Guide to American Civil War in Missouri

Macon County, Missouri

Macon County, MissouriDate of Organization: January 6, 1837

County Population in 1850: 6,262
County Slave Population in 1850: 303

County Population in 1860: 13,686
County Slave Population in 1860: 660

County Population in 1870: 23,230

Macon County Institutions

Macon County Historical Society

Manuscript Collections

  • Emmons, Francis Marion (1837-1905), Civil War Letters, 1862-1864 (C2375)
  • Actions, Skirmishes, and Battles

    August 8, 1862 – Skirmish near Stockton involving Indiana’s 2rd Independent Battery Light Artillery and Missouri’s Red Rovers Enrolled Militia alongside detachments of Iowa’s 3rd Cavalry, Missouri’s 2nd Cavalry and Missouri’s 1st, 2nd, 9th and 11th State Militia Cavalry.
    August 8, 1862 – Skirmish at Walnut Creek involving Missouri’s 1st State Militia Cavalry.
    August 12, 1862 – Skirmish at Stockton involving Missouri’s 6th Cavalry and 4th State Militia Cavalry.
    July 11, 1863 – Skirmish at Stockton involving a detachment of Missouri’s  26th Enrolled Militia.
    October 5, 1863 – Skirmish at Stockton involving a detachment of Missouri’s 7th Provisional Enrolled Militia.
    February 12, 1864 – Skirmish at Macon involving Missouri’s 9th State Militia Cavalry.
    February 12, 1865 – Skirmish at Macon.