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The Missouri Historical Review, an award-winning scholarly quarterly, has served as the cornerstone of SHSMO's publication program since 1906. This richly illustrated journal features recent scholarship on all facets of the state's history. The Missouri Historical Review also contains reviews of and notes on recently published books about the history of the state and local areas and the lives of Missourians.

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April 2017 (Vol. 111, No. 3)

Feature Articles

Presidential Pardons as Instruments of Nineteenth-Century Indian Policy 169 By William E. Foley The Untimely Death of Annie Roberts and the Politics of Abortion
in Late Nineteenth-Century St. Louis
189 By Sarah Lirley McCune "A Score of Slender Towers"
Skyscraper Development in Kansas City, Missouri, 1929–1932
204 By Lance R. Owen

From the Stacks

Research Center–Columbia
A Missouri Family in World War I:
The Charles H. Neighbors and Chester V. Neighbors Collection
By John Brenner

Book Reviews

Bushwhackers: Guerrilla Warfare, Manhood, and the Household in Civil War Missouri
By Joseph M. Beilein Jr.
Reviewed by Daniel E. Sutherland The General vs. the President: MacArthur and Truman at the Brink of Nuclear War
By H. W. Brands
Reviewed by John C. McManus Libertarians on the Prairie: Laura Ingalls Wilder, Rose Wilder Lane, and the Making of the Little House Books
By Christine Woodside
Reviewed by John E. Miller Lives of Fort de Chartres: Commandants, Soldiers, and Civilians in French Illinois, 1720–1770
By David MacDonald
Reviewed by Robert Englebert Praising Girls: The Rhetoric of Young Women, 1895–1930
By Henrietta Rix Wood
Reviewed by Trish Roberts-Miller

Book Notes

The Jefferson Highway: Blazing the Way from Winnipeg to New Orleans
By Lyell D. Henry Jr.
A People's History of the Lake of the Ozarks
By Dan William Peek and Kent Van Landuyt
Blood River Rising: The Thompson-Crismon Feud of the 1920s
By Victoria Pope Hubbell
Southside Sketches: Essays on Jefferson City's Old Munichburg
By Walter A. Schroeder
Rare Company: St. Louis Entrepreneurs and How They Got Their Start
By John Berglund
Linn County, Missouri: History and Families
By the Linneus Historical Museum
Howard County, MO. From Prairie Land to Promised Land: A Remembrance across Two Centuries
Edited by Jim Steele
Thirty-Seventh Illinois: Civil War Stories from the Back of the Battle
By J. H. Wilder
The Notorious Madam Shaw: Dorcas Hampton, A Scorned Woman's Fight for Her Birthright
By Mary Lou Montgomery
A Pictorial History of the Kirkwood School District
By Nona King

Graduate Theses Relating to Missouri History, 2016


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Disking a Field, St. Louis County, photograph by Charles Trefts (1887–1963), undated. [Trefts Collection, P0034-1667, SHSMO-C]