Saint Francois County Manuscript Collections

One of Missouri's oldest counties, Saint Francois (pronounced "Francis") County was organized in 1821. The county seat is Farmington. Beginning in the 1840s, large-scale iron mining and smelting was carried out in the area of Iron Mountain in the southwestern corner of the county. From the 1860s to the 1960s the northern part of the county around Bonne Terre and present-day Park Hills was one of the world's major areas for the production of lead. These collections deal in some manner with Saint Francois County, Missouri. This list is not comprehensive, so be sure to browse Manuscript Collections by subject.

*Collections marked with DIGITIZED MATERIALS have additional digitized items available.

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Agriculture Stabilization and Conservation Service Aerial Photographs, (P0335)
107.5 linear feet
Missouri county aerial photographs produced by the Agriculture Stabilization and Conservation Service.

American Iron Mountain Company, Records, 1849-1855, (R0003)
2 volumes
These are shipping records of the American Iron Mountain Company at Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Included are accounts of pig iron received from Iron Mountain and shipments to buyers, 1849-1853; and a tally book of ore delivered to the company over the plank road, 1852-1855.

American Revolution Bicentennial, Missouri Committee for Agriculture, Papers, 1974-1976 (C4276)
1.2 cubic feet (42 folders), 1 audio tape
The papers of the committee contain correspondence, newsletters, reports, updates, events awards programs, lists of elected members, historical information on "Centennial Farms," and "Liberty Trees," meeting minutes, announcements, newspaper clippings, and audio-visual material for a slide presentation entitled "The Spirit of 76."

Armstrong, William, Sworn Testimony, 1825, (R0732)
1 folder
This is a holograph transcript of sworn testimony by William Armstrong in a civil suit in St. Francois County, Missouri, between John McKee, plaintiff, and William Alexander, defendant, concerning the condition of a female slave and her child.

Aulsbury Chapel Free Will Baptist Church, Bonne Terre, Missouri, Records, 1889-1944, (C2977)
1 roll of microfilm
The records contain a record book of a church organized in 1889 in St. Francois County, by John Wood and W.R. Aulsbury. Record book contains membership lists, often including dates of baptism, death, or dismissal, and meeting minutes (1890-1933) dealing with the running of the church.


Ballard, James, Letter, 1842, (R0672)
1 item
This is a letter from James Ballard near Mine La Motte in Madison County or St. Francois County, Missouri. The letter concerns acquisition of apple, pear, and plum trees, and other business matters.

Bangert Family Papers, (SP0008)
0.5 cubic feet (17 folders, 35 photographs)
The Bangert Family Papers chronicle two generations of the Bangert Family. They consist mostly of the personal papers of Nell Mabrey Bangert and the genealogy and family photographs of her husband’s family.

Bank of Elvins, Stock Certificate, 1911, (R0746)
1 folder
This is a certificate for five shares of stock in the Bank of Elvins, at Elvins in St. Francois County, Missouri. It was issued to Carr Hartshorn on 26 April 1911.

Bennett, Mrs. W.J., Hills of Home, (C2908)
1 folder
The collection contains a script of a pageant for the Bonne Terre centennial, depicting the history of Bonne Terre from before the Civil War to the 1960s.

Bethel Association United Baptist Churches of Jesus Christ, Minutes, 1816-1996, (R0598)
72 volumes
These are the minutes of the annual meetings of the Bethel United Baptist Association of southeastern Missouri, beginning with the organizational meeting in 1816. The Association consists of churches in Crawford, Iron, Madison, St. Francois, and Wayne counties.

Blue Family, Papers, 1818-1973, (R0105)
2 folders, photocopies
This collection consists of correspondence, legal papers, and miscellaneous papers of John W. Blue and his daughters, Minnie Blue and Anna B. Lloyd, of Farmington, St. Francois County, Missouri.

Briscoe-Reisberg, Mary J., Papers (CG0030)
0.8 cubic feet (6 folders, 13 cassette tapes)
The Mary J. Briscoe-Reisberg Papers includes papers, maps, photographs, and audio cassettes related to the Missouri Chapter of the Trail of Tears Association from 1993 to 2015.

Buban, Mrs. Velma Lee, Collection, (P0805)
1 folder
Postcards of Missouri scenes, primarily in St. Francois and St. Charles Counties, photos of Dred Scott painting and Lieutenant Sturgis' grave.


Cahoon, Benjamin B., Papers, 1868-1923, (R0142)
1 folder, photocopies
This is miscellaneous correspondence of an attorney and land agent in Fredericktown, Madison County, Missouri. The papers concern the land business, litigation in progress, and state politics. There are several letters from Missouri governors and officials, and Cahoon's biographical sketch of Judge William Carter. There is also an original photograph of Cahoon, 1878.

Cantwell, Harry J., Collection, 1898-1900, (R0677)
40 folders
These are the papers of an attorney and developer of mineral properties in southeastern Missouri and Oklahoma. Most of the collection concerns title work and exploration of tracts near Irondale and Palmer in Washington County, Missouri.

Carleton College, Farmington, Missouri, Collection, 1859-1979, (R0133)
6 folders
These are business papers, correspondence, and printed material of Carleton College (1854-1916) and its alumni association, and newspaper clippings pertaining to the history of the school, located in Farmington, St. Francois County, Missouri. A postcard of the science hall at Carleton College, donated after the bulk of the collection was microfilmed, has been placed in the Information Folder.

Caverno, Xenophon (1865-1941), Papers, 1917-1941 (C0059)
1.4 linear feet
Personal correspondence and information about cotton organizations, farm organizations, and transactions concerning his plantation and plantation store. General expenses of the plantation, purchase of cotton seed, and records of accounts.

Cayce Family Papers (R1319)
0.5 cubic foot (18 folders)
The Cayce Family Papers contain correspondence to and from members of the Cayce family of St. Francois County, Missouri. Most of the items are addressed to or written by Ellis P. Cayce. The papers contain information on family members, family businesses, and Ellis’s courtship of Emma Dupuy.

Cayce, Milton Pleasant, Papers, 1849-1883, (R0498)
4 folders
These are personal and business papers of Milton P. Cayce and family of Farmington, St. Francois County, Missouri. Included are bills of lading for goods shipped through Ste. Genevieve (1849), family correspondence and business papers (1833-1926), and papers and correspondence with Firmin A. Rozier regarding the St. Francois and Iron Mountain Road Company (1877-1883).

Cayce, Milton Pleasant, Record Book, ca. 1870, (R1039)
1 volume, oversize
This is a bound volume containing information about land parcels in Madison, Reynolds, Wayne, Iron, and Sainte Genevieve counties in Missouri, and miscellaneous clippings on such subjects as horticulture and cholera. The item has been attributed to Milton P. Cayce because his name occurs most often therein.

Central Missouri Association of United Baptists, Minutes, 1859-1996, (R0599)
40 volumes
These are minutes of the annual meetings of the Central Missouri Association of United Baptists, beginning with the organizational meeting in 1859. The Association consists of churches in southeastern Missouri, primarily in the counties of Dent, Iron, Reynolds, and Washington.

Chester, Perryville, Ste. Genevieve & Farmington Railroad Company, Stock Certificate, 1894, (R0861)
1 folder
This is a numbered, blank, stock certificate for the Chester, Perryville, Ste. Genevieve & Farmington Railroad Company. Organized in 1894, the company was part of Louis Houck's railroad network in southeastern Missouri.

Civil War Documents, 1861-1865, (C4274)
0.2 cubic feet (2 folders)
Photocopies of miscellaneous papers including discharges, enlistments, Confederate bills and notes, stamps, insignia, orders, mustering out papers of soldiers, including officers, mostly from Missouri.

Counts Family, Papers, 1884-1983, (CG0002)
0.2 cubic feet (7 folders)
This collection contains a genealogy written by Hilde W. Beaty of five generations of the Counts' family, starting with the Nicholas, Aaron, John Adam, and William David family lines. The family papers contain complete, and incomplete, correspondence and writings from George, J.W. (Julian), Henry, Joel, and Gilbert Counts, and others with unidentified authors. Photographs of identified and unidentified Counts' family, as early as 1884, are present. Diplomas received by Gilbert and J.W. Counts marking completion of education are stored separately in oversized folders. Miscellaneous papers from the family bible, with two bible pages recording life events removed and transferred to the collection.

Cree, Alfred B., Letters, 1862-1863, (R0301)
2 folders
These are Civil War letters of Capt. Alfred B. Cree of Co. F., 22nd Iowa Infantry. Cree wrote of family matters, camp life, and regimental politics from Benton Barracks at St. Louis, and from camps at Rolla, Salem, Iron Mountain and Ste. Genevieve, Missouri.

Crews, M. J., Certificate, 1885, (R1238)
1 folder
This is a certificate, dated 24 October 1885, for M. J. Crews as a Master Mason and member of Iron Mountain Lodge No. 430, Free and Accepted Masons, at Iron Mountain in Saint Francois County, Missouri.


Dempsey, L. Walter, Stenographer's Notes, 1917, (C3016)
1 folder, originals and photocopies
Shorthand notes taken during the investigation of the Lead Belt Riots in St. Francois County, Missouri, in 1917.

Dent, William, Ledger, 1861-1866, (R0341)
1 volume
This is an account ledger from a general store at Dent's Station in St. Francois County, a few miles south of what is now Bismarck, Missouri. An index to the accounts is available.

Desloge Mining, Papers, 1840-1956, (R1370)
0.1 cubic feet (3 folders)
The Desloge Mining papers consist of documents pertaining to the Desloge Consolidated Lead Company. The mining operation was located in Desloge, which is in St. Francis County, Missouri. Business documents and letters about the company, a family tree of the wealthy Desloge family, and newspaper clippings about the company are included in the collection.

Doe Run Lead Company, Cancelled Checks, 1898-1901, (R1228)
2 boxes
These are cancelled checks, numbered from #17137 to #38686, and dated from 2 July 1898 to 17 January 1901, written against the account of the Doe Run Lead Company of Doe Run, Missouri, at the Farmers' and Miners' Bank of Bonne Terre in St. Francois County, Missouri. The checks were signed by F. P. Graves, Secretary.

Doe Run, Missouri, Photographs, ca. 1925, (R0240)
1 folder
These are two photographs of businesses at Doe Run in St. Francois County, Missouri. included are exterior views of the office of the Doe Run Lumber Company, and the general store of Meyer & Gruner. The views have been copied on 35 mm slides.

Dunaway, Mrs. B.L., Papers, 1965, (C3098)
1 folder
The papers of Mrs. B.L. Dunaway contain a paper about life of Sarah Burton Murphy and a program of service honoring her memory held in Farmington, MO.


Elgin, Robert L., Research Collection, 1960-1993, (R1261)
65 folders
These are the research files of a civil engineer, surveyor, and historian from St. James in Phelps County, Missouri. The collection includes reports, scale sketches, and photographs concerning the restoration of various historic sites in Missouri, charcoal iron furnace sites in Missouri, and prehistoric petroglyph and pictograph sites in the Missouri Ozarks.

Ellis Family, Papers, 1787-1948, (R0251)
10 folders, photocopies, 1 roll of mircofilm
This collection includes correspondence, business records, and legal papers, and genealogical information pertaining to two early families of Cape Girardeau County, Missouri. The Ellis family came from Georgia about 1805; the Ranneys from Indiana about 1825. Other names represented in the collection are Beckham, Cobb, Giboney, Ogle, Waters, and Wathen (Warthen-Worthan).

Elvins, Politte, Campaign Cards, 1908, 1920, (R1179)
1 folder
These are small campaign cards for Politte Elvins of Saint Francois County, Missouri, who was a successful candidate for United States Representative in 1908 and an unsuccessful candidate in the Republican primary election for Lieutenant Governor in 1920.

Evans, Albert Lee Account Book, 1913-1914, (R0018)
1 folder
This is a photocopy of an individual account book for medical services. Albert Lee Evans, a Bonne Terre, Missouri, physician who began practice in Saint Francois County in 1900, kept the record.

Eversole, Mary E. Bugg, Papers, 1822-1952, (R1268)
67 folders
This collection consists of correspondence, legal papers, journals, ledger books, and ephemera of Mary E. Bugg Eversole and the Bugg, Cole, and Eversole families of Potosi, Washington County, Missouri. The bulk of the collection consists of Mary E. Bugg's personal correspondence, 1883-1941, financial records 1912-1952, and miscellaneous ephemera, 1863-1938.


Farmington, Missouri, Municipal Records, 1856-1929, (R0331)
3 rolls of microfilm
These are municipal records of Farmington, St. Francois County, Missouri. Included are the charters of the city, ordinances, the records of the boards of aldermen and trustees, oaths of office, records of bonds and commissions, tax assessments, and a partial census of the city.

Farmington Prospecting and Mining Company, Stock Certificate, 1892, (R1120)
1 folder
This is certificate number 34, dated 20 April 1892, for 30 shares in The Farmington Prospecting and Mining Company at Farmington in St. Francois County, Missouri. The shares were sold to Andrew Wayne Logan and the certificate was signed by Robert Tetley, president, and Kossuth W. Weber, secretary.

Federal Lead Company, Mining Dept., Flat River, Missouri, Letterbooks, 1907-1913, (R0520)
17 volumes
These are letterbooks of outgoing correspondence maintained by Harry Adelbert Guess, general manager of the Federal Lead Company's mine and mill at Flat River in St. Francois County, Missouri. Topics include production, exploration, shipping, labor relations, and environmental pollution.

Federal Lead Company, Mining Dept., Flat River, Missouri, Monthly Business Reports, 1918-1921, (R0540)
25 folders
These are sets of monthly statistical reports prepared by officers of the Federal Lead Company's mines and mill at Flat River in St. Francois County, Missouri. Included are balance sheets, production data, power consumption figures, and other information concerning the company's operations.

First Baptist Church, Bonne Terre, Missouri, Booklet, 1916, (R1032)
1 folder
This is a "Directory" for 1916 of the First Baptist Church at Bonne Terre in St. Francois County, Missouri. W. W. Pierce was the pastor and William Frey was the chairman of the deacons.

Flat River Industrial Corporation, Papers, 1937-1943, (R0719)
1 folder
This collection includes an original stock certificate and photocopies of supporting documents concerning the Flat River Industrial Corporation, which was formed to "acquire land and build a shoe factory upon it" in Flat River (now Park Hills) in St. Francois County, Missouri.

Flat River Woman's Club, Booklet, 1930, (R1098)
1 folder
This is a program booklet for "The Belles of Blackville: A Blackface Minstrel," presented by the Flat River Woman's Club on 11 April 1930 at Flat River (now Park Hills) in St. Francois County, Missouri.

Flat River Woman's Club, Records, 1913-1953, (R0206)
1 folder, 7 volumes
These are record books, minutes of meetings, a scrapbook, and miscellaneous papers of a woman's club in St. Francois County, Missouri. The charitable and civic group was begun in 1907 as the Mothers and Patrons Club of Flat River (See collection R0070). The club disbanded in 1953.

Fleming, J. B., Ledger, 1860-1874, (R0482)
1 volume
This is an account ledger of a saloon and general store operated by John B. Fleming at Farmington, St. Francois County, Missouri. The volume includes an index.

Forster, Katharine Peers, Scrapbook, 1888-1898, (R1080)
1 volume, 1 folder
This is a scrapbook kept by Katharine Peers Forster, who was a student at Elmwood Seminary at Farmington in St. Francois County, Missouri. Included are programs from concerts and school events, clippings, and memorabilia.

Franklin Baptist Association, centennial Program, 1932, (R0153)
1 folder, photocopies
This is a report on the annual session of the Franklin Baptist Association, held at Three Rivers Church, Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri, on the hundredth anniversary of the church and the Association. Included are the constitution and lists of member churches of the Association, and histories of the church and the Association.

Freemasons, Star of the West Lodge No. 133, Ironton, Missouri, Records, 1849-1962, (R0446)
34 folders, 13 volumes
These are records of the Masonic Lodge at Ironton in Iron County, Missouri. The records include minute books, membership records, personnel files, and miscellaneous lodge papers, 1849-1962. The collection also includes the record books of the Iron Mountain Lodge, 1864-1894, which consolidated with the Star of the West Lodge in 1894.

French and Spanish Archives, 1763-1841, (C2965)
23 rolls of microfilm
The French and Spanish Archives is a collection of documents from the St. Louis area dating primarily from the colonial and territorial periods.

Frentzel, E. M., History of St. Paul's Ev. Luth. Congregation, 1923, (R0707)
1 booklet
This is a booklet entitled History of St. Paul's Ev. Luth. Congregation at Farmington, St. Francois County, Missouri. Compiled by Order of the Congregation for Its Golden Jubilee by E. M. Frentzel, Pastor of the Church. The Concordia Publishing House in St. Louis, Mo., printed it in 1923.


Grand Army of the Republic, Farmington, Missouri, Records, 1884-1902, (R0131)
3 volumes
These are minute books, 1884-1902, and a membership book, 1884-1894, of the Grand Army of the Republic's post in St. Francois County, Missouri. The chapter was organized in 1884 as the Bonne Terre Post. It was moved to Farmington and renamed Picket Post in 1887.

Guitar, Sarah (1892-1963), Collection, n.d., (C3391)
1.5 cubic feet, 5 card boxes
Card file compiled by Sarah Guitar, reference librarian of the State Historical Society of Missouri, as a guide to county boundaries of Missouri, 1812-1929; Missouri congressional district boundaries, 1845-1933; Missouri senatorial districts, 1820-1931; and Missouri judicial circuits, 1815-1915.

Guitar, Sarah (1892-1963), Papers, 1931-1944, (C3563)
1.2 linear feet
Correspondence and miscellaneous information on Missouri compiled by Guitar during her employment, under the direction of Floyd C. Shoemaker, as Reference Librarian for the State Historical Society of Missouri. Includes one card box of reference notes.


Harper, Mrs. William H., Photograph Collection, (P0802)
2 photographs
Photos of Hildebrand/Boaz home near Bonne Terre, St. Francois County

Hill, Commodore Perry, Collection, 1885-1982, (R0125)
101 folders, 3 volumes, 91 photographs
These are newspaper clippings, maps, miscellaneous items, and photographs pertaining to lead mining and related railroad development in the Old Lead Belt, principally of St. Francois and Madison counties in southeastern Missouri. The material is arranged in topical and biographical series.

Hobbs, Fannie P., Student Notebook, 1900, (C2478)
1 volume
The collection contains notes made in the teacher training class of Miss McCullough in Bonne Terre in 1900. The notes discuss the methodology of kindergarten teaching according to Frederick Froebel, probably copied from a Froebel text.


Iron Mountain Camp, Photo Album, ca. 1899, (R1333)
1 folder
The photo album is a souvenir piece with photographs that depict the Iron Mountain Camp in St. Francois County, Missouri ca. 1899.

Iron Mountain Poll Book, St. Francis County, Missouri, 1860, (C1378)
1 folder
The records contain election results for president and vice-president of the United States and circuit attorney for the 9th Judicial Circuit in Missouri on November 6, 1860.


James, David A. (1937- ) Papers, 1790-2008, (C4126)
5 cubic feet
The research material of a hotel management instructor whose work resulted in the publication Historic Hotels of Missouri: Hotels, Inns, and Taverns of 19th Century Missouri.


Karsch, Albert, Photograph Collection, (P0803)
14 photographs
Photos of Philip Graham Long home in Farmington, MO.

Kiefner, Charles E., Papers, 1925-1931, (R0189)
160 folders
These are papers of a U.S. Representative from Perryville, Missouri. He represented the 13th District (Bollinger, Carter, Iron, Jefferson, Madison, Perry, Reynolds, St. Francois, Ste. Genevieve, Washington, and Wayne counties) in the 69th (1925-1927) and 71st (1929-1931) Congresses. Included are general subject files, post office files, and veterans' pension files.


Laramore, Edmond, collector, Baptist Associations Minutes, 1912-1980, (R0394)
17 folders
This collection consists largely of printed minutes of annual meetings of United or Missionary Baptist associations in southern Missouri. The minutes include the records of annual sessions, committee reports, and statistical information on the associations and their constituent churches. Also included are a few miscellaneous Baptist publications.

Lee, Richard L. (1925-2011), County Courthouse Photographs, ca. 1955, (P0003)
210 photographs
The collection includes photographs of county courthouses for the state of Missouri, taken in the mid-twentieth century by Richard L. Lee.

Lindquist, Wayne, Photograph Collection, (P0804)
2 photographs
Copy photos of Bonne Terre Hospital Nurses' Home and Bonne Terre lead miners.


M. P. Cayce & Sons, Daybook, 1873-1874, (R0531)
1 volume
This is a daybook from a general store operated by Milton Pleasant Cayce and family at Farmington, St. Francois County, Missouri. Entries begin 21 April 1873 and continue through 17 April 1874.

Mark Twain National Forest, Historical Photographs, ca. 1900-1985, (R0485)
These are photographs copied from holdings of the Mark Twain National Forest in Rolla, Missouri. Topics include National Forest facilities and projects; forest and wood industries; water mills; lakes, rivers, and springs; mines; dams; and the Civilian Conservation Corps and Youth Conservation Corps.

McCormack Family Papers, 1777-1873, (C2338)
10 folders
Letters from John Burgoyne to Horatio Gates about treatment of wounded and noncombatants during the Revolutionary War, 1777. Correspondence about immigration to Texas from Missouri, 1842-1844, economic conditions, politics, J. Cox estate in Jefferson County, MO. 1841-1852 business accounts, weather and farm labor journal, marriage and death records, and diary of James McCormack.

Mine La Motte Company, Booklet, 1916, (R0930)
1 folder
This is a report To the Stockholders: Mine La Motte Company from president A. J. Meier. Dated 31 March 1916, the report presents in favorable terms the conditions and prospects of the company's mining and other operations in Madison and Saint Francois counties in Missouri.

Missouri Extension Homemakers Association, Inc., "Sacred Stones and Stained Glass Windows," Project, 1977-1980, (C3723)
7.1 cubic feet
Statewide documentation of local churches by county. Includes cultural arts reports, church histories, floor plans, architectural details, clippings, slides, photographs, and miscellany.

Missouri Place Names Study, 1927-1928 (C3459)
0.6 linear feet
Correspondence, term papers, and information collected by graduate students at the University of Missouri during a study of the origin and history of place names in forty-two Missouri counties.

Missouri Veterans History Project, Oral History Records, 2010- (C4052)
4.7 cubic feet
The records of the Missouri Veterans History Project contain the local copy of veteran oral history interviews recorded for the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress. The records include audio, video, interview logs, and some transcripts. The former Western Historical Manuscript Collection, a joint collection with the State Historical Society of Missouri, was a founding partner of the Veterans History Project in 2001.

Missouri, Historic Mining Photographs, ca. 1880s-1910s, (R0620)
This is a collection of photographs concerning mining industries in Missouri, with an emphasis on the Old Lead Belt of southeastern Missouri, and the Tri-State mining district centered on Joplin in Jasper County, Missouri. The subjects include surface installations of various mines, mining equipment, mills, and general views of the mining areas.

Missouri, St. Francois County, School District No. 4, District Clerk's Records, 1874-1888, (C2995)
2 volumes on one roll of microfilm
The District Clerk's Records of St. Francois County School District No. 4 contain district maps, minutes of annual school meetings and director's meetings, teacher contracts and reports, lists of textbooks, annual enumerations, lists of property owners in the district, amount of funds available, clerk's reports, and district rules and regulations.
These records not only document in great detail how the school system was run in St. Francois County, but also provide a picture of the whole community. They would be of value to anyone studying the history of education or the county during the 1870s and 1880s.

Moothart College, Photograph, ca. 1910, (R0241)
1 folder
This is a photograph of the football team of Moothart College at Farmington, St. Francois County, Missouri. The view has been copied on one 35mm slide.

Morrow, Lynn, Papers, (R1000)
21 cubic feet (964 folders, 4 oversize)
The papers of Lynn Morrow contain correspondence and research papers, with an additional significant collection of late twentieth-century promotional and advertising items. The papers reflect major areas of Morrow’s research on the southwest Missouri region; Iron, Shannon, and Washington counties; Theodore Pease Russell and his writings; and the writings of Silas C. Turnbo. The collection also includes a large selection of promotional publications and ephemera associated with late 20th century tourism in Missouri and Arkansas.

Mothers and Patrons Club, Flat River, Missouri, Record Book, 1907-1937, (R0070)
1 volume
This is a record book of a women's club in St. Francois County, Missouri, which in 1914 became the Lead Belt Woman's Club and in 1923 the Flat River Woman's Club. The volume includes minutes of meetings, 23 March 1907--14 March 1924, membership rosters, and a congratulatory letter by the club's first president on the occasion of its 30th anniversary in 1937.

Mothers and Patrons Club, Leadwood, Missouri, Records, 1911-1992, (R0687)
12 volumes, 4 folders, 57 booklets
These are the records of the Mothers and Patrons Club, a women's social and civic organization founded in 1910 at Leadwood, St. Francois County, Missouri. The records consist of minutes of meetings, membership records, financial data, and miscellaneous papers, 1920-1992; and yearbooks, 1911-1991.

Murphy, William, Biographical Material, n.d., (C3320)
1 folder
Brief biography of the Reverend William Murphy, immigrant from Ireland to Virginia; family establishment in Farmington, MO; genealogical notes with details on Sarah Barton Murphy and her role in organizing the first church west of the Mississippi River; short history of Farmington and Ste. Genevieve, MO; and local events.


Nettleton, Gilbert, Papers, 1848, (C1607)
1 folder
The papers of Gilbert Nettleton contain materials regarding Nettleton's appointment as postmaster at Iron Mountain, MO.


Perkins, Adam (1834-1891), Journal, 1861-1871, (R1335)
1 folder
The typescript copy of Adam Perkins' journal, a farmer from Bollinger County, Missouri, is dated from January 1861 through December 1871. The journal was discovered in 1990 in Plainfield, Illinois. It was then transcribed by Jean Scott of Orlando, Florida and sent to Lorena S. Eaker of Bollinger, Missouri for editing.

Pettus, James R. "Pete", World War II memoir, 2001, (R0704)
2 folders
This is a memoir of service in the European theatre of World War II by James R. "Pete" Pettus of the 42nd ("Rainbow") Division of the U. S. Army. Pettus saw combat with the 232nd Infantry Regiment in France and Germany, and ended the war in Munich.

Presbyterian Church, Farmington, Missouri, Records, 1832-1982, (R0114)
9 volumes, 16 folders
This collection consists of minute books, membership rosters, papers of clerks of Session, and miscellaneous business and historical materials of the Presbyterian Church at Farmington in St. Francois County, Missouri. Organized in 1832, the church is one of the oldest of its denomination west of the Mississippi River.

Presbytery of Missouri, Minutes, 1920-1943, (C1353)
0.2 linear feet
The records contain official copies of minutes of the Presbytery of Missouri. Minutes for 1920-1939 are bound; others are in pamphlet form.

Presbytery of Missouri Records, 1817-1920, (C1354)
1.4 linear feet, 6 oversize volumes
The records of the Presbytery of Missouri contain minutes, reports, and other records of an organization composed of ministers and representative elders of Presbyterian churches in Missouri. Volumes 1-6 have been microfilmed. Volume 7 is available onsite. See also collection C1353.


Ramsay Place Names File 1928-1945, (C2366)
12 cubic feet
Card file of origins of Missouri place names, compiled by students of Robert L. Ramsay, University of Missouri professor of English.

Reynolds Family, Collection, 1875-1997, (CG0007)
2.6 cubic feet (45 folders), 9 film reels
The collection of the Reynolds family of Morehouse, Missouri contains correspondence and papers, guest and autograph books, postcards, barbershop business ledgers, educational awards and diplomas, photographs, and films for John Clayborn, Louella (Harmon), Charles Baker, Thelma, and Nell Reynolds.

Roseland Theater, Flat River, Missouri, Photograph, 1940, (R1146)
1 folder
This is a black-and-white exterior view of the Roseland Theater at Flat River (now Park Hills) in St. Francois County, Missouri. The photograph shows a crowd waiting to see The Grapes of Wrath.

Rozier, Francis Claude, Financial Journal, 1875-1891, (R0465)
1 volume
This volume is a financial journal kept by Francis Claude Rozier of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, and after F. C. Rozier's death, by his son, Henry Louis Rozier (1849-1927). It provides periodic summaries of personal financial affairs, including lists of assets, expenses, and other financial transactions.


Saint Francois County, Missouri, Booklet, 1925, (R0248)
1 folder
This is "A Message to the Homeseeker," a booklet advertising the towns of Bonne Terre, Farmington, and Flat River in St. Francois County, and Fredericktown in Madison County, Missouri. There are descriptions of 157 businesses and illustrations of 85 commercial establishments, public buildings, and churches.

Saint Francois County, Missouri, Collection, 1876-1951, (R0242)
9 folders
These are obituaries, wedding announcements, anniversary notices, and miscellaneous biographical material clipped from newspapers in St. Francois County, Missouri. An index is available.

Saint Francois County, Missouri, "Plat of the Principal Lead Mines ...", n.d., (R1185)
1 map, oversize
This is a hand-drawn map entitled "Plat of the Principal Lead Mines in Jefferson & St. François Counties, State of Missouri." Included are Township 38 North, Range 5 East, and the eastern third of Township 38 North, Range 4 East. The creator of the map is unknown.

Simpson, Paulina, Letter, 1894, (C2022)
1 folder
Letter from "Etta" on the health of her mother; urges Paulina to visit.

Southeast Missouri Medical Society, Collection, 1877-1967, (CG0003)
0.5 cubic feet (7 folders)
The Southeast Missouri Medical Society Collection consists of miscellaneous records from physicians and hospitals in the southeast region of Missouri.

St. Francois Agricultural and Mechanical Association, Records, 1872-1895, (R0481)
2 volumes
These are a daybook, 1872-1873, and livestock entry book, 1882-1895, of the St. Francois Agricultural and Mechanical Association. Organized in 1872, the Association sponsored the annual St. Francois County fair at Farmington, Missouri.

St. Francois Agricultural and Mechanical Association, Booklet, 1891, (R1273)
1 folder
This is a booklet containing the program, premium list, and regulations of the twentieth annual fair of the St. Francois County Agricultural and Mechanical Association, held 8-11 September 1891 at Farmington, Missouri.

St. Francois County Railroad Company, Mortgage Bond, 1914, (R1123)
1 folder
This is certificate number 319 for $100 for a "5% First Mortgage Gold Bond" issued by the St. Francois County Railroad Company on 1 July 1912 and due on 1 July 1914. It is stamped "cancelled" on 12 October 1914. Edward A. Rozier, secretary, and F. J. Thomure, vice-president, sign the bond.

St. Joe Minerals Corporation, Collection, 1864-1974, (R0048)
48 volumes
These are business records from mining concerns in Missouri's "Old Lead Belt." The collection includes records from the St. Joseph Lead Company, the Doe Run Lead Company, the Bonne Terre Farming and Cattle Company, and the Mine La Motte Corporation.

St. Joseph Lead Company, Annual Report, 1866, (R0046)
1 item
This is a photocopy of "The Second Annual Report of the Trustees of the St. Joseph Lead Company, St. Francois County, Missouri, For the Year Ending May 10, 1866; Together With the Special Report of J. W. Foster, Esq., Geologist" (New York: 1866.).

St. Joseph Lead Company, Business Summaries, 1917-1919, (R0541)
1 folder
These are monthly business summaries for "St. Joseph Lead Company & Subsidiaries," from January 1917 through September 1919. Included are production statistics, cost allocations, and statements of "Average Profit per Ton Ore Mined."

St. Joseph Lead Company, "Lead Mining in Southeast Missouri," ca. 1940, (R0393)
1 video cassette
This is a film about the lead industry in St. Francois County, Missouri. Co-produced by the U.S. Bureau of Mines, the film features segments on the geological and historical record, underground mining methods, the milling process, and development of the mining communities. The film has been reproduced on 1/2" videotape (VHS).

St. Joseph Lead Company, Southeast Missouri Mining & milling Division, Records, 1950-1968, (R0542)
30 folders
These are records from the files of Division Manager Elmer A. Jones. Included are development and production reports, summaries of operations, and administrative materials for a major lead-producing firm in Missouri. There is also material concerning the Bonne Terre Hospital Association and the National Research Council's Committee on Rapid Excavation.

St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company, Records, 1859-1980, (R0362)
635 items in 56 cartons
These are corporate minutes and financial account books, and other records of the St. Louis-San Francisco ("Frisco") Railway Company (1916-1980) and predecessor, subsidiary, and constituent companies, most notably the St. Louis & San Francisco Railway (1876-1896) and the St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad (1896-1916). The "Frisco" operated in Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. It became part of the Burlington Northern Railroad in 1980.

Standifird, Aquilla, Civil War Diary, 1862-1865, (R0458)
1 folder, photocopies
This is the Civil War diary of a sergeant and, later, lieutenant of Co. D, 23rd Iowa Infantry. The diary covers duty in Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas, 26 July 1862 -- ca. 15 April 1865. Included are descriptions of service in the Army of Southeastern Missouri, the Vicksburg Campaign, including the battles of Port Gibson, Champion's Hill, Big Black River Bridge, and Milliken's Bend, and furlough and medical leave in Iowa.

State Historical Society of Missouri, Typescript Collection, (C0995)
774 items on 14 rolls of microfilm
The State Historical Society of Missouri Typescript Collection consists of typescripts of articles and manuscripts donated over the years to the Historical Society.

State of Missouri Collection, (P0018)
486 photographs
Over 400 original photos created for the 1904 publication on Missouri at the time of the World's Fair by Walter Williams; shows all aspects and counties in Missouri.

Ste. Genevieve, Iron Mountain and Pilot Knob Plank Road Company, Stock Certificate, 1854, (R0747)
1 folder
This is a certificate for one share of capital stock in the Ste. Genevieve, Iron Mountain and Pilot Knob Plank Road Company, which built and operated a toll road in St. Francois and Ste. Genevieve counties in Missouri. Philip Stapp acquired the certificate on 3 February 1854.

Stevens, James A., Journal, 1878-1884, (R0192)
1 folder, photocopies
This is a journal of a missionary for the American Sunday School Union in southeastern Missouri. Stevens promoted and organized Sunday school classes in Butler, Madison, St. Francois, and Wayne counties from a base in Fredericktown.

Sullivan, John Laurance (1890-1976), Collection, 1906-1972, (C3771)
1 linear foot and 5 oversize volumes
Unpublished histories, newspaper and magazine articles, photographs, sketches, newspaper clippings and scrapbooks compiled by John Laurance Sullivan of Flat River, Missouri. The histories cover local events in Flat River and St. François County over the last 150 years and contain extensive information on mining in the region.


Taylor Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Flat River, Missouri, Directory, 1915, (R0708)
1 booklet
This is a directory of the Taylor Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church, South, located in Flat River, St. Francois County, Missouri. Published in 1915, it includes names of members, staff, committees, and auxiliary organizations, along with advertisements for area businesses.

Tetley, Ann Caroline, comp., "Establishment of the Town of Farmington," , (R0490)
1 folder
This is a compilation from county records of the land surveys and legal actions which established the town of Farmington in St. Francois County, Missouri. The compilation begins with the donation of land by David Murphy and location of the county seat in 1822, and continues through 1904 with the transactions which established the various additions to the city.

Tetley Jewelry Store, Ledger, 1871-1883, (R0174)
1 volume
This is an indexed account ledger of a jewelry store operated by Robert I. Tetley in Farmington, St. Francois County, Missouri.

The Missouri Collection (C3982)
17.9 cubic feet, 9 audio cassettes, 3 audio discs, 9 CDs, 1 computer disc, 1 film, 6 film strips, 3 DVDs, 2 video cassettes (791 folders, 21 oversize ite
The Missouri Collection is an artificial collection combining miscellaneous small acquisitions related to Missouri places, individuals, organizations, and events.

Thompson, Henry C., Collection, (P0354)
21 photographs
Facsimile of signatures of Missouri governors, 1820-1940, photos of Henry C. Thompson and some of his paintings, early notable Missourians, St. Francois County, mining, and images relating to Mormons.

Thompson, Henry C., Papers, 1884-1970, (R0047)
29 folders
These are papers of a trustee of the State Historical Society of Missouri, genealogist, and a historian of mining in St. Francois County and the operations of the St. Joseph Lead Company. The collection includes research notes and correspondence, and a group of lead company records, 1884-1902.

Thurman, Shelton E., Papers, ca. 1919, (R0307)
1 folder
These are miscellaneous papers of Shelton E. Thurman, a veteran of World War One and resident of Farmington, Missouri. The collection includes a photograph of the 3rd Battalion Teamsters, U.S. Army, Trier, Germany, a postcard to his wife, Elsie May, and his victory medal, all circa 1919. There are also postwar views of Thurman and his wife.

Tlapek, John, Correspondence, 1897-1935, (R0037)
8 folders
This is business correspondence addressed to John Tlapek as general manager of Louis Houck's Chester, Perryville, Ste. Genevieve and Farmington Railroad, 1897-1902. Tlapek also was a partner in the Southeast Missouri Telephone Company, 1909-1911.

Tolman, William Long, Papers, 1852-1919, (R0246)
5 folders, photocopies
These are papers of the Evans and Tolman families of Farmington, Missouri, mostly of Dr. William L. Tolman and his wife, Margaret Frances "Fanny" Evans (1840-1921). Included are letters from relatives in California and Colorado, a file of letters from Civil War veterans seeking invalid pensions, and a collection of stories concerning the early settlers of St. Francois County.


U.S. Work Projects Administration, "Church Bibliography, Baptist Bodies of Missouri, Associational Minutes," 1941, (C1312)
1 volume
The collection contains a list of the various Baptist associations in Missouri and the dates for which their records are in existence.

U.S. Work Projects Administration, Historical Records Survey, Missouri, 1935-1942, (C3551)
302 linear feet; also available on 817 rolls of microfilm
Correspondence, records, and working files. Originally designed to survey and inventory all county government records, the survey finally included inventories of church records, manuscript collections, vital statistics, American imprints, and federal archives. Incorporates records of the Federal Writers Project for Missouri.

University of Missouri, Agricultural Extension Service, Records, 1908-1963, (C2513)
1.5 linear feet
The records of the University of Missouri Agricultural Extension Service contain histories, letters, reports, memoranda, speeches, maps, publications, newspaper articles, and pictures concerning Missouri Agricultural Extension Service and U.S. Department of Agriculture policies; agricultural, home economics, and 4-H extension work; and the College of Agriculture.


Valle Mining Company, Records, 1839-1884, (R1278)
45 volumes
These are account books, ledgers, cash books, and other business records of the Valle Mining Company at Valles Mines, Missouri. Most of the collection concerns mining on the Valle tract in Jefferson and Saint Francois counties and related general merchandizing at the company's store. There are various records showing the receipt and shipment of ores, names of individual miners, charges and credits to individual and company accounts, and shipments of mineral to the Carondelet Zinc Works at Carondelet, Missouri, and consignment houses in Saint Louis and New York.

van Ravenswaay, Charles (1911-1990), Papers, 1841-1990, (C3873)
21.8 linear feet, 1 audio cassette
Correspondence, research notes, photographs, and literary manuscripts of historian and author Charles van Ravenswaay, former director of the Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis; Old Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge, Massachusetts; and the Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum and Gardens, Wilmington, Delaware.


Wagner, Mrs. Barton, Postcard Collection, (P0611)
5 postcards
Postcards of P.F. Graves, his residence, Doe Run Lead Co, the first building in Doe Run, and Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church, Doe Run.

Weber Family, Papers, 1899-1966, (C3113)
0.5 linear feet
Miscellaneous papers of the Weber family of Farmington, MO, including copy book of Frank S. Weber, obituary of Kossuth W. Weber, and correspondence and newspaper clippings of Nan Gardiner Weber. Genealogy and family photographs.

Welshmeyer, Brother Joe, Photograph Collection, (P0471)
4 photographs
Photos of Ukrainian churches in St. Francois, St. Joseph, and Ilasco.

Westover-Whelen Family, Papers, 1854-1914, (C3414)
2 folders
The papers of the Westover-Whelen family contain photocopies of court records concerning the Westover and Whelen family estates in St. Francois County, MO.

Withers, Ethel Massie, Scrapbook, ca. 1916, (C1440)
0.3 linear feet
The Ethel Massie Withers Scrapbook is an album of photographic copies of lantern slides used to illustrate the Missouri Daughters of the American Revolution lecture, Pioneering in Missouri, 1916. The scrapbook also includes a copy of the lecture, written by Ethel Massie Withers, with explanations of the photographs. The lantern slides are located in the Editorial Department of the State Historical Society of Missouri.

Williams, William B., Ledger, 1837-1878, (R0103)
1 volume
This is an indexed account ledger of a physician in Farmington, St. Francois County, Missouri. The entries include the names of patients, the nature of services rendered, and payments received in cash and kind. See also collection R0113.

Williams, William B., Records, 1837-1888, (R0113)
4 volumes
These are daybooks, 1837-1860, and a ledger, 1855-1888, of a physician in Farmington, St. Francois County, Missouri. (See also collection R0103).

World War I Collection, 1917-1921, (C3223)
1.4 cubic feet
Clippings largely from Kansas City and St. Louis, MO, newspapers regarding World War I soldiers from Missouri; the 35th, 89th, and Rainbow Divisions; and the Red Cross and hospital work. Also includes political cartoons, war statistics, and county casualty lists.


Ziegler, John, Letter, 1847, (R1055)
1 folder
This is a letter dated 21 October 1847 from John Ziegler (for S. Ziegler) at Ste. Genevieve in Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri, to James Harrison at Iron Mountain in St. Francois County, Missouri. It concerns shipments of iron ore and "pigs" from Iron Mountain to steamboats on the Mississippi River at Ste. Genevieve.

Ziegler & Company, Account Book, 1843-1853, (R0185)
1 volume
This is an account book of a freight transfer and storage firm in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Lewis Ziegler was probably the proprietor. The account book includes two separate records: "Lead Book for the use of Ziegler & Co.," 1843-1849; and "Iron Received from Iron Mountain," 1850-1853.