Business Manuscript Collections

Papers of business men and women and corporate leaders; records of business organizations such as Chambers of Commerce; and records of banks, stores, lumber companies, and various other types of businesses.

*Collections marked with DIGITIZED MATERIALS have additional digitized items available.

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A.B. Chance Manufacturing Company, Photographs, (P0121)
11 photographs
11 b/w photos of the A.B. Chance Manufacturing Company in Centralia, MO. Photos depict aerial and ground views of the factory's exterior, interior views of factory workers, an aerial view of the gardens, and a bust of H.A. Houston.

A.B. Hirsch Drug Store, Boonville, Missouri, Records, 1904-1963, n.d., (C4032)
3.4 linear feet
The collection contains a sampling of prescription records from the A.B. Hirsch Drug Store located in Boonville, Missouri. Also included are papers pertaining to Vico Salve, which was developed and sold by Asbury B. Hirsch.

A.E. Jones and Company, Green City, Missouri, Records, 1895-1903 (C0346)
8 volumes on 2 rolls of microfilm
Daybooks and ledger for a lumber and building supply business in Green City, Missouri. The accounts show the sale of lumber, windows, shingles, line, hair, cement, plaster, paint, and numerous other items. Quantities purchased, prices, amount and type of payment, and disbursements are shown. Disbursements also indicate freight charges and employees’ salaries.

A. Buford & Son, Account Books, 1906-1928, (R0688)
36 volumes
These are daybooks of the mercantile operation of A. Buford & Son at Ellington in Reynolds County, Missouri. The firm dealt in groceries, hardware, furniture, shoes, clothing, and sundries. Many payments on account were made in kind.

A. Buford & Son, Daybook, 1908-1909, (R1038)
1 volume
This is a daybook from the mercantile operation of A. Buford & Son at Ellington in Reynolds County, Missouri, and an addition to records previously microfilmed as collection R0688. Entries begin on 20 April 1908 and continue through 29 January 1909. They show purchases of groceries, hardware, and sundries, and payments on account.

Abend, Samuel (1895-1954) Papers, 1954, (K1177)
1 folder
Abend was founder and owner of the Exhibitors Film Delivery Service in Kansas City, MO. Includes photographic of an award sponsored by the Motion Picture Association of Greater Kansas City which details Abend's life story.

Account Book, 1807-1821 (C0283)
1 folder
General merchandise accounts, 1807-1809 (164 pp.); subscribers to Christian Journal magazine, 1817-1821 (288 pp.). Probably from New York State.

Account Book, 1814-1814, (C0907)
1 volume
Unidentified record book listing amounts received from boarders, November 15, 1813-March 9, 1814, St. Louis. Reference to Colonel William H. Ashley.

Account Books, 1857-1883 (C0287)
3 folders
Accounts of a store, apparently dealing in lumber, grain and general merchandise in or near Caledonia, Missouri, and accounts of a Caledonia mill for sales of bran, wheat and flour.

Adams, Benjamin Cullen (1880-1960), Papers, 1906-1951, (C2161)
10 folders
The papers of Benjamin Cullen Adams contain correspondence with his mother, 1906-1914, about Adams' work for Ellis & Company of London in Brazil; biographical material on his father, Congressman Henry Cullen Adams; and material on Gas Service Company Group, Kansas City, of which Adams was president and general manager.

Adelmann, Franz, Ledger, 1873-1875, (R0207)
1 volume
This is an account ledger of a general store operated by Franz Adelmann at Salem in Dent County, Missouri. Adelmann, a native of Bavaria, came to Salem in 1862 and engaged in the mercantile business until his death in 1875. The ledger is indexed.

Advertising Directors (1953-2005), Records, 1878-2002, (S0728)
169 Folders
The collection documents the personal and professional lives of Sam and Lenore Holtzman. It contains birth, marriage and death certificates from their families, as well as high school diplomas, drivers' licenses and induction papers. It also includes two diaries they kept of their experiences with s'ances in the early 1940s (folders 24, 25); and a survey they conducted with famous writers on the topic of inspiration (f. 29). Respondent to that survey include Upton Sinclair, Betty Smith, H. L. Mencken, Ogden Nash , Dorothy Thompson and Irving Stone. The records also contain many of the radio and television commercials written by the Holtzmans, plus several of the scripts for the KMOX radio program The Land We Live In

Advertising Women of St. Louis Records (S0372)
12 cubic feet
The Advertising Women of St. Louis Records contains meeting minutes, correspondence, annual reports, flyers, photographs, and newspaper clippings, pertaining to the group’s mission to support women advertising executives in the St. Louis area. Materials of interest include files on the group’s Gridiron dinner and show, which the Advertising Women of St. Louis hosted to benefit St. Louis area charities, including the Barnard Free Skin and Cancer Hospital.

Agribusiness Club of St. Louis, Records, 1937, 1954-1970, (S0002)
12 Folders, 6 Packages
Founded in May 1937 as the Farmers' Club of St. Louis with a constitution that declared the purpose of the club to be "the Advancement of agriculture in all its ramifications, in the best interests of the Nation." In 1960 the name was changed to the Agribusiness Club of St. Louis.

Ahern Real Estate, Records, 1873-1928, (S1128)
21 folders, 8 photographs
The records contain deeds of trust, deeds and correspondence that document the financial dealings of the Ahern family and include photographs of family members.

Albert Wenzlick Real Estate Company (1910-1960), Report, 1926, (S0026)
Unpublished report proposing the erection of a building which would include a theater of 2,000 seats, a dance hall, five stores, a bowling alley, pool hall, and 28 efficiency apartments for "the colored people of St. Louis."

Albert Wenzlick Real Estate Co. (1910-1960), Records, 1924-1960, (S0190)
13 Microfilm Rolls
Sales statements of properties, includes prices, lot size, date of sale, insurance, buyer's name and address, contracts, and photographs. Statistical studies on population, standards of living, home ownership, building and labor costs for various types of homes in the 1950s, and a 1934 St. Louis Board of Education census of children attending public and parochial schools; illiteracy among whites, blacks and immigrants; and number of blind and crippled children.

Alderman, Irving and Company, Papers, 1888-1892, (C3478)
0.4 linear feet, 1 volume
Papers of a Kansas City, Missouri, investment firm active in Arkansas, Kansas, Texas and Mexico. Business correspondence and papers pertaining to investments in mineral and mining lands, farm and ranch lands, and small manufacture. Examples of letterheads, business cards and commercial advertising flyers.

Alexander Finance Company Records, 1941-1968, (K0866)
21 folders
Correspondence, financial records, and tax return records for the Finance Company affiliated with Alexander's furniture store in Kansas City, MO.

Alfred Fenton and Brother Records, 1849-1884 (K0062)
10 volumes
The records of Alfred Fenton and Brother contain day books and ledgers for their mercantile business in Rushville, Buchanan County, Missouri, with information on the hemp industry, including data on volume and prices.

Alfred M. and David S. Koontz Store, Boonville, Missouri, Records, 1876-1924 (C0290)
Daybooks, ledger, and 1880 invoices of a general merchandising firm. Seven daybooks cover the period from 1876 to 1881; ledger is for 1883 to 1889. Volume 9 is a register of entries in the art department of the Second Annual Cooper County Roundup, 9-11 October 1924.

American Business Women's Association, Ozark Paradise Chapter, Laurie, Missouri, Records, (CA6248)
5 linear feet
Records include scrapbooks, photographs, publications, publicity material, financial reports, correspondence, and miscellaneous material.

American Business Women's Association, Show-Me State Chapter, Records, 1965-1996, (C4016)
2.7 linear feet
The records of the Show-Me-State Chapter of the American Business Women's Association include meeting minutes, membership rosters, correspondence, memos and announcements, photographs, scrapbooks, and miscellaneous material.

Ames Plow Company, Price List, n.d., (C0728)
1 folder
The collection contains a list of ice tools of the Ames Plow Company in Massachusetts.

Anchor Milling Co., Shipping Records, 1897-1911, (R0110)
4 volumes
This collection consists of freight lists, cash book, and weekly time book of boats operated on the Osage River by the Anchor Milling Company of Tuscumbia in Miller County, Missouri. The vessels included the steamboats J. R. Wells and Dauntless, and the gasboat Ruth. The boats operated on the Osage from Tuscumbia to Linn Creek.

Anchor Milling Company, Papers, 1882-1937 (C3351)
18.5 linear feet, 32 volumes
The papers of the Anchor Milling Company contain some correspondence, invoices, cancelled checks, bank deposit slips, sales receipt books, time books, cash books, order books, day books, and ledgers of the Anchor Milling Company in Tuscumbia, Missouri. The records are arranged chronologically within subdivisions.

Anchor Milling Company Records, (CA4785)
6 cubic feet
Journals, ledgers, and other business records of the company.

Anderson Jr., William James, (1884-1967) Westport Scrapbook, (K0396)
1 volume
Newspapers clippings and notes pertaining to the history of the town of Westport, MO, now part of Kansas City.

Angwin, Richard H., Letters, 1899, (R0982)
1 folder
These are letters dated 11 August and 19 August 1899 from R. H. Angwin at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri, to T. J. Scott & Sons at Montgomery, Alabama. The letters concern proposed real estate transactions in Florida, Louisiana, and Texas.

Anheuser-Busch Inc., Photographs, (P0303)
1 folder
Various photos of Anheuser-Busch company and grounds.

Anne Winter (1964-2009)/Kurt von Schlemmer (1960- ) Collection, (K0606)
1 cubic foot
Collected materials gathered or produced by Recycled Sounds, a Westport MO phonograph record store owned by Winters and Schlemmer. Includes "Recycled Sounds" magazine issues, newspaper articles; and a few photographs, and posters handbills and promotional materials of various rock bands and venues in the Kansas City area, and materials concerning the Greater Kansas City Coalition against Censorship.

Applegate, Ken Papers, (CA6198)
0.9 cubic feet
The papers of a restaurant manager and entrepreneur in Columbia, Missouri, contain clippings, a scrapbook, and material concerning Jack's Gourmet Restaurant.

Armory Theatre Association, Stock Certificate, 1908, (R1118)
1 folder
This is certificate number 20, dated 22 October 1908, for twenty shares of stock in the Armory Theatre Association at Aurora in Lawrence County, Missouri. The shares were sold to N. B. Pearman, who also signed as secretary of the corporation, along with N. V. H. Walker, president.

Armour and Company Report, (K0051)
0.07 cubic feet
The Armour and Company Report contains a bound account produced by the Kansas City Power and Light Company on the steam and electrical requirements of Armour and Company’s plant at 18 Central Avenue, Kansas City, Kansas.

Arrow Rock Tavern Register, 1859-1861, (C1090)
1 volume
Register of guests at the Arrow Rock Tavern and index of names in alphabetical order. Copied from original by Elizabeth Benton Chapter, D.A.R., Kansas City, MO.

Ashbrook and Harris Account Book, 1865-1868, (C1092)
1 volume
Obadiah Ashbrook of St. Louis, MO, and James P. Harris of Boone County, MO, established a stock dealers' firm August 8, 1865. The partnership was dissolved January 1, 1868.

Ashcroft, Joseph, Papers, 1897-1947, (R0281)
1 folder, photocopies
These are papers of a manufacturer of wooden spokes for wheels at Poplar Bluff, Butler County, Missouri. Included are a letter from the Studebaker Brothers Manufacturing Company concerning the spoke business, 1909; letters from R. M. Good of the School of the Ozarks, Point Lookout, Missouri, 1947; and an address delivered to a trade association meeting in Memphis, Tennessee, 1942.

Associated Electric Cooperative Inc. Records, (R1406)
0.01 cubic foot (1 folder)
The Associated Electric Cooperative Inc. Records contain the book Win-Win: A Information History of Associated Electric Cooperative Inc., written by Russ Holt and published in 1997.

Athens Hotel, Columbia, Missouri, Record Books, 1903-1918, (C3984)
0.4 linear feet
Two financial ledger books of the Athens Hotel, Columbia, Missouri. The ledgers list the names of roomers and diners at an early Columbia hotel; also cash expenditures and receipts.

Atlantic, Lake and Mississippi Telegraph Company Stock Certificate, 1848, (C3191)
1 folder
The collection contains a document certifying that Arthur Wolcott holds one $50 share in the telegraph company.

Atlasta Service Station, Saint James, Missouri, Road Map/Calendar, 1934-1935, (R0592)
1 oversize item
This is a road map of Missouri and calendar published for the Atlasta Service Station on Route 66 in St. James, Phelps County, Missouri. The front features a photograph of the Atlasta station, a highway map of Missouri, and fragments of a calendar for 1934-1935. The reverse bears an "Aeronautical and Topographical Map of the United States," and census data for the state of Missouri.

Audibert Family, Audibert and Tickell Families, Papers, 1816-1932, (R0473)
3 folders, photocopies
This collection contains papers of the Audibert and Tickell families of New Madrid, Missouri. Included are miscellaneous papers, 1816-1932, the store ledger of Aime Audibert, 1850-1860, and shipping receipts of M. J. Tickell and Son, 1872-1880.

Auerbach Family Papers, ca. 1980s (K0888)
0.01 cubic feet
The papers contain a menu from Bell Street Mama's located at 1726 W. 39th Street in Kansas City, Missouri.

Aufrichtig, Alois, Papers, 1888-1912 (C0284)
2 folders
Records of the owner of a St. Louis company specializing in brewery equipment. Correspondence, patent, and orders and accounts.

Aull Family Business Records, 1830-1862, (C3038)
26 volumes, also available on 6 rolls of microfilm
Business record books of James and Robert Aull, early businessmen of Lexington, Missouri.

Aull Family Business Records, 1839-1869, (C3039)
8 volumes on microfilm
The collection contains record books of Robert Aull and John Aull, two early businessmen of Lexington, MO. Records of Robert Aull's store in Lexington, 1839-1840; his personal finances and banking operations, 1842-1858. Books from John Aull's general store in Lexington, 1854-1869.

Aull Family, Business Papers, 1841-1843, (C0592)
1 folder
List of merchandise bought from James Aull by Woodson Manion, 1837-1842. Article of agreement on the sale of land signed by Robert Aull, Samuel Owens, I.S. Allen, Wm. H. Russell, S.W. Waddell and Alexander M. Ramsey. I.O.U. blanks. A deed of Robert Aull, 1841.

Aull, James ( -1847), Daybook, 1841-1842, (C3043)
1 roll of microfilm
Entries on merchandise received and sold in James Aull's store in Lexington, Missouri. Related collections include 592, 3038, and 3039.

Aurora Community Chamber of Commerce, Promotional Booklet, 1924, (R0813)
1 folder
This is Aurora Missouri: Summit City of the Ozarks, a booklet published by the Aurora Community Chamber of Commerce to promote the economic development of Aurora in Lawrence County, Missouri.

Aurora Grocer Company, Records, 1906-1962, (R0334)
2 folders
This collection includes a minute book and miscellaneous papers of a wholesale grocery business located at Aurora, Lawrence County, Missouri. The records include minutes of meetings of stockholders and directors, certificates of incorporation and dissolution, proxy authorizations, real estate papers, and an agreement to sell the remaining inventory in 1961.


Bacon & Hyde Company Price List, 1845, (C0221)
1 folder
Price list of a St. Louis firm selling drugs, paints, dyestuffs, surgical instruments, glassware, spices, and paper.

Baeke Sr., John, Banner Collection, 1982, (K1325)
The collection consists of two (2) canvas banners, screen printed, approximately 3’ x 5’, dating from circa 1982. The banners were purchased from the J.C. Nichols Company by John Baeke, Sr., president of the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club. The club hosted regular Heart of America minimeets, one of which was held on the Country Club Plaza by the Swanson’s department store, circa 1982.

Baer, Howard F. (1901- ), Papers, 1960-1978, (S0038)
41 Folders
The Howard Baer papers document his many activities as a civic leader. Most of the material dates from 1969 to 1978, with papers concerning the Zoo dating from 1963 and 1965, correspondence with Washington University from 1961, and Airport Commission papers from 1960.

Baer, Howard F. (1901- ), Addenda, 1962-1985, (S0466)
29 Folders, 3 Photographs, 1 Book
The addenda primarily documents Baer's activities as a member of the Zoological Subdistrict Commission of the St. Louis Zoo from 1979 to 1984 and his activities as a Trustee of the Missouri Botanical Garden from 1975-1985. The bulk of the collection contains correspondence concerning fundraising, building and grounds improvements, and special events for both the St. Louis Zoo and the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Bailey, Lawrence Dudley (1819-1891) Collection, 1855-1881, (K0125)
1 volume
Scrapbook of newspaper clippings, correspondence and some personal manuscripts of Lawrence D. Bailey, a Kansas Politian active in Kansas agricultural circles and served as president of the State Agricultural Society. The majority of the clippings relate to the monetary questions of the 1870's.

Bain, George Clark, Bills of Lading, 1858-1859, (C2496)
1 volume
Bain was a commission and forwarding merchant in Lexington, KY. Book of bills of lading, which was used as a scrapbook and contains poems and stories cut from newspapers.

Baker, Henry, Papers, 1889-1949, (C0217)
1 folder
Correspondence about loans and receipts for loan and account payments.

Baldwin, Royal, Account Book, 1858-1877, (C0225)
1 folder
Record of a general merchandise firm in Kennekuk, Kansas. Baldwin was manager of the Kickapoo Indian Agency in 1858. Cancelled checks, letters, and miscellaneous papers.

Bank of Avilla, Avilla, Missouri, Minute Book, 1914-1924, (R0735)
1 volume
This is a corporate minute book for the Bank of Avilla at Avilla in Jasper County, Missouri. It includes minutes of the Board of Directors from 18 September 1914 through 14 January 1924. Samuel Salyer was the majority stockholder and Cashier until June 1919, when Ivy E. Russell succeeded him in both capacities.

Bank of Avilla, Avilla, Missouri, Record Book, 1923-1944, (R0691)
1 volume
This is a minute book for the Bank of Avilla at Avilla in eastern Jasper County, Missouri. Included are minutes of the Board of Directors, 1924-1930, and a stock ledger, 1923-1944. The majority stockholder and Cashier was Ivy E. Russell.

Bank of Buffalo, Missouri, Minute Book, 1891-1916, (R0593)
1 volume
This is a minute book of the Bank of Buffalo at Buffalo in Dallas County, Missouri. Included are minutes of annual meetings of the stockholders and regular meetings of the board of directors beginning 4 February 1891 and continuing through 13 November 1916.

Bank of Carthage, Carthage, Missouri, Minute Book, 1896-1913, (R0736)
1 volume
This volume contains minutes of the Board of Directors and related papers for the Bank of Carthage in Carthage, Jasper County, Missouri, from 1896-1913.

Bank of Carthage, Carthage, Missouri, Records, 1907-1935, (R0693)
1 folder, 2 volumes
These are minutes of the Board of Directors' and stockholders' meetings, and miscellaneous papers of the Bank of Carthage in Carthage, Jasper County, Missouri.

Bank of Elvins, Stock Certificate, 1911, (R0746)
1 folder
This is a certificate for five shares of stock in the Bank of Elvins, at Elvins in St. Francois County, Missouri. It was issued to Carr Hartshorn on 26 April 1911.

Bank of Lenox, Records, 1911-1939, (R0342)
2 volumes
These volumes are a shareholders' ledger, 1911-1939, and daily statements, 1936-1939, of the Bank of Lenox in Dent County, Missouri. The bank opened in 1912 and closed in 1939.

Bank of Miller, Miller, Missouri, Records, 1914-1928 (C0279)
4 volumes on 1 roll of microfilm
Records of a bank in southwest Missouri. Folder contains papers concerning the election of bank officials in 1920 and 1921. The incomplete series of volumes covers the years from 1914 to 1928.

Bank of Missouri Note, 1817, (C2081)
1 folder
The collection contains a three-dollar bank note payable to G. Hales, signed by Aug. Chouteau, president, and Lilburn W. Boggs, cashier, of a St. Louis bank, April 22, 1817.

Bank of Moberly, Moberly, Missouri, Records, 1914-1935 (C0278)
8 volumes on 3 roll of microfilm
Minute book, account registers, and ledgers of a bank in Moberly, Missouri. Also contains a record book of special assessments for the paving and graveling of roads and for sewer construction in the city from 1924 through 1934.

Bank of Willard, Willard, Missouri, Minute Book, 1906-1916, (R0659)
1 volume
This is the minute book of the Bank of Willard at Willard in Greene County, Missouri. The volume includes minutes of monthly meetings of the directors and annual meetings of stockholders, and reports by bank examiners.

Bard Drug Store Prescription Book, 1867, (C0580)
1 folder
The records of the W. E. Bard Drug Store contain prescriptions filled over the course of one year at a Sedalia, Missouri, drugstore.

Barnes, Charles Merlin (1873-1966), Papers, 1892-1965, (C2802)
8 linear feet
The Charles M. Barnes Papers consist of the diaries, correspondence, photographs, financial records, and miscellaneous material of a Marston, Missouri, businessman and University of Missouri graduate. The Barnes family owned and operated a series of successful business enterprises in southeastern Missouri during the early twentieth century.

Barnett, Mary Jane (1908-1997), Papers, 1913-1997, (CG0004)
2.2 cubic feet (24 folders), 1 film reel, 1 videocassette
The collection of Mary Jane Barnett contains correspondence, photographs, diaries, scrapbooks, business-related trade journal materials, a Narcotic Register, and miscellaneous papers for Mary Jane "Miss Jane" Barnett and her life and business partner, Elaine "Tommie" Davis.

Barnitz, Franklin Hoke, Papers, 1860-1894, (R0164)
5 folders, 2 volumes
This collection consists of correspondence and miscellaneous papers of Franklin H. Barnitz of Lake Spring, Dent County, Missouri. He was a native of Pennsylvania and freighter who operated from the railhead of the Southwest Branch of the Pacific Railroad in Phelps County before moving to Lake Spring. The collection includes letters from his family in York, Pennsylvania, and from friends and business associates in Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri.

Bartlett, Robert, Financial Records, 1846-1850, (S1138)
1 box, 1 folder
The records contain one ledger reflecting Bartlett's financial activities in 1846 and comprise exhibit A in a court case held in St. Louis, Missouri.

Beauvais Manor, Records, 1834-1999, (S0611)
387 Photographs
After a public hearing held on June 8, 1880, the Women's Christian Association of St. Louis received a gift of ten acres from Mr. George Partridge for the purpose of building a home for the elderly. That gift was later converted into a $2000 donation, and was followed by another $10,000 donation from the Western Sanitary Commission, given with the condition that the home serve 'aged men and their wives.' The Association bought a property, the Beauvais Mansion, on May 6, 1882. Three years later it expanded with an addition to building containing twenty bedrooms. Filled to capacity by 1892, it constructed another addition and shortly thereafter began a third addition with the help of the largest gift ever made to the Association.

Behrens, E.T., Papers, 1896-1947, (C2413)
0.9 linear feet
The papers of E.T. Behrens contain photographs, financial records, scrapbooks, correspondence, bills, receipts, and tax forms of Sedalia cigar-maker. Accounting records relate to Sedalia Independent Company and Behrens Cigar Manufacturers. Scrapbooks are collection of information preparing for 1921 Missouri centennial.

Bell Family Papers (CA6483)
5.2 cubic feet, 5 oversize items, 4 cased images, 1 glass plate negative
The papers of a publishing family from Fulton, Missouri, who owned the Ovid Bell Press, contain correspondence, photographs, clippings, business records, family genealogy, and miscellaneous material. The collection largely pertains to Ovid K. Bell and his son, Ovid H. Bell.

Belwood, James I., Account Book, 1856-1892, (C2482)
1 volume
The collection contains account book of a saddler in Arrow Rock, MO, including the accounts of his hired hands.

Bemis Bag Company, Records, 1858-1976, (S0683)
30 Folders, 83 Photographs
The Bemis Bag Company are divided into three series. In series one the Bemis Bag contains articles and correspondence in alphabetical and chronologically, folders 1-13. In series two contains newsclippings and reports in alphabetical and chronologically, folders 14-20. In series three contains scrapbook. In series four contains yearbooks. In series five contains photographs arranged chronologically, folders 21-30.

Benecke Family Papers, 1816-1989, n.d., (C3825)
90.8 linear feet, 62 volumes, 3 audio tapes, 3 records, 413 glass plate negatives
Correspondence, business and law firm records, civic, political, legislative, and personal papers of a German American family of Brunswick, Missouri.

Bennetsen, Christian C., Ledger, 1906-1916, (R0412)
1 volume
This is an account ledger of C. C. Bennetsen, a blacksmith in the High Gate community of Maries County, Missouri. The entries list the names of customers and the nature and cost of blacksmithing work done from May 1906 through May 1916.

Benson Telephone Company, Linn County, Missouri, Records, 1899-1956, (CA2913)
0.4 linear feet
Minutes of shareholder's annual meetings and Executive Committee meetings, ledger of accounts, constitution and by-laws, articles of agreements, and miscellaneous documents; and several legal documents of the Bucklin Telephone Exchange, Bucklin, MO.

Benton, Thomas Hart (1782-1858), Papers, 1804-1811, (C1458)
1 folder
Copy of letter to Jno. and N.P. Hardeman, Franklin, TN, requesting the Hardemans, merchants, to send him specific books, personal items and, periodically, a statement of his account. Benton's memorandum book of Tennessee legal cases, 1810-1811.

Bergman, Ernest H., Papers, (SA1152)
1 box
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Bergmann, Roy W., Papers, 1932-1996, (S0696)
774 Folders, 4 Audiotapes, 45 Photographs
The Roy W. Bergmann Papers include Bergmann's writings, correspondence, newspaper clippings, law cases, audiotapes, photographs, Together they chronicle Roy Bergmann's career from 1932-1996.

Berthoud, A. N., Papers, 1850-1851, (C1464)
1 folder
The papers contain a letter to John Johnson, 1850, about winter coal mine operations and delivery of coal to the statehouse in Jefferson City. Account for coal delivered to the statehouse.

Beverage Labels, Collection, c. 1900s, (CA6467)
0.1 cubic feet
Bottle labels largely for alcoholic beverages manufactured by Missouri businesses, including Stark Distillery Company in St. Louis and Stone Hill Winery in Hermann, Missouri.

Big Creek Mill, Records, 1867-1902, (C4115)
0.5 cubic feet
The records of the Big Creek Mill contain transaction ledgers for the Big Creek Mill Company near Wright City, Missouri, owned by Charles A. Schroeder. The mill is sometimes referred to as Schroeder's Lumber and Grist Mill.

Bigham And Porter, Receipt Book, 1857, (S0763)
1 Folder
Receipt book from Bigham and Porter of St. Louis. The receipts are of real estate transactions. In chronological order beginning January 1857 and ending May 1857.

Bill Allen Chevrolet Photograph Collection, 1927-1965, (K0614)
0.25 cubic feet
The records of the Bill Allen Chevrolet Photograph Collection contain exterior and interior images of Bill Allen's auto shop in North Kansas City, Missouri, as well as unidentified employees, businessmen, and automobiles.

Birch, Earickson and Co., Books, 1861-1885, (C2309)
4 volumes
The records contain daybooks, one journal, and letter book of a Glasgow, Missouri, banking house.

Bircher, Rudolph (1809-1879) and Charles (1842-1895), Papers, 1851-1924, (C0583)
4 folders
The papers contain business records of owners of the Laclede-Bircher Hotel and farms in St. Louis, Missouri. Record of school funds, 1851-1852; account of City of St. Louis fire department, 1866-1867; account in German Savings Institution, 1891-1893; account in German American Bank, 1888-1894; and other personal records.

Bird, Greenup, Letter, 1866, (C1957)
1 folder
Bank robbery committed in Liberty, MO, February 13, 1866, and statement of the bank's financial condition after the robbery.

Bird's Warehouse, Ledger, 1830-1836, (R0269)
1 volume
This is an account ledger of a freight warehouse, steamboat landing, and general merchandise business operated by the Bird family at the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers. The warehouse was located at Bird's Point, Mississippi County, Missouri, or at Cairo, Alexander County, Illinois. An index to the accounts is available.

Bland Commercial Bank, Bland, Missouri, Records, (CA6434)
4 cubic feet
Records of a bank in Bland, Missouri, include ledgers, journals, and a minute book, 1894-1921.

Black Pages, (1984- ), Collection, 1984-, (S0578)
9 Volumes
Publisher Melvin Jones began Black Pages, a telephone directory of African American businesses in St. Louis, in 1984. Published annually.

Blackstone, R. D., Papers, 1857-1858, (C1462)
1 folder
The papers contain invoices of household goods purchased by Blackstone from J.T. Johnson and Company and from Orrick, Brent, and Thompson, both Boonville, Missouri, firms.

Bloch, Henry W. (1922- ) Papers, ca. 1920s-2010s (K1343)
4 cubic feet
Personal papers of Henry Wollman Bloch (1922 - ), co-founder and honorary chairman of H&R Block, Inc., and native resident of Kansas City, Missouri. Contains materials relating to Bloch and wife, Marion Helzberg Bloch's, numerous philanthropic efforts in Kansas City and beyond. Bloch's activities in support of the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum, and the University of Missouri, Kansas City, are represented. Also found are speeches, materials and correspondence regarding public appearances and events attended by Bloch, photographs, publications and news articles about Bloch, and op-eds written by Bloch. Personal correspondence, information related to Bloch's World War II service, and Bloch family history and genealogy are included. Materials range from the 1920s to the 2010s, but fall most heavily in the 1980s-2010s.

Blodgett, Wells Howard, (1838-1929), Letter, 1916, (C1586)
1 folder
The papers contain To [Benjamin McAllister] Anderson, [Columbia, MO], from St. Louis, MO, March 3, 1916. Blodgett sent Anderson a copy of the "Act to incorporate the Louisiana and Columbia Railroad," approved January 27, 1837.

Blount Family, Papers, 1861-1947, (C0047)
4 linear feet, 15 oversize volumes
Business papers recording farming, mining, and mercantile activities in southeast Missouri, particularly Potosi and Washington County. The collection contains family correspondence, legal and financial records, as well as medical notebooks from Barnes Hospital in St. Louis.

Boatmen's Savings Bank History, 1937, (C0756)
1 folder
History of the Boatmen's Bank, St. Louis, MO, 1847-1937.

Bolivar Board of Trade, Bolivar, Missouri, Membership Certificate, 1887, (R1178)
1 folder
This is a Certificate of Membership, dated 11 July 1887, for J. H. Affleck in the Bolivar Board of Trade at Bolivar in Polk County, Missouri. The certificate is signed by T. H. B. Dunnegan, president, and A. J. Hunter, secretary.

Bolivar Creamery Company, Record Book, 1889-1892, (R0411)
1 folder, photocopies
This collection includes the articles of association, certificate of incorporation, and minutes of meetings of directors and stockholders of the Bolivar Creamery Company in Bolivar, Polk County, Missouri, 1889-1891. Also included are records of a subsequent firm, the Bolivar Milk Company, organized in 1892.

Bollinger-Dolle Mill and Store, Records, 1867-1935, (R0092)
11 volumes, 1 folder
These are journals, ledgers, and miscellaneous material from the Bollinger-Dolle mill and store on the Big Whitewater River near Sedgewickville, Missouri. The mill was built in the early 1800s and operated until the 1930s.

Boney and Goddard Ledger, 1857-1859, (C1050)
1 volume
The ledger contains the records of the W.G. Boney and I.O. Goddard, dealers in hardware, tinware, stoves, and harness and farm implements in Jacksonville, Randolph County, Missouri.

Boone County Home Mutual Insurance Company Policy, 1859, (C0797)
1 folder
The collection contains a policy issued to Mary L. Parker of Columbia, Missouri, and include the charter and by-laws of company.

Boone, Albert Gallatin, Papers, (K0475)
0.1 cubic foot (10 folders)
The papers of Albert Gallatin Boone contain legal documents regarding property and business transaction, primarily involving Boone and other resident of Westport.

Boonville, St. Louis and Southern Railway Company, Certificates of Registration, 1918-1919, (C0530)
1 folder
Two certificates registering the company in the office of the Secretary of State of State of Missouri, dated 20 July 1918 and 10 July 1919.

Bower Brothers Store, Bethel, Missouri, Records, 1890-1924, (C2988)
3 volumes on microfilm
The records of the Bower Brothers Store contain journals of the general store in Bethel, MO, owned by Theodore L. Bower, 1890-1902, and records of Walter C. Bower and the Bower family, 1895-1909 and 1919-1924. Accounts, names of customers and purchases are listed in the store records. The family records include those of the George Bower estate, collections of promissory notes and family expenses.

Boyd & Thompson Store, Ledger, 1888-1891, (R0149)
1 volume
This is an account ledger of a general store operated by T. J. Boyd and N. Thompson at Thayer in Oregon County, Missouri. The firm was reorganized as Boyd, Thompson and Company on 1 August 1890.

Bradshaw, James Daniels, Papers, 1904-1946, (C3225)
1 cubic foot
Ledgers, daybooks and inventory lists from the Bradshaw and Proctor Company, Barnett, MO, and the Leeton Lumber and Hardware Company, Leeton, MO. James Bradshaw was a partner in both firms. Other items are deposit slips, freight bills, and miscellaneous correspondence.

Brady, Durward Belmont, Papers, 1909-1932, (C0076)
0.1 linear feet, 2 volumes
Family letters, letters from Thomas A. Brady and Joseph A. Serena, prohibition campaign expense lists and political propaganda, Richmond and Ray County civic and political materials, and Durward B. Brady & Son Real Estate, Insurance and Loan Company records.

Bradley, Charles E. (1845-1927), Diary, 1869-1876, 1913 (C4328)
0.2 cubic feet (7 folders)
The diary of a young man working in the buying and selling of real estate, and his experiences in social life, particularly as it pertains to marriage.

Braecklein, Oscar (1831-1904) Papers, 1901-1903, (K0340)
0.2 cubic feet
The papers of Oscar Braecklein contain four notebooks and one sketchbook that he used in the later years of his life. Braecklein was a druggist (pharmacist) from Kansas City, Missouri, in the late 1800s, and the notebooks chiefly contain his notes from what he was learning or interested in at the time.

Brand, Hyman (1891-1977) Papers, 1935, (K0480)
0.01 cubic feet
The papers consist of two photographs related to Hyman Brand and his family.

Branson Improvement Association, Brochure, ca. 1939, (R0826)
1 folder
This is "A Glance at Friendly Branson Missouri," a brochure published by the Branson Improvement Association to attract tourists, businesses, and residents to the area. The brochure is undated, but appears to have been published around 1939.

Branton, William Coleman (1914-1985) Papers, 1943-1985, (K0828)
9 cubic feet
Personal papers of Branton, prominent attorney and civic leader in Kansas City, MO. Includes Photographs, correspondence, records and other papers relating to Branton's military duty, legal practice, banking career, civic activities, and personal life

Brickey's Landing, Missouri, Ledger, 1837-1843, (R0032)
1 volume
This is an account ledger of a general merchandise operation at Brickey's Landing on the Mississippi River in Sainte Genevieve County, Missouri. John C. Brickey, Jr., operated the business. An index to the accounts is available.

Brinkerhoff, William E., Papers, 1903-1912, (R0019)
1 folder
This collection consists of family correspondence of a banker in Carthage, Missouri. The letters contain descriptions of Carthage and Jasper County, and observations on financial trends and the business panic of 1907.

Brinkerhoff and Smith Land Agency and Loan Company, Papers, 1867-1878, (C0055)
2.7 linear feet
The papers contain correspondence of Brinkerhoff and Vial, land agents in Clinton, Missouri, later Brinkerhoff and Smith Land Agency. The materials cover renting and selling land, paying taxes on property for non-resident owners and checking titles, and loans on property in southwestern Missouri, particularly Henry County.

Brinkerhoff-Faris Trust & Savings Company, Letter, 1911, (R1077)
1 folder
This is a "Special Offer" form letter, dated 8 May 1911, from the Brinkerhoff-Faris Trust & Savings Company at Clinton in Henry County, Missouri, "To our many customers." Signed by Secretary and Treasurer H. P. Faris, the letter offered investments in deed of trust loans at a favorable rate of interest.

Bristol Shoe Company, Stock Certificate, 1928, (R0939)
1 folder
This is a certificate for six shares of capital stock in the Bristol Shoe Company at Rolla in Phelps County, Missouri. The certificate was issued to E. H. Kraft on 18 August 1928 and was signed by William Pennington, president, and Hazel E. Knapp, secretary.

Brookfield, Dutton (1917-1979), Papers, 1844-1979, (C2732)
72.4 linear feet and 5 audio cassettes
The papers of Dutton Brookfield contain the business, political and personal papers and photographs of a Kansas City, MO, community leader. Brookfield was President of Unitog Company (1953-1979), a mayoral candidate (1963, 1971), and on boards of numerous corporations and educational and civic organizations. Family papers include letters from the Civil War, World War I and II, and Vietnam.

Brookfield, Dutton (1917-1979), Papers, (CA6382)
0.4 cubic feet
Addition of scrapbooks containing photographs and WWII letters, along with Unitog Company newsletters, 1982.

Brookside Business Association Records, 1938-2003, (K0902)
7 cubic feet
Organizations records including minutes; financial records; correspondence; magazines, newspapers, and newspaper clippings; newsletters, flyers, and programs; event planning for the St. Patrick's Day parade, Halloween, and the Brookside Art Fair; photographs and audiovisuals.

Bross, Theodore, Ledgers, 1899-1956, (C4215)
4 volumes
The business records of Theodore Bross, consisting of four volumes of a general blacksmith in Flint Hill, Missouri. The ledgers include name of customer, services rendered, such as horse shoes and wagon repairs, parts and various farm tools sold, and prices charged.

Brown Drug Store, Hannibal, Missouri, Prescription Book, 1858-1860, (C0579)
1 volume
Prescriptions, as received from doctors, filled by J.B. Brown and Company, Hannibal, MO.

Brownson, George W. (1858-1950) Papers, 1929, (K0346)
5 folders
Correspondence and telegrams congratulating Brownson upon his retirement from Western Union Telegraph Company after 55 years. Also a brief history of the telegraph in Kansas City.

Bruton, C. F., The Modern Promised Land, 1919, (R0701)
1 item, photocopy
This is a promotional booklet published by a real estate agent in Sikeston, Scott County, Missouri. It praises the agricultural opportunities in "Southeast Missouri" generally, and the Sikeston area in particular.

Bryan & Morrison, Cahokia, Missouri, Daybook, 1806-1807, (R0176)
1 volume
This is a fragment of a daybook attributed to a general store operated by Bryan and Morrison at Cahokia in St. Clair County, Illinois. Among the customers were William Biggs, Shadrack Bond, August and Pierre Chouteau, Antoine Girardeau, and Nicolas Jarrot.

Buckner Hill Cemetery Association Records, 1910-1968, (K1357)
0.04 cubic feet
The records contain a record of internments in the Buckner Hill Cemetery in Buckner, Missouri.

Buford and George Manufacturing Company Collection, 1898-1899, (K0339)
0.01 cubic feet
The collection consists of two illustrated catalogues produced by the Buford and George Manufacturing Company. The contents of the catalogue pertain to saddlery and other equestrian accessories.

Buford, Carter Martin, Letter, 1925, (R1003)
1 folder
This is a letter dated 16 June 1925 from C. M. Buford at Ellington in Reynolds County, Missouri, to James B. Armstrong at Mexico, Missouri. The letter concerns possible land transactions in Reynolds County.

Bull, Peggy, Papers, (SA1110)
1 box
Postcards, note from Pevely Dairy delivery man, Post-Dispatch rotogravure section from 1922, 1943 menu from the USS Von Steuben, photograph from the 1927 tornado, notebook entitled "The American Holocaust, 1972-Today".

Bullene, Thomas Brockway (1828-1894) Papers, 1874-1894, (K0288)
3 folders, 3 volumes
Diaries of a prominent business and civic leader and mayor of Kansas City, MO. Contain personal notes and writings, poetry, family history, some clippings, a few photographs, and financial records.

Bundridge, Thomas P., Papers, 1854-1909, (C4222)
0.2 cubic feet
Various deeds, receipts, correspondence, notes and merchandise lists of Thomas P. Bundridge and Robert Long of Sullivan and Linn Counties.

Burnstein, Louis, Family Papers, c. 1905-2013, (K1349)
0.75 cubic feet, 47 folders, oversize
The Louis Burnstein Family Papers, c. 1905-2013, contain documents, photographs, scrapbooks, certificates, family histories and genealogy charts and other printed material for the Burnstein and Pitluck families of St. Joseph, Platte City and Kansas City, Missouri. The materials were compiled by Louis Burnstein; the family histories were compiled and written by Louis Burnstein and Mollie Pitluck Burnstein. The collection documents the experiences of Jewish families who migrated to the Missouri and Kansas areas of the United States in the early twentieth century.

Bush Sr., James T., Real Estate Records, 1909-1966, (S0658)
102 Folders, One Oversize
James T. Bush Sr. Real Estate Records, document real estate holdings in St. Louis City from 1909 to 1966. Mr. Bush maintained records pertaining to the St. Louis' landlord investment properties. This includes copies of sales contracts; certificates of title; and deeds of trust; business ledgers; tenant leases; and historical information about the investors and real estate businesses.

Business And Professional Women, St. Louis League (1921- ), Records, 1936-1975, (S0231)
26 Folders, 2 Microfilms
Records, publications and scrapbooks of the St. Louis league of a national organization dedicated to promoting the interests of women in business.

Business And Professional Women, (SA0857)
2 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Business Men's Portraits of 1897, 1937 (K0542)
0.26 cubic feet
Photographic portraits of prominent Kansas City businessmen and civic leaders removed from the first Convention Hall cornerstone.

Bussman Manufacturing Co., Sales Conference Photographs, 1930, 1937-1938, (P0358)
3 photographs
Three group photographs of Bussman Manufacturing Co., St. Louis, annual sales conferences, 1930, 1937, 1938

Byrd, Abraham, Letter, 1800, (C2012)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter to Charles Dehault DeLassus, St. Louis, from Cape Girardeau, Jan. 13, 1800. The letter includes a request to the lieutenant governor of Upper Louisiana for a grant of land to establish a flour mill. A typed translation by J.A. Roldan is included.


C.C. Bell & Brothers Invoice Book, 1875-1877, (C1048)
1 volume
The collection contains an invoice book of a general store in Austin, Texas, and one unidentified photograph of a farm scene.

C.C. Bell & Brothers Letter Book, 1880-1883, (C1049)
1 volume
The letter book contains correspondence of a general store in Boonville, Missouri.

C. H. Blackman and Son Funeral Home Records, 1971-1978, (K1358)
0.12 cubic feet
The records provide information about decedents and document funerals arranged by C. H. Blackman and Son Funeral Home in Kansas City, Missouri.

Cahn and Block Records, 1844-1845, (K0341)
0.01 cubic feet
The collection contains an Account Book for the business Cahn and Block, for the years 1844-1845.

Cahoon, Benjamin Benson (1846-1923), Papers, 1842-1889 (C0081)
0.8 linear feet
Papers and correspondence of a Fredericktown, Missouri, lawyer dealing primarily with his business as a land agent. He paid taxes, made collections, sold land and furnished abstracts of title. Also a few cases involving collection of debts for merchants.

Calvin Communication Records, ca. 1930s-ca. 1980s, (K0634)
12 cubic feet
Motion picture film, brochures, publications, and photographs from the professional 16mm film production company in Kansas City, MO.

Cameron Trust Company, Cameron, Missouri, Collection, 1837-1939, (C0053)
MICROFILM (Volumes 24-45 only)
5.5 linear feet, 6 rolls of microfilm
Files relating to banking, insurance, education, land speculation, and politics in northwest Missouri. Includes material on the trust company, the Mutual Benefit Savings and Loan Association, Althouse & Williams, city of Cameron, MO, Wesleyan College, and other business ventures in which A.J. Althouse and J.E. Williams were involved.

Campbell, Love and Company, Ledger, 1868-1869, (R1266)
1 volume
This is "Petty Ledger B" of Campbell, Love & Company, a general merchandise firm at Rolla in Phelps County, Missouri. Joseph Campbell and Robert A. Love were the principals. The entries show the accounts of various individuals for groceries, tobacco, spirits, dry goods, hardware, and lumber, circa July 1868-August 1869.

Cantwell Aircraft Company, Bucklin, Missouri, Records, 1921-1924, (C3797)
4 folders
Records of an aircraft parts distribution firm. Includes correspondence, invoices, price lists, and other materials concerning the purchase and sale of aircraft parts. Also includes publicity material and contracts pertaining to the company's involvement in staging aerobatic demonstrations. Arranged chronologically.

Cape Girardeau Business College, Booklet, 1920, (R1081)
1 folder
This is a booklet promoting the Cape Girardeau Business College, a commercial trade school located at Cape Girardeau in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri.

Cape Girardeau McAdamized and Plank Road Company, Papers, 1852-1858, (R1133)
1 folder
These are receipts and certificates issued to members of the Rodney family concerning the Cape Girardeau McAdamized and Plank Road Company in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri.

Capehart, Ruth, Collection, 1831-1904, (R0045)
2 volumes
This collection consists of two journals kept by separate authors. Since the surname "Raff" appears in both volumes, there is probably a connection between the authors, but the exact relationship is not known.

Capitol Brewery Company, Jefferson City, Missouri, Records, (CA6144)
0.1 cubic feet 1 volume
Business ledger of the Capitol Brewery Company of Jefferson City, Missouri, founded in 1898 by the Moerschel family of St. Charles and Jefferson City. Also includes Moerschel family postcards.

Carney, B. F., Papers (R0180)
0.25 cubic foot (2 folders, 1 cassette tape)
The B.F. Carney Papers contain a Carney dollar promissory note issued by B.F. Carney at Crane, Missouri. Carney issued one thousand of the notes to prove a Great Depression-era theory of money. Also included, are a photocopy of a letter written by Carney’s son in 1969 explaining the history of the notes and an audio cassette with transcript containing Ben Carney Jr.’s explanation of the B.F. Carney dollar.

Carper Casket Company (1932- ), St. Louis, Missouri, History, 1975, (S0027)
2 Pages
Handwritten account of black St. Louis firm founded by George A. Carper.

Carr, John C., Papers, 1914-1920 (C0082)
0.5 linear feet
Papers of a Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad claim agent located in Cameron, Missouri, concerned with injury claims and law cases.

Carthage Loan and Investment Company, Record Book, 1912-1927, (R0692)
1 volume
This is the record book of an investment company located at Carthage in Jasper County, Missouri. Allen McReynolds was the President of the firm.

Carthage, Missouri, Funeral Home Records, 1887-1938, (R0695)
3 folders, photocopies
These are record books of what is now the Weng Mortuary in Carthage, Jasper County, Missouri. Entries include genealogical data, the costs of caskets, clothing, and other funeral expenses, and payments on account. There are records for 1887-1893, and 1915-1938.

Carson, George, Daybook, 1856, (C1066)
1 volume
Record of a general store located in Fayette, MO.

Case Store, Records, 1905-1913, (R0130)
2 volumes
This collection includes a ledger, 1905-1907, and a daybook, 1913, of a general store operated by Walter Harvey Case at Olive in southwestern Dallas County, Missouri.

Cassidy, Terence W., Collection, (K0302)
95 cubic feet
Collected materials of Cassidy, librarian and historian, concerning the history of street railway systems, interurbans, and buses in the Midwest, particularly the Kansas City area. Includes Cassidy's personal and research files: printed materials, publications, articles, and photographs. Also administrative records of the Kansas City Street Railway Company, the Kansas City Public Service Company, and the Kansas City Area Transit Authority.

Cassville Commercial Club, Brochure, 1934, (R0814)
1 folder
This brochure promotes the town of Cassville in Barry County, Missouri, as a desirable location for agriculture, industry, recreation, and residence.

Catherwood, Mary Hartwell (1847-1902), Poem, (C2760)
1 folder
The collection contains a farewell poem addressed to Roswell Field by M.C.H. Typewritten copy included.

Cayce, Milton P., Sr., Daybook, 1856, (C1068)
1 volume
Record of a Farmington, MO, merchant.

Cayce Family Papers (R1319)
0.5 cubic foot (18 folders)
The Cayce Family Papers contain correspondence to and from members of the Cayce family of St. Francois County, Missouri. Most of the items are addressed to or written by Ellis P. Cayce. The papers contain information on family members, family businesses, and Ellis’s courtship of Emma Dupuy.

Cearnal, A.W. (1820- ), Account Books, 1834-1837, (C1069)
3 folders
Records of a Spring Garden, Miller County, MO, merchant.

Cedar County, Missouri, Photographs, ca. 1890-1910, (R0282)
1 folder
These are photographs of the Messick and H. W. Evans general stores, the Cedar Springs Band, and a picnic of Camp 171 of the Woodmen of The World at Cedar Springs, and a view of the Balm baseball team. The views have been copied on 35mm slides.

Central Hotel, New Florence, Missouri, Register, 1899-1903, (C1190)
1 volume
Register giving hotel guests and weather notations by W.R. Hollingsworth.

Central Industrial District Records, ca. 1920-2000, (K0671)
17 cubic feet
Organizational records of the business association for Kansas City's industrial district in the West Bottoms. Includes minutes, membership information, studies, reports, and research data relating to the District and Kansas City generally. Also included are documents relating to historic preservation.

Central Overland California and Pike's Peak Express Company Account, 1861, (C2002)
1 folder
Account with D.A. Constable for purchase of merchandise.

Central Overland California and Pike's Peak Express Company Contract, 1860, (C1869)
1 folder
Contract between the company and the citizens of St. Joseph, MO, by which the citizens of St. Joseph provide offices and lands to the express company as part of the agreement for mail services.

Chapman, Alan Jay (1937- ) Papers, 1953-1969, (K0859)
0.1 cubic foot (3 folders)
The Alan Jay Chapman Papers contains issues of the Milgram Hi Neighbor! News, newspaper clippings featuring Milgram ads, and a guestbook for the All American Food Fair.

Chapman, John A.J., Records, 1845-1863, (C2987)
2 volumes on 1 roll of microfilm
Account book and ledger for mining and smelting operations at Ross Camp and for mercantile operations at Independence, Wayne City, and St. Joseph, Missouri. Memoranda of personal accounts, medical remedies, and farming; surveys; plats; and maps. Notes about the Civil War and jayhawking on the Missouri-Kansas border.

Chariton County Exchange Bank Papers, 1819-1922 (C0067)
1.5 linear feet
Bank accounts; documents; pamphlets; correspondence and bills having to do with the tobacco industry in Chariton and Carroll Counties and Chariton County Wool Growers Association; miscellaneous clippings. Account book of bank includes bills and receipts from various business concerns.

Charles Golterman and Sons, Mill and Machinery Company, Papers, 1866-1928, (C3491)
0.4 linear feet
The papers contain ledgers, daybooks and papers pertaining to operation of a farm, grist and saw mill and steam threshing and agricultural implement business by Golterman and his nine sons in St. Charles County, Missouri.

Chase, George W., Letters, 1841-1843 (C0260)
1 folder
Business letters and letter from Boonville mentioning completion of survey and social life.

Chesmore Seed Company, St. Joseph, Missouri, Records, 1895-1998 , (C4045)
2.2 linear feet
The Chesmore Seed Company was founded in 1878 by Alfred M. Chesmore as a seed, farm implement, wagon, and buggy business in St. Joseph, Missouri. The collection contains historical documents, business papers, company correspondence, seed catalogs, advertisements and price lists, sales receipts, and photographs of the Chesmore Seed Company, as well as photographs and personal items of the Chesmore family.

Chez Coffeehouse, Columbia, Missouri, Collection, (CA6306)
0.3 cubic feet, 7 computer discs, 2 audio discs
Materials collected by Lyn Wolz surrounding the Chez Coffeehouse reunion in 2006 include a binder with publications, articles about the coffeehouse, photographs, and reminiscences. Also included are computer discs with photographs, audio remembrances, and audio from the 2006 concert, as well as two copies of "Joint Effort," an album created by patrons of the Chez in 1969.

Childs, Theodore F., Papers, 1866-1872, (C2001)
1 folder
Letters and receipts pertaining to claim of Blair, Curd & Company against the government.

Chillicothe and Des Moines City Railroad Company Stock Certificates, 1868-1880, (C2121)
1 folder
The papers contain certificates for three $50 shares issued to George W. Moberly, and transfer of one share to James Burrows.

Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune, Photographs, (P0084)
0.75 linear feet
Photographs of Chillicothe, MO, and Livingston County, including area businesses, farming activity, schools, clubs, homes, and churches.

Chilton, F.M., Account Book, 1897-1899, (C2363)
1 folder
Records of customers' accounts with a drugstore in Eminence, MO.

Citizens Bank of Bucklin, Missouri, Records, 1915-1937, (C4309)
0.4 cubic feet (11 folders)
The records of the Citizens Bank of Bucklin, Missouri, contain the meeting minutes of the bank’s Board of Directors.

Citizens Bank of New Franklin, Minute Book, 1920-1927, (C0274)
1 folder
Minute book of the meetings of the board of directors of a New Franklin, Missouri bank.

Citizens State Bank of Vichy, Minute Book, 1913-1921, (R0511)
1 folder, photocopies
These are minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors and shareholders of the Citizens State Bank of Vichy in Maries County, Missouri. The minutes begin with the organizational meeting on 24 May 1913 and continue through 27 July 1921.

City Hotel, Boonville, Missouri, Register, 1843-1844, (C1052)
1 volume
Hotel register listing names, residence, destination and remarks about those registering.

City Hotel (Boonville, Mo.) Register, (CA6546)
1 folder
Addition of hotel register listing names of guests, their residence, destination, and remarks, 1851-1852.

City of Kansas Public Works Account Journal, 1872-1874 (K0369)
0.06 cubic feet
The journal contains a record of expenditures for various City of Kansas municipal public works departments.

Clendening, Edwin McKaig (1852-1930) Papers, 1887-1929, (K0262)
8 cubic feet
Correspondence, speeches, programs and brochures, meeting minutes, clippings, and photographs, of Edwin Clendening, businessman and Secretary of the Commercial Club, forerunner of the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce. Correspondence deals with a wide range of topics, both personal and relating to the work of the Chamber.

Cline, Jessie Alice, Papers, (CA2945)
15 linear feet, 1 volume
Papers of a restaurant owner and operator and Professor of Home Economics at the University of Missouri, includes correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, and research materials concerning the restaurant industry and food preparation.

Clinton & Great Western Nurseries, Clinton, Missouri, Business Card, n.d., (R0626)
1 folder
This is a business card from the Clinton & Great Western Nurseries. The firm was located in Clinton, Henry County, Missouri, and had a branch in Kansas City. J. Barnhart & Son were the proprietors. E. A. Barnhart managed the Clinton operation, and J. Barnhart handled the Kansas City branch.

Coates House Management Company Records, 1890-1900, (K0197)
1 volume
Articles of Incorporation for the capital stock company, as well as the minutes of the annual meetings of the stockholders for the purpose of operating the Coates House as a hotel.

Coffin-Weld Company Papers, 1843-1850, (C1005)
3 folders
Business correspondence and miscellaneous papers of Coffin and Weld, merchants in Boston, MA. Most letters are from the Franklin and Perry mercantile firm in St. Louis.

Cohen, Jerome S. (1913-2003) Papers, ca. 1953-ca. 1996, (K0741)
20 cubic feet
Personal and professional papers of the civic and business leader, including materials related to the American Humanics Foundation; H. Roe Bartle; the Mayor's Christmas Tree Fund; and the Kansas City Zoo. Also includes Ray Morgan's notes and drafts for Cohen's biography.

Columbia Brick and Tile Company, Columbia, Missouri, Records, 1907-1986, n.d., (C3854)
12.8 linear feet
Business, financial, and manufacturing records of the Edwards Brick and Tile Company, 1927-1930, the Edwards-Conley Brick and Tile Company, 1930-1946, and the Columbia Brick and Tile Company, 1947-1986. The collection covers such subjects as industrial health and safety, natural gas supply regulation, legislation, energy and environmental concerns and includes advertising literature, blueprints, correspondence, photographs, maps and plats, books, and miscellaneous material.

Commerce Trust Company Records, 1820-1947, (K1342)
12 cubic feet
The records contain abstracts of title associated with mortgage loans and miscellaneous financial and legal records maintained by the Commerce Trust Company.

Commercial Club, Minutes, 1900-1901, (C1886)
1 folder
The records contain the minutes of meetings, July 10, 1900-December 10, 1901, of the West Plains, Missouri, Commercial Club.

Commercial Club of Joplin, Booklet, 1913, (R0900)
1 folder
This is Joplin Missouri: The City of Wealth Industry and Opportunity, a promotional booklet published by the Commercial Club of Joplin in Jasper County, Missouri. The text extols Joplin's economic infrastructure, and there are many photographic illustrations of the city's major public facilities, commercial buildings, and primary industries.

Commercial Club of Kansas City Scrapbooks, (K0264)
8 microfilm rolls
The scrapbooks of the Commercial Club of Kansas City trace the media coverage of the activities of the Club, as well as many of Kansas City’s civic events. Most of the articles originated from Kansas City area or other Missouri newspapers and chronicle events and activities that spanned from 1886 to 1913.

Commonwealth Land Company, Letter, 1906, (R0790)
1 folder
This is a letter dated 1 October 1906 from J. P. Allen in Muskogee, Indian Territory (soon to be Oklahoma), to J. C. Smock & Co. in Eufaula, I.T. Allen was president of The Commonwealth Land Company, whose "home office" was at Windsor in Henry County, Missouri.

Conley-Myers Bank and Gillespy & Conley Lawyers, Columbia, Missouri, Records, 1893-1925, (C4042)
12.8 linear feet
The collection contains business correspondence, land contracts, court appeals, share-holding certificates, payment receipts, record books, warranty deeds, and other documents produced by the Conley-Myers Bank and Gillespy & Conley Lawyers through their real estate transactions in Missouri and Texas.

Conley-Myers Bank Photograph, ca 1920, (P0293)
1 photograph
One image of the interior of the Conley-Myers Bank in Columbia, MO, circa 1920.

Connaway, Benjamin (1790-1843), Papers, 1817-1838, (C0247)
3 folders
Promissory notes, tax receipts, accounts, and receipts.

Connaway, John, Papers, 1785-1817, (C0250)
2 folders
Promissory notes and receipts. Some are valued in dollars and cents and some in pounds and shillings.

Connor Hotel, Joplin, Missouri, Collection, 1908-1978, (R0136)
2 folders, photocopies
This collection includes an illustrated promotional booklet, photographs, and newspaper clippings concerning the Connor Hotel in Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri. The lavish building was begun by Thomas Connor in 1906. It opened in 1908 and closed in 1969. The building collapsed while being readied for demolition in 1978.

Convention Halls and Municipal Auditorium Scrapbook, 1899-1954, (K0938)
0.25 cubic feet
The collection consists of a scrapbook of documents and photographs related to the Kansas City Convention Hall and Municipal Auditorium from 1899-1954.

Copeland Store, Ledger, 1857-1860, (R0163)
1 volume
This is an account ledger of a general store operated by William Copeland (ca. 1789-1877) at Logan Creek in Reynolds County, Missouri. The area, also known as Barnesville, was renamed Ellington in 1877.

Coral Gables Trust Indenture, 1929, (C0651)
1 folder
Mortgage and trust indenture between Coral Gables, Inc., Coral Gables Properties, Inc., and the City Trust Company of Miami, FL.

Corbin, Ovid H. Papers, (K0129)
0.12 cubic foot (4 folders)
The Ovid H. Corbin Papers consist of correspondence regarding a patent and account book for Stone and Umbarger Company, which operated in Liberty, Missouri, as a wagon maker and wheelwright business. Also included is a list of prices for goods sold and various receipts.

Corby Family, Papers, 1804-1905 (C0086)
0.8 linear feet
Papers of a pioneer St. Joseph, MO, family: deeds, bills of sale for slaves, tax receipts, legal papers, stock certificates, Pony Express bills; and material on early St. Louis area. Record book of the Mercantile Company, 1856; bank book, 1861-1869; volume of clippings concerning St. Joseph, 1881-1903.

Cracken, N.M., Freight Bill, 1859, (C2435)
1 folder
The collection contains a bill of lading for goods shipped on the SKY LARK by Simmons and Leadbetter, St. Louis, MO, to Cracken, Leavenworth City, KS, July 22, 1859.

Crown Coach Company, Brochure, n.d., (R0975)
1 folder
This is a brochure for "Expense-Paid Tours to and thru the Ozarks and Ouachitas" offered by Crown Coach Lines of Joplin in Jasper County, Missouri. Eight tours are described, starting from Kansas City and extending as far as New Orleans and San Antonio.

Cruzen, Nathaniel Greene, Account Book, 1831, (C1088)
1 volume
The collection contains accounts of a general merchandise store in Utica, Missouri.

Current River Brand Hand Picked Tomatoes Label, (R1419)
0.1 cubic foot (1 folder)
The two labels would have affixed to cans of Current River Brand Hand Packed Tomatoes. These labels were never used.


D. B. Axtell & Company, Ledger, 1878, (R0442)
1 oversize volume
This is an indexed account ledger of a grocery, general store, and tie-buying firm in southeastern Missouri. D. B. Axtell and J. P. Gabriel were the proprietors, based in Poplar Bluff and doing business in Butler and Stoddard counties in Missouri. The volume includes accounts receivable, lists of payments for ties, and expense accounts, and collections.

Dale, John B., Account Book, 1857-1860, (R0510)
1 volume
This is an account book of a general store at Carthage, Jasper County, Missouri, thought to have been operated by John B. Dale. The records include accounts due the firm by various individuals, and also accounts payable to wholesale companies and suppliers. The volume is indexed.

Daniel, Reuben A., Papers, 1885-1922 (C0300)
5 folders
Papers of a hardware dealer and realtor of Audrain and Boone Counties, Missouri, including deeds, promissory notes, three pieces of currency, and material on Rosebud Reservation, Bonesteel, South Dakota, in 1904.

David Beatty Stereo Proposal Records, (K0921)
0.04 cubic foot (2 folders)
The David Beatty Stereo Proposal Records contains a proposal to install a sound system in the Music Hall of the Kansas City Municipal Auditorium dated 1966. Additional materials include photocopies of newspaper clippings regarding the temporary sound system installed by David Beatty in 1965.

Davis, Paul Grant (1901-1990), Papers 1908-1988, (R1357)
.5 cubic feet, (17 folders)
These are the personal papers of Paul Grant Davis consisting of correspondence, photographs, and papers relating to his work in the insurance business.

DeKay Family Papers, 1873-1889, (C1938)
1 folder
Papers concerning investment in bonds of LaGrange Iron and Steel Rolling Mill Company, LaGrange, MO.

Dent, William, Ledger, 1861-1866, (R0341)
1 volume
This is an account ledger from a general store at Dent's Station in St. Francois County, a few miles south of what is now Bismarck, Missouri. An index to the accounts is available.

DiCapo, Carl J. (1927- ) Papers, 1971-2002, (K0666)
9 cubic feet
Dicapo is a prominent businessman and civic leader in Kansas City. Included are personal files concerning his civic, cultural, and community activities such as his service on the Board of Parks and Recreation and Desegregation Monitoring Committee for Kansas City public schools. Business records deal with his Italian Gardens Restaurant. Also are photographs, audio and video tapes, certificates and plaques presented to DiCapo.

Dively, Michael M. (1828-1901) Papers, 1839-1898 (K0476)
0.19 cubic feet
The papers contain correspondence and legal documents related to Michael M. Dively's professional and business career.

Dividend Dames Records, 1981-1994, (K0932)
0.5 cubic foot
Organizational records of an investment club including minutes, membership rosters, treasurer's reports, stock reports, some correspondence, attendance records, agendas, and expense records.

Dixie Greyhound Lines, Timetables, 1944, (R0986)
1 folder
This is a booklet of timetables for July 1944 for Dixie Greyhound Lines, Inc., which operated in southeastern Missouri between St. Louis and Arkansas through Flat River, Farmington, Fredericktown, Jackson, Cape Girardeau, Sikeston, New Madrid, Portageville, Hayti, Caruthersville, and Steele.

Doniphan, Alexander, W., Letter, 1856, (C1942)
1 folder
The papers contain a letter from Doniphan of Liberty, Missouri, to his nephew John, on December 15, 1856, concerning business and banking opportunities in Liberty, Weston, and St. Joseph.

Donnelly, Paul and Nell, Papers, (K1389)
0.06 cubic foot (4 folders, 5 photographs)
The Paul and Nell Donnelly Papers contain biographical information, newspaper clippings, and photographs related to the lives of Paul and Nell Donnelly, founders of the Donnelly Garment Company.

Douglas County Booster Club, Booklet, n.d., (R1058)
1 folder
This is "Douglas County in the Heart of the Ozarks," a promotional booklet prepared by the Douglas County Booster Club at Ava in Douglas County, Missouri. The booklet is undated, but probably is from the early 1930s.

Downtown St. Louis, Inc., Records, 1958-1979, (S0342)
32 Folders
The papers consist of newsletters (1958-1974); subject files of correspondence, reports, maps and news releases; and photographs of some of the promotions arranged by Downtown St. Louis, Inc.

Downtown St. Louis, Incorporated, Addenda, 1928-1978 , (S0703)
68 folders, 38 photographs
The Downtown St. Louis Records contains information concerning the revitalization of the downtown area. This collection documents the Gateway Arch, Old Post Office, Convention Plaza, Gateway Mall, and includes photographs.

Drew-Stiff Lumber Company Order List, 1890, (C0730)
1 folder
List of stock and prices for a lumber company of Willow Springs, MO.

Dubinsky, Saul (1908-1987), Papers, 1959-1978, (S0457)
2 Folders
The Dubinsky Papers, 1959-1978, document Saul Dubinsky's involvement with the Downtown In St. Louis (later Downtown St. Louis, Inc.) Planning Committee and the City Plan Commission. They do not include material on Mill Creek Valley.

Dulany, George W., Papers, 1900-1949 (C0310)
1 folder
Copies of family biographies and letters concerning history of Dulany family and lumber industry in Hannibal and Middle West.

Dun, R.G., Letters, 1871-1874, (C0981)
1 folder
Correspondence with William James concerning the Meramec Iron Works and other ore deposits in Missouri in which James was buying stock. The originals are in the files of Dun and Bradstreet, New York.

Dunlap Family, Papers, 1780-2002, (C4004)
1.9 linear feet
The papers of the Dunlap family include genealogical records, a Civil War journal, photographs, maps and land surveys, and other research materials compiled to produce histories of the Dunlap and Kofahl families of Licking, Missouri.

Dwyer, Huntington and Company, Letter Book, 1887, (C0645)
1 folder
The letter book contains orders for supplies, dynamite, tools, clothing, and food. Reports on progress and financial problems of a construction company doing work for the Chicago, Minneapolis, and St. Paul Railroads.

Dyer, Daniel Burns (1849-1912) Papers, 1866-1913, (K0168)
0.75 cubic feet
The papers contain correspondence, ephemera, clippings, pamphlets, scrapbooks, and photographs related to the Daniel B. Dyer, Native Americans, and Dyer's collection of Native American artifacts.


E. C. Markham & Company, Papers, 1895-1900, (R0972)
1 folder
These are papers concerning E. C. Markham & Company, a real estate agency at West Plains in Howell County, Missouri. The firm's partners, E. C. Markham and C. P. Harper, were agents for the South Missouri Land Company, which was related to the Kansas City, Fort Scott and Memphis Railroad Company.

E. R. Morris Funeral Chapel Records, 1984-2008 (K1353)
22.5 cubic feet
The records contain customer files that provide biographical information about decedents and document funeral arrangements.

Early, T.R., Store Journal, 1896, (C3194)
1 folder
The collection contains pages from the records of a dealer in lumber and hardware in Lexington, MO, dealing with Albert Young's account.

Earp and Sons Mortuaries, Inc. Records, 1977-1987, (K1354)
0.55 cubic feet
The collection contains funeral record books providing biographical information about decedents and documenting funerals arranged by Earp and Sons Mortuaries.

Economic Opportunity Corporation of Greater St. Joseph, St. Joseph, Missouri, Records, (CA5583)
0.4 linear feet
Administrative procedures, audit, performance evaluation, and board member materials, 1987-1990, 1994. Board materials include correspondence, minutes, reports, financial statements, and miscellaneous.

Edward Cornet Grocer Company, St. Louis, Missouri, Catalogue, 1907, (C0726)
1 folder
The collection contains one catalogue of a St. Louis, Missouri, grocer, showing wholesale prices of goods.

Edwards & Knisely, Correspondence, 1895, (R0948)
1 folder
These are two items from Edwards & Knisely, "dealers in staple and fancy groceries," at Clinton in Henry County, Missouri, to A. J. Stillwell in Hannibal, Missouri. They concern the purchase of smoked and salted meat, and lard.

Eisenmayer Family Papers, (SP0032)
0.5 cubic foot (18 folders, 11 photographs)
The Eisenmayer Family Papers consist of papers pertaining to the Eisenmayer Mill, owned and operated by Andrew Eisenmayer at the beginning of the twentieth century. The collection also includes examples of the flour sacks used by the company, newspaper clippings pertaining to the family and other materials discussing the history of Springfield.

Eisenmayer Milling Co., Books, 1890-1902, (C2326)
5 volumes
Books recording railroad freight rates, grain prices, shipping records and wheat purchases.

El Dorado Springs Chamber of Commerce, Pamphlets, n.d., (R1061)
1 folder
These are two promotional pamphlets for El Dorado Springs in Cedar County, Missouri. Included are descriptions of the town and its medicinal springs, with chemical analyses of the waters. The pamphlets are undated, but appear to be from the 1920s.

Ellis Family, Papers, 1787-1948, (R0251)
10 folders, photocopies, 1 roll of mircofilm
This collection includes correspondence, business records, and legal papers, and genealogical information pertaining to two early families of Cape Girardeau County, Missouri. The Ellis family came from Georgia about 1805; the Ranneys from Indiana about 1825. Other names represented in the collection are Beckham, Cobb, Giboney, Ogle, Waters, and Wathen (Warthen-Worthan).

Eldridge, Shalor W. Letters, (K0217)
0.01 cubic feet
The collection contains letters relating to Eldridge’s petitions for aid to rebuild his hotel, the Eldridge House, in Lawrence, Kansas, following its destruction during Quantrill’s Raid in August 1863.

Elsey Carriage Company Photographs, (SP0049)
0.5 cubic feet (13 folders, 59 photographs)
The Elsey Carriage Company Photographs collection contains images of vehicles built by the company from 1905, when the company opened, to 1927 when the name of the company changed. Missouri and Arkansas businesses commissioned Elsey to build vehicles of various designs that were decorated to their specifications. A 1983 newspaper article gives the history of the company.

Eminence Riversway Area Chamber of Commerce, Brochure, n.d., (R0825)
1 folder
This is a tourist brochure featuring scenic areas in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways around Eminence in Shannon County, Missouri. Illustrations include photographs and a map.

Emmons, Benjamin, Certification, 1840, (C1695)
1 folder
Certification of contracted street work completed by Henry Bangs for the city of St. Charles, MO.

Epstein, Samuel and Gertrude Papers, 1951-2000, (K1335)
5 cubic feet
This collection contains the papers of Samuel and Gertrude Epstein, members of the Kansas City Jewish community. Included is information regarding their business, Epstein’s Kosher Foods, Inc. In addition, there is information related to the several Jewish congregations that the Epstein’s were involved with including Congregation Beth Israel Abraham and Voliner, Congregation Beth Shalom, Kehilath Israel Synagogue, the Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy, and the Jewish Community Center of Kansas City.

Eugene State Bank, Eugene, Missouri, Papers, 1927-1939 (C0275)
4 folders
Notices of meetings of directors and stockholders. Notes of transfer to Eugene State Bank by Farmers Bank, 1927. Letter about purchase by Reconstruction Finance Corporation, 1934. Also State Bank minute book, 1927-1934, containing contacts of transfer to Eugene State Bank and minutes of the directors' meetings.

Evans, Priscilla, Photograph Collection, (P0545)
29 photographs
Copy photos of Lon Hogan, photographer, and the Hogan family. Copy photos of lumber companies and related milling and trucking activities, particularly the Cordz & Fisher Lumber Co. in the Winona area.

Eversole, Mary E. Bugg, Papers, 1822-1952, (R1268)
67 folders
This collection consists of correspondence, legal papers, journals, ledger books, and ephemera of Mary E. Bugg Eversole and the Bugg, Cole, and Eversole families of Potosi, Washington County, Missouri. The bulk of the collection consists of Mary E. Bugg's personal correspondence, 1883-1941, financial records 1912-1952, and miscellaneous ephemera, 1863-1938.

Everts, Wilson and Company Letter, 1857 (C0506)
1 folder
To H.C. Lennox from St. Louis, MO, Jan. 25, 1857. Concerning deposit of funds with Everts, Wilson and Company by R.P. Knapp in his own name for Frank M. Hathorn, claims on funds by Knapp's creditors, and request for money from Hathorn.


Faml and Gray Freight Bill, 1861, (C2439)
1 folder
The collection contains a bill of lading issued to Faml and Gray for livestock shipped on the steamer PRINCE OF WALES from Vidalia, LA.

Farmers' and Mechanics' Savings Institution, St. Joseph, Missouri, Stock Certificates, 1858-1861, (C1985)
1 folder
Shares of stock in a St. Joseph institution.

Farmers and Merchants Bank, Humansville, Missouri, Minute Books, 1901-1932, (R0407)
2 volumes
These are minutes of monthly meetings of the Board of Directors of the Farmers and Merchants Bank in Humansville, Polk County, Missouri. The minutes include certifications of elections of directors, appointments of officers, lists of past due loans and overdrawn accounts, and reports of state bank examiners.

Farmers Bank, Mt. Vernon, Missouri, Papers, 1844-1931, (C0044)
5 linear feet, 28 volumes
Records of a bank organized in 1890 and liquidated in 1930. Also records of local businesses and schools.

Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Howard County, Missouri, Papers, 1893-1899, (C0597)
4 folders
The papers contain affidavits of loss, policies, treasurer's reports, constitution and by-laws, and receipts of a Howard County, Missouri, insurance company.

Farnsworth, Bills & Company, Map, ca. 1905, (R0973)
1 folder
This is a two-sided map showing land parcels in Reynolds County, Missouri, available through Farnsworth, Bills & Company of Chicago, Illinois. On one side is a map of Missouri with Reynolds County highlighted, and on the other is a plat of 30,000 acres north and west of Ellington indicating the available parcels.

Faxon, Frank A. (1848-1912) Papers, 1900-1911, (K0074)
0.3 cubic foot
Speeches Faxon, a wholesale drug businessman and civic leader in Kansas City, MO, wrote and delivered. Also included is an unfinished autobiography of James C. Horton, a business partner of Faxon.

Fayette Bank, Fayette, Missouri, Minute Book, 1870-1938 (C0276)
Minutes of meetings of board of directors of the Fayette Bank, which was called the Payne and Williams Bank prior to 1907. Some items such as financial statements, reports of bank examiners, and newspaper notices of board meetings have been tipped into the volume.

Fehlig, Conrad Theodore, Diaries, 1902-1913, (S0250)
4 volumes
Conrad Theodore Fehlig was a partner in the Fehlig Brother Box Manufacturing Company. His diaries reflect activities of his personal life, including passing references to the 1904 World's Fair, a Teamsters strike and notes about the weather.

Felix Janis & Company, Business Records, 1854-1857, (R0435)
2 folders
Felix Janis and Henry Janis operated a general store, styled as "Felix Janis & Co.," at Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, 1852-1855. Included here are a list of "metal" hauled for the Madison Iron & Mining Company, 1854-1855, and an inventory of notes and accounts due the firm at the time of Felix Janis's death and the dissolution of the firm in 1855, with payments noted through 1857.

Felix Janis & Company, Daybooks, 1854-1855, (R0451)
4 volumes
These are daybooks from the general merchandise firm of Felix Janis & Company of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Account entries include the date, name of patron (an individual or another firm), items purchased, and the amount charged or credited.

Ferguson, H. N., Booklet, 1920, (R0971)
1 folder
This is a real-estate promotional booklet by H. N. Ferguson of Warsaw in Benton County, Missouri. Ferguson was a representative of the E. A. Strout Farm Agency. The brochure extols the virtues of Benton County's agricultural economy and describes specific farms that are for sale.

Ferris, G.D., Contract, 1884, (C3182)
1 folder
The collection contains an indenture signed by G.D. Ferris, Mexico, MO, giving J.C. Huff and G.L. Ferris the right to manufacture a threshing machine for which he holds the patent. Letterhead shows Jefferson Street, Mexico, MO.

Fiala, John T., Share, n.d., (C1861)
1 folder
The collection contains an unsold certificate of one share of capital stock for the publication and sale of the NEW TOPOGRAPHICAL AND SECTIONAL MAP OF THE STATE OF MISSOURI, by John T. Fiala, St. Louis, MO.

Fife, Fred W., Collection, ca. 1940-1999, (R0794)
1 folder
These are photographs and historical information regarding Fred "Spooky" Fife and Sarah Elizabeth "Liz" Fife, proprietors of the Spur tavern on Route 66 near Leasburg in Crawford County, Missouri.

Finley Building and Loan Association, Records, 1899-1920, (R1007)
3 volumes
These are the minute books and a cash received ledger of the Finley Building and Loan Association at Ozark in Christian County, Missouri. The records begin with the organization of the association in 1899 and continue through its entry into receivership in 1916 and dissolution in 1920.

Flat River Industrial Corporation, Papers, 1937-1943, (R0719)
1 folder
This collection includes an original stock certificate and photocopies of supporting documents concerning the Flat River Industrial Corporation, which was formed to "acquire land and build a shoe factory upon it" in Flat River (now Park Hills) in St. Francois County, Missouri.

Fleming, J. B., Ledger, 1860-1874, (R0482)
1 volume
This is an account ledger of a saloon and general store operated by John B. Fleming at Farmington, St. Francois County, Missouri. The volume includes an index.

Flood, George, Letter, 1900, (R0937)
1 folder
This is a letter from George Flood at Golden City in Barton County, Missouri, to "Brother Knoll." Dated 10 June 1900, the letter concerns Flood's attempts to market bicycles for Knoll, with the intention of moving to Springfield in Greene County, Missouri, to do so.

Ford, Alfred J., Papers, 1945-1980, (S0659)
7 Folders
The collection documents Mr. Alfred J. Ford's career as a civic leader. It includes pamphlets, programs, meeting minutes of businesses, boards, and organizations to which he belonged.

Fort Osage Records, 1808-1815, (K0147)
4 microfilm rolls
Correspondence, reports and other documents found in the National Archives pertaining to the establishment and operation of Fort Osage, near what is now Sibley, Missouri.

Franklin, John Eddy, Papers, 1946-1954, (C0319)
1 folder
Recollections of life in southeast Missouri and Franklin's part in bank, land, and railroad development during the 1880s and 1890s. Poem and article by Alice Franklin Bryant; The Land of Corn, about Franklin's southeast Missouri plantation, by J.E. Wood; 2 letters; and newspaper clippings.

Franklin, May and Company, New Florence, Missouri, Ledger, 1864, (C3156)
1 folder
Copy of page from the ledger of a general store, covering William F. Windsor's account for July-October, 1864.

Fred Wolferman, Inc. Records, 1897-1972, (K0205)
1 cubic foot
Through innovative marketing, Wolferman's enjoyed a prestigious position in Kansas City gourmet food circles. Photographs, menus, news clips, an accounting ledger, scrapbooks and phonograph records, and advertisements and sample correspondence for the operation of grocery stores and restaurants in Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

Fremerman, Marvin J. (1931- ) Collection, 1980s-1990s, (K1069)
1 cubic foot
Fremerman Advertising Agency did work for Kansas City area political campaigns and business. Includes video and audiotapes for political and other advertisements.

Frewen, Moreton (1853-1922), Papers, 1823-1922, (C0879)
41 rolls of microfilm
Papers concerning Frewen's personal life, money-making ventures, and interest in bimetallism and silver. Frewen was a member of Parliament for Northeast Cork and long interested in Irish problems.

Frick Refrigerating and Ice-Making Machinery, Catalogue, n.d., (C0729)
1 folder
The collection contains one catalogue showing equipment manufactured by the Frick Company of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania.

Frisco Heights Townsite Company, Receipt, 1911, (R1110)
1 folder
This is a receipt dated 13 March 1911 from the Frisco Heights Townsite Company of Sulphur in Murray County, Oklahoma to E. Jeffries of Monett in Barry County, Missouri, for $5.00 payment on lots 23-24 in block 13. The receipt is signed by J. N. Wilson, Secretary-Treasurer.

Frisco Travelers, Souvenir Programs, 1915-1921, (R0456)
1 folder
These are illustrated souvenir programs of annual meetings of the Frisco Travelers, a businessmen's association, at Rolla, Union, and St. James, Missouri, in 1915, 1920, and 1921. The programs include rosters of members, photographs of officers, schedules of events, articles on the host towns, and advertisements.

Frisco-Santa Fe Land and Development Company, Certificate, 1906, (R1004)
1 folder
This is a certificate dated 4 September 1906 for "one unit interest in the lands and towns located in Montgomery county, Texas, on sale by the Frisco-Santa Fe Land and Development Company." The company was based at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. The President was Maurice H. Meyers.

Frontier Iron Illustrations (R1421)
0.1 cubic foot (1 folder)
The collection includes the illustrations, maps and photographs which appeared in the book Frontier Iron written by James D. Norris and published in 1964.

Fruitville Farm, Pamphlet, ca. 1910, (R0009)
1 item
Col. Jay L. Torrey of West Plains, in Howell County, Missouri, promoted Fruitville Farm and Torreytown around 1910. Small farms were to be purchased by individuals, who would live in the "ideal village" of Torreytown. The advertising brochure included testimonials by agricultural experts as to the excellent productivity of the land. Also included in the pamphlet are endorsements of the enterprise by leading citizens of West Plains and Howell County, including the Mayor of West Plains and officers of the West Plains Bank and the Ozark Commercial Congress. Farms of varying sizes were to be grouped around the "ideally planned village of Torreytown, ... where the purchaser can live in town and farm his nearby land."

Fry, Kellar, Ledger, 1842-1866, (C1887)
1 volume
The records contain a merchant's ledger of rents and accounts settled.

Fuchs, Carl E., Trade Letter, 1888, (C2025)
1 folder
Advertisement of wine and liquor dealer.

Fulbright, Henry, Ledger, 1837-1861, (R0320)
1 volume
This is an account ledger from a general store operated by Henry Fulbright at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. William, and Ephraim R. Fulbright joined the firm as full partners on 27 February 1840. An index of the customers is available.

Funkhouser, Abraham and George, Ledger, 1860-1875, (C1107)
1 volume
Ledger for 1860, portions of which have been covered over with invoices, 1872-1875, of C.W. Shepherd and Brothers, Plattsburg, MO, a general merchandise firm.


G. C. Higgenbothem Butcher Shop, Records, 1909-1910, (C0727)
1 folder
The records contain sale records of a butcher shop in Mountain Home, Arkansas.

G.P. Sanders, New Bloomfield, MO, Records, 1900-1937, (C0339)
12 rolls of microfilm
Invoices and receipts from a general merchandising store located in New Bloomfield, MO. Underwent several name changes: Sanders Brothers, Sappington and Sanders, and G.P. Sanders. No information is available on establishment or dissolution of the store.

Gally and Johnston Company Papers, 1858-1900, (C0322)
2 folders
Papers of Toledo, IA, merchants. Promissory notes, tax receipts, general receipts, miscellaneous papers and letters, mortgages, bills of sale and labor, abstract of title for construction of Johnston's house, and Mexican land grant.

Gardner, Hugh R., Papers, (C4362)
0.8 cubic feet (9 folders)
Diaries kept by Hugh R. Gardner while an employee of the Columbia Sand Company, Rocheport, Missouri. Includes detailed summaries of Gardner’s daily employment schedule, miscellaneous receipts, record of barge operations on the Missouri River near Rocheport, weather reports, personal activities, including repairs to Gardner’s pick-up truck, and an appointment calendar kept by Mrs. Gardner.

Garriott, George W., Papers, 1838-1850, (C0104)
0.4 linear feet
Papers pertaining to the milling business of G.W. Garriott of St. Charles, Missouri, including correspondence, refund slips, orders for produce, accounts, and miscellaneous papers. Also included are several letters of Samuel H. Douglas, an owner of a newspaper in St. Charles.

Garry, Eileen (1925- ) Papers, 1930s-1998, (K0700)
0.06 cubic feet
The collection contains a photograph of garment industry manufacturers and an autographed copy of Voices: Recollections from the Early Days of Congregation Beth Torah. The collection also includes a photography of the Seven Sisterhood committee women from the Synagogue Scroll.

Gauldin, M.A., Papers, 1879, 1899, (C1724)
1 folder
The papers of M.A. Gauldin contain a certificate of one share common stock in the Kansas City, St. Louis, and Chicago Railroad Company to M.A. Gauldin, July 17, 1879, and stock transfer to M.A. Gauldin, January 14, 1899.

Gay & Skinner, Account Books, 1879-1885, (R0345)
9 volumes
These are standard accounting volumes for the firm of Gay & Skinner, a general merchandise establishment in Mount Vernon, Lawrence County, Missouri. Included are ledgers, journals, and a combination journal/daybook. The firm's principals have not been positively identified, but may have been T. K. Gay and J. M. Skinner.

Gaylord Container Corporation (1937-1955), Records, 1937-1939, (S1050)
2 folders
The records contain a two-volume set of ledgers for the Gaylord Container Corporation during its first two years in business from 1937 to 1939.

General Electric Company, Bulletins, 1915-1917, (R1349)
2 volumes
The General Electric Company bulletins consist of a collection of technical publications created by the company.

Gentry, Anna Whyte (1872-1961) Scrapbook, 1880's, (K0495)
1 volume
Colored advertising cards, primarily of Kansas City area businesses.

General Metal Products Of St. Louis, (SA1085)
5 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Gentry, O.H.P., Receipt, 1832, (C1650)
1 folder
The collection contains a receipt of three dollars for postage from Roger N. Todd.

George B. Cole, Commission and Forwarding Merchant, Selma, Missouri, Record Book, 1854-1856, (C2976)
1 volume
The records contain shipping records showing date, sender, recipient, type of freight, and name of steamboat on which freight was shipped. Freight includes lead, hides, grains and fruit, and personal possessions.

George Muehlbach & Sons Grocery Records, (K0643)
4 cubic feet
Organizational records including employee policies, legal agreements, publications and advertising materials, photographs of the grocery stores, and architectural drawings of a Kansas City area grocery store chain.. Also photographs of the family.

George, Todd M. (1879- ), Papers, 1890-1968, (C3770)
0.5 cubic feet
Correspondence, newspaper articles, book manuscript, and photographs of a realtor from Lee's Summit, MO, who was an authority on the history of Jackson County and the Civil War. The typescript deals with George's memories of life in Jackson County, while the correspondence concerns primarily his business and family.

German Bank of Wooster, Ohio, Scrip, 1815, (C1561)
1 folder
Three-dollar scrip issued by the bank.

German Savings Institution, St. Louis, Missouri, Minute Book, 1853-1868, (C2329)
1 volume
The collection contains one volume including an act of incorporation, list of subscribers, election of directors, periodic examination of assets and other transactions involving purchase of bonds, stocks and notes. Correspondence and papers in book pocket relate to stockholders' meeting, tax exemption of bank, and by-laws. M. Robert Barth was president.

Gibson Store Account Books, 1871-1874 (C0288)
2 folders
Day book and ledger from a general merchandise firm in Lamine, Missouri.

Gideon-Anderson Lumber & Mercantile Co., Papers, 1901-1938, (R0290)
37 folders
This collection consists of correspondence and business papers of the Gideon-Anderson Lumber & Mercantile Company concerning the lumber trade in southeastern Missouri and northeastern Arkansas. Based in Gideon, Missouri, the company operated primarily in Dunklin, New Madrid, and Pemiscot counties in Missouri. The collection includes papers from two subsidiary operations, the Gideon Cooperage Company and the Gideon & North Island Railroad Company.

Gideon-Anderson Lumber & Mercantile Company, Papers, 1901-1985, (R0449)
21 folders
This is an addition to the business records of the Gideon-Anderson Lumber & Mercantile Company (see also R0290), which operated at Gideon in New Madrid County, Missouri. Most of the papers concern operations in 1901-1919, but there are also papers of a subsidiary operation, the Gideon and North Island Railroad Company, 1903-1932, and historical materials on the firm to 1985.

Glasgow Insurance Company, Glasgow, Missouri, Books, 1855-1870, (C2313)
2 volumes
The collection contains records of a Glasgow, Missouri, business. Weston Birch was secretary and Thomas Shackelford was president of the company. Volume 1, Steamboat cargo book, 1855-1856 also includes Tatum and Hutchinson general store records, 1868-1870. Volume 2, Record book, lists cargo, insurance destination and names of steamers. The books were later used by Weston F. Birch & Son banking house 1868-1869.

Gillaspy, James C., (1841-1925), Papers, 1843-1889, (C0918)
14 folders
Account, tax and assessor record books of a Boone County, Missouri, farmer, lawyer, deputy sheriff, tax collector, sheriff, treasurer, representative, and Columbia mayor. Also includes the account book (1855-1858) of Thomas J. Gillaspy, constable of Jefferson Township, Monroe County, Missouri.

Glasgow, [Missouri] Merchant's Ledger, 1895-1897, (C2325)
1 volume
Ledger of an unidentified Glasgow, MO, mercantile company.

Glasgow Savings Bank Books, 1865-1920, (C2554)
106 volumes
Records of an early Missouri bank.

Glasgow Savings Bank, Glasgow, Missouri, Records, 1872-1908, (C2312)
11 volumes
The collection contains records of an early Missouri bank.

Glenn Family, Papers, 1845-1930, (C0107)
3.8 linear feet, 6 oversize volumes
The personal and business papers of John H. Glenn and his sons Addison N. Glenn and Robert C. Glenn include account books of the Mound City, Missouri, general merchandise, furniture, and drug stores run by John and Robert Glenn and the farm implement store managed by Addison Glenn for the McKeeson & Rinker Company in Falls City, Nebraska. The collection also includes correspondence between family members, wedding invitations, the Glenns’ lending library circulation records, and a minute book for the Mound City G.A.R. post.

Glenn, Frank Ivy (1897-1960) and Ardis Couchman (1922- ), Glenn Bookshop Records, ca. 1920-2010, (K1267)
35 cubic feet
The Bookshop was an internationally known antiquarian book store in Kansas City, MO that bought and sold collections of books and manuscripts and other rare items. Includes financial records, reference indexes, files on purchases and sales, inventory, appraisal files, customer lists, photographs, personal papers of the Glenns, and other related materials.

Goller, Samuel David Goller (1902-1959) and Edith Silberman (1907-1975) Papers, 1924-1992, (K1175)
0.25 cubic foot
Samuel Goller was partner in the Vile-Goller Printing Company and a prominent member of the Jewish Community in Kansas City, MO. Includes business ephemera and photographs, and a photo album of the family.

Goodhealth Shoe Company, Papers, 1921-1945, (R0727)
1 folder
These are corporate records, mostly minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors and shareholders, of the Goodhealth Shoe Company of Carthage, Jasper County, Missouri. Its purpose was to manufacture children's footwear and, later, to lease its factory to other manufacturers.

Goodman, Stanley (1910-1992), Papers, 1931-1983, (S0179)
145 Folders
The Stanley Goodman papers document his education, military service, business career, and civic and cultural activities. There are no family papers included in the collection. The papers are divided into three series: Personal Papers and Writings, Business Career, Civic and Cultural Activities. The first series includes diplomas, certificates, photographs and newsclippings as well as copies of Goodman's published and unpublished writings. Unlike most businessmen,, the evolution of Goodman's business philosophy and management style are documented in his master theses, speeches, articles, and his book, How To Manage A Turnaround.

Goodman, Stanley (1910-1992), Addenda 1964-1992, (S0210)
395 Folders
Business, civic and cultural leader in St. Louis. CEO of May Department Stores Company (1969-1976); Consul of France (1971); president, St. Louis Symphony Society (1964-1970); and member of Civic Progress, City Plan Commission and Downtown St. Louis Inc. Addenda includes a subject file, writing, speeches, travel files and appointment calandars.

Goodman, Thomas A., "El Jane of the Ozarks," ca. 1925, (R0160)
1 folder, photocopies
This is a seven-page, illustrated pamphlet advertising the sale of the "El Jane" property in Arcadia, Iron County, Missouri. The 500-acre estate was to have been the permanent residence of Thomas A. Goodman of Chicago, Illinois.

Goodrich, James Edward (1871-1952) Papers, 1904-1950 (K0383)
5 cubic feet
The papers consist of business records and correspondence as well as personal receipts and correspondence to and from James Edward Goodrich, covering the period 1904-1950. The papers also contain information concerning the bankruptcy of businesses in Kansas City and annual reports and other publications related to the Commerce Trust Company and other local and national corporations.

Graf, Hugo (1888-1953), Papers, 1924-1994, (S0776)
158 Folders, 8 Boxes
This collection contains papers, photographs, and images from the Architect Hugo K. Graf and the architectural firm "Kramer and Harms." The Hugo Graf photos are generally of completed businesses and residences. The images are generally drawings of buildings, residences, and one drawing of a streamlined automobile from Lawncraft Incorporated. Also included are a copy of the "Missouri Ordnance News" that includes information wartime activities in Louisiana Missouri and several issues of the "Architectural Concrete" journal. The earliest document in this collection is a Graf paper that dates from 1924.

Granby Commercial Club, Minute Book, 1933-1934, (R0292)
1 folder, photocopies
These are minutes of meetings of a businessmen's association at Granby in Newton County, Missouri. Included are minutes from 6 July 1933 through 26 November 1934.

Grant, Bayard M. Collection, (K0892)
14.25 cubic feet
Collection consists of various business documents that Grant used as a commercial real estate agent. These include correspondence, lease agreements, legal documents, appraisals, and pamphlets. Also included in the collection are the documents from the many local and national organizations in which Grant was active. Of particular interest are the papers for Kansas City Jazz, Inc., which Grant was president for several years, and the pamphlets and correspondence for Future Farmers of America (FFA).

Grant-Davis Lumber Co., Records, 1882-1949, (R0109)
29 volumes, 9 folders
These are business records of a lumber company based in Cabool, Missouri, which operated in southern Missouri and northern Arkansas. The collection includes ledgers, cash books, trial balances, inventories, and correspondence with the St. Louis and San Francisco ("Frisco") Railroad Company regarding freight claims. Russelle Grant Simonsen, daughter of Paul S. Grant, the last president of the firm, donated the records of the Grant-Davis Lumber Company. Mrs. Simonsen also provided background information on the company and the individuals who operated it. This information has been filed in the Information Folder.

Granville General Store, Monroe County, Missouri, Record Book, 1855-1856, (C2989)
1 volume on microfilm
The collection contains a day book of the Granville General Store, Monroe County, MO, with accounts from March 20, 1855 to September 2, 1856. All types of merchandise are listed in the accounts: indigo, shirts, tobacco, stone ware, candy, and straw hats, to name a few.

Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Minutes, 1856-1991, (K0274)
85 microfilm rolls
Minutes of the Chamber's Executive Committee and Board of Directors. Included in most of the volumes prior to 1968, are also minutes of the various standing and ad hoc committees of the organization. Most of the volumes are indexed.

Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Records, 1856-1990, (K0527)
21 cubic feet
Organization records of the Commerce including general files of clippings, brochures, and correspondence; photographs; and slides, motion picture film, videotape, and audiotape.

Greater St. Louis Federal Business Association (1930- ), Records, 1927-1981, (S0695)
186 Folders
The collection includes correspondence, membership lists, minutes, newsclippings, annual reports and photographs, 1927-1981 arranged chronologically. It includes letterhead from December 1949 depicting the Arch in a St. Louis skyline (folder 26).

Green, A.P. (1875-1956), Letter, 1917, (C3589)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter to Joseph A. Glandon, Mexico, MO, from Green in Miami, FL, Feb. 20, 1917, discussing business and expansion plans of the A.P. Green Fire Brick Company in Mexico, MO.

Green, A.P. (1875-1956), Papers, 1926-1958 (C2960)
29 linear feet
Business and personal papers of a Mexico, Missouri, fire brick manufacturer. Correspondence with family members; business associates in U.S., Europe, and South America; as trustee of Westminster College and member of Board of Visitors of University of Missouri; and with miscellaneous business and charitable organizations.

Green, F.B., Collection, 1832-1897 (C0430)
2 volumes, 1 roll of microfilm
Account books of L.A. Snider and Company, Pike Creek, Missouri. Census record of Carter Township, Carter County, Missouri, 1860. Interspersed through account books are tax registers, notes on the weather, marriage records, estate records, medical accounts, and a personal diary.

Green-Bond Family, Papers, (CA6191)
5.8 linear feet, 2 volumes, 1 audio cassette, 1 card file
Papers of Green and Bond families of Mexico, Missouri. Correspondence, journals, photographs and personal files of A.P. and Josephine Green. Scholastic materials, clippings, cards, photographs and files of Christopher S. ""Kit"" and Carolyn Bond. Photo albums document the 1973 Missouri gubernatorial inauguration and national governors' conferences, 1973-1975.

Griffitts, Russell G., Photograph Collection, (P0185)
0.125 linear feet
Series of 9 8x10 b/w glossy photos of flood damage to railroad bridges and tracks from the 1957 Mississippi River flood, 22 5x7 b/w glossy photos of railway accident with burning tank car, 13 3x5 b/w glossy photos of road machinery and miscellaneous outdoor scenes

Gruner Lumber Company, St. Louis, Missouri, Ledger, 1864-1876, (C2328)
1 volume
The collection contains a record book of company owned by Philip Gruner, Jr.

Guillet, Phocion L. (1860-1934) Papers, 1902-1904, (K1129)
6 folders
Guillet was a general agent for John Hancock Insurance Company and also a salesman for the Harvey-Dutton Dry Goods Company. Includes insurance policy applications and related correspondence, and general correspondence Also a letter introducing Guillet as a new member of the firm of Harvey-Dutton Dry Goods Company.

Guinotte, Joseph (1815-1867) Papers, 1836-1849 (K0477)
0.01 cubic feet
The collection consists of property deeds connected to the Chouteau and later the Guinotte families, as well as other early settlers in Kansas City, Missouri.

Guitar Building, Columbia, Missouri, Account Book, 1914-1961, (C3060)
1 volume
The records contain an account book detailing rental of office space, maintenance, and taxes for a building located in the downtown business district. Clearly enumerated are tenants, rental fees, operating expenses, assets and liabilities.

Guitar, John, Record Books, 1813-1847, (C1008)
2 volumes
Ledger and account books.


H. Levi and Company Records, 1909-1921, (K0950)
37 cubic feet
The company was a gentlemen's furnishings company in Kansas City, MO. The business records includes correspondence files, customer and manufacturers' orders, credit reports, customer files, some salesmen's files, and several personal files of the company's partners, Hyman Levi, Jacob Friedman and Joseph Minda. Also included are materials concerning the Stum, Roberts, Smith and the Ruby Fern Mining Companies.

H & H Store, Daybook/Journal, 1853-1854, (R0099)
1 volume
This volume is a daybook/journal from one of the earliest general stores in Lebanon, the seat of Laclede County, Missouri. The proprietors were John B. Harrison (1809-1860) and Joseph Thomas Hooker (1831-1894).

H.C. Casselman Investment Company Records, (R1483)
0.01 cubic foot (1 folder)
The H.C. Casselman Investment Company Records consists of a booklet from the 
H.C. Casselman Investment Company that was based in Kansas City, Missouri. The booklet includes information about the climate, soil, wildlife, and environment in Missouri. It also includes investment properties for sale and includes a road map of the Kansas City area and parts of the northwest corner of Missouri.

H. Wilder & Company, Account Book for Sand, 1856, (R0336)
1 folder
These are individual accounts of drivers hauling barrels of sand for H. Wilder & Company at Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, May-November 1856. The firm may have been operated by Henry Wilder in association with his brothers, August, Mathew, and Peter. Payments to the drivers were made through the firm of Janis & Valle in Ste. Genevieve.

Hagerman, B.F., Receipt, 1857, (C2440)
1 folder
The collection contains a receipt issued to Hagerman by American Express Company, for goods to be shipped to St. Louis, MO.

Haggard, Edna Housden, Papers, 1905-2000, (R1379)
1.5 cubic feet (36 folders), 1 oversized
The papers of Edna Housden Haggard contain the personal papers, scrapbooks, and photographs of Edna Lucille Housden Haggard of Houston, Missouri.

Hall, James N., "Glasstown, U.S.A., A Brief History Of Glassmaking At Crystal City, Missouri, 1868-1981", (S0080)
64 Pages
Paper presented to the Crystal City Historical Society, December 10, 1981, by James N. Hall.

Hall, W.P., Papers, 1904-1928, (C3235)
1 folder
The papers of W.P. Hall contain a letter from the South African Boer War Exhibition Company ordering 400 horses; a letter from Carl Hagenbeck regarding sale or trade of two elephants; and a contract with Barnes-Carruthers Fair Booking Association regarding two elephant acts and elephant trainers.

Hallmark Cards, Inc., Photographs, (P0675)
21 photographs
Photos of Hallmark Cards, Inc. facilities in Kansas City, including the Visitors Center, and businesspersons and Hallmark executives.

Hamsher, Frank, Papers (S1231)
5 cubic feet
The Frank Hamsher papers contain correspondence, reports, meeting minutes, and newspapers, pertaining to Hamsher’s duties as the head of St. Louis City’s Community Development Agency (1981-1982) and counsel to Mayor Vincent Schoemehl (1982- 1990). The bulk of the materials in this collection pertain to the St. Louis City-County Board of Freeholders, a nineteen-member panel first established by the Missouri Constitution of 1875, and later revived in 1987 by St. Louis County Executive, Gene McNary. The Board of Freeholders’ mission was to draft a plan for reorganizing St. Louis County municipalities, as well as consider the reunification of St. Louis City and County. Materials of interest include correspondence between Hamsher and Schoemehl, in which Hamsher provides him with advice and analysis on selecting candidates to the Board of Freeholders and public opinion regarding the Board of Freeholder’s plans.

Handley-Taylor Papers, 1809-1946, (S0381)
59 Folders
The Handley-Taylor Papers document the daily lives, business enterprises and travels of the Handley and Taylor families as well as reflect 19th century social and political history of St. Louis, Missouri, and the Midwest. The collection is arranged into eight series. The largest series is correspondence, dating from 1833-1879 and 1919. The other series are: diaries, 1864, 1867-70, 1904; business and financial papers, 1825-1914; legal, religious and educational documents, 1858-1894; photographs, 1860-1893; envelopes, calling cards and greeting cards, 1833-1930's; newspaper clippings; and artifacts and miscellany.

Hannibal Ferry Company, Papers, 1858-1902, (C0576)
3 folders
Bills of sale, deeds, and reports concerning the company; ferry operator's license; and minute book containing records of the directors' and stockholders' meetings.

Hannibal Railway and Electric Company, Hannibal, Missouri, Records, 1917-1939, (C0577)
1 folder, 3 volumes on 1 roll of microfilm
Minutes of directors and stockholders meetings, 1971-1927, for an electric street railway system. Adjudged bankrupt in 1927, it operated under the Referee in Bankruptcy. The company was sold by order of the Federal Court in 1930 and ceased operation. Includes a record of loans, a scrapbook, and information on final court actions in 1931.

Hannibal Savings Bank, Hannibal, Missouri, Records, 1869-1890, (C1243)
2 volumes
Volume 1: Articles of association and minutes, 1869-1890; "Life of Constantine," part 2, by John L. Robards. Volume 2: Account book of Hannibal Savings Bank, 1872-1878; "Life of Constantine part 1," by John L. Robards, secretary of the bank.

Hardy Family, Papers, 1911-1982, (S0380)
12 Folders, 31 Photographs
The Hardy Family Papers of 1911-1982 primarily document the political activities of Jane Hardy through her papers and correspondence. It also contains Jane Hardy's writings on art, architecture, and history. The collection includes a paper by Thomas Walter Hardy entitled, "Medicine In Ancient Egypt" and a paper by retired U.S. Calvary Colonel Edwin Hardy entitled,"The Saga of a Horse Called Ugly." The collection also includes family christmas cards, and Thomas Walter Hardy Jr.'s Doctor of Humane Letters Degree. Photographs include family vacations in Mexico and Bermuda and Thomas Hardy Jr.'s college graduation in 1939.

Hardy Salt Company, Records, 1914-1987, (S0379)
32 Folders, 156 Photographs, 1 Oral History
The collection primarily documents the Manistee Salt plant operations from 1931-1971. It includes Board of Directors' meeting minutes, Profit Sharing Trust meeting minutes, financial statements, articles about salt production, correspondence between Thomas Walter Hardy Jr. and his father, photographs of the Manistee Plant, and an oral history interview with Thomas Walter Hardy Jr (T-867).

Hardy Salt Company 1914-1985, Addenda, 1961-1985, (S0506)
10 Folders
The Hardy Salt Company Addenda consists of financial reports (mostly annual reports) dating from the years 1961 to 1985.

Hardy Salt Company, Addenda, 1920-1990, (S0727)
31 Folders, 1 Artifact
This addendum includes board level and other administrative documents,including a full run of board minutes and partial executive committee minutes from 1944 through 1984, bonds, bylaws,other corporate papers, and subsidiary Manistee Salt Works incorporation papers. Records and planning correspondence related to the sale to Diamond Crystal including discussions of pending lawsuits against both corporations make up the next largest portion of the collection.

Hare, C. G., Letter, 1901, (R1124)
1 folder
This is a letter and cover, dated 11 September 1901, from C. G. Hare at Lincoln in Benton County, Missouri, to the Harding Signery in Wurtsboro, New York. The letter concerns Hare's desire to place "large signs ... on bill boards, vacant houses, etc."

Harmon, A.D. and Zebulon, Papers, 1835-1841, (C0328)
2 folders
Letters and papers of a St. Charles, MO, mercantile firm, discussing current markets and prices.

Harper, C.A., ""History of Hawk Point,"" n.d., (C2814)
1 folder
Brief history of Hawk Point, Missouri.

Harris & Janis, Ledger, 1874-1876, (R0006)
1 volume
The Harris & Janis ledger is a standard banking ledger of individual accounts from a firm at Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Credits and debits are enumerated and dated, with the earliest being in 1874 and the latest in 1876. The accounts are indexed alphabetically by surname at the front of the volume.

Harris & Janis, Letter Books, 1874-1882, (R0434)
2 volumes
These are two letter press volumes, 1874-1875 and 1881-1882, for "Harris & Janis, Bankers and Exchange Dealers," of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. The letters are copies of routine outgoing correspondence, usually to other financial institutions, often written to accompany bank drafts and other financial instruments. There are alphabetical and chronological lists of addressees for each volume.

Harris & Janis, Records, 1874-1884, (R0467)
3 oversize volumes, 10 bundles
These are account books and draft stubs for Harris & Janis, a "banking house" in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Oliver D. Harris and Jules F. Janis were the proprietors.

Harris Family Collection, 1914-1959, (K0300)
0.5 cubic feet
The collection contains personal documents pertaining to the Harris family, as well as papers referencing the local Syrian-Catholic community. In addition, there are numerous local and national Syrian-American publications of interest to the Harris family.

Harrison, Marr & Co., Books, 1867-1869, (C2323)
2 volumes
Ledgers kept by a flour manufacturing business. John Harrison was president and Thomas H. Marr was secretary.

Hart, E.H., Papers, 1880-1907, (C0937)
2 volumes
The papers contain records of fruit shipped from Federal Point, Florida, between 1880 and 1896. Also a mailing list dated 1907.

Hartman's Hideaway, Kirbyville, Missouri, Letter, 1965, (R0828)
1 folder
This is a printed promotional letter for Hartman's Hideaway, a campground near Kirbyville in Taney County, Missouri.

Hauenstein and Company, Tuscumbia, Missouri, Account Book, 1872-1873, (C1116)
1 volume
Accounts of a general merchandise firm.

Harvey Family, Ledger, c. 1850s, 1940s, (C4158)
1 folder, 1 compact disc
Ledger kept by the Thomas Harvey family of Saline County, Missouri, c. 1850s, 1940s. A patron use copy is available on computer disc.

Harvey-Dutton Dry Goods Company Records, ca. 1903-ca.1908, (K0956)
11 cubic feet
Business records consists primarily of customer files and receipts.

Hauenstein, Frederick, Autobiography, 1980, (R0085)
1 folder, photocopies
This is a copy of the autobiography of Frederick Hauenstein, engineering graduate of the Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy (now UM-Rolla) in 1903. Hauenstein worked as a surveyor and engineer in the western United States, and was the last president of the Pine Belt Lumber Company in Oklahoma.

Hauenstein, William Henry, Daybook, 1881-1882 (C0289)
1 folder
Daybook kept by William H. Hauenstein for his general store at Tuscumbia, Missouri.

Haynie, J.W., and Company, Account Book, 1872-1874, (C2745)
1 folder
Account book of J.W. Haynie Company with Wells, Fargo & Company, and one loose check.

Haynie, Oscar, Papers, 1847-1865, (C1811)
1 folder
Personal accounts with various merchants.

Hays Winterbower & Co. ledger (C4286)
1 volume
The ledger of Hays Winterbower & Co. contains listings of purchases and purchasers at a general store in Cooper County.

Henderson, Russell Papers, (C4342)
0.25 cubic feet (3 folders)
The notebooks of a horticulturalist for the Fulton State Hospital in Fulton, Missouri. The years covered are 1946-1948. Please note that these are purely notes pertaining to the business of horticulture. There is no material on the state institution.

Helm, John B. (1797-1872), Papers, 1818-1868, (C0589)
0.5 linear feet
Papers of a merchant, lawyer, judge, and builder in Kentucky and Hannibal, MO. Consists of correspondence relating mainly to business interests; financial and legal documents such as receipts, promissory notes, contracts and legal briefs; and account books.

Henley, A. J., et al, Deed of Trust, 1880, (C3740)
1 folder
The papers contain a deed concerning the purchase of band instruments by A.J. Henley and eight associates, all of Boone County, Missouri, on a monthly installment plan, from James F. Hurt.

Henry Tobias Brewers And Maltsters Union No. 6, Collection, 1873-1990, (S0615)
314 Folders, 576 Photographs, 3 Audio Tapes, 29 Books
The collection consists of three major areas brewing history, Brewers and Maltsters Union No. 6, and the arts. The brewery history material consists of newspaper articles, books and handwritten notes. It's emphasis is on St. Louis breweries. The Union records document the union's changes over time, from its origins and affiliation with the Knights of Labor, to its absorption by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. The arts material comes from three organizations, the Light Opera Guild of St. Louis, the Dancing Masters of America, and the St. Louis Dancing Teachers' Association. The Union material, which is the bulk of the collection, is divided into sub-series.

Henthorn-Reppert-Brown Funeral Home Records, 1918-1979, (K1356)
0.55 cubic feet
The records provide biographical information about decedents and document funerals arranged by Henthorn-Reppert-Brown Funeral Home in Buckner, Missouri.

Hesse, Herman T., Account Book, 1855, 1881-1884, (C1119)
1 volume
Financial records of a St. Louis, MO, liquor merchant.

Hickey, Margaret A. (1902-1994), Papers, 1928-1975, (S0236)
258 Folders, 2 Rolls Microfilm, 488 Photographs
Margaret A. Hickey, lawyer, journalist, business woman, public servant, and volunteer, was active in business and government affairs from the 1930's into the 1970's. An interest in women and their economic and social problems proved the motivating force behind much of her work. As a lawyer, she became conscious of the unique legal problems facing women; as a government advisor, she studied various facets of women's role in society; and as the founder and director of a secretarial school, she helped train educated women for careers in the labor force.

Hickey, Margaret A. (1902-1994), Addenda, 1922-1978, (S0371)
77 Folders, 249 Photographs, 1 Videotape
Margaret A. Hickey, lawyer, journalist, business- woman, public servant, and volunteer, was active in business and government affairs from the 1930's into the 1970's. An interest in women and their economic and social problems proved the motivating force behind much of her work. As a lawyer, she became conscious of the unique legal problems facing women; as a government advisor, she studied various facets of women's role in society; and as the founder and director of a secretarial school, she helped train educated women for careers in the labor force.

Hickey, Margaret (1902- ), Addenda, 1943-1983, (S0474)
190 Folders, 2 Records
This collection documents four government appointments: the Advisory Committee on Voluntary Foreign Aid; the Council to the United Nations; the President's Commission on the Status of Women; and the War Manpower Commission. The most extensive information can be found on her work with the Advisory Committee on Voluntary Foreign Aid and the President's Commission on the Status of Women. Correspondence and news releases are the only information contained in this collection concerning the Council to the United Nations and the War Manpower Commission.

Hickory County Mutual Benefit Association, Bylaws, 1928, (R0786)
1 folder
The Hickory County Mutual Benefit Association provided death, permanent total disability, and blindness benefits to its membership. The Association kept its "principal office" at Hermitage, Missouri, and adopted these bylaws on 1 October 1928.

Hildebrand, Abraham, Promissory Note, 1835, (C1555)
1 folder
Promise to pay sixty dollars or to return borrowed botany and medical books within six months to Joseph L. Craft, St. Louis, MO.

Himmelberger-Harrison Land Selling Company, Letters, 1915-1920, (R0893)
1 folder
These are typescript copies of letters dated 27 November 1915 and 27 May 1920 from John H. Friant, President of the Himmelberger-Harrison Land Selling Company at Cape Girardeau in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri, to the Himmelberger-Harrison Lumber Company in Cape Girardeau and A. W. Wilkey at Risco in New Madrid County, Missouri.

Himmelberger-Harrison Lumber Company, Papers, ca. 1906-1958, (R1259)
2 boxes
These are miscellaneous records of the Himmelberger-Harrison Lumber Company and the Himmelberger-Harrison Manufacturing Company in southeastern Missouri. Included are abstracts of land records, ca. 1906-ca. 1921, and President John E. Himmelberger's correspondence subject files for 1958.

Hinton and Walker Records, (K0212)
0.01 cubic feet
The collection contains bills of lading, a detailed list of goods shipped as a form of receipt, for shipments of various goods by steamboat. The name of the boat, its master, the name of the receiver of the shipment, a description of the goods, and the cost of freight are indicated on the form.

Hinton Funeral Home Records, 1992-1995, (K1359)
0.1 cubic feet
The records contain a record book providing biographical information on decedents and documenting funerals arranged by Hinton Funeral Home.

Historic Inventory of Columbia, Missouri, (P0052)
0.32 cubic feet (1292 35mm negatives and accompanying description in 2 volumes)
Survey of downtown Columbia architecture conducted in 1978. Includes negatives and listing of locations and businesses.

Hipsh, Charles (1909-1981) Family Papers, 1925-1963, (K0965)
0.5 cubic foot
Yearbooks, photographs, pamphlets and booklet concerning Hipsh, Jewish community leader, businessman and banker. Also video of Hipsh family.

Holladay-Klotz Land and Lumber Company, Account Book, 1906, (R1256)
1 volume, oversize
This is an internal cost accounting record for activities of the Holladay-Klotz Land and Lumber Company in Wayne County, Missouri, for the year 1906. Included are figures for the closely-related Williamsville, Greenville and St. Louis Railway Company.

Holland, Louis Edward (1878-1960) Papers, ca. 1916-1960, (K0019)
210 cubic feet
Papers documenting the public career of Louis E. Holland, long-time friend of President Harry S. Truman. Holland, a Kansas City businessman, was actively involved in national transportation issues-particularly the automobile and airplane, advertising and publishing.

Hooper, William J. Nath., Certificate, 1810, (C2771)
1 folder
The papers contain a certificate of inspection of 126 gallons of Catalonia red wine, imported by Hooper to Port of Marblehead, District of Massachusetts.

Hornbeak, William C. (1835-1902), Papers, 1860-1873, (C0118)
0.3 linear feet
Business correspondence, bills, receipts, ledger, daybook and account book of Springfield, Missouri, general merchant.

Horne and Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Catalogue, 1897-1898, (C0724)
1 folder
The collection contains a clothing and household furnishings catalogue of a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, company.

Hotel Connor Brochure, (R1427)
0.1 cubic feet (1 folder)
The collection consists of a brochure for the Hotel Connor located in Joplin, Missouri from 1906 to 1978.

Houck and Brickey, Potosi, Missouri, Ledger, 1829-1830, (C1122)
1 volume
Financial records of mercantile business of Solomon Houck and John C. Brickey.

Houck, Louis (1840-1925), Scrapbook, c. 1859-1876, (C0847)
1 folder
Scrapbook of business cards from lawyers and other businessmen, primarily from eastern Missouri.

Houston, William N., Receipts, 1858-1870, (C2034)
1 folder
The papers contain tax receipts from Monroe and Audrain Counties, Missouri, and from U.S. Express Company.

Houts & Stallcup, Journal, 1816-1817, (R1128)
1 folder, photocopies
This is a journal or daybook of a mercantile operation at the village of Winchester in what was then New Madrid County (now Scott County), Missouri. The proprietors were Christopher G. Houts and Mark Hardin Stallcup. Entries begin on 13 December 1816 and continue through 27 December 1817.

Howard County Bank, Glasgow, Missouri, Books, 1877-1897, (C2314)
2 volumes
The collection contains records of a Glasgow, Missouri bank. Volume 1 is a Discount Register and volume 2 is a Ledger.

Howell County Bank, West Plains, Missouri, Minute Book, 1890-1912, (R1225)
1 volume
These are minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors and the stockholders of the Howell County Bank at West Plains in Howell County, Missouri. The minutes begin on 25 October 1890 and continue through 4 November 1912. They concern the elections of directors and officers, approval of loans and discounts, and declarations of dividends to stockholders. Beginning in 1896, there are annual statements of the bank's financial condition by the state bank examiner.

Hughes, Bela M., Letter, 1885, (C0520)
1 folder
To Wells-Fargo Company, from Denver, July 1885. Introducing George A. Hughes of Richmond, MO.

Hughes/Simmons Drug Store Records, ca. 1872-1960, (K0133)
87 volumes, 238 folders
Business records of a drug store in Liberty, MO: daybooks; journals; want books; an inventory book; a poison register; and invoices for goods purchased by store, which display late nineteenth and early twentieth century illustrated letterheads with representations of the buildings and goods of the firms.

Hunter, Ben F., Account Book, 1871-1891, (C1124)
1 volume
The collection contains accounts of a Sikeston, Missouri, general store.

Hunter, Stephen B., Papers, 1805-1848, (C3159)
1 folder
The papers contain miscellaneous deeds, accounts, letters, and notes of Abraham Bird, Abraham Hunter, and others, largely concerning transfers of real estate in Cape Girardeau County.

Hurst, S.W. and Company, Tipton, Missouri, Papers, 1872-1905, (C4169)
0.8 cubic feet, 1 volume
Eight ledger books and two scrapbooks pertaining to a store in Tipton, Missouri, which sold drugs, jewelry, stationery and music from approximately 1885 until 1900. Some additional items found in the material date before and after this time period. The scrapbooks contain colorful, old-fashioned advertisements for a variety of products including shoes, thread, coffee, medicine, etc.

Hushy-Ewart Lumber Company Field Book, 1908, (C1128)
1 volume
The records contain a timber estimator's field book.

Hutchinson, F.M., Account Books, 1868-1874, (C1129)
2 volumes
The records contain account books of a manufacturer of corn and rye whiskeys from Missouri City, Missouri.

Hy Vile Family Papers, 1922-2012, (K0560)
8 cubic feet
The papers contain documents, publications, scrapbooks, and photographs related to the personal and professional life of Hy Vile and the Vile family.

Hyland, Robert (1920-1992), Papers, 1935-1990, (S0637)
54 Folders, 281 Photographs
Robert Hyland's career in broadcasting grew from a sales job at CBS in Chicago to serving as the general manager for KMOX radio, the CBS affiliate in St. Louis. In 1973, CBS appointed him as a senior regional vice president. At KMOX and CBS, Hyland helped develop the radio call-in show "At Your Service" and the off-air "Call For Action" volunteer services, as well as other public service aspects of broadcasting.


Insurance Company of North America, Policy Register, 1882-1889, (C2319)
1 volume
Records of Glasgow, MO, agency, of which James S. Thomson was agent.

International Refrigeration Compressor Remanufacturers Association Records, 1965-1990, (K0991)
2 cubic feet
The records of the trade association contain correspondence, financial records, newsletters, and planning materials for conventions and board meetings, and documents related to a dispute over a manual which the Association sold.

Irwin, John W., Papers, 1861-1906, (C4228)
0.2 cubic feet (6 folders)
Letters, receipts, documents of John W. Irwin, 1861-1906. These include receipts for the purchase of merchandise, land taxes, legal/court fees, court summons issued by Justice of the Peace, correspondence regarding land deeds, various tax receipts, and a bond for a deed.

Isaacs Clothing Company Records, 1900-1908, (K0992)
5 cubic feet
Business records of a Kansas City Garment factory, wholesale clothing distributer including correspondence, paid bills and receipts, sales orders, and shipping information, and oversize business ledgers.

Ivie, W. J., A Message To The Homeseeker, Booklet, 1939, (R0679)
1 booklet, photocopies
This is a booklet published to promote economic development in southeastern Missouri. Sections are devoted to the communities of Sikeston, Charleston, Dexter, Malden, East Prairie, and New Madrid.

IXL Handle Manufacturing Company, Billhead, 1911, (R0932)
1 folder
This is an itemized bill for items sold by the IXL Handle Manufacturing Company at Dexter in Stoddard County, Missouri, to Mack Webb in El Campo, Texas. The bill is dated 7 February 1911.


J. Frizel and Company, Jackson, Missouri, Journal, 1818, (C1106)
1 volume
Record of a general merchandise store.

J.J. Cruikshank Lumber Company Books, 1885-1893, (C2322)
2 volumes
Records of a Hannibal, MO, lumber company.

J. Pratte & Son, Daybook, 1834-1835, (R0213)
1 volume
This is a daybook of a dry goods store at Perryville, Perry County, Missouri, operated by Joseph Pratte and his son, Peter R. Pratte. The Prattes dealt primarily in clothing and housewares. An index of the customers is available.

J. P. Morgan And Co. Bond Notices, 1937, 1940, (S0251)
7 Pages
Notices to foreign bondholders, including the First National Bank in St. Louis, regarding the Imperial Chinese Government 5% Hukuang Railways Loan of 1911.

J.S. Hughes and Company, Richmond, Missouri, Banking House Books, 1854-1930 (C0277)
10 volumes
Five books of a Richmond, Missouri, bank, earlier called Branch of Union Bank of Missouri, 1859-1903. Three mercantile books, 1854-1865. Index to account book, 1849. Map book of Richmond, Missouri, 1909. Volume 1 also on microfilm.

Jacobs-Macdonald, Patricia L. (1961- ) Papers, 1998-2005, (K1119)
4 cubic feet
Macdonald was president of the Missouri Credit Union Commission. Includes applications for credit unions, cases presented before the commission, minutes and correspondence.

James, David A. (1937- ) Papers, 1790-2008, (C4126)
5 cubic feet
The research material of a hotel management instructor whose work resulted in the publication Historic Hotels of Missouri: Hotels, Inns, and Taverns of 19th Century Missouri.

James, Lucy Wortham, Collection, 1801-1895, (C0001)
23 linear feet, 234 oversize volumes (volumes also available on 58 rolls of microfilm)
The records of the Maramec Iron Works in St. James, Missouri, and the papers of the James family, who owned the iron works, includes financial records, correspondence, and account books. The correspondence discusses the hiring of slaves, prices, banking and financial conditions, transportation costs and railroads, political conditions, immigration, and the Civil War.

Janis & Cox, Daybook, 1873-1874, (R0002)
1 volume
This is a chronological account of daily transactions, with neither index nor pagination. The entries begin on 4 June 1873 and end in December 1874. Entries for items on account to 20 May 1874 are listed by date, name of buyer, and descriptions and prices of items purchased; after that date entries are monthly rather than daily.

Janis & Cox, Record Book, 1853-1873, (R0437)
1 volume
This book has two distinct sections. One, probably kept by Felix Janis & Company of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, is a record of sand hauled to Little Rock landing on the Mississippi River, 1853-1854. The other contains three inventories (1868, 1870, 1873) of the general store run by Janis & Cox at Ste. Genevieve.

Janis & Vallé Daybook, (R0001)
0.1 cubic foot (1 volume, 1 roll of microfilm)
The Janis & Vallé Daybook contains a microfilm copy of one volume for the Janis & Vallé general mercantile in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Entries in the volume, dated from 1856 to 1858 include account entries, listing purchasers and items purchased.

Janis & Valle, Daybooks, 1855-1859, (R0452)
3 volumes
These are daybooks of a general merchandise firm in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. The principals were Henry L. Janis (who died in 1856), Jules F. Janis, and L. Bert Valle. The firm was a successor to Felix Janis & Company (q.v.).

Janis, Henry, Daybook, 1836-1840, (C3017)
1 roll of microfilm
The daybook from Henry Janis’s general store in Fredericktown, Missouri, contains lists of purchases made between 1836 and 1840. This store was probably the forerunner of the Felix Janis & Company, Janis & Valle, and Janis & Cox general stores which operated in Ste. Genevieve in the later 1800s.

Jasper County Tanning Company, Stock Certificate, 1924, (R1057)
1 folder
This is a certificate for 200 shares in the Jasper County Tanning Company, which had offices at Carthage in Jasper County, Missouri, and property at Carthage and at Pittsburg in Crawford County, Kansas. The certificate was issued to A. J. Porter on 1 October 1924 and signed by President P. C. Gruver and Secretary Lester E. Forbes.

Jellum, Lee Papers, 1924-1929, 1960, 1961, (C4304)
0.2 cubic feet (4 folders)
The papers of a photographer from Ludlow, Missouri. The papers contains four order books, listing names of clients, fees paid, and the service rendered. Also included is some personal correspondence and an obituary for a W.G. Vollrath, who had worked for photographic supply houses.

John Ramming Machine Company, Records, 1882-1913, (S0571)
28 Volumes, 23 Folders
The business records of a machine company in St. Louis.

John Ramming Machine Company Addenda, (SA1196)
7 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Johnson, W.R., Account Book, 1859-1862, (C2152)
1 volume
The collection contains an account book of a general storekeeper in the Fulton, MO, area.

Johnson, Waldo Porter (1817-1885), Papers, 1878-1884, (C0586)
1 folder
Leases of a coal mine, the Hoover Bank, to D.W. Coonce in 1881, to Richard W. Perrin in 1884, and to James A. Paisley in 1878. Contract for rebuilding a barn and a lease for a farm with Richard Bught. Also a list of law books ordered by Johnson in 1880.

Johnson-Stephens & Shinkle Co., Scrapbook, 1938-1938, (R0146)
1 folder, photocopies
This is a scrapbook containing "Factory Facts," a column with news of the personnel at the Johnson-Stephens and Shinkle shoe factory at Rolla, Phelps County, Missouri. The column was written by Ann Ralston and was published in the Rolla New Era. Also included in the scrapbook are miscellaneous items concerning the Rolla area.

Johnson's Commercial College, Booklet, 1882, (S0636)
1 Folder
"Johnson's Commercial College for Ladies and Gentlemen, 210 and 212 N. Third Street, St. Louis, 1882."

Johnston, Louisa Poteet (1890-1979) Papers, ca. 1850s-ca. 2000s (K0650)
9 cubic feet
Correspondence, photographs, printed materials, news articles, research files and writings, ephemera and artifacts relating to: the Alexander Majors Home; the Russell, Majors, and Waddell Freighting company; the Pony Express; and the Johnston, Simpson and Majors families. Johnston was the great-granddaughter of Alexander Majors.

Jones & Bacon Bill of Lading, 1833, (C2030)
1 folder
The records contain a bill for the shipment of a box of books via steamboat CHIAN to E.S. Murray, Richmond, Missouri.

Joplin Business College, Booklets, ca. 1920-1939, (R0891)
1 folder
These are booklets and other papers promoting the Joplin Business College ("The Joiner School"), a commercial trade school located at Joplin in Jasper County, Missouri.

Joplin Chamber of Commerce, Booklet, ca. 1920s, (R1063)
1 folder
This is Joplin, Missouri: A City of Diversified Opportunities, an illustrated promotional booklet issued by the Joplin Chamber of Commerce at Joplin in Jasper County Missouri. Although undated, the text and photographs suggest a printing in the 1920s.

Joplin Loan & Building Association, Record book, 1883-1891, (R1307)
1 volume
This is a record book of the Joplin Loan and Building Association at Joplin in Jasper County, Missouri. It includes the By-laws, minutes of meetings of stockholders and directors and financial statements. Entries begin with the organizational meeting on 31 March 1883 and continue through 5 January 1891.

Jopling Family, Papers, 1810-1991, (C3927)
0.5 linear feet, 1 volume
Papers of the Jopling family from Pettis County, Missouri. The bulk of the papers date from the 1810s through the 1940s and consist of personal papers and business records and corre-spondence, including genealogical information, financial and legal papers, cattle records, patent records, and medical recipes.

Joseph Byrne Fur and Wool Company Records (CA2814)
53 volumes
Record books of a St. Louis Company include purchase books, sales books, ledgers, cash books, and stock books.


Kansas City, Fort Scott, and Memphis Railroad Company Records, (R1425)
0.1 cubic feet (1 folder)
The collection contains one ledger of receipts and expenses for the Kansas City, Fort Scott and Memphis Railroad Company for the period 1906-1908.

Kansas City, Galveston, and Lake Superior Railroad Company Note, n.d., (C1906)
1 folder
Blank stock note.

Kansas City Area Development Council/Prime Time Records, 1964-1992, (K0760)
45 cubic feet
Organizational records of the Council's Prime Time office including minutes, correspondence, working files, news releases, photographs, slides, and videotapes documenting efforts to promote Kansas City nationally.

Kansas City Area Promotional Material, (K1369)
.5 cubic feet
This collection consists of business association publications promoting Platte County, the Northland Chamber of Commerce, and the Missouri Western State College. In addition, there is a large collection of numbered promotional negatives all related to the greater Kansas City Area.

Kansas City Athletic Club (KCAC) Records, 1931-1942, (K0153)
0.3 cubic foot
Monthly financial journal reports on the KCAC building's operation showing income and expenses for advertising, catering, rooms, insurance, debt retirement, and the bar. Also a time record book for employees.

Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Civic Department Scrapbooks, 1922-1927, (K0356)
3 volumes
Newspaper clippings discussing every aspect of Kansas City including politics, city planning, recreation, education, scandals, streets, health, law enforcement, the state constitution, taxes, and elections among many other issues of the day.

Kansas City Convention Hall Records, 1897-1937, (K0269)
7.63 cubic feet
The records contains administrative, financial, and event records related to the construction, maintenance, and business of the Kansas City Convention Hall. The records also include scrapbooks and photographs providing information about the variety of events held at the building.

Kansas City Expo '92 Records, 1987-1992, (K1036)
1 cubic foot
Organizational records for the Kansas City exhibit at the last World's Fair of the 20th century in Seville, Spain (Kansas City's sister city). Includes planning documents, correspondence, committee minutes and reports, promotional material, brochures, and newspaper and magazine clippings,

Kansas City Livestock Exchange Records, 1886-1958, (K0158)
22 volumes
Minutes of the Exchange including the membership meetings, the meetings of the Board of Directors and various committees and special groups; an incomplete set of the published constitution, bylaws, rules and regulations of the Exchange; and, a series of Annual Live Stock Reports of activity at the Kansas City Stock Yards.

Kansas City Slide Manufacturing Company Records, ca. 1914-ca. 1967, (K0637)
30 cubic feet
Advertisements, catalogs, original art, artifacts, and photographic negatives used to produce glass slides.

Kansas City Structural Steel Company Records, 1909-1980, (K0770)
18 volumes
Bound annual reports of the Company. Also the book, "The First 60 Years: The American Institute of Steel Construction, Inc. 1921-1980" by Leslie H Gillette.

Kansas City Women's Chamber of Commerce Records, 1921-2000, (K0259)
46 cubic feet
Board and executive council minutes, historians' scrapbooks, financial records and ledgers, and the files of various committees and activities, and photographs. Among the projects documented are the Chamber's work with the American Royal, the Citizenship Forum, and the Safety Committee's work with the Drive-O-Rater (with the Soroptimists). Also their publication Civic Woman.

Kansas City/International Association of Business Communicators (KC/IABC) Records, 1960-1992, (K0772)
9 cubic feet
Organizational records including minutes, correspondence, membership, financial records, flyers, newsletters, convention files, and audio and video tapes.

Katz Drug Stores Records, 1957-1964, (K0547)
0.5 cubic foot
The records contain materials pertaining to Katz Drug Store, a discount superstore of the Kansas City, Missouri, area. The records consist mainly of advertising and promotional materials, along with company communications.

Kellogg & Whaley, Account Books, 1870-1879, (R0332)
19 volumes
These are daybooks (1870, 1872-1879), journals (1872-1879), and ledgers of a general merchandise establishment owned by James Madison Kellogg and William W. Whaley. The store was located on the courthouse square in Mount Vernon, Lawrence County, Missouri. See also collection R0315.

Kelsey-Hayes Company, Sedalia, Missouri, Collection, 1965-1989, (CA6494)
0.2 cubic feet
Newsletters, photographs, clippings, company history, and miscellaneous material of a manufacturing plant that produced wheels and brakes.

Kemper, Benjamin F., Ledger, 1885-1888, (R0441)
1 volume
This is an indexed account ledger of B. F. Kemper, a blacksmith at Fredericktown in Madison County, Missouri. The volume includes accounts receivable for services rendered, 1885-1888, and "cash book" records of daily transactions, January 1887 -- January 1888.

Kemper, Jonathan Mubride (1953- ) Collection, 1989-2001, (K0752)
7 cubic feet
News clippings from area newspapers concerning Midwest banking and materials from the Kansas City Downtown Council of which Kemper, a banker and civic leader, was a member..

Kenny, Thomas H. (1918- ) Papers, 1816-1997, (C4131)
5 cubic feet
The papers of a real estate broker, author, artist, treasure hunter, researcher, entrepreneur, and overall Renaissance man include correspondence, legal papers, contracts, publications, photographs, postcards, newspaper articles, and artistic material.

Kentucky-Tennessee Light and Power Company, Industrial Survey of Rolla, 1931, (R0661)
1 volume
This is a survey of Rolla, Missouri, by the Industrial Development Department of the Kentucky-Tennessee Light and Power Company of Bowling Green, Kentucky. The report contains narrative and statistical information on businesses, professional services, civic organizations, schools, and public buildings in Rolla, as well as natural attractions of the surrounding area in Phelps County. Photographs of many of the sites are tipped in.

Kimball, Charles Newton (1911-1994) Papers, 1911-1991, (K0055)
44 cubic feet
Personal and professional papers of a scientist, civic leader, and president of the Midwest Research Institute encompassing a range of economic and community development activities regionally and nationally.

King General Store, Oak Grove, Missouri, Account Book, 1888-1893, (C4313)
0.2 cubic feet (1 folder)
The records of a general store owned by John and Abigail King in Oak Grove, Missouri. The accounts were kept by their son, Herbert King. An index is included.

Kleinschmidt, C.G., Account Books, 1882-1889 (C0291)
5 folders
Five account books of a hardware store in Corder, Missouri. Household utensils, farm implements, and building supplies are listed.

Knife and Fork Club, Kansas City, Missouri, Papers, 1899-1926 (C0127)
0.4 linear feet
Programs, clippings, and miscellaneous items of a Kansas City dinner club. Guest speakers included governors, diplomats, educators, ministers, and scientists, among others.

Knight, Carl W. and Pansy, Collection, (CA6457)
0.9 cubic feet
Collection of glass plate negatives and business papers of Carl W. Knight, a photographer from Springfield, Missouri, during the early twentieth century. Also includes scrapbook and photographs of his sister, Pansy Knight.

Koetting, Gerald A. And Annora K., Papers, (SA0912)
4 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Koetting's store, Ledgers, 1905-1915, (R0030)
7 volumes
These are daybooks (1905-1909, 1913-1915), and individual account ledgers (1913-1915) from Koetting's store in Ste. Genevieve. Koetting's handled dry goods, groceries, and hardware.

Kohn & Company Records, ca. 1908, (K0778)
6 cubic feet
Records of a garment wholesale company in Kansas City, MO. Includes, financial records, invoices, and orders.

Kramer and Harms Architecture Firm, Records, 1949,-1980, (S0781)
31 folders, 14 microfilm rolls, 8 oversize boxes
Kramer and Harms worked on restoring several historic buildings in the St. Louis area including the Eugene Field House and the Chatillon-DeMenil House. They also worked on the historic village at Faust Park, the Thomas Sappington House and the Palm House in Tower Grove Park. The collection has two series: Series 1 - Files, 1949-1980, folders 1-31, arranged alphabetically; and Series 2 - Bids, on 35mm microfilm, arranged chronologically, rolls 1-14.

Kranzberg, Paul, (1900- ), Papers, 1907-1994, (S0716)
65 Folders
The collection includes newsletters and publications of Padco and the AAAI, plus personal correspondence, family papers and photographs.

Krebel, A., Postcard, n.d., (C1579)
1 folder
The papers contain correspondence to F.S. Arnold, of Sedalia, Missouri, from Jefferson City, Missouri, regarding an inquiry about the Grosbeck and Ph. sale arrangements. Krekel will approve or reject sale.

Kuemmel, William (1842-1927), Daybook, 1856-1860, (C1141)
1 volume
Owner of a general merchandise firm in St. Louis, Kuemmel emigrated to the U.S. from Germany.

KWTO, Radio Station, Springfield, Missouri, Newsletters, 1944-1951, (R0834)
1 folder
These are 45 issues of The KWTO Dial, a monthly publication of radio station KWTO at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri, from June 1944 to November 1951. Each issue contains a broadcast schedule and news about the station's programs and staff.


L.B. Ely and Brother Account, 1877, (C0723)
1 folder
The collection contains an account of Mrs. Austin with a general merchandise store in Carrollton, Missouri.

Lake of the Ozarks Association, Brochure and Booklet, undated and 1956, (R1086)
1 folder
These are a brochure and a booklet published by the Lake of the Ozarks Association, Inc., at Lake Ozark in Miller County, Missouri, to promote tourism and recreation in the Lake of the Ozarks area.

Lake Spring Cemetery Association, Records, 1878-1945, (R0128)
1 volume
Included in this collection are minutes of meetings of the trustees, cash accounts, and miscellaneous records of the Lake Spring Cemetery Association at Lake Spring in Dent County, Missouri.

Lake Spring Mercantile, Records, 1866-1941, (R0171)
7 volumes
These are account ledgers and daybooks of a general store at Lake Spring in the northwestern corner of Dent County, Missouri. The business was operated, first, by John Hyer and John R. Flora, and, then, by Alexander C. Donnan.

Lake St. Louis Development Records, 1961-1964, (S0740)
6 Folders
In 1963, Trails Lake Development Company began construction on the $150 million permanent residence development called "Lake St. Louis." The community is located in St. Charles County, approximately 16 miles west of the Missouri River, fronting both Interstate Highway 70 and U.S. Highways 40 and 61. The development was advertised as nearly twice the size of St. Louis' Forest Park with a sizable lake for recreation activities. Formal opening of the development began April 1, 1964. The collection contains sales and financial records, as well as maps, clippings, and promotional materials.

Landrum, Richard Hundley, The Immigrant's Guide, 1882, (R0374)
1 folder
This is a promotional newspaper published by R. H. Landrum and Euphrates Boucher at Mount Vernon, Lawrence County, Missouri. The publication contains articles promoting agriculture and stock-raising in southwestern Missouri and the opportunities for immigrants to Lawrence County.

Lane's Prairie, Missouri, Daybook, 1860, (R0314)
1 folder, photocopies
This is a daybook from an unidentified general store at Lane's Prairie in Maries County, Missouri, thought to have been operated by Francis M. Johnson. With the daybook is an undated letter by Maries County historian Everett M. King which contains speculation about the volume's provenance.

Lawrence County Bank, Records, 1873-1924, (R0543)
2 volumes, 1 folder
This collection consists of two corporate minute books (1873-1903 and 1903-1913) and miscellaneous correspondence (1920-1924) of the Lawrence County Bank in Peirce (now Pierce) City in Lawrence County, Missouri. The bank was, for the most part, owned and managed by Lewis L. L. Allen and his son, L. L. Allen.

Lawrence County Bank, Records, ca. 1880-1896, (R0980)
2 volumes, 1 folder, oversize
These are records of the Lawrence County Bank in Pierce City, Missouri. Included are an account book, ca. 1880-1896; an Exchange Register, 1891-1893; and a few miscellaneous papers, 1881.

Lawrence County, Missouri, Mercantile Account Books, 1852-1872, (R0315)
23 volumes
These are ledgers, journals, and daybooks from mercantile establishments located in or near Mount Vernon in Lawrence County, Missouri. Included are records attributed to stores operated by "B. & O. Stone," "Whaley & George," Samuel Stone, "Haley & McCanse," "Gay, Allen & Co.," Nancy Stone, and "Kellogg & Whaley."

Lawton, J.F., Diary, 1877-1879, (C1149)
1 volume
Diary of a mill owner in Carrollton, Carroll County, MO. Also a photograph of Wild Moss Mills.

Lead Mining Companies, Washington County, Missouri, Records, 1809-1954, C(3893)
20 linear feet on 29 rolls of microfilm
This collection contains business records of lead mining companies and company stores in Washington County, Missouri, from 1809 to 1954. The companies include R. Smith and Company; Stone Manning and Company; Manning, Smith and Company; the Missouri and Pennsylvania Lead Company; the Palmer Lead Company; and the Renault Lead Company.

League, William T., Papers, 1840-1866, (C1015)
4 folders
Correspondence, bills, accounts, and business and legal papers about the printing and newspaper business in Missouri.

Leason Business Records, 1832-1864, (K0151)
0.3 cubic foot
Account books which appear to relate to a dry goods establishment Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin. Some of the volumes were recycled as scrapbooks with clippings of poetry and other materials pasted into them. These were photocopied and disassembled to reveal the original account books.

Leavitt & Kay, Journal, 1875, (R0588)
1 volume
This is the journal of a mercantile firm operated by J. S. Leavitt and John Kay at Houston in Texas County, Missouri. The entries begin on 7 April 1875 with a memorandum of partnership, and continue through 14 August 1875 when the partnership was dissolved.

Lebanon Chamber of Commerce, Lebanon, Missouri, booklet and pamphlet, 1928-1934, (R1060)
1 folder
This collection consists of a booklet (1928) and a pamphlet (1934) promoting Lebanon in Laclede County, Missouri, as a location for industry, agriculture, and residence.

Lecoma mill Company, Records, 1882, (R0129)
1 volume
These are individual accounts and records of cash received by the Lecoma Mill Company at Lecoma in Dent County, Missouri, ca. January-April 1882. The Dent County section of Goodspeed's history identifies Elbert C. Comstock (b. 1852) as co-owner, with J. M. Lenox, and proprietor of Lecoma Mill, 1882-1885. Comstock assumed sole ownership in 1885.

Ledger, General Store, Arrow Rock, Missouri, 1859-1882, (CA2760)
1 volume
Ledger of a dry good and general merchandising business owned by Benjamin F. Townsend. The store was located on the northeast corner of 5th and Main in Arrow Rock, MO.

Ledgerwood, Samuel, Memoranda Book, ca. 1851-1853, (R0401)
1 folder, photocopies, typescript
This is a memoranda book of an early resident of Relfe in southern Phelps County, Missouri. The entries concern the operations of a general store and mill.

Lee, Alfred (1827-1891), Papers, 1827-1931, (S0605)
1 Folder
Narratives and correspondence on the life of Alfred Lee and family. Lee was a partner at Shapleigh Hardware in St. Louis. He lived in Webster Groves.

Leggett & Platt, Inc., Photographs, (P0712)
9 photographs
Photos of Leggett & Platt, Inc., Carthage, MO, Manufacturers of Bedsprings and Innerspring Mattresses

Leggett & Platt Manufacturing Co., Records, 1896-1932, (R0250)
24 volumes, 1 folder
These are business records of a manufacturing firm in Carthage, Jasper County, Missouri, now doing business as Leggett & Platt, Inc. Included are shipping and sales records, journals, expense records, balance sheets, and account ledgers.

Lehman and Miller, Glasgow, Missouri, Ledger, 1884, (C2315)
1 volume
The collection contains the ledger of a general store, called Lehman Brothers prior to 1881.

Lehman Brothers, Glasgow, Missouri, Record Book, 1874-1884, (C2311)
1 volume
The collection contains a daybook of a general store owned by Henry, Monte and William Lehman.

Lesky, Leo and Helen Edelbaum Papers, (K0959)
0.09 cubic foot (3 folders)
The Leo and Helen Edelbaum Lesky Papers include Leo Lesky’s obituary, a sales book from Lesky’s dry-cleaning business, and a CD of family videos of the Lesky family and their friends.

Lester, Chris R. (1961- ) Papers, 1970-1999, (K0912)
15 cubic feet
Lester was an investigative reporter for the Kansas City Star. Includes Lester's research materials for his Star series on banker Frank Morgan, Kansas City sprawl, and other articles.

Lester, Robert Ridenour (1894-1997) Papers, 1877-1997, (K1158)
5 cubic feet
Correspondence, photographs, ephemera, and some printed and published material related to Lester and the Ridenour Family. Seventeen scrapbook volumes depict travel in the U.S. and Europe, as well as Lester's involvement in France in WWI.

Lesueur, A.A. (1842-1924), Scrapbook, 1889-1892, (C1408)
1 volume
Clippings about Missouri business and politics.

Leverich, Charles P., Papers, 1836-1846, (C2298)
1 folder
Three letters to Leverich from New Orleans, concerning business, sugar market, frost, and the shipment and insurance of liquors.

Lexington Business Records, Lexington, Missouri, 1831-1869, (C4311)
2.0 cubic feet (12 folders), 1 oversize volume
The records of banks and other businesses in Lexington, Missouri, contain Account Books, Day Books, Letter Books, Statement Books, Protest of Payment Books, Copy Books, Minute Books, and Bills of Lading.

Lichtenstein, Grace, Papers, (CA6198)
1.4 linear feet, 28 audio cassettes
Papers of a journalist and writer. The collection consists of research material, interview notes, transcripts, and tapes, books and articles Lichtenstein wrote on early women Olympians, professional women tennis players, women artists in the Southwest, and an unfinished project on women entrepreneurs.

Liebstadter, Jasper B. (1905-1986) Family Papers, ca. 1890-ca. 1960, (K0755)
4 cubic feet
Personal papers of Liebstadter, a realtor and property manager in Kansas City, his father Bernard Liebstadter (1839-1911), head of a prominent milliner business, and his mother, Mary Edna (Mollie) Loffland Liebstadter (1866-1960) who was a genealogist. Includes correspondence, scrapbooks, genealogies, family memorabilia, and real estate business files.

Liesveld, John H. (1905-1975) Papers, 1934-1975, (K0749)
17 volumes
Scrapbooks documenting Liesveld's Plaza floral shop and other professional activities. Includes correspondence, awards, photographs, clippings, greeting cards, business cards, advertisements, and Jewel Ball and other programs.

Lighton, Alfred Hart (1917-1999) Collection, 1924-1992, (K0867)
5 cubic feet
Business and financial records of Woolford Farm and Stables, owned by Herbert M. Woolf; financial records of Woolford Realty Company; and materials concerning Woolf Brothers and members of the Woolf and Lighton families.

Limrick, William, Papers, (CA3018)
10 volumes
Business records of banker and merchant William Limrick of Lexington, MO, 1840s-1860s, includes correspondence and financial records.

Lindsay, William, Papers, 1893-1898, (C2352)
1 folder
The papers of William Lindsay contain miscellaneous business records including receipts, accounts, and letter concerning rental property.

Linn Creek Community Club, Pamphlet, 1926, (R1059)
1 folder
This is a promotional pamphlet issued by the Linn Creek Community Club to encourage economic development in Linn Creek and Camden County, Missouri.

Lions Club, Springfield, Missouri, Booklet, 1929, (R1231)
1 folder
This is Ozarks, "A Booklet Sponsored by the Lions Club," published in 1929 to promote Springfield in Greene County, Missouri, and the surrounding area. Edited by Lon Scott, the illustrated booklet includes articles on natural history, transportation, the Civil War, and agriculture.

Liosnoff, Alex, Papers, (C4361)
1.0 cubic feet (48 folders)
Biographical material, newspapers, newsletters, radio broadcasting material, and plain language program in business forms material of a 1941 graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism. Liosnoff was a newspaper reporter, editor and radio editor and writer, as well as a Director of Public Affairs management for the U.S. High Commissioners and U.S. Civil Administration of the Ryuku Islands. He was also head of the Plain Language Program though the Bank of America.

Little River Valley Land Company, Booklet, ca. 1908, (R0946)
1 folder, photocopies
This is a promotional booklet for the Little River Valley Land Company, which marketed land made available by the drainage of the swamps in southeastern Missouri. A. L. Harty served as president and W. F. Smith served as secretary of the firm, which was based at Cape Girardeau in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri.

Little Rock Landing, Daybook, 1854-1856, (R0438)
1 volume
This daybook was kept at Little Rock landing on the Mississippi River just north of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, from 5 January 1854 to 22 March 1856. Listings include the person or firm and amount charged, commodities brought ashore or shipped, and the name of the steamboat. The proprietor might have been Francis Claude Rozier. Large quantities of iron and lead were shipped from the landing.

Linwood Theater Records, 1940s-1970s, (K0491)
1 cubic foot
Publicity, photographs, newsletters, and other documents relating to the Movie Theater at 31st and Prospect, Kansas City, MO. Much of the materials compiled by Leo R. Davis, manager.

Lock Brothers Milling Company Papers, 1861-1935, (C3630)
14 volumes, 3 folders on 3 reels of microfilm
Daybooks, ledgers, and payroll records of a family-owned milling company in Loose Creek, Osage County, MO. Operations included a sawmill, winery and flour mill. Most of the mill's business was done with local German immigrant farmers and their descendants. Early records are in German shorthand script and there are some gaps.

Lock Brothers Milling Company Photographs, (P0776)
4 photographs
Photos of the Lock Brothers Milling Company in Loose Creek/Luystown

Long, Philip Graham Business Records (R1434)
0.1 cubic foot (1 folder)
The Philip Graham Long Business Records consists of photocopies of the account ledger of a business located in Farmington, Missouri.

Long Brothers Account Books, 1856-1881, (C2495)
5 volumes
Account books of the general stores of Alfred Long, Cadet, Missouri, and John and William Long, Bellfountain, MO.

Louisiana and Missouri River Railroad, Certificate, 1871, (C3155)
1 folder
Blank stock certificate in the South Branch of the railroad.

Louisiana Central Lumber Company, Clarks, Louisiana, Records, 1901-1956, (C3660)
MICROFILM (Volumes only)
2 linear feet and 2 oversize volumes; also available on 4 rolls of microfilm
Records of the Louisiana Central Lumber Company and associated companies. The papers include correspondence, 1901-1945, financial records, company reports, maps, photographs, and other materials related to the southern lumber industry.

Lowman, William O., Papers, 1841-1898, (C3136)
1 folder
The papers contain correspondence regarding sale of Harris Mineral Springs and advertising the Erie Medical Company.

Lumber Company Price Lists, 1869-1894, (C0590)
1 folder
The collection contains price lists of G.C. Hixon & Company, of Hannibal, Missouri, 1869 and 1879; Judson Lyon, St. Joseph, Missouri, 1881; and I.M. Howell & Company, Atchison, Kansas, 1881. Also includes a statement of lumber shipments in 1894 and logging costs to various towns on the Mississippi River.

Lumber Yard Photograph, (P0988)
1 photograph
Photograph of lumber yard and buildings

Lynch Company Proposal, c. 1919, (C0722)
1 folder
The collection contains comments on a plan submitted by Lynch Company to revamp an unidentified business by instituting a centralized order department.


M.D. Heltzell & Company, St. Louis, Missouri, Market Report, 1874, (C2806)
1 folder
"St. Louis Daily Market Reporter" 24 June 1874, giving prices for cotton, baling stuffs, hemp, tobacco, lead, produce, meats, etc. in St. Louis and volume of exports and receipts.

M. P. Cayce & Sons, Daybook, 1873-1874, (R0531)
1 volume
This is a daybook from a general store operated by Milton Pleasant Cayce and family at Farmington, St. Francois County, Missouri. Entries begin 21 April 1873 and continue through 17 April 1874.

Mabry, D. B., Papers, (SA0927)
29 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Machir, John, Papers, 1791-1899, (C2893)
0.6 linear feet
The papers of John Machir, a businessman and landowner who lived in St. Louis and Co-lumbia, Missouri, consist of the legal papers of his father, Henry Machir, business correspond-ence, slave bills of sale, deeds, tax bills, surveys, personal correspondence, and account books.

Macke Store, Records, 1835-1972, (C0043)
2192 folders and 24 volumes on 26 rolls of microfilm
The business records of a Gordonville, Missouri, drygoods store, which grew into a general merchandise and farm service operation, follow this family-owned business from Vicksburg, Mississippi, through its move to Cape Girardeau County in 1840 and trace its development there into the 1970s.

Madison Cooperative Manufacturing Company, Fredericktown, Missouri, Account Book, 1878-1879, (C3027)
1 roll of microfilm
The account book of the Madison Cooperative Manufacturing Company of Fredericktown, Missouri lists sales for 1878-1879 for the iron works company.

Mallinckrodt Chemical Works (1867- ), Centennial Histories, 1967, (S0569)
1 Volume
Narrative histories written as part of Mallinckrodt Chemical Works centennial. Includes: Company in Transition, 1867-1967; Our Cake Has 100 Candles; and A Good Place To Work.

Manchester Fire Insurance Company of England, Record Book, 1894-1903, (C2317)
1 volume
The collection contains a record book of a Glasgow, MO, agency, George B. Harrison, Jr., agent.

Manley Inc. Records, 1922-2012, (K0621)
0.26 cubic foot
The records of Manley Inc. contain photographs of the company's products, offices and manufacturing plants. Additional materials include a sales manual, price lists and publications used for sales and reporting the latest news in the popcorn industry.

Mann, Clair V. (1884-1974), Collection, 1821-1973, (C3556)
12.4 linear feet, 5 volumes
Papers pertaining to the Meramec Iron Works, James family, Frisco Railroad, School of Mines and Metallurgy at Rolla, engineering education, testing of students, and other subjects of interest to Mann as an historian and engineer.

Maramec Iron Works, St. James, Missouri, Scrip, 1869, (C1515)
1 folder
The collection contains ten cent merchandise certificate No. 1463 issued by the Maramec Iron Works, 1 February 1869.

Marion City Company, Account Book, 1836, (C3031)
1 roll of microfilm
The account book of the Marion City Company contains statements of the amount of work done by woodcutters and laborers in 1836. The Marion City Company appears to be a building contractor.

Marionville, Missouri Promotional Booklet (R1441)
0.1 cubic foot (1 folder)
The Marionville, Missouri Promotional Booklet contains information about the city of Marionville, Missouri.

Mark Twain National Forest, Historical Photographs, ca. 1900-1985, (R0485)
These are photographs copied from holdings of the Mark Twain National Forest in Rolla, Missouri. Topics include National Forest facilities and projects; forest and wood industries; water mills; lakes, rivers, and springs; mines; dams; and the Civilian Conservation Corps and Youth Conservation Corps.

Markham, Percy W., Papers, (CA6401)
7.6 cubic feet
The papers of a Brookfield, Missouri, businessman and developer include materials concerning the Consumer Public Services Company and the development of Markham Estates. The collection also includes numerous glass plate negatives documenting life at the turn of the twentieth century, likely in the Brookfield, Missouri, area.

Marmaduke, Meredith Miles (1791-1864), Papers, 1823-1886, (C1021)
0.6 linear feet; also available on 1 roll of microfilm
Correspondence and miscellaneous personal and business papers of a Saline County, Missouri, farmer, businessman, lieutenant governor, and governor of Missouri.

Marshall General Merchandise Store, Cash Book, 1881-1885, (C2166)
1 volume
The collection contains cash accounts of the Marshall General Merchandise Store. The location of store is unknown.

Marshall, J. L., Accounts, 1854-1878, (C1541)
1 folder
The papers contain itemized drug accounts of J.L. Marshall, J.S. Moffatt & Company, J.T. Cunningham, and W.C. Bolin with the following companies: Z.F. Wetzell & Company, Henry Blaksley, Richardson & Company, and Meyer Brothers & Company all of St. Louis, Missouri, and William P. Troth & Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Martin Brothers, Mercantile Records, 1925-1930, (R0402)
2 oversize volumes
These are record books of a grocery and general store operated by Isaac Newton Martin and Thomas Martin at Theodosia in Ozark County, Missouri. The records include an account ledger, ca. 1925-1926, and a daybook, 6 June 1928 -- 18 October 1930.

Martin, James W., & Jerry J. Presley, Ozark Land & Lumber..Organization & Operations, 1887-1923, (C0958)
1 folder
Paper prepared for Professor R.C. Smith of the School of Forestry, University of Missouri. Includes photographs.

Martin, R.J., Papers, (CA6398)
2 cubic feet
Papers of a Springfield, Missouri, employee of the Southwestern Power Administration. Contains correspondence, reports, and miscellaneous material concerning rural cooperatives in Missouri, 1950s.

Matthews, Leonard, Addenda, 1908-1955, (SA1081)
1 box
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Matthews, Sherman, Papers, 1923-1930, (C4275)
0.4 cubic feet (16 folders)
Kansas City Bridge Company business correspondence of Sherman Matthews and H.M. Jopling. Also Jopling's Nelson High School Physics Experiment workbooks and a standard two-week time book to calculate wages owed, 1923-1930.

Maxwell and Johnson, Alexandria, Missouri, Account Book, 1861-1862, (C1163)
1 volume
Accounts of a general merchandise firm, Alexandria, MO."

May Company Department Store, Records, 1883-2004, (SA1130)
8 boxes, oversize
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

McArron, R. E., "The Ozarks of Missouri," ca. 1931, (R0083)
1 folder, photocopies
This is an illustrated promotional pamphlet by R. E. McArron extolling the productivity of the Ozarks region and predicting a land boom in the area. It contains testimonials by residents of Long Lane in Dallas County, Missouri.

McCanse Brothers, Records, 1886-1933, (R0355)
6 volumes
These are journals, cash books, and ledgers from the mercantile operations of the McCanse family at Mount Vernon, Lawrence County, Missouri. Included are records of the firm styled McCanse Brothers, 1886-ca. 1899, and those of Charles A. McCanse, ca. 1899-1933.

McCluney, Forrest Fletcher (1916-2004) Papers, 1954-1987, (K0710)
16 cubic feet
Professional correspondence of McCluney, civic leader and Vice President of the George Muehlebach Brewing Co. which was purchased by the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Co.,. Topics: Schlitz lawsuit, People-to-People & Sister Cities, and Tumaco Project. Also certificates, diplomas, and awards.

McConnell, Jasper S., Insurance Policies, 1886-1922, (C2212)
1 folder
Tornado policy on house for Archibald McLemone with the Home Insurance Company, New York, 1886-1891. Fire and lightning insurance for Jasper S. McConnell on horses, mules, and dwelling house with the Farmer's Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Dade County, MO, 1910-1915, 1917-1922.

McDonald and Cole, St. Charles, Missouri, Papers, 1849-1850, (C0374)
1 folder
Bills of sale, accounts, and correspondence of flour milling company.

McDonald Charcoal Company, Records, (CA6462)
2 cubic feet
Records of a charcoal company operating in Argyle, Missouri, from 1949 to 1971 include correspondence, financial records, and insurance information.

McDonnell Airscoop, Newsletters, 1963-1966, (S0758)
1 Microfilm Roll
In-house newsletter of the McDonnell Aircraft corporation of St. Louis. Articles on production of space craft and jet fighters. Also includes announcements about company events and news about company executives.

McDonnell-Douglas Corporation, Photographs, (P0074)
20 photographs
20 color prints; eight of pilot in a flight simulator, twelve of planes/jets either in flight or on flight decks (F/A-18 Hornet, AV-8B Harrier II, F-4 Phantom, F-15 Eagles, MD-80 passenger, DC-10 passenger).

McGraw, S. E., Account Book, 1874-1877, (C0581)
1 folder
Accounts of a harness and machine repairman, probably near Clinton, MO. The name of Warren Bronaugh appears throughout the book.

McGuthrie, M.T. and R., Receipt, 1856, (C2016)
1 folder
The collection contains a receipt for gold bullion deposited by Wells Fargo and Company for the McGuthries at the U.S. Assay Office, New York.

McKinzie, John Elmer, Business Ledgers, (CG0029)
0.9 cubic feet (3 oversize ledgers)
Three business ledgers from the farming and saw mill business of John Elmer McKinzie of Marquand, Missouri, from 1922-1940.

McMahan, Jesse (1813-1894), Account Book, 1850-1860, (C2272)
1 volume
The collection contains an account book of an Arrow Rock, MO, grocery and dry goods merchant. The book also contains recipes and newspaper clippings regarding weddings and deaths of prominent Saline County citizens, 1881-1904.

McMichael, John Morgan, Account Book, 1850-1867, (C1154)
1 volume
Account book of John Morgan McMichael, Plattsburg, MO. Includes inventory of merchandise; accounts due Thomas M. McMichael notes due and description of land owned by Thomas McMichael, September 1867.

Menard Sr., Pierre (1766-1844) Collection, 1805-1905, (K0275)
9 microfilm rolls
Microfilm of the Menard incoming and outgoing personal and professional correspondence in the Illinois State Historical Library and the Illinois Historical Survey. Letters deal with Menard's involvement in the fur trade and other businesses. Of particular interest are the letters from his daughter Berenice and her husband Francois Chouteau from their home at the mouth of the Kansas River.

Merchant and Staples Tobacco Company Account Books, 1874-1878, (C0582)
1 folder
Account books of a Chariton County, Missouri, tobacco company, with offices at Brunswick and Triplett, giving amounts of shipments, accounts payable to tobacco growers, and financial accounts of the company.

Merchants' Bank of Ste. Genevieve, Account Books, 1859-1862, (R0462)
2 oversize volumes
These are a "General Ledger" and "Individual Ledger" of the "branch of the Merchants' Bank of St. Louis, at St. Genevieve," 1859-1872. Controlled largely by the Rozier family, this institution appears to have been succeeded in 1865 by the Ste. Genevieve Savings Association. The "Individual Ledger" is indexed.

Mesker Brothers Iron Works, Records, 1879-1953, (S0331)
11 Volumes On 3 Microfilm Rolls
The Mesker Brothers Iron Works Records, 1879-1907, document the founding and early development of the company and the personal lives of members of the Mesker family. The records include correspondence, company licenses, shares and checks, catalogues, a patent, an account book and publications relating to the building trades. The collection contains early correspondence between Frank and Ben Mesker, 1882-1886; biographical information, birth and graduation announcements, obituaries, and newsclippings regarding members of the Mesker family; issues of two metal trades publications, Stove and Hardware and The Metal Worker, 1896; and six volumes of Weekly Compendium, the organ of the Building Trades Council, 1896-1897. The bulk of the collection includes six copies of Mesker Brothers catalogues, 1888-1898; and an account book of company component costs and sales records, known as "Ben's Bible," maintained by Ben Mesker from 1889-1931.

Meyer, Lynn, Photograph Collection, (P0225)
11 photographs
Photographs relating to Southwestern Bell Telephone and of several Missouri locations, including the state capitol, St. Louis, Unity Farms, and Forsyth Dam.

Meyers, Jack F. (1916-1988) Family Collection, 1948-ca. 1960s, (K1163)
0.02 cubic feet
The collection contains photographs of the Meyers owned Midtown Snack Shop and Artic Ice Cream in Kansas City, Missouri, and members of the Meyers and Stolov families.

MFA/Shelter Insurance, Scrapbooks, (CA4834)
6 volumes
Scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings, 1971-1983, pertaining to the employees and business activities of MFA and Shelter Insurance companies.

Miami Savings Bank, Miami, Missouri, Record Book, 1874-1923, (C1164)
1 volume
Includes articles of association, bylaws, minutes of board meetings, transfers, and minutes of stockholders' meetings."

Mid-America Grocers Association Records (S0260)
5 cubic feet
The Mid-America Grocers Association (MAGA) records contain the organization’s in-house publications, including the Food Dealers’ Digest, the St. Louis Grocer, the Metro-Food Dealer, and the Mid-America Grocer.

Midco Mercantile Company, Coupon Book, ca. 1920, (R0306)
1 item
This is an unused coupon book from the general store at Midco, two miles north of Fremont in Carter County, Missouri. The business was owned by the Mid-Continent Iron Company, which operated an iron furnace and chemical plant at Midco until 1921.

Midwest Coalition For Responsible Investment, Records, (SA0935)
15 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Midwest Coalition for Responsible Investment Records (SA4405)
3 cubic feet
This accretion to the Midwest Coalition for Responsible Investment (MCRI) Records contains correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, resolutions, and news articles pertaining to the group’s mission to influence major companies to become responsible corporate citizens by purchasing stocks in these companies.  Included in this accession are files on Ameren, Arch Coal International, Boeing, Monsanto, and Peabody Energy. Materials of interest include MCRI resolutions calling for Peabody Energy to adopt sustainable water efforts at its coal mining facilities. The materials in this accession date from 1998 to 2018.

Midwest Coalition for Responsible Investment Records (SA4436)
4 cubic feet
This addenda to the Midwest Coalition for Responsible Investment (MCRI) Records consists of histories, correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, and news articles pertaining to the group’s mission to influence prominent corporations to become responsible corporate citizens by purchasing stocks in these companies. Included in this access are files on Ameren, Boeing, and Monsanto. Materials of interest include a complete set of MCRI’s meeting minutes, documenting the group’s evolution from 1977 to 2019.

Millard, A. M., Letter, 1886, (R1216)
1 folder
This is a letter of 2 October 1886 from A. M. and C. R. Millard, dealers in dry goods at Rolla in Phelps County, Missouri, to Eagle & Phenix Manufacturing Company of Columbus, Georgia. The letter concerns an order for cotton yarn.

Miller County Exchange Bank, Olean, Missouri, Records, (CA4949)
1 linear foot
Minutes, correspondence, monthly reports, financial statements, and similar records of the bank, c. 1914-1944.

Miller, Edwin L., Papers, 1852-1897, (C0367)
1 folder
Papers of a tobacco plantation owner who moved from near Louisville, KY, to Callaway County, MO, about 1828. Family affairs and farming are discussed.

Miller's Shoes, Columbia, Missouri, Account Book, 1905-1924, (C1104)
1 volume
Account book, Miller's Shoes, Columbia, MO, 1905-1924. Monthly cash and credit sales. No names.

Miners Bank, Joplin, Missouri, Records, 1877-1915, (C0280)
4 folders
Incorporation papers, notice of meetings, resolutions, 1915 report, and correspondence.

Missouri & Illinois Mineral & Land Co., Papers, 1834-1900, (R0058)
11 folders
These are records of the acquisition and disposition of lands in a speculative industrial development scheme in Jefferson, Ste. Genevieve, Perry, Cape Girardeau, and Madison counties in Missouri.

Missouri and Associated Rivers Coalition (MOARC) Records, ca. 1935-ca. 1984, (K1087)
21 cubic feet
Records of the organization involved in flood control and better water management in the Missouri River Valley.

Missouri Female College, Boonville, Missouri, Certificate, n.d., (C0617)
1 folder
Certificate of stock signed by P.G. Rea, president.

Missouri Hybrid Corn Company, Fulton, Missouri, Records, 1932-1981, (C2966)
5 linear feet
The business records of the first hybrid corn company in Missouri include early company histories, scrapbooks, Italian POW labor records, and extensive financial records.

Missouri Land and Live Stock Company and Missouri Land Company of Scotland, Papers, 1881-1924, (C0825)
4 rolls of microfilm
Records, reports, and correspondence of companies which had main offices in Edinburgh, Scotland. Their purpose was to obtain land in southwest Missouri to sell or lease. Originals in Colorado State Archives.

Missouri Lives, Oral History Project, Records, 2014-, (C4249)
0.1 cubic feet, 13 CDs, 1 DVD
The collection consists of interviews with a wide array of Missourians who have had an interesting personal history and life. The collection consists of digitally recorded interviews, transcripts, and ephemera.

Missouri Lumber & Mining Co., Papers, 1888-1918, (R0140)
7 volumes, 2 folders
These are papers of Dr. Alexander Johnston, Chief Surgeon of the Missouri Lumber and Mining Company at Grandin, Carter County, Missouri. The collection consists primarily of records of the Employees Hospital Association of the lumber company, with miscellaneous material from the Congregational Church at Grandin.

Missouri Lumber and Mining Company Records, 1853-1945, (C2557)
82.3 linear feet, 110 oversize volumes and documents, 1 reel of microfilm
The records of the Missouri Lumber and Mining Company contain Correspondence, minutes of board of directors' meetings, and financial and operating records of a Grandin, MO, land and lumber company, which operated in Butler, Carter, Reynolds, Ripley and Wayne Counties.

Missouri Lumber and Mining Company, Photographs, 1906-1916, (C3875)
2 folders
Photographs of various Missouri Lumber and Mining Company operations in and around the Ozark town of Grandin, MO. Taken and collected by Harry M. Griffith, a company physician.

Missouri Ozarks Chamber of Commerce, Certificate, 1929, (R1196)
1 folder
This is a "Certificate of Investment" in the Missouri Ozarks Chamber of Commerce dated 5 April 1929 for J. M. Cape of Steelville in Crawford County, Missouri. It constitutes a three-year pledge to support the Chamber at two dollars per year. Officers named on the certificate are F. H. Wielandy (Campaign Chairman), Claude Bass (Solicitor), and E. K. Ponder (Treasurer).

Missouri Railroad Collection, (R1457)
0.5 cubic foot (19 folders)
The Missouri Railroad Collection is an ephemeral collection of records dealing with the railroad industry in Missouri. Included are records of railroad investments made by the J. & W. Seligman and Company and members of the Perkins, Livingston, Post Company of New York in railroad companies in Missouri and Kansas. These materials contain records for the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad Company; Kansas City, Clinton and Springfield Railroad Company; the Memphis, Carthage and Northwestern Railroad Company; the Missouri and Western Railway Company; the Oswego and State Line Railroad Company; Pierce City and Kanas Railroad Company; the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company; and the St. Louis, Wichita and Western Railway Company.

Missouri Railroad Records, 1837-, (C2358)
39.3 linear feet
The Missouri Railroad Records consist of reports, bulletins, pamphlets, proceedings, and other materials of railroads and related organizations in Missouri or its contiguous states.

Missouri Railway Construction Company, Records, (CA5006)
3 volumes
Ledger, minute book, and letters and statements of the company, 1896-1901.

Missouri River Navigation Association Records, (K0354)
0.34 cubic foot (19 folders, 204 photographs, 1 oversize photograph, 24 negatives)
The Missouri River Navigation Association Records contains photographs and negatives depicting different aspects of engineering and activities along the Missouri River.

Missouri Theatre, Columbia, Missouri, Glass Slides, Collection, (CA6403)
30 glass slides
Glass color slides featuring cartoon advertisement for the Missouri Theatre, c. 1920s.

Missouri Trust Company, Sedalia, Missouri, Debenture, 1891, (C1600)
1 folder
Debenture for fifty pounds to Lionel Fitzgerald Kirwan, Collin, Castle Douglas, Great Britain, from the Missouri Trust Company.

Missouri, Callaway County. Assessor's Records, 1830, (C0343)
1 folder
Tax list for residents and nonresidents of Callaway County, James Baker, assessor. The list is divided into resident and nonresident sections. These sections are arranged alphabetically by individual and list value and location of land and includes other property such as slaves and livestock.

Missouri, Gayoso, Farmers' Flood Relief Petition, 1898, (C0528)
1 folder
Petition signed by thirteen Gayoso, MO, farmers requesting supplies from Merchant's Exchange, St. Louis, MO, because of flood conditions. They suggest supplies be sent by Jasper Landers, Gayoso wharfmaster.

Missouri, Sedalia, Credit Record Book, 1873-1881, (C1248)
1 volume
The records contain credit records of individuals and businesses in Sedalia. Includes newspaper clippings of business transactions or any items of information affecting the financial status of the businessmen.

Missouri, Spring Hill, Daybook, 1851, (C3105)
1 volume
Daybook of a general store in Spring Hill, MO, listing names of customers, items purchased, and their prices.

Missouri, St. Charles. Certificate of Purchase, 1852, (C1698)
1 folder
To S.W. Rice from Robert McClarin, St. Charles marshal and ex-officio collector, 5 January 1852, for the purchase of a city lot owned by Elias Flint's Reps and sold for taxes.

Missouri, St. Charles. Receipt, 1844, (C1699)
1 folder
Receipt to William G. Pettus from Benj[amin] Emmons, Jr., St. Charles treasurer, for interest on warrants issued to George Collier.

Missouri, St. Charles. Receipts, 1821, (C1694)
1 folder
Receipts to Nath[aniel] Simons and Timothy Flint from John Jacoby, treasurer, St. Charles Corporation, for interest paid on city lot purchase loans, 1821.

Missouri, St. Clair County. Bond, 1870, (C1641)
1 folder
The collection contains a $1000 bond issued by St. Clair County to aid construction of the Clinton and Memphis branch of the Tebo and Neosho Railroad. The bond is signed by Wm. A. Mitchell, presiding justice, and Thos. J. Monroe, clerk, St. Clair County court.

Missouri, St. Joseph, Urban Renewal Project, 1952-1982, (C4170)
0.6 cubic feet (22 folders)
Correspondence, maps, clippings, architectural drawings, and economic data concerning urban renewal in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Missouri. Commissioners of State Capitol, Papers, 1838, (C1484)
1 folder
The papers consist of an authorization to pay G.A. Parsons $24.15 for hauling bricks from the penitentiary to the state house, and his receipt. Warrant authorization and receipt of John Withnell for a $300 partial payment for the capitol building contract.

Missouri. General Assembly, 23rd, Act, 1865, (C1870)
1 folder
Act to incorporate the National Loan Bank of St. Louis, MO, certified by Francis Rodman, secretary of state. Individuals incorporating the bank were Chauncey I. Filley, William McKee, Truman Woodruff, Thomas O'Reily, Stephen Ridgley, Christian Garrell and Antony Niedermeiser.

Missouri. General Assembly, 2nd regular session, Accounts, 1822, (C1537)
1 folder
The records contain accounts of money due Abraham S. Platte, Mathias McGirk, Samuel C. Owens, D.C. Westerfield, and William Beaver for supplies and services rendered the Missouri Senate, House of Representatives, and Supreme Court, St. Charles, Missouri, 1822.

Missouri-Alaska Gold Company, Paris, Missouri, Letterhead, 1898, (C1676)
1 folder
The collection contains letterhead listing names of the company's officers, $50,000 capital stock, and 1897 incorporation date.

Mitchell, Allen, Account Book, 1859-1889, (R0583)
1 volume
This is an account book kept by Allen Mitchell, a contractor and builder at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. The entries record expenses and the time worked by stonemasons and laborers on construction projects including the third Greene County Courthouse, the college, and a Methodist church.

Mitchell, Arthur Giles Carroll (1906-1986) Papers, 1934-1982, (K0418)
0.3 cubic foot
Mitchell trained was an architect, an engineer and architect with the Federal Government and with the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company. He was also author of the books There is no Limit: Architecture and Sculpture in Kansas City and Bell Systems: Restructured. Includes manuscripts of his books, correspondence, and certificates, drawings, and photographs.

Moark Land & Timber Co., Records, 1898-1903, (R0068)
4 volumes
These are financial records of a timber exploitation and lumber business in the Bootheel section of Missouri. Franklin Johnson Cunningham managed the firm and its headquarters were at Caruthersville in Pemiscot County, Missouri.

Modern Jeweler [journal], 1901-1981, (K0524)
10 cubic feet
Jewelers' trade journal published in Kansas City, MO.

Monsanto Texas City Explosion, Insurance Claim, 1947, (S0591)
1 Folder
On April 16, 1947 the freighter SS Grandcamp exploded at a Monsanto pier in Texas City, Texas, killing 576 people. A discarded cigarette ignited its cargo of ammonium nitrate fertilizer. The blast set off a series of fires. This claim's cover page calls it the largest single risk loss in the history of insurance.

Moore and Mahnkey, Invoice Book, 1914-1918 (C0294)
1 folder
Record of hardware and grocery invoices, 1914, 1915 and 1918. Lists of articles, quantities, and prices. Probably near Forsyth, Missouri.

Morantz, David (1893-1959) Papers, ca. 1909-1952, (K0627)
8 cubic feet
Papers of Kansas City area businessman who compiled stories from the Talmud which were syndicated in newspapers as "Talmudic Tales". Also includes his business and religious organizational activities as well as research files and writings on the Talmud, Jewish history and law, dietary laws, and anti-Semitism.

Morgan, J.W., Ledger, 1875-1877 (C0295)
1 folder
Ledger of the mercantile firm and medical practice of J.W. Morgan, Graham, Nodaway County, Missouri. Includes names of customers, items purchased, and prices.

Morris Family, Papers, 1880-1946, (C0369)
1 linear foot
Financial records, correspondence, notary public records, newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous items of Byron V. Morris and Frank B. Morris, Rockbridge, Ozark County, MO. Account books from B.V. Morris' businesses.

Morris, Albert G., Papers, 1898-1903, (R1137)
1 folder
These are merchants' receipts to Albert G. Morris and his business partners, J. W. Toliver and Elmer Lindley, at Dadeville in Dade County, Missouri. Morris, Toliver, and Lindley were proprietors of a hardware, implements, and undertaking firm.

Morris, Ralph L., Papers, (C4367)
0.75 cubic feet (20 folders)
The Ralph Morris Papers chronicle the life of Ralph L. Morris and his wife, Alice “Billie” Morris. They consist of photos, newspaper articles, a scrapbook, and memorial books.

Morrison Family, Papers, 1840s-1940s, (CA6400)
1.2 cubic feet
Family and business papers of the Morrison family of Howard County, Missouri. Largely concerns Alfred Williams Morrison (1802-1883), as well as his sons, James P. and Preston E. Morrison.

Mound City Commercial College, Records, 1872-1873, (S0944)
1 box
Thomas A. Rice founded the Mound City Commercial College in 1859 in Boone County, Missouri. Among the notable graduates of the college was the lawyer, Sherrod W. Turner in 1869, Fred Waite in 1874. The collection has two ledgers documenting the financial records of the college from 1872 to 1873 in St. Louis.

Mount Vernon Bank, Mount Vernon, Missouri, Papers, 1882-1929 (C0143)
MICROFILM (Volumes only)
1.2 linear feet
1 roll of microfilm
Records of a bank liquidated on 24 July 1929. Includes documents left at bank by depositors, claims against the bank, and inventory of bank at its closure. Volumes are on microfilm.

Mount Vernon Building and Loan Association, Minutes, 1888-1908, (R0733)
1 volume
This volume contains minutes of regular and called meetings of the Board of Directors of the Mount Vernon Building and Loan Association of Mount Vernon in Lawrence County, Missouri. The Association was formed to provide loans for the improvement of property and buildings in Mount Vernon. The minutes include the names of borrowers and amounts of the loans.

Mount Vernon, Missouri, Ledger, 1872-1879, (R0333)
1 volume
This is an account ledger of a millinery and dress accessories shop, probably associated with Kellogg & Whaley's store in Mount Vernon, Missouri. The accounts are indexed at the front of the volume. Kellogg & Whaley account books are included in collections R0315 and R0332.

Munger Securities Company, Advertising Pamphlet, 1916, (R0308)
1 folder
This is an illustrated pamphlet published by the Munger Securities Company, promoting real estate offerings in southern Missouri. The tracts were primarily in Carter County, but extended into portions of Butler, Reynolds, and Ripley counties. The local offices were in Hunter, Missouri.

Munsell & Ware, Letter, 1889, (R1226)
1 folder
This is a letter dated 23 March 1889 from Munsell & Ware, real estate agents at Eminence in Shannon County, Missouri, to J. W. Rulifson & Bro. of Lincoln, Nebraska. The letter concerns land for sale in Shannon County.

Murrel, Geo[rge], Papers, 1814-1822, (C1605)
1 folder
The papers of George Murrel contain two photocopied letters. The first is a letter to George Murrel, Barren County, KY, from William Murrel, Greenville, [KY], 11 June 1814, about business, family, local, national, and international situation, defeat of Bonaparte. The second is a letter to Murrel, from Sam[uel] Blain, Springfield, KY, 20 August 1822. Blain wrote of trading hemp for salt, instructions about purchasing hogs.

Myers and Hutchinson Account Book, 1862-1864, (C1118)
1 volume
John E. Myers and James Hutchinson were business partners in St. Louis, MO.


Nall, C. H., Broadside, 1862, (C2445)
1 folder
Broadside advertising the sale of goods belonging to the late firm of Nall and Moore, by the administrator, C.H. Nall, 28 February 1862.

Nance, Reuben S., notebook, 1838-1903, (R0183)
1 folder, photocopies
This is a notebook of Reuben S. Nance of Collins in St. Clair County, Missouri. Included are accounts receivable from mercantile operations, 1838-1857; records of school attendance, 1854-1856; and miscellaneous memoranda, 1857-1903.

National Fire Insurance Co. of Hartford, Connecticut, Record Book, 1894-1902, (C2318)
1 volume
Record book of a Glasgow, MO, agency, George B. Harrison, agent.

Naumann, Henry, Account Book, 1869-1892, (C3340)
1 folder
Account book of H. Naumann of Gray's Summit, of general merchandise sold each year. Also included are records of oats and wheat thrashed by Ernest Walters.

Nebel and Son, High Hill, Missouri, Records, 1867-1899, (C4231)
0.2 cubic feet (2 folders)
The records of Nebel and Son, of High Hill, Missouri, contain bee-keeping supplies price lists, land leases, ledgers, and miscellaneous papers from the family business of John and E.F. Nebel.

Nelson, George N., Record Books, 1914-1920 (C0296)
3 folders
Three record books of a small country store in Buford, Baxter County, Arkansas. Itemized customer accounts for merchandise, groceries, farm products, and gasoline. Nelson was a farmer and postmaster as well as owner of the general store and cotton gin.

Neuer Brothers Picnic Panorama Photograph, 1930, (K1118)
1 folder
Photograph of the Meat Company's annual employees and families picnic at Twin Springs.

New Hampshire Fire and Marine Insurance Company, Policy Register, 1804-1805, (C1189)
1 volume
Insurance policies issued on ships and cargoes.

New-Mac Electric Cooperative, Bylaws, 1944, (R1108)
1 folder
This is a booklet containing the bylaws of the New-Mac Electric Cooperative, Inc., which served members in Newton and McDonald counties in Missouri. The cooperative was formed in 1939 and these revised bylaws became effective on 14 July 1944.

Newco Manufacturing Company Collection, (K1387)
0.03 cubic foot (2 folders)
The Newco Manufacturing Company Collection contains marketing materials related to the company including product advertisements for hand and bench swaging tools as well as catalogs for wire rope fittings dated 1965 and 1968.

Nichols, Shepard and Company Notes, 1874, (C1757)
1 folder
Notes signed by A.J. Jones, W. Phipps and Ann E. Gilbreath.

Nooney, Gregory (1903- ), Papers, 1909-1984, (S0168)
44 Folders
St. Louis Real Estate Developer. In the 1930s and 1940s, Nooney worked as an executive for Stix, Baer and Fuller and Lesser-Goldman. He also served on the City Plan Commission and the Missouri Retailers' Association. In 1945 he founded the Nooney Company, which developed St. Louis' first shopping center and Clayton's first high-rise building. Includes correspondence, employment contracts, memoranda, newsclippings, photographs and a scrapbook.

Norman, T. J., Ledger, 1890-1902, (R0055)
1 volume
This is an account ledger of a general store operated by T. J. Norman, probably at Winona in Shannon County, Missouri. The entries begin in 1890 and continue through 1901. The volume concludes with an inventory of the stock of T. J. Norman as sold to Trammell & Miller on 8 April 1902.

North Kansas City Development Company (NKCDC) Records, 1948-1990, (K1110)
31 cubic feet
Business records of the Company, which later became The Provo Group. Includes correspondence, legal and financial materials, reports and studies, leases and mortgages, and information about specific properties and developments in Kansas City and other states. Also records of the Jefferson City Rodeway Inn, which NKCDC owned and managed.

North Kansas City Levee District v. Forever Green of Missouri, LLC Papers, (K1111)
80 cubic feet
Research files including legal documents, government records, corporate records, correspondence, minutes, photographs, maps, and plans.

Northeast Industrial District Development Records, 1940-1942, (K0404)
16 folders
Reports, proposals, particularly related to flood protection, news clippings, and photographs concerning the development of the Northeast Industrial District of Kansas City, MO.

Northside Telephone Company Records, 1899-1983, (K0157)
0.5 cubic foot
An early private phone company in Parkville, MO. Records include minutes, Articles of Association and Amendments, bonds and bylaws, annual reports, appraisals, operational costs reports, telephone rates, governmental ordinances and regulations, and correspondence with other phone companies and customers. Also are maps of the territory, architectural plans, clippings, and articles about the company.

Nowlin, Sneed and Nowlin Invoice Book, 1851-1852, 1865-1867, (C1192)
1 volume
Invoices of items purchased by a general merchandise firm in Missouri City, MO, mounted on pages of an account book entitled "Richfield, MO, 1851-1852." Several pages of the Richfield, MO, section are not covered by invoices.

Null, S. Claude, Family Papers (R1390)
1.75 cubic feet (57 folders, 3 volumes, 203 photographs)
The S. Claude Null Family Papers contain the personal and family papers for Claude Null of Rolla, Missouri. These papers include personal correspondence, genealogy research, and photographs for the Null, Harrison, Headrick/Hedrick, and connected families.

Nunn, John Gatewood (1800-1893), Ledger, 1832-1883, (C1194)
1 volume
Ledger of owner of grist, flour and saw mill on the Fabius River in Lewis County, MO. Includes an itemized account of expenditures for erecting the mill, 1832-1834."


O. H. Cogswell and Company Records, 1855-1857 (K0317)
0.4 cubic feet
The records contain a ledger that documents financial transactions for O. H. Cogswell and Company in Independence, Missouri.

Oak Grove Telephone Company Records, 1902-1945, (K0172)
3 folders
Independent telephone company in Savannah, Andrew County, MO. Includes Minutes, membership lists, and financial records, the Constitution and By-laws of the Company, and a telephone directory for the Andrew County Mutual Telephone Company.

Oglesby Coal Company Papers, 1865-1931 (C0150)
0.5 linear feet
Deeds, abstracts, and correspondence referring to the sinking of a vertical mine shaft for the Oglesby coal mine, Oglesby, La Salle County, IL. Includes a will of Preserved Smith, Dayton, Ohio, January 5, 1887.

Old Trails Bridge Company Papers, 1921-1924, (C0593)
4 folders
Correspondence and other papers pertaining to construction of the bridge at Boonville. List of officers, subscribers, toll charges, and agreement adopted by board, July 25, 1921. T.A. Johnston was president, W.B. Nowell and John Cosgrove were vice-presidents, H.C. Neef, Secretary, and R.G. Hadelich, Treasurer.

Oliver, Robert Burett (1850-1934), Papers, 1882-1884, (C0379)
2 folders
Accounts and receipts of a Jackson, Cape Girardeau County, MO, resident for taxes, groceries and produce, household goods, and labor.

Oregon County Credit Bureau, Form Letter, 1936, (R0305)
1 folder
This is an unused form letter from the Oregon County Credit Bureau, asking that a client make a settlement on account. A business directory for Oregon County is included on the letterhead.

Osage Valley Bank, Minute Book, 1908-1912, (C2321)
1 volume
Minutes of board of directors meetings, including financial statements.

Osborne Realty Company, Brochure, n.d., (R0878)
1 folder
This is a promotional brochure for the Osborne Realty Company at Osceola in St. Clair County, Missouri. It extols the virtues of the land and people of the area, and offers several parcels of rural land for sale. The brochure is not dated.

Ozark Crude Oil Company, Stock Certificate, 1902, (R0919)
1 folder
This is a stock certificate for 250 shares in the Ozark Crude Oil Company of Joplin in Jasper County, Missouri. It was issued on 13 May 1902 to Charles P. Johnson.

Ozark Land & Lumber Co., Photographs, ca. 1900-1920, (R0279)
1 folder
These are photographs of the Ozark Land and Lumber Company at Fishertown in Shannon County, Missouri. Included are views of the mills, dry kiln, machine shop, lumber yard, employees, and the lumber company's band. The views are from the collection of Lon Hogan of Winona, Missouri.

Ozark Land and Lumber Company, Records, 1887-1933, (C0037)
8 linear feet, 100 oversize volumes
The business papers and record books of a Shannon County, Missouri, lumber company consists of correspondence, financial records, minutes of directors’ and stockholders’ meetings, store records, cutting and other lumber records, land records, and survey maps.

Ozark Playgrounds Association, Booklets and Pamphlets, 1929-1955, (R0854)
6 items
These are three booklets and three pamphlets published by the Ozark Playgrounds Association promoting "Playgrounds of the Ozarks," in an area encompassing parts of Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. Included in the booklets are geographical listings, while two of the pamphlets contain highway maps and listings of member hotels, motels, resorts, restaurants, and tourist attractions, while another contains more general information.

Ozark Trails Bridge, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Brochure, n.d., (R0772)
1 folder
This is a promotional brochure for the "Ozark Trails Bridge" over the Mississippi River at Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Although undated, the brochure appears to have been printed in the 1930s.


Palmer, Cruise (1917-2011) Papers, 1909-1977, (K0240)
1 cubic foot
Palmer was a prominent journalist and a Executive Editor at the Kansas City Star. Contains news articles, photographs, and other documents related to the history and stockholders of the Kansas City Star Company; the professional journalist society, Sigma Delta Chi, for which Palmer was Kansas City chapter president; and the everyday work of a newspaper journalist.

Palmyra, Missouri, Merchant's Day Book, 1855-1858, (C2333)
1 volume
The collection contains day book from a general store of Palmyra, Marion County, MO.

Papineau, Quintin, Photographs, (CG0034)
0.01 cubic foot (1 folder)
Thirty-five photographs of agricultural machinery harvesting cotton, rice, and potatoes. Also included in this collection are photographs of natural springs, steamboats, ferry, and buildings in southeast Missouri, Oregon County and Marion County, Missouri.

Parelman, Aaron Robert and Sandra Katz, Papers (K0854)
0.01 cubic feet (1 folder, 1 photograph)
The Aaron Robert Parelman and Sandra Katz Parelman Papers contain a single photograph of co-owner Ben Katz inside Katz Hat Works, at 9th and McGee Streets in Kansas City, Missouri. 

Parker and Watts Circus, Records, 1934-1949, (C2307)
26.9 linear feet, 15 volumes
The records contain general business accounts and records, employee and general correspondence, newspaper and magazine clippings, and photographs.

Parker, James W. (1822-1907) Records, 1851-1872, (K0148)
5 volumes
Financial, medical journals (listing patient name, ailment, treatment and charge for the service), and other records of Parker, a physician in Westport, MO prior to the Civil War. The records also include information on the overland trade in which Parker invested, both in Westport and in Nebraska City, NE.

Parrish, John C. (1854-1944), Papers, 1877-1954, (C0034)
5.4 linear feet
Correspondence, business papers, and account books of John C. Parrish of Vandalia, Missouri. He was a member of the board of curators of the University of Missouri, 1905-1917; held interests in the lead and zinc mining industry in Missouri and Oklahoma; and was active in the Republican Party in Missouri.

Patton, Arthur L., Grandin Mo. and Its Great Industry, n.d., (R0894)
1 item
This is a booklet by photographer and publisher Arthur L. Patton containing photographs of scenes of Grandin in Carter County, Missouri, and the operations of the Missouri Lumber and Mining Company.

Paxton , Frank, Jr. (1918-1997 ) Papers, 1960-1997, (K0558)
38 cubic feet, oversize
Personal and business papers of Frank Paxton, Jr., former president of Paxton Lumber Company and civic leader in Kansas City, Missouri. Includes material on the lumber business, and his interest in education and the Guadalupe Center and extensive genealogical research on the Paxton family.

Paydown, Missouri, Records, 1862-1897, (R0303)
2 volumes, 1 folder
These are ledgers, 1862-1869, from a bakery in St. Louis, and from Paydown Mill on the Gasconade River in Maries County, Missouri. There are also a few papers, 1881-1897, of the proprietors of the mill and store at Paydown.

Payne-Broadwell Family, Papers, 1803-1903, (C0983)
4.8 linear feet, 11 volumes
The Payne-Broadwell Family papers contain the business, personal, and legal papers of Moses U. Payne and his nephew Moses M. Broadwell. Moses U. Payne resided in Boone County, MO, from 1823 to 1895. Moses M. Broadwell's papers contain significant family letters and revealing correspondence from the Civil War and from the Reconstruction era. Also present are miscellaneous papers of the Oliver C. Roby family.

Pearson Family, Papers, 1822-1941 (C0297)
6 folders
Papers of Isaac Pearson (1810-1895), of the mercantile firm of Boon, Pearson, and Smith of Fayette, Missouri, and miscellaneous writings of his grandson, Ben S. Pearson of St. Louis.

Pendergast, Jr., Thomas J. (1912-1990) Papers, 1902-1978, (K0316)
0.33 cubic feet
The papers contain correspondence, event programs, newspaper clippings, legal and financial documents, and home movies.

Pener, Shirley Fishman (1929- ) Papers, 1939-1948, (K1188)
3 folders
Photographs of Pener's Men's Wear, Boy Scouts of America, Troop #53, the Talmudic Academy of Greater Kansas City, B'nai B'rith Youth, and the Ciechanowcer Aid Society.

Penney, James Cash (1875-1971), Papers, 1859-1944, (C0384)
1 folder
Compositions containing biographical material and merchandising information, written by the head of the J.C. Penney chain stores. Pamphlets on the J.C. Penney Missouri farms. Also a reproduction of the PLEASANT RIDGE PEARL, 1859, containing an oration by Penney's father.

Pennington-Gilbert Shoe Company, Papers, 1925-1930, (R1131)
1 folder
These are stock certificates and correspondence from the Pennington-Gilbert Shoe Company sent to Robert L. and Louise D. Ayers of Rolla in Phelps County, Missouri. The papers concern the shoe industry, the Pennington-Gilbert shoe factory at Rolla, and the Bristol Shoe Company.

Perry, John, Daybook, 1839-1840, (R0197)
1 volume
This is a daybook of a mercantile operation in Washington County, Missouri, attributed to John Perry, Jr. The trade included dry goods, groceries, hardware, lumber, and blacksmithing services. The Springfield Iron Furnace, the Cedar Creek Forge, Samuel T. Dunklin & Co., and Rozier & Desloge were among the customers.

Personnel Association, (SA1063)
1 box
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Peterson-Miller Box Company Papers, (R1433)
0.1 cubic feet (1 folder)
The Peterson-Miller Box Company Papers include a 1931, logging contract and several corresponding letters pertaining to logging on a tract of land located along the Mississippi River in Scott County, Missouri.

Petty, James Harvey (1830-1888), Records, 1871-1939, (C4252)
0.4 cubic feet (2 folders)
The records of a medical doctor in Jacksonville, Missouri. The records consist of two ledgers, one is a commercial ledger, listing individuals and amounts of merchandise in Jacksonville, Missouri, 1871. The other lists patients and services kept by Dr. Petty from 1881-1939.

Pfefferkorn, Michael Gene, Papers, (S1219)
9.25 cubic feet
The papers of Michael Gene Pfefferkorn contain correspondence, meeting minutes, newsletters, and speeches concerning the historic preservation of St. Louis landmarks and neighborhoods, including the Major John Stevens Bowen House; the integration of St. Louis City Schools during the 1970s; and the establishment of the American Tax Token Society in 1971. Other topics of interest include the publication of the Missouri Journal of Numismatics, which Pfefferkorn edited from 1976 to 2001. The papers date from 1964 to 1993.

Phelps, Missouri, Cashbook, 1884, (R0344)
1 volume
This is a cashbook of an unidentified general store at Phelps, ten miles northwest of Mount Vernon in Lawrence County, Missouri. It may have been operated by Lawson & Clements, or by Wiley & Company. There are entries for 10 May -- 17 August 1884.

Phelps County, Missouri, Booklet, 1925, (R0678)
1 folder, photocopies
This is "A Message to the Homeseeker," advertising the towns and principal businesses of Newburg, Rolla, and Saint James in Phelps County, and Salem in Dent County, Missouri. The booklet contains brief descriptions of businesses and illustrations of commercial establishments and public buildings.

Phelps County, Missouri, Ledger, 1869-1923, (R0013)
1 folder
The author of the ledger is unknown, but may have been Jonathan Marber. Two receipts were enclosed inside the ledger, made out to Marber in April and July 1928. The author may have been the owner of a mill or general store, indicated by sales of hardware and dry goods. The first entry, dated 1869, is listed as "cost of building" and details the cost of construction and labor.

Piepenbring Jr., Frank, (1917-2009) Papers, 1933-2009, (K0585)
5 cubic feet
Personal papers of Kansas City area resident, businessman and World War II veteran. Includes correspondence, publications and printed materials, and World War II military training materials, maps, and photographs.

Pierson, Elmer F. (1896-1982) Papers, 1938-1981, (K0084)
0.5 cubic foot
Photocopied scrapbooks compiled following Pierson's retirement from the Vendo Company, a manufacturer of vending machines. They are items Pierson felt to be of greatest personal interest dealing with Vendo and Pierson philanthropic and civic activities.

Pihlblad, C. Terence (1897-1978), Papers, 1941-1978, (C3814)
2 linear feet
The papers of Pihlblad, a sociology professor at the University of Missouri from 1930 to 1967, primarily concern Pihlblad's research in gerontology. The papers include correspondence, papers, and articles by Pihlblad and other sociologists, and material on aging studies conducted in Missouri during the 1960s.

Platt and Thornburgh Paint Company Books, 1889-1900, (C2332)
2 volumes
The collection contains books of a St. Louis, MO, paint company. Vol. 1 is an inventory book, 1889-1891. Vol. 2 is an order book, 1899-1900.

Platt And Thornburgh Paint Company, Photograph Scrapbook, (SA0959)
18 Photographs
The photographs were donated in 2005 by State Historical Society of Kansas. The collection consists of 18 photographs from a small booklet. The photographs have been scanned and added to the SHSMO-St. Louis photograph database.

Poague, Haysler F., Books, 1913-1934, (C0866)
2 folders
The collection contains books kept by a Henry County, Missouri, lawyer and realtor, including cases, fees, and real estate with prices and commissions.

Poirot, Eugene M., Papers, 1923-1989, (R0385)
231 folders
These are papers of a farmer and environmentalist of Lawrence County, Missouri. Topics include agriculture, fish-culture, soil conservation, and farm legislation. Included are family papers, correspondence, writings, speeches, photographs, and motion pictures on videocassette. In part, on microfilm.

Powel, Thomas M., (1816- ), Books, 1833-1886, (C1204)
1 folder, 6 volumes
Papers of the owner of a gristmill and blacksmith shop on the Big Fabius near Newark, Knox County, MO. Includes Powel family genealogical material.

Prewitt Family, Papers, 1836-1907, (C2919)
0.2 linear feet
The papers of the Prewitt family, including, Moss Prewitt, his son Robert Thomas and his spouse Sallie Rubey Prewitt, consist of business records, correspondence, receipts, and miscellaneous material.

Price, John J., Letter, 1917, (R0905)
1 folder
This is a letter dated 23 December 1917 from John J. Price at Peirce (now Pierce) City in Lawrence County, Missouri, to R. L. Ballou at Jefferson in Ashe County, North Carolina. The letter concerns the possibility of Price taking over Ballou's flour mill at Big Timber in Sweet Grass County, Montana.

Price, William, Account Books, 1837-1855, (C2480)
3 volumes
The collection contains business records of Dr. William Price.

Prudhomme, Gabriel (1789-1831) Estate Abstract, 1831-1858 (K0209)
0.04 cubic feet
The collection contains an abstract documenting transactions related to the disposition of the estate of Gabriel Prudhomme, one of Kansas City's founders.

Pulitzer, Joseph (1885-1955), Papers, 1897-1958 , (S0060)
163 Microfilm Rolls
Joseph Pulitzer was an editor and newspaper publisher. The papers primarily relate to his editorship of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and cover nearly every aspect of the operation and production of the newspaper, including its internal business management, and its editorial polics. The collection contains extensive correspondence with family, journalists and politicians.

Pulliam, B.G., Daybook, 1836-1838, 1843-1860, (C4332)
0.2 cubic feet
The daybook of the B.G. Pulliam Dry goods store in Middletown, Montgomery County, Missouri, contains names of dry goods store customers and an itemized list of goods purchased and prices paid.

Pyle, William, Photographs, (P0026)
181 photographs
Columbia photographer William Pyle worked from a studio next to Central Dairy, one of his big customers. Central Dairy-related images, including interior and exterior views of the building, children's field trips, "Central Baby" portraits, and photos of the Merchandettes and a sponsored baseball team.


Quarry Heights Owners' Association, Columbia, Missouri, Records, 1951-1987, (C4157)
1 folder
Bylaws, correspondence, rules, membership lists, and president's material of Wesley S. Platner, 1951-1987.

Quesenbury, J.P., Receipt, 1863, (C2448)
1 folder
The collection contains a receipt issued to Quesenbury by J.P. Maxey for payment of $15.46 for commissary stores sold to Jackson Cooper, 31 March 1863.


R.E. Lee Mercantile Company, Records, 1881-1941 (C0292)
2 folders
4 volumes
Receipts from a general store in Doniphan, Missouri; account books, cash books; day books; inventories; and minute books. This store succeeded Pearce and Lee Mercantile Company.

R.S. Woolton and Company, Articles of Agreement, 1852, (C1652)
1 folder
The collection contains Photostats of an agreement between R.S. Woolton and Company and Jesse B. Turley, Taos County, New Mexico Territory. They formed a partnership to drive sheep to California. Topics include financial arrangements, supplies, and sale procedures.

Radford, E.K., Receipts, 1904, (C3184)
1 folder
The collection contains receipts for coffee and tea shipped from New York to Kansas City by the Commercial Fast Transportation Company.

Ragland, C. A., Letter, 1890, (R1017)
1 folder
This is an autograph letter dated 10 September 1890 from C. A. Ragland at Stockton in Cedar County, Missouri, to T. L. Smith at Whitehall, Illinois. The letter concerns taxes on the estate of James W. Gregory.

Railroad Stock and Bond Certificates Collection, (R1485)
0.03 cubic foot (1 folder)
The Railroad Stock and Bond Certificates Collection consists of 70 stock and bond certificates for railroad companies in the United States and Canada.

Railroads Unimproved Land Association, Certificate, 1914, (R1202)
1 folder
This is "Full-Paid-Up Certificate" number 6763 AA in The Railroads Unimproved Land Association, which had a "development office" at Fruit City in Reynolds County, Missouri. The certificate was issued to Mrs. C. Border of Union, Ohio, on 28 May 1914.

Ramsey, U.S., Account Book, 1879-1882, (C1214)
1 volume
Account book of a Sunlight, MO, man. Farm and general accounts, 1879-1882, and merchandise and business accounts of the Enterprise Store, started by Ramsay in 1882.

Rannells Family Papers, 1838-1914, (S0786)
176 Folders, 10 Oversized Items, 1 CD Of Digital Images
The Rannells Family Papers include approximately 3.5 cubic feet of correspondence, legal documents and household receipts. They have been organized into four series.

Ray Family Papers (R1356)
6 cubic feet (91 folders, 15 oversize)
The collection of the Ray family contains genealogical information on the Ray and Housden families, photographs of the family and Licking, Missouri.

Reavis, Logan Uriah (1831- ), Papers, 1844-1888 , (S0066)
1 Roll Microfilm
Correspondence of St. Louis businessman and booster who, from 1867-1889, sought to move the nation's capital to St. Louis, Mo. Correspondents include Horace Greeley and Richard Yates. Collection also includes unpublished manuscript on Reavis by Norma Switzer.

Records, Thomas W. (1841-1931) Papers, 1866, (K0557)
1 volume
Daily diary with entries on the weather; business activity; unusual events in the city such as runaway horses, Cholera, or the circus; record of visitors, letters written and received, and his travels during that year. Records was a merchant/farmer in Blue Springs, MO.

Redmon, William, Collection, 1872-1906, (C4234)
0.25 cubic feet (2 folders)
The William Redmon collection consists of one account book documenting sales at his Tipton, Missouri, drugstore and one book from 1905-1906, listing car licenses issued in the state of Missouri. Very little information is included in the automobile license record book.

Reed-Harlin Company, Minutes of Meetings, 1904-1978, (R0489)
1 volume
These are minutes of meetings of the stockholders and board of directors of the Reed-Harlin Company, a wholesale grocery firm based in West Plains, Howell County, Missouri. The records begin with the organization of the company in 1904 as the West Plains Grocer Company, and continue through its dissolution in 1978.

Reed, Ellen "Nell" Quinlan Donnelly Papers, (K0444)
4 cubic feet (165 folders, 4 oversize folders, 55 photographs)
The Ellen “Nell” Quinlan Donnelly Reed Papers contain correspondence, printed and published advertisements, and photographs related to the life of Nell Donnelly Reed, prominent Kansas City businesswoman and cofounder of the Donnelly Garment Company. The papers also cover topics including politics and travel.

Reed, James Alexander (1861-1944) Papers, 1903-1950, (K0443)
59 cubic feet, 45 phonograph recordings
Personal and professional correspondence, speeches, case files, legal documents, scrapbooks, and subject files of Kansas City Mayor and United States Senator James A. Reed.

Regional Commerce And Growth Association, (SA0964)
11 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Reuben Smith & Company, Ledger, 1836-1865, (R0645)
1 volume
This is a ledger of Reuben Smith & Company, a mercantile firm at Selma in Jefferson County, Missouri. The volume contains a listing of lands patented and rules for mining in Harmony Township in Washington County, Missouri, 1836-1845, and invoices for goods purchased by Reuben Smith & Co., primarily at Selma in Jefferson County, Missouri, 1837-1846.

Reynolds Family, Collection, 1875-1997, (CG0007)
2.6 cubic feet (45 folders), 9 film reels
The collection of the Reynolds family of Morehouse, Missouri contains correspondence and papers, guest and autograph books, postcards, barbershop business ledgers, educational awards and diplomas, photographs, and films for John Clayborn, Louella (Harmon), Charles Baker, Thelma, and Nell Reynolds.

Richards, J.P., Check, 1859, (C0908)
1 folder
A check written on the banker J.P. Richards, Hannibal, MO, for $600.

Richland Hotel, Richland, Missouri, Collection, ca. 1930s-1940s, (R0625)
1 folder
This is a collection pertaining to the Richland Hotel in Richland, Pulaski County, Missouri. Included are two photographs of the hotel, a blotter, an envelope, and two rate cards.

Riley, J., Ledger, 1856-1860, (C2331)
1 volume
The collection contains a Hannibal, MO, merchant's ledger containing transactions of his print shop, lumber business and general store.

Ringolsky, Issie J. (1864-1941) Papers, 1894-1915, (K0993)
1 cubic foot
Ringolsky was a partner with David I. White in the Ringolsky & White law firm. Includes case files for clients were business owners in Kansas City, several of whom were involved in the garment industry.

Riordan, John J., Papers, (CA6152)
2 linear feet
PRELIMINARY INVENTORY Personal and business papers of Tarkio (MO) veterinarian John Joseph Riordan. Riordan served with the American Expeditionary Force in Europe from 1917 to 1920. The records of the Missouri Valley Silver Fox Corporation, operated in St. Joseph by Riordan during the early 1930s, comprise half the collection. Also includes records pertaining to Riordan's veterinarian practices in Fillmore and Tarkio. The remainder of the collection contains correspondence written to his family from Camp Lee (VA), Camp Sheridan (AL), and Europe.

River Power and Transport Association, Corporate Records, 1927-1933, (C1232)
1 volume
Corporate records of the River Power and Transport Association, Wilmington, DE, 1927. Appended to these records are the minutes of the Board of Directors of the St. Louis River Front Improvement Corporation, 1933.

Rives & Stemmons Store, Ledger, 1867-1889, (R0152)
1 volume
This is an account ledger of a general store at Avilla in Jasper County, Missouri. D. B. Rives and T. J. Stemmons operated the business until Rives's death in 1870. Enclosed with the volume are two contracts and a broadside pertaining to horse and mule breeding, 1888-1889.

Robards, Ann Stillwell (1941- ) Papers, 1967-2002 [TWA], (K1291)
2 cubic feet, oversize
The papers of Ann Stilwell Robards include photographs and materials related to flight attendant training for the TWA Breech Academy. Breech Academy opened December 3, 1969 as a 34-acre training facility located at 6300 Lamar in Overland Park, Kansas, and was named after Ernest R. Breech, TWA chairman emeritus. Also included are TWA artifacts and oversize items.

Roberts, C.C., Railroad Collection, 1866-1922, (C4212)
1.5 cubic feet (65 folders)
Stock transfers; receipts; meeting minutes; vouchers; invoices; certificates; business proposals; court cases; agreements; construction specifications; articles of incorporation; accounts; reports; balance sheets, etc. of numerous railroad companies. Also material from the Missouri and Arkansas Lumber and Mining Company and a builder/general contractor.

Roberts, Michael, Papers, 1940-1991, (S0525)
4 folders
Papers of Michael Roberts, St. Louis real estate and media entrepreneur. The papers include family history, politics and African American history.

Rocheport Roller Mills, Rocheport, Missouri, Records, 1882-1937, (C0344)
67 volumes on 10 rolls of microfilm
Records of the grain mill established in 1875, originally called Monitor Mills. It produced Tuberose and Snowflake flour, as well as meal, ship stuff, and bran.

Rockbridge Bank, Rockbridge, Missouri, Records, 1869-1936 (C0063)
6.25 linear feet
3 volumes
Bank business papers, legal papers, insurance papers, deposit slips and receipts, and miscellaneous papers. Also includes books of accounts used during the regular course of the business.

Rockbridge General Store and Mill, Rockbridge, Missouri, Records, 1880-1946 (C0062)
3.5 linear feet
Forms, bank papers, tax receipts, insurance policies, circulars and miscellaneous papers. Store was owned consecutively by B.V. Morris, Bushong Brothers, and Frank B. Morris.

Rocketdyne Photographs, (P0981)
5 photographs
Photos of Rocketdyne, a division of North American Aviation, Inc., plant in Neosho where engines are made, 1962

Roemer, Edward L. (1875-1961) Papers, ca. 1886-ca. 1938, (K0698)
2 cubic feet
Catalogs and records of Roemer, a fine cabinetmaker in Kansas City, MO. Includes drawings, sketches, and patterns for furniture

Rolla Chamber of Commerce, Rolla, Missouri, Booklet, ca. 1931, (R1212)
1 folder
This is a promotional booklet for Rolla, the seat of Phelps County in south-central Missouri. Although undated, it includes data from the 1930 census and a view of the Edwin Long Hotel, which opened in 1931. Also included is a poem, "In the Ozark Hills of Old Missouri," by Dr. J. Curtis Lyter.

Rolla, Missouri, Promotional Recording, 1980, (R0118)
1 item
This is a promotional phonograph recording entitled "The Good Life Is Here In Rolla, Missouri." It was recorded by Sinkin' Creek, and produced on a 45 rpm phonodisc by the American Bank of Rolla.

Rollins, James S[idney], (1812-1888), Record Book, 1834-1868, (C2150)
1 volume
Rollins, a Boone County, MO, lawyer, businessman, and politician, was influential in securing the location of the University of Missouri at Columbia. Record book contains personal and business accounts.

Rosati, Missouri, Labels, ca. 1930s-1940s, (R1013)
1 folder
These are two unused labels for strawberries packed by the Knobview Fruit Growers Association at Knobview and Concord wine made by R. M. Cardetti & Sons at Rosati in Phelps County, Missouri.

Rose Cliff Hotel, Van Buren, Missouri, Collection, 1928-1960, (R0594)
4 volumes
This collection includes a guest register, cash book, and expense ledgers of the Rose Cliff Hotel at Van Buren, Carter County, Missouri.

Ross Family, Papers, 1844-1888, (C0392)
1 folder
Documents concerning land transactions in Missouri. Four deeds, five checks, and two memorial poetry cards.

Rothville Bank, Rothville, Missouri, Papers, 1889-1955 (C0069)
3.5 linear feet
65 volumes
Journals, ledgers, and papers detailing the daily business of the Rothville Bank.

Rotoscope Collection (R1499)
11 cubic feet (23 folders, 50 reels 35mm film)
The Rotoscope Collection contains the personal papers of Rowe Carney, Jr., photographs, patents, schematics and design materials, promotional material, and 35mm reels of film related to the Rotoscope. Invented by Rowe Carney, Jr. of Rolla, Missouri, and Tom Smith of Urbana, Missouri, the Rotoscope is a single camera, sing7/11/20018le projection system capable of taking and projecting a scope of 180 degrees on one reel of film. The collection also includes film scripts written by Rowe 'Doc' Carney and correspondence related to the production of two of his films.

Roy Wenzlick Real Estate Co., Records, 1868-1970, (S0450)
37 Folders, 296 Microfilm Rolls, 6 Volumes, 4 Oversize Volumes
The collection primarily consists of microfilm rolls of the Wenzlick company's real estate appraisals in St. Louis County, 1958-1963. It also contains the real estate information maintained by the company on St. Louis and some other cities, 1868-1970. Drawings of lots in St. Louis County subdivisions and aerial photographs of St. Louis City and County subdivisions are also included.

Rozier & Jokerst, Journal, 1876, (R0464)
1 oversize volume
This is a daily account journal of the general mercantile firm of Rozier & Jokerst of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. The principals were Henry Louis Rozier and Francis L. Jokerst. Included are names of patrons, goods bought, and amounts charged. Inclusive dates are 8 January 1876 through 23 September 1876.

Rozier Store, Records, 1867-1885, (R0132)
11 volumes
These are daybooks, journals, and miscellaneous records of a mercantile operation run by Jules Rene Rozier, first at Rozier Landing on the Mississippi River in Perry County, Missouri, then in partnership with Charles F. Lawrence at St. Marys in Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri.

Rozier, Francis Claude, Financial Journal, 1875-1891, (R0465)
1 volume
This volume is a financial journal kept by Francis Claude Rozier of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, and after F. C. Rozier's death, by his son, Henry Louis Rozier (1849-1927). It provides periodic summaries of personal financial affairs, including lists of assets, expenses, and other financial transactions.

Rozier, Henry Louis, Account Books, 1883-1902, (R0463)
2 volumes
These are a "Ledger" and "Journal" of H. L. Rozier, a "private banker" in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Accounts indicate loans, payments, and other financial transactions.

Rucker, Joshua, Daybook, 1851, (R0054)
1 folder, photocopies
This collection consists of photocopies of a daybook from Joshua Rucker's store in Franklin County, Georgia. Entries are from May through October 1851.

Rudnick, Gerean Y. (1935- ) Papers, 1954-1968, (K0981)
2 folders
Rudnick and other family members were owners of Thriftway grocery stores in Kansas City. Includes newspaper clippings and grocer magazine clippings on their Thriftway stores.

Rupe, J. N. & Sons, Account Book, 1887-1903, (C2474)
1 volume
The papers contain the account book of a general store owner and physician in Edgerton, Missouri; both types of accounts are entered in the book.

Ryan, William James (1940- ) Papers, 1914-1996 (K0457)
10 cubic feet
The paper contain research material, draft manuscripts, and oral history interviews and transcripts related to Ryan's book and other writings on the history of radio and television broadcasting in the Kansas City region.


Sabourin, Pierre, Account Book, 1830-1832, (R0387)
1 volume
This is an account book of Pierre Sabourin of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. The first section is a record of an unidentified mercantile operation, 1 May 1830 to 9 August 1830. The second section, 9 June 1831 to 4 April 1832, concerns the buying and selling of planks, primarily with the firms of Menard & Valle and Valle & Griffard of Ste. Genevieve.

Saint Francois County, Missouri, Booklet, 1925, (R0248)
1 folder
This is "A Message to the Homeseeker," a booklet advertising the towns of Bonne Terre, Farmington, and Flat River in St. Francois County, and Fredericktown in Madison County, Missouri. There are descriptions of 157 businesses and illustrations of 85 commercial establishments, public buildings, and churches.

Sainte Genevieve Tan Yard, Account Book, 1823-1829, (R0335)
1 folder
This is a ledger and daybook (combined in one volume) of a tannery located in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Accounts note hides and skins exchanged for leather and general merchandise credits. Also included are a poem and an "inventory of all the persenel estate of James Buckely deceased."

Sainte Genevieve, Missouri, Daybook, 1819-1825, (R0212)
1 volume
This is a daybook of an unidentified mercantile operation at Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, perhaps that of Evariste F. Pratte. The entries begin on 29 October 1819 and continue through 8 December 1825. An index of the customers is available.

Saint Joseph Stockyards Company Records, 1896-1963, (K0192)
7 volumes
Minutes of the Stockyards Company including attachments and associated items such as the Articles of Incorporation of the organization, proxy statements, contracts, orders to pay dividends, reports to the Board and some correspondence.

Samuel Barr, Notebook, 1858-1861, (R1360)
1 folder
The Samuel Barr papers contain the notebook of Dr. Samuel Benjamin Franklin Caldwell Barr. The notebook was used to record business and financial information.

Sawyer, Samuel, Letter, 1822, (C1497)
1 folder
The collection contains a letter to Oliver Parker, Lexington, MO, from New York, NY, Jan. 20, 1822, regarding collection and payment of accounts.

Scarritt-Royster-Swinney Family Papers, ca. 1818-1989, (K0632)
71 cubic feet
Family papers of three prominent families of Kansas City and Glasgow, MO. Includes a wide variety of materials including letters, postcards, speeches, newspaper articles, poetry, photographs, family items, business and personal papers, tributes to various individuals and historical papers and recollections.

Schenker, Robert L., Ledger, 1884-1891, (R0604)
1 volume
This is a ledger from a mercantile business operated by Robert L. Schenker at Vienna in Maries County, Missouri. The ledger includes a list of promissory notes and their settlements, and an inventory of stock.

Schewe, Elenore, Collection, 1920-2002, (C4266)
1. 8 cubic feet (39 folders), 3 audio cassettes, 5 oversize items
The collection of Elenore Schewe contains material of her research into refractory companies in Missouri, including both institutional records of the companies themselves and the personal papers and records of various important figures in the refractory companies. This collection was created as part of Schewe's work assisting in the research for the book Refractories: the Hidden Industry by Corinne Azen Krause.

Schiermeier, John Henry (1861-1924), Record Books, 1878-1922, (C3839)
1 folder and 8 volumes on 5 rolls of microfilm
The Schiermeier Record Books consist of letter books, a ledger, and stock inventories of stores owned by John Henry Schiermeier in the New Melle, Missouri, area.

Schrader-Holtschneider Papers, 1868-1959, (C3773)
0.8 linear feet
The collection contains papers of the Schrader and Holtschneider families of Rich Fountain, Osage County, MO. They were farmers, merchants, postmasters, and county judges. Papers include correspondence, business and legal papers, post office records, and school district records.

Schwarz Studio Taxidermy (1882- ), Records, 1882-1987, (S0520)
67 Volumes, 3 Scrapbooks, 3 Registers, 9 Microfilm Rolls
Founded in 1882 by German immigrant Frank Schwarz, Schwarz Studios passed through four generations to become the oldest taxidermy operation in the United States. Its clients have included L. Roos Fur Company; Adolphus Busch; Simmons Hardware; and special clients such as the Board of Education, the Boy Scouts and the St. Louis Zoo. The collection includes daily journals, customer ledgers and scrapbooks. Originals retained by donor.

Schwarzer, Franz (1828-1904), Papers, 1840-1951 (C3484)
0.8 linear feet
Correspondence of the Schwarzer family; factory records, catalogs, and photographs of zithers and other stringed instruments manufactured at the zither factory in Washington, Missouri, founded by Schwarzer in 1869.

Scott and Kennan, Columbia, Missouri, Ledger, 1882, (C1246)
1 volume
The collection contains a record book of a grocery company.

Scott County Milling Company, Records, 1893-1918, (R1285)
83 volumes in 2 record storage boxes and 17 bundles
The Scott County Milling Company was formed on 14 May 1904 by the consolidation of the Greer-Ebert Milling Company and the Bowman-Matthews Milling Company. The firm operated flour mills at Sikeston in Scott County, Missouri, and nearby locations. The items in this collection consist mostly of financial accounting volumes, including journals, ledgers, and cash books. Although these records end in 1918, the company remained in operation until its dissolution in 1979.

Sedalia Board of Trade, Sedalia, Missouri, Proceedings, 1872-1888, (C1247)
1 volume
The collection contains the minutes of a group of businessmen organized to promote Sedalia.

Sedalia Real Estate and Loan Men's Association, Sedalia, Missouri, Papers, 1922-1926, (C0587)
3 folders
The papers contain correspondence, clippings, minutes of meetings, and a city ordinance of this organization.

Seiter, Ernestine Ernst Papers (C4351)
1.75 cubic feet (23 folders, 1 oversize item, 1 volume)
Transcription of James and Robert Aull Day and Letter books from 1828-1851. Also includes an unidentified doctor's account ledger from Lexington, Missouri, from 1872-1875 and Ernestine Ernst Seiter scrapbook, research on Lexington homes, postcard, and certificates from 1928-1974.

Seyffert, Wilhelm and Augustus, Papers, 1854-1905, (C2888)
2 volumes
The papers of Wilhelm and Augustus Seyffert contain a copy book of poems in German (vol. 1), a history of Missouri State Militia, Company E, 13th Cavalry, and an account book of Augustus Seyffert, 1869-1889 (vol. 2).

Shackleford,Thomas, (1822-1908), Books, 1893-1902, (C2324)
4 volumes
Shackelford was a lawyer, merchant and landowner in Glasgow, MO, and president and a stockholder of the Glasgow Savings Bank.

Shankman, Lillian (Libby) Kodish (1917-2010) and Philip (1913-1969) Papers, 1919-1958, (K0779)
19 folders
The couple was the owners of Shankman's Oak Park Delicatessen, Kansas City, MO. Includes newspaper clippings, correspondence, photographs, a business cards, Sabbath schedules, wedding album, photo albums, their wedding certificate, and family scrapbooks.

Shannon & Shannon, Booklet, ca. 1925, (R1134)
1 folder
This is South Central Missouri: "The Land of Opportunity," published by the real estate firm of Shannon & Shannon at Mountain Grove in Wright County, Missouri. The booklet promoted Mountain Grove as the heart of a diversified agricultural area.

Shannon County, Missouri, Photographs, ca. 1900-1930, (R0280)
1 folder
These are views of Shannon County from the collection of Lon Hogan, Winona, Missouri. Included are views of Eminence, Fishertown, and Winona showing church and school groups, a baseball team, a band, a store, and Hogan's Photo Gallery. There is also a view of the Willow Springs Bank at Willow Springs in Howell County, Missouri.

Shannon County Records (R1415)
0.1 cubic foot (1 folder)
The collection consists of tax and deed documents for a variety of people living in Shannon County during the 19th and early 20th century, including Robert I. Davis the proprietor of the Rose Cliff Hotel which was located on the Current River.

Shaw, C. L., Papers, 1875, (C3142)
1 folder
The papers contain a receipted bill from Dayton and Arthur, Booksellers and Stationers, Quincy, Illinois.

Shell, Casper, Papers, 1832-1849, (R0243)
3 folders
These are a journal and miscellaneous papers of Casper Shell (Schell), Jr., a blacksmith and justice of the peace who lived near Lutesville in what was then Cape Girardeau County, now Bollinger County, Missouri. The collection pertains to Shell's trade as a blacksmith as well as his official duties. A transcript, prepared by the donor, is available.

Shelter Insurance, "The Golden Link," Film, 1960, (CA6377)
1 film, 1 DVD
A color 16mm film produced by Shelter Insurance depicting Sidney Larson painting a mural on the history of insurance at the company's headquarters in Columbia, Missouri, 1958-1959. Use DVD copy.

Shepherd of the Hills Estates, Brochure, n.d., (R0752)
1 folder
This is a brochure for Shepherd of the Hills Estates, a real estate development at Forsyth in Taney County, Missouri. Although undated, it appears to be from the late 1920s.

Shepard, John A. and Samuel, Papers, 1844-1845, (C2297)
1 folder
Two letters between Samuel Shepard of Selma, AL, and his brother, John A., of Norfolk, CT. They concern business, family, friends, health and the life of a Yankee peddler in Alabama. Negative photostats. Bill of lading issued to Samuel Shepard by Saxton & Webb, New York, for a shipment of clocks.

Sheppard, Margaret, Collection 1976-1997, (S0588)
19 folders, 1 volume
The Margaret Sheppard Collection documents activities of both the St. Louis Regional Commerce and Growth Association and the Regional Health Care Corporation.

Sherry, Steven George and Judith Lyons Papers, 2011-2012 (K1020)
0.02 cubic feet
The papers contain lists of those involved in the Kansas City area garment industry and an autobiography by Steven G. Sherry.

Shortridge, George A., Day Book, 1856, (C1258)
1 volume
Daybook of a general store in Bloomington, Macon County, MO.

Sims & Fitzgerald Commission Sales Company, St. Louis, Missouri, Records, 1866-1867, (C0643)
1 folder
The records contain a fragment of a record book of a commission company dealing in cotton, hides, furs, tobacco, wheat, hemp, castor beans, and sorghum molasses. Lists cost of freight, marine insurance, government tax, commissions on sale, and record of sale.

Sims, William, Accounts, 1900-1901, (C1940)
1 folder
Accounts of Sims with Versailles Milling Company and M. Moser of Versailles Roller Mills.

Skyway Airlines, Timetable, 1977, (R1219)
1 folder
This is a schedule effective 24 April 1977 for Skyway Airlines, a commuter carrier that served Columbia, Fort Leonard Wood, Lake of the Ozarks, and Rolla in Missouri, with gateway connections at St. Louis and Kansas City.

Sligo Furnace Company, Records, 1898-1934, (R1269)
1 volume, 24 folders
These are the time book and miscellaneous business papers of the Sligo Furnace Company in Dent County, Missouri. The time book includes the names, occupations, and wages of workers from April 1898 through March 1900. The miscellaneous papers include an inventory of the property in 1904, and papers concerning operation of the Sligo Mercantile Company stores at Sligo and East End, and the operation and abandonment of the Sligo and Eastern Railroad Company.

Smith and Glenn Day Book and Ledger, 1827-1830, (C1261)
1 volume
Includes accounts of W. Goforth.

Smith and Maugh's Drugstore, Fayette, Missouri, Ledger, 1851-1854, (C0340)
1 volume
Merchandise sold by the store included drugs, spices and other condiments, candy, stationery supplies, literature, school textbooks, paints, tobacco, liquor, violin strings, and some hardware items.

Smith, Gene (1918-1995) Papers, 1941-1995 (K1347)
0.25 cubic feet
The papers primarily consist of a collection of Hallmark Military News employee newsletters from 1941-1946. Also included are brief correspondence, an issue of The Noon News Hallmark newsletter, and a remembrance of Smith.

Smith, George Thom, Letter, 1907, (R0983)
1 folder
This is a letter of 17 July 1907 from George Thom Smith, president of Dexter Christian College at Dexter in Stoddard County, Missouri, to the Anderson-Tully Lumber Company in Memphis, Tennessee. The letter concerns a lost shipment of shooks.

Smith, Lee Clarence (1888-1985) Papers, 1889-1954, (K1045)
13 folders
Correspondence, photographs, clippings, and printed/published materials concerning the Highway Post Office, Katy Railroad, and mail routes.

Smith, Robert C. (1923-2016), Papers, 1967-2002, (C4178)
1.6 cubic feet (55 folders)
The papers of a Columbia, Missouri, lawyer involved in many civic activities. The material includes speeches from dedication ceremonies, planning documents for the American Bicentennial Commission, a brief history of 8th street in Columbia, Missouri, recollections of Stephen's College, and records of the Hinkson Investment Club.

Smithers and Wagoner Funeral Records, St. Louis, Missouri, 1863-1899, 1934, (C4187)
0.4 cubic feet
The records of a funeral home in St. Louis, Missouri. The records include name of deceased, place of residence, place of burial, and other funeral details. The later records also include cause of death and age at time of death. Please note that not all records for each individual are complete.

South Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Records, 1931-2006, (K1198)
8 cubic feet
Organizational records including by-laws and articles of incorporation, minutes, membership/board reports, financial records, newsletters, anniversary booklets, video, CDs, membership directories, event files, scrapbooks, maps, and photographs.

Southeast Missouri Drummers' Association, Souvenir Program, 1910, (R0680)
1 folder, photocopies
This is the souvenir program of the fourteenth annual meeting of the Southeast Missouri Drummers' Association, held at Sikeston, Scott County, Missouri, 26-28 May 1910. The program features a schedule of events, descriptions of prominent Scott County businesses, photographs of officers and members of the association, and views of businesses, residences, and public buildings in Sikeston.

Southeast Missouri Drummers' Association, Souvenir Program, 1913, (R1271)
1 folder
This is the souvenir program of the seventeenth annual meeting of the Southeast Missouri Drummers' Association, held in Festus and Crystal City in Jefferson County, Missouri, 22-24 May 1913.

Southeast Missouri Drummers' Association, Souvenir Program, 1920, (R0694)
1 folder, photocopies
This is a souvenir program for the twenty-fourth annual convention of the Southeast Missouri Drummers Association, held at Sikeston in Scott County, Missouri, on 27-29 May 1920. The illustrated program includes a schedule of events, photographs of officers and members of the association, and views of Sikeston.

Southeast Missouri Drummers' Association, Souvenir Programs, 1908, 1918, (R1183)
2 volumes
These are souvenir programs for the twelfth (1908) and twenty-second (1918) annual meetings of the Southeast Missouri Drummers' Association, held at Sainte Genevieve in Sainte Genevieve County, Missouri. The programs feature schedules of events, descriptions of Sainte Genevieve, its prominent citizens, and local businesses, photographs of members of the association, its officers, and city officials, and views of public buildings, businesses, and residences.

Southern and Central Missouri Collection (R1442)
4.5 cubic feet (194 folders, 1 VHS, 6 CDs, 1 45 record, 1 cassette)
The Southern and Central Missouri Collection is an artificial collection combining acquisitions related to individuals, places, organizations, and events. The Southern and Central Missouri Collection continues to have material added. New additions are added at the end of the collection.

Southwestern Bell Telephone Company Photographs, (P0816)
8 photographs
Photos of Southwestern Bell Telephone offices and properties in St. Louis, Joplin, Slater, and Manchester, ca. 1940

Sowers, Edward W., Papers, 1942-1980, (R0135)
107 folders
This collection consists of correspondence, business papers, and miscellaneous printed material of a newspaper editor and publisher at Rolla, Phelps County, Missouri. Topics include the Sowers family, journalism and the newspaper business, the University of Missouri, and United States politics and foreign relations.

Spalding, Bennett, Ledger, 1850-1861, (R0214)
1 volume
This is an account ledger of a mercantile operation at Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, thought to have been carried on by Bennett Spalding. The entries begin in April 1850 and end in June 1861. An index to the volume is available.

Spaldings Commercial College Collection, 1893-1976, (K1200)
2 folders
Includes a diploma in Stenographic Amanuensis & Typewriter Operator and a letter relating to the school.

Sparks, John Nathan (1876-1954), Papers, 1901-1947, (C2798)
3.1 linear feet
The John Nathan Sparks Papers consist of the business and personal correspondence of an employee of the Missouri Lumber and Mining Company of Grandin, Missouri.

Spencer, George A. (1906-1997), Papers, 1931-1963, (C2466)
4.6 cubic feet
Correspondence, publicity, and legislative papers of a Boone County, MO, Democrat. Spencer's election campaigns and positions as city attorney, prosecuting attorney, and state representative and senator, and candidacy for Democratic nomination for attorney general. Activities of the Columbia, MO, Chamber of Commerce.

Spreen, J. Orville, Railroad Papers, 1830-1982, (S0485)
916 Folders, 62 Boxes, 2 Rolls Of Microfilm, 3591 Photographs
The J. Orville Spreen Railroad Papers include a variety of documents concerning railroad history. Although the collection is named the Spreen Railroad Collection, only a few photographs pertain to Mr. Spreen and his life. Spreen spent much of his leisure time collecting information on a variety of subjects. Because of his position as a Wabash railroad executive, he was very interested in railroad history. He also collected abundant information on St. Louis history, but that information can be found in the J. Orville Spreen Papers, which is a separate collection.

Spreen, J. Orville (1897- ), Papers 1900-1982, (S0486)
524 Folders
A great majority of the J. Orville Spreen collection consists of information compiled for use by the Junior Chamber of Commerce Historic Markers Committee. During the early 1940s the Committee was very active in St. Louis. Most, if not all, of the information they used to designate historic sites can be found here. Along with this information, the text revisions of each marker is included. In the process of designating sites, the Committee collected literature and information concerning St. Louis history and the history of various industries and businesses in St. Louis.

Springfield Business College, Springfield, Missouri, Booklets, 1908-1927, (R0765)
1 folder
These are booklets promoting the Springfield Business College, a commercial trade school located at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri.

Springfield Iron Furnace, Potosi, Missouri, Account Books, 1834-1842, (C1262)
2 volumes
Account books of an iron works.

Springfield Iron Furnace, Potosi, Missouri, Day Book, 1834-1835, (C1263)
1 volume
Day book of an iron works.

Springfield Iron Furnace, Potosi, Missouri, Ledger, 1834-1836, (C1264)
1 volume
Ledger of an iron works.

Springfield Manufacturing Company, Papers, 1872, (C1943)
1 folder
The papers contain articles of association and resolution pertaining to liquidation of stock.

Springfield Mill Company, Ledger, 1872-1877, (R0584)
1 volume
This is an account ledger for the Springfield Mill Company, owned and operated by Allen Mitchell and J. W. Caynor. The entries note milling performed for various individuals, payments in cash and kind, and cash sales, 1872-1874. The volume is indexed. Also enclosed are miscellaneous papers concerning O. K. Mills at Springfield, operated by A. Mitchell & Company, 1875-1877.

Springfield Normal School and Business College, Springfield, Missouri, Booklet, 1902, (R1246)
1 folder
This is the "Ninth Annual Catalogue" of the Springfield Normal School and Business College at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. The presidents of the proprietary school were Allen Moore and John A. Taylor. In addition to the normal and commercial courses the college included a conservatory of music and an "approved summer school."

Springfield Wagon Company, Papers, 1878-1888, (R1188)
1 folder, photocopies
These are miscellaneous papers of the Springfield Wagon Company at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. Included are letters to the company from wagon dealers and parts suppliers in Arkansas and Missouri.

Springfield Wagon Company, Records, 1873-1972, (R0059)
12 volumes, 50 folders
This collection consists of correspondence, ledgers, cash books, and catalogs from the Springfield Wagon Company of Springfield, Missouri, and Fayetteville, Arkansas, 1873-1941. There is also research correspondence, 1971-1972, of Steven Stepp in connection with his master's thesis on the company.

St. Joseph and Denver Railroad Company, Certificate, 1873, (C2441)
1 folder
Certificate of indebtedness for $100 issued to T.M. Hamilton by St. Joseph and Denver City Railroad Company, and transferred to John D. Hill.

St. Joseph Auditorium Company Share, 1904, (C1981)
1 folder
Share issued to James Knotts.

St. Louis Banking Houses, Notice, 1855, (C2828)
1 folder
Handbill issued by twenty-two St. Louis businessmen during the Panic of 1855, guaranteeing the safety of deposits in seven St. Louis banking institutions. Dated January 15, 1855.

St. Louis Board Of Alderman, Records, 2001-2008, (SA1127)
1 box
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

St. Louis Hotel, Jefferson City, Missouri, Register, 1859, (C1064)
1 volume
St. Louis Hotel, Jefferson City, Missouri, George W. Capell, proprietor.

St. Louis Iron and Machine Works, Account Book, 1879-1881, (C1230)
1 volume
Record of accounts of a St. Louis, MO, iron and machine works.

St. Louis Iron and Machine Works, Letter Books, 1896-1898, (C1231)
2 volumes
Letters signed by G.H. Krutzsch, vice president, and W. Brock. Volumes are indexed. Vol. 1, 12 October 1896-13 August 1897. Vol. 2, 2 September 1897-29 January 1898.

St. Louis Mississippi Bridge Company, Articles of Association, 1867, (C1721)
1 folder
The collection contains Photostats of the articles of association of a company that was organized to construct a bridge over the Mississippi River from St. Louis, MO, to St. Clair or Madison County, IL. Capital, stock, and directors.

St. Louis National Stockyards Company (1873- ), Records, 1877-1979, (S0139)
5 Folders
Annual reports, stockholders meetings, histories, correspondence, newsclippings, and rates investigation case of one of the major stockyards in the nation.

St. Louis Regional Chamber, Addenda, 1970-1999, (SA1121)
2 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

St. Louis Regional Chamber Of Commerce (1971-), Records, 1890-2008, (S1108)
12 boxes, 59 folders
The St. Louis Regional Chamber collection contains documents, photographs, slides, negatives and video recordings that focus on its role as an agent of economic growth.

St. Louis Regional Commerce And Growth Association (1971- ), Records, 1912-1980, (S0162)
494 Folders
The St. Louis Regional Commerce and Growth Association records contain material from five other organizations, the City Plan Commission, Metropolitan Plan Association, St. Louis Research Council, Chamber of Commerce, and the Regional Industrial Development Corporation. Administrative files and reports and studies from each organization are the major types of records. Most of the records are from the RIDC, which preceded the RCGA. Earlier records of the Chamber of Commerce are located at Missouri Historical Society and the Washington University Archives.

St. Louis Rotary Club, 1949-1961, Newsletters, 1949-1961, (S0616)
1 Folder
35 issues of The Pepper Box, the official publication of the St. Louis Rotary Club, non-inclusive. The Rotary Club is an international businessmen's service organization.

St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company Collection, (R1491)
0.5 cubic foot (19 folders, 1 photograph)
The St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company Collection contains a sales kit, business records, and photographs for the St. Louis-San Francisco “Frisco” Railway Company. The collection includes train and freight schedules, specifications for rail cars and lines, promotional materials, maps, sales manuals, and images of railcars and stations.

St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company Maps, (R1486)
0.5 cubic foot (3 folders, 5 maps)
The St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company Maps contain six plat maps featuring St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company land, railroad lines, stations, and buildings, located in Fort Leonard Wood, Lebanon, Newburg, and Rolla, Missouri.

Star Ranch and Land Company, Neelyville, Missouri, Letter, 1919, (R0779)
1 folder
This is an illustrated letter offering land for sale near Neelyville in Butler County, Missouri. The Star Ranch and Land Company offered thousands of acres on a "lease with option to buy" program.

Stark Brothers Nurseries and Orchards Company Records, (CA4111)
105.8 cubic feet, 12 oversize volumes
Business records of a Louisiana, MO, company include correspondence, reports, catalogs, printed materials, photographs, and miscellaneous material, 1890s-1960s. Also included is material pertaining to varieties of fruits and plants developed by Luther Burbank.

Stark Brothers Nurseries and Orchards Company, Records, (CA4257)
0.4 linear feet
Correspondence with J.H. Hale, 1910s, and catalog, 1915.

Stark Brothers Nurseries and Orchards Company, Records, (CA4369)
1.4 linear feet
Catalogs, 1899-1969 (not complete run).

Stark Brothers Nurseries and Orchards Company, Records, (CA4377)
1 linear foot
Advertising material, including plates of fruit and vegetable illustrations.

Stark, George, Photographs, (P0546)
3 photographs
Photos by Stark of steamboat William McClellan ca. 1903, cotton bales in a Pemiscot Co warehouse, and Washington Ave in St. Louis, ca 1890s.

Stark, Nathan Julius (1920-2002) Papers, 1948-1992, (K0459)
7 cubic feet
Scrapbooks of correspondence, photographs, and other documents compiled by Stark, an executive with Hallmark Cards and Crown Center Redevelopment Corp., concerning his activities including leader of a civic group that helped Kansas City General Hospital become a nonprofit corporation, a founder of the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine, and board chairman of Truman Medical Center.

State Bank of Poplar Bluff, Poplar Bluff, Missouri, History, 1951, (C0941)
1 volume
Pamphlet commemorating fiftieth anniversary of founding of bank. Includes biographical data on officers, history of bank, and photographs of officers, employees and facilities.

State Bank of Poplar Bluff Records, (R1466)
0.01 cubic foot (1 folder)
The State Bank of Poplar Bluff Records include a booklet from the State Bank of Poplar Bluff, Missouri. The booklet profiles the history of the bank and devotes a biographical page to each of the bank officers and board members and provides pictures of the bank’s other employees.

State Historical Society of Missouri, Typescript Collection, (C0995)
774 items on 14 rolls of microfilm
The State Historical Society of Missouri Typescript Collection consists of typescripts of articles and manuscripts donated over the years to the Historical Society.

State Historical Society of Missouri Research Center-Kansas City Records, 1980-2012, (K0150)
50 cubic feet
Organizational records of the Kansas City office of the State Historical Society of Missouri Research Center-Kansas City (formerly the Western Historical Manuscript Collection-Kansas City pre-2012).

State Historical Society of Missouri-Kansas City Postcard Collection, (K1345)
0.14 cubic foot (14 folders)
The State Historical Society of Missouri-Kansas City Postcard Collection is an artificial collection combining miscellaneous postcard acquisitions related to Missouri places, individuals, organizations, and events. The State Historical Society of Missouri-Kansas City Postcard Collection continues to have material added to it. New acquisitions are added at the end of the collection.

State of Missouri Collection, (P0018)
486 photographs
Over 400 original photos created for the 1904 publication on Missouri at the time of the World's Fair by Walter Williams; shows all aspects and counties in Missouri.

Stauter, Mark, Papers, (R1432)
2 cubic feet (120 folders)
The Mark Stauter Papers consist of materials donated by Dr. Mark Stauter, former director of the State Historical Society of Missouri’s Rolla Research Center. The papers cover a variety of topics related to Missouri history.

Ste. Genevieve, Iron Mountain and Pilot Knob Plank Road Company, Stock Certificate, 1854, (R0747)
1 folder
This is a certificate for one share of capital stock in the Ste. Genevieve, Iron Mountain and Pilot Knob Plank Road Company, which built and operated a toll road in St. Francois and Ste. Genevieve counties in Missouri. Philip Stapp acquired the certificate on 3 February 1854.

Ste. Genevieve Savings Association, Records, 1865-1874, (R0466)
5 oversize volumes, 1 bundle
This collection includes a letterbook, account books, and draft stubs for the Ste. Genevieve Savings Association of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Firmin A. Rozier was president and Oliver D. Harris, Eugene Guibord, and Hiram Blackledge were cashiers.

Ste. Genevieve Telephone Co., Records, 1899-1906, (R0339)
8 folders
These are bills for various goods and services rendered to the Ste. Genevieve Telephone Company. John Tlapek and Henry L. Rozier organized the company, which later became part of the Bell system.

Ste. Genevieve "The Way We Worked" Oral History Records, (CG0021)
0.01 cubic feet (1 folder; 8 DVDS, 21.71 GB)
Contains 96 oral histories on eight DVD's produced by Bolduc House Museum in Sainte Genevieve, Missouri, created in conjunction with the traveling Smithsonian Institution exhibit, "The Way We Worked." The oral histories occurred between August and September 2011, and were featured during the exhibit from October 8 to November 5, 2011. This is the local copy of the records.

Steelville Normal and Business Institute, Steelville, Missouri, Reunion Book, 1936, (R1282)
1 item, oversize
This is a booklet produced by the Steelville Ledger for a reunion of former students of the Steelville Normal and Business Institute, 25-27 June 1936. It consists of fourteen issues of the newspaper, each containing one or more articles on the school and the reunion, bound into a single volume. The stories include character sketches and reminiscences of students and teachers, along with portraits of the faculty and many of the students.

Stiefel, Norman S. (1900-1982) Papers, 1924-1992, (K1109)
7 cubic feet
Personal papers and financial records concerning Norman S. Stiefel Company and Norman's Wholesale Jewelry Company.

Stock Certificates, 19th and 20th Century, Collection, (C4154)
2 folders
Assorted 19th and 20th century stock certificates, which include railroad companies, city loans, also bridge, mining, and construction companies.

Stoddard, Cashers, Receipt, 1821, (C1648)
1 folder
The collection contains a receipt for interest paid on a lot purchased in St. Charles, MO.

Stolowy, Rose Lesky Stolowy (1911-2013) and Sol (1908-1999) Papers, 1938-2002, (K0434)
3 cubic feet
Advertisement film (ca. 1947) for the Midtown Fabric Shop. Also tailor pattern sets, financial and customer records for the Fabric Shop and the Kansas City Custom Garment Company, and family photographs and correspondence.

Stone Hill Wine Company, Hermann, Missouri, Records, 1896-1919, (C0345)
7 volumes
Ledgers, sale books, harvest book, bank draft register, warehouse receipt book, and price list for winery and brandy distillery owned and operated by George Stark and his sons, Ottmar G. and Louis J. The company included a bottling plant in St. Louis and a whiskey distillery in Bardstown, KY.

Stotts City Bank, Stotts City, Missouri, Records, 1891-1929 (C0170)
14 folders
14 volumes on 2 rolls of microfilm
Papers from a southwest Missouri bank which was liquidated in 1929. Collection also contains material on the Lawrence County Land and Mining Company and the Stotts City Special Road District.

Strafford, Missouri Bank Books, 1910-1938, (C0056A)
26 rolls of microfilm
Records of a southern Missouri bank established in 1910 and closed in 1938. Collection includes balance books, collection register, daily statement registers, day books, deposit certificate register, discount registers, distribution of expense accounts register, draft registers, inventory book, ledgers, notes due books, record book containing minutes of the stockholders meetings, statement books, and stock certificate register.

Strawn-Neate Dry Goods Company, Columbia, Missouri, Records, 1901-1931, (C4171)
0.6 cubic feet, 17 folders, 2 volumes
The records contain correspondence, receipts, Boone County and City of Columbia tax statements, customer account books, and ephemera pertaining to the Strawn-Neate Dry Goods Company. The receipts include the names of various local Columbia, Missouri, businesses, and often indicate where they were located.

Strother Colbert and Company Broadside, 1871, (C0811)
1 folder
Announcement of a complete abstract office for Saline County, urging landowners to protect themselves with a perfect abstract of title to their property.

Summers and Company Records, 1852-1860 (K0362)
0.24 cubic feet
The records contain a ledger book kept by the Summers and Company dry goods and grocery of Parkville and Kansas City, Missouri.

Survey of Buildings and Businesses in Columbia, Missouri Photographs (CA6524)
0.1 cubic feet, 2 computer discs, 4.9 GB of digital files
Photographic survey of buildings and businesses in downtown Columbia, Missouri, taken by Patrick Atkinson in May to August 2018. Includes digital files, index, printout of images, and maps of area surveyed.

Sweet, Benjamin Guy, Journals, 1862-1872, (R0190)
1 volume, typescript
This is a typescript of four journals kept by Benjamin Guy Sweet. They describe his experiences in the 74th Illinois Infantry during the Civil War, removal to Jasper County, Missouri, in 1867, and operation of a newsstand and bookstore in Carthage in 1872. The typescript includes a subject/name index to the journals.

Switzler, William Franklin (1819-1906), Day Book, 1895-1898, (C1270)
1 volume
Day book of newspaper and printing business in Boonville, MO. Also Switzler's personal expenditures.

Switzler, William Franklin (1819-1906), Papers, 1896-1902, (C0642)
1 folder
The papers contain miscellaneous letters found in the Switzler Day Book, Collection, C1270. Letters from Stanley B. Simpson, Augustus W. Simpson, and Joseph Simpson, S.W. McCall, and J.N. Whitney. Two bills to Missouri DEMOCRAT.


T.B. Hickman & Company Ledger, 1886-1888, (C2330)
1 volume
The collection contains a ledger of a Columbia, MO, grocery store.

T.J. Moss Tie Company, Records, 1898-1925, (S0655)
485 Folders, 33 Volumes
The records consist of correspondence, reports and business ledgers. The bulk of the material is from 1919-1923. The interesting thing about the correspondence is that the company saved both sides of all correspondence. This gives a real insight into the way the company did business. How they handled the good times as well as the bad.

Talbott & Clark, Correspondence, 1889-1890, (R0881)
1 folder
These are six letters from Talbott & Clark, a business partnership at Proctor in Morgan County, Missouri, to A. J. Stillwell & Company in Hannibal, Missouri. They concern the purchase and shipment of butchered meat.

Tatum, G.H. and J.R., Glasgow, Missouri, Account Books, 1858-1880, (C0341)
2 rolls of microfilm
Account books from the general merchandise stores of G.H. and/or J.R. Tatum in Glasgow, Missouri.

Taylor, John N., Family Papers (CA6448)
5.65 cubic feet, 11 oversize items
Papers of a businessman from Huntsville and Columbia, Missouri, include business records of car dealerships, as well as family papers, including World War I material, correspondence, photographs, and miscellaneous material.

Teachenor, Dix (1892-1961) Papers, 1911-1935, (K0015)
0.3 cubic foot
A scrapbook of letters, maps, photographs, postcards, and other memorabilia from Teachenor's tour of duty during World War I Additionally, there are scattered newspaper clippings and other material related to Teachenor's tennis activities and his insurance sales career.

Terry, Elizabeth, Papers (S1232)
3 cubic feet, 1 oversize box, 2.7 gigabytes of born digital files
The Elizabeth Terry Papers consists of book drafts, CD-ROMS, cassette tapes, correspondence, manuscripts, interview summaries, photographs, and photocopies of correspondence and newspapers articles regarding Terry’s research and writing of her book Oysters to Angus: Three Generations of the St. Louis Faust Family. The book recounts the lives of Anthony “Tony” Faust (January 3, 1836-September 28, 1906), a prominent St. Louis City restaurateur and owner of Faust’s Fulton Market; his son, Edward Faust (January 13, 1868-July 5, 1936), founder of the St. Louis Boat and Engineering Company; and his grandson, Leicester Busch Faust (December 22, 1897-August 31, 1979), a prominent St. Louis County farmer, who along with his wife, Mary Plant, donated 200 acres of their land to St. Louis County for what eventually became Faust Park, in Chesterfield, Missouri.

Tetley Jewelry Store, Ledger, 1871-1883, (R0174)
1 volume
This is an indexed account ledger of a jewelry store operated by Robert I. Tetley in Farmington, St. Francois County, Missouri.

Texas County, Missouri, Booklet, 1924, (R1151)
1 folder, photocopies
This is A Message to the Homeseeker, advertising the towns and principal businesses in Texas, Wright, and Webster counties in south-central Missouri. The booklet contains brief descriptions of businesses and illustrations of commercial establishments and public buildings.

Thaxton, Harry E., Letter, 1961, (C0962)
1 folder
To Lewis Atherton, Columbia, MO. Recollections of lumbering activities in the Doniphan, MO, area.

The Missouri Collection (C3982)
17.9 cubic feet, 9 audio cassettes, 3 audio discs, 9 CDs, 1 computer disc, 1 film, 6 film strips, 3 DVDs, 2 video cassettes (791 folders, 21 oversize ite
The Missouri Collection is an artificial collection combining miscellaneous small acquisitions related to Missouri places, individuals, organizations, and events.

The Purian Poultry Man Booklet, (R1435)
0.1 cubic feet (1 folder)
The Purian Poultry Man is a booklet published by the Farmer's Cooperative Association, Inc. in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

The Wardrobe, Inc., Columbia, Missouri, Records, (CA5830)
Records of a non-profit community oriented organization which operates a thrift shop providing clothing at low or no cost, consisting of Board of Directors meeting minutes, financial statements, price lists, and volunteer sign-in books; 1970-1996.

Thompson, Elizabeth Remay Dabbs, Papers (R0671)
0.25 cubic foot (5 folders)
The Elizabeth Remay Dabbs Thompson Papers contain the personal and family papers collected by Elizabeth Remay Dabbs Thompson from 1850 to 1932. This collection includes photocopies of family correspondence, legal documents, military papers, and business papers for the Dabbs and Thompson families of Greene County, Missouri.

Thomson and McKee Mercantile Records, 1860-1866, (K0108)
1 reel
The Thomson and McKee Mercantile Records consist of one volume of customer account ledgers presumably for a general store. The accounts are listed by customer name, include a record of merchandise purchased, and indicate when and how the account was settled.

Tibbe-Cuthbertson Family, Papers, 1849-1975, (C3711)
0.7 linear feet
The papers of a Washington, Missouri, family whose patriarch, Henry Tibbe, and his son, Anton, founded the Missouri Meerschaum Company, include family and business correspondence, genealogy, property deeds, an early history of the Missouri Meerschaum Company, material on a patent infringement dispute, pipe catalogs, clippings, and photographs.

Tibbe-Cuthbertson Family Papers, (CA2591)
0.4 linear feet
Addition. Photographs, genealogical materials, correspondence, clippings, ephemera, and miscellany.

Tibbe-Cuthbertson Family Papers, (CA2705)
0.8 linear feet
Addition. Autograph book (in German) of Auguste Roehm Cuthbertson, c. 1851, photographs, ephemera, Louis Mullgardt art work, and an oversize photograph of Arno Tibbe.

Tibbe-Cuthbertson Family, Papers, (CA2962)
0.2 linear feet
Addition of photographs, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and personal documents, primarily of Anton Tibbe, Jr., 1910s-1950s.

Tlapek, John, Correspondence, 1897-1935, (R0037)
8 folders
This is business correspondence addressed to John Tlapek as general manager of Louis Houck's Chester, Perryville, Ste. Genevieve and Farmington Railroad, 1897-1902. Tlapek also was a partner in the Southeast Missouri Telephone Company, 1909-1911.

Tootle and Armstrong, St. Joseph, Missouri, Memorandum, 1855 (C0505)
1 folder
Copy of legal instrument authorizing collection of notes for Tootle and Armstrong, a mercantile firm in St. Joseph, by Joseph Murphy.

Towl, J. W., Papers, 1917-1944, (R0475)
5 folders, photocopies
This collection includes correspondence and business records of J. W. Towl, a businessman at Potosi in Washington County, Missouri. Included are letters and shipping receipts regarding the barite industry, mineral lands, and the Southeast Missouri Lead Company, 1918-1939, an inventory of goods at the Towl store in Potosi, 1928, and receipts for subscriptions to the Missouri War Chest, Inc., 1944.

Tower, W. S., Letter, 1885, (R0879)
1 folder
This is a letter of 1 July 1885 from W. S. Tower of Carthage in Jasper County, Missouri, to Thomas W. Gleason in Hartford, Connecticut. It concerns the payment of interest and a possible investment in land.

Townsend, Ben, Day Book, 1835, (C2501)
1 volume
The papers contain a day book of accounts of a general store in Arrow Rock, Missouri, June-November 1835.

Trade Cards, n.d., (C2808)
1 folder
Twenty-one printed, colored trade cards from various Missouri business establishments.

Tranin, Donald H. (1927-2007) Papers, ca. 1930-2007, (K0694)
7 cubic feet
Personal papers of Donald Tranin, his father Earl Tranin (1896-1979), and the Paper Supply Company of Kansas City, MO. Included are political activities, investments in businesses and real estate, and civic activities.

Trefts, Charles (1887-1963), Papers, 1903-1963 (C3465)
0.2 linear feet, four cassette tapes
Business correspondence, financial papers, photographic salon stickers, prizes, and other items of St. Louis professional photographer Charles Trefts, organizer of the Advertising Slide Company. His photographic collection was presented to the State Historical Society in 1964.

Trefts, Charles, Photographs, (P0034)
3126 photographs
This collection contains images from 1900 to 1963 depicting St. Louis City and County people, public buildings, riverfront scenes, bridges, churches, catastrophes, houses and parks. Trefts photographed many historic events such as the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition; the 1934 World Series; and aviation in St. Louis including the Wright brothers at Kinloch Field in 1908 and Charles Lindbergh's return from Paris in 1927. A number of images focus on Crawford and Iron Counties and the Lake of the Ozarks region in the early 1930s.

Trenton Drug Store, Trenton, Missouri, Records, 1898-1908, (C2962)
24 volumes
The records of the Trenton Drug Store contain daybooks, account and cash books, and ledgers. No information is available on the establishment or dissolution of the store.

Tri-County Burial Association, Certificates, 1935, (R1177)
1 folder
These are Certificates of Membership in the Tri-County Burial Association of Wheaton in Barry County, Missouri, for Floyd Roller and Lela Roller of Purdy. The Association provided burial benefits for members in Barry, McDonald, and Newton counties in southwestern Missouri.

Trigg, William H. (1808-1895), Collection, 1776, 1835-1899 (C0281)
5 volumes
Books from the collection of William H. Trigg, Boonville, Missouri. Accounts of the Banking House of William H. Trigg and Company, and a scrapbook containing miscellaneous material, mostly news clippings from the 1860s and some paper money from the 1700s and 1800s.

Troost Avenue Development Company Records, 1961-1986, (K1314)
0.23 cubic feet
The records contain bound volumes of organizational records for the Troost Avenue Development Company, including the certificate of incorporation, by-laws, minutes, and stock certificates.

Trozzolo, Marion A. (1925-1992) Papers, 1951-ca. 1989, (K0835)
2 folders
Papers of Trozzolo, businessman, inventor, and leader in the e-development and revival of the River Quay District of Kansas City, MO. Includes clippings, photographs, correspondence, business records, abstracts, court transcripts, posters, and his book, "Tales of River Quay".

Tucker, D.M. and J.H., Papers, 1833-1902 (C0178)
0.8 linear feet, 1 volume
Records of a mercantile firm in Fulton, Missouri. Business, the Civil War, state insane asylum, and politics are discussed. Records of the Tucker and Harris mercantile firm, later the D.M. and J.H. Tucker firm.

Tuolumne County Water Company, Share, 1855, (C2747)
1 folder
One share of stock in the Tuolumme County Water Company, Columbia, CA, April 6, 1855, bought by John O'Neill. Note by J. Christian Bay that O'Neill collected distribution dividend in 1906.


U.S. Post Office, Rockbridge, Missouri, Records, 1902-1935 (C0064)
0.5 linear feet
Two record books kept by the postmaster: the official postmaster's account book, 1905-1918, and the register of money orders issued, 1902-1916. Papers include accounts, audit sheets, federal communications, money order forms, orders for stamps, and registered mail forms.

U.S. Superintendency of Indian Affairs, St. Louis, Records, 1807-1855 (C2969)
33 volumes on 6 rolls of microfilm
Correspondence, account books and treaties with various Indian tribes. Much of the material is to and from Indian agents at the area agencies. The bulk of the material is from the period when William Clark was superintendent. Also included are records of the Missouri Fur Company, 1812-1817. Originals at Kansas State Historical Society.

United States Reserve Insurance Corporation of Kansas City, Missouri Records, 1921-1928, (K0406)
1 volume
Minutes of Board of Directors and Stockholders meetings, as well as the corporation's bylaws.

Ustick, Thomas Watt (c.1803- ), Papers, 1849-1866, (C0183)
0.3 linear feet
The papers of Thomas W. Ustick, a St. Louis, Missouri, printer, consist of correspondence, bills, receipts, and miscellaneous materials.


Valley Hotel Register, 1883-1885, (K0171)
1 volume
Guest register for a hotel in Bolckow, Andrew County, MO. Guests registered by name, city and/or occupation.

Van Buren Drug Store Inventory Book (R1438)
0.1 cubic foot (1 folder)
The collection consists of an inventory book of a drug store in Van Buren, Missouri from 1960.

Van Horn, Robert Thompson (1824-1916) Family Papers, 1832-1965, (K0297)
2 cubic feet
Van Horn was a newspaper owner/editor, a mayor of Kansas City, U.S. Congressmen, and civic leader. Includes correspondence, Civil War service records, business and property records, and some artifacts and ephemera. Also contains the papers of Van Horn's granddaughter Adela Cooley Van Horn, who traveled extensively, and kept correspondence, passports, narratives, and photographs, and genealogical records.

Vaughan, Davis, Letter, 1865, (C3536)
1 folder
The papers contain a letter from Vaughan, publisher of the newspaper Express, asking Pat Ingraham of Saline County to show copies of his paper to friends there in order to increase subscriptions.

Vinton, Samuel Spencer, Collection, 1864-1939, (R0819)
2 folders
This is a freight receipt book of Samuel Spencer Vinton (1828-1890), and a reminiscence by his son, Samuel Spencer Vinton (1857-1951). The receipt book reflects a freighting business from Sedalia to southwestern Missouri, 1864-1865. The reminiscence, written in 1939, concerns life around Springfield, Missouri, circa 1875-1890.


W.A. Meyer Mercantile Company Books, 1893-1931, (C2316)
4 volumes
The collection contains Glasgow, MO, mercantile company ledgers. W.A. Meyer (b. 1838) was a merchant and agent for Missouri River packet lines. The business was established about 1870.

W.A. Russell and Company, Records, 1895-1929, (C2407)
15 volumes
The records contain volumes from a general store located at Neelys Landing, Cape Girardeau County, MO. Neelys is a ferry landing on the Mississippi River.

W.E. Berghauser Hardware Company, Fulton, Missouri, Records, 1874-1929, (C2565)
91 volumes on 29 rolls of microfilm
The papers of the Jackson and related families of Barry County, Missouri, contain land deeds, tax receipts, correspondence, and ledger entries.

W.H. Buerky, Jeweler, Jamestown, Missouri, Records, 1899-1931, (CA2883)
0.2 linear feet
Record books, 2 volumes, of watches repaired, includes patron's name, watch manufacturer, repairs made, and charges.

W. N. Veirs Realty Company, Record Book, 1910, (R0737)
1 oversize volume
This is a brief "real estate record index" kept by W. N. Veirs Realty Company of Springfield in Greene County, Missouri, in 1910. It includes descriptive entries for individual parcels, located mostly in Springfield.

Waeckerle, Herb, Papers, (SA1008)
1 box
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Wagner, G.O., Account Books, 1851-1860, (C1284)
2 volumes
Accounts of a Glasgow, MO, merchant.

Walker Manufacturing Company Certificate, 1929, (C2003)
1 folder
Certificate of ownership for 19 shares of stock issued to I.T. Curd.

Walker, Paris M., Funeral Home, Records, 1898-1934, (C4279)
1.2 cubic feet (9 volumes)
The records of the Paris M. Walker Funeral Home, Marshall, Missouri. Volume one is an expense book/ledger, 1898-1904, and 1928-1934. It contains Paris M. Walker receipts listing materials or services provided, and costs. Volumes 2-9 contain funeral records of individuals covering the years 1902-1920.

Wally, Jr., Joseph H. "Jack" Collection, (K0329)
30 cubic feet
Wally was a professional photographer with the Kansas City Journal, a businessman, and an inventor. Photographs of famous local and national individuals. Places and events. Motion picture film of family activates and Wally's interests in trains and aviation. Also materials relating to his interests and the production and promotion of his businesses and inventions.

Walsh, J. and E., Invoice, 1831, (C2458)
1 folder
Invoice for a quantity of goods sent to Campbell and Company, Desmoin Rappids, by J. and E. Walsh, St. Louis, MO, July 30, 1831. Signed by Thos. O. Flaherty.

Warfield, Alfred Perry (1827-1896) Papers, 1853-1896 (K0538)
0.01 cubic feet
The collection contains a check payable to Alfred P. Warfield and an obituary.

Warsaw, Missouri, Branch of the Mechanics' Bank, Checks, 1860, (C2395)
1 folder
The records contain two checks on a Warsaw, Missouri, bank.

Washburne Family, Papers, 1825-1900, (C4047)
0.6 linear feet
The papers of the Washburne family consist of personal and business correspondence concerning their wool business in Lockhart, Texas, advertisements, receipts, and account information. The correspondence deals extensively with family affairs, slavery, the Civil War, and politics. The collection also includes several slave bills of sale.

Washington County Bank, Potosi, Missouri, Minute Book, 1893-1903, (R0194)
1 folder, photocopies
These are minutes of meetings of the directors and shareholders of the Washington County Bank in Potosi, Missouri. The minute book includes the bylaws, certifications of elections of officers, monthly reviews of business, and annual examinations by state banking officials.

Washington Savings and Loan Association, Records, 1871-1925, (C3663)
1 folder, 3 volumes
Records of a German savings and loan association in Washington, Missouri, organized in 1871 and rechartered twice before it received a permanent charter and took its present name in 1908. Includes charter, bylaws, minutes of board meetings, and lists of stockholders. Minutes were kept in German until September 4, 1918.

Watkins Woolen Mill Oral History Project, (K0826)
0.16 cubic foot (7 folders, 2 cassette tapes)
The Watkins Woolen Mill Oral History Project collection contains correspondence, pamphlets, newspaper articles, and research concerning Watkins Woolen Mill and the Watkins Mill Association, as well as oral history interviews conducted with Lee Oberholtz, secretary and founding member of the Watkins Mill Association.

Waugh, James H., Record book, (CA5866)
General purpose record book kept by a Columbia, MO, resident and banker, recording trustee's sales and other transactions, and miscellaneous papers; 1862-1898.

Weathers Family, Papers, (CA6216)
32 linear feet, 3 audio tapes
Addition of family papers, primarily from Gene Weathers (1936-2008) of Fayette, Missouri. Includes correspondence, 1970s-2000s, and teaching materials for the blind. See also C4014.

Weathers Family, Papers, 1868-1991, (C4014)
3 linear feet, 1 audio cassette
The Weathers Family Papers document the lives of Virginia “Kate” and Benton H. Weathers of Howard County, Missouri, and the lives of their children and grandchildren. In addition to genealogical materials on the Weathers, Duncan, and Grigsby families, the collection includes some materials on the Weathers Lumber and Hardware Store in Fayette, Missouri, and the Missouri Polled Hereford Association Records.

Webb City Chamber of Commerce, Webb City, Missouri, Minutes, 1920-1924, (R0550)
2 folders
These are minutes of meetings of the Webb City Chamber of Commerce, Jasper County, Missouri, for the years 1920 and 1924. Included are minutes of regular, directors', and committee meetings. Among the topics of discussion were economic development, advertising, tourism, road and street improvements, the financial status of the Jane Chinn Hospital, and the sponsorship of special sales and commercial events.

Webb City Factory Holding Corporation, Stock Certificate, 1938, (R1117)
1 folder
This is certificate number 105, dated 19 January 1938, for 80 shares of preferred stock in the Webb City Factory Holding Corporation at Webb City in Jasper County, Missouri. It was issued to the Webb City Bank and signed by W. C. Ball, president, and Harry Easley, secretary.

Webb Funeral Homes Records, 1913-1978, (K1355)
1.17 cubic feet
The records contain biographical information about decedents and document funerals arranged by Webb Funeral Homes of Blues Springs and Oak Grove, Missouri.

Welsh, F.F., Daybooks, 1897-1955, (C4235)
0.5 cubic feet (11 folders)
The collection consists of the daily journals and business ledgers of Frank Welch, a farmer in Linn County, Missouri. Welsh describes his daily farm activities, the weather and expenses.

Wengler, William, Account Books, 1854-1880, (C1288)
3 volumes
Account books of Forest City Furniture Company, Rockford, IL.

Wenzlick, Roy (1894-1989) Papers, 1882-1981, (S0574)
413 folders, 28 films, 13 audio tapes, 3 microfilm rolls, 66 books
The majority of the collection is centered on the real estate business, including the subject file which Mr. Wenzlick kept and used to predict trends in real estate. The subject files from 1970 to 1981 these make up the largest section of the collection. There is also a large amount of information on his speaking engagements and correspondence. In lesser amounts there is information about and reproductions of maps, examples of appraisals and analysis jobs. A complete run of the Real Estate Analyst.

Wenzlick Addenda, (SA1197)
35 boxes
This collection is unprocessed. Please view the inventory for more information on the collection contents.

Westport Tomorrow Records, 1907-1989, (K0831)
38 cubic feet
Organizational records of a business and neighborhood association coalition in Kansas City, MO. includes correspondence, business and financial papers and newsletters. also newspaper and historical articles concerning the Westport area as well as newsletters, correspondence and articles relating to other neighborhood associations.

Wessel/Donnan Records, 1956-2005, (S0787)
31 Folders, 72 Photographs
This collection primarily contains the business records of Wessel Stables while under the management of Dwight and Gloria Donnan. This collection also contains artifacts of the Donnan's participation with the Mariner Gam, a civic club affiliated with the United Church of Christ of Lockwood in Webster Groves, MO. The club was similar in nature to the girl scouts, but offered only water-based sporting activities. The couple was involved with Mariner Gam for approximately 20 years, ending in the mid 1980s.

West Freedom Telephone Company, Concordia, Missouri, Records, (CA5324)
0.4 linear feet
Constitution, bylaws, minutes, financial records, incorporation papers, and stock certificates of the company. The materials date from 1904 and end about 1960.

West Kansas City Land Company Records, 1867-1894, (K0345)
0.01 cubic feet
The records consist of a meeting record book that was used to give a synopsis of the director's meetings and stakeholder's meetings. There is also a folder of miscellaneous papers associated with the West Kansas City Land Company. These papers were found within the record book.

West Plains Chamber of Commerce, Brochures, ca. 1920s-1960s., (R0822)
1 folder
These are 13 items published by the West Plains Chamber of Commerce to promote the city of West Plains in Howell County, Missouri, and the surrounding area. Included are tourism brochures, promotional brochures, and a booklet describing automobile excursions to area resorts and attractions.

Western Auto Supply Company Records, ca. 1920-2000, (K1233)
36 cubic feet, 9 volumes
Historical records of the national retail store headquartered in Kansas City, MO. Includes photographs, catalogs, publications, scrapbooks of advertising, artifacts, correspondence and working files on Western Auto stores.

Western Detective Association, Flyer, 1878, (R1165)
1 folder
This is a flyer advertising the Western Detective Association at Versailles in Morgan County, Missouri. Officers of the firm, which was incorporated on 11 March 1878, were William A. Mills, J. F. Morris, R. F. Walker, Max Joachimi, and James M. Handlin.

Western Historical Manuscript, St. Louis, Vertical File, 1968-2004, (S0694)
508 Folders
The collection documents a variety of subjects relating to St. Louis' history. It contains single files with a small amount of general information on a variety of topics. Arranged alphabetically.

Western Missouri Land-O-Lakes Association, Brochures, ca. 1962-1965, (R0823)
1 folder
These are two map brochures published by the Western Missouri Land-O-Lakes Association to promote tourism in the area including the "upper arm" of the Lake of the Ozarks, Pomme de Terre Lake, and the planned Stockton Lake and Kaysinger Bluff (later Harry S. Truman) Reservoir.

Western Telephone Company, Papers, 1903-1907, (C0595)
1 folder
Statements of uncollectible accounts at Brookfield, Linneus, Marceline, and Unionville, MO, and correspondence in connection with them. Also a statement of receipts and expenditures.

Weston Bank of Missouri, Books, 1859-1878, (C2320)
2 volumes
Records of the Glasgow branch of Weston Bank of Missouri.

Weston F. Birch & Son Record Books, 1859-1871, (C2310)
2 volumes
The collection contains a daybook and an exchange book of a Glasgow, MO, banking house. Vol. 1 Daybook, 1869-1870. Vol. 2 Exchange book, 1859-1871. See also collection C2313 volume 2 of Glasgow Insurance Company Books, for daybook entries 1868-1869 of Weston F. Birch & Son.

Whitlow, William Brewer (1893-1942), Papers, 1894-1943, (C0035)
MICROFILM (Volumes only)
29.25 linear feet
Papers pertaining to the liquidation of seventy-seven insolvent banks in Missouri. Whitlow, a lawyer from Fulton, was appointed to liquidate the banks.

White River Booster League, Tourism Brochures, n.d., (R0804)
1 folder
These are three brochures promoting tourism in the Lake Taneycomo area in the Missouri Ozarks, published by the White River Booster League at Branson in Taney County, Missouri.

White River-Ozark Land and Development Company, Onyx Cave Park, Pulaski County, Missouri, Ledger, 1929, (R0743)
1 volume
This is a ledger of expenditures and receipts at Onyx Cave Park on the Gasconade River in Pulaski County, Missouri, May—August 1929. Operated by the White River-Ozark Land and Development Company, the park was under local supervision of Henry Humphrey. Included with the ledger is a letter to Humphrey by Clifford E. Lewis, secretary-treasurer of the company.

Whybark & Fisher store, Account Books, 1868-1870, (R0104)
3 folders, photocopies
These are financial records of a general store operated by Levi E. Whybark (ca. 1833-unknown) and Robert W. Fisher (1842-1908) at Marble Hill in Bollinger County, Missouri. Included are two ledgers, 1868-1870, and a daybook/journal, 1870.

Wilcoxson, Hiram, Ledgers, 1836-1860, (C4334)
3 oversize volumes
The volumes consist of one cash account ledger and two merchandise ledgers.

Willett Family, Papers, 1883-1982, (C4233)
1.5 cubic feet (34 folders), 10 volumes
The papers of the Willett Family document the professional and civic activities of Rollin and Seena Willett family of Columbia, Missouri, including their involvement with the White Shrine of Jerusalem and the Athens Rebekah Lodge.

William Volker and Company Records, ca.1893-1964, (K0059)
14 cubic feet
The William Volker Company provided William Volker with the means to become a major philanthropist in Kansas City, MO. Included is limited correspondence, Company records pertaining to sales, accounts, employee policies, and photographs of employees. Also included are requests for financial assistance from the William Volker Fund.

Williams, Abraham J., (1781-1839), Receipt, 1820, (C1734)
1 folder
Transfer of title to Thomas A. Smith from Williams, 4 May 1820.

Williams, C.C., Papers, 1897, (C1530)
1 folder
The papers contain a quitclaim deed to Williams of Pettis County, MO, from the Equitable Fire and Marine Insurance Company and the Merchants Insurance Company, under the name of Rhode Island Underwriters Association.

Wilson, Laurel E. (1947- ) Papers, 1860-2008, (K0594)
1 cubic foot
Research files of Wilson, Professor Emerita and former curator of the Missouri Historic Costume and Textile Collection-University of Missouri-Columbia, concerning the history of the Kansas City Garment Industry.

Winterbower-Wooldridge Family Papers, 1836-1926, (C3046)
2 reels, 42 folders
Correspondence, legal documents, financial records, and miscellaneous items of the Winterbowers and Wooldridges, prominent Cooper County, MO, families.

Wood and Huston Bank, Marshall, Missouri, Records, (CA2815)
2 volumes
Two ledgers, Remittances, 1881-1902, and Loan Book, 1881-1913.

Woodson, Daniel (1824-1894) Papers, 1855-1858 (K0472)
0.01 cubic feet
The papers consist of miscellaneous documents related to Daniel Woodson's professional and business career.

Woodward, R. R., Letter, 1909, (R0931)
1 folder
This is a form letter dated 15 February 1909 from R. R. Woodward at Lebanon in Laclede County, Missouri, to Ralph V. Callaway at Atlanta, Illinois. In the letter Woodward encouraged Callaway to invest in real estate in Missouri.

Woolf Brothers Company Records, 1910-1990, (K0282)
92 cubic feet, 20 microfilm rolls
Woolf Brothers was a premier men's clothing store, which also produced some item under their own label, located in Kansas City, MO. Includes orders, patterns, advertisements and other financial, legal, and sore related data. Known for the innovative use of advertising, the Woolf Brothers Company maintained a collection of scrapbooks of their newspaper ads which have been microfilmed.

Wright Family Record Book, 1834-1854, (C1807)
1 folder
Record book of the Wright family which includes stud records, coal sales, and the register for a Columbia, Missouri, tavern operated by Peter Wright.

Wright, Clarence Boyce, Diaries, 1912-1926, (R0236)
15 volumes
These are diaries of Clarence Boyce Wright, a native of Tuscumbia, Miller County, Missouri, and an employee of Anchor Milling Company. Wright worked in the mill at Tuscumbia and was clerk aboard the company towboat Ruth. The diary entries note events in Miller County and along the Osage River, weather and river conditions, and the milling company's business.

Wright, Herbert Perry (1865-1945) Papers, 1896-1945, (K0013)
5 cubic feet; 16 microfilm rolls
Scrapbooks compiled by H.P. Wright, a Kansas City banker, pertaining to friends, institutions, and events in which Wright was interested.

Wright, W. S., Ledger, 1881-1882, (R0117)
1 folder, photocopies
This is an indexed account ledger from a general store operated by W. S. Wright on the North Fork River in Ozark County, Missouri.

Wright-Dalton-Bell-Anchor Store Company, Letter, 1919, (R1020)
1 folder
This is a form letter dated 4 April 1919 and sent to businesses in the lumber trade by the Wright-Dalton-Bell-Anchor Store Company at Poplar Bluff in Butler County, Missouri. The letter solicits business for Nicholson and Simonds brand files and saws.


Yates, T.S., Account Books, 1831-1836, 1843-1896, (C0342)
3 volumes
Record of a general merchandise firm in Fulton, MO.

Yearington and Company Account Books, 1872-1875, (C2749)
2 folders
Handwritten account book of orders on Yerington and Company and account book of Yerington and Company with the Agency of the Bank of California, Virginia, and Nevada.

Young Store, Alton, Missouri, Records, 1891-1952, (C2963)
70 volumes
The records of the Young Store contain daybooks, cashbooks, and ledgers from a store in Oregon County, MO. No information is available on the establishment or dissolution of store.

Young, C.W., Papers, 1918-1923 (C0444)
2 folders
Letters and shares of stock in Perfection Tire and Rubber Company (1918); Detrich Oil Company (1919); Living Springs Oil and Gas Company (1920); and Eurekero and Refining Company (1920). Abstract of title to lot in Shelbina, Missouri (1923), dating back to 1838.


Zander, Glenn R., Papers (K1384)
0.4 cubic foot (11 folders, 9 photographs, 4 oversize items)
The Glenn R. Zander Papers contain information related to the CFO/Co-chairman of Trans World Airlines (TWA) from 1990 to 1994. Materials in the collection relate to the monetary hardships encountered by TWA, including filing for bankruptcy in 1992.

Ziegler, Lewis, Daybook, 1839-1841, (R0211)
1 volume
This is a daybook from a tavern operated by Lewis Ziegler, or, possibly, Sebastian Ziegler, at Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Entries begin on 21 April 1839 and continue through 13 July 1841.

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