Saint Louis City and County Manuscript Collections

The city of St. Louis was founded in 1764 and the Greater St. Louis area is the largest metro area in Missouri. Saint Louis County was organized in 1812, and the county seat is Clayton. These collections deal in some manner with Saint Louis City or County, Missouri. This list is not comprehensive, so be sure to browse Manuscript Collections by subject.

*Collections marked with DIGITIZED MATERIALS have additional digitized items available.

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1st Regiment, Missouri Engineers Collection (R1381)
0.01 cubic foot (1 folder)
The 1st Regiment, Missouri Engineers Collection contains a history of the 25th Regiment Missouri Infantry and Bissell’s Engineer Regiment of the West and how they consolidated into the 1st Regiment, Missouri Engineers and includes unit rosters. This history was edited and compiled by Dr. W.A. Neal, who served as the assistant surgeon in the 1st Missouri Engineers.


Adams, James A., Letter, 1863, (C1615)
1 folder
The papers contain a directive that three prisoners were being sent to the Provost Marshall General at St. Louis in charge of Lt. Newlee, 9th Cavalry, Missouri State Militia. Instructions to St. Louis Provost Guard from Brig. General Strong, June 22, 1863, to allow Newlee to pass.

Adult Education Council of Greater St. Louis Records, (S0844)
14 cubic feet (391 folders)
Collection includes annual meeting minutes, board of directors meeting minutes, budgets, calendars, conference minutes and materials, news clippings, committee and conference proceedings, files on adult literacy, membership directories, newsletters, policy statements, publicity files, treasurer reports and workshop materials of the Adult Education Council of Greater St. Louis. The Council provides information to adult students and professional adult educators of Greater St. Louis through a telephone referral service, Adult Educational Resource Directory, and bi-monthly and conference programming. It makes membership available to all interested individuals and institutions. The Council serves as a clearinghouse for current research, program offerings and adult education activity in Greater St. Louis. It is organized by a volunteer board and it belongs as a member agency to the Arts and Education Council. Memberships and tax-deductible contributions help to underwrite the cost of the community service information and referral telephone line.

African-American Healing Arts and Lore Collection (S0749)
0.25 cubic foot (5 folders, 2 cassettes)
The records of the African-American Healing Arts and Lore Collection documents methods of natural healing passed down from generation to generation through interviews and public discussions. Additionally, the collection contains correspondence, grant proposals, meeting minutes, and budget narratives. Included in this collection are two cassette tapes with audio recordings. The first recording is a group discussion and performance about the relationship between song and healing arts; the second recording is of a group interview discussing various natural remedies for common ailments.

Agriculture Stabilization and Conservation Service Aerial Photographs, (P0335)
107.5 linear feet
Missouri county aerial photographs produced by the Agriculture Stabilization and Conservation Service.

Alexander, E.W., Photograph Collection, (P0884)
1 photograph
Photo of Central High School, St. Louis

Allan Family, Papers, 1890s-1940s, (CA6383)
0.7 cubic feet
Papers of the Allan family of St. Louis include photographs, correspondence, and miscellaneous papers. The papers largely concern John D. Allan and his children, William J. Allan, an engineer and inventor, and Ruby Allan Shea.

Amberger Photograph Collection, (S1162)
4 folders
The photographs are of a variety of street scenes and portraits. The newsclippings include a pieced-together edition of Charles Dickens's "The Life of our Lord," and the December 7th edition of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. Correspondence includes letters and envelopes in French between an unknown individual and the Mayor of St. Louis.

Ambler, Jaquelin Collection, (S0003)
0.8 cubic foot (18 folders)
The Jaquelin Ambler Collection contains gallery announcements, flyers, programs, invitations, and newspaper articles regarding St. Louis area art clubs, galleries, and artists collected by Jaquelin Ambler between 1966 and 1972, after her retirement from the St. Louis Art Museum.

American Association of University Women, Ferguson-Florissant Branch Records, (S1163)
8 cubic feet (92 folders, 12 volumes, 638 photographs)
The records of the American Association of University Women (AAUW), Ferguson-Florissant Branch contain correspondence, meeting minutes, newsletters, yearbooks, and reports relating to the group’s mission to empower women in their community through public service, education, political lobbying. Topics of interest include histories of the Ferguson-Florissant Branch, the group’s participation in the Famous American Women Project, as well as their publication of Show-Me the Arts: A Guide to Missouri’s Cultural Resources. Also included in these records are the branch’s scrapbooks, containing extensive photographic documentation of their meetings and charitable endeavors, including the Annual Book Fair. The materials date from 1959 to 2015.

America First Committee, 1941, (C2547)
1 folder
Paper of the St. Louis, MO, Chapter of America First Committee, published from July to October 1941. Originals at Stanford University.

American Revolution Bicentennial, Missouri Committee for Agriculture, Papers, 1974-1976 (C4276)
1.2 cubic feet (42 folders), 1 audio tape
The papers of the committee contain correspondence, newsletters, reports, updates, events awards programs, lists of elected members, historical information on "Centennial Farms," and "Liberty Trees," meeting minutes, announcements, newspaper clippings, and audio-visual material for a slide presentation entitled "The Spirit of 76."

American Revolution Bicentennial Commission of Missouri, Papers, 1973-1977, (C4259)
0.4 cubic feet (19 folders)
The papers contain letters, notes, scrapbooks, programs, events and some photographs which focused on the American Bicentennial, which was celebrated by a number of Missouri counties in 1976.

Americans For Democratic Action, St. Louis Chapter, (1947- ), Records, 1948-1983, (S0045)
18 Folders, 2 Audio Cassettes
The bulk of the ADA records are from 1960 to 1969, during the term of chapter presdient, Jack Pierson. There is one folder of material from 1948 to 1959 and another from 1977 to 1983. There is only one letter from 1983. The collection mainly documents the endorsements, resolutions and activities of the St. Louis ADA chapter during the 1960s. It includes correspondence on arrangements for Roosevelt Day dinner speakers, letters to newspaper and television editors and memoranda to and from the national group, mailing lists, board meeting minutes, legislative newsletters, endorsements and resolutions.

Anheuser-Busch Inc., Photographs, (P0303)
1 folder
Various photos of Anheuser-Busch company and grounds.

Arrot, James, Letter, 1840, (C2614)
1 folder
The papers contain a letter to a colleague describing St. Louis.

Arts And Education Council Of Greater St. Louis, Records, (SA0848)
3 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Austin, Dr. Peter E., Papers, 1860-1861, (C1812)
1 folder
Tickets to Missouri Medical College lectures.


Bacon-Defoe Cemetery Restoration Photographs,(P0929)
24 photographs
Original photos used in publication "Bacon-DeFoe Cemetery Restoration, St. Louis Co., 1970"

Baer, Eleanora A., "Books Newspapers and Libraries in Pioneer St. Louis, (1808-1842)," 1961, (C3519)
1 folder
Thesis prepared for Library School of the University of Wisconsin. Gives description of books brought to St. Louis by settlers, and acquisition of materials in early schools and libraries.

Bain, George Grantham (1865- ), Papers, 1891, (C1743)
1 folder
The papers of George Grantham Bain contain letters about newspaperman Bain from Charles Ritch Johnson and the Saint Louis GLOBE-DEMOCRAT managing editor, May 8-9, 1891. The papers also include a biographical sketch of Bain with compliments from other journalists about his work.

Baker, Thomas Frazier, III (1918- ), Papers, 1959-1967, (C2465)
716 folders, 8 volumes, 8.4 cubic feet
Papers of a state representative from Stoddard County, 1961-1967. Campaign correspondence and publicity, correspondence with constituents in regard to legislation and welfare assistance, political correspondence on such matters as gubernatorial succession, reapportionment, conflict of interest legislation, and ouster of House Speaker Graham.

Bakewell, Claude I., (1912-1987), Papers, 1946-1952, (C2346)
1.6 cubic feet
The papers contain correspondence and congressional material of a Republican representative from Missouri's 11th congressional district to the 80th and 82nd Congresses.

Balsiger, Fred R., Collection, (P0092)
90 photographs
90 b/w and color lantern slides of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1904.

Baltzer Photograph Collection (S1223)
0.25 cubic feet
The Baltzer Photograph Collection contains approximately 450 photographs and negatives chronicling the lives of two brothers who were born in St. Louis, Victor and Arwed Baltzer.

Bank of Missouri Note, 1817, (C2081)
1 folder
The collection contains a three-dollar bank note payable to G. Hales, signed by Aug. Chouteau, president, and Lilburn W. Boggs, cashier, of a St. Louis bank, April 22, 1817.

Barrow, E. Cave, Collection, 1871-1948, (C2666)
0.2 linear feet, 8 rolls of microfilm
St. Louis Whiskey Ring. Microfilm of newspapers, O.E. Babcock papers, B.H. Bristow papers, Life of Emory Storrs (1886), pardon papers. Barton-Turner letters, 1874-1875. Internal Revenue booklets, 1872, 1873, 1948. Centennial Souvenir, Academy of the Visitation, St. Louis, 1933.

Bauer, Royal D.M. (1889-1983), Family, Papers, 1840-1943, (C2263)
4 folders
The papers of the Royal D.M. Bauer family contain miscellaneous legal and personal papers relating to the Royal D.M. Bauer, Edward Clark Bauer, and S. John Anderson families.

Bence, Adam, Arithmetic Notebook, 1839, (C2471)
1 volume
The papers contain one arithmetic notebook by Adam Bence, done at Dr. Winright's English and Mathematical Academy, St. Louis, Missouri.

Benjamin, Dr. Durand, Photographs, (P0571)
1 folder
Photos from pilgrimate to grave of William Beaumont, on the occasion of his 150th birthday anniversary, 1935-11-21. Photos by Dr. Durand Benjamin of St. Louis, MO

Bennett, Mary L., Photograph Collection, (P0808)
17 photographs
Photos of St. Louis street scenes and the Judge & Dolph Drugstore. Photographs of the Berry family. Group portrait of a conference at William Woods College, ca. 1920.

Bergseid, Carolyn R., Postcard Collection, (P0548)
28 postcards
Postcards of St. Joseph, Kansas City, Springfield, St. Louis, Bolivar, and the University of Missouri Columns.

Berndt, Harry Edward, Papers, (S0851)
8 cubic feet (183 folders)
The papers of Harry Edward Berndt (1926- ), a former sociology professor at St. Louis Community College, Florissant Valley, and executive director of Metro Housing Resources, a housing advocacy agency for low-income and minority individuals. The materials consist of correspondence, research articles, essays, and working and subject files, documenting his research interests in urban sociology, intercultural and interracial relations, and organizational analysis. Other items of interest include drafts and correspondence of his books New Rules in the Ghetto: Community Development and Urban Poverty (1977) and Only a Priest (2010), a biography of Monsignor John Alexander Shocklee, a civil rights and labor activist.

Birch, J.N., Letter, 1878, (C2053)
1 folder
To R.F.C. Schroeder, St. Louis, MO, from St. Louis, MO, June 12, 1878. Granting Schroeder a leave of absence. Endorsed by Charles A. Fisk.

Bishop, Rev. Maury Whipple, Photograph Collection, (P0660)
41 photographs
Photos of Bishop family members, Ben and Alice Dixon, dedication ceremonies for General Pershing's Home (1960, Laclede) and Liberty Memorial (1961, Kansas City), the 1949 Missouri State Fair, Longview Farm (Lee's Summit), and fountains in Forest Park (St. Louis). Postcards of Independence.

Blackwell, John A. (1834- ), Papers, 1852-1940, (C3732)
2.3 cubic feet
Contains the correspondence, diaries, writings, Civil War papers, and medical practice records of a doctor from Bedford, IN, who later lived in Foristell and Wellsville, MO. Also included are family letters, Woman's Christian Temperance Union records, and a history of the Clover family.

Boeckman, Laurel, Collection, (P0238)
0.3 linear feet
Large postcard collection showing various tourist areas in Missouri as well as places outside Missouri. Other images include photos of Virginia Mayo, the Boone County Fair, St. Louis, and Columbia images.

Boehl, Emil, Photographs, (P0825)
6 photographs
Photos of St. Louis by Emil Boehl.

Bohm, Frederick, Letter, 1849, (C2203)
1 folder
To William H. Bell, St. Louis Arsenal, from St. Louis Arsenal, January 8, 1849. Request for a discharge because his wife's poor health is adversely affected by undesirable living quarters. Detailed description of crowded, damp, unfinished living units.

Bohm, Louis Frederick, Papers, 1866, (C2591)
1 folder
Letter from Bohm in Warrenton, MO, to his parents in Illinois, and a copy of a catalogue of Western Educational Institute, Warrenton.

Boundary Commission, St. Louis County, Records, 1985-2002, (S0812)
204 folders
The Boundary Commission reviewed proposals affecting the boundaries of incorporated and unincorporated areas in St. Louis County. State statute mandated that the commission approve any boundary changes in the county, although such changes also required voter approval. These changes included annexations, incorporations, disincorporation, consolidations and transfers of jurisdiction between municipalities and the county. The Boundary Commission reviewed proposals, was responsible for proposal paperwork and conducted public hearings on various boundary change proposals.

Black Jack, Missouri, Housing Controversy Collection, 1973-1976, (S0007)
13 Folders
Includes court documents, memoranda and newsclippings.

Black Jack Project Records, 1968-1970, (SA1206)
1 box
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Bradshaw, Doris Crump, Papers, 1930-1962 (C3303)
3 linear feet
The civic, professional, and social organization papers of Doris Crump Bradshaw include: League of Women Voters, Missouri Library Association, Fortnightly Club, Columbia Garden Club, and Daughters of the American Revolution. Active in American Association of University Women, Mrs. Bradshaw served as state legislative chairman, 1945-1949, and state social studies chairman, 1950-1951.

Breckenridge, William Clark (1862-1927), Papers, 1752-1927, (C1036)
4.75 linear feet, 21 volumes, 3 rolls of microfilm
The papers of the St. Louis businessman, writer, and historian contain correspondence, scrapbooks, book sale announcements, and miscellaneous materials, with an emphasis on St. Louis and Missouri history.

Bridges, Mrs. Homer L., Postcard Collection, (P0377)
1 folder
Postcards of University of Missouri Columbia, the Missouri State Capitol, St. Louis, Barnes Hospital (St. Louis), Uniontown, and Ellington, MO

Broadhead, James Overton, Letter, 1891, (C2046)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter to Garland [Broadhead] from James Overton Broadhead, St. Louis, Dec. 24, 1891, concerning the Missouri-Arkansas border.

Broadhead, James Overton, Letter, 1896, (C2047)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter to Garland [Broadhead] from James Broadhead, St. Louis, Jan. 4, 1896. The letter refers to GLOBE DEMOCRAT'S charge of James's bolting the Democratic ticket in 1874; as well as writing a paper on the Treaty of 1803 and the territory which the Louisiana Purchase embraced.

Brockhoff, Dorothy, Papers, (S1221)
0.25 cubic foot (15 folders, 2 volumes, 4 items)
The Dorothy Brockhoff Papers consist of correspondence, speeches, magazine and newspaper articles, and photographs, pertaining to Brockhoff's career in journalism and public relations in the St. Louis area from 1948 to the 1990s. Known affectionately among her colleagues as "Scoop" for her enterprising reporting, Brockhoff wrote for a variety of publications, including the St. Louis Globe-Democrat, the Washington University Magazine, and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Brockhoff's articles for the Washington University Magazine garnered national attention, resulting in the National Women's Press Association awarding her first prize for best interview story in 1974. Other materials of interest include speeches Brockhoff ghostwrote for Monsanto Chemical Company executives, as well as photographs of Brockhoff and her relatives. The papers date from 1901 to 1996.

Brown B[enjamin] Gratz, (1826-1885), Letter, 1850, (C2202)
1 folder
To [Orlando Brown], from St. Louis, MO, Mar. 10, 1850. Brown informs his uncle of the death of Weissinger and discusses his own success in the law profession, his personal goals, and friends. Also typed copy.

Brown, Lawrence Robert, Papers, 1949, (C3214)
1 folder,"Draft of master's thesis entitled "Frontier Dramatic Criticism, St. Louis, 1835-1838
submitted to the University of Wisconsin speech department. A history and analysis of the theater in St. Louis, 1835-1838. Letter from Brown to William G.B. Carson about his project.

Brown, Robert C., Photograph Collection, (P0004)
51 photographs
Photographs of Missouri railroad depots, primarily for the Chicago, Burlington, & Quincy Railroad. Photographs relating to A.F. Schliecker of Kansas City, Missouri.

Bruce, Elizabeth "Betsey", Papers, (S1224)
15 boxes
The Elizabeth "Betsey" Bruce papers contain television scripts, photographs, newspaper clippings, and reports, documenting her 46-year career as a television broadcaster at KMOV-TV and KTVI-TV, in St. Louis, Missouri. Subjects of interest include Bruce's reporting on school desegregation in St. Louis; Missouri Governor’s races, including the death of Governor Mel Carnahan in 2000; the St. Louis County Special School District; and prominent women in Missouri politics, including State Senator Harriet Woods. The papers date from 1971 to 2016.

Buder, Eugene Papers, (1917- ), N.D., 1902-1992, (S0854)
27 folders
The Eugene Buder Papers includes manuscripts and newspaper clippings about the District Plan for 1959 and publications about the political organization of the city of St. Louis and St. Louis County. The Buder Papers contain manuscripts and newspaper clippings about police relations in St. Louis from 1952 to 1992. In addition, the Buder Papers includes manuscripts about the County Parks Bond Issue of 1966, documents about Buder's association with the presidential campaign of Adlai Stevenson in 1956 and political buttons from the campaign.

Burford-White Photograph Collection, (P0038)
64 photographs
Snapshot and studio photos, including tintypes related to the White-Burford-Taylor-Adkins-Harness-Marolf families plus scenes from Ladue, Vista and Independence, as well as vacation scenes outside of Missouri.

Buegel, John T., Civil War Diary, 1861-1864, (C1844)
3 folders
The collection contains a diary, in German, with translation by William G. Bek, 1945. The diary documents Buegel's career as a soldier in Company F, 3rd Regiment, Missouri Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War, including battles of Camp Jackson, Wilson's Creek and Springfield, and Sherman's march to the sea.

Bürki, Christian Johann Papers (R1416)
0.1 cubic foot (4 folders)
The papers of Christian Johann Bürki contain materials related to his service during the Civil War. Born in Bern, Switzerland, Bürki moved to the United States prior to the Civil War and enlisted at St. Louis in the Missouri Volunteer Infantry, 15th Regiment, known as the 'Swiss Rifles,' where he rose to the rank of captain.

Bussman Manufacturing Co., Sales Conference Photographs, 1930, 1937-1938, (P0358)
3 photographs
Three group photographs of Bussman Manufacturing Co., St. Louis, annual sales conferences, 1930, 1937, 1938

Byrd, Abraham, Letter, 1800, (C2012)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter to Charles Dehault DeLassus, St. Louis, from Cape Girardeau, Jan. 13, 1800. The letter includes a request to the lieutenant governor of Upper Louisiana for a grant of land to establish a flour mill. A typed translation by J.A. Roldan is included.


Cabinet Cards, Collection, c. 1890s, (CA6343)
0.2 cubic feet
Collection of largely unidentified cabinet cards from the Jefferson City and St. Louis, Missouri, areas, circa 1890s. It is unclear if this is a family photograph album or was compiled by a photographer. Only two baby photographs have been identified, those of Daniel Gundelfinger and Harold Singer.

Carlson, Roy, Photographs, (P0823)
3 photographs
Photos of Utz home, Hazelwood, MO.

Carner, William, Post Card Collection, (SA0990)
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Carner, William J., Viewmaster Collection, (P0175)
28 images
Viewmaster reels featuring images of Missouri and the St. Louis Zoo

Carr, Will C., Letter, 1807, (C1843)
1 folder
The collection contains a copy of a letter to Thomas Carr, from St. Louis, MO, Oct. 23, 1807, to his uncle discussing political difficulties in Louisiana Territory, family news, and his engagement to the daughter of Dr. Aron Elliott of Ste. Genevieve, MO. Original in possession of the University of Georgia.

Castle, Nellie, Collection, (P0650)
1 folder
Postcards and photos of Howell County, mainly Willow Springs, and St. Louis County.

Caulfield, Henry S. (1873-1966), Papers, 1878-1966, (C2409)
2.1 linear feet
The papers of Henry S. Caulfield contain correspondence, diaries, photographs, reports, speeches, and miscellaneous material. Caulfield was a Republican governor of Missouri (1929-1933) and St. Louis official.

Cervantes, Alfonso J., (1920- ), The Mayor, the Magazine, and the Truth, 1970, (C3332)
1 folder
Mayor Cervantes' refutation of an article in LIFE magazine (May 29, 1970) attacking St. Louis and himself. Includes copies of telegrams, lawsuit filed, excerpts from article, profiles of those whom article attacks, and editorials by St. Louis news media.

Chippewa Bridge Drawing, 1943, (C2070)
1 folder
Drawing of proposed bridge across the Mississippi River at St. Louis.

Christ Church Cathedral, Photographs, (P0840)
19 photographs
Portraits of Christ Church Cathedral clergy

Christian Women’s Benevolent Association Records (S1235)
3 cubic feet, 12 oversize volumes
The Christian Women’s Benevolent Association Records contain Christian Women Benevolent Association (CWBA) Board Meeting Minutes (1899–1952); Christian Old People’s Home Ledgers and Meeting Minutes (1915–1949); Christian Hospital of St. Louis Board Meeting Minutes (1923–1959); and scrapbooks, photographs, videotapes, and ephemera relating to the CWBA’s activities from 1899 – 2011.  Most notably, the records include admittance ledgers from the Christian Orphan’s Home as well as the Mothers and Babies Home of St. Louis from 1899 to 1933. The admittance ledgers are a particularly rich source of genealogical information, as they contain applications for entry into the home. Details such as date and place of the child’s birth; vaccination records; parents’ full names, birthplace and occupation, and nationality and religion; and location of the nearest living relative are listed.

Chouteau Family, Bible Excerpt, n.d., (C3137)
1 folder
The papers contain a copy of page from the Chouteau Family Bible. Names listed are Francois Chouteau, Therese Birenica Chouteau, Edmund Francois H. Chouteau, Pierre Menard Chouteau, Louis Sylvestre Chouteau, Benjamin Chouteau, Frederick D. Chouteau, Benedict Pharamon Chouteau, and Mary Brigite Chouteau. Gives place and date of birth and date of death.

Chouteau, Auguste A., and Constance, Deed, 1818, (C1491)
1 folder
Deed to Fenton F. Goss for a lot in Florissant, MO.

City of St. Louis Map, 1874, (S0407)
1 map in map case
Map of the city of St. Louis compiled from the latest survey of Julius Hutawa, 1874

Civic Entrepreneurs Organization, Records(S1215)

Records of the Civic Entrepreneurs Organization, including correspondence, meeting minutes, financial reports, photographs, and scrapbooks relating to the St. Louis Art Fair, the Gateway to Health and Dragon Boat Festival, the Arts in Education Program; financial health; dissolution of the Civic Entrepreneurs Organization in 2011. The records also include microtape recordings and photographs on CD-R of the Gateway to Health Dragon Boat Festival.

Civic Progress Inc., Records, 1953-1979, (S0153)
1 Folder
Speeches, histories, agendas, correspondence, articles of incorporation and one photograph.

Civil War Documents, 1861-1865, (C4274)
0.2 cubic feet (2 folders)
Photocopies of miscellaneous papers including discharges, enlistments, Confederate bills and notes, stamps, insignia, orders, mustering out papers of soldiers, including officers, mostly from Missouri.

Clark, N.H. Letters, 1848, (C2709)
1 folder
To John D. McKown, St. Louis, MO, from Vera Cruz, Mexico. Clark marched with General Scott during the Mexican War; he describes the assault on Vera Cruz.

Cold Water Baptist Church, St. Louis County, Missouri, Record Book, 1809-1871, (C1296)
1 volume
Records of the Cold Water Baptist Church, 1809-1819; Baptist Church of Christ Friends to Humanity, 1834-1838; and Salem Baptist Church, 1841-1871; all on Cold Water in St. Louis County, MO.

Collins, A. Lloyd, Diary, 1943, (C2622)
1 folder
The papers contain personal experiences in Red Cross work at the Jefferson Barracks, Missouri, army camp.

Conant, Alban Jasper (1821-1915), Letter, 1876, (C3157)
1 folder
Letter to Edward Seymour, New York, NY, from Conant, St. Louis, concerning photographs of pottery found in Missouri Indian mounds. Engravings of the photographs enclosed with letter.

Cowan, James S., Letter, 1847, (C0496)
1 folder
To John W. Ellis, Salisbury, Rowan County, VA, from St. Louis, MO, July 25, 1847. Description of St. Louis in 1847, advice, and an invitation for Ellis to come west.

Cracken, N.M., Freight Bill, 1859, (C2435)
1 folder
The collection contains a bill of lading for goods shipped on the SKY LARK by Simmons and Leadbetter, St. Louis, MO, to Cracken, Leavenworth City, KS, July 22, 1859.

Crane, J.C., Letter, 1858, (C1621)
1 folder
The papers contain a letter to Permilla [Gerhold, Springfield, NJ], from St. Louis, Missouri, Feb. 26, 1858, to his cousin describing the Pacific Hotel fire in St. Louis. His brother George died in the fire, his mother barely escaped. Includes information on the funeral, burial, and financial aid to survivors.

Crawdad Alliance Records, (S0097)
0.1 cubic foot (1 folder)
The records contain flyers, leaflets, handbooks, newsletters, meeting minutes and a newspaper pertaining to the Crawdad Alliance's efforts to halt the proliferation of nuclear power in Missouri, including the construction of the Calloway Power Plant in Calloway County, Missouri, through nonviolent means, including civil disobedience.

Crawford, Anthony R. ( - ), Collection, 1980-1983, (S0459)
17 Folders, 445 Photographs And Negatives
The collection contains four hundred and forty-five black and white prints and negatives of downtown St. Louis buildings taken between 1980-1983. The collection also contains prints and negatives of the 1981 Veiled Prophet Fair and Parade.

Cullins, Peter K., Postcard Collection, (P0249)
32 postcards
Postcards of Columbia, Kansas City, St. Louis, and the 1904 World's Fair.

Curtis, Roy Emerson (1886-1960), Papers, 1935-1940, (C3408)
0.2 cubic feet, 11 folders
Curtis was professor of economics and finance at the University of Missouri, and served as dean of the school of Business and Public Administration from 1936 to 1942. Papers contain correspondence related to academic courses, faculty, students and jobs. Some business questionnaires and conference programs.

The Cypher, Newsletters, 1975-1983, (R1345)
0.25 cubic feet (3 folders)
The Cypher newsletters consist of the publications of the Greater St. Louis Chapter of the Organ Historical Society, Inc.


Dalton, Walter William (1908-1982), Papers, 1939-1979, (C4314)
0.2 cubic feet (3 folders)
The papers of Walter William Dalton contain correspondence, miscellaneous papers and newspaper clippings regarding Dalton, an Air Force Reserve officer, and attorney and civic leader.

Dame, Earl, Collection, 1830-1867, (C2855)
1 folder
Handbill circulated by Thomas Hayden to the people of Perry County to refute charges made by D.L. Caldwell, high sheriff of Perry County; St. Louis County citizens' petition, 1867; and St. Louis dog and hog catcher appointment, 1865.

Darst-Smith-Tindall Family Papers, (CA6559)
3 cubic feet
The papers contain letters, photographs, and genealogical material concerning the Darst, Smith, Tindall, and related families of St. Louis and Columbia, Missouri.

Davis, Jefferson, Letter, 1853, (C1892)
1 folder
The papers contain a letter to Luther M. Kennett, St. Louis, Missouri, from Washington, D.C., War Department, November 8, 1853. Letter to president of the St. Louis and Iron Mountain Railroad, regarding the right of way through the government grounds at Jefferson Barracks.

Davis, Julia, Papers (S0142)
0.05 cubic feet (20 folders)
The Julia Davis Papers are a research collection compiled by African-American educator and activist Julia Davis, documenting the educational and cultural activities of the black community in St. Louis between 1917 and 1988. The papers include articles, reports, lesson plans, programs, and literature from black educational institutions, as well as biographical material and tributes to black educators.

Davison, Leslie, Photographs, (P0810)
3 photographs
Photos of Florissant, MO houses ca. 1961.

Dearmont, Russell L. (1891-1967), Papers, 1929-1965, (C2665)
72 linear feet
Personal, business, and family correspondence of a St. Louis lawyer and Democratic politician who was counsel and later president of the Missouri Pacific Railroad and was active in civic affairs.

Deatherage, Charles P., "The Rambles of a School Boy in Saint Louis--1865," n.d., (C1712)
1 folder
Reminiscences of life in St. Louis in the 1860s. Deatherage wrote about the families on Madison Street, children's pastimes during summer vacations, and the construction of the Eads Bridge.

Deatherage, John G., Memoir, 1916, (C3268)
1 folder
Civil War reminiscences of a Union soldier who went with men from his neighborhood at Talbert Ferry on White River to Salem, AR, to fight with Colonel Marshall of the 1st Illinois Cavalry.

Denum, Julius, Endorsement, 1832, (C1520)
1 folder
Certification of Julius Denum as qualified to perform the duties of interpreter, translator, and clerk for the Board of Commissioners of Private Land Claims, St. Louis, MO. Signed by prominent Missourians.

Deskin, Nell, Album, (P0595)
1 volume
Official Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1904, souvenir album.

DeWard, Charles, Journal, 1839, (C1644)
1 volume
The collection contains field notes of an engineer and surveyor of the State Road from St. Louis to St. Charles.

Dickmann, Bernard F. (1888-1971), Papers, 1895-1980 (C3403)
2 cubic feet, 2 volumes, 20 reels of microfilm
The papers of Bernard Dickmann, Democratic mayor of St. Louis from 1933-1941, include correspondence, diary, newspaper articles, books, reports, photographs, and miscellaneous items related to years as public servant. Scrapbooks containing newspaper coverage of mayoral terms are on microfilm. Dickmann also served as postmaster, 1943-1958 and city welfare director, 1959-1961.

Dill, Clinnie Dodge, Scrapbook, 1893-1911, (S0769)
14 Folders
Scrapbook belonging to Clinnie Dodge Dill, the daughter of a Baptist minister. Folders remain in same order found in the scrapbook. Document dates range from 1893 to 1911. Collection includes documents from the Grand Avenue Baptist Church and Sunday school. Also includes several programs for various musical performances in the St. Louis area. Topics include religion, temperance, music, plays, education, feminism, and real estate.

Donnan, Geoffrey Wade, Papers, (S1222)
16 boxes
The papers of Geoffrey Wade Donnan contain correspondence, family histories, photographs, scrapbooks, and newspaper clippings relating to Geoffrey Wade Donnan’s research on the Donnan, Wessel, Schaefer, and Coe families. Throughout his research, Donnan collected and maintained his relative’s papers, including his parent’s, Dwight and Gloria Donnan, correspondence, which constitutes the bulk of the collection. Materials of interest include Dwight’s letters to Gloria during World War II, in which he served as a staff sergeant in the 255th Infantry Regiment, 63rd Infantry Division. Dwight recounts to Gloria crossing the Rhine River into Germany, as well as encountering German prisoners of war. The collection also contains a digital component, approximately 473 gigabytes of digitized family photographs, census records, and death certificates. Included in the digital materials are oral history interviews Geoffrey Donnan conducted with Dwight Donnan on the history of the Donnan family. The materials in this collection date from 1854 to 2015.

Downtown St. Louis Partnershp Addenda, Downtown St. Louis Inc., (S0791)
2 boxes
The Downtown St. Louis Partnership Addenda contains information concerning the revitalization of the downtown area. This collection documents the Gateway Arch, Old Post Office, Convention Plaza, Gateway Mall, and includes photographs, art, graphics, video and a brick.

Downtown St. Louis, Inc., Records, 1958-1979, (S0342)
32 Folders
The papers consist of newsletters (1958-1974); subject files of correspondence, reports, maps and news releases; and photographs of some of the promotions arranged by Downtown St. Louis, Inc.

Drake, M.M., Photograph Collection, (P0319)
3 photographs
Images of St. Louis, 1874, Carl Wimar's "The Lost Trail", and steamboat "Grand Republic".

Draper-McClurg Family, Papers, 1838-2009, (C3069)
3.9 linear feet; folders 1-134 also available on 5 rolls of microfilm
The Draper-McClurg family papers are comprised of correspondence, photographs, Civil War diaries and records, and other personal papers of the families of Philander Draper and Joseph W. McClurg. The papers document the families' involvement in politics, farming and orchards, lead mining and smelting, the Civil War, and frontier life in Missouri, the Dakota Territory, and several western states.

Dressel Family Papers (S1233)
0.25 cubic foot
The Dressel Family Papers contains newspaper clippings, newsletters, photographs, and essays pertaining to John M. Dressel (1886-1988), who was one of the founders of the Lindbergh School District and served on the Board of Directors of the Gravois Bank of St. Louis County, Missouri. Items of interest include a history of Sappington, Missouri, written by the Junior High History Club of Sappington School in 1936. The materials in this collection date from 1937 to 2001.

Dresser, Nathan, Letters, 1837-1841, (C2066)
1 folder
Letters to Dresser's parents in Vermont and his sister in New Hampshire, written from St. Louis. Concern family members.

Dresser, Thomas, Letter, 1839, (C2067)
1 folder
To Mr. and Mrs. Comfort C. Dresser, Chester, VT, from St. Louis, MO, Jan. 29, 1839. Climate of Missouri, river estate, prospects of parents coming to Missouri.

Drey, Kay, Addenda (SA4316)
35 boxes
The addenda to the Kay Drey Papers contains material pertaining to Kay Drey’s activism. Topics include, but are not limited to, Transportation of Hazardous Waste, Mallinkrodt Workers, Hematite, Union Electric Callaway Nuclear Power Plant Construction, and Risk Assessment.

Drey, Kay, Art Museum/Forest Park, Records, 1978-2001, (S0823)
6 boxes

Dubinsky, Saul (1908-1987), Papers, 1959-1978, (S0457)
2 Folders
The Dubinsky Papers, 1959-1978, document Saul Dubinsky's involvement with the Downtown In St. Louis (later Downtown St. Louis, Inc.) Planning Committee and the City Plan Commission. They do not include material on Mill Creek Valley.

Dubowski, David, Video, (SA1057)
1 VHS tape
Film footage of the Forest Park Highlands fire (7/19/1963) and the Ralston Purina fire (1/11/1962)

Dunlap, Chuck and Dianne, Postcard Collection, (P0028)
13 postcards
Postcards of Missouri cities, including Kansas City parks, streets, and buildings; Missouri Capitol in Jefferson City, bird's-eye view of Sedalia, Cortez Motor Court in Springfield, and St. Louis: Ead's Bridge, Shaw's Garden, and Smith Bros. Cottage and Hotel.

Dyer, W.R., Letter, 1866, (C0514)
1 folder
To Freeman Hall, Matinicus, ME, from St. Louis, MO, Sept. 9, 1866. Describes St. Louis in 1866-working conditions, climate, farming, and arrival of President Johnson, Seward, Wells, Grant, and Farragut. Comments on Johnson's administration.


E.G. Wallace Coal Company Collection, (P0333)
4 photographs
Photostatic prints (4 copies) of the St. Louis waterfront

Eads Family, Papers, (CA6480)
0.3 cubic feet, 4 computer discs
Family Bible, photographs, correspondence, and miscellaneous geneological material of a family from St. Louis, Missouri, and Iowa. Includes photographs of James B. Eads and letters from Susannah Leonard to William Eads, Jr.

Eads, James Buchanan (1820-1887), and Martha Nash Dillon Eads (1821-1852), Papers, 1844-1852, (C4189)
1.25 cubic feet
The papers of James and Martha Eads contain the letters they wrote to one another beginning with their courtship in St. Louis, Missouri, to just before Martha's death in 1852, in Iowa.

East West Gateway Coordinationg Council, 1953-1995, (S0875)
4 boxes, 100 folders
This collection contains a variety of task force reports and meeting minutes of various task force committees. The collection also contains a large quantity of completed reports on topics covering waste management, water quality, transportation and recycling

Election Returns, 1840, (C1736)
1 folder
Missouri presidential election returns for Barry, Boone, Rives, St. Charles, St. Louis, Warren and Wayne Counties. Returns for state senator in Wayne County and circuit attorney in Rives and St. Louis Counties.

Elise Guignon Collins (1895-1992) Collection, 1861-1986, (K0704)
.25 cubic feet
The papers contain clippings, correspondence, and pamphlets related to the history of the Guignon family, Kansas City, and Visitation Church near the Plaza neighborhood.

Espy, James C., "Interviewed Editor McCullagh," 1933, (C2097)
1 folder
Manuscript submitted to the MISSOURI HISTORICAL REVIEW. Interview with Colonel Joseph Burbridge McCullagh, editor of the ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT, on November 12, 1895, about his rumored senatorial candidacy. Interview was published in the ST. LOUIS REPUBLIC, November 13, 1895.

Ethical Society of St. Louis Records (SA4369)
38 cubic feet
This accretion to the Ethical Society of St. Louis Records contains meeting minutes, correspondence, newsletters, marriage applications, and cassette and VHS tapes relating to the group’s mission to create and sustain an ethical humanist congregation dedicated to the advancement of ethical values and behavior without reference to religion or a deity.


Farrelly Family, Papers, (CA6412)
2 cubic feet
Papers of the Farrelly family of Allenton and St. Louis, Missouri, include correspondence, business papers, genealogy, photographs, poetry, religious material, and miscellaneous papers. The papers include material concerning Thomas Farrelly's life as a monk in Kentucky, Utah, and Israel. Also included is genealogical material concerning the related Linton and Gross families. The family farm in Allenton was called "Pinook."

Fehlig, Conrad Theodore, Diaries, 1902-1913, (S0250)
4 volumes
Conrad Theodore Fehlig was a partner in the Fehlig Brother Box Manufacturing Company. His diaries reflect activities of his personal life, including passing references to the 1904 World's Fair, a Teamsters strike and notes about the weather.

First Unitarian Church, St. Louis, Photographs, (P0818)
9 photographs
Copy photos of First Unitarian Church, St. Louis.

Florissant, Missouri City Council, Ordinances and Council Minute Books, 1857-1973, (S0013)
32 Volumes On 9 Microfilm Rolls
The collection contains ordinances and minute books which include copies of official correspondence, council rosters, budgets, resolutions, certificates of appointments, and maps. Ordinance Books indicate bill numbers.

Focus St. Louis/Coro Foundation, (SA0881)
129 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Folk, Joseph Wingate, Letter, 1903, (C1980)
1 folder
To Louis Wiley, New York, NY, from St. Louis, MO, Nov. 19, 1903. Regretting his inability to address Society of the Genesee.

Forest Park Forever (1986-), nd, 1982-1998, (S0883)
2 boxes
This collection contains numerous documents pertaining to the revitalization of Forest Park by the community organization Forest Park Forever. Documents span the period 1982 to 1998, including correspondences, draft master plans, budgetary records, and architectural proposals. Additionally, this collection contains a large number of newspaper clippings; topics covered include Forest Park, the St. Louis Zoo, The St. Louis Art Museum, and the Old Arena, between the dates of 1996-1998.

Forest Park Research Files, (SA0884)
18 boxes, 1 oversize
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Foster, Emory S., Letter, 1864, (C3192)
1 folder
The collection contains an extract of a letter to Gov. Fletcher, from St. Louis, MO, Jan. 12, 1864, concerning the movement to allow African American suffrage. Also included is a penciled note on the back of the letter relating to the Dyer resolution concerning a change in the basis of representation.

Freedman's Savings and Trust Company, St. Louis, Missouri, Depositers' Signatures, 1869, (C2984)
1 reel of microfilm
The collection contains signatures and personal identification data about depositors in the St. Louis branch of the Freedman's Savings and Trust Company. Includes accounts 223-366, dated 6 April-8 October 1869.

Freedom of Choice Council of Greater St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri, Records, (CA5584)
0.6 linear feet
Financial records, minutes, newsletters, press releases, membership records, and miscellaneous records, ca. 1977-1990.

Freedom Of Residence, Greater St. Louis Committee (1961- ), Addenda, 1957-1988, (S0509)
924 Folders
The Freedom of Residence, Greater St. Louis Committee Addenda, 1957-88, documents the committee's activities in integrating housing in the metropolitan St. Louis area. The addenda contains a variety of documents--flyers, correspondence, grant proposals, pamphlets, case filed, advertising material, research material, radio spots, photographs, information on Congressmen, mailing lists, educational brochures, and housing lists.

Freedom Of Residence, Greater St. Louis Committee (1961- ), Records, 1962-1969, (S0438)
28 Folders
The Freedom of Residence, Greater St. Louis Committee Records, 1967-1969, document the committee's activities in integrating housing in metropolitan St. Louis. The collection includes newsclippings on the June 1968 landmark fair housing suit, Jones vs. Mayer Realty Co., in which the Supreme Court ruled discrimination in all housing sales and rentals to be illegal.

French and Spanish Archives, 1763-1841, (C2965)
23 rolls of microfilm
The French and Spanish Archives is a collection of documents from the St. Louis area dating primarily from the colonial and territorial periods.

Fuchs, Carl E., Trade Letter, 1888, (C2025)
1 folder
Advertisement of wine and liquor dealer.

Fuhrmann, Richard, Lantern Slide Collection, (P0048)
702 lantern slides
Lantern slides of turn-of-the-twentieth century St. Louis by local physician Richard Fuhrmann. Includes the area later razed for the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. Medical lecture slides included.


Gallo, Jo, Papers, (CA6408)
0.1 cubic feet, 1 computer disc
Papers of a homemaker and environmental activist from the St. Louis area include transcipts of her diaries from 1951-1954; a pamphlet she wrote entitled ""Granny""; and slides of the Missouri Extension Homemakers Association club in Creve Coeur, 1960s. The slides have been scanned and are also on a computer disc. Gallo's environmental activism is not covered in the papers.

Garner, Doug, (SA0887)
2 Photographs
Two 4x5 copy negatives: The Comet at Forest Park Highlands and the "Flying Turns" (The Bob Sled): one 5x6 BW print of "The Flying Turns"; One 4x6 BW copy print, aerial view of Westlake Park; One 5x7 BW print of Scenic Railway at Forest Park Highlands; one 8x10 copy print of fire at Westlake.

Gatermann Family Photographs, (P0226)
0.54 linear feet, 1 volume
Photographs, ca. 1970s-1990s, of and from the Gatermann family of St. Louis. Images show family members and celebrations, buildings and events from Soulard neighborhood, St. Louis schools, trains, and motorcycles. 23 photos related to Loesch, Gutman, Maier, Hoelscher families of St. Louis, also Lizzie and Joe Wittenbrink of Sparta.

Gateway Human Resources, (SA0889)
1 box
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Gentry Family Papers, (CA6514)
3 cubic feet
Addition of papers of a prominent family from St. Louis and central Missouri includes correspondence, news clippings, genealogical material, and miscellaneous material.

Gerhard Sisters Studio Photographs, (P0961)
7 photographs
Portraits of Missourians by a the Gerhard Sisters, a St. Louis-based studio"

German Savings Institution, St. Louis, Missouri, Minute Book, 1853-1868, (C2329)
1 volume
The collection contains one volume including an act of incorporation, list of subscribers, election of directors, periodic examination of assets and other transactions involving purchase of bonds, stocks and notes. Correspondence and papers in book pocket relate to stockholders' meeting, tax exemption of bank, and by-laws. M. Robert Barth was president.

Gibson, Charles, Scrapbooks, 1852-1899, (C4282)
2 oversize volumes
The papers of Charles Gibson contain two scrapbooks that cover the travels and career of St. Louis attorney, Charles Gibson. Both volumes chronicle Gibson's legal career in the late 1800s and his European travels, specifically dealing with his interactions with imperial families of Germany and Austria-Hungary. The scrapbooks include correspondence between Gibson and German nobles, documents from the German imperial family, an appointment from Abraham Lincoln, photographs of his home and of his travels abroad, and newspaper clippings from the 1890s.

Gildehaus, Charles, (1856-1909), Books, 1831-1909, (C3107)
0.4 cubic feet, 3 volumes
Scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, magazine articles, and letters regarding the wholesale grocery business, philosophical lectures, theater programs, and other matters.

Gilliam, Charles Wesley, Diary, 1856-1876, (C3272)
4 folders
Daily account of a Lincoln County, MO, farmer's life. Marriages and deaths, activities of friends and relatives, election returns, prices paid for household goods, farm life, and Civil War experience.

Gird, George, Photographs, (P0149)
208 photographs
B/w aerial views of Clayton, Hermann, Independence, Joplin, Kansas City, Nevada, St. Louis, Springfield, Webb City, and Weston from around 1955.

Goebel, R., Photographs, (P0799)
14 photographs
Photos by Goebel of St. Charles and St. Louis Counties

Graham-Frost House ("Hazelwood"), Hazelwood, Missouri, Architectural Drawings, n.d., (C2702)
1 oversize folder
The collection contains elevations and floor plans of a nineteenth-century house in St. Louis County, MO. The main part of the house was constructed c. 1807.

Greater St. Louis Arts Survey Committee Report, March 1963, (S0071)
323 Pages
A planning survey of cultural activities and needs in Greater St. Louis, produced by Civic Progress, Inc.

Griesedieck, Robert, (SA0894)
4 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Gruen, William Henry, Drawing, 1943, (C1819)
1 folder, oversize
Sketch of the St. Louis skyline from the Chain of Rocks Park, 1943.

Gruner Lumber Company, St. Louis, Missouri, Ledger, 1864-1876, (C2328)
1 volume
The collection contains a record book of company owned by Philip Gruner, Jr.

Guitar, Sarah (1892-1963), Collection, n.d., (C3391)
1.5 cubic feet, 5 card boxes
Card file compiled by Sarah Guitar, reference librarian of the State Historical Society of Missouri, as a guide to county boundaries of Missouri, 1812-1929; Missouri congressional district boundaries, 1845-1933; Missouri senatorial districts, 1820-1931; and Missouri judicial circuits, 1815-1915.

Guitar, Sarah (1892-1963), Papers, 1931-1944, (C3563)
1.2 linear feet
Correspondence and miscellaneous information on Missouri compiled by Guitar during her employment, under the direction of Floyd C. Shoemaker, as Reference Librarian for the State Historical Society of Missouri. Includes one card box of reference notes.


Hagerman, B.F., Receipt, 1857, (C2440)
1 folder
The collection contains a receipt issued to Hagerman by American Express Company, for goods to be shipped to St. Louis, MO.

Halleck, Henry Wager, (1815-1872), Letter, 1862, (C2571)
1 folder
To H.R. Gamble, St. Louis, MO, from Corinth, MS, July 7, 1862. Halleck assures Gamble that the 18th Missouri Infantry has not been consolidated after the Battle of Shiloh. Also typed copy.

Hampson, F.D., Photograph, 1903, (P0314)
1 photograph
Photo of the St. Louis Plate Glass Co., Valley Park, St. Louis County, 1903.

Hamsher, Frank, Papers (S1231)
5 cubic feet
The Frank Hamsher papers contain correspondence, reports, meeting minutes, and newspapers, pertaining to Hamsher’s duties as the head of St. Louis City’s Community Development Agency (1981-1982) and counsel to Mayor Vincent Schoemehl (1982- 1990). The bulk of the materials in this collection pertain to the St. Louis City-County Board of Freeholders, a nineteen-member panel first established by the Missouri Constitution of 1875, and later revived in 1987 by St. Louis County Executive, Gene McNary. The Board of Freeholders’ mission was to draft a plan for reorganizing St. Louis County municipalities, as well as consider the reunification of St. Louis City and County. Materials of interest include correspondence between Hamsher and Schoemehl, in which Hamsher provides him with advice and analysis on selecting candidates to the Board of Freeholders and public opinion regarding the Board of Freeholder’s plans.

Hawkins, William Papers (R1423)
0.1 cubic foot (1 folder)
The letters of William A. Hawkins document his stay in the Gratiot prison after his capture in Shelby County, Missouri, on September 15, 1862. Hawkins was a lieutenant in Porter's Regiment (1st Northeast Missouri Cavalry). A Confederate, he remained in Gratiot prison until his parole on February 19, 1863.

Heck, Earl Leon, The Rise of Higher Education in the Missouri Valley, 1818-1900, 1965., (C2914)
1 folder
Histories of academics, colleges, and universities in the Missouri Valley.

Hecker, Friedrich (1811-1881), Papers, 1825-1987, (S0451)
81 Folders, 2 Oversize Boxes, 7 Microfilm Rolls
Friedrich Hecker was a man who "traveled light" for much of his life, and it comes as no suprise that much one might expect to find in his papers is not there. While there is a dossier of professional credentials (b.1, f.2), the draft of a Romantic play (b.4, f.39), and some student notes (b.1, f.1), there is virtually nothing from his political life before 1848 other than one certificate of election (b.1, f.3, 14.7.1842) and a petition protesting his resignation from the Baden Assembly in 1847 (b.1, f.3, 16.4.1847). It is probable that most of his sensitive political letters were destroyed or seized when he fled in 1848. The undated draft of a German constitution (based ostensibly on that of the United States) is the only important political statement from the period before March, 1848, though it is of great significance indeed (b.1, f.4).

Heifner, Joseph F., Papers (S1225)
0.4 cubic feet
The Joseph F. Heifner papers consist of family correspondences dating between 1847 and 1890. The letters, written primarily by Heifner siblings Joseph, Nancy (Ryan), Mary (Copes), and Loretto (Beatty), along with their children, detail significant events for the Missouri-based family over a half-century period, including the a scarlet fever quarantine in St. Louis, an 1866 St. Louis cholera outbreak, an 1873 Missouri state vote on liquor licenses, as well as mentions of natural disasters, political campaigns, parades and celebrations. The correspondence also includes personal family topics regarding finances, births, deaths, marriages, and baptisms. In addition correspondence, the collection also contains four photographs of Joseph Francis Heifner, his wife, Phoebe Elizabeth Bailey Heifner, and their children. The materials in this collection are arranged alphabetically, and chronologically thereunder.

Hendrickson, William P., Journal, 1840, (C1643)
1 volume
The collection contains field notes about the St. Louis and Bacon Ferry State Road and the St. Louis and Fenton State Road, surveyed and marked out by Commissioners Hugh Miller, Hartley Sappington, and William McCutchen, March-April 1840. William P. Hendrickson was a civil engineer and surveyor.

Hewlett, Maude Lupe, Papers, 1800-1968, (R1344)
2 cubic feet (26 folders)
The papers of Maude Lupe Hewlett contain the personal papers of Maude Lupe Hewlett and family photographs.

Historical Preservation Task Force, Records, 1979-1980 , (S0413)
5 Folders
Records of one of four citizen participation task forces of the East-West Gateway Coordinating Council. Collection includes correspondence, minutes, agendas, bylaws and handbook.

Hoester, Robert Papers, (C4363)
0.6 cubic feet (14 folders)
Correspondence and manuscript material used in writing the book, Judicial Tyranny, the Palmyra Incident and the Mary Susan Goodwin case. Manuscript material includes revision material, editing, and handwritten notes.

Hoffman, C.W. Papers, (K0122)
0.20 cubic foot (6 folders)
The C. W. Hoffman Papers consists of six volumes of handwritten manuscripts and illustrations done by Hoffman. The volumes depict Hoffman’s interpretation of the origins of man and earth, along with his views on human evolution, religion, and ethics.

Holley, Debra, Photographs, (CG0028)
0.02 cubic feet (2 folders)
The Debra Holley Photographs relate to the April 1922 flood in Cape Girardeau and daily life in the city which includes unidentified citizens and buildings from the 1920s-1940s. The collection also includes a certificate for perfect attendance of Norma Etherton (later Stausing) when she attended Cape Girardeau Public Schools in May 1913.

Holliday Correspondence, 1844, (S1167)
1 oversize folder
The collection contains three letters sent to various delegates of the Democratic Party in Missouri regarding the election of 1844 for Missouri's 1st Congressional District. The two letter writers, William Monroe and James Bowlin, were campaigning for the Democratic nomination for the seat. The letters contain details regarding the positions of the candidates on various political issues, both local and national in scope. A few of the national issues discussed include the Independent Treasury, the annexation of Texas, and the claims to the Oregon Territory.

Holman Family Papers, (R1403)
0.03 cubic foot (3 folders)
The Holman Family papers contains personal papers for the Holman family including the military records of John H. Holman who served with the United States Colored Troops during the American Civil War and a letter from Private Walter J. Caffery written in Paris, France, in 1918.

Holy Cross Lutheran School, Photographs, 1889-1897, (S1165)
13 images

Homes, Emmaus, Papers (S1234)
20 display panels
The Emmaus Homes Papers contain 20 display panels depicting photographs, artwork, and documents and created by clients and staff of Emmaus Homes on the St. Charles and Marthasville campuses. Emmaus Homes is a faith-based, nonprofit organization providing full-time care services to more than 300 adults with developmental disabilities in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Hopkins W[illiam] A[lexander], ( -1944), Papers, 1897-1944, (C2369)
2 folders
Miscellaneous papers of a Wabash Railroad official, including reference book of Tobotacahi Mining Company, Kansas City, KS; receipts for contributions made to Toledo Monroe Highway, 1915; certificate of membership in the Mystic Shrine, St. Louis; and certificate of honorary membership, Masonic Temple Association of St. Louis.

Hungate, William (1922-2007) Audio Visual Collection, 1937-1976, (S1208)
6 boxes
William L. Hungate was the Congressman from Missouri's ninth district from 1964 to 1977. Born in Benton, Illinois, December 1922, Hungate moved with his family to Bowling Green, Missouri when he was seven. He was educated in public school and received his A.B. from the University of Missouri in 1943. The following year he married Dorothy Wilson of Cyrene, Missouri, a former kindergarten teacher. During World War II Hungate served as a rifleman in the Army's 95th Infantry Division. After receiving a Bronze Star and other decorations, he resumed his education in 1946 at Harvard Law School. Following law school Hungate moved to Troy, Missouri, were he practiced law with the firm of Hungate and Grewach from 1948-1951. In 1951 he gained the nomination for prosecuting attorney and ran unopposed from 1951-1956. From 1958-1964 he served as special assistant attorney general of Missouri. Following the death of Clarence Cannon in 1964 Hungate was elected representative from Missouri's ninth district. In the House, Hungate served on the House Judiciary Committee, the Select Committee on Small Business and the D.C. Committee (until his resignation in 1971). In 1973 and 1974 He received national attention when the Judiciary Committee investigated whether sufficient grounds existed for the impeachment of Richard Nixon. Following his retirement from Congress, Hungate served as visiting professor of political science at the University of Missouri-St. Louis until his appointment as a Federal Judge in 1979.

Hutchison Family Papers, 1831-1890, (C3713)
9 folders
Personal correspondence of Benjamin F. Hutchison, steamboat captain residing in Pittsburgh, PA; his wife, Eliza J.; and their son, William B. The letters describe daily life, behavior at school, relatives, and friends, including illnesses and deaths. Also tax records, primarily from St. Louis County, MO, and legal documents, including land grants, deeds, and notes.


Illinois and St. Louis Bridge Opening Invitation, 1874, (C1863)
1 folder
Invitation to the formal opening of the Illinois and St. Louis Bridge. Invitation contains lithograph of bridge.

International Women’s Forum Oral History Collection, (S1148)
3.5 cubic feet (72 folders, 72 HDV tapes, 72 DVDs, 1 book)
The International Women’s Forum Oral History Collection consists of oral history interviews conducted by Dr. Blanche Touhill with St. Louis City and St. Louis County members of the Missouri chapter of the International Women’s Forum. The collection documents the interviewee’s personal and professional lives and how they established themselves as successful, enterprising women leaders in the St. Louis region. These materials include DVD recordings of the interviews, as well as accompanying transcripts. The interviews date from 2013 to 2015.

Irwin Family Papers, (S0904)
4.5 cubic feet
This collection consists of papers and photographs of Mathew Irwin, primarily documenting his ancestors—the Storch, Wuellner, and Slavik families. The Storch and Wuellner branches immigrated to St. Louis, Missouri, from Germany and Bohemia in 1838 and settled in the St. Louis area. After their settlement in St. Louis, Magnus Storch (1825-1900) and his wife, Elizabeta Steibert (1843-1896), had Louisa Storch (1870-1934). On April 6, 1893, Louisa Storch married George Friederich Wuellner (1864-1955); their union produced Talitha Wuellner (1895-1955). Talitha subsequently married Albert Slavik (1891-1939) on April 10, 1917, which led to the birth of Marjorie Louisa Slavik (1918-1997). Marjorie married Russell Ewing Irwin (1912-1984) in 1940. From this union came Karin Louise Irwin, who had Mathew S. Irwin and Samuel White Swan-Perkins.

Irwin, Lyndon, Photograph Collection, (P0285)
29 photographs
Late 19th century photographs of Montgomery City, Matson, and St. Louis, portraits and group photographs.

Irwin, Nancy J., Postcard Collection, (P0281)
11 postcards
11 postcards from the early 20th century with scenes of various places in Missouri including Joplin, Springfield, and St. Louis.

Isgrig Baseball Collection, (SA1201)
3 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.


James, David A. (1937- ) Papers, 1790-2008, (C4126)
5 cubic feet
The research material of a hotel management instructor whose work resulted in the publication Historic Hotels of Missouri: Hotels, Inns, and Taverns of 19th Century Missouri.

Jefferson Barracks National Register, (SA1066)
9 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Association, Photograph Collection, (P0811)
4 photographs
Photos of Arch site prior to and cleared for construction. Also photo of site with model of Arch inserted.

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Construction Photographs, (P0090)
43 photographs
Images related to the St. Louis riverfront and the Gateway Arch, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial construction. This collection also includes several souvenir booklets of the Kansas City area, postcards of St. Louis, and photos of Bagnell Dam and the Mark Twain Shrine.

Jennings, Missouri Historical Society, Collection, 1843-1981, (S0081)
4 Folders
Photographs, newsclippings, deed of property, and scrapbook, of a north St. Louis community.

Johnson, C.S., Genealogical Collection, 1924-1963, (C4330)
1.25 cubic feet (27 folders)
The papers of C.S. Johnson contain genealogical research material on the Johnson and other related families. The material includes genealogical correspondence, research notes, transcriptions, family lineage charts, wills, deeds and abstracts.

Joint Community Board Records, (S0100)
0.1 cubic foot (2 folders)
The records contain meeting minutes, memos, evaluations, and reports of the Joint Community Board, a community service organization that was located in the Central West End neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri. The board was comprised of three Central West End churches—Trinity Episcopal, Second Presbyterian, and First Unitarian—and oversaw the administration and funding of after-school and summer programs for neighborhood youth, as well as neighborhood revitalization projects.

Jones, Burnam R. (1895-1966), Papers, (CA6328)
0.4 cubic feet
Papers include biographical writings, correspondence with daughter, drawings and sketches, and war journal of a Kansas City, Missouri, man who served in France during World War I. Jones later moved to St. Louis and worked for the Chase Bag Company.

Joseph Byrne Fur and Wool Company Records (CA2814)
53 volumes
Record books of a St. Louis Company include purchase books, sales books, ledgers, cash books, and stock books.


Kaiser-Pilgrim Family Papers, (C4339)
0.3 cubic feet (9 folders)
Assorted photographs of the Kaiser-Pilgrim families, also including genealogical notes and artistic sketches by Martin Kaiser.

Kallenbach, Louis and Bernita Anna (Quick), Family Papers, (S1216)
1 cubic foot (29 folders)
The collection contains correspondence that Louis and Bernita Kallenbach and their sons, Maurice and Travis, sent to or received from relatives, friends, and business associates. The collection also contains photographs, school report cards, and a bank book.

Kargau, E.D., "St Louis in Former Years," 1893, (C1130)
1 volume
The typescript contains a history of the St. Louis German community and was translated by William G. Bek.

Kasson, Archy, Letter, 1831, (C1880)
1 folder
The papers contain one letter to Isaiah and John Townsend, Albany, New York, from St. Louis, January 17, 1831. The letter describes his steam saw mill, and gives information about St. Louis and the state of Missouri in general.

Kaye, Ara, Postcard Collection, (P0395)
3 postcards
Postcards of Union Station, St. Louis, and Santa Fe Depot, Marceline, MO

Keel, Omer, Photographs, (P0694)
1 folder
Photos of donor, Frances Keel, m.v. Old Man and construction of Jefferson Barracks Bridge, St. Louis

Kemble, Edward, Photograph Collection, (P0019)
13 photographs
13 photos of the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition

Kern, Lalla R., Diary, (S0149)
0.1 cubic foot (1 volume, 48 pages photocopied)
Photocopies of a diary of Lalla R. Kern documenting her eight visits to the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in May and June of 1904 in St. Louis, Missouri. Kern provides descriptions of exhibits, buildings, and grounds.

Kiel Opera House "Assault" Disks, (SA0911)
2 3/4 discs
"Assaults on the Kiel," a work on diskette concerning the history of the Kiel Opera House, "the most wasted and abused civic, cultural and economic resource in America." Saving Kiel: A Five Year Struggle by Ed l. Golterman, 2003

King, Eleanor Ann (1839-1884), Papers, 1856-1898, (C1862)
2 folders
The papers of Eleanor Ann King contain letters written to Eleanor Ann King after she was arrested as a Confederate Spy, and imprisoned in the Female Prison at St. Louis, MO. The collection also contains photographs of Eleanor Ann, her first and second husbands--J.M. King and William Pennington Ferrell--and her children.

Kirby-Ridgway-Lightholder Family, Papers, (CA6360)
2.75 cubic feet
Correspondence, photographs, wills, military records, leases, contracts, and miscellaneous material of the Kirby, Ridgway, Lightholder, and related families, 1860s-1930s. The papers document the lives of family members at a Quaker farming community in New Jersey and their moves westward to Jefferson City and St. Louis, Missouri, and later California.

Kirkwood, Missouri, Oral History Project, 1995-1997, (C3962)
0.1 linear foot, 10 audio cassettes
The Kirkwood, Missouri, Oral History Project was an attempt to supplement Kirkwood, Missouri: The Greentree City. A Pictorial History, edited by Barbara J. Byerly and J.B. Lester, which was published in 1994. The interviews were to emphasize events after 1960.

Kittlaus, Louis, Jr., Collection, (CA6204)
1 linear foot
Addition of publications related to the Turner organization in St. Louis and family papers and photographs of Louis and Pauline Kittlaus. See also C3908.

Klaus Family Photographs, (P0304)
71 photographs
17 scrapbook photos of 9/29/27 tornado in St. Louis. Various views of family home on 5327 Arsenal Street along with grandfather's cabin in Times Beach, Missouri.

Klinge, Henry (1844-1915), Papers, 1859-1915, (C4323)
0.2 cubic feet (3 folders)
Civil War diary, photograph, pension papers, marriage certificate, and passport of Henry Klinge. Also history of the 49th Regiment of Illinois Volunteer Infantry.

Kullman, Glennon J., Photograph Collection, (P0253)
38 photographs
Series of 38 digital photographs on the St. Louis September 29, 1927 tornado. Original glass plate negatives held by family.


Lackey, Walter E., Letters, 1805, 1827, (C3145)
1 folder
The collection contains typed copies of a letter from John B. Treat to Henry Dearborn, 1805, describing Arkansas, the fur trade, Indian trouble, climate, population, and industry of the area; and an inspection report written by C. Groghan from Jefferson Barracks, September 1827.

Lackland, James R., Papers, 1840-1896, (C2643)
10 folders
The papers of James R. Lackland contain miscellaneous correspondence and family papers, and accounts to 1874.

Ladies' Union Aid Society Reports, 1862-1863, (C1936)
1 folder
Reports of visits to wards 1 and 2, Benton Barracks, St. Louis, MO, with notations of items distributed.

Lafayette Square Collection, (SA0916)
1 box
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Lake St. Louis Development Records, 1961-1964, (S0740)
6 Folders
In 1963, Trails Lake Development Company began construction on the $150 million permanent residence development called "Lake St. Louis." The community is located in St. Charles County, approximately 16 miles west of the Missouri River, fronting both Interstate Highway 70 and U.S. Highways 40 and 61. The development was advertised as nearly twice the size of St. Louis' Forest Park with a sizable lake for recreation activities. Formal opening of the development began April 1, 1964. The collection contains sales and financial records, as well as maps, clippings, and promotional materials.

Larouche, Robert, Photographs, (SA1172)
5 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Lauck, Jesse F., Architectural Records, (K0730)
18.37 cubic feet (6 folders, 158 rolled items)
The Jesse F. Lauck Architectural Records consists of correspondence, site surveys, specifications, microwave relay tower information, floor plans for the Hotel del Coronado, Coronado, California, and test data on the First Baptist Church in Richmond, Missouri. The collection also contains 158 sets of architectural drawings, primarily designed by Lauck and his firm, of buildings located in the Kansas City metropolitan area and throughout the Midwest region of the United States. These drawings date from 1919 to 1971.

Lawler, Edwin F., Jr., Papers, (C4371)
1.25 cubic feet (40 folders)
Military documents and photographs, travel and family photographs and slides, college yearbooks, personal correspondence, and miscellaneous material.

League Of Women Voters Of St. Louis, Addenda, 1916-1977 , (S0530)
143 boxes, 1,744 folders, 289 photographs, 4 film strips
9 audio tapes, 3 16mm films, 6 phonograph records
The collection contains a wide variety of materials including publications, correspondence, newsclippings, artifacts, photographs, films, tapes and records. In processing the records the original categorization used by the League was maintained. One of the most interesting aspects of the collection revolves around the Leagues habit of collecting information on both sides of a issue even if the material was unflattering to the organization or its position. In addition to records relating to the St. Louis area, the collection also contains a series on the Missouri League of Women Voters and the National League of Women Voters. These series contain communications between the St. Louis League and the state and national offices. It should be noted that information on a given subject may be found in several different series, thus an extensive index has been included.

Lee, Richard L. (1925-2011), County Courthouse Photographs, ca. 1955, (P0003)
210 photographs
The collection includes photographs of county courthouses for the state of Missouri, taken in the mid-twentieth century by Richard L. Lee.

Leland, Austin P. (1907-1975), Papers, (S0202)
270 Folders
The Austin Leland papers reflect his career as a civic leader and preservationist, but they primarily document the work of the Old Post Office Landmark Committee, originally called the Committee to Save the Old Post Office. The collection also includes material on Leland's involvement with other civic and preservation projects in St. Louis.

Leland, Austin Porter (1907-1975), Addenda, 1954-1991, (S0247)
27 Folders, 1 Package
The Leland Addenda contains a wide variety of materials. It has correspondence, which is divided by its origin (miscellaneous, government, or Old Post Office Committee), and also by date; scrapbooks of newspaper clippings from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and Globe-Democrat, plus additional clippings not in the scrapbooks; articles, cartoons, and other materials from sources other than the Post or Globe; articles about the Old Post Office in the Post-Dispatch's "Sunday Pictures" and "Everyday" magazines; newsletters and small newspapers such as the Riverfront Times; magazines dated from 1954-82; a special report in book form called With Heritage So Rich (1966); and miscellaneous other items. It also has a 16-mm film about the Old Post Office; an audiotape of Verner Burks on the Dick Ford Show, dated December 7, 1971; photographs and negatives; drawings, sketches and floor plans; and awards and other oversize materials, including a package stored separately (see Series 5 for contents).

Lester Mondale Lecture, 1970, (R1364)
.1 linear feet, 1 folder
The Lester Mondale Lecture is a recording of Mondale’s address to the Ethical Society of St. Louis on March 15, 1970. His lecture was entitled “When is a Person Most Truly Human?”. The lecture is recorded on one cassette tape.

Lewis Memorial Chapel, Crescent, Missouri, History [1963], (C3496)
1 folder
Two-page history of one of the first Methodist churches west of the Mississippi, written on occasion of its centennial.

Lewis, Jesse, Photograph Collection, (P0691)
12 photographs
Copy photos of Wellsville and Mineola, MO. Photograph of trolley car in St. Louis

Library of Congress, Missouri Historic American Buildings Survey, Photograph Collection, (P0123)
0.834 linear feet
Photos of historic Missouri homes, mainly from the HABS/HAER project. This collection focuses geographically on mid-Missouri and St. Louis.

Liebrum, Harrison J., Papers, (S0049)
0.1 cubic foot (1 folder)
The collection contains correspondence, labor agreements, union identification cards, ballots, and programs of Harrison J. Liebrum. Liebrum was an employee of Laclede Gas Company from 1925 to 1971 and a charter member of the Gas House Workers Union, Local 18799.

Lingenfelder, Julius, Papers, 1876-1934, (C4167)
0.5 cubic feet
The papers of Dr. Julius Lingenfelder contain a typescript copy of his book, The Physician as Leader of the New Era, family correspondence, a scrapbook containing correspondence and news clippings, 1915-1920, and school certificates, including his medical diploma.

Linton Family, Scrapbook, 1860s-1901, (CA6356)
1 volume
Scrapbook of clippings of a St. Louis family largely pertaining to Dr. Moses Lewis Linton and the Civil War. Dr. Linton was a member of the Missouri Constitutional Conventions in 1861 and 1865.

Loire-Kuzmich, Family, Papers, 1916-2006, (C4267)
0.5 cubic feet (10 folders)
The Loire-Kuzmich family papers consists of items collected by Barbra Kuzmich, such as photos and letters, as well as documents chronicling the lives of Genevieve Loire and the Kuzmich family.

Long Brothers Account Books, 1856-1881, (C2495)
5 volumes
Account books of the general stores of Alfred Long, Cadet, Missouri, and John and William Long, Bellfountain, MO.

Long, J.H., Photographs, (P0554)
24 photographs
Photos by Long of boats, particular emphasis on steamboats. Images of the St. Louis waterfront, Tower Rock in Perry County, and levee (mattress) construction near Birds Point.

Long, James A., Papers, 1819-1848, (C3241)
1 folder
The papers of James A. Long contain letters from Long to his family in Manchester, St. Louis County, MO, while in the University in Columbia, describing everyday student life, professors, preachers, the Whig party in Columbia, James S. Rollins' gubernatorial campaign, and family news.

Louisiana Purchase Exposition, Collection, 1890-1904, (C4123)
5 linear feet, 5 volumes
The papers contain pamphlets, catalogs, guides, speeches, programs, and books documenting all aspects of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, otherwise known as the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis, including information on the participation of other countries in the event.

Louisiana Purchase Exposition, Missouri Commission, Dairy Department, Visitors' Register, 1904, (CA6492)
1 volume
Visitors' register for Missouri's dairy exhibition, 25 June-1 December 1904.

Louisiana Purchase Exposition Snapshots, 1904, (P0093)
87 photographs
Snapshots, 87 at 3"x4", of the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition (World's Fair) in St. Louis, MO.

Lowic, Larry, (1943-1988), St. Louis Architecture Collection, (S0565)
161 Folders
The collection contains mostly secondary source material Lowic collected for his book along with notes he made on the material. Although Lowic's book regards architecture, the collection is a valuable resource for early St. Louis history. One series of publications about St. Louis were added to the collection from an earlier accession. Material from this collection regarding Francesco di Giorgio were placed with the material from the earlier accession regarding European architecture.


M.D. Heltzell & Company, St. Louis, Missouri, Market Report, 1874, (C2806)
1 folder
"St. Louis Daily Market Reporter" 24 June 1874, giving prices for cotton, baling stuffs, hemp, tobacco, lead, produce, meats, etc. in St. Louis and volume of exports and receipts.

Machette-Scott Family, Papers (CA6006)
0.8 cubic feet
Detailed correspondence between family members dating from the 1820s through 1930s. Letters concern travel from New York to Missouri, daily life, and how major events such as the Civil War, drought, and epidemics affected the family. Flood family correspondence is also included.

Machette-Scott Family Papers, (CA6308)
1.8 cubic feet
The papers of a family that lived in St. Louis, St. Charles, and Fulton, Missouri were largely compiled by Margaret Baker Graham, a descendant of the family, for her book Victorian America: A Family Record of the Heartland and an unfinished sequel. Included are letters, photographs, news clippings, receipts, ephemera, and miscellaneous materials documenting the family from the early nineteenth century through the 1930s.

Made-in-St. Louis Exposition Scrapbook, 1910, (C1410)
1 volume
The scrapbook consists of newspaper clippings covering events of a "Made-in-St. Louis" Exposition, from St. Louis newspapers, August, 1910.

Maguire, Louis T., Jr. (1903-1976), Scrapbooks, ca. 1906-1938, (P0007)
2 volumes
Two scrapbooks depicting life in Maguire's hometown of St. Louis and his hiking tours around Missouri, mostly in the eastern part of state.

Malseed, Harry F., (P0812)
2 photographs
Photos by Malseed of St. Ferdinand's Church and the Old Courthouse, St. Louis, ca. 1955-1960

Marsh, Mrs. Susan Louise, Scrapbooks, 1920-1935, (C1414)
2 volumes
The scrapbooks of Mrs. Susan Louise Marsh contain letters, poems, and newspaper clippings of Susan Louise Marsh describing her cam¬paign to save Eugene Field's childhood home, appointment as first poet laureate of Missouri, and club activities.

Marsh, Susan L., Photographs, (P0819)
2 photographs
Photos of Rock Hill Presbyterian Church, St. Louis County.

Marshall, J. L., Accounts, 1854-1878, (C1541)
1 folder
The papers contain itemized drug accounts of J.L. Marshall, J.S. Moffatt & Company, J.T. Cunningham, and W.C. Bolin with the following companies: Z.F. Wetzell & Company, Henry Blaksley, Richardson & Company, and Meyer Brothers & Company all of St. Louis, Missouri, and William P. Troth & Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Marvin Memorial Methodist Church, St. Louis, Missouri, Records, 1875-1962, (C1239)
2 linear feet
Records consist of quarterly conference journals and reports; notes and minutes of church boards and committees; financial records; membership, baptismal, and marriage records; and records of Sunday school and social organizations.

Masonic Home of Missouri, Agreement of Incorporation, 1886, (C1739)
1 folder
The collection contains an agreement for the incorporation of the Masonic Home of Missouri, St. Louis, MO. The agreement established the membership, board of directors, and officers. The purpose of the corporation was to establish and maintain a home for indigent Masons and widows and orphans of Masons.

Massie, Gerald R. (1911-1989), Photographs, (P0016)
0.83 linear feet
Photographs of scenes across Missouri, many taken as part of Massie's work as Missouri's state photographer. Events highlighted include Winston Churchill's visit to Fulton, Governor Hearnes' inaugural celebrations in 1965 and 1969, and the Battle of Pilot Knob Centennial commemoration in 1964. The collection includes extensive coverage of the Missouri State Capitol building. Geographically, the collection covers much of Missouri, with particular focus on tourist destinations: St. Louis, Kansas City, Hannibal, Ste. Genevieve, and the Ozarks.

Matthews, Sherman, Papers, 1923-1930, (C4275)
0.4 cubic feet (16 folders)
Kansas City Bridge Company business correspondence of Sherman Matthews and H.M. Jopling. Also Jopling's Nelson High School Physics Experiment workbooks and a standard two-week time book to calculate wages owed, 1923-1930.

May, Capt. Jacob, Diary, 1863, (C2426)
1 reel microfilm
Diary concerning U.S. military action in the Shenandoah Valley and West Virginia. References to marches, scouting parties, guard duty, grand review and inspection, prisoners, Union and Confederate deserters, traitors, pay allowances, food rations, weather, West Virginia's constitutional election, colleagues, and military action elsewhere.

McCausland, Nathan H., Papers, 1858-1864, (C2013)
1 folder
The papers of Nathan H. McCausland contain a receipt for share of estate of Nathan Heald; an oath of loyalty, 1862; and two letters from Gratiot Street Prison, St. Louis, 1864.

McClain, Charles M., Postcard Collection, (P0539)
23 postcards
23 postcards of Missouri scenes, including the Ozarks, Paseo in Kansas City, Warrenton, Troy, Hannibal, St. Louis, St. Joseph, Nevada, and Russellville.

McCoy, Joseph, Papers, 1815-1908, (C2144)
2 folders
Eight land deeds (3 to land in St. Louis, 1815-1820; 5 to land in Clark County, 1856-1866). Power of attorney and land purchase receipt, 1844. Daybook of McCoy's business transactions in Waterloo, MO, 1841-1842.

McCue, George (1910-2003), Addenda, 1902-2002, (S0718)
583 Folders, 10,918 Photographs
The Addenda contains the research files compiled by George McCue over the years as well as manuscripts and related documents for the books and articles he authored. The Addenda also contains 10,918 photographs taken by McCue to document the buildings, people and art he was writing about. The addenda also contains an equal number of images of other cities which because of time will not be processed at this time.

McCue, George, (1910-2003) Addenda, 1933-2002, (S1116)
199 folders
This collection reflects the McCue's long career as a journalist, author, and art and architecture critic. Portions of the collection relate to his relationship with Joseph Pulitzer, Jr., owner and publisher of the Post-Dispatch. On a more personal level, McCue advised Pulitzer and his wife Emily the purchase of art for their home. The relationship with Mrs. Emily Pulitzer continued after the premature death of her husband.

McDaniel Family Diaries, 1836-1843, (C2628)
1 folder
Reuben E. McDaniel diary of a trip from Virginia to St. Louis, MO, 1836. Delia Richerson McDaniel diary of a trip from Caroline County, VA, to Boonville, MO, 1841. Also her diary of a trip from Boonville to Virginia in 1843.

McFadden, Volney, Photographs, (P0435)
62 photographs
Photographs taken by Volney McFadden, student photographer at University of Missouri in the early 1900s, ca. 1909-1914. Mainly real photo postcards of University of Missouri students, but includes photos of a pageant in Forest Park (St. Louis) and the St. Louis Cardinals, ca. 1909-1914.

McGee Family, Papers, 1838-2000, (C4271)
3.0 cubic feet (60 folders), 6 oversize items, 15 film reels, 1 video tape
Genealogical material in the form of correspondence, notes, photographs, slides, obituaries, histories, marriages, and funerals of the McGee and other related family members. Also includes Civil War muster rolls.

McGough Barbara J., Papers (S1099)
12 cubic feet
The Barbara J. McGough Papers contains correspondence, photographs, calendars, scrapbooks, and newspaper and magazine clippings pertaining to her activism in the LGBTQ and feminist movements in St. Louis and the Midwest. Interspersed in the collection are newsletters and pamphlets produced by LGBTQ businesses and groups, including Moonstrom, as well as McGough’s handwritten notes documenting the connections and networks she made throughout her life.

McNair, [Alexander], (1775-1826), Letter, 1821, (C1469)
1 folder
To William Rector, St. Louis, from St. Charles, July 3, 1821. Instructions to Rector to withhold from sale specific sections of land designated by the commissioners appointed to locate a permanent seat of government for Missouri.

McTillston, Henry, Special Orders, 1865. To Commanding Officer, Missouri Infantry Volunteers, Thirty-ninth Regiment, Company D, Benton Barracks, Missouri, from Headquarters, Camp of Instruction, Benton Barracks, Missouri, July 3, 1865, (C1509)
1 folder
To Commanding Officer, Missouri Infantry Volunteers, 39th Regiment, Company D, Benton Barracks, MO, from Headquarters, Camp of Instruction, Benton Barracks, MO, July 3, 1865.

Mead, William O., Papers, 1876, (C3383)
1 folder
Appointment as honorary member of the Board of Centennial Managers, 1875, by Governor Hardin of Missouri. Notice of package received from St. Louis to William O. Mead, with charges of 30 cents due Adams Express Company.

Methodist Church, St. Louis Annual Conference, Report, 1954, (C2165)
1 volume
The collection contains a report issued by the sixteenth session, St. Louis Annual Conference of the Methodist Church.

Metro Housing Resources (1970-1982), Addenda, 1970-1983, (S1044)
76 folders
The addenda contains information about the daily operations of Metro Housing Resources that includes correspondence, financial records, newspaper clippings and articles about its efforts to ensure fair housing practices in the City of St. Louis and St. Louis County. Berndt's book about urban renewal published in 1977 is in the addenda. The collection contains subject files about organizations that worked alongside Metro Housing Resources, census records and maps of communities throughout the St. Louis region.

Metropolitan Community Church of Greater St. Louis Records (SA4370)
3 cubic feet
This accretion to the Metropolitan Community Church of Greater St. Louis Records 
(MCCGSL) contains reel-to-reel tapes of sermons and choirs delivered by former MCCGSL pastors, Metropolitan Community Churches District Conferences, and sermons delivered by Reverend Troy Perry, the founder of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Church.

Metropolitan Community Church of Greater St. Louis Records (SA4371)
11 cubic feet
This accretion to the Metropolitan Community Church of Greater St. Louis (MCCGSL) contains bylaws, correspondence, histories, meeting minutes, photographs and videos, pertaining to the church’s mission to serve and spread the word of Christ to the LGBTQ+ community in St. Louis.

Metropolitan Educational Center in the Arts: End of Project Report, (S0048)
0.1 cubic foot (1 folder)
A report compiled by staff members of the Metropolitan Educational Center in the Arts (MECA), a three-year program, founded in 1967 under Title III of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, to provide arts education programs to students in the St. Louis metropolitan region. MECA-sponsored programs taught students drama, modern dance, writing, and photography.

Metropolitan Youth Commission Of St. Louis City And County 1956-1966, Records, 1945-1966, (S0387)
16 Folders
The MYC was created in 1956 by joint action of St. Louis City and County officials as a planning organization for research, study, and coordination of juvenile agencies. The MYC consulted on juvenile problems in the city and various county municipalities on a wide area of problems: gangs, curfew laws, truancy, police techniques with youth, etc. The MYC used police apprehension data and juvenile court records to develop a standard analysis for identifying deliquent youth and planning prevention and control programs. The MYC also served as the administrative agent for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Juvenile Officers' Association. The MYC was absorbed by the Health and Welfare Council of Metropolitan St. Louis in January, 1966.

Meyer, Lynn, Photograph Collection, (P0225)
11 photographs
Photographs relating to Southwestern Bell Telephone and of several Missouri locations, including the state capitol, St. Louis, Unity Farms, and Forsyth Dam.

Mid-America Grocers Association Records (S0260)
5 cubic feet
The Mid-America Grocers Association (MAGA) records contain the organization’s in-house publications, including the Food Dealers’ Digest, the St. Louis Grocer, the Metro-Food Dealer, and the Mid-America Grocer.

Midwest Coalition for Responsible Investment Records (SA4405)
3 cubic feet
This accretion to the Midwest Coalition for Responsible Investment (MCRI) Records contains correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, resolutions, and news articles pertaining to the group’s mission to influence major companies to become responsible corporate citizens by purchasing stocks in these companies.  Included in this accession are files on Ameren, Arch Coal International, Boeing, Monsanto, and Peabody Energy. Materials of interest include MCRI resolutions calling for Peabody Energy to adopt sustainable water efforts at its coal mining facilities. The materials in this accession date from 1998 to 2018.

Midwest Coalition for Responsible Investment Records (SA4436)
4 cubic feet
This addenda to the Midwest Coalition for Responsible Investment (MCRI) Records consists of histories, correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, and news articles pertaining to the group’s mission to influence prominent corporations to become responsible corporate citizens by purchasing stocks in these companies. Included in this access are files on Ameren, Boeing, and Monsanto. Materials of interest include a complete set of MCRI’s meeting minutes, documenting the group’s evolution from 1977 to 2019.

Minden, Edward, St. Louis Stretcar Photographs, C. 1940s, (S0753)
46 Negatives
The forty streetcar negatives measure 116mm (2 1/2" x 3 1/4"), a type of roll film used in Brownie cameras. The Minden photos also included six 120mm (2 1/2" x 3 1/4") negatives of an unidentified fire.

Missouri Alliance For Campaign Reform, 1995-2000, (SA1164)
4 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Missouri Association of Mexican War Veterans, Reunion Notice, 1904, (C3267)
1 folder
Announcement of a reunion of the National Association of Mexican War Veterans by the president of the Missouri Association, Odon Guitar, to be held in St. Louis, 16-17 September 1904.

Missouri Botanical Garden, Photographs, (P0815)
6 photographs
Photos of Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis.

Missouri Division of Tourism, Photographs, (P0452)
0.08 linear feet
Photos of Thomas Hart Benton and Missouri Historic Sites, monuments, markers, and memorials.

Missouri Forestry, Records, 1929-1994, (R1341)
2.25 cubic feet (53 folders)
The records of Missouri Forestry contain materials from the administration of directors George O. White (1938-1960), Osal B. Capps (1960-1977), and Jerry Presley (1977-1986). This includes materials related to Smokey Bear, fire safety, and the promotion of science, practice, and standards of forestry.

Missouri German Heritage Corridor Oral History Project (C4354)
0.4 cubic feet (6 folders, 9 CDs)
The collection consists of interviews with Missourians who have lived in the German Heritage Corridor and have worked to promote and preserve its cultural institutions. The collection includes digitally recorded interviews and transcripts of the interviews.

Missouri Railroad Collection, (R1457)
0.5 cubic foot (19 folders)
The Missouri Railroad Collection is an ephemeral collection of records dealing with the railroad industry in Missouri. Included are records of railroad investments made by the J. & W. Seligman and Company and members of the Perkins, Livingston, Post Company of New York in railroad companies in Missouri and Kansas. These materials contain records for the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad Company; Kansas City, Clinton and Springfield Railroad Company; the Memphis, Carthage and Northwestern Railroad Company; the Missouri and Western Railway Company; the Oswego and State Line Railroad Company; Pierce City and Kanas Railroad Company; the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company; and the St. Louis, Wichita and Western Railway Company.

Missouri Ruralist Collection, 1951, (C1917)
1 folder
Four letters submitted to MISSOURI RURALIST Old Letters Contest.

Missouri State Museum, Interpretation Program, Oral History Recordings, 1980-2009, (CA6218)
1.2 cubic feet, 410 audio cassettes, 78 video cassettes, 205 DVDs, 3 CDs
Oral history interviews with Missourians regarding historical events on audio cassettes, video cassettes, and DVDs. Also includes transcripts and related material such as photographs, negatives, news clippings, obituaries, correspondence, personal accounts, and ephemera.

Missouri, St. Louis. Board Meeting Minutes, 1821, (C1993)
1 folder
The collection contains a fragment of minutes of meeting of 5 May 1821.

Mitchell, Harry E., "History of Jefferson Barracks, Missouri," 1921, (C1186)
1 volume
History of Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis County, MO, beginning in 1826. Includes biographies of commanders."

Missouri East Conference, United Methodist Church, Records, (CA2905)
1 folder
Addition of programs and other materials concerning the history of Memorial United Methodist Church, St. Louis, MO.

Missouri East Conference, United Methodist Church, Records, (CA3014)
0.2 linear feet
Addition of minutes and other records of the Overland Council of Church Women, 1940s-1950s, a multi-denominational organization in the St. Louis area.

Missouri Association for Adult Continuing and Community Education (MAACCE) (SA0930)
1.5 cubic foot
This accession to the Missouri Association for Adult Continuing and Community Education (MAACCE) contains meeting minutes, photographs, membership directories, and newsletters pertaining to conference planning, leadership changes within MAACCE, proposed revisions to MAACCE’s constitution, and grassroots organizing for community education programs. The materials in this collection date from 1980 to 2007.

Missouri Environment Oral History Project, Records, 1997-, (C3966)
Interviews with Missouri land use and natural resource professionals and other individuals related to the environment in Missouri. The records include audio cassettes, CDs, audio logs, and transcripts.

Missouri Ex-POWs Oral History Project, Records, 2000-, (C3975)
Interviews with ex-prisoners of war (POWs). The records include audio cassettes, compact discs, and transcripts.

Missouri Extension Homemakers Association, Inc., "Sacred Stones and Stained Glass Windows," Project, 1977-1980, (C3723)
7.1 cubic feet
Statewide documentation of local churches by county. Includes cultural arts reports, church histories, floor plans, architectural details, clippings, slides, photographs, and miscellany.

Missouri National Guard, Photographs, (P0076)
0.2 linear feet
Images of Charles Lindbergh, aerial photos of Columbia, MO, Fort Riley (KS), Lambert Airfield, 35th Division Aviation, Digital images of Fort Riley, national guard officers under Gov. Wm. J. Stone.

Missouri Place Names Study, 1927-1928 (C3459)
0.6 linear feet
Correspondence, term papers, and information collected by graduate students at the University of Missouri during a study of the origin and history of place names in forty-two Missouri counties.

Missouri Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights Records (S0805)
0.5 cubic foot (14 folders)
The Missouri Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights (MO/RCAR) was a nonprofit corporation that connected people to abortion, family planning, and counseling service providers and educated the public about reproductive rights. The collection primarily contains pro-choice flyers, brochures, and fact sheets MO/RCAR collected and distributed to the public. Also included in this collection is correspondence from and relating to the Missouri Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights, the national Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights, and other pro-choice organizations.

Missouri Veterans History Project, Oral History Records, 2010- (C4052)
4.7 cubic feet
The records of the Missouri Veterans History Project contain the local copy of veteran oral history interviews recorded for the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress. The records include audio, video, interview logs, and some transcripts. The former Western Historical Manuscript Collection, a joint collection with the State Historical Society of Missouri, was a founding partner of the Veterans History Project in 2001.

Missouri, Crestwood, Invitation, 1966, (C3151)
1 folder
The collection contains an invitation to ceremonies marking the dedication of the Thomas Sappington house as an historic landmark.

Missouri, St. Charles Collection, 1952-1976, (S0055)
16 Folders
The collection contains student reports, budget, code, maps, histories, pamphlets and newsclippings. Topics include: City Council meetings, historic sites, popular statistics, public services, restoration plans, water works, and zoning.

Missouri, St. John, Survey, 1857, (C3171)
1 folder
The collection contains a typed copy of the original survey of St. John, MO, giving owners of each lot; also plat map naming owners of outlying farms.

Missouri, St. Louis, Papers, 1822-1825, (C1473)
1 folder
The papers of St. Louis, Missouri, consist of positive photostats of an act passed by the General Assembly and approved by Governor McNair, 1822, to incorporate the inhabitants of the town of St. Louis and to establish election procedures, requirements and duties of the mayor and board of aldermen. A supplementary act was approved by Governor Bates, 1825, establishing qualifications for mayor and voters, city budget, assessor, and salaries.

Missouri, St. Louis, Scrapbook, 1914, (C2492)
1 volume
Scrapbook of newspaper clippings, brochures, and one letter about the pageant and masque celebrating the 150th anniversary of St. Louis, May 1914.

Missouri, Village à Robert, Plat, 1794, (C1667)
1 folder
The records contain a plat of Village à Robert, now Bridgeton in St. Louis County, surveyed by Monsieur Bouvet, under the command of Captain F. Dunegan of St. Ferdinand, by order of Zenon Trudeau, lieutenant-governor at St. Louis. Includes names of landholders.

Missouri. General Assembly, 23rd, Act, 1865, (C1870)
1 folder
Act to incorporate the National Loan Bank of St. Louis, MO, certified by Francis Rodman, secretary of state. Individuals incorporating the bank were Chauncey I. Filley, William McKee, Truman Woodruff, Thomas O'Reily, Stephen Ridgley, Christian Garrell and Antony Niedermeiser.

Missouri, Infantry, 49th Regiment, Company G, Muster-Out Roll, 1865, (C2632)
1 folder
Muster-out roll of company organized at Warrenton, MO, September 23, 1864, and discharged at Benton Barracks, St. Louis, August 2, 1865.

Mitchell, Ewing Young, Jr. (1873-1954), Papers, 1840-1949 (C1041)
0.4 linear feet
Papers of a Springfield, Missouri, lawyer active in Democratic Party politics, who served as assistant secretary of commerce in Franklin Roosevelt's first administration. Material concerns family affairs, law practice with emphasis on county indebtedness, Ozark land speculation, and Democratic politics on the state and national levels.

Montgomery, Christine, Photographs, (P0144)
0.08 linear feet
Photographs of Walnut Grove, Sappington, and Bellefontaine Cemeteries, the 1993 Missouri River flood near Boonville, New Franklin area, Soulard Farmer's Market 1999, Johnson's Shut-ins 1994, Saline County Courthouse 1998, Jesse Hall 1997 restoration, 2002 Olympic Parade in Columbia, and Ste. Genevieve.

Montgomery, Lee Diehl (1910-1997), Papers, ca. 1929-1999, (R1298)
160 photographs, 1 folder
This collection consists of high quality scans of various paper and photographic materials of a former pilot and prominent businessman in Rolla, Missouri. The papers, circa 1929-1999, include a promotional brochure for Rolla and news clippings from the Rolla Daily News featuring Montgomery. There are thirty-nine images of the Montgomery family, businesses and buildings in Rolla, and 118 photographs of the Parks Air College in St. Louis, 1928-1932.

Morris, Ann, Records,1927-1993, (S0767)
21 Folders
This collection, which spans over 60 years, also includes documentation from community development within the city, devastating natural disasters and their effects on the city of St. Louis, as well as prehistoric land masses that date back over a thousand years. Documents explaining the impact that St. Louis natives had on the burial of American President Abraham Lincoln have also been incorporated into the collection. Arranged alphabetically by category/subject.

Morrow, Lynn, Papers, (R1000)
21 cubic feet (964 folders, 4 oversize)
The papers of Lynn Morrow contain correspondence and research papers, with an additional significant collection of late twentieth-century promotional and advertising items. The papers reflect major areas of Morrow’s research on the southwest Missouri region; Iron, Shannon, and Washington counties; Theodore Pease Russell and his writings; and the writings of Silas C. Turnbo. The collection also includes a large selection of promotional publications and ephemera associated with late 20th century tourism in Missouri and Arkansas.

Museum of Transportation, Kirkwood, Photographs, (P0828)
2 photographs
Photo postcards of Museum of Transportation, Kirkwood.

Musick, James B. (1891- ), Papers, 1942-1944, (C3687)
1 folder
The papers of James B. Musick contain essays and notes written by a former secretary of the St. Louis Art Museum, St. Louis, MO, on the subjects of Carl Weimar, artist; western pioneers as portrayed particularly in the paintings of George Caleb Bingham; and historic places on the Mississippi River from St. Louis to Cape Girardeau, MO.


National Association for the Advancement of Colored People re: Craton Liddell, et al., v. the Board of Education of the City of St. Louis, Missouri, et al., Records, (CA5263)
101 linear feet
Records associated with the educational desegregation case from the 1970s-1990s.

National Society of the Colonial Dames in the State of Missouri, Papers, 1968-1974, (C3584)
15 folders
The papers of the National Society of the Colonial Dames in the State of Missouri contain a working copy of EARLY PORTRAITS IN MISSOURI, PAINTED BEFORE 1860, which provides a detailed description of portraits existing in Missouri, arranged alphabetically by location of the work. There is an index by artist, but none by portrait subject. The manuscript includes many works by George Caleb Bingham.

Nelson, Earl F. (1884-1945), Papers, 1904-1967, (C2511)
3 linear feet
The papers of Earl F. Nelson contain personal, political, and business correspondence, insurance data, tax records, ledgers, and journals, including correspondence, reports, and financial statements dealing with work as a member of the board of curators. Also included are papers of Edna Nelson dealing with estate matters.

New Life Evangelistic Center Records (S1236)
20 cubic feet
The New Life Evangelistic Center (NLEC) Records contain correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, newsletters, newspaper clippings, and photographs documenting NLEC’s mission to provide Christian hospitality to the poor through social service programs and spiritual care.

Newman, George Nathan, Stereograph Collection, (P0017)
35 stereographs
Stereoscopic views of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in 1904, plus several other views of St. Louis and agricultural scenes.

Nichols, Shepard and Company Notes, 1874, (C1757)
1 folder
Notes signed by A.J. Jones, W. Phipps and Ann E. Gilbreath.

Niedner, Rev. Frederic, Photograph Collection, (P0917)
3 photographs
Wedding portraits of Richard Bartholdt and Eugenia Niedner, photo of Immanuel Lutheran Church in St. Louis

Normandy Area Historical Association (1974- ), Records, 1923-1982, (S0420)
42 Folders, 1 Microfilm And 1 Scrapbook
Records of the NAHA and historical material on the Normandy area, including photographs, correspondence, programs, yearbooks & histories. Material on Hunt family, Hunt House, Normandy residences, schools, businesses, churches, & cemeteries.

Northeast Missouri State University, Collection, (P0695)
22 photographs
Photos of bandstands, pavilions, and similar park structures in Ironton, St. Louis, Lewiston, and Hermann.

Northrup Family Papers, (R1489)
4 cubic feet (67 folders)
The Northrop Family Papers contain correspondence between members of the Northrop family, family genealogy, and personal papers related to the family farm near Simcoe, Missouri.

Northwoods, Missouri, Records, 1939-1980, (S0424)
21 Folders
Records of a North St. Louis County municipality incorporated in 1939. Minutes, ordinances, budgets, reports, map, Commission on Community Relations minutes, and "Northwoodsman" newsletters.

Nunn, Chester M., Collection, (P0100)
38 photographs
20 leather postcards, ca. 1907, with 8 picture postcards of Louisiana MO and environs; Tintypes of W and Sarah McLoed; eight photos of international Air Races at St. Louis, 1923


Oates, Thomas R., Papers, (CA6212)
6 cubic feet, oversize
A collection of photographs, slides, and negatives of Dr. Thomas R. Oates, a nationally known documentary photographer and Saint Louis University alumnus. He did extensive research on rural Missouri and farming, as well as the inner city environment of St. Louis.

Oldham, Charles and Marian O’Fallon, Papers (S1112)
2 cubic feet (38 folders, 179 photographs, 10 oversize items, 2 cassette tapes) 
his collection contains correspondence, photographs, court transcripts, and newspaper clippings pertaining to the lives of Civil Rights activists Charles and Marian Oldham. Charles Oldham was instrumental in organizing picket lines and demonstrations that helped open college admission for African Americans at Washington University in St. Louis in 1948. The Oldhams were also active members of the St. Louis chapter of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) and participated in the Jefferson Bank protests in 1963. Other subjects of interest include Marian O’Fallon Oldham’s tenure as a member of the University of Missouri’s Board of Curators and Charles Oldham’s time as the National Chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality. The materials in this collection date from 1913 to 2004.

Overland Mail Centennial Scrapbook, 1958, (C3457)
1 volume
Clippings, photographs, brochures, and miscellaneous records which marked the hundredth anniversary of the first overland stage route in the U.S.


Paillou, Emile, Letters, 1929-1931, (C2050)
1 folder
To Margie [Mrs. Ralph Tennal], Sabetha, KS, from St. Louis concerning Francesca Paillou.

Parks Air College Collection, (R1412)
0.01 cubic foot (1 folder)
The Parks Air College Collection contains an admission packet for Parks Air College sent to Harold S. Macreading II, in 1932. The packet includes a brief history of the school, description of school facilities, detailed flight course descriptions, and information on the ground, executive, and mechanics’ schools.

Parmenter, William E. (1915-1987), Journal, 1944-1946, (R1334)
1 folder
The photocopied journal contains the writings of William Edward "Ted" Parmenter dated May 1944 to January 1946 during his tour of duty with the United States Navy in World War II.

Pasadena Hills, Records, 1947-1989, (S0709)
5 Boxes, One Oversize
The Pasadena Hills Records include correspondence, legal records, news clippings, maps, architecture drawings, reports and other historical information about the community.

Patricia and Earl Samel Normandy School District Collection (S1146)
2 cubic feet
Collection Patricia and Earl Semel (Normandy High School, class of 1944), including newsletters, photographs, publications, ledgers, and VHS tapes pertaining to the Normandy School District, the Normandy High School Class of 1944 reunions, and the history of Normandy, Missouri.

Peace Action Committee of Missouri Collection, (S0172)
0.1 cubic foot (1 folder)
The collection contains newsletters, pamphlets, letters, bulletins, and circulars pertaining to the Peace Action Committee of Missouri's efforts to lobby the United States government against participating in foreign wars. The group supported political candidates in Missouri and urged Congress to pass the Ludlow War Referendum Amendment in the late 1930s.

Peck, Jacob, Papers, 1825-1836, (C1623)
1 folder
The papers contain letters from James S. Peck and David Barton. Includes information on James H. Peck's health, medical, remedies, death of James H. Peck, and funeral and estate arrangements.

Pedersen, Sharon (1943-2017), Papers, 1975-2017 , (SA0844)

Personal papers documenting the education, work, hobbies, and life and death of Sharon Leslie (Smith) Pedersen (1943-2017). Pedersen, a Kirkwood, Missouri resident and mother of four, worked as a high school English teacher and librarian, public librarian, and Peace Corps educator in China. She earned degrees in English, Philosophy, Education, History, Library Science, and Creative Writing from the University of Missouri and University of Colorado. Throughout her life she was an avid outdoorsman, master gardener, and was an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, International Folk Dance Association of St. Louis, Ethical Society of St. Louis, Wild Ones Native Plant Society, and Washington University Woman's Club. Papers include genealogy and family history; photographs; educational, work, and volunteer papers; correspondence; journals; and essays. Of note are a series of journals spanning 2014-2016 in which she daily recounted her struggle with acute myeloid leukemia. She passed away from the illness on January 15, 2017.

Pfefferkorn, Michael Gene, Papers, (S1219)
9.25 cubic feet
The papers of Michael Gene Pfefferkorn contain correspondence, meeting minutes, newsletters, and speeches concerning the historic preservation of St. Louis landmarks and neighborhoods, including the Major John Stevens Bowen House; the integration of St. Louis City Schools during the 1970s; and the establishment of the American Tax Token Society in 1971. Other topics of interest include the publication of the Missouri Journal of Numismatics, which Pfefferkorn edited from 1976 to 2001. The papers date from 1964 to 1993.

Pfefferkorn, Sandra Jo, Papers, (S1220)
0.25 cubic foot
The papers of Sandra Jo Pfefferkorn contain evaluations, reports, and writings concerning Central High School and the development of its curriculum, student writing abilities, and student and faculty morale at Central High School. Other items of interest include a 1967-1968 annual report published by the Missouri Commission on Human Rights. The papers date from 1967 to 1981.

Phalen William J., Diary (S0837)
0.2 cubic feet (1 volume, 7 photographs)
William James Phelan, a St. Louis native, served as a Regimental Sergeant Major in the 314th Engineer Regiment, 89th Infantry Division during World War I.  Phelan trained in Camp Funston, Kansas before being sent overseas on the USS Carpathia.  Following the Armistice, Phelan and the 314th were part of the post-war occupation of Germany. Beginning in September 1917, Phelan kept a detailed diary about his experiences during World War I. From shipping out of Union Station, basic training, service near the front line in France and occupation duty in Germany.  Scattered throughout the diary’s pages are mementos, photographs, and insignia related to Phelan’s service in Europe. 

Platner, Wesley and Peggy, Photographs, (P0112)
1.33 linear feet
This collection primarily consists of photographs by Wesley Platner, a professor and physiologist at the University of Missouri, and his daughter, Peggy. Photographs span from the 1940s through the 2000s and include images of Columbia, the University of Missouri, people associated with the physiology department, and travel within Missouri and beyond, to Illinois and Disneyland. Peggy participated in the Jefferson City Camera Club and tours sponsored by the City of Columbia; many photos from the 1990s and 2000s are of their expeditions.

Platt and Thornburgh Paint Company Books, 1889-1900, (C2332)
2 volumes
The collection contains books of a St. Louis, MO, paint company. Vol. 1 is an inventory book, 1889-1891. Vol. 2 is an order book, 1899-1900.

Political Tracts, n.d., (C3765)
1 folder
Printed tracts by an unidentified author describing corruption in the Republican Party in St. Louis in the early 1900s.

Politics in Missouri Oral History Project, Records, 1996-, (C3929)
2.2 linear feet
Interviews with Missouri legislators, politicians, aides, and other participants in Missouri politics. The records include audio cassettes, compact discs, and transcripts of the interviews.

Porteau, Rene, Collection, n.d., (C2953)
1 folder
Letter, probably from Joseph Shelby to Thomas T. Crittenden, discussing the 1896 Democratic convention in Chicago and the politicians involved. Also newspaper clippings from the ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT announcing the death of Thomas Crittenden.

Post, Justus, Letters, 1816, (C0388)
1 folder
Photostat copies of letters from St. Louis, Missouri Territory, to his brother John Post in Vermont commenting on land prices, condition and availability.

Post, Justus, Letter, 1817, (C1976)
1 folder
To John Post, Addison, VT, from St. Louis, MO, Dec. 5, 1817. Land speculation, weather, and crops. Encourages brother to move to Missouri.

Scrapbooks, Marvin E. Proffer, (CG0006)
0.2 cubic feet (2 volumes)
The Marvin E. Proffer Scrapbooks contain two scrapbooks that contain newspaper clippings, postcards, and other memorabilia related to Proffer.

Presbytery of Missouri, Minutes, 1920-1943, (C1353)
0.2 linear feet
The records contain official copies of minutes of the Presbytery of Missouri. Minutes for 1920-1939 are bound; others are in pamphlet form.

Presbytery of Missouri Records, 1817-1920, (C1354)
1.4 linear feet, 6 oversize volumes
The records of the Presbytery of Missouri contain minutes, reports, and other records of an organization composed of ministers and representative elders of Presbyterian churches in Missouri. Volumes 1-6 have been microfilmed. Volume 7 is available onsite. See also collection C1353.

Prewitt, Reuben C. (1915-1958), World War II Notes, 1945, (C3326)
1 folder
Notes on Air Force experiences. Cross-country trip to Seattle and description of voyage from Seattle to Iwo Jima and situation at Iwo Jima.

Price, Sterling (1809-1867), Letter, 1854, (C2206)
1 folder
To Secretary of War [Jefferson Davis], Washington, D.C., from Jefferson City, MO, May 15, 1854. Letter from Governor Sterling Price to Secretary of War Jefferson Davis requesting the delivery of eighty muskets and related material from the arsenal at St. Louis to Captain Madison Miller of St. Louis.

Proetz, Arthur W. (1888-1966), Photograph Collection, 1890-1963, (S0537)
1720 Photographic Prints, 1728 Photographic Negatives
The Proetz photo collection contains a variety of St. Louis scenes in many formats.


Raiche, Stephen J., Photograph Collection, (P0474)
0.21 linear feet
Photos of historic buildings in Missouri, primarily in the St. Louis area.

Raiche, Stephen R., Papers, 1864-1989, (S0623)
10 Folders
Information in the collection ranges from one document from 1864, 1924, and 1989, the rest of the material ranges from 1968-1973. The collection contains research notes and printed material on areas in St. Louis including Lafayette Park/Square, Soulard Neighborhood and Soulard Market, and an Architectural Survey of LaSalle Park Area. State Laws also show the beginning of Lafayette Park and later zoning laws, which help researchers gain a better understanding of these specific areas in St. Louis.

Railroad Stock and Bond Certificates Collection, (R1485)
0.03 cubic foot (1 folder)
The Railroad Stock and Bond Certificates Collection consists of 70 stock and bond certificates for railroad companies in the United States and Canada.

Ralston, J.A., Certificate, 1889, (C1794)
1 folder
Certificates granted by St. Louis College of Physicians and Surgeons for completion of instruction in "Principles and Practice of Surgery."

Ramsay Place Names File 1928-1945, (C2366)
12 cubic feet
Card file of origins of Missouri place names, compiled by students of Robert L. Ramsay, University of Missouri professor of English.

Raut, Irwin, Papers, 1871-1927, (C2410)
8 folders, 1 volume
The papers of Irwin Raut contain miscellaneous material, including price lists for trunks (1874-1879), railway schedules, information on Sedalia and St. Louis, and a scrapbook of poetry.

Ray, E. Lansing (1884-1955), Journal, 1918, (C2168)
3 folders
The collection contains the journal of E. Lansing Ray, editor and publisher of the St. Louis GLOBE DEMOCRAT. Ray was a member of a delegation of American newspapermen invited to visit the Allied Western Front, September-November 1918. The journal includes a record of events and observations of conditions in England, Ireland, Scotland and France, and describes tours, social and political events, and attitudes of the people.

Rector, William, and Angus L. Langham, Document, 1819, (C1631)
1 folder
Instrument signed in St. Louis, Missouri Territory, 3 May 1819. States that William Rector and Angus L. Langham sold land for a town at the confluence of the Osage and Missouri rivers to Thomas C. Rector and Richard Gentry.

Redeker, Frederic D., Collection, (P0410)
0.125 linear feet
Photos of Stark Brother's Nurseries and Delicious Apple Monument, photos and postcard of SGT Floyd Army Corps tow boat ca 1975, postcards of Missouri fishing and farming, University of Missouri Columbia, St. Louis, and Plano, MO

Reeves, Charles Monroe (1868-1920), Papers, 1892-1970 (C3356)
2.4 linear feet
The papers are from a St. Louis journalist and organizer of the 1904 World's Fair. First section includes items from Reeve's early journalistic career. The bulk of the papers in the second section concern the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, related materials, and photographs.

Reinhold, William M., Photographs, (P0824)
3 photographs
Photos of Weider home, St. Louis County, 1947.

Rekert, A.F., Photographs, (P0822)
6 photographs
Photos of J.H. LaMotte Home, Ferguson, MO.

Reynolds, Thomas Caute (1821-1887), Letter, 1860, (C2449)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter to C.F. Jackson, governor-elect of Missouri, from St. Louis, MO, Nov. 25, 1860, concerning Missouri's financial affairs and inability to pay the January interest. The letter discusses possible action, advises a suspension of specie and requests Jackson to consider official action.

Rhodes, A. Stacy (1881- ), Collection, 1834-1940, (C3780)
1 folder
The collection contains miscellaneous letters between Rhodes family members and genealogical notes on the Rhodes family. A. Stacy Rhodes was a resident of St. Louis, MO.

Rice, Mr. and Mrs. Harry, Postcard Collection, (P0497)
18 postcards
Postcards of Missouri scenes: St. Joseph, Gallatin, Lebanon, Slater, Maryville, Branson, Jefferson City, Sedalia, St. Louis, and Kansas City.

Riedel, Mrs. Mark T., Photograph Collection, (P0829)
5 photographs
Photos of New Overland School classes.

Rieger, Wray M. (1902-1975), Papers, 1942-1972, (C4315)
0.4 cubic feet
The papers of a former military officer and dean emeritus of faculties and professor of chemistry at Northeast Missouri State Teachers College consist of military papers containing special orders, memos, reports, forms, separation papers, physical exams, Rieger’s Missouri National Guard service record, staff lists, and photographs of Rieger and other military officers. The other portion of the collection consists of letters of recognition upon Rieger’s retirement from Northeast Missouri State Teachers College.

River Power and Transport Association, Corporate Records, 1927-1933, (C1232)
1 volume
Corporate records of the River Power and Transport Association, Wilmington, DE, 1927. Appended to these records are the minutes of the Board of Directors of the St. Louis River Front Improvement Corporation, 1933.

Rotoscope Collection (R1499)
11 cubic feet (23 folders, 50 reels 35mm film)
The Rotoscope Collection contains the personal papers of Rowe Carney, Jr., photographs, patents, schematics and design materials, promotional material, and 35mm reels of film related to the Rotoscope. Invented by Rowe Carney, Jr. of Rolla, Missouri, and Tom Smith of Urbana, Missouri, the Rotoscope is a single camera, single projection system capable of taking and projecting a scope of 180 degrees on one reel of film. The collection also includes film scripts written by Rowe 'Doc' Carney and correspondence related to the production of two of his films.

Ruffieux, John Joseph Simon, Papers, 1962, (C3141)
1 folder
Letters in French and German from the State Archives of Frebourge and the State Archives of Canton of Berne, Switzerland, containing biographical information on J.J.S. Ruffieux, who founded a boy's school near St. Louis. Also includes a typed cover letter translating and explaining the two letters.


Saint Louis Ambassadors, Records, (SA0968)
10 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Sanborn, J., Letter, 1844, (C1776)
1 folder
The collection contains a photostat of a letter from St. Louis, Mar. 28, 1844, discussing politics of the 1844 Democratic Convention.

Sanders, Wayne, Postcard Collection, (P0216)
1 folder
12 sepia color postcards of St. Louis Zoo, color postcard folder from Grant's Farm; two b/w real photo postcards of highways through Missouri Ozarks.

Sappington Junior High School, History Club, "History of Sappington," 1936, (C3094)
1 folder
The papers contain a history of the community of Sappington, including early settlers, religious and educational growth, and life of U.S. Grant when he resided there from 1848 to 1859.

Scharil, A. W., "Roderick, Last of the Goths," 1853, (C11244)
1 volume
The collection contains a tragedy in five acts written by a St. Louis lawyer, editor and publisher. Scharil was a member of the Bar, editor and publisher of The American Banner, Union Banner, Mississippi Valley Farmer, Mississippi Sun, and other publications.

Schenck, Dr. Peter Voorhees, (1838-1885), Papers, 1859-1964, (C2214)
0.1 cubic feet (3 folders)
Biographical sketches of Schenck and John S. McCune. Letter to Anna McCune proposing marriage. Schenck's resignation as superintendent of the Female Hospital, St. Louis. Scrapbook of McCune-Schenck clippings.

Schisler, Arthur W., Photographs, (P0820)
4 photographs
Photos of the Luther A. Armstrong Home, Kirkwood, St. Louis County.

Schoemehl, Mayor Vincent, First Term Records, 1981-1985, (S0792)
66 Boxes
Contains the records of Mayor Schoemehl's first term in office. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Scholten, John A., Photographs, (P0869)
4 photographs
Portraits taken by John A. Scholten of St. Louis

Schopp Family Collection, (S1217)
0.1 cubic foot
The Schopp Family Collection contains photographs, probate records, pension and marriage certificates, as well as Musicians' Club and Musicians' Mutual Benefit Association membership cards of Valentine and Victor Schopp.

Schroeder, Victor J. (1925-2015), Papers (CA6496)
4.4 cubic feet
The papers of a Methodist minister from Troy, Missouri, contain a transcription of his journals, along with correspondence, photographs, and miscellaneous material. Schroeder served churches in Georgia, Ohio, and Illinois, as well as Warren, Lincoln, St. Charles, and St. Louis Counties, Missouri. The collection also includes family material, including papers concerning his father, John Ernst Schroeder, a chiropractor who served in WWI.

Schwake, Sara Gibson, Postcard Collection, (P0040)
46 postcards
Missouri postcards, including views of Kansas City, St. Joseph, St. Louis, Independence, ice flows on the Mississippi River, and the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition.

Second Presbyterian Church, St. Louis, Missouri, Sabbath School Records, 1838-1886, (C1366)
1 volume
Brief history of the school, list of officers, attendance records of pupils and teachers, conversions, records of events, reports of annual meetings and of superintendents, deaths, election of officers, missionary funds, and table showing condition of school.

Shankland, Wilbur Morse, Speeches, 1962-1964, (C2568)
3 folders
Four addresses before the St. Louis Pioneer Chapter of the National Society of United States Daughters of 1812.

Shankland, Wilbur Morse, "The Treaties of Portage des Sioux and Some Friends of Mine Who Were There," 1965, (C2901)
1 folder
Address before the State Council of the Missouri Society, National Society United States Daughters of 1812, concerns the proceedings of the Council at Portage des Sioux and biographies of dignitaries who attended.

Shrewsbury, James, Papers, (S0988)
52 cubic feet
The James F. Shrewsbury Papers consist of meeting minutes, political campaign material, newspaper clippings, reports, and political campaign materials pertaining Shrewsbury’s career on the 16th Ward Alderman (1983-2007) and the President of the St. Louis Board of Alderman (2002-2007), for the city of St. Louis. This collection also contains political campaign ephemera—bumper stickers, political buttons, and flyers—pertaining to Missouri state and national politicians. The materials in this collection date from 1962 to 2015. 

Silhavy, Robert C. Papers (R1393)
0.01 cubic feet (1 folder)
The Robert C. Silhavy Papers contain the episode script of the show “Story of Lieutenant Robert C. Silhavy” from the Kay Kyser’s Kollege of Musical Knowledge radio program. The episode aired on July 22, 1942. It featured the heroic actions of Silhavy, a member of the United States Army Corp of Engineers and discussed the actions of the engineers in the rearguard of the retreating United States Army during the Battle of Bataan in December 1941.

Sine, L.D., Lottery Ticket, 1873, (C1848)
1 folder
The collection contains two dollar lottery ticket for L.D. Sine's 19th Grand Annual Gift Enterprise, St. Louis, MO, January 6, 1873.

Skinker-Debaliviere Newletters, (SA0991)
2 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Skinner, Mrs. Bradley, Postcard Collection, (P0549)
38 postcards
Postcards, the bulk of which depict Higginsville and Odessa. Additional postcards of St. Louis, Butler, Central Methodist University, Schell City, Joplin, and St. Joseph.

Small, Fred, Papers, 1936-1938 , (S0141)
9 Folders, 137 Photographs, 2 8mm Films
Collection includes city engineer reports, correspondence, town ordinances, village clerk minutes, films and photographs of the Works Progress Administration's construction projects in north St. Louis.

Smith, C.E., Letter, 1882, (C1860)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter to G.O. Hardeman, Gray's Summit, MO, from Pattonville, MO, Mar. 24, 1882. The letter discusses the whereabouts of a letter written by Thomas Hart Benton to Smith's father, containing an account of Benton's duel with Charles Lucas. Smith acknowledges a large collection of Benton letters in his possession.

Smith, Micah Pearce, "Dr. Emmet Starr," 1930, (C2106)
1 folder
Biographical sketch of a Cherokee Indian educator, physician, Indian expert and clerk at the Book World, a second-hand book store in St. Louis, MO.

Smith, Nancy K., Postcard Collection, (P0029)
268 postcards
Postcards, all views of hospitals and clinics and some sanitariums across Missouri.

Smith, Richard Averill, Photographs, (P0807)
17 photographs
Photos by Smith of Hansen and Maremont homes, St. Louis.

Smithers and Wagoner Funeral Records, St. Louis, Missouri, 1863-1899, 1934, (C4187)
0.4 cubic feet
The records of a funeral home in St. Louis, Missouri. The records include name of deceased, place of residence, place of burial, and other funeral details. The later records also include cause of death and age at time of death. Please note that not all records for each individual are complete.

Snow, Thad Papers, (CG0027)
1.31 cubic feet (90 folders, 1 oversize box, 2 microfilm reels)
The Thad Snow Papers include writings, correspondence, scrapbooks, memorabilia and photographs. Snow was a prolific writer during his life. He is best remembered for his column, “Letters from the People” for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch beginning in the 1930s. The topics covered in this collection include politics, foreign affairs, farming, Snow’s family, economics and human nature.

Socialist Party of Missouri Collection (S0090)
4.6 cubic feet (103 folders, 10 rolls of microfilm, 1 audio disc, 1 oversize photograph)
The Socialist Party of Missouri Collection contains correspondence and official proceedings of the Socialist Party, records of activities and interactions with other organizations, and literature related to socialism. The collection documents internal party history, local and national politics, and the labor movement. The collection also includes a sound recording of an interview with presidential candidate Norman Thomas.

Society Of Independent Artists Of St. Louis (1930- ), Annual Histories, 1946-1972, (S0092)
1 Folder
This collection contains pamphlets describing history and activities of the society and its members from 1930 to 1972.

Soren, Noelle Louise, Papers, (K0525)
3.84 cubic feet (260 folders, 4 rolled items)
The papers contain research notes, photographs, correspondence, architectural drawings, and other materials related to Noelle Soren's research into the theater building careers of Carl and Robert Boller, known as the Boller Brothers. The results of her research culminated into her two-volume book, Windows to Wonderland: The Cinespace Creations of the Boller Brothers, Architects.

Southwestern Bell Telephone Company Photographs, (P0816)
8 photographs
Photos of Southwestern Bell Telephone offices and properties in St. Louis, Joplin, Slater, and Manchester, ca. 1940

Spencer, George A. (1906-1997), Papers, 1931-1963, (C2466)
4.6 cubic feet
Correspondence, publicity, and legislative papers of a Boone County, MO, Democrat. Spencer's election campaigns and positions as city attorney, prosecuting attorney, and state representative and senator, and candidacy for Democratic nomination for attorney general. Activities of the Columbia, MO, Chamber of Commerce.

Spirit Of St. Louis Region Classic Club Of America, (SA0993)
2 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Spreen, J. Orville (1897- ), Papers 1900-1982, (S0486)
524 Folders
A great majority of the J. Orville Spreen collection consists of information compiled for use by the Junior Chamber of Commerce Historic Markers Committee. During the early 1940s the Committee was very active in St. Louis. Most, if not all, of the information they used to designate historic sites can be found here. Along with this information, the text revisions of each marker is included. In the process of designating sites, the Committee collected literature and information concerning St. Louis history and the history of various industries and businesses in St. Louis.

St. Louis 2004, Report, (SA1056)
1 Box
Looking Back...Moving Forward: A Report To The Community On The St. Louis 2004 Effort by Deborah A. Dugan

St. Louis Aerial Photographs, ca. 1953, (P0596)
1 folder
Aerial photographs and map of St. Louis.

St. Louis American Red Cross Scrapbook, (S0047)
0.1 cubic foot (1 scrapbook, 1 microfilm reel))
The scrapbook contains newsletters and newspaper clippings pertaining to the St. Louis Chapter of the American Red Cross's 1955 Fund Campaign. Also included in the scrapbook is a letter from Whitelaw T. Terry, Chairman of the St. Louis Chapter's 1952 Red Cross Fund to Fred W. Gardner, Chairman of the chapter's Special Gifts Division, regarding the 1952 fund raising campaign in St. Louis.

St. Louis Art Museum, Photographs, (P0827)
2 photographs
Photos of the St. Louis Art Museum.

St. Louis Banking Houses, Notice, 1855, (C2828)
1 folder
Handbill issued by twenty-two St. Louis businessmen during the Panic of 1855, guaranteeing the safety of deposits in seven St. Louis banking institutions. Dated January 15, 1855.

St. Louis Chamber of Commerce Photographs, (P0813)
5 photographs
Images of St. Louis landmarks, including Union Station, the St. Louis Art Museum, Barnes Hospital Group, and a 1963 aerial photograph of the city.

St. Louis City/Board Of Freeholders (9/87-9/88), Records, (1958-1990), Addenda, 1988-1989 , (S0505)
12 Folders
This addenda consists entirely of newspaper clippings concerning the Board's activities and the public reaction to these from September of 1988 to June of 1989.

St. Louis City/County Board Of Freeholders (1987-1988), Records 1959-1990, (S0487)
396 Folders, 20 Photographs, 126 Audio Cassettes
The Board of Freeholders collection contains the board minutes, as well as information on the various municipalities of the county and the city. The proposals of other St.louis organizations such as confluence and the Municipal League are included with other research material which the board used in creating it's final proposal. The issue of fire and emergency service was one of top priority with the board and much information relating to this subject can be found in the records. The board retained the services of a newsclipping agency and the record therefore contain a extensive collection of newsclippings from local publications. The records contain the legal briefs relating to the class action suit which nullified the board. The Internal records of the board consist of personnel records and vouchers for purchases and rentals paid for out of the boards budget. Correspondence from and to the board and it's individual members as well as the various drafts which led up to the final proposal round out the collection.

St. Louis City Data Collection, Addenda, nd, 1979-2011, (S0850)
34 folders
This collection contains operating plans and comprehensive planning documents for the city of St. Louis. Additionally it has city budgets and reports from the office of the comptroller. Other contents include event flyers and city newspapers, including the River Front Times and El Mundo a Spanish language newspaper.

St. Louis City Data Collection, Addenda, Publications, 1902-1982, (S0557)
194 Folders
The publications run from annual reports to early visitor guides, The series have been divided by city department or topic.

St. Louis City Data Collection, 1917-1980, (S0075)
87 Folders
Publications, reports, clippings, and pamphlets on St. Louis City, city government, and local historic sites.

St. Louis County Cemetery Collection, 1901-2000, (S0800)
139 Folders, 2 Books, 94 Photographs
The St. Louis County Cemetery Collection consists of documents, books, and photographs collected by Ann Morris in preparation for her book. The first series in the collection includes research on individual cemeteries. These documents include correspondence, newspaper clippings, maps, pamphlets, and records from the Missouri State Historic Preservation Office. The second series contains administrative files and general research for the book. These files also include correspondence, newspaper clippings, maps, and records from the Missouri State Historic Preservation Office. Series three contains the early research design and two copies of the rough draft, one bound and one unbound. It also has four volumes of Old Cemeteries of St. Louis County, MO published by the St. Louis Genealogical Society. The final series is comprised of 94 photographs taken of St. Louis County cemeteries. These photographs include both prints and negatives.

St. Louis County Data Collection, 1942-1977, (S0073)
31 Folders
Publications, reports, clippings, pamphlets on St. Louis County and county government.

St. Louis County Map, Circa 1960, (S0404)
1 map

St. Louis County Municipalities Collection, 1930-1976, (S0074)
286 Folders
Publications, histories, reports on municipalities in St. Louis County, arranged alphabetically.

St. Louis County Parks Advisory Board, Minutes, 1952-1990, (S0610)
14 Folders
This board created and oversees the St. Louis County Parks Department. Collection contains board minutes.

St. Louis County Planning Commission Photographs, (P0831)
45 photographs
Photos of proposed Tyson Valley Park.

St. Louis Division of Parks and Recreation, Photographs, (P0814)
0.2 linear feet
Photos of St. Louis from 1936-1939, with an emphasis on parks, urban forestry, and public buildings.

St. Louis Emergency Aid Association, Records, 1908-1918, (C1240)
2 folders, 1 volume
Papers of a women's organization dedicated to providing the poor and unemployed with necessities if employment could not be found. This was accomplished in part through the donation of money to various St. Louis charities. The papers include correspondence, minutes of special and annual meetings, and treasurer's reports.

St. Louis Hospital Lottery Papers, 1842-1849, (C1445)
1 folder
Quarterly statements of sales, letters, receipts, and accounts paid in the St. Louis Hospital Lottery.

St. Louis Inter-Faith Committee on Latin America Records (SA4373)
17 boxes
This addenda to the St. Louis Inter-Faith Committee on Latin America contains meeting minutes, correspondence, newsletters, reports, and bylaws relating to the committee’s efforts to educate the St. Louis community about the social and political problems of Latin America, as well as organize projects to further human rights and social justice in the hemisphere.

St. Louis Iron and Machine Works, Account Book, 1879-1881, (C1230)
1 volume
Record of accounts of a St. Louis, MO, iron and machine works.

St. Louis Iron and Machine Works, Letter Books, 1896-1898, (C1231)
2 volumes
Letters signed by G.H. Krutzsch, vice president, and W. Brock. Volumes are indexed. Vol. 1, 12 October 1896-13 August 1897. Vol. 2, 2 September 1897-29 January 1898.

St. Louis Local History Collection, (S0076)
97 folders

St. Louis Louisiana Purchase Exposition, Record Book, 1898-1899, (C1228)
1 volume
Records of the Committee of Fifty, an organization formed to plan the 100th anniversary celebration of the Louisiana Purchase, to be held in St. Louis in 1904. Pierre Chouteau, descendant of Laclede Liquest, founder of St. Louis, began plans for the celebration in 1896. Meetings were held at the Missouri Historical Society. Also an envelope of loose papers.

St. Louis Metropolitan Area Rapid Transit Feasibility Study Long Range Program Reports, 1971, (S0403)
2 Reports
Two reports, prepared by government and private organizations to study the feasibility of a rapid transit system for the St. Louis area.

St. Louis Metropolitan Reference, Addenda 1, 1957-1992, (S0788)
28 Folders
The collection includes reports, brochures, and statistical information published by governmental agencies that relate to St. Louis area issues such as flood control, preservation of historic buildings, mass transit, and metropolitan economic development. The reference department of the Thomas Jefferson Library, University of Missouri-St. Louis, collected the material for the use of its patrons. The collection is organized chronologically by date of publication.

St. Louis Metropolitan Reference Collection, 1960-1980, (S0526)
39 Folders
The collection includes charts, maps, reports, brochures and statistical information on St. Louis City and County agencies and organizations.

St. Louis Mississippi Bridge Company, Articles of Association, 1867, (C1721)
1 folder
The collection contains Photostats of the articles of association of a company that was organized to construct a bridge over the Mississippi River from St. Louis, MO, to St. Clair or Madison County, IL. Capital, stock, and directors.

St. Louis New Call to Peacemaking Records, (S0148)
0.1 cubic foot (1 folder)
The records contain meeting minutes, agendas, correspondence, and membership lists of the St. Louis new Call to Peacemaking, a pacifist religious group affiliated with the New Call to Peacemaking coalition that was committed to opposing the United States' militarism through tax resistance and providing draft registration counseling service to youth.

St. Louis Peace Information Center Records (S0136)
3.2 cubic feet (173 folders)
The records of the St. Louis Peace Information Center contain correspondence, meeting minutes, and peace literature written and published by St. Louis and national peace groups, pertaining to the Center’s mission to facilitate communication and cooperation among St. Louis-area anti-war groups, as well as to inform the public about peace, activism, conscription, and the Vietnam War. The Center also provided draft counseling to conscientious objectors opposed to the war in Vietnam. Subjects of interest include anti-Vietnam protests in the St. Louis area, war tax resistance, and laws and regulations regarding draft counseling. The bulk of the materials date from the Center’s founding in 1967 to its closing in 1974.

St. Louis Publications Collection, 1887-2005, (S0764)
56 Folders
Collection contains various St. Louis publications, including but not limited to: store advertisements; civic organization newsletters; religious publications; women's magazines; African-American organizations; playbills; and school publications. Topics include: trollies; World War I; World War II; local events; bridges; arts; St. Louis histories; trains; local businesses; local government; real estate development; computers; African-Americans; suburbanization; teenagers; Gateway Arch; and the arts. The dates of publication range from 1887 to 2005.

St. Louis Regional Commerce And Growth Association (1971- ), Records, 1912-1980, (S0162)
494 Folders
The St. Louis Regional Commerce and Growth Association records contain material from five other organizations, the City Plan Commission, Metropolitan Plan Association, St. Louis Research Council, Chamber of Commerce, and the Regional Industrial Development Corporation. Administrative files and reports and studies from each organization are the major types of records. Most of the records are from the RIDC, which preceded the RCGA. Earlier records of the Chamber of Commerce are located at Missouri Historical Society and the Washington University Archives.

St. Louis Regional Library Network Records (S0975)
2 cubic feet (2 boxes, 58 folders)
The State of Missouri incorporated the St. Louis Regional Library Network (SLRLN) in 1977, as a not-for-profit dedicated to providing access to educational opportunities and shared resources for libraries and librarians in the greater St. Louis area, including St. Louis City and County, St. Charles, Franklin, Warren and Lincoln counties. The records contain correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, and workshop materials related to SLRLN's administration, finances and networking activities from 1978 to 1987.

St. Louis Topographical Map Collection, (SA0976)
1 box
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

St. Louis Tornado of 1896, Collection 1896, (S0307)
3 Souvenir Booklets
The Great Tornado, 1896, illustrated, 48 pages; The Great Cyclone, 1896, illustrated, 48 pages; Pictured Story of the Tornado, 1896, illustrated, 48 pages.

St. Louis Tornado Photographs, 1896, (P0277)
40 photographs
Photographs of damage following an 1896 tornado in St. Louis, including many by Samborsky Photo. Some of these images were published in Julian Curzon's The Great Cyclone at St. Louis and East St. Louis, May 27, 1896.

St. Louis Typographical Union No. 8, Records, (CA5275)
5 linear feet
Addition of union publications and meeting minutes.

St. Louis Vietnam Committee, American Friends Service Committee Records (S0164)
0.2 cubic foot (7 folders)
The American Friends Service Committee was a Society of Friends (Quaker) peace organization. In 1966, the St. Louis chapter set up a local project, the St. Louis Vietnam Committee, to oppose the Vietnam War, especially through public education with guest speakers, political ads, films, and seminars. The collection contains correspondence, meeting minutes, anti-war literature, and information about public speakers.

St. Louis, Missouri, Historic Markers, 1941, (C3533)
1 folder
The papers contain newspaper accounts and illustrations of markers placed in St. Louis by the Young Men's Division of the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce to commemorate events in the city's past.

St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company Collection, (R1491)
0.5 cubic foot (19 folders, 1 photograph)
The St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company Collection contains a sales kit, business records, and photographs for the St. Louis-San Francisco “Frisco” Railway Company. The collection includes train and freight schedules, specifications for rail cars and lines, promotional materials, maps, sales manuals, and images of railcars and stations.

Stark, George, Photographs, (P0546)
3 photographs
Photos by Stark of steamboat William McClellan ca. 1903, cotton bales in a Pemiscot Co warehouse, and Washington Ave in St. Louis, ca 1890s.

State Historical Society of Missouri-Kansas City Postcard Collection, (K1345)
0.14 cubic foot (14 folders)
The State Historical Society of Missouri-Kansas City Postcard Collection is an artificial collection combining miscellaneous postcard acquisitions related to Missouri places, individuals, organizations, and events. The State Historical Society of Missouri-Kansas City Postcard Collection continues to have material added to it. New acquisitions are added at the end of the collection.

State Historical Society of Missouri, Typescript Collection, (C0995)
774 items on 14 rolls of microfilm
The State Historical Society of Missouri Typescript Collection consists of typescripts of articles and manuscripts donated over the years to the Historical Society.

State of Missouri Collection, (P0018)
486 photographs
Over 400 original photos created for the 1904 publication on Missouri at the time of the World's Fair by Walter Williams; shows all aspects and counties in Missouri.

Stein, Weldon (1911-1964), Papers, 1928-2016, (CG0008)
0.6 cubic feet (8 folders)
The papers of Weldon Stein contain correspondence, military service records, a personal diary, high school and college graduation programs, and genealogical information.

Stones, Ross E., "Remembrances of the St. Louis Police Department Band," n.d., (C3686)
1 folder
The collection contains a recollection of Stones' service as a trumpet player with the Police Department band in St. Louis, MO, in the 1920s.

Sverdrup & Parcel And Associates, Inc., A Port Development And Land Use Study For The Port District Of The City Of St. Louis, 1976, (S0408)
230 Pages
Report commissioned by the St. Louis Port Commission.

Swekosky, Dr. William G., Photograph Collection, (P0806)
0.33 linear feet
Photos of St. Louis and notable St. Louisans. The bulk of images were photographed from 1940-1960 and show historic buildings and Bellefontaine Cemetery.

Swyers, Fay Colleen, Photograph Collection, (P0357)
2 photographs
Group photograph of Springfield, Missouri, firefighters, ca. 1885, and portrait of John Barry, a St. Louis firefighter

Symington, James W., Papers, (SA2462)
9 cubic feet
This addenda to the James W. Symington Papers contains correspondence, speeches, press releases, photographs, poems, and subject files pertaining to Symington’s career as the Democratic U.S. Representative for Missouri’s second congressional district (1968-1976), director of the President’s Committee on Juvenile Delinquency (1965-1966), and the Deputy Director of Food for Peace (1961-1962). Other materials of interest include the manuscript for Symington’s book, The Stately Game, which chronicled his time as Chief of Protocol of the United States (1966-1968). The collection also contains poems and songs written by Symington. The materials in this collection date from 1960 to 1976.


Taille de Noyer (Mullanphy House), St. Louis County, Missouri, Architectural Drawings, 1961, (C3216)
1 folder
Measured drawings by the Historic American Buildings Survey including plans, elevations, and details. Original portion of house was built c. 1780. After 1790 the house was owned by John Mullanphy and his descendants. OVERSIZE.

Terry, Elizabeth, Papers (S1232)
3 cubic feet, 1 oversize box, 2.7 gigabytes of born digital files
The Elizabeth Terry Papers consists of book drafts, CD-ROMS, cassette tapes, correspondence, manuscripts, interview summaries, photographs, and photocopies of correspondence and newspapers articles regarding Terry’s research and writing of her book Oysters to Angus: Three Generations of the St. Louis Faust Family. The book recounts the lives of Anthony “Tony” Faust (January 3, 1836-September 28, 1906), a prominent St. Louis City restaurateur and owner of Faust’s Fulton Market; his son, Edward Faust (January 13, 1868-July 5, 1936), founder of the St. Louis Boat and Engineering Company; and his grandson, Leicester Busch Faust (December 22, 1897-August 31, 1979), a prominent St. Louis County farmer, who along with his wife, Mary Plant, donated 200 acres of their land to St. Louis County for what eventually became Faust Park, in Chesterfield, Missouri.

The Eastern Missouri Collection, (S1135)
1 cubic foot (44 folders, 1 reel of 16mm film, 1 reel of microfilm, 8 oversize items)
The Eastern Missouri Collection is an artificial collection combining miscellaneous small acquisitions related to Missouri places, individuals, organizations, and events. The Eastern Missouri Collections continues to have material added to it. New additions are added at the end of the collection. Researchers should browse the index and container lists to locate pertinent material.

The Farkas Family Collection, 1875-1921, (S0743)
3 Folders
This collection contains five items donated by the Farkas Family, in particular Charlotte Farkas. The collection contains three volumes of The Beacon, a publication of Grover Cleveland High School in St. Louis, MO. In addition, the collection also contains a ledger and a copy of the Report of the Commissioners of Forest Park, 1875.

The Kinloch History Committee, Records, 1983, (S0151)
13 Folders
Reference and subject files for and drafts of Kinloch: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, compiled by the Kinloch History Committee (John A. Wright, Ina Watson,, Luther Covington, Victoria Cothran).

The Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1904 Collection, 1902-1979, (S0085)
6 Volumes
Three volumes of the World's Fair Bulletin, published monthly, 1900-1904, to promote the fair; The Greatest of Expositions, 1904 and The World's Fair, souvenir volumes; Remembering the St. Louis World's fair, a history of the fair; articles, and newsclippings.

The Missouri Collection (C3982)
17.9 cubic feet, 9 audio cassettes, 3 audio discs, 9 CDs, 1 computer disc, 1 film, 6 film strips, 3 DVDs, 2 video cassettes (791 folders, 21 oversize ite
The Missouri Collection is an artificial collection combining miscellaneous small acquisitions related to Missouri places, individuals, organizations, and events.

The Southwest Missouri Tourism Collection (SP0043)
1 cubic foot (2 folders, 2 oversize)
The collection contains 18 menus and pamphlets from tourist attractions located across Missouri. They were collected by an Ozarks family during the 1950s and 1960s.

Thomas, Kenn, Papers, (S1195)
31 cubic feet
The papers of Kenn Thomas contain correspondence, business files, travel records, a collection of independently produced, small press fanzines, and audio/visual recordings documenting the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the Iran-Contra scandal, and Unidentified Flying Objects. Other materials of interest include video and audio recordings of Bob Dylan and the Band, performing in St. Louis area venues. The papers date from 1970 to 2007.

Thomas, Rosemary Hyde, Collection, (SA0998)
5 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Thompson, John, Papers, 1882-1889, (C3567)
1 folder
The papers of John Thompson contain two handwritten letters addressed to John Thompson, Irondale, MO, one from Ella T. Hughes of South St. Louis, MO, and one from F. Conzelman.

Tolson, Fannie Marie (1911-2005), Papers, 1890s-2005, (C1704)
2.3 linear feet, 3 audio cassettes, 2 video cassettes, 1 dvd
Fannie Marie Tolson was the first African-American educator to teach in the desegregated schools of Fayette, Missouri. Her papers include family correspondence and photographs, memorabilia from Lincoln University, Jefferson City, Missouri, teaching aids, documents concerning St. Paul's Methodist Church in Fayette, and recordings of two interviews conducted with Tolson.

Tranquille, Dante O. (1905-1981), Photographs, 1949, (P0148)
104 photographs
This collection consists of 104 images taken by Dante O. Tranquille, a photojournalist who worked at the Utica [New York] Observer-Dispatch in the mid-twentieth century. He visited Missouri in May 1949, likely to attend the Missouri Photo Workshop, and photographed areas in St. Louis, McBaine, and Columbia.

Travel Account of Journey from Indiana to Washington, ca. 1850, (C3415)
1 folder
The collection contains a copy of an unidentified woman's account of the journey from Indiana to Washington. The copy was made about 1925-1930 and includes a record of the weather, environment, illnesses, encounters with Indians, territory covered each day, lists of provisions, and charges and expenses kept by George Royse.

Trefts, Charles, Photographs, (P0034)
3126 photographs
This collection contains images from 1900 to 1963 depicting St. Louis City and County people, public buildings, riverfront scenes, bridges, churches, catastrophes, houses and parks. Trefts photographed many historic events such as the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition; the 1934 World Series; and aviation in St. Louis including the Wright brothers at Kinloch Field in 1908 and Charles Lindbergh's return from Paris in 1927. A number of images focus on Crawford and Iron Counties and the Lake of the Ozarks region in the early 1930s.

Tuscan Lodge No. 360, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, St. Louis, Missouri, Resolution, n.d., (C3752)
1 oversize folder
The collection contains copies of proceedings and a resolution thanking Jay L. Torrey for creating the Torrey Gavel Fund. The fund was used to have a gavel made for the incoming Worshipful Master of the lodge.

Tyszka, Robert, Slides, (CA6540)
0.2 cubic feet
Images of various Missouri locations, including many in the St. Louis area, taken by an amateur photographer, 1970s-2000s.


Urban League Of St. Louis, Inc., Collection, 1938-1982, (S0093)
5 Folders
The Urban League Collection contains annual reports; monthly and quarterly newsletters; a "fact sheet" dated 1974; a supplement to the St. Louis Sentinel of April 20, 1976; miscellaneous notices and invitations; the newspaper Urban League of St. Louis; and several informational pamphlets: What's Happening at the Urban League? (undated, 2 copies); The Negro in the St. Louis Economy (1954); and Trend of Negro Areas in St. Louis (1947, 2 copies).

UM-St. Louis Public Policy Center Library On St. Louis, (SA0999)
4 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Underhill, N. Robert Collection, (CA6519)
0.4 cubic feet (17.2 MB of digital files)
The collection largely contains love letters written during World War II from N. Robert “Bob” Underhill to Merrilee Ann Meier of St. Louis during their courtship and shortly after their marriage while Bob was serving in the U.S. Navy in Panama and along the northeastern seaboard of the United States. Originally from New York, Underhill settled in St. Louis after the war. The collection also includes some family correspondence and a memoir based on the love letters by Bob and Merrilee’s daughter, Catherine Underhill Fitzpatrick.

U.S. Olympic Festival-’94 Collection (S1226)
1 cubic foot (12 folders, 2 VHS tapes)
The U.S. Olympic Festival-’94 Collection contains press releases, advertising summaries, fact sheets, newspaper clippings, and videos pertaining to the U.S. Olympic Festival- ’94, held in St. Louis, Missouri, from July 1 to July 10, 1994. The United States Olympic Committee held the festival annually during non-Olympic years, to showcase young athletes who had the potential to participate in the World Olympics. Janet Kelley-Harmon, vice president of public relations and advertising for the 1994 festival, collected these materials. The materials in this collection date from 1990 to 1994.

U.S. Selective Service System, Missouri, Records, 1917-1918, (C2681)
445 folders negative Photostats, 8.7 cubic feet
Lists of persons by county and district selective service boards whose cards were held by those boards. Arranged alphabetically by county.

U.S. Surveyor-General Surveys, 1834-1862, (C1287)
1 volume
Copy of surveys of St. Louis, St. Charles, Ste. Genevieve, Mine a Breton, New Bourbon, Carondelet, and surrounding territories, copied from plat book in office of secretary of state of Missouri.

U.S. Work Projects Administration, "Church Bibliography, Baptist Bodies of Missouri, Associational Minutes," 1941, (C1312)
1 volume
The collection contains a list of the various Baptist associations in Missouri and the dates for which their records are in existence.

U.S. Work Projects Administration, Historical Records Survey, Missouri, 1935-1942, (C3551)
302 linear feet; also available on 817 rolls of microfilm
Correspondence, records, and working files. Originally designed to survey and inventory all county government records, the survey finally included inventories of church records, manuscript collections, vital statistics, American imprints, and federal archives. Incorporates records of the Federal Writers Project for Missouri.

U.S. Work Projects Administration, Historical Records Survey, Missouri, "Bethel Church Minutes," "Early Days with the Churches," and "Supplement to Bethel Church Minutes," 1941, (C1305)
1 volume
Brief history of early Baptist churches in Missouri, after the Louisiana Purchase. Index to members and churches mentioned in Bethel Church book. List of tombstone inscriptions in Old Bethel Church cemetery. Church located in Cape Girardeau County, MO.

Usher, Florence Wyman Richardson (1889-1968), Scrapbooks, 1909-1913, (S0059)
3 Volumes On One Microfilm Roll
Florence Wyman Richardson Usher helped found the Equal Suffrage League of St. Louis in 1910. She chaired the League's lecture committee for six years and was a member of the board of governors in 1912. The scrapbooks document suffrage activities both nationally and in St. Louis. They include newsclippings, correspondence, public notices, programs, leaflets, and Usher's annotations.

University of Missouri, Agricultural Extension Service, Records, 1908-1963, (C2513)
1.5 linear feet
The records of the University of Missouri Agricultural Extension Service contain histories, letters, reports, memoranda, speeches, maps, publications, newspaper articles, and pictures concerning Missouri Agricultural Extension Service and U.S. Department of Agriculture policies; agricultural, home economics, and 4-H extension work; and the College of Agriculture.


van Ravenswaay, Charles (1911-1990), Papers, 1841-1990, (C3873)
21.8 linear feet, 1 audio cassette
Correspondence, research notes, photographs, and literary manuscripts of historian and author Charles van Ravenswaay, former director of the Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis; Old Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge, Massachusetts; and the Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum and Gardens, Wilmington, Delaware.

Vertical File (Ongoing), (S0814)
2 Boxes

Von Phul, Benjamin, Letter, 1891, (C3265)
1 folder
To William P. Barlow, St. Louis, MO, from St. Louis, MO, Nov. 5, 1891. Regards lieutenants in Von Phul's Battery, Missouri Artillery, Confederate States of America.


W.C. Gilman & Co., St. Louis Metropolitan Area Transportation Study, 1957-70-80, 1959, (S0405)
154 Pages
Study initiated by Honorable Raymond R. Tucker, Mayor of St. Louis, and Honorable Luman F. Matthews, Supervisor of St. Louis County who appointed the Citizens' Metropolitan Transit Committee of St. Louis and St. Louis County to carry out the study.

Wainright Building Photographs, (P0817)
4 photographs
Photos of the Wainwright Building, St. Louis, in 1982, and one photo of its construction.

Walsh, E.P., Letter, 1885, (C2682)
1 folder
To [N.B.] Allen, Jefferson City, MO, from St. Louis, MO, Feb. 25, 1885. Request for the support of Allen, a member of the Missouri legislature, for a bill providing for collection of historical documents. Walsh was secretary for the Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis.

Walsh, J. and E., Invoice, 1831, (C2458)
1 folder
Invoice for a quantity of goods sent to Campbell and Company, Desmoin Rappids, by J. and E. Walsh, St. Louis, MO, July 30, 1831. Signed by Thos. O. Flaherty.

Walsh, Martin Papers, 1904-2005, (S0834)
25 Folders
The Walsh Papers Collection consists of brochures, books, pictures, booklets, newspaper clippings, wmphlets, and other materials relating to the history of St. Louis, earthquakes, and other topics such as the Space Program, WWI, and WWII.

Walton, Viriginia, Postcard Collection, (P0142)
1 folder
A collection of Missouri postcards, including many from the St. Louis and Kansas City areas.

Washington University School of Medicine, Class of 1943, Photograph, (P0581)
1 photograph
Class photograph from the Washington University School of Medicine, December 1943.

Washington University Ugly Club, Poster, 1871, (C2841)
1 folder
Caricatures of Harry H. Cabot, W.R. Schuyler, E.M. Bowman, Emile R. Abadie, Lyne S. Metcalfe, Jr., Stephen H. Jecko, Freddy Cline, W.J.S. Bryan, and Elliot C. Jewett. OVERSIZE.

Weaver Correspondence, Letters, 1941-1943, (S1168)
28 folders
The collection includes descriptions of Jack Weaver's time in the army both in the United States and in Alaska. He includes detailed descriptions of his daily life and the training he goes through at OCS. Ruth's letters to Jack include descriptions of life in St. Louis during the war. She includes detailed descriptions of her activities in a social sorority, church functions and work at United Motors as a secretary.

Webster High Memorabilia, 1960-2015, (SA1203)
1 box
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Wells, J.W., Papers, 1867-1884, (C3561)
6 folders
The papers of J.W. Wells contain a diary and miscellaneous items of a minister in St. Louis, MO, and Buffalo, NY, who helped alcoholics and the needy.

Wenzlick Addenda, (SA1197)
35 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

West County Democrats Records, (S1218)
1.5 cubic feet
The records of the West County Democrats contain agendas, board and general meeting minutes, bylaws, correspondence, directories, and reports collected and maintained by previous co-chairs of the organization. Former Senator Harriet Woods and Jo Ann Fox Hughes were among the founding members of the West County Democrats and held the club's first meetings in the summer of 2001. Since its founding, the West County Democrats have grown to a membership of nearly 170 individuals, who continue to meet monthly and invite guest speakers to lecture on a variety of political issues affecting Missouri and the United States.

Western Historical Manuscript, St. Louis, Vertical File, 1968-2004, (S0694)
508 Folders
The collection documents a variety of subjects relating to St. Louis' history. It contains single files with a small amount of general information on a variety of topics. Arranged alphabetically.

Western Historical Manuscript Collection-St. Louis Records (S1230)
6.5 cubic feet
The records of the Western Historical Manuscript Collection (WHMC)-St. Louis contains administrative correspondence, meeting minutes, and monthly and annual reports pertaining to the founding and operation of the office.

Westover, John G., Collection, 1910-1946, (C3733)
1.1 cubic feet
Correspondence between members of a Missouri family, including three sons in the service, during World War II. The letters deal largely with family matters, but also include descriptions of military bases, a soldier's daily routine and training, and people, cities, and countries in Africa and Europe. Also included are letters from an uncle who was in the service during World War I and in the 1920s.

Wetherhold, William, Photographs, (P0369)
4 photographs
Photographs taken by William Wetherhold in 1895 in St. Louis, MO and Piedmont, MO. At the time, Wetherhold was a salesman from Macomb, IL.

Wheeler, Amos, Commission, 1822, (C1677)
1 folder
The collection contains an image of a commission for Amos Wheeler as a notary public for St. Louis and St. Louis County, MO, 21 May 1822. The commission is signed by William G. Pettus, secretary of state, and Alexander McNair, governor. The commission has an impression of the state seal.

Wilbur, Russel (1877-1940), Papers, 1856-1919, (C4283)
0.25 cubic feet (4 folders)
The papers of Russel Wilbur contain minute books and correspondence from St. Louis organizations attended by Reverend Russel Wilbur. Other volumes include personal diaries and poetry books that belonged to Wilbur's mother, Charlotte Wilbur.

Wilson Diary, 1904-1909, (S0078)
263 Pages
Diary of Mr. Wilson, (Sorry no first name) which records his impressions of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition (1904 World's Fair), Balloon Races of 1907, John Phillips Sousa, Commodore Perry, and Theodore Roosevelt's visits to St. Louis. Mr. Wilson lived in Jennings and there are references to the political life of St. Louis and Jennings.

Women as Change Agents Oral History Collection (S1207)
7.5 cubic feet (226 folders, 150 HDV tapes, 207 DVDs)
The Women as Change Agents Oral History Collection consists of oral history interviews conducted by Dr. Blanche Touhill with St. Louis City and St. Louis County residents who have established themselves as leaders during periods of great change such as the civil rights and women’s movements and Vietnam War demonstrations. The collection documents the interviewee’s personal and professional lives and how they established themselves as successful, enterprising women leaders in the St. Louis region. These materials include DVD recordings of the interviews, as well as accompanying transcripts. The interviews date from 2015 to the present.

Wood-Smith Castle Blueprints, (SA1020)
The Wood-Smith Castle blueprints are for a great Gatsby style residence along the Mississippi. The building was started in 1914 by George F. Wood-Smith, a Scottish immigrant who made a fortune in the oil business. The construction stopped when Wood-Smith ran out of money and was never resumed.

Woods, Robert Gail and Margie McDaniel, Collection (CA5749)
77.7 cubic feet, 5 volumes, 17 audio tapes, 36 audio cassettes, 7 video cassettes, 2 CDs, 1 DVD
Family papers, photographs, and genealogical records of Woods, Edwards, Hanna, and related families, and historical and organizational records of various Methodist churches and communities in and around St. Louis.


Young, Robert A. (1923- ), Papers 1974-1986, (S0517)
1116 Folders
The collection consists of the general files of Congressman Young during his tenure as U.S. Representative. Their is little of a personal nature in the records, but mainly information collected to help the Congressman reach a decision on pending legislation. The records include correspondence, studies, reports, brochures, newsletters, press releases, newsclippings, and photographs.

Younk, Mary Ann, Photograph Collection, 1927, (P0008)
15 photographs
Fifteen original photos showing damage to houses and buildings after F4 tornado hit St. Louis, September 29, 1927.


Zeigler, McCurdy Company, Letter, 1867 to H.G. Lewelling, Ill., from St. Louis, Mo., May 6, 1867, (C2004)
1 folder
To H.G. Lewelling, from Chicago, IL, May 6, 1867. Letter offering Lewelling an agency for sale of "The American Farmer's Horse Book."

Zook, Helen Follenius (1859-1942), Letter, 1924, (C1468)
1 folder
The collection contains one letter to William G. Bek, Grand Forks, North Dakota, from Fort Scott, Kansas, Apr. 3, 1924. Mrs. Zook, daughter of William Follenius and granddaughter of Paul Follenius, wrote a short biography of Paul Follenius (1799-1844), a biographical sketch of William Follenius (1829-1902) and a brief genealogy of Follenius and Zook families.