Greene County Manuscript Collections

Greene County was organized in 1833. The county seat is Springfield, which is the third largest city in Missouri. These collections deal in some manner with Greene County, Missouri. This list is not comprehensive, so be sure to browse Manuscript Collections by subject.

*Collections marked with DIGITIZED MATERIALS have additional digitized items available.

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Agriculture Stabilization and Conservation Service Aerial Photographs, (P0335)
107.5 linear feet
Missouri county aerial photographs produced by the Agriculture Stabilization and Conservation Service.

American Revolution Bicentennial, Missouri Committee for Agriculture, Papers, 1974-1976 (C4276)
1.2 cubic feet (42 folders), 1 audio tape
The papers of the committee contain correspondence, newsletters, reports, updates, events awards programs, lists of elected members, historical information on "Centennial Farms," and "Liberty Trees," meeting minutes, announcements, newspaper clippings, and audio-visual material for a slide presentation entitled "The Spirit of 76."

Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, Abou Ben Adhem Temple, Springfield, Missouri, Newsletters, 1950-1977, (R0827)
5 items
These are newsletters for October 1950, June 1953, January-February 1968, April 1970, and April 1977 for Abou Ben Adhem Temple, a chapter of the "Shriners," at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri.

Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, Abou Ben Adhem Temple, Springfield, Missouri, Program Booklet, 1910, (R1023)
1 folder
This is a program booklet for the "Business and Ceremonial Session" of Abou Ben Adhem Temple, a chapter of the Ancient Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine ("Shriners") held at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri, on 27 October 1910.

Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, Abou Ben Adhem Temple, Springfield, Missouri, Yearbooks, 1986, 1991, (R0977)
1 folder
These are yearbooks for 1986 and 1991 for Abou Ben Adhem Temple, a chapter of the Ancient Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine ("Shriners"), at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri.

Anglin, Melvin E. (SP0052)
1 cubic foot (33 folders, 140 photographs, 410 slides) 
The Melvin E. Anglin Papers consist of letters, awards, photographs, and other memorabilia collected by Melvin E. Anglin during his career in the army and into retirement.

Angwin, Richard H., Letters, 1899, (R0982)
1 folder
These are letters dated 11 August and 19 August 1899 from R. H. Angwin at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri, to T. J. Scott & Sons at Montgomery, Alabama. The letters concern proposed real estate transactions in Florida, Louisiana, and Texas.

Armstrong, O.K., Papers, (C4056)
50.75 cubic feet, 2 audio discs, 1 film strip, 9 oversize items
The papers of O.K. Armstrong, a journalist, author, and politician from Springfield, Missouri, contain correspondence, manuscript drafts, subject files, speech material, research notes, and political material.

Ash Grove Public School, Ash Grove, Missouri, Souvenir, 1900, (R0956)
1 folder
This is a "Christmas Souvenir" for the Ash Grove Public School at Ash Grove in Greene County, Missouri. Dated 1900, it lists the names of the Board of Education, faculty, and students at the school. The students are listed in approximate alphabetical order.

Associated Electric Cooperative Inc. Records, (R1406)
0.01 cubic foot (1 folder)
The Associated Electric Cooperative Inc. Records contain the book Win-Win: A Information History of Associated Electric Cooperative Inc., written by Russ Holt and published in 1997.

Association of Young Republicans of Missouri, Booklets, 1926 and 1935, (R1035)
1 folder
These are program booklets for the Association of Young Republicans of Missouri's annual Lincoln Day Banquets, held on 12 February 1926 and 12 February 1935 at the Shrine Mosque in Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. Governor Sam A. Baker and Senator George H. Williams were featured speakers in 1926, while United States Representatives Hamilton E. Fish and Dewey J. Short headlined the event in 1935.

Atlantic & Pacific Railroad Co., Ledgers, 1870-1880, (R0086)
4 volumes
These are indexed accounts of operating expenses and revenue of the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad Company. The road became part of the St. Louis and San Francisco Railway Company main line in 1876, and is now part of the Burlington Northern system.

Atlantic and Pacific Railroad Company, Record Book, 1876-1877, (R1288)
1 volume, oversize
This Atlantic and Pacific Railroad volume is a register of warranty and quitclaim deeds by the for lands sold by the company in Barry, Franklin, Gasconade, Greene, Lawrence, McDonald, Newton, Phelps, Pulaski, Stone, and Webster counties in Missouri.


Baker, Thomas Frazier, III (1918- ), Papers, 1959-1967, (C2465)
716 folders, 8 volumes, 8.4 cubic feet
Papers of a state representative from Stoddard County, 1961-1967. Campaign correspondence and publicity, correspondence with constituents in regard to legislation and welfare assistance, political correspondence on such matters as gubernatorial succession, reapportionment, conflict of interest legislation, and ouster of House Speaker Graham.

Bank of Willard, Willard, Missouri, Minute Book, 1906-1916, (R0659)
1 volume
This is the minute book of the Bank of Willard at Willard in Greene County, Missouri. The volume includes minutes of monthly meetings of the directors and annual meetings of stockholders, and reports by bank examiners.

Barr, Thomas Akers, Papers, 1861-1919, (R0270)
63 items
This collection consists of correspondence and papers of a native of Illinois and physician who began practice in Lebanon, Laclede County, Missouri, about 1869. Included are letters from Illinois soldiers serving in Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina, 1861-1865, from physicians in Illinois and Missouri, and from Harry Woodson Barr at Camp Bowie, Texas, 1918-1919.

Beardsley, Donna "Evalyn Johnson: Reminiscence ...," 1983, (R0148)
1 folder
This is a study of an experiment with progressive education in the Springfield schools, 1941-1952. It is based on an interview with Evalyn C. Johnson, who was chairperson of the English/history core area of study.

Bennett, Lyman G., Collection, 1857-1865, (R0274)
10 folders
These are diaries and topographic maps of a civil engineer, member of the 36th Illinois Infantry, and civilian employee of the U. S. Army. The materials concern homesteading in Minnesota in 1857; campaigning in Missouri and Arkansas with the Army of Southwest Missouri, 1861-1862; mapping in Kansas and Colorado in 1865; and the Powder River Indian Expedition in Nebraska and Wyoming in 1865.

Benton, Coleman D., and Nannie V., Papers, 1871-1873, 1894-1920, (C4144)
2 folders
The correspondence of Coleman D. Benton and his fiancée, and later wife, Nancy "Nannie" V. Hampton.

Bergseid, Carolyn R., Postcard Collection, (P0548)
28 postcards
Postcards of St. Joseph, Kansas City, Springfield, St. Louis, Bolivar, and the University of Missouri Columns.

Bolin, Cassinda Bolin Papers (R1388)
0.01 cubic feet (1 folder)
The Cassinda Bolin Papers contains photocopies of correspondence and inscriptions found in the personal Bible of Cassinda Bolin.

Boxley, Joe, Wilson Creek Battle Account, 1905, (C2390)
1 folder
The collection contains an account of the Battle of Wilson's Creek near Springfield, MO, 1861, and events leading up to it, as told by Joe Boxley to William E. Connelley. According to Connelley's interview, Boxley was a Negro slave whose master insisted Joe ride with him to General Price's camp and fight the Yankees.

Boy Scouts of America, Ozarks Empire Area Council, Newsletter, 1965, (R1066)
1 folder
This is Volume 2, Number 1 (January 1965) of Pow Wow, the newsletter of the Ozarks Empire Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Headquartered at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri, the Council served 225 units in six districts in southwestern and south-central Missouri.

Bradford, Moses Jasper, Letters, 1861-1865, (R0360)
1 folder, photocopies
These are printed minutes of the ninety-second annual session of the Howell County Baptist Association, a Southern Baptist organization composed of churches in Howell County, Missouri. The minutes include the constitution, by-laws, and articles of faith, reports on church programs and finances, and statistical information.

Breckenridge, William Clark (1862-1927), Papers, 1752-1927, (C1036)
4.75 linear feet, 21 volumes, 3 rolls of microfilm
The papers of the St. Louis businessman, writer, and historian contain correspondence, scrapbooks, book sale announcements, and miscellaneous materials, with an emphasis on St. Louis and Missouri history.

Brightwell Family Papers, (SP0002)
1 cubic foot (11 folders, 1 oversize, 12 slides)
The papers consist of the personal papers and business ledgers of the Brightwell family, particularly those pertaining to the land deeds and business dealings of John Brightwell (1861-1950) from Taney County. Also included is genealogical information for the Brightwell family and family stories as told by Hillary Brightwell.

Buegel, John T., Civil War Diary, 1861-1864, (C1844)
3 folders
The collection contains a diary, in German, with translation by William G. Bek, 1945. The diary documents Buegel's career as a soldier in Company F, 3rd Regiment, Missouri Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War, including battles of Camp Jackson, Wilson's Creek and Springfield, and Sherman's march to the sea.

Bunion Derby Collection, (R1417)
0.1 cubic foot (1 folder, 3 reels)
The Bunion Derby Collection consists of three Path’e film reels titled “Cross Country” the Route 66 Bunion Derby Footrace, an unlabeled reel documenting the 35th Division Reunion, and “Moving Cars” Route 66 West of Springfield, Missouri.

Burlington Northern Railway Company, Seniority Rosters, 1956-1988, (R1368)
0.5 cubic feet (5 folders)
Burlington Northern Railway Company Seniority Rosters consist of lists of employees ranked by their seniority within the company.

Burnett, Betty, editor, over the rainbow, 1977-1978, (R0820)
1 folder
This collection consists of fifteen issues of over the rainbow, a feminist newsletter edited by Betty Burnett of Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. The issues were published between June 1977 and July 1978.


Camp Fire Girls Council of the Ozarks, Camp Shawio, Booklet, 1956, (R0867)
1 folder
This is an informational booklet for the 1956 season at Camp Shawio, a resident and day camping facility near Linden in Christian County, Missouri. The camp was owned and operated by the Camp Fire Girls Council of the Ozarks.

Carden All International Shrine Circus, Souvenir Program, 1983, (R1264)
1 folder
This is the 1983 Official Program for George Carden's All International Shrine Circus, an operation of Carden International Circus Corporation at Willard in Greene County, Missouri.

Carter, R.C., A Short Sketch of My Experiences During the First Stages of the Civil War, (C2911)
1 folder
The collection contains a memoir describing experiences of a Confederate lieutenant. He includes the battles of the Hemp Bales, Wilson's Creek, Pea Ridge, and Boonville in his reminiscences.

Center Creek Association of Primitive Baptists, Minutes, 1907-1919, (R0923)
1 folder
These are published minutes of the 73rd and 85th annual sessions of the Center Creek Association of Primitive Baptists. The meetings were held with Clear Creek Church in Newton County, Missouri, on 14-16 September 1907 and 19-21 September 1919. J. Shields and J. A. Alberty were the moderators and R. C. Hendricks and H. H. Patten were the clerks.

Central Christian Church, Springfield, Missouri, Christian Women's Fellowship, Booklet, 1957, (R0916)
1 folder
This booklet is a "year book" for 1957-1958 for the Christian Women's Fellowship of Central Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. Mrs. Wesley Bagot served as president that year.

Central Labor Union, Springfield, Missouri, Minstrel Program, 1939, (R0953)
1 folder
This is a program for the "Central Labor Union's Minstrel and Revue," held at the Shrine Mosque in Springfield, Greene County, Missouri, on 3 April 1939. Produced and directed by Emmett McAtee and featuring Lasses White Minstrels, the show included 100 entertainers and featured minstrel, vaudeville, and night club scenes.

Civil War Commemorative Envelope, 1961, (C2811)
1 folder
Envelope commemorating the Civil War battles of Wilson's Creek, Springfield, and Oak Hill.

Civil War Documents, 1861-1865, (C4274)
0.2 cubic feet (2 folders)
Photocopies of miscellaneous papers including discharges, enlistments, Confederate bills and notes, stamps, insignia, orders, mustering out papers of soldiers, including officers, mostly from Missouri.

Cox, Lester E. (1895-1968), Papers, 1917-1968, (C3596)
110 folders on 7 rolls of microfilm
Personal and business papers of a Springfield, MO, businessman. Most of the collection deals with Cox's philanthropic activities, particularly his role as president of the Board of Trustees of Burge-Protestant Hospital. Cox's considerable business interests are less well represented, most of these records dating from 1968.

Crain, Ada E. (1904-2003), Papers, c. 1860-2003, (C3067)
1.3 linear feet
The papers of Ada Crain, a schoolteacher, consist of correspondence, genealogical materials, photographs, yearbooks, an 1878 diary, and a manuscript written by Crain. The materials detail the first half of Ada Crain's life while living and teaching in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Michigan.


Daughters of Rebekah, Julia Lodge No. 72, Springfield, Missouri, Records, 1889-1937, (R0613)
3 volumes
These are records of the Daughters of Rebekah Julia Lodge No. 72 in Springfield, Greene County, Missouri. The records include membership and visitor's registers.

Daughters of the American Revolution, Rachel Donelson Chapter, Springfield, Missouri, Papers, 1929-1978, (R1078)
24 volumes
These are yearbooks and other publications related to the Rachel Donelson Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. The yearbooks include lists of national, state, and local officers, schedules of programs, and membership rosters.

Davis, Paul Grant (1901-1990), Papers 1908-1988, (R1357)
.5 cubic feet, (17 folders)
These are the personal papers of Paul Grant Davis consisting of correspondence, photographs, and papers relating to his work in the insurance business.

Davis, True (1919- ), Campaign Newspaper, 1968, (C3341)
1 folder
A paid political advertisement, ""The True Davis Story"" aimed at informing Missourians about Davis' background, experience, and political reputation during his 1968 campaign for Democratic nomination for U.S. senator from Missouri. The paper also gives Davis' views of the major campaign issues.

Doran, John Harvey, Journal, 1864-1865, (R0582)
1 volume
This is the journal of John Harvey Doran, a carpenter and builder at Springfield, Greene County, Missouri. The brief entries in his journal concern his business activities, news of family and friends, and events at Springfield from 13 August 1864 to 24 September 1865.

Drake-McGraw, Papers, 1829-1918, (R1371)
.25 linear feet, 3 folders
The Drake-McGraw papers document the personal and professional lives of several members of Drake and McGraw families. The McGraw family lived in Greene County, and the Drake family lived in Benton County. The collection consists of professional documents, correspondence, and a journal collected from multiple members of these families.

Dunlap, Chuck and Dianne, Postcard Collection, (P0028)
13 postcards
Postcards of Missouri cities, including Kansas City parks, streets, and buildings; Missouri Capitol in Jefferson City, bird's-eye view of Sedalia, Cortez Motor Court in Springfield, and St. Louis: Ead's Bridge, Shaw's Garden, and Smith Bros. Cottage and Hotel.

Dyer, Randolph Harrison, Letter, 1861, (C3193)
1 folder
The collection contains a copy of a letter from Harrison, a Confederate officer, to his sister, from Springfield, MO, Aug. 12, 1861, concerning the Battle of Wilson's Creek. Also included is a brief sketch of the Dyer family by Monroe F. Cockrell.


Eakin, O.B. Papers, (K1113)
0.01 cubic foot (1folder)
The O. B. Eakin Papers contains a typed eulogy for Ozie Brazzel “O. B.” Eakin who passed away on January 6, 1993. The author of the eulogy is unknown. The papers also contain the High Flight, a poem written by John G. Magee.

Eisenmayer Family Papers, (SP0032)
0.5 cubic foot (18 folders, 11 photographs)
The Eisenmayer Family Papers consist of papers pertaining to the Eisenmayer Mill, owned and operated by Andrew Eisenmayer at the beginning of the twentieth century. The collection also includes examples of the flour sacks used by the company, newspaper clippings pertaining to the family and other materials discussing the history of Springfield.

Eisenmayer Milling Co., Books, 1890-1902, (C2326)
5 volumes
Books recording railroad freight rates, grain prices, shipping records and wheat purchases.

Elgin, Robert L., Photograph Collection, ca. 1950s-1990s, (R1015)
36 folders
These are black and white photographs, color slides, plans, and detail drawings of historic structures in the northern Ozarks of Missouri. Several counties are represented, but especially Crawford, Franklin, Gasconade, Maries, Phelps, Osage, and Washington. The primary topics are vernacular architecture, log structures, churches, and cemeteries.

Elsey Carriage Company Photographs, (SP0049)
0.5 cubic feet (13 folders, 59 photographs)
The Elsey Carriage Company Photographs collection contains images of vehicles built by the company from 1905, when the company opened, to 1927 when the name of the company changed. Missouri and Arkansas businesses commissioned Elsey to build vehicles of various designs that were decorated to their specifications. A 1983 newspaper article gives the history of the company.


Fairbanks, Jonathan, Papers, 1850-1929, (R0075)
1 folder, 4 volumes
This collection consists of correspondence and notebooks of Jonathan Fairbanks, an educator and businessman who came to Springfield, Greene County, Missouri, from St. Marys, Ohio, in 1866. The correspondence consists primarily of letters received from friends and family in Massachusetts and Ohio. The notebooks generally concern personal business and financial matters.

Federal Lead Company, Mining Dept., Flat River, Missouri, Letterbooks, 1907-1913, (R0520)
17 volumes
These are letterbooks of outgoing correspondence maintained by Harry Adelbert Guess, general manager of the Federal Lead Company's mine and mill at Flat River in St. Francois County, Missouri. Topics include production, exploration, shipping, labor relations, and environmental pollution.

First and Calvary Presbyterian Church, Springfield, Missouri, Collection, 1966-1985, (R0910)
1 folder
These are pictorial directories (summer 1966, summer 1969, and fall 1981), a dedicatory program for a tapestry (7 April 1985), and a newsletter (16 June 1985) for First and Calvary Presbyterian Church at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri.

First Church of Christ, Scientist, Springfield, Missouri, Booklet, 1955, (R1097)
1 folder
This booklet contains Revised By-Laws of First Church of Christ, Scientist, Springfield, Missouri – 1955. Springfield is in Greene County, Missouri.

First Congregational Church, Springfield, Missouri, Woman's Missionary Society, Program Schedule, 1904, (R0797)
1 folder
This is a small pamphlet that provides a meeting schedule, program topics, and a list of officers for the Woman's Missionary Society of the First Congregational Church at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri, for July 1904 through March 1905.

Flood, George, Letter, 1900, (R0937)
1 folder
This is a letter from George Flood at Golden City in Barton County, Missouri, to "Brother Knoll." Dated 10 June 1900, the letter concerns Flood's attempts to market bicycles for Knoll, with the intention of moving to Springfield in Greene County, Missouri, to do so.

Freemasons, Republic Lodge No. 570, Republic, Missouri, register and bylaws, 1914, (R1276)
1 folder
This is a booklet containing the "Register and By-Laws of Republic Lodge, No. 570, A.F. & A.M. Republic, Missouri, 30 June 1914." The "Republic Monitor Print" of Republic, Missouri published the twenty-one page booklet for the lodge on 30 June 1914.

Freemasons, Royal and Select Masters, Zabud Council No. 25, Springfield, Missouri, Assembly Program, 1945, (R0755)
1 folder
This is a program for the Assembly of Zabud Council No. 25, Royal and Select Masters, held at the Masonic Temple in Springfield, Greene County, Missouri, on 30 October 1945.

Friends in Council of Springfield, Missouri, Booklet, 1952, (R1085)
1 folder
This is a year book for 1952-1953 for the Friends in Council, a woman's study club at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. Included are the names and addresses of officers and members, a calendar for the club's meeting year (October 1952 to May 1953), and topics and readings for discussion at the meetings.

Frisco-Santa Fe Land and Development Company, Certificate, 1906, (R1004)
1 folder
This is a certificate dated 4 September 1906 for "one unit interest in the lands and towns located in Montgomery county, Texas, on sale by the Frisco-Santa Fe Land and Development Company." The company was based at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. The President was Maurice H. Meyers.

Fulbright, Henry, Ledger, 1837-1861, (R0320)
1 volume
This is an account ledger from a general store operated by Henry Fulbright at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. William, and Ephraim R. Fulbright joined the firm as full partners on 27 February 1840. An index of the customers is available.


George Carden Circus International, Souvenir Program, 1986, (R0909)
1 folder
This is the 1986 Official Program and Color Book for George Carden Circus International, which had "winter quarters" at Willard in Greene County, Missouri.

Gillioz, M. E., Collection, 1926-1994, (R0575)
4 folders, photocopies
This is a collection of printed material and newspaper clippings concerning the life and career of M. E. Gillioz, a construction contractor and businessman from Monett, Barry County, Missouri. Included are biographical materials, a program on the opening of the Gillioz Bank & Trust Co., the Gillioz memorial edition of the Monett Times, material on the construction of the Gillioz Theater in Springfield, Missouri, in 1926, and stories on the plans for its restoration in the 1990s.

Gird, George, Photographs, (P0149)
208 photographs
B/w aerial views of Clayton, Hermann, Independence, Joplin, Kansas City, Nevada, St. Louis, Springfield, Webb City, and Weston from around 1955.

Goodwill Family Photograph Collection, (R1479)
0.01 cubic foot (1 folder)
The Goodwill Family Photograph Collection contains an original photograph of KWTO Radio’s Goodwill Family. KWTO hosted its own live musicians to circumvent the Federal Radio Commission’s ban on playing recorded music.

Grace Methodist Church, Springfield, Missouri, Centennial Papers, 1964, (R0851)
3 items
These items are associated with the centennial observance of Grace Methodist Church at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri, in May 1964. Included are a "Centennial Story" booklet, a congregational newsletter, and a church bulletin for the centennial service.

Grand Army of the Republic Captain John Matthews Post Papers, (R1422)
0.1 cubic feet (1 folder)
The collection consists of receipts documenting financial transactions made by the Grand Army of the Republic Post No. 69 in Springfield, Missouri.

Grand Army of the Republic, Springfield, Missouri, application papers, (R0703)
1 folder
These are applications for membership in the John Matthews Post No. 69 of the Grand Army of the Republic in Springfield, Greene County, Missouri. The applications bear the name, age, residence, and brief military history of the applicants, among whom were Charles E. Moss, John E. Phelps, and L. A. Rountree.

Grant Avenue Baptist Church, Springfield, Missouri, Booklet, 1929, (R1033)
1 folder
This is the "Year Book and Directory" for 1929 for the Grant Avenue Baptist Church at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. Included are photographs of the pastor and the church building, lists of officers, the church covenant, and a membership roll. Thomas Houston Wiles served as pastor of the congregation.

Grant-Davis Lumber Co., Records, 1882-1949, (R0109)
29 volumes, 9 folders
These are business records of a lumber company based in Cabool, Missouri, which operated in southern Missouri and northern Arkansas. The collection includes ledgers, cash books, trial balances, inventories, and correspondence with the St. Louis and San Francisco ("Frisco") Railroad Company regarding freight claims. Russelle Grant Simonsen, daughter of Paul S. Grant, the last president of the firm, donated the records of the Grant-Davis Lumber Company. Mrs. Simonsen also provided background information on the company and the individuals who operated it. This information has been filed in the Information Folder.

Greene County, Missouri, Militia Exemption Roll, ca. 1863, (R0321)
1 folder, photocopies
This is an "Assessment Roll of Exemptions from Military Duty," for Greene County, Missouri, ca. 1863. The list bears the names of individuals who paid a tax in lieu of militia service during the Civil War, the fees paid, and the units from which exemptions were granted. Most exemptions were from duty in the 72nd and 74th regiments of Enrolled Missouri Militia.

Greene County Abstract (SP0045)
0.1 cubic foot (1 folder)
The Greene County Abstract collection contains one abstract of the property consisting of 25 acres off the North End of the East ½ of the South West ¼ of Section 26 in Township 29 Range 22 in Greene County, Missouri. It chronicles the many owners of the property and includes the 1882 last will and testament of Henry C. Young, a Springfield lawyer.

Greene County Baptist Association, Minutes, 1929, (R1034)
1 folder
These are the published minutes and proceedings of the 57th annual session of the Greene County Baptist Association, held with the Ash Grove Church at Ash Grove in Greene County, Missouri, on 3-5 September 1929. C. K. Martin served as moderator of the session.

Greene County Democratic Central Committee, Jackson Day Banquet Programs, 1958-1969, (R0696)
3 items
These are programs for the 35th , 37th , and 46th annual Jackson Day Banquets, held in 1958, 1960, and 1969 at the Shrine Mosque in Springfield, Missouri. The sponsors were the Greene County Democratic Central Committee, the Roosevelt Women's Democratic Club, and the Young Democratic Club of Greene County.

Guitar, Sarah (1892-1963), Collection, n.d., (C3391)
1.5 cubic feet, 5 card boxes
Card file compiled by Sarah Guitar, reference librarian of the State Historical Society of Missouri, as a guide to county boundaries of Missouri, 1812-1929; Missouri congressional district boundaries, 1845-1933; Missouri senatorial districts, 1820-1931; and Missouri judicial circuits, 1815-1915.

Guitar, Sarah (1892-1963), Papers, 1931-1944, (C3563)
1.2 linear feet
Correspondence and miscellaneous information on Missouri compiled by Guitar during her employment, under the direction of Floyd C. Shoemaker, as Reference Librarian for the State Historical Society of Missouri. Includes one card box of reference notes.


Haden Family (Musical group), Booklets, 1940-1944, (R1095)
1 folder
These are two booklets concerning the Haden Family, a musical group that performed during this period on radio station KWTO at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. The booklets were distributed to fans of the group.

Haggard, Edna Housden, Papers, 1905-2000, (R1379)
1.5 cubic feet (36 folders), 1 oversized
The papers of Edna Housden Haggard contain the personal papers, scrapbooks, and photographs of Edna Lucille Housden Haggard of Houston, Missouri.

Hale, Donald R., Photographs, (P0832)
7 postcards
Postcards depicting the exterior of KKK birthplace (Pulaski, Tenn) and exterior of Big Spring Inn (Neosho, MO). 2 colour: exterior of Ben Franklin Hotel, Springfield, and levee scene, Cape Girardeau.

Harrison, Leon Papers (R1385)
0.01 cubic feet (1 folder, 4 slides)
The Leon M. Harrison Papers consists of four slides, featuring a panoramic photograph of Springfield, Missouri employees of the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company in 1926, and a certificate of appreciation for Leon M. Harrison presented to him in 1933.

Hewlett, Maude Lupe, Papers, 1800-1968, (R1344)
2 cubic feet (26 folders)
The papers of Maude Lupe Hewlett contain the personal papers of Maude Lupe Hewlett and family photographs.

High Street Baptist Church, Springfield, Missouri, Yearbook, 1952, (R1232)
1 folder
This is Youth Trail 1952, a yearbook "published by the young people of the High Street Baptist Church" at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. Included are photographic portraits, snapshots, and general information about the congregation and its programs.

Home Economics Council and Chorus, Greene County, Missouri, Booklet, 1948, (R1073)
1 folder
This is a program booklet for a banquet honoring the Home Economics Council and Chorus of Greene County, Missouri, sponsored by the "chain store managers of Springfield" and held on 23 September 1948 at the Kentwood Arms Hotel. Gaylord L. Durkee was the banquet chairman and Mrs. Felix Russell was chairwoman of the Home Economics Council.

Hood United Methodist Church, Republic, Missouri, Booklet, 1969, (R0874)
1 folder
This is a "History of the Hood United Methodist Church: 1891-1969." It includes a brief history of the congregation at Republic in Greene County, Missouri, and a photograph of the 1891 church building.

Hoover, Dr. H. Lee, Photograph Collection, (P0614)
5 photographs
Photos of Greene County Phelps marker, Springfield square, Hazelwood Cemetery, and Danforth house (Springfield). Portrait of Virgl F. Sassman

Hornbeak, William C. Papers (R1387)
0.01 cubic feet (1 folder)
The William C. Hornbeak papers consist of a copy of an election circular asking the voters of Greene County, Missouri to vote November 3, 1874, for W.C. Hornbeak, who was running for the office of Greene County collector.

How, Russell A. (1906-1996) and Bernadine M. (1910-2001), Collection, 1927-1989, (C4023)
5 linear feet, 4 card files
The Russell and Bernadine How collection contains photographs, maps, printed materials, and notes on grist mills in the Ozarks region of Missouri and Arkansas. The collection also includes materials related to Missouri tourism.

Hunter, Max F., Collection, 1953-1976, (C2518)
3.4 linear feet and 78 audio tapes
The collection contains audio tapes of Ozark folklore collected by Max F. Hunter, including fiddle tunes, jokes, sayings, songs, visits, and miscellaneous material. The collection also includes photocopies of lists, transcripts of songs, synopses, and indexes to the tapes.


Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Springfield Lodge No. 218, Springfield, Missouri, Records, 1894-1939, (R0614)
2 volumes, 1 folder
These are records of the Odd Fellows lodge at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. The records consist of volumes containing semi-annual reports to the Grand Lodge of Missouri, 1894-1932, and a folder of miscellaneous papers, 1897-1939.

Irwin, Nancy J., Postcard Collection, (P0281)
11 postcards
11 postcards from the early 20th century with scenes of various places in Missouri including Joplin, Springfield, and St. Louis.


James, David A. (1937- ) Papers, 1790-2008, (C4126)
5 cubic feet
The research material of a hotel management instructor whose work resulted in the publication Historic Hotels of Missouri: Hotels, Inns, and Taverns of 19th Century Missouri.


Kansas City, Clinton & Springfield Railway Co., Records, 1892-1918, (R0091)
2 volumes
These volumes are a cash book (1892-1899) and a journal (1916-1918) of the Kansas City, Clinton and Springfield Railway Company, an independent line with close ties to the Kansas City, Fort Scott and Memphis system. The "Clinton" line came under control of the St. Louis and San Francisco ("Frisco") Railroad Company in 1898.

Kansas City, Fort Scott, and Memphis Railroad Company Records, (R1425)
0.1 cubic feet (1 folder)
The collection contains one ledger of receipts and expenses for the Kansas City, Fort Scott and Memphis Railroad Company for the period 1906-1908.

Kansas City, Fort Scott, and Memphis Railroad Company, Booklet, ca. 1890s, (R1071)
1 folder
This is Snap Shots in South Missouri, a promotional booklet to encourage land sales along the Kansas City, Fort Scott, and Memphis, and Kansas City, Clinton and Springfield railroads in Missouri. The area is presented as ideal for fruit-culture and raising livestock.

Kansas City, Ft. Scott & Memphis Railroad Co., Records, 1869-1895, (R0088)
4 volumes
These are financial records of the Kansas City, Fort Scott and Memphis Railroad ("Memphis Route") and its corporate predecessors. The line became part of the St. Louis and San Francisco Railway Company in 1901.

Knight, Carl W. and Pansy, Collection, (CA6457)
0.9 cubic feet
Collection of glass plate negatives and business papers of Carl W. Knight, a photographer from Springfield, Missouri, during the early twentieth century. Also includes scrapbook and photographs of his sister, Pansy Knight.

Knights Templar (Masonic order), Grand Commandery, Missouri, Booklet, 1913, (R1251)
1 folder
This is a program booklet for the "Fifty-Second Annual Conclave" of the Grand Commandery Knights Templar of the State of Missouri, held at the Masonic Temple in Springfield in Greene County, Missouri, on 27-28 May 1913.

KWTO, Radio Station, Springfield, Missouri, Newsletters, 1944-1951, (R0834)
1 folder
These are 45 issues of The KWTO Dial, a monthly publication of radio station KWTO at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri, from June 1944 to November 1951. Each issue contains a broadcast schedule and news about the station's programs and staff.


Lawrence County Historical Society, Missouri, Baptist association minutes, 1882-1933, (R0644)
15 folders
These are printed minutes of annual meetings of Primitive Baptist associations in Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Ohio, and Oklahoma. The most complete series are for the Center Creek and Ozark associations of Missouri. The minutes include the proceedings of the associations, lists of churches, officers, and representatives, the articles of faith and rules of decorum, and correspondence with other associations.

League of Women Voters of Southwest Missouri, Records, 1952-2004, (R0938)
15 volumes, 44 folders
These are minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors, newsletters, and project and topical files of the League of Women Voters of Southwest Missouri. Organized in 1952 as the League of Women Voters of Springfield, Missouri, the organization has been especially active in voter registration, home rule and county charter government propositions, education, planning and zoning, and other civic, social, and environmental issues.

Lee, Richard L. (1925-2011), County Courthouse Photographs, ca. 1955, (P0003)
210 photographs
The collection includes photographs of county courthouses for the state of Missouri, taken in the mid-twentieth century by Richard L. Lee.

Lhamon, William Jefferson (1855-1955), Papers, 1882-1952, (C2464)
36 folders, 4 volumes, oversize, 1.2 cubic feet
Papers of a minister of the Christian Church and former dean of the Bible College of Missouri, Columbia, under whose leadership Lowry Hall was built. Typescripts of Lhamon's essays on religion and a short autobiography. Clippings include Lhamon's articles and editorials for religious periodicals as well as sermon synopses from newspapers.

Liberty Association of Free Will Baptists, Booklets, 1971-1978, (R1200)
1 folder
These are five booklets containing the minutes of the annual sessions of the Liberty Association of Free Will Baptists for the years 1971, 1974, 1976, 1977, and 1978. The Association met at the Niangua Youth Camp near Niangua in Webster County, Missouri.

Lions Club, Springfield, Missouri, Booklet, 1929, (R1231)
1 folder
This is Ozarks, "A Booklet Sponsored by the Lions Club," published in 1929 to promote Springfield in Greene County, Missouri, and the surrounding area. Edited by Lon Scott, the illustrated booklet includes articles on natural history, transportation, the Civil War, and agriculture.


Mack, John Armenius, Correspondence, 1850-1869, (R0742)
1 folder, photocopies
This is the correspondence of John A. Mack, an attorney and county official of Greene County, Missouri. Most of the collection consists of letters to his sons, who were serving in the Union army in Missouri and Arkansas. There are also postwar letters to Mack from Jefferson City, containing political news.

Mains, John B., Letters, 1861-1864, (R0245)
1 folder, photocopies
These are Civil War letters of John B. Mains of the 6th Missouri Infantry. Mains wrote from camps in Missouri while he served in John C. Frémont's Army of the West, and from Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama during service with the Army of the Tennessee.

Mann, Henry Perrin Civil War Diaries, 1862-1865, (R0455)
1 folder, photocopies
These are typescripts of the Civil War diaries of Henry P. Mann, Co. B Cavalry, 36th Illinois Infantry. The company was later assigned to the 15th Illinois Cavalry as Co. K. The diaries cover the Pea Ridge campaign in Missouri and Arkansas, the occupation of Corinth, Mississippi, the battle of Chickamauga, the siege of Chattanooga, and the Atlanta campaign. The entries for 1865 concern personal business and finances.

Mansfield, Margaret Marston, Scrapbook, (SP0037)
0..25 cubic foot (2 folders, 6 photographs)
The Margaret Marston Mansfield Scrapbook collection consists of a scrapbook compiled by Margaret Marston Mansfield. It contains newspaper articles she found interesting or relevant to her life, including information about her brother, Charles E. Marston, one of the first deans of what is now Missouri State University.

Martin, R.J., Papers, (CA6398)
2 cubic feet
Papers of a Springfield, Missouri, employee of the Southwestern Power Administration. Contains correspondence, reports, and miscellaneous material concerning rural cooperatives in Missouri, 1950s.

Meador, Lewis E., Papers, 1904-1982, (R0674)
47 folders
These are papers of L. E. Meador, an economist, political scientist, and civic leader in Springfield, Missouri. Included are materials concerning Springfield's Charter Commission (1952), Missouri state government, and Wilson's Creek National Battlefield.

Methodist Protestant Church (U.S. : 1830-1939), Missouri Conference, Booklet, 1929, (R1070)
1 folder
These are the Minutes of the Sixty-third Annual Session of the Missouri Conference of the Methodist Protestant Church, Held at Blades Chapel, in Greene County; Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday; August 7, 8, 9, 10, 1929. E. R. Stribling served as President and J. F. Howe served as Secretary of the session.

Ministerial Alliance of Springfield, Missouri, Records, 1903-1914, (C1371)
1 volume
The records contain a printed copy of the constitution, names and addresses of members, and treasurer's reports, as well as minutes of meetings.

Missouri Dept. of Resources, "The White River Country," n.d., (R0324)
1 folder
This is a map of the White River watershed encompassing all or parts of eleven counties in southern Missouri. Topographic features and recreational sites are shown, as are mills, mines, bridges, fords, schools, and churches.

Missouri Ex-POWs Oral History Project, Records, 2000-, (C3975)
Interviews with ex-prisoners of war (POWs). The records include audio cassettes, compact discs, and transcripts.

Missouri Federation of Women's Clubs, Sixth District, Secretary's Record Book, 1932-1943, (R1175)
1 volume
These are the secretary's minutes of the annual meetings of the Sixth District, Missouri Federation of Women's Clubs. The record book includes minutes of the twenty-ninth through fortieth annual meetings, 1932-1943.

Missouri, Infantry, 1st Regiment, Rifle Battalion, Companies A and B, Muster Roll, 1861, (C1964)
1 folder
Muster roll of Missouri Volunteer Infantry, 1st Regiment, Rifle Battalion, Companies A and B.

Missouri Lives, Oral History Project, Records, 2014-, (C4249)
0.1 cubic feet, 13 CDs, 1 DVD
The collection consists of interviews with a wide array of Missourians who have had an interesting personal history and life. The collection consists of digitally recorded interviews, transcripts, and ephemera.

Missouri Railroad Collection, (R1457)
0.5 cubic foot (19 folders)
The Missouri Railroad Collection is an ephemeral collection of records dealing with the railroad industry in Missouri. Included are records of railroad investments made by the J. & W. Seligman and Company and members of the Perkins, Livingston, Post Company of New York in railroad companies in Missouri and Kansas. These materials contain records for the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad Company; Kansas City, Clinton and Springfield Railroad Company; the Memphis, Carthage and Northwestern Railroad Company; the Missouri and Western Railway Company; the Oswego and State Line Railroad Company; Pierce City and Kanas Railroad Company; the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company; and the St. Louis, Wichita and Western Railway Company.

0.1 cubic foot (5 folders)
The Missouri Postcard Collection contains postcards featuring images from around the state of Missouri.

Mitchell, Allen, Account Book, 1859-1889, (R0583)
1 volume
This is an account book kept by Allen Mitchell, a contractor and builder at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. The entries record expenses and the time worked by stonemasons and laborers on construction projects including the third Greene County Courthouse, the college, and a Methodist church.

Mitchell, Ewing Young, Jr. (1873-1954), Papers, 1840-1949 (C1041)
0.4 linear feet
Papers of a Springfield, Missouri, lawyer active in Democratic Party politics, who served as assistant secretary of commerce in Franklin Roosevelt's first administration. Material concerns family affairs, law practice with emphasis on county indebtedness, Ozark land speculation, and Democratic politics on the state and national levels.

Moll, Justus R., Maps, 1870, 1915, (C3211)
1 folder
Negative photostat of a map of Greene County, MO, showing roads, Indian trails, villages and mounds, and narrative regarding Indians in Greene County, 1915. Also a copy of a map of the battlefield at Lexington, MO, September 1861, as drawn during court of inquiry in the 1870s.

Morris Family, Papers, 1837-1943, (R0390)
1 folder, photocopies
These are promissory notes, land papers, correspondence, and miscellaneous papers of the Morris family of Greene and Webster counties in Missouri.

Morrison, William Dale, Postcard Collection, (P0372)
10 postcards
10 postcards of Springfield, MO, Lake Taneycomo (Ozarks), Meramac Caverns, and the Meramec River

Morrow, Lynn, Papers, (R1000)
21 cubic feet (964 folders, 4 oversize)
The papers of Lynn Morrow contain correspondence and research papers, with an additional significant collection of late twentieth-century promotional and advertising items. The papers reflect major areas of Morrow’s research on the southwest Missouri region; Iron, Shannon, and Washington counties; Theodore Pease Russell and his writings; and the writings of Silas C. Turnbo. The collection also includes a large selection of promotional publications and ephemera associated with late 20th century tourism in Missouri and Arkansas.

Murray, Thomas, Correspondence, 1862-1867, (R0522)
2 folders
These are letters addressed to Thomas Murray of Davenport, Iowa, by relatives serving in the Union army during the Civil War. Included are letters from a brother, William Murray, and a cousin, Thomas Murray, both of whom served in Company C of the 20th Iowa Infantry in Missouri and Arkansas. There are also postwar letters regarding the grave of William Murray, who was killed at Prairie Grove, Arkansas.


Nathan Boone Homestead Committee, Booklet, 2003, (R0951)
1 folder
This is a souvenir booklet for "The 20th Annual Nathan Boone Homestead Days Festival," held on 19-21 September 2003 at Ash Grove in Greene County, Missouri. Tom Miller served as president of the Nathan Boone Homestead Committee, sponsors of the festival.

New Life Evangelistic Center Records (S1236)
20 cubic feet
The New Life Evangelistic Center (NLEC) Records contain correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, newsletters, newspaper clippings, and photographs documenting NLEC’s mission to provide Christian hospitality to the poor through social service programs and spiritual care.

Null, S. Claude, Family Papers (R1390)
1.75 cubic feet (57 folders, 3 volumes, 203 photographs)
The S. Claude Null Family Papers contain the personal and family papers for Claude Null of Rolla, Missouri. These papers include personal correspondence, genealogy research, and photographs for the Null, Harrison, Headrick/Hedrick, and connected families.


O'Connor, Dick, Photographs, (P0623)
7 photographs
Photos relating to Nathan Boone and Nathaniel Lyon monuments and O'Connor's Museum, Wilson's Creek, ca. 1950.

O’Day, Eleanor, Scrapbooks, (SP0035)
0.5 cubic foot (1 oversize, 1 photograph)
The Eleanor O’Day Scrapbooks contain newspaper clippings about various members of the O’Day family, as well as other topics that Miss O’Day found interesting.

O’Kelley, Lawrence Leroy, Diary, (SP0020)
0.2 cubic feet (2 folders)
The Lawrence O’Kelley Diary records O’Kelley’s experiences in France during WWI from April 1918 to October 1918.

One-room Schoolhouse Oral History Project, Records, 2008- (C4051)
0.9 cubic feet, 58 CDs
The collection consists of interviews with people who attended or taught at one-room schoolhouses. The collection consists of digitally recorded interviews and transcripts of the interviews, photographs, textbooks, as well as some biographical information on the interviewees.

Order of the Eastern Star, Crescent Chapter No. 21, Springfield, Missouri, Culture Circle, Booklets, 1916, 1954, (R0841)
1 folder
These are "Year Books" for 1916 and 1954 for Culture Circle of Crescent Chapter No. 21 of the Order of the Eastern Star at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. Mrs. Ed. F. Ferrell was President in 1916, and Mrs. Hal Ingram served as President in 1954.

Order of the Eastern Star, Crescent Chapter No. 21, Springfield, Missouri, Culture Circle, Booklets, 1916, 1954, (R0841)
1 folder
These are "Year Books" for 1916 and 1954 for Culture Circle of Crescent Chapter No. 21 of the Order of the Eastern Star at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. Mrs. Ed. F. Ferrell was President in 1916, and Mrs. Hal Ingram served as President in 1954.

Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem, Pleiades White Shrine No. 1 , (R0491)
1 volume
This is a "Memory Book for Worthy High Priestess, Bessie Spencer, of Pleiades White Shrine No. 1, arranged by Bertha Graham, Worthy Chaplain." The White Shrine of Jerusalem was an affiliate of freemasonry. The membership consisted mostly of wives of Master Masons. This volume covers activities of the Springfield chapter from March 1939 to April 1940.

Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem, Pleiades White Shrine No. 1 , (R0830)
1 folder
This is "Let's Give a Party," a guide to entertaining published by the Shepherdess Guard Patrol of Pleiades White Shrine No. 1 of the Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. Included are a photograph of the Patrol in regalia and a historical summary and current roster.

Orr, William J., Papers, 1899-1940, (R0857)
1 folder
These papers deal mostly with the conviction, appeal, and later death of J. F. Kennedy, a train-robber. William J. Orr was an attorney for the Kansas City, Fort Scott and Memphis and later the St. Louis-San Francisco railways, who prosecuted Kennedy in 1899. Also included is an obituary for Orr from the Springfield (Mo.) News Leader.

Overland Mail Centennial Scrapbook, 1958, (C3457)
1 volume
Clippings, photographs, brochures, and miscellaneous records which marked the hundredth anniversary of the first overland stage route in the U.S.

Ozark Association of Primitive Baptists, Missouri, Minutes, 1904-1941, (R0995)
1 folder
These are published minutes of annual sessions of the Ozark Association of Primitive Baptists, which consisted of member congregations in Dallas, Greene, Polk, Webster, and Wright counties in Missouri. Minutes are available for meetings in 1904, 1906, 1907, 1908, 1909, 1910, 1913, 1914, 1915, 1917, 1918, 1919, 1920, 1921, 1922, 1923, 1924, and 1941.

Ozark Empire Fair, Booklets, 1947-1971, (R0809)
1 folder
These are two programs (1947 and 1951) and three "premium lists" (1964, 1969, and 1971) for the annual Ozark Empire Fair, held at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri, on 9-15 August 1947, 11-17 August 1951, 13-19 August 1964, 7-13 August 1969, and 11-18 August 1971.

Ozark Playgrounds Association, Booklets and Pamphlets, 1929-1955, (R0854)
6 items
These are three booklets and three pamphlets published by the Ozark Playgrounds Association promoting "Playgrounds of the Ozarks," in an area encompassing parts of Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. Included in the booklets are geographical listings, while two of the pamphlets contain highway maps and listings of member hotels, motels, resorts, restaurants, and tourist attractions, while another contains more general information.

Ozarks Area Amateur Film Collection, (SP0021)
0.5 cubic foot (14 reels)
This collection contains fourteen reels of home movie footage featuring the Ozarks including Springfield, Nixa, Table Rock Dam, and St. John’s School of Nursing.

Ozarks Steam Engine Association, Souvenir Programs, 1964-1974, (R0795)
9 booklets
These are souvenir program booklets from the Ozarks Steam Engine Association's "annual reunions" near Billings, Missouri. These events featured working "live steam" tractors and other agricultural steam engines.


Parrish, Horace Monroe, Surveyor's Notebook, 1866-1871, (R0483)
1 volume
This is the field notebook of Horace Monroe Parrish, a surveyor in Springfield, Greene County, Missouri. Following the Civil War, Parrish was employed by the circuit court to inventory lands in the estate of Daniel D. Berry, and by the city of Springfield to resurvey lands around the town square donated by John Polk Campbell.

Phelps, John Smith, (1814-1886), Letter, 1854, (C1626)
1 folder
To Jas. C. Dobbin, from Springfield, MO, Sept. 20, 1854. Phelps recommended the appointment of St. Louisan Antoine R. McNair, Jr., as midshipman in the Navy to Dobbin, secretary of the Navy.

Politics in Missouri Oral History Project, Records, 1996-, (C3929)
2.2 linear feet
Interviews with Missouri legislators, politicians, aides, and other participants in Missouri politics. The records include audio cassettes, compact discs, and transcripts of the interviews.

Presbytery of Missouri, Minutes, 1920-1943, (C1353)
0.2 linear feet
The records contain official copies of minutes of the Presbytery of Missouri. Minutes for 1920-1939 are bound; others are in pamphlet form.

Presbytery of Missouri Records, 1817-1920, (C1354)
1.4 linear feet, 6 oversize volumes
The records of the Presbytery of Missouri contain minutes, reports, and other records of an organization composed of ministers and representative elders of Presbyterian churches in Missouri. Volumes 1-6 have been microfilmed. Volume 7 is available onsite. See also collection C1353.

Price, Newton Jasper, Letter, 1866, (R0818)
1 folder
This is a holograph letter dated 27 February 1866 from N. J. Price at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri, to "Bro. John." The letter concerns a legal matter and a forthcoming move.

Protestant Christian Council of Springfield, Missouri, Records, 1921-1929, (C1372)
1 volume
The records contain minutes of meetings, newspaper clippings, and lists of members.

Purcell Family Photographs (SP0044)
0.25 cubic foot (6 folders, 33 photographs)
The Purcell Family Photographs collection contains photographs of the Purcell family and the Bois D'Arc, Missouri area. The photographs were taken between 1903 and 1951. It includes photographs of the Fairview school, which was a one-room schoolhouse in Pierce City, Missouri, which the Purcell children attended. The Purcell children are portrayed from childhood to adulthood.

Pyle's International Transcontinental Foot Race, Programs, 1928-1929, (R0094)
1 folder, photocopies
These are programs from Charles C. Pyle's first and second annual transcontinental foot races. The 1928 race was from Los Angeles to New York; the 1929 race was from New York to Los Angeles. Through Missouri the runners followed U.S. Highway 66.


Ramsay Place Names File 1928-1945, (C2366)
12 cubic feet
Card file of origins of Missouri place names, compiled by students of Robert L. Ramsay, University of Missouri professor of English.

Ray, Joseph L. (1842-1933) Pension Application Papers, 1911-1928, (R1339)
1 folder
This collection consists of pension claim papers for Joseph Lafayette Ray (1842-1933) a veteran of the Civil War. In 1911, Joseph L. Ray began the process of applying for a pension for his service during the Civil War.

Redeker, Frederic D., Collection, (P0410)
0.125 linear feet
Photos of Stark Brother's Nurseries and Delicious Apple Monument, photos and postcard of SGT Floyd Army Corps tow boat ca 1975, postcards of Missouri fishing and farming, University of Missouri Columbia, St. Louis, and Plano, MO

Rogers, W.F., Letter, 1947, (C1856)
1 folder
The collection contains letters to Historical Society, Columbia, MO, from St. Joe, AR, Feb. 16, 1947, recalling a conversation between his father, John Wesley Rogers, and a soldier guarding the body of General Nathaniel Lyon who was killed 10 August 1861 at Wilson's Creek.

Rountree Family, Diary and Reminiscences, ca. 1819-1956, (R0325)
1 folder, photocopies
These are extracts from the diary of Joseph Rountree, 1819-1831, and the autobiography of William J. Rountree, ca. 1910. There are also notes on the Rountree family by Frank Rountree, 1911-1912, Ruth Fowler Sherwood, 1947, and Joseph G. Rountree, 1956, with obituaries and birth-death records of family members.

Rountree, Thomas, Lesson Book, 1831-1836, (R0610)
1 volume
This is a lesson book prepared as a teaching aid by Thomas Rountree of Maury County, Tennessee, and Greene County, Missouri. The book contains samples, problems, and examples in mathematics, accounting, surveying, and penmanship. The lessons apparently were copied from other textbooks.

Rubey, Charles W., Papers (R0200)
0.25 cubic foot (15 folders, 2 rolls of microfilm)
The Charles W. Rubey Papers contain the personal, business, and military papers of Charles W. Rubey, a businessman and militia officer from Lebanon, Missouri. Included are personal, family, and business papers, and records from militia organizations raised in Laclede County during the Civil War. The military records include correspondence, orders, equipment, and ordinance returns, certificates of enrollment and exemption, and muster rolls.

Ruins of Baldwin Theatre, Photograph, (P0036)
1 photograph
Original photo of Baldwin Theatre in Springfield, Missouri after fire destruction. Built in 1891 at 322 St. Louis Avenue, the present site of the McDaniel Building


Sawyer, Thomas M., Sawyer family report cards, 1934-1944, (R1313)
1 folder
The collection consists of eleven school report cards for the children of Thomas M. and Elsie D. Sawyer. The children attended Rogersville Public School at Rogersville in Greene County, Missouri, and Green Hill School, in Webster County Missouri for elementary education.

Schmidt, Martin F., Photograph Collection, (P0885)
1 photograph
Photo of Civil War monument, Springfield.

Shepard, Edward Martin, Lantern Slides, n.d., (R1184)
41 slides
These are lantern slides showing springs, natural bridges, and caves in the Ozarks region of Missouri. They were produced for teaching purposes by Edward M. Shepard, a professor of geology at Drury College in Springfield, Missouri.

Shepard, Edward Martin (1854-1934), Papers, 1844-1939 (C0164)
0.6 linear feet
Notes, correspondence, clippings, and pamphlets of Shepard, a geologist and professor at Drury College, Springfield, Missouri.

Sheppard, Charles, Photographs, (P0621)
6 photographs
Photos of Greene County ca. 1961: Indian Mound Marker, the Dr. H.M. Parrish house, a Civil War earthwork on the Drury University Campus, and the Ward D. King house.

Sitton, John James, Civil War memoir, n.d., (R0377)
1 folder, photocopies
This is a memoir of service with the Oregon County company of the 2nd Regiment, 7th Division, Missouri State Guard, 4 July -- 1 December 1861. The narrative also includes biographical data on selected Oregon County soldiers.

Small , Hubert Edwin, Papers, ca. 1910-1952, (R0474)
3 folders, photocopies
This collection includes a scrapbook, correspondence, and miscellaneous printed material of Hubert E. Small, a musician, chautauqua performer, and music teacher at Kansas City and Springfield, Missouri. Some material pertains to his wife, Vera (Whitmore) Small, also a professional musician.

Smith, Nancy K., Postcard Collection, (P0029)
268 postcards
Postcards, all views of hospitals and clinics and some sanitariums across Missouri.

Smith, William Ernest (1891-1969), Papers, 1860, 1915-1968, (C2999)
8 folders
The papers of William Ernest Smith contain correspondence of Smith, a history professor at Miami University, Oxford, OH, 1926-1934; department chairman, 1934-1957; graduate school dean, 1950-1959; research professor of history, 1959-1962; and author. The collection includes correspondence with other history and economics professors concerning Southwest Missouri State Teachers College, Springfield; the University of Wisconsin, Madison; and Miami University.

Sons of the Revolution, Missouri Society, Springfield Chapter, Program Booklet, 1915, (R0718)
1 folder
This is the program for the Fourth Anniversary Service of the Springfield Chapter, Sons of the Revolution, held at St. Paul Methodist Episcopal Church, South, at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri, on 21 February 1915.

Soren, Noelle Louise, Papers, (K0525)
3.84 cubic feet (260 folders, 4 rolled items)
The papers contain research notes, photographs, correspondence, architectural drawings, and other materials related to Noelle Soren's research into the theater building careers of Carl and Robert Boller, known as the Boller Brothers. The results of her research culminated into her two-volume book, Windows to Wonderland: The Cinespace Creations of the Boller Brothers, Architects.

Soroptimist International of Springfield, Missouri, Records, (CA4419)
1 linear foot
Magazine, club rosters, yearbooks, and some printed material of a professional women's service organization.

Sorosis Club of Springfield, Missouri, Booklets, 1951-1984, (R0840)
1 folder
These are the "Year Books" for 1951-1952, 1980-1981, and 1984-1985 for the Sorosis Club of Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. Included are club calendars, the constitution and bylaws, lists of departments and officers, and membership rolls.

Southwest Missouri Resource Conservation and Development Records, (SP0009)
28 cubic feet (851 folders, 1 oversize)
The records consist of the financial documents, correspondence, project notes and publications pertaining to the operation of the non-profit environmental organization known as Southwest Missouri Resource Conservation and Development.

South-Western Stage Company Papers, 1867, (C2238)
1 folder
Copies of form letters and contracts used by the South-Western Stage Company. Includes rules and regulations for road agents, station agents, drivers, shopmen, and barnmen.

Southwest Missouri State University, Photographs, (P0615)
2 photographs
Photos of Southwest Missouri State University: plans for College of Business Administration building, and Hammons House Residence Hall,

Springfield Business College, Springfield, Missouri, Booklets, 1908-1927, (R0765)
1 folder
These are booklets promoting the Springfield Business College, a commercial trade school located at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri.

Springfield Chamber of Commerce, Photograph Collection, (P0616)
7 photographs
Photos of Springfield area caves, creeks, and springs.

Springfield Community Teachers Association, Theater Program, 1943, (R1018)
1 folder
This is a program for a performance by "Devi Dja and her Bali-Java Dancers, with Native Gamelan Orchestra," on Tuesday evening, 30 March 1943 in the Senior High School auditorium at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. The Springfield Community Teachers Association sponsored the appearance.

Springfield Kiwanis Club, Springfield, Missouri, Booklet, 1936, (R1072)
1 folder
This is a program booklet for "Joyland," an evening of musical and dance entertainment presented as a fundraiser for the Springfield Kiwanis Club's Crippled Children's Fund under the direction of the Physical Education Department of Southwest Missouri State Teachers College. The event was held in the Shrine Mosque at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri, on 16 De-cember 1936.

Springfield Kiwanis Club, Springfield, Missouri, Minstrel Show Programs, 1946-1952, (R0954)
1 folder
These are program booklets for minstrel shows presented by the Springfield Kiwanis Club at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri, on 22 February 1946, 24-25 February 1950, and 22-23 February 1952. The fundraising performances were staged at Springfield's Shrine Mosque auditorium, with net proceeds going to children's charities.

Springfield Ladies Saturday Club, Minute Book, 1921-1928, (R0071)
1 volume
This is a minute book of a women's club at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. The volume includes minutes of meetings, 8 January 1921--12 May 1928, and lists of members, 1923-1926.

Springfield Manufacturing Company, Papers, 1872, (C1943)
1 folder
The papers contain articles of association and resolution pertaining to liquidation of stock.

Springfield Mill Company, Ledger, 1872-1877, (R0584)
1 volume
This is an account ledger for the Springfield Mill Company, owned and operated by Allen Mitchell and J. W. Caynor. The entries note milling performed for various individuals, payments in cash and kind, and cash sales, 1872-1874. The volume is indexed. Also enclosed are miscellaneous papers concerning O. K. Mills at Springfield, operated by A. Mitchell & Company, 1875-1877.

Springfield Normal School and Business College, Springfield, Missouri, Booklet, 1902, (R1246)
1 folder
This is the "Ninth Annual Catalogue" of the Springfield Normal School and Business College at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. The presidents of the proprietary school were Allen Moore and John A. Taylor. In addition to the normal and commercial courses the college included a conservatory of music and an "approved summer school."

Springfield University Club Book, n.d., (C1265)
1 volume
List and pictures of markers placed at historic sites in Greene County. Original at Springfield Public Library.

Springfield Wagon Company, Records, 1873-1972, (R0059)
12 volumes, 50 folders
This collection consists of correspondence, ledgers, cash books, and catalogs from the Springfield Wagon Company of Springfield, Missouri, and Fayetteville, Arkansas, 1873-1941. There is also research correspondence, 1971-1972, of Steven Stepp in connection with his master's thesis on the company.

Springfield Wagon Company, Papers, 1878-1888, (R1188)
1 folder, photocopies
These are miscellaneous papers of the Springfield Wagon Company at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. Included are letters to the company from wagon dealers and parts suppliers in Arkansas and Missouri.

Springfield Yacht Club, Regatta Programs, 1939, (R0941)
1 folder
These are "Official Race Programs" for outboard-engine motorboat races held on Lake Taneycomo at Branson in Taney County, Missouri, on 4 June and 9-10 September 1939. The Springfield Yacht Club sponsored the regattas.

Springfield, Missouri, Abstracts, 1871-1921, (C2340)
1 volume
The records contain abstracts covering the establishment of Springfield streets and avenues for the period 1871-1921.

St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company, Records, 1859-1980, (R0362)
635 items in 56 cartons
These are corporate minutes and financial account books, and other records of the St. Louis-San Francisco ("Frisco") Railway Company (1916-1980) and predecessor, subsidiary, and constituent companies, most notably the St. Louis & San Francisco Railway (1876-1896) and the St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad (1896-1916). The "Frisco" operated in Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. It became part of the Burlington Northern Railroad in 1980.

St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company Collection, (R1491)
0.5 cubic foot (19 folders, 1 photograph)
The St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company Collection contains a sales kit, business records, and photographs for the St. Louis-San Francisco “Frisco” Railway Company. The collection includes train and freight schedules, specifications for rail cars and lines, promotional materials, maps, sales manuals, and images of railcars and stations.

St. Paul Methodist Church, Springfield, Missouri, Newsletter, 1939, (R0886)
1 folder
This is an issue of the St. Paul Beacon, the weekly newsletter of the St. Paul Methodist Church at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. Dated 27 October 1939, it includes inspirational messages, news items, and advertisements for local businesses.

Stacy, Frank H., Farm Account Books, 1924-1925, (R0509)
2 folders
These are the account books of a farmer at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. The books include itemized accounts of income and expenditure from 1 January through 1 May 1924, and estimated budgets for May 1924--February 1925. Record categories include poultry, garden and fruit, improvements, vehicles, and personal expenses.

Staggs, Reba, comp., Scrapbook, ca. 1928-1933, (R0586)
1 folder, photocopies
This is the scrapbook of Reba Staggs of Newburg, Phelps County, Missouri. The scrapbook includes newspaper clippings, photographs, programs for theatrical productions and other events, and miscellaneous materials concerning Newburg High School, and Drury College in Springfield, Missouri.

State Historical Society of Missouri, Typescript Collection, (C0995)
774 items on 14 rolls of microfilm
The State Historical Society of Missouri Typescript Collection consists of typescripts of articles and manuscripts donated over the years to the Historical Society.

State Normal School, Springfield, Missouri, May Day program, 1917, (R1297)
1 item
This is a program for the May Day Festival held on the grounds of the State Normal School (formerly the Springfield Normal School) at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri, 1 May 1917. The program lists the various components of the celebration and the names of participants.

State of Missouri Collection, (P0018)
486 photographs
Over 400 original photos created for the 1904 publication on Missouri at the time of the World's Fair by Walter Williams; shows all aspects and counties in Missouri.

Stauber, Ruby Rose, Papers, (SP0015)
13.5 cubic feet (452 folders, 2 oversize)
The papers of Rose Stauber contain the personal papers of Ruby Rose Stauber. They include correspondence, genealogical research, family photographs, and material related to Rose’s 31 years of service in the Women’s Army Corp.

Stone, James Blain, Correspondence, 1943-1945, (R1189)
1 folder
This is correspondence written during World War II between James B. "Stony" Stone, who served in an Ordnance Battalion in the United States Army in the Southwest Pacific Theatre, and his parents, who lived in Springfield, Greene County, Missouri. The letters include news of friends and family, and a few newspaper clippings.

Strafford High School, Strafford, Missouri, Booklet, 1920, (R0853)
1 item
This is the Catalogue and Course of Study for Strafford High School at Strafford in Greene County, Missouri, for the academic year 1920-1921.

Strickland, Tom C., Photographs, (P0612)
5 photographs
Stereographs images of Springfield town square ca. 1890, unidentified house, and and Fort No. 1 historic site; Marshfield tornado damage, 1880; still lifes.

Surbrugg, Dillard Papers, (R1448)
4 folders
The Dillard Surbrugg papers contain letters of correspondence between the Order of the Eastern Star, Webb City Chapter and other chapters in the United States, correspondence between the Springfield Republican and Dillard Surbrugg, correspondence from the Joplin Globe Publishing Company and Mr. Surbrugg and miscellaneous papers.

Sutter, John Jacob, Collection, 1865-1871, (R0624)
2 folders, photocopies
These are a notebook and travel journal by John J. Sutter, a native of Germany and resident of St. Louis, Missouri. The memoranda book covers Sutter's service as inspector of artillery in the Department of the Missouri in 1865, and inspections at Cape Girardeau, Macon, Rolla, and Springfield, Missouri; and Fort Leavenworth, Fort Scott, and Paola, Kansas. The journal, in German, covers a trip from St. Louis to Germany and return in 1871.

Swenson, Austyn, Promotional Booklet, 1960, (R0897)
1 folder
This is a promotional booklet for Austyn "Aut" Swenson's "Thrillcade" professional stunt driving show. The troupe made its headquarters at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri.

Swyers, Fay Colleen, Photograph Collection, (P0357)
2 photographs
Group photograph of Springfield, Missouri, firefighters, ca. 1885, and portrait of John Barry, a St. Louis firefighter


The Missouri Collection (C3982)
17.9 cubic feet, 9 audio cassettes, 3 audio discs, 9 CDs, 1 computer disc, 1 film, 6 film strips, 3 DVDs, 2 video cassettes (791 folders, 21 oversize ite
The Missouri Collection is an artificial collection combining miscellaneous small acquisitions related to Missouri places, individuals, organizations, and events.

The Southwest, Springfield, Missouri, Magazine, 1900-1903, (R0760)
1 folder
These are nineteen issues (January-October 1900) of The Southwest magazine, a semi-monthly publication devoted to commercial fruit-growing, published at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. There is also a single issue of Practical Fruit Grower (1903), a successor to The Southwest.

The Southwest Missouri Tourism Collection (SP0043)
1 cubic foot (2 folders, 2 oversize)
The collection contains 18 menus and pamphlets from tourist attractions located across Missouri. They were collected by an Ozarks family during the 1950s and 1960s.

Thompson, Elizabeth Remay Dabbs, Papers (R0671)
0.25 cubic foot (5 folders)
The Elizabeth Remay Dabbs Thompson Papers contain the personal and family papers collected by Elizabeth Remay Dabbs Thompson from 1850 to 1932. This collection includes photocopies of family correspondence, legal documents, military papers, and business papers for the Dabbs and Thompson families of Greene County, Missouri.

Tri-State Exploration Company, Stock Certificate, 1927, (R1041)
1 folder
This is a certificate for one share of stock in the Tri-State Exploration Company, which had offices at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri, and mineral leases on land in Lawrence County, Missouri. The certificate was issued to L. M. Miller on 4 November 1927.

Trotter, Mrs. J.N., Postcard Collection, (P0450)
8 postcards
Postcards of University of Missouri football ca. 1909, Glasgow (MO), Springfield (MO), and The Benton, Excelsior Springs, MO


U.S. Selective Service System, Missouri, Records, 1917-1918, (C2681)
445 folders negative Photostats, 8.7 cubic feet
Lists of persons by county and district selective service boards whose cards were held by those boards. Arranged alphabetically by county.

U.S. Work Projects Administration, "Church Bibliography, Baptist Bodies of Missouri, Associational Minutes," 1941, (C1312)
1 volume
The collection contains a list of the various Baptist associations in Missouri and the dates for which their records are in existence.

U.S. Work Projects Administration, Historical Records Survey, Missouri, 1935-1942, (C3551)
302 linear feet; also available on 817 rolls of microfilm
Correspondence, records, and working files. Originally designed to survey and inventory all county government records, the survey finally included inventories of church records, manuscript collections, vital statistics, American imprints, and federal archives. Incorporates records of the Federal Writers Project for Missouri.

United Confederate Veterans, Springfield, Missouri, Records, 1894-1915, (R0060)
1 volume
This volume contains records of the Campbell Camp No. 488 of the United Confederate Veterans at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. The volume includes the constitution and bylaws, minutes of meetings, lists of members, and miscellaneous papers.

United Confederate Veterans, Springfield, Missouri, Records, 1903-1919, (R0273)
1 volume
This volume includes minutes of meetings, a roster of members and visitors, and miscellaneous papers of Campbell Camp No. 488, United Confederate Veterans, at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri.

United States. Army. Medical Corps. O'Reilly General Hospital, Booklet, 1942, (R1054)
1 folder
This is a "Menu and Roster" for "Christmas 1942" for the U.S. Army's O'Reilly General Hospital at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. Included are the menu for Christmas dinner and an every-name roster of personnel.

United States. Army. Missouri Infantry Reg't, Phelps's, Account Book, 1862, (R0272)
1 volume
These are accounts of Lt. Robert B. Owen, Quartermaster of Phelps's Regiment at Rolla, Lebanon and Springfield, Missouri, January—May 1862. Included are records of receipt and issue of food, forage, clothing and camp equipage, lists of civilians employed by the army, and notes on wagon trains in quartermaster service.

Upton, Lucile Morris (1898-1992), Papers, 1855-1986, (C3869)
1 linear foot; 25 rolls of microfilm; 1 video cassette
The personal and professional papers of a Springfield, Missouri, journalist and writer consisting of newspaper clippings, correspondence, research notes, manuscripts, pamphlets, photographs and scrapbooks. The papers are especially strong in the history of Springfield and the Ozarks region, and in Ozark folklore.


Vandeventer, William L., Papers (R1428)
0.2 cubic foot (3 folders)
The William L. Vandeventer Papers contain the unpublished manuscript Justice in the Rough on the Bald Knobbers written in 1937. The collection contains the typed manuscript and accompanying photographs.

Vinton, Samuel Spencer, Collection, 1864-1939, (R0819)
2 folders
This is a freight receipt book of Samuel Spencer Vinton (1828-1890), and a reminiscence by his son, Samuel Spencer Vinton (1857-1951). The receipt book reflects a freighting business from Sedalia to southwestern Missouri, 1864-1865. The reminiscence, written in 1939, concerns life around Springfield, Missouri, circa 1875-1890.


W. N. Veirs Realty Company, Record Book, 1910, (R0737)
1 oversize volume
This is a brief "real estate record index" kept by W. N. Veirs Realty Company of Springfield in Greene County, Missouri, in 1910. It includes descriptive entries for individual parcels, located mostly in Springfield.

Waddell Canning Company, Label, n.d., (R1014)
1 folder
This is a label for Nancy Jane Justice brand tomatoes packed by the Waddell Canning Company at Ash Grove in Greene County, Missouri.

Walnut Grove Booster Club, Old Timers Reunion, 1964, (R0767)
1 booklet
This is a booklet published by the Walnut Grove Booster Club for its "Old Timers Reunion" celebration held on 15-20 June 1964. Walnut Grove is in northwestern Greene County, Missouri.

War Time Recipes Cookbook, (SP0034)
0.01 cubic foot (1 folder)
"The War Time Recipes" Cookbook collection consists of a cookbook, featuring meals that conserve wheat, meat, sugar, and fats during the First World War. The cookbook provides suitable replacements for rationed goods. The cookbook also features a display of advertisements for local companies as well as public service announcements made by the United States Government.

Where to go in the Ozarks Booklet (R1443)
0.1 cubic feet (1 folder)
Where to go in the Ozarks is a booklet written for tourists, published in the 1930s. It included information about the different towns and locations in the Ozarks.

Wiles, Thomas Houston, Record Book, 1906-1945, (R1234)
1 volume
This is a record book kept by the Rev. Thomas Houston Wiles, a Baptist minister for several congregations in Missouri, Colorado, and Kentucky, most notably at Grant Avenue Baptist Church in Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. Included are records of sermons, baptisms, marriages, funerals, and "conversions and additions" to the memberships of his churches.

Wiley, Robert S., Collection, 1869-1994, (R0521)
84 folders
This is a collection of legal documents, newspaper clippings, magazines and printed material, advertising items, and miscellaneous paper ephemera pertaining to the history of Stone County, and to travel, tourism, and recreation in the White River Lakes region of southwestern Missouri. Much of the collection pertains to Stone County, Missouri, but there is also material on Greene, Lawrence, and Taney counties in Missouri, and some locations in Arkansas.

Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Walter, Photograph Collection, (P0535)
45 photographs
Copy photo of Presbyterian Church, ca. 1871, Boonville. Photos of Phelps, Franklin, Carter, Greene, and Crawford counties, focusing particularly on caves and other natural features.

Wilson's Creek Battlefield National Park Commission, Deed, 1964, (C2193)
1 folder
The collection contains photocopied documentation of land deeded by the State of Missouri in Greene County.

Wilson's Creek National Battlefield, Papers, 1926-1949, (C4221)
0.3 cubic feet (7 folders)
The papers consist of correspondence and descriptions regarding the Civil War Battle of Wilson's Creek that took place in Springfield, Missouri, on August 10, 1861. Also included are maps, letters from the Shepard of the Hills Association, Lebanon, Missouri, Chamber of Commerce Commercial Club, Civic Groups, the Missouri State Legislature, and other organizations endorsing efforts to make Wilson's Creek Battlefield a National Park/Memorial.