Women's Political Caucus (1971- ), Records, 1971-1980, (S0221)
6 Folders
Correspondence, newsletters, minimum wage committee files, rosters, and student reports on the St. Louis Metropolitan branch of the Women's Political Caucus. WPC encourages women to seek elective and appointive positions in all levels of government, supports all political candidates sympathetic to women's issues, and works for the repeal of laws which discriminate against women.

St. Louis Pledge Of Resistance, Newsletters, 1987-, (S0245)
1 Folder
The local chapter of the national Pledge of Resistance, a direct action group organized to protest American involvement in Nicaragua, was founded in Fall 1984. It began publishing a newsletter in January 1987. Collection contains copies of he newsletter.

Stabler, Edward, Papers, 1839-1840, (C2111)
1 folder
To Stabler from James L. Minor, R.S. Gilbert, and Thomas M. Allen concerning creation and adoption of the seal of Missouri, the secretary of state's seal, and the seal of the University. Elaborate details of the University and capitol, which were to be represented on the respective seals. Stabler made the seals and presses.

Stark, Catherine, Photographs, (P0310)
1 folder
Photographs of Lloyd C. Stark; photographs of associates of Stark from the U.S. Army and Navy (Naval Academy classmates).

Stark, Lloyd Crow (1886-1972), Papers, 1931-1941, (C0004)
170 linear feet, 3 oversize volumes, 2 card boxes
The papers of the Democratic governor of Missouri, 1937-1941, relates to official business, campaigns, and personal affairs.

Stark, Lloyd Crow (1886-1972), Papers, 1941-1972, (C0293)
1.9 linear feet
Personal and business papers of a prominent Louisiana, Missouri, nurseryman and former Democratic governor of Missouri, 1937-1941. These materials include personal correspondence, nursery and agricultural business papers, family correspondence, and miscellaneous photographs.

Starr, Frederick, Jr. (1826-1867), Papers, 1850-1863, (C2073)
20 folders
Starr was a colonizationist, free soiler, and Presbyterian clergyman in Weston, MO, 1852-1855. The collection contains correspondence, broadsides, pamphlets, and clippings on settlement of the Kansas-Nebraska Territories, border conflicts, abolitionism vs. slavery, local politics, Indian affairs, public land sales, claims, and prices, popular sovereignty, squatters’ rights, and religion on the frontier.

State Historical Society of Missouri, Typescript Collection, (C0995)
774 items on 14 rolls of microfilm
The State Historical Society of Missouri Typescript Collection consists of typescripts of articles and manuscripts donated over the years to the Historical Society.

State of Missouri Collection, (P0018)
486 photographs
Over 400 original photos created for the 1904 publication on Missouri at the time of the World's Fair by Walter Williams; shows all aspects and counties in Missouri.

Stauffer, Grant Samuel (1943- ) Papers, 1990-2000, (K0946)
5 cubic feet
Stauffer was the Libertarian candidate for U.S. Representative from Missouri 5th District, 1992, 1998; and for U.S. Senator from Missouri, 2000. Includes brochures, research notes, files and other documents relating to the National and Missouri State Libertarian Party as well as Kansas City, MO political issues.

Stayton, Edward M. (1874-1954), Constitutional Convention Papers, 1943-1944, (C0030)
2 linear feet
Letters and papers of a Democratic delegate from the 5th senatorial district, who was chairman of the Committees on Local Government (City of St. Louis, St. Louis County, and Jackson County), Highways, and Agriculture and Conservation.

Ste. Genevieve County, Circuit Court, Attorney's Roll, 1844-1978, (C3674)
1 folder
The records contain a copy of a roll of attorneys and their addresses, as written by each individual who practiced before the Ste. Genevieve County Court from 1844 to 1978.

Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, Papers, 1759-1876, (C2075)
2 volumes
The collection contains records of the town of Ste. Genevieve. Vol. 1, the Ste. Genevieve church register, includes vital statistics records, 1759-1840. Vol. 2, the Ste. Genevieve archives, includes deeds, 1766-1876; Indian affairs, 1766-1804; and New Madrid archives, 1802-1803. Two copies. Translated from the French by A. Lloyd Collins.

Steinberg, Simon C. "Si" (1906-2002), Photograph Collection, 1938, 1950, (P0005)
23 photographs
Sixteen prints of a Fourth of July celebration and political rally sponsored by the Young Democratic Club at Reed's Lake, west of Fulton in Callaway County on July 4, 1938 and seven prints of the groundbreaking ceremony at Stephens College, Columbia, for the Firestone Baars Chapel designed by Eero Saarinen.

Stephens, Lon Vest, (1858-1923), Letters, 1897, (C1725)
1 folder
Five letters and petitions to the governor of Missouri from T.J. Delaney, Judge W.D. Hubbard, members of the Springfield bar, and citizens of Christian County, MO, asking for commutation of the sentences of Amos Jones and William Stanley, convicted bald knobbers.

Stephens, Lon Vest (1858-1923), Papers, 1897-1898, (C2455)
1 folder
Three letters to the governor of Missouri concerning Missouri state bonds; the financial state of the Security National Bank of Grand Island, NE; and a reorganization of the Florida State Militia.

Stephenson, Malvina (1911-1996), Papers, 1863-1996, (C4038)
8.75 linear feet, 1 audio disc, 2 video cassettes
The papers of Malvina Stephenson contain the professional papers of a journalist who spent most of her career covering politics in Washington, D.C. The collection includes story and subject files, scrapbooks of articles and columns, research for a biography on Senator Robert S. Kerr, scripts for radio news reports, and other personal and professional material.

Stevens, E. McDonald (1893-1944), Constitutional Convention Papers, 1943-1944, (C0029)
1 linear foot
Letters and papers of a St. Louis lawyer and Republican delegate from the 25th senatorial district. He was chairman of the Committee on Suffrage and Elections and served on the Committees of the Judicial Department, Local Government, and Miscellaneous Provisions.

Stevens, Walter B., Photograph, (P0321)
1 photograph
Photo of Champ Clark and son Bennett on Capitol steps in Washington D.C., 1893.

Stone County, Missouri Records, (R1478)
0.03 cubic foot (3 folders)
The Stone County, Missouri Records contain documents pertaining to the history of Stone County, Missouri, including the original Report of the Commissioners who selected the county seat of Galena on April 15, 1851. Also included is a photocopy of the 1860 assessor’s book and photographs of reenactors.

Stone, Kimbrough (1875-1958), Papers, 1897-1958, (C0005)
11 linear feet; also available on 37 rolls of microfilm
Papers of a judge of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Eighth Circuit, 1917-1947 (presiding judge, 1928-1947), who continued to work with the court after his retirement in 1947. Topics covered in the papers include the U.S. courts; Democratic politics; Kansas City and Missouri bar associations and law schools; and fraternal and charitable organizations.

Stone, William Joel (1848-1918), Papers, 1859-1935, (C0930)
114 folders, 1 volume
The papers of a Missouri congressman (1885-1891), governor (1893-1897), and U.S. senator (1903-1918), includes information on Stone's early career in Nevada, Missouri, the 1908 senatorial election, his senatorial career, and his death.

Storch, Rachel, Papers, 2004-2010, (C4134)
0.3 cubic feet
The Rachel Storch papers document Storch's time as a Missouri State Representative for District 64 in St. Louis. The papers include speaking notes, speeches, and information gathered on issues and bills that Storch worked on during her time in office. Topics focus on worker's compensation, sex education, health care, Medicaid, Nurses for Newborns, and family planning.

Storckman, Clem F. (1899-1970), Papers, (CA5937)
Scrapbooks of judge and member of the 1943-1944 Missouri Constitutional Convention. Includes photographs, correspondence, and newspaper clippings.

Storckman, Clem F. (1899-1970), Papers, 1943-1950 (C3602)
4.2 linear feet
Correspondence, committee reports, proposals, files, official journals and newspaper articles on the 1943-1944 Missouri Constitutional Convention and the 1949-1950 revision of the St. Louis, Missouri, city charter by the Board of Freeholders.

Strauss Studio Photographs, (P0879)
0.13 linear feet
Studio portraits of General Assembly members, politicians, and doctors.

Sumner, H.M., Letter, 1862, (C0510)
1 folder
To [Benjamin F.] Loan, Lexington, MO, from Jefferson City, MO, Oct. 29, 1862. Reporting succession speech of Sample Orr and requesting approval of Sumner’s action in restricting Orr to Jefferson City.

Sumner, Patrick Walker (1966- ) Papers, 1979-2013, (K1120)
1.1 cubic foot, oversize
The papers of Patrick Walker Sumner contain topical files, speeches, correspondence, newspaper clippings, ephmera and photographs from this social and political activist in Metropolitan Kansas City.

Switzler, William Franklin (1819-1906), Editorials, 1841, (C1647)
1 folder
The collection contains manuscripts of "The President's Veto" and "Whigs! Stand to Your Posts!!" in the Columbia, MO, Patriot.

Symington, James W. (1927- ), Papers, 1964-1976, (S0433)
3849 Folders, 24 Tapes And Films, 72 Rolls Of Microfilm
Symington ran for Congress and won in 1968, 1970, 1972, and 1974. His campaign files contain speeches, newsclippings, press realeases, correspondence, issues files, radio ads, schedules, brochures, news reviews of press coverage, films, video and audio tapes, and biographies of Symington. The 1968 campaign is documented most thoroughly. In 1976 Symington ran for Senator from Missouri and lost in the Democratic primary. The Senate campaign includes issues files and general correspondence on redistricting, Missouri politics, and national politics. Scrapbooks of newsclippings on Symington's opponents in the Senate primary were discarded.

Symington, James W., Papers, (SA2462)
9 cubic feet
This addenda to the James W. Symington Papers contains correspondence, speeches, press releases, photographs, poems, and subject files pertaining to Symington’s career as the Democratic U.S. Representative for Missouri’s second congressional district (1968-1976), director of the President’s Committee on Juvenile Delinquency (1965-1966), and the Deputy Director of Food for Peace (1961-1962). Other materials of interest include the manuscript for Symington’s book, The Stately Game, which chronicled his time as Chief of Protocol of the United States (1966-1968). The collection also contains poems and songs written by Symington. The materials in this collection date from 1960 to 1976.

Symington, James W., Papers, Addenda, (SA0996)
12 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Symington, W. Stuart (1901-1988), Papers, (CA6176)
0.6 cubic feet, 1 audio disc, 94 negatives, 1 color slide
Addition of miscellaneous political material, including position papers, correspondence, notebooks, and Young Democratic Club of Missouri material. Also included are photographic negatives relating to Symington's campaign for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination in 1960.

Symington, Stuart (1901-1988), Papers, 1953-1976, (C3562)
292 rolls of microfilm
Carbon copies of letters sent from Stuart Symington's office while he was a Democratic senator from Missouri. The files are arranged alphabetically by year.

Symington, Stuart (1901-1988), Scrapbooks, 1945-1976, (C3637)
1 folder, 37 volumes on 6 rolls of microfilm
Primarily newspaper clippings documenting Symington’s years as a Democratic senator from Missouri, 1953-1976. Early volumes cover his activities while heading the Surplus Property Board, the Air Force, the National Security Resources Board, and the Reconstruction Finance Corporation.

Symington, Stuart, Jr., Interview, 1994, (C4159)
1 folder, 4 audio cassettes
Interview of Stuart Symington, Jr. about his father, Stuart Symington, covering his life and political career. The interview was conducted by Dr. Linda G. McFarland in 1994.

Symington, W. Stuart (1901-1988), Papers, 1918-1995, (C3874)
316.25 linear feet, 86 ephemera items, 41 audio discs, 11 audio cassettes, 64 audio tapes, 32 reels of 16mm film, 2 reels of 35mm film, 3 video tapes, 2 video cassettes, 2 CDs, 5 DVDs
The papers of William Stuart Symington, U.S. Senator from Missouri (1953-1976), include constituent correspondence, family and personal correspondence, limited genealogical and family materials, appointment books and calendars, audio and video recordings, campaign materials, editorial cartoons, select invitations and itineraries, limited pre-senatorial materials, photographs, photographic negatives and slides, press files, scrapbooks, selected Congressional testimonies, speeches, staff memoranda, voting records, and miscellaneous ephemera.


Tandy, Charlton H. (1836-1919), Papers, 1868-1967, (S0135)
7 Folders
Charlton H. Tandy was born to free black parents on December 16, 1836, in Lexington, Kentucky. Tandy Moved to St. Louis in 1857 and worked as a porter, coachman and waiter until the Civil War. He enlisted in Company B of the 13th regiment of the Missouri State Militia and at the end of the war, was honorably discharged as a captain In 1870 he was appointed a messenger in the U.S. Customs House, the first of eleven commissioned positions in federal, state and municipal government. Tandy was a persistent fighter for black civil rights and active in Republican politics. He helped establish Lincoln Institute (Lincoln University) in 1870, the first school of higher education for blacks in Missouri. He successufully worked to get black educators into the St. Louis public school system. In 1870 he organized a boycott against the segregated St. Louis streetcar lines and , after time in jail and litigation, integrated the streetcars. During the "Colored Exodus" from the South in 1879, he assisted 2, 000 refugees who were stranded in St. Louis. Appearing before a U.S. Congressional committee he urged Congress to provide aid for these refugees and to investigate and stop the violation of Negro rights in the South. He was known as a great orator and spoke on behalf of many white politicians. A loyal Republican he did not hesitate to criticize the party for neglecting the needs of Negroes. Tandy organized Negro political clubs to encourage Negroes to vote, run for office and become involved in political parties. He predicted the decline of Republicans in St. Louis politics if they continued to ignore Negroes. His predictions came true. Hed died in September, 1919.

Tate, Allen, Certification, 1833, (C1646)
1 folder
The collection contains a list of hands assigned to Allen Tate, overseer, 26th Road District, Boone County, MO.

Taubert, A.G., (1896-1994), Constitutional Convention Papers, 1943-1945, (C0031)
6 linear feet
Letters and papers of a Republican delegate from the 17th senatorial district, chairman of Committee on Information, Submission and Address to the People, and member of Committees on Rules and Order of Business; Miscellaneous Provisions; Accounts, Employees, Services, and Supplies; Publications; and Executive Committee which operated after sine die adjournment.

Tetley, Ann Caroline, comp., "Establishment of the Town of Farmington," , (R0490)
1 folder
This is a compilation from county records of the land surveys and legal actions which established the town of Farmington in St. Francois County, Missouri. The compilation begins with the donation of land by David Murphy and location of the county seat in 1822, and continues through 1904 with the transactions which established the various additions to the city.

Texas, Republic of, Broadside, n.d., (C0968)
1 folder
Broadside setting forth the proceedings of the Texas meeting at the capital of Mississippi. General Quitman of the committee appointed to report resolutions expressive of the views of friends of reannexation of Texas, chaired the meeting.

The Campbell Citizen, Campbell, Nebraska, 1916, (C0793)
1 folder
The collection contains the election issue of the paper for November 2, 1916, containing campaign ads and including a sample ballot.

The Missouri Collection (C3982)
17.9 cubic feet, 9 audio cassettes, 3 audio discs, 9 CDs, 1 computer disc, 1 film, 6 film strips, 3 DVDs, 2 video cassettes (791 folders, 21 oversize ite
The Missouri Collection is an artificial collection combining miscellaneous small acquisitions related to Missouri places, individuals, organizations, and events.

Thomas, Alexander Napier (1839-1904) Papers, 1862-1904, (K0169)
0.5 cubic foot
Letters and documents related to Thomas' service in the Civil War including a significant number written while a prisoner-of-war in Libby Prison. Also included are membership certificates and notices of election to public office and speeches Thomas delivered as part of his public career as mayor of Aurora, NE, state representative from Hamilton County, NE.

Thompson, A[lonzo] ( -1913), Authorization, 1866, (C1681)
1 folder
Thompson, Missouri state auditor, 1864-1868, ordered the issue of credit warrants to William McCormack, Montgomery County collector, for 1865 overpayment to Revenue Fund and Union Military Fund.

Thompson, L. D., Letter to Daily Democrat-News, Marshall, Missouri, 1932, (C0815)
1 folder
Letter written by state auditor to the Marshall newspaper on the question of increased state taxes.

Thompson, Meriwether Jeff (1826-1876), Papers, 1854-1935, (C1030)
0.25 linear feet; also on 1 roll of microfilm
Civil War memoir, correspondence, business and legal papers, family genealogies, and miscellaneous papers of M. Jeff Thompson. Thompson was a civil engineer, a railroad and real estate promoter, mayor of St. Joseph, Missouri, and a brigadier general in the Confederate Army.

Thorne, Joshua, Certificate, 1865, (C1829)
1 folder
The papers contain a certificate of appointment as assessor of internal revenue for the sixth district of Missouri, signed by Andrew Johnson.

Threatt, James Irving (1923-2005 ) Papers, 1971-1999, (K0732)
41 cubic feet
Personal files kept by Threatt concerning his many activities and interests while in public office. Topics include housing, city development, revitalization of the urban core, education, minority businesses and historical agencies. Contains correspondence, reports, photographs, clippings, books and magazines. Also his wife, Doris Elizabeth Threatt (1932-2000), professional and community activities.

Tibbe, Anton A. (1898-1977), Collection, 1883, 1945-1977, (C2048)
4 folders
Correspondence with U.S. presidents, senators and congressmen, Missouri politicians, and other national figures. Basically an autograph collection, the letters are arranged alphabetically by surname of correspondent.

Tindel, Curtis J. (1906-1987), Papers, 1942-1943, (C0175)
0.6 linear feet
Correspondence and a few miscellaneous papers of state representative Curtis J. Tindel, Cabool, Texas County, Missouri. Correspondence to constituents pertaining to various legislative measures, patronage, Tindel's interest in state senatorship, and personal matters pertaining to Tindel Food Store, Cabool, Missouri.

Todd, David, Broadside, 1828, (C2862)
1 folder
Answer and pleas of David Todd, circuit court judge for First Judicial Circuit, to articles of impeachment brought against him by the House of Representatives for misdemeanor in office.

Todd, Roger North (1797-1846), Commission, 1821, (C1649)
1 folder
The collection contains a commission appointing Roger N. Todd as a notary public for Boone County, MO, 6 February 1821. Signed by Joshua Barton, secretary of state, and Alexander McNair, governor.

Tong, Marvin E., Papers, 1878-1947 (C0177)
0.9 linear feet
Bar dockets of Ozark County circuit court; case briefs before courts of appeals in Missouri; minutes of meetings of Missionary Baptists; case briefs before U.S. and Missouri Supreme Courts; pamphlets of Civil War recollections; and memorial addresses on life of Champ Clark.

Tranin, Donald H. (1927-2007) Papers, ca. 1930-2007, (K0694)
7 cubic feet
Personal papers of Donald Tranin, his father Earl Tranin (1896-1979), and the Paper Supply Company of Kansas City, MO. Included are political activities, investments in businesses and real estate, and civic activities.

Truman, Harry S., Portraits, (P0189)
7 photographs
Portraits of Harry S. Truman, U.S. Senator from Missouri and, in 1952, U.S. President, from 1941 (2), 1952 (3), and 1957 (2). Photos from 1952 contain a written message to the State Historical Society of Missouri and signature of Mr. Truman.

Tuesday Club, Columbia, Missouri, Records, 1921-1977, (C2162)
1.5 linear feet
The records of The Tuesday Club of Columbia, Missouri, contain newspaper articles, minute books, reports and scrapbooks of a women's social club founded in 1899. The records detail the history of the club, including meetings, activities, membership, finances, and projects sponsored.

Turner, Sarah Lucille, Portraits, (P0974)
2 photographs
Photos of Sarah Lucille Turner, one of the first two women elected to the Missouri Legislature


U.S. Census, Cooper County, Missouri, 1850, (C1281)
2 volumes; also available on 1 roll of microfilm
Vol. 1 (Schedule 1) enumeration of free inhabitants giving age, sex, and place of birth. Vol. 2 (Schedule 2-6) slave inhabitants, including age and sex; deaths in previous year, including age, place of birth, cause of death; agricultural production; industries; and social statistics, including schools, churches, libraries, value of real and personal property.

U.S. Department of Agriculture, Questionnaires, 1923-1935, (C0179)
0.2 linear feet
Questionnaires sent out by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Agricultural Economics, Division of Agricultural Statistics, seeking information on farm prices in the past. One group was sent in 1923, the second in 1925, and the last in 1935.

U.S. General Land Office, Franklin, Missouri, Abstract, 1819-1848, (C1279)
1 folder
An abstract of all the conveyances on record of the military lands in the state of Missouri giving township, range, section, warrant number, name of patentee, company and regiment, date of patents and to whom conveyed.

U.S. General Land Office, Grants, 1869-1873, (C1562)
1 folder
Grants to land in Missouri, to Moses Garrett and to Andrew J. Croy.

U.S. General Land Office, Missouri Deeds, 1796-1857, (C2499)
104 items in 1 oversize volume
Deeds to land in the state of Missouri sold by the federal government. A list of the people to whom the deeds were issued follows. The deeds are arranged alphabetically by the name of the person who received the deed.

U.S. General Land Office, Papers, 1821-1836, (C2296)
1 folder
Document confirming John Riddle's claim to land in St. Louis, MO, under the 1815 Act of Congress aiding the victims of the 1811-1812 New Madrid, MO, earthquakes. Three letters concerning a dispute over a New Madrid land grant, certificate #204, claimed by Raphael Lesieur.

U.S. General Land Office, Papers, 1859-1869, (C1282)
1 volume
Copies of land grants, certificates and assignments for services in the War of 1812.

U. S. National Transportation Safety Board, Report, 1976-1977, (C3480)
8 folders
The papers contain the report of the board's investigation into the airplane crash that killed Congressman Jerry L. Litton, his family, pilot Paul Rupp, Jr., and Rupp's son near Chillicothe, Missouri, on 3 August 1976. Includes reports of groups investigating various aspects of the aircraft, statements of witnesses, a wreckage distribution chart, flight tests, crashworthiness analyses, and test data.

U.S. National Youth Administration in Missouri, History, 1943, (C1280)
1 volume
Prepared by the War Manpower Commission of the National Youth Administration, Kansas City, MO. History of the National Youth Administration in Missouri from 1935 to 1943.

U.S. Post Office, Blunt, Missouri, Records, 1907-1913, (C3787)
2 volumes
The collection contains account and record books kept by the postmaster at Blunt, Washington County, MO, from 1 January 1907 to 3 April 1913. The volumes contain quarterly stamp accounts, quarterly postal accounts, and inventories.

U.S. Post Office, Delbridge, Missouri, Money Order Ledger, 1928-1934, (C3788)
1 volume
The collection contains a register of all money orders taken by the postmaster at Delbridge, Washington County, MO, between the post office's establishment, 2 October 1928, and its closure, 27 November 1934. Contains such information as the date of issue of the money order, the names of the remitter and payee, the post office drawn upon, and the amount of the order.

U.S. Post Office, Palmer, Missouri, Records, 1903-1907, (C3786)
1 volume
The collection contains a record of registered letters taken by the postmaster at Palmer, Washington County, MO, from 1903 to 1907. Includes such information as the date a letter was received for registration, the name of the sender, and the name and address of the recipient.

U.S. Post Office, Rockbridge, Missouri, Records, 1902-1935 (C0064)
0.5 linear feet
Two record books kept by the postmaster: the official postmaster's account book, 1905-1918, and the register of money orders issued, 1902-1916. Papers include accounts, audit sheets, federal communications, money order forms, orders for stamps, and registered mail forms.

U.S. Post Office, Sedalia, Missouri, Records, 1879-1916, (CA3175)
4 linear feet
Letter books containing correspondence between the U.S. Post Office at Sedalia, Missouri, and the Post Office and U.S. Treasury Departments in Washington, D.C. Also policy circulars, directives, vouchers, and check letters.

U. S. Post Office, Rockview, Missouri, Cash Books, 1914-1916, (C3373)
1 folder
The papers contain cash books of the domestic money order office at Rockview, Missouri, Post Office, July 1914 to August 1915; two pages from the record of money orders issued giving the remitter and payee, the amount of the order, and the date issued.

U.S. Presidents, Portraits, n.d. (C0412)
1 oversize folder
Collotype reproductions of presidential portraits from George Washington to John F. Kennedy.

U.S. States of the United States, Records, Missouri, 1762-1870, (C4337)
10 rolls of microfilm
Documents relating to the early history and development of Missouri which were located during the WPA Historical Records Survey. Only the rolls containing Missouri materials are in this series.

U.S. Wage Stabilization Board, 9th Region, Minutes, 1951-1953 (C0154)
0.2 linear feet
Minutes record regulations under which the board operated; labor-industry cases brought before the board; decisions; and petitions regarding wage rates, holidays, overtime and merit plans. The Board's region consisted of Kansas, Iowa, Illinois and Missouri.

U.S. Weather Service, Columbia, Missouri, Records, (CA2657)
15 linear feet
Annual weather summaries, 1890-1904 and 1952-1981.

U.S. Weather Service, Columbia, Missouri, Records, (CA2662)
1 linear feet
Addition. Annual weather summaries, 1949-1951.

U.S. Weather Service, Columbia, Missouri, Records, (CA2736)
0.75 linear feet
Addition. Annual weather summaries, 1983-1984.

U.S. Work Projects Administration, Historical Records Survey, Missouri, 1935-1942, (C3551)
302 linear feet; also available on 817 rolls of microfilm
Correspondence, records, and working files. Originally designed to survey and inventory all county government records, the survey finally included inventories of church records, manuscript collections, vital statistics, American imprints, and federal archives. Incorporates records of the Federal Writers Project for Missouri.

U. S. Survey of Federal Records in Missouri, Papers, 1935-1937, (C2799)
395 folders
The papers contain information on type, quantity, location and storage conditions for unpublished federal records. The survey, begun in 1935, was headed by Ralph P. Bieber, associate professor of history at Washington University.

Unger, Arthur (1924-2004), Papers, 1943-2004, (C4027)
10.8 linear feet, 77 audio cassettes, 2 audio tapes, 4 audio discs, 5 CDs, 1 video cassette
Arthur Unger was an entertainment journalist who reviewed movies and television shows for the Christian Science Monitor and Ingenue. He edited several magazines as wide-ranging as Mechanix Illustrated and Datebook and toured with the Beatles. The collection includes recordings, transcripts, and notes from his interviews with celebrities, his writings, Beatles publications, and personal materials.

United Nations Association Of The USA, St. Louis Section (1954- ), Records, 1955-1986, (S0446)
155 Folders, 2 Tapes
The collection is divided into six series: 1) Administrative 1954-1978 (folders 1-34); 2) Activities, 1955-1979 (folders 35-80); 3) Photographs and Slides, 1960s-1979 (#s 9373-9412, folders 81-86) 4) Administrative Addenda, 1974-1986 (folders 87-109); 5) Activities Addenda, 1975-1985 (folders 110-154); 6) Photographs and Tapes Addenda, 1975-1984 (#s 10530-10536, folder 155).

United Nations Association Of The USA, St. Louis Section (1954- ), Addenda, 1946-1978, (S0596)
34 Folders, 7 Volumes
St. Louis affiliate of a national organization dedicated to increasing understanding of the United Nations' effectiveness in dealing with world problems. Addenda includes earliest organizing papers, under the name American Association for the United Nations, Missouri Branch, and newsclippings on UNICEF fund drives. Also contains materials from the group's Keeping the Peace conference (1965) and Model Law of the Sea conference (1978). Newsclipping scrapbooks, 1946-1974, comprise the last series.

United Nations Association Of The USA, St. Louis Section (1954- ), Addenda, 1978-1999, (S0724)
1 Box
This addenda includes administrative files from 1978 to 1979; news clippings from 1960-1991; publications 1951-1994; and photographs.

United Nations Association, (SA1000)
21 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

United States. Post Office, Rolla, Missouri, Letterbook, 1913-1915, (R0399)
1 folder, photocopies
This is a letterbook containing correspondence regarding the construction of the U.S. Post Office at Rolla, Missouri, 15 September 1913 -- 13 March 1915. Included are letterpress copies of letters from F. W. Pease, superintendent of construction at Springfield, Missouri, to the contractor, Robert McCaw, Jr., at Rolla.

University of Missouri-Columbia, Free Speech Controversy, Papers, 1969 (C3312)
2 folders
The papers contain printed materials concerning the 1969 free speech controversy at the University of Missouri-Columbia, such as leaflets, letters, resolutions and newspaper articles, as well as information regarding the supportive role of Lincoln University. Also included are materials on the student rights’ march, Students for Democratic Society summer workshop and incidents at Lincoln University leading to the issuing of a temporary restraining order.

Updyke, Wilkins, Commission, 1832, (C1569)
1 folder
Appointment as commissioner to adjust private land claims in Missouri, signed by Edw. Livingston and Andrew Jackson.


Van Horn, Robert Thompson (1824-1916) Family Papers, 1832-1965, (K0297)
2 cubic feet
Van Horn was a newspaper owner/editor, a mayor of Kansas City, U.S. Congressmen, and civic leader. Includes correspondence, Civil War service records, business and property records, and some artifacts and ephemera. Also contains the papers of Van Horn's granddaughter Adela Cooley Van Horn, who traveled extensively, and kept correspondence, passports, narratives, and photographs, and genealogical records.

Van Horn, Robert Thompson (1824-1916), Papers, 1855-1907, (C1032)
7 folders
The papers of Robert Thompson Van Horn contain correspondence and miscellaneous papers of a Kansas City journalist who served as a lieutenant colonel with the 25th Regiment of Missouri Volunteers, as mayor of Kansas City, and as a U.S. congressman.

Vest, George Graham, (1830-1904), Letters, 1874-1896, (C1666)
1 folder
The papers contain letters to Joseph Pulitzer, giving information about a colored couple, Si and Susan Williams, 1874, and his decision to begin a senatorial campaign at the old homestead in 1896.

Vest, G[eorge] Graham (1830-1904), Letters, 1885, 1889, (C0675)
1 folder
Letter to Duke Draffen, Boonville, MO, 23 February 1885, suggests the possibility of Vest getting Draffen a district judgeship. Letter to Draffen, 9 June 1889, announces a prospective visit and reminisces about earlier days.

Vest, George G[raham] (1830-1904), Speech, 1895, (C0738)
1 folder
The collection consists of a speech by George G. Vest delivered before the Jefferson Club, St. Louis, Missouri, 31 October 1895, on the occasion of unveiling a bust of Thomas Jefferson. Vest gives a biographical sketch of Jefferson, his political views, and opposition. The last part contains advice to the Democratic party of the time.

Vest, George Graham, (1830-1904), Scrapbooks, 1879-1902, (C1435)
2 volumes
The scrapbooks of George Vest contain newspaper clippings of speeches made by George Graham Vest as a member of the U.S. Senate, 1879-1903. Selections are titled and dated, and were compiled and edited by Henry M. Rose, chief clerk, U.S. Senate.

Volkmer, Harold L. (1931- ), Papers, 1960-1996, (C4022)
16 linear feet
The professional papers of Harold L. Volkmer, member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Missouri’s 9th District, include correspondence, bills and resolutions, press releases, hearings, subcommittee briefs and reports, research and studies, pamphlets, newsletters, newspaper clippings, photographs, speeches, and testimonials. Also included is material on the McClure-Volkmer Bill, also known as the Firearm Owner’s Protection Act, the 1993 flood disaster, dioxin contamination, hazardous and radioactive waste material at Weldon Spring, Missouri, and farmer’s claims resulting from the Cannon Dam Flood in 1982.

Vonderschmidt, Lester A., Photograph Collection, (P0849)
9 photographs
Portraits of Missouri representatives to the General Assembly

Voss, Ernst F., Receipt, 1854, (C1697)
1 folder
Receipt for railroad tax.

Votaw, Maurice E. (1899-1981), Papers, 1909-1978, (C3672)
55 folders
The papers of a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism primarily pertain to his years as professor of journalism at St. John's University, Shanghai, China, and ad-viser to the Nationalist Chinese Ministry of Information. Included are transcripts of oral inter-views, correspondence, literary productions, minutes, printed materials, maps, lists, photographs, and books. Contained is information on Votaw's life; writers, missionaries, political and military leaders, and events in China (1922-1977); U.S. China policy; Chinese and American journalism and newspapers; Shanghai Short Story Club; and St. John's University and University of Mis-souri School of Journalism.


Wadsworth, Henry, Papers, 1849-1864, (C1916)
1 folder
Letters from relatives in Maryland and Illinois regarding collection of debts, scarcity of money, politics and war.

Waggoner, Hyatt Howe (1913-1988) Letter, 1949, (K0120)
1 folders
Letter in which Waggoner, a professor at the University of Kansas City and head of the local chapter of the Americans for Democratic Action, discusses the political situation in Kansas City and its impact on Richard Bolling, U.S. Representative from Kansas City.

Wagner, William (1901-1977) Papers, 1883-1966, (K0016)
1 cubic foot
Materials relating to William Wagner's personal life and to his career with the Postal Service in Kansas City, MO. Also in the papers are materials which belonged to Wagner's father, Joseph M. Wagner who was an architect/builder; and his mother, Minna (Schiller) Wagner.

Walsh, E.P., Letter, 1885, (C2682)
1 folder
To [N.B.] Allen, Jefferson City, MO, from St. Louis, MO, Feb. 25, 1885. Request for the support of Allen, a member of the Missouri legislature, for a bill providing for collection of historical documents. Walsh was secretary for the Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis.

Wammack, Ralph, Scrapbook, 1931, (C2479)
1 volume
The collection contains clippings and memorabilia connected with state senator Ralph Wammack, compiled by his secretary during the 56th General Assembly, 1931. Included are greetings by his colleagues and loose materials.

Washington County, Missouri, County Court Record Book, 1822-1839, (R0633)
1 volume
This is the record book of the Washington County Court beginning on 11 November 1822 and continuing through 8 July 1839. Court business generally included appointments of local officials, certifications of elections, assessments, and road matters.

Washington County, Missouri, Probate Records, 1813-1886, (R0632)
3 volumes
These are probate records from Washington County, Missouri. The first two volumes contain the statements of administrators of estates and guardians of minor children beginning in 1813 and continuing into August 1843. The third volume includes wills from 1845-1886.

Washington County, Missouri, Tax Assessment Book, ca. 1854-1855, (R0271)
1 volume
This is a record of assessments on personal property in Belleview and Union townships in Washington County, Missouri. Real estate, slaves, cash, and miscellaneous property are listed. An index is available.

Washington County Health Council, Papers, 1932-1969, (R0381)
18 folders, 2 volumes
These are financial records, minutes of meetings, and miscellaneous papers of the Washington County Health Council, a volunteer organization which began in 1937 as the Advisory Council of Public Health and Child Welfare. The collection includes papers of the Washington County Nursing Service, 1939-1942, and the annual reports of the Washington County Health Department, 1949-1958.

Watson, Richard A., (1923-2001), Papers, (CA6074)
11.75 linear feet
Research materials of the University of Missouri political science professor who studied the presidential veto and political nomination process.

Wedow, Robert M. (1917-1995) Collection, 1924-1992, (K1156)
12 cubic feet
Research materials compiled by Wedow concerning Thomas J. Pendergast, his political machine and Kansas City politics and organized crime during that era. Includes scrapbooks, news clippings of articles, photographs, artist illustrations of individuals relating to the Machine, oral interview tapes and transcripts, and books.

Weinstein, Noah, Papers, 1918-1991, (SA1012)
46 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Weller, Samiville, Letter, c. 1860, (C2824)
1 folder
To the Democrats in the Legislature of Missouri, c. 1860. Public letter to the Democrats of Missouri, with a brief review of the candidates of 1860.

Werner, Merle McDougald “Doug” (1913-2004), Interview, 2000, (C3034)
1 folder, 4 audio cassettes
The collection contains cassettes and a transcript of an interview with a war correspondent and foreign service officer who was one of twenty journalists to land at Normandy on D-Day, June 6, 1944.

West County Democrats Records, (S1218)
1.5 cubic feet
The records of the West County Democrats contain agendas, board and general meeting minutes, bylaws, correspondence, directories, and reports collected and maintained by previous co-chairs of the organization. Former Senator Harriet Woods and Jo Ann Fox Hughes were among the founding members of the West County Democrats and held the club's first meetings in the summer of 2001. Since its founding, the West County Democrats have grown to a membership of nearly 170 individuals, who continue to meet monthly and invite guest speakers to lecture on a variety of political issues affecting Missouri and the United States.

Western Historical Manuscript, St. Louis, Vertical File, 1968-2004, (S0694)
508 Folders
The collection documents a variety of subjects relating to St. Louis' history. It contains single files with a small amount of general information on a variety of topics. Arranged alphabetically.

Weston, William (1832-1906) Papers, 1871-1873 (K0540)
0.01 cubic feet
The collection contains financial correspondence and documents concerning the city's floating debt account during the tenure of William Weston as Treasurer of Kansas City

Westveld, Ruthford H., (1900-1985), Papers, 1956-1965, (C2416)
2.9 linear feet
The papers contain information relating to the background, passage and enforcement of the McIntire-Stennis Act for Cooperative Forestry Research, correspondence of state forestry officials, representatives and senators, U.S. Department of Agriculture and other concerned people and agencies. Westveld was a leading advocate of forestry research.

Wheeler, Amos, Commission, 1822, (C1677)
1 folder
The collection contains an image of a commission for Amos Wheeler as a notary public for St. Louis and St. Louis County, MO, 21 May 1822. The commission is signed by William G. Pettus, secretary of state, and Alexander McNair, governor. The commission has an impression of the state seal.

Wheeler Jr., Charles Bertan (1926- ) Missouri Senatorial Papers, 2002-2004, (K0449)
4 cubic feet
Correspondence, newspapers and magazines articles, meeting appointments, and various research materials on topics relating to legislation before the Missouri Senate.

Wheeler Jr., Charles Bertan Papers, (K0028)
132 cubic feet
The collection consists of Charles Wheeler’s personal papers for his period of public service. A small portion of the collection is from his days as Western Judge of the Jackson County Court and his service as Jackson County Coroner. The bulk of the papers, however, relate to his time spent as Mayor of Kansas City. The scrapbook volumes have been microfilmed.

Whig Party Papers, 1854, (C2863)
1 folder
Arguments of two factions of the Missouri Whig Party addressed to the voters of the 2nd congressional district during the 1854 election. OVERSIZE.

Whig Ticket, St. Louis County, 1844, (C2809)
1 folder
A broadside listing the Whig ticket “regular nominations, except for Sheriff. St. Louis County.” The broadside also lists candidates for St. Louis township justices of the peace and constable and independent candidates for statewide offices.

Whitledge, Thomas B., Papers, 1874-1916, (R0276)
22 folders
These are letters to Thomas B. Whitledge, an attorney and politician in St. Marys, Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri. Correspondents include Edward A. Rozier, Benjamin B. Cahoon, and Richard C. Kerens. Subjects include levee districts, railroads, oil exploration, and the Republican Party. Topics in the latter category include patronage, religious toleration, and the Taft/Roosevelt split of 1912.

Whitlow, William Brewer (1893-1942), Papers, 1923-1942, (C0035.A)
1.75 linear feet
Whitlow's political papers as chairman, Callaway County Democratic Committee; member, State Democratic Committee, 1937-1939; and state senator from the 10th district, 1938-1942. These papers concern campaign programs, publicity and speakers; public opinion and reaction to proposed legislation; constituent requests and endorsements; and Senate bills, amendments and committee work.

Whitton, Rex M. (1898-1981), Papers, 1920, 1951-1967, 1981, (C3917)
3.25 linear feet
Papers of Rex M. Whitton, of Jackson County, Missouri, Chief Engineer of the Missouri State Highway Department and Federal Highway Administrator under presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson. The papers consist of speeches, correspondence, newspaper and magazine articles, photographs, and miscellaneous material relating to his position and activities as Federal Highway Administrator.

Wight, Mrs. James, Collection, (P0521)
5 photographs
Copy images of Boone Co Circuit Clerk's Office, Armistice day broadside, and invitation to a hanging.

Wilkinson, Frank Courtney (1888-1958) Family Papers, 1888-1958, (K0713)
36 cubic feet
Family papers of Frank Courtney Wilkinson, attorney, banker, real estate businessman, and member of the Missouri House of Representatives. Included are notebooks, photographs, scrapbooks, memorabilia, correspondence, diaries, high school and college coursework, Navy publications and printed material used in son Frank Lee Wilkinson's training during World War II, and genealogical research and family history.

Wilkinson, James, (1757-1825), Proclamation, 1806, (C1810)
1 folder
Proclamation altering the boundary between the New Madrid and the Cape Girardeau Districts of the Louisiana Territory.

Wilkinson, James, (1757-1825), Proclamation, 1806, (C1809)
1 folder
Proclamation forming the Arkansas District of the Louisiana Territory and appointing district officials.

Williams, Clyde (1873-1954), Papers, 1904-1941 (C0188)
11 folders
Papers of a congressman from Missouri, 1927 to 1942. Arranged chronologically, the papers include Williams' commission as prosecuting attorney of Jefferson County, 1904; petitions endorsing Williams' application as a commissioner of the Missouri Supreme Court, 1922; constituent correspondence, mostly requesting government publications; and copies of Williams' speeches and undated jokes and stories possibly used in speeches.

Williams, Clyde (1873-1954), Papers, (CA6437)
1 cubic foot
Speeches, clippings, biographical information, and miscellaneous material of a lawyer from Jefferson County who served as a Democratic U.S. Representative in the late 1920s to the early 1940s.

Williams, Robert C., Collection, 1963- 2005, (S1055)
1 Box
The Robert C. Williams collection contains three scrapbooks that have news clippings that concentrate on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and documents about the life and times of the civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

Williams, George Papers (R1384)
0.02 cubic feet (1 folder)
The George Williams Papers contain the testimonies for those who witnessed the murder of George Williams a deputy sheriff in Taney County, Missouri. He was killed by a mob in March 1892.

Williams, Roy D. (1881-1972), Papers, 1853-1972, (C3769)
2 linear feet
Papers of Judge Roy D. Williams of Boonville, Missouri, containing speeches (primarily on local and regional history), historical notes, clippings, correspondence, photographs, and miscellany.

Wilson Family, Papers, 1898-1926 (C0438)
4 folders, typed copies
Biographical sketches, 1898, of John Wilson and R.P.C. Wilson, Platte County, Missouri, politicians; resolution about Platte County delegates to constitutional convention; letter, 1926, with Civil War reminiscences of Confederate troops under Sterling Price.

Wilson, Francis M. (1867-1932), Papers, 1853-1946, (C1039)
27.4 linear feet, 14 volumes
Papers of a U.S. district attorney, receiver for the Kansas City Railways Company, and Democratic nominee for governor of Missouri in 1928 and 1932, who died a month before the election of 1932. Also papers concerning his father, R.P.C. Wilson, I.

Wilson, Francis Murray, II (1917-2006), Papers, (CA5924)
0.2 linear feet
Biographical sketches, newspaper clippings, and reminiscences of Francis M. Wilson II, grandson of Missouri Congressman Robert Patterson Clark Wilson, and nephew of Missouri state senator, Francis Murray Wilson, for whom he was named. The Wilson family was politically prominent in Platte County, Missouri. Also includes limited genealogy.

Wilson, H. Clyde (1926-2010), Papers, 1962-1972, (C0390)
2.9 linear feet
Campaign materials from Wilson’s 1970 challenge to the 8th district’s incumbent U.S. Congressman Richard H. Ichord.

Wilson, H. Clyde (1926-2010), Papers, (CA4749)
1.4 linear feet
Addition. Papers of a Columbia, MO, mayor and city councilman, 1970s-1980s.

Wilson, H. Clyde, Papers, (CA4712)
1.4 linear feet
Papers pertaining to the cable television franchise in Columbia, MO, 1970s-1980s.

Wilson, R.P.C., II (1876-1953), Papers, 1910-1939, (C1040)
1.9 linear feet
Correspondence and papers of a doctor who specialized in the treatment of the feebleminded and epileptic who was superintendent of the Missouri State School for the Feeble-Minded and Epileptic in Marshall, 1912-1920, 1933-1940, and 1949-1953. He was the brother of Francis M. Wilson.

Wilson, Theo R. (1917 1997), Papers, 1914 1997, (C3972)
9 linear feet, 2 linear feet on 4 rolls of microfilm, 1 video cassette, 1 audio cassette, 1 audio tape
The papers of Theo Wilson, trial reporter for the New York Daily News, consist of Wilson’s newspaper articles, trial notes, awards, correspondence, photographs, and miscellaneous items spanning her 60 year career as a reporter and writer.

Wilson's Creek Battlefield National Park Commission, Deed, 1964, (C2193)
1 folder
The collection contains photocopied documentation of land deeded by the State of Missouri in Greene County.

Winston Family, Papers, 1805-1886 (C0190)
3 folders
Letters to and from various members of a North Carolina family concerning settlement of estate, governmental positions, sums of money, and family information. Bill of sale for two slaves. Letter from Francis Marion Cockrell to John H. Winston, Clay County, MO, concerning possibilities of renomination for the U.S. Senate.

Wolf, Jacob H., Jr. (1930-2016), Papers (CA6493)
3.3. cubic feet, 6 audio cassettes
The papers of a UPI bureau chief in Jefferson City, Missouri, contain material from Missouri political campaigns on which Wolf served as press secretary, 1972-1980.

Women of the Mansion Photograph Collection, (P0536)
0.5 linear feet
Photos of Missouri first ladies, female relatives of the governer, and the governer's mansion. Many images used in their book Women of the Mansion, Missouri, 1821-1936

Women’s Cancer Control Program Auxiliary, Records, 1979, 1982-1995, (C3933)
1.5 linear feet
The records of the Women's Cancer Control Program Auxiliary consist of organizational and legal papers, publicity and informational materials, financial records, correspondence, membership lists, and scrapbooks. Information pertaining to the local chapters of the auxiliary is provided as well.

Women's International League For Peace And Freedom (WILPF), St. Louis Branch, Records Addenda, 1953-1997, (S0690)
168 Folders, 60 Photographs
The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Records Addenda includes meeting reports, correspondence, monthly bulletins and treasure's reports of the St. Louis branch of WILPF. Also, included are publications of the United States and international branches of WILPF. Correspondence, meeting minutes, charter and by-laws, and financial information detail the workings of the World Community Center of St. Louis. Finally, information concerning China, Hiroshima-Nagasaki, SALT II Conference, and Rethinking National Security Conference highlight the projects of WILPF St. Louis branch. Together they chronicle the interests of the WILPF St. Louis branch from 1953-1997.

Women's Political Caucus, Columbia, Missouri, Papers, (CA6193)
0.2 linear feet
Addition of clippings, newsletters, and publications pertaining to national, state, and local women's political organization and the Equal Rights Amendment, 1970s. Also scant miscellanea from the 1990s. See also C3550.

Women’s Political Caucus, Columbia, Missouri, Papers, 1971-1977, (C3550)
1 linear foot
Formed in 1972, the CWPC is a multipartisan political action group affiliated with both the Missouri State Women's Political Caucus and the National Women's Political Caucus. These groups work to improve the status of women.

Women's Suffrage Paper, [1880s], (C1766)
1 folder
The collection contains one paper arguing against women's suffrage.

Woods, Harriett (1927-2007), Addenda, 1952-2006, (S0755)
319 Folders, 21 Audio Tapes, 19 Videotapes, 62 Photographs

Woods, Harriett F. (1927- ), Addenda, 1945-1999, (S0652)
34 Scrapbooks, 384 Photographs
The Harriett F. Woods Addenda, 1945-1999, includes thirty-four scrapbooks that document her life from 1945 to 1999, including her college years, 1945-1949, at the University of Michigan where she wrote for the student newspaper the Michigan Daily; her time at KPLR-TV, 1964-1974; her State Senatorial Campaign, 1976; her terms in the Missouri State Senate from 1977-1982; her U.S. Senatorial Campaign, 1982; her Missouri Lieutenant Governor Campaign, 1983-1985; her term as Lieutenant Governor, 1985-1988; her second U.S. Senatorial Campaign, 1985-1986; her time as president of the Institute for Policy Leadership, at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, 1989-1991; her time as president of the National Women's Political Caucus, 1991-1996; her political activism after public office, 1996-1999; and notes and drafts for her book with tentative titles including An untitled memoir of a Twentieth Century Woman or The Truth About Women, Power and Politics, or The Risktaker Who Changed History: A Political Woman in the Midwest, 1997-1999.

Woods, Harriett F. (1927- ), Addenda, 1975-1983, (S0490)
68 Folders
The Harriett Woods Addenda, 1975-1983, primarily document Woods' second term as a Missouri senator. It primarily contains legislative files and newsclippings from this period.

Woods, Harriett F. (1927- ), Papers, 1964-1980, (S0051)
199 Folders
The Harriett F. Woods Papers, document her first term as Missouri Senator (1977-1980), her State Senatorial Campaign (1976), and writings from her career as a journalist and film producer. There is almost no information on her career as a member of the University City Council. The bulk of the material is correspondence relating to legislative issues between 1977 - 1980.

Woodson, Daniel (1824-1894) Papers, 1855-1858 (K0472)
0.01 cubic feet
The papers consist of miscellaneous documents related to Daniel Woodson's professional and business career.

Woodson, Warren ( -1868), Papers, 1853, 1866, (C2847)
1 folder
Appeals to the voters of Boone County, Missouri, during elections for county clerk, 1853 and 1866. Reply to Woodson's appeal by Odon Guitar, 1866.

World Federalist Association Of Greater St. Louis Missouri (1947-), Records, 1947-1975, (S0041)
30 Folders
The World Federalist Association of Greater St. Louis Records document the activities of the organization from 1949-1975 and contain some materials relating to the national, regional, and state organizations. The collection contains newsletters, correspondence policy statements, membership rosters, speeches, reports, bylaws, minutes, financial records, brochures, questionnaires, and bibliographies of peace literature and films.

World Federalists Association Of Greater St. Louis Missouri (1947- ), Addenda, 1948-1983, (S0503)
59 Folders
The World Federalists Association of Greater St. Louis Addenda document the activities of the organization from 1948-83 and contain some material relating to the national, regional, and state organizations. The collection contains newsletters, correspondence, membership rosters, reports, by-laws, minutes, brochures, questionnaires, and public relations information.

World Federalist Association Of Greater St. Louis Missouri (1947- ), Addenda, 1983-2004, (S0746)
6 Folders
This addenda contains the association's newletters, meeting minutes, bylaws, agendas, and event information.

Worner, Lloyd E., Jr., Papers, 1943 (C0418)
1 folder
Letters to Worner in response to his inquiries about state and national politics ca. 1920 from Arthur M. Hyde, Charles M. Hay, and E. Mont. Reily.


Yancey, Charles S. ( -1857), Letters, 1839-1865 (C0192)
8 folders
Letters of a circuit court judge from Greene County, Missouri, largely written to his wife in Springfield. Tell of the court; discusses Benton; Clay Compromise; and the slavery question. Other family letters. Originals in possession of donor.

Young Americans for Freedom, Rolla High School Chapter, Rolla, Missouri, Papers, (R0639)
1 folder
These are papers concerning the Rolla High School Chapter of the Young Americans for Freedom. They consist of the constitution, by-laws, and charter, newspaper clippings concerning the chapter's events and activities, and printed materials from the national headquarters.

Young Socialist Alliance, (1974- ), Collection, 1974-1975, (S0096)
1 Folder
Flyers, posters and publications of the St. Louis youth affiliate of the Socialist Party.

Young, Robert A. (1923- ), Papers 1974-1986, (S0517)
1116 Folders
The collection consists of the general files of Congressman Young during his tenure as U.S. Representative. Their is little of a personal nature in the records, but mainly information collected to help the Congressman reach a decision on pending legislation. The records include correspondence, studies, reports, brochures, newsletters, press releases, newsclippings, and photographs.


Zelinsky, Christine I. (1940- ) Photograph Collection, 1967-1969, (K0678)
0.5 cubic foot
Zelinsky is an artist and freelance graphics designer who was hired by the City of Kansas City to establish a design program for the city. Includes slide transparencies depicting Kansas City architecture and the various activities at City Hall.

Zimmerman, Orville, (1880-1948), Papers, 1922-1962, (C0863)
4.1 linear feet
Correspondence and other papers from Zimmerman's terms as a Democratic congressman from Missouri's 10th district, 1935-1948. Zimmerman's major committee assignments included the Agriculture, Flood Control, and Post-War Economic Policy and Planning Committees.

Zogbaum, Margaret Montgomery, “The Life of Mary Anne Phelps Montgomery, 1846-1943,” 1967 (C2114)
1 folder
Reminiscences of Mary Anne Phelps Montgomery, daughter of John Smith Phelps, Missouri congressman and governor. Recorded by her daughter, the reminiscences cover Montgomery's childhood on a plantation near Springfield, Missouri; her marriage to James Montgomery, a railroad entrepreneur and early Portland, Oregon, settler; her travels in Europe; and her friendship with Ulysses S. Grant.

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