Environment, Conservation and Wildlife Manuscript Collections

Papers and records of individuals and organizations active in studying or protecting the environment, and such topics as energy sources, recreation, wilderness areas, pollution, and recycling, and material from those seeking to develop the environment for business purposes and conventional and nuclear power.

*Collections marked with DIGITIZED MATERIALS have additional digitized items available.

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1951 Flood Collection, (K1375)
0.01 cubic foot (1 folder)
The 1951 Flood Collection contains postcards, picture books, and a letter and envelope from the American Red Cross of the Kansas City and Jackson County Chapter.

1951 Flood Photographs, (K1390)
0.02 cubic foot (1 folder, 27 photographs)
The 1951 Flood Photographs contains black and white photographs depicting flooding in the Kansas City metropolitan area in 1951.

1993 Flood Photographs, (K1376)
0.03 cubic foot (1 folder, oversize)
The 1993 Flood Photographs contain two photographs of the Missouri River during the Flood of 1993 taken by Lightfoot Photography of North Kansas City, Missouri.

1993 Missouri and Mississippi Flood Aerial Photographs, (P0941)
0.4 linear feet
Aerial photos of the 1993 flood of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers.


A.E. Jones and Company, Green City, Missouri, Records, 1895-1903 (C0346)
8 volumes on 2 rolls of microfilm
Daybooks and ledger for a lumber and building supply business in Green City, Missouri. The accounts show the sale of lumber, windows, shingles, line, hair, cement, plaster, paint, and numerous other items. Quantities purchased, prices, amount and type of payment, and disbursements are shown. Disbursements also indicate freight charges and employees’ salaries.

Account Books, 1857-1883 (C0287)
3 folders
Accounts of a store, apparently dealing in lumber, grain and general merchandise in or near Caledonia, Missouri, and accounts of a Caledonia mill for sales of bran, wheat and flour.

Audubon Society of Missouri, Records, (CA5369)
0.1 linear feet
Addition. Correspondence of David A. Easterla, president of the Society, from 1967-1970.

Audubon Society of Missouri, Records, 1934-1984, (C3800)
0.2 linear feet
Records of the Audubon Society of Missouri, an educational organization promoting ornithology and environmental awareness. Includes correspondence of society officers, minutes and programs of annual meetings, membership lists, and related material concerning activities of the society.


Bell, C. Jasper, (1885-1978), Papers, 1934-1948, (C2306)
102.4 linear feet
Correspondence and other papers of a Missouri Democratic congressman. Material on Townsend Plan, legislation, and political campaigns.

Bennett, Marion Tinsley (1914-2000), Papers, 1941-1948, (C1043)
14 linear feet, 69 audio discs
Congressional papers and correspondence of Philip Allen Bennett (1881-1942) and his son and successor, Marion T. Bennett. M.T. Bennett served from 1943 to 1948. His committees were Census, Territories, Veterans, and Foreign and Interstate Commerce.

Big Piney, Missouri, Photograph, 1926, (R1272)
1 item, oversize
This is a black and white panoramic photograph of "Big Piney Mo. after storm Nov 25 1926."

Boulson, Charles E., Papers (R0404)
2.5 cubic feet (57 folders, 3 VHS)
The Charles E. Boulson Papers contain the personal and professional papers of an electrical engineer in Missouri. Boulson was the general manager of the Sho-Me Power Corporation from 1954 to 1974 and a member of the Board of Directors of Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc. The collection includes correspondence, scrapbooks, professional and historical writings, speeches on rural electrification in Missouri and corporate manuals and annual reports of Sho-Me Power Corporation and Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Bradshaw, James Daniels, Papers, 1904-1946, (C3225)
1 cubic foot
Ledgers, daybooks and inventory lists from the Bradshaw and Proctor Company, Barnett, MO, and the Leeton Lumber and Hardware Company, Leeton, MO. James Bradshaw was a partner in both firms. Other items are deposit slips, freight bills, and miscellaneous correspondence.

Briggs, Frank P. (1894-1992), Papers, c.1900-1992, (C3950)
6 linear feet, 3 audio cassettes, 2 films, 9 records
Papers of a Democratic Missouri state senator, United States senator, Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Fish and Wildlife, Freemason, and newspaper publisher, consisting of correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, speeches, campaign materials, and miscellaneous papers.

Burroughs Audobon Society of Greater Kansas City Records, 1905-1991, (K0665)
16 cubic feet
Organizational records including by-laws, minutes, correspondence, clippings, scrapbooks, programs, pamphlets, rosters, field notes and bird censuses, photographs, and glass lantern slides. Also research materials, slides, and papers belonging to A.E. Shirling (1875-1947), noted Kansas City naturalist and author.


Callaway Nuclear Power Plant, Public Records, 1974-1990, (SA0859)
48 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Callison, Charles H. (1913-1993), Papers, 1927-1995, (C4029)
11.5 linear feet, 3 audio cassettes
The papers of an environmentalist, editor of the Missouri Conservationist, conservation director of the National Wildlife Federation, chairman of the Natural Resources Council of America, and executive vice president of the National Audubon Society. The papers contain correspondence, newsletters, meeting minutes, photographs, and other materials documenting Callison's work as a conservationist.

Camp Blackstone, Galena, Missouri, Pamphlet, n.d., (R1047)
1 folder
This is a small promotional pamphlet for Camp Blackstone, a resort on the James River near Galena in Stone County, Missouri. The proprietor was Dr. G. H. Black.

Cannon, Clarence (1879-1964), Papers, 1893-1964, (C0892)
2.3 linear feet
Papers of Cannon, Democratic congressman from Missouri's 9th district, 1923-1964, and of Champ Clark (1850-1921), Democratic congressman from Missouri's 9th district, 1893-1895 and 1897-1921, and Speaker of the House. Papers include correspondence of Cannon and Clark, speeches by Clark, newspaper columns written by Cannon, a constituent card file kept by Cannon, and miscellaneous material.

Carnahan, A.S.J. (1897-1968), Papers, 1944-1960, (C2539)
55.8 linear feet
Papers of a Democratic congressman from Missouri's 8th District. Correspondence dealing with agriculture, army, civil defense, district problems, election campaigns, foreign affairs, legislation, and the United Nations.

Cassville Garden Club, Booklet, 1947, (R1040)
1 folder
This is an annual program booklet for a woman's garden club at Cassville in Barry County, Missouri. Covering the calendar year 1947, it includes meeting schedules and topics, lists of state and local officers, a roster of members with local telephone numbers, and a list of past presidents.

Cave Spring Association Records, 1975-1984, (K0668)
6 cubic feet
Organizational records for an urban nature center and historic overland trails site, includes minutes, correspondence, reports, financial records, and research and informational files.

Christisen, Donald M. (1920-2005), Papers, 1870-2003, (C4054)
18.1 linear feet, 2 audio tapes, 27 audio cassettes
Donald M. Christisen was a field biologist for the Missouri Department of Conservation who specialized in the study of native prairies, prairie chicken and squirrel populations, along with the study of mast (forage nuts). Christisen was also a railroad enthusiast. The papers include correspondence, reports, daily field diaries, clippings, newsletters, publications, maps, railroad timetables, railroad employee work logs, railroad brochures, audio tapes, and photographs and slides.

Choose Environmental Excellence, Gateway Region, (SA0860)
6 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Citizens Committee for Soil, Water, and State Parks, Records, 1983-1989, (C3916)
0.8 linear feet
The records of a committee that campaigned for the passage of a sales tax to provide funds for soil conservation and Missouri's state parks system. The records include bank statements, campaign reports, lists of contributors and contributions, ledger sheets, publicity releases and clippings, treasurer's reports, correspondence, contracts, and miscellaneous material of the committee.

Civilian Conservation Corps, Camp 3737, Collection, 1935-1983, (R0177)
3 folders, photocopies
This collection contains correspondence, camp newspapers, and a scrapbook pertaining to the CCC camp near Lynchburg, Laclede County, Missouri. There are also a few items from camps in Winona and Sumner, Missouri, and newspaper clippings regarding reunions in 1983 of former CCC trainees in Missouri.

Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.), Company 1730, Bunker, Missouri, Newsletter, 1939, (R1143)
1 folder
This is a copy of Company Attention (Vol. IV, No. 24, September 1939), the newsletter of Civilian Conservation Corps Company 1730, located at Forest Service Camp F-MO-7 near Bunker in Dent County, Missouri. Laval H. Andre was the Company Commander and Fred M. Gannon was Superintendent of Forestry.

Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.), Company 1732, Blooming Rose, Missouri, Newsletters, 1935, (R1089)
1 folder
These are five copies of The Oak Tree, the weekly newsletter of the Civilian Conservation Corps's Company 1732 at Blooming Rose in Phelps County, Missouri. The issues are dated between 17 October and 12 December 1935.

Coalition for the Environment (1969- ) Records, 1968-1978, (S0421)
152 folders, 5 volumes
The Coalition for the Environment records document the founding of the organization, its administration and the environmental issues it studied, protested, supported, and criticized. The material is arranged into four series and contains board of directors minutes, financial reports and budgets, annual meeting material, by-laws, correspondence, workshop and conference material, public relations material, committee minutes and correspondence, environmental studies, newsclippings, newsletters, and brochures.

Coalition For The Environment, Records Addenda, 1969-1984, (S0453)
90 Folders, 3 Photographs
The collection is divided into five series: 1) Air Pollution, 1969-1980; 2) Callaway County Nuclear Power Plant, 1974-1984; 3) Conservation Groups, 1973-1976; 4) Papers and Publications, 1968-1978; 5) Photographs, 1976-c. late 1970s.

Coalition For The Environment, Addenda, 1976-2007, (SA1037)
8 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Cole, William C. (1897-1965), Papers, 1942-1947, (C0013)
8 linear feet
Correspondence of Republican congressman from Missouri's 3rd District dealing with topics as varied as World War II, agriculture, legislation on labor and the atom bomb, education, foreign relations, immigration, flood control, labor, housing, socialized medicine, politics, and the postal service.

Columbia (Mo.) Audubon Society Records, (CA6550)
3.2 cubic feet, 1 card file
Records of the organization include minutes, financial records, scrapbooks, membership lists, correspondence, and miscellaneous material.

Columbians Against Throwaways, Columbia, Missouri, Records, 1977-1988, (CA5788)
8.5 linear feet, 7 audio cassettes
Correspondence, legal documents, clippings, promotional and research material, photographs, and other records of a citizens group supporting a beverage container deposit ordinance.

Committee For Environmental Information, Records, 1956-1977, (S0069)
438 Folders, 8 Tapes, 4 Scrapbook (On Microfilm)
The Committee for Environmental Information records of 1956-1977, document the work of the Baby Tooth Survey; the Speakers' Bureau; public testimony of members; funding activities; the development and execution of various CEI projects; publications; conferences; conventions; and board, subcommittees and annual membership meetings. The records also document new services; public service announcements; press releases and the publication of its 1973 high school teaching units.

Cowan, Donna, Scrapbooks, 1957, (C4277)
0.2 cubic feet (4 folders)
The Donna Cowan collection includes two scrapbooks - one on conservation in Missouri, and one on Missouri Girls State, 1957. The Missouri Girls State was sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Missouri, which provided Missouri girls citizenship training in order for them to better understand and participate in the functioning of the government. 1957.

Crawdad Alliance Records, (S0097)
0.1 cubic foot (1 folder)
The records contain flyers, leaflets, handbooks, newsletters, meeting minutes and a newspaper pertaining to the Crawdad Alliance's efforts to halt the proliferation of nuclear power in Missouri, including the construction of the Calloway Power Plant in Calloway County, Missouri, through nonviolent means, including civil disobedience.

Cullimore Family, Collection, 1973-1992, (R1090)
4 folders
These are papers of the Cullimore family of journalists and outdoor writers. The collection consists of correspondence between Donald B. "Rocky" Cullimore and Dan Saults, and a compilation of Saults's articles in Branson and Springfield, Missouri, newspapers.

Curtis, Thomas B. (1911- 1993), Papers, 1950-1969 (C3300)
906 rolls of microfilm
The Thomas B. Curtis Papers contain constituent correspondence and congressional committee material during Curtis’ terms as a Republican U.S. representative from Missouri. The bulk of committee material pertains to Ways and Means and Joint Economic Committees. The papers are filed chronologically by topic within each year. Originals discarded.


Davis, James Adam (1905-1988), Papers, 1937-1975, (C3666)
23.5 linear feet
Papers of a state labor leader. State CIO Industrial Union Council, State Labor Council, Political Action Committee, Missouri Valley Authority, Governor's Advisory Council on Unemployment Compensation, United Labor Committee of Missouri, State Environmental Improvement Authority and Executive Review Committee materials. Personal records.

Drew-Stiff Lumber Company Order List, 1890, (C0730)
1 folder
List of stock and prices for a lumber company of Willow Springs, MO.

Drey, Kay, Addenda, (SA1090)
10 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Drey, Kay, Addenda, (SA1211)
20 boxes
The addenda to the Kay Drey Papers contains material pertaining to Kay Drey's activism. Topics include, but are not limited to, Transportation of Hazardous Waste, Mallinkrodt Workers, Hematite, Union Electric Callaway Nuclear Power Plant Construction, and Risk Assessment.

Drey, Kay, Addenda (SA4316)
35 boxes
The addenda to the Kay Drey Papers contains material pertaining to Kay Drey’s activism. Topics include, but are not limited to, Transportation of Hazardous Waste, Mallinkrodt Workers, Hematite, Union Electric Callaway Nuclear Power Plant Construction, and Risk Assessment.

Drey, Kay, Callaway County Nuclear Plant, Addenda, (SA1028)
26 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Drey, Kay, Fort Leonard Wood Collection, 1971-2004, (S1123)
256 folders, 19 reports, 21 books
This addendum includes files pertaining to the legal actions against Fort Leonard Wood. It also contains reviews of the scientific literature, environmental assessments and toxicological profiles of chemical agents. The collection also inludes books on arms control, landmines, germ, chemical and nuclear warfare and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Drey, Kay, Hematite Addenda, 1945-2011, (S1045)
232 Folders
This collection documents hazards posed by nuclear waste dumping in the town of Hematite, in Jefferson County, Missouri. Hematite housed the oldest commercial uranium–fuel processing plant in the country, built by Mallinckrodt Chemical Works in 1956. It produced nuclear fuel rod assemblies for commercial power plants and at one time was approved to process plutonium. Owners of the property that succeeded Mallinckrodt included Gulf United Nuclear Corporation; Combustion Engineers, Inc.; Ace Brown Bowen (ABB); and Westinghouse/British Nuclear Fuel LTD.

Drey, Kay, Mallinckrodt Collection, 1943-2006, (S0826)
71 Boxes
The Mallinckrodt collection consists of reports, files and correspondence accumulated by Kay Drey in the course of her work as an anti-nuclear activist.

Drey, Kay, Nuclear Hazards Collection, (SA1029)
1029 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Drey, Kay (1933- ), Papers, 1965-1983, (S0241)
124 Folders, 1 Oral History Interview In Cassette
The Kay Drey Papers document Kay Drey's work with the University City Residential Service and County Open Housing and her involvement with public issues important to University City. The collection includes housing listings, correspondence, board meeting minutes and literature from both COH and UCRS. It also contains notes, newsclippings, and correspondence on controversies surrounding Black Jack, Malcolm Terrace and the St. Louis County General Land Use Plan. The papers also include notes and correspondence on the abortion clinic in University City and Kay Drey's involvement with University City schools. The papers do not contain any material on Kay Drey's activities as an opponent of nuclear power. The collection is arranged alphabetically by subject categories. Some of the collection is separated by form, including conference materials, some correspondence, newsclippings and notes.

Drey, Kay, Queeny Park Collection, 1965-1994, (S1030)
232 Folders, 3 Reel Tapes, 1 VHS, 115 Photographs
The collection documents the unsuccessful efforts by environmentalists to stop the construction of the Queeny Park Recreational Complex in St. Louis' west county.

Drey, Kay. Subject File Addenda, 1971-2012, (S1122)
393 folders, 93 photographs, 1 cassette
Topics include the St. Louis Art Museum (f. 1-180; Cell Phone Towers (f. 19-157 and books in box 4); Decontamination (f. 158-214); Energy Department, f. 215-231; Media, f. 232-252; Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 253-280; Politicians, f. 281-292; Radiation f. 293-294; Reports, f. 295-312; Scientists, f. 313-330; Solidifications of Wastes, f. 331-332; Unions, f.f. 333-334; Waste Dumps, f. 335-341; Dresden Nuclear Power Plant, f. 342; Global Warming, 343- 393 ; Photographs 1112.1-1122.93.

Drey, Kay, Toxic Chemicals And Nuclear Waste Collection, 1980-2004, (S0842)
543 Folders
Collects a subject file on the topic of toxic chemicals and nuclear waste and their environmental impact. It includes news and magazine articles, official reports, data and notes.

Drey, Kay, University City Home Rental Trust, (SA1031)
3 Boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Drey, Leo, Addenda, 1987-2002, (S0873)
20 folders
This addenda collects subject, correspondence and newsclippings files kept by Leo Drey. Subjects include the Biosphere Reserve; Creve Coeur Lake; Forest Park and sustainable forestry. Arranged alphabetically.

Drey, Leo, Greer Spring Campaign, Records, 1987-1998, (S0874)
2 Boxes
In February 1988 Leo Drey purhased Greer Spring, the most pristine of Missouri's big springs located in the south central part of the state. He intended to hold the land and preserve it until money could be raised to make it part of the Mark Twain National Forest. Drey offered $4.5 million for the spring and its surrounding 7,000-acre tract, eventually turning it over to the Mark Twain on terms that included a $1 million donation.

Drey, Leo A. (1917- ), Papers, 1957-1991, (S0531)
616 Folders
The Leo Drey Papers contain correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, legislation, draft legislation, newspaper clippings, published articles, booklets, maps, brochures, and legal documents such as leases, easements, and lawsuits. These materials were created or collected by Leo Drey and reflect his interests and activities in the lumber industry, the environment, conservation, and outdoor recreation. The papers chronicle the establishment and the agendas of several environmental groups: the Coalition for the Environment, the Open Space Council, the LAD Foundation, and the Governor's Wild Rivers Advisory Committee. The papers tell the history of the development of the Federal Wild Rivers Legislation, the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, and the Ozark Trail. The papers also document several environmental battles fought in the state of Missouri, including those against a power line across the Current River, the development of Earth City in the Missouri Bottoms, the Meramec River Dam, a dam on the Little Black River, and the battle in favor of the Natural Streams Act.

Dulany, George W., Papers, 1900-1949 (C0310)
1 folder
Copies of family biographies and letters concerning history of Dulany family and lumber industry in Hannibal and Middle West.

Dunlap, Frederick (1881-1968), Papers, 1891-1937, (C2602)
8 linear feet
Papers of a Missouri state forester and professor of forestry at the Universities of Wisconsin and Missouri, who served with the U.S. Forest Service as an industrial examiner in forest products during World War I. Includes his pamphlet library on forest preservation.


Eastman, Roger D., Collection, (CA5477)
8 linear feet
Materials relating to Eastman's work with Missouri Opinion Analysis which conducted a variety of public opinion polls and surveys. Also contains a variety of Missouri maps, several photographs, and materials relating to development on the Meramec River.

Electric Ratepayers Protection Project, Records, 1982-1984, (S0200)
92 Folders
The Electric Ratepayers Protection Project records document the campaign to place Proposition B on the ballot. The collection is arranged alphabetically according to Kay Drey's system (e..g. "Brochures" follows "Bollinger, Don"). A series of tapes of radio announcements is included. The collection contains ERPP meeting minutes, press releases, fact sheets about Proposition B, legal documents, memoranda, notes, endorsements, correspondence, and newsclippings.

Ellis, Dorothy (1920-2016), Papers, (CA6485)

The papers of an environmentalist and commissioner of Oregon County, Missouri, include correspondence, clippings, political papers, certificates and awards, and material on her environmental work.


Forest History Foundation, Papers, 1956-1958, (C0640)
1 folder
Oral interview with George W. Dulaney, Jr., of La Jolla, CA, concerning lumbering in Missouri. Copies of "Forest History Newsletter" and a letter to W. Francis English of the University of Missouri.

Forest Park Forever (1986-), nd, 1982-1998, (S0883)
2 boxes
This collection contains numerous documents pertaining to the revitalization of Forest Park by the community organization Forest Park Forever. Documents span the period 1982 to 1998, including correspondences, draft master plans, budgetary records, and architectural proposals. Additionally, this collection contains a large number of newspaper clippings; topics covered include Forest Park, the St. Louis Zoo, The St. Louis Art Museum, and the Old Arena, between the dates of 1996-1998.

Foster, Al, Papers, (CA6549)
4.4 cubic feet
The papers of a freelance photographer and conservationist from St. Louis include photographs, slides, writings, materials on Operation Stream Clean and Ranch Roy-L, and miscellaneous material.

French, William A. E., Papers, 1877-1967, (R0175)
26 folders
These are the papers of an author and newspaper publisher at Eminence in Shannon County, Missouri. Included are hunting and fishing diaries, journals, teaching notebooks, lists of published works, short stories, and family correspondence.


Gamble, James F., (SA0886)
19 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Green Impact Zone Records, 2009-2011, (K1330)
0.5 cubic feet
The records include annual reports, meeting minutes, director’s files, publications, and reports relating to this Kansas City, Missouri, community-based organization focused on urban core revitalization and environmental improvements.

Green, Lewis C., Papers, (SA0893)
92 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Greer, Jerry D., Papers, (CA5032)
41 linear feet
Personal and professional papers of a U.S. Forest Ranger. Includes papers while a student at the University of Missouri-Columbia and family papers.

Greer, Jerry D., Papers, (CA5146)
4.5 linear feet
Addition to the professional papers of a U.S. Forest Ranger.

Greer, Jerry D., Papers, (CA5188)
1 linear foot
Addition to papers of a U.S. Forest Ranger. Includes planning documents and related materials.

Greer, Jerry D., Papers, (CA5201)
1 linear foot
Addition to papers of a U.S. Forest Ranger.

Greer, Jerry D., Papers, (CA5278)
2.5 linear feet
Addition of professional papers relating to Payette National Forest.

Greer, Jerry D., Papers, (CA5383)
4.5 linear feet
Addition to records and papers of a National Park Service forest ranger. Most materials concern the Payette National Forest in Idaho.

Greer, Jerry D., Papers, (CA5426)
1.25 linear feet
Addition to administrative files of a forest ranger. Concerns Payette National Forest in Idaho.

Greer, Jerry D., Papers, (CA5439)
5.5 linear feet
Addition to professional papers of a forest ranger. Primarily concerns the management of Payette National Forest.

Greer, Jerry D., Papers, (CA5449)
8 linear feet
Addition to papers of a forest ranger. Primarily concerns Payette National Forest. Includes earlier materials re: Bedford, IN.

Greer, Jerry D., Papers, (CA5522)
2.5 linear feet
Addition to papers of a forest ranger. Includes primarily leadership and training materials and records relating to the Payette National Forest.

Greer, Jerry D., Papers, (CA5527)
2.5 linear feet
Addition to papers of a forest ranger. Primarily includes leadership and training materials, and materials on the Payette National Forest.

Greer, Jerry D., Papers, (CA5550)
2.5 linear feet, 3 video cassettes
Addition to papers of a forest ranger. Includes reports, correspondence, activity and event files, and videocassettes.

Greer, Jerry D., Papers, (CA5563)
1.5 linear feet
Addition to papers of a forest ranger from Payette, ID.

Greer, Jerry D., Papers, (CA5608)
77 linear feet, 1 video cassette, 52 computer discs
Addition to papers of a forest ranger. Includes correspondence, training files, meeting and event files, and other records, 1980s-2007.

Griffitts, Russell G., Photograph Collection, (P0185)
0.125 linear feet
Series of 9 8x10 b/w glossy photos of flood damage to railroad bridges and tracks from the 1957 Mississippi River flood, 22 5x7 b/w glossy photos of railway accident with burning tank car, 13 3x5 b/w glossy photos of road machinery and miscellaneous outdoor scenes

Grindstone Valley Development Corporation, Columbia, Missouri, Records, 1963-1975, (C2730)
0.2 linear feet
Organizational records of the Grindstone Valley Development Corporation include bylaws, meeting minutes, financial records, stockholders’ agreements, research reports, and business correspondence. These records document the corporation’s real estate investments, sale of stocks and bonds, organization, potential development of the area now encompassed by the Grindstone Valley Nature Area, and the sale of that area to the City of Columbia in 1975.


Haim, Mark, Collection, (CA5796), (CA5796)
10 linear feet
Papers of a Missouri environmental and political activist include correspondence, financial and membership records, promotional material, newspaper clippings, background and research material, and other records of Missourians For Safe Energy. Citizens for a Radioactive Waste Policy, Missouri Energy Action and other similar state organizations, 1976-1989. Also included is an oral history interview with Mark Haim conducted by the State Historical Society of Missouri in 2010.

Hall, Leonard, Papers, 1946-1983, (R0408)
47 folders
These are papers of a conservationist, newspaper columnist, author, and lecturer. Prominent topics include the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, the National Audubon Society, Defenders of Wildlife, and wilderness areas. There are texts and notes for many of his articles, books, and lectures, as well as scripts for several nature films.

Hall, Robert J., (SA1034)
4 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Hare and Hare Company Records, (K0206)
670 cubic feet
Records of Kansas City's premiere landscape architecture and city planning firm who did designs throughout the Midwest and southwest. Includes drawings, photographs, correspondence and reports, publications and books, and personal papers.

Hart, Bonnie (1916-2001), Papers, 1948-1997, (S0657)
225 Folders
The collection primarily contains Hart's large news clipping file and her book and magazine collection. In addition to nuclear power, topics include Vietnam, the space program and various political campaigns. The papers include several folders of the correspondence she received from legislators in response to her letters expressing her anti-nuclear stance. The collection also contains an oral history with Hart's daughter, Holly Thornton, and several photographs on a CD.

Hart, Bonnie (The Atomic Lady), (SA0896)
2 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Hennings, Thomas C., Jr. (1903-1960), Papers, 1901-1960 (C3000)
190.5 linear feet, 6 audio tapes, 5 films, 5 rolls of microfilm, 25 records, 1 oversize volume
Personal and political papers of a Democratic congressman, 1934-1940; St. Louis circuit attorney, 1940-1941; naval officer, 1941-1944; lawyer, 1944-1950; and U.S. senator, 1950-1960. Collection focuses on senatorial years, the bulk consisting of constituent correspondence, and is arranged topically.

Historic Kansas City Foundation Records, 1974-1995, (K0207)
65 cubic feet
Operational records and programming and research materials for a historic preservation agency in Kansas City, MO.

History Senior Seminar Papers, Collections, 1992-1993, (S0723)
12 Folders
This collection contains the academic papers of 12 students of the 1992 and 1993 History Senior Seminar 393, taught by Dr. Gerda Ray of the University of Missouri - St. Louis. Topics vary from broad historical perspectives to studies of specific St. Louis ethnic communities.

Holley, Debra, Photographs, (CG0028)
0.02 cubic feet (2 folders)
The Debra Holley Photographs relate to the April 1922 flood in Cape Girardeau and daily life in the city which includes unidentified citizens and buildings from the 1920s-1940s. The collection also includes a certificate for perfect attendance of Norma Etherton (later Stausing) when she attended Cape Girardeau Public Schools in May 1913.

Horn, Joan Kelly, Papers, (SA0902)
65 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Hungate, William (1922-2007), Desegregation Collection, 1972-1990, (S0838)
435 folders
Several collections in the State Historical Society of Missouri Research Center-St. Louis relate to the Liddell v Board of Education case, but the Hungate-St. Louis School Desegregation Case collection (1972-1985) includes material not available elsewhere. In sum, the Hungate Collection provides an insight into how the Judge and his staff prepared for hearings and rulings related to the case, in some instances, in great detail. Of particular importance are the working papers, research sources, and early drafts prepared by Hungate and his staff in preparing court orders and rulings, and in correspondence with litigants in the case. Many of the drafts include marginal comments in Hungate's handwriting. Another important series contains letters sent to Judge Hungate, not only from St. Louisans and Missourians but from around the country. The letters also provide insight to the sensitive nature of this crucial case as it related to race relations generally.

Hyde, Arthur Mastick (1877-1947), Papers, 1913-1954, (C0007)
20.8 linear feet
Papers of a Republican governor of Missouri, 1921-1925 and U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, 1929-1933, consisting of correspondence, clippings, printed material, photographs, and personal items. Major topics include agriculture, conservation, roads, Republican politics, labor disputes, law enforcement, prohibition, and Missouri state institutions and politics.


Illinois Pure Water Committee, Inc., Records, 1944-1985, (S0538)
53 Folders
Ms. Caldwell and the Committee were successful in their campaign to block the fluoridation of the public water supply in Alton, Illinois. This collection documents their legal efforts to block fluoridation, as well as their efforts to education the public about the hazards of fluoridation. The collection includes: correspondence; newspaper clippings; newsletters; publications; manuscripts; flyers; and brochures.


Jackson, William Henry, Photographs, (P0230)
0.42 linear feet
Photographs of the American West in the late 19th century, including Colorado, New Mexico, and Yellowstone and Yosemite National Parks.

James Foundation, Papers, 1912—1980s, (R1316)
109 folders
These are papers, photographs, news items, and other materials concerning the estate of Lucy Wortham James, creation of the James Foundation in Missouri, administration of Maramec Spring Park, and community betterment projects in St. James, 1930-1980s.

Joplin Tornado Oral History Project, Records, 2011- , (C4095)
0.2 linear feet, 22 CD
The collection consists of interviews with people who experienced, were affected by, and/or were a part of the devastating EF5 multiple-vortex tornado that struck Joplin, Missouri, on May 22, 2011. The focus of this project is to help document the community of Joplin both before and after the tornado, as well as the rebuilding of this community. The collection consists of digitally recorded interviews, transcripts (forthcoming), and ephemera.

Joplin Tornado Photographs, (SA1040)
1 disc
Photographs documenting tornado damage in Joplin, MO from June 3, 2011.


Kahn, Alfred, Papers, (SA0907)
10 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Kansas City, Missouri, Tornado Aftermath Collection, (K1374)
0.1 cubic foot (4 folders, 7 photographs, 4 oversize items)
The Kansas City, Missouri, Tornado Aftermath Collection contains photographs of Kansas City and a book of etchings by Lyman Byxbe.

Keefe, James F. (1923-1999), Papers, 1915-1998, (C3834)
17.4 linear feet, 62 audio cassettes
This collection, compiled by Sampson, includes Democratic and Republican party campaign literature for national and Missouri elections, 1838-1958; speeches and pamphlets concerning national and state political issues; materials concerning the history of Boone, Schuyler, Pettis, and Ste. Genevieve counties and Sedalia; papers of Garland C. Broadhead and William Switzler; and speeches, notes, bibliographies, and personal papers of Sampson.

Kelleter, Paul Delmar (1881-1950), Speeches, 1935-1940, (C2249)
6 folders
Speeches and miscellaneous reports by Kelleter, forest supervisor of Clark National Forest, MO, concerning the U.S. Forest Service in Missouri, with emphasis on the Clark National Forest and rehabilitation of the Ozark region.

Kem, James Preston, (1890-1965), Papers, 1946-1952, (C2700)
157 linear feet on 550 rolls of microfilm, 2 audio discs
The Kem Papers document the term of a Republican United States Senator from Missouri. The bulk of the material is constituent correspondence.

Kennedy, Wayne, County Parks Collection, (SA0909)
34 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Kiersted, Wynkoop, Papers (K0102)
2.79 cubic feet (35 folders, 5 photographs, 19 architectural drawings)
Personal and professional papers of Wynkoop Kiersted, noted water works engineer who designed water and sewer system throughout the United States. Included is personal correspondence, news clippings, patents and legal documents, contracts, specifications, notes, and drawings pertaining to a number of Kiersted’s projects.

Kilgore, Debbie, Photograph Collection, (P0155)
52 photographs
Approximately 52 35mm color negatives and prints showing scenes around Macon, Missouri during the mid 1990s. Additional photo album, assembled by Ken Fryer, DOT district manager, showing the 1993 Missouri River flood in Cole, Carroll, Howard, Saline, and Livingston counties.

Klaus Family Photographs, (P0304)
71 photographs
17 scrapbook photos of 9/29/27 tornado in St. Louis. Various views of family home on 5327 Arsenal Street along with grandfather's cabin in Times Beach, Missouri.

Kullman, Glennon J., Photograph Collection, (P0253)
38 photographs
Series of 38 digital photographs on the St. Louis September 29, 1927 tornado. Original glass plate negatives held by family.


LAD Foundation, Records, (SA0914)
12 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Lamkin, J. Clayton, Photograph Collection, (P0930)
1 folder
Photos of tornado damage in Sweet Springs, 1882.

Lammers, Wayne, "The Great Flood of 1993," Videocassette, (CA5400)
A two-hour history of the Missouri River flood from July 8 to September 7, 1993, filmed between Glasgow and Jefferson City, MO. Includes sound track by Bob Dyer.

Landwehr, Minnie, Photographs, (P0577)
9 photographs
Nine photos of the 1951 Missouri River flood, taken in and around Jefferson City.

League Of Women Voters Of Missouri, Papers, 1911-1976, (S0232)
451 Folders
The collection contains correspondence, photographs, publications, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, and memorabilia dating from the League's creation in 1919-20. In addition, the papers (minutes, treasurer's reports, and publications) of the Missouri Equal Suffrage Association, for the years 1911-1919, are included.

League Of Women Voters Of St. Louis, Addenda, 1916-1977 , (S0530)
143 boxes, 1,744 folders, 289 photographs, 4 film strips
9 audio tapes, 3 16mm films, 6 phonograph records
The collection contains a wide variety of materials including publications, correspondence, newsclippings, artifacts, photographs, films, tapes and records. In processing the records the original categorization used by the League was maintained. One of the most interesting aspects of the collection revolves around the Leagues habit of collecting information on both sides of a issue even if the material was unflattering to the organization or its position. In addition to records relating to the St. Louis area, the collection also contains a series on the Missouri League of Women Voters and the National League of Women Voters. These series contain communications between the St. Louis League and the state and national offices. It should be noted that information on a given subject may be found in several different series, thus an extensive index has been included.

Leake, Harold H. (1891-1978) and Dorothy V. (1893-1990), Papers, 1841-1990, (C4011)
40.25 linear feet, 4 card files, 9 audio discs, 8 video cassettes
The papers of Harold H. Leake, music teacher, radio broadcaster, and Episcopal priest, and Dorothy V. Leake, educator and biologist, consist of correspondence, radio scripts, manuscripts, diaries, subject files, and other materials relating to the personal and professional lives of the Leakes and their family.

Leawood Garden Club Records, 1952-2002, (K0427)
5 cubic feet
Scrapbooks relating to the activities of the club, minutes of meetings and membership yearbooks of the Club in Leawood, KS.

Lebanon Nature Club, Newsletters, 1934-1940, (R0298)
1 folder, photocopies
These are newsletters of a natural history club in Lebanon, Laclede County, Missouri. The newsletters include information on club activities, local sightings of flora and fauna, and species counts.

Leopold, Aldo, Report, 1930, (C3220)
3 folders
Report on a game survey of Missouri, submitted to the game restoration committee, Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute.

Litton, Howard C., Photograph Collection, (P0398)
1 folder
Photos of Valle Mines, MO, tornado, April 13, 1911. Photo of Jun 1938 flooding, Jefferson County, MO. Photographic postcard of Festus Armory.

Louisiana Central Lumber Company, Clarks, Louisiana, Records, 1901-1956, (C3660)
MICROFILM (Volumes only)
2 linear feet and 2 oversize volumes; also available on 4 rolls of microfilm
Records of the Louisiana Central Lumber Company and associated companies. The papers include correspondence, 1901-1945, financial records, company reports, maps, photographs, and other materials related to the southern lumber industry.

Lumber Company Price Lists, 1869-1894, (C0590)
1 folder
The collection contains price lists of G.C. Hixon & Company, of Hannibal, Missouri, 1869 and 1879; Judson Lyon, St. Joseph, Missouri, 1881; and I.M. Howell & Company, Atchison, Kansas, 1881. Also includes a statement of lumber shipments in 1894 and logging costs to various towns on the Mississippi River.


Mallea, Amahia, Papers, 2003, (C4165)
0.2 cubic feet
Journal of a doctoral student in history who traveled over 2,000 miles through nine states by bicycle in the summer of 2003. Her travels began in Columbia, Missouri, and ended at her family's farm in Minnesota. Includes photographs.

Mark Twain National Forest, Historical Photographs, ca. 1900-1985, (R0485)
These are photographs copied from holdings of the Mark Twain National Forest in Rolla, Missouri. Topics include National Forest facilities and projects; forest and wood industries; water mills; lakes, rivers, and springs; mines; dams; and the Civilian Conservation Corps and Youth Conservation Corps.

Mark Twain National Forest, Local History Collection, 1930s-1980s, (R0471)
109 files
This collection was selected from unofficial files on miscellaneous historical topics, including local histories, the CCC, the YCC, the "Irish Wilderness," and the Eleven Point River. There are transcriptions of interviews with "old-timers" and Forest Service retirees.

Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri, Salem Ranger District, Photographs, ca. , (R0921)
4 folders
These are photographic prints of Civilian Conservation Corps and U.S. Forest Service projects in what was then the Clark National Forest. Included are views from Centerville in Reynolds County, Loggers Lake in Shannon County, and Little Scotia Pond in Dent County, Missouri.

Massie, Gerald R. (1911-1989), Photographs, (P0016)
0.83 linear feet
Photographs of scenes across Missouri, many taken as part of Massie's work as Missouri's state photographer. Events highlighted include Winston Churchill's visit to Fulton, Governor Hearnes' inaugural celebrations in 1965 and 1969, and the Battle of Pilot Knob Centennial commemoration in 1964. The collection includes extensive coverage of the Missouri State Capitol building. Geographically, the collection covers much of Missouri, with particular focus on tourist destinations: St. Louis, Kansas City, Hannibal, Ste. Genevieve, and the Ozarks.

McCall, Edith, Postcard Collection, (P0460)
1 folder
Photographic postcards of Camden County, with a particular focus on waterways, dams, and bridges.

Meramec Basin Association, 1965-1978 , (S0362)
3 Folders
Brochures, maps, position papers, reprints concerning the proposed Meramec Dam near Sullivan, Missouri on the Meramec River. This organization favored construction and worked to convince the public of its advantages.

Meramec Basin Resources Committee, Booklet, 1950, (R0777)
1 folder
This is "A Shameless Sham": The Army Engineer "Plan" for the Meramec Basin, published by the Meramec Basin Resources Committee in cooperation with the Conservation Federation of Missouri and the Ozark Protective Association. These groups opposed plans by the Army Corps of Engineers to build three multiple purpose high dams on the Meramec, Bourbeuse, and Big rivers in Missouri.

MidAmerican Coalition for Energy Alternatives (MACEA) Records, 1973-1981, (K0060)
1 cubic foot
Minutes and agendas of the MACEA executive council; letters related to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission; news releases of MACEA and other environmental organizations; newsletters for MACEA and flyers distributed to members; and other material, published and unpublished, related to energy questions.

Missouri and Associated Rivers Coalition (MOARC) Records, ca. 1935-ca. 1984, (K1087)
21 cubic feet
Records of the organization involved in flood control and better water management in the Missouri River Valley.

Missouri Archaeological Society, Records, 1934-1983, (C0780)
10.7 linear feet
The records of an organization of amateur and professional archaeologists headquartered in Columbia, Missouri. Includes extensive members’ correspondence, membership lists, executive committee correspondence, annual meeting notes, activities of local chapters, financial records, newspaper clippings, and photographs. This collection documents and illustrates the members’ archaeological interests and the organization’s efforts to protect and preserve the archaeological resources of Missouri.

Missouri Archaeological Society, Records, (CA4759)
1 folder
Correspondence, minutes, reports and archaeological site surveys of the Big Bend Archaeological Society of Marshall, MO.

Missouri Botanical Garden, Photographs, (P0815)
6 photographs
Photos of Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis.

Missouri Conservation Pioneers Records, (CA6397)
1 cubic foot, 1 computer disc
Newsletters, emails, correspondence, photographs, and miscellaneous administrative material of an organization for retirees and surviving spouses of the Missouri Department of Conservation, the Conservation Credit Union, and the Conservation Federation of Missouri.

Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Photographs, (P0136)
1.08 linear feet
Photographs and postcards of historic sites and buildings in Missouri. Includes photographs of the dedication for the Harry S. Truman birthplace site in Lamar.

Missouri Environment Oral History Project, Records, 1997-, (C3966)
Interviews with Missouri land use and natural resource professionals and other individuals related to the environment in Missouri. The records include audio cassettes, CDs, audio logs, and transcripts.

Missouri Forest Heritage, Records, 1954-1999, (S1060)
1 folder
The Missouri Forest Heritage Records contains correspondence and documents connected to Leo A. Drey's efforts to preserve Missouri's forests from 1954 to 1999. The records document the efforts of forestry preservation activists in Missouri to protect the forests and the wildlife within in them.

Missouri Forest Heritage Center, 1994-2007, (R1342)
0.75 cubic feet (13 folders)
The records of the Missouri Forest Heritage Center contain the papers the not-forprofit organization and its goal to create a heritage center that showcased the state’s role in the lumber industry, the importance of forests, and to archive items relating to the lumber industry.

Missouri Forestry, Records, 1929-1994, (R1341)
2.25 cubic feet (53 folders)
The records of Missouri Forestry contain materials from the administration of directors George O. White (1938-1960), Osal B. Capps (1960-1977), and Jerry Presley (1977-1986). This includes materials related to Smokey Bear, fire safety, and the promotion of science, practice, and standards of forestry.

Missouri Heartwood, Records, 1965-2000, (C4209)
2.3 cubic feet (104 folders)
Records of an environmental coalition concerned with protecting and restoring the native Ozarks forests. Includes files on lead mining and poisoning, incinerator use, wood chipping, logging, forest planning, and other environmental issues in Missouri.

Missouri Lumber and Mining Company Records, 1853-1945, (C2557)
82.3 linear feet, 110 oversize volumes and documents, 1 reel of microfilm
The records of the Missouri Lumber and Mining Company contain Correspondence, minutes of board of directors' meetings, and financial and operating records of a Grandin, MO, land and lumber company, which operated in Butler, Carter, Reynolds, Ripley and Wayne Counties.

Missouri Lumber and Mining Company, Photographs, 1906-1916, (C3875)
2 folders
Photographs of various Missouri Lumber and Mining Company operations in and around the Ozark town of Grandin, MO. Taken and collected by Harry M. Griffith, a company physician.

Missouri National Forests Association Books, 1933-1935, (C1175)
2 volumes
History and records of national forest movement in Missouri compiled by Robert Good, president of the association. V. 1, Newspaper clippings, 1933-1935; V. 2, Minutes and correspondence, 1933-1934."

Missouri Native Plant Society, Hawthorn Chapter, Columbia, Missouri, Records, (CA6069)
0.1 linear feet
Correspondence pertaining to the establishment of the Hawthorn Chapter (Columbia) of the Missouri Native Plant Society. Also includes copies of the Chapter's newsletter, "The Hawthorn News", bylaws, minutes of board meetings, and membership lists.

Missouri Park and Recreation Association, Records, 1938-1976, (C3649)
6.5 linear feet
Origin, history and meetings of an organization whose members seek to promote the general welfare of the people through a recreation program. Minutes of the executive boards, committee work, conference and treasurers’ reports and correspondence are included. The last section of the collection is comprised of papers relating to supervised recreation in Columbia, MO, 1940-1960.

Missouri Parks Association Records, (S0938)
0.8 cubic foot (13 folders)
The Missouri Parks Association Records (MPA) contain correspondence, legal materials, board meeting minutes, publications, newsletters, and reports relating to the organization’s mission to protect, enhance, and preserve Missouri state parks and historic sites. Included in the collection is MPA’s serial publication The Heritage.

Missouri Prairie Foundation, Records, (CA5791)
6.5 linear feet, 2 audio cassettes, 2 CDs, 1 DVD, 1 film, 1 video cassette
Records of an organization founded in 1966 to acquire and preserve native prairie lands in Missouri. Records consist of correspondence, subject and project files, brochures and other promotional materials, membership lists, financial records, and publications.

Missouri River Navigation Association Records, (K0354)
0.34 cubic foot (19 folders, 204 photographs, 1 oversize photograph, 24 negatives)
The Missouri River Navigation Association Records contains photographs and negatives depicting different aspects of engineering and activities along the Missouri River.

Missouri Rural Area Development Committee, Records, 1957-1967, (C2583)
1.8 linear feet
The records of the Missouri Rural Area Development Committee are organized into four sections: organization, policy, projects, and progress reports. The Missouri Rural Area Development Committee, directed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, was designed to coordinate efforts to revitalize agricultural and natural resources in the rural areas.

Missouri Society of American Foresters, Records, c.1900-1991, (C4185)
4 cubic feet
The records of the Missouri Chapter of the Ozark Section of the Society of American Foresters contain meeting material, minutes, newsletters, reports, correspondence, photographs and miscellaneous material.

Missouri Women in Natural Resources, (CA6298)
1 cubic foot
Records of an organization which worked to develop a network for advice, support and social interaction for women working in natural resources.

Missouri. Council of Defense, Records, 1940-1945, (C0011)
42 linear feet
Records dealing with the organization, and with participation of individual citizens in the organization. Bulletins, letters, budgets, plans, applications forms, maps, insignias, mailing lists, minutes, newspaper clippings, and other material showing how the Council operated.

Missouri, St. Joseph, Urban Renewal Project, 1952-1982, (C4170)
0.6 cubic feet (22 folders)
Correspondence, maps, clippings, architectural drawings, and economic data concerning urban renewal in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Morris Family, Papers, 1880-1946, (C0369)
1 linear foot
Financial records, correspondence, notary public records, newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous items of Byron V. Morris and Frank B. Morris, Rockbridge, Ozark County, MO. Account books from B.V. Morris' businesses.

Mueller, James E., 1944-2002, Papers, 1988-2012, (R1324)
4 cubic feet (140 folders), 3 videotapes, 7 audio cassettes, 213 lantern slides
The collection consists of the correspondence and printed materials assembled by James E. Mueller over the course of his years of research and volunteerism as an environmentalist in Joplin, Missouri. Included in the papers are materials concerning air quality issues, a campaign targeting emission levels of a local company, and a proposed landfill at a site in farm country north of Joplin. There are also papers pertaining to other environmental issues that interested Mueller, including hazardous waste disposal and lead poisoning.


Naeter Brothers Publishing Company, Ten Mile Garden ... Cape Rock Drive (booklet), 1949, (R0773)
1 folder
This booklet describes the Ten Mile Garden (U.S. 61 between Cape Girardeau and Jackson), Cape Rock Drive, and Boulder Crest (a "nature laboratory"), in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri. These areas featured decorative plantings and landscaping.

Nagel, Werner O., (1905-1974), Papers, 1931-1988, (C2544)
3.7 linear feet, 2 volumes
Papers of a University of Missouri pioneer wildlife student, zoologist, noted conservationist, technical writer for the Missouri Conservation Commission, and philosopher/poet. Material on conservation, pollution, land management, wild game cookery, and technical writing.

Nagel, Werner O. (1905-1974), Papers, (CA5724)
0.4 linear feet
Addition of manuscripts, awards, published stories and poems, photographs, newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous.

National Audubon Society Four Seasons Chapter Records , (CG0038)
0.8 cubic feet (14 folders, 143 slides, 3 photographs) 
A collection of records created and kept by the Four Seasons Chapter of the National Audubon Society, including meeting minutes, newsletters, founding documents, financial records, attendance sheets, directories, membership and officer lists, slides/photographs, and assorted papers. 

National Campers and Hikers Association, Prairie Dog Chapter Scrapbooks, 1962-1998, (K1368)
4.4 cubic feet
The collection consists of twelve scrapbooks from 1962-1998, containing photographs, newspaper clippings, chapter newsletters, membership directories, officer lists, and chapter events for the upcoming year.

National Nuclear Weapons Freeze Addenda, (SA1039)
40 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

National Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign, Records, 1980-1986, (S0454)
253 Folders
The National Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign records document the grassroots movement to get the U.S. and the Soviet Union to adopt a mutual freeze on the testing, production, and deployment of nuclear weapons and missiles. The collection is arranged alphabetically according to the files of Randy Kehler.

Natural Streams Campaign Records, 1989-1990, (SA0948)
7 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

New Life Evangelistic Center Records (S1236)
20 cubic feet
The New Life Evangelistic Center (NLEC) Records contain correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, newsletters, newspaper clippings, and photographs documenting NLEC’s mission to provide Christian hospitality to the poor through social service programs and spiritual care.

Nold, Cynthia, Photograph Collection, (P0254)
10 photographs
Photographs of Slater, MO, including images related to Steve McQueen. Also photo and document about television movie called A Family of Children by Tom Butterfield.

North Kansas City Levee District v. Forever Green of Missouri, LLC Papers, (K1111)
80 cubic feet
Research files including legal documents, government records, corporate records, correspondence, minutes, photographs, maps, and plans.

Northeast Industrial District Development Records, 1940-1942, (K0404)
16 folders
Reports, proposals, particularly related to flood protection, news clippings, and photographs concerning the development of the Northeast Industrial District of Kansas City, MO.

Northwest Missouri State Park Committee, Developmental Proposal, 1925, (C4321)
1 volume
Promotional book of letters, descriptions, blueprint and photographs presenting the merits of Lanowa Park in Buchanan and Andrew counties in order to petition the Missouri State Park Commission to establish it as a Missouri State Park.


Ozark Land and Lumber Company, Records, 1887-1933, (C0037)
8 linear feet, 100 oversize volumes
The business papers and record books of a Shannon County, Missouri, lumber company consists of correspondence, financial records, minutes of directors’ and stockholders’ meetings, store records, cutting and other lumber records, land records, and survey maps.


Papineau, Quintin, Photographs, (CG0034)
0.01 cubic foot (1 folder)
Thirty-five photographs of agricultural machinery harvesting cotton, rice, and potatoes. Also included in this collection are photographs of natural springs, steamboats, ferry, and buildings in southeast Missouri, Oregon County and Marion County, Missouri.

Park, Guy Brasfield (1872-1946), Papers, 1932-1937, (C0008)
24.2 linear feet
Official and personal correspondence and papers of Guy B. Park, Democratic governor of Missouri from 1933 to 1937.

PedNet Coalition, Columbia, Missouri, Records, 2001-2003, (C4217)
0.2 cubic feet
Correspondence, newsletters, and meeting minutes of an organization advocating an integrated network of bike and pedestrian routes through the city of Columbia, Missouri.

Perkins, Marlin (1905-1986), Papers, 1873-1991, (S0516)
2 Audio Cassettes, 11 Dictatapes, 32 Films
The Marlin Perkins Papers document the career, activities, and passions of Dr. R. Marlin Perkins. The collections consists of a wide assortment of materials, including: family keepsakes; newspaper clippings; correspondence; zoo documents ranging from business to animal feeding cards; Mutual of Omaha documents ranging from business contracts to equipment lists; maps; archaeological records; publications; zoological findings; documents regarding foreign issues; documents regarding conservation and ecology; scrapbooks; photographs; dictatape; cassette tapes; and reel to reel films. The oldest materials in the collection are found in the Family Papers series and date to the year 1873. The youngest materials are found in both the Newspaper Clippings and Publications and date to the year 1991.

Perkins, R. Marlin (1905 - 1986), Addenda, 1901-1987, (S0721)
5 Folders, 1 Audio Cassette, 12 Photographs
The Marlin Perkins Papers document the career and activities of Dr. R. Marlin Perkins. Perkins served as director of the St. Louis Zoo from 1962 to 1970. For more information, please also see the Marlin Perkins Papers (collection S0516). This addenda includes publications, awards, notebooks, of Marlin Perkins, as well as photographs from an ablum created by Perkins' parents, Judge and Mrs. J.D. Perkins.

Poirot, Eugene M., Papers, 1923-1989, (R0385)
231 folders
These are papers of a farmer and environmentalist of Lawrence County, Missouri. Topics include agriculture, fish-culture, soil conservation, and farm legislation. Included are family papers, correspondence, writings, speeches, photographs, and motion pictures on videocassette. In part, on microfilm.

Porter, Clyde H. (1889-1958) Collection, 1958, (K0526)
9 folders
Research notes and papers of Porter and his wife Mae Reed Porter, regarding families engaged in the fur trade in the Kansas City area, and the American West. Included are files on the Chouteau Family of Kansas City, the Charbonneau Family, Moses "Black" Harris, and the Thomas Vasquez Family.

Prairie Grouse Technical Council, Records, (CA5398)
1 linear foot
Correspondence, newsletters, conference files, abstracts, and other records of the organization, c. 1954-1994.

Prairie Grouse Technical Council, Records, (CA5460)
0.2 linear feet
Addition of correspondence and records of the Council from September 1991-January 1994. Consists of records compiled by chairman Kenneth M. Giesen.

Prairie Grouse Technical Council, Records, (CA5582)
0.4 linear feet
Addition of correspondence, newsletters, annual meeting materials, and miscellaneous, 1985-2001.

Prince, S. Fred, Papers, (SP0005)
0.5 cubic feet, (12 folders)
The S. Fred Prince Papers document the work of a naturalist and illustrator who spent many years studying the geology and ecology of the Southwest Missouri Ozarks. They also include the research conducted by Suzanne Wilson (SP0004), a freelance writer who published an article in the Missouri Conservationist magazine about Prince’s life and work. The collection consists of copies of Prince’s unpublished original manuscripts along with interviews and correspondence that Wilson conducted with those who knew Prince or had possession of his work.


River Power and Transport Association, Corporate Records, 1927-1933, (C1232)
1 volume
Corporate records of the River Power and Transport Association, Wilmington, DE, 1927. Appended to these records are the minutes of the Board of Directors of the St. Louis River Front Improvement Corporation, 1933.

Robert M. Snyder, Jr. (1876-1937) Collection, 1701-1981, (K0025)
5.0 cubic feet
The collection contains papers related to Robert M. Snyder, Jr. and his interests. Snyder’s personal papers include photographs, correspondence, newspaper clippings, articles written by Snyder, and scrapbooks related to Snyder’s work with Kansas Natural Gas Company and his preservation work in the Ozarks. The other materials in the collection consists of items Snyder collected over the course of his life. The materials generally relate to important people of history, early American history, and pioneer families.

Rogers, Nelson F., Papers (R1318)
1.75 cubic feet (79 folders, 9 volumes, 231 photographs)
The Nelson F. Rogers Papers contain the professional papers of Nelson F. Rogers, a forester with the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service Research Center. He conducted research at the Sinkin Experimental Forest and Central States Forest Experiment Station, studying reforestation of strip-mined areas and experiments involving the cultivation of shortleaf pine. The collection also includes personal papers and Rogers family genealogical material.

Rosen, Ralph (1904-1982), Papers, 1924-1982, (S0143)
132 Folders, 2 Oral Histories
The Ralph Rosen papers document the fluoridation controversy in St. Louis and Missouri from the late 1940's through the early 1980's, and in particular the actions of Rosen to convince others of its merits. The collection also contains pro and anti-fluoridation literature from around the country. Although some scientific and medical evidence is available in the collection, most of the material examines fluoridation as a public policy issue. The collection also provides some information on dental history and the St. Louis dental profession.

Rothwell, Dan, Papers, (C4375)
2.0 cubic feet (64 folders)
Papers of an aerospace technical illustration supervisor, wildlife and woodland conservationist, hunter, teacher, pilot, UFO researcher, restoration hobbyist, and the manager of Rothwell Ranch Wildlife and Woodland Preserve, Piedmont, Wayne County, Missouri.

Runge, G. Andy (1930-1991), Papers, 1970-1991, (C3923)
17 linear feet
The papers of a Mexico, Missouri, attorney who served on the Missouri Conservation Commission, was active in state and national environmental and conservation organizations, and was a curator of the University of Missouri. The papers consist of correspondence, subject files, financial and legal records, minutes of meetings, publications, and other records of the various organizations in which he was active during the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.


Sampson, Francis Asbury, Photographs, (CA6544)
1 folder
Six nature photographs taken in Camden and Morgan Counties of Sampson and a Mr. McCullough of the U.S. Geological Survey.

Saults, Dan, Papers, 1937-1985, (R0403)
44 folders
These are papers of a conservationist and outdoor journalist, including material on the Outdoor Writers Association of America, wilderness areas, the "Irish Wilderness" of Oregon County, Missouri, Henry Rowe Schoolcraft, and the Ozarks region. There are a typescript of Saults's unpublished novel and copies of many of his articles and speeches.

Scenic Missouri, Inc., Records, (CA6243)
6.75 linear feet, 5 audio cassettes, 57 computer discs, 47 video cassettes
Records of a nonprofit organization advocating scenic conservation in Missouri. The group conducted ""Save Our Scenery"" initiative-petition drives and placed a statewide vote on billboard control on the November 2000 ballot. The measure lost 51 to 49 percent. Contains correspondence, financial records, publicity materials, photographs and slides, and audiovisual materials.

Schmitz, J. Peter (1931-1999), Papers, 1992-2004, (SA1120)
13 boxes
Papers of an environmental lawyer. Subjects include; White Haven; Brawley vs. McNary; page avenue extension; Missouri Pacific Railway and the Open Space Council

Schwartz, Charles and Elizabeth, Papers, (C2217)
0.4 cubic feet (2 volumes, 1 computer disc)
The papers of Charles and Elizabeth Schwartz document their lives as wildlife conservationists and enthusiasts in Missouri. The collection contains the manuscript of The Wild Mammals of Missouri, published articles and newspapers, artwork, research, and photographs.

Sedalia Democrat Photographs, (P0781)
9 photographs
Photos of May 1977 tornado in Sedalia, Pettis County.

Segnin, Mrs. A.D., Photograph Collection, (P0375)
15 photographs
Photographs of the aftermath of a 1916 tornado in Olean, Miller County, MO.

Senturia, Ben, (1947-Present) Addenda, 1977-2003, (S0986)
97 folders

Senturia, Ben, Addenda, Campaign Finance Reform and Nuclear Weapons, Campaign Addenda, 1982-2000, (S1086)
1 box
Newsletters and other publications related to the Nuclear Freeze campaign, headquartered in St. Louis. Photographs of campaign supporters, petition forms, material for public distribution, and other items related to campaign finance reform in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Serda, Daniel, Papers (K0687)
21 cubic feet
The papers contain research materials gathered by Daniel Serda, a local historian, city planner, and faculty member in the Department of Urban Planning at the University of Kansas. The papers include Kansas City bibliographic research on the Kansas City Stock Yards and the 1951 Flood.

Shepard, Edward Martin, Lantern Slides, n.d., (R1184)
41 slides
These are lantern slides showing springs, natural bridges, and caves in the Ozarks region of Missouri. They were produced for teaching purposes by Edward M. Shepard, a professor of geology at Drury College in Springfield, Missouri.

Sierra Club, Ozark Chapter (1971- ) , Records, 1967-1986, (S0428)
364 Folders, Photographs 14326-14465, Tape T-1043
The Sierra Club, Ozark Chapter records include some meeting minutes of the Missouri group of the Great Lakes Chapter from 1969 to 1971, with some organizational material published by the national group dating from 1966. The bulk of the collection includes correspondence, meeting minutes, manuscripts, literature and testimony generated from the chapter's St. Louis office with some correspondence , meeting minutes and literature from the Kansas City office singled out in separate folders. Meeting minutes include those of the board of directors, the executive committee and the conservation committee. Some correspondence is duplicated under subject heading.

Sierra Club, Ozark Chapter, Records, (SA0989)
21 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Slusher, H.E. (1893-1982), Papers, 1936-1980 (C3077)
17 linear feet
Papers of H.E. Slusher during the period he served as president of Missouri Farm Bureau Federation. Also includes some materials from period following his retirement in 1958.

Sierra Club, Ozark Chapter, Addenda, 1968-1997, (SA1142)
27 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Smith, Fritz, Log Book, 1892-1900, (R0373)
1 folder, photocopies
This is a daily record of water levels on the Mississippi River at New Madrid, Missouri, 22 November 1892 -- 31 August 1900. There are also occasional notes on the weather, river conditions, and steamboats.

Smith, Hurse, Scrapbook, 1933-1943, (R0568)
1 folder, photocopies
This is the scrapbook of Hurse Smith of Prospect, Alabama, a member of Company 1733 of the Civilian Conservation Corps. Smith served in camps at Calico Rock, Arkansas, and Pond Fork, Missouri. The scrapbook includes the names of officers and members of the company, a brief record of service, and photographs of the camps and members of the company.

Snow, Thad Papers, (CG0027)
1.31 cubic feet (90 folders, 1 oversize box, 2 microfilm reels)
The Thad Snow Papers include writings, correspondence, scrapbooks, memorabilia and photographs. Snow was a prolific writer during his life. He is best remembered for his column, “Letters from the People” for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch beginning in the 1930s. The topics covered in this collection include politics, foreign affairs, farming, Snow’s family, economics and human nature.

Snyder Jr., Robert M. (1876-1937) Collection, 1849-1932, (K0025)
24 volumes, 1 folder
Personal papers of R.M. Snyder, Jr. and his family relating to his collecting, research, and writing on Americana, the Ozarks, and Ha Ha Tonka, a home built in the Ozarks by his father. Also included are holograph manuscripts collected by Snyder.

Solid Waste Task Force, Columbia, Missouri, Records, 1990-1993, (C4207)
0.5 cubic feet (11 folders)
The records contained in the Solid Waste Task Force collection consist of pamphlets, brochures, letters, notes, newspaper clippings, and legal documents. The records display a clear path from citizen activism to the implementation of laws intended to address citizen concerns.

Southwest Missouri Resource Conservation and Development Records, (SP0009)
28 cubic feet (851 folders, 1 oversize)
The records consist of the financial documents, correspondence, project notes and publications pertaining to the operation of the non-profit environmental organization known as Southwest Missouri Resource Conservation and Development.

Sparks, John Nathan (1876-1954), Papers, 1901-1947, (C2798)
3.1 linear feet
The John Nathan Sparks Papers consist of the business and personal correspondence of an employee of the Missouri Lumber and Mining Company of Grandin, Missouri.

Spencer, George A., (1906-1997), Papers, 1948-1960, (C0969)
9 linear feet, 1 volume
Letters, reports, and legislative papers of a Democratic state representative from Boone County, 1949-1952, and state senator, 19th district, 1953-1960. In the 1960 Democratic primaries Spencer was an unsuccessful candidate for the attorney general nomination.

St. Charles Countians Against Hazardous Waste/Weldon Springs (SCCAHW), Records, 1946-1996, (S0677)
148 Folders
The SCCAHW/Weldon Springs collection includes financial information, correspondence, meeting minutes/agenda, environmental reports, newspaper clippings and photocopies, newsletters, brochures and pamphlets, and photographs, Together they chronicle the establishment and activities of SCCAHW from 1982-1996. The records document SCCAHW's mission to promote public awareness and lobby for the cleanup of Weldon Springs hazardous waste. The records also reveal the larger picture of the power of a grass-roots organization.

St. Louis Division of Parks and Recreation, Photographs, (P0814)
0.2 linear feet
Photos of St. Louis from 1936-1939, with an emphasis on parks, urban forestry, and public buildings.

St. Louis Economic Conversion Project, Records, (SA0969)
14 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

St. Louis Environmental Media Center, Lad Foundation, Records, 1973-1977, (SA1065)
3 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

St. Louis Naturalists Club (1898- ), Records, 1896-1990, (S0539)
244 Folders, 278 Photographs, 7 Rolls Of Microfilm
The collection contains a variety of materials collected over the years by many club members. Correspondence, newsclippings and meeting sign-in sheets are joined by the writings of many of the members. also included are many photographs taken at club meetings and outings.

St. Louis Tornado Photographs, 1896, (P0277)
40 photographs
Photographs of damage following an 1896 tornado in St. Louis, including many by Samborsky Photo. Some of these images were published in Julian Curzon's The Great Cyclone at St. Louis and East St. Louis, May 27, 1896.

St. Louis Zoological Park (1913- ) Animal Transaction Ledgers, 1914-1988, (S0626)
11 volumes, 1 roll microfilm
Information in the collection ranges from 1914 to 1988. The collection contains ledgers that include documentation on animal arrivals, sales, exchanges, loans, donations, gifts made, and future transactions, including the animal, person and/or institution involved, and price. In addition, one ledger (vol. III) records membership information including member name and amount of dues paid, and general expenses including payments and receipts. Another ledger (vol. VI) includes a detailed characteristic description of selected animals. Another ledger (vol. IX) records the animal and reason for death.

St. Louis Zoological Park (1913- ), Records, 1910-1963, (S0194)
62 Folders, 25 Volumes Microfilm
The records document the evolution of Zoo philosophy from providing entertainment to educating the public and preserving animal species.

Stadler, Frances Hurd, Papers, (S0329)
0.1 cubic foot (1 folder)
The papers contain a 15-page typescript titled That Was No Picnic, by Frances Hurd Stadler, recounting her experiences as a stenographer for Bechtel-Price-Callahan's Canol Project, a $100,000,000 United States Department of War construction project to build an oil pipeline from Norman Wells, Canada, to Whitehorse, Alaska. Also included are photocopied newspaper articles and magazines about Bechtel and the Canol Project.

State Historical Society of Missouri, Typescript Collection, (C0995)
774 items on 14 rolls of microfilm
The State Historical Society of Missouri Typescript Collection consists of typescripts of articles and manuscripts donated over the years to the Historical Society.

State Historical Society of Missouri-Kansas City Postcard Collection, (K1345)
0.14 cubic foot (14 folders)
The State Historical Society of Missouri-Kansas City Postcard Collection is an artificial collection combining miscellaneous postcard acquisitions related to Missouri places, individuals, organizations, and events. The State Historical Society of Missouri-Kansas City Postcard Collection continues to have material added to it. New acquisitions are added at the end of the collection.

State of Missouri Collection, (P0018)
486 photographs
Over 400 original photos created for the 1904 publication on Missouri at the time of the World's Fair by Walter Williams; shows all aspects and counties in Missouri.

Stephens, E. Sydney, Scrapbooks, (CA4741)
0.4 linear feet
Scrapbooks compiled upon Stephen's retirement from Missouri Conservation Commission and other testimonials.

Stoerker, Lewis (1921-1992), Papers, 1965-2007, (CA6423)
1.2 cubic feet
Papers of a theatre professor at the University of Missouri largely concern his efforts to establish the Rock Bridge Memorial State Park.

Symington, James W. (1927- ), Papers, 1964-1976, (S0433)
3849 Folders, 24 Tapes And Films, 72 Rolls Of Microfilm
Symington ran for Congress and won in 1968, 1970, 1972, and 1974. His campaign files contain speeches, newsclippings, press realeases, correspondence, issues files, radio ads, schedules, brochures, news reviews of press coverage, films, video and audio tapes, and biographies of Symington. The 1968 campaign is documented most thoroughly. In 1976 Symington ran for Senator from Missouri and lost in the Democratic primary. The Senate campaign includes issues files and general correspondence on redistricting, Missouri politics, and national politics. Scrapbooks of newsclippings on Symington's opponents in the Senate primary were discarded.

Symington, W. Stuart (1901-1988), Papers, 1918-1995, (C3874)
316.25 linear feet, 86 ephemera items, 41 audio discs, 11 audio cassettes, 64 audio tapes, 32 reels of 16mm film, 2 reels of 35mm film, 3 video tapes, 2 video cassettes, 2 CDs, 5 DVDs
The papers of William Stuart Symington, U.S. Senator from Missouri (1953-1976), include constituent correspondence, family and personal correspondence, limited genealogical and family materials, appointment books and calendars, audio and video recordings, campaign materials, editorial cartoons, select invitations and itineraries, limited pre-senatorial materials, photographs, photographic negatives and slides, press files, scrapbooks, selected Congressional testimonies, speeches, staff memoranda, voting records, and miscellaneous ephemera.


Trefts, Charles, Photographs, (P0034)
3126 photographs
This collection contains images from 1900 to 1963 depicting St. Louis City and County people, public buildings, riverfront scenes, bridges, churches, catastrophes, houses and parks. Trefts photographed many historic events such as the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition; the 1934 World Series; and aviation in St. Louis including the Wright brothers at Kinloch Field in 1908 and Charles Lindbergh's return from Paris in 1927. A number of images focus on Crawford and Iron Counties and the Lake of the Ozarks region in the early 1930s.

Tri-State Health and Housing Committee, "The Menace of the Slime Pile," n.d., (R1181)
1 folder, photocopies
This is an undated pamphlet that addresses the problem of dust from the slime piles in the Tri-State Mining District of Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. It is subtitled, "Disposal of Mill Tailings in the Tri-State Zinc and Lead District."

Tri-State Mining Superfund Site Records, (SP0019)
1.0 cubic feet (57 folders)
The Tri-State Mining Superfund Site records contain the research of Shanen Givone into the environmental impact of nuclear contamination and mining in the Joplin area and into Kansas.

Twin Lakes Duck Hunting Camp, Chariton County, Missouri, Records, 1945-1989, (C3968)
1 linear foot on 2 rolls of microfilm
Hunting logs, photographs, and related materials of a private hunting camp in north central Missouri.


United States Bureau of Mines, Rolla Research Center Records (R1321)
17 cubic feet (372 folders, 4 maps, 3,238 photographs, 68 negatives, 936 slides, 3 volumes) 
The United States Bureau of Mines, Rolla Research Center Records contain the records of the Bureau of Mines office and research facility established in Rolla, Missouri, in 1915. The records include correspondence, operational reports, project reports, photographs, newspaper articles, program materials, and maps.

University of Missouri, Department of Botany, Papers, 1894-1956 (C3453)
28.8 linear feet
Materials related to departmental courses, university committees, job placement, and research, as well as to cooperative efforts among university state and federal agencies to control plant and crop diseases, establish conservation groups, and expand agricultural facilities and programs in Missouri.

University of Missouri, Department of Forestry, Records, 1904-1921 (C3349)
0.6 linear feet
The records of the Department of Forestry contain correspondence, leases, maps, and miscellaneous material regarding the sale and leasing of land owned by the Department of Forestry at the time the department was part of the College of Agriculture.

University of Missouri, Fisheries and Wildlife, Photographs, (CA5009)
2 linear feet
Photographs and negatives of early Missouri forestry and wildlife conservation projects, ca. 1930s-1940s. Includes some views from other states.

University of Missouri, School of Forestry, Records, 1936-1968 (C3359)
4.4 linear feet
The records of the School of Forestry contain correspondence from the Westveld and Duncan administrations and are retained in the original filing system of six major sections: Extension, Forestry School Administration, Personnel, Research, Teaching, and University Administration for the years 1936-1968.

Upper Mississippi River Basin Commission, Missouri Commissioner's Records, 1973-1982, (S0159)
41 Folders
The bulk of the Upper Mississippi River Basin Commission, Missouri Commissioner's Records are from 1980 to 1983, with some correspondence with railroads from 1973. The records primarily document the master plan developed by the Upper Mississippi River Basin Commission in 1981 to respond to needs identified by the GREAT studies and to resolve competing interests in the development of the river system. The records contain public statements, reports (including GREAT I, II, III, 1974-1983), studies, testimony, literature, memoranda, meeting minutes, drafts and the final version of the commission's master plan.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Missouri River Survey, Collection, (CA5998)
1.7 cubic feet, oversize
Log books and maps from U.S. Corps of Engineers survey of the Missouri River, 1870s-1890s. Log books include observations of topography, hand drawn maps, and notes documenting the journeys and dredging operations along the river. The bulk of the collection relates to the upper Missouri River.


Volkmer, Harold L. (1931- ), Papers, 1960-1996, (C4022)
16 linear feet
The professional papers of Harold L. Volkmer, member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Missouri's 9th District, include correspondence, bills and resolutions, press releases, hearings, subcommittee briefs and reports, research and studies, pamphlets, newsletters, newspaper clippings, photographs, speeches, and testimonials. Also included is material on the McClure-Volkmer Bill, also known as the Firearm Owner's Protection Act, the 1993 flood disaster, dioxin contamination, hazardous and radioactive waste material at Weldon Spring, Missouri, and farmer's claims resulting from the Cannon Dam Flood in 1982.


Ward Parkway Estates Garden Club Records, 1957-1992, (K0331)
0.5 cubic foot
Organizational records of a now disbanded Garden Club in Kansas City, MO. Includes board and regular meeting minutes, financial records, attendance lists, a small amount of correspondence, yearbooks, and photographs.

Webster Groves Nature Society, Bulletins, 1934-1996, (SA1010)
1 box
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Western Historical Manuscript, St. Louis, Vertical File, 1968-2004, (S0694)
508 Folders
The collection documents a variety of subjects relating to St. Louis' history. It contains single files with a small amount of general information on a variety of topics. Arranged alphabetically.

Westveld, Ruthford H., (1900-1985), Papers, 1956-1965, (C2416)
2.9 linear feet
The papers contain information relating to the background, passage and enforcement of the McIntire-Stennis Act for Cooperative Forestry Research, correspondence of state forestry officials, representatives and senators, U.S. Department of Agriculture and other concerned people and agencies. Westveld was a leading advocate of forestry research.

White, George O., Collection, (CA6515)
0.5 cubic feet (10 8mm films)
Collection of photographs, films, awards, clippings, and miscellaneous material of the first State Forester of Missouri.

Whitley, James R., Papers, (CA6255)
8.7 linear feet
Papers of a wildlife scientist whose studies focused on water quality in Missouri. Whitley worked for the Missouri Department of Conservation in the water quality branch of the fisheries research section and published many articles, most notably, "Water Plants for Missouri Ponds."

Widmann, Otto (1841-1933), Collection, 1898-1965, (C4001)
0.2 linear feet
The collection contains correspondence, notes, publications, and miscellaneous material compiled by Daniel McKinley for a biography of Otto Widmann, a noted ornithologist from St. Louis, Missouri.

Wild Canid Survival And Research Center (WCSRC), "Wolf Sanctuary," (1971- ), (S0535)
463 Folders
A combined collection of several separate donations, the Wild Canid Survival and Research Center (WCSRC) Records contain correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, financial records, veterinary reports, conference proceedings, legal documents, biological studies, government studies, legislation, publications, newsletters, newsclippings, brochures, photographs, audio tapes, films, and artifacts. Together they chronicle the establishment, growth, and administration of the Wolf Sanctuary, as it is popularly known, with the years 1971-1991 being especially represented. The records also document WCSRC's educational mission to diminish public fear and hatred of wolves, as well as its role as caretaker and breeder of its own wolf population. Specific wolves, those belonging to WCSRC and those wolf ambassadors (Sophie, Jethro, and Clem) closely associated with WCSRC's public image and educational mission, are well documented.

Wild Canid Survival and Reseaerch Center, "Wolf Sanctuary" (1971- ), Addenda, 1986-1992, (S0639)
1 box, 18 folders, 2 videotapes
The collection primarily consists of correspondence to and from Vicki O'Toole with others involved in saving the wolves. The correspondence discusses wolves in captivity, blood tests, pest control, breeding, exchange of wolves from place to place, study of dead carcasses, among other topics.

Williams, Paul Eugene (1933-2011) Papers, 1967-1995, (K0844)
2 cubic feet
Book reviews, articles, research notes, explanatory notes, interviews, clippings, and correspondence of Williams, a Kansas City poet and author. Also material from various wildlife organizations, newsletters, biographical material and an anthology of poetry by the Russian poet, Marina Cvetaeva compiled by Williams.

Wilson, Betty, Papers, 1957-1990, (SA1015)
13 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Wilson, Suzanne, Papers, (SP0004)
9 cubic feet (382 folders, 1 oversize, approximately 75 photographs)
The papers consist of the fiction, nonfiction, and personal correspondence of free-lance writer Suzanne Wilson (1937- ). The papers cover a variety of topics, but many deal with nature. The bulk of her work was created for Scouting Magazine.

Wilson, William Henry (1935- ) Papers, 1909-1963, (K0046)
2 folders
Personal incoming and outgoing correspondence of a historian and educator, including that related to Wilson's work on the Kansas City History Project, proposals for a history of the J.C. Nichols Company, and progress on his dissertation on the City Beautiful Movement. Also included are research notecards and early printed material related to the Kansas City Terminal Railway Company.

Women's International League For Peace And Freedom (WILPF), St. Louis Branch, Records Addenda, 1953-1997, (S0690)
168 Folders, 60 Photographs
The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Records Addenda includes meeting reports, correspondence, monthly bulletins and treasure's reports of the St. Louis branch of WILPF. Also, included are publications of the United States and international branches of WILPF. Correspondence, meeting minutes, charter and by-laws, and financial information detail the workings of the World Community Center of St. Louis. Finally, information concerning China, Hiroshima-Nagasaki, SALT II Conference, and Rethinking National Security Conference highlight the projects of WILPF St. Louis branch. Together they chronicle the interests of the WILPF St. Louis branch from 1953-1997.


Yoest, Donald, Postcard Collection, (P0120)
1 folder
Postcards of Missouri historic sites printed by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

Young, Robert A. (1923- ), Papers 1974-1986, (S0517)
1116 Folders
The collection consists of the general files of Congressman Young during his tenure as U.S. Representative. Their is little of a personal nature in the records, but mainly information collected to help the Congressman reach a decision on pending legislation. The records include correspondence, studies, reports, brochures, newsletters, press releases, newsclippings, and photographs.

Younk, Mary Ann, Photograph Collection, 1927, (P0008)
15 photographs
Fifteen original photos showing damage to houses and buildings after F4 tornado hit St. Louis, September 29, 1927.