German American Manuscript Collections

Personal papers, organizational records, and other materials related to German immigration, and social life and customs, religious practices, family experiences, and other aspects of life in German-American communities in Missouri.

*Collections marked with DIGITIZED MATERIALS have additional digitized items available.

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Acker, Jon Charles, Collection (CA6531)
0.1 cubic feet, 10 oversize items
The collection contains certificates documenting Missouri baptisms, confirmations, and marriages, along with autograph albums. Collected by Jon Charles Acker for research purposes, the materials date from the 1860s-1930s and some are in German.

Allendorf, Adam, Collection, (C2546)
3 folders
Songs and plays in German.

Almstedt, Hermann B. (1872-1954), Papers, 1887-1954, (C2408)
1.5 linear feet
The papers of Hermann B. Almstedt contain correspondence with colleagues and students, articles, speeches, poems, programs, report cards and diplomas of Hermann B. Almstedt, professor of Germanic Languages at the University of Missouri.


Bek, W.F., Notebook, n.d., (C1456)
1 folder
Synopsis of a geography written in German and used by Bek in the early 1860s when he taught in St. Charles, MO.

Bek, W.F., Papers, n.d., (C1457)
1 folder
A substitute for arithmetic texts, made by Bek for use in his classes at St. Charles, MO.

Bek, William G., 'Der Geist des Deutschtums' in the State of Missouri, (C1047)
1 volume
The collection contains a history of Germans in the state of Missouri. Also included are miscellaneous letters and programs.

Bek, William G., Book, 1866, (C1460)
1 volume
The papers contain a list of legal forms in German used by an immigrant to acquaint himself with American legal documents and includes receipts, vouchers, articles of agreement, notes, and mortgages.

Bek, William G., Photograph Collection, (P0586)
40 photographs
Photos of and relating to German immigrants in Missouri, including the Frederick Steines home and family, St. Albans, MO, the Muench family, the Goebel family, Bethel Colony, Charles Wulfing, and assorted followers of Duden.

Benecke Family Papers, 1816-1989, n.d., (C3825)
90.8 linear feet, 62 volumes, 3 audio tapes, 3 records, 413 glass plate negatives
Correspondence, business and law firm records, civic, political, legislative, and personal papers of a German American family of Brunswick, Missouri.

Bethel Community, Shelby County, Missouri, Song Books, 1859, 1863, n.d., (C3876)
1 folder, 1 roll of microlfilm
Three song books containing only the words of German songs, including folk songs and hymns (two are published and one is handwritten).

Betz Family Collection, 1981, (K0825)
0.01 cubic feet
This collection contains a small booklet written by Annette Betz entitled, “The Home of Carl Betz and Louise Wittig Betz and Their Children.” The booklet is a retelling of her family history, focusing on Annette’s childhood, and her memories of her father, Carl, and her mother, Louise.

Blumhardt, The Reverend, Notebook, 1844, (C1455)
1 folder
Account, in German, of the illness of Gottliebin Ditus, dictated to the Reverend W.F. Bek by Blumhardt, a noted faith-cure advocate.

Bock, Alice Collection (CA5834)
0.1 cubic feet, 196 glass plate negatives
Glass plate negatives, scanned prints, and descriptions of scenes and residents of Hermann, MO, 1906-1913, photographed by Alice Bock. Guides to the collection are located in the Society Research Center.

Bode Family Account Book, 1846-1962, (C2461)
1 reel microfilm, 68 pages
Account book of Bode family, containing genealogical data, court records of family land in Osage and Cole counties, description of farm, inventory and expense records, William Bode's description of drowning of two sons, certificate of service in Enrolled Missouri Militia, permit to leave Germany issued to J.H. Lutkewinklemann. Entries in German and English.

Bode Family, Papers, 1754-2010, (C3999)
7 linear feet, 1 audio cassette, 2 audio tapes
The collection contains the personal and professional papers of four generations of the Bode family, many of whom were ministers in the Evangelical Church Society of the West (Evangelischer Kirchen Verein des Westens), now the United Church of Christ. The collection includes correspondence, photographs, sermons, publications, and publicity clippings.

Bohm, Louis Frederick, Papers, 1866, (C2591)
1 folder
Letter from Bohm in Warrenton, MO, to his parents in Illinois, and a copy of a catalogue of Western Educational Institute, Warrenton.

Boonville Turn and Gesang Verein Papers, 1895-1925, (C0880)
1 folder, 11 volumes
Constitution and by-laws, deed, rules for use of meeting hall, reports of secretary, receipts for dues, and application for membership of a German social organization in Boonville, MO. Minutes, roster of members, and account books. Written in German until 1902.

Bornstein, Heinrich (1805- ), "Seventy-five Years in the Old and New World," 1884, (C1054)
2 volumes
Translated by William G. Bek from the second edition, Leipzig, 1884. Heinrich Bornstein resided in Germany and Austria, where he was a theatre director and European correspondent for American newspapers. His memoirs were written in 1879-1880, and first appeared in serial form in the Sunday supplement of ILLINOIS STAATSZEITUNG, Chicago, IL.

Bower Family, Papers, c. 1865-1974, (C4055)
0.7 linear feet
The papers of the Bower family, who settled in Bethel, Missouri, around 1850, consist of correspondence, photographs, and miscellaneous material.

Brandt, Henry F. (1799-1871), Account Book, 1859-1860 (C0266)
1 folder
Account book apparently of Henry F. Brandt, physician in Warren County, MO. Lists sales of medications with patients' names; also sold medicine for animals. Brandt was born in Germany and was one of the pioneer settlers of Warren County. Many of his patients were also apparently German immigrants.

Brewers, Maltsters and General Labor Departments, Local Union Number 6, St. Louis, Missouri, Minutes, 1898-1940, (C0584)
2 rolls of microfilm
Roll 1 contains volume 1, March 14, 1898-July 14, 1918, in German. Roll 2 contains volume 2, July 28, 1918-January 1, 1940, in English. Labor-management relations, beer production prohibition, participation in politics, international union policy and relations with other trade unions; World War I, American Socialist Party, Eugene V. Debs, Tom Mooney.

Bruhl Family Photographs, (CG0037)
0.2 cubic feet (8 folders, 159 photographs)
The Bruhl Family Photographs include individual and family portraits of this family and the related families of Ritzenthaler, Caldwell, and Anderson from 1902-1984.

Buegel, John T., Civil War Diary, 1861-1864, (C1844)
3 folders
The collection contains a diary, in German, with translation by William G. Bek, 1945. The diary documents Buegel's career as a soldier in Company F, 3rd Regiment, Missouri Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War, including battles of Camp Jackson, Wilson's Creek and Springfield, and Sherman's march to the sea.


Catholic Union of Missouri, 17th State Convention, HISTORICAL SOUVENIR, 1909, (C2137)
1 folder
Ralph Gregory's translation from German of excerpts from the HISTORICAL SOUVENIR of the 17th State Convention of the Catholic Union of Missouri. Arrival and names of the first German Catholics in Washington, MO, 1833. The church, mission and school of St. Francis Borgia Parish.

Champion City United Methodist Church, Champion City, Missouri, Diamond Jubilee Papers, 1970, (C3186)
1 folder
The collection contains a historical compendium of the church published for its Diamond Jubilee celebration on 31 May 1970, a bulletin for the Jubilee Service of Song and Sermon, and the Covenant Service. A short history of the church, its pastors, long-time members, and building improvements are included.

Concordia Baptist Church, Concordia, Lafayette County, Missouri, Records, 1861-1922, (C3906)
3 volumes and translations on 1 roll of microfilm
The records of the Concordia Baptist Church consist of minute books of the congregation and the sister society, and the constitution of the church. The records are in German. A transla-tion of the records is included in the collection. These records are part of the German Heritage Archives.

Crede Family Papers, 1818-1939, (C3065)
2 linear feet and 2 oversize volumes; also available on 4 rolls of microfilm
Personal correspondence, genealogical records, and business records of a German-American family living in Osage County, Missouri. The bulk of the collection concerns Her-mann Crede, who emigrated in 1853; other papers pertain to his brothers, Wilhelm (who emi-grated in 1853) and Carl (who emigrated in 1855). Much of the correspondence is in German; the business records are in English.

Cunningham, Norma Steines, The Letters Of Frederick Steines (1802-1890), 1834-1840, 1999, (C2364)
1 folder
The Letters Of Frederick Steines by Norma Steines Cunningham is a translation of corre-spondence, poetry, and songs written by a Missouri immigrant who was the first German schoolmaster west of the Mississippi River. A copy of the letters in German can be found in the Frederick Steines Letters, 1834-1840, Collection # C995, XV, 445.

Cutler, William P., Papers, 1912, (C3245)
2 folders
The papers contain letters from German and Swiss girls to Missouri state food and drug commissioner about an article he published in German and Swiss newspapers and magazines asking for wives for American servicemen stationed in the Philippines ca. 1912. Typed translation of newspaper article, letters in German.


Delta Phi Alpha, Eta Beta Chapter, Records, (CA4370)
0.4 linear feet
Records of German honorary society at UMC.

Die Gartenlaube, 1893-1904, (CA5835)
Issues of the German language periodical, 1893-1904.

Dingeldein, Otto F. (1906-1991), Papers, 1944-1990, (C4291)
1.0 cubic feet (19 folders), 8 oversize items
The papers contain photographs and information relating to silver products created by silversmith, Otto F. Dingeldein.

Doermann/Neibruegge Family Papers (C4368)
1.9 cubic feet (60 of folders, 4 oversize items)
Papers of a German American family from Bay, Missouri, largely consisting of material concerning the Henry and Elise Neibruegge Doermann and Fred Doermann families. The collection includes photographs, correspondence, financial papers, military papers, and miscellaneous material. Related and other families represented include Poetting and Mayhew.

Duden, Gottfried (1785-1855), Report on a Journey to the Western States of North America, (C2600)
0.4 linear feet
Elsa Nagel’s English translation of Gottfried Duden’s Report on a Journey to the Western States of North America for the State Historical Society of Missouri. The volume, first published in 1829, documented Duden’s travel to the United States and pioneer life in Missouri. The book is considered to be one of the most influential works on German emigration.


Eggen, Jacob, Papers, 1833-1875, (C2698)
1 volume
The papers of Jacob Eggen contain notes and reminiscences of the history of Highland, IL, as well as notes of an artillery soldier. Manuscripts are written in German script.

Eulenhorst Society, St. Louis, Missouri, Records, (CA4846)
1 volume
Meeting records, historical sketches, music, poetry, memorials and other records of the Society; the "literary branch" of a St. Louis Turner Society from ca. 1907 to ca. 1961. The Society included a women's auxiliary and kept their records in German.

Evangelical Bethel Congregation, Concordia, Missouri, Records, 1872-1947, (C1292)
3 volumes and translations on 1 roll of microfilm
The records of the Evangelical Bethel Congregation consist of minutes of congregational meetings, church constitutions, membership lists, and other church records. Recorded primarily in German, an English translation of the records is included in the collection. These records are part of the German Heritage Archives.

Eversmann Family, Papers, 1810-1982, (C3743)
0.3 linear feet
Family history and genealogy of the Eversmann family in Germany. Biographical sketches of Alexander, Ludwig, and Julius Eversmann. Correspondence, financial and legal records of Ludwig Eversmann and Gottfried Duden of Warren County, Missouri. Also poems, home remedies, and other miscellaneous items. Mostly in German with some English translations.


Feldmann, John, Account Book, 1863-1871 (C0268)
1 folder
Accounts of a physician of Hermann, Missouri, partly in German. Lists medical services such as extractions, lancing of abscesses, vaccinations, etc. Bills were paid in such commodities as cigars, wine, sugar, and potatoes.

Filley, Chauncey Ives, Letter, 1880, (C1824)
1 folder
The papers contain a letter to D.K. Abeel, of Kansas City, Missouri, from Chauncey Ives Filley of St. Louis, Missouri, February 20, 1880. The letter discusses political maneuvering in Missouri for General Grant's presidential candidacy in 1880; organization and influence of St. Louis German vote, the WESTLICHE POST, Emil Preetorius and state politics, particularly party positions. Also typed copy.

Franke, Fred E., Papers, n.d., (C3505)
2 folders
English translation by William Wilke of Franke's "Ein Verfehltes Leben." News story on Franke's death copied from the Washington, MO, CITIZEN.

Friedens United Church of Christ, Warrenton, Missouri, Record Books, 1868-1967, (C3631)
1 reel microfilm (3 volumes)
Record books of the Friedens Evangelical Church, Warrenton, MO, and the Bethany Evangelical Church, Pendleton, MO. The two merged to become the Friedens Evangelical and Reformed Church, later renamed the Friedens United Church of Christ. The Friedens Church was organized in 1877, but the record book has entries dating from 1868. The earliest record in the Bethany book is for 1910.


German American National Alliance Convention, Photographs, 1913, 1916, (P0864)
2 photographs
Panoramic group photos from German American National Alliance Conventions, 1913 and 1916.

German English Evangelical Friedens Church, Hamburg, Missouri, Records, 1920-1940, (C0748)
2 folders
Records of the German English Evangelical Friedens Church, Hamburg, Missouri, consisting of an undated church history and record books from the years 1920 to 1940. The record books contain the church constitution, membership records, cash receipt accounts, expenditure and collection records, minutes of directors meetings and annual meetings, and the cemetery fund records.

German Order of Harugari, Glasgow Lodge No. 499, Record Book, 1884-1887, (C1108)
1 folder
Membership questionnaires.

German Savings Institution, St. Louis, Missouri, Minute Book, 1853-1868, (C2329)
1 volume
The collection contains one volume including an act of incorporation, list of subscribers, election of directors, periodic examination of assets and other transactions involving purchase of bonds, stocks and notes. Correspondence and papers in book pocket relate to stockholders' meeting, tax exemption of bank, and by-laws. M. Robert Barth was president.

German Stewartsville, Missouri, Branch, Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Records, 1877-1908, (C3054)
1 volume
The records contain a record book of a church in DeKalb County organized on April 25, 1877. Contains records of membership, ordinations, children blessed, and marriages. Protocols or minutes of business meetings are in German. Includes English transcripts of the protocols.

Gildehaus, Charles, (1856-1909), Books, 1831-1909, (C3107)
0.4 cubic feet, 3 volumes
Scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, magazine articles, and letters regarding the wholesale grocery business, philosophical lectures, theater programs, and other matters.

Goebel, David, Astronomy Notebooks, 1840-1844, (C1110)
1 volume
Astronomical observations, records of barometric pressure and thermometer readings. Written in German.

Goebel, Gert (1816-1896), Länger Als Ein Menschenleben in Missouri, 1877 , (C1815)
0.4 linear feet
Martin W. Heinrichsmeyer’s 1956 English translation of Gert Goebel’s Länger Als Ein Menschenleben in Missouri. The manuscript details Goebel’s impressions and experiences while living in Franklin County, Missouri, and includes information on German settlement and early Missouri history.

Goebel, Gert (1816-1896), Longer Than a Lifetime in Missouri, (C1854)
0.8 linear feet
Elsa Nagel’s 1971 English translation of Gert Goebel’s Länger Als Ein Menschenleben in Missouri for the State Historical Society of Missouri. The manuscript details Goebel’s impressions and experiences while living in Franklin County, Missouri, and includes extensive information on German settlement and early Missouri history.

Goebel, Gert, "The Development of Missouri," 1879, (C1109)
1 volume
English translation of “Langer als ein Menschenleben in Missouri,” with some changes from the work published in 1877.

Greef Family, Papers, (CA6224)
0.2 linear feet
Genealogical information, correspondence, scanned images, and other documents relating to the Greefs, a German family who immigrated to Tavern Creek, Missouri, in 1833. Some of the documents are written in German.


Haller, Emanuel Carl, Papers, 1881-1943, (C3250)
4 folders
The papers contain letters, documents, and photos concerning church matters and the funeral of Emanuel Haller. Most of the letters are in German.

Harmony Church, Warren County, Missouri, Records, 1843-1919, (C3072)
1 volume on microfilm
The collection contains a record book of a German Lutheran Evangelical Church established in 1842. The collection includes transcriptions from other records, 1843-1881; and original records, 1881-1919, including birth, christening, confirmation, marriage, and death records.

Hashbarger, Ruth, Papers, (C2968)
0.4 cubic feet (12 folders)
The papers of Ruth Hashbarger contain family documents and books from the Goebel, Roesche, and Haeberle families, all of whom immigrated to the United States from Germany. Ruth Hashbarger was a descendent of these families.

Haslag Family, Letter, 1848, (C1780)
1 folder
The Haslag Family Letter is written in German to members of the family in Osage County, Missouri. It is part of the German Heritage Archives.

Heckmann, Alice Bock, Glass Plate Negatives, (C4384)
0.39 cubic feet (166 glass plate negatives)
Glass plate negatives of scenes and residents of Hermann, Missouri, photographed by Alice Bock Heckmann.

Heinrich, C., pub. "The Experiences....of the Stephanites who emigrated from Saxony, 1839," n.d., (C2085)
1 folder
The papers contain one publication titled, Journey of the Stephanites from Saxony to St. Louis, 1838, and settlement in Perry County, 1839. Describes difficulties of ocean voyage to New Orleans and riverboat travel to St. Louis; Economic conditions, prices, religious beliefs, organization of colony, and impressions of Martin Stephan.

Hermann, LaDonna Rose Mary, “Many Happy Memories and Anecdotes Told by Franceska Lutz Hennerich to Her Grandchild Emma Burst Hermann,” 1989, (C1790)
1 folder
Reminiscences and anecdotes of a German American family from St. Louis, edited by Hermann. The memoir includes information about immigratiion, business, family life, and other topics. Photocopies of family photographs are also included. The collection is part of the German Heritage Archives.

Hinrichs, Charles F. (1828-1902), Papers, 1862-1902, (C0335)
2 rolls of microfilm
Papers and records of a German American who lived in Cape Girardeau and Butler Counties in Missouri. Records concern Hinrichs's Civil War service in Company L, 10th Missouri Volunteer Cavalry. Other papers document his agricultural interests, the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and his efforts to establish a German colony at Carola, Butler County, Missouri.

Hutchinson, Marvin, Collection, 1857-1904, (C1791)
1 folder
Letters, poetry, Civil War documents, and other papers pertaining to the Hagen and Sasse families of Chariton County, Missouri. This collection is part of the German Heritage Archives.


Immanuel United Methodist Church, Canton, Missouri, Records, 1853-1939, 1985, (C4326)
1.5 cubic feet
The records of the Immanuel United Methodist Church, Canton, Missouri, contain quarterly conference minute books, Sunday school records, and Epworth League minute books, some of the volumes are written in German.


Jefferson City, Missouri, Saengerbund Papers, (CA6131)
0.25 linear feet
CD copies of German songbooks collected by members of the Jefferson City German singing society. MU professor Walter A. Schroeder retains the originals. Also includes society's constitution, annual reports, annual activities, membership, and photograph.


Kansas City Turner Society (Socialer Turnverein) Records, 1867-1988, (K0771)
11 cubic feet
Organizational records of the primary German social club in Kansas City. Includes minute books, ledgers, correspondence, photographs, and membership records, and national and local printed material and publications, programs, and songbooks Also records of the Turner Development Company and the administration of Turner Park.

Kargau, E.D., "St Louis in Former Years," 1893, (C1130)
1 volume
The typescript contains a history of the St. Louis German community and was translated by William G. Bek.

Kemper, Edward J., Collection, (C4388)
0.9 cubic feet (9 folders, 4 oversize items, 207 glass plate negatives)
This collection documents the activities of Edward J. Kemper, particularly Hermann Grape Nurseries and his other business ventures, and his local German-American community in Hermann, Missouri, and surrounding Gasconade County in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Killian, Joseph C. (1825-1895) and Charles A. (1852-1936), Papers, 1821-1935 (C0124)
0.4 linear feet
Legal papers and letters of J.C. Killian and his son, Perry County, Missouri, lawyers. Diary of J.C. Killian describes people of Perryville. Also material on early German immigration.

Kittlaus, Louis, Jr., Collection, (CA6204)
1 linear foot
Addition of publications related to the Turner organization in St. Louis and family papers and photographs of Louis and Pauline Kittlaus. See also C3908.

Kittlaus, Louis, Jr., Collection, 1893-1982, (C3908)
0.75 linear feet
Booklets, pamphlets, books, and photographs concerning Turnverein history, activities, competitions in St. Louis, Missouri, the United States and as part of the 1928 Turnfest and Olympic games. The majority of the material belonged to Louis Kittlaus, Sr. or Louis Kittlaus, Jr. The ephemera includes a 50 year membership card for Louis Kittlaus, Sr., and attendance medals.

Klinge, Henry (1844-1915), Papers, 1859-1915, (C4323)
0.2 cubic feet (3 folders)
Civil War diary, photograph, pension papers, marriage certificate, and passport of Henry Klinge. Also history of the 49th Regiment of Illinois Volunteer Infantry.

Kloeckner, Louis O., Papers, 1864-1937, 1964-1965, (C1797)
1 folder
The Louis O. Kloeckner papers consist of photographs and awards pertaining to his career as a pharmacist. The Papers also included Civil War military service and pension records of his father, who had the same name. These papers are part of the German Heritage Archives.

Koerner, Gustav, "The Germans in Missouri, [1818- 1848]," 1880, (C1132)
1 volume
One section of a larger work on the German element in the U.S.

Kramer, Rev. Herbert G., “Sister Jerome, Hospital Sister From Osage County,” n.d., (C2940)
1 folder
The papers contain a brief account of the life of Elizabeth Kramer (1852-1922), who became Sister Jerome, a nun in the Sisters of the Poor of St. Francis, including her obituary and eulogies of her.

Kramer, Herbert George, (1906- ), Papers, n.d., 1962-1969, (C1951)
1 folder
History and clergy of Mary Help Catholic Church, Osage County, MO; history of Bonnot's Mill area; and remembrance of his mother, Veronica Franken Kramer.

Kroeger, Otto and Joe, Photograph Collection, (P0002)
400 photographs
The Kroeger collection is comprised of approx. 400 glass plate negatives, film negatives, photographs, newspaper articles and letters. Photographers were Otto and his son, Joseph Kroeger, both of Jefferson City, Missouri.

Krohn, Peter, Papers, 1847-1869, (C4306)
0.2 cubic feet (2 folders)
The papers contain school work consisting of trigonometry and navigation calculations; merchandise accounts; tax receipts; affidavit of Peter Krohn accepting the duties of the post office, and an internal revenue license granted to Peter Krohn of Linn, Missouri, as a retail dealer, 1847-1869.

Kuemmel Family Books, 1859-1927, (C1135)
19 volumes
Account books, cash books, and letter books of the family of George F. Kuemmel.

Kuemmel, Cornelia A. (1863-1938), Account Book, 1901-1933, (C1133)
1 volume
Household expenses, recorded in Glasgow, MO.

Kuemmel, George F[rederick] (1833-1914), Record Book, 1872-1881, (C1137)
1 volume
A few pages contain garden and miscellaneous accounts, and remainder of book consists of paragraphs about murders and suicides written in German.

Kuemmel, George Frederick (1833-1914), Dictionary, 1855, (C1134)
1 volume
Brief German-English dictionary compiled by German-born music teacher in Glasgow, MO.

Kuemmel, George Frederick (1833-1914), Geometry Notebook, 1849, (C1136)
1 volume
Geometry exercises.

Kuemmel, George Frederick (1833-1914), Record Book, 1873-1875, (C1139)
1 volume
Contains weather records, garden and egg accounts, and expenses for chickens.

Kuemmel, George Frederick Papers (C1138)
0.25 cubic feet (4 folders)
Papers and records pertaining to George Kuemmel's time as a music instructor and other financial dealings, as well as miscellaneous papers and news clippings.

Kuemmel, Natalie Wagner (1840-1922), Notebook, 1861-1869, (C1140)
1 volume
Jokes, daybook for 1861 and letter record book, 1863-1869.

Kuemmel, William (1842-1927), Daybook, 1856-1860, (C1141)
1 volume
Owner of a general merchandise firm in St. Louis, Kuemmel emigrated to the U.S. from Germany.


Lake Creek United Methodist Church, Pettis County, Missouri, Records, 1844-1976, (C3698)
1 folder and 4 volumes on microfilm
The records of the Lake Creek United Methodist Church contain histories, minutes and membership, baptism, marriage, and funeral lists of the Versailles Mission; Florence District; later Lake Creek District; and the Lake Creek Church, Pettis County, of the Methodist Episcopal, later United Methodist, Church, founded in 1843. Volumes 1 and 2 are in German and volume 3 is partially in German.

Latimer, Oliver, Papers, (CA0710)
3 folders
Letters from Germany and New Orleans to members of the Bauerrichter and Hinricks families in Lewis and Shelby counties comprise the bulk of the collection. In German. 1850s-1900s.

Leimkuehler, Ricka, Papers, 1849-1966, (C2127)
3 folders, photocopies
The Leimkuehler Papers consist of the records of the Pin Oak Creek Baptist Church, Mount Sterling, Gasconade County, Missouri, 1850-1858, typescripts of those records, and articles by Leimkuehler about early German Baptists in Missouri.

Leopold, Charles John Joseph, (1810-1880), Papers, 1836-1884, (C1016)
3 folders
Correspondence (several letters in German with translations) business and legal papers; and receipts.

Lexington Turner Society, Lexington, Missouri, Records, 1859-1867, 1882-1965, (C3070)
1 roll of microfilm
Minutes and accounts for German-American athletic and social club founded in 1859 as Turn Verein (gymnastic society). Records to 1906 are in German. Includes translation by Turner member Nicholas Haerle. Subjects include memberships, balls, music groups, building construction and maintenance, and German-American relations.

Lingenfelder, Julius, Papers, 1876-1934, (C4167)
0.5 cubic feet
The papers of Dr. Julius Lingenfelder contain a typescript copy of his book, The Physician as Leader of the New Era, family correspondence, a scrapbook containing correspondence and news clippings, 1915-1920, and school certificates, including his medical diploma.

Lippstadt Evangelical Church, Warren County, Missouri, Records, 1849-1933, (C3643)
1 reel (3 volumes)
The marriage, baptismal, confirmation and funeral records of a German evangelical church located near Warrenton, Warren County, MO. Volume three also contains the rules of the congregation and list of its members. The records are written almost entirely in German script.

Lock Brothers Milling Company Papers, 1861-1935, (C3630)
14 volumes, 3 folders on 3 reels of microfilm
Daybooks, ledgers, and payroll records of a family-owned milling company in Loose Creek, Osage County, MO. Operations included a sawmill, winery and flour mill. Most of the mill's business was done with local German immigrant farmers and their descendants. Early records are in German shorthand script and there are some gaps.

LOGAN, Passenger List, 1833, (C1850)
1 folder
The collection contains photostats of the passenger list of the ship LOGAN, arriving in New York 20 June 1833, John Atkins, master. The list gives names, ages, sex, profession, and nationality of the passengers. Many Germans listed Missouri as area of intended settlement.

Lotz, Philipp, Papers, 1872-1955, (C3741)
2 folders
The papers contain pages from the family Bible listing births and deaths of children of Philipp and Christina Lotz; obituary of Christian Lotz; miscellaneous receipts and clippings; and religious cards and literature. Most of the material is in German. The Lotz family lived in and near California and McGirk in Moniteau County, Missouri, and Kansas City.

Louisiana Central Lumber Company, Clarks, Louisiana, Records, 1901-1956, (C3660)
MICROFILM (Volumes only)
2 linear feet and 2 oversize volumes; also available on 4 rolls of microfilm
Records of the Louisiana Central Lumber Company and associated companies. The papers include correspondence, 1901-1945, financial records, company reports, maps, photographs, and other materials related to the southern lumber industry.

Lubensky, Earl H., Papers, (CA6241)
54.8 linear feet, 1 computer disc, oversize
Personal and professional papers of a soldier, diplomat, and archaeologist who was a native of Marshall, Missouri. Includes papers of the Biesemeyer family of Osage County, Missouri, and Missouri Archaeological Society materials.


Mathematics Notebooks, n.d., (C0667)
2 folders
Mathematical notebooks, written in German. Surveyor's notebook and one of sample problems.

Meinershagen Family, Papers, (CA6124)
1.4 linear feet
Family papers and genealogical research materials compiled by Fred H. Meinershagen of Columbia, Missouri, for a published family history entitled "The Prosperous and Diligent Blacksmith from Wersen" [Meinershagen, Begemann, Hackmann, Neiweg, and Brinkmann families]. Includes correspondence, research, family reunion notes and other materials, newspaper clippings, obituaries, photographs, color slides, negatives, and genealogical charts.

Memorial Methodist Church, St. Louis, Missouri, Records, 1844-1981, (C1071)
1.25 linear feet
Records of the church from its beginning as the South St. Louis Mission (German Methodist) in 1844 to 1981. Includes quarterly conference reports and minutes; membership, baptism, and marriage records; church board and organization meeting minutes; Sunday School records; some financial records; and photographs.

Meyer, Karl Friedrich (1801-1870), Diary, 1833, (C1713)
1 folder
Diary of a voyage on the WESER from Tundern, Germany, to New Orleans, 11 August-16 October 1833 or 1834. Translated by Helen Evers, Lindenwood College, St. Charles, MO. Meyer recorded accounts, a list of the passengers, the crew, appearance of the coasts of Santo Domingo and Cuba.

Meyer, Zwingli Collection (CA6535)
0.4 cubic feet
Material concerning German Methodist congregations in Missouri collected by a German Methodist minister.

Missouri, Franklin County, Tutor's Notes, 1882, (C1105)
1 folder
Collection of historical and geographical facts used by a private tutor in Casco, Franklin County, MO. The sheets were mounted on cloth and placed in a frame which hung on the wall.

Missouri, Hermann. Board of Trustees, Records, 1799, 1836-1877, (C2992)
2 rolls of microfilm
Records, in German, of the German Settlement Society of Philadelphia, which founded Hermann. The records include land records with maps, bylaws, lists of stockholders, incorpora-tion records, trustees' minutes for 1852-1877, collector and treasurer records, and an architectural drawing of the Town School, 1855.

Missouri, Perry County, Immigration List, 1839, (C1836)
1 folder
List of Lutheran emigrants who left New York and arrived in the village of Wittenburg, Perry County, MO, in 1839. Original in the possession of the donor.

Missouri, Perry County, Immigration List, 1839, (C1837)
1 folder
List of Lutheran emigrants who came to Perry County, MO, by way of New Orleans in 1839. Original in the possession of the donor.

Missouri, Perry County, Stephan Immigration, 1852-1853, (C1839)
1 folder
List of workers and contributions in number of days of work, October and November 1852, and August 1853, of members of the Martin Stephan emigration of German Lutherans to Perry County, MO.

Missouri Council of Defense, Papers, 1917-1919, (C2797)
13.6 linear feet
The papers of the Council of Defense contain correspondence, bulletins, circulars, and posters.

Missouri German Heritage Corridor Oral History Project (C4354)
0.4 cubic feet (6 folders, 9 CDs)
The collection consists of interviews with Missourians who have lived in the German Heritage Corridor and have worked to promote and preserve its cultural institutions. The collection includes digitally recorded interviews and transcripts of the interviews.

Missouri. Constitution, 1865, (C2866)
1 folder
German edition, published by Westliche Post, 1865. OVERSIZE.

Missouri. Infantry, 17th Regiment, Volunteers, Company G, Muster-Out Roll, 1864, (C2869)
1 folder
Muster-out roll of Company G, Missouri 17th Volunteer Infantry, or Western Turner Rifle Regiment; mustered 25 September 1861 and discharged 27 September 1864. OVERSIZE.

Mit Feder Und Hammer! (with Feather and Hammer): The German Experience In St. Louis, Records, 1983-1989, (S0941)
299 folders, 5 boxes
The collection contains mounted photographs, duplicate photographs, 4x5 negatives, thirty-five millimeter negatives, one 3.5 micro floppy disk and historical background information about the images in the Mit Feder und Hammer exposition. This collection provides a visual record of the development of the German American community in St. Louis from circa 1830 to 1983.

Moll, Justus R., Collection, (CA4803)
3.4 linear feet
Correspondence and genealogical materials for the Moll family and related families.

Muehl, Siegmar, Collection, 1778-1992 (C4075)
0.25 cubic feet
Collection of genealogical research materials compiled by Siegmar Muehl documenting the Strehly family of Hermann, Missouri, particularly focusing on Joseph Carl Strehly (1778-1860) and Maria Strehly Wolff (1822-1906), including family photographs, correspondence, a travel diary, wills, clippings, genealogical charts, and biographies.

Muehl, Siegmar, Friedrich Muench: Man of Letters on the Missouri Frontier, Reader and Source Book, 1990s, (C0952)
0.2 linear feet
Siegmar Muehl translated and edited the writings of Friedrich Muench, scattered in various libraries throughout the U.S. Muench immigrated to the U.S. with the Giessen Emigration Society in 1834 and was a liberal thinker. He settled in Missouri, farmed, and wrote extensively. These papers contain translations as well as photocopies of Muench's work. There is also a supplement to the reader and source book. Although the table of contents to the supplement lists fifteen sections only ten sections were received.

Muench, Friedrich (1799-1881), Obituary, 1881, (C2902)
1 folder
Obituary translated by Ralph Gregory from the WESTLICHE POST of 16 December 1881. Includes a biography and eulogy of Muench.

0.6 linear feet
Translation from the German by Elsa Nagel includes one handwritten copy, one typescript, and two carbon copies.

Muhl, Eduard (1800-1854), Letters, 1842-1848, (C3744)
3 folders
The papers contain letters of a Hermann, Missouri, newspaperman to his wife as he traveled to St. Louis, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York selling subscriptions to his papers. Also included is a biographical sketch of Muhl and a translation of the letters from German to English, done by the donor.


Nahm-Mueller Family, Photographs, 1880s-1920s, (C1798)
1 folder
Photocopies and 35mm negatives of fifteen photographs of a Hermann, Missouri, family. These photographs are part of the German Heritage Archives.


Plassmeyer Family, Papers, 1919-1952, (C4226)
0.3 cubic feet (8 folders)
The papers of the Plassmeyer family contain issues of the Social Justice Review featuring articles written by Father Theodosius Plassmeyer, as well as correspondence from Theodosius Plassmeyer to his siblings and from his father, Joseph Plassmeyer. The collection also includes estate papers and a 1926 pension certificate for Joseph Plassmeyer, who served in the Civil War. There is also genealogical information obtained by Lt. Martin Plassmeyer, a biographical sketch of Joseph Plassmeyer by his son, Theodosius, as well as a family history written by Eileen Plassmeyer.

Plassmeyer Family Papers, (CA6510)
3.4 cubic feet
Addition of genealogical material concerning the Plassmeyer and related families, as well as information regarding German American immigration to Missouri and history of Osage County, Missouri.

Pommer Family, Papers, 1831-1874, (C1852)
1 folder
The Pommer Family papers contain genealogical information, documents in German, a deed for a lot in Hermann, MO, and estate papers. The material pertains primarily to Frederick William Pommer and William Henry Pommer. The latter taught music at the University of Missouri, 1907-1922.

Puchta, Randolph E. (1928-2006), Interview, 1998, (C2521)
1 folder and 3 audio cassettes
An interview with Puchta, a resident of Hermann, Missouri. In the interview Puchta discusses his early life, German ancestry, wine making, local customs and leisure activities, and transportation. Of note are his descriptions of photographs from the Edward Kemper Collection at the Western Historical Manuscript Collection-Columbia (Accession No. 4633).
The Puchta Interview is one of the many oral interviews done by the State Historical Society of Missouri in an ongoing effort to preserve the state of Missouri's history.


Redeker, Fredric D., Collection 1894-1953, (C4203)
0.4 cubic feet (8 folders)
The Fredric D. Redeker Collection contains documents from German and English speaking communities in Missouri. It includes records of minutes, correspondence, newspaper clippings, genealogical information, and a religious manuscript. Much of the correspondence, as well as the manuscript, are written in German.

Rehkop, Leonard D. and Marie H., Collection of Algert T. Peterson Photographs, (C3888)
40.4 cubic feet, 18 rolls of microfilm (8670 glass plate negatives, 95 film negatives, 63 photographic prints. Access copies on 18 rolls of microfilm)
The Rehkop/Peterson Collection consists of studio portraits of groups, families, and individuals; and scenes of the Higginsville and Concordia areas in western Missouri. The negatives date from the 1860s to the 1930s.

Ritter, Friedrich Wilhelm (1815-1891), Papers, 1839-1929, 1962, (C1779)
1 folder
The Friedrich Wilhelm Ritter Papers contain photocopies of the papers of a German immigrant and the Ritter family of Shelby County, Missouri. The papers include obituaries, poetry, recipes, accounts, correspondence, naturalization documents, Ritter’s will, and other papers. The collection is in German and English.

Rustemeyer Family, Papers, 1884-1953, (C4017)
0.3 linear feet, 1 computer disc
The Rustemeyer Family papers contain correspondence written to Bernard Rustemeyer by friends and family in Germany after his immigration to America in 1882. The collection also includes newspaper clippings and photographs of the Rustemeyer, Alteköster, Stöckebrand, and Giese families, and Rustemeyer’s hometown, Körbecke, Germany.


Schrader, Heinrich, Papers, (CA5903)
Letters from family members in Germany, to Schrader of Rich Fountain, Osage County, MO, 1883-1894. Includes summary translations.

Schrader-Holtschneider Papers, 1868-1959, (C3773)
0.8 linear feet
The collection contains papers of the Schrader and Holtschneider families of Rich Fountain, Osage County, MO. They were farmers, merchants, postmasters, and county judges. Papers include correspondence, business and legal papers, post office records, and school district records.

Schroeder, Adolf E. and Rebecca, Collection(CA5648)
117.2 cubic feet, A/V material
Addition of recorded folk music and conferences including commercial and non-commercial; accompanying booklets; and slides. Recordings of American and European folk music; subject files, correspondence, publications, photographs, slides, and research material, including material concerning the Missouri Heritage Readers Series.

Schroeder, Adolf E. and Rebecca, Collection, (CA5227)
6 video cassettes, 1 audio cassette
Addition of audio and visual materials relating to folklore, folk music and ethnic groups in Missouri.

Schroeder, Adolf E. and Rebecca, Collection, (CA5183)
2 linear feet, 2 rolls of microfilm
Addition of various folklore and folk music newsletters, materials about the Missouri Cultural Heritage Center and the Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program. Includes documents in German about Johann Wilhelm Bock, a German-American immigrant.

Schroeder, Adolf E. and Rebecca, Collection, (CA4925)
1 cubic foot, 3 audio discs, 3 video cassettes
Addition of material on folklore includes audio and video recordings, brochures, booklets, books, and correspondence.

Schroeder, Adolf E., Papers, (CA4850)
2 volumes
Addition. Two volumes of handwritten poetry in German.

Schroeder, Adolf E., Papers, (CA4918)
1.6 linear feet
Correspondence, newsletters, and other organizational files of the Rotary Club. Schroeder was president of the Columbia Rotary Club, 1977-1978. Materials about Germans in the Dakotas, ethnic needlework, evaluation of Central High School in St. Joseph, MO, and files of correspondence, conferences, and articles by Schroeder.

Schroeder, Adolf E., Papers, (CA4926)
1.45 linear feet
Photographs used in assembling the exhibit "Where the Sun of Freedom Shines: The German Heritage in Missouri."

Schroeder, Adolf E., Papers, (CA5039)
1 folder
Addition of three booklets entitled: The Musical Life of Bethel German Colony; Bethel German Colony, Religious Beliefs and Practices; and Ein Zeppelin-Maschinist erzahlt Meine Fahrten 1931-1938.

Schroeder, Adolf E., Papers, (CA5349)
6.5 linear feet, 117 audio cassettes, 1 audio tape
Additions to professional papers of a University of Missouri-Columbia Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies chairman. Contains correspondence, teaching materials, departmental papers, oral histories of German-Americans in Missouri, and student materials.

Schroeder, Adolf, E., Papers, (CA5509)
1 linear foot
Addition of student papers, materials relating to various German conferences, and materials relating to various grants and exhibits.

Schroeder, Adolf Papers, (CA5536)
42.5 linear feet, 160 audio cassettes, 1 film
Addition to papers of a University of Missouri professor of German. Includes correspondence, research materials, files relating to grant projects, conferences, exhibits, an oral history project and miscellaneous.

Schubert Family, Papers, 1834-1996, (C3005)
0.6 linear feet
The Schubert Family Papers contain diaries, drawings, prints, and account books related to the immigration and livelihood of family members. There are also genealogical notebooks for fami-lies of Atchison County, Missouri, and documents dealing with the Sociality, a collective society.

Schwarzer, Franz (1828-1904), Papers, 1840-1951 (C3484)
0.8 linear feet
Correspondence of the Schwarzer family; factory records, catalogs, and photographs of zithers and other stringed instruments manufactured at the zither factory in Washington, Missouri, founded by Schwarzer in 1869.

Schweighauser, Art A. (1908-1990), Collection, 1713-1945 (C3762)
0.25 cubic feet
The collection contains items from the Bezold family of Montgomery and Gasconade counties in Missouri. There are many school-related items from 1879-1917. Also included are sermons in German by Reverend Niedhammer and a family history of John Jacob Meunzenmayer, who lived in Franklin County.

Seibert, Donald A., (1920-2010), Collection, 1834-1851, (C4112)
0.2 cubic feet
The papers of Col. Donald Seibert contain personal accounts of Seibert's great-great grandfather, a German immigrant who established himself in the St. Louis, Missouri area.

Sellmeyer Family, Collection, (CA5526)
1 folder
Addition of Sellmeyer family genealogical materials, including materials in German. Correspondence, census records, family tree, photographs, map, and miscellaneous.

Sellmeyer Family Collection, 1839-1990, (C3062)
4 folders
Deeds, wills, family trees and photographs of three 19th-century immigrant families who settled in Missouri. The Velten and Ebeling families immigrated from Germany and settled in Warren County, while the Swedish Bentleys came to settle in Howard County. Also includes probate and census records, and a "Velten Family Record" narrative.

Seyffert, Wilhelm and Augustus, Papers, 1854-1905, (C2888)
2 volumes
The papers of Wilhelm and Augustus Seyffert contain a copy book of poems in German (vol. 1), a history of Missouri State Militia, Company E, 13th Cavalry, and an account book of Augustus Seyffert, 1869-1889 (vol. 2).

Smith Family Papers, 1813-1848, (C2572)
2 folders
German baptismal records and other German documents from 1813 for Conrad Andrew Smith, Warren County, MO; affidavit of intent to become a U.S. citizen, 1838; and oath of citizenship, 1840. Five letters in German by Conrad Andrew Smith, George Smith, and Adam Binzer. Some translations provided by the donor. Smith family genealogical information in accession folder.

Smithton United Methodist Church, Smithton, Missouri, Records, 1865-1954, (C3704)
19 volumes on 2 microfilm reels
The records of the Smithton United Methodist Church contain church membership records and minutes for the Ladies Aid Society, the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society, and the Woman's Society of Christian Service, of the English and German churches which united in 1924 to form the Smithton United Methodist Church of Smithton, Pettis County, MO.

St. John's United Church of Christ, Concordia, Missouri, Records, 1863-1933, (C3905)
2 volumes and translations on 1 roll of microfilm
The records of St. John's United Church of Christ include the constitution, minutes, and annual reports of the church. The records are in German. A translation of the records is included in the collection. These records are part of the German Heritage Archives.

St. John's United Church of Christ, Pinckney, Missouri, Records, 1870-1978, (C3615)
1 roll of microfilm
Church records, including births, confirmations, marriages, deaths, communions, family register, collections, and love offerings. The church was established in 1870 with fourteen families included in its membership.

The State of Missouri: An Account with Special Reference to Immigration, by Friedrich Muench; translated by Elsa Nagel, n.d., (C2662)
0.4 cubic feet (54 folders)
The papers consist of two translated copies of the book, The State of Missouri; An Account with Special References to German Immigration, 1859, written by Friedrich Muench, an influential German writer and later Missouri politician. The translations were done by Elsa Nagel from the original German, and include one handwritten and one typed copy.

Stein, George, Travel Report, 1881, (C3287)
1 folder
The collection contains an account of the George Stein family migration to America in the fall of 1881 aboard the SS NECKER, and their settlement in Clark County, MO.

Steinkuehler, Leland, German Dialect Collection, 2005-2008, (CA6096)
1 folder, 8 audio cassettes, 10 CDs
Recordings and accompanying paperwork of interviews done with Missourians of German heritage from Concordia, Loose Creek, Westphalia, and St. Elizabeth, Missouri, as well as visitors from Meerbusch, Germany. Includes a comparison of dialects between three interviewees. The interviews were conducted by Leland Steinkuehler. Addition of recordings of a Lutheran Church service conducted in Low German and a narration with English translations by Reverend Alfred W. Rodewald, 2009.

Stone Hill Wine Company, Hermann, Missouri, Records, 1896-1919, (C0345)
7 volumes
Ledgers, sale books, harvest book, bank draft register, warehouse receipt book, and price list for winery and brandy distillery owned and operated by George Stark and his sons, Ottmar G. and Louis J. The company included a bottling plant in St. Louis and a whiskey distillery in Bardstown, KY.


Taube Family, Papers, 1838-1906, (C3022)
3 folders on microfilm
The collection contains papers of a German American family in Westphalia, MO. Written mostly in German, this collection contains traditional New Year's cards and letters from the 1870s, 1880s, and 1900s, from Mathias, Ferdinand, and Heinrich Eichholz and others. A notebook begun in 1838 by Anna Margaretha (Temmen) Eicholz includes school exercises, financial account entries for 1856-1861, and a list of family births from 1852-1897.

The Missouri Collection (C3982)
17.9 cubic feet, 9 audio cassettes, 3 audio discs, 9 CDs, 1 computer disc, 1 film, 6 film strips, 3 DVDs, 2 video cassettes (791 folders, 21 oversize ite
The Missouri Collection is an artificial collection combining miscellaneous small acquisitions related to Missouri places, individuals, organizations, and events.

Tibbe-Cuthbertson Family, Papers, 1849-1975, (C3711)
0.7 linear feet
The papers of a Washington, Missouri, family whose patriarch, Henry Tibbe, and his son, Anton, founded the Missouri Meerschaum Company, include family and business correspondence, genealogy, property deeds, an early history of the Missouri Meerschaum Company, material on a patent infringement dispute, pipe catalogs, clippings, and photographs.

Tibbe-Cuthbertson Family Papers, (CA2591)
0.4 linear feet
Addition. Photographs, genealogical materials, correspondence, clippings, ephemera, and miscellany.

Tibbe-Cuthbertson Family Papers, (CA2705)
0.8 linear feet
Addition. Autograph book (in German) of Auguste Roehm Cuthbertson, c. 1851, photographs, ephemera, Louis Mullgardt art work, and an oversize photograph of Arno Tibbe.

Tibbe-Cuthbertson Family, Papers, (CA2962)
0.2 linear feet
Addition of photographs, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and personal documents, primarily of Anton Tibbe, Jr., 1910s-1950s.

Trinity Lutheran Church Centennial Celebration Papers, 1967, (C2598)
1 folder
Materials concerning centennial celebration of church.

Turner Society Pamphlets, 1912-1945, (C0676)
4 folders
Pamphlets and publications of St. Louis area Turner groups. Also a history of the American Turnerbund, 1924; an annual report of the national executive committee of American Turners, 1941; and copies of Turner Topics, publication of American Turners.


Van Ravenswaay, Charles (1911-1990), Collection, 1820-1971, (C2668)
1.2 linear feet
Material relating to the Trigg family of Boonville, MO; the papers of Harvey Bunce, Cooper County civic leader and vice-president of the Tebo and Neosho Railroad; and Charles Van Ravenswaay's correspondence and research notes on various families, institutions, historic sites and events in Cooper and Howard Counties, and miscellaneous material related primarily to Boonville, MO.

van Ravenswaay, Charles (1911-1990), Papers, 1841-1990, (C3873)
21.8 linear feet, 1 audio cassette
Correspondence, research notes, photographs, and literary manuscripts of historian and author Charles van Ravenswaay, former director of the Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis; Old Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge, Massachusetts; and the Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum and Gardens, Wilmington, Delaware.

Voelkner, Henry, Letters, 1861-1862 (C0436)
2 folders
Letters written in German by a Union soldier fighting in Missouri during the Civil War, including description of the battle of Sugar Creek. Also typed translations.


Warren County Schuetzen Company No. 1 Warren County, Missouri, Records, 1893-1950, (C3647)
1 reel (1 folder, 5 volumes)
Minutes, treasurer's reports and account books of a German social club established in Warren County in 1856. Books contain membership lists and records of the Schuetzenfest sponsored annually since the club was founded.

Washington Savings and Loan Association, Records, 1871-1925, (C3663)
1 folder, 3 volumes
Records of a German savings and loan association in Washington, Missouri, organized in 1871 and rechartered twice before it received a permanent charter and took its present name in 1908. Includes charter, bylaws, minutes of board meetings, and lists of stockholders. Minutes were kept in German until September 4, 1918.

Waye, William, Papers, 1852-1894 (C0440)
1 folder, typed copies
Letters of a German family in both Germany and the U.S.

Werly, Stephen, Diary, 1862-1864, (C1949)
1 folder
The papers contain a Civil War diary of the movements of the 21st Regiment of Missouri Volunteers, Company K. The original was written in German.

Wilke, William, "Remembrances of a Franklin County Farmer," 1935, (C1293)
1 volume
Memoirs of boyhood spent in vicinity of Washington, MO.

Wingrath-Reistorff Family, Record Book, 1754-1855, (C1800)
1 folder
The Wingrath-Reistorff Family Record Book is a receipt book used by Jacobus Reistorff and Christian Wingrath, German immigrants to Loose Creek, Missouri. Interspersed throughout the book are letters. Included is a partial transcription of the book by Adolf E. Schroeder. This record book is part of the German Heritage Archives.

Wolff, Theodore H. (1905-1999), Papers, 1865-1979, (C3057)
0.8 linear feet
These papers contain manuscripts, correspondence, and research materials used by Reverend Theodore Wolff in his writings. Also included are the writings of his colleagues and information on the Methodist movement in Missouri and other religious sectors.


Zeisberg, F.J., Autobiographical Sketches (CA6541)
0.2 cubic feet
Photocopied memoirs of an immigrant who moved to Jefferson City, Missouri, from Germany in 1881. He became a music professor and co-founded the Jefferson City Conservatory. He later taught in Chicago and Virginia, before returning to Cole County, Missouri.

Zook, Helen Follenius (1859-1942), Letter, 1924, (C1468)
1 folder
The collection contains one letter to William G. Bek, Grand Forks, North Dakota, from Fort Scott, Kansas, Apr. 3, 1924. Mrs. Zook, daughter of William Follenius and granddaughter of Paul Follenius, wrote a short biography of Paul Follenius (1799-1844), a biographical sketch of William Follenius (1829-1902) and a brief genealogy of Follenius and Zook families.