Consumer Groups Manuscript Collections

Collections concerning consumer groups and consumer interest campaigns.

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Coalition Against Public Funding For Stadiums, Records, 2003-2006, (S0762)
25 Folders
The collection includes Affidavits,2005; Application of Transfers,2006; and several other documents from both the plantiffs and defendants viewpoint. Also includes Campaign Fundraising Documentation,2006; as well as Lawsuit Documentation spanning from Agreements and Contributions, to Financial Information and Final Judgements,2004-06. Arranged alphabectically by category/subject.

Cooperative Consumers Of St. Louis, Records, 1933-1941, (S0157)
11 Folders, 1 Audio Tape
Records of a Depression-era consumers' cooperative that made volume purchases from wholesalers and offered merchandise for sale to members at a reduced cost. Includes bylaws, membership lists, correspondence, newsletters, co-op catalogs, and descriptive literature. Arranged chronologically.

Citizens Council On Housing And Community Planning, Inc., Records, 1948-1962, (S0376)
6 Folders
The CCHCP was organized in 1946 by leaders from civic, educational, religious, labor, veteran, and social welfare organizations. It later expanded to include members from architectural, planning, legal, building, and real estate organizations. The purpose of CCHCP is to aid in "Achieving adequate housing in well planned neighborhoods for every citizen." The CCHCP exerts its influence through educational activities, including: public forums, institutes, workshops, courses, newsletters, and meetings. Among other projects, CCHCP favored the development of the Pruitt-Igoe Housing Project.

Citizens For Reformed Electric Rates (1976), Records, 1975-1977, (S0423)
78 Folders
Citizens for Reformed Electric Rates (CRER) was incorporated in April 1976 in response to the Public Service Commission's ruling which allowed Union Electric to raise customers' rates to finance the construction cost of the Calloway County Nuclear Power Plant. Kay Drey and Dee Aylward served as the state coordinators. That spring CRER circulated a statewide petition to have a proposition placed on the ballot which would allow Missouri citizens to decide whether utility consumers had to absorb the cost of construction work in progress (CWIP). The petition drive resulted in Proposition 1on the November 2, 1976 ballot. CRER ran a medial campaign that summer and fall, conducted a nation-wide survey of CWIP in other states, and pressured politicians and community groups to support Proposition 1. Their campaign succeeded. Proposition 1 passed with a 62% majority.


Electric Ratepayers Protection Project, Records, 1982-1984, (S0200)
92 Folders
The Electric Ratepayers Protection Project records document the campaign to place Proposition B on the ballot. The collection is arranged alphabetically according to Kay Drey's system (e..g. "Brochures" follows "Bollinger, Don"). A series of tapes of radio announcements is included. The collection contains ERPP meeting minutes, press releases, fact sheets about Proposition B, legal documents, memoranda, notes, endorsements, correspondence, and newsclippings.

Electric Ratepayers Protection Project, Addenda, 1983-84, (S0500)
53 Folders
The Electric Ratepayers Protection Project Records Addenda further document the campaign to place Proposition B on the ballot and its eventual defeat. The addenda is made up almost exclusively of newspaper and journal excerpts concerning the Proposition B battle (both pro and con sides), Wolf Creek, and the Calloway Nuclear Plant. Also included is a court brief on the Kansas law which was a precedent for Proposition B. For more information on related subjects, see the unprocessed collection, Missourians for a Consumers Utility Board.

Electric Rate Payers Protection Bill, Records, (SA0876)
2 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.


Missouri Citizens' Action (1978-1981) Records, 1977-1980, (S0158)
24 Folders
The bulk of the Missouri Citizens' Action records documents the Missouri Public Service Commission's 1978 investigation of Union Electric rate structures in St. Louis but includes material on the investigation of Lacled Gas' rates conducted in 1980 by the Public Service Commission. Includes MCA meeting minutes and notes, public testimony, reports, and exhibits from the PSC preceedings.

Missouri Public Interest Research Group (MOPIRG), Records, 1971-1981, (S0436)
165 Folders
The Missouri Public Interest Research Group records of 1971 to 1981 document the founding and early history of the group, the development of MOPIRG legislative proposals, attempts to establish PIRG's on other St. Louis campuses, and group campaigns for various social reforms, with significant amounts of material on consumer protection, landlord-tenant law, and the merit selection of judges.

Missouri Public Interest Group (MoPIRG), Addenda, 1972-2000, (S0620)
707 Folders, 36 Videotapes
From 1982 to 2000, MoPIRG continued its campaigns to protect consumer interests and the environment. This addenda documents that activity.

Missourians For A Citizens' Utility Board,, (SA0940)
10 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.


Slavin, Alberta (1930- 2008), Papers, 1965-1978, (S0392)
227 Folders, 3 Audio Tapes, 10 Microfilm Rolls
Alberta Slavin's papers of 1965-1978 document her involvement with the Clayton School District, the Clayton sales tax controversy and other personal campaigns; the founding of Save Our Symphony; the work of Housewives Elect Lower Prices, the Utility Consumers Council of Missouri, and the National Consumers Congress; the 1976 Lieutenant Governor campaign and Slavin's term on the Missouri Public Service Commission.

St. Louis Consumer Federation, Records, 1935-1977, (S0375)
84 Folders
SLCF was formed as one of over 200 Consumer Councils throughout the nation under NRA to act as communication links between consumers and the government. When NRA was abolished, it expanded into a federation to include representatives of churches, social services, labor and civic organizations. Over the years, SLCF has campaigned for such laws as the Standard Milk Ordinance, the Clean Restaurant Ordinance, Food Stamps, the Poultry Inspection Law and has favored strengthening the FDA. During World War II SLCF became an integral part of the Civil Defense Program as the Consumer Interest Division and collaborated closely with the Office of Price Administration. During the 1960's and early 1970's the SLCF was active in educational and legislative activities to protect consumer interests. By the late 1970s the SLCF membership had declined and the organization ceased to operate.


Western Historical Manuscript, St. Louis, Vertical File, 1968-2004, (S0694)
508 Folders
The collection documents a variety of subjects relating to St. Louis' history. It contains single files with a small amount of general information on a variety of topics. Arranged alphabetically.

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