Culture Manuscript Collections

Papers and records of individuals and organizations active in the arts, music, theater, and film; appreciation and promotional groups; and chautauquas. Includes both the fine arts and popular culture. See also a list of collections related to Folklore, Language, Literature, Music, and Visual and Performing Arts.

*Collections marked with DIGITIZED MATERIALS have additional digitized items available.

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Agris, Anna (1906-1986), Papers, 1921-1984, (S0804)
19 Folders, 100 Photographs
The Anna Agris Papers include correspondence, newspaper clippings, articles, dance programs, and scripts. The collection also includes a file on the Harikuda Israeli Dance Company directed by Leah Millman. The second series in the collection contains photographs collected by Anna Agris. The series includes autographed portraits and also several pages of a scrapbook put together by Agris and photographic negatives.

Allendorf, Adam, Collection, (C2546)
3 folders
Songs and plays in German.

All Star Concert Series, Joplin, Missouri, Program, 1937, (R0928)
1 folder
This is a program for a vocal concert presented by baritone Nelson Eddy at Memorial Hall in Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri, on Tuesday evening, 20 April 1937.

American Audio Prose Library, 1981-1993, (C3851)
578 audio cassettes and 88 reel-to-reel tapes
Interviews of and readings by American prose writers. These recordings document the authors' renditions and interpretations of their works. The American Audio Prose Library of Columbia, Missouri; a grant-funded library; organized and produced the recordings for public radio stations and individual purchase.

American Revolution Bicentennial, Missouri Committee for Agriculture, Papers, 1974-1976 (C4276)
1.2 cubic feet (42 folders), 1 audio tape
The papers of the committee contain correspondence, newsletters, reports, updates, events awards programs, lists of elected members, historical information on "Centennial Farms," and "Liberty Trees," meeting minutes, announcements, newspaper clippings, and audio-visual material for a slide presentation entitled "The Spirit of 76."

Anderson Jr., William James, (1884-1967) Westport Scrapbook, (K0396)
1 volume
Newspapers clippings and notes pertaining to the history of the town of Westport, MO, now part of Kansas City.

Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre Collection, 1961-1985, (C2898)
1 folder
Correspondence concerning the development of the theater; drafts of an article regarding its history; brochure for the 1965 season, history of the theater to 1979, and program of the 25th season.

Austin Wood Auditorium, Lake Ozark, Missouri, Brochure, 1967, (R0992)
1 folder
This is a brochure promoting the 1967 season at the Austin Wood Auditorium at Lake Ozark in Miller County, Missouri. Featuring stars from the "Grand Ole Opry," the country music venue featured namesake Austin Wood and such well-known performers as Loretta Lynn, Roy Acuff, Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs, Tex Ritter, Ralph Emery, and Ernest Tubb.


Baer, Howard, Addenda, (SA1194)
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Baldknobbers Hillbilly Jamboree, Booklet, 1970, (R1218)
1 folder
This is a souvenir booklet from the Baldknobbers Hillbilly Jamboree show at Branson in Taney County, Missouri. The show, one of the first in Branson, featured the talents of the Mabe family. Although undated, the booklet is believed to be from the 1970 season.

Balsiger, Fred R., Collection, (P0092)
90 photographs
90 b/w and color lantern slides of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1904.

Bartle, Harold Roe (1901-1974) Papers, 1937-1974, (K0154)
20 cubic feet
Papers of a scout executive, civic leader, public speaker, church leader, educator, and mayor of Kansas City, MO.

Benton, Thomas Hart (1889-1975), Collection, (CA6282)
0.1 cubic foot, 2 audio tapes, 1 CD
Audio recording and transcript of an interview with Thomas Hart Benton in his home, 6 May 1962. Includes correspondence and reminiscence of Charles Cagle, who was present during the interview. Also a photograph of Benton with Harry S. Truman in Neosho, Missouri, 12 May 1962, and related newspaper clippings.

Bergaman, Mary, Papers, 1962-2002, (SA1153)
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Bergmann, Donald (1927- ), Papers, 1917-2009, (S0827)
144 Folders, 4 Books, 559 Photographs
The Donald Bergmann Papers document his service in the Army in Korea after World War II and his later involvement in St. Louis businesses, organizations and charities.

Bingham, Loretta, Photograph Collection, (P1003)
2 photographs
Photographs of students from Odessa High School and students from Starr School with their prize winning patriotic float

Bledsoe, Wayne Papers, (R1355)
0.1 cubic feet (1 folder, 1 DVD)
The Wayne Bledsoe Papers contain materials related to Bledsoe's career in bluegrass. A noted host and program producer of Bluegrass for Saturday Night, KUMR. This collection includes bluegrass festival program booklets from Dixon, Missouri, and a DVD containing the KMST radio station 40th anniversary show introduced by Wayne Bledsoe.

Blind Boone Memorial Foundation, Inc., Papers, 1886-1976, (C3664)
0.4 linear feet
Included in this collection are some of the compositions of John William "Blind" Boone, a musician and composer of classical and ragtime music. Also included are orchestrations and choral arrangements of Boone's music, correspondence, programs, and posters from a memorial concert in 1961. Correspondence concerning recovery of Boone's piano, and posters and tickets from some of Boone’s concerts are also part of the collection.

Boone, John William "Blind" and Wesley, Papers, n.d., (C2883)
1 folder
Publicity poster announcing the appearance of Blind Boone in Columbia, MO. Program of piano concert of Little Blind Wesley, nephew of Blind Boone.

Boone, John William "Blind" (1864-1927), Piano Roll, (CA5843)
Performance by Blind Boone of "Nearer My God to Thee," published by the QRS Company, c. 1920.

Boonville Turn and Gesang Verein Papers, 1895-1925, (C0880)
1 folder, 11 volumes
Constitution and by-laws, deed, rules for use of meeting hall, reports of secretary, receipts for dues, and application for membership of a German social organization in Boonville, MO. Minutes, roster of members, and account books. Written in German until 1902.

Bootheel Project, Records, 1993-1997, (C3928)
3.2 linear feet, 161 audio cassettes, 9 records, 2 video cassettes
The records of the Bootheel Project document the art, culture and heritage of the Missouri Bootheel. The records include photographs, color slides, audio cassettes, transcripts, and video cassettes of interviews with Bootheel residents. Sound recordings, planning documents, field workers’ notes, and miscellaneous items collected throughout the project are also included.

Botts, Benson, Reminiscences, 1908, (C2399)
1 volume
The papers contain poems and water color sketches of Miss Benson Botts, Mexico, Missouri, done by her roommate at the University of Missouri summer session in 1908.

Boyd, W.B., Letter, 1942, (C2777)
1 folder
To John Crerar Library, Chicago, IL, from Chicago, IL, Jan. 29, 1942. Letter from Superintendent of Pinkerton National Detective Agency accompanying complimentary pamphlet titled ""History and Evidence of the Passage of Abraham Lincoln from Harrisburg, PA, to Washington, D.C., on the 22nd and 23rd of February, 1861."" Pamphlet not included.

Bradley, Harry E., Collection, (C1893)
1 folder
The collection contains a Missouri state lottery ticket, 14 May 1868, for the benefit of New Franklin, and an unidentified railroad bond for $3.00 of which the upper portion is missing.

Breckenridge, William Clark (1862-1927), Papers, 1752-1927, (C1036)
4.75 linear feet, 21 volumes, 3 rolls of microfilm
The papers of the St. Louis businessman, writer, and historian contain correspondence, scrapbooks, book sale announcements, and miscellaneous materials, with an emphasis on St. Louis and Missouri history.

Broadfoot, Lennis Leonard, Collection, 1909-2005, (R1277)
20 folders, 1 ledger, 1 oversize scrapbook
This collection consists of correspondence, personal and legal papers, ledger book, scrapbook and ephemera of artist Lennis Leonard Broadfoot. The collection predominately focuses on his artwork and publications, as well as his promotion of the Ozarks region in Dent and Shannon Counties through the creation of a national park, the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, and the promotion of the arts in general.

Brown, Mrs. J. L., Chautauqua Photograph, (P0145)
1 photograph
Photographic postcard depicting William Jennings Bryan speaking at a Maysville Chautauqua.

Bryant, William Cullen, Signature, 1875, (C3275)
1 folder
The papers contain a card with Bryant's signature and the date, November 11, 1875.

Burgoyne Family, Papers, (CA6186)
19.75 linear feet, 1 CD, 3 video cassettes, 29 audio discs
Papers of Leon Burgoyne and his daughter, Suzanne. Leon was a Navy aviator during World War II and coached boys' basketball in Berrien, Michigan. Suzanne was a professor of Theatre Arts at Creighton University and the University of Missouri. The papers include correspondence from World War II and the Vietnam War, in which Suzanne's ex-husband served, and materials documenting Suzanne's teaching career.

Burnam, C[urtis] F[rank], Letter, 1908, (C2141)
1 folder
To George M. Rollins, Columbia, MO, from Richmond, KY, Oct. 8, 1908. Burnam wrote his nephew that he had shipped "the portraits of Mr. Bingham" express charges paid. He called Bingham "Missouri's distinguished Artist and Statesman."

Burnham, Ralph Warren, Ipswich, Massachusetts, Hooked Rug Patterns, (C3759)
1 folder
The collection contains an undated illustrated booklet of patterns for making hooked rugs.

Bussabarger, Robert F. (1922-2013), Papers, 1922-1990, (C3897)
7 linear feet and oversize
Papers of ceramic sculptor, potter, painter and University of Missouri-Columbia Professor Emeritus of Art. These papers include personal and professional correspondence, exhibition announcements and catalogs, photographs, publications, clippings, research project records, scrapbooks, biographical materials, records of the University of Missouri Department of Art and miscellaneous material.

Bussabarger, Robert F. (1922-2013), Papers, (CA5992)
5.75 linear feet, 1 video cassette, 2 computer discs
Addition of slides, photographs, correspondence, and other materials documenting the artist's work and travels to Asia and India. Also photographs and correspondence concerning his naval service in WWII and materials of his son, David Bussabarger.


Calendar, 1869, (C2859)
1 folder
Calendar printed by R.P. Studley & Company, 1869. OVERSIZE.

Campbell, Sanford Brunson, Letters, 1947, (C3204)
1 folder
Letters to Floyd C. Shoemaker, Columbia, MO, from Venice, CA, about jazz musician Scott Joplin. Includes some printed brochures regarding ragtime, jazz, and Scott Joplin.

Cansler, Loman D. (1924-1992) and Laura M. (1931-2007), Collection, 1820-2005, (C4018)
10.5 linear feet, 203 audio tapes, 41 audio cassettes, 2 video cassettes, 35 audio discs
The Loman and Laura Cansler Collection represents a lifetime of collecting on Missouri’s folk song and folklore tradition. Cansler recorded and collected folk songs, proverbs, jokes, and home remedies, primarily in Missouri, but also in Kansas and Illinois. In addition to this large body of folk song and folklore material, the collection includes information on Cansler’s early life in Dallas County, Missouri, his WWII service, and his career as a school counselor at the Fayette and North Kansas City High Schools. The collection also includes slides and prints of Laura Cansler’s abstract expressionist artwork.

Canton Journal, Photographs, (P0782)
3 photographs
Photos of the Missouri State Fair, 1978.

Cape Girardeau Academy, Program, 1855, (R1056)
1 folder
This is a "Programme of Exercises of the First Annual Exhibition of Cape Girardeau Academy," held at Cape Girardeau in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri, on 28 June 1855. Included were elocutions and declamations by students, with musical interludes.

Carnegie Cultural Club Records, ca. 1903-1982, (K0143)
1 cubic foot
Minute books, official documents, financial records, scrapbooks, and historical materials for a women's cultural club in St. Joseph, MO.

Carthage High School, Carthage, Missouri, Operetta Program, 1944, (R1244)
1 folder
This is a program for "Oh Doctor," an operetta by Estelle M. and Palmer J. Clark, presented by the musical organizations of Carthage High School at Carthage in Jasper County, Missouri, on 30-31 March 1944. The director was Frances Ragsdale and the accompanist was Ruth Hibbs.

Cassville Chamber of Commerce, Cassville, Missouri, Jamboree Program, 1963, (R0780)
1 booklet
This is a souvenir program booklet for the "Second Annual Ozark Jamboree," held at Cassville in Barry County, Missouri, on 17-19 October 1963.

Cave, Michael (1944-1991), Papers, 1944-1997, (C2157)
7.6 linear feet, 21 audio cassettes, 62 audio tapes, 27 video cassettes, 1 compact disk, and 1 record
The Michael Cave Papers consist of personal and professional correspondence, business records, audiovisual material, and the compositions of Cave, a pianist and composer.

Cedar County, Missouri, Photographs, ca. 1890-1910, (R0282)
1 folder
These are photographs of the Messick and H. W. Evans general stores, the Cedar Springs Band, and a picnic of Camp 171 of the Woodmen of The World at Cedar Springs, and a view of the Balm baseball team. The views have been copied on 35mm slides.

Central High School, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Booklets, 1923-1925, (R0920)
1 folder
These are an "Official Guide Book" (1923) and an "Official Hand Book" (1925) of the fourth and sixth annual fairs presented by the students of Central High School "with Aid from the Faculty" at Cape Girardeau in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri. The "follies" were held on the evenings of 20 April 1923 and 23 April 1925.

Central Labor Union, Springfield, Missouri, Minstrel Program, 1939, (R0953)
1 folder
This is a program for the "Central Labor Union's Minstrel and Revue," held at the Shrine Mosque in Springfield, Greene County, Missouri, on 3 April 1939. Produced and directed by Emmett McAtee and featuring Lasses White Minstrels, the show included 100 entertainers and featured minstrel, vaudeville, and night club scenes.

Chase, Charles Monroe (1829-1902), Papers, 1861, (C2371)
4 folders, 1 roll microfilm
Letters, Civil War diary, and musical composition book of a band director from DeKalb County, IL. Chase enlisted in the 13th Illinois Regiment in July 1861 and was sent to Camp Rolla in Phelps County, MO. The diary describes camp life, the routine and practice that the band followed, military engagements, and Chase's opinions on the war. The letters to him were written by friends from Sycamore, IL.

Cherete Study Club, Joplin, Missouri, Booklets, 1956-1963, (R1025)
1 folder
These are annual program booklets for 1956-1957, 1958-1959, 1962-1963, and 1963-1964 for the Chereté Study Club, a women's study club at Joplin in Jasper County, Missouri. Included are lists of members, officers, committees, past presidents, and a schedule of meetings and programs.

Chez Coffeehouse, Columbia, Missouri, Collection, (CA6306)
0.3 cubic feet, 7 computer discs, 2 audio discs
Materials collected by Lyn Wolz surrounding the Chez Coffeehouse reunion in 2006 include a binder with publications, articles about the coffeehouse, photographs, and reminiscences. Also included are computer discs with photographs, audio remembrances, and audio from the 2006 concert, as well as two copies of "Joint Effort," an album created by patrons of the Chez in 1969.

Child Culture Club, Joplin, Missouri, Booklets, 1938-1954, (R1026)
1 folder
These are annual program/membership booklets for the Child Culture Club, a woman's study club at Joplin in Jasper County, Missouri. Included are lists of members, officers, and schedules of meetings and programs.

Christ Church Cathedral and Choir of the Church of St. Michael and St. George, St. Louis, 1991, (S1154)
4 cassettes
Recordings of church choir.

Christeson, Robert P. (1911-1992), Collection, 1808-1995, (C3971)
36 linear feet, 1387 audio discs, 133 audio tapes, 152 audio cassettes, 112 wire recordings, 3 film reels
The Christeson Collection comprises sheet music, song books, and other publications related to square dancing and folk dances, publications on the history of violins and fiddlers, catalogs of instruments and musical recordings, correspondence, photographs and family papers, fiddle organization newsletters, fiddling contest flyers, folk festival information, and the working papers of volumes I and II of The Old-Time Fiddler's Repertory. In addition, this collection contains Christeson's original wire recordings, audio tapes, and audio discs of fiddle tunes, jam sessions, fiddle contests, and other folk genres.

Circus Flora, 1996-2003, (SA1078)
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Clifford, Charles V., Scrapbooks, 1914-1970, (C3619)
1.7 linear feet
St. Louis Municipal Opera memorabilia, including the history of the summer theatre in Forest Park, programs, articles on musicals held through the years, stars and casts, and photographs.

Cole Camp, Missouri, Collection, ca. 1887-1940s, (R0530)
3 folders, photocopies, 35mm negatives
This is a collection of miscellaneous material pertaining to Cole Camp in Benton County, Missouri. Included are a program celebrating the sixtieth anniversary of the Cole Camp Municipal Band (1933), a souvenir booklet produced for the Cole Camp Centennial (1939), and black and white negatives of scenes in Cole Camp (ca. 1887-1940s).

Collins, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd C., Photographs, (P0926)
3 photographs
Photos of Mr. and Mrs. Collins dressed in pioneer costumes and as as Daniel Boone.

Columbia Chorale (Columbia, Mo.) Records, (CA6201)
8.6 cubic feet, 54 audio cassettes, 10 audio tapes, 23 CDs, 7 DVDs, 4 computer discs, 2 oversize items
Records of an independent, mixed ensemble dedicated to performing choral music. Founded as the Ad Hoc Singers in June 1978.

Columbia Civic Orchestra (Columbia, Mo.) Records, (CA6284)
1 cubic foot (41 CDs, 2 oversize items)
Records of a volunteer group dedicated to presenting and preserving high-quality symphonic music. Includes organizational records, publications, and audio recordings of performances.

Columbia Cultural Arts Center Planning Committee, Records, (CA5949)
Planning documents of the organization working to create a cultural arts center in Columbia, Missouri.

Columbia Weavers Guild, Records, (CA4392)
0.4 linear feet
Minute books and treasurer's reports.

Columbia Weavers Guild, Records, (CA5402)
0.4 linear feet
Addition of constitutions, membership and officers booklets, newsletters, meeting minutes, scrapbook, exhibition and publicity materials, and miscellany.

Convention Halls and Municipal Auditorium Scrapbook, 1899-1954, (K0938)
0.25 cubic feet
The collection consists of a scrapbook of documents and photographs related to the Kansas City Convention Hall and Municipal Auditorium from 1899-1954.

Corey, Raymond E. Photograph Collection, (K1311)
8.45 cubic feet (292 folders, 49,489 negatives, 741 slides, 437 photographs)
This collection consists of the photographic work of Raymond Corey, a staff photographer for The Kansas City Star from 1965 to 1980. The collection primarily contains negatives, slides, and photographs produced by Corey in the course of his career with The Kansas City Star. Additionally, there is a scrapbook of newspaper clippings containing the articles in which Corey’s work appeared, and oversize photographic reproductions of his work.

Cornett Family, Papers, 1847-1981, (C3808)
5.1 linear feet
Papers of the Cornett family of rural Linn County, Missouri, including William and Martha; their children, Bracy, Winifred, Jo Lee, and Carl; and Martha's family, the Moores and Roots. Letters, household and farm records, photographs, and other family papers, along with the early records of the Moore School near Linneus, document the social, cultural, and agricultural life of a northern Missouri family and the teaching careers of two of their daughters.

Cowan, Donna, Scrapbooks, (CA2108)
2 volumes
Two scrapbooks, one on conservation, one on Missouri Girls State, 60th Session, June, 1957.

Culler, Marion and Virgil, Collection, (CA5054)
0.3 linear feet
Copies of printed and handwritten sheet music collected in the Bethel, MO, area.

Cullins, Peter K., Postcard Collection, (P0249)
32 postcards
Postcards of Columbia, Kansas City, St. Louis, and the 1904 World's Fair.

Culture Club (1896- ) Records, 1899-1979, (S0147)
14 Folders
The Culture Club was founded by affluent Jewish housewives in 1896 to discuss literature, theatre, dance and public affairs. Records include bylaws, constitutions, correspondence, meeting schedules and minutes, club party songs and limericks, and meeting programs.


Davis, Blevins Papers, (K0031)
35 cubic feet (24 scrapbooks)
The Blevins Davis Papers contains research materials, scripts, plays, photographs, printed materials, correspondence, scrapbooks, and memorabilia of Davis, an internationally prominent playwright and producer.

Davis, John, Marshfield Tornado: John Davis Plays Blind Boone, (CA6188)
1 compact disc
Compositions by John W. "Blind" Boone played by pianist John Davis. The enhanced CD includes "Music Miner," a film by Joan Grossman.

Denslow, William, Photograph Collection, (P0023)
177 photographs
Photographic prints of events from ca. 1900: University of Missouri Agriculture and Engineering student activities, St. Louis World's Fair including construction of various buildings and people, Macon and Trenton scenes and scenes of Washington, D.C.

Deskin, Nell, Album, (P0595)
1 volume
Official Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1904, souvenir album.

Dill, Clinnie Dodge, Scrapbook, 1893-1911, (S0769)
14 Folders
Scrapbook belonging to Clinnie Dodge Dill, the daughter of a Baptist minister. Folders remain in same order found in the scrapbook. Document dates range from 1893 to 1911. Collection includes documents from the Grand Avenue Baptist Church and Sunday school. Also includes several programs for various musical performances in the St. Louis area. Topics include religion, temperance, music, plays, education, feminism, and real estate.

Dingeldein, Otto F. (1906-1991), Papers, 1944-1990, (C4291)
1.0 cubic feet (19 folders), 8 oversize items
The papers contain photographs and information relating to silver products created by silversmith, Otto F. Dingeldein.

Dobbs, Ella Victoria (1866-1952), Papers, 1882-1961, (C0095)
0.8 linear feet
The papers of Ella Victoria Dobbs, University of Missouri Professor Emeritus of Applied Arts and founder of Pi Lambda Theta includes correspondence; speeches; articles; a published biography; classroom notebooks; clippings; manuscript material from an incomplete book, The Creative Arts in Democratic Living; and Pi Lambda Theta records.

Draper, Arthur Clinton, Collection, 1899-1944, (R0112)
2 volumes, 5 folders
This collection contains scrapbooks, correspondence, advertising material, scripts, and memorabilia of Arthur Clinton Draper of Lebanon, Laclede County, Missouri. Clint Draper produced minstrel shows in the central and western states for over thirty years. He specialized in benefit performances at Elks lodges.

Draper, Arthur Clinton, Photograph Collection, ca. 1890-1935, (R0847)
9 folders
These are the photographs of Arthur Clinton Draper, a producer of minstrel shows. Draper produced minstrel shows in the central and western states for over thirty years, specializing in benefit performances at Elks lodges.

Dunklin County High School Meet, Program, 1922, (R0936)
1 folder
This is the "Official Program" for the "Dunklin County High School Meet" held at Malden, Missouri, on 28-29 April 1922. Included were competitions in piano, violin, voice, spelling, public speaking, and track and field.


East Prairie Farm Club, Morgan County, Missouri, Record Book, 1916-1923, (R0426)
1 folder, photocopies
This is a record book of a farm club which met at East Prairie School in eastern Morgan County, Missouri. An affiliate of the Missouri Farmers' Association, the club provided educational and social programs for the area's residents. It met in conjunction with the East Prairie Literary Society, 1921-1923. The records include the constitution and bylaws, minutes of meetings, and membership lists.

East Prairie Lions Club, booklets and photographs, 1947-1996, (R0682)
2 folders, photocopies
These are program booklets for annual rodeos (1947 and 1948), minstrel shows (1952, 1955-1958, 1960-1962, with photographs), "Jubilee" (1973), and the 70th Anniversary (1996) of the Lions Club chapter in East Prairie, Mississippi County, Missouri.

Epstein, Eleni (1926-1991), Papers, 1948-1987, (C3898)
0.8 linear feet, 19 audio cassettes
Papers of Eleni Sakes Epstein, fashion and beauty editor of the Washington Star from 1943 to 1981. The papers consist of correspondence, speaking engagements, photographs, miscellaneous material about the fashion industry, Fashion in Newspapers, clippings, and audio cassette interviews with American, European, and Asian fashion designers and others.

Erickson, Bill, Collection, (CA5140)
7 audio cassettes
Recordings of fiddle music.

Estes, Amanda, Scrapbooks, 1958-1971, (C4239)
0.2 cubic feet (3 volumes)
Three scrapbooks containing Christmas greeting cards.

Evans, Wilson, Collection, (CA5904)
Audio recordings of banjo renditions of American folk and popular music by a Sikeston, MO, musician, 1990s.


Fantel, Hans (1922-2006), Papers, c. 1925-2006, (C4003)
3.2 linear feet, 5 video cassettes, 1 DVD, 565 MB of digital files
The papers of Fantel, a freelance writer, contain the articles he wrote for the New York Times and many other publications about high fidelity, home electronics, and music. Correspondence, photographs, and audio-visual materials make up the remainder of the collection.

Faries, Clyde, Collection, (CA5659)
Addition of two cassettes containing folk music recorded by the Faries family.

Faries, Clyde, Collection, (CA5645)
0.1 linear feet
Lyrics of folk songs performed by the Faries family, and recordings of folk songs performed in memory of Charles Faries.

Faries, Clyde, Papers, (CA5702)
Addition. One copy of "A Bunch of Time: Heritage Songs in Honor of Charles Faries," performed by Clyde Faries and others.

Fitzpatrick, Daniel R. (1891-1969), Papers, 1913-1966, (C3832)
1 linear foot, 16 reels of 16mm film, 16 DVDs
The Fitzpatrick Papers contain the personal and business correspondence of D.R. Fitzpatrick, editorial cartoonist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The collection also contains magazines and newspaper articles concerning “Fitz’s” cartoons of local, regional, and national politics, including government propaganda for both World Wars. Sixteen one-half hour television documentaries on political affairs, entitled Forty-five Years with Fitzpatrick are included in the collection.

Fitzpatrick, Daniel R. (1891-1969), Papers, (CA6266)
3 films, 3 DVDs, 1 folder, oversize
Addition of photographs, cartoon reproductions, and films from the television series, Forty-five Years With Fitzpatrick.

Flat River Woman's Club, Booklet, 1930, (R1098)
1 folder
This is a program booklet for "The Belles of Blackville: A Blackface Minstrel," presented by the Flat River Woman's Club on 11 April 1930 at Flat River (now Park Hills) in St. Francois County, Missouri.

Fletcher, Alma, "Library History of Iron County," 1957, (R0150)
1 folder, photocopies
This is a history of library service in Iron County, Missouri, from private libraries through the establishment of a free public library in 1947 and the Ozark Regional Library in 1948.

Forest Park Forever (1986-), nd, 1982-1998, (S0883)
2 boxes
This collection contains numerous documents pertaining to the revitalization of Forest Park by the community organization Forest Park Forever. Documents span the period 1982 to 1998, including correspondences, draft master plans, budgetary records, and architectural proposals. Additionally, this collection contains a large number of newspaper clippings; topics covered include Forest Park, the St. Louis Zoo, The St. Louis Art Museum, and the Old Arena, between the dates of 1996-1998.

Fort Osage Restoration Records, 1808-1979, (K0155)
5 cubic feet
Correspondence relating to the reconstruction of Fort Osage by the Jackson County Parks and Recreation Department in consultation with the Native Sons of Greater Kansas City. Also research on the history of the Fort; reconstruction techniques and materials; and authentic artifacts, furniture, costumes, and artillery.

Forster, Katharine Peers, Scrapbook, 1888-1898, (R1080)
1 volume, 1 folder
This is a scrapbook kept by Katharine Peers Forster, who was a student at Elmwood Seminary at Farmington in St. Francois County, Missouri. Included are programs from concerts and school events, clippings, and memorabilia.

French, William A. E., Papers, 1877-1967, (R0175)
26 folders
These are the papers of an author and newspaper publisher at Eminence in Shannon County, Missouri. Included are hunting and fishing diaries, journals, teaching notebooks, lists of published works, short stories, and family correspondence.

Froman, Jane (1907-1980), Collection, (C3940)
5 audio cassettes, 2 audio discs, 1 video cassette, 2 compact discs
The Jane Froman Collection consists of recordings of performances and interviews of Jane Froman.

Froman, Jane, Collection, (CA5677)
0.2 cubic feet, 3 audio cassettes, 27 audio discs, 1 audio tape, 8 CDs, 12 DVDs, 1 film, 3 video cassettes
Addition of correspondence, sheet music, audio and video recordings, and miscellaneous material pertaining to Jane Froman.

Froman, Jane Papers, (C3695)
MICROFILM (Volumes Only)
8.5 linear feet, 14 volumes on 2 rolls of microfilm, 14 audio cassettes, 453 audio discs, 13 audio tapes, 4 films, 1 video cassette, 1 DVD, 25.6 GB of digital files
Correspondence, financial records, memorabilia, musical arrangements, record albums, tapes, films, scrapbooks, and photographs of Jane Froman, singer and radio, theater, and movie star from the 1930s to the 1950s. Some papers of her mother, Anna Barcafer Froman Hetzler (1873-1962), pianist, music instructor at Christian and Stephens Colleges in Columbia, Missouri, and wife of the mayor of Columbia, William J. Hetzler, are also in the papers. The papers include material on radio, movie musicals, the USO, theater and club appearances, television, and popular music of the 1930s through the 1950s.

Froman, Jane (1907-1980), Papers, (CA5133)
0.4 linear feet
Addition of personal and professional papers of Jane Froman, including photographs and correspondence and personal papers of Rowland H. Smith.


Galbraith, Art (1909-1993), Papers, 1977-1993, (C1213)
0.1 linear feet, 2 record albums, 1 audio cassette
Papers of Art Galbraith, a fiddler from southwestern Missouri, who played folk music from the Ozarks. The papers consist of publicity, concert programs and advertisements, obituaries, correspondence, awards, and recordings of his music.

Garth, William W., Jr., Papers, 1901, (C2019)
1 folder
Bills and receipts for expenses of hobo convention held in Columbia, MO, in October 1901.

Gasconade Writers' Guild, Anthology, 1941-1942, (R0563)
1 volume
This pamphlet contains poems by members of the Gasconade Writers' Guild. The Guild, founded in 1941 by Carl B. Ike, was composed primarily of authors from Phelps County, Missouri, but also included members from Pulaski County, Dent County, Carthage, and Bolivar, Missouri. In addition to poems, the anthology contains biographical sketches and photographs of the authors.

Geary, Fred (1894-1946), Papers, 1903-1917, (C3515)
1 folder
The papers contain a sketch book, sketches, report cards, high school commencement program and other papers of a Missouri-born artist who gained national fame for his woodcuts and woodcut engravings.

George Carden Circus International, Souvenir Program, 1986, (R0909)
1 folder
This is the 1986 Official Program and Color Book for George Carden Circus International, which had "winter quarters" at Willard in Greene County, Missouri.

Gieschen, Ruth K. (1924- ) Collection, (K1173)
.6 cubic feet
The Ruth K. Gieschen Collection is comprised of administrative papers and reports of the Missouri Governor’s Conferences on Education, the Metropolitan Kansas City Junior College District, and the Hickman Mills Community Scholarship Foundation. The collection also contains various programs relating to theatre productions in the Kansas City area.

Gildehaus, Charles, (1856-1909), Books, 1831-1909, (C3107)
0.4 cubic feet, 3 volumes
Scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, magazine articles, and letters regarding the wholesale grocery business, philosophical lectures, theater programs, and other matters.

Gladish, Cora S., Papers, (CA5818)
1 cubic foot
Sheet music of compositions written and published by Cora Gladish of Higginsville, Missouri, related correspondence, biographical information, watercolors, photographs, and miscellaneous material. Also includes diaries of Ann Eliza Gladish and miscellaneous Gladish family material.

Guenzburger, Mamie (1893- ), Sticker Album, 1903, (C0871)
1 folder
Winning album for a girl under 13 years in the 1903 Natural Food Company sticker album contest. Album must have been shown at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis sometime in 1904; cover title is WORLD'S FAIR STICKER ALBUM.


Haden Family (Musical group), Booklets, 1940-1944, (R1095)
1 folder
These are two booklets concerning the Haden Family, a musical group that performed during this period on radio station KWTO at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. The booklets were distributed to fans of the group.

Hadley, Herbert Spencer (1872-1927), Papers, 1830-1943, (C0006)
15.2 linear feet, 35 volumes on 58 rolls of microfilm
The papers of a Missouri Republican lawyer, politician, educator, and author include correspondence, letterbooks, scrapbooks, manuscripts, photographs, cartoons, and miscellaneous material. Originals in storage.

Hagerman-Hayden Papers, 1852-1893 (C0110)
0.6 linear feet
Letters and papers of an Alexandria, Missouri, lawyer; a Keokuk, Iowa, student at Academy of the Visitation, St. Louis; and a music student in Oberlin, Ohio.

Hamilton, Mrs. Henry W., Collection, 1885-1897, (C2810)
2 folders
Pamphlets, brochures, and letters advertising organs, sewing machines, pills, electric belts, and various items of medical quackery. Items are primarily from the Pulvermacher Galvanic Company, the German Electric Agency, World's Dispensary Medical Association, and the Omaha Medical and Surgical Institute. Also included are probate and business documents , genealogical material, farm records material, Mississippi River hydrography survey, medicinal treatments, day book and scrapbook.

Harris Home Association Records, 1921-1930, (K0469)
0.07 cubic feet
The records contain meeting minutes and a financial ledger for the Harris Home Association and its predecessor organization, the Kansas City Centennial Association, located in Kansas City, Missouri.

Harris, Nancy Whitnell, Papers, 1925-1988, (K0245)
0.08 cubic feet
The papers contain Nancy Whitnell Harris' 1988 Master's thesis, "The Development of the Education and Cultural Center in Kansas City's Brush Creek Valley," related research notes, and photocopied newspaper clippings and documents.

Henninger, Mary Adalaide, Poems, 1935, (R0564)
1 folder
This is a pamphlet containing poems by Mary Adalaide Henninger, a resident of Rolla in Phelps County, Missouri. The pamphlet was published posthumously by her daughter, Edith Henninger Hess (Mrs. C. A. Hess).

Heritage League of Greater Kansas City, 1980-2007, (K0723)
3 cubic feet
Organizational records of a consortium of historical agencies in the greater Kansas City area. Includes incorporation papers, constitution, by-laws, minutes and agendas, correspondence, financial records, membership lists, and files on special events, programs, and workshops initiated by the group.

Hershey, Charley, Diaries, 1883-1888, (R0188)
5 folders
These are diaries of a young itinerant peddler from Joplin in Jasper County, Missouri. Hershey and his brothers canvassed the mining towns in Jasper County and in Kansas. They made a journey down the White River in Arkansas in 1884, and went to California, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado in 1886. The collection also includes a fragment of a short story, "Goldeye's Trip to the Hills," n.d.

Hessemer's Atheneum, Marshall, Missouri, Record Books, 1882-1905, (C0865)
2 folders
Scrapbooks containing theater programs, contracts with performers, clippings, and photographs.

Home Culture Club, Mount Vernon, Missouri, Collection, 1906-1928, (R0722)
1 folder, photocopies
This collection includes a banquet invitation (1906) and three yearbooks (1923-1928) of the Home Culture Club in Mount Vernon, Lawrence County, Missouri.

Hume, John Robert, Papers, 1898-1919, (R0357)
2 folders, photocopies
These are typescript copies of a World War One diary and poetry of John R. Hume, a native of Doniphan in Ripley County, Missouri, and captain of a U.S. Army medical detachment in France, 1917-1918.

Hunter, Max F., Collection, 1953-1976, (C2518)
3.4 linear feet and 78 audio tapes
The collection contains audio tapes of Ozark folklore collected by Max F. Hunter, including fiddle tunes, jokes, sayings, songs, visits, and miscellaneous material. The collection also includes photocopies of lists, transcripts of songs, synopses, and indexes to the tapes.

Hunter, Max F., Papers, (CA5089)
2 folders
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, programs, articles, and photographs relating to folklorists Ernie Deane and Joan O'Bryant.

Hunter, Max F., Papers, (CA5414)
1 linear foot
Twelve notebooks containing original indexes and handwritten transcriptions of collected folk songs and ballads. Indexed by performer and song title. See also collection 2518.

Hunter, Max, Papers, (CA5499)
1.1 linear feet
Addition of letters, photographs and other materials received by Max Hunter. Most of the letters are from Adolf and Rebecca Schroeder. Correspondence, clippings, and other material concerning the Ozark Folk Festival and Fiddle Contest, 1976-1989.

Hurst, S.W. and Company, Tipton, Missouri, Papers, 1872-1905, (C4169)
0.8 cubic feet, 1 volume
Eight ledger books and two scrapbooks pertaining to a store in Tipton, Missouri, which sold drugs, jewelry, stationery and music from approximately 1885 until 1900. Some additional items found in the material date before and after this time period. The scrapbooks contain colorful, old-fashioned advertisements for a variety of products including shoes, thread, coffee, medicine, etc.

Hutchison, Gregory L. (1910-2013) and Mary Folse (1911-2007), Collection, (CA5861)
13.4 cubic feet, 2 volumes
Papers of two University of Missouri-Columbia alumni, United States veterans, and federal employees. Mrs. Hutchison was in the first class of WAVES officers at the start of World War II, and later a CIA staff officer for twenty-five years. Includes a scrapbook related to theater and other activities at the University of Missouri in the 1930s, correspondence, diaries, photographs, travel materials, writings, and miscellaneous items.


Illinois and St. Louis Bridge Opening Invitation, 1874, (C1863)
1 folder
Invitation to the formal opening of the Illinois and St. Louis Bridge. Invitation contains lithograph of bridge.


Jellum, Lee, Papers, 1924-1961, (CA2288)
2 folders
Letters, cards, and account books of a photographer of Ludlow, MO.

Jenkins, William, Collection, 1860-1922, (C4211)
0.4 cubic feet, 1 volume
The papers of William Jenkins contain two diaries, a baseball club ledger used as a scrapbook for newspaper clippings, a 1911 Missouri license plate, and several miscellaneous publications, programs, and souvenirs from the nineteenth century.

Joplin Choral Club, Program, 1904, (R0904)
1 folder
This is a program for "Swan and Skylark," a concert presented by the Joplin Choral Club at Joplin in Jasper County, Missouri, on 19 April [1904?].

Joplin High School, Joplin, Missouri, Program, 1918, (R0907)
1 folder
This is a program for a performance of "The Education of Mr. Pipp," a theatrical comedy by Augustus Thomas, by the Senior Class of 1918 of Joplin High School at Joplin in Jasper County, Missouri. Directed by Mrs. George F. Wolfe, the play was performed on 9-10 May 1918.

Joplin Theatre, Joplin, Missouri, Program, 1929, (R1037)
1 folder
This is a program for a production of William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew at the Joplin Theatre in Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri, on Friday evening, 8 February 1929. The live performance was "presented in modern dress."

Junior Chamber of Commerce, Mount Vernon, Missouri, Minstrel Program, 1955, (R0744)
1 folder
This is a program for the "Jaycee 'Dixieland Minstrel'" presented at the high school auditorium in Mount Vernon, Lawrence County, Missouri, on 25-26 April 1955.


Kansas City Archaeological Society Papers, 1962-1988, (K0834)
0.3 cubic foot
Organizational records including minutes, membership files, reports, correspondence and other documents related to activities of the chapter.

Kansas City Athenaem Collection, (K1026)
0.02 cubic feet (3 folders)
The Kansas City Athenaeum Collection contains three folders of materials pertaining to the Athenaeum’s Music Department. Materials include, a typed memoir of the Athenaeum, music program flyers for performances set up by the Music Department, and programs set up by the Clef Club in conjunction with the Athenaeum’s Music Department.

Kansas Centennial Stamp, 1961, (C2812)
1 folder
Official first day cover of mailing of the Kansas centennial stamp from Council Grove, KS, May 10, 1961.

Kansas City Century Box Collection, 2001, (K0386)
1 cubic foot
Duplicates of documents, media, and items placed into the Century Box to be opened at the beginning of the 21st century.

Kansas City Convention Hall Records, 1897-1937, (K0269)
7.63 cubic feet
The records contains administrative, financial, and event records related to the construction, maintenance, and business of the Kansas City Convention Hall. The records also include scrapbooks and photographs providing information about the variety of events held at the building.

Kansas City Expo '92 Records, 1987-1992, (K1036)
1 cubic foot
Organizational records for the Kansas City exhibit at the last World's Fair of the 20th century in Seville, Spain (Kansas City's sister city). Includes planning documents, correspondence, committee minutes and reports, promotional material, brochures, and newspaper and magazine clippings,

Kansas City Metropolitan Library Network Records, 1950-1999, (K0767)
5 cubic feet
Organization records including minutes, committee reports, programs, correspondence, statistics, financial files, notes, and studies about the Missouri Library Network Corporation and Board, the Missouri Library Association and Friends group, and various libraries.

Kansas City Philharmonic Orchestra, Programs, (CA5860)
Concert programs of the Kansas City Philharmonic Orchestra, and other performances under the direction of Hans Schwieger, 1938-1971.

Kansas City Regional Council for Higher Education (KCRCHE) Records, 1962-1994, (K0769)
19 cubic feet
Organizational records including correspondence; financial records; planning materials for seminars and events; grant applications and administration records; reports and surveys; printed and published materials; videotapes, and photographs. Also includes records of the Consortium for Interinstitutional Leadership (CIL).

Kansas City Star Magazine Collection, 1925-1926, (K0595)
0.3 cubic foot
A near complete set of the short-lived art and culture magazine published by the Kansas City Star newspaper.

Kansas City Ten-Year Plan Records, 1870-1938, (K0272)
2 cubic feet
Records relating to the depression era bond issue that resulted in the construction of a number of civic buildings and community improvement projects in Kansas City MO. Includes research, drafts, and photographs for the book, Where the Rocky Bluffs Meet: The Story of the Kansas City Ten-Year Plan.

KC150 Sesquicentennial Committee Records, 1996-2001, (K0390)
25 cubic feet
Administrative files of the KC150 Committee to plan events for Kansas City's sesquicentennial celebration. Includes correspondence, chronological files, financial and legal materials, various databases, marketing and public relations, special events planning, committee minutes, sponsor files, videotapes, printed and published materials, and photographs.

Kemble, Edward, Photograph Collection, (P0019)
13 photographs
13 photos of the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition

Kennedy, Lyle Papers, (K0050)
6 cubic feet
The Lyle Kennedy Papers consists of research papers, maps, books, newspaper clippings, notes, photographs, and slides related to Kennedy’s studies of Kansas City history.

Kiehl, Moray Loring, Sheet Music Collection, (CA6185)
2.8 linear feet
Approximately 400 pieces of sheet music and 18 songbooks dating from the 1920s through 1960s.

Kiwanis Club, Mountain Grove, Missouri, Program, 1935, (R1075)
1 folder
This is a program for "Hail, Messiah!," a Christmas cantata by Ira B. Wilson sponsored by the Kiwanis Club and presented at Trinity Methodist Church at Mountain Grove in Wright County, Missouri, on Sunday evening, 22 December 1935.

KWTO, Radio Station, Springfield, Missouri, Newsletters, 1944-1951, (R0834)
1 folder
These are 45 issues of The KWTO Dial, a monthly publication of radio station KWTO at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri, from June 1944 to November 1951. Each issue contains a broadcast schedule and news about the station's programs and staff.


La Comunidad Video Collection, c. 1980s-1990s, (K0499)
36 cubic feet
The collection consists of over 400 professional quality ¾" U-matic video tapes, produced by Hispanic Productions, Inc. at American Cablevision, 1977-1996, for local television broadcast. Programs concerned the Hispanic Community in the Greater Kansas City area. Also included are some organizational files.

Ladies Saturday Club, Aurora, Missouri, Booklets, 1911-1913, (R1021)
1 folder
These are three annual program schedule and membership booklets for the Ladies Saturday Club at Aurora in Lawrence County, Missouri. The booklets are for 1911-1912, 1912-1913, and 1913-1914. They include the names of officers, chairwomen, and members.

Landesman, Fran (1927- ), Papers, 1959-1998, (S0608)
112 Folders; 44 Photographs; And 30 Audio Tapes, CDs, And LPs,
The Fran Landesman Papers are divided into six series. Series One: Personal Material and Correspondence, Series Two: Published Songs and Plays, Series Three: Poetry, Series Four: Published Poetry, Series Five: Photographs, Series Six: Audio Tapes, CDs, and LPs

Landesman, Jay (1919- ), Papers, 1937-1997, (S0604)
177 Folders
The collection contains correspondence, newspaper and magazine clippings, manuscripts and photographs. These things combine to give a picture of our society from the 50's to the present as well as a look at a couple who have lived a life less ordinary.

Landesman/Livelli Correspondence, 2000-2006, (S0917)
1 box, 1 folder The Jay Landesman and Vincent Livelli correspondence contains documents from their personal correspondence. In addition, Jay's wife, Fran Landesman, wrote lyrics and she composed a songbook in cooperation with the musician Simon Wallace that is in the collection.

Leawood Women’s Club Records, (K0428)
7.6 cubic feet (44 folders, 15 photographs, 60 negatives, 14 oversize volumes)
The collection consists of the records of the Leawood Women’s Club of Leawood, Kansas. Materials primarily consist of annual reports from the board, meeting minutes, chapter yearbooks, event flyers, and a small selection of photographs and negatives. The bulk of the collection consists of scrapbooks documenting the activities of the organization.

Lebanon Shakespeare Club, Records, ca. 1882-1982, (R0300)
23 folders, 4 volumes
These are records of a women's literary club at Lebanon, Laclede County, Missouri. The collection includes minute books, financial reports, attendance records, annual programs, scrapbooks, photographs, and miscellaneous papers.

Lichtenstein, Grace, Papers, (CA6198)
1.4 linear feet, 28 audio cassettes
Papers of a journalist and writer. The collection consists of research material, interview notes, transcripts, and tapes, books and articles Lichtenstein wrote on early women Olympians, professional women tennis players, women artists in the Southwest, and an unfinished project on women entrepreneurs.

Linnemann, Alice A., Papers, n.d., (C3270)
4 folders
Notes on mural decorations and Missouri state capitol decorations, compiled by Miss Linnemann of Lindenwood College, St. Charles, MO. Also her correspondence with sculptor Adolph Alexander Weinman, Arthur A. Kocian, and Ben L. Emmons.

Louisiana Purchase Exposition, Collection, 1890-1904, (C4123)
5 linear feet, 5 volumes
The papers contain pamphlets, catalogs, guides, speeches, programs, and books documenting all aspects of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, otherwise known as the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis, including information on the participation of other countries in the event.

Louisiana Purchase Exposition, Missouri Commission, Dairy Department, Visitors' Register, 1904, (CA6492)
1 volume
Visitors' register for Missouri's dairy exhibition, 25 June-1 December 1904.

Louisiana Purchase Exposition Snapshots, 1904, (P0093)
87 photographs
Snapshots, 87 at 3"x4", of the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition (World's Fair) in St. Louis, MO.

Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, Missouri, Pictures, 1904, (C0806)
1 folder
Twenty-four views of various buildings and exhibits of the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair. Consists of black and white miniatures in the form of a souvenir booklet.

Lyon, Duane Evans (1885-1959), Scrapbooks, 1913-1958, (C4319)
2 oversize volumes
The scrapbooks of a Missouri graphic artist contain original art, programs, exhibit announcements, correspondence, photographs, clippings; American Legion convention banquet, souvenir menu art, architectural home designs, contest ribbons, and other miscellaneous artwork.


Magic Show Announcement, n.d., (C2835)
1 folder
Broadside announcing the appearance of S. Watts; ventriloquist; E.D. Greer, magician; puppet show; and Negro concert.

Manual Society of Debate Collection, 1898-1961, (K0337)
9 folders
Manual High School debate society of Minutes, charter and other organizational papers, and printed material. Also records, rosters, and printed material relating to the Manual Debaters' alumni association.

Marble Hill bands, Marble Hill, Missouri, Records, 1875-1902, (R0067)
1 folder, photocopies
These are two record books of the community bands of Marble Hill in Bollinger County, Missouri. The records include constitutions, membership lists, minutes of meetings, and financial accounts of the Quartette String Band (1875), the Marble Hill Cornet Band (1876-1878), and the Marble Hill Silver Cornet Band (1887-1902). Although this collection was acquired from two separate donors, the combined material forms a unified history of the Marble Hill bands. The long association of Dr. August Sander with the bands explains the continuity of the records.

Marshall, Howard Wight, Collection, (CA5161)
68 audio tapes
Reel to reel recordings of folk music from Missouri and the Ozark region.

Marshall, Howard Wight, Collection, (CA5524)
7.5 linear feet
Collection of student papers and course materials in fields of folk life, material culture, architecture and historic preservation. Includes photographs and one audio cassette.

Marshall, Howard Wight, Collection, (CA5594)
0.1 linear feet
Addition of sheet music of three Moberly, MO, musicians: Laura Bush Rucker, Thomas S. Fleming, and Elizabeth Hulen Owen.

Marshall, Howard Wight, Collection, (CA5721)
6.75 linear feet, 33 audio tapes, 8 CDs, 10 audio discs
Addition of folk and bluegrass music recordings, primarily 1960s and 1970s. Also includes student research papers and miscellaneous material.

John Alexander Martin Letter, (K0228)
.03 cubic feet
The collection consists of a letter written by John Alexander Martin, Governor of Kansas, to Captain P.H. Cone[r] concerning a meeting of the Grant Monument Committee expressing his support of a monument at the main entrance to the Capital grounds honoring the soldiers, sailors, and commanders of the great armies of the country.

Martin, Maude Williams (1879-1953), Papers, 1896-1989, (C3909)
3 linear feet
The papers of Maude Williams Martin, a collector of Missouri folk songs and ballads, and a writer of short stories and poetry, include correspondence, school lecture notes and papers, poems, short stories, essays, travel material; and her husband Charles F. Martin's school lecture notes and papers. Also included is material regarding the Missouri Folk-Lore Society; an article by Susan L. Pentlin about Mrs. Martin; a published book of Martin's poems entitled, Selected Poems; other publications associated with poetry; and works by her father James Williams, her son Frank E. Martin, and her husband.

Mayo, Doctors, Commemorative Stamp, 1964, (C2813)
1 folder
First-day cover.

McCann, Gordon, Collection, (CA5672)
Collections of fiddle music by Lonnie Robertson, "Lonnie's Breakdown," and by Fred Stoneking, "Saddle Old Spike." McAnn is featured as a performer and producer.

McCrory, Knox, Collection, (CA6244)
0.4 linear feet, 10 audio cassettes, 9 audio discs, 36 CDs
Fiddle recordings, songbooks, and other materials of a harmonica player and music collector from Columbia, Missouri.

Memorial Of The World's Columbian Expedition, 1893, (S0091)
1 volume
This collection includes, Chicago History, Spring 1977 containing article “A Temple To Women’s Genius: The Woman’s Building of 1893,” by Jeanne Madeline Weimann.

Meriam, Junius L. (1872-1960), Papers, 1900-1944, (C0965)
0.4 linear feet
The Junius L. Meriam Papers consist of photographs and a scrapbook primarily describing and depicting Meriam's views on elementary education. He was a professor at the University of Missouri School of Education and superintendent of the university laboratory schools from 1904 to 1924.

Metropolitan Educational Center in the Arts: End of Project Report, (S0048)
0.1 cubic foot (1 folder)
A report compiled by staff members of the Metropolitan Educational Center in the Arts (MECA), a three-year program, founded in 1967 under Title III of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, to provide arts education programs to students in the St. Louis metropolitan region. MECA-sponsored programs taught students drama, modern dance, writing, and photography.

Miami Club, West Plains, Missouri, Record Book, 1901-1913, (R0209)
1 volume
This collection consists of a record book and miscellaneous papers of a men's club in West Plains, Howell County, Missouri, 1901-1909. The volume also includes records of expenses for dances held by the Pickwick Club and the Marquis Orchestra, 1911-1913, and the minutes of meetings of the "Republicans of West Plains," 1912.

Miller Nichols (1911-2000) Papers, ca. 1958-1997, (K1081)
39 cubic feet
Personal and professional files of Nichols, president of the J.C. Nichols Company and active civic leader in Kansas City, MO. Also some personal correspondence of his wife Jeanette Nichols.

Missouri Art Education Association, Records, (CA5103)
2.5 linear feet, 2 volumes
Correspondence, photographs, publications, scrapbooks, and other records of the association.

Missouri Art Education Association, Records, (CA5162)
0.8 linear feet
Addition of business records, meeting minutes and copies of Show-Me-Art.

Missouri Art Education Association, Records, (CA5299)
5.2 cubic feet
Addition of Show Me Art, color slides, correspondence, scrapbooks, and miscellaneous material, 1950s-2010s.

Missouri Chautauqua Assembly Records, 1886-1896, (C1170)
1 volume
Chartered under the laws of Missouri in 1887 as the Missouri State Sunday School Assembly, the name was changed to Missouri Chautauqua Assembly in 1887."

Missouri Council on the Arts, Records, 1962-1967, (C4292)
0.4 cubic feet (10 folders)
The papers contain correspondence, reports, newspapers, special studies, projects, and meeting minutes on the passage of a National Arts Council bill and creation of the Missouri Council of the Arts.

Missouri Department of Transportation, Photographs, (P0453)
0.5 linear feet
Photos of State Highway Commision members, Ronald Reagan speaking at the Missouri State Fair, the Missouri State Highway Takeover program, and Missouri bridges, businesses, and historic sites.

Missouri Extension Homemakers Association, Inc., Mural Documentation Project, 1975-1976, (C0951)
0.75 linear feet
Inventory of Missouri murals, arranged alphabetically by county. Information includes location, owner, artist's name, date, dimensions, description and condition of mural, published material about the artist, and photographs.

Missouri Extension Homemakers Association, Inc., "Sacred Stones and Stained Glass Windows," Project, 1977-1980, (C3723)
7.1 cubic feet
Statewide documentation of local churches by county. Includes cultural arts reports, church histories, floor plans, architectural details, clippings, slides, photographs, and miscellany.

Missouri Extension Homemakers Association, Sharing Rich Lives, Records, (CA5221)
1 linear foot
Addition to materials collected to celebrate the 50th anniversary of MEHA in Missouri.

Missouri Extension Homemakers Association, Sharing Rich Lives, Records, (CA5202)
5 linear feet
Collection of materials from members of the MEHA used to celebrate the fifty-year history of the organization in Missouri.

Missouri Extension Homemakers Association, Sharing Rich Lives, Records, (CA5271)
0.1 linear feet
Addition of Clay County, MO, Extension Club history, 1914-1992; and records of Clay County cultural arts projects, 1988-1990.

Missouri Folklore Society Records, 1906-1931, 1971-2016, (C2045)
14.4 cubic feet, 306 jpgs, 357 audio cassettes, 10 audio tapes, 3 audio discs, 32 video cassettes, 4 DVDs, 1 reel 16 mm film, 8 oversize items
The records of the Missouri Folklore Society include scattered early materials such as constitutions, programs, and publications. The bulk of the collection consists of organizational materials beginning in 1977 when the Society was reactivated, including correspondence, meeting minutes, publications, photographs, audio and audiovisual materials, clippings, membership lists, and annual meeting materials.

Missouri Humanities Council Records (S0936)
87 cubic feet
The Missouri Humanities Council Records contains grant proposals, evaluations, development meeting minutes, program guidelines, reports, and newsletters pertaining to the group’s mission to assist libraries, museums, and other organizations in promoting educational programs focusing on history, law, ethics, philosophy, and anthropology. 

Missouri Legacy Radio Program, Records, (CA6268)
0.2 cubic foot, 50 audio cassettes, 16 audio tapes
Audio recordings and related material of a 1980s radio program featuring "profiles of traditional artists representing the diverse cultural heritage of Missouri." The series was produced by Susan Newstead and KOPN-FM, with support of the Missouri Cultural Heritage Center.

Missouri Libraries Film Cooperative, Records, (CA6117)
11 linear feet
Records and other organizational papers of the Missouri Libraries Film Cooperative. A grant to the Missouri State Library in 1948 created the MLFC to develop a statewide film circuit. The Cooperative dissolved in 1996. Includes correspondence, photographs and microfilm, master's thesis, journal articles and other historical materials, and financial records.

Missouri Lives, Oral History Project, Records, 2014-, (C4249)
0.1 cubic feet, 13 CDs, 1 DVD
The collection consists of interviews with a wide array of Missourians who have had an interesting personal history and life. The collection consists of digitally recorded interviews, transcripts, and ephemera.

Missouri Museums Association, Records, (CA5823)
3 linear feet
Records of the organization include correspondence, financial and membership records, newsletters, conference material, meeting minutes, and miscellaneous records, 1970s-1990s.

Missouri Origins Project Collection, 1980-1985, n.d., (C3852)
85 video cassettes, 0.2 linear feet
Audiovisual material on Missouri folk music. The project was supported by grants from the Missouri Arts Council and the University of Missouri-Columbia Development Fund. The video cassettes were produced by the Academic Support Center in cooperation with the Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies.

Missouri Origins Project, Collection, (CA4639)
0.4 cubic feet, 6 audio cassettes
Addition of correspondence, project proposals, printed materials, audio cassettes, and miscellaneous material.

Missouri Place Name Survey Papers, (C4390)
1.2 cubic feet (35 folders)
Correspondence, newsletters, notes, research material, papers, proposal, and publications of a committee of professors who undertook a Missouri Place Name Survey, building largely on the work of Professor of English Robert L. Ramsay, whose students compiled a survey of Missouri places in the 1930s. The survey was intended to produce a dictionary of Missouri place names.

Missouri Ruralist Photographs, (P0030)
6.67 cubic feet (480 folders)
Photos from the agriculture magazine "Missouri Ruralist."

Missouri State Old Time Fiddlers Association, Collection, 1827-, (C3715)
A collection of field, commercial, and private label recordings, interviews, newsletters, brochures, broadsides, music, video cassettes, and correspondence of the association. Materials are added periodically, filed and indexed in the order they are received.

Missouri State Old Time Fiddlers Association, Collection, (CA6409)
0.1 cubic feet, 1 computer disc
Addition of photographs taken at the 1996 fiddle camp and contest in Bethel, Missouri. Includes negatives, contact sheets, and digital scans on a computer disc.

Missouri Symphony Society, Records, (CA5698)
27.95 linear feet
Board meeting minutes, finance records, planning documents, programs, publicity materials, and miscellany of a Columbia, Missouri, organization.

Missouri Theatre, Columbia, Missouri, Glass Slides, Collection, (CA6403)
30 glass slides
Glass color slides featuring cartoon advertisement for the Missouri Theatre, c. 1920s.

Missouri, Columbia, Concerts and Events, Collection (CA6093)
1 folder, approximately 275 oversize sheets
Concert and event posters and miscellanea pertaining to the Blue Note and other venues located in Columbia and vicinity, 1970s-2000s.

Missouri. New York World's Fair Commission Papers, 1963-1965, (C2604)
13.4 linear feet
Files of the pavilion manager, containing correspondence from construction to demolition of the Missouri pavilion. Also press releases, financial reports, promotional material, security reports, contracts, blueprints and photographs.

Moark Land & Timber Co., Records, 1898-1903, (R0068)
4 volumes
These are financial records of a timber exploitation and lumber business in the Bootheel section of Missouri. Franklin Johnson Cunningham managed the firm and its headquarters were at Caruthersville in Pemiscot County, Missouri.

Monday Art Club, Poplar Bluff, Missouri, Booklet, 1911, (R1045)
1 folder
This is the annual program booklet for the Monday Art Club, a woman's study club at Poplar Bluff in Butler County, Missouri. The booklet is undated, but "1911" has been written in what appears to be period ink and handwriting on the cover. The president of the club was Mrs. W. N. Barron and the secretary-treasurer was Mrs. E. Bacon.

Monett, Missouri, Centennial Recording, 1987, (R0802)
1 audio cassette
This is "The Foggy River Boys Present: A Sentimental Journey," recorded in celebration of the centennial of Monett in Barry County, Missouri. Included are performances by Jack Frost and the Men of Note, and the Monett High School Band and Chorus.

Moore, Allen, Autograph Collection, n.d., (C4143)
1 volume, 1 item
The papers of an autograph collector.

Morgenthaler, Charles A. (1893-1980), Papers, 1870-1981, (C3004)
3.4 linear feet
The papers of Charles A. Morgenthaler, a commercial artist and illustrator from Halls-ville, Missouri, consist of photographs, sketches, scrapbooks, account books, and correspondence relating to his artwork. Family papers and photographs are also included in this collection.

Morrison, I.G., Papers, 1940, (C2174)
1 folder
The papers of I.G. Morrison contain the paper "Thomas Hart Benton Murals, Missouri State Capitol: An Interpretative Lecture" 2 September 1940, and a positive photostat of letter to I.G. Morrison from Thomas Hart Benton, Chilmark, MA, 14 September 1940. Morrison presented description, history and symbolism of the murals. Benton defined the purpose of art and expressed approval of Morrison's paper.

Mountain Grove Choral Society, Program, 1936, (R1074)
1 folder
This is a program for a performance of Handel's The Messiah, presented by the Mountain Grove Choral Society at Mountain Grove in Wright County, Missouri, on Sunday evening, 20 December 1936. Maurice L. Cater was the conductor and Margaret Fuerst was the pianist.

Mountain Grove High School, Mountain Grove, Missouri, Programs, 1936, (R1076)
1 folder
These are programs for a musical entertainment (1 March 1936) and the Senior Class play (30 April 1936) performed by students at Mountain Grove High School at Mountain Grove in Wright County, Missouri. Maurice Cater and Maude Williams were the faculty directors.

Musick, James B. (1891- ), Papers, 1942-1944, (C3687)
1 folder
The papers of James B. Musick contain essays and notes written by a former secretary of the St. Louis Art Museum, St. Louis, MO, on the subjects of Carl Weimar, artist; western pioneers as portrayed particularly in the paintings of George Caleb Bingham; and historic places on the Mississippi River from St. Louis to Cape Girardeau, MO.


National Grange Song Book, 1874, (C0810)
1 folder
Used at Central Hill Grange, Fayette, MO.

National Society of the Colonial Dames in the State of Missouri, Papers, 1968-1974, (C3584)
15 folders
The papers of the National Society of the Colonial Dames in the State of Missouri contain a working copy of EARLY PORTRAITS IN MISSOURI, PAINTED BEFORE 1860, which provides a detailed description of portraits existing in Missouri, arranged alphabetically by location of the work. There is an index by artist, but none by portrait subject. The manuscript includes many works by George Caleb Bingham.

Nejdl, Adolph, Photograph Collection, 1940-1960s, (C0184)
0.4 linear feet
The Adolph Nejdl Photograph Collection primarily consists of black and white 8x10 promotional photographs of female burlesque and exotic dancers, 1940-1960s.

Nelson, Arthur T., Collection, n.d., (C3745)
1 folder
The records contain 26 photographs of the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia, taken by A.B. Duncan of Springfield, Missouri. Views include architecture and livestock exhibitions. Photos were apparently taken in the early years of the fair.

Nelson, Buck, Souvenir of Buck's Spacecraft Convention, 1960, (R0759)
1 booklet
This booklet was published in 1960 to be sold at subsequent annual "spacecraft conventions" held on Buck Nelson's ranch in Texas County, Missouri. The "conventions" were gatherings for "flying saucer" enthusiasts and persons interested in interplanetary space travel.

Newman, George Nathan, Stereograph Collection, (P0017)
35 stereographs
Stereoscopic views of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in 1904, plus several other views of St. Louis and agricultural scenes.

Normal Chapel, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Program, 1896, (R0882)
1 folder
This is a program for the W. B. Wilson Medal Essay Contest held at Normal Chapel in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, on 8 June 1896. The subject of the contest was "The Poetry of Edgar Allen Poe."

Now That's A Good Tune: Masters of Traditional Missouri Fiddling, 1989, (C3810)
2 audio discs
Two recordings of traditional fiddle tunes played by thirteen musicians from Missouri. Accompanying illustrated booklet includes introduction to traditional violin playing in Missouri, biographies of the musicians, annotations of the tunes, bibliography, and discography. The project was produced by the Missouri Cultural Heritage Center at the University of Missouri-Columbia.


Open Places, Columbia, Missouri, Records, 1961-1987, (C3705)
3.8 linear feet and 1 audio tape
The records of a small poetry magazine, edited by Eleanor M. Bender, include correspondence, financial documents, grant information, issues 1-44, Poet Series 1-5, photographs, newspaper clippings, and a taped interview with Nan A. Talese, senior editor at Random House. See also collection 3068.

Ozark Artists' Guild, Papers, 1952-1962, (R0862)
1 folder
These are miscellaneous papers concerning the Ozark Artists' Guild at Joplin in Jasper County, Missouri. Included are program schedules, announcements, brochures, and other printed matter, especially concerning the Guild's headquarters and gallery, the Spiva Art Center.

Ozark Land & Lumber Co., Photographs, ca. 1900-1920, (R0279)
1 folder
These are photographs of the Ozark Land and Lumber Company at Fishertown in Shannon County, Missouri. Included are views of the mills, dry kiln, machine shop, lumber yard, employees, and the lumber company's band. The views are from the collection of Lon Hogan of Winona, Missouri.

Ozark Opry, Osage Beach, Missouri, Booklets, ca. 1963-1971, (R0856)
1 folder
These are three souvenir booklets for the Ozark Opry, a country music show founded by Lee and Joyce Mace and located at Osage Beach in Miller County, Missouri.


Pan American Exposition Exhibit Photographs, (P0996)
7 photographs
Seven views of Missouri exhibits, designed and executed by J.E. Curmbaugh, during Charleston, SC, Exposition.

Papendick, Lucille, Collection, 1912-1967, (S0015)
8 Folders
112 programs from concerts, plays, recitals and dance programs in St. Louis by visiting performers at the following theaters: St. Louis Woman's Club, Municipal Auditorium (Kiel), St. Louis Civic Music League, Principia Concert and Lecture Series, Coliseum, Odeon Theater, Garden Theater, and Very Special Programs.

Parrish, William E. (1931- ), Papers, 1972-1977, (C3642)
1.6 linear feet
Papers from the chairman of the Missouri American Revolution Bicentennial Commission. Included are correspondence, business papers, programs, and miscellaneous items.

Pawley, Thomas D., III (1917-2016), Papers, (CA5546)
35 cubic feet
Papers of a professor of speech and theater at Lincoln University, poet, and playwright; member of Missouri Arts Council, Missouri Humanities Council, Mid-America Arts Alliance, and other organizations. Includes manuscripts, correspondence, organizational records, teaching materials and miscellaneous.

Paxton, Heather N., Collection (K0721)
2 cubic feet
Collection primarily contains event flyers, programs, and advertisements to local Kansas City area events, organizations, and institutions. Additional materials include correspondence for charitable requests, materials associated with organizations and institutions that Heather Paxton was affiliated with, local area publications, abstract of title for the Talleys addition to Kansas City, and historical photographs of the interior of the New England Bank.

Pearson, Benjamin H., Papers, (CA6225)
0.3 linear feet
Papers of the personal secretary of writer, Harold Bell Wright. Includes writings they worked on together, correspondence, manuscripts of Wright's Eyes of the World and The Winning of Barbara Worth, a photograph of Wright, and two books written by Pearson when he was a missionary for the Free Methodist Church.

Pente, Will, Papers, 1922-1924, (C3315)
1 folder
Two children's pamphlets by Pente; one brochure from Paper Products Manufacturing Company.

People's Art Center (1942-1963), Records, 1942-1963, (S0612)
11 Folders
Founded in 1942 with the help of a WPA grant the People's Art Center was the first integrated community arts center in St. Louis. Contains a history of the center, 1942-1955; articles of incorporation, 1943; bylaws, 1961; and correspondence, newspaper clippings and reports on leadership dispute in 1963.

Perkins, David Lane, Papers, 1827-1858, (C2295)
1 folder
Fourteen letters solicited, 1854-1858, by D.L. Perkins for their autograph value from cabinet members, U.S. senators and representatives, U.S. Supreme Court justice and university presidents. 1827 letter is a recommendation of Perkins by Francis Wayland, president of Brown University.

Pickard, John, Affidavit, 1933, (C2142)
1 folder
Pickard, chairman of the Missouri Capitol Interior Decoration Commission and professor of art and archaeology at the University of Missouri, evaluated George Caleb Bingham's "General Order No. 11" a work of art worth $20,000 for insurance purposes.

Pihlblad, Gladys K. (1908-1999), Papers, 1906-1981, (C3843)
2.4 linear feet
Papers of Gladys K. Pihlblad, Director of Student Affairs for Women at the University of Missouri from 1952 to 1973. Her papers cover such subjects as women, blacks, homosexuals, student unrest, University organizations, and University events. The collection consists of corre-spondence, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, photographs and reports.

Platisha, J. B., Ste. Genevieve, Mother of the West (booklet), 1935, (R0774)
1 folder
This is a souvenir booklet for the "Bi-Centennial Celebration and Pageant" held at Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, on 19-22 August 1935. Included is a detailed "scenario and organization" of Mother of the West, a historical pageant by the Rev. J. B. Platisha, C.M., M.S.

Pommer, William Henry (1851-1937) Scrapbook, 1907-1939, (C1418)
1 volume
The scrapbook of William Henry Pommer consists of newspaper clippings relating to the life and musical career of William Henry Pommer, director of music at Christian College, 1883-1887, and professor of music at the University of Missouri from 1907-1922.

Prairie Flower Literary Society, Webb City, Missouri, Record Book, 1884-1888, (R0495)
1 folder, photocopies
These are the minutes of meetings and membership lists of the Prairie Flower Literary Society of Webb City in Jasper County, Missouri. The records begin with the bylaws of the club, followed by minutes of meetings beginning with the organizational meeting on 23 December 1884 and continuing through 23 January 1888.

Proetz, Arthur, Scrapbook, 1885-1917, (S0065)
1 Folder
Scrapbook of theater and concert announcements, programs and newspaper clippings.


Ragtag Cinema Café, Columbia, Missouri, Collection, (CA6023)
2.8 linear feet
Collection of film catalogs and publications as well as advertisements for film showings and other events at the theater.

Rahm, John Edwin (1875-1950) Family Collection, 1921-1983, (K1136)
8 cubic feet
Correspondence, legal documents, rosters, procedures/instructions, scripts, programs, clippings, photographs, ephemera relating to the Jewel Ball, a social and fundraising event held in Kansas City MO. also records from the E.D. Fisher Commission Company/J.E. Rahm Grain Company, including Stock certificate books and financial and transfer ledgers.

Randolph, Vance (1892-1980), Ozark Folksongs, Collection, 1919-1957, (C3774)
3.1 linear feet
The Ozark Folksongs Collection contains the original typescript of the four volume work as published by the State Historical Society of Missouri between 1946 and 1950. The manu-script was purchased for $1000 and prepared for publication by Frances Guthrie Emberson apparently in consultation with, or at least with encouragement from, Henry M. Belden, professor of English at the University of Missouri and founder of the Missouri Folk-Lore Society. Photographs from the book are included, as is a typescript of Chapter XIV, "Unprint-able Songs" which was left out of the four volume work. In addition, there are two volumes entitled "'Unprintable' Songs From the Ozarks" sold to the Society in 1956 for $50. These "unprintable" songs appear to be copies of those for which Randolph sold publication rights to Gershon Legman.

Ray Family Papers (R1356)
6 cubic feet (91 folders, 15 oversize)
The collection of the Ray family contains genealogical information on the Ray and Housden families, photographs of the family and Licking, Missouri.

Reeves, Charles Monroe (1868-1920), Papers, 1892-1970 (C3356)
2.4 linear feet
The papers are from a St. Louis journalist and organizer of the 1904 World’s Fair. First section includes items from Reeve’s early journalistic career. The bulk of the papers in the second section concern the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, related materials, and photographs.

Reynolds, Thomas Caute, (1821-1887), Papers, 1860-1864, (C1910)
1 folder
Papers in suit of U.S. vs. Library of Thomas C. Reynolds for settlement of Reynolds' debts. Included is inventory of his library.

River Faces Scrapbook 1983-1987, (SA1150)
Scrapbook of River Faces Parade in downtown St. Louis.

Roberts, J. T. Aubrey, ed., Ozark Mountainwood Express, 1981, (R0949)
1 folder
This is an issue of Ozark Mountainwood Express, a semiannual publication devoted to Ozark music, culture, and tourism. The editor was J. T. Aubrey Roberts of Harrison, Arkansas. Although unnumbered and undated, this issue contains calendars of events for 1981.

Rollins, James S. (1812-1888), Papers, 1546-1968, (C1026)
3.3 linear feet; 10 rolls of microfilm
The papers of James S. Rollins, a Boone County, Missouri, lawyer, politician, businessman, and curator of University of Missouri include correspondence with family, business and political associates, and George Caleb Bingham and other friends. The papers covers state, national, and Whig party politics from 1830 through the 1880s, the Civil War in Missouri, internal improvements and the North Missouri Railroad, and education at University of Missouri.

Rose, Gertrude, Jay Landesman Collection, 1959-1967, (S0617)
3 Folders
Playbills, programs and newsclippings on Gaslight Square theater/cabaret owner Jay Landesman, collected by his sister, Gertrude Rose.

Roseland Theater, Flat River, Missouri, Photograph, 1940, (R1146)
1 folder
This is a black-and-white exterior view of the Roseland Theater at Flat River (now Park Hills) in St. Francois County, Missouri. The photograph shows a crowd waiting to see The Grapes of Wrath.

Rozier, Dora Pelagie, Sheet Music Collection, 1828-1890, (R0237)
5 volumes
This is sheet music for piano and Spanish guitar collected by Dora Pelagie Rozier (1855-1928) and Emily Pelagie (Janis) Rozier (1855-1944) of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Included are four musical periodicals and a handwritten transcription by Marie Zoe (Vallé) Rozier (1821-1900).

Rozier, Firmin A. (1820-1897), Letter, 1883, (C2782)
1 folder
From Ste. Genevieve, MO, Aug. 22, 1883. Letter mentioning business partnership of his father, Ferdinand Rozier, and John James Audubon; dissolution of the partnership; and Audubon's move to Kentucky.

Russell, Sol Smith (1848-1902), Papers, 1848-1902, (C3625)
1.3 linear feet
Newspaper clippings, reviews of stage plays, correspondence, and scrapbooks on the life and career of a popular comedian of the late 1800s, and his contemporaries.


Saturday Book Club, Mount Vernon, Missouri, Yearbooks, 1912-1917, (R0721)
1 folder, photocopies
These are the yearbooks of The Saturday Book Club at Mount Vernon, Lawrence County, Missouri. The yearbooks include rosters of members, a schedule of meetings, hostesses, and books discussed, and by-laws.

Sayad, Elizabeth Gentry, Addenda, (SA1042)
1 box
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Scharil, A. W., “Roderick, Last of the Goths,” 1853, (C11244)
1 volume
The collection contains a tragedy in five acts written by a St. Louis lawyer, editor and publisher. Scharil was a member of the Bar, editor and publisher of The American Banner, Union Banner, Mississippi Valley Farmer, Mississippi Sun, and other publications.

Schroeder, Adolf E. and Rebecca, Collection, (CA4979)
0.3 linear feet
Addition. Correspondence with Charles van Ravenswaay, 1973-1990.

Schroeder, Adolf E. and Rebecca, Collection, (CA5063)
Addition of two videocassettes entitled "Treehouse; an Ozark Story," and "Lennis Leonard Broadfoot, an Ozark Artist."

Schroeder, Adolf E. and Rebecca, Collection, (CA5183)
2 linear feet, 2 rolls of microfilm
Addition of various folklore and folk music newsletters, materials about the Missouri Cultural Heritage Center and the Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program. Includes documents in German about Johann Wilhelm Bock, a German-American immigrant.

Schroeder, Adolf E. and Rebecca, Collection, (CA5490)
0.3 cubic feet
Addition of materials primarily relating to author Ward Dorrance, educator Rosemary Thomas, and the subject of French-Americans in Missouri. Includes correspondence, photographs and research materials.

Schroeder, Adolf E. and Rebecca, Collection, (CA5610)
0.8 linear feet
Addition of manuscripts, photographs, correspondence, publicity files, and other documents relating to the Missouri Heritage Readers Series, edited by Rebecca Schroeder.

Schroeder, Adolf E. and Rebecca, Collection(CA5648)
117.2 cubic feet, A/V material
Addition of recorded folk music and conferences including commercial and non-commercial; accompanying booklets; and slides. Recordings of American and European folk music; subject files, correspondence, publications, photographs, slides, and research material, including material concerning the Missouri Heritage Readers Series.

Schroeder, Adolf E. (1916- ) and Rebecca B. (1921- ), Folk Song and Folklore Collection, 1957-1987, (C3826)
0.2 linear feet, 184 audio cassettes, 2 records, 23 audio tapes, 2 video cassettes
Recordings and related material of Missouri and Ozark folk musicians and folklorists; primarily Max Hunter, Loman Cansler, and R.P. Christeson. The recordings include songs and discussions on many aspects of folk song collecting and folklore.

Schroeder, Adolf E., Papers, (CA5472)
1.3 linear feet
Addition of various foreign language association newsletters, correspondence and other records relating to foreign language associations, materials relating to ethnic group research near Cape Girardeau, and materials relating to Otto Dingeldein, a silversmith.

Schroeder, Adolf E., Papers, (CA4798)
0.8 linear feet
Addition to papers which include materials on the Missouri Committee for the Humanities and various historical projects.

Schwarzer, Franz (1828-1904), Papers, 1840-1951 (C3484)
0.8 linear feet
Correspondence of the Schwarzer family; factory records, catalogs, and photographs of zithers and other stringed instruments manufactured at the zither factory in Washington, Missouri, founded by Schwarzer in 1869.

Schweighauser, Art A. (1908-1990), Collection, 1713-1945 (C3762)
0.25 cubic feet
The collection contains items from the Bezold family of Montgomery and Gasconade counties in Missouri. There are many school-related items from 1879-1917. Also included are sermons in German by Reverend Niedhammer and a family history of John Jacob Meunzenmayer, who lived in Franklin County.

Scott, Ephraim Homer, The Record, 1888, (R0686)
1 folder
This is Volume 1, Number 8 (November 1888) of The Record, published "In the Interests of Musical Culture and General Education" by Prof. Ephraim H. Scott, director of the Western Conservatory of Music at Carthage, Jasper County, Missouri.

Scott Family, Papers, 1874-1957, (R0453)
25 folders
These are photographs and miscellaneous papers of the Scott family of Rolla, Missouri. included are the personal papers and memorabilia of John W. Scott (1870-1950), a businessman and musician who directed the Rolla town band and other local ensembles, catalogs of the Western Conservatory of Music operated by Ephraim H. Scott at Rolla, Missouri, and Chicago, Illinois, and other materials pertaining to the Dean and Morris families, and the town of Rolla.

Scott, John R. (1843-1936), Papers, 1873-1922 (C0162)
0.2 linear feet
Letters, manuscripts, and miscellaneous papers of a professor of elocution at the University of Missouri, a friend of the actor James E. Murdoch. Manuscript for "Personal Recollections of Murdoch," and for "Technique of the Speaking Voice."

Sedalia Library Association, Sedalia, Missouri, Minute Book, 1871-1874, (C1249)
1 volume
The records contain minutes, roll of members and subscribers, constitution, and articles of association. Also some Pettis County historical data.

Shannon County, Missouri, Photographs, ca. 1900-1930, (R0280)
1 folder
These are views of Shannon County from the collection of Lon Hogan, Winona, Missouri. Included are views of Eminence, Fishertown, and Winona showing church and school groups, a baseball team, a band, a store, and Hogan's Photo Gallery. There is also a view of the Willow Springs Bank at Willow Springs in Howell County, Missouri.

Shepherd of the Hills Historical Society, Souvenir Programs, 1968-1978, (R0740)
1 folder
These are six souvenir programs, for the 1968, 1970, 1971, 1975, 1977, and 1978 seasons, for performances of "The Shepherd of the Hills," an outdoor drama based upon the novel by Harold Bell Wright. It was presented at The Old Mill Theatre on the Shepherd of the Hills Farm near Branson in Taney County, Missouri.

Shoemaker-Mattews Family, Scrapbook (C4284)
1 folder
The Shoemaker-Matthews Scrapbook is a collection of poetry and writings collected by the Shoemaker and Matthews family.

Sine, L.D., Lottery Ticket, 1873, (C1848)
1 folder
The collection contains two dollar lottery ticket for L.D. Sine's 19th Grand Annual Gift Enterprise, St. Louis, MO, January 6, 1873.

Small , Hubert Edwin, Papers, ca. 1910-1952, (R0474)
3 folders, photocopies
This collection includes a scrapbook, correspondence, and miscellaneous printed material of Hubert E. Small, a musician, chautauqua performer, and music teacher at Kansas City and Springfield, Missouri. Some material pertains to his wife, Vera (Whitmore) Small, also a professional musician.

Snow, Thad Papers, (CG0027)
1.31 cubic feet (90 folders, 1 oversize box, 2 microfilm reels)
The Thad Snow Papers include writings, correspondence, scrapbooks, memorabilia and photographs. Snow was a prolific writer during his life. He is best remembered for his column, “Letters from the People” for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch beginning in the 1930s. The topics covered in this collection include politics, foreign affairs, farming, Snow’s family, economics and human nature.

Songs From an Ozarks Childhood Music Manuscript, (SP0003)
0.25 cubic foot (2 folders, 1 audio tape)
The papers consist of the lyrics of Ozarks folk songs, as well as an audio recording of Sybil Irene (Shipley) Jobe (1924-2008) singing the songs.

Springfield Community Teachers Association, Theater Program, 1943, (R1018)
1 folder
This is a program for a performance by "Devi Dja and her Bali-Java Dancers, with Native Gamelan Orchestra," on Tuesday evening, 30 March 1943 in the Senior High School auditorium at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. The Springfield Community Teachers Association sponsored the appearance.

Springfield Kiwanis Club, Springfield, Missouri, Booklet, 1936, (R1072)
1 folder
This is a program booklet for "Joyland," an evening of musical and dance entertainment presented as a fundraiser for the Springfield Kiwanis Club's Crippled Children's Fund under the direction of the Physical Education Department of Southwest Missouri State Teachers College. The event was held in the Shrine Mosque at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri, on 16 De-cember 1936.

Springfield Kiwanis Club, Springfield, Missouri, Minstrel Show Programs, 1946-1952, (R0954)
1 folder
These are program booklets for minstrel shows presented by the Springfield Kiwanis Club at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri, on 22 February 1946, 24-25 February 1950, and 22-23 February 1952. The fundraising performances were staged at Springfield's Shrine Mosque auditorium, with net proceeds going to children's charities.

St. Louis Civic Ballet (1958- ), Records, 1958-1979 , (S0072)
19 Folders
Stanley Herbert founded the Civic Ballet in October 1958, as a community supported resident dance company. The organization fosters civic interest in dance, encourages young performers through scholarships and performances, arranges ballet productions, and sponsors the St. Louis Dance Festival. Records include correspondence, minutes, reports, newsletters, and programs.

St. Louis Donor Historical Recordings, 1927-1974, (S0825)
27 Acetate And Vinyl Record Albums, 78 RPM & 33 1/3 RPM

St. Louis International Salon Of Photography, Programs, 1940-1945, (S0561)
1 Folder
Annual photographic exhibit sponsored by the Camera Club of St. Louis, a group organized to promote photography in St. Louis. Programs include selection jury and salon committee names, exhibitors and titles of exhibited prints. Programs from 1941-1945 include reproductions of some prints, photographs of the gallery and exhibit organizers.

St. Louis Regional Library Network, (SA0975)
2 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

St. Louis Louisiana Purchase Exposition, Educational Exhibit Papers, 1904, (C0051)
6 linear feet
Copy books from Cape Girardeau State Normal School and public schools in Harrisonville, Kansas City, Lamar, Liberty, Mexico, Nevada, and Trenton, with samples of school assignments and essays. Also letters pertaining to standards of admission to agricultural and mining colleges.

St. Louis Louisiana Purchase Exposition, Record Book, 1898-1899, (C1228)
1 volume
Records of the Committee of Fifty, an organization formed to plan the 100th anniversary celebration of the Louisiana Purchase, to be held in St. Louis in 1904. Pierre Chouteau, descendant of Laclede Liquest, founder of St. Louis, began plans for the celebration in 1896. Meetings were held at the Missouri Historical Society. Also an envelope of loose papers.

STARFLEET, the International Star Trek Fan Association, USS Horizon Chapter, Columbia, Missouri, Records, 1986-1991, (C3064)
3 linear feet on 5 rolls of microfilm
Records of the Columbia, Missouri, chapter of an organization of devotees of the Star Trek television shows and films. The records include chapter correspondence and memoranda, handbooks, and newsletters; newsletters of the national organization and other chapters; and miscellaneous fan magazines.

State Historical Society of Missouri, Audio Cassette Collection, 1976-2000, (C3963)
0.3 linear feet, 34 audio cassettes
The State Historical Society of Missouri Audio Cassette Collection is a collection of miscellaneous interviews, lectures, and speeches collected over the years.

State Historical Society of Missouri, Typescript Collection, (C0995)
774 items on 14 rolls of microfilm
The State Historical Society of Missouri Typescript Collection consists of typescripts of articles and manuscripts donated over the years to the Historical Society.

State of Missouri Collection, (P0018)
486 photographs
Over 400 original photos created for the 1904 publication on Missouri at the time of the World's Fair by Walter Williams; shows all aspects and counties in Missouri.

Ste. Genevieve, Missouri Collection, (R1470)
0.02 cubic foot (1 folder)
The Ste. Genevieve, Missouri Collection contains a Ste. Genevieve, Missouri Lake Forest Estates booklet printed by the La Rose Publishing Company in 1973 and A Tour of Old Ste. Genevieve printed by the Wehmeyer Printing Company in 1975.

Stiefel, Richard Norman (1949- ) Papers, 1974-1991, (K1149)
0.3 cubic foot
Incudes issues of the Temple Bulletins from the Congregation B'Nai Jehudah in Kansas City, MO and directories from organizations in which Mrs. Stiefel held memberships. Also items relating to the Stiefel's interests in local and national politics and community cultural activities.

Stiffler, William, Letter, 1877, (C3590)
1 folder
The collection contains a love letter to ""Miss Lou"" from Clark's Fork, MO, August 27, [18]77.

Stones, Ross E., "Remembrances of the St. Louis Police Department Band," n.d., (C3686)
1 folder
The collection contains a recollection of Stones' service as a trumpet player with the Police Department band in St. Louis, MO, in the 1920s.

Stubblefield, Paul, editor, The Mirror, Joplin, Missouri, 1952-1953, (R0866)
1 folder
These are four issues of The Mirror: Reflections from the Sports, Entertainment and Other Fronts, from 1952 and 1953. Edited by Paul Stubblefield, The Mirror was published weekly at Joplin in Jasper County, Missouri. It contained television schedules, listings for dances, concerts, meetings, recreational activities and sporting events, and advertisements for local businesses.


Television Preview Magazine Collection, (K0394)
1 microfilm roll
The Television Preview Magazine Collection is comprised of bound magazines from November 1951 to August 1952 and from August 1953 to April 1954 that have been microfilmed on one reel.

Theater, Mexico, Missouri, Scrapbooks, 1902-1924, (C4253)
3 volumes
Three scrapbooks of newspaper clippings from the Mexico Ledger, Mexico, Missouri, about shows and performances in that town from 1902-1924.

Theater Programs, St. Louis, Missouri, 1852-1953, (S0595)
12 Folders
This collection was donated by the State Historical Society in Columbia, Missouri. It consists of playbills and theater programs from various St. Louis theaters from 1852-1953.

Tierney, Louise Wilder Smith, Papers, (K0032)
0.08 cubic foot (4 folders)
The Louise Wilder Smith Tierney Papers consist of a newspaper clipping, press release, scripts, and a program for the pageant “Fort Osage-Mother of the West,” written by Louise Smith and performed at Fort Osage in Sibley, Missouri, on June 22 through June 27, 1953.

Toole Dramatic Company, Program, [1894], (C0813)
1 folder
Illustrated program and advertisement of J.E. Tools and his "excellent dramatic company," in Edwin Jerome's comedy, KILLARNEY AND THE RHINE. Includes dramatic criticisms and reviews. Probably distributed in Carlinville, IL.

Trent, Fred, Collection, (CA5060)
1 folder, 48 audio cassettes
Recordings of Missouri area fiddlers. Includes programs, promotional materials, newspaper clippings, and articles.

Trent, Fred, Collection, (CA5083)
11 audio cassettes
Addition of recordings of Missouri area fiddlers.

Trent, Fred, Collection, (CA5381)
A recording of fiddle and guitar music performed by Lorenzo and David Copeland of Ottumwa, IA.

Truman, Harry S (1884-1972), Memorial Service Program, 1973, (C3409)
1 folder
The collection contains a program of service held at Westminster College Chapel, Fulton, MO, on occasion of Truman's death.

Turner Society Pamphlets, 1912-1945, (C0676)
4 folders
Pamphlets and publications of St. Louis area Turner groups. Also a history of the American Turnerbund, 1924; an annual report of the national executive committee of American Turners, 1941; and copies of Turner Topics, publication of American Turners.


U.S. Continental Currency, 1776, (C2545)
1 folder
Thirty-dollar bill printed by Hall and Sellers, Philadelphia.

University of Missouri, Black Theatre Workshop, Records, 1981-1993, (CA5301)
0.25 linear feet
Programs, posters, clippings, photographs, correspondence, evaluations and other materials relating to workshop performances.

University of Missouri-Columbia, Missouri Folk Arts Program, Records, 1982-2012, (C4035)
32 cubic feet, (1000 folders), 2132 audio cassettes, 65 audio tapes, 83 video cassettes, 3 oversize volumes
The records of the Missouri Folk Arts Program comprise documentation of the annual work and various programming administered by the organization. The records contain fiscal information, contracts with artists, press clippings and releases, publications, exhibit documentation, correspondence, working files, and files on folk and traditional artists. The records also contain photographs, audio, and video that document folk and traditional arts, artists, and events.


Washington University Ugly Club, Poster, 1871, (C2841)
1 folder
Caricatures of Harry H. Cabot, W.R. Schuyler, E.M. Bowman, Emile R. Abadie, Lyne S. Metcalfe, Jr., Stephen H. Jecko, Freddy Cline, W.J.S. Bryan, and Elliot C. Jewett. OVERSIZE.

West Plains Business and Professional Women's Club, Booklet, 1936, (R0961)
1 folder
This is the program booklet for the "First Annual Amateur Program Sponsored by the West Plains Business and Professional Women's Club" at West Plains in Howell County, Missouri. The show was presented at the high school auditorium on Thursday evening, 30 April 1936.

Western Historical Manuscript, St. Louis, Vertical File, 1968-2004, (S0694)
508 Folders
The collection documents a variety of subjects relating to St. Louis' history. It contains single files with a small amount of general information on a variety of topics. Arranged alphabetically.

Wheeler, Mae, Papers, (SA1013)
3 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Whizzo, Ol' Gus and Me Collection, ca. 1940s-ca. 2003, (K1236)
2 cubic feet
Notes, video interviews, and video/film transfers used in the production of a Public Television documentary about Kansas City children's TV programing in the 1940s-1980s.

William E. Parrish Papers, (CA6500)
9 cubic feet, 4 oversize items
The papers of an historian specializing in Missouri history who attended the University of Missouri contain correspondence, scrapbooks, speeches, postcards, and miscellaneous material. Parrish taught at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri, before becoming a professor at Mississippi State University.

Williams, Blair Stanton, Stamp Collection, n.d., (C1438)
2 volumes
Two scrapbooks of U.S. postage stamps with Missouri postmarks. Stamps are primarily postmark dated in the 1940's and 1950's and are arranged alphabetically according to postmark location.

Woman's Club of Joplin, Program, 1960, (R0988)
1 folder
This is a program booklet for the "Red Stocking Revue," a fundraising amateur variety show presented by the Woman's Club of Joplin on 10 November 1960 at Memorial Hall in Joplin in Jasper County, Missouri. The General Chairman for the event was Mrs. Tom M. Leggett and the Director was Harry Miller.

Wulfekammer, Verna Mary (1900-1994), Collection, 1893-1976, (C3864)
51.9 linear feet and oversize
The collection of Verna Mary Wulfekammer, University of Missouri-Columbia professor of art from 1928 to 1968, contains teaching materials and artifacts, correspondence, clippings, student work, publications and photographs related to the personal and professional life of Wul-fekammer and her mentor and colleague, Ella Victoria Dobbs.

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