Sainte Genevieve County Manuscript Collections

Sainte Genevieve County is one of Missouri's oldest civil jurisdictions, dating to the Ste. Genevieve District of French colonial days. Its seat, the town of Ste. Genevieve, is Missouri's oldest settlement, having been founded by the early 1750s. These collections deal in some manner with Sainte Genevieve County, Missouri. This list is not comprehensive, so be sure to browse Manuscript Collections by subject.

*Collections marked with DIGITIZED MATERIALS have additional digitized items available.

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Agriculture Stabilization and Conservation Service Aerial Photographs, (P0335)
107.5 linear feet
Missouri county aerial photographs produced by the Agriculture Stabilization and Conservation Service.

American Iron Mountain Company, Metal Hauling List, 1855-1858, (R0439)
1 folder
This is a "List of Hauling of Metal paid by Janis & Valle for a/c Am.[erican] Iron Mountain Co.," between 22 September 1855 and 30 January 1858. Included are the date, name of hauler, weight of load, and toll paid, presumably over the "plank road" from Iron Mountain to Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. The haulers' names have been indexed.

American Iron Mountain Company, Records, 1849-1855, (R0003)
2 volumes
These are shipping records of the American Iron Mountain Company at Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Included are accounts of pig iron received from Iron Mountain and shipments to buyers, 1849-1853; and a tally book of ore delivered to the company over the plank road, 1852-1855.

American Revolution Bicentennial, Missouri Committee for Agriculture, Papers, 1974-1976 (C4276)
1.2 cubic feet (42 folders), 1 audio tape
The papers of the committee contain correspondence, newsletters, reports, updates, events awards programs, lists of elected members, historical information on "Centennial Farms," and "Liberty Trees," meeting minutes, announcements, newspaper clippings, and audio-visual material for a slide presentation entitled "The Spirit of 76."

Andersen, Dr. Hans Peter, Papers, 1909-1920, (R0832)
8 folders
These are papers of Dr. Hans Peter Andersen, a physician associated with Washington University Medical School in St. Louis. Most of the collection consists of correspondence (in Danish) from Andersen's family in Denmark. There is also a folder of letters from friends in the U. S. Army Medical Corps in France during World War One.


Brickey's Landing, Missouri, Ledger, 1837-1843, (R0032)
1 volume
This is an account ledger of a general merchandise operation at Brickey's Landing on the Mississippi River in Sainte Genevieve County, Missouri. John C. Brickey, Jr., operated the business. An index to the accounts is available.


Cape Girardeau Baptist Association, Sesquicentennial Booklet, 1974, (R0960)
1 folder
This is a booklet published to celebrate the sesquicentennial of the Cape Girardeau Baptist Association, which was organized in June 1824. Included are a schedule of the 150th annual meeting of the Association, a historical summary by J. C. Maple, a list of member congregations, and a list of past meeting dates, places, and officers.

Carr, Will C., Letter, 1807, (C1843)
1 folder
The collection contains a copy of a letter to Thomas Carr, from St. Louis, MO, Oct. 23, 1807, to his uncle discussing political difficulties in Louisiana Territory, family news, and his engagement to the daughter of Dr. Aron Elliott of Ste. Genevieve, MO. Original in possession of the University of Georgia.

Cayce, Milton Pleasant, Papers, 1849-1883, (R0498)
4 folders
These are personal and business papers of Milton P. Cayce and family of Farmington, St. Francois County, Missouri. Included are bills of lading for goods shipped through Ste. Genevieve (1849), family correspondence and business papers (1833-1926), and papers and correspondence with Firmin A. Rozier regarding the St. Francois and Iron Mountain Road Company (1877-1883).

Cayce, Milton Pleasant, Record Book, ca. 1870, (R1039)
1 volume, oversize
This is a bound volume containing information about land parcels in Madison, Reynolds, Wayne, Iron, and Sainte Genevieve counties in Missouri, and miscellaneous clippings on such subjects as horticulture and cholera. The item has been attributed to Milton P. Cayce because his name occurs most often therein.

Chadwell, Gideon, Chadwell/Leavenworth Family, Papers, 1837-1944, (R0883)
5 folders, photocopies
These are the correspondence and business papers of the Chadwell and Leavenworth families of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. The papers concern family news and business matters, and include the Civil War letters of Alexander H. Chadwell, a Confederate soldier, and Joseph H. Leavenworth and N. H. Leavenworth regarding the lumber business in Mississippi in the 1870s and 1880s.

Chester, Perryville, Ste. Genevieve & Farmington Railroad Company, Stock Certificate, 1894, (R0861)
1 folder
This is a numbered, blank, stock certificate for the Chester, Perryville, Ste. Genevieve & Farmington Railroad Company. Organized in 1894, the company was part of Louis Houck's railroad network in southeastern Missouri.

Counts Family, Papers, 1884-1983, (CG0002)
0.2 cubic feet (7 folders)
This collection contains a genealogy written by Hilde W. Beaty of five generations of the Counts' family, starting with the Nicholas, Aaron, John Adam, and William David family lines. The family papers contain complete, and incomplete, correspondence and writings from George, J.W. (Julian), Henry, Joel, and Gilbert Counts, and others with unidentified authors. Photographs of identified and unidentified Counts' family, as early as 1884, are present. Diplomas received by Gilbert and J.W. Counts marking completion of education are stored separately in oversized folders. Miscellaneous papers from the family bible, with two bible pages recording life events removed and transferred to the collection.

Cree, Alfred B., Letters, 1862-1863, (R0301)
2 folders
These are Civil War letters of Capt. Alfred B. Cree of Co. F., 22nd Iowa Infantry. Cree wrote of family matters, camp life, and regimental politics from Benton Barracks at St. Louis, and from camps at Rolla, Salem, Iron Mountain and Ste. Genevieve, Missouri.


Davis, Loretta M., Papers, 1965, (C3100)
1 folder
The papers of Loretta M. Davis contain three letters between Mrs. Davis and Leonard Hall regarding her great-grandfather, Pierre Charles De Luziere St. Vrain, and some of his family, and discussing the family's prominence in France and the U.S. Also included are brief historical sketches of some towns in the Ste. Genevieve County area.

Daughters of the American Revolution, Slide Presentation, "John Smith T", (P0940)
80 slides
Slides and commentary about John Smith T, Missouri pioneer in the lead industry, and Selma Hall.


Eighth Census of the United States for Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri, 1860 , (CA6517)
1 volume
Schedules of Free Inhabitants, Slave Inhabitants, Mortality, Agriculture, Industry, and Social Statistics, 1860.

Elgin, Robert L., Photograph Collection, ca. 1950s-1990s, (R1015)
36 folders
These are black and white photographs, color slides, plans, and detail drawings of historic structures in the northern Ozarks of Missouri. Several counties are represented, but especially Crawford, Franklin, Gasconade, Maries, Phelps, Osage, and Washington. The primary topics are vernacular architecture, log structures, churches, and cemeteries.

Ellis Family, Papers, 1787-1948, (R0251)
10 folders, photocopies, 1 roll of mircofilm
This collection includes correspondence, business records, and legal papers, and genealogical information pertaining to two early families of Cape Girardeau County, Missouri. The Ellis family came from Georgia about 1805; the Ranneys from Indiana about 1825. Other names represented in the collection are Beckham, Cobb, Giboney, Ogle, Waters, and Wathen (Warthen-Worthan).

Elise Guignon Collins (1895-1992) Collection, 1861-1986, (K0704)
.25 cubic feet
The papers contain clippings, correspondence, and pamphlets related to the history of the Guignon family, Kansas City, and Visitation Church near the Plaza neighborhood.

Elmore, Patricia Shively (1935-2015), Papers, 1878-2015, (CG0013)
1 cubic feet (14 folders), 8 film reels, 2 oversized volumes
The papers of Patricia Shively Elmore contain diaries, correspondence, genealogy, scrapbooks, and photographs related to the donor's family. This collection also contains diplomas, commencement programs, military documents, photographs, souvenir postcards, films, and funeral memorabilia of the donor's second husband, William "Bill" Elmore.


Federal Lead Company, Mining Dept., Flat River, Missouri, Letterbooks, 1907-1913, (R0520)
17 volumes
These are letterbooks of outgoing correspondence maintained by Harry Adelbert Guess, general manager of the Federal Lead Company's mine and mill at Flat River in St. Francois County, Missouri. Topics include production, exploration, shipping, labor relations, and environmental pollution.

Felix Janis & Company, Business Records, 1854-1857, (R0435)
2 folders
Felix Janis and Henry Janis operated a general store, styled as "Felix Janis & Co.," at Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, 1852-1855. Included here are a list of "metal" hauled for the Madison Iron & Mining Company, 1854-1855, and an inventory of notes and accounts due the firm at the time of Felix Janis's death and the dissolution of the firm in 1855, with payments noted through 1857.

Felix Janis & Company, Daybooks, 1854-1855, (R0451)
4 volumes
These are daybooks from the general merchandise firm of Felix Janis & Company of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Account entries include the date, name of patron (an individual or another firm), items purchased, and the amount charged or credited.

Franklin Baptist Association, centennial Program, 1932, (R0153)
1 folder, photocopies
This is a report on the annual session of the Franklin Baptist Association, held at Three Rivers Church, Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri, on the hundredth anniversary of the church and the Association. Included are the constitution and lists of member churches of the Association, and histories of the church and the Association.

French and Spanish Archives, 1763-1841, (C2965)
23 rolls of microfilm
The French and Spanish Archives is a collection of documents from the St. Louis area dating primarily from the colonial and territorial periods.


Guitar, Sarah (1892-1963), Collection, n.d., (C3391)
1.5 cubic feet, 5 card boxes
Card file compiled by Sarah Guitar, reference librarian of the State Historical Society of Missouri, as a guide to county boundaries of Missouri, 1812-1929; Missouri congressional district boundaries, 1845-1933; Missouri senatorial districts, 1820-1931; and Missouri judicial circuits, 1815-1915.

Guitar, Sarah (1892-1963), Papers, 1931-1944, (C3563)
1.2 linear feet
Correspondence and miscellaneous information on Missouri compiled by Guitar during her employment, under the direction of Floyd C. Shoemaker, as Reference Librarian for the State Historical Society of Missouri. Includes one card box of reference notes.


H. Wilder & Company, Account Book for Sand, 1856, (R0336)
1 folder
These are individual accounts of drivers hauling barrels of sand for H. Wilder & Company at Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, May-November 1856. The firm may have been operated by Henry Wilder in association with his brothers, August, Mathew, and Peter. Payments to the drivers were made through the firm of Janis & Valle in Ste. Genevieve.

Harris & Janis, Ledger, 1874-1876, (R0006)
1 volume
The Harris & Janis ledger is a standard banking ledger of individual accounts from a firm at Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Credits and debits are enumerated and dated, with the earliest being in 1874 and the latest in 1876. The accounts are indexed alphabetically by surname at the front of the volume.

Harris & Janis, Letter Books, 1874-1882, (R0434)
2 volumes
These are two letter press volumes, 1874-1875 and 1881-1882, for "Harris & Janis, Bankers and Exchange Dealers," of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. The letters are copies of routine outgoing correspondence, usually to other financial institutions, often written to accompany bank drafts and other financial instruments. There are alphabetical and chronological lists of addressees for each volume.

Harris & Janis, Records, 1874-1884, (R0467)
3 oversize volumes, 10 bundles
These are account books and draft stubs for Harris & Janis, a "banking house" in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Oliver D. Harris and Jules F. Janis were the proprietors.

Heck, Earl Leon, The Rise of Higher Education in the Missouri Valley, 1818-1900, 1965., (C2914)
1 folder
Histories of academics, colleges, and universities in the Missouri Valley.


James, David A. (1937- ) Papers, 1790-2008, (C4126)
5 cubic feet
The research material of a hotel management instructor whose work resulted in the publication Historic Hotels of Missouri: Hotels, Inns, and Taverns of 19th Century Missouri.

Janis & Cox, Daybook, 1873-1874, (R0002)
1 volume
This is a chronological account of daily transactions, with neither index nor pagination. The entries begin on 4 June 1873 and end in December 1874. Entries for items on account to 20 May 1874 are listed by date, name of buyer, and descriptions and prices of items purchased; after that date entries are monthly rather than daily.

Janis & Cox, Record Book, 1853-1873, (R0437)
1 volume
This book has two distinct sections. One, probably kept by Felix Janis & Company of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, is a record of sand hauled to Little Rock landing on the Mississippi River, 1853-1854. The other contains three inventories (1868, 1870, 1873) of the general store run by Janis & Cox at Ste. Genevieve.

Janis & Vallé Daybook, (R0001)
0.1 cubic foot (1 volume, 1 roll of microfilm)
The Janis & Vallé Daybook contains a microfilm copy of one volume for the Janis & Vallé general mercantile in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Entries in the volume, dated from 1856 to 1858 include account entries, listing purchasers and items purchased.

Janis & Valle, Daybooks, 1855-1859, (R0452)
3 volumes
These are daybooks of a general merchandise firm in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. The principals were Henry L. Janis (who died in 1856), Jules F. Janis, and L. Bert Valle. The firm was a successor to Felix Janis & Company (q.v.).


Kiefner, Charles E., Papers, 1925-1931, (R0189)
160 folders
These are papers of a U.S. Representative from Perryville, Missouri. He represented the 13th District (Bollinger, Carter, Iron, Jefferson, Madison, Perry, Reynolds, St. Francois, Ste. Genevieve, Washington, and Wayne counties) in the 69th (1925-1927) and 71st (1929-1931) Congresses. Included are general subject files, post office files, and veterans' pension files.

Killian, Ralph D., "The Melting Pot," n.d., (C2895)
1 folder
The collection contains a history of Jefferson, Ste. Genevieve, Perry, and Cape Girardeau Counties, MO, describing the geology, natural resources, and early settlers.

Koetting's store, Ledgers, 1905-1915, (R0030)
7 volumes
These are daybooks (1905-1909, 1913-1915), and individual account ledgers (1913-1915) from Koetting's store in Ste. Genevieve. Koetting's handled dry goods, groceries, and hardware.

Kreilich, August, contract, 1886, (R0022)
1 page
This item consists of "Instructions to Light Keepers." It is a photocopy of the contract with, and instructions to, August Kreilich, keeper of the lights at the Saline Rocks on the Mississippi River in Sainte Genevieve County, Missouri. The U.S. Light House Establishment issued it on 27 March 1886.


Laramore, Edmond, collector, Baptist Associations Minutes, 1912-1980, (R0394)
17 folders
This collection consists largely of printed minutes of annual meetings of United or Missionary Baptist associations in southern Missouri. The minutes include the records of annual sessions, committee reports, and statistical information on the associations and their constituent churches. Also included are a few miscellaneous Baptist publications.

Lebanon Baptist Church, Records, 1890-1983, (R0201)
2 volumes, 7 folders
These are records of the Lebanon Baptist Church located seven miles north of Bloomsdale in Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri. The records include minutes of meetings of the congregation and board of deacons, membership records, a church history, and miscellaneous historical material.

Lee, Richard L. (1925-2011), County Courthouse Photographs, ca. 1955, (P0003)
210 photographs
The collection includes photographs of county courthouses for the state of Missouri, taken in the mid-twentieth century by Richard L. Lee.

Les Amis, Ste. Genevieve Diorama Photographs, (P0370)
5 photographs
Photographs of diorama of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri as it appeared in 1832, commissioned by Les Amis and given to the Division of State Parks, Missouri Department of Natural Resources. The diorama is 9 feet by 11 feet and was hand-crafted by Lewis Pruneau, master model-maker, of Ste. Genevieve. It is on view at the Amoureux House in Ste. Genevieve. Photographs by Sam Fentress.

Little Rock Landing, Daybook, 1854-1856, (R0438)
1 volume
This daybook was kept at Little Rock landing on the Mississippi River just north of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, from 5 January 1854 to 22 March 1856. Listings include the person or firm and amount charged, commodities brought ashore or shipped, and the name of the steamboat. The proprietor might have been Francis Claude Rozier. Large quantities of iron and lead were shipped from the landing.

Lucky, Joseph, Letter, 1806, (C1587)
1 folder
The papers contain a letter from Ste. Genevieve, Jun. 24, 1806. Lucky, a Revolutionary War veteran, describes being angered at rude treatment he received.


Massie, Gerald R. (1911-1989), Photographs, (P0016)
0.83 linear feet
Photographs of scenes across Missouri, many taken as part of Massie's work as Missouri's state photographer. Events highlighted include Winston Churchill's visit to Fulton, Governor Hearnes' inaugural celebrations in 1965 and 1969, and the Battle of Pilot Knob Centennial commemoration in 1964. The collection includes extensive coverage of the Missouri State Capitol building. Geographically, the collection covers much of Missouri, with particular focus on tourist destinations: St. Louis, Kansas City, Hannibal, Ste. Genevieve, and the Ozarks.

McCormack Family Papers, 1777-1873, (C2338)
10 folders
Letters from John Burgoyne to Horatio Gates about treatment of wounded and noncombatants during the Revolutionary War, 1777. Correspondence about immigration to Texas from Missouri, 1842-1844, economic conditions, politics, J. Cox estate in Jefferson County, MO. 1841-1852 business accounts, weather and farm labor journal, marriage and death records, and diary of James McCormack.

Merchants' Bank of Ste. Genevieve, Account Books, 1859-1862, (R0462)
2 oversize volumes
These are a "General Ledger" and "Individual Ledger" of the "branch of the Merchants' Bank of St. Louis, at St. Genevieve," 1859-1872. Controlled largely by the Rozier family, this institution appears to have been succeeded in 1865 by the Ste. Genevieve Savings Association. The "Individual Ledger" is indexed.

Missouri & Illinois Mineral & Land Co., Papers, 1834-1900, (R0058)
11 folders
These are records of the acquisition and disposition of lands in a speculative industrial development scheme in Jefferson, Ste. Genevieve, Perry, Cape Girardeau, and Madison counties in Missouri.

Missouri Extension Homemakers Association, Inc., "Sacred Stones and Stained Glass Windows," Project, 1977-1980, (C3723)
7.1 cubic feet
Statewide documentation of local churches by county. Includes cultural arts reports, church histories, floor plans, architectural details, clippings, slides, photographs, and miscellany.

Missouri, Ste. Genevieve. Archives, 1756-1930, (C3636)
1474 folders on 78 rolls of microfilm
French colonial, and territorial records of the District of Ste. Genevieve. Ste. Genevieve County records and court records. A third of the documents are dated 1756-1804; the remainder date from 1805 to 1930. Original documents are in the possession of the Ste. Genevieve County Court.

Missouri, Ste. Genevieve County. Commissioner of Common Schools, Record Book, 1854-1866, (C1235)
1 volume
Includes apportionment and distribution of money, list of warrants drawn, trustees of school districts, and number of children.

Missouri, Ste. Genevieve County. Justice of the Peace, Docket and Stray Book, 1825-1838, (C1236)
1 volume
Justice of the peace court docket, 1822-1825, and stray records, 1825-1838, for Ste. Genevieve County, MO.

Missouri, Ste. Genevieve County, Stray Cattle Notices, 1855-1856, (C2000)
1 folder
Notices of stray cattle in Ste. Genevieve County, MO.

Missouri, Ste. Genevieve County. Tax Book, 1823, (C1237)
1 volume
Assessment of personal property and real estate for Ste. Genevieve Township, Ste. Genevieve County, MO, 1823.

Missouri, Ste. Genevieve County, Tax Lists, 1821-1825, (C3675)
1 folder
Copies of lists of persons from whom taxes were collected in Ste. Genevieve County on writs, executions, and deeds recorded, and on merchant, ferry, and other licenses.

Missouri, Ste. Genevieve County. Tax Lists, 1833, (C1470)
1 folder
The collection contains a general abstract of the tax lists of Ste. Genevieve County, listing taxable property, assessments, and amount of taxes. Joseph C. Grafton, Ste. Genevieve County court clerk, certified the tax lists.

Missouri, Ste. Genevieve District Land Record Book A., 1804-1809, (C4317)
0.2 cubic feet (5 folders)
The Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, District Land Record Book contains recordings of the sale of land titles, livestock, slaves, freeing of slaves, the transfer of titles and claims, indentures, marriage contracts, and other types of estate property and goods.

Montgomery, Christine, Photographs, (P0144)
0.08 linear feet
Photographs of Walnut Grove, Sappington, and Bellefontaine Cemeteries, the 1993 Missouri River flood near Boonville, New Franklin area, Soulard Farmer's Market 1999, Johnson's Shut-ins 1994, Saline County Courthouse 1998, Jesse Hall 1997 restoration, 2002 Olympic Parade in Columbia, and Ste. Genevieve.

Morrow, Lynn, Papers, (R1000)
21 cubic feet (964 folders, 4 oversize)
The papers of Lynn Morrow contain correspondence and research papers, with an additional significant collection of late twentieth-century promotional and advertising items. The papers reflect major areas of Morrow’s research on the southwest Missouri region; Iron, Shannon, and Washington counties; Theodore Pease Russell and his writings; and the writings of Silas C. Turnbo. The collection also includes a large selection of promotional publications and ephemera associated with late 20th century tourism in Missouri and Arkansas.

Murphy, William, Biographical Material, n.d., (C3320)
1 folder
Brief biography of the Reverend William Murphy, immigrant from Ireland to Virginia; family establishment in Farmington, MO; genealogical notes with details on Sarah Barton Murphy and her role in organizing the first church west of the Mississippi River; short history of Farmington and Ste. Genevieve, MO; and local events.


National Air Mail Week Papers, 1938, (C1742)
1 folder
The papers contain six envelopes and two letters commemorating National Air Mail Week, 15-21 May 1938. First day covers from Missouri towns: Chillicothe, Columbia, Grant City, Palmyra, and Ste. Genevieve. Letters from Paris and Ste. Genevieve.


Papineau, Quintin, Photographs, (CG0034)
0.01 cubic foot (1 folder)
Thirty-five photographs of agricultural machinery harvesting cotton, rice, and potatoes. Also included in this collection are photographs of natural springs, steamboats, ferry, and buildings in southeast Missouri, Oregon County and Marion County, Missouri.

Pernot, Eugene, Daybook, 1848-1853, (R0215)
1 volume
This is a daybook of a physician at Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. The daily entries list the patients treated and medicines prescribed from July 1848 through December 1853. An index is available.

Perry, William, Summons, 1808 , (C3679)
1 folder
Summons, 22 August 1808, for William Perry to testify in suit of John Smith T vs. Moses Austin in the General Court of Louisiana Territory.

Peterson, Charles E., Photographs, (P0972)
5 photographs
Copy photos of Ste. Genevieve houses

Pfefferkorn, Michael Gene, Papers, (S1219)
9.25 cubic feet
The papers of Michael Gene Pfefferkorn contain correspondence, meeting minutes, newsletters, and speeches concerning the historic preservation of St. Louis landmarks and neighborhoods, including the Major John Stevens Bowen House; the integration of St. Louis City Schools during the 1970s; and the establishment of the American Tax Token Society in 1971. Other topics of interest include the publication of the Missouri Journal of Numismatics, which Pfefferkorn edited from 1976 to 2001. The papers date from 1964 to 1993.

Platisha, J. B., Ste. Genevieve, Mother of the West (booklet), 1935, (R0774)
1 folder
This is a souvenir booklet for the "Bi-Centennial Celebration and Pageant" held at Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, on 19-22 August 1935. Included is a detailed "scenario and organization" of Mother of the West, a historical pageant by the Rev. J. B. Platisha, C.M., M.S.

Politics in Missouri Oral History Project, Records, 1996-, (C3929)
2.2 linear feet
Interviews with Missouri legislators, politicians, aides, and other participants in Missouri politics. The records include audio cassettes, compact discs, and transcripts of the interviews.

Presbytery of Missouri, Minutes, 1920-1943, (C1353)
0.2 linear feet
The records contain official copies of minutes of the Presbytery of Missouri. Minutes for 1920-1939 are bound; others are in pamphlet form.

Presbytery of Missouri Records, 1817-1920, (C1354)
1.4 linear feet, 6 oversize volumes
The records of the Presbytery of Missouri contain minutes, reports, and other records of an organization composed of ministers and representative elders of Presbyterian churches in Missouri. Volumes 1-6 have been microfilmed. Volume 7 is available onsite. See also collection C1353.


Ramsay Place Names File 1928-1945, (C2366)
12 cubic feet
Card file of origins of Missouri place names, compiled by students of Robert L. Ramsay, University of Missouri professor of English.

Ribeau Family, Collection, 1870-1982, (R0101)
5 folders, photocopies
This collection consists of correspondence, tax receipts, and miscellaneous material of an African-American family in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. They lived in a historic poteaux-en-terre house built in 1778.

Rozier, Dora Pelagie, Sheet Music Collection, 1828-1890, (R0237)
5 volumes
This is sheet music for piano and Spanish guitar collected by Dora Pelagie Rozier (1855-1928) and Emily Pelagie (Janis) Rozier (1855-1944) of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Included are four musical periodicals and a handwritten transcription by Marie Zoe (Vallé) Rozier (1821-1900).

Rozier, Francis Claude, Financial Journal, 1875-1891, (R0465)
1 volume
This volume is a financial journal kept by Francis Claude Rozier of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, and after F. C. Rozier's death, by his son, Henry Louis Rozier (1849-1927). It provides periodic summaries of personal financial affairs, including lists of assets, expenses, and other financial transactions.

Rozier, Francis Claude, Record Book, 1871-1919, (R0461)
1 oversize volume
This volume contains lists of real estate owned by Francis C. Rozier of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, in Missouri, Iowa, and Texas, and "assessments" of the real, personal, and intangible property of Rozier's, his estate's, and his widow's.

Rozier, Henry Louis, Account Books, 1883-1902, (R0463)
2 volumes
These are a "Ledger" and "Journal" of H. L. Rozier, a "private banker" in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Accounts indicate loans, payments, and other financial transactions.

Rozier & Jokerst, Journal, 1876, (R0464)
1 oversize volume
This is a daily account journal of the general mercantile firm of Rozier & Jokerst of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. The principals were Henry Louis Rozier and Francis L. Jokerst. Included are names of patrons, goods bought, and amounts charged. Inclusive dates are 8 January 1876 through 23 September 1876.

Rozier store, Records, 1867-1885, (R0132)
11 volumes
These are daybooks, journals, and miscellaneous records of a mercantile operation run by Jules Rene Rozier, first at Rozier Landing on the Mississippi River in Perry County, Missouri, then in partnership with Charles F. Lawrence at St. Marys in Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri.


Sabourin, Pierre, Account Book, 1830-1832, (R0387)
1 volume
This is an account book of Pierre Sabourin of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. The first section is a record of an unidentified mercantile operation, 1 May 1830 to 9 August 1830. The second section, 9 June 1831 to 4 April 1832, concerns the buying and selling of planks, primarily with the firms of Menard & Valle and Valle & Griffard of Ste. Genevieve.

Sainte Genevieve, Missouri, Bicentennial Scrapbooks, 1933-1935, (R1243)
2 volumes, photocopies
These are scrapbooks compiled by Francis J. Rozier, chairman of the Bicentennial Committee of the Ste. Genevieve Chamber of Commerce, during the planning and observance (1935) of the bicentennial of Sainte Genevieve in Sainte Genevieve County, Missouri. Included are clippings, printed material, photographs, correspondence, and miscellaneous papers.

Sainte Genevieve, Missouri, Miscellaneous Papers, 1885-1967, (R0165)
4 folders, photocopies
This collection includes an historical address by Firmin A. Rozier, 1885; a printed directory of the Catholic church, 1904; a souvenir program of Shaun Rue, a play presented in 1907; and two architectural reports by Ernest A. Connally, 1957 and 1967, on historic houses.

Sainte Genevieve, Missouri, Miscellaneous Records, 1865-1883, (R0040)
2 folders
These are photocopies of miscellaneous city and county documents. Included are tax records, a census of school-age children, loyalty oaths, and ballots from the elections of 1876. There are also pamphlets containing a report on mining and manufactures to the Missouri legislature, 1881, and an address by Gov. Thomas T. Crittenden, printed in German, 1883.

Sainte Genevieve, Missouri, Photographs, ca. 1880s-1920s, (R0338)
1 folder
These are thirteen black and white views of the Beauvais, Bolduc, Gregoire, Janis, Rozier, and Valle houses in Ste. Genevieve, ca. 1880s; the Catholic Church, built in 1834; the John Garretson family, ca. 1900; the wooden-hulled railroad ferryboat Ste. Genevieve, 1912-1918; and the steel-hulled vessel which bore the same name, ca. 1920s.

Sainte Genevieve, Missouri, Board of Trustees, Ordinances, 1849-1895, (R0005)
2 volumes
These are municipal ordinances of the city of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. The ordinances are organized chronologically by date of enactment and are numbered consecutively. Included are ordinances dated from 30 May 1849 to 10 December 1895.

Sainte Genevieve, Missouri, Board of Trustees, Records, 1827-1913, (R0004)
4 volumes
These are minutes of meetings of the boards of trustees and aldermen of the city of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. The meetings include discussions and resolutions on various items of city business, including payments for services rendered, the hiring and firing of city officials, public works, and proposed ordinances.

Sainte Genevieve, Missouri, Daybook, 1819-1825, (R0212)
1 volume
This is a daybook of an unidentified mercantile operation at Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, perhaps that of Evariste F. Pratte. The entries begin on 29 October 1819 and continue through 8 December 1825. An index of the customers is available.

Sainte Genevieve, Missouri, Lead Account Book, 1842-1852, (R0450)
1 volume
This is an account book for the receipt and disposition of lead (and some copper) shipments at Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, perhaps associated with Ziegler & Company. Records include the date, name of hauler, number of "pigs," and weight. Contrary accounts give the disposition of metal, including destinations, names of steamboats, and credits to third parties.

Sainte Genevieve Missouri, Mineral Account Book, 1828-1867, (R0340)
1 folder
This volume contains accounts for lead, copper, and "copper stone" shipped at Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, 1828-1848, mostly by the firm of Menard & Valle, and a letter of 1867 from H. Janis of Ste. Genevieve to John Hall of Madison County, Missouri, concerning land on the St. Francis River.

Sainte Genevieve, Missouri, School Board, Minute Book, 1851-1885, (R0021)
1 volume
These are minutes of the Board of Directors of Schools, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. The minutes include discussions and resolutions on settlements of adverse claims to land owned by the school board, and also records the establishments of the first public schools in Ste. Genevieve.

Sainte Genevieve, Missouri, Tax Book, 1861, (R0386)
1 volume
This is a record of taxes on real estate and personal property in the city of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. The records include an alphabetical listing of property owners, the location and value of real estate, taxes on slaves, notes, bonds, dogs, and other personal property, and the amount of tax assessed.

Sainte Genevieve Academy, Ledgers, 1853-1861, (R0020)
2 volumes
These are daybook-ledgers from the Ste. Genevieve English and Classical Academy, a private school established by Firmin A. Rozier in 1853. The ledgers include a list of expenses incurred by the school, and accounts of tuition and school supplies charged to the students.

Sainte Genevieve Chamber of Commerce, Booklet, 1935, (R0836)
1 folder
This is a "Bi-Centennial Souvenir" pictorial booklet published by the Chamber of Commerce in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the founding of the town of Sainte Genevieve in Sainte Genevieve County, Missouri. It contains photographic views of historic sites and buildings in the town.

Sainte Genevieve County, Missouri, School Records, 1875-1944, (R0097)
3 folders, photocopies
These are district clerk's records and teacher's class records for the rural Morning Shade School (District No. 18 and 35) in Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri. The collection includes nine volumes that contain minutes of annual meetings, school censuses, financial data, and teachers' contracts.

Sainte Genevieve Tan Yard, Account Book, 1823-1829, (R0335)
1 folder
This is a ledger and daybook (combined in one volume) of a tannery located in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Accounts note hides and skins exchanged for leather and general merchandise credits. Also included are a poem and an "inventory of all the persenel estate of James Buckely deceased."

Saucier, Walter J., Saucier Family Genealogy, 1969, (R0012)
1 folder
This is "A List of Descent From Marie Jeanne Saucier by Her Marriages to Antoine Decelle Duclos and Jean Baptiste du (des) Martin." It includes all of the Duclos (Declue) family of Washington County, Missouri, through the nineteenth century. This is a photocopy from the Washington County Library.

Sampson, Francis Asbury (1842-1918), Collection, 1796-1958, (C3813)
12.9 linear feet
This collection, compiled by Sampson, includes Democratic and Republican party campaign literature for national and Missouri elections, 1838-1958; speeches and pamphlets concerning national and state political issues; materials concerning the history of Boone, Schuyler, Pettis, and Ste. Genevieve counties and Sedalia; papers of Garland C. Broadhead and William Switzler; and speeches, notes, bibliographies, and personal papers of Sampson.

Southeast Missouri Drummers' Association, Souvenir Programs, 1908, 1918, (R1183)
2 volumes
These are souvenir programs for the twelfth (1908) and twenty-second (1918) annual meetings of the Southeast Missouri Drummers' Association, held at Sainte Genevieve in Sainte Genevieve County, Missouri. The programs feature schedules of events, descriptions of Sainte Genevieve, its prominent citizens, and local businesses, photographs of members of the association, its officers, and city officials, and views of public buildings, businesses, and residences.

Southeast Missouri Medical Society, Collection, 1877-1967, (CG0003)
0.5 cubic feet (7 folders)
The Southeast Missouri Medical Society Collection consists of miscellaneous records from physicians and hospitals in the southeast region of Missouri.

Spalding, Bennett, Ledger, 1850-1861, (R0214)
1 volume
This is an account ledger of a mercantile operation at Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, thought to have been carried on by Bennett Spalding. The entries begin in April 1850 and end in June 1861. An index to the volume is available.

St. Gem, Gustavus, Papers, 1901-1904, (C1642)
1 volume
The papers of Gustavus St. Gem contain speeches, essays, and songs about the St. Gem family, Ste. Genevieve, MO, and the Louisiana Territory. Subjects include settlement of Missouri, Kaskaskia, IL, Louisiana Purchase, pioneer conditions, and holiday celebrations.

St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company, Records, 1859-1980, (R0362)
635 items in 56 cartons
These are corporate minutes and financial account books, and other records of the St. Louis-San Francisco ("Frisco") Railway Company (1916-1980) and predecessor, subsidiary, and constituent companies, most notably the St. Louis & San Francisco Railway (1876-1896) and the St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad (1896-1916). The "Frisco" operated in Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. It became part of the Burlington Northern Railroad in 1980.

Standifird, Aquilla, Civil War Diary, 1862-1865, (R0458)
1 folder, photocopies
This is the Civil War diary of a sergeant and, later, lieutenant of Co. D, 23rd Iowa Infantry. The diary covers duty in Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas, 26 July 1862 -- ca. 15 April 1865. Included are descriptions of service in the Army of Southeastern Missouri, the Vicksburg Campaign, including the battles of Port Gibson, Champion's Hill, Big Black River Bridge, and Milliken's Bend, and furlough and medical leave in Iowa.

State of Missouri Collection, (P0018)
486 photographs
Over 400 original photos created for the 1904 publication on Missouri at the time of the World's Fair by Walter Williams; shows all aspects and counties in Missouri.

Ste. Genevieve, Missouri Collection, (R1470)
0.02 cubic foot (1 folder)
The Ste. Genevieve, Missouri Collection contains a Ste. Genevieve, Missouri Lake Forest Estates booklet printed by the La Rose Publishing Company in 1973 and A Tour of Old Ste. Genevieve printed by the Wehmeyer Printing Company in 1975.

Ste. Genevieve County, Circuit Court, Attorney's Roll, 1844-1978, (C3674)
1 folder
The records contain a copy of a roll of attorneys and their addresses, as written by each individual who practiced before the Ste. Genevieve County Court from 1844 to 1978.

Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri, Tax Lists, 1846, (CA6481)
0.1 cubic feet
Tax lists include taxes assessed on both residents and non-residents of Ste. Genevieve County.

Ste. Genevieve, Iron Mountain and Pilot Knob Plank Road Company, Stock Certificate, 1854, (R0747)
1 folder
This is a certificate for one share of capital stock in the Ste. Genevieve, Iron Mountain and Pilot Knob Plank Road Company, which built and operated a toll road in St. Francois and Ste. Genevieve counties in Missouri. Philip Stapp acquired the certificate on 3 February 1854.

Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, Papers, 1759-1876, (C2075)
2 volumes
The collection contains records of the town of Ste. Genevieve. Vol. 1, the Ste. Genevieve church register, includes vital statistics records, 1759-1840. Vol. 2, the Ste. Genevieve archives, includes deeds, 1766-1876; Indian affairs, 1766-1804; and New Madrid archives, 1802-1803. Two copies. Translated from the French by A. Lloyd Collins.

Ste. Genevieve Academy, Record Book, 1807-1812, (C1234)
2 volumes
Minutes, rules and regulations for the general government of the institution, expenses, pupils, tuition, accounts, and courses offered. The academy was established in 1818 and closed during the Civil War in 1862. Photostat copy and typed copy.

Ste. Genevieve Savings Association, Records, 1865-1874, (R0466)
5 oversize volumes, 1 bundle
This collection includes a letterbook, account books, and draft stubs for the Ste. Genevieve Savings Association of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Firmin A. Rozier was president and Oliver D. Harris, Eugene Guibord, and Hiram Blackledge were cashiers.

Ste. Genevieve Telephone Co., Records, 1899-1906, (R0339)
8 folders
These are bills for various goods and services rendered to the Ste. Genevieve Telephone Company. John Tlapek and Henry L. Rozier organized the company, which later became part of the Bell system.

Ste. Genevieve "The Way We Worked" Oral History Records, (CG0021)
0.01 cubic feet (1 folder; 8 DVDS, 21.71 GB)
Contains 96 oral histories on eight DVD's produced by Bolduc House Museum in Sainte Genevieve, Missouri, created in conjunction with the traveling Smithsonian Institution exhibit, "The Way We Worked." The oral histories occurred between August and September 2011, and were featured during the exhibit from October 8 to November 5, 2011. This is the local copy of the records.

Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, Papers, 1759-1876, (C2075)
2 volumes
The collection contains records of the town of Ste. Genevieve. Vol. 1, the Ste. Genevieve church register, includes vital statistics records, 1759-1840. Vol. 2, the Ste. Genevieve archives, includes deeds, 1766-1876; Indian affairs, 1766-1804; and New Madrid archives, 1802-1803. Two copies. Translated from the French by A. Lloyd Collins.

State of Missouri Collection, (P0018)
486 photographs
Over 400 original photos created for the 1904 publication on Missouri at the time of the World's Fair by Walter Williams; shows all aspects and counties in Missouri.


The Missouri Collection (C3982)
17.9 cubic feet, 9 audio cassettes, 3 audio discs, 9 CDs, 1 computer disc, 1 film, 6 film strips, 3 DVDs, 2 video cassettes (791 folders, 21 oversize ite
The Missouri Collection is an artificial collection combining miscellaneous small acquisitions related to Missouri places, individuals, organizations, and events.

Tlapek, John, Correspondence, 1897-1935, (R0037)
8 folders
This is business correspondence addressed to John Tlapek as general manager of Louis Houck's Chester, Perryville, Ste. Genevieve and Farmington Railroad, 1897-1902. Tlapek also was a partner in the Southeast Missouri Telephone Company, 1909-1911.

Tolman, William Long, Papers, 1852-1919, (R0246)
5 folders, photocopies
These are papers of the Evans and Tolman families of Farmington, Missouri, mostly of Dr. William L. Tolman and his wife, Margaret Frances "Fanny" Evans (1840-1921). Included are letters from relatives in California and Colorado, a file of letters from Civil War veterans seeking invalid pensions, and a collection of stories concerning the early settlers of St. Francois County.


U.S. Surveyor-General Surveys, 1834-1862, (C1287)
1 volume
Copy of surveys of St. Louis, St. Charles, Ste. Genevieve, Mine a Breton, New Bourbon, Carondelet, and surrounding territories, copied from plat book in office of secretary of state of Missouri.

U.S. Work Projects Administration, "Church Bibliography, Baptist Bodies of Missouri, Associational Minutes," 1941, (C1312)
1 volume
The collection contains a list of the various Baptist associations in Missouri and the dates for which their records are in existence.

U.S. Work Projects Administration, Historical Records Survey, Missouri, 1935-1942, (C3551)
302 linear feet; also available on 817 rolls of microfilm
Correspondence, records, and working files. Originally designed to survey and inventory all county government records, the survey finally included inventories of church records, manuscript collections, vital statistics, American imprints, and federal archives. Incorporates records of the Federal Writers Project for Missouri.

University of Missouri, Agricultural Extension Service, Records, 1908-1963, (C2513)
1.5 linear feet
The records of the University of Missouri Agricultural Extension Service contain histories, letters, reports, memoranda, speeches, maps, publications, newspaper articles, and pictures concerning Missouri Agricultural Extension Service and U.S. Department of Agriculture policies; agricultural, home economics, and 4-H extension work; and the College of Agriculture.


van Ravenswaay, Charles (1911-1990), Papers, 1841-1990, (C3873)
21.8 linear feet, 1 audio cassette
Correspondence, research notes, photographs, and literary manuscripts of historian and author Charles van Ravenswaay, former director of the Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis; Old Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge, Massachusetts; and the Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum and Gardens, Wilmington, Delaware.


Weingarten Internment Camp, Weingarten, Missouri, Papers, 1943-1945, (R1161)
1 folder
This collection includes a newsletter, a copy of orders, a roster for the 408th Military Police Escort Guard Company, and a pass from the Weingarten Internment Camp, a prisoner-of-war camp at Weingarten in Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri, during World War II.

Weinig, Reverand Charles A., Photographs, (P0973)
2 photographs
Photos of Ste. Genevieve: St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Zell School

Whitledge, Thomas B., Papers, 1874-1916, (R0276)
22 folders
These are letters to Thomas B. Whitledge, an attorney and politician in St. Marys, Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri. Correspondents include Edward A. Rozier, Benjamin B. Cahoon, and Richard C. Kerens. Subjects include levee districts, railroads, oil exploration, and the Republican Party. Topics in the latter category include patronage, religious toleration, and the Taft/Roosevelt split of 1912.

Withers, Ethel Massie, Scrapbook, ca. 1916, (C1440)
0.3 linear feet
The Ethel Massie Withers Scrapbook is an album of photographic copies of lantern slides used to illustrate the Missouri Daughters of the American Revolution lecture, Pioneering in Missouri, 1916. The scrapbook also includes a copy of the lecture, written by Ethel Massie Withers, with explanations of the photographs. The lantern slides are located in the Editorial Department of the State Historical Society of Missouri.

Williams, William B., Ledger, 1837-1878, (R0103)
1 volume
This is an indexed account ledger of a physician in Farmington, St. Francois County, Missouri. The entries include the names of patients, the nature of services rendered, and payments received in cash and kind. See also collection R0113.

Williams, William B., Records, 1837-1888, (R0113)
4 volumes
These are daybooks, 1837-1860, and a ledger, 1855-1888, of a physician in Farmington, St. Francois County, Missouri. (See also collection R0103).

Wobus, Paul A., Papers, 1918-1989, (R0008)
52 folders, 89 notebooks
The Rev. Paul A. Wobus was born in St. Charles, Missouri, on 14 February 1893. His father, Reinhard Wobus, was pastor of the Evangelical Church there. Paul Wobus died on 11 December 1982 in Concordia, Missouri.


Ziegler, John, Letter, 1847, (R1055)
1 folder
This is a letter dated 21 October 1847 from John Ziegler (for S. Ziegler) at Ste. Genevieve in Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri, to James Harrison at Iron Mountain in St. Francois County, Missouri. It concerns shipments of iron ore and "pigs" from Iron Mountain to steamboats on the Mississippi River at Ste. Genevieve.

Ziegler, Lewis, Daybook, 1839-1841, (R0211)
1 volume
This is a daybook from a tavern operated by Lewis Ziegler, or, possibly, Sebastian Ziegler, at Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Entries begin on 21 April 1839 and continue through 13 July 1841.

Ziegler & Company, Account Book, 1843-1853, (R0185)
1 volume
This is an account book of a freight transfer and storage firm in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Lewis Ziegler was probably the proprietor. The account book includes two separate records: "Lead Book for the use of Ziegler & Co.," 1843-1849; and "Iron Received from Iron Mountain," 1850-1853.

Zumwalt Family, Papers, 1862-1992, (C4048)
0.5 linear feet
The Zumwalt family papers consist of genealogical materials, correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks, local church histories, and miscellaneous articles relating to a family that settled in Boone and Callaway Counties around 1800.